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There are no underage persons in this story. In this account, which is based on fact, (I actually do wash my fire truck in he nude but have a tall row of trees blocking view from any neighbors), I am spied on by randy high school girls who want to get in on the action. After getting caught watching, they are invited to help and become fascinated with the "Fire Hose."

“Hey Rachel, Ray’s washing the fire truck,” I hollered down the stairs. Before I could turn around Rachel came bounding up the stairs and we both ran to the store room where the telescope was waiting. It took a few seconds to get it re-positioned for what we really wanted to see, as we always left it pointing to the rising moon in case Dad or Mom checked it out.

Rachel is my seventeen-year-old twin sister and I am Cathy. Although we are identical twins, Mom and Dad decided to raise us as individuals, so we didn’t have rhyming names nor were we dressed alike. Ray, on the other hand, is our next-door neighbor, he is probably about thirty, looks like any other Greek god. I say our next-door neighbor, but his house is actually about one hundred yards away from ours. We all live on five-acre lots. Ray has this neat collection of really old antique cars. When I say really old, I mean like in the nineteen twenties and thirties era. He has this old fire truck that looks like it is brand-new. He loves to take it to shows and parades, and anytime someone in the neighborhood has a party with some kids around, he takes the fire truck to the party and gives the kids rides

Since we live on an un-paved road, it gets dusty and he washes and waxes it fairly often, especially before a parade or show. Today is one of those days. Okay, so by now you are thinking, ‘so what’s the big deal about watching someone wash an old fire truck.’ Let me back up a couple of years and explain how we became fascinated with watching Ray wash his fire truck. Well, for that matter we loved watching him wash and wax all his old cars. It all started in the spring, as I said, a couple of years ago. At that time, we were fifteen. One day we were sorting through some old school stuff that Mom said we had to pare down as it was taking up too much room. Rachel and I started the task and were feeling a bit sad to see some of our valuable things going into the trash can, but then there was a lot of stuff that even we knew was silly to keep around.

Suddenly Rachel jabbed me in the ribs and said, “Cathy, look out the window!” I figured a turtle or some animal was moving across the yard toward the pond that separated our place from Ray’s. But no! There was Ray hosing down the fire truck in preparation to washing it. The thing that had Rachel so excited was he was completely naked. As I did a double take and drew a sharp breath, I could see that he had thought it out pretty carefully. First, he parked his big pickup between a bushy row of shrubs and the side of the garage where he stored the old cars. With the tall row of trees he had planted a few years earlier between our two places, and being behind his house, no one could see him from the road nor from our house --- he thought. However; from our second floor store room we had a clear sight into his back yard and could clearly see him at work. At first, I thought perhaps he was simply wearing some light-colored swimming trunks, but when he turned in our direction, it was obvious that he was completely naked! I could actually see his thing hanging down between his legs.

Ray continued to wash the truck, taking care to get it sparkling clean, then he proceeded to wax it as well. Finally, he put it back in the garage and we thought our excitement for the day was over, but then he drove another old car out and proceeded to wash and wax it as well. All in all, he did three cars, finishing just before lunch time. We watched in fascination as Ray went about his work, blissfully unaware that two horny girls were watching closely, or at least as closely as we could from that distance. Finally, he rolled up the hose then got in his pickup and parked it in the garage.

“I wonder how he will get back into the house, you can see him from the road if someone was driving by,” I wondered aloud. We could see him peek out past the door, then walk close to the garage the rest of the way to where he would be visible from the road. Carefully he looked around the corner, obviously checking for traffic on the road, then strolled nonchalantly into the back door of the house. Rachel and I stared at each other then burst out laughing.

“Wow, that’d not something you see every day,” Rachel exclaimed. “I sure hope he does it again, I never saw a man’s thing before, and it makes me feel all tingly,” she said with a big grin. “Did you like seeing it too?” she asked.

“I sure did, I wish we could get a better look, it was kind of hard to really see it from this distance, but what I could see sure looked nice,” I replied. “Hey, I wonder if he does it all the time and we just never saw it before?”

“It could be, I think this is the only room in the house where you could see into his back yard. All the rest of the rooms would be hidden by the trees he planted. I’ll bet that’s why he planted them so close together,” Rachel observed. I had to agree, so we decided we would make a special effort to keep track of when he might wash them again. “I got an idea, why don’t we ask Ray when the next show is, he would probably wash them on the Saturday before the show so we could have a better chance of seeing him.

Later that afternoon, I saw Ray driving slowly down the road in the fire truck and ran out to see if I could get a ride. Ray was always happy to give rides, so it wasn’t anything unusual. Sure enough, he stopped and waited for me to climb into the seat beside him. He then continued the drive, taking me all the way to the end of the street and back before pulling into his driveway.

“Time to put her to bed,” Ray commented as we got out of the truck and he opened the door. “Come by anytime Cathy, you know I love giving you kids rides,”

“OK, Ray,” I responded. “By the way, why don’t you tell us when you have shows so we can be ready to catch you. I hate to find out you have been by and we didn’t see you.”

“Sure, OK,” he responded. I’ll just jot the shows on a piece of paper and give it to you so you will know. Be sure to share it with Rachel too,” he said with a genuine smile.

I thanked him for the ride and jogged home feeling as if my feet had wings. After telling Rachel she surprised me with a suggestion. “Hey, Cathy, why don’t we get out that telescope Dad has been bugging us about and see if we can’t get a better look at the fire truck. I am particularly interested in the size of the hose he carries.”

“Why do you care about dumb old hoses?” I asked crossly. “I think there are a couple of things I would rather look at than some hunk of hose hanging on the side of the truck.”

“Cathy, don’t be so slow, I’m not interested in the hose hanging on the side of the t ruck, I want to get a better look at the hose between his legs!”

“OH! Yeah, I see what you mean. Let’s get it out and see if it will focus that close, Dad has it set up to look at the stars so I’m not sure how well it will work that close.” I replied. We got it out and dusted it off. Rachel found the instructions and, in the book, it described how to configure the telescope for closer objects. After experimenting a bit, we were able to focus it such that we could read the brand name of the door locks on Ray’s garage. “There, that ought to let us see what we really want to see,” I grunted. Only problem is only one can look at a time.”

“That’s OK,” Rachel replied, I got my binoculars we used for bird watching, we can take turns looking really close up and then trade for the binoculars. That way we can both see.” Sure enough two weeks later Rachel came bounding into my room motioning for me to follow. Ray had pulled his pickup across the opening then stepped into the garage. Pretty soon he came driving the fire truck out the door and he was NAKED! Rachel grabbed the binoculars and zeroed in on Ray while I began moving the telescope into position. While I could get a fantastic close up look at his thingy, I wasn’t able to follow him very well due to the extreme magnification. On the other hand, Rachel could easily follow with the binoculars. It was only when Ray would get to a place where he stood still for any amount of time that the telescope was a better option. Unfortunately, most of that time he had his back to us. Still, we could see the wrinkly bag hanging down when he bends down to work on the wheels. A few times, depending on the angle he parked the truck, we could see his thingy very plainly, right down to the cute knob that stuck out past the skin on his thing.

For the next two summers we simply watched Ray as he worked while we started to think of other things we could do besides just watch. Sometime during the second summer, it seemed as if things worked out where we could see better than before. Ray started parking the truck such that for much of the time he was virtually facing us so we could get a full-on view. And strangely enough, about that same time he seemed to be even bigger than before, sometimes he was huge! His thingy stuck way out and up at an angle. In addition, it bobbed up and down as he walked.

A few weeks before things made a dramatic change, I found out from some other girls how to give myself pleasure by rubbing my “Special Place.” Of course, I also showed Rachel and soon we developed a routine where we would take turns watching Ray while the other got herself off. By timing it well, we could both have a great time.

Sometimes Ray just washed the old cars, but other times it almost seemed as if he were putting on a show just for us. One day after he finished the fire truck, he sat down on the running board and turned so that he was almost, but not quite, facing us. I was watching with the binoculars and Rachel was using he telescope. “Wow!” exclaimed Rachel, “look at that!” I focused the binoculars in better and saw Ray’s thingy sticking up like a flag pole. Slowly he began to stroke it, up and down, up and down. We watched in absolute fascination as he pumped the thing, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Suddenly a jet of white stuff spurted out the end and at the same time I could see his face twist in an expression of pure joy, relief, pleasure, all mixed together. As we compared notes, Rachel was quite de***********ive about his thingy as she was focused in so tight, she could only see about an eighteen-inch circle and had the scope centered on the tip. On the other hand, with the binoculars, I could see his entire body and the facial expressions were almost as good as the spurting stuff.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, that is what they were talking bout in biology class last spring when we were in the chapter about reproduction. I remember when Regina told me about getting off by playing with her pussy, as she calls it, that she said boys could get off by playing with their penis. I guess we should stop calling it a thingy and call it a penis. I think thingy sounds kind of childish, like we don’t know what to really say.” I observed almost to myself.

