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Dr. Pam has to work hard to reconcile a bratty daughter and her hot mom!
Daughter's Incestuous Therapy

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Five: Mother and Daughter's Naughty Session

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Group Session 1 with Jill and Mercedes Daniels

“Mercedes, honey, please, strip naked,” Jill Daniels cajoled her daughter. The older woman, a sexy MILF with curly-brown hair and large breast, was already naked. She had her thighs pressed tight together like she was hiding her pussy, but she seemed open about the rest of her nudity. Her breasts jiggled as she smiled at her daughter. “We're here to help each other and mend our relationship.”

“I'm here because you made me come,” said Mercedes, the girl glaring at me. She folded her arms, her nose ring glinting. Her short, black hair almost bristled. “You're supposed to be my ally, Dr. Elliston.”

“I am your ally,” I said. “Now, please, Mercedes, strip naked. It's time for you and your mother to come together and get past your issue.”

“Strip naked,” muttered Mercedes. “Fine. I'll strip naked. She can look at my body and see how much better it is.”

“I'm not jealous of you,” Jill said.

Mercedes pulled off the tight, baby doll t-shirt. Her black hair swayed as she threw it to the ground, her round breasts jiggling in the red bra she wore. It was wild and racy and hooked in the front. She unfastened it.

“That's a fun bra,” Jill said, giving her daughter a hopeful smile.

“It's more than fun,” muttered Mercedes. I had a feeling I knew whom she'd bought it for. She dropped it on her t-shirt as she went for her skinny jeans. She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jeans. They hugged her, the material stretchy. She wiggled it down, her panties a red thong with lace around the gusset dipping down between her thighs. Then she shoved down her thong and peeled it down, exposing her shaved pussy.

Jill let out a relieved sigh.

“What?” Mercedes demanded, glaring at her mother. “Huh?” She stepped out of her panties and faced her mother naked, thong gripped in her hand.

“I just was afraid you had other parts pierced,” said Jill. “I've read that it can be risky to pierce your clitoris or labia.”

“If I get my clit pierced, it's my business,” Mercedes hissed.

“Okay, okay,” I said, taking the thong from Mercedes, my own round breasts swaying. “We're all naked. Exposed. I want you to look at each other and see that you are both women. The same.”

“I'm hotter and younger and tighter,” muttered Mercedes.

“Mmm, but your mother was just like you once,” Pam said. “Hot and young and tight. And now she's matured into this sexy beauty. It's good for you to see, Mercedes. In two decades, you'll be looking like this. Hot and sexy, a MILF with your own children. You're both women, Mercedes. Women with passion. Now, did you do your exercise?”

“She won't talk to me,” Pam said. “I wanted to tell her about her brother and me, and to hear about her and her father, but she just hissed at me all weekend.”

“He's mine!” hissed Mercedes.

“Oh, honey,” Jill sighed. She shook her head.

“I let Daddy fuck my asshole,” Mercedes declared, throwing her words in her mother's face. The girl took a step closer. Her round breasts bounced. “I gave it to him willingly. He fucked me up the ass with my vibrator buzzing away in my pussy. That's how much he's mine.”

Pam smiled and said, “That's fun. I like doing that with your father. He enjoys thrusting toys in my pussy while fucking my asshole. I have this one vibrator whose tip rotates. It's incredible to feel in me when your father's sodomizing me.”

Mercedes's jaw dropped.

“Oh, you make it sound like I've never even sucked his cock,” continued Pam. “Like we only did the missionary position. Have you ever sucked his cock after he fucked your ass and tasted it.”

“What?” Mercedes gasped.

“Oh, honey, you have so much to learn.”

Mercedes sucked in a deep breath. “Doesn't matter. He still loves me. He snuck into my bed last night. While you thought he was...”


Mercedes Daniels story...

My bedroom door creaked open. I sat up in my bed, the covers falling off my naked body. My round breasts swayed as Daddy closed the door softly behind him. My heart beat fast. I wasn't sure if he would be able to come tonight.

“Shhh,” he said, his finger to his lips. “Your mother's about to take a shower.”

Footsteps padded down the hall. I shuddered, realizing Mom was just outside the door. She had no idea that Dad was in here, peeling off his t-shirt. I kicked off the covers, my thighs flashing. My heart pounded in my chest. This was so naughty to do it while that bitch was in the house. To steal her husband from her and make Daddy mine.

My pussy clenched. This heat surged through me. My breasts jiggled from side to side as I watched him strip. My brother's bedroom door opened. I heard Mom saying something to Doug. Then he answered her.

