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He was lying behind me, holding me close with a hand over one tit while his erection did its work. Just as I was about to roll over he started huffing and humping against my ass as he came. No sooner did his cock quit spitting when he got off my bed and hurried from the room. I flipped over to see who it was but it was too dark, I saw only a pale shadow barely visible in the night. I had just gotten screwed in my sleep and didn't know which of them did it.
We are a family of three, two boys and me, the girl in the middle.

We were on vacation with our parents to some far away, solitary resort in Canada. Our mom and dad were hiking and biking nuts and thought that being close to nature was the best thing in the world. Of course, they thought we kids would be as enthusiastic as they but I hated it. My brothers hated it, we all agreed that being 80 miles from a cell tower sucked, that our parents were medieval oppressors for sticking us in the vast reaches of nowhere with no hope of contact with our friends or the internet. Sure, the camp had a phone, but it was a land line and not for casual public use. Not only were we a zillion miles from a normal existence, my brothers were assholes and me being in the vicious grip of puberty I hated even the sight of them. To say any of us three was having fun would be a lie that would send us all straight to Hell.

The third morning dawned bright, clear and blue so my parents bounded out of bed, fixed breakfast then grabbed their mountain bikes and left, bubbling cheerfully about the coming ride. Slowly my brothers and I slipped into the day with a lot less optimism. We snarled and scowled at each other for a couple of hours then my younger brother Sam made a discovery. He was rummaging around in a pantry at the back of the little cabin and found a fifth of Canadian Crown Royal whiskey. I immediately claimed the purple velvet bag the bottle came in while big brother Clark fretted about the whiskey. He wanted to taste it. He and Sam fondled the crown shaped bottle while arguing whether or not they should sample the goods. We knew our parents hadn't brought the whiskey so we were sure they didn’t know about it and wouldn’t miss it if we drank some. Being almost a real adult, Clark decided he could try it but me and Sam couldn't, we were 'too young'. Because he found it Sam got pissed and tried to take the bottle back from Clark so in about two seconds they were beating on each other, something I was used to watching because those two fought a lot. Clark was bigger and stronger but Sam had him in a wrestler hold and was punching him on the back of the head when I grabbed the bottle and ran outside with it. Sam yelled at me to stop, Clark threw a 'fucking little cunt' my way but I had the prize and I was going to keep it. My brothers were too slow to get up so by the time they got outside I was gone. The Crown Royal was mine.

I hid my bounty under a rotten mossy log in what must have been an old badger hole then crept through the bushes to the lake shore where my brothers found me. When they saw I didn't have the whiskey they threatened me with violence, promised me rewards and begged my understanding. Nothing worked. I kept my secret and wouldn’t tell them what I would trade for it because I didn’t know yet. I knew I had something they wanted so it was worth keeping until I got an offer I liked. We spent the rest of the day at a high level of sibling hostility.

The next day our parents took off again but they planned on tenting in the mountains. The resort owner agreed to keep an eye on the three of us so mom and dad left for a three day/two-night trek. We kids were ecstatic! As we watched our parents bicycle away Sam commented “Three days. That old fart over there can't watch us 24/7, this is going to be fun!” But, over breakfast we decided that being without adult chaperons for three days wouldn't be any different than with them. There was still nothing to do except swim, canoe, fish or hike. We were three restless teenagers bonded by isolation and boredom.

It was just after noon and we were sitting by the lake throwing rocks at little fish when Clark asked me for the whiskey. “If you get it, I'll let you and Sam try it too” he conceded.

That may have been the best offer I would ever get for the bottle so I answered “Okay, I'll be right back.”

“No, I'll go with you.”

His reply made me suspicious “Why, you want to steal it?”

“No dummy, if you bring it here the old man might see us with it.”

Sam spoke up “I'm coming too.”

I led my brotherly entourage to the rotted log, retrieved the whiskey then handed it to Clark. He and Sam examined it carefully for a few seconds then Clark made a big deal out of breaking the seal with his thumbnail then twisted off the cap. He put the open bottle to his nose and inhaled deeply; his eyes watered and he almost sneezed when the overload of alcohol fumes assailed his nostrils. Sam and I were watching intently and both of us tittered nervously when Clark recoiled.

My older brother carefully lifted the neck of the bottle to his lips and sipped a taste of the rich golden fluid. He eyes watered again and his mouth gaped open as he took a deep breath. His reaction to the first taste piqued my curiosity “What's it like?”

He looked at me “Like something on fire.” He handed the bottle to Sam who didn't hesitate to take a deep swallow. Immediately he put his free hand on his throat and started coughing. He too was tearing up and wheezing when he passed the bottle to me. The way my brothers reacted to their first taste of the drink made me cautious. I wanted to try it but didn't want to hurt myself so I put the tip of my tongue in the hole of the neck and tilted the bottle until the fluid splashed on my tongue. My tongue tingled and my mouth watered but it wasn't as harsh as I was expecting. That first taste caused me to shiver but once that was done I pulled a sip from the bottle. The whiskey sloshed into my mouth then I swallowed. I handed the Crown Royal back to Clark as I tried to breathe cool air to cool my throat. As my brothers and I paused to catch our breath Sam asked “Awesome, do you think that is enough to get us drunk?”

