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Janet gets horny when she sees her brother wearing a jock strap.
Janet didn’t drag her butt out of bed until just before eleven o’clock in the morning. When she got up she stood in front of her full length mirror and studied her image while brushing her hair and trying to decide what to wear on the sweltering summer day. She smiled at the image that she saw in the mirror, she was correct in her appraisal; wearing only a sports bra and boy-toy pants, her usual bedtime attire, she reconfirmed in her mind that she did indeed look pretty damn hot.

Much earlier in the day her Mom and Dad had left for work, but her Mom would be coming back home soon, she’s only working a half day, and that’s the reason why Janet had to get out of bed. She didn’t want her mother coming home and finding her still in bed at noon.

Just as Janet turned sideways to look at her butt in the mirror, out the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a reflection of her brother going past her half open bedroom door. She knew that her brother was the only other person in the house.

There was something odd about what she had glimpsed though. Something wasn’t right. Her first impression, for a split second there, was that John wasn’t wearing any clothes. She had a fleeting glimpse of a lot of flesh. Did she just see his butt? Was her brother walking around the house naked? Oh, I can’t pass up this chance, I just gotta see that, she thought.

She had a vague and distant memory of the last time she saw her brother naked, they were a lot younger. Her brother is a year and a half older then her. Her memory was of her brother standing in front of her in a bathtub. Both were naked and she remembered that his little pee-pee was stiff and pointing straight at her.

She remembered the incident because of the traumatic effect of all the yelling and the crying. Their Dad had walked in the bathroom and caught Janet touching the tip of her older brother’s thingy with her finger.

She remembered her Dad got very angry and threatened to whip her and her brother’s butts if he ever caught them touching each other again. They were never allowed to bathe together again after that incident. Her Dad warned her very sternly to never touch any boy’s thingy again, ever!

She smiled a little smile, if her Dad only knew what she’d learned from her ex-boyfriend about touching boys’ thingies. He’d keel over from a heart attack.

Janet hurried across the room to her bedroom door and yanked the door the rest of the way open and quickly stuck her head out into the hallway. She looked in the same direction that John was heading and her mouth dropped open in surprise.

As John walked down the stairs to the first floor, Janet left her bedroom and quickly tiptoed down the carpeted hallway stealthily following him.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She could clearly see that John wasn’t naked, but besides the socks and running shoes, she couldn’t tell what he was actually wearing.

Janet was fascinated and not just a little turned on, as she watched her brother’s bare ass cheeks undulating as he walked. Damn she thought John has got a good-looking and muscular ass, powerful thighs, and strong back. She felt a twinge in her pussy as she quietly trailed her big brother as he descended the stairs.

When John turned the corner at the bottom of the stairwell is when Janet got to see a profile view of whatever that thing was that John was wearing. She had briefly looked at that particular piece of apparel before when she’d seen it in the dirty clothes hamper but she hadn’t actually figured out what it was.

Now that she saw John wearing it, it dawned on her what it was. It was one of those things that guys wear when they’re playing sports to keep their junk from flopping around or falling out of their shorts. She’d never actually seen a guy wearing a jock strap before.

The jock strap had a triangular shaped cloth pouch in the front that covered John’s dick and testicles. John’s cloth pouch looked pretty full and the material looked stretched to its limits. It didn’t look like John could stuff anything more into that pouch without splitting it open and having everything spilling out.

She was impressed with her brother’s body. She could see everything, well almost everything. What the jock strap hid from view is what she really wanted to see. But at least now she could take seeing her brother’s well shaped and good-looking butt off her bucket list.

Janet leapt down the carpeted steps two and three at a time until she reached the bottom step and then quickly peeked around the corner at her brother’s retreating form. Damn his ass was sexy.

John opened the laundry room door and went inside. His back was facing towards the doorway as he bent over the dirty laundry basket. His bare ass was in plain view as he rifled through the clothes in the dirty clothes basket.

A moment later Janet tried to act casual as she walked slowly and silently on bare feet past the open laundry room door and peeked in at her brother as she passed.

An audible thud filled the hallway as Janet, staring at her brother’s exposed ass, walked right into the kitchen doorway’s frame, hitting it with the side of her head.

“Ouch, damn,” Janet involuntarily let slip out loud as she briskly rubbed the side of her face.

“Hey Sis, have you seen my running shorts?” John yelled from inside the laundry room.

“Ah, no I haven’t. Did you look in the dirty clothes basket?” Janet asked as she stepped into the laundry room doorway. She shamelessly eyed her brother’s physique as she leaned against the laundry room door frame.

“Yeah I looked there, but they’re not in that basket,” John responded as he glanced up quickly at his sister and then when he saw her skimpy attire he shyly and quickly diverted his eyes.

“Did you check inside the washing machine?” Janet asked as she openly ogled her brother’s almost naked body.

John turned sideways to his sister in an unsuccessful attempt to shield his state of undress to some extent. Unsuccessful because by turning sideways, he just gave his sister another profile view, which actually gave her a better idea about how big of a bulge he had in the front of his jock strap. He bent down and opened the washing machine’s door and started rummaging through the wet clothes in the front-loading washing machine.

“Oh wait a minute.., I just remembered that they’re in the dryer,” Janet said as she’d known all along that’s where they were. She also knew there was no way that John could search the front-loading dryer in the small laundry room without turning his back to her and bending over again.

John hesitated; he knew he would expose his bare ass again if he searched the dryer. He waited a moment, he waited in the hope that his sister would walk back into the kitchen. But the waiting time dragged on and on as she just leaned against the door jam and kept running her eyes slowly up and down his body.

Feeling conspicuously embarrassed by his sister’s scrutiny he finally just shrugged his shoulders a little then he turned his back to his sister and bent over and started searching the front-loading dryer.

Janet’s eyes widened and her pussy started getting moist as she stared at her brother’s exposed ass. She couldn’t help but zero in on two areas, the first area was his tightly wrinkled anus, which was on display between his muscular ass cheeks when he bent over and the bulge that his genitals made as they lay hidden from sight behind that tight fitting cloth pouch.

After a moment or two of searching John found the shorts and pulled them out of the dryer, he stood up straight and turned and faced his sister.

“By the way bro, I love the outfit that you’re wearing this morning, you don’t need to cover all that up by putting on a pair of shorts,” Janet said as she shamelessly stared at John’s cloth covered crotch.

“If you really do want a new girlfriend all you’d have to do is go jogging in that thing... you’d have every girl in the neighborhood jogging right behind you and screaming for your phone number.”

John just grunted, but he did get a quick mental picture of girls jogging behind him, yelling and cheering, if he went out running while wearing nothing but his jock strap.

“You should be careful about who sees you wearing that thing. As sexually frustrated as mom is, you should probably not wear that thing in front of her..., but you could wear that in front of me more often. It’s eye candy for a girl and very intriguing.”

“What’s intriguing about it?”

“I seriously doubt that there are too many women that have ever seen a guy wearing one those things before. I never have, I would’ve remembered that. What is that thing anyway, is that male lingerie?”

“It’s just a jock strap.”

“It’s pretty sexy; I mean the way those straps wrap around your butt. It definitely shows off your assets,” Janet chuckled at her own joke as she openly stared at the bulge in the front of John’s jock strap.

“The intriguing part is that large bulge in the front there, which makes a girl want to find out what’s hidden behind that cloth pouch. All in all, it’s a very sexy looking outfit bro.”

“It’s not as sexy as the outfits that you wear,” John said as he shyly let his eyes roamed over his sister’s sports bra and boy-toy pants. He tried, unsuccessfully, to not stare directly at her well-defined camel toe.

“Oh you like this? I like the bra but I think these pants are a touch too small. Not counting the camel toe that you apparently enjoy staring at, every time I bend over these pants crawl up the crack of my ass... when I wear these I always get a wedgie... watch...,” Janet said as she turned her back towards her brother and looking over her shoulder at him as she bent over slightly, “See what I mean?”

John stared at his sister’s newly formed wedgie. His dick twitched uncomfortably in confines of his jock strap.

Janet’s pants had indeed crawled up between the cheeks of her magnificently shaped ass; wedged in so deep that it almost looked like she was wearing a thong. The pants highlighted the crack of her butt and exposed the lower halves of the twin globes of her fantastically rounded cheeks.

“I can see why you get those wedgies. You got a gorgeous ass sis; I don’t know anything in the world that wouldn’t want to crawl up between those fantastic looking cheeks.”

“Awww, you’re so sweet... since you obviously like looking at my butt so much I’ll let you touch it, I’ll let you fix this wedgie for me.., pull the pants out of my crack will you bro,” Janet asked while still looking at John over her shoulder as she bent over even further and wiggled her butt enticingly at her brother.

Janet hoped that John would just grab her pants and pull them completely down. John swallowed hard and then hesitantly reached out with both hands and touched his sister’s ass. He slid the index finger of each hand in between her smooth ass cheeks and the elastic of her silken pants at the top of her wedgie. He slid the backs of his fingers slowly downward over the soft curves of his sister’s ass cheeks as his finger’s downward motion slowly pulled her pants out from between the cheeks of her ass.

“Thanks bro, I owe you one,” Janet said as she stood up straight and smiled at her brother.

She’d felt a thrill in her pussy the instant her brother touched her butt. That didn’t surprise her too much; she knew that she was pretty horny. She reluctantly tore her eyes away from her brother’s jock strap pouch as she turned and intentionally left the laundry room door wide open when she left so that her brother could watch her ass as she walked back into the kitchen.

“Oh and those panties are not too small, they’re just small enough to really do your butt justice,” John offered as he stared at her ass as she walked away.

“Well that settles it then.., if you like these pants then I’ll keep them,” Janet teased.

“Don’t ever tell me to kiss your ass sis, unless you’re willing to pull your panties down so I can,” John teased back.

“Promises, promises... I’ll remind you that you said that when the time is right,” Janet replied as she opened the dishwasher’s door and bent over and started taking dishes out of the rack.

As soon as Janet bent over her pants immediate crawled up between her ass cheeks. She knew it happened and she also knew that her brother was staring at her ass again. She did nothing about it as she stood up straight and stood on her toes as she started stretching to put the dishes in the overhead cabinets.

Damn she was getting hornier by the minute. She could feel the wetness already starting in her pussy from just showing off her ass and legs to her brother. She started seriously considering jumping her brother’s bones. She wondered what his reaction would be if she tried.

John suspected that Janet picked this exact time to do the bending over and stretching while emptying the dishwasher just because she knew that he was watching. He didn’t object at all because he did enjoy the view of her gorgeous ass and legs.

The brother and sister had always bantered back and forth about sex but never to this extent. He stared at his sister’s exposed ass cheeks as he stepped into his running shorts and pulled them up. He reluctantly turned away from the erotic sight and headed for the front door.


The sibling’s sexual bantering had gotten a lot more serious over the past few months. For Janet it got serious after she noticed that John would abruptly leave the room sometimes, even in the middle of a conversation. At first Janet just chalked it up to normal brother and sister stuff, her big brother was just being rude and ignoring his little sister.

It took Janet longer than she thought it should have before she figured out that she was actually the reason why John would leave a room so abruptly.

When Janet started connecting the dots she noticed that John's sudden departures usually coincided with her parading around the house dressed only in her bra and pants. Before that observation she had never given any thought to how her attire, or lack of, would affect her older brother's raging hormones. She’d always run around the house in her underwear as far back as she could remember.

Janet mistakenly figured that John seeing her parading around in her bra and pants was no different than John seeing her wearing a bikini. However, she realized later, that was not the way her brother viewed her underwear.

She loved her big brother and hadn't meant to do anything that would make him feel uncomfortable around her. She didn't want to hurt her brother in any way. Janet vowed to herself to remember to dress more modestly, she didn't want to torment her brother.

Janet’s modesty vow didn’t pass the test of time. A week later Janet forgot her modesty vow one morning and failed to wear her bathrobe. She paraded around the kitchen wearing a push up bra and shear white pants.

John had walked in to the kitchen when Janet had her back turned to the doorway and was bending over emptying the dishwasher. Janet heard John gasp in surprise, he stood in the kitchen doorway for a moment not saying anything, and just as Janet turned her head to look at him is when he suddenly spun on his heel and quickly left the room and went straight to the bathroom.

Janet quickly realized her mistake and immediately went to her bedroom to get her bathrobe. She looked at herself in a full length mirror and could see why John left the room so abruptly. She turned around and bent over and looked at her ass in the full length mirror. The crack of her ass and even the lips of her pussy were plainly visible through the translucent white pants, almost like she wasn’t wearing any.

Damn it, Janet thought, John could see everything, no wonder he left so quickly. Janet still kind of giggled to herself over John’s discomfort. It’s a good thing he didn’t see the front of her shear pants, she thought, he might have fainted if he saw her blond bush.

By the time John returned from the bathroom Janet was back in the kitchen and wearing her bathrobe.

She tried to apologize to him for not wearing her bathrobe. She hadn't meant to wear such a revealing pair of pants in front of him. She felt bad because John wouldn't look her in the eyes when she tried to talk to him about it and the rest of the day he went out of his way to avoid her.

Janet felt pretty bad about it all. She felt bad, right up to the point that she started noticing that John took every opportunity he had to peek and sometimes even outright stare at certain parts of her anatomy. She constantly caught him staring at her tits, he stared at her ass. She also noticed that he seemed to enjoy looking at her legs and she’d caught him peeking up her skirt, he peeked up her skirts a lot.

Janet finally connected the dots. She figured out what was going on with John. He'd look up her skirt or at her tits or her legs and after only a few minutes, he would start getting an erection. Then John would run off to the bathroom, where Janet surmised he probably jacked off to get rid of his hardon.

Once Janet figured out what John was doing in the bathroom because of the powerful effect that her body had on him then the poor son of a bitch didn't stand a chance. Just knowing that her big brother had to be fantasizing about her while he jacked off made Janet feel incredibly sexy. Whenever she’d make John run to the bathroom to alleviate his erection her pussy would get moist just thinking about what John was doing in there.

After discovering the affect that her body had on John’s libido she started doing some outrageous deeds just to tease him. A couple of times she didn’t wear any pants under her short skirts and she made sure to bend over when John was behind her or she’d cross or uncross her legs carelessly, or she’d cross them by putting her ankle of one foot on her other knee and allowing him to get a good view between her legs. She’d flash her vertical smile at him and whoosh, John would run to the bathroom.

Janet loved the way that her big brother looked at her when she wore yoga pants or her exercise tights or skimpy underwear. It turned her on to know that the lustful look in her brother's eyes was for her. Janet challenged herself to do whatever she could to get John's dick hard and make him have to run to the bathroom and relieve the pressure. To her it was a sexy game. Janet was just having some harmless fun at her brother’s expense.

She’d put her ear against the bathroom door a couple of times after John had rushed in there but she couldn’t hear anything going on the other side. She was very tempted to just open the door and walk in the bathroom in an attempt to catch John jacking off. Her idea, if she ever got up enough nerve, was to have John finish masturbating while she watched, but she couldn’t quite get up the nerve to turn that door knob.

Seeing John wearing nothing but his jock strap changed the game forever. That jock strap turned the tables on Janet. Now she was the one overwhelmed with lust.

The memorable sight of her brother’s naked ass in a jock strap caused her pussy to get moist, very moist. That's when she decided that she was finished playing games with John. Janet wanted to do more than just tease him now. Her curiosity about her brother's anatomy demanded immediate action. Now she wanted to see HIS package and she didn’t plan on just looking at it either. She wanted to get her hands on John’s naked butt cheeks too.


John finished his usual five mile run and then returned to the house. The entire time he was running all he could think about was how sexy his little sister looked in her sports bra and those skimpy panties with the thong effect of that wedgie that displayed her awesome ass so perfectly.

When John got back to the house he went straight to the laundry room. He grabbed a soiled bath towel from the dirty laundry basket and started wiping the perspiration off his face and under his arms.

Janet had heard the front door open and close when her brother returned. She had thought about it while John was jogging and had decided to throw caution to the wind. She was going to find out if John was as horny as she was.

She waited for about a minute after John returned home and then she removed her sports bra. Carrying the bra in her hand as she walked topless into the laundry room and stood behind her older brother.

John was not aware that his sister was standing behind him as he towel dried his face and hair.

The longer Janet stood there watching the perspiration rolling down her brother’s muscular back and strong legs the hornier she got. A well built and sweaty male did something strange to her insides. It actually caused an ache in her groin.

Janet, trying to get her brother’s attention tossed her sports bra past him, aiming it at the dirty laundry hamper as she took a step closer to John.

John had just finished ruffling his hair with the towel when he saw his sister’s sports bra fly past his arm and land in the laundry basket. He started to turn his head to see if sister was standing behind him bare breasted when suddenly Janet stepped in closer behind him and pushed her naked tits into the middle of his sweaty back and wrapped her arms around his upper body and hugged him tightly. He’d gotten hugs from his sister before but none when they were both topless.

“Ah sis, don’t do that, I’m all sweaty,” John protested.

“My dear brother, don't you know how manly and irresistible you are when you’ve got sweat dripping off your unbelievable body?”

Janet’s hands slowly slid back and forth several times across John’s sweat covered chest, his biceps, and his stomach. It was like she was finger painting his body with his own perspiration, his sister’s hands felt fantastic. She swiped her stiff nipples back and forth across his sweaty back. Her pussy was almost dripping.

Slowly her hands worked across John’s chest, her thumbs rubbed back and forth across his nipples, making his nipples hard. Her hands slid down over his six pack stomach and gradually slid down further to his hips.

Janet nervously hooked her thumbs inside the elastic at the top of John’s sweaty running shorts; she stretched the elastic outward and pulled the shorts down his hips and thighs. She pulled them down below his knees and then she released them and his running shorts dropped to the floor around his ankles.

“What are you doing sis?”

“I’m helping you cool down after your run,” Janet giggled.

John froze. He stood there not moving and not knowing what to do as his sister again pressed her bare tits against his sweaty back. He felt the bulge of her camel toe as she cozily pushed it into the crack of his ass. John felt a stirring deep within his testicles. His dick tried to get hard. Damn, John thought if she wasn’t my sister.

“I warned you that your jock strap makes a girl curious as to what’s hidden behind that pouch,” Janet offered as her hands sensually slid down John’s stomach to the sides of John’s sweaty thighs and then she slowly moved her hands around to the front of his thighs, at pouch level.

“I’ve heard that guys stuff sweat socks down their pants to try and fool girls into thinking that they got a big dick.”

John swallowed hard. He looked downward and watched his sister’s hands; he wasn’t going to stop her, her hands felt wonderful. He wandered how far his sister was going to go. He watched as one of Janet’s hands cupped his jock strap pouch and momentarily gave it a slight squeeze. John gasped as he sucked air into his lungs. No girl had ever put their hand on his crotch before.

“I’m just squeezing to see if you have any Charmin stuffed in there bro.”

Janet slid the palms of her hands back to the front of John’s thighs, as her hands pressed on the front of his thighs she ground her pussy mound against John’s ass. Then she wedged both thumbs between his upper thighs and the outside edges of the jock strap pouch. Janet leaned around John’s side and looked down at his pouch as she pushed her thumbs forward, lifting both the sides of the tight fitting cloth pouch away from his groin as she looked down to see what the pouch had previously hidden from her view.

“Holy shit John! No toilet paper or sweat socks hidden in there! How the hell did you hide THAT thing inside that little pouch?”