Daddy's jeans came down, his cock stretching the front of his boxers. I licked my lips, hungry for it. He unveiled his cock. It thrust out hard before him. He made me with that dick. I loved it. My pussy grew hot. Juices leaked out of my eighteen-year-old depths, eager for him to be in me.f

Mom said one last thing to Doug before she padded back down the hallway. I shuddered as Daddy approached me. Music came from my brother's room as the bathroom door creaked open. I trembled, knowing that if we weren't quiet, we'd be caught.

Daddy's strong hands cupped my chin as the shower hissed on. Mom would have no idea that Daddy was in here making love to me. His whiskers rubbed on my mouth as he kissed me. He thrust his tongue into my mouth.

He swirled his tongue inside of my mouth. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. This wonderful heat surged through me. My heart pounded in my chest as he pressed me down onto the bed. He mounted me.

I wanted to spend more time with him. I wanted to revel with him, but my thighs spread wide, knowing we had no time for foreplay. My pussy leaked juices, running down to my rump and soaking my ass. My breasts jiggled as he pushed me down on my bed. His cock nudged into my inner thigh as he leaned over me.

My bed creaked.

It was such a loud sound. Such a naughty one. I whimpered, my tongue dancing with his. My brother's music drifted through his bedroom wall. I bet he was in there jerking it off to porn, hiding the activity with his obnoxious rock music.

Probably spanking his cock to some hot, young thing like me. Mom may have fucked him, but he couldn't have enjoyed it. She was old. Not young and hot and tight like me. My hand grabbed Daddy's cock and pulled him to my cunt.

I shuddered as I pressed this thick dick into my twat. I whimpered as I rubbed him up and down. I nudged my clit. Pleasure burst through me. My toes curled. My heart pounded in my chest. He pressed it into my cunt and rammed it into my twat.

I whimpered into Daddy's mouth.

He entered me.

He was in me. It was incredible to feel Daddy's dick in me. I slid my legs around his waist. My bedsprings creaked as he drove into me. His balls smacked into my taint. My arms went around his torso, pulling him tight. My breasts rubbed into his strong chest.

Daddy broke the kiss and groaned, “Mercedes. Shit.”

“I know,” I whimpered, trying to keep it down. It was hard with his cock pumping away into my cunt. He slammed his cock hard and deep into me. My clit throbbed, drinking in the pleasure of his cock.

His shaft plundered hard and fast into my cunt. He churned me up. We couldn't take much time. It had to be a fast and hot delight. My body writhed beneath my daddy. My hips wiggled, grinding my clit against his pubic bone. The pleasure flowed through me. This hot rapture surged through my body.

It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. This wonderful pleasure danced through me. I squeezed around his cock. His dick plowed into me. My nipples throbbed. I rubbed my nose against him as he plowed into me hard.

“Oh, Daddy,” I whimpered, fighting against this wonderful delight. “Fuck me, Daddy! Love my pussy!”

“Such a delightful pussy!” he growled.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, squeezing around his dick. The pleasure surged through me. The ecstasy built inside of me. My clit sparked with delight. “You're going to cum in me. You're going to go back to her bed with my pussy cream on your dick and your balls emptied by my hot cunt!”

“Shit, Mercedes!”

He thrust harder. My bedsprings creaked louder. I whimpered, my fingernails clawing his back as the pleasure surged through my body. My cunt gripped him. The silky friction rippled through my body. I gasped and moaned. I bucked into his thrusts. This delicious pleasure surged through my body.

It was amazing. A treat to enjoy. The pleasure hammered through me. This wild delight that swept through my body. I whimpered, squeezing my pussy down on his dick. I couldn't take much more. It was so hot fucking him beneath my mother's nose.

She was taking a shower while daddy fucked me hard. He loved me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed in Daddy's ear, his whiskered cheek rubbing on mine. “Cum in my pussy. I want your jizz leaking out of me all night long. Just pooling in my twat. This is amazing. Fuck me.”

My clit ached and throbbed. The pleasure surged through my body. I whimpered. My nipples rubbed into his chest. My pussy clenched about his dick. It was such a treat. He buried hard. Fast. My orgasm swelled faster and faster.

His dick hammered me. His balls smacked into my taint. That heavy smack of his nuts echoed through my room. I whimpered, my toes curling. He was driving me to that orgasm. I wanted it to last longer, but Mom could finish her shower at any moment.

This was so hot. So naughty. She had no idea I had Daddy's cock in me right now. It was amazing. I humped against him and gasped as my orgasm exploded through me. My pussy convulsed around that thick dick plundering me.


