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Leslie gets a little too drunk and Jack uses his tongue to help her out, which she unwittingly reciprocates (No reposting without my express permission)
It had been another long night of drinking for Leslie and her friends in preparation for high school graduation. Her parents had to know she was drinking but had never said anything to her – probably because she usually just had one beer and never did shots or any hard liquor. That is, until tonight…

Her friends had dragged her down to one of the local college bars to flirt with guys and they had ended up drinking way too much. It had gotten so bad in fact that they had to call one girls brother to come get them and take them home. Leslie was dropped off first and the brother and another girl had helped her into her house, up into her bedroom and onto her bed. Luckily her parents had gone out of town for the weekend and wouldn’t come home to find her black out drunk.

Her friends had left her fully clothed laying on her side, but in her drunken state it felt like she was roasting alive inside her clothes so they were stripped off and thrown around her room haphazardly. Her underwear, which was moist with her sweat from dancing and her juices from flirting and grinding, ended up in the hall just outside her room. She passed out with her head laying just over the foot of her bed, her body in a spread eagle pose.

When her friends had been leaving her house they had heard Leslie’s great dane, Jack, whimpering from the attached garage, so they decided to let him into the house and filled his water and food bowls. Jack was glad to be out of that garage and was grateful for the food and water. After eating and drinking Jack went into the living room, jumped up on the couch, and curled up ready to go sleep. And just as Jack was drifting off to la-la land a scent began to waft across his nose.

His current dream was of chasing balls and birds through an open field, barking and yipping as Leslie ran after him. The scent that was flowing through his nose altered this dream greatly. Instead of a bright field, Jack was suddenly very turned on and envisioned a female great dane running around in front of him, wagging her backside right in front of his nose. Jack made a quick jumping movement in the dream and woke himself up when one of his paws scratched his belly.

Jack noticed pretty quickly the effect the dream had on him, with his cock now extended from is sheath and fully inflated with blood – even his knot had popped out of the sheath. He licked it clean for a minute and then that smell from his dream wafted across his nose again. He began to sniff the air and then started to search the room for what was producing that amazing smell. Not finding it in the living room he then searched the kitchen, checked the garage, and ended up back in the living room.

He really wanted to find the source of this intoxicating smell and noticed that whenever he got closer to the stairs the scent got heavier. He trotted to the top of the stairs, practically drowning in the smell. A quick turn to his right and he found the source of the smell, Leslie’s discarded underwear. He nosed at it and licked it a couple of times, getting just a hint of the juices that were producing the smell. Then he noticed the door to Leslie’s room was open and that she was apparently asleep on her bed but not how she normally slept. Jack barked once and Leslie drunkenly whispered his name, which he took as permission to go into her room.

He thought she was awake after he heard his name so he planted some licks with his long tongue on her cheeks and forehead, which she barely responded to, tilting her head from side to side only slightly. On one stroke of his tongue he actually got it inside her mouth and on the exit it pressed against her tongue for a long drawn out lick. Leslie only responded by smacking her mouth and wetting her tongue so Jack focused on licking her mouth. Occasionally Leslie would extend her tongue to wrestle with his and the two sat there Frenching each other for a good five minutes.

Jack was perturbed that his owner would not get up and play with him so he began to lick her face again. This time however, Leslie responded by turning towards where he was licking. On one lick along her right cheek her head bobbed to the right as well. This opened the left side of her neck for Jack to lick and since had not licked there yet he began to do so. The licks began to cause and unconscious reaction within Leslie and her heart rate began to increase.

She quietly mouthed affectionate sounds whenever Jack would deliver an especially long lick from her ear all the way down her neck to her shoulder. With these continued ministrations came more reactions from Leslie’s unconscious body. She began to sweat profusely and Jack noticed right away when her skin began to glisten and taste really salty. He began to notice that her entire body was starting to glisten with sweat he could swear that smell from earlier was getting stronger.

Jack began to focus on the areas with the most sweat, licking it up into his mouth enthusiastically. As he continued to lick Leslie’s neck he found himself scooting forward to lick at her exposed chest which was now very sweaty. He began by licking around her armpits, which made Leslie drunkenly giggle, and then Jack began to lick the side of her breast. He would try and work his tongue under her slightly sagging breast and then roll it over her nipple, which was hard as diamond at this point. Then he shifted to licking the top of her breast, always finishing the lick on her nipple.

Jack repositioned himself on the other side of her body to lick that side as well. Over and over his rough and rubbery tongue would apply lick after lick to her chest and neck. Leslie’s fist had begun to clench over and over again, responding to the intimate licking, and one of her knees has slightly drawn up and to the side. Her head was still rolling from side to side, punctuated with her biting her bottom lip. Her pussy kicked into overdrive, producing a good amount of lubricating juices that gave off the aroma that Jack had been searching for.

