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All participants in this story are no younger than 18 years of age.
The next day, Brie awoke. She groaned to herself, realizing that it was Monday; a new week, and a new day of classes. She tossed around in bed as she attempted to sleep through multiple hits of the snooze button. There under her blanket, the miserable girl resigned to block out the world for as long as she could.

Suddenly the overhead light flicked on. Her dad was at it again. “Time to get up, kiddo,” he said with his usual morning cheeriness.

Brie moaned and ducked her head under the cover to escape the cruel glare of the overhead light. As she breathed in, she was hit with the smell of sex permeating her sheets, and her night came flooding back to her.

Had it really happened? she wondered. Did I really have sex with my dad last night?

Her unclean bed answered her unequivocally.

Slowly it came back to her. All of the things she had done the previous day: with her father, with Elsie, in public on the catwalk, and in the green room with two boys she had just met. She was mortified. She didn’t know what had come over her. She could never justify it to anybody if she tried, yet it had happened all the same.

She didn’t have long to ruminate, however, as she felt her covers being tugged off of her.

“Da-aad,” Brie whined, quickly grabbing a fist-full of sheet in defense. “I literally want to die!”

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Warrick asked warmly.

“I can’t go to school today,” she croaked out. “I can never, ever go back to school.”

Warrick dropped his end of their tug-of-war. Brie pulled her side of the sheet back, heaping it over her head. He came over to her and sat on the edge of the bed. His mind flashed back to what had happened the last time he was sat there, but he quickly put it out of his thoughts. He rubbed his daughter’s back through her sheet. She kicked and moaned, though this time it was in frustration, not pleasure. “I know you’re embarrassed after what happened on Friday, but you can’t not go to school.”

“Why not?” Brie pleaded.

“Well, for one thing, it’s actually against the law,” Warrick said, “and—”

Brie just harrumphed and turned away from him. She knew nothing she said would convince him he was wrong. His stubbornness about practical things like school always won him the battle over her emotional outbursts. “You always think you’re right, just because you’re my dad.”

“I know it’s going to be hard, baby girl,” Warrick said sympathetically, “but tell you what: go to school and at least try. Just try it and see how it goes. Maybe nobody will say anything. If you decide you can’t make it through, call me at lunch and you can come home. I’ll come pick you up.”

Brie sighed. “Fine.” She was still dreading the thought of showing her face in Mr. Ivarson’s class again, but she was surprised she even got that much leeway from her dad.

“So,” Warrick probed, “how are you feeling today?”

Brie scowled. “Bad.”

“I gathered that much, but what about the cum—” Warrick stopped short, suddenly feeling awkward using that word with his daughter again. “Well, the medicine, I mean. Do you need any more?”

Under the covers, Brie blushed. It was actually the first time her required regimen had crossed her mind that morning. After spending all of Sunday obsessing about masturbation, cum, and sex, she had been briefly free of worrying about it at all.

“Well?” Warrick prodded.

“Daddy, leave me alone!” Brie snapped.

Warrick put his hands up. “Sorry, sweetheart, I just wanted to check up on you.” Warrick got off the bed and headed for the door. He had hoped that having sex with her the night before would have cured her, but he began to worry that he had hurt his daughter instead. He worried that his wife’s advice, based on her own anecdotal experience, was not well-informed. He cleared his throat and attempted to resume command of the situation. “Honey, get up and get ready for school, now.”

Brie sat up and gave her dad a bershon death glare that only a daughter can give to her father.

But it caused Warrick to break out into a smirk. Atop her head, Brie’s mane was an absolute mess, frizzy, tangled, and twisted into dreads. Her comical appearance undermined the daggers her eyes were throwing his way.

“What’s so funny?!” the bedraggled girl hollered.

“And wash your hair,” Warrick chuckled.

Brie flung her pillow at him as hard as she could and dove back under the covers. She knew she had to get up sooner or later. If nothing else, she couldn’t stand the stale smell of her bedsheets for much longer, but she waited until she knew her dad was gone before she dared give him the gratification of doing as he commanded.

Soon, Warrick did leave, and Brie got up and wandered to her mirror. Her dad was right about her hair. She wondered if she could ever recover from her bedhead nightmare.

“I kind of look like Mia,” she said, managing the slightest of chuckles to herself. She thought of the wild, kinky mop that burst from her new upperclassman friend’s head. She hoped that she would be able to find her at school sometime during the day. Their burgeoning friendship was one of the few bright points she looking forward to that day.

Downstairs, Hazel heard the shower start as she prepped breakfast in the kitchen. Warrick wandered in and she asked cheerily, “How’s she doing this morning?”

“Hard to say. She still hates mornings.” Warrick paused, “And maybe me, too.”

Hazel tisked and went over to him, “I’m sure that’s not true. She loves you very much. I saw just how much last night.” She kissed her husband on the cheek.

Warrick shied away. “Speaking of… How much did you see, exactly?”

“I can have one or two secrets.” Hazel turned away from him coyly before turning back and saying, “But the part that I saw made for a good show.”

The part of Warrick that wasn’t worried about his daughter’s mental health swelled with pride. His pants, too, swelled a bit, thinking back on what he got to do, and the extent to which he got to do it. He still could barely believe that he got to fuck his own daughter, push her mouth and her pussy to her limits, and, on top of all that, even cum inside of her.

He walked up to his wife and slipped his hands around her waist, kissing her on the neck, and pressing his hardness into her ass. “Thank you for being my wife,” he said quietly, “and for being a great mom.”

Hazel turned into him. “I take it that means you had fun last night.” Warrick just chuckled and kissed his way down her neck toward her chest. Hazel took in a sharp breath, but then pushed him away with a giggle. “Okay, John Phillips, I’ve still got breakfast to make.”

Warrick sat down at the table and looked at his phone while he waited for his wife and daughter to join him. Before long, the shower turned off and Brie trundled down the stairs. She wore a long, pink and orange-banded summer dress and some flat sandals. Somehow she had managed to tame her chaotic explosion of hair in the bathroom.

“Morning, sweetie,” Hazel chirped.

Warrick looked up from his phone. “Glad you could join us,” he repeated, as he always did. “How was your shower?”

Brie plopped herself down at the table. “We need more hot water.”

“Back to our normal chipper self, eh?” Warrick quipped wryly.

“Speaking of which,” Hazel chimed in, “How are you feeling today?”

“Fine,” Brie said, tiredly chewing on bacon.

“Good. Did you have your cummies this morning?” Hazel prodded.

Brie twisted her face, not in the mood to think about cum and sex things just then, “Mom, I’m trying to eat breakfast.”

“I know, honey, but we need to know so that we can help you get better.”

“I just forgot,” Brie grumbled, then added, “But I don’t really feel like it right now.”

Hazel’s eyes flicked to Warrick, who breathed a quiet sigh of relief. “It’s okay, Brie, you only need to do it when you feel like it, okay, honey?”

Brie glanced at her mom, surprised that she was free of her morning obligation. Hazel smiled warmly and nodded at her. “Okay,” the young girl answered with trepidation.

“But,” Warrick chimed in, “you’re still not allowed to wear panties.”

Brie rolled her eyes, uncomfortable with him talking about her underwear. “I know, Dad.”

Warrick was surprised at how disappointed he was that his little girl had resumed calling him “Dad”, instead of the “daddies” she was crying out in the night.

“Let’s see, baby,” Hazel insisted.

Brie stared at her mother, wondering if she was serious, then huffed and stood up. She hiked her summer dress up, revealing more and more of her scrawny, coltish legs, until her little bottom and pussy were exposed. Warrick held his breath, wondering if he’d ever get tired of the sight of her puffy labia.

“See?” she grumbled, and then dropped the hem again. She still felt wrong revealing her privates to her parents—she knew that other girls in her class didn’t do that kind of thing—but she admitted to herself that, after her crazy weekend, it wasn’t really a big deal for her anymore.

She finished her breakfast and then Warrick drove her to school. In practice, it was just like any other school day, but he could sense his daughter’s sullen attitude. He reached over and gave her knee a squeeze. “Buck up, baby girl, nobody’s even going to remember what happened.”

