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All participants in this story are no younger than 18 years of age.
Ivy met the Novas in the foyer of their home. She spoke quietly.

“Elsie’s on my phone on the couch. Brie’s asleep in her bed. She passed out on stage.”

“Passed out?” Warrick asked, concerned.

“She’s okay.” Ivy reassured him. “She didn’t have a big fall, but she had a, well… a dramatic experience, you could say.” Ivy turned to Hazel, “Did you tell him what I told you?”

Hazel shook her head, “Not fully, but I’ve prepared him.”

“Damn, you’re gonna make me say it again?”

“I thought it would be best that it not come from me second-hand. You were the one who was there.” Hazel urged.

Ivy took a deep breath and turned to Warrick. “I went to the mall to go to the fashion show, and discovered that Brie and Elsie were modeling in the show.”

“Modeling?” Warrick asked, surprised. He looked to his wife to see what she knew about it.

Hazel shrugged, “It’s news to me, too.” She turned to Ivy. “Does Elsie have any answers?”

“She said they worked out a deal for free makeup and clothing from Libertine and Scarlet if they volunteered.”

“Sneaky kids,” Warrick admitted. “Brie’s always trying to get me to go into Scarlet with her so that I’ll buy overpriced leggings or whatever.”

“Anyway, the point is, Brie had three walks up on stage and she looked like she was in worse and worse shape each time she came out on stage. The last time, she was completely strung out. I’m concerned that she was maybe drugged. She ended up—” Ivy swallowed the lump in her throat, searching for the right word, “—gratifying herself on stage. Twice.”

Even though Ivy was concerned for the young girl, as she relived the scene in her mind, she felt her nether region get notably moist. She didn’t want to feel it, not if Brie was in trouble, but yet she couldn’t help but admit that somehow the scene, in hindsight, was imbued with a strange kind of eroticism.

Hazel furrowed her brow in concern. Despite her sureness that Brie shared her same super-orgasmic affliction, as a mother, she couldn’t put off the fact that her daughter might have been taken advantage of while she was vulnerable. “We’ll have to investigate and make sure nothing happened to her.”

“To be fair,” said Ivy, “Elsie did say that they were well taken care of back stage. And Elsie herself seems fine.”

“That is somewhat assuring,” Hazel admitted.

“Good,” said Warrick.

“Maybe the nerves of being on stage got to her,” Ivy offered, “but I still don’t know what was going through her mind when she stripped off her skimpy bathing suit in front of the crowd and… brought herself to climax.”

“Let’s not fall all over ourselves getting too clinical,” Hazel tutted, “We’re all adults here, and I think we all understand what happened. You can say masturbate or cum or jilled off or whatever.” She looked around at the other two, who both nodded, though they blushed. “Well now, shall we have a chat with Elsie?”

They filed into the living room where Elsie was watching a phone video of a kid opening birthday toys on her YouTube channel. She was still in the bikini she wore during her final trip down the runway. She had dropped off her shoes on the floor and was kicking her bare feet against the couch as she absent-mindedly watched the video.

“Elsie, time to give the phone back to Ivy,” Hazel instructed.

“Okay,” she said half-heartedly, but obeyed without any objection. The adults all sat around her, focused. Elsie shrank in her seat. “Am I in trouble?” she asked.

The room gave out a snicker and attempted to relax. “No, kiddo, you’re not in trouble,” said Hazel. “We just want to know a little bit more about what happened this afternoon.”

“You mean on stage?” Elsie clarified.

“Yes,” Hazel nodded.

“Um, I dunno,” the girl replied, matter-of-factly.

“You didn’t see what happened with Brie?”

Ivy interrupted, “She might not have, she was back stage when it happened.”

“I didn’t see,” Elsie confirmed. “After I left the stage, there was a guy there that wanted me to model his company’s clothes for his website. He said he was with Momo! It’s gonna be so awesome,” she said, excitedly dropping the name of the brand, which was hot at her school.

“That’s nice,” Hazel chuckled disinterestedly and followed up with her line of questioning. “Did anything happen to you or Brie back stage before that?”

Elsie thought back to what did happen. They had snuck two older boys backstage with them. Elsie had fucked the older of the two and Brie had given a blowie to the younger one. Then Brie gave her oral, guzzling the cum from inside Elsie’s pussy. The two of them had, in fact, been through a lot that day. However, she wasn’t about to divulge those details with Brie’s parents. “No. We just waited in the waiting room they gave us,” the girl delivered flatly.

“None of the stagehands tried to touch you?” Warrick prodded further.

“Just when they were putting our makeup on,” Elsie said, this time truthfully.

“I mean in your private area.”

Elsie scrunched up her face at the question.

“On your pussy, or tits?” Hazel clarified, looking at Warrick. He grimaced and shrugged.

“No. We got dressed ourselves.”

Ivy chimed in. “Did they give you any drugs?”

Elsie giggled at the thought and rolled her eyes. “No!”

“Then why was Brie looking so strung out on stage?” Ivy asked, getting visibly frustrated.

By now, the two parents had a good idea just what the answer was—it seemed Brie was not drugged, nor molested, and had only succumbed to another public-facing super-orgasm. Hazel cut off Ivy’s interrogation. “Let’s not upset the poor girl. We can assume she’s told us all she saw. Ivy, I think we can take it from here.”

“Fine,” Ivy resigned herself. “I’m gonna go see if I can salvage my date. I owe him one. He distracted security while I had to drag Brie down off the catwalk and sneak the little minx out of the mall half-naked.”

“You didn’t get her dressed?” Warrick asked.

“I didn’t have time to grab her clothes from back stage! The mall cops were after us and they didn’t seem to pleased with the whole incident, so we were in a hurry. But Elsie made sure we got everything.”

Elsie looked proud of herself. “I even got all the new things they promised us,” she said with an impish grin, “like my new bikini.”

“Get your shoes on,” Hazel said, all business, “You’re going home, too.” Elsie frowned, but slid off the couch.

As the neighbor girl got to tying her laces, Ivy said her goodbyes. Relieved of her guardianship, her attitude softened. “Guess I’ll see you on Thursday, Warrick?” she flirted.

Warrick barely caught the hint, “Huh? Oh, yeah. For sure.”

“And I’ll see you tomorrow at work,” Hazel winked. It was a wink that was intended only for Ivy, but Elsie saw it, as well. She watched as the two women embraced lightly and kissed each other on the cheek. A hint of surprise registered on her face when she witnessed them then kiss briefly on the lips, but after the weekend, it hardly shocked her at all. Then Ivy departed.

Hazel turned to her husband and said, “I think I’ll take this one home.”

Elsie piped up. “It’s okay, I can walk home.”

“No Elsie, it’s fine. Besides, Warrick can take care of our daughter while we’re out.”

“Okay,” Warrick said a little dumbly, “What should I do?”

“Take care of her.” Hazel repeated.

“Take care… take care?” Warrick asked, picking up on her euphemism. “Now?”

Hazel nodded, “Like a good, caring father.”

“Okay, um,” Warrick fumbled for words, “did you want to… be there, too?”

“This is your moment, honey. Besides, I need to talk to Elsie in private.”

Warrick cleared his throat. His heartbeat suddenly pounded in his head and if the conversation had gone on any longer, he wouldn’t have been able to listen. A big moment was coming. His moment. He was going to fuck his daughter. He was going to cure her of her embarrassing affliction.

Or was he? He still wasn’t sure this was right, or that any of Hazel’s story wasn’t just a half-cooked justification for her own history of sordid behavior with their child. “Okay, honey. I— I guess I’ll see you in a little while.”

Elsie stopped tugging at her laces, and remained still, trying to puzzle through what the Novas were talking about. She sensed a subtext to their conversation, but couldn’t discern what they were alluding to. It seemed sexual in nature, though, and after Brie admitted to providing both of her parents with oral sex, Elsie’s mind wandered in that direction. Still, she wasn’t sure. Adults often talked over her head.

Suddenly Hazel turned to the girl. “Got your shoes tied?”

“Yes,” Elsie swallowed, quickly finishing the final knot.

“Alright, let’s go.”