Pleasure rushed through me. Rapture slammed into my mind. Incestuous bliss rushed out of my body. This amazing delight flooded through me. I squealed as the pleasure danced through my body. It was incredible. I bucked and shuddered on the bed. The pleasure burned through my flesh. I whimpered, my cunt writhing around his cock.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned. “Cum in me.”

“Mercedes,” he growled, his arms hugging me to his torso. He pulled me tight as he rammed his dick into me. “Shit!”

His cum erupted into my convulsing pussy. I clamped my jaw shut to keep from howling out in rapture. Waves of explosive rapture slammed into my mind. Stars burst before my eyes. My cunt writhed and spasmed around his dick erupting in me.

I milked him. He grunted, his arms tightening around me. I loved being in his strong embrace. I kissed and sucked at his neck as I whimpered through my orgasm. Stars burst across my eyes. His cum fired into me. A final spurt of jizz that left me dizzy.

“Oh, Daddy, that was amazing,” I moaned. “I want you to stay in here. I don't want you to leave.”

“I can't,” he panted as he relaxed his hold on you. “If your mother finds out, she'll kill me.”

I wanted to tell him that she already knew. I was supposed to tell her all about Daddy and me, but I didn't want her to know. I didn't want to hear about her taking advantage of my older brother. I couldn't believe Doug fucked her and never once hit on me.

I was his hot and sexy sister. He wasn't Daddy, still a boy, but he was cute. If he should be lusting after a family member, it should be me. Not that old hag. I kissed Daddy hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth as I savored him for as long as I could.

Soon, he'd have to leave.


Group Session 1 with Jill and Mercedes Daniels

“See, he loves me,” Mercedes said, tossing her head. Reconciling mother and daughter was not going as well as I'd hoped, but it wasn't surprising. Mercedes was stubborn. “He doesn't need you at all.”

“Oh, honey, I suggested that he have a talk with you,” Jill told her daughter. “His eyes lit up. I gave him an excuse to go have sex with you while letting him know I was about to take a shower. So while he was loving you, your brother was fucking my ass in the shower.”

Mercedes jaw dropped.

“Mmm, thanks for distracting your father for me,” Jill said. “I had a lot of fun. Doug...”


Jill Daniel's Story

My son had this eager look as he slipped into the bathroom. His music played, covering the sounds of his movement. I knew my husband was in there with Mercedes. It was hard to feel jealous of my daughter when I set it up to enjoy Doug's cock. I was addicted to my son. He was my husband but young and virile.

Doug closed the bathroom door, the shower hissing, steam boiling out of it. It spilled around my naked body as he pulled off his shirt and shoved down his shorts. I shuddered at the sight of his young, strong body. Pure lust for my son surged through me.

The same lust my husband felt for our daughter. I bet he saw her as a younger version of me, a chance to relive those heady days when we were young and dumb, youths fucking each other's brains out.

Pussy juices soaked my bush.

“Mmm, we don't have much time,” I said, tossing him a bottle of lube. “Lather up and come enjoy Mommy's asshole.”

Doug grinned at me, his brown eyes gleaming. His young body quivered. Twenty and rock-hard. He had the sides of his head buzzed short, called a fade, and a flattop. His hair was brown like mine, not black like my husband. Other than that, they could be brothers.

I slipped into the shower, my asshole aching. I wanted to do something kinky and wild. I loved anal. My husband and I did it all the time. I wanted to feel how good my son would be fucking my asshole. The shower sprayed on my large tits, massaging my aching nipples. My breasts swayed from side to side, water running down my body.

I savored the warmth raining on my tits as I waited. It soaked me. It rippled down my stomach, and drenched my bush before running over my pussy lips. I watched my son lubing his thick cock. He pumped up and down his hard cock. He coated his cock, making it gleam.

My asshole ached.

He set it down and stepped into the shower. His cock bobbed as he slid the glass door shut. He groaned as I wiggled my ass at him. He grabbed my butt-cheeks, kneading my plump rear. I loved his powerful touch.

“Fuck, Mom, you are so hot,” he groaned.

I smiled. It made me feel so womanly that my son thought I was hot.

His strong hand pried my left butt-cheek apart. He pressed his cock into my crack. I gasped as she slid it down to my asshole. He nudged into my sphincter. My eyes fluttered. I whimpered. My heart pounded fast and hard. His lubed cock pushed against me.

I gasped as my anal ring surrendered to my son. That amazing moment happened. That wonderful sensation when my sphincter parted and allowed his cock to pop in. That first inch always sent a hot shudder through me. My cunt clenched as he slipped deeper and deeper into my bowels.