“Yes they will,” Brie moped. “It only happened on Friday.”

“Jesus,” Warrick said quietly to himself as he realized that everything that had happened had only occurred within the previous three days.

“And what if someone from school saw me at the fashion show yesterday?” Her voice cracked, small. “Everybody was there.”

Her dad searched for something positive to say. “Well, Elsie will be there waiting for you. She’ll always be your friend and never leave your side.”

“Daddy, I’m never going to live this down!” Tears streamed down the girl’s cheeks.

“Okay, okay, honey. Be strong. Remember, like we talked about, if you really can’t make it through the day, give me a call at lunch time and I’ll come pick you up. We’ll say that you’re sick. But give it an honest try, okay?”

Brie sobbed a bit more. Sick was right. She had sex with her father. And her mother before that. It wasn’t normal. The one saving grace, she figured, was that there was no way anybody saw those particular acts. Finally sniffled and cleared her throat. “Okay, Daddy, I’ll try.”

Warrick tousled his daughter’s hair, gently massaging her head, which did cause her to relax a bit. He was mixed with emotion. He was happy that his daughter appeared to be cured of her nymphomania. He was also distraught that she was in for a tough day at school, and there wasn’t anything he could do to protect her from it. And, he begrudgingly admitted to himself, he was a little bit disappointed that his daughter wasn’t trying to take her clothes off in the car again.

It was becoming clear that his “medicine” had indeed worked. She hadn’t masturbated at all that morning, and signs were showing that she was back in a normal mindset for a girl her age; she was more concerned with her reputation among her fellow co-eds than with finding the source of her next orgasm.

They arrived at Brie’s school and Warrick dropped his daughter off. Before she left the car, Warrick asked, “Got a kiss for your dad?”

“Da-aad,” Brie complained, blushing.

“Okay, okay,” her father conceded, “I guess you’re not my little girl anymore.”

She rolled her eyes, feeling a little bit guilty, so she said, “It’s okay, Daddy, I’m still your little girl. Just don’t say it so loud when I’m at school.” She leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“It’s a deal,” Warrick agreed, but then added, “as long as you tell your friends that I’m cool.”

“I will,” Brie giggled with one final sniffle, “but they’ll never buy it.”

Warrick was relieved to see her brighten up. “Well, a guy can try.”

At that, she closed the car door and Warrick drove off, leaving her to take on the day on her own. As she approached the school, she passed several of her acquaintances. One-by-one, they all turned their heads to follow her path. Most of them avoided direct eye contact, but a couple of them couldn’t help but stare in wonderment.

Brie felt like she was the unwilling star of a hidden camera TV show. She heard one of them whisper, “I saw her at the pool on Saturday.” She couldn’t hear the response, but she could make out the words “fashion show,” “naked,” and “slutty”, and then giggling.

The poor girl blushed deeply. Coming into the day, she knew she would have to deal with the fallout from her classroom jill-off session, but she hadn’t fully considered how her weekend exhibitionism around their small town would also make its way back to school.

Brie quickly walked to her first period science class with Mr. Ivarson. Before she made it through the door, she was beet red. She could only faintly remember what had happened at the end of the previous week, but she knew that she had kissed her teacher and masturbated in class until she blacked out.

As she entered the room, every head snapped to her, including Mr. Ivarson. Tittering started immediately and, as swiftly as possible, Brie made her way to a back corner of the room with her head down.

Mr. Ivarson attempted to get his classroom back under his control as more students continued to file into the room behind her. “Now class, I know not everybody’s here yet, but let’s take a look at the outline of what we’re going to cover today,” he said, attempting to distract them all.

The other kids in the class mostly avoided sitting in the seat next to Brie, but eventually a boy named Edward got up and switched his seat. Brie had always disliked him because he often acted up in class and annoyed the teachers, and he talked about vulgar things in the halls.

Soon everyone was accounted for and class began, but Brie couldn’t pay attention. She just sat, stewing in her shame, counting the minutes until the period was over. How am I even going to make it to noon? she wondered.

Edward couldn’t pay attention either. His gaze was fixed upon Brie. “Hey,” he whispered to her.

Brie ignored him.

“Hey!” he rasped louder.

Brie snapped her head to him and glared.

He grinned slyly and quietly mouthed, “Let me see your pussy.”

Brie snapped her head back to her desk and fumed. Edward chuckled quietly to himself.

After a minute she heard again, more insistently, “Let me see your pussy.” Brie tried to ignore it, but her burning cheeks gave her away.

Then, louder, “Lift up your dress. Let’s see your goodies.” This time, the boy in front of Edward heard and snorted out a chuckle, throwing a quick glance at Brie, then backwards to Edward. Edward clucked out a louder laugh.

Mr. Ivarson, too, noticed something going on and called on the boy. “Edward, is there something you have a question about?”

“Uh, no, sir,” he replied.

Mr. Ivarson peered over his glasses at him for a moment, before returning to his lecture.

Edward sank back into his seat and quieted down, but Brie could still see him out of the corner of her eye. She tried not to pay him any attention as he ever-so-slowly turned his body toward hers and then spread his legs. She could feel him staring at her as he did so. Then she saw him begin to flick his hand back and forth over the crotch of his jeans in contrived female masturbation. He quietly began to gasp mockingly, his breath crescendoing such that the girl in front of Brie turned to notice him. She stifled a shocked guffaw at his actions, and at Brie’s expense.

The poor girl could take it no longer. “Stop it, you bully!” she croaked. The whole class immediately turned to look at the scene.

Mr. Ivarson frowned and barked, “Edward!”

The boy suddenly gripped his desk and rumbled it against the floor. He cried out with a sneer, “I’m sorry sir, it’s— it’s coming from my pussyyyy!”

The classroom erupted in a roar of laughter at his callback to Brie’s Friday incident. Brie was crimson with humiliation.

Mr. Ivarson flew into a rage, shouting above the commotion. “That’s it! I warned you all not to make a big deal about this last week. Detention for you, Edward. Go to the principal’s office now.”

“Whatever, man,” beamed Edward as he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. “Less time for me to be in this shitty class.” The students broke into another bout of laughter. “Peace out!”

“That’s two detentions, Edward!” Mr. Ivarson called after him. After the boy had made his exit, the teacher turned his attention to Brie. “You, too, are excused, young lady. Please go to one of the study rooms and wait for me there after class.” He held out a hall pass that he had apparently prepared ahead of class time.

Brie couldn’t leave the room fast enough. She dashed down the hall toward the row of sound-proof cubicles the school had installed to let students get homework done with fewer distractions. As she rounded a corner, she nearly ran into Mia.

“Whoa!” Mia shouted, “Oh hey, Brie! Jesus, you nearly creamed me.”

“Mia! What are you doing here?” Brie sniffled and quickly wiped tears from her eyes.

“Gotta take a leak.” Mia flashed her bathroom pass. “What are you doing?”

“I got in trouble and I have to go to one of the study rooms.”

“Ah, man, what did you do?”

“Nothing!” Brie lamented. “It wasn’t my fault.”

“Ugh, that’s the worst,” Mia consoled. “Hey, what if you just bailed?”

“What, like leave school?”

“Yeah,” Mia grinned, “Wanna skip out? I do it sometimes when I’ve had enough of this shit.”

Brie stared into Mia’s lively eyes and considered it. She would love to spend the day anywhere but here, and especially in the company of her newfound friend. But she replied, “I— I better not. I promised Daddy—er, my father—that I’d at least try to get through half the day.”

Mia smiled and mussed the girl’s hair, “Probably better that way. I always end up getting in more trouble in the end, anyway. How are you doing, by the way?”

“Bad. Everybody knows what I did on Friday, and now rumors are flying about Saturday and Sunday, too, like from when we went to the pool.”

“Oh,” nodded Mia knowingly. “Well, if it helps, those rumors aren’t from me. I’ve only told my friends that you’re cool.”

Brie’s eyes widened, “Really?”

“Yeah, real cool,” the upperclassman smiled. “They wanna hang out sometime.”

Brie’s insides warmed at the revelation. She suddenly felt the urge to hug Mia, and she dove in. “Oh Mia, I’m so glad I met you. Thanks for being my friend.”

