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After losing her virginity to her father, it's time for Lisa to spend the night with her oldest brother Zach.
How Traditions Start – Part 16

An original story by Starrynight.

Despite petty attempts to keep me from posting further, methodically negatively rating my long time high rated stories (no speculation here, I received very clear responses and messages), here is the next chapter.

Thanks to all those you continue to read my stories, rate them, and a special thanks to all who take the time to comment.

I hope you enjoy.

The bedroom was warm and stuffy as the late morning sun shone in through the windows. Lisa stirred in bed, kicking the covers off as she slowly came into consciousness. She groaned softly, a sleepy groan, and stretched her hands to the sides as her eyelids fluttered, opening slowly, then opening wide with alarm.

Lisa was completely naked, laying on her large bed, on her back with her legs sprawled. If anyone walked into her room, they would see her like that. Although it was warm, Lisa quickly pulled the blanket over herself. Sleeping naked was not something she did, and she sighed in relief. She immediately started feeling hot.

Lisa slipped her legs from under the blanket, pulling it to the top of her thighs, and down to her young breasts, just barely covering them. She pulled her hands out and placed them on top, sighing once more. She was fully awake now, and her mind immediately went back to the previous night.

The tingling sensation between her legs returned as she thought back to what she did with her parents last night. She recalled her father touching her naked body, licking her cunny, and how it felt to touch and lick his penis. She watched her mother and father also do naughty things to each other, showing her things and even having sex in front of her. Lisa flushed as the image from the previous night popped into her head, her mother on her back, legs spread, and her father entering her for Lisa's benefit, showing how to have sex. It was so bad, so naughty, but thinking about it caused another tingle between Lisa's legs.

Lisa slowly slipped her right hand under the covers, tracing her finger along her nipple. It felt good, touching herself like that. Her little nipples were hard from her dirty thoughts, and Lisa gasped softly, biting her lower lip as she pinched her left nipple, a surge of pleasure following it. She slid her hand down her body timidly, the tingling sensation growing, and ran it over her pubic hair. She thought back to her father between her spread legs, her mother watching from the side, and slid her thumb to her cunny. She touched her clit, gasping, and traced her fingers along her slit. She moved her fingers up and down, caressing her intimate lips, and stifled a soft moan. She knew she was doing something naughty, but her body begged for her to continue, tingling waves of pleasure tickling her as she continued to touch herself. She pressed her finger tighter against her slit as she continued, her pussy so hot and wet. She slid her fingers, thinking of how her father pressed his penis to her vagina last night, just before he entered her. She kept caressing herself until she found her index finger at the entrance to her hole.

Lisa froze, her body rigid, breathing heavily. She was flustered, her entire body on fire, and every instinct told her she should push her finger in. She thought back to last night, the last seconds before her father made her into a woman, and cautiously started pushing. Her finger was gentle and thin, and she felt her labia barely parting as she pushed herself in. Her finger easily slid in until the first knuckle and Lisa whimpered with pleasure. She felt no resistance as she continued to push her finger in, the pleasure only growing. She thought back to her father penetrating her, striping her of her virginity, and she recalled the image as she pushed her finger all the way inside of her, closing her eyes as she whimpered, trembling with sexual pleasure.

A sense of guilt took Lisa as she finally pulled her hand away from her privates. It felt so good, but also felt naughty. She glanced at the door as she quickly got to her feet and stepped over to her closet. She put on the first pair of bra and panties she grabbed, then relaxed. She opened the window, letting in a nice spring breeze, then continued to dress, wearing a pair of old jeans shorts and a light brown t-shirt.


The house was quiet as Lisa climbed down the stairs. She was nervous about seeing her siblings after what she found out last night, and especially after learning that they knew exactly what she did last night. The house was still silent as Lisa reached the bottom of the stairs, looking around. She could hear the familiar sounds of the farm from outside, and spotted remnants of breakfast as she made her way to the kitchen. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of juice, just as the back door swung open. Lisa turned her head in alarm and watched as her mother slowly walked in, humming to herself cheerfully.

"Good morning." Liz told her youngest daughter and watched her close the fridge with a bottle in her hand.

"Morning mom." Lisa said, feeling relieved and grabbed a glass.

"How did you sleep?" Liz asked her daughter sweetly.

"Good. Why didn't you wake me?" Lisa asked as she poured herself some juice. She was used to her parents waking her up early for breakfast before starting another day of tending to the farm.

"We thought you might like to sleep in late today." Liz answered, watching her daughter, then walked over to the fridge. "Are you still okay with…everything? Does anything hurt?" Liz asked somewhat shyly.

"Um, I'm okay. Thanks mom." Lisa said blushing and took a long gulp.

"Good." Liz said nodding. She grabbed two water bottles from the fridge then looked back at her daughter. "Well, we left you some breakfast." Liz said gesturing to the table. "I need to get back, but once you're done, Molly could use some help in the stables if you're up for it." Liz said.

Lisa looked at her mother, nervous about seeing her sister, but she knew she couldn't delay it forever. "Okay mom." Lisa finally said and Liz smiled at her before going back outside with the water in her hand.


Liz's mind was uneasy as she walked back to the barn where Tom and the boys were doing some work. She walked over to where they were working and handed each of her boys a bottle of water. All three of them were shirtless, wearing just jeans and working boots, their bare chests and hair, sweaty.

"Thanks mom." Zach said as he grabbed the water and Liz watched him drink, looking at the sweat dripping down his muscular chest as he tilted his head back. He drank thirstily, downing half the bottle, and tossed it to his father who wiped his brow with the back of his hand.

Zach was supposed to spend the night with his youngest sister tonight, just like he had with Presley in the night after her eighteenth birthday, and like Molly and Presley had with Jack on the nights after his, but Liz didn't feel as certain about tonight as she had previous years.

Lisa and Tom's night did not go as expected, and Liz was worried how her youngest daughter would take to her big brother. Liz still couldn't believe she was there last night, she was with her youngest daughter, watching her as she lost her virginity to her father. Liz blushed, though it was not very noticeably with the heat, at the thought that she showed her daughter how to jerk her father's penis, how to suck it, and even demonstrated to her what sex was as Tom entered her right there for Lisa to see. It's true that her young girl did eventually want to have sex with her father, but only after much deliberation.

Liz stared at her husband, then at her two boys, thinking whether she should just let everything play out and hope it will all work out, or if she should do something differently. She considered telling Lisa about it beforehand, asking her if she would be alright with having sex with Zach, but wasn't sure it would be wise. She certainly needed to give Zach a heads up before tonight but wondered what she should tell him to do differently. She kept pondering this as the boys finished their break and were about to go back to work.

"Liz, everything okay?" Tom asked his wife, noting her thoughtful expression.

"Huh?" Liz asked, shaking it off "Oh, yes." She said with a smile, looking up at her husband. "Actually, you know what Tom, could you give me a hand with something?" Liz asked, deciding to get her husband's opinion.

"Yeah sure. You boys can continue without me for a bit?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, sure dad." Jack said confidently, running his hand though his sweaty hair, and went back to work as Liz and Tom walked out of the barn.

Liz grabbed Tom, guiding him further away so the boys wouldn't hear, then shared her inhibitions with him. "What do you think?" Liz asked after she finished explaining her worries.

"Hu, well, I don't think you should ask her before if she's up to it. I think it will just get her more worked up and make her less likely to agree." Tom offered, still thinking about it.

"So, you think I should just talk to Zach and hope everything goes well?" Liz asked.

"I don’t know. Maybe Lisa would be more open with him because she already had sex, but even before we got to that, she was reserved through all of it." Tom said and Liz gave him a frustrated look. "All I know is that if you hadn't joined last night, nothing would have happened." Tom added.

"What is it?" Liz asked her husband as she noted the shift in his gaze after the last sentence. He seemed to be thinking something over.

"I have an idea but I'm not sure about it." Tom said hesitantly.

"What?" Liz asked hopeful.

"Maybe you can be there with her tonight too." Tom offered.

"Be there? While…Zach…?" Liz asked unsure and Tom nodded. "Tonight? When he's with Lisa?" She continued asking, making sure she understood.

"Yes." Tom said nodding and shrugged.

"You think that will help?" Liz asked skeptical.

"Like I said, nothing would have happened last night if you hadn't joined us." Tom said casually and Liz stared at him thoughtfully, considering it.

"You think Zach would be okay with that?" Liz asked. Her husband's idea was interesting, but she wasn't sure her son would agree.

"I don't know, you'd have to ask him." Tom said with a shrug.

"Oh god, that would be so awkward." Liz chuckled nervously as she started considering it more seriously. Even after watching her husband have sex with their daughter, she still couldn't picture being there and watching Zach. "Would you be okay with that?" Liz asked Tom.

"Me?" Tom asked surprised "Yeah sure. Why would it bother me? You do plan on just watching them right?" Tom asked and Liz gave him a teasing smile. "Liz?" Tom asked alarmed.

"Yes, of course if I'll be there it would just be to watch. Don't be ridiculous." Liz said giggling, noting it sounded a little creepy. "Okay, I'll ask Zach then." Liz said decisively, looking at Tom who nodded. She thanked Tom with a quick peck on the lips then turned and went back to the house as Tom returned to the boys.


Lisa nervously walked into the stables where Molly was grooming one of the horses. The familiar smell overpowered her, and she walked over, taking heavy steps to where her sister was.

"Hey Lis." Molly said as she spotted her sister and gave her a warm smile.

"Hey." Lisa answered shyly and tried to put on a smile. She was ready for her sister to say something about last night, teasing her, questioning her, but Molly said nothing.

"I missed this guy." Molly said after a moment of silence, petting the brown horse's mane, then continuing to groom him with the brush. She turned to Lisa and smiled at her. "Can you help me with Bowie, I know he's your favorite." Molly said and Lisa nodded. She grabbed one of the grooming brushes and took a seat on the tall stool next to the majestic creature. She petted his mane as he neighed pleased then started grooming him.

Lisa and Molly sat in silence, grooming the horses without saying anything. Lisa was still nervous, sure her sister was about to say something, blushing each time their eyes met, but after a long silence realized, to her relief, that she wasn't going to address what Lisa did last night.

"What did you think about the campus?" Molly finally asked, breaking the silence and with a shy smile Lisa answered. With that the sisters started chatting as they continued to the rest of the stables.


"I call dibs on the shower." Jack called as he and Zach sauntered into the house, their father behind them. All three of them were dirty and sweaty from the day's hard work. The boys were both still bare chested, the work shirts slung over their shoulders, while Tom pulled his shirt back on.

"You are such a college boy." Zach said chucking. "Go ahead." He urged his brother and Jack quickly made his way up the stairs. Liz was in the kitchen, getting started on dinner, and smiled at Zach and Tom as they made their way into the kitchen.

Tom looked tired yet satisfied as he walked over. He put his hand on Liz's shoulder lovingly and squeezed as he walked over the fridge. "Son, you wanna beer?" He asked as he bent down.

"Sure, thanks dad." Zach said cheerfully and watched his father as her grabbed two brewskis, opening them with a satisfying fizzle and handing one to Zach.

"I'm so glad you boys could help." Tom said and took a long sip. "I can't believe we finished fixing the barn, it would have taken me forever by myself." Tom added and took another sip.

"No problem dad." Zach said, raising his beer in solute and took another sip. They sat there chatting, father and son, drinking the beer around the kitchen table while Liz worked on dinner, listening to the two and adding the occasional remark.