He slid his left hand up my body to cup my breast. He squeezed it, the water pelting my nipples. I whimpered as more and more of his lubed dick entered me. His bush rubbed into my rump as he bottomed out in me. I shuddered.

“Doug!” I moaned. “Oh, Mommy needs this so much. Fuck Mommy hard.”

“Oh, yes,” he groaned. “I'll pound you. I'll make you cum, Mom.”

“Such a good son! Mommy loves you!”

My bowels squeezed down around his dick plunging into me. I shuddered, both his hands now squeezing my tits. His cock hammered me. His crotch smacked into my rump. He buried into me. He fucked me hard and fast.

It was incredible. That velvety heat melted down to my pussy. My cunt drank it in as my son hammered me with his youthful passion. He cupped my tits. He squeezed my breasts. His fingers dug into my tits. His strong grip held me tight. It was such a wonderful thing to enjoy. Just the best thing in the world.

I gasped as he pinched my nipples. He squeezed my nubs. He twisted them, my bowels clenching down around his cock. I whimpered, my back arching as he drove his cock deep and hard into me. It was an amazing delight to have him plundering me. He fucked me hard and fast. He pounded me.

“Mom!” he groaned. “Damn, your ass is tight.”

“First time?” she asked. “Mmm, those girls don't know what they're missing out on. Anal is amazing. Yes, yes, fuck Mommy's asshole!”

He pounded me hard and fast. He rammed his cock into my sphincter. He buried deep into my flesh. He filled me. It was an incredible delight. An absolute treat for me to enjoy. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

His crotch smacked into me. I gasped, my arms flexing and bending, absorbing the impacts of his balls. The pleasure surged through me. It was a wonderful treat that burned through my body. I gasped, my heart pounding in my chest.

This was amazing. My orgasm built faster and faster. He twisted my nipples. I groaned, my bowels squeezing around his dick. He buried into me. He plowed hard into my depths. The heat built in my cunt. It swelled.

“Mom!” he groaned.

“Are you going to cum in Mommy's asshole?” I whimpered. “Are you going to fill Mommy's asshole with all that yummy cum.”

“Yes!” he groaned.

He plowed deep into me. Hard. He thrust to the hilt in my ass. My eyes fluttered as the heat surged through me. A wild delight rushed through me. An amazing treat to enjoy. A passion that had my heart pounding in my chest.

“Do it!” I moaned. “Thrust your dick into my asshole hard! Make Mommy cum on that big dick!”

He twisted both my nipples, then he did something wonderful. His right hand darted down my belly. His fingers slid with the water running down my body. He plunged through my bush and found my clit. He rubbed my nub.

“Yes, yes, you know how to please a woman!” I howled as my incestuous orgasm exploded through me.

My bowels writhed and spasmed about his cock. This pleasure rushed through me. I groaned, bucking in his embrace. Stars burst before my eyes. This incredible rapture surged through me. It was amazing. A treat for us both to enjoy. I whimpered again and again, loving this delight.

I groaned as he hammered me. My pussy cream mixed with the water spilling down my body. My passion gushed out of me as my son fingered my clit. He buried to the hilt into my asshole. His cock filled my spasming bowels.

“Oh, my god, I love you, Mom!” he groaned as his cum spurted hot into me.

I had that amazing treat. My bowels convulsed around his dick. I milked him. I wrung him dry as he groaned. Our passion echoed over the spray of the shower. My eyes fluttered as his jizz filled me. He pumped me full of all that cum.

“Oh, yes, Doug, honey!” I moaned. “Mommy loves her big, son!”

I bucked a final time, my orgasm peaking. My bowels wrung his dick dry. My back arched, rubbing into his strong chest. He kissed at my neck. I whimpered, shuddering as he loved me. I mewled in delight as my orgasm faded.

“Mmm, that was amazing,” I moaned. “But you need to skedaddle before we get caught.”

“We have to do this again,” he groaned. “It's so hot having sex with you when Dad's in the house.”

“Naughty boy,” I purred and then gasped as he pulled out of me.

His cum leaked out of my asshole. I floated on my bliss as he dried off and dressed. Then he quietly opened the door and slipped out. I smiled and shut off the shower. I dried off and pulled on my robe, belting it about me.

My daughter's door creaked opened. My husband was done with his “talk.”

I shuddered and exited the bathroom. My husband was just slipping into our room and pulling off his t-shirt. I padded down the hall, our son's cum leaking out of my asshole. I shuddered as he turned. He was still a strong man and he had just pleased our daughter.

“Good talk with Mercedes?” I asked as he stripped down to his boxers. I could see the front was slightly wet. She must have soaked him with her cream.

