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Chapter 16 rewrite.

A little over a year later, I was living a much different life. Of course, I had moved into a new home which was amazing. But due to the fact that Michelle was not there it seemed empty and pretentious. I was just going through the motions day by day simply putting one foot in front of the other. As I navigated my building on a daily basis either people would look away from me or give me the pity look as I called it. I tried my best to ignore it but I wanted to say something so many times but always managed to refrain.

The firm hired several new employees about that time and one joined my department. She was a corporate attorney who had left the firm of Johnson, Johnson and Mire because of harassment. I didn’t know the complete story but I’m sure over time it would come out. Kate Jackson was assigned to our floor to give us a resource when we had a legal issue.

I had to admit, I did a double take the first time I saw Kate Jackson walk out of the elevator. Kate was tall, close to six foot perhaps and very well dressed. She had on a business suit and a silk blouse with honey blonde hair. She walked right up to me with all of the confidence in the world.

“Good morning, I’m Kate Jackson. You must be Tim Williams.”, she said, shaking my hand.

“Yes, I am. Welcome to Butler, Land and Reyes.”, I replied.

“Thank you, I’m happy to be here.”, she smiled.

“Well, follow me to your new office.’, I suggested.

Kate’s new office was next to mine and both of our office were joined with Brooke’s. For the time being Brook would look after the both of us until someone else would be assigned to Kate if need be. I told Kate whenever she got settled in to meet me in my office and we could get acquainted. I went back to my office and started for the day.

About ten minutes later, Brooke informed me on the intercom that Robin Woods was in her office looking to see me. I told Brooke to let Robin in even though lately our relationship was very strained to say the least. Looking at Robin instantly reminded me of Michelle when as it was I only thought about several hundred times a day, I didn’t need another reminder.

“Hey Tim, how are you ?’, Robin asked, walking into the office.

“Ok, Robin and you ?”, I replied.

“Doing ok, I guess.”, she sighed.

As usual Robin was stunning dressed in s short white thin strapped dress with white heels on. She took the chair across from my desk and crossed her legs placing her hand in her lap.

“I’m not sure where you’re really at right now but I have wanted to talk to you for quite a while now.”, she said.

“About what ?”, I answered.

“How do you feel about us seeing each other again ?”, she asked nervously.

“Oh geez….. I don’t know Robin. Honestly, I don’t think I am close to being ready to get into another relationship right now.”, I stated.

My intercom went off and Brooke stated that Kate Landry was in my outer office waiting to see me. I told Brooke to give us a minute and I would be right with Kate.

“Oh, I’m sorry…. I didn’t know you have a meeting scheduled.”, Robin said.

“It’s ok, we hired a new attorney from Johnson, Johnson and Mire. She started today and we just need to get acquainted.”, I answered.

“Tim, look…. Just think about what I said. It can be casual as you want it to be but I miss you. I know I fucked up and I regret it everyday of my life. I’m just hoping you can see past what happened between us. This has nothing to do with Michelle just so you know.”, she proposed.

“Let me give this some thought, Robin.’, I asked.

“Fair enough.”, she replied, getting up and walking out.

Brooke showed Kate Jackson in immediately and rolled her eyes at me for the conversation that obviously both her and Kate had just heard in the outer office. Kate came around and sat down in the chair facing me.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.”, Kate said nervously.

“No, not at all.”, I replied.

I saw Kate glanced over to the frame wedding photo on my credenza then look back at me with a confused look on her face.

“So, where do we start ?”, I asked.

“Tell me a little about working here and your story I guess.”, she said with a nervous smile.

“I’m not sure how things were at Johnson, Johnson and Mire but I am sure they were similar. They place is a gossip mill and everyone wants to know everyone’s business. I don’t get involved in that myself but trust me they will try to pull you in it. The people you will work with on this floor are incredible. I have the best staff of any department in this building and Richard Butler will confirm that.”, I began.

“As I sure you know, I am a managing partner, have been for several years. I do work long hours but I have always done that. If anyone in this building treats you badly please let me know, I will handle it. When you want a vacation just give me a month or so notice, it won’t be a problem.”, I ended.

“Sounds good.”, she replied.

“As far as I’m concerned you can ask me anything, but I am as simple as it’s gets.”, I replied.

“Your wife is beautiful…. That a great photo over there.”, she said.

