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A mother’s work is never finished.

This is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters are under the age of 18.

Part 1

It was quiet, a little too quiet. I always worried when things got quiet, that usually meant my son Danny was getting into trouble.

I went to his room to see what he was up to. His door was a jar. Without announcing myself, I quietly pushed the door open.

I found Danny.

Thankfully he wasn’t trying to set one of his model airplanes on fire, or was he wasn’t taking apart the blender trying to figure out how it worked, or doing one of an other million things that he could have been doing to get himself into trouble.

What I did find Danny doing was laying flat on his back in bed, completely naked, rubbing an erection.

I was shocked. Danny could be a brat sometimes, and was always getting into mischief, but I didn’t expect to catch him masturbating. I didn’t think that he was old enough to have those kinds of urges.

Engrossed with his own hard cock, and the slow, deliberate pleasure he was giving himself, my son didn’t notice that I’d entered the room. He just laid there naked, rubbing himself.

Stunned, I just stood there watching as he massaged his young, fully erect cock. I couldn’t take my eyes away. His stiff cock was laying flat against his abdomen, and he was lovingly rubbing his palm up and down the length of it.

I stood there for quite awhile, watching in silence, unable to tear myself away.

The shock of catching my son in the act of masturbating quickly worn off, and I found that I was becoming aroused. I know it was so wrong but the sight of young my son’s hard cock and the pleasure he was giving himself triggered something inside me, a throbbing, a wetness, and a forbidden guilty desire.

I was surprised to see that my young son, at his age, already had a impressive cock, much bigger and stiffer than I would have ever imagined. He was slowly caressing, savoring the sensation, and I could see that his cock was becoming slippery and wet with pre-com.

A shiver ran through me, and I had a sudden, incredible urge to touch myself. Reaching down, I pushed my hand into my crotch. I was getting horny, and about to go to my room to finger my screaming pussy, when Danny suddenly turned his head towards me.

When he saw me standing there watching, he screeched something I couldn’t understand and quickly rolled over, turning his back to me.

“Oh Danny, I’m sorry! I didn’t know what you were doing!” I said as he turned away from me.

I felt terrible, embarrassed, for me and for him. I should have just walked away after stumbling in on him masturbating, but I didn’t, I just stood there watching.

“Baby! I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” I said from the doorway, with Danny’s naked butt pointing towards me.

He was upset, I could see that, and it was my fault. But I couldn’t just leave him like that. I had to try and smooth this over.

“Baby! Please! It’s okay! Don’t be embarrassed!” I said approaching my son who was curled up in a fetal position.

Desperate to ease his pain, I sat down at the foot of his bed.

“Hey baby. It’s alright. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Everybody does it. It’s perfectly normal.” I said, putting my hand on his calf to comfort him. “I even do it, all the time.”

Too embarrassed to look at me, he remained turned away with his back to me. With the way he was turned, I could see his hairless balls poking out from between his legs. They looked swollen and enflamed, like they were full of cum, and about to burst.

“Oh you poor baby!” I said, wondering if his balls ached.

Then I saw on his bed, amongst the comic books, a pair of my panties and one of my bras.

The thought that my son was a little pervert gave me a strange thrill. What perverse things might he have been doing with my underwear, I wondered. Was he just touching them, looking at them, maybe smelling them, or maybe, he was going to jerk-off with them. It was deviant, but the thought excited me.

Thinking that Danny had had enough humiliation for one day, I decided not to say anything about the underwear and acted as if I hadn’t seen them.

“Hey! Come on! It’s okay, don’t be embarrassed.” I said rubbing his shoulder. “Really. It’s no big deal. Like I said, everybody does it, including me! Come on now, look at me.” I said urging him to roll back over. “You don’t need to hide your face.”

After some soothing and coaxing, he finally rolled over onto his back, and he laid there naked, trying to covering his hard-on with his hands. His eyes were red and puffy, and there were tears. It broke my heart to see him so upset.

“Hey! Come on now! There’s nothing to be upset about! Okay?” I said rubbing his arm.