Clark lifted the bottle to the sky and gauged the level of the liquid which really hadn't gone down at all “I think so, mom and dad get happy on a lot less than this at home.” He took another pull off the bottle with more confidence, more determination. Sam hit it next then handed it to me and I took another shot. This time it wasn't near as rough and the taste lingered pleasantly. In the next few minutes Clark, Sam and I took two more sips of whiskey. Just as I realized my head was losing gravity we heard the camp owner calling. Sam capped the bottle and shoved it back into the badger hole and we went to reveal ourselves to old guy so he wouldn't come looking for us.

After the lodge owner was satisfied we were safe and nearby he started working on a boat motor. I felt kind of happy, I wasn't as edgy as normal, my brothers were almost fun to hang with. We decided to go swimming so we scampered back to our cabin to change to swim suits then ran full tilt to the lake. I jumped off the bank into deep water and as I plunged to the lake bed the top of my two-piece ripped off and ended up around my neck, my tits were on full display when I popped up for air. I floundered as I struggled to pull my top down because I was trying to stay afloat and pull the halter into place at the same time. Clark and Sam were standing on the bank watching and as soon as they saw my breasts they both started to cheer and hoot. It was Clark who said “Hey little sister, you don't look so little anymore!” It took me maybe 10 seconds to decide to hell with it and back stroked out of deep water with my breasts bobbing in plain view. The water was waist deep when I stood and pulled my top back into place then gave my grinning brothers the finger.

I was in the painful throes of puberty, my boobs were not real big but were still growing, I could tell by the constant ache and bigger bras every few months. I was a little over 5'6”, my hips were rounding, my ass reforming from little girl to young woman. My vagina used to be a flat little fissure but had transformed, the outer lips were puffy and soft, I could see the inner labia that protected the hole in me. I had grown a garden of soft golden pubic hair. I liked looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out which part of me boys liked better. I was getting used to being hit on at school, I liked the attention, it was fun, it was scary, it was secretly thrilling. Not only were the thoughts thrilling, I learned quickly that my own hands could provide a few thrills too, the inner lips of my pussy couldn't protect me from my own fingers. The only thing I didn't like about my body were some scars across my stomach from an accident years earlier. As I waded out of the water Sam was looking at my covered tits like he'd never seen them before. He tore his gaze from my breasts to my eyes “Your tits look a whole lot better than your face.”

“Fuck you” I fired back; jibes and insults traded, my brothers and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water.

After a picnic dinner with Albert the old babysitter, we retreated from the mosquitoes to the cabin. On the way Sam grabbed our treasure from under the log then we settled down for the evening. Since we didn't have internet or TV, we had to come up with something to do so we pulled out a Yahtzee game. As we tossed the dice and added numbers, the bottle of Crown Royal was being passed from player to player. It wasn't more than a half hour or so when we were all yakking, arguing, teasing and demanding another sip from the bottle. The game was quickly reduced to a comedy skit as we stared at the jumpy black dots and tried to add them up.

Sam got up and announced boldly “I gotta piss, I'll be right back” and headed for the door.

Clark joined him with “Me too,” he cautioned me, “don't cheat, I know what the scores are.”

As I watched my brothers go outside an unbidden alcohol induced thought popped into my mind so I got off the floor and followed them. Sam was standing against a large tree and Clark stood on the other side of it, both had pulled out their dicks and were peeing. I came up close to Clark and peeked around his body at what he was holding. It was dark but I could make out the outline of his pale skinned penis as he watered the tree. He looked up at me “What the fuck? Get out of here!” I didn't move, I was fascinated by what I saw, his limp dick was bigger than the hand that held it. I'd never seen a boy's thing before and I was surprised it was so long. Clark stopped peeing, shook it then tucked it back into his pants. While he was pulling his zipper up I focused on the other brother. Sam had seen me checking out Clark so he wasn't startled. When he was done he turned to me, held it up and asked “Is this what you want to see?” His wasn't as large as Clark's but I figured that was because he wasn't as old, maybe he was still growing too. Without a word I turned and went back into the cabin. My brothers followed me in and we all took another shot of Crown Royal. The evening was still young.

About ten minutes later it was my turn to empty my bladder. I'm more civilized than my boorish kin so I made my announcement then went to the toilet. As I was dropping my jeans the door opened and both boys were standing there, “You looked at us, now we're going to watch you” announced Clark.

“Get out of here!”

He grinned “No, do it, you saw us now we want to see.”

“Damn it, it was dark, I didn't see anything” I grumbled.

Clark again answered “Well, I can fix that.” He unzipped his pants, opened the button then pulled them down to his thighs. In seconds I had a full-frontal view of the older brother's genitals. He was big, hairy and the sight of him shot a shiver of electricity from between my legs to my tits. Not to be ignored, Sam loosened his pants and lowered them too. My younger brother's nuts and prick looked different but were just as riveting as Clark's. As I stared at the duo I dropped my panties and sat on the stool. While I was splashing into the bowl I watched both cocks begin to get longer, fatter and lift from hanging to pointing at me. I sat transfixed as they turned from boys to men; I couldn't believe that just watching me piss could cause such a reaction. When I was done I stood to pull up my clothes but Sam interrupted me “Take them off, we'll take ours off then we can finish the game that way." My mind was buzzing from the alcohol, my thoughts befuddled, but I felt brash and daring so I kicked the pants off my ankles then sedately sashayed past them back to the game board, followed by the first two erections I had ever seen. Knowing I had caused them set off a flurry of flutters in my stomach.