Tom finished her beer first. He threw the bottle away, then wrapped his hands around Liz and kissed her neck. "Stop." Liz said teasingly and swatted his hands so he would let go. "You're filthy, go take shower first." She said, shaking her head.

"Yes dear." Tom said obediently, stealing another kiss then making his way to the master bedroom, leaving Zach and Liz.

Liz looked over at her son as he chugged the last of his beer and got to his feet. "Zach?" She said nervously, her voice slightly shaking. She knew she wouldn't have a better opportunity to discuss this with him.

"Yeah mom?" Zach asked kindly, smiling at her.

"I need to talk to you about something." She started saying as he studied her quizzically. "About tonight." She added and Zach became flustered.

"Um, okay. What…what about tonight?" he asked.

"You're still planning to…you know, with Lisa, right?" Liz managed to ask.

"Um, yeah. I thought it was what you wanted, what we decided. Why, is something wrong?" he asked nervously.

"No, nothing is wrong, not really. It's just, I'm not sure how to say this." Liz stuttered, blushing.

"Say what?" Zach asked. "Did dad and Lisa not...?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"It's just that Lisa kind of…freaked out last night when your father took her to our room." Liz said and Zach raised his eyebrow. "She wasn't very happy with the idea of…it, and I ended up…calming her down." She told him.

"So, they didn't?" Zach asked quietly, curious and nervous.

"Oh no, they did, eventually, but your sister…had a hard time accepting it." Liz explained to her son, looking into his eyes. "I had to be there with them before she agreed to even take her clothes off." Liz added.

"Wait, you were there with them?" Zach asked, eyes going wide as his mother nodded. "While they…had sex?" he asked and Liz nodded again, embarrassed.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm not sure Lisa would be as open to the idea of you…you know." Liz said.

"Oh." Zach said as an unexpected pang of disappointment hit. "So, you think I…we…shouldn't?" Zach asked.

"No, I think that's even more of a reason for her to spend the night with you." Liz said and took a deep breath. "But I do want to ask you if you would consider something." Liz continued nervously.

"What's that?" Zach asked.

"I think it will be better if…I'll be there with you." Liz said, spitting it out.

"You…you want to be there with me and Lisa?" Zack asked surprised. "You want to be there while I have…sex with her?" he asked, and his mother nodded again.

"Lisa is really shy about that kind of thing and I think she might not do it if I'm not there to support her." Liz explained.

"What…would you be doing if you joined us?" Zach asked, mouth going dry, a creepy shiver going down his spine at the thought. He looked a little disgusted.

"Um nothing really. I'll just be there to support Lisa, to reassure her." Liz explained nervously.

"Will you like, watch us?" Zach asked, bothered by the idea of his mother watching while he had sex with his youngest sister for the first time. They hadn't seen each other naked since she took his virginity, and though he might have been okay with her seeing him naked, he was definitely not comfortable with her watching him have sex.

"I'm, um, I guess I can look away if it helps." Liz said mumbling and blushing.

"What about the rest of it?" Zach asked, the notion still uncomfortable and embarrassing.

"Sweetie, if you're not comfortable with me being there I don't have to, but Lisa might not agree to do anything if I'm not. I don't want to embarrass you, and if Lisa is comfortable with it, I'll leave you two alone." Liz told her son.

Zach looked at his mother feeling even more nervous about tonight than he already has. "Okay mom." Zach finally said agreeing nervously and his mother smiled gratefully.

"How did you think of doing it?" Liz asked.

"I thought about just popping into her room after she went to bed." Zach said and Liz nodded in agreement.

"So, we'll wait for her to go to bed then go to her room together?" Liz suggested and Zach nodded reluctantly. "I'll try to make it as least awkward as possible." Liz assured her son.

"Wow, thanks mom." Zach said sarcastically with a chuckle and shook his head, not believing what he just agreed to. He heard Jack climbing down the stairs and with a final look at his mom headed upstairs. He needed to clean up for his special night with his little sister.


Lisa looked around the dinner table cheerfully, taking another spoonful. Throughout the day none of her siblings brought up what had happened last night, and though she thought she received a few knowing looks, she could not be sure it wasn't her imagination. She laughed as Presley told an amusing story and looked around the table before settling on her own plate.

Zach was trying to hide his nervousness as he ate dinner with the rest of the family. They all gave him devious looks, knowing what he was about to do to their little sister, but that didn't make him nervous, he engaged in sexual activities with all three of his younger siblings on several occasions over the years. What did make him nervous, beside the fact that he was about to have sex with his innocent young sister, was that his mother was going to be there with him.

Zach felt hot, flustered throughout dinner and dessert, when they moved to the living room. While every member of the family, except Lisa of course, knew he was going to have sex with her, none of his siblings knew his mother would be there with him. He preferred to keep it that way for as long as possible.

After dessert and some chatting, each one did his own thing. Jack was reading a book, Presley and Molly went upstairs to Molly's room for some girl time, and Lisa was watching some old movie on TV along with their father. Zach also tried to watch the movie but was too distracted. He kept staring at the screen, not really watching the movie until Lisa was apparently bored.

Zach's heart was pounding as he watched his little sister get to her feet. She was cute, in a young girlish kind of way, and he looked at her as she smiled her innocent young smile, clueless to what he had planned. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans shorts and a tight black top and he watched the way it hugged her little tushy as she climbed up the stairs. His heart started beating harder as he listened to the floor creak under Lisa's feet, then the sound of her bedroom door closing.

Zach took a deep breath then turned over to look at his mother. She was wearing a pair of tight black jeans and a long-sleeved button-down jeans shirt, the top button open. Her long blonde hair was loose and streaming down the front of her shirt. Zach himself was wearing a pair of light blue Bermuda shorts and a light blue V neck t shirt. His mother gave him a questioning look and Zach nodded, then rose to his feet, his mother doing so shortly after.

Tom looked away from the TV at his wife and son, giving them a comforting smile, while Jack dozed off with the book his was reading open on his lap. Zach and his mother exchanged another look, as if to say, are you sure? Then walked up the stairs.

Zach headed to his sister's room, heart pounding, when his mother stopped with her hand gently on his shoulder.

"Did you bring a condom?" she whispered nervously as Zach stared at her, then shook his head shyly and quickly stepped over to his room. He was so nervous about his mother being there with them that he completely forgot about the condom. He grabbed one from the nightstand drawer, then hurried back, his mother standing in front of Lisa's door waiting for him.

Zach and Liz exchanged a final nervous look before Zach knocked on Lisa's bedroom door. "Yes?" Lisa's soft voice answered, and Liz reached for the knob, slowly opening the door. She stepped into the room, trying to look composed and smiled at her daughter. "Mom? Zach?" Lisa asked standing next to her open closet, looking at the two of them confused.

Liz stepped in, followed by Zach, then closed the door behind them. "Hey Lis." Zach said with a nervous smiled and gave his mother a look, not sure if he was supposed to start or she was.

"What's up?" Lisa asked confused, looking between her mother and oldest brother. She was just about to change and was still wearing the same clothes from earlier.

"I, err, well…" Zach started blabbering nervously, not sure what to say. He looked at Lisa, then at his mother who gave him an urging look. "How…how was last night?" he finally managed to ask.

"What?" Lisa croaked, face turning red, trying to look small. "What…what do mean?" she asked softly.

"I mean, you know. With…with dad, how was it?" Zach continued to ask, not knowing what else to say.

"Um, it was…okay." Lisa managed to say, feeling so embarrassed she wanted to scream.

"Oh, good, good." Zach said awkwardly.

"What's going on? Did you come in to ask me that?" Lisa asked confused and embarrassed.

"Um, well no, not exactly." Zach started saying, giving his mother another quick glance before looking back to Lisa. "Actually, I came to see…to ask, if…if after last night you maybe want to try to…to have…sex again, but with you know, someone closer to you own age, like maybe…me?" He finally managed to ask, turning a bright red.

"You…you're not…you're not serious?" Lisa asked nervous, frightened. She looked at her brother, who looked almost as nervous as her, then over at her mom who nodded, confirming that her older brother was indeed serious.

"We just figured that after last night, you might want to try it again, see what you like, and um…you would be more comfortable doing it with me." Zach explained.

"Why is mom here?" She asked, still looking at the two with shock.

Zach looked at Lisa, then turned to look at his mother and said nothing, he would let her take that question.

"I'm just here two make sure you're comfortable with whatever you choose to do with your brother. I know last night was…overwhelming for you and I figured you might be more comfortable with me here." Liz explained in a leveled voice.

"You're serious?" Lisa asked Zach, starting to believe that he was. "You'd really have…sex with me?" She asked and Zach nodded. "Even with mom here?" she asked.

"I…well, yeah. If you want to." Zach said blushing.

"Can I ask you something first?" Lisa asked shyly.

"Um sure." Zach retorted.

"Did…did you really have sex with mom, you know, when you turned eighteen?" Lisa asked shyly, curious, and she watched her brother nod. He was handsome, with his broad shoulders and strong arms, she never really thought about it before, but her older brother was quite a hunk and the tingling sensation between her legs returned at the thought. "You'd really be okay with us having sex?" Lisa asked uneasily. "It doesn't bother you that we're siblings, you'd be having sex with your sister?" Lisa asked, voice soft, eyes big, torn between what her body was telling her and what she had known so vividly until last night.

"No, I, um, well…" Zach started squirming and gave his mother a sideways glance.

"What? You don’t really want us to, do you?" Lisa asked, looking a little hurt.

"No, it's not that." Zach said, studying his sister. "It's just that I, um, kind of…already did." Zach admitted, blushing as his mother looked at him.

"Already did what?" Lisa asked, not understanding.

"Had sex…with my sister." He said shyly as Lisa's eyes went wide.

"Oh my god, you what?" Lisa called out. "With who?" she asked but Zach stayed quiet. "Molly?" she ventured a guess and Zach squirmed before nodding. Lisa was shocked yet also kind of not. Those two spent a lot of time together growing up, staying up late in each other's rooms, went swimming together in the pond. She looked at Zach and by the way her was looking at her she could tell that wasn't all.

"Presley too." Zach admitted shamefully and Lisa's eyes went wide again. Lisa looked at her mother, expecting to see her shocked by the revelation, even outraged, but her mother just seemed casual.

"You had sex with both Molly and Presley?" Lisa asked amazed. "What? When? How did it happen?" she asked.

Zach looked at his younger sister, gawking at him, then looked over at his mother standing there. He had no idea how they got to this, but he figured he would just tell her everything. "It… kind of happened." Zach said, looking over at his mother who was shaking her head.

"What do you mean? That's not something that just happens." Lisa asked confused.

Zach looked at his little sister and took a deep breath. "Fine I'll tell you." He said. "You already know that mom had sex with Jack and me when we turned eighteen, and dad with Molly and Presley, right?" Zach asked and Lisa nodded. "Okay, so after Molly and I turned eighteen, and spent the night with mom and dad, we sort of started experimenting and fooling around with each other." Zach said blushing.

"That's when you two…had sex?" Lisa asked shyly and Zach nodded.

"Um, losing our virginities only got us curious and…wanting more I guess, so we started…exploring together." Zach said, feeling so awkward talking about it all. "We stopped when we both went off to college. But then, after a few years, Presley turned eighteen. Mom then asked me if I was willing to have sex with her." Zach said and Lisa's gaze quickly shot to her mother.