As the smell became stronger and stronger Jack found himself working his way down her body. He jumped up on the left foot of the bed so that he could continue to lick the sweaty areas and now his tongue was playing her stomach like a guitar. His licks would start at the underside of her breasts and continue down towards her bellybutton. He also began to directly lick the valley between her breasts which elicited the loudest moans yet from the unconscious teen. His hind legs danced a little and Leslie’s head responded by leaning into them, searching for any type of stimuli. She rubbed her cheeks along the fur of his leg and cooed almost silently.

Jack was reaching the point where he would need to figure out a better way to continue licking Leslie, especially so he could find the source of that aroma that had taken control of his brain. He was afraid to put his paw on her belly because he had scratched her one time doing that and she had been really upset with him. He scooted over to the left side of the bed and placed his paws on the bed so that they were close to, but not touching, her hip. He licked her hip all the way across her body, underneath her belly button.

Leslie always took the greatest care to keep herself completely shaven down there, so Jacks tongue massaged the bare skin just above her clit. It wasn’t until one of Jack’s licks just touched her clit that things really began to heat up. When Jack caught her clit with the side of his tongue Leslie gasped and actually raised her pelvis, trying to push her clit against the object causing her so much pleasure. Jack was scared for a bit, actually stepping back off the bed, until he saw that Leslie had calmed down. He resumed his position on the side of her bed and started to investigate this little nub of skin that had caused the earlier reaction.

Jack’s tongue on her clit was like lighting to her system. Her heart began to pump rapidly and her hips began to gyrate of their own accord, taking up an up and down rhythm to match the licks. Leslie’s labia was now engorged with blood and her lips were now extending outside of her pussy. Jack saw this change in her skin and decided to lick this new protuberance. As soon as Jack’s tongue hit her swollen lips he knew that he had finally found the source of that intoxicating smell.

His licking efforts double and focused in on her lips. He found that he could actually worm his tongue between her lips and could tell that he had not yet hit bottom. Jack tilted his head to get a better angle on her lips and actually started to get the tip of his tongue fully past her vaginal opening. In response Leslie began to get animated and drew her legs up to either side of her body. This in turn opened her up even more to Jack’s licking. Her pussy was spasming with each new lick, her hands were underneath her butt cheeks desperately trying to open herself up even more for Jack’s tongue.

Her first orgasm came pretty quickly at this point, thanks to all of the foreplay from Jack. Leslie’s lungs began to take huge gulps of air and her back arched the moment it hit. Jack just kept on licking and was rewarded with a new treat, Leslie’s cum. Jacks mouth was pretty much right on top of her labia so all of her cum squirted directly onto Jack’s tongue and into his mouth. To Jack this juice tasted better than anything he had ever tasted in his life.

He kept delving a little bit deeper into her pussy with each lick, learning the contours of her pussy and lapping up every drop of tasty juice. Leslie’s movements began to slowly work her body down her bed so that he head was hanging off more and more until it hung freely. Jack had to reposition himself several times to account for Leslie’s movements and eventually he ran around to the other side of the bed. In the few seconds that Jack’s tongue was away from Leslie’s pussy she began to whine slightly. But as soon as Jack was going at it again, her whines turned into soft coo’s, accentuated every now and then with a sharp intake of breath whenever Jack hit a certain spot.

At this point Leslie had had so many orgasms, big and small, that her body just felt like it was locked into one long orgasm, with only her breathing differentiating between the peaks and valleys. It excited Jack to see and hear that Leslie was getting so much pleasure from his licking. At this point Jack had been working Leslie over for about half an hour and there was no end in sight for either of them. Jack’s only problem now was that he could not get a good direct angle on her pussy. He was currently getting tongue about a fourth of the way into her pussy, but he would need a new angle to get any more inside.

Jack switched sides three or four times – during each switch he would apply a couple of licks to Leslie’s face and mouth. During these interludes Leslie developed a rhythm. When the licking stopped she would open her mouth wide, waiting for her tongue toy. Once the mysterious tongue had begun to delve into her mouth she would use her own tongue to wrestle with it and would purse her lips to create a mild sucking sensation. It was on one of these changeovers that Jack noticed that a lot of sweat had accumulated on and around Leslie’s breasts. Without hesitation Jack leapt his front paws onto the bed, his body now straddling Leslie’s head.

