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Luke is reunited with Gwen and her horny family. While many of her relatives are unable to attend the upcoming Gathering, Gwen and Luke invite new guests. Her close friend Riley, Luke’s roommate Jacob, and his girlfriend Amy. Each and everyone of them are all in for a long nasty night of debauchery and kinky pleasures.

All characters, settings, and storyline are a work of pure fiction and fantasy. This is a long story divided into ten chapters. This is the sequel to “The 2300 Gathering” written and published in 2018.




Nothing has been the same since that night four months ago. Ever since Gwen introduced me to her family’s taboo and crazy lifestyle with the 2300 Gatherings, all I can think about is sex. Group sex. Kinky sex. It can be a bitter yet SUPER sweet feeling at times. Since then, I’ve traveled to many neighboring countries around England. My classes have been going well. I’ve made some great friends along the journey. My closest friend has to be my roommate Jacob.

He’s a little older than me, 21. Everywhere we travel, we always stay together in the same group. We study together. We party all the time too! When Jacob is not with me hanging out or studying, he’s with his girlfriend Amy who is also studying abroad with us. Amy is shy but super friendly. She’s Chinese, 22 years old and has a cute face. Amy has a sexy body, having small breasts but a nice plump ass! I’ve thought about fucking her many times and have masturbated to quite a few Asian babe pornos thinking about her nice plump ass riding my cock.

Of course, I don’t tell Jacob this but he does catch me time to time staring at Amy when she walks by sometimes. He just smirks when I do and doesn’t say anything about it.

Being so busy with my studies and travels, I’ve only attended two Gatherings in the four months it’s been since my first time meeting Gwen. It’s been hectic with my schedule. Gwen reaches out to me each month telling me when the Gatherings are. She tells me how much her family misses me. I have been fortunate though to see Gwen many weekends when we have time off to ourselves away from classes and all. Gwen would usually book a nice hotel suite a few blocks away from mine and we’d spend the nights together. She would take me to some really great nightclubs and bars in the city and we’d dance the night away. And of course, having plenty of fantastic sex afterwards.

Jacob would always ask me how my weekend was and where I’d been. I told him about Gwen and how I met her on my flight to London. Of course, I never went into full details about my deep connection with Gwen and her family.

Coming back to present day, I return back to London after a few days spent in Edinburgh. It’s almost time for the weekend and I could not be more excited!

Gwen was coming to spend Friday night with me in the city and then on Saturday it’ll be time for me to attend my third 2300 Gathering! It’s been two long months since I’ve been back to the Edwards Estate, Gwen’s family vacation home which happens to be the size of a castle!

I’m looking forward to seeing each and everyone of her incredibly horny family members.




Gwen is bent forward, her body rocking back and forth while I thrust deep down into her pussy.

“Arrrgghhh...Fuck Yes baby! Fuck this Twat!”

My cock goes deep down into her pussy and back out repeatedly. Inside, she’s so warm and tight.

My pants are down to my ankles, while Gwen’s skirt is pulled up and her panties pushed to the side. I spank her plump ass while I grip her right shoulder for support.

We are in a dark alley way behind the dive bar with just a little lamp post above us.

“Turn me around baby!!”

I pull my cock out of her and spin her around. Gwen reaches down to her breasts and yanks them out of her thin materialized dress. She doesn’t have a bra on.

I shove my dick right back into her pussy with no trouble and begin thrusting in and out at a rapid pace. I grab her breasts for support and squeeze them tight causing Gwen to grunt begging me to fuck her harder.

I felt my orgasm coming quick.

Gwen’s pussy was so warm and welcoming on this chilly night and I see her breasts dance in the moonlight. Her eyes glisten and shine in the darkness. Her mouth with a smile and gapes wide open when I shove myself deep inside of her. It’s all too much for me.

“Gwen, I’m going to cum!”

She takes her arm and pushes me back pulling my cock out of her completely.

She bends down on her knees and starts to jerk me off.

“Cum in my mouth honey!”

I immediately take over for her and grab my cock and violently jerk it. I grab her neck with my free hand and that’s when I feel myself begin to unleash my thick gooey mess into Gwen’s mouth down her throat. She takes my load swallowing each and every drop with a big gulp.

“Delicious darling!”

With that, Gwen gets up and puts down her skirt. I pull up my pants and we make our way back inside into the bar.

I met up with Gwen at this dive bar in the city. We had a few glasses of wine while we caught up with each other. Mid conversation, Gwen put her hand on my lap and rubbed my leg. She rubbed my leg until she started to touch my crotch. I stopped talking and we immediately stepped outside through the back exit near the restrooms for a quick fuck.

We came back inside to continue drinking and have our conversations as if nothing happened.

“So Luke, are you ready for the next 2300 Gathering?”

“Are you kidding?? It’s all I can think about Gwen! It’s been too long!”

Gwen smiles while continuing to sip on her Chardonnay.

“I must tell you Luke, it’s going to be a bit different. Many of my family members won’t be able to attend this month due to other obligations. I believe it’s just going to be me, my mother Lisa, Aunt Margie, and my little sister Ella.”

Hearing this, I’m a bit shocked but I’m not at all disappointed. I mean just fucking those four women alone I’ll be more than satisfied!

“That’s not a problem for me Gwen. It’ll still be a great night of fun!”

“I know, but it’s not going to be the same. We usually have at least six women at the Gathering. The more we have, the longer the Gathering lasts as all the men, even when there’s more female than male, want to fuck all the women.”

I thought about it for a little bit while I sipped on my wine and realized that Gwen was right. The way it is right now, it’s just four women and three guys including me.

Since it’s been two long months without attending any Gatherings, I want to go all out! In order to do so, we need some more people!

“Have you thought about inviting others?” I asked Gwen.

“I do have a good friend of mine, Riley. She most likely will be able to come and join us. But as far as guys, we should try to get at least one more.”

I don’t know if it was the wine that got to me or not, but I immediately think of the first guy that pops up into mind and I just blurt out:

“How bout my roommate Jacob? He’s really chill, I think he would LOVE to attend the Gathering!”

Gwen looks at me with a bizarre expression on her face. She stays silent as if in deep thought for a good moment or two.

“ think so?”

I nod, “ABSOLUTELY! He would love it! And he’s discreet so he keeps his business to himself. I’m sure it’s a fantasy of his to be able to partake in an orgy! Hell, I’m sure it’s ANY guy’s fantasy to do so!”

Once again, I see Gwen in deep thought.

“Ok...I’ll have to check him out myself and verify that I’m comfortable extending an invitation for the Gathering to him.”

I take three large swigs of my wine, finishing off my glass.


Gwen and I each have a final drink and we depart the bar, heading to my hotel room to meet my roommate Jacob.




Gwen and I arrive at my hotel. We take the elevator up to my room and I unlock my door. Jacob is playing video games on his Xbox.

“Jacob, what’s good man?”

He takes a look at us and pauses his game when he sees me with Gwen.

He gets up to greet us.

“Luke! How we doing?” He greets me and extends his hand over to Gwen.

“You must be Gwen, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Luke has told me a lot about you.”

Gwen smiles. “Nice to meet you too Jacob. Hope we aren’t interrupting anything too important.”

Jacob nods it off saying he’s just chilling around and that Amy was here as well in the bathroom.

Jacob grabs a bottle of water for me and Gwen and sits down with us on the couch in our small living room space.

“What brings you two over here this late at night on a weekend? I know you both always have plans.”

Gwen clears her throat and gives me a hesitant look. I nod at her saying it’s ok to tell Jacob what we needed to say.

“So Jacob, have you ever dreamed of participating in a FANTASTIC orgy?” Gwen asked.

I practically choked on the water I was drinking. She must be tipsy as fuck or something to be so direct, so straightforward and to the point.

Jacob’s eyes widen.


Gwen stares at him and smiles.

“You heard me.”

Jacob is clearly dumbfounded by the question but he answers.

“Uhhh...yeah? Sure. Why not?”

Gwen continues.

“I don’t mean to catch you off guard or anything but just letting you know....Luke and I are part of a secret group in a secret place where we take part in a large orgy late at night that takes place once a month. I’m formally inviting you to attend, tomorrow evening. Does this sound like something you would like to participate in?”

Jacob looks at Gwen with a very quizzical look on his face. He turns to me.

“Uhh....Luke. Is this for real? Or is she fucking with me?”

I nod. “It’s absolutely legitimate my friend. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two of these Gatherings so far. Gwen wanted to add some new faces to the secret group and she allowed me to formally invite you...once she met you of course.

I can’t give you all the details yet due to the nature of the event but it’s very very secure. And we can’t answer too many questions until we’re actually there. So you have to be willing to come with an open mind and not ask too many questions about the where, why, when, etc. Do you understand?”

At this point, Jacob is starting to catch the reality that this is totally legitimate what we’re inviting him to.

“I trust you Luke....I’m down. I would love to participate in this orgy!” Jacob smiles and looks at the both of us.

I turn to look at Gwen who’s staring directly behind Jacob. Her eyes widen as she stares.


Me and Jacob turn at the same time in the direction of the bathroom, and see his girlfriend Amy standing by the door.

Amy has on tight yoga shorts with a thin pink tank top on. She’s freshly out of the shower, her cute shoulder length hair with bangs still wet. The three of us sitting down are quiet trying to figure out what to do or say.

“WELL?? What are you talking about Jacob??” Amy demands to know.

She turns to me next.

“What are you and Jacob up to Luke??”

Eventually someone speaks up. That someone being Gwen.

“You’re invited to join your boyfriend in participating in a secret orgy tomorrow night.”

Amy looks over at Gwen.

“Ummm….who the hell are you??”

Jacob finally speaks up.

“Amy, baby. This is Gwen. She is a great friend of Luke’s. They arrived not too long ago when you were in the shower. We’ve just been talking for a bit. Luke and Gwen are both involved in a phenomenal lifestyle of group sex. Luke and I being so close, he decided to ask Gwen if he could extend the invite to me. Or to us I should say.”

Amy’s facial expression changed from being upset to thinking about what Jacob just told her.

“So this it a nice mix of guys and girls?”

Gwen smiles, “Very nice mix, you can do whatever you want with whoever you want. The girls are just as horny as the guys, maybe even hornier!”

Amy thinks about it for a few moments.

“Baby, I won’t go or do anything if you’re not comfortable with this.” Jacob tells her.

Amy stares at the floor for a bit and then looks at Gwen.

“I’m in. I’m just as curious and excited to try this as Jacob is.”

Gwen grins. “GREAT! Well looks like this Gathering is going to have a great turn out after all!”

Jacob and I just look at each other and laugh. He has this look of excitement but also relief on his face. Things could have easily gone south REALLY fast had Amy not been thrilled with the idea of joining an orgy...or the fact that her boyfriend was planning on attending with or without her!

Gwen gets up to formally introduce herself to Amy.

We all chat for a few minutes getting to know each other.

As if things couldn’t get any more tense and awkward after the last half hour or so, Gwen speaks up.

“Do you guys have any wine or anything to drink? We all need to have one for what I’m about to say.”

We all look at Gwen and we’re silent not knowing what she’s talking about.

I get up to grab a bottle of red wine from our kitchenette area and I bring some glassware for all of us.

“What do you need to say Gwen?” Jacob asks as I pour each of us a glass.

Once I sit down and join the rest of them on the couch, Gwen tells us what she means.

“So....both of your invites are contingent on something Amy must do. And you must watch,” Gwen says to Jacob pointing at him.

Amy and Jacob stare at each other and then look to me to see if I know what Gwen is talking about. I honestly had no clue but I knew I was going to go along with whatever Gwen had to say. After all, she did allow me to invite Jacob to attend the 2300 Gathering.

“What do you need me to do Gwen?” Amy asked confused.

Gwen takes a look at the both of them and then stares at me. She then takes a really lengthy sip of wine out of her glass before continuing.

“Jacob and’re both invited to attend a secret orgy. But due to the nature of the event and how discreet I am when it comes down to it, I don’t just trust and invite anyone. Luke here has vouched for you. But I need more than that. I need to know that I can trust you both and know that you’ll both actually be comfortable with the nature and reality of an orgy. You’re both dating each other. You’ll both be fucking other people at the orgy. There’s no secret there. But I need to see that you’ll both actually be comfortable with the fact that you’ll be engaging in sexual activities with other people.”

Jacob and Amy both look at me to see if I know what Gwen is going to ask of them. I give them a shrug.

“Gwen...what do you need from us?” Jacob asks.

After another sip of wine, Gwen gets to the point.

“Luke is going to fuck your girl Jacob. And you’re going to watch.”

Amy and Jacob look at Gwen surprised.

I should‘ve seen this coming to be honest. I kind of had a feeling I was going to fuck Amy at some point once she said she wanted to participate in the Gathering.

“Are you serious?” Jacob asks.

Gwen just nods while sipping more wine.

I look at Amy, we stare at each other.

“Luke...did you plan this?” Jacob looks at me.

“I swear to God Jacob I had no idea this was going to happen.”

Gwen looks at the two of them.

“So....what are we going to do?”

Amy and Jacob stare at each other and surprisingly, just shrug.

“Alright, you’re right Gwen. It’s an orgy.

It’ll be good practice for the both of us, when it comes to the fact that neither of us never have had sex with multiple people or with others watching.” Jacob replies.

“Great attitude! Luke go get yourself cleaned up for Amy. Probably still smell like my pussy down there.”

Amy looks at Gwen.

“We had sex behind a bar just before we got here.” Gwen states.

Amy once again just shrugs it off.

I go to the bathroom quickly to take a quick shower and step back out into the living room area. I’m wearing just a towel.

Gwen and Jacob are both seated on the side of his bed, while Amy lies down on my bed staring at me.