Rachel agreed, then commented, “Well, some of the girls claim to have seen one in person and Lizzie claims she even felt one, but then she claims to have done lots of things so I don’t know if she really has or just likes to pretend she knows more than she does. I’ve even heard that Pattie says she and her step brother do lots more than just looking at each other. I heard the guys talking behind the curtains in the auditorium one day and James said they even sleep in the same bed and fuck when their parents aren’t home.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” I replied, “I’ve seen how James looks at me sometimes, and it almost feels like he is undressing me.”

“I know,” Rachel replied, “He looks at me like that sometimes too. I don’t really like it, but then sometimes I get a tingly feeling, just like I did when Ray’s penis shot that stuff out just now. It makes me want to play with myself.”

“OK, so let’s do it,” I replied as we both slipped our hands under our shorts and began to rub that special place. By now we had learned it was the clitoris and it was supposed to feel good. At our level of excitement, it wasn’t long before we both gave out long contented sighs of relief. Turning back to the fire truck, we saw Ray climb into the driver’s seat and back the truck into the garage. By now his cock was dangling between his legs like it was when we first began watching him. Then another door opened and Ray drove a car out and positioned it for wash and wax. We watched for a while but then after having seen him shoot his stuff and getting off ourselves we turned to other things.

We were about ready to call it a day and hit the pool when Rachel exclaimed, “Cathy, look at that!” Ray had finished the waxing chore and rolled up the hose. Just before he got into the car to put it back in the garage, he turned to face us, raised his hand to his forehead and presented a smart salute. Then he put the car in the garage and closed the door.

“Do you think he knows we are watching him?” I said incredulously.

“I don’t know how he could know; we have checked from the outside and you can’t see in the window with the lights off. I don’t think there is anyway he could have seen us,” I replied, although I wasn’t all that convinced. That salute didn’t seem to be a random kind of thing!

If we hadn’t been so naïve, we should have connected Ray dropping a note to us saying he had a show coming up if we wanted to ride along, he would be happy for our company. Included was an invitation to help wash the truck. One day, we decided to take him up on his offer. Mom and Dad were both gone to some kind of charity event, and being almost seventeen, everyone was comfortable with us staying home alone. At the appointed time, I donned shorts and a tank top, but Rachel decided not to go as she had some kind of project she wanted to finish. Besides, Ray obviously wouldn’t be naked with us there and it would be more fun to watch him naked than to help wash the truck. I walked around the pond to where Ray was just pulling the fire truck out of the garage. He had already parked the pickup and placed the fire truck on the cement washing slab. He got out the hose and cleaning equipment and turned to us with a solemn look.

“OK Cathy, it’s time to get dressed for the job,” he said with a straight face.

“Uh, what do you mean?” I asked.

“Come on Cathy, I know you’ve been watching me, what I don’t know is just how long you’ve been at it. At first, I was worried about getting in trouble, but then I could see that you were doing this on your own so I decided to have a little fun with you.”

“H- H- How do you know we’ve been watching.” I stammered.

“Well, one day I was waxing the truck and I saw a flash of light. At first, I didn’t think anything about it, but then it kept happening, so I stopped to see if I could determine where it was coming from. Finally, I narrowed it down to that window where you keep your telescope. So, I got my own binoculars and hid inside the garage and peered out through my own window and sure enough, I could see the two of you and your binoculars and telescope trained on me. So, I began to put on a little show for you, letting you get a better look at what you obviously were trying to see. That excited me so much, I began to give you an even better view. I’m sure you know what I am talking about!”

Having said all that, Ray simply walked into his workshop office and moments later returned completely naked, well that is except he was wearing flip-flops to protect his feet.

“OK, Cathy, time for you to get properly dressed, you been looking at me for over a year, now it is time for me to get a look as well! You can use my office, or you can just strip down out here, I’m OK either way.” I looked at him with astonishment while Ray looked on with an amused smile. Slowly I walked into the office debating on what I should do. I could run home, I could refuse to take my clothes off, maybe I could just take off my top, all these thoughts ran through my mind. Finally, I decided to just get naked and see what would happen. I wasn’t really afraid of Ray; he had never been anything but kind and sweet to us so I didn’t think he would hurt me. And besides, I really wanted to get a closer look at his cock!

A couple of minutes later I kind of snuck out of the office into the bright sunlight. Ray had began spraying the truck down and when he saw me, he playfully turned the spray on me for just a second, then back to the truck. Giving a little squeak of surprise, I jumped back staring as Ray turned toward me. Although his cock wasn’t as big as we had seen it sometimes, it sure wasn’t the dangly little thing we saw for the first few months we were watching him work!

“Here are some towels, why don’t you start from the back and I’ll work from the front and wipe the excess water off the truck. Then we’ll follow up with the special spray wax. Let me know if you need any instructions or equipment. I doubt you will need much help as you know exactly how I do it, so let’s get to it. Afterwards maybe I can give you a ride,” he smiled with a suggestive look.

After the initial shock and surprise, I got into the job. Before long I began to realize just why Ray did all this work naked. It was so nice to feel the warm sun on my naked body and not have clingy wet clothes hanging on me. Actually, it shouldn’t have been a surprise as sometimes Rachel and I would skinny dip when Mom and Dad weren’t home and it felt really nice not to have a wet bathing suit stuck to my body. It took about forty-five minutes to finish the truck. I began asking questions about the equipment on the truck. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Hey Ray, show me the fire hose, I have always wondered what it would be like to hold the hose and spray water around. Do you think we could play with the hose?” I asked with the most innocent look I could muster.

“I suppose I could let you try it out,” he replied. In a couple of minutes, he had attached the hose and turned on the pump. I could tell by the sound of the engine that it wasn’t going to pump very much water. Even-so, when he handed me the hose and opened the valve, I was shocked as how hard it was to hold the writhing hose and aim it where I wanted to spray the water. After a couple of minutes, I handed it off to Ray. He stepped in and grabbed the hose holding it steady, which then allowed me to direct the end without having to fight the entire length of the hose. That made it much easier and pretty soon I felt as if we were real fire fighters. After tiring of the game, Ray turned the pump off and laid the hose down. I looked over at Ray and saw that his cock was about back to the normal small dangly thing we had seen so often.

I turned to Ray with my most innocent look and said, “Hey Ray, do you think I could handle your fire hose all by myself?” Ray studied my face intently for a few seconds then moved closer. As he cautiously moved, I saw his cock rising as if someone had turned the pump on high pressure.

“Hey Cathy, if you want to see how my fire hose feels, go for it!” For just an instant he stared into my face and then I reached out and encircled his cock. “By the way, it’s called a cock,” he said, “Although if you want to call it my fire hose it’s OK with me.” As I touched his COCK, it jumped and he thrust his hips forward such that his cock pressed into my belly. Slowly I reached down with my other hand and felt the wrinkly bag and the two egg like things inside. “Those are balls,” he said with a stained voice. “Treat them gently as they can be very tender.”

As he said that, he moved his hands to my breasts and began to gently caress and stroke while using his thumb for forefinger to tweak the nipple. I almost peed my panties, well if I had been wearing any that is. I felt my knees go weak at the same time as I could feel him thrusting his cock into my hand. As his thrusting increased in speed, I unconsciously tightened my grip on his cock and before long I felt his cock kind of swell then jerk as hot sticky stuff spurted all over my belly and began running down. Ray pulled back then grabbed for the hose.

“We better not let any of my cum get close to your pussy, I don’t want you getting pregnant,” he said as he turned the spray on my belly and rinsed it off. I could see his cock had significantly reduced in size and Ray backed away while fixing me with a questioning look. “Are you OK?” he asked still with the questioning look. I kind of shrugged and nodded my head while just standing there not quite understanding what had happened.

Finally, I spoke up and said, “Ray, I am a bit confused, this isn’t something I have ever experienced before and I don’t quite understand just what happened.

“Well Cathy, you are such a beautiful girl and being here naked with you just pushed me beyond what I normally would do. Besides, I know you have been watching me and a couple of times I put on a show for you so I thought you knew more than apparently you really do. Are you sure you want to know more?” he asked.

Realizing that I was in a position to get a real education, I nodded my head in encouragement. Ray glanced around then took my arm and steered me into his garage office where there was a nice soft couch. Not only that, but there was a small bed in the corner. He explained it was there because sometimes some of his old car buddies stopped by his place on the way to pick up cars or parts and he gave them a free place to crash. Ray gently pressed me into the couch and took the office chair and sat opposite. The fact we were both totally naked seemed not to be important to either one of us. After clearing his throat, Ray explained that he was actually a nudist, although he kept it a secret from the neighbors because most people wouldn’t understand. He enjoyed being naked without pushing it inappropriately, and was alarmed when he found out Rachel and I were watching him wash his cars.