“Yeah,” he said, his face flushed. “Great talk.”

I bet it was.

He stretched out on the bed and, feeling randy, I knelt down by his legs him. I tugged down on his boxers. “Good, you deserve a reward for being such a good father.”

The panic on his face was priceless as I exposed his dick. I could smell my daughter's pussy juices on him. I'd had sex with Dr. Elliston, eaten her pussy, grown to like the taste of cunt. This incestuous rush shot through me. Mercedes smelled tart.

“I haven't washed it,” my husband said in a panic. He knew I would taste our daughter on him.

I engulfed his cock into my mouth. He was soft, but I would get him hard again. I sucked, loving the taste of our daughter. This kinky rush shot through me. My cheeks hollowed as I cleaned off our daughter's incestuous cream from his shaft.

“Fuck,” groaned my husband, relaxing.

I was such a wicked wife and mother.

His dick swelled harder and harder in my mouth as I sucked him hard. Our son's cum leaked out of my asshole beneath the bathrobe. My tits swayed, my aching nipples rubbing into the fabric. I shuddered, my passions going wild.

I'd loved one member of my family, and now another. My son and now my husband. My heart thundered in my chest. I wanted to make him cum as hard as our daughter had. I wanted him to make me cum as hard as our son had.

We made our children. It was so hot that we were enjoying them. Loving them.

“Jill,” Martin groaned, his chest rising. On his shoulder, I could see his army tattoo, his unit insignia. He was such a strong man. I remembered when he was in the uniform at twenty. How sexy he'd looked then...

I sucked harder.

“Damn, Jill,” he panted, his chest rising and falling. “What has gotten into you lately?”

I popped my mouth off. “Therapy. It's making me want even more sex. To love my family.”

“Shit,” he groaned as I pumped his cock up and down his dick. “I guess I shouldn't be complaining.”

I rose and opened my robe, my large breasts coming into view along with my wet bush. He couldn't see my ass and the cum leaking out of me. Our son's cum. This wicked thrill shot through me as I cupped my breasts.

His eyes fell on them. I could see the lust in them. “Mmm, are my tits still beautiful?”

“Yeah,” he groaned.

“I know they're not as perky as our daughter's. They're not as firm as they used to be, but...”

He swallowed. Then his hands cupped them. Squeezed them. “They're still great, Jill.”

I smiled as he fondled them. I shifted forward, straddling him. I grabbed his cock and guided it up between my thighs. I pressed the tip into my bush. I rubbed it back and forth. His grip tightened on my tits.

“You're not just saying that, right?” I asked, my voice smoldering. “You still like the feel of my tits? Of my pussy?”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Jill, you're still gorgeous.”

“As hot as our daughter?” I asked him. “Mmm, it's okay to look at her. She's growing into such a minx. Just like I was at her age, right?”

“Yeah,” he panted. “She's beautiful, but... You're my wife. I love your tits. Your body.”

“My pussy?” I engulfed an inch of his cock. It had just been in my daughter's cunt. This wild rush surged through me.

“Yes,” he groaned.v

I slid my pussy down his cock, enjoying the shaft that my daughter just had. My asshole clenched, forcing out more of our son's cum. I felt it trickling down to my taint as I bottomed out on my husband's cock.

He groaned, his chest rising and falling. His hands kneaded my tits as I took every inch of his wonderful cock. I loved this dick. It was familiar. Together, we'd made our children. I licked my lips, smiling at that thought. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest.

“Mmm, you like the feel of my pussy wrapped around your dick, don't you?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned, his chest rising and falling. “Shit, Jill, you feel great.”

“Mmm, it's going to get better,” I purred and slid up his dick.

He groaned while I whimpered. His cock stimulated my pussy. I was still buzzing from having sex with our son. We had such a naughty family. I stroked his chest, massaging him as I slammed down his cock. I took him to the hilt. My breasts jiggled and bounced in his grip.

He massaged my tits as I worked my pussy up and down his cock, enjoying the shaft my daughter just had. It was an incredible treat. A wicked passion that sent rapture shooting through me. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. A hot rapture burned through me.

“Jill!” he groaned. “Fuck, Jill.”

“Mmm, yes, yes!” I purred. “Fuck indeed. You love my pussy wrapped around your cock, don't you?”

“Uh-huh,” he panted. “Shit, work that pussy. Slide it up and down my dick. Ride me.”

“You're going to cum in me?” I moaned. “You're going to fire all that jizz in me. Maybe you'll start a new baby in me.” Maybe Doug will.