He just nodded. With his hands over his still hard cock, pointlessly trying to hide it, but I could plainly see it. It was red, swollen and stiff, and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

I tried to look him in the eye, but my eyes kept returning to his hard cock.

That’s when I noticed that Danny wasn’t looking me in the eyes either, and not because he was too embarrassed, it was because the blouse I’d been wearing showed off lots of cleavage and Danny was starring at my tits.

I looked at underwear that Danny had ‘borrowed’ of mine laying on the bed, and then at his hard cock, and then at the way he was looking at my tits, and I felt a perverse quiver of arousal shoot through me.

My son was laying naked, with a hard-on, staring at my tits. I should have left the room, but I couldn’t.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” I said caressing his forearm. He couldn’t stop looking at my tits, and I could stop looking at his stiff cock.

He was still fully erect. And he was still rubbing himself, very little, but I could clearly see his hand moving on his cock. It was as if he couldn’t help himself.

“Do you need to finish?” I asked. I felt my heart pounding. I was getting way more caught up in moment than I should have. I should have just walked away.

He shook his head no.

“Are you sure? It looks like you need to.” I said looking at the head of my son’s very hard cock poking out from under his hand.

He surged his shoulders.

“It’s okay if you want to. I don’t mind.” I said. “Finish if you need to. In fact, I think you should. It’s not good if you don’t. It could cause you a lot of pain.”

I’d given him some good advice and I should have just left it at that. Except I noticed that his eyes kept returning to my tits. My big nipples were very erect with arousal and plainly visible, even through my thin bra and blouse.

“I can see that you’re looking at me.” I said leaning towards him, giving him a deeper look into my cleavage. “It’s okay, I don’t mind you looking. I kinda like it. If you want... I can stay here with you while you finish. Would you like that?” I asked, knowing exactly what I was suggesting.

He surged, and then nodded weakly, even though he seemed unsure.

“Okay. If that’ll help, of course I will.” I said. My heart was beginning to race.

I don’t know what possessed me. I guess it was the way he was looking at me, and the fact that I was so horny. I unbuttoned one of the buttons on my blouse. “Is that better?” I asked. “Will that help you finish?”

His eyes widened and he nodded, his eyes glued to my tits.

“Good. How about like this?” I asked as I unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, letting it fall open, revealing my sexy bra. The bra was very thin, see-through, and my large erect nipples were clearly visible through the shear material.

“How about now? Does this help? Do you think you can finish yourself?” I said, encouraging him with a disarming smile.

He nodded, but just laid there staring at my tits with his mouth hanging open.

“If you don’t want to, I understand.” I said, pretending I was going to close my blouse just to tease him.

“No, I want to!” He said abruptly.

“Good. I think you should.” I said, letting my blouse again fall open. “I don’t want your big balls to hurt.”

I think I surprised him by talking that way about his balls.

“I want you to finish yourself.” I said. It sounded more like a command than I’d intended. “I mean... I really think you should... if you want to.”

After thinking about it for only a second, he started slowly rubbing his cock up and down as I watched.

“That’s it. Good.” I said. “Just like you were doing before. Keep going.”

He started off slow and timid, but quickly picked up the pace.

“That’s it, good! Keep going!” I said, continuing to encourage him. “Yeah, a little faster, rub harder, it feels good, doesn’t it?”

He nodded, and I could actually feel my son’s eyes on my tits. The whole thing was so surreal and erotic, and it was making me very horny.

“Its getting slippery, isn’t it?” I asked, seeing that his cock was again becoming very wet and slick with pre-cum. He nodded, not taking his eyes off my tits. “Good! That’s a good thing!

As he ran his hand up and down his slick wet cock, he was beginning to grunt and groan softly. It was making really turning me on.

“You should take hold of it and stroke it.” I said.

His hands were wet and gooey, and his cock was so hard and stiff that he could barely pry it from his abdomen. Taking hold of his slickened cock, he began to stroke it.

“Yeah! That’s it! Good! Stroke it, but not to fast, you want to make it last a little while longer.

Sitting the foot of my sons bed watching him stroke his young, slimy wet cock was making me horny as hell. The urge to touch myself was becoming overwhelming. Danny was still staring at my tits, so with him watching, I ran my fingers over my breast, lightly strumming my stiff nipples.

