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Rose discovers that her new alien suit does a few things she didn't know about, and a doctor has a bad day
The cabin door closed behind Amelia with a slight mechanical whir. She rolled her head around, trying her best to get the kinks out of her neck; her hands massaging her shoulders. It was never an easy day being a doctor on a colonization ship, but any day that involved emergency surgery automatically ranked lower on her list. She kicked her shoes off, telling herself that tomorrow would be a return to the norm. It wasn't everyday that errant meteoroids hit a ship after all, and they were quite lucky that it had struck a non-vital area of the ship. Apart from the few janitors and technicians she had seen to that day, no one was seriously injured. As relieving as all that was, she had barely fallen asleep when the emergency call had come through, and now between the stress and lack of rest she could feel every muscle in her body aching.

Her uniform didn't make it to the laundry hamper; discarded hastily on the floor as she made her way to the bathroom. She never felt quite clean after working, even though the ship's medbay had a lengthy anti-contamination procedure. She stepped in her shower, the holographic heads-up display coming to life as it sensed her presence. She indicated to a preset with her finger, and winced as the stream of room-temperature water hit her shoulders. Smooth jazz played through tiny speakers set into the walls of her bathroom; just loud enough to be heard over the noise of the shower. The water quickly warmed, and she let it run over her, easing her sore body. She let herself finally relax as steam filled the tiny room.


Rose walked the corridors of the ship, doing her best to follow the image of the map in her head. The crew sleeping quarters hadn't looked too far from the shipping area on the map, but Rose was starting to get a real feel for just how big the ship was as she walked through it. Her mysterious alien suit pushed her ever forward. It had taken on the outward appearance of a technician's jumpsuit, but unseen between her legs it extended inside her, taking a hard, ribbed form that rubbed her g-spot tantalizingly with every step she walked. She turned from the grey hallway into another grey hallway, stopping to reconsider. Was this the third right? Fourth? Just as she was pondering whether to turn back, one of the small doors nearby slid open.

A man stepped forward, holding a small robotic shell in his hands, looking at it absently. Rose's whole body came alive instantly. Her pussy quivered with need, and would have soaked the inner thighs of her suit if it had been real fabric. She wanted more than anything to jump him; to take him right then and there like she had the two men in the shipping bay. She couldn't, however, seem to move her legs at all. She stifled a desperate groan as the suit held her in place, but she got the message. It's not worth it. Not here. Not now.

“Ummm...”, Rose let out, trying her best to keep her voice even. The man looked up at her, acknowledging her briefly, before turning his gaze back to the small robot in his hands. Rose recalled having seen a similar one in pictures; she was pretty sure it was made for cleaning floors.

“You wouldn't happen to know where the bunks are, would you? I'm... new here, and this place is just so big and- ”.

“And grey?”, the man laughed, not seeming to notice the strain Rose was under. She nodded quickly, and he chuckled again.

“That's okay, happens to everyone at least once. You weren't far off, just go back the way you came and take the next left.”, he said, pointing behind her. Rose nodded and thanked him, and he flashed her a smile before making his way down the hall in the other direction. Rose's eyes shot wide as the suit came to life between her legs as he turned away. It vibrated intensely inside her. It had already been keeping her on the edge, and it quickly brought her to orgasm. She held her hands over her mouth to avoid screaming as the suit rewarded her. She knew that any noise could make the man look back at her. To catch her, legs shaking, eyes rolled back, as she came. The thought only made her cum harder.

Only when the man turned the corner did the suit quiet, returning to it's previous state of simply teasing her. She felt the hold it had taken on her legs loosen too, and for a brief moment she even considered chasing after him. She had more important things to do, though, and followed his directions back the way she had been. It wasn't long before she was greeted by another grey hallway, only this time lined with many small doors. The dim sign on the wall beside her confirmed that she was in the right place. The lighting was dim, and Rose wondered if it was always like that in this section of the ship or if it was currently what the crew considered nighttime.

Rose walked down the hallway, unsure of what she was specifically looking for. Each door had a small keypad attached, each glowing faintly red, and it only took a curious tap to confirm that they needed a password to unlock. She was just starting to consider turning back when she felt the suit move. The shoulder of her uniform reverted back to the shiny, flowing liquid it was really made of, and slid quickly up her neck. She shivered as it coiled around her ear, but didn't fight it. Then she thought she heard something. Faint music, from far down the corridor. She grinned. There really wasn't anything it couldn't do. Renewed, she followed the faint sound, which quickly grew into something more recognizable: smooth jazz.