In the car, the ride was quiet, and Elsie began to get nervous. Hazel had said that she wanted to talk to her, but now that they were both there, no talking was happening at all. The young girl began to fidget and her hands trembled slightly. Soon they were at her home. The car came to a stop and she reached for the door handle. “Thanks for the ride.”

Before she could get out of the car, Hazel turned to her and grabbed her thigh firmly, holding her there. The young girl immediately sensed that she was in trouble. She turned to the elder Nova with concerned, puppy dog eyes.

“Elsie,” Hazel said in a soft tone, “I know that you had sex with my husband last night.”

Elsie’s heart thudded in her chest. She knew it must have been her night-shirt that had given it away. Warrick had discarded it once he had stripped her of it that steamy evening. After the two of them had climaxed, both her mind and body were exhausted and she lost track of the shirt until she spied Hazel sporting it—along with Brie’s panties—the next morning as she rode her husband. Elsie was completely devoid of excuses and couldn’t say anything. Tears welled on her eyelids.

“Elsie, you’re Brie’s friend…” Then Hazel added, “and I’d like to think you’re my friend, too, but Warrick is my husband. You cheated with him when you fucked him.”

Elsie winced at the f-word. It seemed so much harsher to her ears when she was in trouble. Hazel continued. “Most women wouldn’t take kindly to that. I know you’re very young, and you have a lot to learn about life and how your body exists in it. If you want to run around like a nymphomaniac, that’s fine. That’s your choice. I’m not going to judge you for that.”

Elsie hung her head in shame. She didn’t like being called out as some kind of pervert. A tear streaked down her burning cheek.

Hazel continued her admonishment, “But you can’t cheat. You have to get permission from everybody involved before you make a move like that. You don’t have the experience to understand how you hurt people when you cheat.”

Elsie sniffled, and her voice quavered. “Okay,” she said sadly.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Elsie sniffled again and nodded.

“What am I saying?” Hazel challenged.

The girl stared at the hand on her thigh. It was smooth and warm, yet she felt pinned by Hazel all the same. She was trapped. “I shouldn’t have had sex with Warrick. I’m really sorry, though. It won’t happen again!”

“No, Elsie, that’s not what I said.” Hazel brushed her thumb over the girl’s thigh affectionately. “You can have sex with him, but you should have talked with me about it first.”

Elsie suddenly looked up at Hazel. “I can—?” She stopped short.

Hazel nodded. Elsie wiped her eyes and blushed, fidgeting in her seat. She didn’t want to say anything for fear of the woman reversing her decision. She still didn’t believe it was true.

“Truce?” Hazel asked.

“O—okay,” Elsie could only reply. A relieved smirk cracked on her face.

“Good,” Hazel smiled. “Now, what do you think about having another sleepover next weekend?”

Elsie looked into Hazel’s eyes with restrained enthusiasm. “Really?”

Hazel nodded.

The little girl’s mind flooded with all of the new possibilities that had opened up for her over the past weekend and fantasized about what that might mean for her next weekend. Still, she chose to play it simple. “I can’t wait! We’re going to have so much fun! We can go to the park, and to Trampoline World, and maybe get some more clothes at the mall, and—”

Hazel chuckled. “Okay, okay, don’t make too many plans. Leave some room for surprises. Now, go on and get out of here.”

Elsie reached for the door handle, but once again she felt an arresting squeeze on her thigh.

“One more thing, baby.” Hazel leaned across to the passenger seat and brought her face in close to Elsie’s. She brought her lips in and tenderly kissed the girl on the forehead. Elsie’s heart leapt at the warm softness of the older woman’s lips, and she froze in place. Hazel pulled back slightly but nodded in again, touching the girl with her nose, dragging it down to her face. It tickled Elsie, and she turned to let Hazel kiss her again on the cheek. Hazel could smell the salty tear streaks.

The young girl’s breath trembled and again, Hazel went in for a kiss, diving in to give a nibble on the side of her neck. Elsie took in a sharp breath. Goosebumps formed on her neck and shoulders, and she felt her tiny nipples harden beneath her bikini top. Then she turned and leaned in for a kiss all her own, right on Hazel’s lips, just as she had seen Ivy do. Her best friend’s mother gave a tiny moan. The moment didn’t last long, but it sealed their truce.

Hazel broke away, her face hot and blushing. She eked out a quavering breath and released her grip on the girl’s leg. “Okay, now you can go.”

Elsie sighed, smiling, her own face reddening, and opened the door. “Hazel, you’re so cool,” she said, waving and skipping up the walkway to her house.

Hazel waved in return, smiling to herself, then put the car in gear and drove away.

Elsie reached her front door, dreaming of the week to come. Just when she was about to turn the handle, it swung open before her and she nearly stumbled into her older sister, Mallory, who spoke sternly: “What in the heck?!” Elsie stared at her sister like a deer in headlights. “Charlotte told me Brie was jacking off in public again today.”

“I dunno,” Elsie dodged, “I didn’t see it.”

“You were there, right?” It was more of a statement than a question. Mallory knew that the two best friends were inseparable on the weekends.

Elsie shrugged.

“You were there. Charlotte said that you were.”

“So?” Elsie retorted.

“So, you didn’t see? I wanna know what happened! How did you get that job, anyway? Charlotte said you were good. Is that why you’re wearing a bathing suit? Is that why it’s new? Did you buy it? Did they let you keep it?” Mallory barraged her younger sister with questions faster than the poor girl could keep up with answers.

Elsie just nodded, a sly grin on her face. “I got another gig coming up, too.”

“But, how?” Mallory demanded loudly.

“Chill out, Mal,” Elsie hushed. “I don’t want mom and dad to find out. They’ll flip.”

“Loud Little Elsinora Brannigan is telling someone else to be quiet?” Mallory teased. “Fine, come inside and tell me everything.”

“I will. Just keep quiet. If you can manage that, Brie even showed me a few new tricks I learned that we can, um, try out tonight.” Elsie’s eyes flitted side-to-side, and then she added, “Together.”

Mallory’s eyes widened and her cheeks blushed at their tradition of masturbating together, sister and sister. She wondered what new thing Elsie had in store for her.


Warrick shut the door behind his wife as she herded Elsie to the car. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat, and he was sweating nervously. Hazel told him to “take care” of their daughter, and he well knew what she was implying.

He was to have sex with her and open her girlish world to a new, erotic landscape. Furthermore, he was to cum inside his own child’s pussy, as a last ditch effort to “reset” her deviant, uninhibited, cum-crazed sexuality, to a hopefully more traditional and stable Brie, with a newly awoken, yet restrained, sexual mindset.

Instinctively, he peered up the stairs, toward her bedroom, picturing her small form napping in her single bed. He then set about drawing the blinds on the first level of the house, darkening it considerably. He knew he would not be down stairs while he executed his wife’s taboo request, but it made him feel a little bit safer from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers by.

He sat for a short while in the kitchen contemplating the act he was about to commit, and then decided to try one last hail-Mary that would turn him from the immoral path his wife had set him upon. He pulled out his phone and dialed the pediatrician’s office. It was a Sunday, so he knew it would be closed, but he wanted to exhaust every possibility he could to prove he had done due diligence.

Surprisingly, Dr. Taylor answered the line.


Warrick cleared his throat. “Oh, hello Dr. Taylor. I didn’t expect to get you this late on a Sunday.”

“Oh, yeah, had to run to the office and take care of some X-rays and just got sucked into the work,” he chuckled. “What’s going on? Running in to any problems with Brie?”

“No, no,” Warrick lied, “Everything’s been going great. But, well, Brie is out of medicine and I wanted to see if I could use something else instead.”

“Out of medicine already?” Dr. Taylor asked.

“Yes, she spilled it last night.” Warrick nervously cleared his throat again. “Can I ask, what’s the generic version? Maybe I could pick some up at the drug store.”

There was a long silence, and finally Dr. Taylor responded. “No. No, I’m afraid it’s a prescription formula only. You won’t be able to buy this over the counter.”

Warrick silently cursed himself, unsure what to say next. Finally he blurted out. “Well, at least tell me the active ingredient. As her father, I have a right to know what she’s putting into her body.”