He then went on to explain that although he had been married right out of high school, his wife had been killed in an accident with a drunk driver and he just never felt like dating again. I could see that he was in great pain from telling me about his wife’s death, so rose and gently kissed him on the cheek and patted his arm. As I sat back down, I could see his cock rising rapidly to attention.

“Wow, it sure doesn’t take much to get your fire hose ready for action,” I giggled. Ray blushed and said that he hadn’t had sex with a woman since his wife died six years ago so simply being in the presence of a beautiful girl caused an immediate reaction. He then went on to tell me in greater detail than I had learned in Biology class about a man’s semen, what made him excited and how careful I needed to be if a man’s “cum” as he called it, got near my pussy. He also explained that just the sight of me watching him caused him to want to jack off. When I asked what “Jack Off” meant, he told me that is what he did when we were watching him, and what he did just a few minutes ago when we were holding each other.

“OK, so if you put you cock in my pussy, I could get pregnant?” I asked. Actually, I already knew that, but since Ray was willing to talk, I decided to mine him for all I could learn. Ray confirmed that I could get pregnant from the very first time I had sex and most any time except for a few days just before, during and after my period. All other times were extremely risky. And pulling out before he came was even a greater risk for two reasons. First, there is sperm in the pre-cum and no guy can be absolutely sure just when he starts to ejaculate, so caution was of the utmost importance.

“So, I can see by your stiff cock that you would like to fuck me,” I said apprehensively.

“No Cathy!” I don’t want to fuck you, but I would like to make love to you sometime.”

“What’s the difference, don’t you just shove your cock into my pussy and let it go?” Ray kind of chuckled then looked at me with a very serious expression before answering.

“Cathy, fucking is what some randy high school kid would like to do to any willing girl. He would probably try to get you in the back seat where we can be more comfortable, get your dress up around you waist, or better yet completely naked, then jam his cock in your pussy, get off, then quickly pull his pants up and drive you home as fast as he could get you there. Then he would probably brag to everyone the next day how you begged him to fuck you and how much you enjoyed it while you likely got nothing but a quick kiss, grab the titties and a mess to clean up afterwards. “

“If I were to make love to you, I would be sure you were willing, then I would caress, kiss and cuddle you until you felt ready. Then I would gently and carefully slide my cock into your wet pussy very slowly being sure you weren’t feeling any pain the first few times, then I would try to hold off until you were satisfied. Then after I came, I would kiss, cuddle and tell you how much I loved and enjoyed making love to you. That’s the difference between fucking and making love.”

“Wow, you make it sound like a lot of fun, I think I would really like for you to make love to me and it looks like you are ready, so can we?” I asked with a tremor in my voice and a rapidly beating heart.

“Well I guess we could if you are sure that’s what you want. I have some condoms one of the guys left when he stayed here a couple of weeks ago so you wouldn’t get pregnant. Are you really sure that’s what you want?”

I nodded and explained, “Some of my friends have done it and I want to know what it is like. I think some of them are exaggerating what it’s like and its probably more like fucking than making love. I would like my first time to be with someone who knows what he is doing and won’t be telling all classmates about fucking me.”

Ray stood slowly and retrieved a condom from the package in his desk drawer. I watched in fascination as he rolled it over his raging hard cock. Then he gently sat beside me on the couch and began caressing my neck and shoulders while kissing my cheek then moving to my lips. Before long I could feel his tongue pressing against my lips and almost instinctively, I parted them to allow his tongue inside my mouth. It was almost like an explosion, my pulse speeded up and I could feel my pussy beginning to get a bit damp. As Ray spoke gently in my ear, his hands worked their way down my neck and finally after what seemed an eternity, he began to stroke and caress my titties. When he rolled my nipples between his thumb and finger, I knew I was in heaven. At that point, I knew I was going to have the greatest feeling of my life. My pussy obviously knew it as well, as I could feel myself getting so wet it actually began to leak down onto my legs.

“Oh Ray, Oh Ray, I want to do it, I want to do it, can we do it now?” I begged with a whimper. It seemed as if he hadn’t heard me, then I felt him slide his arms behind my back and under my legs as he lifted me almost effortlessly and gently lay me on the bed. Crawling in beside me, he continued his stroking, of my titties, but with the other hand he began sliding a finger up and down my wet throbbing pussy. When he began to circle my clitoris, I actually began crying in pleasure. After what seemed forever, Ray spread my legs far apart and settled in between them. Grasping my legs behind the knees, he raised them up until my feet were resting on his shoulders. He eased forward and I felt his cock contact my pussy lips. I expected him to just ram it in, but he slowly, slowly and gently pressed in until I felt pressure and a little pain. Ray was watching my face carefully and when he saw my expression change, he stopped and slightly withdrew.

“Are you OK, Cathy?” he asked in a soothing voice. I nodded my head even as a little tear formed at the corners of my eyes. Ray watched my face carefully, then without warning he pulled back a bit further then in one quick thrust he shoved forward and in an instant, I felt about three things. First, I felt a bit of a sting and then I felt his balls bump against my bottom. Thirdly, I felt a tremendous sense of being very pleasantly full. Ray held himself very still as I grew accustomed to the feeling of having a cock buried in my pussy for the first time. He continued to speak reassuring words while telling me to relax and get used to the feeling. All at once, I felt the urge to press my pussy against his cock and when I did, he began to thrust in and out, in and out, slowly and gently. Before long I felt a stirring much like when Rachel and I played with ourselves, and incidentally with each other, and I rose to meet his thrusts. A few moments later Ray was thrusting in harder and faster until he collapsed on me, hugging me tight. I continued to thrust my hips against the invader feeling just on the edge of something wonderful. Ray began meeting my thrusts and then it happened. I felt a tremendous sense of relief and relaxation.

The next thing I knew, I felt something move against me and jarred awake. Ray was staring at the door and reaching for the sheets. I turned my head to see what he was looking at and saw Rachel standing there with her mouth agape and flaming red face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Cathy, I didn’t know ----” With that she began to turn away but I hollered out to her.

“Rachel, it’s OK, its OK, don’t run away!” She stopped for a moment then slowly turned around.

“You’re not mad?” She asked with a quivering voice.

I shook my head and replied, “Well I guess I didn’t think my twin sister would catch me the first time I made love with a man, but it isn’t like we haven’t been watching Ray for the last couple of years. Don’t go running off and saying something that will get all of us in trouble. Why don’t you wait outside while I get dressed then we can talk?”

Ray rolled off the bed and began reaching for his clothes. I slipped my shorts and top on then called for Rachel to come in. She and I sat on the couch while Ray sat in his office chair looking a bit apprehensive.

“I spoke up saying, “Now before anything gets blown out of proportion Rachel, I asked Ray to make love to me and he did.”

“You mean you just let him fuck you!” she asked in amazement.

“No! I didn’t let him fuck me, we made love together. When we get home, I will explain the difference. For now, just understand everything that happened was because I wanted it to happen and now that it has happened, I am very glad it did happen!” Rachel just stood there staring at me for a few moments then slowly turned and walked out the door.

“I’ll see you at home,” she said quietly as she scampered off across the yard to the little dam across the pond that bordered our two properties. I apologized to Ray but he just shrugged and told me I better get home and talk to Rachel before she became any more upset than she already was. “She’s OK, she won’t do anything stupid,” I reassured him. “She’s just as much into watching you wash your cars naked as I am and she won’t want to spoil it. Unless I miss my bet, she’s jealous of me right now.” Ray raised an eyebrow then gave me a crooked smile as he assured me he would be very happy to help out any way he could.

I followed Rachel, who by now was just sauntering along the path, obviously waiting for me. The minute we got in the house she burst forth, “Tell me about it Cathy, was it fun? Did it hurt? Did you like it? Did you get off like when we play? Do you want to do it again?”

“Whoa, Whoa,” I exclaimed, “Give me a chance to answer one question at a time. On second thought, I guess I can answer them all with one word. YES! Yes, it was fun, yes it did hurt a little but just for a few seconds then it felt wonderful. Yes, I liked it, in fact I loved it, Ray was so gentle and careful that it made it very special, and yes, I got off even better than I ever got off before, and yes, I want to do it again! He even used a condom so I wouldn’t get pregnant. He went very slow and kept asking me if I was OK before he went any further. He really made me feel very special. I am glad I did it with him, even if I am a little bit sore right now. He told me it might be sore for a day or so but that was normal for the first time a girl did it, but after that it wouldn’t hurt anymore.”

“WOW, do you think he would fuck me too,” she asked.