“Yeah, kid.” She squeezed Brie in return. “Let’s get together soon. And bring your girlfriend Elsie along. She’s a firecracker.”

The girls parted and Brie found her destination. She sat at a small study table in the sound-proof cubicle and waited until the end-of-class bell sounded. She could barely hear it through the study room’s seals, but it leaked through faintly. She watched students filter by the large glass door for a while until, with a whoosh of air, Mr. Ivarson opened the door and joined her.

“Hello, Brie,” he said, moving the table out of the way and taking a seat across from her.

“Hi,” Brie said glumly.

“How are you doing this morning?”

“I’m okay,” Brie answered with the stock reply.

“Good, good,” he said, searching awkwardly for the right thing to say. “Um, well, do you know why I sent you here?”

“No,” said Brie, “whatever it was, it wasn’t my fault, Edward—” she complained.

“I know, I know,” he reassured the girl, leaning over and putting a hand on her knee. “You didn’t deserve what he was doing to you. You’re not in trouble for that.” He then cleared his throat and said, “In fact, you’re here, because I wanted to talk to you about something else. I wanted to check in on you and see if you were alright.”

“Oh, okay,” said Brie, “but, isn’t that what the school counsellors are for?”

The elder teacher chuckled and said, “Well, yes, they sometimes do work with troubled children. But all teachers here have a responsibility for their pupils’ well being.”

Brie trembled with trepidation, “Is this about last week?”

Mr. Ivarson nodded, and the two of them sat there in silence for a brief moment. Suddenly, he sat back in his chair and stared at the wilting figure before him. “Now, I want to remind you that you missed out on class last week, after your… incident.”

“I know,” Brie said staring down at her lap.

“I just want you to know, after they took you to the hospital, I held an important pop quiz, which you also missed.”

Brie looked up at him with watery eyes. “I did?”

Mr. Ivarson leered and said, “Yes, and since you missed it, you failed the quiz. And, well, that could negatively impact your grade in my class.”

Big tears welled up in the young student’s puppy dog eyes. “But I— I couldn’t help it!”

“I understand,” the teacher said, lightening up a bit. After some consideration, he begrudged, “I suppose I can give you a C—that is, if you can give me a doctor’s note that details your condition. Ah, which was, by the way…?”

Brie blushed and shied away. Quietly, she started, “I’m super—” She hesitated to say the word to her school teacher, “orgasmic,” she squeaked out.

Mr. Ivarson bent his ear, “I’m sorry?”

Brie looked at her feet, “I’m super-orgasmic. It means I… c– cum a lot.”

Her teacher smirked deviously. “I see. Well, if you can give me your doctor’s note for your super-orgasmic condition right now, I can mark your quiz grade up.”

Brie pleaded, “I didn’t get one. I might be able to get one tonight.”

Her teacher responded brusquely, “I’m sorry, young lady, I need to see one now. I won’t know if you’ve faked it otherwise.”

Brie didn’t know what to do. Her cheeks burned hot and she sniffled. “I don’t have a note.”

Mr. Ivarson appeared to mull another idea around. While he did, Brie could faintly hear the bell marking the end of passing time. The next class period had begun and nobody was in the halls anymore. Finally her teacher spoke again. “I suppose there are other ways you could make it up. Extra credit.”

“Really?” Brie looked up at her teacher, an expression of relief washed over her face.

“Oh yes,” the teacher said, “bad students do extra credit for me all the time.”

“I can do that,” Brie nodded vigorously. “What can I do?”

“Well,” Mr. Ivarson replied, “I think what you can do is really quite simple.”

Brie nodded again, optimistic.

“I don’t think you need to do extra homework. I know you’re a smart girl and you’re ill, after all. And anyway, I don’t have anything prepared. But, I suppose I could give you some extra credit for,” he paused for emphasis, “another kiss?”

Brie was shocked. She suddenly felt cornered and very alone. The hallways were empty, and even if they weren’t, nobody could hear her teacher’s indecent proposition from within the sound-proof cubicle. She swallowed a large lump in her throat. She didn’t want to kiss her teacher again. She hadn’t really even wanted to kiss him in the first place. Then, her body had compelled her to do it against her own volition. Now, she was compelled to do it for a grade.

Brie shook her head. “I can’t kiss you. It’s not right. We’ll get in trouble,” she said, appealing to Mr. Ivarson’s sensibility.

“Look,” he gestured to the glass door of the study room, “there’s nobody around to get us in trouble. It’s just a quick kiss, dear child, and it’s over. I had such fun last time.”

The idea repulsed her, but she saw no other options. Timidly she said, “If I kiss you, you’ll give me an A for the quiz?”

Mr. Ivarson leered and said, “No, child, a kiss would be lovely, but it’s such a small thing, after all. The value of that, assuming it was a good kiss, would bring you up to a D-. If you want an A, you would need to do a little bit more.”

Brie wilted further, crossing her arms in front of her. She avoided looking at Mr. Ivarson. He stood up from his chair and moved toward her, hovering over her. “Well, Miss Nova? This is the one chance I’m going to give you.”

Brie swallowed and then, almost imperceptibly, nodded her head.

It was enough for Mr. Ivarson and he quickly pulled the young girl up off the chair and up onto her feet. He bent over her and brought his face close to hers. Brie trembled with fear underneath the stature of her teacher. She closed her eyes and waited for him to come to her. Then she felt his lips against her. They were warm and firm, but at the same time rough and undesirable. She winced, but kissed back with the hope that it would satisfy him, if not permanently, at least enough that he would let her go.

At last, he pulled away from her and smiled at her condescendingly. “Oh, that was very nice, my child. That was definitely worth a D-.”

Brie said nothing. She merely grabbed her arm and fidgeted on her feet.

“Well, Miss Nova, we can talk about getting more extra credit later, but you best be getting off to your next class.” Before she could move, he halted her with a finger. “However, since you’re already late, you’re probably going to get in trouble with your next teacher. I wonder…” he reached into his pocket and pulled out another signed hall pass, “how much this would be worth to you?”

Brie’s stomach dropped at the thought. She was still trapped with this man and was now forced to negotiate her way out. She stammered, “You could kiss me again.”

“That sounds very nice, Miss Nova,” Mr. Ivarson said, and then added, “and what else can you give me?”

Red-faced, Brie held back a tear. She searched for an idea, then finally said, “You can touch one of my breasts.”

Mr. Ivarson grinned and said, “That’s the spirit. Just remember, if I get in trouble because of you, you’ll get into more trouble, too. The school doesn’t like it when girls fool around with boys, and imagine how they will respond when they find out you’re super-orgasmic. But don’t worry, I will keep your secret.” Then he leaned over and kissed her again. With one hand, he held the back of her head, pressing her mouth against his. With his other, he reached down and pawed at the barely perceptible mound on her chest, circling his fingers around her tiny nipple. It hardened against her will.

Brie was trapped, but Mr. Ivarson kept to the terms of their agreement. He fondled only one breast, though his kiss was drawn out. She felt him snake his tongue out against her lips and she reluctantly parted them, for fear of making him angry. Her legs wobbled under her as she stood, mouth agape, letting her teacher’s tongue wander inside. Finally, she could take no more and she pushed herself away.

Mr. Ivarson chuckled and said, “Had enough for today? Okay. You’re a very good kisser, Brie. You should know that.”

Brie didn’t care. “Can I go now?”

“Very well,” the man conceded, “here is your pass.”

As Brie quickly exited the cubicle, he called after her, “Let’s discuss future extra credit possibilities after class on Wednesday.”

Brie ran, humiliated, down the hallway. She couldn’t believe her teacher would take advantage of her. She didn’t understand why a man his age—older than her father, even—would be interested in someone so young, especially one of his students. She knew it was wrong, but she had felt ambushed and powerless under his authority.

All thoughts of Mr. Ivarson, however, slipped away when she got to her next class late. When she entered the room, every head turned to watch her and she was once again filled with a renewed sense of dread. She took a deep breath and sighed, crossing the front of the class to hand her next teacher, Mrs. Trisk, her late pass.