"Lisa, we knew spending the night with your father or with me isn't ideal for you kids. It's awkward and embarrassing. We knew that Molly and Zach…had sex after their night with us, and we figured it might be good for the rest of you too. A brother or sister could be a safer space to explore your sexuality some more." Liz explained calmly. "Since then it was pretty much decided that it's what we'll do. Whenever one of you turns eighteen, they will spend the first night with your father or with me, then the next nights with each of your brothers or sisters." Liz said.

"With…each of my brothers or sisters?" Lisa asked, amazed.

Liz and Zach exchanged frustrated looks, knowing they gave away too much. "Yes." Liz admitted with a sigh. "When your brother turned eighteen, he spent the night with me, then the following nights with each of your sisters."

"Wait, so you expected me to have sex with Jack too?" Lisa said grimacing as her mother nodded. "And you and Jack both had sex with Molly and Presley?" Lisa asked, looking at her brother.

"Uh huh." Zach said.

"Oh my god, that is so fucked up." Lisa said, appalled by this new revelation of who and what her family really was.

"Lisa, language!" Liz chastised her daughter.

"Mom, you had sex with both you sons, dad had sex with all three of us, and your kids all had sex with one another. That is really messed up!" Lisa said, still shocked by it all.

"I know it's not conventional what we did, your father and I. You're right that brothers and sisters together is also not something that…society agrees upon. But growing up like you did, like all five of you, you also didn't have a normal childhood. I know it's…incest, and it's considered shameful and wrong, but if it helps my kids live a better life, go out to the world prepared, keeps them from getting hurt, then I think it's worth it." Liz said, holding back the tears as Zach nodded.

"Mom is right. It really helped me what I did with her, what I did with Molly too." Zach said, staring at his little sister as she took it all in. "We don't have to have sex if you don't want to, but if you do then I'm here for you." Zach said and took a deep breath.

Lisa stared at her big brother, looking even more handsome with the determined look on his face. She was nervous about having sex again, nervous it would hurt like it did at the beginning with her dad, but she was also curious. "I…I guess we can start and see how it goes." Lisa said timidly. "If you're okay with that." She added.

"Of course Lis." Zach said with grin and looked over to his mother.

"I'm going to leave the two of you alone." Liz said, thinking her daughter was alright on her own.

"Mom?" Lisa asked shyly. "Could you maybe stay again?" she asked and Liz bit down a smile. She looked at Zach who glanced back at her and nodded reluctantly.

"Sure sweetie." Liz said and walked over to her daughter's bed, taking a seat on the edge.

Zach and Lisa stared at each other nervously. Lisa took a step forward and stared at her brother, waiting for him to speak. "We should probably take off our clothes." Zach finally said, clearing his throat and looked at his little sister for a response. She looked nervous but nodded, waiting for him to make the first move.

Zach glanced sideways at him mother, then over at his youngest sister, his heart pounding, and began to strip. He pulled his shirt off quickly, exposing his upper body, and tossed it aside, taking a deep breath. He unbuttoned his shorts, feeling the blood rushing to between his legs despite his nervousness, and slowly pulled his pants down to reveal his tight black boxers, his hardening manhood bulging visibly. He stepped out of his pants, leaving them on the floor and looked up at his young sister, caching her studying the growing package in her underwear.

Lisa blushed, quickly looking up and into her brother's eyes as he caught her staring. He was standing in front of her in just his boxers, big strong body on display, and she tried to calm her trembling breathing. She looked down at the floor as she grabbed her shirt, slowly pulling it up, exposing her smooth skin, her light blue bra, then pulling it over her head. She gave her brother another shy look then continued to her shorts. She unzipped them, giving him a glimpse of her pink cotton panties, then nervously pulled them down her skinny legs, stepping out of them before looking up, facing her brother in just her bra and panties.

Zach watched his sister's exposed skin with awe, his penis continuing to harden. He took another breath, then pulled his boxers down. His cock sprung out eagerly, semi-erect and growing with each passing moment. He stepped out of his boxers, his face red, feeling his sister's eyes on him, then raised his gaze to meet hers.

Lisa fidgeted awkwardly as she stared at her big brother standing there completely naked. Her eyes moved to his exposed manhood and she stared at it as it continued to grow, feeling the wetness growing between her legs. His penis was long, as long as her father's dick had been but much less thick. He had trimmed black hair around the base, and she continued to ogle as it reached its peak, pointing up and making her so hot. Her brother said nothing as he let her look at him, studying his nudity, but after staring at him for what felt like a long time, Lisa realized it was her turn to get naked. She looked at her brother's eyes, blushed, then looked away and reached behind her back. She paused as her fingers trembled around the clasp, then released her bra and nervously pulled it off. She threw it on the bed, feeling the air on her bare tits, then moved to her panties. She did not dare look at her brother as she slid her fingers into the waistband, pausing to take a breath. She closed her eyes, a warm flushing creeping to her face, and pulled her panties down, exposing herself to her big brother.

Zach watched his little sister pull her pink panties down with uneasiness. She was so young, so innocent, but as her nubile womanhood came into view that feeling was replaced by disgusting lust. His cock twitched as he took in the image of his naked baby sister for the first time ever. Lisa looked a little like Molly when she was younger, with her blond hair and slim frame, but she also looked different. She wore her blond hair down, collecting it back, and had an embarrassed expression on her face. She was slim, medium height, and had the slightest curve to her hips. Her breasts were cute and perky, small b-cups, and her small pink nipples were erect. Her stomach was smooth and flat, and her bush was adorable, a small thin patch of light pubic hair atop her mound. The arousal grew within Zach as he continued to look at his little sister, moving his gaze down to between her legs. His heartbeat quickened as he stared at her pink cunny, so tight and young, her lips pressed together. He continued to run his gaze down her naked body, along her thighs and down to her feet. He took a long nervous breath, then turned to look at his mother, remembering she was there with them.

"Oh my god mom, what are you doing?" Zach called out in alarm as he saw his mother standing next to Lisa's bed without her shirt on, pulling down her pants. Her large breasts were cupped in a sexy red bra, and Zach got a good look at them as she leaned down.

"Oh, I figured you would be more comfortable if I was also naked." Liz said nonchalantly, stepping out of her pants, revealing a pair of matching red panties, and placed her pants on the nightstand. She eyed Zach's erection, making her flush, then continued undressing.

Liz acted like it was the most natural thing in the world, striping in front of her naked children. She moved quickly, methodically, like someone getting undressed before hoping into the shower. She removed her bra without a moment's hesitation, folding it and placing it on the nightstand, then immediately pulled her panties off, stepping out of them. She looked up at her oldest son, then at her youngest daughter, and smiled.

Zach looked at his nude mother surprised. It had been eight years since he saw her naked, eight years since she took his virginity, and she still looked amazing. Her breasts were large and tantalizing, naturally, sagging a little more, but still shapely. Her small pink nipples were hard, and Zach realized that Lisa's nipples were just like their mother's. He continued to look down at her curves, waist, hips, thighs, womanly and sexy, the work around the farm keeping her in great shape. Zach was surprised to see pubic hair covering his mother's mound, a thick neatly trimmed triangle replacing the shaved vulva he encountered previously. He studied his mother, taking in the naked image of her, and though some parts of her looked different, as he moved his eyes to between her legs, he noticed that his mother's vagina was just as beautiful as he remembered it. It was where he came out of twenty six years ago and where he entered eighteen years later to become a man.

"I hope that's alright." Liz said, shaking Zach out of his gawking trance.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I guess." Zach managed to say, shaking his head. He gave his mother a last glance then turned to his little sister. They exchanged an awkward stare, blushing as they looked at each other's naked bodies once more. Zach took a step forward, towards Lisa, and she did the same, closing the gap between them.

"Zach, do you think I'm pretty?" Lisa asked softly, shyly, looking up at her big brother.

"I think you're very pretty." Zach answered, noting how vulnerable she looked, how timid.

"No, but am I like…sexy?" Lisa asked again, her brother's tone not assuring. She pouted nervously looking up at her brother.

"Lis, guys will be drooling all over you." Zach said with half a smile, then reached out with his hand and grabbed his sister's left breast. Lisa gasped, eyes going wide, and she let out the smallest of moans as he squeezed her tit, his touch tender and gentle. "Is this okay?" Zach asked as he caressed her young lump with his hand.

"Uh huh." Lisa let out, nodding, then let out another small moan as her brother reached with his other hand and grabbed her second tit. She looked up at him, his eyes on her, then slowly looked down, seeing his hands touching her. She peeked lower and tingled as she spotted his hard penis twitching between their naked bodies. Zach ran his finger along her areola, sending a jolt of pleasure through her, making her whimper gently as she looked back up into his face. He stared back at her with an intense glare, then leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Lisa's body hovered with bliss as her big brother kissed her. It was hot and passionate, his hands caressing her boobs as his mouth closed around hers. His lips were warm and soft, rubbing against her own pleasurably, then his mouth opened wider and his tongue snuck out. Lisa opened her eyes in surprise but did not break their kiss. She accepted his tongue willingly and moaned into his mouth as her brother explored her own mouth with his tongue. She moaned again as his tongue met hers, the sensation electrifying, and followed his lead as his tongue seamed to tease hers, guiding it out of her mouth and into his, making her experience another explosion of pleasure as her tongue slid into his mouth.

"Oh wow." Lisa let out dazed, breathless, as they broke the kiss. It was so wild, so hot, and her brother smiled at her sweetly, making her blush. Zach removed his hands from her breasts and grabbed her hand. He led her to the bed, and sat down on it, pulling her down next to him. He looked into her eyes, smiling at her warmly, then grabbed her tits once more. He squeezed them softly, then leaned down to her chest.

Lisa mewled as her big brother started licking her breasts. He pressed his lips to her chest, kissing her smooth skin, and with each kiss moved closer to her nipples. Lisa watched almost shaking as her brother's lips met her nipple, kissing it. She moaned at the feeling of his lips and watched mesmerized as he stuck his tongue out. Lisa cooed softly as her brother slid his tongue out and run it along her areola, making her body tingle with pleasure. She watched, moaning adorably, as he moved to her other nipple, licking it teasingly before taking it in his mouth. Lisa gasped as her brother sucked on her little nipple, a surge of pleasure shooting down to between her legs. His eyes moved up, a smile on them, as he switched nipples again and sucked harder, making her tremble and moan.

Zach's arousal was growing, hard cock continuing to throb between his legs as he licked and sucked his little sister's cute tits. Her soft moans were so hot, keeping his manhood rock hard, and he pulled away from them only when he was out of breath. He looked at his sister, smiling nervously as he caught his breath. Their eyes were locked, faces red, when Lisa grabbed him and pulled his mouth to hers. She pressed their lips together as she eagerly shoved her tongue into his mouth, catching him by surprise. They engaged in a long passionate kiss, tasting each other, Zach's experienced tongue and Lisa's amateur one dancing together as they moved between their mouths. They kissed with an intense hunger, until they were both completely out of breath, then pulled away.

Lisa and Zach stared at each other once more, their bodies alive. Zach had a cocky grin on his face, while Lisa had a shy one on hers. Lisa blushed as she held her brother's gaze, then found herself looking down, drawn to his appealing manhood. "Um, can I?" Lisa asked nervously as she admired her brother's penis, wanting to touch it badly. Zach nodded confidently and Lisa reached out timidly. She ran her fingertips along the shaft, looking up at her brother to make sure she understood him, then awkwardly grabbed it, giving it a gently stroke.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." Zach said, mostly to urge his little sister on. She blushed, grinning shyly, then tightened her grip.