I take a good look at Amy from head to toe. Her hair is still slightly wet. She’s so cute. Her squinty hazel eyes looking at me eyeing my body up and down. Her small but perky breasts peaking through her tank top. I can tell she’s actually horny right now, her nipples are really hard pressed against the fabric of her pink top.

I get closer to the bed, and she spreads her legs just enough for me to look down at her crotch to see a wet spot.

I feel my cock harden underneath my towel.

Amy stares at my bulge waiting to see my magic stick.

Before I pull my towel all the way down, I look over at Jacob. He stares at Amy and then at me. From the looks of it, he’s turned on too as he has a very visible erection through this jogging pants.

Gwen stares at me and winks giving me a dirty smirk.

“Jacob....are you sure you’re ok with this?”

He stares at Amy who’s teasing him giving him seductive stares while rubbing her hands down her breasts and body.

“Luke....I can’t believe what I’m about to witness, but it’ll all be worth it tomorrow night. And I can’t BELIEVE I’m going to admit this....I can’t wait to watch you fuck my girl! You better give it to her GOOD!”

Amy moaned as Jacob said that last part.

“Luke....give it to me! Show me that big dick of yours!” Amy begins to rub her clit as she stares at my cock. She puts a finger into her mouth tasting it all seductively.

Without further ado, I unwrap my towel with a swift motion, dropping it to the floor. My cock stands up at complete attention, so hard it actually hurts!

Amy just gasps. She immediately turns her body bringing herself forward towards me. She looks at me from her point of view at the base of my cock, and licks her lips. Amy begins to lick my dick side to side from the shaft to my balls. She then grabs it and slowly puts my magic stick into her warm and inviting mouth.

“ yummmy,” she exclaims as she begins to slowly push my cock further down into her mouth and into her throat. She reaches around me and grabs my ass to push me closer to her, taking as much of my cock down her throat as possible. Amy is amazing! She leaves me in this position for a good moment or so before coughing my cock out of her mouth spitting out a mix of my precum and her saliva.

I turn to look at Jacob who has his pants slightly down enough for him to reach into his underwear and jerk himself off. Jacob has an average sized cock. He’s fairly thick though. I think it’s fair to say he likes what he sees.

Gwen stares at us as if she were just watching a porno online while sipping her wine.

Amy continues the pattern of licking me, deep throat, and spitting me out. She then begins to suck me off at a rapid pace giving me a hand job at the same time. What she does next, drives me fucking crazy! She takes her tongue and flicks it underneath my ball sack and down to the area between my sack and asshole. She uses one finger to rub the tip of my dick while doing so, tickling me.

“Oh SHIT LUKE! Don’t let my girl do that little trick of hers for too long or you’ll blow your load too fast! Trust me, I know!” Jacob tells me as he continues to stroke his cock.

As soon as he tells me this, I pull Amy off of me. I yank off her tank top exposing her small breasts with her enlarged harden nipples. How beautiful they are!

Amy looks up at me and I lower myself to her level on the bed. I reach in and kiss her, deep. Our tongues play with each other as I grab her breasts pinching them. Amy groans enjoying the painful yet satisfying sensation of my hands on her sensitive nipples.

I break our kiss and immediately turn her around. I pull off her yoga shorts exposing her complete naked pussy lips, cute asshole and nice plump and thick butt!

Amy was completely shaven and smelled so fresh. I immediately pull her ass to my face and begin to eat her pussy from behind. Amy is completely face down crying with pleasure into my pillow as I spread her vaginal folds with both hands shoving my tongue as deep as I can into her snatch. I rub my hands up and down her asscheeks. I then spread Amy’s cheeks as wide as I can while I circle my tongue all around and inside her pussy.

Taking a finger, I rub it on her wet pussy lips to lubricate it. I slowly rub my finger around her tight asshole, slowly pushing it in.

Amy starts to scream into my pillow and squirm her body as I probe her asshole with my finger.

Amy breathes heavily trying to catch her breath from the sexual excitement.

I lean forward and pull her upward as she gasps for air.

“Tell me what you want inside of you Amy!”

“Luke......I want you....INSIDE ME! I want your BIG DICK IN ME! FUCK ME LUKE!!”

I take my lubricated cock from Amy’s saliva and immediately slide myself all the way into Amy. I’m deep inside her warm and and cozy pussy.

“FUCK! OH FUCK YOU’RE SO BIG! FUCK ME LUKE!!” Amy begs of me to fuck her while I slowly pull out away from her, then thrust right back into her. Slowly pull out, and deep thrusts back into her pussy.

As I start to pick up the pace, I grab Amy by her waist and bring her closer to me on the edge of the bed. I spank her thick juicy ass as I shove my cock in and out of Amy.

Jacob rubs his cock rapidly looking like he can bust a nut at any moment. Gwen continues to sip her wine watching me fuck Amy.

“You better fuck me like that tomorrow Luke!”

I wink at her as I continue to pound Amy’s pussy.

“Oh...OHHHH...FUCK I’M CUMMING LUKE!!” Amy screams as I slow down and pull out giving her time to recover.

I watch Amy lay down catching her breathe with her ass upright facing me.

I see her cute butthole staring at me and I just want to ram my cock up her ass.

“You take dick up your ass Amy?”

Amy immediately turns to me.

“No Luke, I don’t think I can handle it. You’re too big!”

Jacob stops jerking himself and looks at me.

“Anything but anal Luke. That’s only between us, if you can respect that.”

I give him a nod. I look at Amy.

“Ride me.”

I lay down on my bed and Amy gets on top of me.

She tries to insert my cock into her pussy with her arm behind her. I take over and grab my cock from behind her and insert myself back inside Amy’s tight cunt.

“Oh FUCK YES! FUCK YES! Fuck me!! Ohhhhh LUUUUUUKE!!”

I spank Amy’s ass as hard as I can while I use my hips to bounce up and down deep as can be into her. I reach for her breasts and pinch her nipples.

Amy cries with pain as I continue to thrust in and out of her pussy aggressively.


Jacob just came and jerks himself off to the sight of me being aggressive with his girl. I feel the rush of my orgasm cumming really soon. I really want to cum deep inside of Amy.

“Amy...I’m going to cum soon!”

Through the audio of my spankings and my cock clapping her asscheeks loudly, I can barely hear Amy begging me to cum deep inside her.

It’s too much for me to handle and I immediately stop thrusting, and I push Amy off. I get up and pick up Amy and push her to Jacob’s bed. She lands on her back on the edge of the bed right in between Gwen and Jacob.

Both of them stare at me surprisingly. Jacob already put his pants all the way back on.

“I’m going to cum inside you Amy, right in front of your boyfriend!”

I spread her legs wide open and grab my cock. I shove myself deep back into Amy and thrust in and out of her wildly, shaking the whole bed with all of us on it.

Jacob just stares at me in disbelief but is clearly aroused by my actions.


I can’t take it anymore. I stare at Amy’s cute little face when the first eruption hits. Amy’s eyes and mouth open wide as we both scream in unison both of us in the heat of the moment.

“FUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!! Oh SHIT!!! That’s soooooo muuuuuchhhh!!! I’m cumming again LUKE!!!!” Amy screams gasping for air.

I continue to thrust slowly in and out of Amy ensuring my seed stays in her.

Once through, I pull out completely and fall backwards onto my bed. Oh my God! I don’t think I’ve had an orgasm this powerful in a long time!

Gwen begins to clap.

“Congrats to you Amy and Jacob. You’ve passed my test! And you’re both welcomed to the 2300 Gathering tomorrow night!”

Amy gets up, her body shaking and sweaty from the rough sex.

“The what?” Jacob asks.

Gwen smiles and gives Jacob a card. It has the London Tower Bridge on the card with an invite to the party tomorrow night. Much like the card I first received from Gwen months ago when we got off the plane when I first arrived in London.

The card has bright letters on the center indicating the time to be on the bridge tomorrow night. Gwen gives another card to Amy.

“Ok, so you both will be with Luke. He’ll take you to our meeting point where I’ll meet you on the center of the bridge. We will catch a ride from there to our secret location for the 2300 Gathering. That’s what we call the event. You’ll know why it’s called that later on, so please don’t ask any questions. You both passed the test and you’re welcome to come join us, that’s what matters.” Gwen explains this to Jacob and Amy while I wash myself up once again.

I come back out of the bathroom to see Amy standing at the door.

“I have to take another shower,” she says with a giggle.

I smile, “This was fun....can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us.”

Amy gives me a flirtatious smile walking into the bathroom behind me.

“I’m looking forward to it all....especially that cock of yours back inside me....just don’t tell Jacob that.”

I walk back to the living room area. Gwen has her purse ready and is standing up.

“Ready to go back to our hotel?” I nod at her.

I look at Jacob. “I’ll be back tomorrow evening. I’ll pick you and Amy up and we’ll head over to the bridge. Sound like a plan?” Jacob smiles and gives me a fist pump. “I’ll see ya then.”




The evening came by fast. Gwen left early in the afternoon after we checked out of our hotel suite. She had to go prepare for tonight’s Gathering. I had to grab some lunch and run a couple errands. I texted Jacob and Amy asking if they were ready to head out. Jacob replied back to me saying they were. I went back to our room to pick them up and head on over to the bridge.

Traffic was light this evening. The cab dropped us off at the entrance to the bridge. Jacob, Amy, and I made our way to the walkway and walked towards the center of the Tower Bridge.

Gwen was waiting for us, just as she was for me the first time I attended the 2300 Gathering.

“You all look lovely this evening.”

Amy and Jacob thanked Gwen for the compliment as I walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss.

I remembered the first time I went, Gwen’s entire family were wearing formal attire while I was the only one dressed more casual. The females wore white button-up shirts with short black skirts and panty hose. The males wore silver suits with navy blue ties and white shirts.

I wore the same suit as the males, thanks to Gwen buying me a suit allowing me to fit right in with her family. Amy’s outfit was exactly just like the female attire for the Gathering making her fit right in with the rest of the female relatives. Jacob on the other hand just had a navy blue suit, white shirt, and a blue bow tie. He still looked formal in his own way.

Gwen had on her attire.

“Our driver will be here momentarily.”

We all waited in silence staring at the city lights and at the traffic on the bridge.

Just minutes later, the familiar sight of a dark SUV pulls over with the hazard lights near us. Gwen escorts the four of us to the vehicle. She opens up the back door.

“Hello Charles, you know the drill. Please take us to the 2300 Gathering.”

“Yes madam,” Charles says with a heavy British accent.

Jacob, Amy, and I all climb into the back of the vehicle while Gwen gets into the front.

Amy and Jacob stare around the interior of our ride as we make our way to the Edwards Estates. The back seats of the SUV are facing the rear of the vehicle. The side windows are blocked not allowing us to get a view of anything.

“Luke you know what you need to do. Please pass these out to our guests.”

Gwen tells me this as she hands me three blindfolds.

I take them and hand them over to Jacob and Amy.

“Alright guys, this is the part where I need you to trust me. Trust us. This is a secret party and must be kept that way, so one of the things we need to do to keep it that way is to blindfold ourselves and give our cellphones over to Gwen. We cannot know where we are headed for privacy concerns.”

Jacob and Amy both give me a funny look but comply with what I said. After handing me their devices, I give them to Gwen and then hand her my phone. She smiles and kisses me before taking my blindfold and putting it on me.

“See ya in a little while.”

About 45 minutes later, Charles makes a turn onto the familiar gravel road as we make our way uphill towards the Edwards Estates. Once we reach the top of the hill, the SUV stops. Charles makes his way around the vehicle and opens the door for the three of us in the back.

“You may all take off your blindfolds,” Gwen says.

We all get out of the vehicle and stand at the main entrance to Gwen’s family vacation home. Or should I say castle. Jacob and Amy are wide eyed staring at the monstrous structure before their eyes.

“This is your home??” Jacob asks.

Gwen laughs. “This is my family’s vacation home. As you can see, we’re well off.

Gwen thanks Charles for the ride as he gets back into the SUV and departs.

We follow her to the grand entrance door and make our way inside.




The three of us and Gwen walk down the long hallway to the dining hall to meet her family. We walk through the GINORMOUS living room. Jacob and Amy are shocked to see the sight of a bunch of bean bags on the floor, chairs and couches set all around randomly, and a big table set up with refreshments. Across from the refreshments table is another table loaded with a vast variety of sex toys, individual bottles of lube, etc. Gwen stops us in the living room and looks at Jacob and Amy.

“Ok. You’ve both made it this far. Now that you’re here, it’s time for me to explain to you the ‘2300 Gatherings.’”

I stand back and watch as Gwen explains to the both of them what they were going to be participating in tonight.

“The ‘2300 Gathering’ is a monthly orgy that my EXTREMELY kinky family hosts. We always commence the Gathering at 2300, or 11PM. It’s been a tradition running in my family for years.

For the very reason of this gathering being quite ‘controversial’ according to society, there are several security measures that are put into place, when anyone from the family extends the invitation to a guest. Tonight, you’ll BOTH be lucky guests and get to meet and fuck as many members of my family as you want! You’ll also meet my special friend Riley, who’ll be joining the fun tonight.”

Amy and Jacob surprisingly aren’t as shocked as I thought they’d be.

“Jacob and I are here to enjoy ourselves and expand our sexual horizons. We aren’t too surprised at all that this orgy is hosted by your family, because of all the security measures taken for us to come.” Amy tells Gwen.

“Great! Let’s go have dinner and meet the family!” Gwen leads the way to the grand dining hall.

The four of us make our way over to the dining hall where Gwen’s family and an unfamiliar face are all enjoying themselves by the open bar.

“Your family has a full open bar in the dining room?? This is the best house I’ve ever been to!” Jacob says really excited.

Attending tonight’s Gathering are Lisa, Fred, Margie, Roger, and Ella as far as Gwen’s family. Lisa is Gwen’s mother.