She sat down in one of the remaining seats in the middle of the room and Mrs. Trisk cleared her throat before continuing her lesson for the day. Brie counted down the minutes until her lunch period.


At 11:30, Brie’s lunchtime rolled around. She made her way to the lunchroom as inconspicuously as possible. She wasn’t feeling hungry at all, so she skipped the food line and took her usual seat at the lunch table.

Head down, she tried to concentrate on completing her homework while she waited for Elsie to show. Just when she was hitting her stride completing math equations, a plastic tray clattered onto the table, giving her a scare. “Elsie, jesus christ!”

Elsie sat down next to Brie and ringed her arm around the girl in a side hug. “How’s it going today?”

“Horrible,” Brie answered.

“What? Why?” Elsie asked, surprised.

“Elsie, sometimes you can be really thick, you know,” Brie glowered “Why do you think?”

“Oh, right,” Elsie simmered down, smiling dumbly.

Brie sighed, “Mr. Ivarson made me kiss him again.”

“What?!” Elsie asked, suddenly cranking up her volume once more. Some heads turned in their direction.

“Shh, Els, shut up,” Brie whispered, “The last thing I need is one more rumor about me for the school to spread.”

Elsie leaned in and brought her voice low, “That’s so illegal. You should report him.”

“I can’t,” Brie despaired. “He gave us a quiz on Friday and I missed it, and he’s going to bring my grade down unless I do… extra credit for him.”

“Damn. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. Next time, you should record his behavior on your phone so you have evidence against him.”

“If only they didn’t ban mobile phones in school,” Brie lamented. “This sucks.”

Elsie changed the subject in an attempt to cheer up her friend. “Let’s talk about something else and get your mind off of it.”

“You’re right,” Brie agreed.

“People have been asking me about modeling all day. They want to know how we did it and how to break in. I didn’t tell them we basically lied our way in,” Elsie snickered.

“By the way,” she continued, “A guy gave me his card last night, after I got off stage, and before Ivy brought you back to get me.” She passed it over to Brie.

Brie looked at the card. It was a small, crisp business card that read:


Young and Teen Modeling

Boys and Girls

Elsie beamed. “He said I was good! He promised me a modeling contract if I called him. He said they do work with huge brands.”

“Wow,” said Brie, in wonderment. “I’m not surprised. You killed it on stage yesterday. So, are you going to call him?”

“I think so, but I have to figure out how I can do it without mom and dad finding out. They would totally spoil our fun if they found out. He even said he might be able to use you, too.”

“Really? I thought I did horribly. I mean, I fainted on stage. I… did other things, too.”

Elsie shrugged, “I dunno. He must have missed that part, since he was talking with me back stage when it happened. Maybe you got lucky and he doesn’t know!”

“Yeah, lucky…” Brie stared off into space, before snapping her attention back to her friend. “You do know what I did, right?” Brie ventured hesitantly.

“Oh, I do,” Elsie grinned, “Ivy grilled me about it in the car. I can’t believe I missed it! What we did yesterday in the green room, it was so hot. Even after two cums I went home wanting more. And you were so good about not cumming, it must have been epic when you finally did.”

“I guess it did feel good,” Brie admitted, “but when it’s so intense that I pass out, I have a hard time remembering. It’s almost not worth it.”

Then Elsie leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, “Speaking of worth it, you wanna know what I did last night?”

“Sure,” Brie answered.

“Mallory and I played Truth or Dare.”

“Really? Just you and your sister? Why?”

“I don’t really know,” Elsie blushed. “I guess I was still turned on from…” She leaned in so close she had practically prostrated herself across the lunch table and whispered, “when you ate my pussy yesterday.”

Brie grimaced. She barely recalled her actions when she was in her cum-dumb, super-orgasmic haze. Elsie’s mention of her eating Oliver’s cum out of her vagina did bring a glimmer of a memory back, though.

Elsie sat back. “And, well, you know Mallory and I have been close in the past. When your mom dropped me off last night, your little incident was all my sister could talk about.”

“Oh great,” said Brie wryly. She swallowed a lump in her throat, partially because, once again, her lewd behavior was Elsie’s central conversation with her sibling, but also because she was curiously interested in the Brannigan sisters’ risqué game.

Elsie continued. “Recounting to Mallory what you had done made me very turned on all over again; and she’s so low-key horny all the time, I just knew I could convince her to have a bit of fun with some dares.” The young girl’s eyes flitted back and forth. “I mean even so, I still figured we would just end up jilling off together like we have in the past, not go as far as—”

Brie interrupted, “You’re going to talk about this here? Now?”

Elsie grinned. “C’mon, no one’s paying attention to us. Look.”

Brie glanced around the lunchroom nervously. “For the first time today,” she admitted.

“Okay, so do you want to hear about it, or is it going to, you know, set off your ‘super-power’?”

Brie searched her feelings and was surprised to discover that Elsie’s lead-up had not flipped on her super-orgasmic switch. While she couldn’t help feeling a little turned on by the prospect of listening to her friend’s Truth or Dare story, she did sense a distinct stability in her mind and body. She hesitantly began to trust that maybe her dad’s cum last night was an effective antidote, after all, just like her mom said she would be. Maybe it was safe to talk about sexy things and her nerves wouldn’t get the best of her. “So,” she probed, “what happened?”

Elsie launched into her sordid tale. “Okay, so it was pretty late and we were up in our beds, supposed to be going to sleep. We had all the lights turned off, but we keep flashlights on our bed stands in case we need to get up for a potty break in the middle of the night. Anyway, we started playing the game and I went first. Mal picked truth, of course, so I asked her if she had ever had sex.

“She giggled, ‘no,’ and that was that.

“Next, I picked truth, even though I was so horny, I really wanted to pick dare. But I wanted to follow her lead. So, she asked me if I had ever had sex.

“I told her I had and she flipped out!” Elsie laughed. “She flicked on her flashlight and pointed it right at my face and she started asking me a million questions about it, like she was an old-timey detective. Questions like when, and who with, and how many times, but I just rolled my eyes and informed her that she could only ask one truth per round.”

“She’s probably jealous,” Brie chuckled. “Her baby sister isn’t a virgin, but she still is.” Brie recalled that Elsie had mentioned that she had not been a virgin during their encounter with the two brothers the day before and the thought re-emerged about who else it was that Elsie had screwed.

“Oh, she’s definitely jealous,” sneered Elsie. “She’s been wanting a boyfriend for a long time, but she’s too ugly.” Elsie laughed aloud but then her expression suddenly softened with empathy. “Sorry, I know you’re still a virgin, too. But—”

“No I’m not,” Brie blurted out, then instantly regretted it.

Elsie’s mouth gaped. “You’re not— since when?”

Brie blushed. “Nevermind. I was just kidding.”

Elsie’s eyes bored into Brie, “No, that wasn’t a joke. You’re a bad liar. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Brie snapped back coolly.

“What? You fuckin’ watched me,” Elsie snorted.

“No I didn’t,” Brie hissed, then whispered, “Oliver wasn’t your first. You told him you weren’t a virgin.”

Now it was Elsie’s turn to blush. She didn’t dare tell Brie that it was her father who was her first. “That— that was just a joke.”

“Now who’s lying?” Brie leered. “You made such a big deal about how ‘virginity is just a social construct’.”

Elsie smirked, her eyes flitting back and forth.

“Tell me who it was,” Brie demanded, crossing her arms.

Elsie’s expression switched quickly to worry. “I can’t,” she said quietly, uncharacteristically timid.

“Why not?”

“Because…” Elsie trailed off.

Brie suddenly felt cold. A wash of sweat broke out across her body. In the pit of her stomach, she suddenly knew. “My dad.”

Elsie cowered and squeaked, “Don’t hate me.”

“Whoa,” Brie was stunned. They both sat in silence for a moment. “Saturday? That’s why you were naked when we woke up.”

Elsie nodded, wincing, ready for the blowback.

But it never came. Brie didn’t want to start a fight and have Elsie dig in her heels and start prodding her back about her own first experience. “So then what happened? With Mallory, I mean,” she asked coolly.

Elsie ventured on with her story, hesitantly at first, surprised that Brie didn’t seem to care that her best friend had sex with her father.