It wasn't long before she found the source. The door in front of her was labelled “A. Webber”, and the keypad was glowing a welcoming green. Rose tapped it, and the door opened quietly, revealing the dark interior of a tiny living space. Rose took a cautious step inside, letting the door close quickly behind her. The smooth jazz was much louder now, and more importantly, she could hear the shower running. She stepped over a discarded uniform on the floor, making her way to the bathroom as quietly as she could. The suit lined the bottom of her feet, softening her footsteps even further. The bathroom door was open, spilling clinical light into the main living area.

Peeking in, Rose squinted against the heavy steam. She could see what was an obviously-feminine body through the frosted glass of the shower. The sight made her pussy burn with need, and she felt the suit revert back to it's original form. She knew what to do almost instinctual, making her way into the room quickly and quietly, hugging the far wall as she slunk closer. She crouched low, reaching out for the door to the shower. In one motion, she sprung.

Rose and the suit moved in unison, as if each knew every move the other was going to take. Rose reached for the surprised woman, clasping her hand over her mouth before she could scream, and pressing her hard against the wall of the shower. The suit crawled across Rose's fingertips, wrapping quickly across the woman's face, creating a seal around her mouth. The woman struck wildly at her, hitting at her arms and chest. Upon contacting the suit however, her hands became stuck in it, her eyes wide with fear as she tried to wrench her hands away as the suit rippled over them.

With her prey firmly caught, the suit pulled itself away from Rose's hips, and she knew without instruction what to do. She took a step forward, and pressed her bare hips directly against the woman's. The liquid rolled over them both, locking their lower halves tightly together. Rose felt the familiar pressure against her entrances, and watched the woman's eyes intently. The slight quiver let Rose know she wasn't the only one feeling the hard appendages of the suit enter her holes. She smiled at the woman, knowing just what she was about to experience for the first time. If only she knew, she wouldn't be so scared.

Rose let out a deep moan as her ass and pussy were filled completely, and smiled again as she felt the woman moan into her hand. It was a weak, unsure moan, but it was there. They were locked together now, and Rose let her body take over. She thrust forward, using the suit connecting them as a surrogate cock to fuck the woman against her shower wall. Every time Rose pushed her hips forward there was a buzzing inside her, egging her to continue. The woman's eyes were rolling back now, all signs of resistance gone, replaced with muffled moans. Rose, feeling this, pulled back from her mouth, and the suit followed, freeing her.

“F....fuck.... fuck me harder!”, the woman managed to get out between Rose's thrusts, the first words she and Rose had shared. Rose obliged. She was relentless, slamming deep into the woman's over-full holes again and again. She somehow could feel the woman squeezing her “cock”, quivering with what seemed like one endless orgasm as Rose continued to fuck her, the suit adding force to each thrust. The woman wrapped her legs around Rose's hips, embracing her. Rose kissed her deeply; the lust shared between the two not entirely coerced by the alien locking them together.

Finally, Rose came. She clamped down, her pussy gushing around the alien being, but it was not the only thing she felt. Somehow, she could feel the suit cumming with her, as if it were her own cock. She screamed as she let herself get lost in the bliss of intertwined orgasms. She felt as every squeeze the two women gave milked her cock, and she let out jet after jet of hot liquid into the woman, coating her insides. The woman shivered and passed out in Rose's arms, but Rose could only continue. She didn't stop until she was completely finished filling her partner. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Rose was done. The suit separated them, and Rose carefully laid the woman on the floor. The liquid reformed over Rose as she looked over the woman. Her ass and pussy were ruined; gaping wide and leaking enough of the black liquid that made up the suit that she was already in a puddle of it. Rose smiled as it started to spread across the woman's thighs and hips. She fully understood now. This was what she was meant to do. Spread this amazing organism to as many people as she was able, and let them experience the pleasure it could bring them.

Rose left the unconscious woman, making her way back through the main area of her living quarters. Curiously, she reached down, picking up the woman's uniform. She had ignored it on the way in but now it caught her attention. It was different than any of the others she had seen on the ship so far. Turning it over, she looked at the badge clipped to one of the front pockets. It read “Amelia Webber – Doctor Access Card”. Rose smiled, as beneath her the suit started to shift again. This was convenient.
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