Fred is Gwen’s uncle (her father’s brother). Margie is Gwen’s Aunt (her mother’s sister). Roger is Gwen’s cousin, Uncle Fred’s son. And of course, there’s cute and petite little Ella, Gwen’s young sister.

The unfamiliar face must be Gwen’s friend Riley. I’ve never met or seen her before. She must be special if Gwen were to invite her over for the Gathering without the added security protocols.

“Hello mum! Hello family!” Gwen shouts as we make our way over to the bar area.

Her family greets each of us. Jacob and Amy introduce themselves as I make my way over to Gwen’s mom Lisa.

“We meet again Lisa,” I tell her as I give her a nice big hug.

She laughs, “Welcome back Luke! We’ve missed you!” I felt another set of hands behind me.

“I’ve missed that big fat wanker of yours!”

Aunt Margie stood behind me with a glass of wine in her hand, her arms wide open waiting for her hug.”

“I’ve missed that sex body of yours Margie, get ready for tonight!”

Margie gives me a tight hug and kisses me on the lips. We kiss for a few moments, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I taste the delicious red wine in her mouth.

I say my hellos to cousin Roger, Uncle Fred, and of course Gwen’s little sister Ella.

Jacob comes up to me looking at Ella.

“Bro! She’s so cute! How old is she??”

I look at him with a dirty smile.

“She’s old enough to know what she wants. Age is just a number. But let me tell you, Ella may look sweet and innocent but she takes dick in any of her holes like a champ!”

Jacob rubs his hands together with a sly smile on his face.

“Well then....I can’t wait to have her to myself tonight.”

“You won’t regret it!” I tell him.

Looking around, I see everyone engaged in conversation.

“So....what’s your name good looking?”

I turn to my side and see Gwen’s friend Riley standing there. She has a glass of wine in her hand with her other extended toward me to shake. I take her hand and kiss it.

“My name is Luke. And who might you be?”

She smiles while talking a quick sip of her drink.

“My name is Riley Carlton. You can just call me Riley...or Rye for short.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Riley.”

I take a good look at her from head to toe as I sip on my wine.

Riley has short Blonde hair, green eyes, and has lush, detailed makeup. She has on extensions for eye lashes, and cherry red lipstick and matching eyeshadow. Her eyeliner is on point and has a wonderful pattern from her eyelash to the tips of her brows.

Riley’s breasts are medium sized, firm and round. She has plenty of cleavage showing making her breasts look amazing, so circular and plump. I can tell they’re perky. Her ass is nice and thick. Just the perfect size.

Riley has a nice square jaw and nice figured body. There’s something different about Riley that makes her unique.

I look at her small but barely noticeable Adam’s Apple and realize what made Riley so special and unique from all the other females here at the Gathering.

I’m standing before a beautiful shemale. Riley has transitioned very well. And I’m looking forward to seeing what comes tonight between the both of us.

After some time of talking with everyone, the sound of glass clinking with silverware fills the dining hall.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to sit down for dinner. We have 45 minutes til 2300 hours!” Lisa shouts out loud to the rest of us with a fork and wine glass in her hand.

She’s right. I look down at my watch.


Everyone makes their way over to the dining table. Our meal is served once we’re all seated by hired chefs. Tonight’s late supper is beef brisket with loaded baked potatoes and fresh salad and macaroni & cheese.

Jacob and Amy are enjoying themselves eating plenty of food, engaging in conversations with Ella and Roger.

I’m glad they’re eating well, they’re gonna need some serious energy tonight after the amount of calories all of us will burn.

We all enjoy our meals as the chefs come out and serve us desert next.

I sit talking to Gwen and Riley while we eat, as I try to kill time desperate for 2300 to cum!

Ten minutes prior to 2300 hours, Lisa stands up and clinks her glass once again to get everyone’s attention.

“Attention all! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is near...just wanted to say a couple of things, as we do have a few new lovely guests with us tonight.

First off...welcome to our Gathering tonight Riley, Jacob, and Amy! It’s a pleasure to have you join us on our evening of laughs, celebration, and debauchery!”

Everyone at the table claps and cheers, including me.

“And of course, it’s always a pleasure and honor to have Luke with us! Welcome back Luke!“

More cheers and applause.

“As most of us know the rules and how the ‘2300 Gathering’ starts, I just want to clarify what we have planned tonight.

So....for our men here, when I dismiss you all, you’re to disrobe of all clothing and grab your pills and get yourselves properly lubricated for tonight. You all will line up in the West side of the living room for the countdown.

Once our men are dismissed, all our women are to disrobe, get properly lubricated, and line up on the East side of the living room.

There will be plenty of refreshments and entertainment to keep us all going all night long!

For our men, enjoy yourselves, but make sure to save up ALL your energy for the finale as this evening I will have the honor of being the VIP!”

All the men in the room, including myself clap. My first Gathering, Aunt Margie had the honors of being the VIP.

“What’s the VIP?” Amy whispers to me, sitting next to me.

I whisper back that she’ll find out later. Gwen’s mom Lisa continues.

“Right now it is 8 till 2300! Before I dismiss everyone, I’d like to say to all, especially to our honored guests, Have Fun, drink plenty of water, and Happy 2300!”

“HAPPY 2300!!” Everybody shouted, and cheered.

“To our men, you all are dismissed!” Lisa exclaims.

Tonight’s Gathering has four men and six women. Jacob, Fred, Roger, and I disrobe in our corner of the living room.

The living room is set with the blue mood lighting, chairs, couches,and bean bags scattered randomly throughout the room. The dark curtains block any visibility from outside and the front door is locked with deadbolts.

We all put our clothing in our separate cubbies.

Just in time, three butlers come our way carrying silver trays. The first butler brings us our individual bottles of lube. After all of us put on a generous amount on our cocks and crotches, the next butler comes through. He passes out individual small containers with the green and blue pill. After we each get our pill, Jacob leans over to me. “What’s this, Viagra?”

“It’s an advanced form of Viagra which will give you a CRAZY sex drive and allows you to have MANY orgasms within a short amount of time. Makes you cum a lot too each and every orgasm.”

Jacob shakes his head impressed.

“Really doesn’t sound legal.”

I grin. “Cause it’s not. Just swallow it and enjoy the immediate effects.”

The last butler comes by and passes to each of us small bottles of water to swallow the pills.

All of us drink water swallowing down the pill. Immediately, my cock comes to life and expands becoming rock solid!

I look across at the other guys and they’re all the same. Jacob stares at his cock with his mouth wide open.

“Luke...I feel so...Alive! And ready to fuck!! I’m so Horny!!”

Roger, Fred, and I laugh seeing how amazed he is with the effects of the magic pill.

All four of us guys line up in a horizontal line waiting for the ladies to enter.

Just then, the ladies enter through the opposite entry into the living room and line up in a horizontal line. I stare at the six beautiful ladies across the room. I pay close attention to Amy and Riley. Amy has her hair tied in a pony tail. Her breasts and her pussy are shiny with fresh coats of lube. Riley’s breasts also glisten with lube. I look down at her crotch and see a small, completely shaven penis. It was completely erect. I suddenly wanted her so bad. I knew I couldn’t fuck her first. I want to save her for myself towards the end. I look over to Aunt Margie. She’s such a gorgeous BBW. Her fat clit and large sagged breasts were calling my name. Margie’s eyes are glued to mine and right then and there, I knew who I was going to chase down as soon as the 2300 Gathering was to start.

All the conversations in the room die down and everyone becomes completely still and quiet as we are down to the final minute before 2300 hours.

An automated voice projects from the ceiling and starts to talk:

“Ladies and Gentleman...the time has come for the commencement of the ‘2300 Gathering.’ Please remember that consent is mandatory, always stay hydrated, and of course...have a Happy 2300!”

“Let the 2300 Gathering commence in....











An air horn sounds once the countdown ends. All the men and women run towards each other. I run straight for Aunt Margie.

As soon as our bodies collide, we topple over and my night of debauchery and fun begins.




Aunt Margie and I are tongued locked. I fondle her massive breasts with my hands as I try to shove my tongue down her throat. She releases me from our lustful kiss.

“Miss me?” I smile and grab her neck bringing her face close to mine.

“’re mine tonight bitch!”

I slap Aunt Margie across the face hard.

She just moans, asking me what can she do for me.

“Suck my fat cock, you fat whore!!”

Immediately, Margie obeys my command.

I push her to her knees and stand to her face. Margie opens her mouth, and I immediately shove my cock to the back of her throat.

I look around me seeing what everyone is up to. Jacob wasted no time as he’s behind Gwen’s mom Lisa pounding her pussy from behind. Amy is sucking off cousin Roger. Ella and Riley are together on a beanbag. Ella is on top of Riley riding her cock. Both of them moan together clearly enjoying the moment. Gwen has her Uncle Fred’s dick in her mouth as he fingers her pussy from behind.

I look down at Margie almost forgetting that I have my cock down her throat and my hands wrapped around her head not letting her go. Her face was bright red turning purple by the time I released my tight grip from the back of her head.

Margie coughs spitting out saliva and gasping for breath.

“Was that too much bitch??”

She looks up at me, her face sweaty, tears running down her face, and makeup running. Margie smiles.

“Bring it on!”

I shove my cock right back down Margie’s throat, repeatedly. I only pull myself out of her mouth when I see she’s desperate for air in her lungs. Margie then proceeds to cup my balls with her left hand while jerking my shaft with her right. She licks my tip in a circular motion while doing so.

“Keep doing that, FUCK that feels amazing!”

I’m enjoying Margie’s licking and stroking of my cock. She then proceeds to suck me off, my cock going in and out of her mouth. That familiar feeling of having to cum is starting to increase with her oral skills. Margie looks up into my eyes and can see that I’m getting close too. She gets up and grabs my hand.

“Come fuck me on the couch!”

Margie takes me to a couch just a few feet away and throws me down. She turns herself around giving me a fantastic view of her phat juicy ass! Margie turns her head to the side giving me a side glance with a smile on her face. She wiggles and jiggles her ass in my face bending over slightly so I get a nice view of her pussy.

“You like what you see Lukey?”

I grab her asscheeks in response and wiggle them. I spread her cheeks wide open giving me the perfect view of her pussy and enlarged butthole.

I spit into her pussy a few times and take my hand to spread my saliva all around her vaginal folds. Margie grunts while I do so. Wanting to be inside her already I grab my cock.

“Sit down on my cock you sexy bitch!”

Margie opens her ass cheeks spreading her pussy wide open and sits down on my rod. Margie has no problem sitting down completely on my lap, taking in all eight inches of my thick cock.

“Awwwww....FUCK! You’re so big!! It feels soooooo GOOOOOD! Fuck me Luke!”

I lean back on the couch as Aunt Margie picks up her pace bouncing up and down on my rod. Each time she falls back down onto my lap, her warm snatch engulfs the entirety of my fat cock.

“YES! Keep bouncing you FAT WHORE! Take that dick!”

Margie just moans as she places her hands on the sides of my legs to control her balance.

I look around as Aunt Margie bounces on top of me. Cousin Roger has Amy seated on a barstool. With her ass over the edge of the stool, he fucks her pussy hard from behind as she’s crying out begging for more. Roger has Amy leaning down with his hand on her right shoulder. She uses her arms to lean against a wall for balance. It felt surreal seeing my good friend’s girlfriend getting nailed by a complete stranger to her.

Jacob has Lisa riding on top on a beanbag. He grabs on to Lisa’s neck violently choking her as he spanks her ass hard turning her cheeks bright red. She loves every second of it.

Ella and Riley are on the floor. Riley has her legs wide open in the air as little Ella strokes her cock with her tongue engulfed completely inside Riley’s tight asshole.

Uncle Fred has Gwen against a wall fucking her pussy from behind.

Aunt Margie stops bouncing on me. She slowly stands up and faces me.

“Your turn. I want you to do the work and fuck this pussy darling.”

I stand up, give her a smirk.

“Say no more you fat whore.”

I shove Marge hard back into the couch.

I grab a pillow and place it on the floor for my knee. I grab Margie’s tree trunks she calls legs and raise them high, spreading them wide open giving me easy access to her cunt. I spit a couple times down her twat. I stand a little bit holding on to her legs for support. I use my hips to help me navigate my thick member to her pussy lips. As my cock makes contact, my tip slowly finds her entrance and expands it wide enough for me to slide all the way in.

“Awwwww....yeahhhh! You’re so deep in there! FUCK!!”

As my cock settles deep inside of Margie, her warm and slippery pussy starts to throb. She is so turned on right now. And very much near to her first orgasm of the night. I take my left knee and kneel onto the pillow for a nice cushion as my right knee is upright in a bent position. I have Margie’s thick legs over my shoulders. I grab hold of her ankles with my hands as I let my hips do all the work. I begin to thrust in and out of Margie. She breathes heavily as I do so very slowly. I then begin to sharply thrust deep into Aunt Margie’s pussy. I thrust out slowly and then slam myself deep down into her as I can. Each time I do so, Margie yelps begging for more. Her massive breasts squirm with every sharp slam, her fat belly jiggles like jelly.


When I hear her say this, I release my grip from her legs and place them down. I stand up and bend my knees over so my cock stays inside of her. I grab Aunt Margie by her sides, and grab easily onto her fat rolls. I squeeze them as I accelerate my pace in and out of her cunt.

Margie begs me to fuck her harder, as her tits bounce swaying side to side.

I grunt as I feel my orgasm approaching. I don’t want to cum just yet. I want to last awhile. If Aunt Margie has an orgasm first then I will pull out and make myself last longer.

“FUCK LUKE!! I’m going to cuhh...cuhhh....FUCK!!! I’m CUMMING!!!!”

I slow my pace and reach for Margie’s pussy. I easily insert two fingers deep inside as I rapidly finger her.