“I wasn’t getting a hardon when I put it inside there,” John mumbled.

“Oh, so you’re getting a hardon right now? I don’t think your dick could get stiff inside this thing, it is way too tight.”

Janet moved her hands to the broad elastic top of John’s jock strap. She pushed her fingers down between John’s stomach and the strong and over-sized elastic waistband and pulled the elastic forward, stretching it outward to make sure to clear the bulge created by John’s dick and testicles as she worked his tight jock strap down his hips and thighs, freeing up his quickly growing erection.

“Janet, I don’t think we should be doing this,” John said as his jock strap suddenly joined his shorts down around his ankles.

“You’re probably right..., we shouldn’t do this..., mom will be home soon..., but doesn’t it make your dick feel better now that it’s free to grow?” Janet replied as she looked down at John’s freed and quickly growing erection.

Janet slid one hand down the crack of her brother’s sweaty ass causing John to flinch in surprise. She knifed her left hand between John’s thighs from behind and cupped her brother’s testicles. She gripped his balls in the palm of her hand as if she were holding an orange. She lifted his balls a couple of times like she was trying to guess their weight.

John sighed deeply as his dick twitched and rapidly finished growing to full length.

Janet held John’s testicles in one hand as she took the towel out of John’s hands with her other hand. She held it down below John’s testicles and lifted the towel upward until she cradled John’s sweaty erection in her towel covered hand. She wrapped her towel covered fingers around his stiff dick.

“I haven’t played with one of these in months... you don’t mind if I play with yours do you? I’ve kind of miss playing with one.” Janet offered as she squeezed John’s dick tightly in her towel covered hand.

She waited for John to react to the squeeze. John signed deeply. Then she suddenly relaxed her grip, as she relaxed her grip John inhaled deeply and then she squeezed his shaft tightly again.

“What’s the matter sis,” John panted, “won’t your boyfriend let you play with his dick?”

“Not anymore. The one and only boyfriend that I had demanded that I do something for HIM that I wasn’t going to do. So he is my boyfriend no more.”

“So he wanted... you to put out?” John whispered breathlessly.

“No... He didn’t want to fuck me..., he wanted me to let him cum in my mouth,” Janet admitted. She felt John’s dick twitch in her hand. She smiled as she tightly squeezed his dick again as his dick reacted to what she’s said.

“I see, so I guess you don’t like oral sex?” John was breathing heavily.

“I don’t know because I’ve never tried anything oral yet. I just wasn’t going to let HIM cum in my mouth... it’s not that I don’t want to try oral sex... because I do. I’m just kind of picky about who I choose to do that for. The guy that I let cum in my mouth will be somebody I like a lot more than that little prick that I was dating,” Janet offered as she squeezed John’s erection tightly for emphasis.

She realized as she held her brother’s erection in her towel covered hand that calling her ex-boyfriend a little prick was pretty accurate, especially compared to her brother’s prick.

Janet relaxed her grip a little bit and then slowly slid her fist up her brother’s dick shaft all the way to the head. Janet used her fingers to rub the rough towel back and forth over the head of John’s dick. Then she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and squeezed his dick tightly in her fist again. John’s knees were getting weak.

“Damn sis, you hands feel wonderful,” John admitted as precum started leaking from the slit in the head of his dick.

“This towel’s too thick... I got something that will feel better.”

Janet let the towel drop to the floor as she took a step back away from her brother and hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her boy-toy pants and pushed them down her hips and thighs. She lifted one foot and then the other as she took off her pants. She took a step forward and again smashed her tits against her brother’s back as she draped her boy-toy pants over John’s erection and then wrapped the pants tightly around the shaft of his dick.

Janet’s hand started sliding her silky pants up and down the shaft of her brother’s dick, using the slickness of her pants to stimulate John’s hardon.

John signed and reached out and placed a hand on the dryer to steady himself. His senses were reeling; he’d never had a girl jacking him off before. He couldn’t think straight, he was panting for air; his knees were getting weak. What his sister was doing to his dick felt amazing.

Janet altered her technique, changing from gripping tightly to just barely gripping his shaft as she rapidly slid her hand and her pants up and down John’s dick shaft from the base at his balls to the top of the head. Then she massaged the head with her fingertips.

“Did your girlfriends let you cum in their mouths? I hope you did the gentlemanly thing and returned the favor by eating their hot and wet little pussies?”

“I’ve had only two girlfriends’ sis... and neither girl that I dated would do that for me or let me do that for them.”

John panted through his open mouth as Janet stopped playing with the head of John’s dick and squeezed his shaft tightly, forcing more precum out of his dick.

“Seriously bro, you’ve never had oral sex either?”

“No never! And, I’ve never had a girl grab my dick either,” John panted as Janet slowly started pumped his dick again, “Oh god sis... your hand feels so good... oh god...”

Janet released her grip on John’s balls and used her fingernails to lightly scratch his testicles from the base of his stiff dick under his balls to his perineum then one fingernail scratched all the way to his asshole. John flinched and groaned.

Then Janet pulled her brother’s body back tightly against her tits as she took her left hand out from between his legs and reached around the front of John’s hips and cupped his testicles in her hand.

“Ohhhh damn sis... I loved what you just did with your fingernails.”

While still using one hand on the dryer for balance John reached behind his back with his free hand and slid the palm of his hand between his sweaty back and Janet’s flat stomach and slid his hand downward to the front of Janet’s pussy.

Janet’s breath caught in her throat when John’s fingers touched her pussy. John slid his finger up and down between the wet lips of his sister’s pussy. Janet pushed her hips harder forward against John’s ass, trapping John’s hand against her snatch.

“So you’ve never had a girl jack you off? Hell that’s the only thing that my boyfriend taught me... how to get HIM off..,” Janet’s hand started sliding faster up and down the shaft of John’s dick.

“He... taught you... well... oh god sis... ohhhhh fuucckkk!”

Janet’s hand stopped, she waited for John’s breathing to slow down. She was enjoying herself too much to allow John to come too quickly. Besides, she hadn’t yet talked John into cooperating with her on what she really wanted him to do. If the rigidity of his dick was any indication, she wouldn’t have any problem getting his willing participation.

For the next few minutes the only sounds in the laundry room was the sound of John’s gasping and Janet’s heavy breathing. Janet slowly jacked the panty covered shaft of her brother’s dick as John slid his finger up and down the slippery crevice of his sister’s pussy.

“Janet we really shouldn’t..,” John panted unconvincingly as he tried to express the proverbial societal prohibitions of incestuous related forbidden acts between brothers and sisters, even as his sister’s hands pushed him closer and closer to blowing his load.

“No I guess you’re right,” Janet said as she gripped John’s dick tightly at the base and slowly slid her hand upward on his shaft, forcing more precum slowly up John’s urethra tube and out of the slit at the top of his dick and weakening his knees even more.

“I should be learning about sex like every other girl does, right? The only sex I’ve had is in the back seat of a car. I’ve been finger fucked, and I’ve learned how to jack a guy off. There has to be more to sex then just that.”

“I didn’t even get that far with a girl. Neither one of my girlfriends would even let me put my hand in their panties,” John panted back.

Janet’s hand squeezed tightly about an inch down below the head of John’s dick. The tight squeeze made the head of his dick swell larger with trapped blood. John moaned and had trouble standing.

Janet had waited until she knew that she had John close to having an orgasm. He would be less likely to refuse her request if she timed her request with his orgasm. She figured she had him on the verge of cumming and now would be the perfect time to ask her question.

“Since neither one of us has had too much experience with the opposite sex yet, do you think that maybe we could... do things together..., you know.., like we could learn how to do oral sex... on each other?” Janet whispered in John’s ear as her hand again started sliding her silky pants at a much quicker pace up and down the shaft of John’s stiff dick.

Janet knew that John would go along with her suggestion by the way his balls twitched in the palm of her other hand when she asked that question. Her ex-boyfriend had taught her how he liked to be jacked off, she was experienced enough to know what that little spasm in John’s balls signified. She tightened her grip on John’s dick and started sliding the panties even faster up and down John’s dick shaft.

“Ohhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Oh fuck I'm cummmmmming," John warned.

“Oooooo... go ahead and squirt for me bro...” Janet offered as she watched the head of her brother’s cock as it started swelling as it started spitting.

“Ah fuck... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah...” John grunted with every powerful squirt of sperm out of his dick. Janet released her grip on his testicles and used that hand to hold a portion of her pants in front of John’s dick as his cum squirted on then and started soaking through.

“Damn, look at all that cum! I think your dick kind of likes the idea of having oral sex with your little sister, doesn’t it?” Janet asked as she used one of the tricks she had learned and squeezed the shaft of her brother’s dick tightly on a quick upstroke, forcing the next squirt of come to eject even more powerfully.

“Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah...” All John could do was stand there and try to keep from doubling over as he panted for breath as his sister kept squeezing and jacking cum out of his dick.

When John’s dick finally stopped squirting and his cum was just dribbling out of his dick Janet hurriedly moved from behind John to his right side and then she quickly leaned over and put her mouth over the head of John’s dick and gently sucked the head of his shrinking dick into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh... that feels amazing.”

She could taste John’s cum as she sucked out the small amount of cum that remained and would have just dribbled out of his dick.

It was the first time she’d ever touched a guy’s dick with her lips. But it wasn’t her first taste of a guy’s cum. She had sneaked a taste of her boyfriend’s cum, when he wasn’t looking; she’d licked it off her fingers. The taste wasn’t unpleasant, she had only tasted just enough to make her more curious.

Ironically, if her ex-boyfriend had been more subtle, if he hadn’t been so damn pushy by forcibly pushing her face down towards his dick, and demanding that she suck him off, he might have gotten the blowjob that he wanted so badly.

“Oh damn sis,” John moaned as his chin rested on his chest as he watched his sister sucking gently on the head of his deflating dick as it slowly went limp. If he could have cum again he would have as he watched his sister using her beautiful lips on his cockhead.

John could barely stand up, his knees were so weak. He slid one hand across his sister’s bare back as she leaned over. His hand slid around her side and cupped her naked right breast in the palm of his hand as his other hand slid past his stomach to cradle her left breast in his left hand.

Janet let John’s flaccid dick slip from between her lips and then stood up straight and faced John. John immediately reached out and gently started fondling both of her bare breasts.

John had gotten his hand inside his girlfriend’s bra before but he’d never had a pair of tits in both hands at the same time before. He stared at the pair of smallish but magnificent breasts in his hands. The beauty of his sister’s breasts amazed him.

“You can suck on my nipples if you want,” Janet invited “run your thumbs over my nipples until they’re stiff, that’s how you can tell when a girl is getting turned on... their nipples gets as stiff as your dick does and when they do... you should make love to them with your hands and your mouth, you should kiss them and suck on my nipples and lick them.”

John did exactly as Janet requested. His tongue slowly stuck out of his mouth as he lowered his head towards his younger sister’s offered breasts. He circled her right nipple a few times with his tongue and then gently sucked on it for a few seconds and then switched to her left nipple and did the same.

Janet moaned softly as John’s tongue teased her nipples. Her hand went behind John’s head, her fingers intertwined in the sweaty hair on the back of his head as she pulled his face harder against her breasts. John sucked one nipple completely into his mouth and started sucking harder.

“Ohhhh your mouth feels so nice..,” Janet sighed as she grabbed one of John’s hands and pulled it towards her crotch, “put your hand on my pussy bro.”

John put the palm of one hand against Janet’s flat stomach and nervously slid his hand downward until his middle finger slid between the wet lips of his sister’s pussy; he used his fingers to search for a girl’s vaginal opening for the first time ever.

John was excited about putting his hand down between a girl’s legs but he had no clue as to what to do when he got it there. He could feel the moisture on his sister’s lips. Janet reached down and covered John’s hand with hers to guide him. Janet pushed on the back of John’s middle finger.

“Do you feel how wet I am? Put your finger in me John. Slide your fingers between my lips. A little lower John... now curl the tip of your finger a little bit..,” Janet instructed, as John’s finger tip started to enter his sister’s wet vagina, “yeah, right there... now push your finger in deeper... that’s my vagina, that’s where a guy would put his cock.”

John pushed his finger deeper into his sister’s tight, warm, and extremely wet pussy. The first pussy that he’d ever put a finger in. The slickness, and tightness, and warmth of his sister’s pussy amazed him.

“Oh yeah, that’s it... now slide you finger in and out... push your finger in deeper... ohhhhh yeah... oh yeah, now you’re fingering me... do it faster John... I’m already getting close.”

John suddenly noticed the aroma in the laundry room had changed. He knew that the new exotic smell in the room came from his sister’s pussy. His girlfriends had left a similar smell behind in his car after their dates.

Janet’s head fell backward and her face pointed at the ceiling as she closed her eyes and held her brother’s mouth firmly against her breast. Janet’s hips started rocking as her hips started fucking back at John’s pistoning finger.

John had to slide his hand off of Janet’s breast and behind her back to hold her up as she completely surrendered to her brother’s sucking mouth and jabbing finger.

“Rub my clit with your thumb John, make me cum!”

John continued fingering his sister’s pussy. It took Janet only a few seconds to realize that John had never had his hand on a girl’s pussy before so he probably didn’t know where a girl’s clit was located or how to stimulate it.

Janet reached down and guided John’s hand to the right spot and pushed his thumb up against her clit.

“You feel that little bump right there? That’s my clitoris... it’s sort of like a small penis... rub it... rub your thumb all around it... oh yeah, just like that.”

The more John rubbed his sister’s clit the more rapidly she panted for breath. His sister started making sexy little grunting noises. He removed his mouth from her breast and watched his sister’s face. John was amazed that he was just now noticing how desirable his little sister was. She was extremely attractive and had a fantastic body and he just realized how badly he wanted to stick his dick into this alluring girl. Sister or not.

John continued rubbing Janet’s clit with his thumb as he alternated between quickly sliding his fingers up and down between her wet pussy lips and shoving his middle finger back into her sweltering vagina.

Janet gasped and reached down with both hands and grabbed John’s wrist with one hand and the back of his hand with her other hand and held his hand firmly in place as she jammed her pussy on his finger and smashed the heel of his hand repeatedly against her clit as she rode his hand wildly.

"Oooooo... Ah... Ooh... Ouuu...”

Janet suddenly grabbed John’s face with both hands and kissed him squarely on the mouth or tried to as her orgasm hit. She tried to slip her tongue between his lips as she moaned and grunted at the same time. Janet’s thighs slammed shut, trapping John’s hand between her legs. After a few seconds she slumped against the washing machine and panted weakly through her open mouth.

“Oh fuck John... that was fucking incredible... that was the first time a guy ever got ME off... damn bro you got some amazing fingers.”

“You’re the first girl that let me do that... and you’re the first girl to ever do that to me sis... I couldn’t believe that you jacked me off!”

“Geez John... you’re hard again,” Janet said as she glanced down in surprise when John’s newest erection bumped against her thigh.

“Getting my hands on a girl’s pussy seems to have that effect on me sis.”

Janet put her hand on John’s sweaty chest and pushed him backward a couple of feet to give herself room. John had to shuffle his feet to make sure he didn’t trip over the shorts and jock strap that was down around his ankles.

Janet suddenly knelt down on the floor and looked at John’s erection at eye level. She gripped the shaft of his dick with her thumb and finger and lifted it upward and leaned in and took a closer look at John’s wrinkled testicles.

John could actually feel Janet’s warm breath on his balls. His testicles reacted to his sister’s breath and moved in his ball sac.

“Oh, I think it likes me,” Janet said with a smile as she put one hand on the front of John’s thigh as she leaned in closer and steadied John’s dick with her free hand. She pointed her brother’s dick straight at her mouth; she licked her lips and opened her mouth, and then she leaned forward slightly as her eyes looked upward into John’s eyes as she slid her wet lips slowly over the head of her brother’s second erection.

John’s knees almost gave out as he sighed deeply as he watched his sister take about half of his stiff dick into her warm mouth. Janet bobbed her head several times, sliding her wet lips over her brother’s dick. She pulled her head back and looked up at her brother.

“I don’t know what I’m doing... I don’t know if I’m doing it right... should I lick it first or just keep doing what I’m doing. One of my girlfriends told me that I should suck on the head and flick my tongue on the underneath side of the head. Is that right?”

“I don’t know... I’ve never got a blowjob before, do whatever you want.”

“I can’t do what I want to right now because mom is going to be home any minute; she’s only working a half day today. So maybe we should save the oral sex for tonight after mom and dad goes to bed.”

“You’re probably right we should wait then,” John panted, he was disappointed and elated at the same time. Obviously disappointed because she’d stopped short of giving him a real blow job but elated at the prospects of what she promised that could happen later.

Janet stood up and again looked down at her brother’s impressive erection. She knew that he was disappointed, she was disappointed also. She turned her back to her brother and bent over the washing machine.

“You can squirt your cum on my butt if you want to.”

John looked down at his sister’s sweet ass. He took a shuffling step forward and wedged his upright erection lengthwise in the crevice of his sister’s butt. John grabbed Janet’s hips and pulled her tighter against him and humped his dick between the cheeks of his sister’s ass several times.

Janet reached behind her and grabbed her brother’s ass and pulled him tighter against her and pushed her ass back at John and clinched her butt cheeks tightly, trying to trap his dick between her cheeks.

“You know what I would like John? I know that you can cum again, rub the head of your dick between the cheeks of my ass; I want to feel you squirt your hot cum on my asshole. You’ll have to do it fast, mom will be home soon.”

“Bend over a little more sis,” John asked as he stepped back half a step and waited.

Janet released her grip on her brother’s butt and moved her hands to her ass and slid her fingers between her cheeks, separating them, and exposing her asshole to her brother’s view.

John’s dick twitched and he felt a stirring deep in his testicles the second he saw his sister’s wrinkled anus.

He grabbed the shaft of his cock and stepped back far enough so he could insert the head of his dick between Janet’s cheeks. He rapidly slid the head of his dick up and down between her taunt and shapely cheeks as she clinched and unclenched her ass cheeks. He wiped the head of his dick across the cheeks of her ass smearing his precum.

“I love how luxurious the skin between the cheeks of your ass feels; it feels incredible on the head of my dick.”

“Rub the head of your dick between my cheeks faster John; I want to feel you squirting your hot cum against my asshole.”

“Wow, you don’t have to ask an assman twice to do something like that!”

John groaned as he slid the head of his dick rapidly up and down his sister's precum coated ass crack making sure to rub against her wrinkled rosebud. Janet pushed her ass back at her brother. John squeezed, jacked, smeared his precum, and slid his dick up and down in Janet’s tight ass crack for a couple of minutes. John briefly toyed with the idea of trying to fulfill one of his sexual fantasies about his sister’s ass by pushing the head of his dick into Janet’s asshole. He placed the head of his dick against his sister’s anus and started applying a little pressure.

The brother and sister heard tires crunching on their gravel driveway.

“You need to cum right now John or mom will catch us.”

John was too close to stop even if he’d wanted to, he needed to cum again. He vigorously jacked the shaft of his dick as he held the head firmly against his sister’s sphincter. His balls tingled and then exploded. He grunted and slumped against his sister’s back as cum squirted repeatedly between the cheeks of Janet’s ass.

“Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah...”

“Ouuu... your cum is so hot.”

When John finally stopped squirting he stood up straight and looked down at his sister’s ass. The crack of her ass was dripping with cum; it was even dribbling down the insides of Janet’s thighs.