Again a long silence, followed by a long “Umm.”


Warrick heard an audible sigh over the line. “Warrick, I’m a doctor, and I believe it’s my duty not to mince words with my patients and their guardians. So, I’m going to give this to you straight.”

Warrick’s heart beat in his chest. In that moment, he knew his last ditch effort had failed.

“I’m going to tell you what you need to know, but I am not making a recommendation—or judgement—on what you do with this information. The active ingredient in your daughter’s medicine is spermatozoa. It’s human sperm.” The doctor paused to wait for a reaction, but it never came. “The formula we gave you was a mix of various sperm collected from various banks. We try to get a diverse mix because the more genetically similar the sperm cells are to the patient, the more likely it is they will be cured. Yes, she can be cured. We’ve known this for close to a decade now. The more kinds of sperm, the more likely we are to get a close genetic match.”

“Genetically similar,” Warrick repeated.

“Yeah,” Dr. Taylor said tersely.

“I see. So, it’s sperm.”

“Yes. And, if your daughter isn’t cured by taking the medicine orally, you can also try vaginally. But we typically use that as a last resort, considering the spermatozoa is still active and could result in an unwanted pregnancy if the patient in question happens to be ovulating.” There was another long silence before the doctor spoke again. “Do you understand what I’m saying, Mr. Nova?”

“Yes, Doctor, I think I understand everything quite clearly now.”

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, Doctor.”

“Great. Keep me up to date on her progress. You’ll get through this. And remember, no judgement.”

Warrick hung up the phone. Dr. Taylor had outright confirmed everything that his wife told him. He sat for a while in the dark and contemplated his next actions. He wanted to help his daughter. By now, he even wanted to fuck his daughter. But he still didn’t want to hurt his daughter.

His head swam, and he slowly got up. He then went upstairs and found his way to his little girl’s bedroom. It was dark, and Brie dozed quietly in the bed, curled up in the fetal position. Her sheet was pulled up above her chest, and one bare arm remained on top of it.

Warrick could see that she wasn’t wearing a shirt. In fact, he surmised that she likely wasn’t wearing anything at all. There, naked in her narrow bed, she looked peaceful and innocent; one fist was balled, her thumb sticking out slightly, and in the low light, she almost looked like she was sucking her thumb. It reminded Warrick of when she was an innocent little girl not all that long ago.

He sat on the bed and rubbed his daughter’s bare back lightly, causing her to stir. “Hey, kiddo,” Warrick spoke quietly.

Tiny grunts came from Brie as she awoke. She rubbed a bleary eye and moaned, “I don’t wanna go to school today.”

Warrick snorted out a chuckle, “It’s still Sunday, kiddo.”

“Oh,” said Brie, still groggy. Her hair was matted from her nap, not helped by the traces of Oliver and Elsie’s dried cum cracking in it.

“It’s still early, but,” Warrick paused, “I think we should start getting to bed tonight.”

Brie turned to him, one eye still shutting out the light coming from the hallway. “Do I have to?”

“I think so,” Warrick said quietly, “But I think we’re still going to have some fun tonight, before you have to go to sleep for real. If you want. Does that sound good, sweetie?”

“I guess so,” Brie replied, still too delirious to really think about his question. “I’m thirsty.”

“Go get a drink of water, and then put your PJs on.”

Brie sat up and the sheet fell away from her, down to her lap. Warrick thought back to Friday morning when his daughter fought him, refusing to let him see her nude. How so much had changed in such a short period of time.

Brie stayed for a moment, blinking, trying to piece together the events of the day. While she did, Warrick admired her body. Her figure wasn’t as curvy as the other women in his life, but Warrick was unconcerned with that. He liked that her skinny proportions complemented the bodies of Hazel and Ivy. He had his preferences, but he was a man who could admire the many shapes a woman could take.

For a moment, he thought the low light was playing tricks on him, because he couldn’t make out the darkened points of Brie’s nipples, but as he continued to stare, he realized that they had been completely smoothed over. Her body looked like that of a doll’s. He wondered if the pasties were part of the fashion show that she had been involved in. It’s no wonder that the poor girl had masturbated in public, he thought. Getting those attached, with her sensitive nerve endings, must have been torture.

Brie pulled the rest of the sheet off of her and slid herself off the bed. She wandered to her dresser and pulled out a pajama set, then trundled to the bathroom for a drink of water.

As she moved, Warrick watched the light play against his little girl’s body. First the soft glow cast on her skin from the hallway light, then her thin silhouette as she was backlit against it, and finally as she moved into the full light of the hall, her naked backside in all its undraped glory. He admired the beauty of the daughter that he and his wife managed to produce.

Once she disappeared into the bathroom, he sighed deeply, realizing that he had been holding his breath as he watched her leave. Though his daughter’s movements were nothing out of the ordinary, nor designed to turn him on, he found them still sensual and alluring, radiating from her twiggy body. He thought, too, about how wrong that should be for a father, or for any man over three times the age of a girl. He thought about how he wouldn’t tolerate these same thoughts if they came from another man. He thought about what he’d do if he found out Elsie had been fucked by her father or another older man, and he seethed. Yet he had done that same immoral deed just the night before.

Now, in his daughter’s room he sat, waiting to do it again, this time to her. Still, though, in his mind, he had not committed to defiling his offspring, even if his very own wife had made the demand. He knew there must be unseen repercussions for doing so. He decided that he wanted her to make the choice. Just as Hazel made her choice to make love to her father, he wanted Brie to give her consent before he would give his.

He heard the faint snap of the light being snuffed out in the bathroom, and soon Brie was padding barefoot back to him in her pajamas: a flowery top with a flouncy ruffle at the bottom, and a pair of loose-fitting shorties, each leg featuring a matching ruffle. She was more awake, evidenced by a sparkle in her round eyes. She was the picture of adorability and Warrick felt his heart swell at the sight of his youthful daughter.

“Come, sit down,” Warrick said, and Brie hopped up next to him and laid her head down in his lap. “How was your day today?” He asked.

“It was good, I think,” she replied.

“You think?”

“I’m trying to remember.” Suddenly Brie’s eyes popped open with excitement and she gasped. Warrick thought she might have remembered her latest incident, but she said instead, “We were in a fashion show!”

“Were you?” he prodded.

Brie nodded, brushing her head against Warrick’s crotch, causing his cock to stir beneath the layer of denim. “We got make up and some free clothes for it.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“Some guy at the mall asked us.”

“That sounds like quite a deal.” Brie nodded again, but didn’t say anything, so Warrick decided to prod the girl’s memory further. “And how was the fashion show?”

“Err,” Brie struggled to remember much of it, but she did recall bits and pieces. “There was a huge crowd and… we got our make up done on stage. That made me feel good. Then they gave us some outfits to wear, but mine was too small.”

“Did it show off your private parts?” Warrick pried, playing the concerned parent.

“No, not that time.”

“But there was another time?”

Brie didn’t recall why she had phrased it that way. Somewhere in her mind, she remembered people seeing her nipples and vagina, but she couldn’t place where. It all seemed like it was just in a dream. “No, I guess not,” she answered.

“Okay,” said Warrick, unconvinced, “If you remember anything, you can tell me, and I’ll understand. You can trust Mommy and me. You shouldn’t keep any secrets from us.”

Brie felt a lump in her throat. She knew her mom had told her to keep a secret from her dad.

Before she could think up an excuse, Warrick continued. “You know, Mommy told me one of your secrets today.”

Brie’s eyebrows fell and she tried to hide the look of worry on her face, by burying herself into her father’s. lap.

“Don’t worry, baby, I can keep secrets, too,” he reassured. “We both love you very much. I won’t tell anyone outside of our family.”

Brie sighed and looked up at her dad, “What did she say?” she whispered.

Warrick paused, letting his daughter’s question hang in the air. He knew he was taking a big step down a road he couldn’t come back from. Finally, with a catch in his throat, he spoke. “She said you wanted to see my cock.”

Brie blushed and looked away again.

“Is that true?”

Brie didn’t answer. She felt the heat of shame fill her face.