As Margie violently squirts making a mess all over my crotch and chest area, I hear another scream. I turn and see Amy yelling aloud as she hits an orgasm. Roger is behind her, violently shoving his cock in and out of her cunt. Amy is on all fours as Roger stands behind her with his knees bent. He grunts like a wild animal as he hits his orgasm.

Jacob has Gwen’s mom Lisa on a couch lying flat on her stomach. He is on top of her with both hands clenched on to her ass spreading her cheeks wide open. Jacob thrusts slowly in and out of Lisa’s asshole. From the looks of it, Lisa is in Heaven as her eyes are practically rolled to the back of her head while she takes every inch of Jacob’s rod up her bum.

Gwen is on her fours as well, getting fucked from behind by Riley. Ella stands over Gwen’s body tongue locked with Riley as she plays with her firm and round breasts. Uncle Fred is already on his first break drinking some water by the refreshments table.

Aunt Margie gasps for air. I feel her pussy throbbing as I pull out.

“Are you satisfied you Fat cunt?”

Margie laughs aloud as she begins to rub her breasts.

“Oh yes dearie! haven’t fucked this ass yet. I want that wanker deep inside my bum!”

I stand up and look at Margie with a dirty smile.

“Hmm....I think your bum needs a little something more than just my cock.”

Aunt Margie sits upright.

“I like the sound of that! What do you have in mind Luke?”

I don’t even answer. I walk to the table full of sex toys and lube and grab a bottle. I make my way back to Margie.

If she wants some anal action, I’ve give it to her.

Just a few short minutes go by. The living room is filled with the sounds of our debauchery. The screams of orgasms approaching, the pounding of flesh as vaginas and asses are getting torn, the echoing sounds of faces being slapped and men commanding women to obey their every lustful demand. And then of course, the sound of Aunt Margie screaming and crying muffled and blocked by Uncle Fred’s cock deep down her throat. I am wrist deep up Margie’s ass.

As I feel Margie’s tight ass wrapped around my entire hand, I look to my left and see Amy with Gwen. The two of them are on a sofa in a 69 position. I stared enjoying the sight, this being my first time seeing Amy engaged with another female.

Jacob finally has his time alone with petite and young Ella. He sits down facing forward on a beanbag while Ella rides him facing forward as well. Jacob has complete control over her as he has his hands gripped onto her thin hips. He raises her body up and down on his cock as she begs him for more. DAMN that sweet innocent looking girl is a dirty little slut!!

Cousin Roger now has Riley on top of the barstool. With his lubed up cock he slowly pushes himself up her tight ass. Riley has one arm leaned against the wall while jerking her small erect penis with the other. She has a high pitched voice as she moans enjoying every second of it. Lisa makes her way over to Gwen and Amy. She interrupts their 69 and advises both of them to stand up and get on the floor on their fours. Gwen is front of Amy while Lisa gets behind Amy. Pretty soon, they have a full on oral train going as Gwen enjoys every second of Amy eating her from behind. Lisa grabs hold of Amy’s small breasts from underneath her as she digs deep into Amy’s snatch. It’s a miracle that I have not yet cum considering everything going on around me.

After Aunt Margie requested an ass fucking, I came up with the brilliant idea of grabbing some lube and coming back to her. I waved Uncle Fred over to us. I commanded her to suck his cock while I took the bottle of lube and splattered a lot of it all over my right hand and down my wrist. I then squirted some around her anus and began to finger her tight pecker with my thumb.

“Awww yesss! That’s what I need Luke!!”

I continued to finger Margie’s asshole while I began to add extra fingers, expanding her star shaped pecker, as it began to gape.

“You like that?”

“Hmmm...yes dearie!!” Margie told me as she wrapped her mouth around Fred’s cock.

Once I was able to shove all my fingers up her ass, I grabbed more lube and squirted as much as I could deep into her ass and more around my right hand. That’s when I told Margie what my intentions were.

“Prepare to feel the wrath of my entire FUCKING HAND up your FAT ASS!!!”

Fred’s dick popped right out of her mouth as she turned her head over to me.


With a smile on my face, I lie to Aunt Margie. “Oh...I will. Just relax.”

And all hell broke loose.

Everyone stops what they’re doing as Margie screams aloud.


As soon as all my fingers thrusted Margie’s bum hole, I began to shove my entire hand deep into her bowels. I made it about wrist deep when Margie took Fred’s cock out of her mouth and screamed in pain.

I didn’t care. Neither did Fred.

“Shove your cock down this fat whore’s throat!”

Fred immediately shoved his cock down her throat as Margie’s body began to shake tremendously trying to accept my hand deep inside her bowels.

Everyone else continued on like nothing happened.

Once Margie’s face began to turn purple, Fred released his tight grip from her.

Margie turned to me, tears running heavily down her face. She was beat red as she gasped for air.

“Luke....dearie. I was COMPLETELY not expecting that!! At first, the pain was too much to take.....but now........I want you to fist me! Fist my fat ass! Make me your DIRTY BITCH!!”

She then turns to Fred.

“Fred dear, Luke will take over from here. You come fuck this gaping asshole once Lukey here has satisfied me.”

Uncle Fred nods and makes his way over to Amy.

“Time for me to fuck some Asian pussy!”

I slowly remove my hand from Margie’s now completely gaped asshole.

“Luke baby would you be so kind and get me a vibrator from the table?”

I honor the fat bitch’s request and grab her a large pink vibrator.

I come back and hand it over to Margie, who then powers it on. She then leans over the couch and puts her ass high up in the air giving me easy access to fist her. Margie takes the vibrator and slips it between her legs.

“Awwwww yes!!! That’s the spot!! This’ll have me making a nice wet mess all over this couch in NO TIME!! Now....FIST ME! FIST MY FAT JUICY ASSHOLE!!!”

I grab some more lube and rub it all over my right hand. Margie starts to push her bum out making her pecker nice and wide for me to stick my hand in.

I place all my fingers together as I then take them and shove them deep into her backdoor.

Margie yelps and takes deep breaths as my hand is swallowed up by her tight asshole.

I can feel the intensity of her vibrator on full blast as my hand relaxes deep inside her warm and tight bum. I then grab her by the hair with my left hand as I take my time pulling my hand out of her gaped hole. I push my hand back harder into Margie’s bum as her sphincter expands taking the entirety of my hand up to my wrist.

Aunt Margie shakes her fat ass up in the air moving it up and down, left and right.

The intensity of the vibrator and the thrusts of my right hand in a push and pull motion is overwhelming for her.


I continue to yank on Margie’s hair while I fist her.

Looking around, I now see Uncle Fred on the couch with Amy. He has her lying on her back while he’s on top of her thrusting deep into her pussy, holding tightly on to her hips. Amy’s eyes are wide open as she stares at the ceiling begging for him to fuck her deeper. Jacob has little Ella bent over the bean bag as he plows her ass from behind her. He has his hand shoved down on her cute innocent face as she begs him for more. At this point, Gwen and Riley are together. Gwen sits on top of Riley’s lady dick and rides her on the other side of the couch that Uncle Fred and Amy are at. Cousin Roger has Lisa on her fours while he fucks her from behind. Lisa now has a shiny anal plug up her ass as he fucks her on the floor.

Aunt Margie at this point shakes her ass not able to take my fisting any longer.


Margie continues to cry out as I slowly shove my hand one last time as deep as I can up her warm and tight anus. I felt her rectal walls squeeze my hand and wrist as Margie tosses the pink vibrator off to the side as she climaxes. She rubs her pussy with her hand underneath her as she squirts tremendously gushing onto the couch.

Margie’s body continues to shake and convulse as her orgasm shows no sign of stopping just yet. She screams each time a wave of pleasure hits. With each wave comes a wet and messy faucet squirting all over the place.

Aunt Margie takes deep breaths as she tries to calm down.

“Oh my dear....Luke. My pussy is THROBBING!!! You’ve done well!”

I pull my hand out of her ass and get up.

“When you’re with me, you are my bitch, you fat sexy whore!! And I do whatever I want when I want to you!! I’ll fuck that ass, fist it, and tear it apart if I want to! Understood??”

Aunt Margie turns over and pulls me down to her lips. Our tongues pounce in each other’s mouths as I grab her massive breasts and squeeze them as hard as I can. Margie moans. I take my right hand and reach down to her pussy and feel just how wet she is. I pull alway from her and lick my wet fingers. She tasted so good.

“I’ll see you around,” I tell her as I get up and walk over to the refreshments table.

“FINALLY!” I look to my left as I walk to the table. Uncle Fred takes one last sip of his water as he walks in the direction of the couch where Aunt Margie still sits recovering.

“Damn Luke! Keeping Marge all to yourself! Ya gotta share some of that fat ass with the rest of us!” Fred tells me with a chuckle.

“You’re right! That fat whore is all yours!”

I watch as Fred makes his way over to Margie. She already knows the drill as she lays down on her back lying sideways on the couch and spreads her legs wide open. Fred doesn’t even have to use any lube to easily insert his rod up her ass. Fred shows no mercy on Aunt Margie as he fucks her deep up her bum. Jacob at this point walks over to the two of them. Aunt Margie looks at him and signals for him to get closer. Jacob stands over her on the edge of the couch as he shoves his dick deep down her throat. She has not had one break so far this night!

Pretty soon the rest of Gwen’s family joins me by the refreshments table to take a break and hydrate. Gwen comes up to me and gives me a kiss.

“How are you babe?” I tell her I’m well and can’t wait to continue as Amy walks toward us.

“ is your first 2300 Gathering treating you Amy?”

I take a good look at her. She’s all sweaty and her face is red. Her breasts have bite marks on them and her pussy looks swollen.

Amy gives me a big smile when she tells me, “This is FUCKING AMAZING! I’ve never had this much sex at once and I’m loving it! Fred and Roger both fucked me soooo goood!!! And Gwen’s mom ate me out like a champ!!”

Gwen and I laugh.

“The night is still young Amy, you’re going to have plenty more epic orgasms and try new things that you’ve never done before. Enjoy it all!” Gwen tells her.

I look over to Gwen’s mom Lisa. She’s talking to Riley. I walk over to the both of them.

“ Luke, my dear! I was just talking to Riley about you!” Lisa gives me a hug once I approach them. Riley stares at me with lust in her eyes.

“Hopefully just good things.”

Riley looks at me. “Lisa tells me you tend to be the life of the party here. Especially during your first Gathering.”

I look at Riley and eye her body from head to toe lusting for her.

Lisa continues to talk.

“Luke’s energy and sexual thirst is INCREDIBLE! It’s no wonder why all the women here can’t get enough of him! My mother Ellen, my eldest daughter Abbey. Even my sweet youngest Ella can’t get enough of that big fat cock of Luke’s!”

Lisa just praises me as Riley and I continue to stare at each other.

“I can’t wait to have you to myself then Luke, and see what all this hype is about.” Riley leans in and kisses me softly before she walks away to get more water.

“Isn’t she something?” Lisa asks me.

I just stare at Riley’s nice plump ass as she grabs a bottle of water.

I look at little Ella who’s in the midst of a conversation with her cousin Roger and Amy. Jacob, Fred, and Margie are still in the living room. Aunt Margie is now taking two dicks at once. She bounces up and down riding Jacob on the couch as Fred stands on top fucking her ass from behind. The three of them make a lot of noise enjoying the sensations of it all.

Lisa grabs my cock, catching my attention. “My turn!”

Lisa leads me back into the living room area pulling me by my cock.

Margie hits another orgasm as I hear that familiar scream of hers. Jacob doesn’t sound like he’s far off from his orgasm.

The rest of the group leaves the refreshments table and follow me and Lisa back into the living room.

Lisa and I settle for a large square ottoman close to the center of the room.

Lisa turns to me and brings me in for a nice gentle kiss.

“Luke darling, would you be so kind and take this out for me?” Lisa then turns around and bends over on the ottoman giving me a perfect view of her ass. She still has her shiny anal plug inside her.

“With pleasure.”

I then grab the circular piece of the plug and slowly pull it out. Lisa moans as I do this. The plug pops out nicely exposing Lisa’s gaping asshole.

“Ahh....thank you. Now...can you put that cock in my ass dear?” Lisa asks me this as she wiggles her nice curvy butt back and forth.

In response, I take my much erect penis and guide it towards Gwen’s mother’s asshole. I rub my cock between her cheeks a few times as I rub her butt with my left hand. Lisa moans and begs for my cock inside her ass. Without much trouble, my tip slides right into her welcoming bum hole. I watch closely as Lisa’s hole begins to expand taking in every inch of my thick cock.

“Ohhhhh yes!! That’s it!! Shove that nice fat cock up my ass! Hmmmmmmm....”

Lisa sways her ass slowly side to side as I grab onto her lower thighs for support. I pull her body closer to me, shoving my rod further up her shitter.

I stop for a few moments once my entire cock is up her ass.

Looking around, I see Amy with Riley and cousin Roger on a couch. Riley and Amy are in a 69 position as Roger fucks Amy from behind. Amy has Riley’s cock down her throat as Riley eats her pussy from below her. Aunt Margie and Jacob are finally taking a rest break drinking plenty of water. Uncle Fred is on the floor with Ella riding him on top. He grabs hold of her two petite legs as he thrusts his hips up and down banging her pussy.

I finally pull back slowly just until the tip of my cock is slightly showing and then slam myself balls deep back into Lisa’s warm and tight bum. I pull back out and slam myself back in. In and out. In and out. Lisa groans each time I slam myself deep into her. She takes her arms and reaches behind her and spreads out her asscheeks.

“Fuck me harder. Deeper!!! I want you to cum inside me arse dear!”

As Lisa spreads her cheeks wide open, I begin to pick up the pace. I watch her ass jiggle with each hard thrust I make deep into her asshole. I have not cum yet tonight but I know my orgasm is rapidly approaching. That pill has helped me last longer as my body is starting to get used to it. It also increases the intensity and sensitivity of my orgasms by a long shot!