"It's so smooth," she said quietly, surprised by this just like she was the previous night. She squeezed the shaft tighter, and slowly stroked it. "but also, so hard." She noted curiously. "Harder than dad's was." She added shyly and continued to study her big brother's shaft, mesmerized. She continued to stroke and caress the erect shaft with her hand, enjoying herself, the wetness between her legs growing even more. Her brother moaned softly as she touched him, studied his manhood, twisting, brushing and stroking it with her hand. He had such a nice penis, neat, elegant, and appealing, not as menacing as her father's thick snake had been. Lisa continued to study the hard member as her urge grew, overwhelmed her. She got up, off the bed, still holding her brother's shaft and moved to stand in front of him. Zach looked at her curiously but said nothing. Lisa then slowly got on her knees in front of him, still holding his prick, and stuck her tongue out as she moved her mouth to it.

"Oh fuck!" Zach moaned as the tip of his sister's tongue met his shaft, giving it a timid lick.

"Is this okay?" Lisa asked shyly, looking up at him, holding his penis in her hand, and her big brother grunted his approval. She turned back to his manhood, looking so alluring, and pressed her tongue to it once more. She ran it along the head, getting a feel, then continued down the bottom of his shaft. She gave his balls a quick lick, then slid her tongue back up, twirling it around the engorged head as her brother moaned.

Liz felt extremely awkward as she sat there in silence while her young daughter apparently started sucking her son's penis. She felt stupid, just sitting there, getting hornier and hornier without much she could see. She was sitting next to the nightstand, her son's back to her, her daughter not even visible from where she was. Despite the awkwardness of it, Liz decided she just had to get a better look. She slowly rose to her feet and peeked behind her son. She took a few steps closer, and sat down at the corner of the bed, only two or three feet away from her children.

Zach turned to look as the bed creaked next to him. He was surprised to see his mother taking a seat, watching them, but said nothing as he looked back down at his little sister. He noticed her eyes moving towards their mother while she continued to lick his shaft, then she turned back to him, looking intent, and took the head of his dick into her mouth.

"Ugh Lis!" Zach moaned in delight, watching his sister wrap her lips around his shaft. Her mouth was warm and wet, and he moaned again as she sucked on the head of his manhood. She pulled her mouth off with a pop and grinned at him before taking it back in her mouth.

Lisa's cunny quivered, tingling, wetness growing so much it was almost dripping. Her brother's penis was so impressive, so sexy, and she eagerly took it back into her mouth. She wrapped her right hand around the base, squeezing it gently, and hungrily took more of him into her mouth. Zach moaned, causing Lisa's pussy to tingle once more, and she raised her eyes to him as she pushed her mouth down. She already managed to take half of his penis in her mouth, the difference in girth from her father making it easier, and sucked on him again.

"Oh fuck." Zach moaned in pleasure as his sister sucked on his shaft. She had taken over half of it in and started bobbing her head. She slid her tongue on it as she moved her lips along, bobbing her head, and Zach felt the pressure in his balls begin to rise.

Liz watched her daughter giving her brother a blowjob just like she taught her the previous night. She pressed her thighs together, her own arousal intense, and watched her young daughter go, sliding her teenage lips up and down her big brother's shaft. "Lisa, try moving your hand along your brother's penis while you do it." Liz found herself saying, not thinking. Her son and daughter shot her surprised glances and she shied back blushing. Lisa stopped bobbing her head as she glanced over at her, but as she focused back on her brother's shaft she listened to her mother's words, now sliding her hand along his shaft while bobbing her head.

Zach continued to moan and groan as his sister pleasured him orally so willingly. Despite her lack of experience, it felt amazing, her young lips and sly tongue slurping his cock. Spittle dribbled out the corners of her mouth as she continued to suck, coating his shaft. She started stroking him while she sucked, running her hand along his slippery rod, and bobbing her head quicker.

"Lisa, I'm gonna cum." Zach called out, his voice feral, dripping with disgusting pleasure as he tried to hold on. "Where to you want me to…?" he asked, clenching his teeth. Lisa looked up at him surprised, not understanding what her brother was referring to.

"Zach pull out, not in her mouth." Liz said sternly, alarm in her voice.

"Oh fuck, okay mom." Zach said, groaning, and quickly pulled his dick from between his sister's lips. He grunted as he quickly wrapped his hand around his throbbing shaft, the pleasure intense, and began to masturbate wildly. Lisa stared at him amazed and Zach growled deeply as the orgasm took him. "Oh yeah!" Zach groaned, searing pleasure engulfing him as he began to ejaculate. His cock began squirting, spurting his incestuous load on his little sister.

"Oh my god!" Lisa called out surprised as her moaning brother's cock exploded. He was stroking it, masturbating like crazy, and a powerful load of cum shot out of his cock and splattered against her chest. Lisa gasped, looking down at her chest, a string of her brother's creamy goo on it. He groaned again, another load shooting from his spasming member, hitting her young breasts, and a third load of spunk hit her chin. Zach continued to moan deeply, his cock still spouting as he covered her tits with his sperm. The first ones where strong, splattering against her, but the rest were weaker, dripping from his hard cock onto her tits and chest. Zach slowed down his strokes as his orgasm reached its end, milking the last bit of cum, and let it dribble from his tip onto his sister's naked body before finally releasing his dick.

"Fuuuccck." Zach let out in exhaustion, breathing heavily as he looked down at his cum covered sister.

"Oh my god, what just happened?" Lisa asked shocked, moving her gaze from her brother to her mother.

"Oh sorry, but mom said not in your mouth." Zach said casually.

"What? No! why did you…um…cum on me at all?" Lisa asked shocked.

"What do you mean? You gave me a blowjob, where do you expect me to cum?" Zach asked, not understanding, then as they looked at each other confused, they both looked sideways at their mother.

"We might have missed that part last night." Liz said blushing.

"Missed it?" Zach asked surprised. "So, Lisa never like…blew dad?" he asked.

"I did, but nothing like this…" Lisa said gesturing to her cum covered chest, "happened."

"Yeah, maybe we should have explained." Liz said, pausing. "When you give blowjob you might do it because you want to…get things going before moving on to sex, but you might want to give a guy a blowjob if you want to…finish him off." Liz explained.

"And why would I want that?" Lisa asked.

"If you don’t want to have sex is one option. Also, most men, younger men, can ejaculate more than once when they're with a woman. The first time can be from a blowjob and that way they last longer when you move on to sex." Liz explained patiently and her daughter nodded shyly.

"What did you mean when you told Zach not in my mouth? Would you really have done that?" Lisa asked looking at her brother, scrunching her face in disgust.

"Um, maybe, if you wouldn't have stopped me." Zach admitted nervously and his sister gave him a disgusted look. "When a girl is giving head and the guy says he's about to cum, he expects the girl to stop him if she doesn’t want it in her mouth. It’s what guys like best." Zach explained. "Otherwise, the girl will pull off and either, finish the guy with her hand or let him finish on his own." Zach continued.

"And girls really do that? Let boys ejaculate inside their mouths?" Lisa asked appalled.

"There are a lot of girls that don't like it, I think most girls even, and that's fine." Liz said jumped in. "I also don't like it." She added.

"But there are also a lot of girls that are okay with it, and some even really like it." Zach said. "Like Presley." He found himself adding and from the looks on his sister's and mother's faces he regretted it.

"And if I don't want guys to squirt in my mouth?" Lisa asked shyly.

"Then like I said, you can finish them with your hand or have them do it." Zach said.

"And make them squirt all over me?" Lisa asked, genuinely interested.

"Um, that's up to you where you want it." Zach started saying. "If you won't let the guy finish in your mouth, he would want to cum on you."

"Like you did?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, but you don't have to. You can have the guy cum on your…um, boobs," Zach said blushing, "on your face, your stomach, even on your butt." Zach said blushing and Lisa nodded along, then looked down again at her brother's cum covering her tits and rose to her feet.

"Oh my god, there is so much of it." Lisa said amused and carefully touched it with her index finger. She started running her fingers curiously through her brother's jizz. Meanwhile, their mother stepped to the door and grabbed a towel from a hanger on it. She stepped back to Lisa and handed it to her.

Lisa wiped her brother's sticky matter off her chest and though it was nasty, there was also something immensely hot about it. She ran the rugged towel along her chest, wiping the cum off. She rubbed it along her tits, and as the coarse fabric moved along her hard nipples, it sent a jolt of pleasure through her. She was still wet between the legs and horny, and after she wiped the last of the cum, she threw the dirty towel on the floor and looked at her brother's soft prick.

"You wanna keep going?" Zach asked as he stared at her from the bed. He leaned back, propping himself on his hands behind him, his legs straight, resting on the floor with his feet intertwined. He watched her young naked body, slowly sitting up, and the moment she nodded, he pounced her.

Lisa squealed with surprised as her brother jumped up and grabbed her, wrapping his hands around her naked body. She giggled as she looked up into his eyes, his hands on her lower back, then pressed his lips to hers. She kissed him back passionately, eagerly accepting his tongue into her mouth, and moaned into his mouth as he pressed his naked body to hers, his limp penis touching her stomach. Their kiss lingered as Zach slid his hands down, finding her young tight tushy, and Lisa jumped as her brother squeezed her butt, then grabbed it and picked her up.

Zach and Lisa's lips parted, his tongue leaving her mouth, and she grabbed on to him as he pulled her up, her feet leaving the floor. Zach's cock slid down along Lisa stomach as he raised her, blood filling it as his penis rubbed along her bush. Lisa gasped as their privates touched, feeling her brother's penis press into her vulva, and she looked at him as he turned her around and gently dumped her onto the edge of the bed.

Liz watched intently, her womanhood itching with arousal, as her son grabbed her daughter and placed her on the bed. She giggled adorably, looking up at her brother, and willingly opened her mouth as he leaned in for another kiss. They shared and intense kiss, brother and sister lip locked, then Lisa let go and her brother pulled up. He looked down at her young naked body, then leaned down again and pressed his lips to her chest. Liz gulped, her naked body flushed, and watched her son as he began to kiss his sister's naked body. He started with her chest, softly pressing his lips to it, then continued down. He grabbed her cute little tits as he moved to them, and Lisa moaned as he worked on them. Zach kissed, licked and sucked on her young lumps, sucking on her erect nipples, then continued lower. He traced his mouth down her smooth stomach, slipping his tongue into her naval before reaching her pubic mound. He pressed his lips to her soft bush, pausing to inhale her intoxicating young scent, then moved down between her legs.

Lisa's flushed with a shameful longing as she watched her big brother move to between her legs. It was so bad, so wrong, having her big brother do these things to her, but as he slowly placed his hands on her knees, moving to the floor, Lisa found herself unable to resist and let Zach's strong hands part her trembling legs. Her breath caught as her brother looked at her, a naughty smile on his handsome face, and slowly slid his hands up her thighs, caressing her smooth skin. He moved his gaze between her legs, looking at her tight pink flower, and Lisa blushed as her stomach fluttered nervously. She looked at her brother as he moved closer, a look of anticipation on his face. She watched him near, moving between her legs, and found herself holding her breath once more as his warm breath caressed her intimate folds. He studied it, her big brother studied her young cunny from up close, then stuck his tongue out and pressed it to her pussy as she exhaled shakily.