Warrick pulled Brie’s head back to look at him. Her eyes were watering. “Is that why you sucked on it this morning?”

Finally Brie burst out, “I’m sorry, Daddy. Mommy said that it was where my medicine came from. I just wanted more medicine. It makes me feel good.”

Warrick brushed his hand down Brie’s cheek gently. “I know honey. Mommy told me about your medicine, too.”

“She did?”

“Mm hm,” Warrick nodded, “She also told me that you tried her medicine. She said that you helped give her cummies, and that she gave you cummies, too.

“But now, baby, since I know your secret, I think it’s only fair that I tell you one of my secrets. Did you know I have a secret, too?”

“No,” Brie shook her head, still in Warrick’s lap. She could feel a firmness forming that wasn’t there before. Instinctively, although she felt shame about sucking on that lump this morning, her desire was growing to do it again, to get his cum, her coveted medicine.

“That’s right,” Warrick said, “But if I tell you this secret, you can’t tell anybody, okay?”

Brie shook her head again.

“Not even Elsie.”

Brie scrunched up her face, “Elsie is bad at keeping secrets. She blabs them all to Mallory.”

“That’s why you can’t tell her,” Warrick said with all seriousness.

“Okay,” Brie said with matching sincerity.

“My secret is, when you sucked on my cock this morning, I really liked it.”

“Really?” said Brie, “I thought I was going to get in trouble.”

“Maybe you should have,” Warrick said. “Daughters are not supposed to be anywhere near their daddies’ cocks. But little girls also aren’t supposed to kiss their teachers, masturbate at public pools, or give their mommies cummies.”

Brie moaned, on the verge of tears, “I know, Daddy.” That brief list, depraved as it was, wasn’t even everything she had gotten up to in that short weekend. “I’m sorry. I’ve made a real mess of things.”

“Shh,” Warrick hushed. He pulled Brie up to sit on his lap, then turned her to face him. “Look at me. You’re a special girl. You’re super-orgasmic, and Mommy and Daddy love you just the same. We’ll do whatever we can to support you, help you, and take care of you. Okay?”

Brie looked away demurely, but shifted in Warrick’s lap, swinging one leg around him to straddle him, “Okay, Daddy.” With that, she leaned up and kissed him on the chin. As she did so, she hugged him tight, and in the process, pressed her pajama-covered vulva against the lump in her dad’s pants. It sent a shiver through her body, and she felt a squirt of fluid squeeze from between her pussy lips.

She felt her dad squirm, too, and she wondered if he was already producing some of her coveted medicine. She was glad that he had liked her mouth on his cock that morning. Not just because it meant she wasn’t in trouble, but because she had felt so primally drawn to it. It was right to taste him, she thought. She strained her neck to kiss her father again, but this time his lips met hers. They began to kiss in earnest, not like father and daughter, but like adults. It was open-mouthed, wet, and lusty. A moan escaped her and, as she continued to make out with her dad, she felt his tongue invade her mouth. She followed his lead and pressed her small tongue back into his. She tasted him and it was wonderful.

She felt his hips thrust upwards while they embraced, and the lump in his pants pushed apart her outer labia from outside her pajama shorties. The fabric began to soak up the juices that she was producing, leaving a growing wet spot at her crotch. She pressed her hips down over the bulge and ground herself along its length, shifting her hips to find the right angle for her clit. Once she was there, she cooed weakly.

Warrick slipped his hands up his daughter’s back and caressed her. Feeling her motions against him, he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum, even dry humping behind the jeans he was wearing. He was still committed to letting her guide the action, however, so he performed whatever mental gymnastics he needed to keep his mind in the game and not pop off in his pants.

After a few more excruciating minutes of kissing and grinding, Brie broke away, panting. Her body was sweating and the crotch of her shorties were becoming saturated with her vaginal production. She could see the telling dark patch glistening even in the low light of the bedroom.

She looked up into Warrick’s eyes and said just above a whisper, “Daddy, can I have some medicine?”

Warrick was thrilled. This was his moment. Still, he wasn’t satisfied with her question. He wanted her to be on the level. He wanted her full consent. “Yes baby, but you have to ask for it the right way.”

Brie cocked her head to the side. “What’s the right way?”

“It’s not medicine anymore, Brie. Not for Mommy and not for me. It’s only medicine if you need to talk to anybody else. But for the two of us, it’s cum.”

“Oh,” said Brie. Then she nodded and smiled up at him with her big eyes wide, “Can I have some cum, Daddy?”

Warrick’s heart leapt as the naughty word came out from his daughter’s mouth. He was now ready.

He recalled that his wife’s request was straightforward. She had only tasked him with filling Brie’s vagina with his sperm, but he was being consumed by the moment. In his mind, he knew that this could very well be his one and only chance to have sex with his daughter, his own willing flesh and blood. There were no guarantees that Brie would want to have sex with him ever again, like Hazel had done with her own father. With his wife out of the house, dropping off Elsie, Warrick decided he was going to make the encounter last as long as he could.

He picked Brie up off his lap and set her on her feet in front of him, then stood up from her bed himself, towering over her small frame. He pulled off his shirt and Brie, with a giggle, started to help herself to his belt. Her little fingers loosened the buckle and it swung open. She looked up at her dad and bit her lip, asking for permission.

Warrick nodded and she went to work on the button. At her angle, she struggled to get it undone, and in the process, he felt her hands brush up against his hardened member. By the time she was pulling down his zipper, it seemed as if his cock was bursting out of his jeans.

Brie could now see obvious contours on the large bulge between her father’s legs and she reached for it, feeling its length up and down. It was sturdy and warm. Warrick groaned, a reaction that Brie liked, and it drove her forward. She grabbed for the waistband of his underwear and tugged it down, and when it popped into view, she had a close-up of her father’s manhood.

Her eyes widened at the site. It looked so much bigger than the cocks she had seen on Oliver and Hunter. It was wreathed in colorful veins and its skin was taught and shiny. The young girl wondered how her mother could ever fit such a thing inside of her. She didn’t gaze for long, though, because she wanted to explore with more than just her eyes and soon she reached one hand up to grab around it and ducked toward it with her tongue out. She gave a long, timid lick up the length of her father’s shaft. A tingle ran down her spine at the sound of his approving gasp.

“Yes,” Warrick hissed. “You’re such a good girl.”

His encouragement spurred her onwards, and she took her time exploring the many facets of the cock on display in front of her. She licked it up and down over several sides, feeling the topography of every ridge.

The feel of her tongue was light and it tickled Warrick somewhat. While he enjoyed the expert tongue lashings his wife was able to give him, with plenty of spit and grace, Warrick appreciated his daughter’s lack of experience. It made him feel like a young stud again, broadening the horizons of the girls he fooled around with in high school and college.

Brie reached up with her other hand and cradled his balls. They were large and she danced them delicately between her fingers. Warrick groaned again and she felt his shaft surge in her hand. She gave it a squeeze and noticed a bulbous droplet of pre-cum spill down the underside of his rod, leaving behind a glossy trail as it streaked toward his balls. Before it could reach, however, the girl darted her tongue out and caught it. Then, keeping her tongue pressed against her father’s cock, she followed the silky trail back up to its source. When she reached the extra-sensitive spot near her father’s glans, he moaned suddenly. She decided to linger there. She swiped her tongue up and down the smooth collar of his cock, which coaxed more pre-cum from the slit above. She lapped up whatever he produced and savored the salty flavor of her father’s forbidden juices.

Ever eager for more, Brie opened her mouth and at last popped her dad’s shiny knob into her mouth. It was very large, but she managed. She attempted to keep her teeth away and swirled her tongue along the bottom, again pressing it against the button that dispensed more and more delicious pre-cum.

Warrick watched as his daughter performed. He reached down and caressed her back, neck, and shoulders while she attempted to find a rhythm. He could tell she was inexperienced and he wondered if he was her first blowjob ever. “Baby, you’re doing so well. Have you ever done this before?”

Brie looked up at him with her big eyes and nodded, still with his cock in her mouth. She attempted to speak around it, but what came out was a garbled noise.