Our concentration on the game was shattered. I could only focus on the two hard cocks that stood like statues from the boys who sat cross legged on the floor by the game board. Neither of them is circumcised but because they were hard the foreskins were pulled back, revealing the end of their tall standing pricks. Clark's looked like a mushroom on a long stem, thick and round with a noticeable rim where the cap curved under to the shaft of his erection. There were blood veins bulging on both sides of his prick. Sam's knob was longer, more arrow shaped and his erection was curved like a banana, a thin banana. Both were twitching and moving like predators peering from shadows, the cyclops eye in the head watching for prey. I knew I had caused the erections and I was enjoying the realization that I had the power as a female to create such monuments, but I knew with certainty that both were too big to fit in my small hole. I couldn’t decide if they were deformed or if my own body hadn't matured enough for something like them.

My brothers and I tried to finish the game but our minds were elsewhere. Sam handed me the bottle and I noticed that the whiskey was about a quarter gone. I was used to it by then so I took a big swig and passed it back. After he put the Crown Royal on the floor next to him Clark asked “Are we ready to get totally naked? We can go skinny dipping, the old man is probably in the lodge now, he won't see.”

I was ready. My brothers had seen my tits earlier and now I was bare from the waist down so being overall naked wasn't going to embarrass me; in fact, the way I was feeling, nothing would embarrass me. I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it off, quickly followed by the bra. I posed boldly, purposely, for the two; hands on my hips, feet spread. I rocked my hips then teased “Check it out guys” and felt another surge of gratifying tummy shivers as they gawked and stripped. The heat of Clark’s stare at the top of my legs warmed my blood. Sam bolted for the door and in moments the three of us were in the water again.

We splashed and frolicked under the moon for 15 minutes, at first my brothers had stiff pricks but they slowly drowned in the lake. As we slapped water at each other I asked Clark “Are we drunk?”

He replied “I think so, how do you feel?”

That made me think. I was aware that enough to know that drinking the whiskey had given me a 'to hell with everything' attitude, that I was doing things that would normally mortify me but I answered him “I think my head is numb but I'm having fun.”

“You're a blonde, your head is always numb.”

I responded to the stereotype tease; my hand thudded solidly when I backhanded his bare chest. “Fuck you.”

“You wish.”

I was the first to get out, I was getting cold, my nipples were puckered and hard, I had goosebumps on my arms and legs. I rushed to the cabin for a towel to wrap around me then took some to my brothers. We went back to the cabin where I sat in an easy chair while they dried off. It was interesting watching them wipe the water off their nude bodies; another tickle bubbled through me. I sat up and said to Clark “Let me dry your prick.” He looked at me surprised but after a moment’s hesitation, tossed me the towel. I stood in front of him and reached for his parts. I'd never touched one before but I held Clark's limp cock and patted it dry while Sam stopped moving to watch. As I fondled my brother, his penis began to grow again, quickly turning into a full-scale hard-on. Again pleased with my power I reached between his legs and patted his balls dry too. I looked up into Clark's eyes and squeezed his stiffness then stroked it with my fingers, he almost crumpled to the floor. Sam stepped closer so I turned and gave him the same care I gave our older brother. As he grew long and hard in my grip my heart beat a little quicker, my pussy got pleasantly warm. I stopped ministering to my brothers and after draping the towel over Sam's hard-on went back to the easy chair. Clark stepped in front of me with his erection pointed at me, pulled my towel open then pushed me back so I was lying with my ass on the edge of the cushion. I looked up at him as he put his hands on my knees and pushed them apart.

No girl in high school hasn’t some knowledge or education about sex. Most of it comes from friends, movies, the street or gossip. but we all know something about the who, what, where and why of the facts of life. I wasn't completely naive about boys and girls so when my brother pushed my legs apart I knew instantly what his intentions were. An electrical shock of anticipation buzzed through me and even though I felt my entire body flush warm I cried out “Stop it!” I lifted my legs and tried to close them but he was already between my thighs, I saw a bead of clear fluid glistening from the hole in his erection. I swore “Goddamn it you stupid fucker, stop it!” He put his hands under my knees and lifted them, pulling my body higher and closer so he could stick his cock in me. I rocked my hips trying to get free but he just held tighter and pressed the end of his hard-on against my pussy. I cursed him to Hell and tried to wriggle away but that was more of a formality to protect my honor; the touch of his cock on the sensitive skin of my vagina shot feathery shivers directly to my belly where they echoed sensuously. I sensed that if I balked much more he would move away so even though he was my brother, my alcohol-soaked mind encouraged me to stop resisting.

When I was nine a tree fell on me and I spent a long time in the hospital with broken bones and internal injuries. One of three surgeries was through my vagina so my maidenhead was long ago destroyed. When Clark pushed his cock through the snug entrance of my virginity there was no tearing, no ripping, no real pain. He pushed in until his nuts crushed against my ass then stopped moving and looked down on me. He pried my legs wider apart with his hands then pulled part way out then pushed back in, I feigned another halfhearted protest as my drunk brother started screwing me, his drunk sister.