Janet quickly picked up the towel off the floor and used it to wipe John’s cum out from between her ass cheeks and off her legs. She then bent over and took her jiz soaked pants, the ones she jacked John off with, and jammed them under some dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

John stared at his naked sister, if he hadn’t just shot his load, he would surely have gotten another hardon as he stared at his naked sister’s breathtaking body.

Damn he wanted so badly to stick his dick in his sister. He instantly wanted all of his sister’s holes, her mouth, her pussy, and her asshole. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted to have sex with his sister.

The siblings heard the garage door opening.

Janet grabbed a bathrobe off the pile of clean clothes. She quickly put the bathrobe on and tossed John a clean towel. She grabbed a can of air freshener off of a shelf and sprayed a large cloud of scented air in the room and then turned and gave John a quick kiss on the lips.

Janet then reached down and used one finger to catch the latest droplet of cum off the head of John’s dick. She looked John in the eye and smiled with a promise of things to come as she slowly stuck her finger in her mouth and with a sexy look in her eyes sucked the droplet of cum off her finger. Then she took one last look at John’s cock and then turned and quickly left the room and closed the laundry room door behind her as she headed to the kitchen.

John stood in the laundry room for a couple of minutes just catching his breath. Reliving in his mind what had just happened with his little sister. Did her last act of sucking cum off her finger mean that, when and if, she came to his bedroom tonight that she was planning on swallowing his cum? His balls twitched at the thought.

Still stunned by the fact that his sister had jacked him off, John bent over and picked up his shorts and jock strap, and tossed them on top of the dirty clothes. He took the clean towel that his sister had tossed to him and slowly unfolded the towel and held it by one corner as he flung the other end of the towel behind his back as he tried to wrap the towel around his waist. He missed catching the towel behind his back on the first try.

And that’s the exact moment that his mother suddenly opened the laundry room door. The sudden opening of the door caused John to freeze like a deer caught at night in a car’s headlights.

Doris’s mouth dropped open when she saw her son standing naked in front of her while holding his towel in one hand. Her eyes went immediately to his groin area.

John fumbled with the towel; he kept dropping the one end, by failing to catch that end of the towel behind his back he continued to expose himself to his mother. He hastily tried to catch one end of the towel behind his back again. He got a glimpse of his sister standing in the kitchen with her hand over her mouth in an attempt to stifle her laughter as she watched him fumbling with the towel, trying to hide his nakedness from their mother.

“Oops, sorry Mom, I didn’t know you where home,” John apologized as he quickly turned his back to his mother, giving her a quick look at his bare ass, as it took him a couple of more tries before he finally caught the one end and got the towel wrapped and knotted around his waist.

“Well I certainly hope you didn’t flash your mother intentionally..,” Doris, stunned by the sight of her naked son, rambled nervously, “I just got home, I decided to take half a day off and catch up on the house cleaning so I can relax for the weekend. I got vacuuming, laundry, and grocery shopping to do.”

Doris eyed John up and down, noting his sweaty body as he stood in front of her. The sight of John’s naked body caught her off guard and flustered her; she hoped she didn’t show it. She hadn’t realized that her teenage son had grown so big until she saw him holding that towel open. She’d have to accept that her son wasn’t a child anymore and for that matter neither is her daughter.

“Did you go jogging? You shouldn’t go jogging on days that are this hot. You’re all sweaty and your face is so red... you look like you need to cool down. Have you been drinking enough fluids to keep from getting dehydrated?”

“Yeah I drink plenty of fluids. Excuse me, I got to go take a cold shower,” John announced as he glanced at his sister’s smiling face and then turned sideways and stepped forward and tried to squeeze past his mother in the narrow laundry room doorway.

Doris reached up and put both hands on John’s sweaty chest for a moment as he tried to slip by her. The manliness and the closeness of her sweat covered son sent a sexual shiver through her body.

“I’ll wait until you turn the shower off to start filling the washing machine but hurry up because I’ve got a lot of stuff to do,” Doris said as she reluctantly took her hands off John’s sweaty chest and dropped her hands at her sides so that he could squeeze past her in the doorway.

As John tried to squeeze past his mother in the laundry room doorway his towel rubbed against his mother’s stomach in the front and also rubbed against the door frame behind him at the same time. As he forced his way through the doorway the towel’s twisted knot unraveled and his towel dropped to the floor as he stumbled sideways, tripping over his mother’s feet. He regained his balance after almost falling and stumbled several feet away but he was no longer wearing his towel.

Doris quickly knelt down, and used her peripheral vision to locate the towel on the floor and picked it up. She used her peripheral vision because she couldn’t take her eyes off of her son’s genitals as he turned and faced her. Her son’s groin was two feet away from Doris’s face as she knelt on the floor. She felt the flush as her face turned red.

John’s lips went tight as he just slowly reached his hand out as he stood there naked and waited for his mother to hand him back his towel. There was no point in feigning modesty any longer; he figured that it was kind of pointless after stumbling half way across the room naked.

“Nice bod bro,” Janet declared from the kitchen.

“Shut up Janet,” Doris admonished.

John accepted the towel from his mother’s outstretched hand. He gave up trying to hide his nakedness from this mother and sister. John tried to retain at least some of his dignity as he just turned on his heel and turning his back towards the two females; he just draped the towel over his should as he headed up the stairs to the shower.

“Damn... now that’s what we need around here.., more naked men,” Janet couldn’t help herself as she leaned out the kitchen doorway and watched her brother’s naked ass ascending the stairwell.

Doris stared at her son’s bare ass as he walked away. She could still see his dangling dick in her mind’s eye. Was that a droplet of cum that she spied on the head of his dick, or was it sweat, or was that just her imagination because she was so damn horny? She wondered how big John’s dick would be if he’d been hard. She tried to shake that mental picture out of her head, it wasn’t right for a mother to try and picture her son with an erection.

“Janet... just drop it... he’s embarrassed enough,” Doris chastised.

“Excuse me! Did you just see the same naked guy that I saw? He might be a little clumsy, stumbling around naked like that, but that is the only thing that that boy could possibly be embarrassed about! Wow... that boy’s got a bod!”

“Laundry, laundry, must do laundry,” Doris said aloud as she shook her head trying to clear out her nasty thoughts and get her focus back.

“I’ll do the laundry mom if you want to go grocery shopping,” Janet offered quickly.

“No, you do the vacuuming; I can start a load and then go shopping while it’s washing.”

Janet looked at her mother for a minute. She really didn’t want her digging in the laundry basket; she came up with a quick plan to stop her.

“I’ll get dressed and start doing the vacuuming... you can go shopping now if you want to and I’ll start a load right after John’s shower.”

Doris contemplated the offer and appeared to accept the arraignment.

“Okay, that sounds good. I’ll just separate the colors from the whites while you’re getting dressed and then I’ll go.”

“I’ll do that, you just go shopping,” Janet suggested again desperately.

“No, that’s okay. You go ahead and get dressed.”

Janet reluctantly turned and headed upstairs to her room. When she turned the stairwell corner she hesitated, she waited a couple of seconds and then looked back around the corner and watched her mother as she dumped the dirty laundry basket’s contents on the laundry room floor as she started separating the clothes.

“Oh Shit,” Janet mumbled out loud. Janet turned and sprinted up the stairs to the hall bathroom and quickly entered and closed the door behind her. She stepped over to the shower and opened the shower door just before her brother could turn on the water.

“Mom’s going to find my pants in the laundry basket!”

“So what?”

“Hey stupid, my pants are covered in your cum, that’s so what!”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“So you tell me how are we going to explain that?”

“I don’t know... but what I do know is mom can’t come up here and find you holding the shower door open and staring at me, you need to get out of here.”

Janet reacted instantly, she closed the shower door and quickly left the bathroom and headed to her bedroom.

As John showered he tried to think of what he could possibly tell his mother about how his cum ended up on his sister’s panties. He couldn’t think of a thing. He turned the water off and opened the shower door and reached for a towel.

“Mom!” John yelled in surprise as he opened the shower door to see his mother leaning against the bathroom sink staring at him. She stood there holding up Janet’s cum soaked boy-toy pants pinched between her thumb and finger. Holding the pants out in front of her like they were contaminated. John’s heart almost stopped beating.

“I sure hope your sister doesn’t find out about what you do with her pants young man!” Doris said as her eyes betrayed her as they traveled up and down John’s torso in an un-motherly appraisal of John’s naked and dripping body. Her gaze naturally zeroed in on his manhood.

John quickly grabbed a bath towel off the towel rack and fumbled with it as he, for the second time in an hour, tried to hide his nakedness from his mother.

“I know that young men have a tendency to masturbate... quite often... and I know that sometimes guys use girls’ pants to stimulate themselves... but I don’t ever want to find anything like this again... do you hear me mister?”

“Yes ma'am,” was all that John could mumble. Whenever she called him mister he knew he better not give her any back talk.

Doris reluctantly turned her eyes away from her dripping son and walked to the bathroom door and as she opened the door she hesitated and then turned her head and looked back at John again.

“You haven’t done the same thing with any of my pants have you?”

“No ma’am!” John replied honestly.

“See that you don’t,” Doris warned sternly as she stepped out of the bathroom and pulled the door closed behind her.

Doris smiled as she walked down the hallway, she didn’t believe for a second that her son hadn’t also used her pants to jack off with too. She really didn’t mind, not after seeing her son’s package, she was impressed. She couldn’t help but picture in her mind again, how big he would be if he had a hardon. Would he be as big as his father? Again she tried to shake that image out of her head.


John dropped his towel in the middle of his bedroom floor as he walked over to his dresser. As he glanced out his window he saw his mother’s car going up the driveway. Then his bedroom door flew open and his sister walked in.

“What did mom say to you in the bathroom?” Janet asked as she eyed her brother’s nakedness as she walked up behind him. She started rubbing the palms of her hands across the cheeks of John’s bare ass.

“She thinks that I used your panties to jack off with.”

“Well actually it was I that used my pants to jack you off with,” Janet cackled.

Janet leaned around her brother and looked down at his cock. She grabbed her brother’s hand and pulled him towards his bed. She turned him around, glanced down at his flaccid dick again, and put her hand on his chest as she pushed him backwards making him sit down on the edge of his bed.

As her bathrobe gapped open, giving John a sexy view of his sister’s body, she dropped to her knees in front of him and put her hands on his knees and pushed his legs wide apart.

“Lean back and spread your legs bro... I want to watch you getting a hardon, I want to see it grow, and then I’m going to lick your balls.”

As John leaned back on his elbows on his bed his sister ran her hands sensually up and down John’s thighs, raising goose bump on his legs as she stared at his cock. John felt the familiar tingle in his testicles.

“What else did Mom say?” Janet asked, never taking her eyes off of John’s growing cock.

“She asked if I had ever used her panties to jack off with and warned me not to.”

“Uh-huh, that’s bullshit... She’s hoping that you do, it would spice up her sex life to think that you cum on her pants. She saw your dick twice today; she’s probably driving to the store right now with one finger in her pussy.”

The metal picture that Janet had put in John’s mind just made his dick start growing that much faster. He’d never fantasized about his mother before. But thanks to his sister, he started fantasizing about his mother fingering her pussy as she drove to the store.

Janet breathed through an open mouth as she stared between her brother’s legs with wide eyes. Watching in awe as his flaccid dick grew larger.

John’s dick slowly lengthened, it started to plump up, it changed positions, it rolled a little to one side, and then it slowly lifted itself up from between his legs and flopped to the side again, it rested against his thigh as it continued to lengthen and fill with blood until it lifted itself up off his thigh, flopped against his stomach and then slowly raised itself proudly away from his stomach and pointed stiffly at his chin.

“Now that was pretty fucking cool... I’ve love watching a guy’s dick getting hard. Your dick went from being an unimpressive little piece of meat to... WOW!!”

Janet leaned forward, putting her face between John’s thighs, and running her tongue over John’s testicles as she sighed contently. John could feel the heat from her breath as she tickled his balls with her tongue.

Janet took her time as she ran her tongue all over John’s testicles and up the underneath side of his stiff dick all the way to the head and back down to his balls. She lifted one of his legs, leaned over and bit him gently on the inner thigh and then pushed his knee towards his chest until John took her hint and hooked his hand behind his knee and held his leg up in the air for her. Janet immediately lifted his other leg and did the same until he held that leg up for her also.

Janet had finally got John into the position that she always wanted to get a guy into. John lay naked on his bed and on his back like a turtle. He had his hands behind both knees holding his thighs against his chest with the soles of his feet pointing at the ceiling.

Janet slid her hands down the backs of his thighs and down to the cheeks of John’s ass. She now had the opportunity to do what she had fantasized about doing to a naked guy. She spread her brother’s ass cheeks apart with her thumbs and leaned in and stuck out her tongue and wiggled the tip of it against John’s wrinkled asshole.

“Oh fuck Sis... that’s not my balls that you’re licking... but damn that felt good... oh fuck that feels really good!”

“I’m going to lick your asshole until I make you cum,” Janet warned John.

John didn’t know if that was even possible, but his sister’s tongue felt so good that he was not about to stop his sister from trying. He laid there reveling in the sensations that his sister’s tongue created deep inside his testicles by licking his anus. Janet licked her brother’s asshole for several minutes, never letting up and thoroughly enjoying herself.

“You know what this means Sis... I’m going to have to do the same thing to you... damn your tongue feels good.”

As Janet licked her brother’s asshole John’s orgasm got closer and closer. He tried to hold off but when Janet curled the tip of her tongue and tried to force it past his sphincter muscle is when John’s balls imploded. He shot ropes of sperm all over his chest and stomach.

“Ah fuck... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah...”

John lay on his bed panting as he slowly lowered his legs and put his feet back on the floor. He glanced down at his sister and watched her as she stood up and took off her robe. She bent over and picked up the towel off John’s bedroom floor and tossed it on his chest. John started cleaning his cum off his chest and stomach.

“Wow... I didn’t know that I could cum just from having my asshole licked, I didn’t know it was so sensitive, that was an unexpected and very enjoyable experience.”

Janet sat on John’s bed, scooted her ass to the middle of the bed and lay down on her back next to John and looked over at him.

“Payback time... do you remember what you said that you would do if I asked you to kiss my ass? Start kissing my ass Bro.”

Janet raised her legs in the air and pointed her toes at the ceiling and put her hands behind her thighs to hold her legs straight up and spread her legs wide apart.

John quickly got off his bed turned and looked down between Janet’s thighs at the mysterious folds of pink skin. He had never seen a girl’s pussy up close before.

John got down on his knees and ran his hands down the backs of his sister’s thighs to her ass cheeks. He used his fingers to spread her cheeks further apart as he leaned in and took a tentative lick across Janet’s asshole. His eyes never strayed from staring at her pussy.

“Damn, that does feel good!”

Not finding the act of analingus disagreeable, John started licking his sister’s asshole slowly, sensually. The more she moaned in pleasure the more he got into licking her asshole and squeezing her cheeks.

Janet slid her hands down the backs of her thighs to her pussy. She started sliding the fingers of one hand rapidly back and forth across her pussy stimulating her clitoris as she shoved two fingers of her other hand deep into her vagina.

John’s eyes watched his sister’s hands as he used his tongue to stimulate her asshole.

“Oh damn John... your tongue is just as good as your fingers... Oh God, you’re going to make me cum!”

Janet’s fingers blurred in John’s vision as she rubbed them back and forth briskly across her clit, her other hand repeated jammed two fingers vigorously in and out of her vagina.

"Ahhhhh... Ohhhh... Ohhhh... Ohhhh yessss lick my ass.”

Suddenly Janet stopped stimulating her pussy and grabbed her thighs right below her knees as she looked at the top of John’s head.

“Eat me John! Eat my pussy!”

“I don’t know how to eat pussy Sis, you’ll have to guide me,” John said as he looked up between his sister’s thighs at her face.

“Use your tongue and lips, suck on my lips, French kiss it and tease my clit with your tongue, hell I don’t know, I’ve never eaten pussy either,” Janet chuckled, “But I’m pretty sure that whatever you down there with your mouth and tongue will make me fucking cum all over your face. Please John, I need to cum!”

John could smell is sister’s heated pussy, her fragrance filled his nostrils. He found her aroma to be very arousing. The thought of her cumming all over his face was fantastically inspirational. John leaned forward again; he looked at the pink target and then opened his mouth wide and put his mouth directly on his sister’s pussy. He sucked her lips completely into his mouth and parted her pussy lips with his tongue and licked and sucked on everything he could feel with his tongue.

The reaction of his sister as he ravished her pussy with his mouth convinced John that he would be eating pussy for the rest of his life. It only took a couple of minutes to eat Janet to orgasm.

“Oooooo... Ouuu... Yessss, yessss, don't stop, I'm cummmmmming!"

Janet reached down and grabbed two hands full of the hair of John’s head and pulled his face tighter against her pussy. Her hips wiggled and bounced as she almost screamed; that pleased John, he just sucked and teased that much harder.

"Oooooo... Ooh... Ouuu... Ah... Ah fuck... Oooooo..."

As Janet’s hips and ass quivered under John’s onslaught he could tell that his sister was cumming because the taste of the juices that he was sucking out of her pussy actually changed. The taste turned a little bit tangy, stronger, and her juices tasted just a little bit bitterer. He jammed his tongue straight into her vagina, as deep as he could get it and tried to locate the source of that fantastic taste, even as he sucked harder on her pussy lips.

“Oh God John you gotta stop... please stop... I can’t take anymore!”

Janet had to push forcefully against John’s forehead to get him to stop eating her pussy.

“I’ll eat your pussy anytime you want me to Sis,” John panted, “you are delicious!”

John knelt on the floor, staring between his sister’s thighs, he reached out and picked up the towel he used after his shower and started wiping his sister’s orgasmic juices off his face. He was smiling, he was happy, he’d found a new hobby.

He leaned forward and started dabbing Janet’s pussy dry with the towel. Janet twitched when he slid the towel up and down her pussy lips. The more John rubbed her pussy with the towel the wider his sister spread her legs apart. John pulled the towel out of the way and used his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart trying to see her clitoris.

“Is that your clit there?” He asked as he explored the top of her slit with the tip of one finger.

“Yeah, do you want to see it better?” Janet said as she still panted for breath as she reached down and spread her lips apart with her fingers as she pressed downward firmly, flattening her puffy lips, causing her clitoris to stick up and out more prominently. She liked the way John studied her pussy.

“You said your clit is like a small penis?”

“Well sort of, it’s a very sensitive part of a girl’s pussy.”

“If it’s like a penis then I guess it likes to be sucked off too,” John stated as he leaned down and wrapped his lips tightly around his sister’s exposed clit and tried to suck it into his mouth as he flicked his tongue rapidly against the tip of it.

“Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..." Janet’s hands slammed down on John’s bed and she balled his sheets in her fists and her hips jumped upward to met John’s attacking lips and tongue.

John slid his hands under his sister’s ass and lifted her hips, holding her forcefully against his mouth as his tongued danced over her clit for a couple of minutes. Janet’s second orgasm rolled over her quickly.

“Oh shit... oh shit... you fucking pervert... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... stop... please stop... I can’t take anymore!” Janet yelled as she pushed her hands against John’s forehead and shoulders, pushing him away.

“Yep, Sis you certainly are fun to eat,” John smiled as he wiped his face with his hands again.