“What, baby?” Warrick pulled away from her and she gasped for air, smiling. Viscous strings of spit and pre-cum connecting the two swung down from her lips and hung from her chin, much of it dripping down on to her shirt. Brie giggled demurely and wiped her mouth of with her hands, then wiped her hands on her shorties.

“I’ve done it once before,” Brie repeated, panting. “To a boy at the fashion show.”

Warrick was surprised, but quickly chided himself. At this point, between his wife’s stories and his daughter’s behavior, he felt like nothing was off the table. “I thought you said nobody touched you.”

“He didn’t,” Brie said, half-lying. “I touched him, but he didn’t touch me. Not on my nipples, bottom, or pussy.” She believed that since she had given Hunter a blowjob, but he hadn’t touched any of her private areas that she was technically telling her dad the truth.

It was also closer to what he wanted to hear. Warrick didn’t want to learn anything more in that moment—what she had done, or who the boy even was—so he let the subject go. “Well, you’re doing good, but I’m gonna help you get better. Here, just relax your body.”

He grabbed his girl by the head and began to show her what he wanted, bobbing her back and forth on his cock. She let him lead, doing as he said, making herself pliable, and accepted the instruction.

To Warrick, although he knew that she was young and inexperienced, he couldn’t help but test her limits. He was used to the professional caliber blowjobs that his wife gave, and the deep throat that Ivy was capable of on occasion. He decided to see just how deep he could go inside his daughter’s mouth. He slowly pressed Brie down his hardened shaft.

Her mouth gaped as far as she could make it go, and as more of her father’s member invaded her mouth, she felt him push back into her throat. She was eager to please and tried to expand that, too, but soon it was too much for her. Her father’s shaft was too big inside her mouth and when she couldn’t breathe, she got spooked. Her arms and shoulder tensed up and she began to gag. She slapped at her dad’s thighs and he conceded, freeing her from his grasp.

She pulled back and gasped, air filling her lungs. She coughed and gooey gag spit dripped from her lips, which she caught in her hands and then wiped onto her pajamas. Small tears formed in her eyes, but she looked up at her father and grinned and nodded, confirming that she understood what he wanted.

Brie found her father was different than her mother. Whereas Hazel was more or less content to let Brie explore her mom’s body on her own, her dad was more in control, using her for himself, as if she was his toy. She was his to do with as he pleased. Before she could fully catch her breath, again he grabbed her head and moved her mouth onto his cock, and he slowly began to bob her upon it once again. Gradually, he built up speed until he reached a point where she was unable to keep his pace.

She felt her body pushed and pulled beyond her control, but she liked having her daddy take what he wanted. It was different than her masturbation sessions or the sex she had had with Elsie and her mother, which were about her own pleasure or the mutual pleasure between her and her partner. Here, the pleasure was all her father’s. His power over her made her scared.

Despite that fact, she was thrilled. She admitted to herself that she was turned on in a new and unexpected kind of way. It was almost relaxing to not have to worry about what to do next; to only obey, twist, and suck. She felt like a baby again. It lifted off all of the pressure of her daily life and allowed her mind to drift off into the familiar sexual haze that had dominated her weekend.

Every time he would spear his manhood into her, she would make a noise when he hit the back of her throat, “Gak, gak, gak.” Now and then, he would go too far, and she’d have to make him pull off of her and give her a chance to catch her breath. She coughed up more of the thick saliva from her throat and eventually gave up on keeping herself clean, letting it just drip from her mouth down over her chest or onto the floor.

Warrick looked down at the mess he was making of his daughter and his chest tightened with animalistic lust. Her cheeks were tear-streaked and her face was blushing hot as his assault mounted against her. A sheen of sweat covered her svelte body and mixed around her mouth with her saliva and his drooling pre-cum. The front of her pajama top was drenched as the melange of juices succumbed to gravity. He growled out a savage groan as his balls surged, tightening up against his body. He knew he was close, but he knew it wasn’t over if he came. He knew that she had already eaten his cum earlier that day and still she wasn’t cured. He still had to fill her pussy with his seed. He would make sure of that. In the meantime, he would focus on enjoying himself.

He thrust in and out of his small daughter’s stretched mouth, prodding his cock head occasionally against her cheek, watching it push outward to its limit. Then he would pull back and thrust toward her throat, as much as she could take. She would make noises whenever he had reached her limit, forcing him to relent, but she already seemed to be able to take more and more of him than when they started.

He decided to try to test her limits once more and attempt to deep throat his little girl. He pulled his cock until only the tip remained inside his daughter’s mouth. She held onto his shaft lightly with one hand, ensuring it wouldn’t leave altogether and sucked on the engorged, purple head as if it was a pacifier. Then Warrick slowly pushed into her. She was compliant, opening her mouth as far as it would go. He felt his cock reach the back of her throat and this time instead of making a noise, Brie took a deep breath. Then, surprising him, she pushed her own self further onto his lengthy shaft.

Warrick groaned as he felt his cockhead attempt to breach his daughter’s open throat. He pushed in and she struggled to take him, but her eyes squinted shut and her throat began to give way. The sensation felt almost like a dam opening up and allowing the pent-up waters to push through. He looked down on her from above and paused for a moment, wondering if he was going to break her; she looked so small and fragile beneath him. She gurgled out a strained cry from around his cock, the corners of her mouth bubbling with spit. It was then that she looked up at him with pleading eyes smeared with tears. For a split second, Warrick thought she was going to give up, but instead she looked him in the eyes and nodded, promising he could continue, begging her daddy for his approval.

If Warrick wanted to continue, it wouldn’t have mattered. That was all he could take. Seeing his daughter so willing to do utterly anything to please him pushed him over the edge. He had half a mind to leave himself lodged in Brie’s throat and pump his cum directly into her tummy, but his adoration for her forced him to take pity on her. Feeling his orgasm building in his balls, he pulled himself out of her mouth and ended the blowjob. She gasped for air and a thick rope of gag spit spilled from her mouth all down her youthful frame. His knees buckled as he was overcome, and he held onto his daughter by her shoulder with one hand and jacked his throat-slicked cock at her with his other.

“Open wide, kiddo,” he said.

Again Brie obeyed, still gasping for air, dazed by her father’s assault, but as bubbly saliva ran down her chin, she didn’t have much time before she was catching his fire in her mouth. At least, as much as she could. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The first shot missed the target, splattering with force across her forehead and into her hair. The next two shots streaked across her face. They were long and thick, and she managed to catch a bit of it on her tongue. Still panting, she giggled while she swallowed it, and as she was doing so, her daddy aimed two more excessive shots onto her button nose, freckled cheeks, and lips. Some of it splattered into one eye and she recoiled and focused on wiping it away. While she was preoccupied with that, Warrick squeezed out the rest of his cum onto the top of her head.

It was warm on her skin and when she moved around, she could feel the cum sliding down her face in thick sheets. She caught anything that slid off her cheeks and chin and eagerly licked it off her hands. It tasted very much like the medicine that she was given by the doctor, and it convinced her that it was, indeed, just cum all along.

She couldn’t believe that her father had just defiled her, nor especially how turned on she was feeling in that moment. And she had concentrated so much on pleasuring her daddy that she didn’t even bother to try masturbating herself. Even so, her body was still responding on its own; the crotch of her pajamas were gooey and it was dripping down the inner thighs of her shorties to her knees.

Warrick crashed on the bed and stared at his daughter. He was concerned that in his nirvana he may have overwhelmed her. She looked a disgrace, with her hair in cum-dreaded tangles and her top soaked transparent. She looked like she had been ambushed in a water balloon fight, but it was bodily fluids that drenched her instead. He was relieved that she did, however, appear to be in good spirits. She contentedly licked up whatever cum had dripped onto her hands with an “Mmm,” and had apparently decided to leave what was left there on her face and chest instead of cleaning herself off or wiping it up and eating it.

She got up from the floor and sat down on the bed next to her dad. He was staring at her, but looked like he was in another dimension. She wondered if she had disappointed him. “Daddy?”

“Yes, honey?” he asked, staring off.

“Are you mad at me?”