“No, he won’t fuck you but I’ll bet he would make love to you, he told me he hadn’t made love to a woman since his wife was killed and that we reminded him of her when they first married. He was only eighteen when they got married and she was killed in a car accident when he was only twenty-two. He’s not even thirty yet!” We went up to the store room and looked out at Ray’s garage. Alas, he had put the cars away and was just putting the pickup in the garage. As we watched, he strolled across the yard, then turned toward our house and snapped off a smart salute. “Gee, he knows we’re watching!” I whispered.

It was about a week later when we got a note about a car show on Saturday and Ray asked if we would like to ride along in the fire truck for the parade part of the show. Mom and Dad said it was OK, as he and Ray had been doing some yard things together and Dad liked Ray. He thought he was a nice young man and admired his mechanical abilities, although he wondered why he never married again. We walked over to Ray’s place at the appointed time and had fun at the parade. The show was kind of boring as we just sat there while people walked by and asked questions. I thought I would choke to death when young little girl asked Ray if she could hold his fire hose! Ray got a funny little expression on his face, but then pulled out a short length of the hose and let her hold it. Rachel and I almost fell off our chairs when she asked if it felt different when water was coming through.

As we were driving home, Rachel innocently turned toward Ray and asked, “Hey Ray, when we get back to your place, can I hold your fire hose?” I thought Ray was going to run off the road when he turned to Rachel and studied her innocent looking face for several long seconds.

“Well, I guess you could if you think you are a big enough girl to handle it,” he said with a funny little grin. About the time we turned onto our road, Mom and Dad stopped their car and waited for us to come up beside them. They explained that they had to run a few errands and didn’t expect to be back for about three hours. Did we want to come along or did we want to stay home alone. We assured them we didn’t mind being home alone and continued back to Ray’s place to put the truck away. He left the fire truck on the slab then got into the pickup and parked it, forming the naked washing spot. “OK girls, do you want to help me clean up the fire truck for the next show?” He asked with a big smile. “Maybe not since you wouldn’t want to get those nice clothes wet.”

I was amazed that he could say this with a completely straight face. I looked at Rachel with a questioning expression then slowly began to unbutton my shirt. Rachel hesitated for a few seconds then began to follow my lead. As Ray saw us unbuttoning, he followed suit, leading us into his office.

“You better keep your clothes in here so they won’t get wet when we spray water around,” he observed as he removed his shorts. As the band of his shorts cleared his cock, I could see it standing up about half hard and growing.

Rachel stared at it as if mesmerized then said in a quivering voice, “Can I hold your fire hose?” Ray nodded and turned to face her. Rachel hesitatingly reached out and brushed his cock then slowly encircled it with her little hands. His cock twitched at her touch then he got a huge smile on his face. As Ray thrust his hips forward Rachel got the idea and began to move her hand back and forth. It wasn’t long before Ray began thrusting faster and spurted out long pulses of white cum onto her hand and arm. He had maneuvered so that it didn’t spurt onto her belly or near her pussy. “Wow, I could feel the stuff coming down your hose,” she exclaimed. “That’s so neat!”

Ray pulled back explaining that after he came his cock got so sensitive that even the lightest touch was almost unbearable. Rachel let go but continued to stare as the fire hose began to droop a bit as it slowly shrank somewhat.

“Rachel, since you are so good at holding fire hoses, why don’t you take the garden hose and just put a fine mist of water on the fire truck. Cathy, let’s have you use one of these towels and wipe the excess water off, and I will follow up with the spray wax.” It took about half an hour to have the truck sparkling in the sunlight once again. Ray swung into the seat and parked the truck in its spot in the garage. Coming out of the garage, he spotted Rachel and I whispering conspiratorially. “What are you two plotting now?” he asked.

“Uh, Rachel would like to hold the fire hose again,” I replied innocently. “And she says she would like to see how long the hose is and how much pressure it can develop.” This time I giggled at Rachel’s expression and seeing the red creep up her face. Ray smiled broadly and went into his workroom. He returned seconds later with a ruler and handed it to Rachel. She looked at him with a funny expression then placed the end of the ruler against his belly just above his cock. Holding the ruler against his cock she squinted at the numbers and announced six and one-quarter-inches. “Now for the pressure it develops,” I said with a smirk. Rachel, are you ready to test the pressure?”

Rachel glanced back and forth between Ray and myself before giving a shy nod of her head. “I’m not sure how to read the pressure, but I would like to try it,” She replied with a nervous little giggle. “Do you think it will hurt very much?”

“I will be very gentle with you,” whispered Ray, “and if you like you can be on top so you can control how fast and far it goes in. But first, let’s be sure you are ready for me.”

Rachel turned toward Ray and said, “Well it looks to me like you are ready for me,” as she glanced down to his cock standing straight out and bobbing gently. “What do you want me to do, I’ve never done this before and I don’t know what to do.”

Ray gently steered Rachel to the couch and began to caress her back and legs while at the same time kissing her on the neck and licking her ears. It wasn’t long before Rachel began to respond and began emitting little sounds of pleasure As Ray became more intense with his caressing, he moved to her breasts and as he had with me, he began caressing her titties. Finally, he moved to her pussy and when be stroked her slit up and down Rachel gave out a squeak of surprise and a moan of sheer pleasure. Soon she was writhing under his ministrations and begging him for more, more! Just as he had with me, he picked Rachel up and carried her to the bed. After rolling on a condom, he lay on his back and helped position Rachel over him while steering his cock to her now dripping virgin pussy.

As she slowly settled down on the pounding hard cock, she hesitated for a moment then let herself slide ever so slowly down until she was totally impaled with Ray’s cock. “It didn’t hurt at all!” she exclaimed, “what should I do now?” Ray rolled them over until he was on top, never letting his cock become disengaged. Then slowly, ever so slowly he began pumping his now raging hard cock in and out, in and out. Rachel was responding in a most passionate manner exclaiming over and over again how great it felt. Ray continued to thrust but began picking up speed. Rachel threw her legs around his thighs and began beating a staccato like rhythm with her heels on his ass.

“Oh Ray, harder, harder,” she exclaimed, “It feels so good, so good.” About that time, Ray exploded in a body shaking orgasm and slammed his cock in as deep as he could shove it. I thought he was going to disappear into Rachel’s pulsing pussy. I moved back to the couch as they both went limp and settled down on the bed. “That was so good, so good,” murmured Rachel. “It is so much better than my finger!” she exclaimed.

After some time of resting and snuggling, Ray quietly slipped out of the bed and pulled the condom off, tossing it aside. He moved over to me then pulled me up from the couch and began to kiss and caress my titties. Before long I could see his cock growing back to fire fighting status. “Would you like to do it again,” he asked with a huge smile. I nodded as he reached for another condom.

“Do you want to wake Rachel up so we can have the bed,” I asked. Ray shook his head saying we should let her sleep after her first time. Instead, he had me lean over the arm of the couch and after playing with my titties for several minutes, he began sliding his finger up and down my now slick wet pussy lips. Moments later he replaced his fingers with the nicest fire hose I could imagine. As he began to pound himself into my pussy, I could feel his belly slamming into my ass cheeks. Then I felt him reaching around my belly and put his finger on my clit. With the added stimulation of his finger and the slamming of his raging hard cock into my pussy, I felt myself responding as if I were floating higher and higher. All of a sudden Ray let out a loud shout and slammed his cock in hard and deep while doing circles with his finger on my clit. Simultaneously I felt the most fantastic orgasm I had ever experienced and went limp as a wet dish rag. Looking over I saw that Rachel had awakened and was staring with her mouth open in the shape of a big “O.”

I gave a little self-conscious wave which Rachel immediately returned then mouthed “WOW!” After a couple of minutes, Ray slipped out of my now drenching wet pussy and as before, he removed the condom and tossed it into the waste basket. Rachel came over and helped me return to a sitting position on the couch. Ray sat between us and put an arm around each of us, cuddling us close, cupping a breast in each hand while saying how much he loved making love to us. We could only agree that this had been an incredible first-time experience for both of us.

“Hey Rachel, Mom and Dad might come home early, we probably better get back and shower before they see our clothes all wrinkled up from laying on the floor.” I commented.

“OK,” replied Rachel, “Let’s just grab our clothes and carry them, no one can see us from the road and it will save some time. Besides, I kind of like running around naked.” I shrugged and gathered up my clothes while Rachel got hers. Ray gave each of us a gentle kiss and said he would love to have our help anytime! We scampered across Ray’s back yard and across the dam into our back yard. About that time, we heard the garage door open and Dad’s car coming down the driveway.

“Quick, jump in the pool,” I loudly whispered to Rachel, “Toss you clothes on the deck chairs and start swimming like your life depended on it, because I THINK IT DOES!” Dropping our clothes, we dived into the pool and began swimming lengths as hard as we could. After a few laps, which washed away all signs of our recent activities, I saw Dad come out the back door calling our names.