“Oh, um, well, anyway, it was her turn to choose again and she picked truth again. I asked if she had ever done oral. She said no, she couldn’t even get a boyfriend. She seemed pretty frustrated.

“So then it was my turn, and she said, ‘Who are all the people you’ve had sex with?’ and I told her a college boy and an… older man.” Elsie looked sincerely at Brie and said, “I wasn’t just going to tell her it was your dad.”

“Then she asked me how old, and I said our Daddy’s age.

“She said, ‘Holy shit’ and swallowed real hard. She asked me who it was, but then I realized she already got an extra question out of me and I clammed up. I heard her start to kind of fidget around, and I knew she was getting a little turned on and probably ready to take a dare.

“But it was my turn again to ask and she surprised me by picking truth. I wasn’t expecting that, but I thought for a sec and then asked, ‘Would you ever want a girlfriend?’

“She blushed and giggled and said, ‘I have girlfriends.’” Elsie frowned and added, “She totally knew what I meant, though!

“I said, ‘No, dummy, not your friends. I mean like a boyfriend—but a girlfriend.’

“She was quiet for a while and then she said in this too-calm voice, ‘No, I’m not a lesbian.’

“I was like, ‘You don’t have to be a lesbian to like girls.’

“Then do you know what she said? She said, ‘Well, you didn’t ask if I liked girls!’”

Brie snorted. “Wow, do you think she does like girls, then?”

“I dunno,” Elsie answered, “I never got to ask her, but I kinda think she might.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

“Well, let me finish my story.”

Brie nodded. Her heart was beating in her chest. She was enraptured with her best friend’s tale about her racy game.

“Next it was my turn, but I knew if I picked truth, she was going to ask about, you know, your dad, and I didn’t want to tell her anything about that! So, I was basically forced to pick dare.

“She must have been getting antsy and said, ‘I dare you to take your pajamas off.’

“That was easy, so I did just that. I had this one-piece romper on with spaghetti straps, and I shimmied out of it under the covers, yanked it out, and dropped it on the floor.

“Mallory shined her flashlight on me and made me pull back the covers so she could check, and she got annoyed when she realized I wasn’t completely naked. ‘You can’t leave your panties on!’ she said.

Brie threw her hands up. “Panties aren’t part of pajamas! It’s just underwear.”

Elsie pointed and said, “That’s what I told her and she grumbled, ‘Well I meant all your clothes,’ so I mocked and said well then she should have said that for the dare.’”

Brie smiled, “You turned the tables back on her.”

“I know,” Elsie giggled, “but I don’t think she got the joke. She just whined some more until I told her to just pick truth-or-dare.

“She finally stopped holding out on me and said dare! So I dared her to let me cuddle her in her bed.”

“That’s it?” Brie asked quizzically.

“What do you mean?”

“That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal.”

Elsie rolled her eyes. “You wouldn’t know this because you’re a single child. But Mallory hasn’t let me be that close to her since she started getting boobs.”

“I thought you’d seen each other play with yourselves before.”

“Only with covers on or with the lights off,” Elsie corrected, “But now here I am, half naked and wanting to get in her bed? It was a big deal, and you could tell, because she almost said no. It was quiet for a really long time, and finally she said, almost in a whisper, ‘Okay.’

“My heart skipped a beat as I slipped out from under my covers. I grabbed my flashlight and quickly padded over to her bed and she opened the covers to let me in. It was such a thrill being close to her, and I couldn’t help but shiver, even though she was very warm under the sheet.

“We shifted around quite a bit to get settled; we have small, single beds. Eventually she spooned me and draped her hand over my torso. I could feel her tits press against my back. They were warm and soft, and her nipples were hard. It was so nice.”

Brie chimed in dreamily, “That does sound nice. I sometimes go to my parents in their room if I wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night, or if it’s storming, and it’s always so warm. But they always make me go back to my own bed sooner or later.” Brie thought about her recent trysts with both of her parents and in the back of her head she wondered just how much things would change because of that. “So, is that where it ended?”

“Oh no. We laid there for a few minutes, and she kind of started rubbing my back a little bit. I could feel my pussy getting real wet again and my nerves were causing me to tremble.

“Mallory said, ‘Why are you shaking?’

“‘Because I’m nervous.’

“‘What are you nervous about?’

“‘I don’t really know,’ I said, ‘but this feels nice.’

“From behind me, she pressed her face into my hair and inhaled slowly, taking in the scent, then exhaled. Finally, she whispered ‘Truth or dare?’

“From this point on, they’re just dares, so she dared me to get all the way naked in bed with her. I swallowed and shimmied out of my panties under the cover. I held them up to her and showed her, but she said she had to check again. She leaned down to my ankles and brushed her hands up my body, feeling her way up, and when she got to my hips, sure enough, no panty line.

“Then she felt around, caressing both cheeks of my bottom. She hummed sweetly, and I think she liked what she felt. She even started to move her hands between my thighs but I wonder if she felt my wetness, because she quickly stopped and moved her hand back onto my hip.

“My throat was dry, but I managed to quip, ‘Anything there?’

“She laughed quietly, ‘Nope, just a baby smooth bottom.’

“It felt so nice laying there with her. I wiggled my butt into her crotch and entwined my legs around hers, encouraging her to explore more. She got the hint. She felt down my waist to my hip bones, and she even got pretty close to my cunny crack, but she chickened out again and moved up to my tummy, and finally up to my boobs. I felt my nipples stiffen under her caress and then she stopped rubbing and said quietly, ‘What’s my dare?’

“I liked being naked with her, but I wanted her to feel it, too, so I answered, ‘I dare you to let me take off all of your clothes.’”

“She quickly agreed, and I knew I was finally getting somewhere. Even so, she wasn’t going to make it easy for me. I think she was still timid and also don’t think she really knew what to do, since she’s never had anyone else take off her clothes before. She just laid there under the covers. She was wearing a two-piece pajama set with a tight top that said ‘I’ll be in bed today’ and matching pajama shorts. I fumbled around quite a bit to get her shirt off from under the covers and she tried to help, too, but everything kept getting twisted in the sheet and all staticky. Finally I had enough and just pulled the sheet off of us and straddled on top of her.”

“You were naked,” Brie reminded Elsie. “Did she see you?”

“Yeah, sort of. It was dark, but we could see each other a little bit in the moonlight. I didn’t really care.”

“No surprise there,” Brie scoffed.

Elsie grinned. “Anyway, I grabbed her shirt and she lifted herself up enough for me to get it over her back. Even before I pulled it over her head, I could see her titties.”

Brie cleared her throat. “What were they like?”

“Even though she’s my sister, they looked nice. Bigger than both of ours.”

“That’s not hard for me,” Brie complained, “I’m still flat, and I don’t think my chest is going to grow any bigger.”

“I don’t mind my small chest,” Elsie said, “All the girls with big boobs always talk about how they’re bad for your back. Anyway, some guys might like it.” Elsie then added wistfully, “Oliver seemed to.”

“Well yours are still a little bigger than mine.”

“Hunter didn’t complain, either,” Elsie smirked.

“Maybe I’m still hazy from my last blackout, but as I recall, Hunter only cared about my mouth.”

Elsie laughed and said, “Well, from my experience, you do have a pretty good mouth.”

Brie blushed.

“Now, where were we?”

“Your sister has nice tits.”

“Yeah, not too big, not too small. After I got her top off, I reached down and squeezed one. It was pretty cool. I felt her nipple sticking out, but Mal flinched and told me that touching wasn’t part of the dare, so I had to stop.”

“So next were her pants?” Brie asked.

“Yep, I climbed off of her and slipped them off. It was easier, cuz she just had to lift her butt up off the mattress. She was down to just her panties at that point.”

Brie licked her lips. “And what did they look like?”

“It was hard to see in the dark, but they were basic. Striped. But anyway, it was time for them to come off. This time I climbed back on her and straddled her stomach, but this time facing her feet. That made her giggle and ask what I was doing. I shushed her and said, ‘I didn’t specify how was going to take them off.’ She reluctantly accepted, and she got a good look at my naked butt while I did it.