That snapped him out of his daydream. “What? No, of course not. Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because I couldn’t swallow your— your cock,” she replied, hesitant to use that word in front of her dad.

“No, you did good, baby.” Warrick hugged his daughter to his side and rubbed her back, “You gave me everything I wanted.”

Brie was pleased, but her urges continued to spur her onwards. “Daddy?”

“Yes, Brie?”

“Can I have cummies now?”

Warrick felt a pang of regret. He had concentrated so much on face-fucking his daughter that he had forgotten her own needs. He also still needed to complete the mission his wife had given him—cum inside of her—but he didn’t want to scare Brie off. Despite her willingness to suck him off, sex would be an entirely different animal. He wasn’t so sure that she would readily accept the idea of making love to her father. He mulled over his strategy and then recalled how his wife had done it on Friday. He turned to her and his heart raced at the risk he was taking. He asked, “Do you want some help?”

Brie blushed and turned away. He barely heard her whisper, “Yes.”

It was enough, however, and father began to paw at daughter. Warrick liked that she wasn’t wearing bras yet. He liked how he had easy access to her body without having to fuss around with cups and straps. He groped her flat chest, feeling the subtle rise of her small breasts through the fabric of her drool-and-sperm–soaked pajama top. It was see-through under the conditions, and he would have been able to make out her nipples underneath if they had not been covered by the peculiar patches she was sporting.

He reached for the hem of her garment and stripped it off over her head, then gazed at her svelte body. She looked like a toy, a doll, with her perfectly smooth, breasts curving down to her taut tummy. He couldn’t make out her nipples, aside from two hard bumps where they fought to escape the flesh-colored stickers that hid them.

Brie gasped as the cool air began to evaporate the sweat and other fluids on her naked torso. She felt a growing tightness in her chest that indicated a big orgasm brewing inside of her. She wasn’t sure why, but she wanted her daddy desperately. She wanted to be close in ways she never would have considered before. She wanted him to make her cum.

She felt glorious in his hands as he massaged each breast. There wasn’t a lot there, but he entertained himself nevertheless, eliciting groans and moans whenever he brushed his hands near or over her nipples. She wriggled and hummed underneath his treatment, feeling ticklish in her exposed state. He then leaned over her. He kissed her lightly on her slimy nose and she giggled at him. Then he surprised her and kissed her on her lips. Her coo of delight quickly morphed into a moan and her hand grabbed at her pajama-covered crotch, finding her swollen clit even beneath the fabric. Her father’s lips were warm and soft, and she knew what to do next.

Brie slid her hand underneath the band of her pajamas and felt her fingers slide through the glossy wetness of her copious juices. She traveled the length of her mound and again found her clit at the top of her slit. She brushed a finger lightly against it and it was like a star exploded in her head. She moaned into her father’s mouth at the sensation. She pushed down on the stiff nub and felt the burning intensity of her excited nerve endings. “Oh, fuck, Daddy, I need cummies.”

She was done with her pajamas and tried to pull her shorties down, but they were sopping wet and clung to her legs. Instead of slipping down, they turned inside out. Gooey strands of her lubrication descended between her legs. She tried to stand on one leg to pull off the other, but her head was foggy and everything felt so distracting and she found herself off balance. She crashed to the bed in a tangle.

“Sweetie!” Warrick grabbed the shorties by whatever ends he could find and Brie lifted her legs into the air so he could yank them off. They fell to the floor with a plop.

Warrick picked her up for another kiss and held her in his arms. This time, he felt his daughter’s mouth open and her small tongue jabbed out to taste his. He groaned in approval and mashed his tongue against hers. He swirled it around her mouth, tasting the soft, forbidden walls of her cheeks. Brie had to crane her neck to reach her father’s mouth, so she lifted herself up and swung a leg over his lap to give herself a better vantage. She straddled her dad’s legs and brought herself in for more kissing.

She could feel her pussy lips part as her legs splayed wide and her juices oozed from her opening onto her daddy’s lap and to the floor. Instinctively, she pulled herself closer to him and began to rock her hips back and forth against him. Soon, her bare gash brushed against the softened member between her father’s legs. Both gasped simultaneously at the forbidden touch of their genitals together for the first time, skin-to-skin, and Brie knew she had to have more.

Warrick reached down and pulled his limp cock up and Brie slid her young pussy up and down against the underside of his softened shaft, slicking it up and stimulating her clitty at the same time. She could see small, milky droplets remaining from his cum appear from the slit. Deep within her, she knew she had to have more. She wanted his cum inside her this time.

“Daddy, make it hard for me, please,” she whimpered.

“I am, baby,” he replied softly, “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Your little cunny will make Daddy hard again.”

They sat there for a while, following their base urges, flexing their hips and mashing their genitals together, not quite fucking. Warrick held his daughter’s head to his chest and she quietly mewled there with her eyes closed. He breathed heavily and concentrated on absorbing every sensation she provided him. He wanted to give Brie everything she wanted right then and there. He wanted to strip her of her innocence, ravish her, and fill her small pocket to the brim. But he was glad that he had just cum, because it allowed him to take it slow, savor the moment, and enjoy the rare act of coupling with his own child.

Even so, Warrick felt the silky channel of Brie’s vulva coaxing his cock back to life. The final, milky remains of his sperm were pushed free in favor of a new round of crystal clear precum, and his cock began to stand tall on its own accord.

Brie marveled as it transformed in front of her. She first noticed only by feeling alone. She laid against her daddy and felt it expand as it sluiced through the divide of her labia, creating more and more resistance as she pressed against it. It felt somehow hard, yet soft and tender at the same time. Every time her father’s cockhead pushed up and against her clitoris, her brain exploded in a shower of sparks, eliciting grunts and moans.

She pulled her body away to watch with fascination, the red and purple mushroom-topped stalk rocking in and out of view underneath her, pulling viscous ropes of her sticky slime along with it and creating euphoric sensations with every millimeter it moved. She reached one hand down to feel it as it retreated and returned once more, rubbing her fingers across its turgid ridges. She gripped it and held it in place against her pussy, forcing her father to stop his humping. There, while she pinned the base of his cock against the hot folds of her pussy lips, she started to jack him. Her thumb found the sensitive button on the underside, and when she pressed it, she watched the head of her father’s dick surge in size and dispense a spurt of precum. It quickly mixed with the the generous amounts of sex juice already slathering his shaft.

Warrick grunted tensely, “Fuck, sweetie, that’s the spot.” He savored the pleasure of his cock being both in his baby girl’s hand and the warm flume of her labia at the same time. Slowly, he began to move again, slipping his rod out of Brie’s hand and down her crease, then back again.

While they did that, Brie began to make up her mind. Her head clouded with one thought alone, and that was to be one with her father. She wanted him to be inside her and she didn’t know why. She had never had sex with a boy before. She didn’t even really know what to do. Yet her body was guiding her, showing her the way, and she trusted it.

Again her father’s dick slid down along her crack. She pressed it hard against herself with her hand and her hips. It inched close to the rim of her watering hole. But not close enough. “Daddy?” Brie demured, shyly looking away.

Again his cock rose up, traveling the length of her slit, until it prodded at her swollen clit. “Yes, baby girl?” Warrick asked, eyes closed.

Brie pushed her dad’s cock back down again. She felt it drift ever south. Every excruciating millimeter built upon the pleasure in her pussy. It emanated out to her entire body, causing her extremities to tingle, her fingertips, toes, and even her lips. She kept pushing his cock down her crease. She pushed it down until it kissed her virgin entrance.

She didn’t want to finish her question. She couldn’t have stood it if he would have said no. Instead, she made her choice. She flexed her hips up and punched herself onto Warrick’s cock. Her daddy’s cock. Her labia gave way and engulfed the swollen head. The line had been crossed. “Daddy!” she screeched.

Warrick barely knew what had happened. It felt too good to be true. He was inside his small, lithe, young daughter. He was committing the very act with her that had created her. He groaned out loud and squeezed her tight, not wanting her to let go. He was barely inside and he wanted to go further. He rubbed his little girl’s back and kissed her deeply and passionately. Soon he felt her sliding, little by little, further down his shaft. Every second was heaven.

