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Unbeknownst to Maria her training to become daddy's perfect toy begins.
A warm sensation on my clit pulls me from the brink of exhaustion, dragging me through a haze back to reality.

Every nerve in my body seems to react to his mouth as he tastes me.

I glance down and see him between my thighs, staring up at me with a ravenous hunger in his eyes.

I claw at my sheets as his mouth devours me, exploring every inch of my defiled sex. His tongue, ferociously probing my insides before making it’s way back to my pleasure button.

He slips a finger into me, pumping vigorously as he continues his oral assault on my sensitive nub.

A familiar sensation overwhelms me. I'm dangerously close to release when he suddenly stops. He pulls away from me as the orgasm that had been building fades to a dull ache.

“You’re not getting off that easy” he growls “you don’t get to cum until I tell you, and I’m not done with you yet.”

He orders me to stand beside the bed facing the door, I obey without question.

A shudder flows through me as his fingertips caress my spine while he unlaces my corset.

I watch the fabric fall to the floor. It's absence leaving me completely exposed, vulnerable to whatever beautiful perversion he wishes.

He kisses the crook of my neck as he wraps his arms around me, his hands exploring my body as if memorizing every inch.

His right hand finds my breast, kneading the pale flesh while pinching the rosy pink tip of my nipple.

He nibbles on my ear as his left hand wanders down my stomach, dipping between my legs as his fingers spread me open.

I moan as he begins circling my clit, every so often slipping a finger into me.

He rolls my swollen pearl between his fingertips, the sensation overwhelming me.

"You like that baby?" he whispers in my ear.

Unable to speak I nod and continue to moan as a familiar tingle stirs within me.

His hand leaves my breast, encircling my throat as he continues playing with my pussy.

I lean into him "Daddy please, I'm so close!"

My knees begin to weaken as he pulls away from me, once again feeling the orgasm begin to drift away.

"Turn and face me" he orders.

I turn to him to see him stroking himself.

“On your knees.” he says, his voice unnervingly calm.

Fear begins to overwhelm me as I remember the brutal throat fucking I previously endured.

I shake my head violently “Daddy please, please don’t make me do this” my voice quivering “I can’t.”

He brings his hand to my face, softly stroking my cheek

“I said, get on your knees” he whispers.

His hand moves to my shoulder, gently guiding me down. I look up at him, a silent plead for him to reconsider.

I try to catch my breath, preparing for the inevitable assault, but it doesn’t come.

He takes my hand and wraps in around his cock, demonstrating how to properly stroke him.

“Good, now pump your hand a little bit faster... yeah, just like that.”

I notice a pearl of pre-cum oozing from his tip. Instinctively, I lean over and lick it off sending a shiver through him.

His moans encourage me to continue so I licked the tip again, guiding my tongue around and under the shaft.

“Good" he hisses "Now put it in your mouth and keep doing that.”

I hesitate briefly before taking him into my mouth, continuing to massage him with my tongue.

He places a hand on the back of my head causing me to tense up. He grips my hair lightly and gently moves my head into a slow, bobbing motion.

I begin to relax a little as his moans echo though the room.

I continue to swirl my tongue around and allow myself to follow his rhythm.

"Good baby, now go faster" he moans.

I continue at my current pace not wanting to choke.

"I said faster” he growls as his grip on my hair tightens.

Muffled screams fight to escape as he fucks my face. The more I scream the harder he seems to pound my throat until I can feel his cock begin to twitch.

"Mmmmm, I'm gonna cum baby girl" he pants.

Oh god no, please don't cum in my mouth!

I shake my head furiously, pushing at his thighs trying to free myself from his grasp.

With one final grunt he forces his entire length down my throat, unleashing his load. I gag, trying to swallow what I can.

He falls back onto the bed, chest heaving.

I stay on the floor trying to catch my breath before heading into the bathroom to gargle as much mouthwash as I can.

Afterwards, I crawl into bed and nuzzle his chest as he puts an arm around me.

“Not too bad” was all he managed to say before we both drift off to sleep.


I wake up the next morning alone in my bed, wondering if it had all been some twisted fantasy. I see a light on my phone blinking at me. It’s a text message from dad.

'I’m sorry for leaving without waking you, you looked so peaceful and I figured you needed your rest. I’m gonna be working late and I’ve got a business dinner tonight so you’re on your own. I left a little something on the counter for you. Love you princess.’

Curious, I roll out of bed and throw on a pair of pajama shorts and a sports bra and head to the kitchen.

Each step is excruciating as my still sensitive clit rubs against my shorts.

I make myself a cup of coffee and see a note on the counter next to my dad’s credit card.

'keys are hanging up, I took an Uber to work. Go ahead and do some shopping, grab anything we need for the house and treat yourself to a day out.’

I stare at the note, smiling to myself before checking the house and making a grocery list.