A surge of lust shot through Zach's body as he pressed the tip of his tongue to his baby sister's vulva. She gasped, letting out a squeaky little moan, and Zach moved his gaze up to hers as he pulled his tongue away. Zach tightened his grasp on his sister's thighs, and he began exploring his little sister. He pressed his lips to her intimate folds, her tender skin so hot it burned his lips. He kissed her, kissed her vaginal lips, and caressed her beautiful young cunt with his mouth. She moaned as he moved up to her little clit, pressing his lips to it, kissing it, then slid his tongue out and gave it a teasing lick.

"Oh my god Zach!" Lisa moaned sensually as her brother licked her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure rushing through her. He smiled at her cockily, then used his tongue to continue caressing her muff. Lisa's breathing became labored as she watched her brother lick her pussy. He was so naughty, running his tongue along her cunny, but it felt so good. He ran his tongue along her outer folds, teasing her, then moved it back to her clit. He licked it, making Lisa whimper, then moved his tongue down. He traced it down her tight slit, running it slowly along before sliding it back up. He kept doing it, running his tongue along her slit, pressing it harder to it, then pressed his lips to hers once more. He kissed her cunny to her whimpering moans, then, not stopping, he slid his tongue out and with his lips still on pussy, searched for her hole.

Lisa moaned, closing her eyes, as Zach shoved his tongue into her cunt. He moaned into her as he got his first taste, lapping up her tart juices and slowly slipped his tongue out. Her pussy tasted so young, so innocent, so delicious, like Molly's had when they first started fooling around or like Presley's had their first night together, but also had its own distinct flavor. Zach smiled to himself as he ran his tongue up along her slit, then raised his gaze up to hers and returned to licking her clit.

"Ugh Zach, yes!" Lisa called out in rapture as her brother's tongue was back to her clit. He traced the tip of his tongue around her little nib, getting her hotter and hotter, and a shiver of pleasure rushed through her when his tongue finally met her clit again, licking it hungrily. She whimpered at the pleasure, bucking her hips, but her brother was a tease and quickly pulled his tongue away.

Liz could not help touching herself as she watched her children. Her handsome young son was expertly licking his sister's pussy, teasing her so deliciously, and Liz found herself wishing it was her pussy her son was eating. Her daughter looked much more relaxed with Zach than she had with her father as she lay on the bed, surrendering to the incestuous pleasure. Liz was really impressed with her son as she watched him move, teasingly licking his sister's clit until she was on the cusp of her orgasm, then backing out. He was definitely not an inexperienced virgin like he had been the night she made him into a man. Liz lightly parted her legs as she watched her son pause to take a breath, moving his thumbs to his sister's labia. Liz started rubbing her clit as her son ran his thumb along his sister's slit, making her moan. He caressed it several times, slow and gentle, rubbing her, then moved his thumbs to her tight pussy lips and spread them open, revealing her glistening pink womanhood.

"Oh, wow Lis, you have such a cute little pussy." Zach said, biting his lip as he stared deep into her pink young cunny. He looked up at her, intense passion in her eyes, then dove in and continued to devour her pussy. He pressed his tongue into her forbidden depths, getting another taste of her tangy flavors, then pulled out. He kissed her lips, teasing her hole, then started tracing his tongue up and down her open slit.

"Oh my god!" Lisa let out a trembling whimper, almost sobbing, as her brother licked her gushing cunt, the juices now flowing out of her. His tongue was amazing, knowing how to tease and lick every fold in her womanhood just right. She moaned as his tongue shot up to her clit again, teasing it, moving around it, then started licking it. She groaned in delight as the pleasure grew, her brother not stopping this time but licking her with more intent. The pleasure built up inside her body as her brother continued assaulting her clit, licking and kissing it hungrily. Her moans grew with each passing moment, and when he closed his lips around her clit and sucked on it, she nearly screamed. Her eyes shut tightly at the extreme pleasure of what he was doing, making her moan loudly, until it happened.

Lisa shrieked as pleasure more powerful than anything she experienced with her father engulfed her teenage body. It was amazing and excruciating bliss, intense searing pleasure that made her body writhe on the bed. She bucked her hips, eyes closed, pressing her cunny into her brother's tongue for more divine pleasure, but after a few seconds, with a final surge it ended, leaving her body limp on the bed.

Zach extracted his mouth from between his little sister's legs and looked up at her in satisfaction, breathing heavily. He watched the dazed expression on her face, not realizing what happened to her as she slowly drifted down from her sexual high. He watched her cute young face, when a soft squeal from his mother made him turn his head.

Liz tried as best she could but did not manage to stifle her moan as she made herself cum. It wasn't a very strong orgasm, just a small one, but it was enough to make her body tremble with pleasure. She blushed as her son turned to look at her, her hand still between her legs, and pulled it away awkwardly as he rose to his feet, his rock-hard penis coming into view.

Lisa did not notice her mother's whimper, but definitely noticed her brother's hard shaft as he stood up. She slowly sat up, looking at it, admiring his manhood, and caught her breath.

"Did you like that?" Zach asked with a condescending grin.

"Uh hu." Lisa said plainly, a shy grin on her face.

"Do you want us to have sex?" Zach asked boldly, his cock primed and ready. He would never admit it outload, but he was dying to stick his dick into his little sister.

"I…I don't know, maybe." Lisa said shyly as she looked up at Zach. She wanted it but a part of her was afraid. She looked at Zach, noting how strong and handsome he was, how good his hard penis looked, but as she looked at him, she also saw the same big brother she grew up with. She was afraid, afraid of taking the final plunge with her big brother, committing incest with him. Yes, she had done it with her father, giving him her precious cherry, but she did it without considering how it would affect her relationship with him. Today was strange, being around her father, acting like nothing happened, but recalling every time she looked at him what he looked like naked, how thick his penis was, and how it felt when he entered her, making her into a woman. It was all so fresh that she wondered if she would ever be able to look at her father as she had for the past eighteen years, and what the consequences of having sex with her big brother might be.

"It's alright, we'll do whatever you want." Zach said sweetly, giving her a small smile.

"Sweetie, you can trust your brother. He knows what he's doing, he'll be gentle and take good care of you." Liz assured her daughter. Even after blowing her brother and having him eat her out, her daughter was still timid when it came to sex. Liz hoped this night would help her that, but for that she would need to agree to sex with her brother.

"Do you really want us to do this?" Lisa asked skeptically, not believing her handsome big brother would really want to have sex with her on his own accord.

"Um, only if you do." Zach said nervously.

"No, but I mean, do you really want to? Really want to have sex with me, even if mom and did hadn't asked you to?" She asked shyly.

Zach squirmed as he considered what to tell his sister. He already knew the answer. Seeing her young naked body, having her suck his cock, licking her sweet little cunny, he was disgusted with how much he liked doing it all and wanted to be inside of her. "Yeah, I do." He said softly but the skeptical expression stayed on his sister's face. "Um, I mean, I wouldn't be this hard if I didn't." he said nervously, gesturing to his penis. Lisa looked down at it, the hard shaft twitching and felt the now familiar tingling sensation between her legs.

"Okay." Lisa agreed softly, nodding shyly.

"Yeah?" Zach asked, his body tingling with excitement.

"Yeah, let's do it." Lisa said, still looking somewhat timid, and glanced sideways at her mother.

Zach looked at his little sister's naked young body lustfully, wondering what her pussy would be like as he gave it a quick look. He took a step towards her, overpowered with passion, then stopped. "Oh yeah, let me just put on a condom first." Zach said before his mother had a chance to remind him and looked around for his shorts. He spotted them on the floor, then leaned down, grabbing them and started looking through the pockets. He finally found it, pulled it out, then tossed the shorts aside and turned to his little sister. "You want to put it on me?" Zach asked, looking down at her.

"Yeah, okay." Lisa agreed and accepted the wrapped condom from her brother. She knew what to do from her father and ripped it open, pulling out the rolled-up rubber. Zach took another half a step towards her, and Lisa grabbed his erection. She gave it a few tugs, enjoying the feel of it in her hand, then placed the condom on the head.

"Other way around." Zach told his sister as she placed the condom upside-down and she quickly flipped it over. She held to the head of his manhood with one hand and used the other to roll it down onto his cock. She unrolled the condom all the way down her brother's shaft, then let go. Zach ran his hand along his covered cock, smoothing it, then pressed at the air bubble at the tip and looked up at his sister. "You want to go ahead and get on the bed?" Zach asked and Lisa nodded obediently.

Zach watched his little sister turn around and climb onto the bed, getting on all fours as she moved. He looked at her tight little butt, pink pussy lips peaking underneath, and could not help giving it a little smack. "Hey!" Lisa jumped, looking back at him and giggled, sticking her tongue out in a very little sisterly way. She moved to the center of the bed as Zach looked at her, then turned and laid down on her back.

Zach climbed onto the bed, hard shaft bobbing, and moved over to his naked little sister. He was about to have sex with her, about to fuck his baby sister, and as disgusting as this should have been in a normal family, it was traditional in theirs, and so very hot. Lisa watched him, her head on a large pillow, and just laid there as he moved closer. He climbed on top of her, his big strong body looking so sexy, and as he aligned their naked bodies, hovering over her, holding himself up with his hands, he leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss.

Lisa's body trembled underneath her brother's and she looked up at him as he pulled his lips away. She spread her legs slightly and looked down as her brother's legs filled the gap. He went down on his knees between her legs, and her pussy tingled as his covered penis touched her bush. She looked back up at his handsome face, hovering over hers, then watched it come closer as he leaned down, holding himself up on his elbows. His face was now only an inch away from hers, and Lisa inhaled sharply as her brother's naked body pressed to hers. His penis was resting on her bush, her thighs rubbing against his, her erect nipples touching his chest. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment, then Zach gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"You ready?" Zach asked, whispering as he leaned into his sister's ear. He moved back up, looking into her face, and she gave him a shy nod. "Don't worry, you're not a virgin anymore so it shouldn't hurt, but I'll go slow anyway." He said, trying to reassure her and Lisa gave him a weak smile.

Zach pulled back a little, moving his naked body along his sister's as he prepared to enter her. His manhood slid down, along her vulva, until it was aligned with her slit. His breathe was shaky, anxious, as he looked at his sister, then reached down with his right hand. He steadied himself on one hand, propping up on his left elbow, and grabbed his hard cock. He propped himself up higher, creating a small gap between their naked bodies, and looked down at his shaft in his hand. He felt the tension in his little sister's body as he positioned his covered cock, sliding his erection along her slit and moving down to opening of her sacred hole. He held it there, pressing the tip to her lips and nestled his cock against her cunny, feeling the heat radiate off it like an oven. Lisa whimpered as he pressed into her gently, just the tip, barely parting her labia. He then pulled his hand away, holding himself up on both hands again.

Brother and sister looked into each other's eyes, naked bodies mashed together, brother's cock ready and willing to enter sister. They paused as they studied one another, the disgusting anticipating so intoxicating. Zach took a deep breath, his gaze locked on his sister's, then pressed himself in, penetrating her forbidden hole. Lisa gasped, mouth parting, her eyes going wide, as her big brother breached her. He watched her face intently as he entered her for the first time, cherishing that beautifully sexual expression on a girl's face when she's being penetrated, the fact that they were brother and sister making it even more exciting. Her eyes stayed on his as her vaginal lips parted, and as his head slipped into her, she whimpered. Zach clenched his teeth, getting his first feel of her amazing young snatch, then, eyes still locked, thrust in deeper, making her eyes widen even more.