At first there was friction, a little discomfort as he stroked in and out but our bodies began to seep more slick fluids and in a minute his cock felt a lot better as it slipped easily in me. I was mildly irritated that he didn’t really seduce me but the longer we screwed, the better it felt; the whiskey quickly mellowed my feeble annoyance. Just when I began to like what was going on between my legs Clark jammed into me until our pelvises banged together then he turned red and started gasping, I could feel his cock thumping and knew what was going on, I felt my pussy get warmer and wetter as he groaned. I'd once heard my dad describe someone as a 'fucking drunk', my inebriated mind giggled, did I just learn what he meant?

Clark pulled back, his still hard prick plopped out of my body. Sam, who had been standing by immediately stepped between my legs and also with no form of introduction or social pleasantries shoved his hard-on into me. I was overflowing and slippery so my younger brother had no problem entering me. Just moments after the first brother loaded me up, the second was fucking me. I let my head fall back to the chair and spread my legs wider.

As the fifteen-year-old screwed me I felt my body reacting to him. Unbidden, my hips started to roll, to rise up and meet his thrusts, my pussy was starting to tingle, my body was getting hot. It took maybe five minutes for Sam to explode into a girl for the first time in his life and just like Clark, he turned red, clenched his teeth and groaned as he emptied his balls. I was beginning to enjoy what was happening so when Sam pulled back and collapsed to the floor, I felt quick surge of disappointment that it was over so soon. I looked at my siblings and asked “Is that it?”

Clark smiled with lots of teeth and asked as he grabbed his still stiff cock and waved it at me, “You want more?”

I used the towel under my butt to wipe the mess off my pussy then nodded my permission. He came back between my legs, pushed in effortlessly and started fucking me again. Clark and I stayed connected at the groins for maybe 10 minutes and the entire time my sexual awareness was coming alive. My tits were sliding up and down on my chest as he slammed against me, I could feel his balls bumping against my butt cheeks, I put my hands up and rubbed his chest and stomach which seemed to get him hotter. By the time he spurted in me again I was rocking with him, my body eagerly savoring his erection. When he moved away I noticed Sam jerking on his refreshed boner so I motioned to him and invited him back. When he got into position I grabbed the second brother's ass cheeks and in one swift motion pulled him down and in. Sam started hunching his back, slower this time, taking more time which pleased me greatly. As Sam screwed me I watched Clark’s tight ass when he wandered to the bathroom then I heard the shower, I knew he was done for the night.

Sam pummeled me with enthusiasm for a few minutes then it wasn't fun anymore, I wanted to get off my back, out of the chair. I grabbed him by the waist and urged him “Do it Sam.” He needed no more encouragement and started huffing deep breaths as I felt a prick gush semen for the fourth time in less than 30 minutes.

When he was done jerking he stepped away and I stood, put the towel between my legs so I wouldn't drip then went to take a shower too, Clark was done and I needed to clean up. When I came out both my brothers were in bed. I went to my room still feeling woozy from the whiskey but I couldn't sleep right away, I was reliving the last hour, from the time I watched them pee to the four times I got fucked. Lying in the silence of the night I could hear my brothers comparing notes about screwing me. It was obvious from the conversation they liked what we did and were already planning a second go. I grinned to myself thinking about how our parents would react if they could hear what the boys were saying. Eventually I fell into a well earned sleep.

The next morning, I inspected myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked at my nude reflection carefully but I didn't look different, I didn't feel different, not even between the legs. My head hurt and I expected to be sore down there but I wasn't. I remembered how easily my brothers' big round erections went in but when I spread the lips of my pussy to inspect myself, the hole wasn't any bigger than before. I was mildly awed to discover I stretched so far when they penetrated me and then in the morning everything was normal.

We were sober and all three of us acted embarrassed to see the others. Without the Crown Royal to influence my mind I was having a hard time believing we actually did what we did. I sensed my brothers were uncomfortable around me and nobody wanted to talk about the night before. Our parents weren’t due back until the next day so we were locked into another 24 hours or so with just each other and didn't know how to act.

After breakfast we decided to take the canoe and explore the lake shore, I was in the middle, my brothers on each end of the little boat. They were paddling which gave me time to take pictures of the scenery and think. And think I did; about the night before. I was two weeks shy of seventeen and just gave up my virginity. Mostly what I thought wasn't about forfeiting my innocence, but more about who I gave it to. The longer it played in my mind the less disquieting the night became and I began to feel a low-level tingle in my chest knowing I took them both. In a few short minutes they had ruined my virtue but just to make sure it stayed ruined, we fucked again; I wasn't really sure but I think I asked for second time. I played that over and over as we sliced through the water, I did it four times and I had to admit, liked it. As I sat thinking my loins trembled, my pulsed increased slightly, I grew agitated and my nipples hardened. A sensual warmth washed through me and I knew I could let them again.

I turned around to face Clark “Did you bring it?”

He looked blank for a moment then realized what I was asking “No, I stashed it in the cabin.”

“Too bad,” I looked directly into his appealing gray eyes, inviting him, “it would be fun out here on the water.”