Watching closely as I teased, Danny began to stroke harder and faster, and his face began to contort with the strain of holding back his orgasm, and I was getting turned on by it.

“I like that you’re looking at my tit. Do you like them?” I asked. He nodded rapidly.

Holding my tits in my hands, I squeezed them together, then pinched my nipples and twisted, making them stand out even bigger.

Seeing that, Danny groaned loudly, and stroked frantically.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked, and I could hear the excitement in my own voice. He nodded urgently.

“Yes! Do it baby! Make yourself cum!” I said “That’s it, keep stroking! Faster! Make yourself cum!”

My heart was racing with anticipation of the eruption to come. Unable to resist any longer, I pushed my hand down hard into my crotch and ran my fingers over throbbing pussy. And even through my skirt and panties, I could feel the large hard knot of my swollen clit.

“Oh baby,” I groaned. “I love watching you stroke your cock! It’s so nice and big!”

Suddenly Danny threw back his head, arched his back and groaned loudly as a thick rope of cum shot into the air from his hard cock.

I was buzzing with excitement, dying to rip my panties off and finger myself.

“Oh my god baby, that was so fuck’n awesome!” I cheered him on.

He kept stroking and there was any other big blast, and than another.

“Oh my god that’s a lot of cum! Did it feel good?” I said with a quiver in my voice, unable to hide my excitement. With my fist shoved into my crotch, I rubbed my pussy as hard as I was able to through my skirt.

He nodded, wide eyed, staring up at the ceiling. He stopped stroking but was still grasping his stiff red cock, his fist covered in cum like a pastry drizzled with frosting.

“Are you okay?” I asked. He was shaking. “That was intense. You came a lot! I bet you feel a lot better. It must have been a big relief.” Again he just nodded.

“That was beautiful baby! Thank you so much for letting me watch.” I said as I squeezed my pussy hard through my skirt.

“That was awesome baby! That was an awful lot of cum! How often do you make yourself cum?”

Still in a daze, staring up at the ceiling, clenching his dripping cock, he shook his head no.

“No? I don’t know what that means. You don’t do it very often?”

Again, he just shook his head no.

“Was that your first time?” I asked. Danny nodded his head.

I was stunned. I’d just witnessed my son’s first orgasm? Could that be true? I looked at my son cock, it was still bubbling cum.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was shaking. I’d just encouraged my son to jack-off in front of me. I had my hand buried in my crotch and was practically humping my fist.

“Baby, you just rest, and when you’re ready, get yourself cleaned up. Thank you for letting mama watch, now I need to go do something.” I said as I got up and left the room.

The minute I was out of sight in the dimly lit hallway, I lifted my skirt, pulled aside the crotch of my wet panties and shoved my fingers into my gaping hole. Unable to even wait until I’d gotten to my room, I rubbed and fingered myself to an intense orgasm right there in the dark hallway, just outside my sons bedroom, cumming so hard that I pissed myself, uncontrollably squirting all over the floor. I know I must have cried out as I came. If Danny heard me he never let on.

After making that mess in the hallway, I went to my bedroom, stripped out of my clothes and continued masturbated well into the night, fucking myself like a crazed fiend, cumming I don’t know how many times.

Part 2

The next morning I found my son packing up his backpack getting ready for school.

“Hey babe, look at you, you’re such a big boy, thank you for getting yourself off to school! Did you get something for breakfast?” I said stretching off my slumber. My ass and pussy were still tender from a rough night of self abuse.

“Yeah, I had some cereal.” He said.

“Sorry I slept so late. How did you sleep last night?”

“I slept good.” He said.

“Yeah me too, I slept really good!” I said.

After stumbling out of bed naked, I slipped into a pair of pajamas. They were pretty thin, and Danny kept glancing at my ever hard nipples that were poking out.

“Um... about last night. That was kinda crazy, huh?”

“Yeah, kinda.” He said glancing at my tits.

“Um... about what we did... are you okay with what happened last night?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’m okay with it. I liked it.” He said shyly.

“Good! I liked too. I liked it a lot! I liked watching you make yourself cum.” I said with a dirty smirk.

