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Milo gets some medical tests done and tries an experiment, Mei has a revelation.
“Alright, the first step to solving this mystery has to be figuring out exactly what’s going on. I’m gonna need a sperm sample.” Mei had taken Milo to her office; it was after hours and the clinic wasn’t 24/7 so they’d have some privacy.

She sat a small sample cup in front of the boy, he simply cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Really? After the repainting I gave your living room you really think that thing’s gonna hold what I can produce?”

“I realized it right after I put it down. Either way, go into the bathroom and try to aim for the drain in the floor, and do your best to get me an uncontaminated sample please.” She laughed a little, rolling her eyes.

Mei had changed into a black skirt and a white button down, wearing her lab coat over top. She had forgone the usual low black heels she normally wore to the office in favor of a pair of comfortable sneakers; after all she didn’t need to look completely professional.

Milo made his way into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet as he unzipped the shorts he had changed into after his old pair had been ruined.

His massive cock sprung free, the thought of jerking off was enough to get him rock hard it seemed. “Uhhhh….got anything to “help” the process?” He asked, not used to jerking off in such a formal setting.

“Just look up some porn on your phone, or use your imagination, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of naked women.”

“Yeah but those are usually a bit more stressful situations.”

“Ohhh right…alright fine, for the sake of science…” She flung open the bathroom door, unbuttoning her top and flashing her rather large, perky breasts to the teen.

She had smooth, lightly tanned skin with dark nipples, all perfectly proportioned. She didn’t know why she was doing this, it was so wrong, but she wanted to help him and if jerking off to her was enough to get that done, well she’d already gone further.

Milo was mesmerized, and almost instantly began jerking his cock to her, moaning softly as he pumped the fat slab of cock meat with both hands, rubbing his own precum on it as lube to make for a smoother motion.

Mei blushed a bit, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the boys fantastic phallus, but she knew it was wrong. “I’m an adult, he’s still legally a kid, this is so wrong! But why is it getting me so hot?” She rubbed her thighs together, feeling herself getting wet from the sight.

Her nipples stiffened and she had to gulp back a bit of spit as her mouth began to water, thankfully she didn’t have watch for too much longer, it didn’t take the teen long to reach his release and the moment she saw his cock buck, she quickly darted out of the room.

It was the right move, because his cock had been pointed right at her, and she could hear the impact as his massive first blast of cum hit the door, splattering around the room as his colossal custard cannon cascaded copious quantities of cum all around the room. He managed to grab the sample cup and catch some as it shot out of his cock, easily overflowing the vessel but definitely not getting contaminated.

He rested for a bit, cleaning up as best he could before carefully escaping the ruined room.

“Well…that was interesting.” He said with a grin, setting the sticky cup on the counter as Mei donned a pair of gloves.

She carefully transferred the contents from one cup to another, cleaner one, before tossing the first in the hazardous materials bin.

“Alright, so I’m gonna have this sent out for testing, maybe if we see its complete makeup we can figure out exactly why women seem to crave it so savagely. I’m also gonna need a blood sample, I already took one from myself.” She gestured to a vial of blood over on another counter.

She took the sample, giving him a bandage afterwards and packaged it up to send out for testing.

“Now this is gonna sound weird, but I think we need to find a woman to attack you.” Mei said with a serious tone to her voice.

“Are you crazy? I thought we were trying to stop me from getting raped?” Milo asked, incredulously.

“We need to see what exactly is happening to these women, I need a before and after sample of their blood to figure that out. If we can figure that out, we can stop it, you just have to trust me.”

“Well it’s gonna be harder than you think because I never know when these women are gonna go batty, and since you’re immune it’s not like we can use you to tell.”

“I have some thoughts.”

They had left the clinic and drove around for a bit before stopping outside of a rather nonde*********** building.

“Okay, so this is ALL KINDS of unethical, but I think it should suit our purposes. This is a meeting place for an infertility support group. Every week women who can’t get pregnant meet up to talk about these things-“

“Fucking hell! You want me to get raped by a bunch of women who can’t get knocked up? I mean…if they behave like the usual ones they’re still gonna demand I get them pregnant, and if they physically can’t it’ll crush them.” Milo was stunned, this was a bit far even if it was to help him.

“I know! Believe me, I know! It’s pretty fucking evil, but a lot of these women are my patients so I already have their blood work on file, I just need to get a fresh sample from one who…takes the bait.” Mei didn’t like this any more than he did, but it was their best shot.

They made their way inside, a meeting was already taking place, with a few women sharing some of their troubles; Milo felt sick just being there.

“Where’s the bathroom?” He asked Mei, she pointed down the hall.

He opened the door and that’s when he was face to face with her, Isabella.

She was around Julia’s age, early 40’s with dark black hair and golden brown skin and rich emerald green eyes.