“Fuck,” he groaned, his fingers squeezing into my tits. “You're not... taking your pill?”

“No,” I moaned. I'd stopped after “picking” blackberries with Doug. “I want one more baby!”

I worked my pussy up and down his dick. I slid fast and hard. My cunt gripped him. This heat rippled through my body. I groaned, my tits heaving. His hand kneaded them. He teased me. This pleasure surged through me. I whimpered, my cunt clenching about him. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring his cock through my twat.

My pussy gripped him. My orgasm built faster and faster as I rode him. This wonderful bliss shot through me. It would be such an amazing orgasm. I would explode so hard on my husband's cock. I would milk him.

Just like my daughter had.

That thought swelled my orgasm faster.

“Damn, Jill,” my husband panted. “You are wild tonight.”

“Just want you to know how amazing I am,” I moaned. “How much I love you. Your cock. Oh, yes, yes!”

More and more of our son's cum leaked out of me. I felt it dribbling down to my bush. It was so wicked. I rode him faster, my fingernails scratching at his chest. His hands squeezed my tits hard. His face twisted in rapture.

I knew it wouldn't be long before he was cumming in me. Spurting all that wonderful spunk into my depths. I quivered, my heart pounding in my chest. My pleasure built and built. I screamed towards my orgasm.

“Oh, yes, yes, I'm going to cum so hard on your dick!” I moaned. “I'm going to explode on it. Isn't that hot?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned. His fingers found my nipples, twisting them.

“Oh, that's it,” I panted. “Mmm, yes, yes!” My cunt clamped down on his dick as I impaled myself all the way down his cock.

My clit ground into his hips and pubic bone.

Sparks flared through me. I gasped as my orgasm burst inside of me. My cunt convulsed around my husband's dick. A rush of bliss shot through me. I loved the incestuous delight that rushed through me. He groaned as my pussy writhed about his dick.


“Cum in me!” I howled, the pleasure drowning my mind. It was as good as with my son. “Flood me, Martin!”

He pinched both my nipples hard. He growled and then thrust his hips upward. He bounced me on his dick, my convulsing twat sliding up his dick and then slamming back down him. I gasped as another orgasm exploded through me.

He erupted.

My husband's spunk fired hot and thick into me. He filled me to the brim. I groaned as the rush of bliss shot through me. I collapsed forward on him, kissing him hard, my robe swaying and rustling about me. He held me as I savored his jizz pumping into me.

I loved my husband. Our children. I wanted us to be a happy family. I hoped Dr. Elliston's plan worked. We had our first joint session tomorrow, and Mercedes seemed to hate me even more since she'd seduced Martin.

I broke the kiss and moaned, “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” he panted, his hands squeezing my ass through my robe.


Group Session 1 with Jill and Mercedes Daniels

“You blew him after he made love to me?” Mercedes spluttered at her mother, her tits jiggling. “And then you fucked him? That's... You...” She shook her head. “Doesn't change anything. He still loves only me. He just did that to keep our secret. He fucked you and said he loved you because he doesn't have a choice.”

“Doesn't he?” asked Jill. “He enjoyed me last night. He wasn't faking it. And...” She spread her thighs apart and revealed why she kept them so tight. The base of a florescent-green dildo thrust out of her cunt. She grabbed it and drew it out. Her pussy cream glinted on it along with streaks of pearly spunk. It popped out of her. More cum leaked out of her, staining her brown bush.

Her daughter stared at the dildo. “Whose cum is that? Doug's? Did you fuck him before coming here?”

“Your daddy's,” Jill purred. “Right before I came here, we made love.”

“But he's at work,” Mercedes protested.

“I called him, told him I needed my husband in me, and he came over on his lunch break. He was eager for it.” Jill shuddered. “He fingered my asshole as he made love to me. It was beautiful. I clutched him tight. I came as hard on his cock as I do on your brother's.”

I grabbed the dildo from Jill. I moved to Mercedes, holding it up before her. “Look at that. That's your parents' love mixed together there. Their sexual fluids. They made you together, and they both love you.”

Mercedes's nostrils flared as she inhaled. Her nose piercing twitched.

“Mmm, that's good, right?” I asked. “Your mother's cream and your daddy's spunk. They love you both. One of them has had sex with you, and the other one wants you.”

Mercedes shivered.

I pressed the dildo closer to Mercedes's lips. “Go on, lick it up. Taste the flavor of your daddy's cum mixed with your mother's cream.”

The girl whimpered.

“You can share your father with your mother,” I whispered into her ear. “You can love him together. You don't have to fight with your mother. You can regain that relationship you used to have. Only it'll be naughtier now. You can eat her pussy like you ate mine. And hers is full of your daddy's cum.”