“I grabbed her undies and pushed them down her legs. She lifted her knees toward me, and I slipped them over, and then she pulled one leg out, leaving them dangling off her other ankle.

“There, right below me, was her naked cunny, about four inches from mine. It was amazing. Her two bare lips stared back at me. I was so turned on. Even though I wasn’t supposed to touch her, I caressed her inner thighs up to her vagina and brushed my fingers over her cunny lips. They were soft and hot, and kind of slick like mine was.

“But she wasn’t expecting it and squeaked loudly when I did it. She covered her mouth, but I heard daddy coming down the hall. We didn’t know what to do! I started to bolt to my bed, but Mallory pushed me down between her legs and pulled the sheet over us both, hiding me under it completely.

“Suddenly I had my head right up against her tummy, just above her pussy mound! I could smell her, and it made my chest tight and my head spin.

“Daddy cracked the door open and whispered, ‘Is everything alright?’

“I heard Mallory respond, ‘Yeah, I just had a bad dream.’

“Then he said, ‘Are you okay, Els?’

“I thought I had been caught. I wasn’t in my bed, and surely if he didn’t notice then, he would soon. Luckily, myself sister said, ‘I think she’s still asleep.’

“Then he just said said goodnight and left. It must have been dark enough that he couldn’t see that I wasn’t still in bed. When I heard the door shut, I realized I had been holding my breath. I exhaled and my hot breath against my sister’s pussy caused her to moan. She pulled the sheet back down over me, and when the moonlight shone on her again, I couldn’t resist any more. I dove in to her, giving her slit a long lick from the bottom of it to her clit.

“She nearly screamed again, but held it back, instead just squealing quietly into the palm of her hand. She kicked me off of her. ‘What are you doing? That’s gross! You’re my sister.’

“I felt kind of embarrassed, because I guess she was right, so I tried to cover for my actions: ‘I was just trying to tickle you.’

“‘Well, it doesn’t tickle, it feels… weird. And anyway, it wasn’t part of your dare.’

“I laid back down next to her and said, ‘Well, it’s your turn to give me a dare.’

“She said, ‘Since you’re so horny, I dare you to play with yourself now.’

“I was kind of disappointed. ‘That’s it?’ I said.

Brie interrupted, “What do you mean?”

“Mal asked the same thing. I was like, ‘We’ve done that a lot already. It’s not really a dare-dare, you know? Don’t you want me to do something more? Something that’s actually daring?’

“She thought for a short while and then she flicked on her flashlight and said, ‘Okay, you have to let me watch.’

“I agreed and took a deep breath. I reached down with both hands and she followed them with her flashlight until I reached my cunny. I spread my lips apart, and Mallory leaned in to get a closer look. It sent a rush through me. I wanted to give her a better view, so I spread my legs, hooking one over hers, and dangling the other off the side of the bed.

“I could hear her breath quavering, and feel her heart beating in my body.

“I looked down myself and could see my inner thighs glistening in the dim light. I started rubbing my clit, and it was already super-slick and swollen. Mal was quiet, so we could hear the wetness of my slick crack as I worked it, along with my heavy breathing and soft grunts.

“Every so often, I would bring my fingers up and taste myself.

“She asked me, ‘What does it taste like?’

“‘You haven’t tasted yourself?’

“‘No,’ she said timidly. ‘It seems weird.’

“I said, ‘You think everything is weird.’ I held my finger up to her and said, ‘You can try it if you want.’

“She scoffed, ‘You’re so gross, Elsie. I’m not going to lick you.’

“‘It’s not like you’re licking my swimsuit area!’ I insisted.

“‘I don’t care. It’s still from your vagina, and you’re my little sister. You’re nuts.’

“I was annoyed. I said, ‘Who cares? We’ve masturbated together lots by now. It’s basically the same thing.’

“‘Yeah, but we don’t touch each other.’

“I wiggled the leg I had hanging over hers. ‘You don’t seem to mind this.’

“She was just like, ‘So? Just finish your dare,’ and then she was quiet, just watching me continue to work my slit. I could feel her chest rising beside me and I could tell she was getting even more turned on. Then she swallowed and said quietly, “You can give me my next dare, and we could do them together.”

“I knew she was getting horny and wanted to masturbate along with me, but since it was my challenge, I figured I’d give her a dare to remember.”

Elsie then leaned in closely to Brie and said with a smirk. “I told her, ‘I dare you to let me go down on you.’”

Brie gasped, “You were gonna eat out your sister?”

Elsie crossed her arms, “She was giving me so much shit about it being wrong, I was like, I could do it. It’s not that big of a deal, right? It’s not like I can get her pregnant. She was giving me something to prove, and I was up for the challenge. I was sure she would give in, but she’s such a chicken. She said ‘No way!’ and then suggested, ‘What if I just masturbated, too?’”

“‘That’s not the dare,’ I insisted.

“‘But I’m not a lesbian,’ she whined.

“‘Neither am I. You can just close your eyes and pretend I’m some boy instead.’

“‘But you’re family.’

“Finally, I was like, ‘Fine, you don’t have to do it, but you’ll lose the game if you don’t do the dare.’

“She said, ‘So what? It’s just a dumb game.’

Elsie frowned at Brie. “I guess she had me there. I didn’t have anything else. She called my bluff, so I backed down. But I still hadn’t cum yet, and I know Mallory still wanted to, too. So I thought quickly and said, ‘Fine, you don’t have to let me go down on you, but, you have one last chance. If you don’t want to lose the game, then you have to do whatever I say next.’

“Fine with me,’ she replied. ‘I don’t have to do anything, and I don’t care about losing the game.’

“I turned on my flashlight and pointed it at her. ‘I dare you to fuck yourself… with your flashlight as a dildo.’”

“OMG, what did she do?” Brie asked.

“She giggled in, like, a bashful kind of way and shied away from the light. I didn’t get it, at first, but then she nodded and said, ‘Okay, but if I do this dare, then you lose the game. And I’m going to use this instead.’ Then then she leaned over me to open the drawer of her side table and pulled out this big rubber cock!”

Brie was dazed. “Holy shit, Mallory has a dildo?”

“I know!” exclaimed Elsie loudly, before she looked around and brought her level back down. “She said Mom gave it to her when she turned 13, after she got the sex talk. Mom said she could use it until the right boy came along.”

Brie was in awe. “Wow. What did it look like?”

“It was smooth on one end, like a tube full of glittery, purple jelly, and on the other end, it actually looked like a cock, like what Oliver and Hunter had, but definitely a bit bigger. Probably bigger than your dad!”

Brie blushed, thinking back to the feeling of her father’s cock expanding within her. She couldn’t imagine something being bigger than that.

“Sorry,” Elsie said, “I probably shouldn’t just say stuff like that to you.”

“Talk more about the dildo,” Brie evaded.

“I was kind of surprised Mom got her such a realistic-looking sex toy. It was flexible, bendable, but stiff at the same time.”

“So, did she do the dare?” Brie asked, her voice cracking somewhat.

“Yes! Mallory reached down and started sliding it up and down her crack, getting it all wet from her pussy. She started moaning right away. She was really in heat. I had my flashlight on her now, and I watched as the side with the cock split her plump lips open and got all slippery in her juices. I could see them sticking and glistening off of the dildo. It kinda looked like her pussy was giving it a kiss.

“Then, once it was all slick with her girl-cum, she lowered it down to her hole and placed it at the entrance. She bit her lip and gave it a push, and it went inside. We both gasped as it did. Hers was in pleasure and mine in wonder. Slowly, her pussy got acclimated to the size, and made the whole thing slick for each inch it pushed inside of her. Finally, it bottomed out and she whispered, ‘It’s all the way in.’ A little less than half was sticking out of her.

“I suddenly remembered that I could still masturbate, too, and I immediately started circling my little clitty with my finger again. Mallory started slowly pumping her toy in and out of her, and moaned into my ear.

“I turned toward her and wrapped both of my legs around one of hers and wedged my hand into my cunny crack. I kind of thrust my hips at her and the motion slowly inched me closer and closer to her. Soon I had buried my head into her neck and was mewling uncontrollably.

“Mallory whispered to herself, ‘Fuck, I can’t believe I’m letting my little sister watch me fuck myself with this dildo.’