“Oh, there you are,” he said as he rounded the corner. Suddenly he stopped dead still as if he had been struck by lightning or something. “Are you girls naked?” he asked with an astonished look. We were standing on the bottom of the pool, bending our knees a little to keep our breasts below the water line. Never-the-less, the pool water was clean and clear and I realized dad could clearly see that we were indeed naked. “Uh, OK, I think I’ll go in and watch some TV,” he said as he spun on his heel and walked away. I couldn’t help but notice that just before he went in the door, he glanced back just in time to see to see us stepping out of the pool. Quickly he spun back around and closed the door behind him. A minute or so later Mom came out and tossed us a couple of towels.

“Well, Girls,” she said with a big smile, “seems as if you got caught skinny-dipping. Why didn’t you have some towels with you?”

“Uh well,” Rachel stammered, “We were doing some of the cheer-leader exercises and got kind of warm and, well, the pool was right here and it looked so cool and inviting, we just took our clothes off and jumped in. We didn’t expect you so soon.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, it isn’t the first time Dad and I have seen you naked, although you weren’t quite as big as you are now. Still, there is no need to be worried, he won’t say anything about it and you probably shouldn’t either. Besides, it’s not the first time there have been naked bodies in the pool,” she said with a smirk.

“You mean you and Dad swim naked,” Rachel exclaimed with an astonished look.

“Of course, we do it anytime we want to swim and you girls aren’t home we love to swim without wet sticky suits clinging to us. We haven’t done it when you are around, but as you just experienced, it sure is a lot easier than struggling into a clingy suit then peeling it off when you are wet.” With that, she turned and went back into the house.

Rachel and I wrapped our towels around us and gathered up our clothes. We went into the house by the only door available, which took us right by the den where the TV set was located. As Dad had said, he was watching TV and as we kind of skittered past him to our room down the hallway he glanced at us and gave a big smile and a “High Five” sign. Rachel and I glanced at each other and gave a little wave. As I waved, my towel came loose and fell to the floor. Before I could think about it, I bent down to retrieve the towel and dropped my arm load of clothes. There I was standing totally naked in front of my father trying to figure out what to do. Finally, I decided to just run to my room and get the towel and clothes later. After getting dried off and dressed, I opened my door only to find my clothes neatly folded laying beside the doorway and the towel hanging off the door knob.

I slowly walked toward the kitchen, and again had to pass by the Den where Dad was still watching TV. “Don’t worry kiddo,” he said with a big smile, “It’s no big deal, don’t worry about it.” I smiled at Dad then walked over to his chair and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “It’s OK, and besides, I thought you looked pretty good!” I just jabbed him in the ribs and went to the kitchen where Mom was starting to prepare dinner.

“So, you and Dad skinny dip,” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Yes, we do,” replied Mom with an even bigger smile. “Now let’s not make it a big deal, because it just isn’t. What we do in the privacy of our own home is our business and not for discussion outside this house. Is that clear?” I nodded my head and pitched in with the meal preparation. Shortly Rachel came in and gave us a smug little smile. “Now Rachel, just don’t even start in on skinny dipping. I’m not ashamed of it and neither should you girls. Its just more convenient when we want to run out for a quick dip before bed time, so just let it go.”

We both smiled and nodded our heads. Later over dinner the conversation was a bit stilted until Dad spoke up. “Girls, I think this is what they call the elephant in the room. OK, you were skinny dipping. Mom says she told you we skinny dip too, although not when you girls are around. So, let’s just acknowledge it happened and get on without the embarrassment you seem to be feeling. So, I saw you naked, its nothing to be ashamed of and I don’t want it to be anything more than a temporary embarrassment. Now, let’s eat.”

After breaking the ice, things turned back to normal. Well almost, both Rachel and I were bursting in anticipation of our sharing notes at bed time about having played with Ray’s fire nozzle and having it buried in our pussies. As soon as dinner was over, we headed to our room and after making sure the door was tightly closed, we got to what we both wanted to discuss. After talking about how it felt, and how we felt, the inevitable question came up. Did we want to do it with Ray again? It took about a millisecond for both of us to give an unequivocal and resounding YES! The question was how to make it happen without letting Dad and Mom know what we were doing.

After we heard Mom and Dad go into their bedroom, we continued chatting then Rachel suddenly sat bolt upright, “I’ll bet Mom and Dad are skinny dipping right now!” she exclaimed. Quietly we snuck down the hallway, past the den and peeked through the curtain in the patio doorway. Sure enough, they were in the pool and with the bright moonlight, they were clearly naked as the day they were born. “I told you so,” she said as she jabbed me in the ribs. We watched as they swam with long easy strokes, gliding through the water easily. After watching for several minutes, I started to turn away, but then Rachel tapped me on the shoulder and nodded toward the window. Mom was coming out of the water with Dad right behind her. What we didn’t see until they both turned toward the deck chairs was that Dad had a fire nozzle as well, and it was bigger than Ray’s. They both reclined on the double wide lounger and began to snuggle and kiss like teen-agers. Suddenly I realized they were doing just what Ray and we had been doing earlier that very day.

Although we couldn’t hear through the door, it was obvious that Mom was making sounds as we could see her face twisted with pleasure. Then, Dad stood and lowered the back of the lounger so that it was laid out like a bed. Seconds later he had buried his face between Mom’s legs. Rachel and I stared at each other is astonishment.

“What’s he doing?” Exclaimed Rachel.

“I’m not sure, I replied, “But whatever it is Mom sure seems to like it,” I replied with a husky voice. Just as we were absorbing what we were seeing, they suddenly switched positions and seconds later Dad’s face was still buried between Mom’s legs, but she had his cock in her mouth. Well both in and out of her mouth. She alternated between licking his cock like a lollipop and taking the tip in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. Astonished and mesmerized we watched in total fascination until they once again changed positions. Mom rolled onto her back and Dad sprang between her legs and slid his cock right into her pussy and began pumping. At first, he pumped in and out in three or four quick jabs, then pulled almost all the way out. Then he slowly pressed it back in until it was buried as deep as it could go. Slowly, slowly, he stroked in and out.

“Rachel, very quietly open the door just a little, I want to listen,” I whispered. Carefully and quietly Rachel twisted the knob and eased the door open just a crack. Now we could hear Mom’s whimpers of sheer pleasure as Dad speeded up his thrusts. Just as Ray had done with us, he suddenly slammed his cock in hard and held it while Mom let out a muffled little squeak of what sounded like exquisite pleasure. Dad quivered and pulsed for a few seconds, then while clinging solidly to each other, they rolled onto their sides and hugged tightly. After a couple of minutes, I could hear them talking quietly, but due to the dead still night air we could hear them clearly.

“Hey Les,” giggled Mom, “How did you like catching the girls skinny dipping?” She then laughed a little more before continuing. “I thought the girls were going to die of embarrassment right on the spot. Then poor Cathy dropped her towel right in front of you. I saw it happen but decided to just wait and see how it played out, no point in making her even more embarrassed by running into the room. Besides, I didn’t think you minded very much anyway.”

“Well, Hazel, I can’t say I wasn’t surprised, I had no idea they were out there at all, much less naked. But as for how I liked it, I have to admit I have wondered a few times what they looked like naked. Sure a big change from when we used to give them baths together. Cathy has gorgeous tits, almost a pretty as yours. I didn’t get to see much of Rachel’s titties as she was under water and that damn towel of hers stayed in place. I kept hoping she would try to help Cathy and hers would fall off as well! But as much as I could see, we have two gorgeous girls and need to be prepared to fend off the boys if we don’t want to be grandparents before it is time!

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about that, I think it is time I had a talk with them about birth control and how to use it effectively. There is little doubt they will fall in love with some stud and they will likely be as persuasive as you were when you convinced me that having sex was the ultimate was to prove our love for each other.”

“Yeah, those were the days, I can’t believe how stupid I was back then. I believed a girl couldn’t get pregnant the first time she did it, and I also thought all you had to do was pull out before you came, as if that will happen in the heat of the moment. I remember Larry reporting he had a sure-fire method of avoiding pregnancy. He kept a few bottles of Coca Cola in the trunk and after he nailed a girl, he would get out the bottle, pop the cap and shake it up then shove it in her pussy and the coke would keep her from getting pregnant. I think he figured out that didn’t work when his girlfriend had a severe attack of appendicitis while visiting her grandmother in another state and wasn’t able to return to school until a year later. Surprisingly, her parents decided to adopt a baby right after she got home. And an even greater surprise, the baby looked a lot like Larry!”