"Oh fuck!" Zach moaned, still staring into his sister's eyes from only an inch away. Her pussy stretched as he pushed and she continued to whimper, as slowly, inch after inch, he entered her, entered his youngest sister's cunny, getting to intimately know the last female member of the family. "Oh god!" Zach growled as he continued to slide in, moving as slow and gentle as possible while her pussy stretched for him. She was so incredibly tight, tighter than any of his other sisters, and her warm wet vagina gripped him tighter the more he entered. Zach pushed slowly, gazes locked, taboo excitement bubbling inside of him, until he had his full six inches inside her wet young muff.

Liz watched amazed as her son entered her daughter in front of her, not heeding her presence as they broke the ultimate taboo. It was incredible to witness, seeing his strong body on top of his young sister and listening to their moans and groans as their bodies merged. Liz felt no regrets as she witnessed firsthand the full extent of the dirty family tradition. She always knew it was happening, the nights after an eighteenth birthday when a brother or a sister would share their experience, but seeing it for the first time, made her appreciate her children even more.

Lisa breathed heavily, eyes wide open, looking up at her brother as her pussy stretched around his cock. He was right, it didn't hurt, it felt good, amazing even. Her pussy still had to stretch to accommodate her brother penis as it entered her, but his cock was a much easier fit than their father's had been, stretching her cunny pleasurable. Her brother leaned in for another kiss, his manhood buried inside her, and Lisa eagerly opened her mouth. Her brother's kisses were so hot, so good, making her feel so special. Lisa felt that with every kiss the moment's inhabitation about what they were doing would just fade away. He pulled his lips from hers, the taste of his mouth still lingering on her lips, then started slowly pulling his dick out.

Zach pulled his shaft out of his sister's twat, slowly, softly, and felt her snug hole resist, holding onto his dick as he pulled it out. He still could not believe how tight she was, and he stifled a moan as he pulled out, leaving just the tip inside of her. He knew their mother was watching them and thought about it as he slowly pushed himself back in. It was disturbing knowing she was watching them, watching him violate his little sister, but there was also a small perverse part of him that found it incredibly hot.

"Oh my god!" Lisa mewled, her voice squeaky, the disgusting pleasure of the act audible in it. Her brother pushed his penis into her cunny again, stretching it, sliding it along her tender lips, rubbing it along her slick interior until his pubic bone met hers. She whimpered as he pressed his body into her, putting pressure on her clit, his balls touching her just below her pussy, then moaned as he pulled back out. "Ugh Zach!" she called out in pleasure as her brother reentered her, slowing snaking his hard shaft into her, then slowly pulling it back out. Her body trembled, exciting pleasure running through her as she and her big brother entered a slow sexual rhythm.

Zach kissed his little sister again, pressing his mouth to hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth with passion. He thrust into her, sliding his penis into her snatch, the warm wet tightness of it incredible. Their naked bodies rubbed together as he moved on top of her, his legs rubbing against hers, his stomach pressing into her, and his chest grinding along her perky tits, rubbing against her erect nipples. She let out a gentle moan as their lips parted and gave him a wanton grin as he continued to penetrate her. He was finding sex with Lisa to be very different from the sex he had with his other sisters, especially with Presley. With Presley and even Molly, it was fucking, his body hungrily entering his sisters', forceful and passionate, almost animalistic at times, but that didn't feel right with Lisa. His youngest sister was so adorable and innocent, that to her, he was making love. It was warm and gentle, not necessarily withheld but tender. The way he entered her, their position, the way they looked into each other's eyes, it was all of it. He didn't remember kissing Presley or Molly in the same way he was now kissing Lisa. He felt she needed it, felt it assured her, felt her body's reaction each time their tongues met. Their lovemaking was more intimate than Zach would have liked, especially their kisses, almost romantic in nature, but her mouth was sweet and hungry for his, and her pussy was incredibly tight, that he just went with it.

Sister and brother continued to look in each other's eyes as they made love, hot, tender, incestuous love. It was gentle and beautiful, their naked bodies pressed together, sister's vagina stretching as it eagerly accepted her brother's penis. Lisa let out a trembling moan as her brother quickened the pace, pleasure rippling through her body, and spread her legs wider. She opened her eyes and let out a whining moan as her gaze continued to look deep into her brother's eyes.

"Oh god Lis!" Zach moaned, his body rocking with incestuous glee. "You pussy is so tight." He whispered in her ear as he thrust in, feeling her young muff clamp around his dick as he pushed it in. He moaned at the pleasure, then Lisa grabbed his head and pulled him down for another kiss, pushing her tongue hungrily into his mouth.

Liz squirmed on the bed as she watched her children get more and more into it. Her body itched with arousal, every part of her wanting sex. She fought it at first, pressing her legs tightly together as she sat with them folded under her, but the longer she watched her children's incestuous union the harder it was to resist. She clenched her teeth, keeping quiet as she started playing with her tits, deciding there wasn't much harm in that. She played with her large breasts, teasing, rubbing and pinching her erect nipples, but it was far from enough. She finally slid a hand between her legs, ruffling her bush, playing with her clit, and as she listened to the sounds of their passion, their moaning and groaning, their lustful kisses, Liz slipped a finger into her sopping cunt and started fingering herself to the erotic sight.

"You want to try being on top?" Zach asked Lisa after a few minutes.

"Um, okay." Lisa let out with a moan, nodding. She wasn't sure what it exactly meant but she figured she would try. She looked at her brother as he pushed himself up on his hands, then pulled his cock out of her tight clinging pussy.

"Let's switch, I'll lay down and you can climb on top." Zach said, and Lisa nodded. She rolled over to the side, slowly getting on her knees, and Zach took her place. He laid down, hard cock pointing up, and gave his mother a nervous sideways glance, too distracted to notice she had her right hand between her legs.

"Um, what do I…?" Lisa asked, trailing off.

"Just climb on top and sit down on it." Zach explained and offered his hand. His sister grabbed it, and slowly moved on her knees onto him. She straddled his naked body, her knees on both sides of him, and grabbed his covered penis. Lisa leaned forward, angling her brother's hard penis forward, then backed into it. She gasped as she pressed her vaginal lips to it, eager to feel it back inside her, then let go of him and pushed herself back, impaling her young cunt on her brother's dick.

Lisa whimpered as she took her brother's manhood back inside her, stretching her wet twat again. She leaned in more, towering over her brother, and moved her hands to his chest. Her hair spilled down, onto her brother's face as she pushed herself down the rest of the way, taking Zach's full-length in. She smiled as her hair tickled her brother's face, then used one hand to gather it and toss it back from her face, behind her. She looked back down at her brother, feeling a sense of such naughty control over him, then moved her hips forward, pulling herself along his hard dick.

"Oh fuck!" Zach groaned, a dirty grin spreading on his face as his sister began to ride him. He looked up at her pretty face, blonde hair tucked aside, then down at her perky breasts, and finally down at her cute little snatch. He raised his hands as his sister pulled herself off almost completely, the condom coated in her slick juices, then wrapped them around her slim waist. He slid his hands down to her hips, grabbing her, fingers pressing into her firm butt, then slowly guided her down, pulling her cunt around his cock.

Lisa whimpered, relaxing her body as she let her big brother guide her movements. He pulled gently and she complied, sliding her tight cunny off his manhood. He then pushed, and she slid back down, moaning to the pleasure of her brother breaching her. She groaned at the pleasure as she started to ride his hard cock, letting her body move at his guidance, letting him set the rhythm of their incestuous merging. He was moaning too, the pleasure plain on his face, then after a few more times, he stopped moving his hands and let her continue on her own, allowing her to set the pace of their love making.

Zach clenched his teeth, moaning as his baby sister took over. He looked up at her face, mouth open and moaning adorably. He watched her breasts jiggle slightly, then moved his gaze down. "Oh god Lis!" Zach moaned as his sister pushed down harder, sliding her tight pussy quickly down his shaft and sending a rush of bliss through him. She groaned above him, closing her eyes for a brief second, and started moving faster, riding his cock to their mutual pleasure. Zach watched intently as her snatch slid up and down his dick. It was so tight, and he watched with arousal as it clung to his shaft each time she pulled off. Lisa whimpered as she continued to fuck him, going faster and faster when suddenly his cock slipped out of her. Zach grinned as she let out a frustrated moan, then removed a hand from her, grabbing his dick and holding it to her tightly closed lips. It took Lisa a moment to realized what he was doing, but once she did, she pressed herself into him and Zach watched mesmerized as her pussy lips parted and her tight twat engulfed him with overwhelming pleasure.

Liz feverishly fingered her soaked cunt as she watched her children, not able to look away. Her sweet little daughter was moaning and groaning like a filthy slut as she rode her brother's dick, impaling her tight little pussy on his gorgeous cock. Liz caught a glimpse of Zach's face, moaning in euphoria as he enjoyed his little sister's young tight womanhood. She moved her gaze down their naked bodies and moaned softly as she ran her thumb across her clit, still fingering herself. She leaned back a little and a trembling shiver went through her as she locked her gaze. She looked at her daughter's firm young ass, barely jiggling as it moved up and down. Underneath it was her son's clad cock, going in and out of his sister's snatch. It was such a hot sight, seeing her two children's incestuous union, watching their naked bodies as they did something so disgusting and perverse yet so mesmerizingly beautiful. Seeing her daughter with her brother was even hotter than seeing her with her father and Liz let out another moan as a small orgasm shook her body.

"Oh my god! This feels so good!" Lisa moaned in bliss, the bed creaking loudly under them. She started moving faster, sliding her slippery cunt up and down her brother's shaft with depraved joy. Zach slid his hands along her smooth naked body, awarding him with a cute whimper, then he reached and grabbed her tits. Lisa gasped as he squeezed her perky breasts, caressing them, then let out a high-pitched moan as he pinched her hard nipples, more pleasure rippling through her. She gave her brother an evil little smile as he continued to play with her tits, then let out a loud grunt as she slammed herself down on his cock, slapping her body to his while shoving his dick hard and deep into her.

Zach called out in agonizing pleasure as his sister impaled herself onto him. She gave him a deviant smirk and continued riding his cock slower. Zach glanced to the side and caught a sight of his mother's naked body. He kept forgetting she was there watching them. He glimpsed her large breasts, her face obstructed by his sister's body, but did see she had a hand between her legs and was moving it very suspiciously. Zach smiled to himself as he realized his mother was touching herself while watching them, and he immediately returned his gaze up to meet his sister's, moving his hands back around her hips. He placed his hands around them as his sister moved up, sliding off, then tightly grabbed her and slammed her cunt down on his dick.

"Ugh Zach, what are you…?" Lisa started asking as her pussy clenched down. Her brother pulled her towards him, pulling her off his cock, then slammed her back down. "Oh my god!" Lisa yelled; the pleasure of her brother's shaft forcefully being shoved into her tight cunny feeling so intense. She squealed, looking down at him as he did so again, the slapping sound of their colliding bodies echoing throughout the room, then let him take over.

Zach moaned as he began slamming his sister's tight pussy down onto his hard dick. It was an amazing feeling, her gripping pussy sliding all the way down his rod in single sweeping motion. Her moans grew as he violated her, pounding her down on his manhood. His actions weren't as rough as they were with Presley, who loved getting her pussy hammered, but they were also a step above the gentle love making the had engaged in so far. He looked into his sister's eyes as he continued to impale her pussy on him. Her eyes went wide each time their bodies met, her moans high, and her body searing with heat. She was loving this.