He understood the double entendre so Clark spoke over my head “Hey Sam, let's go back and get the bottle.” The canoe spun in a tight half circle then they paddled back for the whiskey. Just before we got to the dock Clark said to me “You know Vicky, all that stuff we did last night, we didn’t play with your tits.”

That was the first mention of the night anybody made and his words shot tendrils of tingles through my breasts. I answered boldly “I wasn't hiding them.” When my brother grinned, I knew without a doubt what we would be doing later.

We gathered the whiskey then went back out on the lake. After getting out of sight of the cabins I opened the bottle and took the first sip, Clark then Sam followed my lead. We drifted, letting a light breeze push the canoe around while we got drunk. In maybe an hour it was time to go back so I stashed the bottle which was still over half full and the boys took us to the dock. Albert waved at us, reassured that we were safe and making sure we knew he saw us. Sam flipped him off but the old man didn’t notice. The three of us dashed to our cabin, we knew we had to have dinner later with Albert so we left the whiskey alone but as soon as the door shut out the world Clark turned to me “Do you want to?”

I knew what he was asking, he wanted to get laid. Sam's eyes told me the same thing. Since that was why I suggested getting the bottle earlier I didn't say anything but walked back to their bedroom and stood by a bed. Clark came to me then went to his knees and started undoing my jeans. In a few seconds he was pulling them and my panties off my feet then I backed up to the bed and lay down. I still had my shirt on but that wasn't the focus of the boys' attention just then. Clark stripped his pants off and I looked at his erection in full daylight for the first time. He crawled up and over me then used his knees to spread my legs. My brother lowered his hips, put the heavy head of his cock against my body then eased gently into my pussy. I'd been anticipating sex again so my body was wet and accepted him readily, he was being a lot more careful and I liked the slowness of his penetration. That's when I realized not only did the alcohol block my inhibitions, it oiled up my hole so sex would be easy.

I concentrated on the feeling of Clark’s hard-on sliding in and out, he pushed in until his nuts bumped me then would pull out until just the end of him was still in me then he rammed back down. I liked how I could feel it moving through the opening of my body. I was on my back, legs wide while Clark screwed me. I turned my head and saw Sam had shucked his pants waiting his turn. His erection was long and strong looking, curved at an up angle from under his shirt. Thinking about where he wanted to put it made me enjoy what was happening even more. My insides were getting hotter, like a fire had started in my stomach, my hips were rolling in sync with Clark’s thrusts, what we were doing was more fun than the night before. I turned my attention to the brother fucking me, smiled up at him and finally admitted aloud “I like this.” He looked into my eyes then his rolled up white, his face bloomed red when he climaxed.

Clark collapsed down on me his full weight pressing me into the mattress. “Uff! Get off Clark, now you're heavy.” He flexed his ass once more giving me a final squirt then rolled off. No sooner was he out of the way when Sam appeared over me. I barely had time to catch my breath before he slammed his cock in hard enough to move me up the bed. I didn't mind the savagery of his attack one bit; my second brother was ravaging my body and it felt good. His groin was slapping mine rapidly as he screwed me with hot lust and need, the ejaculate that soaked my cunt made me even more sensitive. I pulled my knees up and let my thighs fall even further apart for him. I felt like I was the prize in an unspoken contest of which boy could fuck me better and my senses were focusing on the cock sliding in and out at that moment. I couldn't decide who felt best just then but knew with more experience I might be able to make that call. My mind crystallized on the thought that not only did I just blithely flop to my back for my siblings, I was already comparing their sexual aptitude.

Sam fucked me several minutes before he gave up and filled me even more. When he got off the bed I struggled to the bathroom and let my brothers' cum drip from me to the toilet water. I dipped a finger in the goo, studied it carefully then sniffed the scent of fresh semen on my fingers. It wasn't flowers but it wasn't unpleasant either. As I smeared the fluids over my fingertips I remembered another consequence of the accident; the doctors told me and my parents I would never have children. As I wiped the issue of my brothers' balls from my pubic hair, I was thinking that was a benefit just then.

It was close to dinner time so the three of us got dressed and went to find Albert. I was paranoid as hell thinking that somehow he would see that I just fucked my family but he acted glad to see us, not judgmental or suspicious. About two hours later it was getting dark and Sam suggested we go back to our cabin before the wolves or bears came after us. We said good night to our host then went straight back because we knew what was waiting; more whiskey and sex but this time there was no urgency to strip naked and jump onto a bed. Clark, Sam and I pulled out our Scrabble game, opened the bottle of Crown Royal then settled down to play. There was still more than a half bottle of whiskey and we knew it would last the night and maybe even have more for another day. Sam took the first hit while I spelled 'submit' on the board; I smiled at the irony of the word.

We were playing anything goes Scrabble which meant we could use any word we recognized, including foreign language and swear words. We were taking shots from the bottle between turns so the three of us were getting very loose. There were already two cuss words on the board when Sam put ‘fuck’ down for 28 points. I protested loudly “That’s not fair, there’s only one K in the game. That means you get a fuck and I don’t.”

Sam shot back “If you have the other letters you can put f-u-c on the k this way and get a ‘fuck’ too. Or just use f and u, ‘fuk’. It would be like a quickie.”