He began to lovingly lick her breasts clean of their tasty juices. Unbeknownst to Jack, his fully inflated cock was shooting small amounts of pre and as he scooted up further along her body to get at the bottom of her breast one shot of his pre landed on Leslie’s chin. It instantly oozed from Leslie’s chin to her what was her bottom (her top lip now that her head was upside down). There it collected until Leslie once again lightly bit her bottom lip between her own teeth and then licked her lips clean. There was a recognition somewhere down deep inside Leslie that she had just tasted something slightly salty and really delicious.

Her tongue responded by licking her lips all over, so when the next shot of pre landed on her cheek next to her lips her tongue was quick to dart out and gather it all up before bringing it back into her mouth. Her mouth quickly sucked all of the pre off of the tongue while her tongue massaged it into the roof of her mouth. Shot after shot of pre fired out from Jack’s cock and landed on Leslie’s face. Occasionally a shot would shoot straight into her mouth and she would quickly gulp it down.

Jack continued to lick her breast clean of their sweat and then started tonguing her stomach. After every third lick he would shuffle his legs forward just an inch so that he could have better access. The result of this was that Jack’s cock slowly got closer and closer to Leslie’s face. His cock rocked from side to side with his shuffles and it continued to shoot a steady amount of pre onto Leslie’s face. When Jack’s cock was about two inches away from her face Jack felt the hot breath from her mouth wash over his head. He wasn’t sure what Leslie was doing down there but it sure felt good.

Eventually Jack had scooted far enough up the bed so that the pointed tip of his cock was just in reach of Leslie’s tongue. Anticipating another delicious shot of pre Leslie opened her mouth and extended her tongue. The tip of her tongue made contact with Jack’s tip and Leslie tried to grasp at this new object with her tongue rolling and pushing over Jack’s tip. Jack stopped scooting forward, unsure of this new feeling. As a result of this new position all of Jack’s pre was shooting directly onto Leslie’s bottom lip. Eventually enough juice pooled there and it cascaded over the side of her bottom lip into her mouth and across her tongue.

With the absence of her tongue, Jack thought that whatever was causing that weird feeling had gone away, but Leslie’s tongue had only scooped up his pre and was busy sucking and tasting it in her mouth. Jack scooted up another two inches and this time when Leslie opened her mouth for more pre Jack’s leaking cock came to rest at the edge of her pursing lips. Leslie’s tongue massaged the top of Jack’s cock, back and forth, and tried to create a suction seal with Jack’s head but was unable to do so. Jack had started to like these weird feelings. He scooted up another two inches on the bed and this brought his cock into full contact with Leslie’s mouth.

Leslie quickly sucked in the first inch of Jack’s cock, running her tongue over it in circles and she began to suck on it gently. The pressure around his cock felt amazing to Jack. It was like rutting with a female except that there was another muscle down there working his cock head like nothing before. Aching to feel more of this wonderful sensation he scooted forward another three inches, forcing three solid inches of dog cock into Leslie’s mouth. Leslie responded by increasing the pressure of her sucking, seeking to pull as much cock into her mouth as possible.

At this point Jack now had access to Leslie’s pussy from the top and this new angle afforded him easier access to her. With each slight suckle of Leslie’s lips on his shaft, and each massage of her tongue along his tip, Jack felt the fire within him rising at a rapid pace. He used this new fire to delve deeper than ever before into Leslie’s pussy. Her hips were very accommodating to Jack’s urges as her feet pushed and pivoted her pelvis onto Jack’s tongue. Leslie’s subconscious was working in tandem with Jack to build up a steady and forceful rhythm to the point where Jack knew to thrust his tongue out just before her hips peaked in their gyrations.

Jack was now getting about three inches of dog tongue fully inside of Leslie and her juices gushed out of her pussy. Jack scooted up the last couple of inches he could in order to get the best possible angle on her pussy and this pushed another inch and a half of hot dog meat into Leslie’s mouth. Leslie had begun to time her sucking with Jacks shots of pre, building up the pressure right before Jack would shoot into her mouth. This had the effect of creating a sawing sensation when her lips would drag back and forth across Jack’s cock. And then it happened: Jack made his first thrust.

Jack had been so overcome by all of the sensations he was feeling that his biology kicked in before he knew it he had started thrusting slightly into Leslie’s mouth. Beyond the pleasure it created for both of them Jack knew that when his cock felt this way he needed to thrust and so he did. At first it was just a small thrust in and out, in and out. Leslie changed the timing of her sucking to match the in strokes of Jack’s cock. Every thrust would push a minute amount further into Leslie’s mouth.

Her mouth had been happy with sucking on four inches of dog cock, but the added sensation of thrusting made this a whole new ball game. Jack and Leslie synced up so that as Jack began thrusting Leslie began sucking and tonguing him, trying to pull in even more cock each time. On the back stroke Leslie would swallow the pre that had poured into her mouth. Slowly but surely all of Jack’s cock was taken in by Leslie’s mouth. Because of the pace with which Leslie had been able to take more and more of Jack into her mouth her gag reflex never kicked in, even as the cock entered the top of her throat.

