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These stories are all fantasy. Don't try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people's lives.

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"Exterminating a species is never easy", thought V'Sharra, as she prepared the serum. Although, she had to concede, the new scientist she was working for may have stumbled onto something brilliant. N'Korra, the head of this expedition, had been observing the ruling species of Earth for a long time.

N'Korra had watched as the humans recklessly used their natural resources, not caring if they destroyed the planet. At the same time, humans waged war with one another over the most trivial of matters. So she had gone to the high intergalactic council and demanded they let her find a solution.

The council had been reluctant, being very knowledgeable about the human race. There wasn't a sentient species in the known universe that wasn't aware of the problems humans presented, especially as they crept closer and closer to space travel. The council was also aware of human forms of entertainment, specifically films about alien invasion. In these movies, the aliens were almost always ruthlessly slaughtered. N'Korra had vowed to come up with a solution that wouldn't lead to bloodshed and the council agreed to let her try.

Finally, she had done it, after more than a year of hard research. N'Korra had unfolded her plan to rid the universe of humans and the council, impressed with her solution, agreed to let her lead an expedition to test her ideas. V'Sharra had begged to be allowed to join her and, being N'Korra's niece, was granted her request.

Now, here they were, their spacecraft hovering just outside of Earth's atmosphere, shielded from the humans satellites, so as to avoid detection. They were about to begin the first phase of N'Korra's plan, which revolved almost entirely around the syringe that V'Sharra held in her hands. She carefully brought it from the lab station and handed it to her aunt, looking at the single human captive that was strapped down to a table in front of them.

He was handsome, for an earthling, V'Sharra thought as she studied him. He stood just over six foot tall; had short, thick, black hair on top of his head; a strong face, upon which was a stylish beard; a muscular looking body, which was currently nude; and, the part of him which drew V'Sharra's attention the most, a thick penis, which stood rigid and erect.

"It must be ten inches long", she thought, familiar with measurements that earthlings used. She wondered if all human males were so endowed or if this man were an aberration. She felt herself growing excited and quickly turned away, not wanting to reveal her inappropriate musings to anyone, least of all her aunt.

N'Korra held the syringe and looked down at the man, strapped to the table. He was currently unconscious, having been abducted in his sleep. She assumed, from his erect penis, that the man was having pleasant dreams of a sexual nature. From her studies of humans, she knew that a human male's penis becoming erect meant that he was sexuallt excited and ready to breed.

"This is a good thing", N'Korra thought as she lowered the syringe. The liquid inside contained DNA from her own race. It would act as a kind of virus within the man and, over time, would cause the human race to be bred out of existence, overwhelmed by the superior genetic traits of her own species. At least, that was the theory. N'Korra couldn't be guaranteed of the success of her theory without a test.

That was what this man was doing here. He lived in a small city, an easy area for N'Korra and her team to observe. If this man could successfully breed with some of the women in the area and their offspring had DNA from N'Korra's species within them, then she would know that her plan would work. That they could rid the universe of humans, without shedding one drop of blood. She took a deep breath and lowered the needle toward the unconscious man.


John Meyers awoke out of a dead sleep, sitting up and looking around himself, trying to figure out where he was. It only took him a few moments to realize that he was in his bed, as was to be expected. "It was just a dream", John said to himself, trying to shake the imagery in his head.

Tall women, with pale pink skin, had him strapped to a table. They were gorgeous and, under any other circumstances, John would have been very turned on. But then one of them held a giant needle and inserted it straight into John's balls. He remembered an intense wave of pain exploding throughout his body. That's what had woken him.

"Fuck", he said into the darkness as he got out of bed and stumbled to the restroom. "That was one freaky dream", he thought while urinating. Moments later, the dream fading from his memory, John re-emerged from his bedroom, dressed and ready for the day. He didn't really feel hungry, so he decided to skip breakfast. After all, he worked at a high school and could always eat there if he got hungry later.

He grabbed his keys and walked out his front door. After locking the door, he turned to see that the house next door had been bought. "Wonder who moved in", he thought aloud, the place having been empty for months. He then headed toward his car, just in time to see Jennifer Andrews jogging down the sidewalk.

"Damn", John thought as he watched the woman, his dick growing fully erect in his pants. Her long,auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail; her full C cups tits straining against the sports bra she wore; her thick ass and shapely legs framed perfectly by her leggings. Every day, he timed it so he could get to his car just as she jogged by. She always smiled and winked at him and then kept jogging, but it gave him plenty of material for his fantasies.