“You bastard... You gotta stop when I say stop... You’re going to kill me... I ain’t got time for this... I gotta vacuum the house and now my legs are so weak I probably can’t even walk,” Janet chided as she panted for breath.

“If I remember correctly Sis, you started this shit.”

“Wait a minute; I didn’t walk past your bedroom wearing a jock strap with my ass hanging out.”

“No.., you just run around in your little outfits with your tits bouncing and those skimpy pants that show off your camel toe and wedgies showing off the cheeks of your ass.”

“Yeah, well I noticed that you like to stared at me a lot, I also noticed that you’d stare until you get a hardon and then you’d run off to the bathroom to jack off,” Janet cackled.

“And that’s your fault also because you intentionally tease me.”

Janet sat up on the bed and smiled at her brother as he stood up. Her eyes traveled up and down his naked body.

“Help me up you pervert,” Janet asked as she reached out and John grabbed her hands and pulled his sister to her feet. She immediately pressed her naked body against her naked brother’s.

“I gotta do some laundry and vacuum the whole house and I have to get it all done before Mom gets back with the groceries.”

“I’ll help my sweet tasting sister... I don’t know how to do the laundry but I can push a vacuum cleaner around.”

“If you vacuum for me I swear that I’ll make you happy that you did...”

“Promises, promises...”

“I owe you one remember, so I’ll do for you what my ex-boyfriend wanted me to do for him.., after mom and dad go to bed tonight I’m going to come back in here and suck the cream filling right out of the middle of your Twinkie,” Janet promised with a sparkle in her eyes.

“You’re kidding sis; you’d really do that for me?”

“I’m going to suck your balls dry, I’d do it right now if we had time,” Janet swore as she reached down and gently grabbed John’s genitals, “I might not be able to swallow every drop, because you squirt out a whole bunch of cum.., but I promise to damn sure try.”

Janet released John’s genitals and bent over and picked up her robe. She headed for John’s bedroom door. John stared at his sister’s gorgeous and naked ass as she walked away.

“Hey Bro... I’ll wash your jock strap in the first load if you promise to wear that to bed tonight... I want to munch on your butt while you’re wearing that sexy jock strap.”

“Okay... but only if you wear my favorite wedgie panties. I want to nibble on your fantastic cheeks and squirt cum all over your ass.”

“Do you want me to wear those pants or should I wear a pair of Mom’s?”

Janet laughed at the shocked look on her brother’s face. She quickly closed his bedroom door before he could throw the pillow at her that he reached for and headed for her bedroom to get dressed.

John just stood there for a moment, he was flummoxed. His mother’s figure flashed through his mind. What would it feel like to eat his mother’s pussy or cum in the crack of her ass? He shook the image from his head and started getting dressed.


Later that night the house was quite as everybody had gone to bed. John was in bed and about to doze off when he heard the hinges of his bedroom door squeak as Janet stepped into his bedroom and closed his door behind her. He looked over at his door and could make out Janet’s shape in his dimly lit bedroom. He glanced at his alarm clock, it showed midnight.

“Are you awake?” Janet whispered from the darkness.

“Nah, I’m asleep,” John retorted.

“Well then I guess I’ll go back to my room.”

“You get your pretty ass over here and molest me, you made me a promise.”

Janet stood at his door and let her eyes get accustomed to the darkness of his room. After about 15 or 20 seconds she could see well enough to walk over to his bed. She reached down and pulled John’s sheet down to the foot of the bed uncovering her brother.

“Roll over onto your stomach Bro, I want to see your sexy butt,” Janet whispered.

John took the pillow out from under his head and placed it in the center of his bed and quickly rolled over on it placing his stomach on it. The pillow under his stomach elevated his ass into the air.

He felt his sister sit on the edge of his bed. Then he felt his sister’s hands slowly sliding up the backs of his thighs to his ass. The softness of her touch gave him goose bumps.

“Spread your legs further apart. You got a nice butt Bro,” Janet whispered just before she leaned forward and bit him gently on one cheek.

John relaxed as Janet’s hands unhurriedly stroked his muscular ass and thighs for a few minutes. Then she used both hands to slowly spread the cheeks of his ass apart as she wedged her face between his cheeks and started lathering her brother’s asshole with her tongue.

The jock strap interfered with John getting an erection, it was too tight and restrictive, it wouldn’t allow John’s dick to lengthen and fill with blood.

“Sis I gotta take this jock strap off, it’s getting really uncomfortable, it’s hurting my dick,” John whispered.

Janet slid her hand down over John's ass and down between his legs and pushed her fingers down below his asshole. She tried to slide her fingers between his jock strap pouch and his testicles, but his jock strap was too tight.

“You’re right, it’s really tight, let me help you take that off,” Janet whispered.

John lifted his hips as his sister wiggled and pulled on his jock strap until she finally got it down over his ass and down his thighs. She pulled them off over his feet and tossed them in the middle of John’s bedroom floor with the pile of his other discarded clothes.

“Roll over on your back John.”

John’s dick, free of restraints, had sprung to attention and waved around in the air, flopping back and forth as he rolled onto his back.

As soon as John got comfortable on his back he felt his sister’s hands on his cock. His sister wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his dick. She slowly jacked her hand up and down on his shaft.

John put his hand on his sister’s thigh and slid his hand up between her legs to her pussy. He rubbed the back of one finger very lightly back and forth over her wet and puffy lips.

“Are you going to do what you promised?” John asked hopefully.

“Shush, I’m building up my courage, this is my first time. Give me a minute.”

“Could I eat you at the same time? That might help.”

“Yeah, that sounds nasty... let’s do that. How do you want to do it?”

“Why don’t you just straddle my face?”

“You sweet talker you. How could a girl turn down an offer to straddle a guy’s face?”

Janet snickered and then stood up and dropped her robe on the floor. She turned around and crawled back onto the bed on her hands and knees facing John’s feet. She carefully threw one leg over John’s chest and put her hands next to his hips.

Janet slowly bent her elbows and leaned forward and apprehensively wet her lips and then stuck out her tongue. She flattened her tongue against the head of John’s dick and licked a slow wet path from the head of John’s dick, down his urethra tube all the way to his testicles. She opened her mouth and gently sucked one of his testicles into her mouth.

John moaned softly as he slid his hands up his sister's thighs to her panties.

Janet let John’s testicle fall out of her mouth as she leaned over, putting more weight on one elbow as she slid her other hand under John’s ass. Janet’s finger played with John’s dangling testicles.

“Hold it straight up for me John.”

John reached down and grabbed the base of his dick and pointed his cock straight up at the ceiling.

Janet leaned down again and slid her wet lips over the head of John’s dick; John could feel his sister’s tongue circling the crown of his dick.

John moaned softly again as he felt his sister’s sucking mouth slide half way down the shaft of his dick and then back up to the head.

“Spread you knees Sis, I can’t raise my head high enough to get to your pussy.”

John waited for his sister to spread her legs, but his sister just continued sliding her mouth up and down the shaft of his dick. After a minute or so John’s hips started irresistibly rising to meet his sister’s sucking mouth. For the next couple of minutes John couldn’t tell if he was slow fucking his sister’s mouth or if she was mouth fucking his dick. His sister’s mouth and the things she did with her tongue felt incredible.

He took his hand off his dick, the way his sister sucked on his dick he didn’t need to hold it straight up anymore, she did that with her mouth.

John ran his hands up his sister’s arms and along her sides and slid them down and cradled her naked breasts and teased her nipples with his fingers remembering that she liked that. He pinched her nipples gently and rolled them between his fingers.

His hips started raising and lowering faster as Janet sucked harder on his dick and tried to push a finger up into his asshole.

John slid his hands down over his sister’s hips and panty covered ass. He put his hands on the insides of her thighs and pushed her knees outward, which lowered her hips towards his mouth, he pushed her knees wider until her panties were just above his mouth.

He raised his head up between his sister’s thighs and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth. He mouthed her pussy lips for about a minute before it dawned on him that he should have had a mouth full of the crotch of his sister’s panties, but instead he had her pussy lips in his mouth. Then he remembered that earlier when Janet sat on his bed he’d reached between her legs and played with her pussy lips. He’d touched her pussy, why hadn’t he felt the crotch of her panties then?

John reached up and started exploring his sister’s panties in the dimly lit bedroom with his hands. When he slid his hands down over her ass he felt an opening in the back of the panties. He dropped his head back down on the bed.

“What the hell are you wearing, these panties feel like they’re ripped, or something?” John asked as he strained to keep from cumming in his sister’s mouth as she bobbed her head rapidly, sucking hard trying to make him cum.

Janet stopped sucking and raised her head just long enough to answer his question. She knew that John was very close to blowing his load.

“They’re Mom’s favorite pair of crotch-less pants.”

Janet felt John's balls twitch against her fingers when she said that and she immediately dropped her head back down and covered the head of John’s dick with her mouth again as John moaned aloud. Janet quickly started jacking the shaft of John’s dick as John groaned longer this time as his hips rose completely up off the bed and his testicles pulsated as his cock started spitting cum into the back of his sister’s throat. Janet used one hand to squeeze her brother’s ass cheeks repeatedly as he squirted.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..."

John moaned loudly as Janet swallowed as much as she could. She thought she’d mentally prepared herself for the volume of sperm that her brother would shoot into her mouth but she had not given a though to the explosive nature, the sheer power, of his ejaculations. She almost choked as rope after rope of hot cum blasted into the back of her throat. Janet swallowed rapidly in self defense.

John almost hyperventilated as he panted for breath as his dick finally stopped squirting and started going soft. His sister just gave him the most powerful orgasm that he’d ever had in his entire life.

Janet gently sucked on John’s wilting dick until he went completely soft and then she let his dick fall out of her mouth. She licked his balls for a few seconds and then pushed herself more upright by straightening her arms.

“Wow... I wasn’t ready for all of THAT!”

John wrapped his arms around his sister’s hips and raised his head and buried his face between her thighs as his mouth and tongue assaulted her pussy. He licked everything he could reach with his tongue, he jabbed his tongue at her vagina then alternated with swiping his tongue across her asshole, and then he tried to suck her clit into his mouth.

“God John you eat me so goooood!” Janet exclaimed as she relaxed her thighs and settled her pussy harder on her brother’s face.

Janet relaxed her arms and dropped her face down between John’s thighs and nuzzled her face against his testicles. Her hips started a slow wiggle and gyration motion on John’s face. The undulation of her hips started getting more animated. Her movements just spurred John on; he gripped her butt cheeks tight and lapped and sucked more vehemently.

“Ohhhh yessss lick me,” Janet hugged John's thighs tightly as her orgasm got closer.

John slid one hand over Janet’s ass and tried to wiggle a finger up into her anus.

“Oooooo... Ooh... Ouuu... you nasty fuck... Oh... Oh... Oh shit."

Janet’s orgasm rolled over her in waves as she just kind of melted on top of John. Her thighs and her arms turned to Jell-O, she lay heavily on John's chest, unable to move or lift herself off of him. John didn’t mind. He stroked her back and the curve of her rump lovingly as he continued to gently suck on her pussy.

Finally Janet lifted one thigh and rolled off John and turned around in the bed and stretched out next to him. She crushed her bare tits against his bicep and reached down and gently rested her hand on his spent genitals.

“God sis that was the hardest that I’ve ever cummed! Thank you, I’m glad that you gave me my first blowjob right here in my own bed. It just felt kind of natural, doing it here in my bedroom.”

“I think that I will get better at it with more practice. You wouldn’t mind that too much would you? And, by the way, you eat me so well... I think you might have lied to me about never eating pussy before.”

“Nope... yours is the only pussy that I’ve ever tasted.”

“I think that maybe there’s another pussy that you’d love to get a taste of... isn’t there?”

“I’m not sure whom you would be referring to,” John tried to figure out which one of his old girlfriends or which one of his sister’s friends that she was talking about. She had at least one girlfriend that John would eat if given a chance.

“You can act like you don’t know who I’m talking about but I ain’t buying that.”

“Give me a hint; I really don’t know who you’re talking about, honestly.”


“What... No, no you’re wrong!”

“Bullshit... as soon as I told you that I was wearing Mom’s crotch-less pants you squirted in my mouth and tried to drown me.”

“I squirted in your mouth because that’s what you wanted... That’s why you came to my room...”

“So, you’re not turned on in the least by me wearing Mom’s crotch-less pants?”

“I didn’t know what they were and I didn’t know that Mom had panties like that. I didn’t even know anybody made panties like that.”

“So Mom saw your dick twice today... and you didn’t get turned on in the least? You’ve never even thought about eating Mom’s pussy or fucking her?”

“I thought about her fingering her pussy... but that’s only because you put the thought in my head. I’ve never thought of Mom in a sexual way.”

“So your dick is getting hard again and that has nothing to do with you thinking about Mom’s pussy?”

“NO... I’m getting hard again because you got your hand on my dick and I love the way you play with it.”

“You know Mom and Dad don’t have sex much anymore right?”

“No I didn’t know that. Why aren’t they?”

“Mom loves sex; she wants it all the time, but Dad is one of those once a month and missionary position only guys.”

“Geez Sis, I didn’t need to hear that... how do you know all this?”

“Girls talk... Mom told me... She told me that Dad doesn’t care for oral sex either... She’s a pretty sexually frustrated person; it surprised me that she didn’t jump your bod when she saw you naked.”

“Mom is built like the proverbial brick shithouse.”

“Yeah... And I’d bet that you’d love to see her naked too.”

“Well okay, yeah... I’d like to see Mom naked. Just to see...”

“Your dick’s like totally hard again Bro... So which is it? Are you thinking about eating Mom’s pussy or fucking her?” Janet asked as her hand slowly started jacking John’s cock shaft.

“Right now, I’m thinking about how much I’d like to put my dick in my sexy ass little sister’s delicious pussy,” John responded as his hand slid down Janet’s stomach to her crotch-less pants. Janet’s pussy was again soaking wet.

“I was wondering when that subject was going to come up.”

“I figured that you wouldn’t want to do that... with me.”

“Well... I do want to try it... I think that you and I should try it at least once... that way I’ll know if I want to be a brother-fucker or not,” Janet whispered in John’s ear as she gave John’s dick a mighty squeeze in her fist, eliciting a moan from John.

“Ah damn Sis, you got very talented hands.”

“You can thank my ex-boyfriend for that... why don’t you just stay right where you’re at, I want to get on top.”

Janet released her grip on John’s erection and rolled over on top of him and sat upright with her ass straddling her brother’s thighs. She put one hand on John’s chest and reached down with her other hand and gently grabbed her brother’s stiff cock. Janet leaned a little forward, using her brother’s chest to keep her balance, raised her ass higher in the air as she started sliding the head of John’s dick back and forth between her lubricated pussy lips.

“Ohhh God Sis...” John gasped as his hands tightened on Janet’s thighs and his hips rose upward as he tried to shove his dick up into his sister’s vagina.

“Shush! You’ll wake up Mom and Dad. Lay still bro, let Jesse rob this train.”

Janet slid the head of John’s dick towards her vagina. She rose up slightly again and rubbed the head of his dick back and forth between her lips for a few seconds and then held it in place as she lowered her hips and took the head and the first two inches of John’s dick in her vagina.

“Let Jesse do what?” John chuckled but quickly shut up and his voice trailed away as he felt the head of his dick penetrate his sister’s vaginal opening.

“Oh my God,” Janet whispered between clinched teeth.

“Oh fuck,” John panted as he stared between his sister’s legs in the dimly lit bedroom and watched his dick partially disappear up into his sister.

Janet rose up slightly again adjusting the angle of attack and then settled down lower taking over half of her brother’s dick inside her. She rose up slightly again and then lowered again taking a little more of John’s dick. She rose up again, taking John’s dick completely out of her pussy and rubbed the head of his dick briskly between her wet lips spreading his precum around and then she squeezed the shaft of his dick with her hand wrapped tightly at the base of his dick then slid her hand slowly upward forcing more precum out of the head of her brother’s dick. Then she repositioned his dick at the right angle and slowly lowered her pussy down on his dick until she was sitting on his lap with her brother’s dick buried to the hilt and her ass rested on his balls.

“Oh God... I’m so sorry,” Janet whimper.

“Do you want to stop?”

“No... Oh no! I’m sorry that I waited so long to do this with you. You looked at me sometimes with pure lust in your eyes... that look just turns me on, makes my pussy wet. I wish you would have just asked me... I would have said yes.”

“Oh so I should have just asked if I could fuck you?”

“That’s a little crude... but that might have worked.”

“Or maybe I should have just left the bathroom door wide open when you made me so horny that I had to jack off.”

“Yes.., that would have worked without a doubt. I would love to watch you jacking off!”

“Oh fuck you’re hot,” John gasped.

“You’re pretty hot too Bro,” Janet panted.

“No... I meant the inside of your pussy is soooo fucking warm.”

“God Bro, your dick just fills me up,” Janet said as she leaned forward and flattened her tits against John’s chest as she lowered her face to John’s and kissed John directly on the mouth.

“I love you Bro!”

John’s hands went down under Janet’s crotch-less panty covered ass and he lifted her hips slightly higher, giving himself room to move. Janet slipped her tongue between her brother’s lips.

As Janet explored John’s mouth with her tongue John lifted her hips high enough with his hands to pull his dick about half way back out and then he slammed his hips forcibly upwards to meet hers, driving his dick deep and powerfully into his sister’s pussy.

“Oh fuck John,” Janet groaned into John’s mouth.

“Oh fuck,” John moaned back as he pulled his hips downward again and then slammed his hips back upward against his sister’s. He drove his dick as deep into his sister’s pussy as he could. He pulled back and slammed her again and again and again.

Janet lay limp on top of her brother as he repeatedly drove his dick upward into her. John wanted more leverage; he needed more leverage. He wrapped his arms around his sister’s body and rolled her over as he held her tightly.

She ended up on her back with John on top of her. She relaxed on her back and looked up at her brother.

“Fuck me John,” Janet moaned as she wrapped her arms around John’s neck and wrapped her thighs around John’s waist and crossed her ankles behind his back, “pound my pussy with your beautiful cock.”

John straightened his arms and planted his toes on the mattress in a standard push up pose and proceeded to repeatedly drive his dick deep into and out of his sister’s pussy.

Janet moaned with every thrust. She took her arms from around John’s neck and slid one hand down his back to his ass and pressed downward each time he slammed his hips forward. She slid one finger of that hand between his ass cheeks and used the tip of her finger to stimulate his anus as he fucked her. She twisted her upper body off to one side and took her free hand and reached down around her crotch-less panty covered butt and used her fingers to try to hold John’s testicles against her ass as he fucked her.

John tried to hold back. It was difficult as his sister threw her head back and grunted with every stroke. He loved her grimacing face, she was so beautiful. One of her fingers kept pressure on his asshole, teasing it. John started fucking his sister at a faster pace, he couldn’t help himself.

“Cum inside me John, I want to feel your dick squirting!”

John wasn’t ready to cum; he didn’t want to ever stop fucking his sister. He didn’t want the sensation of having his dick in a warm pussy to ever end. Nevertheless, his climax was approaching fast. He felt his sister’s fingers pressing his nuts against her ass crack.

“Pretend that you’re fucking Mom... Squirt your nasty fucking cum in Mom’s pussy.”

John groaned as his back hunched as he slammed his groin against his sister’s and tried to push his dick as far up into her pussy as he could get it. John’s dick squirted, it squirted and squirted, filling Janet’s pussy with his hot incestuous cum.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..."