“‘Why is this so hot?’ I moaned into her neck.

“‘You know why, Els. Because it’s wrong. You’re not supposed to like watching your sister play with herself. It’s dirty because we’re related, yet you’re watching me split my pussy open and fuck myself with this dildo. It goes against nature for siblings to have sex and that’s what’s making it exciting.’

“I was already primed from jilling off before and her naughty words were enough to finish me off. I felt the orgasm rushing from deep within me, and it exploded out through my clitty. ‘Fuck, Mal, I’m cumming,’ I cried, and reached over and hugged my sister close, feeling her warm tits against my arm. My thrusting grew wild, and my mound crashed against her hips sending waves of pleasure up from my pussy.

“I moaned as softly as I could while my orgasm seared through my body. I pressed my juicy cunt against my own sister’s bare thigh, smearing my cum onto her virginal body. I kissed my way up her neck and to her cheeks.

“I probably would have kissed her lips, but all too soon, I began to calm down. The aftershocks fluttered through me, and it slowly dawned on me that my experience was nearing its close. I knew I was going to have to go back to my bed again, but I intended to lay there next to her as long as I could.

“I sighed in satisfaction and watched Mallory pumping the fake cock more rapidly, more intently. She grunted more urgently each time she speared it speared into her. It was gliding smoothly within her now, in and out. I could hear her juices sloshing. While she frigged herself, she turned to me, eyes just slits and a dreamy smile on her face. She said softly, through her groaning, ‘You lose the game, Els.’

“I couldn’t help but smile. She was right. She fucked herself according to the dare, which meant I had lost. I didn’t say anything. I nodded in acceptance of the defeat. I just watched her pump the sex toy in and out of her pussy and caressed her nipples with my hand. She didn’t care that I was touching her so closely anymore. But then she said something I really wasn’t expecting: ‘I dare you to use the dildo on me.’”

“Whoa,” Brie croaked out, barely a whisper. Her throat was dry and were eyes were wide.

Elsie smiled at Brie’s intense interest. “I couldn’t believe she said it. I said, ‘I thought the game was over,’ and then regretted it. I thought she would take it back.

“She shrugged and sighed, ‘It’s still a dare.’

“I immediately rolled on top of her and slid down her body to get between her legs. She moved her hands away and the dildo started to slip out of her. She was so wet and tight that her pussy was just squeezing it right out. I quickly grabbed it and pressed it back into her. She whined aloud as she was penetrated by something beyond her own control for the first time in her life. I had to shush her again, because I thought I could hear shuffling outside, and I was afraid that Dad might come check on us again.

“Luckily he didn’t. I pointed my flashlight at her split and studied all of its details. Her labia was smooth and kind of reddish around the edges. In her slit, it was really pink and wet and it looked really soft. I saw where the dildo entered her, stretching her elastic entrance, and it was beading up with her fluids. Her scent was dizzying.

“I knew she didn’t want me to eat her out, but I still wanted another taste, so I swiped some of her juice that was dripping off the dildo and licked it off my finger.” Elsie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, signaling to Brie that she enjoyed it.

“Mal was encouraging me, saying, ‘Like that, Els, that feels so good. Go faster.’ Then she started rubbing her clit with one of her hands. Since I only needed one hand to work the dildo, I brought my other one up to do that for her, too. I pushed her hand away, unsure if she would let me actually touch her, you know right on her cunny, but surprisingly, she did. Her hands reached back and gripped her headboard and she hissed out, “Fuck, Sis, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“I rubbed her clitty quickly and lightly with my thumb, occasionally slowing down to apply more pressure. Her hips started thrusting up, practically to my face, and I thought again about going down on her. I mean, I already was down on her, and her cunny was right there, right in front of me.

“So I went for it. I leaned down an inch, stuck out my tongue, and pressed it against her slit, and suddenly I was eating out my big sister. She squealed quietly and thrust wildly into me, and I thought she was going to break my nose with her hips, so I grabbed her butt with my free hand and just held her there with her back arched into the air, as much as I could. She just rocked her hips while I hammered the toy into her and flicked my tongue up and down her gash and swirled it around her little love bud.

“That’s when she came. She thrashed on the bed, covering her mouth with one hand, and gripping the headboard with the other. It startled me, but I kept at her. She kind of flooded with juices—not like you do—but they still streamed down the dildo. I mostly kept my tongue focused on her clit, but I licked up some of what came out. It was tangy and yummy. She squealed breathlessly, trying to keep the noise down, but the bed springs were pretty squeaky and she was going crazy. Finally, I thought to lay on top of her, to keep her still, so I crawled on top of her and put my whole weight on her. She was warm and slick with sweat and her bigger boobs were soft under my head.

“I brought my face up to hers and she shocked me when she leaned up and kissed me, full force on the lips. With tongue, even. I was sure she’d be able to taste herself on my lips, and I didn’t think she’d like that, but she didn’t seem to care. Between kisses, she gasped, ‘I love you. I love you, Els.’ And then back into kissing.

“We made out for quite a long time while she came down from her orgasm, and I was starting to get turned on again, especially watching my sister cum up close.”

Brie interrupted, “Cummies that you gave her!”

Elsie blushed, “Yeah, well, you know what I mean. I was pretty revved up again. I still held the dildo in Mallory’s pussy, but I had slowed down my rhythm quite a bit. I just kind of subtly pushed it in her, and her natural tightness would squeeze it back out again. Just before it would pop out, I would push it back in again until it couldn’t go any further. Feeling it going in and out of my sister’s body, I was just overcome by this sensation that I needed to get my pussy fucked again, too.”

“Jesus, Els, you’re so horny,” Brie said.

“That’s rich, coming from you,” Elsie retorted. “I wanted to keep it going, before my sister came down too far from her cum high. I was afraid she would change her mind, so I leaned into her ear and whispered, ‘I dare you to let me fuck you.’

“This time, she didn’t protest. She turned her face to mine and said, ‘How would you do that?’

“‘I have an idea,’ and I leaned back so that my butt was in between her legs. Then I positioned one of her legs so it was on top of mine.”

“You were scissoring?” Brie asked.

“Exactly,” said Elsie, “But Mallory still had the dildo inside her. It was long enough that the other end was sticking out of her, a little less than half way. I moved myself closer to her until the rounded point began to divide my cunny lips, and that’s when Mallory understood what I was getting at.”

“Holy shit,” whispered Brie, her throat dry, “You shared the dildo.”

“It was a little awkward at first, but it was still pretty hot,” said Elsie. “We both started inching toward each other to push the opposite end of the fake cock up into my puss. We were both giggling softly, as it took a bit of doing to make it work. It was hard to work it in the two of us at the same time from the angles we were laying, and the damn thing was thick, so it kept not wanting to go inside me. By the time we got it, it fit very snugly. It was a little big, but it was already so lubed up with Mal’s girl-cum. That helped a lot. I sighed when I felt my insides fill up again, and Mal was enjoying the opposing pressure from her end, each time I pushed on it with my body.

“I could feel the dildo going in almost as deep as it could when our pussies touched. I looked down where we connected and saw our labia locked together. I couldn’t help but giggle and I said, ‘Look, it looks like our pussies are kissing.’

“Mal laughed, too, and said, ‘It does. Wanna make out with our pussies?’ That made me snort, but I nodded with a heady smile.

“I started to press myself up against her and she closed her eyes and did the same thing. Our pussy lips mashed together and I couldn’t even see the sex toy connecting us. There was just a little bit of room inside the two of us that if we squeezed down with our cunny muscles, we could shift the dildo back and forth between our bodies. So we worked together in this way for a while, penetrating one another with the same cock, gasping and moaning quietly. It really felt like I was being fucked by my sibling. We were fucking each other.

“I looked down at our connection and saw the thin, transparent fluid of our lovemaking seeping out, mixing together, and running down our cracks. Then I scanned up my sister’s body and watched as she undulated against me, her small tits bouncing with every thrust against me. It was sexy to see someone I was so close to engaging in the most personal act, lost in the ultimate pleasure, especially knowing that I was the one giving it to her. It was very naughty and extremely hot and we were both red and sweaty from the workout. She cracked her eyes open and saw me staring at her and blushed even deeper.