Danny seemed a little embarrassed, but just talking about it was making me horny all over again.

“You know, I liked what we did, but we need to keep that between just you and me. No one else needs to know about that.”

“Yeah, I know.” He said. “I’m not tell’n anybody.”

“Good, it’s private, just between you and me.” I said.

Danny’s eyes were locked in on my tits, and I could feel that tingle returning.

“You know that I’m always here for you, and if you ever want to do something like that again, just let me know. You don’t need to be embarrassed. Remember, I here for you.”

A week passed and nothing.

I couldn’t believe how horny and frustrated I was becoming. Desperately, I wanted to watch my son jack-off again. I had even taken to wearing revealing clothes around the house trying to catch his eye. I never wore a bra, and was always tweaking my big nipples making sure they stood out big and hard, which was only added to my horniness and frustration.

The frustration was getting so bad that I was beginning to take things to extremes. One day I was strutting around the house in nothing more than a silky, short cut robe that barely covered my ass. I had nothing on underneath, no bra, no panties, and I had it very loosely tied. I was putting on a real peep show, and Danny didn’t even notice. All he wanted to do was play his stupid video games.

Feeling foolish and dejected, I sat down at the kitchen table to sulk. Despite my generous offer to watch him masturbate, I guessed he wasn’t interested. Maybe I needed to remind him how willing I was. Maybe I needed to force the issue, and come right out and tell him that I wanted to watch him jack-off.

Or... maybe, I had it all wrong. Maybe he didn’t want me watching. Maybe I had coerced him into doing something that he didn’t really want to do.

Suddenly I was filled with doubt and shame, ashamed of what I’d done, and the way I’d been acting. Clenching the collar of the slutty robe I was wearing, I drew it tightly closed around my neck, ashamed of the way I was dressed, ashamed of the way I’d been exposing myself to get a rise, literally, out of my son.

I was felling pretty dejected, and filled with self loathing when I heard from behind,

“Hey mom! Look!”

Turning, I saw my son standing in the kitchen in nothing but a pair of boxers shorts with an obvious hard-on.

“Oh my!” I said when I saw the tent in my son’s shorts. “Look at you!”

Gleefully to be suddenly drawn out of my self-loathing and pity, I said excitedly, “Just look at how big and hard you are!”

Danny stood there grinning proudly, his stiff, hard cock twitching in his boxers.

“Oh my, Baby that looks real nice!” I said, truly thrilled and relieved to see my son standing there with a big hard-on.

Turning around to face my erect son, I released the tight hold I had on my collar, letting my robe fall open to freely drape over my bare breast.

The regrets I’d been wrestling with instantly disappeared, and were replaced with excited anticipation and arousal.

There we were, me in my slutty robe that barely covered my nakedness, and my son, in only a pair of boxers with a hard-on.

Crossing his hands over the poll rising in his boxers, Danny seemed to be suddenly self-conscious.

“Did you want to show me?” I asked. He nodded but seemed hesitant.

“It’s okay! Don’t be shy. You can. I don’t mind. I want to see!”

With my encouragement, he dropped his hands to his side.

I just sat there for a moment taking it in, looking at my son standing there in only his boxers with a hard-on, and I could see his stiff cock twitching through the thin fabric.

How quickly things had changed.

My heart was racing. I was excited and aroused. I could feel my pussy moisten.

“I want to see it.” I said motioning to the tent pole in his boxers. “Let me see.” I said more directly.

He pulled down the front of his boxers exposing his cock to me, then pushed them down to his thighs and stood there awkwardly.

“Just take em off.” I said.

He let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them and stood naked in front of me.

“Come closer. Let me get a good look.” I was seated on a kitchen chair, and Danny stepped over and stood naked with a stiff hard-on right in front of me.

“Do you want to stroke it?” I asked. “You can if you want. I don’t mind. I’d like to watch.” I said.

“You would?” He questioned, disbelieving.

“Yeah! I really would. I told you that before that I liked watching you stroke your cock.” I said.

Danny chuckled and smirked.

“What’s so funny? Do you like it when I talk like that?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said grinning shyly.