“Ohhhhh God I can feel you squirting Bro,” Janet whispered as she pushed the tip of a finger into her brother’s anus as she felt his testicles pulsating with the fingertips of her other hand as they emptied their contents into her pussy.

John’s energy drained out of him through his dick. With every squirt inside his sister’s pussy his energy level dropped precipitously. His arms gave out and he ended up putting all his weight on his sister. He lay on her panting for a couple of minutes.

“I don’t want you to pull out but you’re crushing me Bro.”

“Sorry Sis,” John responded as he rolled off slightly to one side. He didn’t mean to pull out but his change in position to take his weight off his sister had caused his shrinking dick to dislodge from her pussy.

The siblings lay next to each other on John’s bed. Neither spoke for a few minutes both of them just relaxed as thousands of thoughts and emotions ran through their minds.

Janet rolled over towards her brother and threw her arm over his chest and snuggled up to him, crushing her boobs against his bicep.

“I’ve decided,” Janet whispered in John's ear.

John could barely hold his eyes open; he had no energy left in his body.

“What have you decided?” John mumbled sleepily.

“I’ve decided that I want to be a brother-fucker... You can fuck me or eat me anytime we can get away with it,” Janet whispered in John’s ear and then kissed the side of his face.

“Same here Sis, you can fuck me, suck me, have me eat you, or jack me off anytime you feel like it,” John laughed.

Janet laid there for a few relaxing moments before moving. She untangled herself from John and swung her legs off his bed and stood up. She felt John’s cum trying to drain out of her pussy. She quickly reached down and picked up one of John’s discarded sweat socks and quickly jammed it between her legs. She picked up her robe and turned and looked at John. He was already asleep, snoring gently.

Janet stared at John’s naked body for a few seconds. She walked around to the side of the bed where she could get a closer look at John. She leaned over and kissed the head of John’s dick, she could smell her pussy on his dick. She fleetingly toyed with the idea of sucking John off while he slept but decided that he probably didn’t have any cum left in him and she was too tired anyway. She had to get to bed. She walked to his bedroom door and turned again for a quick look at her naked brother before silently slipping out of his room and down the hall to her bedroom.

When Janet got to her room she walked over to her bed and crawled under the sheet, she laid face down and immediately fell into a sexually sated sleep.


Doris did not have a good night’s sleep. She tossed and turned all night and finally gave up trying to sleep about three o’clock in the morning. She didn’t know what was depriving her of sleep unless it was the mental picture of her naked son that she couldn’t get out of her head.

Instead of lying awake in bed tossing and turning Doris decided to get up and finish up the laundry. If she got everything done then she could lay by the pool, drink vodka, and work on her tan all weekend long. She felt stressed out; she needed a day with vodka to unwind.

She climbed out of bed, put her bathrobe on and silently left her bedroom and went to the bathroom. When she left the bathroom she did something that she hadn’t done since her kids were little, she went to check on her children. She didn’t know why, she just needed to check on her children.

Doris opened John’s bedroom door and peeked in. In the dimly lit room she immediately saw John’s tee-shirt, shorts, and jock strap lying in the middle of his bedroom floor. She shook her head at her son’s sloppiness as she automatically entered John’s room and walked over and picked up her son’s dirty clothes.

She only found one sweat sock though and glanced around the floor looking for the other sock but didn’t see it anywhere. Did the one missing sock syndrome start here and not in the clothes dryer, or did her son go to bed wearing one sock, she mused as she glanced over at John’s sleeping form.

Doris’s mouth dropped open. John lay on top of his sheets. The night light from the hallway, coming through the open bedroom door lit up the room. With the light shining in Doris could plainly see that her son was completely naked.

It was a pleasant surprise to see her son naked again, she didn’t know that he slept naked or she’d be checking on him more often. She knew she shouldn’t but she couldn’t stop herself from tiptoeing over to John’s bed to get a better look at her son’s naked physique.

Doris stopped short as her breath caught in her chest. She now knew why her son looked so manly when he was dripping sweat. She didn’t have to wonder anymore about how big John’s dick would be if he had a hardon. If she really wanted to know all she would have to do is get a ruler and measure it. Doris stared at John’s throbbing erection for a full thirty seconds before she snapped out of her hardon induced trance.

Damn, Doris thought, John’s dick is as big if not even bigger than his Dad’s. She couldn’t remember the last time her husband had a nocturnal erection; he used to get them all the time when he was younger and they were first married. A couple of times she’d awakened her husband by taking advantage of his nocturnal tumescence, once while giving him a blowjob and once when she’d jumped on it and rode his erection like a pogo stick.

She reluctantly walked quietly backwards towards John’s bedroom door, never taking her eyes off of her son’s mesmerizing erection. She could feel moister in her pants already. Doris slowly closed John’s bedroom door and leaned back against the hallway wall to catch her breath. Yes, she’s definitely going to have to check on the kids more often. Does John sleep naked every night?

Doris wasn’t thinking straight yet, her mind’s eye still seeing her son’s erection when she opened Janet’s bedroom door and peaked in.

Janet was asleep on her stomach and only partially covered by a sheet. Doris walked over to Janet’s bed and started to pull the sheet over Janet and that’s when she noticed two things. The first thing was that her daughter was wearing a pair of her crotch-less pants and the second thing was the discovery of John’s missing sweat sock.

Doris’s knees almost buckled when the obvious facts registered in her brain. Her son and daughter were fucking each other. All the proof she needed was on that sweat sock that lay between Janet’s thighs. She could plainly see that the sweat sock had an enormous amount of dried sperm on it.

Doris left Janet’s room in a daze. She went down to the laundry room and tossed John’s clothes and the one sock in the laundry hamper. She was on automatic pilot as she moved wet clothes from the washer to the dryer and then separated clothes and loaded the washing machine with clothes and soap; her mind wasn’t on the laundry.

How long had those two been having sex and she didn’t know it? She slowly came to the realization that the reason that it bothered her was not the fact that her son and daughter were having sex with each other. She’d started fucking her brother when she was younger and they still enjoy screwing each other occasionally. She didn’t find incest all that damning.

What bothered Doris the most was the fact that her children were having sex and she wasn’t.

Why was Janet wearing her crotch-less pants? Was it Janet’s idea to wear her mother’s pants or was it her son’s idea. Did John want Janet to wear her pants so he could fantasy about fucking his mother? The more Doris thought about it the wetter her pussy got.

Doris made up her mind. She left the laundry room and went back up to her bedroom. She walked over to the bed and gently pulled the covers off of her sleeping husband. She leaned over and unbuttoned the fly of her husband’s pajama bottoms.

Doris knelt down by the bed and leaned in and tenderly pulled her husband’s flaccid dick out of his fly, she put her face down by his groin and gently covered the head of her husband’s dick with her mouth. She started slowly circling the head of his dick with her tongue and sucking gently, trying to get his dick hard, but not necessarily wanting him to wake up.

Her husband reached down and sleepily pushed her head away. Doris immediately put her head back at his groin and again sucked the head of her husband’s dick back into her mouth. Before she could start using her tongue again her husband again reached down and pushed her face away from his groin and then rolled over on his belly.

Doris was so horny she wanted to cry. She hadn’t had sex in months. Fuck you, you bastard she thought. Doris stood up, looked down at her sleeping husband. I know somebody else in this house that has a dick that’s the same size as yours.

Doris walked over to her bedroom door and walked out. She went straight to John’s bedroom and opened his door and looked at her naked son.

John woke up when he heard the squeaky hinge of his bedroom door and opened his eyes just enough to look at the door. The hallway night light shined through his door and his mother’s nightgown, silhouetting her, he recognized his mother’s figure outlined in his doorway. He sleepily closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

Doris closed John’s bedroom door behind her, she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dim light of John’s bedroom and then tip-toed over and knelt down by John’s bed. Doris looked at her son’s dick, his hardon had vanished. Doris wasn’t worried about that, she knew how to make a guy’s dick get hard and she was determined to make John get another erection.

John sensed his mother’s presence next to his bed. He pretended to be sleeping. He realized that he was naked and lying on top of his sheets but it was too late to do anything about that now. Maybe she was just curious and wanted to get a better look at her growing boy after he’d flashed her in the laundry room.

Doris pursued her lips, leaned forward, and gently blew on John’s testicles. She leaned back and watched his testicles reacting to her breath. Doris blew on her son’s balls again. John’s testicles moved inside their ball sack. She leaned over and gently ran her tongue very lightly over John’s testicles, just enough to make them slightly wet, and then she leaned back in and gently huffed her warm breath on John’s testicles again. That time she got the reaction she was going for.

John struggled to lay still and control his breathing. He felt his mother blowing on his testicles, his pubic hair was moving. Holy shit, did his mother just lick his balls? He knew that she had because he felt the heating effect as she gently huffed her warm breathe on his wet testicles.

He couldn’t stop it, he felt the tell tale sign, he was getting an erection. Shit, he thought, Mom is making me hard. Does she just want to see how big it is?

John’s testicles stirred and then his dick started moving, it rolled to one side, Doris waited patiently as she watched her son’s dick start getting fatter and stiffening up. Doris pushed one hand down inside her pants; she slipped a finger into her moist pussy as she watched her son’s dick slowly growing to full length. Doris eyes grew wide as she watched her son’s dick getting bigger and bigger and bigger. She waited until John’s dick got completely rigid. Doris was impressed; damn his dick was just as big as his dad’s.

Okay Mom, John thought, now that you’ve seen my erection, is your curiosity satisfied? So now will you leave my room?

Doris slowly reached out and lightly wrapped her fingers around her son’s erection. Just touching her son’s dick sent an incestuous thrill through her loins. Doris’s driving force was her sexual frustration. After seeing and feeling his unyielding erection in her hand Doris threw caution to the wind.

Oh damn, John thought, what are you doing Mom? You’re going to make me squirt all over both of us if you don’t take your hand off my dick. God Mom, I can smell your pussy!

Doris wanted so badly to taste her son’s cum; she wanted to make him blow his load down her throat. It wasn’t the thought of incest that stopped her. She presumed that a hand job or a normal blowjob would wake him up. How could she make him cum without waking him up?

Doris decided that her best plan of action would be to do to her son what she used to do for her brother. She put her hand between John’s stiff dick and his stomach, the back of her hand rested on his stomach and his erection rested in the palm of her hand. She wanted to wrap her fingers around his shaft but resisted the temptation.

Instead Doris just used her thumb to start rubbing on the underneath side of the helmet, the magic spot, as her brother called it. Only her thumb moved, up and down, up and down on the spot where the helmet meets the shaft as his dick rested in the palm of her hand.

What is she doing? If she’s trying to jack me off, she’s not very good at it. Sis is a lot better at jacking off a guy; she needs to teach Mom how to do it the right way, John thought.

Doris’s brother had told her that that area is one of the most sensitive spots of a man’s dick. Slowly rubbing only on that one area right there was a very slow but exotic way of jacking off a guy. Her brother had told her that for the first few minutes at least the guy doesn’t feel anything exciting but the continued rubbing slowly stimulates him; the guy’s excitement builds and builds until it finally makes him cum.

Doris was thrilled that she only had to rub that magic area for a couple of minutes before a droplet of precum appeared at the slit in the head of John’s dick. She hadn’t thumbed a guy’s dick in years and was happy to find out that she still knew how. She used her thumb to wipe off the first droplet of her son’s precum and used it to lubricate her thumb and then went back to rubbing that sensitive area. Another droplet of precum immediately appeared.

John was having problems controlling his breathing. He could feel the precum leaking out of the head of his dick. Damn, he thought, Mom is going to make me cum!

Wow, Doris thought, I’m doing this to my son and I’ve never even done this for my husband. He was never patient enough to appreciate a nice slow thumb job, he always wants to cum in a hurry. This is excellent, she thought, because my hand won’t get tired, I could play with my son’s dick and keep him hard and leaking precum all night if I wanted to.

When the droplet of precum grew larger Doris leaned over and sucked the droplet off the head of John’s dick and that’s when she got a subtle whiff of her daughter’s pussy wafting off of John’s dick. Doris almost climaxed when her lips touched the head of her son’s cock. She moaned as she savored the taste of her son’s precum as she leaned back and continued to rub her thumb in that one magic spot.

Oh shit, John thought, Mom just kissed the head of my dick! If she does that again I’ll squirt all over her face!

Doris watched her son’s nuts slowly drawing in and pulling up tight to his perineum; she’d jacked off enough dicks to know that those tightening balls meant that her son would be cumming very soon. She toyed with the idea of gently pulling John’s testicles back down away from his perineum so that she could prolong her thumb job session with her son but decided that would run a much higher risk of her son waking up. She had to refrain from stroking John’s dick faster as she fought off the erg to jack off her son’s dick with the same speed that her husband demanded.

Doris leaned forward, licked her dry lips, and held her son’s cock steady as she opened her mouth and slipped her wet lips gently over the head of his dick. The instant thrill of having her son’s dick incestuously in her mouth made her throw caution to the wind. All of a sudden she no longer cared if her son woke up and caught her sucking his dick. She’d deal with that problem if he woke up. No matter what, she was determined that she wasn’t going to quit until she tasted her son’s cum.

She closed her mouth gently over the head of John’s dick, just holding it in her mouth with her soft wet lips as she used the tip of her tongue to slowly circle the ridge of the head and to continue teasing the magic spot. She fingered her pussy slowly but thumbed her clit vigorously as she held her son’s stiff dick in her mouth.

Oh fuck, John thought, in your mouth Mom? That’s it I can’t hold back.

Precum flowed freely from John’s dick making his mother swallow a few times before she suddenly felt the head of her son’s dick expanding mightily and then finally erupting and spewing her son’s sperm into the back of her throat.

Doris climaxed as she felt rope after rope of her son’s hot cum blasting the back of her throat and filling her mouth as she greedily swallowed as fast as she could in self defense trying to keep up with the volume of sperm.

Oh fuck, John thought, Mom swallows too!

When John’s dick finally stopped spitting cum into her mouth, Doris swallowed one last time and then opened her mouth and released her son’s dick, letting it flop back down on his stomach.

Then Doris slumped down and lay on the floor next to her son’s bed. She spread her legs wider and fingered her pussy rapidly as she thumbed her clit and pinched her nipples and stifled her moans until she had another climax as she withered quietly on the carpet next to her son’s bed.

John could hear the wet sounds his mother’s fingers made as she repeatedly shoved them in and out of her pussy. He wished he could watch what she was doing.

Doris lay on the floor until her breathing finally returned to something like normal. She knew that society says that she should feel bad about what she’d just done to her son, but she didn’t.

Doris thought what the hell, he won’t miss the sperm, and his donation did so much to lift his mother’s spirits. It also dawned on Doris that she could do this to her son quite often if she was careful and nobody but her would ever know.

Doris sat up slowly and then climbed up on her knees and knelt by her son’s bed again and glanced at her son’s face verifying that he was still asleep. Then she leaned over and decadently licked the last of John’s cum that had dribbled out of his shrinking dick off his stomach just above his pubic hair. She’d toyed with the idea of leaving those droplets of cum on his stomach so John would think that he’d had a wet dream. But she decided not to leave those tasty little droplets behind because she might want to do this again in the future, so she really didn’t want to leave any evidence behind.

She got up off the floor and quietly walked over to John’s door and turned and looked at her naked son. After staring at John for a few moments she made up her mind.

If her husband wasn’t going to fuck her anymore, then she needed to find out if her son would man up and take on that chore. After all he was fucking his sister. Could she get him to fuck her too?

Would her son be willingly to donate his sperm for his mother’s well being? Would John be willing to stick that magnificent dick of his in his mother’s pussy repeatedly until she screamed in delight? And if he was willing to make love to his mother would her son react like his father did, would he reject her offer of anal sex?

Today, she was so fucking horny that she vowed that she needed to get answers to her questions starting today. Doris turned and left her son’s bedroom.

As soon as his bedroom door closed behind his mother, John reached down and grabbed his dick. With just a couple of squeezes he was hard again and jacking off rapidly as he fantasized about fucking his mother. It only took a couple of minutes of franticly jacking off before he blew another load of cum, this one all over his chest and stomach.

Doris went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and then returned to her bedroom and slowly slipped into bed next to her sleeping husband.

She lay awake for a few minutes thinking about her son and daughter having sex. Thinking about John sliding his magnificent dick into his sister made her pussy wet again. She slid one hand down her pants and slipped two fingers into her vagina. She fingered her vagina as she teased her clit with her thumb, her other hand pinched and pulled on her nipples as she fantasized about sucking her son’s dick until she had another but much less significant climax.

She glanced over at her sleeping husband. You could have had that blowjob that your son just got you stupid fuck; Doris thought before she rolled over and quickly fell asleep.


Doris was making breakfast later on that Saturday morning when she opened the oven door and bent over to retrieve the tin of biscuits that just finished baking. She heard a loud wolf whistle behind her. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at her son.

Her son looked startled. John had thought that it was his sister’s butt that he was ogling and whistling at.

“Wow Mom, sorry, you just looked so hot it... ah just slipped out!”

John couldn’t stop his eyes from traveling up and down his mother’s body as she bent over the oven’s door. Doris was wearing a matching set of bra and bikini panties. She had always worn her bathrobe around the house, John couldn’t remember the last time he saw his mother in her underwear.

“I know I should be wearing my robe, and thank you kind sir for the whistle, even a woman my age likes to know that her body can still attract admirers. But your sister runs around in her underwear all the time and I haven’t heard any complaints from the men in this household.”

“I’m not complaining!” John protested.

“So put your eyes back in your head young man, stop ogling your mother’s butt because I’ll be wearing a bikini for the rest of the day so you might just as well get used to seeing me dressed like this.”

“You don’t have to cover up on my account,” John grinned, “I enjoy looking at the beautiful women of this household in their underwear. Dad on the other hand, I’m pretty sure, might not want you parading around dressed so scantily.”

“The hell with what your Dad wants,” Doris hadn’t meant for that statement to come out so venomously, “he’s gone to a golfing tournament for the whole weekend. He won’t be home until late Sunday night. And, another thing young man, I’ll dress as scantily as I want in my own house... or maybe... I’ll wear nothing at all... As a matter of fact, screw the bikini... I’m going skinny dipping today.”

“Wow, Mom... I’d pay to see that, ah... ah, I’m sorry.., did I say that out loud?” John made a faux apology, not seriously trying to hide the fact that he’d love to see his mother naked.

“You’re a little pervert aren’t you? Just because I walked in on you and saw you naked, you think you should get to see me naked, don’t you,” Doris laughed as she guessed correctly, she boldly baited her son, “but you won’t see your mother naked and skinny dipping young man.., unless of course, you’re skinny dipping right along side of me.”

Doris had calculated that if she could get the clothing barrier out of the way, if she could just get her son naked, under any pretense, even an innocent one like skinny dipping, then the seduction of her son would be a foregone conclusion.

She turned from the stove with a platter of pancakes. She bent over and set the platter down on the kitchen table in front of John. John’s eyes immediately went to his mother’s breasts. She hesitated long enough to let John get a good look. His eyes grew wide at the amount of cleavage that his mother’s bra displayed.

Janet walked into the kitchen and joined her brother and mother. She wore her usual morning attire, bra, and pants, and sat down at the kitchen table. The three discussed the weather as they dug into the pancakes. John kept sneaking glances at his mother’s cleavage as he ate.