Leslie’s breathing also synced up with the thrusting so that she would swallow Jack’s pre and breathe on the outstroke, and then suck with her mouth and exhale with her nose on the thrust in. Same principle as a milking machine for cows, and this had the same effect on Jack. The longer this went on the more pre Jack shot into Leslie’s mouth. Some of the pre had started to leak around Leslie’s suction on Jack’s cock and ran down her cheeks. Her body adjusted to this fact and now she was basically slurping on Jack’s cock with each outstroke.

At long last Jack’s knot was starting to push against Leslie’s lips on each inward thrust, and slowly but surely Leslie’s lips expanded a little bit each time. Jack was thrusting in earnest now, desperate to feel her mouth on his knot. Each time he thrust a little bit harder, and each time he felt her lips give way just a bit more, teasing his knot with denied entry. Back and forth, back and forth, he sawed his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Deeper and deeper his cock pushed into her throat. Wider and wider her mouth opened on the inward thrust, trying to take in the last bit of Jack’s cock.

Jack’s instincts solved this problem by scooting him even further up the bed so that only the tips of his toes were touching the ground on the inward strokes. This allowed for an extra inch of thrust depth and that made all the difference in the world. On one big, deep thrust Jack felt the edge of her mouth spread wider and wider and wider until…PLOP! His know was now fully inside of Leslie’s mouth, locked behind her teeth until they were done. As soon as his body felt it pop all the way inside it inflated the knot even more, creating an almost airtight seal with Leslie’s mouth.

Jack stopped thrusting, feeling his cock in her mouth and extending up her throat a little. Leslie’s subconscious was sad the thrusting had stopped but delighted that there was now seven inches of firey dog meat to suck on. The pre shot directly down her throat but she could still feel it every time it shot. Jack’s cock would swell shortly with every shot and her sucking helped to pull out more and more. Jack was still working on Leslie’s pussy, which by this point was gushing non-stop with her juices. Every now and then Jack would hit her clit with his chin or tongue and this would rocket Leslie into an orgasm.

Now that her mouth was full and sealed up with dog meat she wasn’t able to vocalize her pleasure; instead, she began to hum with each wave of pleasure. Jack felt this and knew that he was seconds away from giving Leslie what she really wanted. They were both working towards their ultimate climax and enjoying every second. As Jack felt the pleasure push him past the point of no return, his cock inflated even more, filling Leslie’s mouth so much that all she could do with her tongue was slightly wiggle it back and forth.

At that same moment Jack had hit Leslie’s nerves in just the right way so that she instantly began peaking into her strongest climax yet. When she started humming to signal her climax this set off Jack and he felt the pressure that had been building up in his balls release. His balls tightened and released a flood of cum directly down Leslie’s throat. She gagged initially but worked past it as she got the rhythm of his delicious cum shooting in long spurts into her waiting stomach. Some of the cum made its way back into her mouth and her tongue kicked into overdrive, enjoying this tasty liquid.

Leslie’s new movements with her tongue forced even more cum out of Jack’s balls. She would suck at the same time he would shoot. Jack was starting to feel drained when Leslie picked her sucking up again and he felt yet even more cum shoot into her willing mouth. As the flow of cum slowed down and Leslie’s sucking created only the slightest pressure Jack felt his cock begin to slowly deflate. As it began to shrink in Leslie’s mouth she tried to force life back into it by creating an amazing sucking sensation with her tongue and throat. But Jack was spent at this point. Leslie’s swallowing picked up, making sure that any cum her tongue captured would make its way to her full belly.

As Jack started to scoot back down the bed to withdraw his cock from her mouth, the knot created a pulling sensation because it had not deflated enough to exit Leslie’s mouth. The result was that it took an extra-long time for Jack to finally pop his knot out of her mouth, made all the much longer by Leslie’s continued tongue job. With a final push the knot popped out with a squelching noise, Jack’s cum and Leslie’s saliva coating her lips and his cock.

Crazy Dog Lady TheresaReport 

2022-05-13 03:27:32
Im not sure but I believe I have read this one before still good story thank you for sharing


2022-04-27 13:06:14
Omg how erotic and interesting, the very thought of how it feels to be so inebriated and have someone pleasuring you while your mind is delivering those unconscious feelings I can see how it could be so possible to be basically raped by a k9 friend and react sexually to the experience thinking it was a lover, ohhh how would you feel in the morning.. mmmmm,, I swear it never happened lol.

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