I licked her earlobe, my breasts pressing into her arm.

“Doesn't that sound perfect. You can share your daddy. Your brother. You can love each other as a family and be happy. Doesn't that sound better than expending all that effort on hating your mother? Arguing with her. Imagine instead of all those negative emotions, the pair of you simply ate each other out. That you share naughty, incestuous orgasms. All you have to do is surrender to your desires.

“Take a lick.”

Mercedes squeezed her eyes shut. Then she darted her head down. She licked at the dildo. Her tongue lapped at the shaft. She licked up her mother's cream and her father's jizz. This rush shot through me. My cunt squeezed tight. My nipples ached. I wished my brother and sister were here to see this.

Clint and Melody would love this.

“Now go love your mother,” I purred, slipping the dildo into Mercedes's hand. “Do it.”

Mercedes moaned and darted forward. She surrendered to her incestuous love. She gave up her hate and did something far, far more productive. She fell to her knees before her mother and buried her face into that cum-matted bush.

Jill gasped in delight, her breasts heaving as her daughter feasted with noisy passion. The sexy MILF ground her pussy on her daughter's hungry mouth. I smiled, my pussy on fire as I witnessed their incestuous passion.

“That's it,” I moaned as I watched them. “Love your mother.”

I drifted to my desk as they indulged in their passion. It was just a delight to witness. I walked around my desk and smiled at my wedding picture. I looked so beautiful in my white dress beside Clint in his tux. You'd never know we were brother and sister. My mother was Japanese, and I inherited much of her looks. Her pale-olive skin, her delicate cheekbones, her epicanthic folds giving me slanted eyes, and her sleek-black hair.

There were other photos taken that day of Melody. California didn't allow bigamy, yet, and so I was the one who legally married Clint. Though Melody was officially his first cousin, and she could legally marry him in this state, she told Clint it should be me.

Of course, spiritually, she married him that day, too. And me. She wore her own matching dress and we stood together before Kimiko Mihara who performed the ceremony, invoking the blessing of the more permissive Shinto spirits upon us.

I opened my desk drawer and pulled out the double-headed dildo I kept in here. Melody had given it to me, saying, “I tested this out with Zoey, and it's amazing. Your clients are going to love it. Good luck with your practice.”

The double-headed dildo was long and pink, looking like it was made out of jell. Both ends were shaped like realistic dicks, nice and thick. It had a partition in the center. It was almost like a strap-on dildo without the harness. The partition would rub into my pussy lips and clit, massaging me as I fucked my partner.

Or when she fucked me.

Melody and I broke it in upon my cuddle bed in my office with it while Clint jerked off on us. Our brother coated us in cum before he fucked us both. It was a wonderful afternoon. Six months later, and my practice was going great.

I shuddered as I inserted the dildo into my pussy, my cunt clenching about the thickness filling me up. I whimpered as it stretched out my juicy twat. I wanted to share in their lesbian incest. I wanted to revel with mother and daughter as they loved each other.

Jill gripped her daughter's black hair, pulling hard, pressing her daughter tight into her cunt.

“Mmm, how is she?” I asked when I sauntered back to them, my dildo swaying before me, my twat gripping the other end. It felt delicious in me, naughty delight rippling out of my snatch. It massaged my pussy walls, teasing me. It was an amazing treat that would have me cumming.

“She's devouring all of her father's cum out of me,” the MILF moaned. Her large tits jiggled. “Ooh, she's got her tongue so deep in me. She's loving me.”

“And you, Mercedes?” I asked as I fell to my knees behind the girl. The dildo smacked into her rump. I shuddered as it shifted in me. “How is eating out your mother.”

Mercedes moaned. She turned her head, looking at me over her shoulder. “She tastes great. Especially with Daddy's cum in her depths.”

“Mmm, it is a treat, isn't it,” I purred. “I love eating my brother's cum out of a woman's pussy. Especially one of my sister's. It's the ultimate incest, isn't it?”

“Yes!” she moaned and turned her head. The naughty, eighteen-year-old girl returned to licking her mother's pussy.

I made this happen. It was delicious to witness. I slid the tip of my dildo across Mercedes's rump, moving it lower and lower. It slid down her crack, not penetrating it, but just following it lower and lower until I was at her taint.

Her pussy.

My cunt drank in the shifting dildo inside of me, the partition rubbing on my labia and clit. I shuddered as I slammed into Mercedes's. She moaned into her mother's cunt. I spanked into her rump. I slammed hard into her. I buried to the hilt in her twat.

