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Tom likes to masturba on his balcony, until his college-aged neighbor catches him...
Copyright 2019 by tcs1963

All Rights Reserved


by tcs1963

I just have to write about this experience that happened to me the other night. Stuff like this rarely ever happens, to me.

My name is Tom, and I am a normal middle-aged guy. 6 foot tall and 200 pounds, with long dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. I'm also sporting a 7-inch cut cock, that I'm pretty proud of.

I'm recently divorced after 20 years currently between girlfriends. So I've been spending a lot of my free time stroking my very under-appreciated cock.

That's enough about me...

Last Friday night I decided to drink a few beers out on my backyard deck. Being bored and extremely horny I started watching some porn videos on my cell phone.

Walking into my kitchen and grabbing a couple of beers, I walked back out to my chaise lounge and dropped my shorts, preparing to catch a buzz and relax while rubbing one out.

I settled in and grabbed my phone. Typing in my favorite video site, I picked out a really good spanking video and started it up and slowly started stroking my cock.

Just as I was getting into a good rhythm, I heard someone walking in the shrubbery in the area behind my house. I decided it must be some dumb-ass teenagers, so I figured "fuck it" I'm gonna keep milking my johnson.

I slowed down with my stroking and sought to listen for the azalea crackle, so I could pinpoint where they were in the brush. I could hear someone walking quietly and very near to my privacy fence line. As I slowly manually soothed my distressed penis.

Well, I figured they would either be grossed out or enjoy the show as they watched me jack off throbbing manhood. I could almost see their shadow standing still by the edge of my garage for a few minutes.

As they got closer, I decided I would give them something to look at. So I poured some suntan lotion on my hands and really went at my stiff cock. I could say, "I was beating my dick like it stole from me."

I could tell it was a guy, and suddenly, I recognized him as the son of my neighbors. He was quite good looking, and apparently pretty fucking nosey.

Made me automatically think and, "I wondered how many times he had peeped on me as I pleasured myself on my back porch."

As he got closer I heard him whisper, "What the fuck."

He stood closer to the fence staring at me and I heard, "Damn."

Just watching my right hand sliding up and down the length of my shaft, as I gently squeezed my balls. Just milking my cock and not caring if anyone saw what I was up too.

I turned off the video and promptly activated the flashlight on my cell phone. As I stroked myself in plain view so he could see my every pass of my hand along my thick and stiff dick.

He dropped his backpack and then his shorts quickly followed, he happily joined my impromptu jerk-off session. Both of us steadily milking our cocks in unison.

He started jacking off quicker while watching me masturbate myself under the stars.

The whole scene got extremely kinky and very hot. It was such a turn on for me to have this young college-aged man watch me choke my chicken, while he was right beside me stroking his own.

He had a really nice size dick too. I'd say it was about seven inches and moderately thick. I was actually a little intimidated with a boy half my age, having that much size to work with.

" I'm gonna cum soon," I told him as I stroked myself faster, while I massaged my swollen balls.

I licked my hand to use my saliva as a lubricant on my throbbing organ. It made my experience so much better with my warm spit dripping down the shaft.

"Do it, cum for me..." He said and I started pumping my hand, as fast as I could.

I shot my load all over myself, some even hit my face as I leaned back in the chaise lounge.

As I sat in the afterglow of cumming, I scooped up some of my spooge on my forefinger and sensuously licked it off, like I was cleaning a tiny dick.

He moved closer to me, gazing at my shrinking cock and the mess I had made all over my abdomen...

The explicit show of my solo sexuality must have gotten him really horny, especially as I was licking my cum off of my finger.

He stuck his teenaged dick through the gap in the privacy fence, almost daring me to touch it. So I knelt down with my Flaccid penis still uncovered in the air and drew his bulbous cock head into my warm, wet mouth.

As I was teasing him with my tongue, licking all over the sensitive glans under the head, I heard, "Please, can you help me out? ... I haven't cum in days and my dick is going to explode..."

I felt horrible for the poor young guy, I flashed back on those late teen years when pussy was scarce and blow jobs were almost completely out of the question.

His balls were swollen and tight to his body, so I knew he was suffering an extreme case of blue balls and probably was in to much pain to get himself off.

So I grabbed my shorts put them under my knees. Looked up into his pleading eyes, then I really went to work on his neglected boy cock.

I wrapped my wet lips around the head and slowly sucked all of his meat into my mouth.

"Oh God, that feels so good" He moaned.

All I kept thinking is if he thought this feels good, just wait a moment there's so much more to experience.

I began moving up and down the shaft, watching him squirm against the fence, trying to push more of his delicious cock through the opening. As I continued deep-throating him, feeling the tension literally leaving his body.

My mouth sank all the way to the fence then back up to just the tip of his cock head. Spit was dripping from his dick and rolling down my chin onto the ground below me.

His dick made my mouth extra wet and I was salivating everywhere. Providing lube, so he could slide deep into my throat, helping me so I wouldn't gag so much.

It's been a while since I've sucked a nice cock, and I was totally enjoying this one. Furthermore, I was surprised I hadn't lost squealing deep-throating talent.

The way he was squealing I could have been stripping his skin from his bleeding flesh. So I knew I had him exactly where I wanted him.

I began bobbing my head faster now, as he kept moaning and praying to God. Which, I must say was seriously turning me on.

"Fuck... Fuck..." He kept blabbering.

As I was making love to his dick with my mouth. I decided to go full-blown porn style on his ass. I swallowed his cock with no hands, sucking hard and fast. Suddenly, I reached through the fence and slid my fingers into his asscrack. Tickling the rim of his asshole.

" Oh fuck, shit, Mr., shit. Oh my God. Don't stop, Please, Don't stop."

His dick got stiffer still if that's even possible. I knew he was going to cum very soon.

I wasn't going to let him cum in my mouth. But, I got so wrapped up in sucking his dick and getting him off, I lost a little of my control.

"I'm gonna cum, so fuckin' hard." He grunted

As I continued teasing his dick. He slid deep into my mouth and I felt that pulsing tremble that guys get just before it happens.

He shot his load uncontrollably down my throat before I could pull my mouth off. So I kept sucking like mad and figured I let him enjoy the full experience.

Spurt after spurt he made little growls as he emptied his full ball sack. I kept slowly sucking him off, making sure to clean up all of the cum he shot into my mouth until he became to sensitive.

He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and back through the fence. I'm was completely surprised that I swallowed all of his cum.

I told him as he stared at me and pulled his pants up, "That was fun, don't be a stranger."

Before he walked away he said, "Oh I most assuredly won't be."

Then he walked back into the house, with a nice new hitch in his step and a shit-eatin' grin on his face.

Fuck, I felt like such a slut, I felt almost dirty. It's not often stuff like that happens to me. I was a little shocked at myself and my actions, most of all.

But It's just one of the cool things that happen when you are stroking your cock in the backyard at midnight.

The End...


2021-02-28 12:49:13
Wish something like that would happen to me. I'm so hard after reading that.


2019-09-05 21:03:50
lol this fucking sucks mate. And its pretty obvious you got legion to upvote this trash. 675 votes and only 27000 views? LOL! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!

White WallsReport 

2019-08-31 04:17:10
Not exactly my genre of choice but it was well written and erotic.


2019-08-30 22:38:44
I love gay fuck stories like this.

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