“Yeah, I remember her, she was such an uppity bitch, but that attack of appendicitis sure took her down a notch or two. None of us girls ever thought she had appendicitis; we all knew she was fucking Larry but until she got knocked up, we believed her story about Coca Cola douches. So yes, I think it is time to get the girls in for their first gynecological examination and proper birth control methods. I’ll call Dr. Cassidy tomorrow and make an appointment for them.

“What are you going to tell them as a reason for the exam?” asked Dad, “If you tell them what is going down, they will probably die of embarrassment.”

“Don’t worry, I think I can handle it,” replied Mom in a quiet voice. “We better get to bed; I got a busy day tomorrow.” As they rolled off the lounger, Rachel and I slipped back into the den and hurried down the hallway to our room.

“Well, I guess that is gong to solve the problem of getting pregnant” Rachel said excitedly. Why don’t we tell Mom we need to get a physical before we can sign up for Volley Ball, maybe that will ease her making an appointment. Although I wonder just what a gynecological exam really is? I’ll bet we are going to be laying there while some guy pokes around our pussies.”

The next day or two went uneventfully. On Wednesday morning at breakfast, after Dad had left for work and before Mom had to go to her exercise class, I told Mom we needed to get a Volley Ball Physical and could she make an appointment for us. She quickly agreed then told us she had been wanting to talk to us about something else the doctor could do while we were there. We waited with what we hoped looked like an expectant expression. Mom said that since we were pretty well mature it was probably time to get a “Base-line Gynecological Exam.” When we asked what that meant, she explained that it was a good idea for girls our age to know everything in proper order and to catch anything that may affect our ability to have children in the future if we should decide to. We nodded in what we hoped wasn’t too much enthusiasm.

Although we approached the appointment with some apprehension, it really wasn’t a big deal. I watched as the doctor examined Rachel and saw the funny expression on her face when he spread her pussy open with the speculum. Later when it was my turn, I realized I had the same funny expression. Afterwards, as we compared notes, we both giggled out loud when we admitted we were both thinking of a fire hose being forced in! As for birth control, after considering the pros and cons we settled on the pill. It seemed as if everything else required preparation before hand and as the nurse explained, in the heat of passion it was often forgotten or just ignored. Plus, the pill had other advantages including regulation of periods. On the way home we picked up our pre***********ions and vowed to begin taking them immediately following our next periods.

With school looming in just over three weeks, we knew our opportunities to play with a fire hose were going to be limited. Not only because of school but the weather would be turning cooler and the car shows always dropped off when school started. Thus, we determined to take advantage of every opportunity. As we suspected, Ray kept us well advised of wash days. With Ray working full time and our parents being home on weekends it seemed almost impossible to schedule a time to wash fire trucks! Still, Ray helped resolve the issue by informing us that he was taking Friday off work to prepare for a special event on Saturday. Of course, Rachel and I volunteered to help and he quickly agreed. We were both amazed at how much more at ease we were when we made love with Ray. He was ever patient and loving and we tried our very best to return the same loving response to him. And, of course, we got the fire truck ready for the parade

After school started, the girls got together after lunch to review the summer. A couple of them admitted, bragged is a better word, that they gave up their virginity over the summer. One of them went into what we felt was lurid details, claiming Donnie’s cock was eight inches long and as big around as her wrist but she was able to take it all. However; having experienced Ray’s tender love making, we agreed that her story was most unlikely. When Linda asked if twins did everything together and did we lose our virginity together we just laughed and replied, “In your dreams!” Still, I couldn’t help but notice my pussy got a little damp.

We only had rare opportunities to visit Ray during the school year. Once in a while one of us were able to arrange a meeting. I recall one very special time that I noticed Ray’s car in the driveway when the bus dropped us off at the corner. I told Rachel I was going to say hello to Ray and would be home later. Slipping around to the back, I tapped quietly on the door to his office where I could see him working at the desk. He opened the door and invited me in with a big smile.

“What brings you to my humble abode?” he asked with a big smile. “Would you like some hot chocolate, I just made myself some and the water is still hot.” I nodded and soon we were sitting on the couch sipping our drinks. Ray asked me about school and what courses I was taking. All the while, he had his left arm around my shoulders gently patting my shoulder. I snuggled up close to him savoring the feeling of his warmth and gentle touch.

“You asked what brings me to your humble abode,” I said in a soft voice. “I guess I just wanted to see you and, well, I just wanted to be with you.” Ray looked at me, then took my cup and set it down on the side table. Taking me in his arms he gave me the gentlest kiss I could have imagined. I felt as if I were floating on a cloud as I melted into his arms and lay my head on his shoulder. I could smell the cologne wafting off his shirt, almost intoxicatingly sensual. Ray continued to cuddle and caress me, but didn’t touch my breasts or try to get me naked. He just kept holding me tight but gently at the same time.

After what seemed an eternity, Ray gently pushed me back to where we could look into each other’s eyes. “Cathy, I know I am a lot older than you, especially at our respective ages, you being only seventeen and me being twenty-six, but I’m starting to see you as more than just a cute little girl from next door who helps me wash my old cars. You are becoming a very special young lady to me.”

I sat up in astonishment with my heart beating wildly. “What are you saying?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“I guess I’m saying that I am starting to feel for you like I did when Katie and I first began to date,” he said softly. “I know it can’t happen but I just can’t help how I feel. And besides, you probably think that all I want to do is fuck two innocent little girls from next door and move on to the next conquest.” I looked deep into Ray’s eyes and could see how misty they were. As I continued to look into his eyes, I saw a small tear form and slowly slide down his cheek. I moved in and gently kissed it away and hugged him tight.

“What about Rachel?” I asked, “After all we are identical twins, do you feel the same way about her?” Ray shifted in his seat then looked me square in the eyes.

” At first I couldn’t tell the difference between you two when we were all naked. Of course, the times I gave you rides in the fire truck, you dressed differently and it was easy to tell you apart. You always were just a bit more conservative in your dress while Rachel was more flamboyant. She is also bubblier and even frivolous in her speech. You, on the other hand, think things out before you speak. Rachel is the one who asked about the fire hose, while you were the one who explained her innuendo. As for making love to the two of you, I felt as if you and I became one person for the few minutes we were joined, while with Rachel it was very pleasant but it just feels like I am doing something enjoyable but not as meaningful as it is with you. I don’t want to hurt Rachel’s feelings, but from now on I really don’t want to make love to Rachel, I want it to only be with you. Do you think she will understand or will she be angry with me and maybe tell?”

My head was spinning and I almost felt faint. Here was a man essentially saying he was in love with me, and I’m just a teen age girl in her last year of high school. “Wow, Ray, I don’t know what to say, I really like you a lot, and I love making love with you, but I just never thought of it being much more than a silly teen learning about sex and having a bit of risqué fun. I really do like you, I like you a lot, you treat me really nice, and even though we have made love together, you always made sure I didn’t feel used or pressured. If anything, it was me, actually Rachel and I, who pushed things as far as they did. Wow, I’ve got a lot to think about. Let’s not bring Rachel into it for now, besides there really isn’t much opportunity for her to make love with you so I let’s not deal with that until we have to.”

“Do you have time to make love with me?” asked Ray quietly. “I really want to show you how much you mean to me and I would like to make it more special than out in my shop office.” I slowly rose and took Ray’s hand as he too rose. With a questioning look and my nod of affirmation, he led me to his bedroom. I had never seen it and was absolutely astonished! The walls were covered in red flocked wall paper, there was the thickest and softest red carpet on the floor. White accent panels were on the walls on either side of the bed, and the bedspread was a white furry kind of material. It was absolutely stunning.

As Ray pulled down the covers, I slowly began to unbutton my blouse. Ray stopped me, pressing my hands gently to my sides while he fumbled with the buttons. He went so slowly that I thought he was delaying, but then realized he was being as sensuous as one could possibly be. Ever so slowly, he proceeded to remove each piece of clothing all the while telling me how beautiful each part of my body is. At the same time, I began to remove his clothes as well and finally we were both naked. Ray took me in his arms and gently led me to his bed. As he rolled me over him, he began to tell me how special every inch of my body is and how much he loved touching and kissing it. Ray kissed me tenderly then slowly and tantalizingly kissed his way down my body, paying special attention to my titties and nipples, gently kissing, sucking and nibbling on them until I thought I would die of pleasure! As he kissed his way down my tummy, leaving little trails of kisses, he paused as his tongue and lips brushed against my pussy hair. While watching my eyes carefully, he gently spread my legs apart then knelt between them. Staring deep into my eyes, he slowly lowered his head.