“Thank you….she was the most beautiful woman in the world both inside and out.”, I replied.

“How long have you two been married.”, she asked.

“Michelle was killed in a car accident a little over a year ago. Some drunk driver….no need for it really but it happened.”, I answered.

“Oh Tim, I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”, she gasped.

“It’s ok Kate, I know you didn’t.”, I replied.

“So what do you want me to start on ?”, she asked.

“Well, get yourself settled and I’ll get with Terri and Bella and see what they need.”, I offered.

Within a few months Kate Jackson had settled in and was becoming a valuable member of our team. She was well versed in corporate law and had already consulted on quite a few cases for me. As for me, I was still going through the motions spending long days at work then going to the gym at night. By the time I got home at night, I would eat, shower and fall into bed. The weekends were the hardest there was way too much time to kill.

I was working a little late on a Friday night when Kate stepped into my office. It was not usual for Kate to work late, she did it most of the time.

“Tim, going to be here for a while ?”, she asked.

“No, I’m just about done.”, I answered.

“How about I take you out to dinner ?”, she asked.

“Oh… well, I guess so.”, I replied.

Honestly going out to dinner with Kate would be a lot better than going home and eating alone. I had somewhat got used to my solitary lifestyle but it was tough at times. Trying to find different things to get me busy was challenging at times. Several times I even wondered if life was worth living at all. I tried to stay out of that mindset but it was hard.

“Where would you like to go ?”, she asked.

“I know the perfect place.”, I replied, getting up.

Kate followed me to Mon Amor and we both parked in the lot next to each other. She followed me in and Theresa was the hostess for the night. She was a pretty girl with a dark skinned complexion who was a people person.

“Tim, it’s so good to see you. Everyone is asking about you.”, she stated, hugging me gently.

“Good to see you, Theresa. Is Ashley working tonight ?”, I asked.

“Yes, she is…… I’ll put you at one of her tables.”, Theresa said.

We followed Theresa to the back portion of the restaurant when the two of us sat down. Theresa handed us the menu and told us Ashley would be with us soon. Sure enough in just a few minutes Ashely walked over to our table.

“Hey sweetheart, it’s so good to see you.”, she stated, leaning over kissing my cheek.

“Good to see you to Ash. This is Kate Jackson, she works with me at the firm.”, I stated.

“Nice to meet you Kate. Sweet tea all around ?”, she asked.

“That would be fine.”, Kate replied.

Ashley walked off to go get the drinks while Kate was looking over the menu. She did have an odd look on her face.

“You must come here a lot Tim.”, Kate laughed.

“You could say that. My wife and I started this restaurant a few years ago. This was her dream.”, I replied.

“Oh, wow…..”, was her reply.

We both ordered and while we were waiting Kate Jackson started telling me her life story to this date. She was an only child of middle-class parents who always did well in school. Kate’s father wanted her to pursue medical school , but Kate didn’t want the burden of medical school tuition bills for years after she graduated. So instead she went to college and got her law degree. She was still in debt but claimed that hopefully in five years she would have it paid off.

She dated the same boy all through high school and despite her father’s objection married him her second year during her second year of college. He worked several part time jobs while she was in school but it was never enough to cover expenses. Kate took on two part time jobs as well to try and make ends meet.

During her senior year in college, Kate come home in the middle of the day feeling sick. She caught her husband Brandon in bed with her best friend Emily. Kate admitted she didn’t handle it well and ran home to her parent’s home. Brandon’s mother and Kate’s mother were life long friends so she convinced Kate that all men cheat but to give him a second chance. A few days later she went back to the apartment and forgave him. He promised it would never happen again and she believed him. Up until she passed the bar their life was a constant struggle barely able to pay their bills. Every time Brandon got a decent job, he either quit or was fired. He always claimed they were treating him unfairly or poorly.

Johnson, Johnson and Mire hired Kate right out of college for their intern program and she had been there until recently. Brandon was still working on and off but with Kate’s salary they were keeping their heads above water.

Sometime about two years ago Kate caught Brandon cheating again and told him she was done. It led to a violent argument and the end result was a fractured cheekbone on Kate’s face. Brandon moved out and went back to his parent’s home where he still lived. Since then Brandon, his parent’s and Kate mother had tried to reconcile them. Apparently, Kate’s father was the only one on her side.