“Luke...dear! I’m going to cum!! I want you to cum with me!! I want to feel that cum deep down inside me!! I know you haven’t cum yet! I want to feel that first big load of yours!! Cum inside me baby!!! Cum inside my ass!!!” Lisa begs of me.

I get that familiar rush of an orgasm rapidly approaching deep down within my balls, and I knew I was moments away from epic bliss.

I then pull out of Lisa completely.

“Lay down on the floor upside down and bring your legs up high.”

Lisa obeys and gets down into a piledriver position on the floor leaning her lower body onto the ottoman while I stand up and bend my knees on top of her. I grab my dick and shove it back down into Lisa’s asshole. I grab hold of her legs, which are in the air, for support. At this point, I shove my cock in and out of Lisa’s ass in a rapid up and down movement as she begs for me to cum. It’s too much for me. I grab hold of her legs as tightly as I can as I let my orgasm hit.


I scream aloud in ecstasy as my cock throbs spitting out my seed deep down Lisa’s bowels. Lisa screams with me as she hit her climax too. My cock convulses spewing out semen up her ass. The feeling is so intense, it hurts! I pull out of Lisa’s bum STILL cumming! My semen drips out and leaks down her butt crack when I do. Lisa then turns over and gets up. We both lay down on the ottoman together trying to catch our breaths.

“WOW!!!” That’s all I can say.

Lisa turns to my side and plays with my hair.

“You really know how to fuck me hard and deep, like the dirty slut that I am! Thanks for that my dear. Now go out there and keep having fun! The night is still young! And don’t forget that I’m the VIP tonight so save that semen for my ass once again later on!” Lisa kisses me on the cheek and gets up. This has been a wild night thus far!!




I lay on the ottoman for a few minutes taking a rest break. I need it after the intense orgasm I just had with Lisa. My first one of the night!

As I lay down, I feel movement next to me. I look to my side and see little Ella.

“I know you’re not tired yet! Are you going to fuck me already?”

I shift my body over to meet her. With a smile I touch her face and bring her to my lips. As our lips begin to touch, I feel her small left hand reaching for my cock. She starts to jerk me slowly as our tongues collide in our deep lustful kiss. My hands start to explore her cute petite body as they make their way down to her small breasts. Her nipples are hard and swollen, easy and fun to play with. I pinch them both as Ella moans softly as we continue to kiss. Ella’s hand thrusts my cock up and down. I then sit upright. Ella stares at me with an expression of lust. Her eyes were begging me to stuff my meat deep inside of her.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.” I tell her.

I make my way over to the refreshments table. I look at Amy getting fucked from behind by Riley. Amy is bent over a couch as Riley stands behind her shoving her cock in and out of Amy. Standing behind Riley is Roger fucking her ass from behind. The three of them were in sync together. Jacob and Aunt Margie are back at it again as he she sits on top of him on another couch riding his cock, getting fucked up her ass. Uncle Fred has both Lisa and Gwen on their fours, as he takes turns fucking them both from behind.

I then grab a bottle of whip cream next to the bowl of fruit and return over to the ottoman where Ella graciously awaits for me.

“Whatcha got there?” I shake the bottle of whip cream in my hand as I chuckle.

“Turn around for me and bend over. I got a nice, delicious surprise for you.” Ella with a cute smile on her face giggles and does as instructed. She waves her little booty in the air as she lays on the ottoman, her arms crossed and her head lying comfortably on her hands. I spread open Ella’s pussy lips and place the tip of the whip cream bottle into her, my right pointer finger slipping inside of her clit. I press the notch and start to cream Ella’s pussy with fresh whip cream. Startled at first, she jerks her body upwards.

“Oh my Gosh!! This feels so weird! The whip cream feels cold inside of me! I tell Ella to relax as I continue to press onto the canister shoving as much whip cream up her pussy as I can.

“You got this, relax and enjoy the sensation of that whip cream inside of you. When I pull this bottle out, I want you to squeeze that whip cream right back out!”

Ella nods and turns her cute face toward me with that big familiar smile on her face. I pull the canister out of her pussy. As soon as I do, Ella moans as she pushes out loads of whip cream out of her pussy, making a sloppy wet mess all over my crotch and on the ottoman. I repeat the process multiple times, shoving the whip cream bottle inside of her and pulling it out abruptly letting her squirt whip cream all over the both of us. I then grab her hips as I pull my face close to her ass and lick up loads of her delicious whip cream, coated in her sweet pussy nectar. Ella moans softly enjoying the sensation of her pussy getting licked clean from behind. I turn her body over and bring her up to me. We begin to kiss as Ella shoves her tongue in my mouth trying to taste the sweet flavor of her pussy and whip cream. I caress her body as we kiss lustfully. Ella breaks the kiss.

“I want to suck your fat cock covered in whip cream.” When she tells me this, I immediately know exactly what I want to do with her. She’s young and innocent looking, but I know just what a dirty fucking slut like herself wants.

“Lay down on your back, and lean your head off the ottoman.” Ella listens obediently like the good little slut she is. Once comfortable in her position, I take the bottle of whip cream and shake it near her face. Knowing what to do, she opens her mouth wide open for me to squirt that cream down her throat. I shove as much whip cream as I can into Ella’s mouth until she can’t hold anymore and starts to gag on it. I immediately stand over her and shove my cock to the back of her tight throat. Ella’s body begins to shake as she gasps for air, with excess whip cream just pouring out the sides of her mouth. Her face beat red, her eyes filling with tears, she stares at me actually enjoying this moment. Her body shakes screaming for air but her eyes have this look of deep lust wanting more. I can also feel her hands holding tight to the back of my legs, as I feel her trying to push me closer! Once Ella begins to turn blue from the lack of oxygen, I then release my strong grasp on her and pull my cock out of her mouth. Ella leans her head up spitting out loads of saliva and whip cream as she inhales and exhales deeply. 
“AGAIN!” This whore just can’t get enough! I take some more whip cream and place it into her mouth as I shove my cock deep down her throat as I hear her choke and her body beginning to shake again.

Aunt Margie is now seated on top of Amy’s face as Amy desperately tries to eat her pussy and ass from underneath. Gwen is laying on her side getting fucked in the ass by Jacob. He lays down by her side moving his hips in a calm steady motion, thrusting in and out of her. This was a great position for him at the moment given how beat red and sweaty he is from all the sexual action thus far. Riley and Roger fuck Lisa together on another couch. Roger has Lisa riding his cock as Riley has her cock right up Lisa’s ass standing behind. Uncle Fred relaxes by the refreshments taking a break.

Ella continues to get throat fucked by my large member. She would swallow and choke on her saliva and whip cream as I thrusted my cock in and out of her mouth. I feel her body start to get exhausted from the intensity of our deep throat session. I pull my cock out of her mouth as she coughs up whip cream and saliva.

“Kiss me whore!” Ella leans up and turns her body over to me. She takes her hands and brings my face to hers and kisses me as I begin to taste the fusion blend of her saliva with leftover whip cream. I then push her back down onto the ottoman, forcing her to lie flat on it. I grab the whip cream bottle and squirt more deep into her pussy from behind again causing Ella to grunt aloud.

“Fuck me daddy! Fuck this tight pus-ahh!”

I grab her hair and yank onto it jolting her head back before she could finish her sentence. I climb on top of her petite body as I grab my cock and align it with her snatch. I watch her pussy expand taking every inch of my thick cock as I lean over her body completely on top of her. Ella shifts her body underneath me trying to adjust to my rod. I get this cool sensation as I feel all the whip cream on my cock. I begin to move my butt up into the air and back down firmly as I lay on top of Ella completely dominate over her. She begs for me to fuck her harder as she stretches out her arms taking hold of the edges of the ottoman. I grab her hands and feel her squeeze them tight each time I slam myself back down deeper into her.

“AHHH FUCK! FUCK YES LUKE! OH DADDY….I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!” The overwhelming feeling of the excess whip cream and my cock deep inside of Ella was too much for her. I felt her vaginal walls tighten around my cock deep inside of her, and I knew she was going to bust. With ten more powerful thrusts, I slam myself one last time as deep and as hard as I could into Ella. I actually felt like I cracked her ribs from the sheer force of that final thrust. Ella screams hysterically crying that she’s moments away from cumming. I pull my body weight off of her as she turns around lying on her back.

“FINGER ME DADDY! I WANT YOU TO FEEL ME CUM FOR YOU!!!!” Ella is sweaty with a desperate look longing for an orgasm on her face. She puts both of her legs in the air as I stand between them and shove my four right fingers deep into her clit, thrusting rapidly in and out. Ella’s eyes start to roll to the back of her head as her body starts to convulse violently.

“UHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I finger Ella’s pussy aggressively as our leftover whip cream spits out of her pussy splattering me all over my upper body and my face. She starts to squirt, pissing all over me, as she takes control over her pussy rubbing herself out. Ella continues to scream from the force and pressure of her orgasm. She makes a ginormous slippery mess all over us and on the ottoman. After what felt like five minutes, Ella lowers her legs down which continue to shake for a little bit while her body begins to recover. Ella takes deep breaths trying to calm down.

“My best orgasm of the night by FAR!”

“You drive me crazy you little slut!” I tell her. We both get up to grab some water.

As we make our way back to the refreshments table, I listen to the sounds of multiple orgasms at once. Gwen screams as Jacob pounds her pussy in missionary position. Lisa screams as she gets fucked from behind by Roger. And Aunt Margie is screaming as she gets her pussy rammed from behind by Uncle Fred.

Amy and Riley come to the table and join us.

“How we all doing?” Riley asks all of us at the table as she grabs a bottle of water.

“My pussy is still tingling from the fucking Luke just gave to me,” Ella exclaims.

“I don’t know what it is but I’ve NEVER been this horny in my LIFE!” Amy says excitedly.

We all talk about our experiences thus far. Ella talks about the whip cream experience I gave her, Riley mentions how she enjoyed getting sandwiched between Amy and Roger.

“There was something so satisfying earlier when I was fucking you Amy while I took a dick in my ass,” Riley exclaimed. “It’s just one of the many unique benefits that I enjoy as a trans woman.” Amy nods in approval, “I definitely gotta admit to you Riley, that was very satisfying. Getting dominated like that by a beautiful woman like yourself, you made me cum so much! Especially when I felt you cum inside me!”

I instantly got a dirty kinky vision in my mind thinking about fucking Riley to an orgasm. Thrusting in and out of her bum while I jerk off her lady dick and make her cum while I cum deep inside of her.

Ella and I stood and listened to Amy and Riley talk about their sexual experience together and it was very hot. Listening to both of them go into juicy explicit details of their encounter. 
“You know Amy, I enjoyed fucking your pussy, but I would love to take you in the ass. Your butthole is so tiny and cute. It looks perfect!”

Amy blushes. “Thanks Riley, I would totally let you fuck me in the ass. It’s just that I made a promise to my boyfriend Jacob that my asshole is his property only.”

I bust out laughing.

“Amy, I’ll make a bet with you right now. Next to Jacob, I’ll be another person to fuck you in the ass. Tonight. Before the Gathering ends.”

Amy raises her eyebrow and shakes her head hesitantly. “I don’t know about that Luke. Jacob can be very stubborn.” I just shrug it off.

“It will happen. I mean, look at where the both of you are! At an orgy! Each of you fucking different people. Jacob literally just fucked Gwen in the ass and fucked her mom too, AND her aunt. All anal!”

“Don’t forget about me,” Ella says. 
“AND Ella!” I tell Amy. Amy shakes her head in agreement. “Fair point….we’ll just have to wait and see then.”

I roll my eyes and then drink some water.

“I’m coming for that tight asshole of yours Amy,” I tell her.

“IN THE MEAN TIME…..I think it’s time we get to play good lookin!” Riley comes and takes my hand and escorts me to an empty couch.

I get to the couch with Riley. We face each other and I brush my hand against her cheek. She leans into me as we share a kiss. Riley’s hands explore my body as she rubs my neck and then down to my chest. I continue to kiss Riley as my hands get a good feel of her firm beautifully shaped breasts, nice and perky. Her areolas are not too big but her nipples are very hard, just begging to be sucked. I begin to kiss Riley’s neck as I make my down to her breasts. She stands and moans enjoying the feeling of each and every touch I make on her. I begin to lick her nipples as I squeeze her firm breasts.

“Mmmmm....ohhhh my....yes that feels lovely!”

I then start to nibble on her erect nipples playing with them with my teeth making Riley squirm. After a few minutes of enjoying her nipples, I let go and take a good look at her beautiful body. Her cock is completely erect. I take my right hand and begin to play with it. It’s a beautiful cock. Small, with some thickness to it. Riley is completely waxed and has no pubic hair whatsoever. Riley closes her eyes and tilts her head back as I continue to play with her cock, clearly a sensitive area for her that makes her incredibly horny. I stroke her cock and cup her balls in my hand. They’re nice and firm, and very capable of ejaculating.

“You took the miracle pill didn’t you?” I ask her referring to the not so legal green and blue pill all the guys took prior to the start of the gathering.

Riley giggles. “Hell yeah darling! I want to stay nice and hard all night and have as MANY powerful orgasms as I can!”

I laugh with her as I continue to play with her cock. I then take my cock and align it next to hers and compare. My cock is massive next to hers! My thick eight inch rod is more than double the size of her lady penis.

“Hmmm...yes good looking! Are you going to stick that MONSTER inside of me?” Riley asks as she begins to stroke her cock up and down licking her lips.

“You’re going to take every inch of this beast inside of you!!” I tell her as she licks her lips. I can see her eyes light up with excitement.

“I’m yours right now darling. Tell me what you want,” Riley says.

With that I push her onto the couch behind her.

“Turn around! I want to taste your lovely bum!”

Riley turns around and bends forward on the couch putting her ass in the air toward me.

“Push yourself out. I want to see you gape!”