For a moment or two I wondered what he was doing then I suddenly flashed back to when Dad and Mom were making love by the pool and he had done the same thing to her. At first, I felt a bit of apprehension, was I clean enough, did I smell bad, would he be repulsed? Then he lowered his head some more and I felt his tongue touch my outer lips then invade my innermost parts. Suddenly I went stiff, it was almost as if someone hit me with an electrical shock. The feeling was so intense I thought I might faint. As Ray moved his tongue up and down, I relaxed and let myself float higher and higher. When he finally circled my clitoris with his tongue, I exploded in the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt. Simultaneously I felt something running down my ass cheeks.

OH NO! I thought, I peed all over his face, how awful can that be. “Ray, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pee on you.” Ray just came up smiling with his chin glistening and told me I had just experienced my first female ejaculation and it was the most exciting and amazing and exciting thing he could imagine.

“Not very many women can have that experience, and it makes you one of the special girls.” I was still floating when Ray settled over me and gently slid his pounding hard cock into my wet and waiting pussy. We made love for what seemed like hours as he bought me up to a point then slowed down. Finally, with a loud kind or roaring sound he slammed his cock into my quivering pussy and I felt his hot cum invading my very being. As we both relaxed and cuddled after the most fantastic love-making time I had experienced, we continued to whisper little sounds of pleasure and contentment. About fifteen minutes later I told Ray I really needed to get home before Mom got back from her part time job, or it would be hard to explain what I was doing at his place. Ray suggested we take a quick shower so the smell of our love-making wouldn’t give me away. After he dried me carefully, I quickly dressed and scampered across the dam and into the back door.

“So how did it go?” asked Rachel with a big smile.

“Fantastic, he is so sweet and kind, I just wish he was closer to our age,” I replied a bit wistfully.

“Yeah, but if he were, he would probably just want to jump on and slam his cock in us instead of making us feel really special and loved,” she observed. “I can see by your big smile that you did more than just look at cars and pretend to like waxing them. Did you get to make love?” I nodded, wondering just how much to tell her when she went on. “By the way, Kenny asked me if I would go to the movies with him on Saturday night and I told him yes. I like Ray but I know it isn’t going to go anywhere and I don’t want to miss out dating boys my age. Besides, Kenny is really hot, and I think I could really like him.”

“Hey that’s great!” I answered enthusiastically. “I know Kenny too; I have a couple of classes with him and he seems smart but not conceited. And all those track records he holds, I know lots of girls who want him in their beds.”

“Well, you can count me as one of them. Not really, it’s way too early to even be thinking about that. I just think he’s a good-looking hunk that I would like to know better. And who knows, maybe better and better until we do want to get in bed together. I just don’t want to get a reputation of being easy, but on the other hand I don’t want to miss out on a chance to get to know him better either.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Ray is making sounds like he wants to make something more of us together than just making love once in a while. I just don’t know how I feel right now. I like him but with him being almost ten years older he’s going to want to move a lot faster than I think I want to. I’ve only had a few dates and need to experience what other boys are like before I get all set on one for life. What do you think I should do?”

“I don’t know about you, but there could be a lot of advantages to hooking up with an older guy. He is obviously pretty well set financially. While it might be kind of fun to build a life from scratch while living on a shoestring, it might not be all that bad to start life with a financially secure guy. I know that sounds kind of mercenary, but what the heck, while money may not buy happiness, I doubt the lack of money gets you very far ahead in this day and age either! I think I would just kind of ride along and see where it goes.”

“I suppose so, but we can’t really go on dates, I don’t think Mom and Dad would allow me to actually date Ray and I don’t want to sneak around. I feel kind of bad about what we, or at least I, have already done with him. And what would the other kids at school say? I can just imagine all the comments about being a kept woman, him being a cradle robber, me being a gold digger, the list is endless.”

“You asked me what I think,” Rachel said softly. “I think you should sit down with Mom and Dad and simply tell them that you like Ray and want their permission to date him. You certainly aren’t going to marry him next week so I don’t see why they would object to you having a few dates just to see where it might lead. The worst thing that can happen is they will say no, and I really doubt they will. I think they will see it as a little girl crush on a guy with a fire truck and as soon as you go on a date or two you will be over it and life goes on.”

I followed Rachel’s advice and to my surprise, Dad spoke first saying, “I think Ray is a fine young man. Probably younger than his chronological age and you should just go out with him and see how it goes. If you like him and he continues to show interest in you then just roll with it. If not simply but politely break it off and get on with your life. If you don’t at least test the waters, you will wonder for the rest of your life if you made a mistake by worrying about your age difference. On the other hand, since women usually outlive men, you need to understand that he will probably leave you a fairly young widow sometime in the hopefully distant future.” Mom simply nodded her head in approval but suggested that it might be a good idea if we had him over for dinner and a chance for them to know him a bit better.

The next day, being Saturday I scampered over to Ray’s garage where he was just getting the fire truck out in preparation to participate in a parade. I issued the invitation for dinner with our family that very evening. After a thoughtful hesitation he agreed saying he would be home in plenty of time to come over. Promptly at six that evening, Ray tapped on our back door and I let him in. He glanced around then gave me a quick kiss and followed me into the den where Dad was watching the evening news. Ray sat down while I went back to help Mom finish dinner.

As we ate, Dad encouraged Ray to tell us more about him, where he was raised and how he came to be living next door to us. Ray obliged telling about where he was born and raised and how he became interested in antique cars. He and his late wife were married right out of high school and as most young newly-weds they had their share of struggles. Ray and his grandfather were co-owners of an independent auto repair shop. Actually, his grandfather owned the shop and Ray worked there for a partial ownership share with the plan he would take over the business when grandpa retired in five years. By then he would be self-sufficient. Ray still had his first car that Grandpa had given him and it was one of the antique cars he still owned.

All was going well; the business was growing as Ray’s reputation for diagnosing and fixing vehicles other shops couldn’t repair bought them loyal customers and great referrals. Then, two things happened simultaneously. First, Grandpa had a major heart attack which proved to be fatal. Ray was able to keep the shop going but desperately needed help. Then one night as Katie, his wife, was coming home from a meeting at the hospital where she was attending a meeting for expectant mothers, a drunk driver ran a stop light and broadsided her car, killing her and the unborn baby instantly. At that point Ray bowed his head and tears began to slide down his cheeks. I jumped up and took him in my arms holding him closely while murmuring “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” It took a few moments for Ray to regain his composure.

Dad, Mom and Rachel sat quietly until Ray looked up and said, “I’m sorry, I just haven’t shared how hard that hit me since I quit going to the support group a couple years ago. I thought I was past the raw hurt, but --- well, you can see.”

Ray took a deep breath then told us about the law suit against the drunk driver, who incidentally was a very prosperous business man in another state. He wanted to avoid publicity so his lawyers and Ray’s lawyer negotiated a settlement which the terms included a non-disclosure agreement. But without revealing the amount, unless he got totally ridiculous with spending money, he had no reason to work again, except to do things he enjoyed doing. And in his case that meant collecting, showing and trading antique cars. So, he sold the repair business and looked for a place with some acreage so he could build a workshop and storage building to accommodate his business/hobby.

“And that just about brings you up to date on your neighbor Ray,” he said in a quiet voice. “Just one more thing, I would like to have your permission to have Cathy accompany me on a few of my day long shows or parades. I’m not talking about overnighters, just day trips to see if she can tolerate my crazy little business and to see if she can put up with me as a person.”

Dad spoke up immediately, “I don’t see any problem with that as long as you treat our daughter as if she were the princess, we think she, and incidentally her twin sister, are.” Ray said he had no problems living with those conditions and said that he totally agreed with Dad’s evaluation of his daughters.

Thus, began a new era in my life. I accompanied Ray on several Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both outings and began to make friends with the people he interacted with in his hobby. Rachel began dating Kenny and before long they were accepted as a couple at school. After several months I noticed that Rachel would come home in a somewhat rumpled state with a big smile on her face.

“Good thing Mom got us on the pill,” I joked with her one evening. Rachel just smiled then quickly responded that she thought that went two ways. I nodded knowingly and we shared experiences.

Graduation finally came, we had both turned nineteen just before we were graduated. Both Rachel and I got scholarships to the local university so we continued to live at home. By now, I was spending some nights with Ray. The folks never said anything except for Mom saying for me to be sure I took my birth control pills on time and didn’t miss any of them. She also advised that one risk of taking the pill was when you quit, pregnancy was almost inevitable in very short order. I heeded here advice, not wanting to get pregnant at this point in my education and certainly not before marriage. We all accepted that at some time Ray and I would marry and I was especially content with the idea.

Mean-while, Kenny and Rachel were starting to make similar noises about their future together and in due course, we became brides. In the continuation of Mom and Dad’s idea to raise us as individuals, we did not have a double wedding of identical twins, Rachel and Kenny were married in May after our Junior year in college, and Ray and I married just before school started for my senior year. In my case it wasn’t much of a transition as I had been living with Ray for most of the past year and loving every second of our life together. I became totally involved in Ray’s work and even became the treasurer of the main organization, which went along with my accounting major.