Kate filed for legal separation and had begun divorce proceeding but Brandon was always putting things off. As far as Brandon was concerned, Kate was at her wit’s end with him.

Later in the conversation, I explained my life and the story of Robin and Michelle and how I had arrived at this point. Before we knew it we had been talking for over two hours. We left a few minutes later and went our separate ways.

Several weeks later, Kate came into my office looking a bit nervous. She sat down in the chair across from my desk stating she wanted to ask me for a favor.

“Tim, my parent’s twenty fifth wedding anniversary is coming up and my aunt is hosting a party at her home. I know for a fact she invited Brandon and his parents, but I am not sure I can handle him being around me for hours on end.”, she admitted.

“What do you need from me Kate ?”, I asked.

“Um, could you please go with me to the party. I know he won’t bother me if your there.”, she asked nervously, looking at the floor.

“Oh, I guess I could but……. how do you explain me to everyone ?”, I asked.

“I’ll just tell them we have been out a few times but it’s nothing serious.”, she suggested.

“Uh, I guess so….. if you think that will work.”, I replied.

“Oh my God….thank you so much.”, she sighed

By the time the Saturday arrived for the party I was attending with Kate, I was very anxious to say the least. It was a casual dress event, so I wore a pair of black slacks and a pullover white knit short sleeve shirt. I put on a black pair of loafers with black socks. I picked up Kate at her condo right around five thirty that afternoon. Kate was dressed in a short white dress with white sandals. She looked amazing and this was the first time I had seen her without business attire on. She had long slender legs and a small waist with a great ass. I opened the door for her and she slide into the passenger seat of my vehicle.

“Damn Tim, I knew you were big but Holy Christ. I think your arms are as big as my legs.’, she laughed.

“A lot of long nights in the gym Kate.”, I replied.

We drove over to her aunt’s home on the east side of Dallas in a nice neighborhood. We had to park several houses away since quite a few people had obviously already showed up. I followed Kate up to the front door where she rang the bell. An older man opened the door and let us in.

“Hello, Uncle Larry….. this is my friend Tim Williams.”, she stated hugging him.

“Nice to meet you sir.”, I replied, shaking his hand.

“Oh boy, are you going to be a hit.”, he laughed.

We followed him to a large living room that already contained at least a dozen people sitting and standing around. I followed Kate up to a couple I assumed were her parents. She kissed the both of them and then turned to me.

“This is Tim Williams, we work together at the firm. Tim, this is my mom and dad, Ben and Sheila Jackosn.”, she said.

“Nice to meet the both of you.”, I replied, shaking their hands.

I could see that both of them were surprised at my presence. Ben Landry had a smile on his face but his wife Sheila not so much. We went through that very first awkward pause that occurs when a girl introduces you to her parents.

“So Tim, you’re a lawyer ?”, Ben Landry inquired.

“No sir. I’m a certified public accountant. I work in the financial department.”, I replied.

“Uh Dad, he runs the financial department and he’s a partner at the firm.”, Kate giggled.

“Very impressive son.”, Ben smiled.

“Thank you, sir.”, I answered.

“So Kate, are the two of you dating ?”, Sheila asked with a stern look on her face.

“I dunno…. This is the first time we have been out together. Tim, come with me. You have to meet Maw Maw and Pops.”, Kate stated, grabbing my hand.

She lead me to the other side of the room to an elderly couple who were sitting together on a loveseat against the wall. You could see the both of them light up as Kate walked toward them. She leaned over and hugged and kissed the both of them. She then stood up and grabbed my hand.

“This is Tim Williams. Tim, these are my grandparents, Maw Maw and Pops.”, she said beaming.

“Very nice to meet the both of you. I have heard Kate speak of you a few times.”, I stated.

“Do you play football son ?”, Pops asked.

“No sir, I work with Kate at the firm.”, I answered.

“Lucky Kate.”, Maw Maw laughed.

“Hey, I am sitting right here.”, Pops quickly replied.

“Oh, sorry honey, you know I love you.”, Maw Maw said, grabbing his hand.

Kate’s mother called her over and they both went into the kitchen. I was guessing Kate was going to get grilled about me being there with no advanced warning. I sat in the chair next to the loveseat being stranded for the moment. Pops lean over in my direction.

“How long have you two been seeing each other ?”, he asked.

“I see Kate everyday sir, her office is next to mine. But this is the first time we have been together socially.”, I answered.