I smiled at him coyly “You mean we could both have a fuck?”

He looked back “Yeah, you and me Vicky, we could both score.”

It was time; without hesitation I announced “I want to be completely naked this time, no towels, no shirts, nothing, just you and me,” my insides were tied in knots. Sam and I stood at the same time and started pulling our clothes off next to the game board. That's when I knew that sometime in the last two days I had lost all constraints about sex, nudity and screwing my brothers.

I was feeling adventurous, the first times we had sex I let them take control. That time I wanted to have more say in how I got it so I told Sam to lie on his back on the bear skin rug. He went down and his boner was sticking up from his balls, curved over his stomach. I stood over him, feet on each side of his hips then lowered myself until I felt his erection touching me. I held his cock then rotated my butt until the end of him slipped in then eased more down until I was sitting on his lap, our pubic hair matted and tangled. I sat still and felt the connection between us getting warmer. When I felt him flex his cock I started to roll my hips, I was doing the fucking and I liked the way I could move on him.

Sam looked up at me then put a hand over my left tit. That was the first time I'd ever had someone else touch me there and it shook me a little. He pressed the firm mound flat then pinched the nipple. O-my-god that felt good! I leaned down and put my hands on the floor by his shoulders then Sam started feeling me up with both hands. The first few times I had sex was fun but this was totally different. I could feel the difference in the way my body reacted to the hard-on inside me, the hands on my breasts. I was getting hotter, my heart started thudding rapidly and I was having trouble breathing right. When he caressed both my nipples at the same time the sensation forced me to gasp then moan. I ground my cunt down on him trying to get as much in me as I could. He thrust up bumping my groin then he and I set a rhythm of hard fast sex.

As I rocked on Sam, Clark took off his clothes then went to his knees beside us watching intently as we fucked. He put a hand on me then started stroking my back and ass. I reached for Clark’s erection and began to pump it while Sam slammed me. The sensation of both boys involved with me at the same created an even more intense sexual awareness. I was getting hotter, more turned on as the minutes flew by. I sensed I could have an orgasm but Sam didn't last, he heaved his ass off the floor raising me up then began to groan and convulse while he shot a liberal dose of lust into me. I felt it, I wanted it, but it was too soon, I needed him to go another couple of minutes. He relaxed to flat on his back while I rocked on him hopefully but it wasn't going to do me any good, he was done.

For the first time in my life I felt sexual frustration. I needed more, I craved more so I did the only thing possible. I let go of the erection in my hand, got off Sam, laid on my stomach splayed my legs and offered myself to Clark. Within seconds after Sam finished, my older brother was probing my body. He mounted over my back, slipped his prick down the crack of my ass then when he found the right place, pushed deep into me. I raised up to my knees so my butt was high off the floor and eagerly accepted him. Clark grabbed my hips and used them as handles to hold me in place while he fucked me. This was all new and exciting as hell, I could feel his big throbbing shaft sliding in and out, through the opening of my oven hot sex and it caused my heart to start fluttering. It took my older brother only about three or four minutes to give me what I knew I needed. My muscles started cramping, my mouth was open, gulping fresh air and I heard myself call out “Oh god! Don't stop, ---------- ahggshhh--- keep going!” The back of my knees tingled then my body melted as a quivering mass of Jell-O back to the floor. I had just experienced my first man made orgasm.

I was completely limp, gasping for air, I felt the sweat evaporating from my body, cooling me. Clark stopped moving, he was still over my back with his prick buried between my thighs but he was letting me calm down. When I could move again I twitched my back, a wordless signal he understood. He helped me roll to my back then began to slow fuck me, taking his time and both of us were enjoying it. As I lay there looking up at the eighteen-year-old between my wide spread legs I felt a strong glow of satisfaction that it was him, the older of the two that gave me my first climax.

Sam sat close to us then pulled my left hand to cover his undying erection but I didn’t feel like playing with him that way, I was concentrating on what was going on with Clark. I stroked Sam twice then pulled my hand back then gave in to the totally delicious feeling of the boy between my legs. Not only did Clark screw me, he bent his head to my beasts and put his mouth over my left nipple and a hand on the right. I couldn’t breathe as he played with my tits and rolled his body against mine at the same time. During eight or nine more minutes of wild new sensations I experienced a series of leg kicking climaxes before he injected me.

I was done, the whiskey was wearing off and I was drained of energy, I needed to clean up and rest. I mumbled good night to my sex partners then staggered away to shower and bed. Twenty minutes after my second night ever of drinking and sex I was asleep.

I woke up, it was dark, I was in my bed but I wasn’t alone, as I came more awake I realized that somebody had his prick in me. He was lying behind me, holding me close with a hand over one tit while his erection did its work. Just as I was about to roll over he started huffing and humping against my ass as he came. No sooner did his cock quit spitting when he got off my bed and hurried from the room. I flipped over to see who it was but it was too dark, I saw only a pale shadow barely visible in the night. I had just gotten screwed in my sleep and didn't know which of them did it. It kind of pissed me off because unlike the other times, I felt used, violated, I didn't give him the okay to fuck me, and I had another mess to clean up.