Riley moans as she begins to shake her fat ass in the air. She then pushes her asshole out and gapes herself as I see her beautiful hole turn into a nice small circle. I bend down on my knees and grab her ass. I pull her to my face as I take my tongue and begin to lick her taint area from underneath her ball sack to her anus. Riley moans softly as she continues to wiggle her ass in my face as my tongue continues to lick her taint and up towards her anus. As I eat Riley’s ass from behind her I spread her legs apart a bit more so I can reach in between them and grab her nice hard cock and begin to stroke it.

“FUCK! YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY LUKE! Yes!! Keep doing that! Stroke my cock baby!! Eat my ass!! Yes baby!! Spit into my asshole!! Spit baby!!”

I honor her request and spit deep into her ass as I continue to stroke her cock and play with her anus with my tongue.

I continue to eat Riley’s ass until she pulls herself forward.

“My turn good looking,” she tells me.

I just shrug.

Riley gets up off the couch.

“Sit down Luke, lay back, put your legs in the air.”

I do as she tells me and get into position.

Once I’m on the couch lying down facing forward with my legs in the air, Riley immediately gets to work.

She grabs some lube and rubs her hands with some as she pours some down my crotch. Riley then begins to trust my rod up and down with both her hands at a fast pace. She does it in a twist motion as her hands move up and down.

I sit and moan enjoying this sensation as Riley then takes her tongue and swirls it on the tip of my penis. Without and warning, she shoves the ENTIRETY of my cock down her throat as she takes her right hand pointer finger and begins to tickle my asshole.

“FUCK!!!!!” I scream aloud totally not expecting that.

Riley continues to put me into deeper shock as she takes two fingers and inserts them slowly without any trouble up my bum.

I groan loudly as my legs begin to shake just not knowing what to do. All this is happening and Riley STILL has my cock down her throat. She then releases herself and spits my cock out coughing spitting out streams of saliva.

“Too much good looking?”

My eyes are wide and I try to catch my breath. “No not at all! I just...wasn’t expecting that!!”

Riley giggles and then repeats the process several more times sticking two fingers up my ass as she deep throats my fat cock.

I felt like I could cum right then and there but I knew that I could last longer.

Riley then stands up. As she does so, she puts my legs on the floor as I sit upright.

“If you enjoyed that...maybe you’ll like another trick I have up my sleeve.”

Me being curious and still in shock from before, I just tell her lets do it!

Riley instructs me to lie flat on my stomach on the couch as she grabs the lube. I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect but I decided to just go along with it. Riley rubs some lube on her hands and pours some on my back and begins to give me a brief massage, rubbing her hands on my shoulders and down to my lower back. She then gets on top of me, and slowly rubs my back from bottom to top and then to my shoulders. When she’s at my shoulders, she leans herself to my neck and begins to kiss me gently. My body shutters from her sensual touch. Riley then kisses my left ear softly and then begins to nibble it making me moan softly. She takes her tongue and inserts it into my ear as she licks my ear inside and out. She does this briefly and then makes her way over to my right ear and repeats the process. I moan enjoying the moment as Riley continues to tease me. She then takes both her breasts and begins to rub them softly down my back. I moan as I feel her firm nipples tickle my back.

“mmmmmm...this feels AMAZING!” I tell her.

Riley then gets up off me.

“Spread your legs darling.” I do as instructed. She then lowers herself down to my ass and spreads my cheeks.

“FUCK!! Oh GOD!!! YESS!!” I shout.

Riley begins to eat my ass hole swirling her tongue around my anus, sticking it in and out of my bum hole. Riley kept this up as I tried to contain myself.

Just when I thought this feeling of sexual ecstasy couldn’t get any better, Riley again sits upright.

“Ok Luke...I have a nice surprise for you. If it’s too much for you, your safe word is STOP!”

“Uhhh....ok Riley.”

I was more excited than nervous not knowing what was coming.

Riley take lube and lathers her hands in it and then pours some down my bum.

I once again felt the familiar feeling of her fingers entering my asshole, and then let out a yelp when I feel her shove them deep inside. It was a new sensation. It was an odd yet powerfully satisfying sensation.

“FUCKING HELL!! What the FUCK?? This feels...SO GOOD!! What are you doing?”

Riley giggles.

“I’m playing with your prostate. You never had a prostate massage?”

I just shake my head and let her do her thing as I feel her fingers jam deep inside my bum. She thrusts them in and out for a period of time. It’s an INCREDIBLE sensation. My cock actually felt like it was getting harder! I felt my dick throbbing underneath me, as I got the feeling of needing to take a long ass piss!

“FUCK RILEY! You’re going to make me piss all over the couch!!”

Riley continues for a few brief moments and then takes her fingers out of my asshole.

“’d you like it darling?”

“INCREDIBLE is an understatement to say at the very least!”

Riley smiles, “I had my eye on you since you got here. I knew I wanted to make our time together special. Glad you enjoyed it.”

I then sit upright and get up off the couch. I look down at my cock and see my tip dripping with pre cum. Riley definitely drove me close to an orgasm with that intense prostate massage.

“I think it’s time you put that monster of yours inside me, don’t you think good lookin?” Riley tells me as she passes me the bottle of lube.


Riley then sits down on the couch and begins to get comfortable as she slouches lower onto it and spreads her legs wide for me. She takes her right pointer finger and motions for me to come to her. I take plenty of lube and rub it up and down my shaft. I watch Riley stroke her cock and then slowly finger her asshole prepping herself for me. I grab her waist and lower myself down to her level. I squeeze her breasts as she moans and takes her hand bringing me in for a deep kiss with lots of tongue. I then pull myself away from her gorgeous face as I focus on my cock that’s touching hers. I grab both of our cocks as I begin to stroke them together simultaneously slowly up and down.

Riley stares at me moaning. She licks her lips as her eyes look at me with deep lust. Her body language was screaming at me to fuck her already.

“You ready you sexy bitch?”

Riley just nods and opens her legs wider for me. I grab hold of one leg with my left hand as I take my right hand and use it to align my fat cock with her ass hole. Riley makes it easier for me as she pushes her anus out causing it to gape. Once my tip is pressed against her gaping hole, I take both my hands and grab hold of her legs. I slowly pull her close to me as she begins to take my monster cock inch by inch deep into her tight asshole.

Riley’s eyes begin to widen and her mouth drops with every inch that goes up her ass.


Riley begins to shake her hips as she tries to adjust to the monster deep inside invading her guts.

“FUCK ME LUKE!! FUCK ME HARDER!!” Riley screams. She begins to sweat from the intensity of my thrusts in and out of her ass. I pull myself slowly at first out to the point where just my tip is left inside her bum, and then I thrust myself right back into her aggressively with my shaft completely rammed up inside her asshole.

“Is my monster too much for you?” I ask her. Riley looks at me as I continue to fuck her using her legs for support as I slam myself in and out of her. She then reaches behind me and grabs hold of my ass as she tries to shove my cock deeper into her. I continue to pound her asshole, as I bend one knee on the floor for more support. I initially had my knees just bent but my legs were getting tired from the intensity of our sex.

Riley begs me to fuck her harder as I slam in and out of her as hard as I can. Her entire body shakes violently each time I shove my cock back inside her ass. I take hold of her breasts and begin to slap them hard as I fuck her.

“Treat me like a whore you sexy beast!! Yeah that’s right!! Slap those tits!! FUCK MY ASS!!” Riley continues to talk dirty encouraging me to fuck her as hard as I can and rough her up. I slap her in the face, spit on her, lean over and bite on her nipples and pinch her breasts. Riley cannot get enough of me.

“FUCK!!! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?? TREAT ME LIKE A WHORE!!!!” I eventually started to choke her as I continued my thrusts in and out of her asshole. Riley’s face would turn beat red and then blue until I let go letting her breath for a couple of seconds and then continue to choke her. Eventually, my cock pops out slipping out of her ass.

I then get up.

“Turn round and bend over for me.”

Riley obeys and turns over. With her knees bent on the couch, she sits upright with her arms hanging over the edge off the back of the couch and her butt in the air. Riley shakes her ass for me.

“Put that monster back inside me handsome!” I grab her ass as I place my right foot onto the couch next to her for balance. I spread her cheeks wide open and insert my fat rod back inside of her easily.

I spank Riley’s fat ass cheeks as I pound her from behind. Riley begs for me to spank her harder as she reaches below and jacks herself off. I stand behind her as I shove my dick deep down into her, in and out rough as can be. I take my hand and play with her ball sack squeezing them gently as I watch my dick get swallowed up deep inside her and then coming back out.


Riley did her best to turn her head towards me as I dominated her ass from behind.

She stares at me with her eyes wide open and her mouth dropped in awe, as if she’s in shock.

I then begin to slow my pace. I felt an orgasm approaching soon. I pull myself in and out of Riley’s ass slowly enjoying the moment. She’s so fucking tight! It’s unbelievable! Riley feels me slow down.

“You’re so close to making me cum Luke!! I want to get fucked lying flat on my back. I want you to jerk me off while you fuck my ass!”

When she tells me this, I immediately pull myself out of her and stand back.

“Well then...time to make you cum you sexy whore!”

Riley turns over and gets into position lying on her back facing forward on the couch as she opens her legs wide for me like a good obedient slut.

I grab her legs and place them on my broad shoulders as I slip my monster back deep inside her tight, juicy butthole. I hold onto Riley’s waist on both sides with my hands and thrust in and out of her.

“Ohhhh yeah!!! That’s it!!! Fuck me Luke!! Fuck this tight asshole!!”

Riley begins to play with her cock, jerking herself off as she gets closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Fuck me!!! YESSS!!!! OHHH GOSSSHHH I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!” Riley shouts.

As I fuck her as fast and hard as I can, she takes my right hand and places it on her cock.

“Jerk me darling! Jerk me off while you fuck me!! I’m about to bust!! Milk me Luke!!” Riley begins to look desperate as I can tell she isn’t going to last much longer. I grab her lady cock and rub it up and down as I continued my reign over her ass tearing it apart. I feel her cock begin to twitch as I jerk her off. Not long after, Riley begins to scream.


Riley’s cock erupts into air and unleashes five or six ropes of yummy semen, landing all over her stomach. Some on her face!

Riley continues to scream as my orgasm is rapidly getting closer.

I take her legs and spread them wide as I push and pull myself out of her ass, getting ready for orgasmic pleasure.

“FUCK RILEY!! You’re going to make me cum!!!”

Riley takes her hand and wipes her seed off her face and stomach and licks her fingers tasting herself.

“Cum inside my mouth Luke!!! I want to taste that monster cock!”

My legs begin to tremble. My eyes begin to roll back. I’m sweating like crazy. I feel the electric energy rush from my balls to the tip of my penis as I pull out of Riley.

I stand up and begin to jerk my fat dick. “Get down on your knees you fucking slut!!”

Riley gets on floor and on her knees just in time for my orgasm to hit. Hard! Load after load after load.

My first eruption lands straight in her face, in between her eyes. My second eruption lands on her right cheek. Riley opens her mouth wide for my last few ropes of my jizz. She swallows each load and licks the tip of my cock like a scoop of ice cream.

“Ahhhh!! Yummy!!!” She smiles as she wipes the rest of my mess off her face and licks her fingers.

I help her stand up.

“Let me get a taste of our seed.” I tell her

Riley leans into me as kisses me deeply, playing with my tongue. I rub her back down to her thick behind and spank her with my hands. Riley tasted so good in my mouth. We break our kiss and make our way back to the refreshments table for rehydration. I’m still sexually pumped and horny!!

I was so deep in the zone with Riley, I wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the crowd seeing what they were up to.

Jacob and Ella are together again as he fucks her lying on top of her. Uncle Fred has Gwen bent over a bean bag. He’s shoving a plug up her ass as she begs him to shove it deep inside her. Cousin Roger has Aunt Margie on an ottoman fucking her pussy with her lying sideways and her legs leaning off the edge. Amy and Gwen’s mom Lisa are tongue locked as they scissor each other. It’s very satisfying to watch those two acting like lesbian lovers.

I start to think about who I’m going to play with next. Staring at Gwen bent over with a plug up her ass, I knew it was my moment to make some time for her.





Gwen cries out loud begging for her Uncle to shove the butt plug she has inside her ass deeper. Fred has one arm pressed down on her back as he leans in toward her and shoves the plug up her butt.

Gwen moans enjoying the moment.

I walk over and watch Fred continue to tease his niece. Gwen looks at me and smiles.

“ do you want to take over?” she asks me as Uncle Fred turns my way.

“I’ll take it from here Fred.” I help him up as he stretches.

“She’s all yours Luke. She’s nice, lubed, and ready for ya.” He pats my shoulder as he walks toward Amy and Lisa about to tag in on their action.

“You ready baby?” Gwen asks with her butt leaning toward me with a lovely anal plug plopped right inside her looking sexy as can be.

“Absolutely dear.”

I grab my cock and pull Gwen closer to me. I decide to keep the plug in her ass as I slip my dick inside her pussy from behind. Oh what a lovely feeling! I’ve fucked so much ass tonight, my dick has been deprived of some delicious pussy. I felt a feeling of an orgasm beginning to stir up in my sack. I begin to clap Gwen’s cheeks from behind her as she begs me to fuck her harder. Deeper.


Gwen is indeed VERY wet! My cock slips out of her twat multiple times as I quickly slip it right back in with brute force, making her pussy fart each time I shove it in. It’s sexy as hell listening to her cries for more, the sounds of my crotch slamming against her ass cheeks when I shove myself deep inside her. The familiar feeling of her having an orgasm on my cock is incredibly satisfying.