The pleasure rippled through her body. My cunt squeezed around it as I fucked her. I slid my hands up her body. I squeezed Mercedes firm, round, young tits. I pressed my breasts into her back. I kneaded her nipples. I pinched them. I slammed deep and hard into her.

“Eat your mother's cunt,” I moaned. “Love her! Show her how much you love her. Revel in it.”

“Yes, yes, love Mommy's pussy!” Jill's face twisted. Her large, soft tits jiggled as she shuddered. They smacked together. “Mmm, you're going to make Mommy cum so hard! Yes, you are!”

“Good!” I panted. “Make her cum. She birthed you. Raised you. Loved you. Repay her. Give her an amazing orgasm.”

Mercedes moaned into her mother's twat.

I buried hard into her. I fucked her with all the passion I could muster. I twisted hard on her nubs. I squeezed and nibbled on her neck. My nipples rubbed into her back as I pounded her with the strapless dildo, the partition massaging my clit. Sparks flared.

It was wonderful. I shared in their incestuous passion. I hammered Mercedes's cunt, my pussy heating up with passion. Jill moaned, her body shaking as she ground on her daughter's mouth, coming closer and closer to her incestuous reward.

“Make your mother cum,” I moaned, my heart celebrating in joy. “I want her to drown you in her cream. You'll love it. Love her.”

“Yes, yes, Mommy loves your tongue whipping through her folds,” panted Jill. Her tits heaved and bounced. They swayed together. “Ooh, suck on Mommy's clit. You're such a wonderful daughter! Mommy loves you!”

This hot ripple surged through me, a preview of my orgasm to come. It was so hot hearing them share their incestuous passion. My cunt clenched down on the dildo, my climax swelling as I fucked Mercedes. I tweaked and twisted her nipple.

Jill gasped. The MILF shuddered. Her breasts bounced and swayed together. Her face contorted with rapture as she squealed out in orgasmic passion. I loved the sound of their love echoing through the room. It was incredible. It made my cunt burn.

“Mommy's cumming!” she moaned, singing out her rapture. “Oh, yes, yes, you made Mommy cum! You're amazing!”

I buried my dildo into the girl's twat. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her cunt as she feasted on her mother's passion. Mercedes whimpered and trembled, loving her mother's pussy. I held her tight, breathing in her mother's tart musk.

“Yes, yes, you're doing so good,” I moaned. “Now it's your turn to cum, Mercedes.”

“Oh, yes, honey,” Jill moaned. She stepped back, pulling her twat from her daughter's face. Then she fell to her knees and cupped Mercedes's face. “Mommy wants you to cum on Dr. Elliston's dildo.”

I groaned as mother kissed daughter. Their lips melted together. I slammed hard into the daughter's cunt, my clit sparking. Mercedes whimpered into her mother's kiss. Then her body trembled. Her back arched into my breasts.

I knew she was cumming on my dildo.

Mother and daughter shared their newfound incestuous love. Their tongues dueled. Mercedes squealed and I wondered what her mother's fingers were doing. Was Jill fingering her daughter's clit, massaging it and giving the girl more bliss?

I hoped so.

“Yes, yes, this is what you need!” I moaned, burying hard into Mercedes's cunt. My clit sparked against the double-headed dildo's partition.

I joined their celebration of love.

My pussy convulsed around my end of the dildo. My flesh writhed around it. Juices gushed out, soaking my thighs. The scent of my passion filled my mouth. This wonderful bliss flooded through my body.

This celebration of sharing incestuous passion with a mother and daughter. I whimpered, little fireworks detonating before me. My mind drank in the ripples of rapture. I hugged Mercedes tight as we both trembled through our orgasm.

I hit that wonderful peak of rapture. I floated there, sharing in their passion. Then I descended into buzzing bliss.

“Mmm, Dr. Elliston, you have worked some naughty magic on our family,” Jill said.

“Uh-huh,” panted Mercedes. “I guess... I guess I was being childish. This was a lot more fun than fighting.”

“Yeah,” Jill said.

“So, I'm going to get a tongue piercing. Imagine that licking through your pussy, Mom.”

Jill shuddered. “I guess I could be persuaded to even pay for that. I'm sure your daddy will enjoy it, too.”

“Mmm, yes, I bet he would,” I said. “Now it's time to make your family whole. Your father and brother need to know about it. They have to enjoy you all. Together.”

“As a family,” purred Jill.

“Here's what I want you two to do,” I said, eager for our next group session. If I was right, it would be the final one.

To be continued...


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The hope the daughter seduces the brother before this is all over. Excellent story.

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