The next day we acted like nothing intimate ever happened between us. Everything my brothers said or did irritated me, they irritated each other. They cleaned the cabin, I washed the cum stained sheets and towels then we went our separate ways until mom and dad came home, it was as if the last two nights were totally imagined. We had a nice family reunion, mom and I cooked dinner then we children sat for what seemed like forever listening to our parents tell us about their two nights camping. Around the time to go to bed my dad asked Clark what the three of us did while they were gone. Clark glanced at me, a quick look of conspiracy, then answered “Oh, we just screwed around.” I almost choked trying to stop an amused snuffle.

Dad didn't catch the look or my reaction as he said “Great, because your mom and I want to take another night on the trail tomorrow. We saw a pretty little lake in a valley and I think I can get some great sunrise pictures. Can you three 'screw around' another night without us?”

I thought about the rest of the whiskey, two hard pricks and I answered for all of us “Yeah dad, we’ll manage.”

The next morning my mother came in to say goodbye and tell me they would be back around noon the next day. Her last words were a caution “I hope your brothers aren't giving you a hard time, you don't have to be their whipping girl you know.”

I almost reassured her that I wasn’t their whipping girl, but their fucking girl. Almost, but what I said was much more cautious, “We're okay mom, the last couple of days we've actually been getting along well. We'll be fine.”

Ten minutes after I heard them leave I was standing nude picking out clean underwear when Sam came into my room wearing only blue jockey shorts. He flopped onto my bed and said “Hey, come here.”

I looked at his groin, he had big boner pushing out the front of his briefs. “Get out asshole, I'm not gonna do that now. What if mom and dad forgot something and come back?”

He grabbed his crotch “Aw come on, don't let me waste this, get over here.” I ignored him as I went into the bathroom to get dressed. I was pretty mad that he expected me to lay down and get fucked just because he wanted too.

After I cleaned up the breakfast dishes Clark asked me how I felt. “Fine, why?”

“Because Sam said you were being a bitch, kind of like when you have your period.”

I got angry “Screw him; and that's the little asshole's goddamn problem, I wouldn't screw him this morning. He marched into my room right after mom and dad left and almost ordered me to. I told him no.”

Clark looked at me for five long seconds then replied “That's pretty rude, I wouldn't just assume anything from you, not like that.”

I asked him about the night in my bed “Did you come to bed with me when I was sleeping after the second night?”

“No, why?”

I told Clark what happened, that one of them came in and screwed me while I was asleep. If he didn't do it then it had to be Sam and that made me even more upset with brother number two. I didn't want to be like a blow-up sex doll just lying around until someone got hard and stuck it in and that was how Sam was making me feel. Clark thought for a few moments then asked “You want me to kick his ass for you?” I didn't know what to say, I wasn’t used to my big brother offering to beat Sam up for me, usually he reserved that pleasure for himself.

Sam pouted all day, Clark and I ignored him. We stayed busy without fighting but after dinner with Albert we were alone again. Around sunset Clark brought out the bottle of Crown Royal, we checked the level and decided to finish it. Clark took the first hit, I the second then Sam confiscated the bottle and wouldn't give it back. That really didn’t bother me, I'd been drunk twice and was ready to give it a rest. Clark and I agreed to let Sam drink himself stupid if he wanted to. By 9:00 the bottle was empty and my younger brother was staggering around bumping into the furniture, laughing like the demented moron he is. He made a clumsy pass at me but I deflected it easily, I didn't even swear at him. Right after that Sam stumbled outside, hurled on a bush then came back, fell over on the sofa and passed out. Clark and I carried our unconscious brother to bed, threw a pillow over his head then left him fully clothed and asleep.

Clark and I went outside and sat by the lake. We talked quietly about getting drunk and all the other stuff we’d done in the last three days. We weren't drinking so both of us were being a little modest, we finally established that sex was fun but something we shouldn't do as brother and sister. We excused our behavior because of the whiskey; it encouraged us do stuff we wouldn't normally do. That was life a lesson I would never forget.

An hour after dumping Sam in bed I suggested to Clark we go out on the lake in the canoe. The moon was coming up bright, the water was calm and the night was still warm. He went to put the little craft in the water while I checked on Sam and got some blankets in case I got cold.

We paddled for a few minutes then let the boat drift while we talked some more. As my older brother talked I studied him in the increasing moonlight. The more I watched his mouth move, his arms and hands as he gestured the more intrigued I got. I remembered the last time he fucked me and I had the heart stopping orgasms. My body began to warm as I wondered if we could do that sober and gradually as the moon got brighter our genetic connection faded as an objection to having sex with him again.

The middle seat of the canoe was removable so I took it out and set it in the front then unfolded a blanket and spread it across the bottom of the boat, Clark didn’t say anything as I built a nest. Once I was satisfied with the arrangement I went to my back and looked straight up into the night, the stars were fading in the brilliance of the moon. I rolled my head back to say “You should see the sky from down here.” That was enough of a hint; he pulled his jacket off, folded it up then laid it next to my head. The canoe rocked precariously as Clark twisted around so he could lie with me, his head on the makeshift pillow. He was on his back too as we stared up into the night. We were lying against each other on the bottom of the narrow craft but I rolled to my side, closer to my brother, and laid my head on his shoulder. His arm went around me, his hand was resting on my ass. We didn’t move for a few minutes but my insides felt like I had swallowed a tornado. My heart picked up speed, my stomach was fluttering and my breasts were getting too big for my bra. My brothers finger tips were drawing random designs on my butt and when I looked over his stomach and saw what I wanted to see, he had a long, thick bulge in his pants.