“I’M CUMMING!!! BLOODY HELL BABY I’M CUMMING!!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!! YESS!!!” Gwen screams as I reach forward and grab her shoulders bringing her closer to me. I kiss her neck and lick her left ear as I continue my deep thrusts in and out of her love hole. God I fucking love her! I love attending these Gatherings her wild horny family hosts. Getting to fuck all her horny relatives, whether it be aunts, mom, grandma, sisters, cousin, or her sexy tranny friend. All of them drive me crazy and build up my intense sex drive! But there’s something special about Gwen that I love! From the moment I met her on that flight to London months ago, it’s just been nonstop fun and adventures! Fucking her felt like making love to her! Even though we’re having nice, kinky sex! And it’s about to get dirtier!

I continue to pound Gwen’s wet pussy from behind when I pull out suddenly.

“What is it darling?” Gwen asks me panting looking behind at me.

“I really have to pee!” I tell her.

And it’s true. I got the urge to pee right before when Riley was giving me a fucking prostate massage! It was one of most satisfying feelings I’ve had all night but I did feel like I was going to pee when she basically had her hand up my ass. That and the tons of water I’ve drank so far tonight.

“Go pee Luke, I’ll wait here for you.”

With a smirk on my face, I tell her I have a better idea.

I reach as I grab the plug and pull it out of her ass. Gwen closes her eyes and grunts as the plug pops right out.

“Mind if I relieve myself up your ass?”

Gwen turns around and lies on the bean bag, opening her legs wide. She grabs her ass cheeks from beneath her and spreads them wide for me.

“Fill me up baby. Piss inside my bum!”

With the urge to piss becoming stronger by the second, I get on my knees right in front of the bean bag. I grab hold of Gwen’s legs and spread them wide for me to stand in between them. I grab my cock and aim for her sphincter. I watch Gwen’s asshole widen as I shove the entirety of my shaft up her arse. Gwen’s eyes close as she shrieks aloud.


I stay still at first but slowly begin to pull myself back and forth as I feel Gwen’s ass muscles begin to stretch to try and adjust to the monster I have inside her. I didn’t realize it till just now, but this is the first time I’ve ever taken Gwen up the ass!

Gwen’s eyes open and stare at me as she slowly nods giving me the go ahead to start fucking her. I take slow thrusts at first backing in and out of her. Once I pick up the pace, I grab hold of her beautiful breasts and squeeze them as Gwen moans.

“Yes darling!! Fuck this tight asshole!!! Oh yes!! Stretch me out Luke!! Fuck me!!!”

I continue to pick up my pace fucking her ass until the urge to pee is too much to for me. The damn begins to burst as I slow down and push myself as deep into her bowels as I can. I close my eyes and relax myself as I feel Gwen’s asshole tighten up on my cock. I feel Gwen’s body jump a little bit as I begin to piss deep inside her.

“Oh my! It’s so....warm!” Gwen starts to giggle clearly enjoying this odd moment.

“You like it?” I ask her.

She lies back and starts to rub her tits.

“Mmmmm baby...this right here...this is the kind of shit that makes me feel like a dirty bitch! A fucking nasty whore! I love it!” Gwen smiles as me as I continue to relieve myself up her bum. This is great!! So sexy!! I feel the heavy stream begin to overflow inside her as I slowly pull myself out. When I pull my cock completely out of Gwen’s ass, I’m immediately hit with a couple large splashes of my piss as it squirts out of her asshole looking like a flood.

“Oh my!” Gwen gasps at the sheer amount of my piss gushing out of her. But she is in for another surprise, as I hadn’t quite finished.

I stand up and grab Gwen’s arm pulling her up.

“I’m not finished. Get on your knees and beg for me to piss on your face!”

Gwen just shrugs as she gets to her knees in front of me and stares at my cock. She reaches for it and begins to stroke it softly. She stares at my eyes continuing to stroke my large member.

“Piss on my face Luke! Give it all to me!”

I then take over and grab my cock and begin to stroke it rapidly until my piss begins to flow right out easily spilling down to her face. I grab hold of her hair while I hold my cock in my other hand pissing into Gwen’s beautiful face. She at first closed her eyes as it was too much for her to handle but eventually she opens them wide and stares at me while I give her a golden shower. She opens her fucking mouth and begins to swallow my warm stream of piss. This happens for a good minute as I still had a LOT of urine inside me. I drank so much water tonight and it clearly shows! By the time I’m done peeing, Gwen is completely covered in my piss, absolutely drenched! Her hair is wet and her face is all wet with my piss spilling out of her mouth and down to her tits. Gwen still has some piss dripping out of her ass! I help her stand up as she reaches in toward me and kisses me. She shoves her tongue in my mouth as I feel her damp hair smelling like my urine against my face. I kiss her back as our tongues wrestle in our mouths. Gwen grunts and moans while I play with her breasts and feel her wet body as I get a good taste of my piss in her mouth. We both break the kiss at the same time.

“That....was so dirty! So sexy! You never cease to amaze me with how kinky you can get my darling!” Gwen tells me.

She kisses me quickly before she makes her way over to the bathroom to clean herself up. I fucking love her!

At this point of the night, I’m feeling a little tired from the intense rounds of sex I’ve had so far. My body is drenched in sweat and bodily fluids. I didn’t care though as I’m still crazy horny! My heart is pounding, and my dick is raging hard ready for some more action! I look around the massive living room, searching for anyone I’ve yet to fuck. My eyes finally settle on Amy. The last girl here I haven’t fucked at the Gathering. Right now, she’s on top of Roger riding his cock as he lays comfortably back on a giant sectional couch. My thirst to fuck this whore in the ass has begun to overwhelm me as I knew what I wanted to do next. I walk right over to the both of them as Amy continues to ride Roger. He spanks her ass from behind as she sways her hips up and down having control.

“Ohhh yess!!! Yes Roger!! Yes! Fuck this pussy!!” Amy grunts with her eyes shut and mouth wide open as she bounces up and down.

“Room for one more?” I ask as I seat myself on the edge of the couch right next to the both of them. Roger turns to me and extends his hand out to me, giving me a fist bump.

“This kinda feels like dejavú aye Luke?”

I think about it for a second and almost instantly remember what he’s referring to. At my first Gathering, I ended up joining Roger and Gwen’s grandmother Ellen on this very same couch for some epic DP. I took that elderly hag up the ass while Roger filled her pussy.

I haven’t even told Roger anything yet about DP with Amy and he somehow already knew what I wanted.

“I guess this is dejavú,” I tell him as Amy slows herself down and stops on his lap.

“You want me next Luke?” she asks with her cute smile on her face.

Roger pulls Amy off of him as he gets up and begins to stretch.

“Actually....we both want you. Together. And I already gave you a heads up earlier....I want that tight asshole of yours.”

Amy gasps.

“Uhh....I mean yeah I know you did Luke...but boyfriend...he’s not going to like that.”

“I don’t give a fuck Amy! You’re going to enjoy two large cocks inside both your holes and Jacob can’t say shit about it!

As a matter of fact....go get Jacob right now Roger....he needs to see this.” I point toward Jacob as I tell Roger to grab him for us. Jacob right now has Aunt Margie on her stomach lying flat on another couch with her fat legs spread wide open as he fucks her pussy from behind. I watch as Roger walks over to the two of them and gets Jacob’s attention.

“So.....” Amy leans over getting close to me.

“You really want to fuck me in the ass?” She asks me with a dirty little smirk on her face. Deep down inside, I had a feeling that she really wanted me inside her bum. Her lame boring excuse of her concern about Jacob disapproving was so half ass.

“You’re damn right!! Bend over Amy....lets get you ready.”

I grab a bottle of lube that’s on the couch and pour some on my hand. I then take the bottle and spill plenty of lube down Amy’s ass all around her anus. She’s bent over with her butt up high. I take two lubricated fingers and slowly reach into her asshole and shove them deep inside. Amy gasps a little, causing her sphincter to tighten up on my fingers. She starts to grunt as I slowly pull them in and out of her ass.

Jacob arrives at the couch with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Bro!! I thought we had a deal! You can fuck Amy all you want, but absolutely NO anal! That’s just for the two of us!” Jacob actually looked a little pissed.

I just continue to finger Amy’s asshole.

“Jacob.....I love you bro. But this is an orgy. You and Amy signed up for this. You’ve made it this far...and you’ve had the opportunity of a lifetime getting to fuck other women, young and older, in every hole you’ve desired. This is my time now with your girlfriend. And as you can see, my desire is to fuck her in the ass. Meanwhile, you’re going to sit and watch as I do so while Roger takes her up the pussy.”

Jacob looks at me in shock. Then at Amy.

“You’re ok with this babe??”

Amy just moans softly enjoying the sensation of my fingers teasing her ass from behind.

“Mmmmm....uhhh yes my love......mmmm....I would love to take two dicks at a time. I really want Luke and Roger to fuck me right now...and I’m getting wet just thinking about it....mmmmm....especially with you watching!”

I then get up off the couch as Roger switches places with me, sitting down. Amy climbs on top of him in the same position as before as she sits down slowly on his cock. I grab extra lube and squirt it all over my fat cock as I begin to stroke it up and down prepping myself for Amy’s tight bum hole.

Jacob stares at me stroking my cock. He knows he can’t stop what’s about to happen. He finally just takes a deep breath and shrugs it off.

“Alrighty then have a valid argument. What’s fair is fair. I’m just going to sit and watch.” I nod at Jacob as I step in closer to Amy and Roger. Amy leans forward onto Roger as she reaches behind her, spreading her asscheeks.

“Ok Luke...I’m ready for you.” She tells me.

I stand right in between Roger’s legs as I take my cock and slowly shove it up Amy’s incredibly tight asshole. She screams loudly with every inch getting shoved deeper inside her.

“AGHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU’RE SO BIG!!!! FUCK!!!” Amy yells.

I look over to Jacob who’s sitting on the other side of the couch stroking his cock. He stares at Amy as she screams from the intensity of my cock up her ass plus Roger’s in her pussy. He likes what he sees. Time to put on a show for him.

I give Roger a thumbs up once I feel like I’ve stretched Amy enough to adjust to my monster deep inside her. He slowly begins to thrust his hips up and down fucking her pussy from beneath. I in return start to find a nice rhythm, as I grab Amy’s arms and pull them behind her. Amy screams with high pitch grunts and cries. It was beautiful! I was finally fucking my best friend’s girl up her ass and treating her like the whore she is!! As Roger and I continue to fuck Amy together, I noticed that most of the family were all staring at us. Maybe they enjoyed getting to see Jacob turn into a cuck right before their eyes as Roger and I have our rods deep inside both of Amy’s holes.

“Ahhhh....arrrrgghh....FUCK ME!! YES!! BOTH OF YOU....AGHHH!!”

Amy’s screams intensified as we do our best to increase our rhythm. I still hold her arms tight behind her back. I want to see her face though. I want Amy to look me in the eyes as she takes every inch of my cock up her ass. I want her to see her eyes widen and mouth gaped in shock as I shove my monster deep within her. Better yet! I want all her holes filled at once! Her screams were starting to become annoying and she could really use a fat cock in her mouth.

I pull out of her as she continues to bounce up and down on Roger.

“Fred! Get over here! This bitch needs a fucking cock in her mouth.”

Uncle Fred, who stands next to Jacob watching us comes and joins us.

Amy gets off of Roger and looks at the three of us.

“Hmm...the three of you? I think I’m up for the challenge. That ok with you baby? Want to watch me take three cocks all at once?” Amy looks at Jacob who continues to watch from the other side to the couch and stroke his cock with a big smile on his face.

“Take it away boys. She’s all yours. Just make sure you don’t give it to her too easy.”

Amy then gets onto the couch and gets on her fours. I climb on top of the couch and stand over her. Reaching down beneath me, I grab my cock and try to find her tight asshole with the tip of my rod. Mission accomplished! As I slip my way back into Amy’s bowels, I feel Roger’s body press up against mine as he shoves his dick deep into her pussy from behind. As Amy yelps once again trying to adjust to having two large dicks inside her, Fred from the corner of the couch grabs Amy’s face as he shoves the entirety of his cock down her throat. All three of us are now fucking this bitch together, violating all her holes at once. Amy chokes and gurgles on Fred’s rod as I slam my body weight up and down her on top of her ass shoving my monster deep into her arse as I can while Roger thrusts in and out of her pussy.

“Yeah!! That’s it! Fuck her!! Fuck my bitch girlfriend, all three of you!!”

Jacob shouts as the three of us fuck his girlfriend at once, encouraging us to continue. Uncle Fred thrusts in and out of Amy’s mouth throat fucking her as she begs for air. I feel Roger very close behind me violently shoving his rod in and out of her cunt. And I begin to slow my pace as I feel an orgasm approaching. My cock can’t take much more as Amy’s ass is just too tight, too sensitive. It feels so fucking good!! Roger eventually pulls himself out of Amy’s mouth as she screams and coughs desperate for air.


She screams as she begs us to fuck her and cum inside her all at the same time.


Amy screams as her orgasm hits her hard.

I can tell Roger isn’t far behind as he starts to grunt and moan.

“I’m right there!! Almost there!! Luke you gotta cum with me bro!!” Roger starts to slow himself down, as his orgasm is approaching.

I close my eyes and take deep breaths. I want us both to cream inside this bitch together. My cock can no longer handle the sensitivity of Amy’s incredible tight asshole. My pace begins to slow down as I start to grunt.

“Ahh...FUCK!!!!” I yell as my orgasm hits. Roger screams too. We both reach our climax.

Amy is hysterical at this point, sweating, crying, and screaming.


We all scream as we try to ride our orgasms out as long as we can. My cock is pumping, spewing my loads up her shitter as Roger shoots his load up her twat. We stay in our positions for a little longer trying to recover from the intensity our climaxes. I then feel Roger pull back away. I then climb off of Amy. She then turns herself over and lays on the couch completely drained. In doing so, she spills semen all over the couch dripping from her asshole and pussy.