“Okay then... I really want to watch you stroke your BIG, HARD, COCK!” I said emphasizing the words. “Like that? Do you like it when mom talks dirty like that?”

He grinned broadly and nodded, then palmed his cock and started slowly rubbing it.

As he gently rubbed himself, he looked intently at the opening in my robe. My nipples were standing tall and stiff, just like my son’s cock, and were plain to see through the shear fabric of the sexy robe.

“I’m not wearing a bra.” I said. “If you want, I’ll show you. Do you want to see?”

He nodded eagerly and his cock twitched under his slowly moving hand.

I opened my robe just enough to expose my large erect nipples, but kept my leg closed modestly. l wasn’t ready to show off my pussy, not just yet. His eyes widened and his cock twitched again.

“You like looking at mommy’s big tits, don’t you.” I said enticingly as I reached up and pinched my erect nipple. His eyes got even wider.

“Do you like that? You do, don’t you. You dirt boy.” I said teasingly. “You like watching mommy play with her BIG NIPPLES. Does it make you want to stroke your BIG, HARD, COCK?”

He nodded eagerly.

“Do it then. Stroke it! Stroke your cock for mommy.”

Doing as I told him, he took hold of his cock and began to stroke.

“Oh FUCK baby, that looks so good! I like that! It looks like it’s getting bigger! Keep stroking it!” I said as I continued to play with my tits, squeezing and pulling and twisting my nipples, really getting myself worked up.

Watching closely as I handled my tits, Danny’s cock was becoming wet and slippery, and glistened with pre-cum.

I was becoming so horny watching my son fist his long hard cock that I was dying to touch my pussy. I began to uncontrollably opening and closing my legs, teasingly flashing my son my big hairless pussy.

Danny’s eyes were drawn to open legs and my thick full, moist pussy lips, and he began to stroke his wet cock harder and faster.

“You like that, don’t you, you dirty boy! I can tell you want to see mommy’s HOT, WET, PUSSY!”

He nodded eagerly, and I opened my legs wide and ran my hands over my fat pussy lips.

Groaning, Danny squeezed his stiff cock hard, making the head turn nearly purple.

“FUCK baby! That looks so HOT! You’re really turning mommy on! You’re making my PUSSY all wet. Is that what you want? Do you want to make MOMMY’S PUSSY WET!”

The dirty talk seemed like it was really getting Danny going. I know it was me. He was standing naked in front of me working his cock hard, his eyes flashing between my pussy and my tits.

“I want you to cum baby! I want you to stroke your BIG COCK and cum for mommy!” I said, openly rubbed my fat clit while my son watched.

“Come closer baby! I want to see you! I want to watch you cum!” I said.

Danny, stepped up close between my spread knees. With me being seated, his cock was about level with my tits. He was stroking himself fast. His cock was very wet with pre-cum and I could feel the spray being thrown off hitting me on the tits.

“That’s it baby! Do it! Make yourself cum! I don’t mind if it gets on me! I want it to! I like it! I’m want you to cum on me! I want you to CUM ON MOMMY’S TITS.”

Hearing myself talk like that to my young, masturbating son was making me insanely horny. “OH GOD I’M A DIRTY FUCK’N SLUT! CUM ON ME BABY! CUM ON MOMMY’S FUCK’N TITS!”

And at that, Danny, through his back, groaned loudly and shot his huge all over my tits.

I was stunned, and crazy horny. I had cum splattered all over my tits. I couldn’t believe that I’d just allowed that to happen, made it happen, wanted it to happen.

Putting a finger to the cum running down my tit, I caught a big glob and put it in my mouth. I then caught another, and than other, each time putting it in my mouth. Gathering up as much cum as I possibly could, I licked and sucked my fingers as if I were starved for the juice. I then grabbed up one of my tit and sucked off a big glob that had landed on my nipple.

With his dick in his wet hand, my son watched as if I were crazed. I was.

“Give me your hand!” I demanded. I took his cum covered hand and licked sucked and the cum off of his fingers.

Danny giggled.

“Does that feel good?” I asked as I licked the back of his hand.

“It tickles.” He said.