I reached across and pressed on his erection then began to rub it. Clark's hips humped, he sipped a light hopeful breath then held still when I started unbuckling his belt. When the buckle was open I thumbed apart the button then unzipped him. After his jeans were open I put my hand into his shorts and found what I was looking for. I gripped his erection and began to gently push and pull on it, I turned my head slightly and nuzzled him behind the ear with my lips, my entire body was vibrating in anticipation. Clark rolled to his side facing me and felt under my shirt, moving his hand to cover my tits. He pushed the bra up and cupped my left breast then squeezed gently. I shuddered.

We stayed face to face fondling each other for a couple of minutes then he pulled his hand off me and sat up. Clark started pulling my clothes off, shirt first, bra, shoes then lastly, my pants and panties. Even though we'd done this three times I was feeling modest and flushed with embarrassment. The feeling puzzled me for a few moments until I realized I wasn't under the morals blocking influence of alcohol.

In the cramped bottom of the pitching canoe taking my clothes off was a carefully slow, tantalizing process. Once I was nude he and I both worked to get him undressed. When our clothes were a jumbled pile at our feet, I laid back down then held my arms open, inviting him to me. This time we weren't in the grip of a drunken frenzy, we were sober, deliberate, and getting turned on by each other, not by liquor.

Clark did something he never did before. He looked me directly in the eyes, tilted his head then kissed me gently, softly, quickly. I watched him warily when he did but the caress of his mouth on mine was not repulsive. I liked the kiss so I kissed him back with a little firmer contact. My brother held his head back then gave me a smile that let me know how pleasant my lips felt to him. Clark pulled me close, locked his arms around me and we started making out. His body was tight against mine and the friction of his skin on me was causing my blood to boil. I heard myself moan when Clark reached a hand between my legs, the gentle touch on my pussy caused me to arch my back, pressing against his fingers. He eased me to my back, leaned up on an elbow then put his mouth over the end of my left tit. He flicked his tongue over the nipple which caused a major tremor in my breasts. I gasped and moaned again encouraging him to suckle the second nipple while fingers slipped up and down the lips of my girl. I grabbed his hard-on and stroked it firmly while he suckled my breasts and petted me. I was dimly aware that the canoe was rocking as we groped and made out.

Clark and I necked, fondled and felt each other until the heat was overwhelming, I’d never been so hot before, I was cooking in my own skin from the fires inside me. I experienced a short intense orgasm the first time he slid his long finger into me and when my thighs quit shivering I clutched my brother around the neck then fell back to the bottom of the boat pulling him closer. Clark rolled up and over my body, I spread my legs as far as I could in the narrow boat then waited impatiently for him. He dipped his hips and I experienced the delicious feeling of his cock sliding into me. My hole yawned wide and accepted him with heated pleasure. My brother and I began a long sexual odyssey on the bottom of that canoe. We fondled, necked, caressed and fucked with a passion I never in my young life knew existed.

Clark had screwed me four times before so to my great delight his balls were in no hurry to deliver their load, I had my second orgasm as the Man in the Moon smiled down on me. When I was done shaking I pushed Clark out, rolled over and offered him a different view and access. He drove deep between my thighs and fucked me heatedly over my back. I could hear my heart hammering in my throat, I felt my body growing tight with cramps then, when I thought I would pass out, Clark gushed into my ear “Oh sweet lord Vicky, you feel so fucking good!!... then lost control. My body blew into a million shards of ecstasy when Clark's erection started convulsing, spraying my womb with molten cum.

An hour later we locked ourselves into another searing embrace as we climaxed again, our bodies bonded in sync with the other. I wasn't drunk but my mind was roiling with erotic delirium from a series of uninhibited, explosive, alcohol free sexual seizures.

We paddled the canoe back slowly, still naked, then ran for the cabin carrying our clothes. Clark spent the rest of the night in my bed. We talked, laughed, played, wrestled, caressed, made out and enjoyed each other three more times that night. The fifth and final time we had sex the birds were singing homage to the growing dawn.

I learned an important lesson on that vacation. I learned that while drunk sex was fun, more spontaneous, sex while sober was infinitely more natural, exciting and satisfying. We never told Sam what we did that night and I never screwed either brother again. I remember wondering which of the two would be the better; I was satisfied to have found out before we went back to our normal lives.


2020-03-31 01:18:38
Wonderful story as are all of yours. This does remind me of the time my brother and our two cousins, (male and female) found a bull bottle of moonshine, I was a full gallon, we managed to get drunk three separate times. We grew very close to each other during those times and for many years after. Jenni


2020-03-17 18:51:19
As usual, you nailed it again Mystic. Great Story! (hers)


2019-09-23 02:49:43
after hiding the bottle, maybe the old man video taped the sex for his own pleasure


2019-05-13 21:57:33
Awesome story!!


2019-05-13 16:28:08
I agree with Doc, one hell of a read. One of the very best on this site. Well paced enough detail and great descriptions. Excellent job!

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