“Mom’s says she’s going skinny dipping. And, I’m going to join her,” John said as he looked at Janet with a big smile on his face and winked.

“Oh that’s rich... you were embarrassed about your towel falling off yesterday in front of us, but today you’re going to voluntarily take your clothes off and parade around naked in front of Mom and me... I’ll go skinny dipping with you two guys just to see that, but I do not believe for a second that you’d do that,” Janet laughed at her older brother.

Doris said nothing. She hoped by keeping her mouth shut that Janet would goad her brother into skinny dipping. That was fine by her; she’d use anybody or anything in an attempt to get her son’s clothes off.

“You think I’d pass up a chance to go skinny dipping with the two most beautiful women that I know?”

“John, will you go out, after you finish eating breakfast, and clean the pool? Get all the leaves and other debris out of the pool,” Doris asked.

“So when does the skinny dipping start?” Janet asked as she looked back and forth between her mother and her brother.

“Give me a half hour to clean the pool,” John suggested.

“You kids are joking around about skinny dipping and I’m serious.., I am going skinny dipping,” Doris proclaimed.

“I’m not joking Mom. I’ll go skinny dipping with you,” John assured her.

“Like your sister, I’m not sure I’m buying that either John, so here are the rules. After you clean the pool, if you’re not going to take your clothes off and join us, then you need to disappear. And, I don’t mean that you disappear to your bedroom where you can hide and peek out your window at the naked women around the pool either. That’s why we had a privacy fence put in. If you’re not going skinny dipping with us... then you don’t get to sneak around and peek out from behind your curtains at those who are.”

“What do I have to do to convince you two that I’ll go skinny dipping with you guys?”

“Be naked when Mom and I come out of the house or disappear,” Janet spouted.

“Okay... it’s a deal,” John promised as he looked back and forth between his mother and his sister.

“Okay, then that’s settled, I guess. When I go upstairs, I won’t be putting on my bikini,” Doris laughed then looked directly at John, “But when I look out my bedroom window I better see you naked as the day you were born.”

“No problem,” John assured them. He pushed his finished breakfast plate away as he stood up. He turned and walked out of the kitchen and walked straight into the laundry room.

Mother and daughter frowned at each other, wondering why John had gone into the laundry room. They sat chatting with each other as they finished their breakfast. Both had an inner excitement going on. Both females secretly desired to see John walking around naked.

Just as the girls finished cleaning up the kitchen John came walking out of the laundry room. He was indeed naked.

He walked through the kitchen headed for the door that lead to the backyard pool as both females wolf whistled at him at the same time. John carried several bath towels and sun tan lotion, one towel strategically placed in front of his groin area to protect his modestly.

“Look at that, he’s cheating already. Let me get the door for you bro,” Janet offered as she ran to the door and opened it wide as her eyes surveyed what she could see of her naked brother.

“Nice butt bro,” Janet said as she playfully slapped her brother’s bare ass as he walked past her and through the doorway towards the pool. The familiarity of that butt slap did not escape their mother’s attention.

“The skinny dipping is at the pool, my sister that’s still wearing clothes... I’ll see ALL of both of you two ladies at the pool. That is, if you two guys don’t chicken out,” John said as he walked stiffly and self consciously through the kitchen and out the door.

Janet closed the kitchen door and then walked over to the kitchen sink and stood next to Doris as both of them looked out the window and watched John walking to the pool. He put the towels down and went to the pool shed and picked up the cleaning pole and started walking around the pool capturing the floating leaves and pulling them out of the pool. The two females stared out the kitchen window at him.

“Oh, I’m going to need some Vodka so that I can really enjoy this,” Doris said, “lots of Vodka... and lemonade,” Doris alleged as she looked at John’s ass as he bent over. She tried to see what was dangling between her son’s legs.

“He is pretty well built, isn’t he?” Janet said rhetorically.

“Is he good in the sack?” Doris asked bluntly.

Janet’s breath caught in her chest. She turned her head and looked at her mother questioningly.

“Don’t even try to deny it... Just the look on your face proves it.”

“We ah... we ah, only did it once... really... we just wanted to try ah... oral... neither one of us is dating anybody... and ah we just...”

“I know... neither one of you currently have a paramour and you’re both young and you’re both horny... you guys are just learning and experimenting... that’s the same reasoning that I used when I started having sex with my brother.”

“Whoa, wait, what? You and Uncle Bob had sex!”

“Your Uncle Bob eats pussy better than anybody I’ve ever met, man, or woman!”

“Holy shit Mom!”

“I just might invite your Uncle Bob to come over today and prove that to you, if you’re willing... and if you want him to,” Doris said as she glanced at Janet for confirmation.

“Do you think he would.., ah come over I mean?”

Janet was flabbergasted; Mom and Uncle Bob had sex? Janet’s pussy started getting wet just thinking about Uncle Bob. Oh God, she thought, I would pay to straddle Uncle Bob’s face.

Doris just grinned and started mixing water and a lemonade mix in a pitcher. She added half a bottle of Vodka to the mix, dumped a tray full of ice cubes into the pitcher, and then put it in the freezer.


“Hello Bob.”

“Hey Doris, what’s up?”

“Hopefully, it’s your dick sometime this afternoon.”

“Oh boy, so I guess your hubby is gone for the weekend again? That’s good Sis, because I’m horny as fuck; I haven’t had a piece of ass in months. I’m free this whole weekend so where and what time do you want to get together?”

“You can come over here. The kids and I are going skinny dipping and you’re invited to join us but your swimming trunks are not invited.”

“Holy shit... Does that mean that I finally get to see Janet naked?”

“Actually, I just found out that my kids are having sex with each other, and I’m so fucking jealous. I’m calling to invite you to come over and eat Janet’s pussy. I kind of bragged about you to her, I told her that you speak cunnilingus better than anybody that I’ve ever met, and I could tell by her reaction that her pussy is already dripping with anticipation. I want you over here to keep Janet busy so that I can fuck the shit out of my son.”

“Good plan Sis! Just thinking about eating Janet’s pussy makes my tongue stiff. I’d bet that she has a mouth watering pussy. I’ll be there in the early afternoon. I ring your doorbell with my hardon.”

“Better yet, I’ll leave the front door unlocked and when you come in you make sure that you lock the door behind you. Check out the pool first and if you see us at the pool, take your clothes off and come out and join us.”

“I can’t wait; I’ll see you later this afternoon!”

“Oh and if you don’t see anybody at the pool, check the bedrooms.”

“Fuck it... I’m heading out the door NOW! I’ll see you in thirty minutes.”

Doris laughed as she hung up the phone and looked out her bedroom window at John. He was still working at cleaning the leaves out of the far side of the pool. She stared at John’s package as it swung back and forth as he moved. She admired her naked son’s physique for a couple of minutes.

She took her bra off and pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. She looked down at her snatch and decided that she needed to trim her bush so as to not scare the poor boy off before he gets a chance to taste her.

Doris yelled for Janet. Janet walked into her mother’s bedroom and stopped short and stared at her mother. She couldn’t recall the last time that she’d seen her mother naked. Doris told Janet to follow her down the hall to the bathroom. Janet felt an odd sensation in the pit of her stomach as she watched the wiggle of her mother’s naked ass as her mother walked ahead of her.

In the bathroom Doris bend over and searched for her electric clippers under the sink’s cabinet. Janet stared at her mother’s well shaped ass and felt that twinge again. Doris found the clippers and plugged them in.

“Take your pants off; we need to trim you up. Your Uncle Bob prefers short pussy hair and he doesn’t like any hair between your cheeks or around your vagina, he says it just gets in the way.”

“Uncle Bob is coming over?”

“I could hear him licking his lips over the phone,” Doris laughed, “He’s a pretty excited by the opportunity of finally seeing you naked.”

“He is? You know what mom; I’ve always had the hots for Uncle Bob.”

“All the girls had the hots for Bob. He’s a very sexy man and totally uninhibited. Don’t be surprised if he flips you face down and sticks his tongue up your butt. He is a butt man.”

Janet shivered in anticipation, just the suggestion of anal sex made her pussy start getting wet. She quickly pulled her pants down and off.

Doris had Janet put one foot up on the toilet seat; she placed a small trash can directly under Janet’s pussy to catch the falling pubic hair.

Doris then knelt down on the floor and for the next several minutes she very carefully trimmed Janet’s bush with the guard on the clippers to keep from cutting her hair too short.

“Okay now turn around, bend over, and put your hands on the toilet seat so that I can trim the hair from between your butt cheeks and around your pussy.”

Janet bent over and pushed her ass backwards towards her mother and waited for her to start cutting the hair away from her pussy lips and ass crack. Janet’s insides squirmed at the gentle touch of her mother’s hands as she pulled one ass cheek aside to trim around her asshole and then pulled the other cheek aside to do the other side. When her mother pushed her pussy lips to one side to do a closer trim is when Janet’s pussy started getting really moist. Doris could smell her daughter’s excitement.

“Okay, turn back around and let me see how you look.”

Janet turned and faced her mother and Doris noticed the blush on Janet’s face.

“I know this little pussy maintenance thing, the trimming and touching in intimate places has made you a little horny, I can smell your excitement, but you need to save it for your Uncle Bob.” Doris told Janet. Janet nodded in agreement.

“Except that I have to do this one little thing,” Doris said as she knelt down in front of Janet and leaned in closer and put her hands on Janet’s thighs as she deeply inhale the scent of her daughter’s pussy with her nose as she leaned in real close and planted a soft kiss at the top junction of Janet’s pussy lips, right at her clit. Janet froze, her mind went blank.

“I haven’t kissed a girl down there since college. But, your little pussy is just so cute I couldn’t help myself, it just begged for a kiss. Maybe, at some other time.., if you’re willing.., we can explore that a little further,” Doris looked at her daughter questioningly.

“I ah... ah... that ah, caught me off guard Mom. I didn’t expect that... But ah... yeah... yeah, we could ah... I wouldn’t mind... we could try that,” Janet stammered agreement as she started breathing again; the idea was intriguing to her.

“Would you trim me? It’s so much easier if some else does it for you rather than trying to use a mirror and doing it yourself.”

Janet blushingly agreed. The females switched positions. Janet got down on her knees in front of her mother and carefully started trimming her mother’s pubic hair, cutting it pretty short and then she trimmed between her mother’s legs and the crack of her ass as her mother had done for her. Even before Janet finished grooming her mother’s pubic hair she noticed the aroma wafting off of her mother’s pussy.

“Okay, your turn, let me see how you look.”

Janet couldn’t help herself, as she knelt in front of her mother she put the clippers down and then slid her hands around to her mother’s hips and grabbed two hands full of her mother’s shapely butt and pulled her face closer and planted a kiss in the middle of her mother’s freshly trimmed bush. She inhaled the aroma of her mother’s excitement and found it stirring.

Doris was a little surprised, pleasantly so, when her daughter kissed her bush. A promise of things to come.

“Okay then. I believe we’ll just have to pencil that in for a later date...”

Doris helped Janet stand up and then pulled her in close to her naked body and hugged her naked daughter. Both females felt a thrill as their bare breasts touched each other. When they finally let each other go both were breathing shallowly through open mouths.

“So let’s clean this up and go to the pool and see if that handsome stud of a brother of yours is still naked.”


The girls went back downstairs and Doris pulled the pitcher of Vodka and lemonade out of the freeze as Janet got a glass out of the cupboard for her mother. Doris stood at the kitchen window absentmindedly rubbing her clit as she watched John walking naked around the pool.

“You need to get a couple of more glasses,” Doris stated, “That’s if you and John want to share the lemonade with Bob and me.”

“You’re going to let me and John drink Vodka with you guys?”

“You two are already having sex... so yes; I guess it’s okay if you guys sit at the big kids table today... as long as your father never finds out about what happens this weekend. A little booze will loosen you guys up, I know you both are probably pretty nervous and the Vodka will help lower you guy’s self-consciousness about being naked in front of Bob and me.”

Doris poured two glasses full of the lemonade and held one out to Janet as she raised her glass up for a toast. Doris tapped her glass against her Janet’s glass.

“What are we toasting to?” Janet asked.

“To incest, to having uninhibited sex with loving family members.”

“Family members, plural. Does that mean, besides Uncle Bob, that you might have sex with your son?”

“Oh no... There is not might about it! I’m going to have sex with him; I’m going to fuck John’s ears off!”

“Fuck, I’ll drink to the boldness of the women in this family,” Janet laughed as she raised her glass and gulped about a third of it down. She coughed and her eyes started watering.

“And I’ll drink to fucking, because boy I need a good one,” Doris laughed as she drained over half of her glass of the vodka spiked lemonade. She looked out the window at John.

“When that boy’s dick gets hard, I’m going to jump on it... sorry Janet, but you had his dick in you last night and I haven’t had a dick in me in months... you’re going to have to wait for your Uncle Bob to show up... but I promise you, he’s worth waiting for.”


John finished cleaning the pool and put the cleaning equipment back in the shed. He walked over and spread a towel over a chaise lounge and stretched out on the lounge and put his hands behind his head and started day dreaming about what the day would bring. He laid there enjoying the feeling of the hot sun on his naked body.

He was excited about the chance to seeing his mother and sister parading around naked. He’d only saw his sister naked in the laundry room and his darkened bedroom. He’s never seen his mother naked.

He was pretty sure that his mother would chicken out and came out wearing her bikini instead of being naked. But he wouldn’t be surprised at all if his sister came outside naked as a jay bird, and he would love to study that body some more. He just didn’t know if he could look at their nakedness without getting an embarrassing erection in front of them.

John’s mother and sister walked out of the kitchen door. John turned his head and stared at the two naked women. His mouth dropped open as he took in the sight; he studied their thighs, their bellies, and their tits as they walked towards him. He stared at their freshly trimmed bushes.

“Holy shit... one of my fantasies just came true... you two are the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen.”

“So you’ve been fantasizing about seeing your sister and your mother naked or is it just any naked woman? Because I know you haven’t seen too many,” Doris laughed as she corrected her son.

“Would you two just stop... no, I meant stop walking, stop right there... and turn around for a second?”

“I think we just found another butt man,” Doris laughed as she looked at John; her pussy was already moist, and then she slowly turned her back towards her son. Janet turned also and looked over her shoulder at her brother.

“Well, what do you think Bro?”

There was no doubt that those two were mother and daughter. Standing side by side, naked and looking over their shoulders at him, they almost looked like twins.

“God that is an awesome pair of asses! Excuse me ladies... I’m going to have to jump in the pool..; either that or I’m going to embarrass myself in front of you two.”

John started to get up off the chaise lounge, he figured if he jumped in the pool that the cold water would kill the erection he felt approaching.

“Don’t you dare move young man,” Doris warned as she walked over and handed John a glass of lemonade, “and, from what I’ve seen... you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about son, and you can trust me on that.”

Doris stood there and stared shamelessly at her son’s semi-erect dick.

John took the glass; he was so thirsty from cleaning the pool that he gulped about half of offered drink down before he realized that it wasn’t just lemonade. The surprise registered on his face. He tried to keep from choking as his eyes watered.

John stared up at his mother’s charms. Doris saw John’s dick twitch. A knowing smile crossed Doris’s face; this was going to be easier than she thought it would be. She was no longer nervous, now that she was in familiar territory. She knew how to make a guy’s dick get hard and what to do with it when it did.

“Do you like what you see son? I don’t sag too much for an old lady do I?”

“Oh God Mom, you’ve got a perfect body!” John claimed as he couldn’t stop his eyes from shifting rapidly between staring at his mother’s breasts and the freshly trimmed bush between her rounded thighs.

Doris threw caution to the wind and swung one leg over John’s thighs and sat down. She straddled John's thighs as he lay on the chaise lounge, her legs spread across his upper thighs. Her freshly trimmed pussy rested just an inch below John’s testicles as she faced him and straddled him.

John’s mind vapor locked as he eyes went immediately to his mother’s pussy. He could see her moist lips hanging down by his balls as his mother sat on his thighs. His dick started rapidly rising.

“Finish your lemonade and then if you don’t mind I would like you to put some of that suntan lotion on my tits,” Doris smiled at her son.

“You want me to put lotion on your boobs?” John’s head quickly swung between his mother and his sister. His confusion was obvious; he had no clue to what was happening.

“Yeah, your dad would probably notice if my tits got sunburned, then again he might not notice at all,” Doris said as she tilted her head back and drained her glass.

John took advantage of his mother draining her glass and quickly turned his head and looked at his sister, he arched his brow questioningly.

“She knows,” Janet nodded as she looked at John, “She knows that you and I had sex last night.”

“Before you say anything, you two need to know that I’m not angry about you two having sex with each other; actually I’m just jealous..,” Doris interjected, before John could respond, as she reached down and boldly started playing with John’s growing erection, “you two guys just need to share your young and beautiful bodies with Uncle Bob and me.”

John’s mouth dropped open. His head went on a swivel, he looked at his mother’s hand on his dick, then he looked at her tits, then he looked at her face, then he looked at his sister and then started the process over again.

“Uncle Bob is on his way over to join us,” Janet told John, “apparently Mom and Uncle Bob have been having sex with each other since before they were our ages.”

“Do you two guys want to join in and help Bob and me keep up the family tradition?” Doris stated as she squeezed John’s dick until it was completely erect in her hand, Doris looked into John’s eyes, “your dad can’t seem find the sex department lately... and I need a good fucking... how about it? You stuck this magnificent piece of gristle in your sister’s pussy; so do you have any hang ups about sticking it in me?”

“Oh hell no... I definitely want to fu... ah have sex...ah with you. Who am I to break with family tradition,” John sighed, glancing over at Janet, “I’m all for family traditions.”

Doris laughed as she squeezed John’s erection tightly in her fist, checking to make sure that he was still completely hard. Her pussy was already wet enough for it, she’d starting getting wet the second she walked out of the kitchen door and saw the look on her son’s face.

“Yeah, you two little shits started carrying on the tradition before you even knew that we had a family tradition...” Doris looked down at the stiff dick in her hand, “And son, I know that you’re going to cum really quickly, the first time anyway... so why don’t we just get your first quickie with your mother out of the way?”

John’s mind locked on his mother’s phraseology; get your first quickie with your mother out of the way. First quickie implied that they will be more than one. His hardon throbbed in his mother’s hand.

Doris straightened her legs, lifting her butt up off of John’s thighs as she took a couple of short steps forward, better aligning his dick with her pussy. She reached down and used her hand to guide the head of John’s stiff dick to her already soaking wet and ready vagina. She slid the head of John’s dick briskly up and down her pussy gash, lubricating the head of his dick with her juices, and then she slowly sat back down, sliding John’s erection effortlessly up inside her as she wiggled her bottom as she settled on his thighs.

“Ohhhh fuucckkk,” John moaned as his hands quickly grabbed his Mom’s ass cheeks as his mother sank his dick to the hilt in her pussy. His hips automatically flexed upward pushing his dick up into his mother. Her pussy was just as tight as his sister’s. The warmth of her pussy surrounded his erection.

“Just relax son... let mommy show you what your father is missing.”

Doris put one hand on John’s chest and pushed him back down until he was laying down flat on the chaise lounge. John lay there staring up at his mother tits and panting for breath. Doris flexed her Kegel muscles inside her pussy. John’s eyes grew large as his mother flexed her muscles again as she continued to squeeze and massage John’s erection inside her pussy.