“I know it does baby, I know.”

I was so horny I was out of my mind. I was rubbing my pussy as I sucked on my son’s fingers. I needed to get myself off bad. I needed to fuck myself hard.

“Get dressed baby. I gotta go do something. I’ll be back in a few minute.” I said.

Part 3

After encouraging Danny to jacked-off on my tits, I went to my room and shed off the robe. Plopping on the bed, I got out a couple of my favorite toys. I needed to get myself off, and get off hard.

I don’t know how long I’d been going at it, but it had been quite awhile. I had been edging myself, driving myself crazy, building my orgasm to an insane level for awhile.

That’s when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. It was Danny, he was standing in the doorway watching, and he had the most shocked look on his face that I’d ever seen.

I must have been quite a sight for my young son to see. Panting and covered in sweat, I had gotten myself twisted into a crazy position. I was on my back with my legs brought all the way back so that my knees were actually behind my arms. With my arms between my thighs, I was frantically working a cock shaped dildo in and out of my gaping wet hole, and I had a butt plug in my ass. And with the way I was laying, my up turned ass was pointed directly toward to door.

“Danny?! No!” I groaned when I saw my son standing there gaping. “Oh my god no! Please! Danny, please NO!”

I was ashamed and embarrassed to have him see me like that. But then, I saw what he was doing.

Danny was standing in the doorway naked, with his dick in his hand. He was still hard, and he was jerking off.

“Please Danny no! Don’t look! I don’t want you to see me like this!” I said, smarting from the embarrassment and yet, I couldn’t stop.

Mesmerized, Danny stood there watching, stroking his cock.

“Danny no, please! We can’t do this. This is going too far!” I said, and yet I didn’t move from the obscene position I’d tied myself into. I was too close to cumming, and I desperately needed to cum.

Stroking his cock, he moved in closer, his eyes all over his dirty mom.

Grasping the dildo, I moved it in and out slowly. I was embarrassed,that my son was watching me fuck myself with a big dildo, but was excited that he wanted to.

“Oh fuck baby! We shouldn’t be doing this!” I groaned but couldn’t stop working the dildo in my gooey wet hole.

He moved in closer, still with an amazed look on his face, stroking his slimy wet cock as he watched his freaky mom get weird with her fuck toys.

We just watched each other. I watched him stroke his long hard wet cock, as he watched me slide a big dildo in and out of my gaping wet fuck hole.

“Oh fuck baby! I’m getting close!” I groaned as I fucked myself harder and faster. “I can’t stop! I can’t stop!”

“Baby! I love watching you stroke your big cock! I love it! I love it. Oh fuck baby! Mommas gonna cum! Oh fuck baby! I’m gonna cum!” I cried out as rammed the dildo into my sloppy wet hole.

Danny was beginning to grunt and moan, and I knew he too was about to cum.

“Oh Baby! Baby please... I want your cum!” I said frantically as I pounded my pussy. “Come closer! I want your cum!”

He moved to my head and stood over me stroking his cock.

“Yeah that’s it baby! Bring your BIG COCK to mommy’s mouth!

Leaning over me, Danny stroked himself frantically. His eyes were all over me, looking at the dirty butt plug in my ass, and watching me ram the huge rubber dick into my squirting fuck hole.

“That’s it baby, come closer! That’s it, right over my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. Give it to me baby, give me your cum! Mommy wants to drink your cum! Please baby, cum in mommy’s mouth!” I pleaded, holding my mouth open like a starving baby bird waiting to be fed.

Stroking frantically right over my mouth, Danny was beginning to jerk and thrash, and his face twisted with agony.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK BBBY I’M CUMMING!” I cried out as I pounded the dildo into my gushing cunt. “Oh fuck baby, give me your cum! Mommy’s a dirty fuck’n whore! Give momma your CUMMMAaaauuugh!”

When the huge wad of my son’s cum hit the back of my throat, I exploded with such a tremendous orgasm, so forceful that it sent the dildo flying out of my cunt, leaving me squirting like a fountain and the butt plug shooting out of my ass.

To be continued...

As all ways, comments, criticisms and Kudos welcomed and encouraged.


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