“Oh, well today should be fun.”, he chuckled, slapping me on the knee.

“Yes sir, Kate told me about Brandon.”, I replied.

“Sorry son but I call him asshole. He punched my Katie Bear in the face. I will never forgive him for that.”, he said, somewhat angry.

“I understand sir.”, I answered.

Kate stayed in the kitchen with her mother for quite some time before returning to where I was sitting with her grandparent’s. She appeared to be a little aggravated rolling her eyes at her grandfather.

“Sorry about that Tim…. I was getting lectured.”, she sighed.

“It’s ok Kate…… I was hanging out with Pops.”, I replied.

I noticed Pops was looking over my shoulder and I saw his expression change in an instant. That had to mean only one thing, Brandon had arrived. One look up at Kate and I knew I was right. Brandon and his parent’s made their way around the house greeting everyone and finally made there way over to us. They greeted Kate and her grandparents and finally Kate had no choice but to introduce me. I stood up as she looked at me towering over Brandon and his dad.

“Tim, this is Lynn and Thomas Hill and their son, Brandon.”, she said.

I shook his parents hands first then made sure I gripped Brandon hand firmly. He immediately looked at me with fire in his eyes.

“This is Tim Williams, we work together at Butler Land and Reyes.”, Kate offered.

Brandon’s dad seemed to be ok but there was no doubt both Brandon and his mother had an immediate dislike for me. But my entire life I had been underestimated and I loved being the underdog. Once again, we encountered that awkward moment. Finally Brandon’s mother Lynn had to ask.

“Kate, are the two of you dating ?”, she asked, staring at me.

“We went out to dinner once and this is the second time we have been out together.”, Kate replied.

“Oh, I see.”, she said, turning and walking off.

She immediately went into the kitchen to hook up with Kate’s mother or that’s what I thought. Brandon’s dad walked away as well heading to the rear of the house. That left Brandon standing to Kate and I.

“Uh Kate, can I talk to you in private.”, Brandon asked.

“Sure, let’s go to the living room. Tim, I will be right back.”, Kate advised.

“No problem.”, I answered.

Brandon followed Kate to the front of the home and they disappeared through the doorway. I know Kate had mentioned that she wanted to talk about finalizing the divorce with Brandon. According to Kate she was getting no where trying to get Brandon to get moving. I sat back down in the chair next to Pop’s and leaned back.

“Not much of a date huh, son.”, Pops stated.

“It’s ok, I know she is trying to get Brandon to follow through on the divorce.”, I replied.

“He’s never going to sign divorce papers. He has lived off of her since they have been married. He can’t even hold a part time job, but he can find girls to have affairs with.”, Pops said in an angered tone.

Just about that time, Kate and Brandon came in the room. It was obvious to see Brandon was very upset, but Kate did not appear to be. Kate walked back over to me and took me by the hand. I got up and followed her to the rear of the house and out onto the patio. We walked over to her dad who was sitting in a lounge chair on one end of the patio.

“Dad, I’m done with him…… I’m filing papers as soon as possible.”, Kate sighed.

“Good for you honey. It’s about time.”, he replied, smiling.

“Kate, talk to Jennifer in Mark Berger’s office, she will take care of it. I do all of their personal income tax at no charge, they owe me.”, I stated.

“That would be great….. it would save a lot of time.”, Kate answered.

“I will set it up Monday morning.”, I replied.

We then sat down with Kate’s dad Ben and talked for close to an hour. He asked me about my past, so I took him from childhood to present time. I notice Brandon at the doorway several times, but he never came out onto the patio. The party was nice and I learned a lot about Kate’s early life and her marriage to Brandon. Ben Landry had no use for Brandon, but Sheila Landry was trying to arrange a reconciliation.

We left about ten o’clock and I drove Kate straight home, I knew she was mentally fatigued. I walked her to her door when she thanked me for saving her from Brandon for the entire night. She kissed me softly on the cheek and went inside and locked the door. I drove home took a shower and got into bed turning on the television. A few minutes later my cell phone rang, it was Kate.

“ You’re not sleeping yet huh ?’, she asked.

“No, laying here with the tv on.”, I replied.

“Look I forgot to ask you tonight about working out. I want to join a gym and start right away. But I haver no clue on how to work out or where to go. Obviously, you know what you are doing ?”, she giggled.