Lisa moaned louder and louder as her big brother did nasty wonderful things to her. "Oh god!" She moaned sharply as he slammed her body onto his again, shoving his wonderful cock into her and immediately repeating it. She suddenly felt Zach shifting under her, the bed creaking, then his grip tightened. His hips bucked softly, then Lisa realized her brother folded his legs behind her, bending his knees and placing his feet flat on the bed. She looked down at him quizzically, then he pulled her down, into him, and started thrusting with his hips, fucking her while she was laying on top of him.

Zach pushed with his legs, bucking his hips as he thrust his cock deep into his little sister's vagina. He smiled up at her, their naked bodies on top of one another once more, then commenced his thrusts. Lisa's moans grew higher and louder, sounding almost feral, and Zach continued entering her tight snatch as the pressure in his balls began to build.

"Oh god!" Lisa whimpered as the pleasure was becoming unbearable. Her brother kept shoving himself into her, harder and harder, sliding in and out of her wet cunny, the friction scorching. The sensation became more powerful with every thrust of his hips, her entire body a ball of fire, until it exploded. "Oh my god!" Lisa shrieked, voice trembling, as she reached her climax. She screeched, her mind going numb as her entire body started to tremble. Her brother hugged her tightly, pressing her naked body to his, and she could feel every inch of their bare skin touching as his hard shaft continued divinely penetrating her pussy, waves of pure ecstasy washing over her. She closed her eyes, body spasming, and just succumbed to the feeling.

Zach held his baby sister tight as she climaxed on top of him. Her young body trembled as she called out, squealing in agonizing pleasure. He clenched his teeth at his own pleasure, ploughing her tight little cunny with such delight, and when her pussy started convulsing, it felt so good Zach thought he would pass out.

"Fuck Lis I'm cumming too!" Zach grunted as he exploded inside his little sister's convulsing twat. She moaned deeply and Zach groaned again. His body shuddered with pleasure as he shot his first load deep in her cunt, burning pleasure rushing through him. He slammed his cock into her again, calling out in rapture, and Lisa squealed, closing her eyes as her pussy convulsed around his manhood. Zach grunted, squirting another load, and his dick felt harder than rock as he slammed it into his sister. Her shaking body began to still as Zach shot another load, filling the condom, then another, her pussy shuddering one last time. Lisa grew silent, a few last orgasmic convulsions running through her while Zach pushed his cock as deep as he could into her pussy. He held it there, groaning as he continued to cum, a few last spurts, then relaxed, falling back onto the bed.

Lisa was breathing heavily as she raised her head off her brother's chest. His cock was still inside of her, and she sat up on it. She took a few shaky breaths, trembling from the intense experience and looked down at Zach. She managed to smile at him, pausing to make sure she regained full control over her body, then climbed off his cock, making him flinch as she slid her tight pussy off.

Zach breathed heavily, looking up at the ceiling as he came down from his orgasm. His sister moved on the bed and laid down next to him, her warm body touching his as she also breathed heavily. Zach's gaze wandered and he blushed as he looked over at his mother, noticing her looking at his lower body curiously. He followed her gaze down to his throbbing erection, still rock-hard despite just cumming in his little sister.

"You're…still hard?" Liz said surprised and so turned on. She looked at Zach's cock, suddenly remembering the same thing happened to Jack on his night with her.

"Um, yeah." Zach said awkwardly as his mother continued to stare at it. It didn't happen often, but it would happen to him occasionally when he was really turned on. Apparently making love to your tight little sister for the first time while your mother watched can do that to a guy. He watched his mother as she kept staring at it, sitting on her legs, then moved closer.

"Let me help you take this off." Liz mumbled, then reached and gripped her son's hard shaft. She couldn’t resist squeezing it in her hand, amazed at how hard he was, and found herself stroking a single time, her daughter's juices making it slick. She stopped, realizing what she was doing and reached for the condom. She grabbed the tip, filled with her son's sperm, and carefully pulled it off. Liz watched his hard cock twitch as she pulled the used condom off and tied it at the end. She placed it on her daughter's nightstand, then turned back and looked at Zach beautiful manhood, feeling so turned on. It was right there in front of her and she reached out and grabbed it.

"Oh god mom, what are you doing?" Zach moaned as his mother slowly stroked his hard cock. He still had some cum on it and his mother was rubbing it along his cock as she stroked him gently, looking at his dick.

"I'm sorry sweetie, it's just seeing you and your sister…it got me so…hot." Liz said in a throaty voice, eyeing her son's boner, still hard and so inviting. Zach moaned softly, watching her, and her pussy clenched, her wetness almost seeping out of it. "Do you think I could, maybe…just for a sec...?" Liz asked then stopped herself, biting her lip as she blushed shamefully and released her son's penis.

"Um, yeah, okay." Zach said nervously, realizing what his mother wanted.

"Really? You'd be okay with that?" Liz perked up, eyes going wide and looking at her son as he returned a shy nod.

Liz reached out and grabbed her son's cock again, moving on her knees closer. Excitement took hold of her, fluttering inside as she realized what she was about to do. She told herself it was alright, that it wouldn't be their first time, that her husband wouldn't mind, especially after how cool she was about him fucking their daughter. She told herself whatever she could think of to urge herself on, her body craving his so badly. She moved next to him, on her knees, his cock still in her hand. She raised her right leg over him, placing her foot on the bed, and hovered over him. Her left knee was on one side while her right leg was on the other, knee bent and foot flat on the bed. She looked down at her son, overcome with lust, and lowered her dripping cunt to his manhood. Liz whimpered as she rubbed his engorged head along her slick slit, coating it with her juices as his eyes just stared at her in awe. She aligned him with her pink hole, body trembling with desire, and returned her son's gaze. Liz suddenly noticed her daughter was also staring at her, looking shocked, not believing what her mother was doing. She blushed, but as much as it shamed her, her lust was stronger, and she lowered herself down onto her son's shaft.

"Ugh mom!" Zach moaned in disgusting pleasure mixed with awe. He watched his mother's pussy lips part, taking the head of his prick in, then she lowered her right leg, going down on her knee. His mother lowered herself, sinking his cock deeper and deeper into her warm wet folds, engulfing it with her intimate lips until he filled her completely. Zach was breathing heavily and watched his mom as she sat on top of his cock. She was straddling him, her back straight and her nude front side fully displayed. He looked at her beautiful face and her elegant neck, over her large beautiful boobs and flat stomach, down to womanly thighs, trimmed bush and finally her sexy vagina, all revealed to him. He looked at them with awe, then moaned as she started moving.

"Oh yes baby!" Liz mewled in pleasure as she started moving. She was so horny, her pussy dripping wet, and her son's hard shaft felt so good. She rocked her hips on top of him, mouth ajar, and murmured her delight in a rasped voice. She placed her hands on his abs, steadying herself, and continued to rock her curvy hips on her son, sliding his cock along her wet depths.

Lisa could not believe her eyes as her mother climbed on top of her brother and started having sex with him with her there. Her pussy still tingled from her orgasm, the pleasure of her brother's penis still lingering, and she watched her mother's naked body move as she moaned. It was such a surreal situation, her mother riding her brother's cock on Lisa's bed while she watched, and Lisa found herself feeling jealousy towards her mother, not able to look away from what they were doing.

"Oh god mom, you're so wet!" Zach moaned as his mother's soaking cunt embraced him. She was nowhere near as tight as his sister, but her mature pussy still felt heavenly. He watched it grind into his pelvis, pink lips engulfing his erection with such hunger. She kept rocking her hips on his cock, then stopped.

Liz looked at her son's eyes, feeling a pang of guilt as she caught her daughter's gaze, then leaned back. Her son's cock was still buried inside her twat, and she slowly shifted. She raised her right leg, bending her knee and placing her foot flat on the bed, then did the same with her left leg, until she was squatting on her son's manhood. Her knees were pointing outward, spread, flashing her pink pussy to her son. Her hands were on his legs behind her to keeps her steady, and with her chest out, large rack boldly displayed, and her son's cock lodged inside of her, she started moving again.

"Ugh fuck mom! I can't believe we're doing this again." Zach moaned as his mother started bouncing up and down his shaft. Zach harbored a desire to fuck his mother again after he lost his virginity to her, but after some time he admitted to himself that it was never going to happen, yet here he was laying naked on the bed with her on top. Zach moaned as his mother's vagina continued to slide up and down his penis, the disgusting taboo aspect of it so delicious. He looked at her move as she rode him, womanly thighs sliding as her sexy snatch swallowed his cock greedily, her pink lips running along his bare shaft. He ran his gaze up her naked body, along her naughty bush, flat stomach, and up to her big boobs. Her tits bounced wildly as she moved, jumping up and down, nipples erect. He looked up at her face, the disgusting pleasure of it all clear in it, and he felt a shiver run through him as she gave him a wanton smirk.

"Oh, fuck baby, me neither!" Liz groaned as she continued to ride her son's cock, their bodies merging as they committed incest once more. Liz moaned as she slid herself down her son's cock again, faster this time, feeling his young dick slide into her so perfectly, gliding along her lips and inside of her with such bliss. Liz wasn't fooling herself as to why she was doing this. Her son was not some virgin who needed a lesson this time, she was not doing this to help him, she was doing this for herself, to satisfy her disgusting urges with his beautiful hard cock and his hot body. She knew she might later regret it, but here and know it was absolute heaven.

Liz and Zach continued to moan and groan as they had taboo mother-son sex. They knew Lisa was watching them, just like Liz watched Zach and her, but as opposed to brother and sister's expected union, mother and son's was an exciting surprise. They continued to call out in rapture as they fucked, Liz bouncing faster and harder on her son's dick, loving the way it slid into her hot wet cunt.

Liz continued riding her son's dick to her disgusting pleasure for a few more minutes, then stopped. Her son had already cum twice that night and she assumed and hoped it would be a while before he came again, plenty of time to pleasure her. She sat up, squatting on his shaft, then lifted herself off it and moved to the side, across from her daughter, getting on her knees.

"Zach baby, I want you to take me from behind." Liz said to her son, voice dripping with lust. She moved her hand between her legs and caressed her clit as she looked mesmerized at his hard shaft, coated with her motherly juices.

"Okay mom." Zach said in a throaty voice and pulled himself up to his knees. He grabbed his mother, wrapping his arms around her and squeezed her marvelous tits, making her moan. He pulled her to him, poisonous lust surging through his veins, and squeezed her nipples to her moans. "I wanted to have sex with you again for so long mom." Zach whispered in his mother's ear, pressing his chest to her back, his penis touching her ass. She moaned and Zach bend her over on all fours.

"Oh yes baby!" Liz called out, her body ablaze with lust as she got on her hands and knees for her oldest son. Her pussy quivered with anticipation, her arousal dripping down her thighs as she prepared to be mounted. She did not want to admit to her son, especially not with her daughter there, but she too had been thinking of spending another night with him. She let out a soft deep moan as he grabbed her ass, squeezing it, caressing it, and shivered as his hands wrapped around her hips. The bed creaked behind her as Zach moved closer and Liz spread her legs wider, feeling his hard dick touching her behind. She turned her head around, taking quick sharp breaths, and saw her son remove his hand from her and grab his member. She watched him push forward, then her body shivered as he pressed his penis to her vulva. She returned her gaze forward, goosebumps covering her exposed skin, then whimpered as he traced it along her slick slit.

Zach noticed Lisa moving on the bed for a closer look and the thought of his sister watching him fuck their mother made his dick twitch. He rubbed the head of his manhood along his mother's glistening labia, then put the tip to her hole. A moment's hesitation caused Zach to pause, a distant voice inside him reminding him that it was his mother, that it was wrong, that this was a hole a son's penis was not supposed to enter, but their family was way past that, and with a shudder he pushed himself in, penetrating her amazing pussy.