As a side note, we continued to wash and wax the vehicles in our back yard knowing Mom, Dad, and of course Rachel might pop over at any time. A few times they did catch us naked but no one made a big deal of it, although Kenny looked like he was going to die of embarrassment until Rachel told him to “get over it,” Although he or Rachel never joined us in being naked, they did seem to accept it as something we did and no big deal.

About Christmas time of my Senior year, Ray started talking about wanting to have a baby and I was ready. In one sense, I wanted a baby to love, but I knew he still longed for the baby he never knew. So, my Christmas present to Ray that year was my supply of birth control pills wrapped in baby shower paper. Ray’s smile lit up the entire room. Although it would take a few weeks for the residual effect of the pill to wear off, we took every opportunity that my studies allowed to make sure I got pregnant. And by the first of February, I was pretty sure. A visit to the doctor confirmed, we would be parents about the end of September. In due course we were presented with adorable identical twin boys. Ray was OK with raising them as individuals, but did want to give them “Twin Names.” After much consideration, we named them Ronald and Donald. We figured they would go by Ron and Don, and although they rhymed, the first letter sound was enough different to avoid serious confusion.

After the twins first birthday party, Rachel sidled up to me and said she wanted to talk to Ray and I in total secrecy very soon, could we arrange a private meeting together out of the public arena. I agreed asking if she were in some kind of trouble, was Kenny mis-treating her, some kind of clue. She said to just be patient and she would answer all my questions. But for sure, Kenny was treating her like the Princess Dad had required of him as well as Ray.

A few days later she called saying Kenny had a meeting he had to attend at the church where they attended and she would like to come over. We agreed but on the condition Mom and Dad wouldn’t see her come and go, and we would never ever for any reason disclose what she wanted to talk about. Both Ray and I were bursting with curiosity and almost tore the door off it hinges when she rang the bell. I had prepared some light snacks and coffee which I set out on the dining room table.

“OK, Rachel, what’s up?” I asked.

“Well, before I begin, I want to have your solemn promise what we talk about here will never ever for any reason ever be discussed period. Ray and I nodded. “I also want you to wait until I finish before making any comment. So, I will dump the shocking request on you but only if you promise not to answer until I finish.” Again, we nodded. “Cathy, I want Ray to get me pregnant.” Ray and my gasp almost echoed off the walls as we stared at Rachel speechlessly! “OK, now that I have your attention, Kenny and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last six months. Finally, we went to Dr. Jensen for an evaluation. We both had the tests and mine came back perfectly healthy. But Dr. Jensen called asking me to come in without Kenny, and preferably without him even knowing.”.

“He proceeded to tell me that Kenny had been his patient since he was a baby and he knew him well. Not only was he a patient, but their families were social friends as well. He knew Kenny well enough to know that if he were told he was sterile and could never father a baby he would be devastated. It seems that when he was younger, he had an especially bad case of mumps which actually affected his testicles. While they still produce testosterone, he was completely and irreversibly sterile. Bottom line, he would never be the father of his own children. Dr. Jensen said he knows the family well enough to understand they, and especially Kenny, could never accept an adopted child and a donor would be out of the question. So, what I want to do is have Ray get me pregnant and let Kenny and everyone else, except the three of us, think it is Kenny and my baby.”

“I know we could go the route of artificial insemination, but that would require lawyers, legal documents, public records and sooner or later it would come out. In addition, there is the cost of the procedure, which is several thousand dollars. However; all they do is collect semen from the donor, put it in something like a turkey baster and insert it into my vagina. It seems so much more private and cheaper to just put it there in the first place. I have thought about it and If you agree, I think it would go something like this. I will monitor my temperature and when the time is right, I come over go into the spare bedroom. I don’t want to have it happen in your room. I simply lie back on the bed. When Cathy sees I am ready, Ray comes in, no touching, no kissing, he simply shoves it in, plants the seed and goes out of the room, end of story. I figure we should do it three day in a row to cover both sides of my fertile time just to be sure. So, if we are lucky just three times, but if we miss perhaps repeat in a month but no more than three months tops.”

Ray and I sat there with astonished looks on our faces. Finally Ray quietly spoke up, “Rachel, I have to think about this and talk with Cathy. As for how it would happen, I am OK with it if Cathy is. It isn’t like I haven’t seen you naked, and of course you gave your virginity to me. What I am concerned about is that there is no way I can forget the child is mine. Well not actually mine, but biologically it is mine. I’m not sure how I will handle seeing another man raising my child, it’s a lot to think about, and not just a short-term issue, but a life-long issue.”

Rachel rose as did I. In moments we were hugging and crying together while Ray looked on feeling somewhat embarrassed. As we broke, I promised Rachel we would talk it over and get back to her within a couple of days. We talked long into the night and finally decided to go along with the plan. A few days later Rachel called saying it was time. The procedure went as planned, and while Ray tried to remain detached emotionally, that really wasn’t possible. Never-the-less, he performed his duties for the three days. Three weeks later Rachel called saying she had missed her period. Another month went by and then confirmation of pregnancy. Everyone was amazed at how much the cousins resembled each other. Some commented that they could start their own “Patty Duke Show,” Identical Cousins. Both Ray and I could see more and more of Ray’s contribution to the girls,but true to our promise, not one word was ever mentioned to anyone.

Fast forward twenty-three years. Cindy was in her first year of school and Crissy in Law School. One day Ray got a call from Cindy asking if he could meet Uncle Ray for lunch. Ray assumed she needed a car as he had made it a practice to keep the girls in cars as they needed them. Cindy suggested they get sandwiches and go to the park where they could talk in private. Ray began to get a tight feeling in the pit of his stomach. “OK, what’s up Cindy,” He asked.

“Uncle Ray, or perhaps I should say, DAD, I have a few questions.” Ray looked at her dumbfounded then nodded. “OK Ray, as you know I am in medical school. One of my courses is genetics. One of my projects was to chart blue eye brown eye dominance. So, I charted Grandpa and Grandma on Mom’s side and Grandpa and Grandma on Dad’s side. Both Mom and Dad follow the prediction. All have brown eyes. But I have blue eyes. The professor says that is impossible, as brown eyes are dominant and it is not possible for that combination of grandparents and parents to produce a blue-eyed child. I told him that I was the exception that proved the rule. He just gave me a funny look then suggested that I study the genetics more carefully before I came to that conclusion. So, I did and finally, I came to the conclusion that the professor is right. So, where did my blue eyes come from? The only one in our family who has blue eyes is Uncle Ray, and he isn’t a blood relative. Then the most absurd notion hit me.”

“I went to the DNA lab that was just set up at our school and took the DNA test myself. Then, I went on line where you and Aunt Cathy were doing some genealogy research. I found your family tree then submitted my DNA sample in the data base. Guess what, it came back that I am your daughter. How can that possibly be? So now, I am wondering did you and Mom have an affair? Does Aunt Cathy know about it? Uncle Ray, I got lots of questions and no answers. Please tell me the truth!” And then the tears began to stream down her face. I sat in total confusion for several minutes while Cindy cried herself out. When she had wiped her eyes and stopped sniffling, I took her hands in mine and squeezed them tightly.

“OK, I will tell you the truth, but only if you absolutely promise you will never tell anyone, not even your mother! That is a promise she required of me many years ago and until now I have never broken that promise. So, before I say another word, do I have your absolute promise?” Cindy nodded her head and stared at me with soulful wide BLUE eyes, just like mine! “OK, Cindy, I am your biological father, and of course I am also Crissy’s father as well. But KENNY IS YOUR FATHER. He raised you, he went to your ballet performances, he walked the floor with you when you were sick, he comforted you when you had scraped knees and bruised elbows. Kenny is your father. I simply supplied the sperm that impregnated your mother because your father is sterile, but he doesn’t know it and can never know it! Is that clear!” Again, Cindy nodded her head. “And before you jump to conclusions, Aunt Cathy knows about it and we all agreed it was the right thing to do. I hope you understand and know that it doesn’t change anything. Of course, I think about you girls all the time and of course I have a very special interest in both of you. Maybe you could even sense it, but that has to remain our secret, end of story.”

Cindy jumped up and gave me the biggest hug I could imagine. We held each other until we each recovered from the emotional encounter. “Do you think Crissy suspects anything?” I asked.

“I doubt it, she is in law school and I doubt they require any genetic courses. I know she adores Uncle Ray as I do and always have, but I can’t see anything positive coming out of her knowing you are her biological father, and it would kill Dad, I don’t think he could ever accept us as his kids if he knew. I think Mom did exactly the right thing, and I am kind of glad she kept it in the family, DAD!”


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