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This story is fictional. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Shout out to artis The Veterinarian
Mr. Chambers reentered the room and picked up the small, crying nineteen year old. He carried her to the bathroom, where the tub was full of water. “I can stay and help, or I can leave you alone.”

“Please stay. Thank you, Mr. Chambers,” she said barely audibly.

“Jack, please. If I'm gonna see you naked, I think we should be on a first name basis.”

She offered him a weak smile. He gently undressed her. The uniform had to be cleaned. She was absolutely stunning, he thought. Her little b-cup breasts were perfectly shaped, with thimble sized nipples. She was beyond embarrassment with him now.

To Jack's credit, he didn't stand and ogle her beautiful shape. He sat her in the tub and began to wash her. She could have stopped him and he would leave her alone, surely, but he was being far kinder to her than she had expected. When he came to her sore, delicate genitals, he looked at her, giving her a choice and Leifang hesitated just a second before opening her legs for him.

To her, this was like a strange dream. Was it a nightmare? A fever dream? It felt to good to be a simple nightmare, but she could not reconcile the humiliation and pleasure in her mind. He used his bare fingers as she lifted a bit from the water, and soaped her cleft and labia, looking her in the eyes as he slowly massaged her tender, sore pussy. She found herself breathing heavily again, but just as she was feeling good he moved on.

The bath had been highly erotic, and the sexual energy between them as he cared for her was tangible. “Thank you, Mr... Jack.”

“You're quite welcome, Leifang. I'm going to leave you to dry off, if you don't mind. There is a robe for you on the bed. Then come down to the living room, and we'll have a talk.”

She drained the tub and toweled herself off, putting her black hair up in the towel and slipping into the fluffy robe. She was nervous to talk about what had happened, but she went downstairs to the living room.

It still smelled strongly of sex, she immidiately noticed. It had been less than an hour since she and Buster had finally uncoupled. She was met with tea.

“I owe you a huge apology, Leifang. Buster is well trained not to try and mount a woman who is not in position. It's just dumb coincidence that you took that position for him. If I had known, I obviously wouldn't have left him.”

“Oh course, you did nothing wrong... Jack,” first name basis was difficult. “I had no business doing that, it was thoroughly unprofessional.”

“Maybe,” he said. “You were finished with work and here alone, yes? So I see why you would assume it was private, though you never know who might be watching.” He indicated the nanny-cam and she blushed.

“If I might ask... Did you like it?”

Lei wanted to shout no, of course not, it was sick. But she just blushed more and looked down at her bare feet.

“It's OK. A lot of women have fantasies about it. Like I said, when my wife was alive, we did a lot of pet play. She would pretend to be my puppy and wear a collar with her dog name on it and crawl around naked. We got into it, sometimes spending the whole weekend like that. And we both got so turned on by it, we always wound up fucking like crazy. She told me she fantasized about being a bitch for a real dog. I thought it was the hottest idea I had ever heard.

“I found out through a forum about a special breeder, who had males bred to have a high sex drive, a huge amount of cum and extra long knot-time. I bought Buster and one day, a Friday when we planned a whole weekend of puppy games, I brought him home.

“She was already naked and in a collar, with her buttplug tail in her ass when we came in. She actually peed a little when she saw him. I told her he knew what to do with a bitch in heat like her, and she was to take him whenever he wanted. Then I took her out to the yard and he fucked her brains out.

“She only fucked him when she was in her puppy persona, and he knew a bare upturned ass was a green light.” he finished.

Leifang shifted uncomfortably. The story hadn't turned her off. Quite the opposite, she was incredibly aroused. She had not fantasized about dogs, but had about submission, and being a petgirl was total submission. “And only you two ever knew about it?”

“No, we had a group of friends, and would regularly get together for petgirl play dates. She even got a pawprint tattoo in her bikini area, just above her cleft. There were three guys and four petgirls. One guy had two slave-girls, consentual of course, who he would 'punish' by making them play puppy and get fucked by Buster. Boy, they learned quickly why my wife always wore a tailplug.”


“Buster starts humping and when he finds a hole he fills it, and he doesn't much care which one.”

“Oh.” she was a little queazy and very turned on by the thought.

“We had that going for a year, and then Desiree died in a car accident. Drunk driver. And it was just me and Buster. I find him a bitch to breed about once a week. There are plenty of women who are curious to get dog-fucked, if you know where to look. Poor dogs breed means he is miserable if he doesn't drain his balls every so often.” Leifang knew how he felt. “Anyway, I just though you might want an explanation. Poor boy misses his bitch. I miss her too, she was the sweetest, kinkiest, most loving wife a man could have.”

Leifang thought for a second. “What was her name?” she finally asked.


“You said she had a puppy name...”

“Oh, yeah, Cuddlebutt. I liked how cute it was.”

Leifang had been thoroughly humiliated in front of this man, this lovely kind man. He had not shamed her for the perverse act he had caught her in. She realized she had never felt so much pleasure as when she was hanging helpless on Busters big cock.

“If... If you want... I'll be your pet girl sometimes.” She offered nervously.

“Are you sure?” He said, surprised. In response she leaned forward and kissed his mouth. He kissed back and she began to shrug off the robe. He help and allowed himself to fully enjoy her tiny brown body. She was young, smooth and sweet as candy.