Liz whimpered shakily as her son breached her, pushing his young hard dick into her vagina. She closed her eyes, surrendering to the pleasure of his shaft parting her cunt lips and sliding deep inside her womanly depths. He moaned as he entered her, a manly sound of pleasure, and more juices leaked out of her. He entered her easily with a single slow stroke, pushing his six inches in until his pelvis met her ass. She opened her eyes as he tightened his grip on her hips, then started thrusting.

The bedroom grew warm as son started fucking his mom. She was on all fours with him behind her, and he started thrusting his hard cock into her with eagerness. He started out slow, sliding his cock with long strokes in and out of her, pulling his cock out until just the head remained between her pink lips, then pushing himself in again. He rocked his hips to the pleasure of their merging bodies, moaning in delight, and slowly started going faster.

"Yeah, just like that!" Liz called out urgingly as her son sped up, his cock sliding faster into her wet twat. "Oh yes!" She moaned as he shoved himself into her, his balls slapping her clit as their nude bodies collided. He pulled out, then back in, colliding into her, naked bodies slapping together with ecstasy.

"Oh god!" Zach rumbled as he fucked his mommy like a bitch in heat, shoving his hard cock into her hard. She moaned as he continued to enter her, her ass jiggling each time their bodies met and her heavy boobs swaying from side to side as her naked body rocked in rhythm with his motions.

"Yes baby! Fuck me harder!" Liz called out in rapture; body engulfed with disgusting lust. She squealed as her son rammed his cock deep into her pussy, burning pleasure rushing through her. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Liz shrieked with intense delight, the pleasure rising, heat growing inside her. "Fuck baby don't stop, I'm cumming, oh my god I'm cumming!" she cried, then exploded.

Zach ploughed his mother's pussy as she started cumming on his cock, intense pleasure searing through her. She squealed as she reached her climax and started shuddering in euphoria. Her back arched and her face contorted in pleasure. She pressed her face down into the bed, and her pussy started convulsing around her son's cock. Agonizing pleasure surged through her, the powerful release erupting after building up all night. Watching her son and daughter having sex, going down on each other, and now having her son fuck her again, was amazing. Her legs started shaking as her son slowed down but continued thrusting into her. She felt her pussy continued to convulse around his cock, making him moan, as the rest of her body continued to tremble. She moaned into the bed as another powerful surge of bliss tore through her, making her shudder, then lifted herself up on her hands, breathing heavily.

"Oh wow, when did you learn to make a woman orgasm like that?" Liz asked her son breathless, his cock still gently moving in and out of her twat.

"I've had a lot of practice since last time." Zach answered, feeling proud for making him mother cum. It was the early weeks with his twin sister after their eighteenth birthday that really taught Zach about the pleasures of the human body. It was such an exhilarating time, his sister and him exploring their naked bodies together, learning as they went. Zach continued to fuck his mother as he thought back to those blissful times, then a low groan from her made him focus back on her and his growing arousal. He gave her a few slow thrusts then went back to fucking her at full force, pounding her warm pussy with his rock-hard cock.

"Oh god!" Liz called out as her son returned to his powerful thrusts, slamming his cock into her snatch. "Oh baby, you're gonna make me cum again." Liz said as the disgusting pleasure returned, the erotic sounds of his naked body slapping into her ass echoing through the room once more.

Zach looked mesmerized across his mother's bare back as he fucked her. He could see her heavy breasts bouncing around and listened to her moans of pleasure. Her pussy felt incredible, wet, warm, and still surprisingly snug. He looked down at her sexy ass wiggle, down at his hard cock sliding in and out of her twat and moved his hand to her firm orbs. She moaned with pleasure as he squeezed them, feeling her up, then spread her cheeks apart. Zack stared at his mother's puckered little hole, disturbingly wondering if his father ever entered it, then looked down at her pink lips swallowing his shaft as he pushed it in quickly. He slid his right hand along her butt, and slowly moved his thumb to her asshole.

"Ugh Zach, what are you doing?" Liz asked as she felt his finger on her asshole, touching it, rubbing the rim while he continued to fuck her pussy with vigor.

"It's okay, don't worry mom." Zach assured her, still pounding her cunt, then slipped his thumb into her tight backdoor.

"Ugh god!" Liz called out awed as her son stuck a finger in her butt. "Oh baby, I'm not sure…." She started saying then let out and abrupt moan as he pushed his finger in deeper, stretching her tight anus. He quickened his already powerful thrusts into her pussy, making her moan, then started fingering her ass.

"How's that?" Zach asked in a kinky tone as his mother moaned in surprise. She moaned her approval, surprised by the intensity of it, and within a few seconds she came again.

"Oh my god baby!" Liz called out as her body exploded in excruciating pleasure once more. Both her holes were being violated by her son, his penis in her pussy, finger in her ass, and it felt amazing. Her entire body began to squirm with bliss as he kept going, and her hands gave out, making her drop to the bed once more. Zach grunted behind her as her pussy convulsed around his shaft and moved his hands to her hips to hold her up. He removed his finger from her asshole, making her moan louder, and used it to grab her as well. She whimpered in sexual ecstasy as her body spasmed uncontrollably, turning her son on so much. He slowed down his thrusting, watching her naked body continue to tremble in rapture, then slowed down even more and waited for his mother's orgasm to end.

After making his mother cum twice, Zach finally felt his orgasm closing in. He was still inside his mother's warm wet haven and watched her whimper pathetically on the bed as her body gradually stopped spasming. He gave her a moment to breathe then shoved his cock into her muff, drilling her as the pleasure grew. His mother called out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her naked body sensitive after the two intense orgasms, but her son was not done with her.

"Oh god!" Zach grunted as his naked body slammed into his mother's, slapping into her, her ass wiggling. "Fuck mom I'm gonna cum!" he called out, continuing his feral thrusts. His cock was rock-hard, sliding in and out of his own mother's pussy, her soft lips sliding along his shaft and making the disgusting pleasure of their acts grow. "Oh my god!" Zach grumbled in bliss, holding it in until he couldn't.

Disgusting grunts escaped Zach's mouth as he came inside his mother's slick cunt. It was amazing, and Zach called out in ecstasy as he thrust his cock in and out of mommy. He let out a whimpering groan of euphoric pleasure as he shot his first load, his incestuous sperm filling his mother's cunt as it enveloped him in sexual warmth.

"Yes baby!" Liz called out, voice trembling as her son came inside her. He groaned like an animal behind her as he thrust his spouting member into her again. She could feel his warm seed shoot out and splatter her cervix, her handsome young son ejaculating inside of her, but as disgusting as it was, Liz loved it.

Zach continued to moan as he slowed down his thrusts, surreal pleasure engulfing him as he came inside his mother's snatch. His body trembled as searing waves of glee rushed through his nerves, each load renewing it, until he emptied his balls in her hot wet pussy. He held himself in her, his pelvis pressing against her ass, as deep inside her as he could, and took a few trembling breaths. He calmed himself down, looking down at his naked mother, and gently pulled out of her. He crashed down onto the bed exhausted and found his little sister looking at him flustered.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you just had sex with mom." Lisa squeaked bashfully. She looked down at her brother, then over at their mother.

"Me neither." Zach said breathless and stated at his limp dick, then over at his mother. She crawled over to the edge of the bed and rolled over to face them, looking exhausted. Her face was dazed, her blonde hair matted, and she was breathing heavily. Her naked body gleamed with sweat and her pussy was a bright pink between her legs.

They continued staring at each other, all three of them, Lisa still processing what she just witnessed, and Liz and Zach processing what they did.

"Lisa sweetie, are you okay? I hope seeing you brother and I wasn't too overwhelming." Liz asked after a long silence, her voice raw.

"Um, yeah, it was pretty wild." Lisa admitted shyly. "Are you okay mom?" she asked. She had never seen anything as intense as her mother's orgasms.

"Me? Yes." Liz said with a giggling grin. "Your brother sure knows what he's doing." She added and gave her son a sly smile, making him blush. They lay on the bed in silence for another few minutes, their naked bodies exhausted. Lisa quickly became drowsy, laying naked next to her big brother and slowly fell asleep.

Zach's eyelids grew heavy, drooping, and he almost dozed off when his mother prodded him gently. He tiredly opened his eyes and looked up at her. She pointed to his sleeping sister, signaling for him to keep quiet, and gestured towards the door.

The bed creaked as Zach and Liz carefully climbed off it and looked at each other, grinning shyly. Zach stared at his mother's sexy naked ass as she bent down to grab her clothes and watched her as she pulled her panties and bra on, concealing her nudity. He grabbed his clothes off the floor stepping into his boxers while his mom pulled on her shirt, then followed her out. He held the rest of his clothes in his hand while his mother held her pants, her shapely thighs looking sexy with just her shirt on. She opened the bedroom door and they both stepped out into the silent corridor, Liz quietly shutting the door behind them.

"Mom," Zach whispered as he stared at his mother, "is it okay that we…had sex?" Zach asked awkwardly.

"Yes, sweetie, it's fine. Don't worry about it." Liz said and gave her son a tired smile.

"What about dad, are you going to tell him?" Zach asked softly.

"Of course I am." Liz said casually and watched her son blush.

"Won't he…I don't, be mad?" Zach asked shyly and an amused smile spread on his mother's face.

"No, and he doesn't have the right to be upset after what he did with your sister the other night." Liz told her son.

"Yeah, but it's not the same." Zach said.

"What's not the same?" Liz asked confused.

"Him having sex with Lisa is not the same as me and you." Zach said uncomfortably.

"Lisa? Oh, no, I was talking about Presley." Liz said, she was so exhausted she was barely thinking straight.

"Presley?" Zach asked confused.

"Oh yes, I probably shouldn't have said anything, but you father had sex with Presley a few nights ago?" Liz said.

"He what?" Zach asked aloud, eyes going wide.

"Sshhh." Liz quieted her son down. "Yes, your father had sex with your sister when she arrived. It was just the two of them that day before the rest of us got back. Please don't either of them I told you." Liz said and Zach nodded. "I'm exhausted, I'm going straight to bed. Thank you for tonight, you did a great job with your sister." She said, squeezing his arm tenderly. "And, well, with me too." She added blushing. She leaned in, giving her son a quick peck on the lips, then turned around and tiredly dragged herself down the stairs, her son watching her panty covered ass sway before he too turned around and headed to his bedroom, shaking his head at the fact that his family never ceased to amaze him.

To be continued...


2022-04-25 13:20:22
Fantastic! My 3rd reading; and I cum just as hard as the 1st time.


2022-03-28 23:49:31
You are one of the best writers on here! Keep up the great stories!!


2020-10-29 18:47:14
Thanks for all your comments and support. I have been working hard on the series and plan on publishing the next two chapters together. I also have some very interesting side project which will hopefully be published soon.

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-10-27 18:17:21
3rd or 4th time to read this, previous comment deleted. As long as you're writing, i'll be reading. Expecting #17 last few weeks. Looking forward to 3-4 more chapters; Lisa & Jack, Liz & Jack, Tom & Molly, then a naked "free-for all" down at the swim deck, all the guys do all the girls. I also like naughtydragon's ideas. Starry, you AWESOME, great scenario & character development, a few errors in #16, but overall, up to your high standards!!


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I've enjoyed the whole story so far. Nevermind the down voters. You definitely get an up from me.

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