“‘You’re really fucking me, Elsie,’ my sister said, panting.

“‘And you’re really fucking me, Mallory.’

“‘Now I can say I’m no longer a virgin. I can’t believe my own sister took my virginity. I’m so embarrassed, but so turned on.’

“‘Do you regret it?’ I asked.

“‘Not at all, Elsie, I’m glad it was you.’

“‘I’ve wanted this since we first started masturbating together,’ I whined.

“‘I didn’t know it then, but I have, too,” Mal returned.

“We started humping each other faster and faster, trying not to moan out loud. I had one hand over my mouth and I moved the other to our kissing cunnies, where I pressed my thumb against Mal’s little clitty. I could feel the pleasure surge through her and she bit the back of her hand, then moved her fingers to my clitty, where she returned the favor.

“Soon, the bed springs were squeaking while we were wildly thrashing against each other, whimpering as loudly as we thought we could get away with, flicking our hands rapidly across each others’ slits, and leaking our collective cum all over Mallory’s sheets.

“‘You’re gonna make me cum,’ I rasped, ‘You’re gonna make me cum, Mal.’

“‘Cum for me, Els!’ she cried. ‘Cum for your big sister.’

“And sure enough, I did. And watching me cumming brought her over the edge, too. I tensed up briefly, then squealed aloud as the pleasure once again took hold. She followed suit. There was nothing that could hold us back now, and we laid there writhing and sobbing and cumming on each others’ pussies. We fucked the rubber cock, wildly bouncing off each others’ cunts, our soft pussy lips slapping wetly. The rims of our holes frothed with our flooding juices.

“It was something I will never forget.

“We came down from our orgasmic high gently. Mallory moaned and brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting my juices while I lazily continued to circle her clit with mine, coaxing out the last of her orgasm.”

“That sounds incredible,” Brie wondered, entranced by Elsie’s story.

“It was incredible,” Elsie confirmed, but then she frowned. “Then my dad had to spoil the fun.”

“Oh my god, no!”

“Yep,” Elsie said wryly. “Suddenly, we heard the floor creak outside our door. I realized how loud we must have been when we came and knew that one of our parents was coming to check on us. The trouble was that we were so tangled up with each other, and connected by the dildo, there was nothing we could do to move! I clawed ineffectually for a cover, but the door swung open and there was my dad. ‘Everything alright, girls?’ he said softly. He could see us in the dim light, our naked bodies illuminated by our flashlights, and he got very concerned. He said, ‘What’s going on in here?’ Then he flicked on the overhead light!

“There we were, completely exposed; his two little girls, naked, pussy-to-pussy in our post-orgasmic reverie. ‘What are you two doing?’ he asked in shock. Neither of us could say anything. We were mortified. Finally, he said sternly, ‘Elsie, get to bed.’

“I didn’t have a choice but to move. As I went to get up, I pulled myself away from Mal, and slid off the dildo. I heard Daddy choke when he realized we had been sharing the sex toy. It slipped out of Mal, too, and she covered up as soon as I left her bed, and I heard her quickly put it back in her nightstand drawer next to her bed.

“I stalked over to my bed fully naked—with the overhead light still on, mind you—and crawled in. Omg, I was so embarrassed! Once I was there, Dad just said, ‘Go to sleep,’ and then turned off the light and closed the door.

“We laid there quietly in the darkness for a long time. I didn’t know what to say, but I wanted to say something. Finally, I said, “I love you, Mallory.’

“‘She said, ‘You can’t tell anybody about this.’

“I promised her I wouldn’t.”

Brie scoffed, “Nice to see you kept your promise for a whole twelve hours.”

Elsie rolled her eyes. “You know I tell you everything. But it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone else.”

“So what happened after that? Did your dad say anything to you this morning?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything! Dad was gone in the early morning, before we even got up to get ready for school. He must have left early to go to work or something. And Mom didn’t say anything, so Dad probably didn’t tell her what he saw.” Elsie paused and considered. “Well, maybe he told her something, cuz she asked me how my night was, which doesn’t usually happen. But, maybe it was nothing.

“And Mallory didn’t say anything to me. She avoided me the whole morning. We crossed paths a couple times, but she wouldn’t look at me. I think she’s really embarrassed by it all.”

“Yeah,” Brie chided, “you’re sisters, after all.”

Elsie scoffed, “Are you embarrassed about your mom touching you?”

“Well, kinda,” Brie answered, “I mean, I don’t care if you know, but I don’t want anyone else to know. Everyone already knows I jilled off in class. I would literally die if one more thing got out.”

Just then, the two girls heard a voice cut through the din of the school cafeteria. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the school sluts.”

They turned to look at a dark-haired classmate of theirs, Gretchen Powder, standing by with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

Brie shrank visibly, but Elsie raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” she said.

Gretchen sneered, “My brother said he saw you at the mall yesterday. He said he saw your boobs and your pussies.”

“You’re just jealous that we’ve actually gotten laid and you’re still a virgin,” Elsie shot back.

Gretchen’s face twisted in contempt. “I’m saving myself for my wedding night,” she huffed. She sensed Brie would be the weaker prey, so she turned to her. “And what have you got to say for yourself, slut?”

Brie demurred.

“Fuck off!” exclaimed Elsie. “Leave us alone.”

Gretchen stalked behind Brie, leaned over her, and quietly stated with an evil grin, “My brother said he’s going to rape you.”

“That’s it!” shouted Elsie. She sprang from her seat and over the lunch table, claws out. The entire lunchroom quieted and turned to face the commotion. Elsie dove at Gretchen and tore at the girl’s hair and scratched her face. Gretchen shrieked and ducked away. Elsie grabbed her by the shirt, stretching it, the fabric tearing audibly. Gretchen couldn’t flee far without ripping it completely away and she squealed again, this time wheeling back around and clocking Elsie on the nose with a balled fist.

Elsie staggered backwards and shook out the stars. She shouted, “Wretched Gretchen, you make me retch!”

“Bitch!” the girl cried in return, “I hope you do get raped!”

Elsie shrieked and renewed her assault on her classmate, clobbering her to the ground, scratching her, and pulling at her hair and clothes. The rest of the lunchroom swirled around the two, now hooting and cheering at the action.

Soon the school principal intervened, wading through the morass of students, and picked Elsie up by her waist, “Don’t touch me!” she cried, flailing at him.

He set her down and gripped the back of her shirt, then leaned down and, offering his hand, pulled Gretchen from the ground. “My office, now,” was all he said, and pushed the two girls toward it. Elsie’s hair was frazzled and her nose ran with blood. It ran over her lips, down her chin, and dotted onto her shirt. She passed by Brie and grinned wildly at her friend, who stared back at her with wide eyes.

“Thank you,” Brie mouthed. At that moment, the day had become too much for the poor girl to bear. Between stares and comments from her classmates, her teacher’s lewd blackmail, and the threats and fighting, Brie had had enough. She took her get-out-of-jail-free card and went to the main office to call her dad. He immediately agreed to pick her up.

While she waited, Elsie was eventually released from the principal’s office. She noticed Brie and went up to her right away. “You waited for me?”

Brie chuckled glumly. “Sort of. I called my daddy to take me home. I’ve had it with today.”

“Lucky,” Elsie said.

“How did it go in there?”

“Pretty good! I told him what Gretchen said, and she actually didn’t deny it. She told him we were sluts and we should get raped and we were going to hell.”

“God, she’s awful,” Brie said.

“He basically said as much and gave her a week’s detention. She’s still getting an earful about ‘bodily agency’ in there.”

“Hah, good. And you got off scot-free?”

“No,” Elsie grimaced, “I got a week for fighting.”

“You still have blood on your nose,” Brie pointed out.

Elsie sniffed.

The office assistant interrupted them. “Brie, your father is here. And Elsie, here’s your hall pass.” She leaned over the desk toward them and said, “I heard what you did for your friend, so I put a late return time on it, so you can take your time.” She winked.

“Cool!” Elsie said. She turned to Brie, “Alright, see you tomorrow. The halls are calling.”


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