“Oh God Mom!” John sighed as he threw his head back. His hands went from his mother’s ass to the arm rests of the chaise lounge. His hands gripped the arm rests tightly as he bowed his back and tried to raise his hips in an effort to stick more cock then he had up into his mother’s pussy. He stared at his mother’s bush.

“How are you doing that?”

“You like that don’t you?”

Doris relaxed her pussy and settled her ass down firmly on John’s lap and then gripped her son’s dick tightly with her pussy, thanks to her Kegel exercises, and then she attempted to straighten her legs.

“Ohhhh fuck,” John moaned.

The maneuver raised her pussy higher at the same time gripping John’s dick tightly. To John it felt like his mother was trying to pick him up off the chaise lounge by his hardon using only the grip of her pussy.

Janet watched the mother son dual for a minute or two and just had to see what her mother was doing to her brother. She got off her chair and walked over to the foot of John’s chaise lounge and knelt down and watched between her mother’s legs as her mother settled her ass back down on John’s thighs as she started sliding up and down on John’s erection.

Janet reached out and pushed her hand between her brother’s thighs and lifted John’s testicles with her fingertips, holding his balls up tightly against Doris’s bouncing ass cheeks and pussy. Doris rode John’s dick steadily for a couple of minutes.

“Ohhhh fuucckkk, Mom... I can’t help it, I’m going to cum.”

“Go ahead son... squirt your nasty jiz in your mommy’s pussy.”

Doris didn’t have to tell her son twice. John’s body jack knifed, causing him to smash his face into his mother’s ample cleavage. His testicles throbbed as he blasted cum up into his mother’s pussy. His sister felt his testicles pulsating with her fingertips as she held his nuts up against her mother’s ass crack. Doris could feel John’s balls twitching between the cheeks of her ass.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..."

“Oooh...oh...mmmm... Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been missing... It’s been years since I felt the power of a young stud’s hose trying to quenching the fire inside my pussy”

“Fuck Mom... I don’t know what you were doing but your pussy is awesome!”

“We’re just getting started son... If you want to extinguish the smoldering fire in your mother’s pussy it’s going to take a lot more than one hosing. You’re going to have to douse me several more times today, tonight, and tomorrow... you mommy is pretty fucking horny. Are you up for it son?”


Uncle Bob locked his sister’s front door behind him and then walked into the kitchen and looked out the window at the pool. The only person he saw was Janet sitting naked in a lounge chair drinking lemonade.

Bob immediately started disrobing; he noticed that his hands were shaking. He tossed his shirt on the back of a kitchen chair, slipped his shoes off, reached down and pulled his socks off and unzipped his pants and took them and his underwear off.

He reached down and grabbed his flaccid dick and pulled it towards the floor, stretching it out as far as he could. He rolled it quickly between the palms of his two hands as he stretched it downward to make it hang down further and look more impressive. He took a deep nervous breath and opened the kitchen door and walked through, trying to hide his nervousness and act casual as he headed towards the pool.

Janet heard the kitchen door close and turned and looked in that direction. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw her Uncle. She felt a twinge in her pussy as her eyes roamed over her naked Uncle’s body. Her gaze telescoped in on his cock as it swung back and forth as he walked towards her. Janet had the hots for her Uncle as far back as she could remember and seeing him naked instantly started making her pussy moist.

Bob stopped next to Janet’s chair and held his hand out to her. Janet placed her drink down on the ground and offered her hand to her Uncle. Bob pulled her to her feet and then held her hand in the air over her head as she twirled around doing a slow pirouette, letting him check out her body.

“Damn, Janet. You have really filled out girl! I bet you got every guy you know tripping over his dick trying to get into your panties.”

“Oh Uncle you say the sweetest things,” Janet laughed nervously.

“Speaking of sweet, I bet your pussy is as juicy and tastes as sweet as a ripe pear.”

“So why don’t you take Janet to her bedroom and find out how sweet her pussy tastes Bro?” Doris offered from the pool.

Bob looked over at the pool and for the first time noticed his sister Doris and her son John floating on air mattresses next to each other. Their heads faced in opposite directions as Doris had one hand on John’s groin area and John had one hand wrapped around and was squeezing one of his mother’s breasts.

“Hey Sis, hi John. So I guess this is really happening then, I’m not just dreaming,” Bob said as his gaze returned to eyeing Janet’s charms.

Janet blushed as Bob just stood there staring down at her pussy. She took a step closer to her Uncle and reached down and wrapped her fingers around Bob’s dangling dick.

“So do you want a glass of lemonade before you take me to my room and devour my pussy and ravish my body?”

Bob threw his head back and burst out laughing.

“You are definitely you mother’s daughter! Never any preamble... always the let’s just get to it attitude. It’s admirable, but yeah I’d like to have some of your mom’s special lemonade first. I’m a little nervous and I need to catch up with the rest of you guys.”

“I’m the one that should be nervous here,” Janet said as she released her grip on Bob’s growing erection as she looked down at it, “I’ll get you a glass but I get to sit on your lap while you drink it; I have to have something to do while you catch up.”

Bob laughed again as he watched Janet reluctantly tear her eyes away from his dick as she turned and poured him a glass of lemonade. He looked longingly at her shapely bare ass. Damn, she’s growing up and filling out, he thought. She’s already as sexy as her mother.

Bob turned and sat down on a deck chair. Janet finished pouring a glass of lemonade for Bob and brought it to him and then turned and sat down on Bob’s lap. Janet wiggled her bare ass on Bob’s lap and then laughed at the look on his face.

Janet threw one arm around her Uncle’s shoulder and watched him as he drank about half of the glass. She leaned forward and picked up her glass off the ground. Bob slid his hand down Janet’s back down to her butt and gently squeezed one of her cheeks as she bent over.

“Don’t play with my butt unless you want to kiss it, that’s one of my rules” Janet wisecracked as she sat back up.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that... even my tongue gets stiff when I think about your butt.”

“Mom said that you’re a butt man,” Janet asked as she slid one hand down Bob’s stomach to his groin area.

“Oh yeah. I’d love to nibble and lick on your sexy butt, if that’s okay with you.”

“Mom warned me about you. She said that you’d flip me face down and try to stick your tongue up my butt.”

“I’ve been known to use my tongue on a butt... once or twice,” Bob laughed, “how about it?”

“I’ve only done it once... I made John cum by licking his butthole.”

“I was asking if it was okay with you if I stick my tongue in your butt,” John laughed again, “but I think you just answered my question... You actually licked John’s asshole long enough to make him cum, now that’s impressive.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m a butt girl too,” Janet said as she threw her head back and drained her glass of lemonade. She was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and the sun.

“Let me finish this lemonade and we’ll go to your bedroom and see just who enjoys munching on butts more, you or me,” Bob suggested as he lifted his glass.

“I have to be honest Uncle Bob, I’m inexperienced, I’ve only given one blowjob,” Janet admitted as she reached down and grabbed Bob’s semi-erect dick.

“That doesn’t make you a bad person,” Bob sighed as Janet squeezed his dick in her fist.

“All modesty aside Uncle Bob.., I do give a mean hand job,” Janet offered as she again squeezed her Uncle’s dick, quickly making him completely hard.

“Seriously,” Bob asked as he looked down and watched Janet’s hand.

“Yeah, I had a boyfriend for about four months and that’s all we did... I jacked him off on almost every date; he taught me a lot about how to properly manhandle a guy’s dick,” Janet emphasized her words by squeezing Bob’s dick very tightly about an inch below the helmet. Making Bob throw his head back and moan as the head of his dick swelled larger with trapped blood.

Janet got off Bob’s lap and took both of their glasses and refilled them with lemonade. She picked up a bath towel when she came back and dropped the folded towel at her Uncle’s feet. She handed her Uncle his glass and put hers down on the ground and then knelt down on the towel.

Bob just watched Janet as she pushed his knees further apart. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around her Uncle’s erection.

“I can make you leak buckets full precum before I let you come,” Janet warned as she smiled prettily and started squeezing the base of her Uncle’s dick as she slid her hand upward an inch and squeezed him again. By the time she inched her squeezing hand upward to the head of his dick she’d squeezed him over half a dozen times and had him hard as a rock and lifting his ass off the chair.

“You have fantastic hands Janet,” Uncle Bob panted.

“Can we go to my room? This concrete is uncomfortable,” Janet asked as she looked up at her Uncle.

“Sure,” Bob wasn’t about to turn down a chance to get his naked and sexy niece alone in her bedroom.

As Bob stood up he looked towards the pool to see what his sister and her son were doing. Their air mattresses were empty. He turned in time to see Doris carrying the empty lemonade pitcher in one hand and holding on to John’s hand with her other hand as they walked through the kitchen door.

“So how long have you been having sex with your brother?”

“Since yesterday,” Janet answered as they both stood and headed for the kitchen door, “we were both virgins until I seduced him.”

“So why did you seduce your brother instead of giving your boyfriend a piece of ass?” Bob asked trying to figure out what brought the kids together.

“My boyfriend wasn’t happy with me just jacking him off; he kept pushing my face down to his lap trying to get me to suck his dick.”

“You didn’t want to do that?”

“I just wanted it to be my idea..., and I didn’t want to do that for him, he’s a jerk... Then yesterday when I saw John’s bare ass and that’s when I decided that I still wanted to try oral sex with some guy... and my brother is a guy so why not just give him a blowjob.”

“You saw John’s naked butt?”

“John walked past my bedroom door wearing nothing but a jock strap and shoes. He was showing off his ass, walking around dressed like that,” Janet laughed, “he shouldn’t have teased me like that... so it’s his fault. He made me seduce him.”

“So tell me, how exactly did you seduce your older brother?” Bob laughed.

“He wore that jock strap in front of a very horny girl. When John came back from his run I snuck up behind him and pulled his shorts and jock strap down... He didn’t put up much of a fight or complain too much, he just stood there... so I felt him up. When I got him hard I did what my ex-boyfriend taught me and I jacked him off. I wanted to make him cum.”

“Let me take a wild guess here, he was covered in sweat wasn’t he? So after jacking him off you took him to your bedroom and fucked his ears off, before letting him take a shower, right?”

“No, Mom came home and almost caught us. So I promised John that I would sneak into his bedroom after everybody went to bed and give him the blowjob that my ex-boyfriend wanted.”

“Geez, you’re just a chip off the old block... you know your Mom also goes into her nymphomaniac mode when she sees a guy dripping sweat. She likes sweaty dirty sex and she likes to control the action.”

“You know... I didn’t think about that, until you just said it, but I guess I’m kind of that way too... So how did you and Mom start having sex?”

“I came home from a date, half drunk and pissed off and your mother asked how my date went, I told her it sucked because the girl was nothing but a prick teaser and left me with a pair of blue balls.”

“That’s how my ex-boyfriend get me to jack him off, he said if I didn’t he’d get blue balls and it would be my fault.”

“Well your Mom just brazenly asked me what blue balls were and what was I going to do about them being blue. I tried to ignore her but she was just so damn persistent that to just shut her up I finally explained to her that my balls hurt from being sexually frustrated and that after my shower I was going to go to my room and jack off to relieve the discomfort in my balls... I thought that would shut her up, it didn’t, instead she just boldly asked me if she could watch me jack off.”

“So you actually let Mom watch you jack off? That is so fucking cool.”

“No, I actually refused; I thought she was just trying to embarrass me, she was just fucking with my head.”

“So how did you guys get together?”

“I took a shower and then went to bed. I didn’t know your mother was hiding under my bed until I was about half way through jacking off and suddenly your mother’s head just popped up next to my bed and she shined a damn flashlight at my dick.”

“Did that scare you?” Janet asked as she laughed.

“Oh yeah, scared the shit out of me. And, the first words out of her mouth were that my balls were in fact, not blue.”

“What happened then?”

“I was a few strokes away from cumming, way too close to stop jacking off so I just went ahead and finished. Your mom just stood there holding that damn flashlight and watching me squirting cum everywhere.”

“Oooouuu what did mom do then?”

“She said watching me cum was the coolest thing that she’d ever seen and wanted to know when was I going to jack off again. She said to let her know because the next time she wanted to see if SHE could make me cum.”

“So did you let Mom jack you off?”

“Hell yeah, I don’t think any guy would turn down a hand job, even if it is his sister offering it.”

“You let her jack you off that night?”

“Not that night... it took a day to digest her offer.”

“So when did you let her?”

“The very next night. I had another date with the same prick teaser and came home horny as hell. Your mom again offered to jack me off if I’d show her how; she’d do it so that I wouldn’t get blue balls. I said sure, if you want to... I really thought that when it actually came down to it that she’d chicken out but she didn’t. She not only sat on my bed and gave me my first ever hand job but just as I started cumming she leaned over and took me into her mouth... and swallowed all of it.”

Janet held Uncle Bob’s hand as they walked past Doris and John in the kitchen.

“You know that your daughter looks and acts exactly like you did at that age don’t you?” Bob told Doris.

Janet stopped in her tracks and turned and looked at her mother’s breasts. She reached down and cupped her smallish but exquisitely shaped breasts and lifted them slightly.

“Wow that means there’s hope for these little girls yet.”

“Don’t be in hurry to get bigger boobs. Yours are perfect. And the thrill of having big boobs wears off pretty quickly and then they are just a burden that we girls have to bear.”

“Yeah, I like seeing them bare... they’re nice to look at and play with but... I’m still a butt man,” John wisecracked.

“So if you don’t want to fool around with my tits than I might as well put my bra back on,” Doris needled John.

“Whoa, I didn’t say that. I do want to kiss them or hug them or suck on them... I just meant... I like your butt,” John stammered.

Doris grinned at John’s discomfort.

“Enough of this chit chatting, I need to get fucked,” Janet said.

Janet grabbed Uncle Bob’s hand and pulled him towards the stairs. Dragging him up to her bedroom.

“See, she is exactly like you were at her age,” Uncle Bob snickered.


Janet let go of Uncle Bob’s hand and crawled on her hands and knees up on her bed. Uncle Bob was almost drooling as he watched his naked niece crawling on her bed. Janet rolled over onto her back.

“Crawl up here on your hands and knees Uncle Bob, I want your balls straddling my little titties,” Janet requested as she patted her hand on her chest beckoning her Uncle.

Bob crawled up from the foot of the bed and slowly crawled over Janet’s legs and as he looked at her pussy he bent his arms and planted a kiss in the middle of her freshly trimmed bush.

“Oh no! You get to do that next but I want to do for you what mom did for you, so just keep crawling up here Uncle Bob.”

Bob crawled up further on the bed until his knees were by Janet’s arm pits.

Janet dropped her arms down between Bob’s thighs and then reached up and wrapped the fingers of one hand around Bob’s erection and cradled his testicles in her other hand. Janet slowly stroked her Uncle’s erection. The tip of his dick was half and inch away from Janet’s lips.

She jacked her Uncle Bob’s dick slowly and sensually until precum started forming at the tip of his dick. Janet watched the precum until the droplet started to fall and then she deftly caught that droplet on her finger tip and then took that finger and smeared his anus with his natural lubricant.

Another droplet immediately formed and Janet stuck out her tongue and caught the leading edge of the string of precum on the tip of her tongue. She flattened Bob’s urethra tube with her thumb and slid her thumb upward from the base of Bob’s dick to the head, forcing more precum out of his dick and onto Janet’s tongue.

Bob panted as he looked down between his thighs and watched his niece as she kept pumping precum out of his dick and letting it dribble onto her tongue. Bob moaned at the sight and fought off the erg to jam his dick into his niece’s open mouth and down her throat. Janet swallowed often and kept looking back up at Bob trying to judge when he was getting close to blowing his load.

Janet felt Bob’s balls pulling up towards his perineum; she gently tugged on his nut sack, pulling it back downward, not wanting to let her Uncle cum too quickly. She moved her hand from Bob’s balls and slid a finger up between the cheeks of Bob’s ass. Her finger started rhythmically tapping and pressing and then relaxing against Bob’s anus.

Bob’s panting was coming faster as Janet slowly jacked Bob’s precum into her mouth as her finger tip started forcing its way past her Uncle Bob’s sphincter muscle. Bob dropped his head down and groaned as Janet slipped her precum coated finger completely up into her Uncle’s asshole. Both of Janet’s hands started moving faster. As Bob’s balls pulled up tight to his perineum Janet squeezed Bob’s shaft tightly as she repeatedly jammed her finger rapidly in and out of Bob’s asshole.

Bob’s asshole started pulsating as it clamped down on Janet’s finger as his balls pulled up tight to his perineum as his testicles imploded, blasting sperm out as Janet closed her lips around the head of his dick.

Janet swiftly jacked the shaft of Bob’s dick, pumping sperm into her mouth and swallowing it as fast as she could. She wanted to suck as much as she could out of her Uncle’s balls.


Doris made up a new batch of lemonade and put it in the freezer. She turned to watch as her daughter Janet pulled her brother Bob through the kitchen as they headed upstairs to Janet’s bedroom.

John watched his naked sister and Uncle going upstairs. He had trouble taking his eyes off his sister’s bare ass as she climbed the stairs. Doris noticed her son staring at Janet’s ass.

“I’m going up to my bedroom..,” Doris announced to John, “and you have a choice. You can either stand here staring at your sister’s ass, if you want to or... you can follow me upstairs. I’m kind of in the mood for anal sex; I haven’t had that in a long time. Would you like to put your dick in your mother’s butt?”

“Oh God Mom, I could almost cum just thinking about sticking my dick in your butt!”

“We got the quickie out of the way, so this time I expect you to fuck me long and hard son. Are you up for that,” Doris asked as she glanced down at her son’s dick and then turned and headed for the stairs knowing without looking that John was following her and staring at her ass.

The couple walked past Janet’s open bedroom door as they headed to Doris’s bedroom. They hesitated in Janet’s doorway to watch for a few moments. The show in Janet’s bedroom was very erotic. Uncle Bob was on his hands and knees and was straddling Janet’s face as she sucked Bob’s sperm out of his dick as she pistoned her finger repeatedly in and out of his asshole.

“Do you see what Janet is doing to your Uncle Bob’s asshole? That’s what I want you to do to me.”

“You want me to stick my finger in your ass?”

“I want you to start with your tongue. You can use your finger to open me up a little, but I definitely want to feel that fire hose of yours squirting in my ass...”

Doris turned and headed to her bedroom with her son watching her ass and drooling in his mind as he followed his mother’s swaying ass to her bedroom. Doris went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of black crotch-less pants. She turned and watched her son’s face as she pulled the pants on. John had a confused look on his face until her realized that the pants were crotch-less.

She pulled a tube of KY Jelly out of her night stand drawer and took the cap off of the tube.

“I’m surprised that this stuff hasn’t evaporated,” Doris chuckled, “I bought it for your Dad to use but he refused my offer of anal sex. So I want you to smear this on your dick now and on my butt just before you stick your dick in my ass.”

Doris walked over to her bed; she dragged a pillow off the bed and threw it on the floor. Doris knelt down on the pillow on her knees and then bent over the bed, presenting her ass to her son. She laid her upper body flat on the bed and reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing her anus to her son. John's erection twitched as he looked at his mother’s asshole peeking back at him from the gap in his mother’s crotch-less pants.

He could not understand how his dad could possibly turn down the opportunity to stick his dick between the cheeks of his mother’s beautiful ass.

“Don’t say anything son, just get behind me and ravish my asshole... you can start with your tongue, then your finger, but I want your dick in my ass as soon as you have me ready to take it.”