“What are you looking to do ?”, I asked.

“Well, I want bigger legs and more butt. Also work on my shoulders, back and arms. That’s about it.”, she replied.

“That’s it huh ?”, I laughed.

“Hey now, I’m serious.”, she protested.

“Ok, look. I belong to a gym not far from your house. I can get you in a guest for thirty days. You can meet me after work and I’ll help you. If you like it then you can sign up for a membership.”, I offered.

“Great when do we start ?”, she asked.

“Monday night.”, I answered.

As promised, Jennifer met with Kate Jackson about her divorce issue and told her she would take about a week or so to have all the paperwork drawn up. Monday night Kate met me at the gym and since she wanted to get add some size to her body, we immediately start with max weight low repetition. Kate weighed in at one hundred twenty-six pounds which was light considering her height. But Kate tackled in head on not complaining about the workout or the weight I had her under.

For the next six months, Kate worked out religiously never missing a single day. Due to her determination, the results began to show. All her time under the squat machine had thickened her legs and added to her butt. Kate’s shoulder’s and arms were thicker as well. She was now weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, but she wanted little more size before easing up and just maintaining.

She had been on a very high protein diet which was aiding in her growth. Kate’s goal was one hundred forty-five pounds before easing up and go into a routine that would drop a bit of that weight and achieve more definition.

Meanwhile Jennifer had finalized all of the divorce papers and had served Brandon with them. He was calling Kate on a daily basis trying to talk to her, but she wouldn’t answer the phone much to her mother’s displeasure. Finally, the day came when Kate and Brandon would go before court to meet with the judge. By this time, they had been separated for close to eighteen months, but Brandon had still not signed the formal papers.

Jennifer was going to accompany Kate to court, but she also asked if I would go with her as well. I agreed to go for moral support, but I doubt Brandon would get intolerant in a court room. We arrived a bit on early on Kate’s court appointed day noticing that Brandon’s mother had accompanied him there.

Jennifer arrived and we went into the courtroom and found a seat. The judge arrived in the court room right on time and fortunately, Kate would the first case called. Jennifer and Kate went to the table on the left and sat down. Brandon and his attorney took the table on the right and sat down. Judge Rose Thomas was the preceding judge whom I had witnessed in action before. She was blunt and to the point but always fair.

“Whose here from Butler, Land and Reyes ?”, Judge Thomas asked.

“I am, your honor. I’m Jennifer Casey for the petitioner, Ms. Jackson Hill.”, Jennifer stated, then sat back down.

“And you are ?”, Judge Thomas said looking in Brandon’s direction.

“I’m Larry Polun representing Mr. Brandon Hill your honor.”, Brandon’s attorney replied.

“ I have read this entire file earlier this morning and I’m confused as to why this has been going on for a year and a half to be honest. What is the problem ?”, she asked, looking at both tables.

“Your honor, may I ?”, Jennifer asked, standing.

“My client is an attorney but specializes in corporate law. She filed for separation almost two years ago but could not get the defendant to co-operate moving forward on the matter. My client has lived alone and paid of her own personal expenses since that date. My client simply wants to finalize these proceedings your honor. She has suffered verbal and physical abuse along with infidelity by her spouse. These are in my client’s eyes irreconcilable differences, your honor.”, Jennifer stated.

“Mr. Polun, sounds pretty cut and dry to me. Why is this procedure still dragging out ?”, Judge Thomas asked.

“First of all your honor, my client believes that reconciliation is possible and there are some financial issues to work out.”, he replied.

“You just heard the petitioner’s attorney claim irreconcilable differences and I read the medical files myself. Now what financial issues need to be worked out ?” Judge Thomas shot back.

“Well, your honor,,,,, there is a condo in question, money in the bank, credit card debt and an auto loan.”, he replied.

“Alright first things first. Ms. Hill, is there anyway reconciliation is possible ?”, Judge Thomas asked.

Kate stood up and quickly glanced over at Brandon who was staring directly at her. Kate seemed a bit nervous but she had appeared in court before.