Today was different though. To John's surprise, as Jennifer got to the sidewalk in front of his house, she turned and jogged toward him. "Hey, Jennifer", he said, feeling awkward about having been staring at her so openly. "Hi John", she replied, twirling her ponytail with a finger. "I need to ask you something." "Alright", John said, finding this encounter strange, but pleasant.

"Can I suck your cock", Jennifer asked, causing John's eyes to grow wide. He had just been imagining her doing that very thing. "Um, what", he said, sure that he had heard the woman wrong. After all, there was no way she had just asked him if she could blow him. "I really want to suck your cock", Jennifer said earnestly, her beautiful eyes drawing him in. "Well, um, I suppose you could", John said, stumbling over the words, so shocked by what he was hearing. He started to tell her to come by later, when he got home from work, but Jennifer wasn't waiting.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, kneeling in his driveway. Her hands quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks, freeing his ten inch dick. Her eyes grew wide and she licked her lips as she grasped his shaft. "Fuck, why didn't I think of doing this before", Jennifer said, before leaning in and licking his dickhead.

"I don't know", John groaned as he felt her tongue touching his cock. He had fantasized about this moment for a long time. And, now that it was here, it felt even better than he imagined. He moaned loudly as Jennifer sucked his shaft into her mouth, her lips stretching around the girth of his rod. Within moments, he felt her throat enveloping his dick and he almost blew his load. But he held it back, determined to enjoy this for as long as possible.

As Jennifer's head slid back and forth along his big dick, something came over John. It was a new feeling, strange and powerful. He suddenly began to feel very dominant and he reached out, grabbing Jennifer's ponytail and grasping tightly, so that he controlled if she could move her head. He held her still and began sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Now, rather than her blowing him, he was fucking her face.

Jennifer moaned lewdly as he shoved his dick down her throat again and again, his balls slapping against her chin. To John's surprise, he could smell her arousal, wafting up from between her legs. The knowledge that she was turned on from him using her like this just made him fuck her mouth harder. His dick slammed down her throat and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

As he reached the edge of pleasure, John pulled his dick from Jennifer's mouth and aimed it at her face. He let out a primal groan as he erupted, his cum spurting out onto her face. It splashed against her nose and landed on her shirt and in her hair; hot, sticky ropes of jizz decorating her for all the world to see.

Jennifer cried out in pleasure the moment John's cum hit her face, an orgasm ripping through her body. John could see a wet spot appear in the crotch of her leggings. As he finished, he decided that he wanted to remember this moment. After all, things like this didn't happen every day. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, taking several pictures of the cum-covered woman. Jennifer smiled up at him, looking ecstatic to wear his jizz like a badge of honor.

After taking the pictures, John put his phone away and zipped up his pants. "Well, thank you for that", he said as Jennifer stood to her feet, making no move to clean her face. "No, thank you", she insisted. "I'll definitely be doing this again." Without another word, she turned and jogged away, leaving John dumbfounded by what had occurred. All he could do was shake his head, get in his car, and drive to work.


V'Sharra smiled as she watched, through a surveillance device, the encounter between John and Jennifer. She was currently inhabiting the house next door to John's, in order to keep a close eye on the experiment. Her aunt would be dropping by every week, to receive her reports and file the data. "So far", V'Sharra mused as she watched John drive away, "things are going quite well".

As she had expected, the new DNA implanted within John had given him the ability to influence the actions of others. This was a byproduct of her species', the Alorrans, telepathic abilities. This was a very good thing, because it would enable John to breed with many females, speeding up the process.

And she knew that what had happened, the oral sex, wouldn't cause the woman to be bred, but V'Sharra knew that human males enjoyed such things. It was a strange urge, to have a female orally satisfying one's penis. None of the males in V'Sharra's own species enjoyed such interactions, probably because they served no real purpose. But, after witnessing the act between John and Jennifer, V'Sharra had to admit that she was curious.

Perhaps she would modify her image into a human likeness and find a male, then see what all the fuss was about. But, that would have to happen later. For now, she continued to observe, this time through the human satellite that she was hacked into. John was driving toward a human education center, a high school, although she did not know why. But she would watch and learn, for that was her mission.

To be continued...
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