John stood behind his mother and stared at her anus. His dick quickly grew hard as he tried to contemplate how her tightly puckered asshole could possibly take the length and the girth of his dick.

He knelt down behind his mother and started running his hands over the small of her back, her ass, her hips, and the backs of her thighs. His erection bobbed around in the air and got harder and harder as he ran his hands over his mother’s shapely ass.

Finally, he leaned over as his mother spread her ass cheeks even further apart with her fingers as John jammed his face between her cheeks and swiped his tongue across her asshole.

“You tongue feels awesome son, but for now just get me wet... I need your dick in my ass.”

John licked a couple of more licks and then leaned back and grabbed the tube of jelly and squeezed some out on his mother’s asshole and smeared it around with his finger. He coated his finger with the jelly and then slowly inserted the tip of his finger in her asshole.

“Ohhhh yessss! Finger my ass... Ohhhh God. Ohhhh yeaaahh.”

For the next couple of minutes John assaulted his mother’s asshole with his finger. He twisted his finger around as he rapidly jabbed and withdrew his finger in his mother’s rectum.

His dick grew extremely hard as he watched his finger disappearing and reappearing, he started leaking precum.

“Enough teasing! I can’t wait. Stick that stiff dick in my ass!”

John pulled his finger out of his mother’s asshole. He grabbed the KY Jelly and squeezed a large glob into his hand and smeared it all over his erection. He put one hand in the middle of his mom’s back, holding her down on the bed, as he stood up and bent his knees a little and wedged his testicles in the crack of his mother’s ass. His mother moaned in anticipation.

John started sliding his balls and the underneath side of his stiff dick up and down his mother’s lubricated crevice. He loved the sight of his dick between her ass cheeks, for about a minute John pumped his dick between his mother’s cheeks, feeling her ass against his thighs as he slowly humped against her ass.

“Are you leaking yet?”

John took his mother’s hint. He pulled his hips back and grabbed the shaft of his dick and swiped the head of his leaking dick across his mother’s asshole. Adding his precum to the lubricant that was already there. He placed the head of his dick against her puckered and jelly smeared anus and leaned forward. His precum leaking and lubricated dick bent slightly from the pressure and then his mother visibly relaxed and suddenly her sphincter muscle just gave way and allowed his entry. His shaft straightened out as the head of his dick popped into his mother’s rectum.

“Ohhhh yeaaahh... slowly son, slowly, it’s been a long time. But push it all the way in. Ouuu...”

John sighed as he watched his entire greased up dick slowly slide into his mother’s asshole until his upper thighs were up against her ass cheeks.

“Ohhh God Mom you asshole is soooo tight and soooo hot... Ohhhh fuck.”

“Hold on. Hold on, wait a minute, I need to get used to that baseball bat you just shoved up my ass.”

John laughed at the reference and then flexed his dick as hard as he could.

“Oooooo... Ooh... I felt that... could you do that again?”

John held firm, plastered up against his mother’s ass and thighs, and alternately flexed and relaxed his dick as hard as he could a couple of times again.

“Ouuu... I like that. But don’t tease me anymore son, I need my ass fucked and fucked hard. Fuck my ass as hard as you want son, you won’t hurt me. Don’t pull out and don’t stop until after you dump a load of cum in my ass!”

John started slowly, but each time he watched his dick slip unencumbered into his mother’s tight sheath he couldn’t help but quickened his pace. After only a few moments he was pounding his mother’s crotch-less panty covered ass as hard and as fast as he could.

Doris spread her hands out across her bed and bunched the bed spread in her fists as her son slammed his dick repeatedly in her ass. Pumping her ass so hard it made the muscles in her butt ripple every time he slammed deep.


Janet slowly extracted her finger from her Uncle’s asshole as she gently suckled on his shrinking member. She’d sucked his cum out of his balls through his dick like sucking soda out of the bottom of the can through a straw. She was proud of what she’d done for her Uncle; she’d swallowed all of it, every droplet of his cum.

When she jacked off her ex-boyfriend he just shot off into a handkerchief. It excited and elated her, the first few times, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly and jacking him off on every date just kind of turned into a chore. The thrill was gone.

Janet had wanted to try oral sex and had gotten up enough nerve to try it with her brother and now with her Uncle and the thrill was back. She’d had her finger buried in her Uncle’s asshole when he came. His asshole clinched and clamped down tightly on her finger, his testicles pulled up tight to his perineum and pulsated in the palm of her hand, and the head of his dick had swelled larger in her mouth just before he convulsed and shot his semen in the back of her throat with a velocity that forced her to swallow rapidly and repeatedly in self defense. She’d had a miniature orgasm as his sperm squirted in her mouth and down her throat.

Uncle Bob slowly pulled his flaccid dick out of his niece’s mouth and fell over on his side panting on Janet’s bed.

“Damn girl, if you weren’t my niece I’d make you my wife! I’ve had a lot of blowjobs in my life but I’ve never had one like that before.”

“I could be your wife for the rest of day, how about that?”

“Not nearly long enough but I’ll take whatever I can get.”

“So what could a wife of an admitted butt man expect from her husband?”

“I think that she could probably expect the butt man to pay particular attention to worshipping her behind.”

Janet gave her Uncle a sexy smile as she slowly rolled over on to her stomach and lifted her ass high enough to wedge a pillow under her hips. She settled down on the pillow and spread her thighs wide apart and bent her knees and lifted her shins, pointing the soles of her feet at the ceiling which elevated her butt even more so. She looked over at her Uncle and wiggled her eyebrows.

“Let the worshipping begin.”

Bob chuckled as he rolled off the bed, stood up and walked around to the foot of the bed and stared up between his niece’s wide spread thighs at her gorgeous ass and pussy for a moment before he crawled up on the bed between her legs. Bob unceremoniously jammed his face between the cheeks of Janet’s ass and gave her a quick lick across her asshole.

“Oops, sorry, lost my footing,” Bob chuckled, as he lifted his head up long enough to say that and then immediately jammed his face back down between Janet’s ass cheeks again and started alternating between nibbling on the insides of her ass cheeks and lavishing licking her asshole.

“Ouuu... Oh... Oh... Oh..,” Janet sighed out loud, “Ohhhh yessss lick my ass. Oh fuck you got a nice tongue!”

Uncle Bob hadn’t eaten the ass and pussy of a girl Janet’s age since eating out his sister when she was the same age as Janet. He’d forgotten about how luxurious and resilient their skin felt and how sexy the firmness of their thighs, pussy, and ass was.

While Bob lavishly licked Janet’s asshole he pushed one hand up between Janet’s thighs and slowly worked two fingers up into Janet’s sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Janet moaned, “I think I like being married to a butt man!”

Uncle Bob didn’t even hear her; he was too busy enjoying himself. His focus on her neither region was myopic. All he could see was her ass and pussy and he was in full lust overload. He leaned back a little to catch his breath and watched his drool sliding downward from Janet’s asshole to her pussy and dripping on to his fingers that he was jamming in and out of her pussy. Bob curled his tongue and tried to jam the tip of it past Janet’s sphincter muscle and up into her anus. The attempt pushed Janet over the top.

“Oooooo... Ooh... Ouuu... Oh... Oh... I'm cummmmmming!"

Uncle Bob stopped eating Janet; he looked down at her soaking wet pussy and puffy pussy lips, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and started crawling up higher on the bed over Janet. He laid his renewed erection lengthwise in the crack of Janet’s ass, she raised her ass, offering easy access, and Bob slowly pulled his hips backwards until the head of his dick slid downward through the crack of her ass and dropped down between her wide spread thighs until his erection lined up perfectly with the entrance of Janet’s soaking wet vagina.

As Janet lay there panting and trying to recover from her orgasm, Uncle Bob pushed just the head of his dick into Janet’s pussy and waited. He leaned over Janet in a pushup position and watched her raising and lowering her ass in an attempt to get more of his dick inside her.

Uncle Bob was going to give his niece a fuck that she would never forget. He pushed his dick in another inch and waited, watching her ass as Janet lift it up higher trying to get more of his dick. After waiting a moment he pushed another inch in and waited again. He enjoyed watching her hump back at him trying to get more of his dick.

“Oh damn Janet... you are soooo fucking tight!”

Janet looked over her shoulder at her Uncle with pleading eyes. Only half of Uncle’s Bob’s dick was in her pussy and she wanted all of it.

Bob looked into Janet’s eyes and then suddenly slammed his hips forward, burying the other half of his dick to the hilt in his niece.

“Ohhhh fuck. Ohhhh fuck. Ohhhh fuck. Fuck me Uncle Bob, fuck me!”

Uncle Bob pushed himself up to a sitting position, pulling his legs up and put his knees alongside Janet’s hips and sat down on Janet’s legs. He pushed her thighs together and wiggled his dick in further and scooted his groin up closer to her ass until his testicles rested on the backs of her upper thighs. With his dick completely buried in Janet’s pussy and her thighs pushed together he knew that Janet could feel the entire length of his dick as he sat there.

He waited for Janet to adjust and to revel in the feeling of fullness that his dick created in her pussy and then he started rocking forward and backwards. He didn’t pull his dick out and shove it back in, he just rocked back and forth while his hands repeatedly squeezed and released Janet’s buttocks.

This technique had a similar effect as his sister’s thumb jobs. He didn’t get the erg to cum or get tired and the effect of this method would build and build inside Janet’s pussy until she screamed in ecstasy.

He and his sister had taught themselves this slow fucking style when they were fucking on a regular basis in a bedroom next to their parent’s bedroom. They had to fuck very quietly. His sister claimed to enjoy this style of fucking over all others.

Bob slowly fucked Janet, just rocking his hips forward and backwards as he sat on the backs of her thighs. He liked to think of it as the one inch fuck. His dick moved back and forth only a little bit at a time as his testicles lay against Janet’s clit, nudging her clit each time he rocked forward.

The method he used created very little friction on his dick so he could maintain an erection and fuck Janet for a very long period of time. He used his hands to slowly caress Janet’s back and butt as he slow fucked her.


In Doris’s bedroom John was very close to cumming. He smashed his hips against his mother’s ass again and again, making her ass ripple with his pounding. His dick went in and out of his mother’s rectal chute easily aided by the KY Jelly. He was pounding so hard and so fast that he was creating froth around the base of his dick. It fascinated him as he watched his mother’s asshole extend outward; clinging to his dick as he retracted and then he slammed it into her again.

John was working up a sweat fucking his mother’s asshole. His mother’s back was getting slick with perspiration. Doris had the bedspread bunched in her fists as her son pounded her ass.

Doris was glad that she’d given John a quickie at the pool. Now she was reaping her reward for previously draining his balls. John was fucking her asshole with the enthusiasm that she never had it fucked before. She’d actually already had one orgasm, John was fucking her ass so hard and so fast that he didn’t even know that he’d given her one, and she was getting ready to have another one, this one was going to be a big one.

Doris’s whole body was tingling, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Every time her son slammed his dick deep into her asshole his balls smacked against her vagina and sent a static charge from her clit to her brain.

She’d offered anal sex to her husband because she enjoyed it so much but the idea horrified him. Her brother had been the last one to stick his dick in her ass but he’d never fucked her asshole as good as her son was doing and her brother fucked her asshole many times over the years.

"Ohhhh God. Ohhhh God. Ohhhh God. Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh.”

Doris’s brain exploded in her head. Her orgasm was epic. She had a near out of body experience. Her brain tingled, her clit tingled, and the only other thing that she knew was the heat of her son’s cum as his dick squirted what felt like gallons of hot cum up her rectum and she felt the warmth of his sperm spreading in her insides.

"Ah... Ah fuck... Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..."

John grabbed his mother’s hips and jammed his dick as far as he could in his mother’s velvet sheath and held her hips tight against his groin. Her orgasm had triggered his. His mother’s asshole clamped down tightly around the base of his dick. John’s balls pulsated and pumped jet after jet of hot sperm into his mother’s bowels. His mother’s sphincter muscle gripped tighter and tighter as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through his mother’s body.

To John it felt as if all of his energy drained from his body and squirted into his mother’s asshole. John laid his chest on his mother’s sweaty back as he panted for air. All he could do was try to suck air into his lungs. His legs were wobbly and he could barely squat behind his mother.

Doris’s asshole rejected John’s softening dick. Her asshole squeezed his shrinking dick out along with a generous amount of sperm. The sperm dribbled down Doris’s ass to her pussy and then started dripping off her pussy to the carpet.

John stood up on wobbly legs and looked at his mother’s ass.

“I’ll go get us some wash clothes to clean up this mess.”

“No, let’s just go and shower together son.”

Doris stood up and wavered, John had to grab her arm and steadied his mother for a few seconds until she could navigate on her own. She grabbed her son’s hand and pulled him behind her as they left her bedroom and went to the hall bathroom. She opened the shower door and pushed her son inside and then stepped in with him. She pushed her son’s back up against the shower wall and plastered her body against his and kissed him in a very un-motherly way, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. She pulled back and looked straight into his eyes.

“You fucked my ass so goooood! I haven’t had that good of a fuck in years... that was the best ass fucking that I’ve ever had.”

“I couldn’t help myself. You’re so hot and so tight that once I slide my dick into one of your sexy holes I just lose control; I just want to fill you with my cum.”

“After we get cleaned up I have another hole that you can try to fill with cum. But I promise to swallow so fast that you won’t be able to fill it, but my dear well hung son, you’re more than welcome to try.”


Janet’s ass was bouncing up and down. She moaned loudly as she laid face down on her bed as she reached back and held her ass cheeks apart with both hands as her Uncle pushed his finger in and out of her asshole as he rocked his dick back and forth in her pussy.

"Ohhhh God. Ohhhh God. Ohhhh God. Yessss, yessss, don't stop.”

Bob’s testicles were wet with his niece’s pussy nectar. He loved it when a pussy got so wet that its lubricant soaked his balls.

Janet’s ecstasy grew minute by minute. She had a dick in her and she was getting fucked and fucked good. The finger inserted in her asshole was the icing on the cake. Having both holes attacked at the same time was overwhelming.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh yeaaahh. Auooo. Oooooo... Ooh... Ouuu...”

Bob felt Janet’s asshole clamp tightly around his finger as her pussy started rippling as it squeezed even tighter around his dick. That was his queue; he pulled his finger out of his niece’s asshole put his hands on the bed next to her hips. He pulled back one leg at a time, straightening his legs along side of Janet’s legs until he was lying prone on top of Janet’s back in a pushup position. That’s when he started really fucking her hard. He pulled his dick back until just the head remained in her pussy and as she raised her ass trying to follow her Uncle’s retreating dick, he slammed his dick back in as hard as he could. Several deep and forceful thrusts pushed Janet over the edge.

“Oooooo... Ooh... Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. I'm cummmmmming," Janet hissed.

Bob increased his speed. He slammed his pelvic against Janet’s ass, pulled his hips back, and slammed against her again and again and again. His balls pulled up tight to his perineum as he slammed against her. He felt the head of his dick swell up and then it happened.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh yeaaahh. Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah...”

Bob’s asshole caved in as his testicles imploded and his sperm shot out of his dick and surged as deep into his niece’s pussy as his dick could deposit it.

Uncle Bob groaned as his essence drained out of him through his dick and then he collapsed on top of Janet’s back. For the first time in his life he realized that he wasn’t a spring chicken anymore. This second orgasm drained him of more than just sperm. He actually wondered if he would be able to get it up again, and if he did, how long before he could.

Bob rolled off Janet’s back, extracting his dick from her pussy and laid down next to her and closed his eyes for just a second to rest.

A few minutes later Janet giggled as she rolled off her bed and looked back at her sleeping Uncle. She studied his naked physique; she decided that she liked looking at naked guys. She liked the curve of their strong backs, the muscular buttocks, and the strength of their arms and thighs. Janet seriously contemplated sucking her Uncle Bob’s flaccid dick back to life and draining his testicles again with her mouth. Nah, she thought, better let him rest up so he could gain his strength back.

She wanted her Uncle to fuck her again but she could wait until later. After all they had the rest of the day and all of the night and most of the next day to enjoy each other.

Janet left her bedroom and went to the hall bathroom. As she sat on the pot letting her Uncle’s cum drain out of her pussy she heard noises in the shower, but the shower wasn’t running. She wiped herself and stood up and walked over to the shower and opened the frosted door. She was pleasantly surprised at what she saw.

John stood in the shower leaning at a forty-five degree angle over his mother with his arms bent at his elbows with his forearms pressed against the shower wall. He stood there with water dripping slowly off the shower head on to his head as he as he leaned over his sitting mother as she sat on the shower floor in front of him with her back against the shower wall.

John raised his head off his forearms and turned and looked at his sister and smiled weakly. Doris sat on the shower floor in front of John with one hand between her legs, fingering her pussy as she held John’s testicles in her other hand as she sucked on the head of her son’s stiff dick like a child nursing its mother’s nipple.

Uncle Bob was right Janet thought; Mom loses it when confronted by a well built and dripping male. But in this case it appears that they showered together and then Mom went into her nymphomaniac mode over her wet son.

Janet felt an ache in her pussy as she looked at the sexy scene. She realized that her brother’s dripping wet body had kicked in her nymphomaniac mode also. She figured that she must have inherited that same trait from her mother.

Watching John leaning against the wall there and slowly rocking his hips as he fucked their mother’s mouth in the shower was one of the sexiest things Janet had ever witnessed, she just had to participate.

She walked into the shower and slid the door closed behind her as she knelt down behind her brother and reached up and ran her hands over her brother’s wet back and thighs for a minute or so. Then she slipped her fingers between his butt cheeks and spread his cheeks apart with both hands and leaned forward and wedged her face between his cheeks and started slowly swiping her tongue up and down and across her brother’s asshole.

“Oh fuck!” John moaned as Janet wiggled the tip of her tongue against his asshole. John stopped rocking his hips.

Doris felt her son’s testicles pulling up tightly to his perineum; she gently slipped her index and middle fingers, scissors style, between the base of his dick and his testicles and gently separated the two by scissoring her fingers together and then slowly and gently pushing John’s testicles back downward. She was enjoying the way her son was slow fucking her mouth too much to let her son cum too quickly. She enjoyed having a stiff dick in her mouth, especially an extremely hard and pulsating one, she hadn’t come across a hardon as rigid as this one in a very long time, and she liked it. She had forgotten how much fun it was to tease a guy without mercy with her mouth.

“Do you want to come in my mouth son?” Doris asked as she pulled her head back and looked up at her son. She moved her hand from his testicles to the shaft of his dick and started slowly jacking his cock. She stared into her son’s eyes as she waited for his answer.

“Oh God yes... if you swallow like you did last night,” John pleaded as he let his mother know that he was awake in the early morning hours when she’d gave him a thumb job and swallowed the evidence.

“Okay Mr. Smartass, you had me totally fooled, I didn’t think you were awake. So just for that, I’m not going to let you cum.”

“Aw Mom, you said I could come in your mouth.”

“And you can, but I’m not going to suck you off. And no, you can’t jack off into my mouth either. I’m just going to hold you in my mouth; right here on my tongue.., I’m going to hold you there... until your sister’s tongue makes you squirt your cum down my throat.”

“Aw come on... that’s pure torture... that will take too long, you two are going to give me a pair of blue balls.”

Mother and daughter burst out laughing. They’d both heard that complaint before.

The End?


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Amazing story and well written
I enjoyed very much


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ne of the hottest stories I've read on here. I need a family like that

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