“No, your honor there is no way reconciliation is possible and I told Mr. Hill that dozens of time. As for the financial issues, the lease on the condo is up in a little over sixty days. If Mr. Hill wishes to keep it he may, I am moving out. The day I filed for legal separation, I opened my own checking account under my name only. From that point on all bills were paid from my account not eh joint accounts that we have together. There is still over five thousand dollars in our joint account and a little over four thousand dollars in our saving account. I’m willing to sign that money over to Mr. Hill free and clear. In addition, the credit card we had is paid off and I closed the account. And since the separation, I have been paying the note on Mr. Hill’s truck and he knows that. Your honor, I simply want to move on…… Mr. Hill can have everything.”, Kate offered.

“Ms. Hill, you paid off the entire debt with your personal money never touching the joint funds ?”, Judge Thomas asked.

“Yes ma’am, I did.”, Kate replied.

“Mr. Polun, in my opinion there is absolutely nothing to work out. Ms. Hill has been extremely gracious in my opinion. Therefore, at Ms. Hill’s request all monies owned jointly will become Mr. Hill as well as the condo if he chooses to retain it. The balance on the vehicle loan will fall to Mr. Hill and Ms. Hill’s name will be stricken from the loan. Your client has seven days to sign all papers and return them to this court. This case is adjourned.”, Judge Thomas said, rapping the gavel on the sounding block.

Kate hugged Jennifer and they gathered their things and we made our way out of the court room while the two lawyers conferred about the details of the paperwork. We were walking down the hall when Brandon called out to Kate. Kate stopped and turned around. Brandon and his mother walked up to the two of us quickly.

“Kate, you’re moving out of the condo ?”, he asked.

“Yes I am. In fact, I am looking for a house now. Tired of paying rent. The lease in up in sixty days or so. If you want it go to the office and sign the lease.”, he asked.

“You can have it all. All I am taking is my clothes….you can have the rest.”, Kate advised.

Brandon looked at his mom with a dumbfounded look on his face. Maybe for the first time since Kate through him out he realized that it was over.

“Kate, have you really thought this through. You two have been together so long…..”, she sighed.

“Lynn, I have given this all of the thought I will ever give it. I gave him a pass twice on the affairs but hitting me hard enough to break my cheek bone…. Sorry , I can’t forgive that. It’s over Lynn.”, Kate said.

Kate turned to walk away and Brandon grabbed her by the arm pulling on her. I immediately grabbed Brandon’s arm with my right hand.

“Get your hand off of her.”, I said calmly.

“Or what ?”, Brandon asked.

“You can’t handle what Brandon.”, I replied.

Obviously, Brandon wasn’t all there but at least he had common sense and released Kate quickly. The two of us turned and walked away. We headed back to work and finished the day off then went to the gym. During the next few weeks, Brandon was still dodging signing the divorce papers. Jennifer petitioned the court to hold Brandon in contempt for not following the judge’s orders.

My routine went back to normal. I was working during the day and meeting Kate at the gym for a nightly workout. Kate was fierce at the gym working out as if she were angry at the world. She had shown remarkable results and finally got to the weight of one hundred-forty-five pounds she was hoping for.

We then moved down to less weight but more repetitions to define her body rather than build any more muscle. She also changed her diet and cut back on the amount of protein. With three weeks she had dropped eight pounds but the definition was beginning to show. Kate had worked hard and the result were obvious. She was turning heads in the gym and even though she didn’t admit, she like it.

Once people found out we were not a couple she got hit on to the three times a week. But she always declined which made me wonder why.

Finally, in September, Brandon signed the final papers and Kate was officially divorced. I could see the change in her mood as well as the confidence she now had in herself with her transformation. She was turning as many heads at the firm as she was in the gym.

We were just ready to leave for the on a Friday evening when Kate came into my office. She closed the door and sat down on the chair facing my desk.

“Tim, I would like to invite you to dinner with my parents. It will just be my mom, dad, Pops, Maw Maw and us. What do you say ?”, she asked warmly.

“Kate, that’s a family gathering, I think I would feel a bit awkward. And I’m still not sure your mother wants me around.”, I replied.

“Nonsense, you have helped me more than you know…… you’re coming Mr. Williams. Despite what my mother thinks. ”, she instructed.

“Ok, then… I’m coming.”, I laughed.

“Great….”, she answered, getting up and walking out.

I picked Kate up at her condo Sunday morning about eleven thirty in the morning. We stopped by a wine store that I used to frequent when Michelle was alive and bought two bottles of white and two bottle of red wine that Michelle loved. We then drove over to Kate’s parents and parked in the front of the house. I followed Kate in to find Maw Maw and Pops already there.