I hear a round of applause. I look around to see what it is and it’s Jacob with Gwen and the rest of the family cheering Amy on.

“Congrats Amy! You took your first dp like a champ!” Aunt Margie says to her proudly.

“Don’t forget having a third cock in her mouth! Not one hole left abandoned!” Lisa says with a big smile on her face.

You would have thought Amy won an Oscar by the way the family was applauding and cheering on for her.

Amy smiles and raises a proud fist in the air as she lays down on the couch completely drained.

We all needed a break. It’s almost time for the VIP finale.




Everyone stands around the refreshments table for one last break. We all just talk about our highlights so far of the night.

As I stand listening to a conversation Fred is having with Aunt Margie, Jacob approaches me.

“What a night Luke!”

“Crazy huh?” I tell him.

“This all feels like a blur! Like some kind of CRAZY intense wet dream fantasy!” he tells me excitedly.

“Bro...Gwen’s family are all a bunch of fucking freaks. They all take it up the ass like champs. Every single one of them!”

“Dude, here at the 2300 Gathering, these sexy beautiful women love dick in all of their holes!” “The dirtier the sex, the better.” I tell him.

“You were pretty chill when me and Roger fucked your girl. That was awesome.”

Jacob chuckles.

“All I can say....I was really hesitant at first but you both did well....I can’t complain about it. This has been a night I’ll NEVER forget!”

“The best part….this ain’t even the whole family! Wait until you meet Gwen’s older sister Abby and her grandmother Ellen! Complete FREAKS!”

Jacob and I continue to talk while we rest up. Just then, a butler comes back out with a silver tray with containers holding the blue and green miracle pills. I’m glad to see that as I’m still surprisingly erect after fucking all of the women here in this living room but feeling a little drained.

“ this miracle pill even safe? I’m still hard after all these hours AND my orgasms are more powerful each time I cum with big loads!”

I look at Jacob as he stares at the butler walking over to the Roger, then Fred, then Riley to give them each a pill.

“I say just go for it! You only live once. This is my third time attending the 2300 Gathering and I’m just fine! Besides, you want to give Gwen’s mom a nice cream pie for the finale! Take the pill and you’ll give Lisa a big messy load up her ass.”

The butler approaches the both of us.

“Pill for Ms. Lisa’s finale.”

We each take one. I grab a bottle of water, take my pill and hand the bottle over to Jacob as he takes his.

“Well here we go,” he says.

Instantly I feel an adrenaline rush in my body and my cock comes back to life getting incredibly hard as the blood flow in my cock is intensified with veins running up and down my shaft. I’m once again just as horny as when the night first started.

Moments later, I hear the sound of glass and silverware clinking. Everyone stops their conversations and look toward Lisa as she stands in the center of the living room.

“Ok everyone, the time has come. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. MY grand finale as the VIP!!!”

We all applaud and cheer as Gwen’s mom tries to hush us.

“Ok so you gents know the drill, I'm going to lay back into the love seat which is already conveniently placed in the center of the room, and one by one you're all going to release your loads into my ass...and ONLY my ass, no matter how much semen is overflowing!“

Another round of applause and cheering.

“It’s been a great night everyone! Special thanks to our guests tonight Riley, Amy, and Jacob and of course our returning champion....Luke!” Another round of applause.

“Ok everyone, line up. Luke you’ll be last to finish inside me. Riley too, I want you to join the men and fuck me!”

I look at Riley who turns to me giving me a wink. She was definitely one of my best highlights of my night so far.

Lisa takes her spot in the love seat in the center of the living room. All of us men and Riley are lined up to fuck her. Fred is first, then Roger, Riley, Jacob, and then myself. We each have a small bottle of lube in our hands as we prepare ourselves to fuck Lisa in the ass.

“Ok everyone...positions!” Lisa shouts from her seat. She has her legs spread out ready for the cream pie train that’s cumming her way. Aunt Margie stands next to Roger, Amy with Jacob and Riley, Ella and Gwen stand by my side.

“Ok....we are a GO!” Lisa shouts as we begin her VIP finale.




Uncle Fred walks up to Lisa and spreads her legs wider apart. He slips his cock easily up her butt and begins to fuck Lisa with all his might.


As Fred fucks Lisa, the rest of the women become the fluffers for the guys. Margie is bent on the floor getting her fat pussy fucked from behind by Roger. Amy is on the floor getting fucked up the ass by Riley as Jacob stands behind Riley fucking her from behind.

I turn over to Ella, Gwen’s little sister.

“Bend down, I’m going the tear your pussy up.”

“Yes daddy!” Ella says with a smile.

Once she’s bent on the floor, I kneel down behind her, grabbing my monster and shoving all eight inches at once deep within her.

“OHHHH YES DADDY!!” Ella screams.

Gwen then stands on top of her little sister standing over me. She spreads her ass cheeks out and shoves herself back into my face.

“Eat my asshole while you fuck my baby sister!” she commands me.

With my tongue far up Gwen’s ass, I continue to fuck Ella as she begs me to fuck her harder.

“AHHH...FUCK!!!!!” Both Fred and Lisa scream at the same time as he arrives. Once his orgasm subsides, he pulls out of Lisa and walks away seating himself on a couch to watch the rest of the finale.

Roger is up next as he stands up leaving Aunt Margie walking over to Lisa.

“C’mon darling, stick it up my arse!”

Roger easily slides deep into Lisa as he begins thrusting in and out of her ass with aggressive force and choking her.

Lisa tries to moan as Roger is completely dominate over her.

I then pull out of Ella’s pussy and pull away from Gwen’s ass.

I instruct Gwen to get on the floor and lie on her back and Ella to stay bent. Gwen follows my instructions as she lies on her back. I grab her legs and put them high into the air as her butt is elevated. I grab my cock and shove it up her ass slowly.

“OH....FUCK!!!! YES BABY!!!” Gwen screams as I slowly pull in and out of her asshole. I reach over to Ella and place my hand on her ass. I take my thumb and shove it up her butt.

“Mmmm...yes daddy! Finger my butthole!”

I continue to fuck Gwen up the ass as Roger fucks Lisa, getting close to his finish.

“Fuck yes bitch!! Take my cock up your ass!!” He shouts.

“That’s right Roger!! Fuck this ass!! I love it!!” Lisa shouts.

Moments later, Roger screams out loud as he finishes inside of his aunt Lisa.

He lays on top of her to catch his breath for a moment before walking away meeting Fred and Margie on the couch to watch.

Up next is Riley. Jacob pulls out of her asshole from behind allowing her to stand up, as she pulls herself out of Amy. Riley walks over to Lisa and starts to kiss her. Both of them have their tongues in each other’s throats as Riley reaches for her cock and aligns it with Lisa’ ass shoving her small erect penis deep inside.

Lisa and Riley moan together as Riley starts to pump herself in and out Lisa. Lisa massages Riley’s breasts while they kiss lustfully.

Jacob now has Amy bent over and fucks her pussy from behind as he awaits his turn to fuck Lisa.

In the mean time, I pull out of Gwen’s ass hole and position myself over Ella, taking my monster and shoving my rod up her petite asshole.

Ella screams. “OHH!!! SHIT!! YES DADDY! Fuck this tight asshole!!!”

Gwen lays down in front of her little sister and shoves her cunt in Ella’s face.

“Eat my pussy while Luke fucks that ass of yours sis!”

Ella’s screams are muffled as she eats Gwen’s pussy. I hold onto Ella’s thin waist as I watch my monster pull in and out of her asshole. I feel like I’m splitting her open each time I shove myself up her little ass.

Riley continues to fuck Lisa and breaks their kiss when her climax is approaching. Riley starts to pound Lisa’s ass grabbing her thick legs for support.

“Yes!! Fuck me arse dear!! Yes GIRL!! Fuck this ass!! Show the guys how it’s done!!!”

Riley then screams as she hits her orgasm, ejaculating deep inside of Lisa.

When she pulls out, I see a messy trail of semen overflowing, spilling out of Lisa’s asshole, down her leg, and onto the floor.

“NEXT!” Lisa shouts trying to catch her breath. She’s incredibly sweaty and her legs shake as they’re definitely exhausted from being in the same position for awhile.

Jacob gets up and leaves Amy. Amy joins the rest of the family on the couch.

I then pull out of Ella’s ass.

“Suck my dick!!” I command her. Ella stands up. I see her knees are trembling. Most likely from the force of myself inside her ass. She is going to need a wheel chair after this from the fucking I gave her. And the rest of the men tonight.

Gwen stands up, giving me a quick kiss. She joins the family on the couch to watch the rest of the finale.


Lisa screams out loud as Jacob fucks her with all his might giving everything he has.

Ella chokes on my cock as I shove my entire shaft down her throat. When her face turns purple and tears pour down her face, I release my grip from her and give her the chance to catch her breath. I then let her go easy on me as she licks the tip of my cock swirling her tongue around. Her small hand cupping my sack underneath. She then starts to jerk me off while licking my ball sack. I felt a twitch in my cock as I knew an orgasm was not too far away.

“Ok Ella...that’ll be enough. Thank you.” I pull my cock away from her as she stands up. “Anytime daddy.” She stands on her tippy toes to kiss me on the cheek and walks over to the couch to watch.


Jacob has finished deep inside of Lisa’s bum.

He pulls himself away and falls to the ground behind him trying to catch his breath.

“THAT was INCREDIBLE Jacob!!” Lisa says exhausted trying to catch her breath. Jacob chuckles and gets up walking to the couch. My time has come.

“Ok Luke...time for your big finish!” EVERY ONE GATHER AROUND!!” Lisa shouts.

The family then circles around us as all eyes are shifted on Lisa and I.

I walk up to Lisa. I can see the mess of semen pouring down her asshole and leg.

“Finish me off Luke!! Top me off with that milk of yours!”

I stand over Lisa and grab her neck.

“Open your mouth you WHORE!!”

Lisa obeys and opens her mouth. I spit into her mouth and slap her hard across the face.

“Leave your mouth open!!”

Lisa opens her mouth again as I continue to spit down her throat and smack her face roughly.

She grunts.


I then reach for her pussy which is soaking wet. I don’t have to do much, as I feel her squirt all over my hand and my chest as I rapidly finger her pussy.

“YESS!!! FUCK!!!!! JUST STICK IT IN ALREADY!!!! I NEED YOUR COCK UP MY ASS!!!” Lisa begs me with this look of desperation in her eyes. She wanted me so bad. I’ll give her what she wants. I grab her and turn her over on the love seat. I want her to feel my cock as deep in her as possible.

With the family cheering us on, I spread Lisa ass cheeks wide as more semen spills out of her and down to her pussy. I grab my fat cock and aim it for her arse. I shove my entire shaft up her shitter at once, as Lisa screams.


I begin to fuck Lisa from behind as fast as I can. I reach for her breasts as I feel them jiggle aggressively from the force of my thrusts. Lisa screams begging for more as the family stands around us cheering me on. I feel just how much semen is up her arse as my cock is incredibly slippery. Each time I pull my cock back I feel semen spill out of her asshole and down my shaft. I can’t take it anymore. Between the fucking I gave to Gwen and Ella just before, the intensity of Lisa’s orgasm, her screams, the feeling of leftover spunk of my cock as I fuck her tight hole, and the cheers....I knew my arrival was imminent.

With three more power pumps in about out of Lisa, my orgasm hits hard. My most powerful one of the night. The biggest load of the night!

“AWWWWWWWWW....FUCK!!!!! ARRGGGHH!!! I scream. Lisa screams.


We scream together as rope after rope of my milk is shoot deep up her bowels.

My legs begin to tremble as I step back away from Lisa and almost fall backward. Jacob literally catches me before I fall back.

Lisa grabs her ass and spreads her cheeks wide open as she begins to push out all of our loads out of her. It’s a huge mess as load after load of jizz spills out of her ass.

“Look at ALL THIS MILK!! JUST FOR ME!! Thank you boys!! And Riley!”

We all begin to cheer and applaud.

“Well ladies and gents...this concludes the 2300 Gathering tonight.”

Another round of applause.

Lisa stands up off the love seat as she walks to all of us thanking each of us for participating tonight.

After Lisa’s finale, the Gathering comes to a close. Everyone begins to clean up. Gwen comes to me and gives me a big kiss.

“I’m going to shower. We can spend the night here if you’d like. I have a large bedroom big enough for us, Jacob and Amy.”

“That sounds like a great idea! I’ll meet you up there in a little while.”

Gwen gives me another kiss and then heads up to the showers with most of her family.

Jacob approaches Riley and mentions to her that he was ready for another round of fun. Clearly he didn’t get enough of her when she was his fluffer waiting to fuck Lisa. Riley giggles grabbing Jacob’s hand as he takes her to the couch where she and I fucked. The second pill was definitely in effect for the both of them as they each maintain their rock hard erections. I watch as Riley gets on top of Jacob and begins to ride him as he lays down in lustful bliss.

“I think it’s safe to say he really enjoyed this Gathering.” Amy says standing next to me.

“I think so too,” I tell her with a chuckle.

“You’re ABSOLUTELY rock hard!”

I look down and then right back at her.

“I’m still very horny too. That second pill I took is definitely in effect! Think Jacob will mind if I have your ass all to myself this time?”

Amy scratches her chin, “Hmmmm.....lets see.....I don’t care!”

And just like that, moments later Amy walks over to a wall and bends her knees and spreads her ass cheeks out wide for me. The night is young...why not?

I walk over to Amy and grab my cock and aim it for her welcoming bum hole.

The Gathering is officially over and I feel like my night is just getting started as Jacob’s girlfriend is thirsty for my cock deep inside her ass.

“ we go.” Amy screams aloud as I force my thick member up inside her.


Thanks to all for reading! Please leave a rating if you loved getting to read the sequel to my original 2300 Gathering story. I do apologize it took so long for me to complete it! Comment below as I do love feedback! More writing in the works!


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