She sank to the floor in front of him. She had seen a thousand porno blowjobs, but she hadn't yet given one. The dog had claimed her virginity, but Jack could receive her first blowjob. She struggled clumsily with his jeans. “Sorry, I've never done this before...”

“Sucked a cock? It's OK, I'll guide you.” He was already hard and his cock smacked her face when it sprung free. She giggled. Gently she touched it.

“I don't want to gag on it,” she said.

“That's mostly for porn. Just start by tasting the tip.”

She did, gently touching her tongue to his pee hole. Salty, and slippery. It was odd, but good. She licked up one side and down the other. He gasped when her soft tongue hit under the head. He gently guided her, giving soft instruction on what felt good. And she definitely had a natural affinity for it.

She bobbed in a steady quick rhythm, stroking him with her right hand where her mouth couldn't reach. He was not huge, but not small either. She had read that a little less than six inches was average, and he was maybe slightly more.

“Oh, babygirl, I'm gonna cum soon.”

She kept going. His instructions stopped and now he gust groaned. Then the first thick, hot cum hit her tongue. It was salty and a touch bitter, but not bad. She pulled him out and stroked the jizz out into her mouth. He came a lot, a good mouthful, and she smiled up at him with cheeks puffed out a bit. She opened her mouth to let him see his load, like in the porn movies. “Wanna see?” he asked. She nodded. He turned his phone on selfie mode and she opened her mouth again to see herself, naked and mouth full of semen, a bit leaking down her chin. She looked like such a slut, a total cumslut, and she never felt so hot. She impulsively reached up and snapped a picture. Then she closed up and let the sticky mess slide down her throat.

“Holy fuck, that was hot. Are you sure that was your first time?”

She giggled again, scooping the cum from her chin and sucking her finger clean. “I think I like having sex with you, Jack,” She said.

The rest of the day they spent with Jack showing the young woman the joys of sexual pleasure. She was ready to go right away but he would need some time to recharge. He led her to the bedroom and took his time going down on her young pussy. It was a whole different type of pleasure than she had felt with Buster. That had been raw, brutal. But Jack balanced passion with skill. He asked her to tell him if something felt good or not, and began kissing her inner thighs. Most of his focus was on her clit, and he seemed to delight in bringing her up to the edge of ecstasy before moving and focusing on her labia, or treating the sweet honey inside. Finally, she demanded as she got close to her orgasm she said, “Don't stop! Don't you motherfucking stop!” and then convulsed in sheer sensation. Hey mind went nearly blank, and she jerked and shuddered for a long time.

He moved up the breathless teens body and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted her own girlcum, and found the whole thing dirty and sexy. She was exhausted, having been through quite an ordeal. She was greatly she didn't have any other houses to clean today. He held her naked body and she dozed. She had never felt as secure and cared for in her life.

An hour later she woke up. His rough hand rested on her tiny left breast. He was awake and reading a book. “What are you reading?”

“Dumas. Count of Monte Cristo. Do you know it?”

“I read the musketeers in high school.”

“So we need to talk,” he started, “about where we go with this. I believe anything like this you should go into with eyes wide open.”

Lei thought about this bizarre, amazing, humiliating, wonderful day. She was sore all over. She was still turned on from the unexpected loss of her virginity.

“I really like you, Lei. I haven't had a petgirl in years, and a cute little Asian beasty-bitch has been a fantasy for a long time. You seemed into it yourself, once the shock wore off a bit. So, do you want to go down the rabbit hole? Your life will get much, much more interesting if you enter this world with me.”

“Will it be scary?” she asked. But she knew the answer.

“Sometimes. But there's only one other girl I've ever known to get off on the dog cock as much as you did, and I think the scary and humiliation helped, yes.”

Leifang slowly nodded.

“So, here's my plan. If you want to go down the rabbit hole, you will move in with me, and to everyone outside, in public you will be my new girlfriend. You will continue your classes, we'll go to dinner and movies, all that stuff. But at home, when you put on that collar, you're my pet puppy. You'll have a pet name, and I will train you. And you will be Buster's bitch. Anytime he mounts, you take it, and you endure the knot.

“I also have some petgirl clubs I'm a part of, even though I have been inactive for a while. We have parties, and you will be in full bitch mode for those. If you are into girls, there are always a couple of hypersexual pet sluts that you can put on a show for us owner with. We may or may not bring Buster, not everybody gets down with bestiality.”

Leifang weighed this unexpected, life changing decision. Before today, she would have been too timid to consider it, or even really acknowledge her perverted desires. But like it or not, she had revealed herself to Jack Chambers, far more than physically, and there was no unseeing that.

“If I want to stop? If I decide I hate it?” she asked.

“Then we stop. Unless you are currently tied with Buster, then we stop once he's pulled out. You have a safe word, and if you say it, we break scene, whether it's to stop permanently or to fix a problem.”

“And what about... Us. Will we still have sex?”

“Sure, when you aren't in puppy mode. If you're collared, you are Buster's. But I make an exception, for you sucking my cock.”

“How often would I be collared?”

“As often as you want.”

They talked about details, work, school and her current little room that she rented, and finally she said, “OK, I want to try it!”


2020-08-12 10:05:28
Great story please keep the chapters coming. But please also consider letting her keep the maid's uniform or at least a sexer version for a scene or two.


2020-08-11 16:59:48
Absolutely lovely. More pleasee!! I'm *dying* to earn my own pawprint someday!

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