I went into the living area to sit with her grandparents and Ben Landry while Kate went into the kitchen to help her mom. I sat down on the sofa next to Ben Landry after shaking hands with everyone.

“Dad, did you notice anything about Kate lately ?”, Ben asked.

“No, not really. Why ?”, he replied.

“She has been going to the gym with Tim everyday…..look at her when she comes back in here.”, Ben suggested.

“You’re making a body builder out of my granddaughter ?”, he asked.

“No sir, not at all. She asked me to help her and told me what she wanted to work on.”, I laughed.

“So you do everything a woman asks you to ?”, he smiled.

“Yes sir, almost every time.”, I replied.

We talked for about an hour before Sheila and Kate brought the food to the table and began setting up. Before long everyone was seated and enjoying the large spread of food on the table. I seemed to be the main attraction however with Pops asking me about my childhood, school and how I became a partner at so young an age.

Pops was particularly interested in Mon Amor and how we had built it up in such a short time. I gave Michelle all of the credit she was born to be in the restaurant business. I promised that very soon I would take everybody at the table out to dinner.

We went back to work the following day and began to prepare for tax season which was only a few short months away. Later that week, Kate received a phone call from the condo manager stating that Brandon still had not contacted them about renewing the lease. Kate agreed to have everything moved out and put in storage to meet the deadline.

That night at the gym I could see that Kate was anxious about something. When I asked about it she mentioned that she still had not found a house that she liked in her price range. Time was running out and she did not want to move back in with her parents.

“Why don’t you move in with me, Kate. I have three empty bedrooms.”, I offered.

“Oh no Tim, I can’t do that.”, she laughed.

“Why not….. just until you find a place.”, I replied.

I don’t ….know. I mean….. it would be a big help but I hate to invade your privacy.”, Kate sighed.

“Kate, my house is huge… there is loads of rooms.”, I answered.

“Thank you , Tim. I accept your offer.”, she replied.

That weekend, we moved everything Kate wanted to keep from the condo which was mostly clothes. I gave her the second largest bedroom in my house which had it’s own bathroom attached, it was like a second master suite.

From that point on, we rode to work and back together every day. Kate called Brandon and told him that what was left in the condo was his and he could do whatever he wanted with it. She told him her key was in the office there and he could retrieve it when he wanted to.

By the time October ended Kate had achieved all of her goals at the gym and was constantly being complimented on her transformation. Our living arrangement was going well and Kate was still looking for a house that she could purchase.

Sometime around the end of October, Kate informed me that she was taking me out for dinner and a nightclub. She insisted that this was her way of saying thank you for everything that I had done for her. I insisted it was not necessary, but she was not taking no for an answer. So she set up for the following Friday evening.

That Friday evening, we both were supposed to dress casually but when Kate came out of the bedroom, I was stunned. She had on a tight pair of blue jeans that accented her firm ass. She had on a white silk blouse on with a white camisole underneath. She had put a wave in her hair and her makeup was perfect.

“You look amazing……”, I stuttered.

“Oh, I hear you tell all the girls that.”, she giggled.

We went to a local steakhouse where Kate had made reservations for seven o’clock. We were shown to our table and Kate turned quite a few heads as we walked between the tables to the back of the restaurant.

The waitress brought us our drinks and we both ordered from the menu. While we waited on our food I could tell Kate was excited about something.

“Ok Kate, spill it. What is this all about ?”, I asked.

“Like I told you….. it’s a thank you date sort of.”, she giggled.

“This is a date ?”, I asked, confused.

“Sort of… I dunno. But you have to do whatever I say tonight. Those are the rules.”, she insisted.

“Let’s just see how it goes.’, I laughed.

The meal was great and about ninety minutes later we left the restaurant and got into my car. I was getting ready to pull out of the parking lot when I asked where we were headed to.

“Oh, it’s a surprise.”, Kate giggled.

As it turned out…… it was a huge surprise.


2020-08-03 00:42:49
Read your first two stories a long while back and enjoyed them. However n my humble opinion this is better than either.
I also read of your health issues - good luck with that and keep writing you have a talent

Greg GarrettReport 

2020-07-31 06:02:45
I cant wait to see what happens next, Please keep them coming.


2020-07-29 15:25:31
as always great writing. i just thought they were engaged not married when michelle died. please keep writing!

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