Brie whimpered in ecstasy as she felt the warmth of her father’s cock grow up inside of her. She felt her pussy open wider the further she sank onto him, taking in the thicker end of his pole. She was small and was afraid that she couldn’t take the full length of his manhood. Before too long, her pussy started to sting, and she hissed, pulling herself up off of her father. Her juices spilled from her entrance around his shaft.

Warrick feared that she was done but he needn’t have worried. She didn’t pull out completely and as soon as she had acclimated, Brie bore down again. Sliding down his long cock until she once again reached her limit.

“Fuck, baby!” Warrick cried out.

“It feels good, Daddy!” Brie answered breathlessly. They repeated this routine a few times and Brie’s little pussy began to become acclimated to the invader. As her tunnel relaxed to comfortably accept more of her father’s rod, they began to speed up their actions and before long they were truly fucking for real, father and daughter providing each other with erotic, passionate, forbidden love.

It didn’t take long for Warrick to find his daughter’s physical limits. Soon he bumped into her cervix, and he could go no deeper. For the first time, he dared to look down and see where he was joined with his child. She was still a couple inches from taking his whole length. He could see her pussy stretched tightly around his shaft. Every time she plunged back down onto him, she squeezed out thick fluids from inside her tunnel. They poured down his shaft and hung off his balls before clinging to the sheets at the edge of the bed and falling to the floor in sticky strings.

He could also see her clitoris protruding from under its hood near the top of her gash, and he went to touch it. He wrapped his hand around her narrow hip and reached the bud with his thumb. When he pressed on it, Brie cried out in ecstasy and clung tightly to him.

“Right there,” Brie whined, “Fuck, daddy, what are you doing to me?” She felt him strum his thumb across her sensitive clitty, and she knew she was quickly approaching the point of no return. The pleasure was mounting in her pussy. Her whole body felt hot. She glistened from head to toe, stemming from her intense physical workout bouncing up and down on her daddy’s lap and the mental weight of her shameless, taboo coupling with her own family.

She hugged her father closely, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She thrust herself wildly up and down upon his immense shaft, taking him as deep as her small body would let him, and she gave herself fully to his manual stimulation. She could take no more, and her orgasm overtook her. “No!” she cried out. She wasn’t ready yet. She wanted it to last. She didn’t want it to end. But it was too late.

She let out a long groan that seemed to start deep within her body. She felt the wave of pleasure rush over her body. “Daddy, I’m— I’m cumming!” she stammered. The walls of her cunt spasmed wildly against Warrick’s cock. Somehow, girl-cum sprayed from the tight seal the two had made of their genitals. The thinner liquid splashed across her dad’s abs and lap and ran onto the bedsheets. Her strength left her and her head lolled backwards, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her expression was etched with pure pleasure and her mouth gaped open as loud moans spilled uncontrollably from within her.

Watching his baby girl cumming on his cock nearly made Warrick loose his load inside of her, but he pulled her off of him and staved off his impending orgasm. There, held in the air, Brie rained down girl-cum from her squirting pussy, spackling her father with it. She writhed in his hands, trying futilely to get her pussy back onto her dad’s cock as her powerful orgasm continued to rock her being. “My cunny needs cock!” she cried.

The young girl nearly thrashed the two of them off balance, almost causing her father to drop her, but he quickly pivoted and tossed her onto her twin bed, where she rolled around, jamming her hands between her legs, rubbing her engorged clit and pussy and extending her cum all the more. “Cunny needs cock,” she whined again and again.

Eventually, Brie began to calm down. Her words degenerated into unintelligible fussing and her head started to clear. Soon she was feeling very comfortable and very tired after yet another senses-shattering cum.

Warrick, however, wasn’t done yet, and decided that he wanted a taste of his daughter’s jizz. He crawled onto her twin bed. She rocked from side-to-side, her fingers fluttering lightly over her sensitive areas. Warrick positioned himself over her, and thought about just taking her right then and there, finishing the deed, but he instead controlled his urges and slid himself down her body.

He stared at the spots where her nipples were hidden and rubbed them with his thumbs. Brie’s body jerked and she cooed in response. He could feel the nubs stiffening under his attention. Then he found the edges of the sticker coverings and peeled them off quickly.

Brie winced. “Ouch, that stings!”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Warrick replied. “I just wanted to see all of you.”

But she panted a few times and said, “Actually, it felt kind of good.” Warrick grinned and she asked bashfully, “Well? What do you think?”

“About what?”

“All of me,” Brie echoed, squirming under her father’s shadow.

Warrick paused and took a moment to really look at his daughter, up close and completely naked as the day she was born. She was beautiful in the dim light of the bedroom. Her skin still glistened. The thick ropes of cum he had striped her face with had dripped away or absorbed into her skin leaving her with a healthy glow. Her hair was still a tangle of bedhead, with his new cum drying over what was left in it before. He studied the details of her young body, taking the opportunity to gawk, something he was never comfortable with doing to his daughter before. Finally, he answered her question. “You’re the most beautiful thing in the world right now.”

Brie radiated at the compliment. “Prettier than mom?” she smirked.

“Don’t push your luck, kiddo,” Warrick answered with a chuckle before leaning in and pecking her on the nose.

Brie giggled up at him, and then gasped as Warrick ducked down to lap at her now bare nipples one by one. “That feels good, Daddy, keep doing that.”

He spent a bit more time caressing and playing with the subtle curves of Brie’s flat chest, enjoying once again the contrast between her and her mother’s bodies. But soon, he was drawn down to taste his daughter for real. He licked his way from the crease between her breasts, down over her tummy, and finally toward the top of her fresh, young mound. As he descended, the sweet and musky smell of her lubricious pussy grew stronger, guiding him to just the right spot.

Her head partially cleared, post-orgasm, Brie felt a little bashful having her father so close to her private area, especially since, at that moment, it was embarrassingly messy. She was still sopping wet, and could feel the sheets beneath her small bottom soaking up her copious fluids. But because he was her daddy, one of her guardians, she trusted him not to tease her about her condition or take advantage of her vulnerability in her time of need.

Warrick’s fingers caressed the plump, sanguine lips that guarded his daughter’s channel, feeling their plushy softness. He leaned in and kissed them one after the other, which tickled Brie and made her wriggle. When he spread them, she gasped self-consciously, so he reassured her, “Baby, your cunny looks so tasty.” He gazed inside her and noted the details of her velvety pink opening. Already, its elasticity had allowed it to size down to a very narrow canal. He wondered how she even managed to fit him inside of her for the first time. It glistened with a slight froth from their vigorous rutting.

Ever the shy one, Brie closed her eyes, preferring to experience her father’s investigation by touch alone. Although she had just cum, she was driven on uncontrollably to stay and be with her dad. Something deep within her sensed that there was more to come that evening. While her father continued his exploration, she caressed her breasts and nipples. Again she felt the tight sensation in her chest that foreshadowed a new orgasm.

Her body tensed and she lightly flexed her hips upward, signaling to Warrick that it was time to get real. He slowly inserted a finger into his daughter’s pussy and probed around. Brie puffed, “Fuck, Daddy, that feels so good.” She was still so wet that he was able to slide in and out and around with ease, but she was so tight he could only get a single finger in at a time. He watched her wriggle from between her legs and alternately kissed her glossy, cum-slicked inner thighs. He moved his finger up inside her to the spot opposite of Brie’s little clit and put pressure against it. The girl suddenly arched her back high into the air with a loud moan at the feeling of her dad rubbing her G-spot. “What are you doing to me, Daddy?”

She crashed back onto the bed and reached for her engorged love bud, eager to enhance her father’s ministrations with her own fingers. Warrick watched for a moment as his child masturbated before him, enjoying the warped spectacle. Days ago, he felt very awkward seeing his daughter performing such private actions, but now, the perverseness of it all only made him more turned on. Still, he wanted to go further, so he pulled Brie’s hand away from her clitty.

The young girl whined, but before she could do anything to fight back, she felt the warm wetness of her father’s mouth against her slit. Her eyes snapped open and she propped herself up on her elbows to visually confirm what she was feeling. There before her was her daddy, with his face buried in her crotch and a finger up inside her. “Yes, Daddy, yes,” she cried, flinging her head back.