She had wide, round hips, with a thick bubble of a rear and thick thighs. Her waist was trim but not overly toned, and her breasts were nicely proportioned but not overly large, maybe a C cup.

She was dressed in a white sundress that flowed nicely while still showing off her ample lower body, and a pair of sandals.

Her green eyes turned blood shot the minute she saw Milo, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him into the room, locking the door behind him.

“Mmmm yeah baby boy, you’re gonna do nicely!” She grabbed his crotch and pushed him back against the door, keeping him pinned as she began undoing his shorts, kissing his neck as she freed his cock.

“Oh yeah, I bet there’s lots of that good stuff in here isn’t there? Can I have some? I bet I can!” She giggled, holding his stiffening cock as Milo could only moan.

Isabella hiked up her dress, shimmying out of her panties as she turned around, bending over and backing her thick rear up against him, letting his fat cock rub between her fat ass cheeks a bit.

“You like that don’t you? All you little boys go wild for Mamá’s big booty! But you gotta be a good boy and stick it in the other hole; if you do Mamá will give you a nice treat!” She reached back, grabbing his cock and rubbing it against her pussy.

Milo composed himself a little, this was what they had come to do, but he needed to buy some time.

“Okay…Mamá…but let’s get a bit more comfortable.” He grabbed her by her hips, pushing her forward a bit to the sink so she’d have the counter to grab on to.

“Oh Niño! Mamá likes this! Make sure you stick it in nice and deep, and give me all that good stuff!” She moaned, throwing her hips back a bit, trying to get him inside of her.

He quietly unlocked the door, hoping Mei would come looking before they finished so she could get the sample, thankfully Isabella wasn’t as aggressive as his last few encounters.

He slowly began to stuff her sweet Latina pussy with his aching manhood, one of the few benefits of his curse was he never seemed to actually tire of sex, which could also be a curse when he was attacked by multiple women, but in this case it made things easier.

“Harder Niño! Mamá needs this!” She began throwing her hips back harder, forcing him to stuff his entire length into her as he began fucking her in earnest, holding on to her waist as they went at it.

He reached up to grope her breasts under the dress, noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra as he began to pinch and tug her nipples, moaning loudly as their bodies slapped together with each thrust.

Her stomach bulged with the thick intruder that was threatening to split her in 2 with each stroke, but she didn’t care, she needed this! “This has to work! I have to have a baby!” She thought silently, not really understanding why she was so certain this kid who was young enough to be her son had the answer to her fertility woes.

Milo reached one hand down to fan her clit, actually sort of enjoying sex for once as he fucked her harder and harder, really slamming his cock home with each thrust, kissing her neck and shoulders as he felt his cock beginning to throb.

“Yes! Yes! I can feel it Niño! Cum for Mamá! Make Mamá a Mamá!” She cried out, tears of joy starting to roll down her face as she squeezed her pussy around his cock, crying out in an explosive orgasm as she felt him cum.

Mei burst into the room right as they both hit orgasm, quickly sticking Isabella with a needle and managing to extract a blood sample as the Latina’s stomach bulged with the massive load of cum Milo had just deposited with in her, making her look as pregnant as she wished to be as the rest came spraying out around the sides of the teens cock.

They all stood there for a few minutes, panting, moaning, wincing a bit as Isabella felt the sting from the syringe as the high of her orgasm wore off.

“So Isabella, I’ll explain everything at your next visit. Suffice it to say for now I needed to get a blood sample.” And as quick as she was in Mei left, leaving the 2 “Lovers” alone again.

Isabella stood up slowly as Milo pulled out of her, frowning a bit as the excess cum leaked out of her and returned her stomach to its previous state, albeit slightly more bloated.

“Sorry about all of this…it tends to happen around-“ Milo was cut off as Isabella kissed his sweetly, caressing his cheek and smiling wide.

“Thank you Niño, I know it’s unlikely that this will actually lead to anything, but I’m grateful for it. My husband hasn’t touched me since we found out we probably can’t have kids, so it was nice to feel sexy even if it was just for a few minutes.” She picked up her discarded panties and handed them to the boy, winking as she cleaned herself up a little and left, some of his cum still leaking down her thighs.

Milo just left, not bothering to try and clean up the mess as he made his way back to Mei’s car.

“Well, that went better than I expected.” He said with a smile, looking out the window as Mei drove, unaware that her left hand was dripping with her own juices as she drove, her heart racing as she silently panicked.

“Oh god…I’m not immune!”


2021-06-15 00:08:39
This has been a good series. Just read four and I hope you come back with some new chapters.


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my pussy is pulsing for his meat, keep writing and i will keep cuming.


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my pussy is pulsing for his meat, keep writing and i will keep cuming.


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my pussy is pulsing for his meat, keep writing and i will keep cuming.


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my pussy is pulsing for his meat, keep writing and i will keep cuming.

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