Warrick lapped at his daughter’s slippery pussy, flicking his tongue back and forth across it in rhythm with the finger against her G-spot. He groaned along with her as he savored the flavor of her forbidden juices. “I can’t believe how good your pussy tastes, baby girl.”

“Mommy liked it, too,” Brie blurted out.

Warrick groaned again at the thought of his wife going down on their child and returned his mouth to Brie’s vagina. As he ate her, he could feel his precum leaking from his cock onto the bed. After a while, he came up for air. “Did you like what Mommy did for you?”

Brie rubbed her nipples and smiled, saying, “Mmm, yes, Mommy gave me cummies with her mouth.”

“Daddy can give you cummies with his mouth, too,” Warrick said, before diving in again, this time sucking Brie’s thickened clit into his mouth. She thrashed and swore with arousal. Humping against his face. She reached down with both hands and pressed his mouth into her pussy, flexing her hips upwards into his face at the same time. She was nearing her next orgasm when suddenly she cried, “Stop. Daddy, nooo! I don’t want cummies! I don’t want cummies!”

Warrick froze and looked up from between her legs and into his daughters eyes with concern. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

Through pants and gasps, Brie stammered out, “I mean, I do want cummies.”

“Okay?” Warrick said, confused. “What do you want?”

“I do want cummies,” Brie nodded, “But I want your cummies. I want to feel your cum in my pussy.”

A smile spread across Warrick’s face. “I want that, too, kiddo.”

“I need your cock in me again,” she whined.

Warrick crawled up his daughter’s body until he positioned the head of his cock against the closed lips of her pussy.

Brie could feel her father’s member prodding against her. She spread her legs as wide as she could and reached down to pull her outer labia apart, revealing her delicate insides to the warm, humid air of her bedroom. She looked up with big, round eyes at his large frame towering over her. “Please, Daddy. Please fuck me. I’m yours.”

Warrick exhaled slowly and pushed his cock inside of her. Their flesh joined and she mewled in pleasure as his dick made its slow journey through his daughter’s tunnel. He looked down at her small body pinned beneath him and realized that he had actually made good on his daydream days before, where he imagined he was fucking his sexy daughter in place of his beautiful wife.

He began to hump in and out of her slowly, getting her tunnel accustomed to his girth once again.

For Brie, the feeling was beautiful agony. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, unable to comprehend the ecstasy that she was feeling. She could only moan and babble and swear as her daddy showed her his ultimate act of affection. Young, small, and weak, she was under his control. If she had wanted him off of her, she couldn’t have made it happen, and in the same way that it frightened her, it also thrilled her. But she didn’t want him off. She wanted him right where he was, inside of her.

She was once inside of him, just a single cell swimming in a pool of his cum, launched into her mother where she was conceived and eventually birthed. And now here she was scant years later with her daddy now inside of her, a part of her. She was ready to accept the same offering of love that he had given her mom.

Warrick tried to hold himself up as he thrust in and out of his child, but after a while, his arms grew tired and he leaned heavier and heavier on Brie. But she barely seemed to notice. She wrapped her arms around his lower back and pulled at him every time he pulled his cock too far out of her. Before long, he laid on her fully, her head craned up, barely clearing his shoulder. His arm came up and cradled her head, his hand getting caught in the tangles of her hair. He could feel Brie’s face hot against his skin. He could hear her crying.

But they weren’t tears of sadness, nor pain, they were tears of overwhelming pleasure. Through her sobs, she grunted, “Fuck me, Daddy. I need your cummies. Cum for me, Daddy. Cum inside your baby girl. I’m yours. My pussy is yours. Fill my little pussy with Daddy’s cum.” Brie got louder and louder as she got closer to her orgasm. Underneath her dad’s weight, she pressed her hips up into his pelvic mound, stimulating her clit while he pumped his rod in and out of her. She dug her fingers into his back and pulled him as closely as she could.

At last, she could feel the rushing warmth of ecstasy mounting in her cunny. “Faster, Daddy. Harder. I’m gonna c—” She choked off.

For several seconds, Brie was silent and still. Warrick, pushed himself up off of her, to make sure she was still conscious. She was, and her face was twisted and fevered with a second intense orgasm. But he didn’t stop to let her think. While watching his child cum for the second time that night, Warrick railed into her with everything he had. He thrusted wildly in and out of his daughter, slamming himself as deep into her pussy as it would let him go, battering her hips with his.

Finally, Brie’s throat opened up and she cried out, “—ummmmm.’ She began to wail under her father’s assault and her pussy spasmed and squirted, coaxing her dad’s cum up from his balls. Brie’s tightening sheath gripped her daddy’s shaft and there was nothing he could do to hold back the tsunami of incestuous cum he had built up for his daughter.

He thrust his head back, arching his body into Brie’s, and held his cockhead against her cervix. “Fuck, baby, I’m cumming.” His cock jerked quickly several times before it began to spew his cum deep inside of his offspring.

Brie could feel distinctly the hot flood of jizz filling her insides and, while her own orgasm had begun to subside, the sensation of her father’s semen thrust her senses back into high gear. Her body began to shake against her will. “I’m cumming, too, Daddy. I’m cumming again!”

Once more, Brie went nova, but this time it was different. She felt the same intense pleasure as before. Her body and mind were rocked by her unexpected third orgasm of the night. This time, however, the sensations in her legs became so overwhelming that she lost complete control of them. From there it grew, spreading to her arms. Where they once held onto her father for dear life, now they drooped limply to the bed. Finally, it reached her head. She sank into her pillow and her eyes rolled backwards. She couldn’t see or hear anything. She couldn’t think anything, except to experience the sensation of her dad continuing to pump his cock rhythmically in and out of her cunt, filling her with far more cum than she ever thought a man could produce in one sitting.

Warrick could feel his daughter’s tight channel overflowing with his cum, but still his cock spewed rope after rope of his thick cream. It was the longest orgasm he had ever had, and it was by far the most semen he had ever produced. He could barely believe it was going directly into the furthest reaches of his daughter’s velvety pussy. He recalled his wife’s tale with her own father and marveled at how big she claimed he had cum. He had thought she might have been exaggerating, but now knew that she was telling the truth. Something unknown in their bonds as father and daughter had coaxed out a bigger orgasm than normal. Furthermore, it felt better than he had ever hoped.

Brie soared through her orgasmic reverie. She was cum-dumb and no longer in control of her body, but she wasn’t scared. She felt like if she were to die right then and there, it would all have been worth it. Distantly, she could feel her vagina pulsing along with her daddy’s shaft. She could feel her hips and torso getting flecked with her father’s sweat dripping down on her, and her own squirt flooding the bedsheets once again. The whole while, her orgasm throbbed deep inside her.

At long last, however, her pleasure began to slip away, and reality slowly settled in around her. Finally, she blinked. Then she gasped. Her body heaved as her orgasm gave her back her body, bit by bit. Her fingers and toes tingled pleasantly, and before long, she was winding them up in the soggy sheets beneath her.

When both were done at last, Warrick rolled off of her. He watched his cum spill out of his child’s hole and worried that she was losing the precious deposit of medicine. He grabbed Brie’s pillow and folded it up underneath her small little butt, ensuring that gravity would do the work to keep his cum where it belonged. Brie was pliant, under control now, and stayed where he put her. She quickly slipped off into a deep sleep.

He got up off of the bed to find a clean blanket to cover her with when suddenly his eyes caught Hazel at the door, smiling at him. “How long have you been standing there?” he asked. He felt the urge to hide his nakedness, as if he had been caught with another lover, but he remembered that his wife had sanctioned his union with his child.

“Long enough,” his wife evaded with a smirk. “How did it go?”

“I guess we’ll see in the morning,” Warrick, too, answered obtusely. With post-orgasmic clarity, he wondered anew if he had done the right thing. His wife, at least, was fully onboard.

“C’mon,” she said running her hand through the back of his hair, “Why don’t we go to our room and I’ll get you cleaned up?”


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