I decide to call him and see if he needs anything while I’m out.

The phone rings a few times before he finally answers.


“Hey daddy” I whimper “I’m about to go grocery shopping do you need anything?” I rub my thighs together to try and get a handle on the tingling in my clit.

He tells his secretary to push back his meeting for a bit.

"Sweetie, you sound distant. What's wrong? You're not upset about last night are you?" a hint of concern in his voice.

“Of course not! Last night was amazing." I pause "Well, most of it was at least."

I can hear him typing something.

"Daddy? You still there?" I hope I didn't upset him.

“Yeah I'm here, had a text come in. So, what didn't you like about last night?"

"Well," I hesitate for a moment trying to word it delicately "I didn't like having to blow you."

"oh really?"

“Honestly, no. I liked all the other stuff but I’ve never gotten the appeal of blow jobs.”

“I see. Well, we can deal with that another time. Anything else that you didn’t enjoy?”

“I didn't like that you forgot to let me get off.” I said, pouting a bit.

He chuckles, "you think I forgot about it last night?”

“Didn’t you?”

“Not at all Princess. Everything I do has a reason behind it. You need to learn some control. Don’t get me wrong, I love how easy it is to make you cum but watching you beg for it makes it so much better.”

“Well since you’re not here can I please just masturbate?”

“Absolutely not” he scoffs.

“Daddy” I whined “that’s not fair!”

“Princess, trust me it’ll be worth the wait.” his voice takes on a softer tone.

“I still don’t think it’s fair.”

He laughs “Life’s not fair princess.”


"I try to be. By the way, I got something for you."

“okay daddy, what is it?” I ask excitedly.

“You’ll see. It’s at the shop down the street, already paid for just give them your name.”

I try to think what shop he’s talking about, we have nothing close to us except for a run down sex shop. It can’t be that place it doesn’t even look like it’s been in business.

“You don’t mean that run down sex shop?”

“That’s the one!”

I scoff, “That place looks abandoned, are you sure you didn't get scammed?”

"Just go get it" he chuckles.

I throw on a shirt and flip flops and head out, arriving about 10 minutes later.

I stare at the store front.

No lights, no cars in the parking lot, doesn’t seem to be any sign of life around.

My phone vibrates and I see another text from my dad.

'When you get there tell the cashier to text the number on the order so I can be sure it’s the right one.'

'ok daddy'

'no peeking until you get it back home.'

'ugh fine, suspense is killing me. Walking inside now.'

I get out of the car and start to head in when my phone vibrates again. I expect to see another text from my dad but this time it’s my mom.

I haven’t heard from her since she dropped me off. She's probably been busy playing house with her boy toy.

'Hey Maria! Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday, John and I got so busy planning our vacation! We’re in Hawaii, can you believe it? It's so beautiful here. Anyway, just wanted to wish you a late happy birthday. Love you kiddo, hope you’re having a good time with your father.’

I text her back a simple thanks, love you too and that we’re having a blast. She can’t bother to text me for months, so why should I spend any energy trying to talk to her?

I push her from my mind and head inside.

The inside is dimly lit with a red glow, porno mags line the walls and there's a few aisles with assorted sex toys.

I walk over to the counter and tell the man my name and relay the message.

He opens the box and removes the order sheet. After texting my dad he crumples it up and tosses it into the garbage.

"Hope you enjoy your gift." he says with a wink.

I thank him and head back to the house.

I walk back inside and set the box on the counter, I call my dad and let him know that I’m home.

“What’s wrong?"

“Nothing, just… mom texted me. She apologized for forgetting to text me yesterday.”

“I’m sorry sweetie, did she say why.”

“She was so busy planning a trip to Hawaii with John that she forgot to call her only child on her birthday. Didn’t explain why she didn’t call for the 3 months before that but whatever, I don’t even care.” My voice cracks, betraying my sadness.

“That’s it, I’m coming home!” I could hear anger in his voice.

“Daddy no, I’m fine really! I’m a big girl I can handle it.”

“Are you sure? Cause if you need me I'll drop everything and rush home. I’d much rather be home with you anyway.”

My face gets hot. I giggle nervously not knowing what I should say.

“Princess, do me a favor? Save the groceries for later, and go have some fun. Go clothes shopping or something.”

“We went clothes shopping yesterday remember? There’s really nothing else I need.”

He sighs “Sweetie, I said to treat yourself, go get things you want not things you need. You’re the only woman I know who doesn’t seem to enjoy shopping!”

I laugh “I just don’t wanna overspend. What if I go crazy and buy out the whole mall? Where would we put 2,000 pairs of shoes? How many band tees and tank tops does one girl need? What if I spontaneously buy a boa constrictor?”

He scoffs, “Maria, you wouldn’t buy out the whole mall because there are only about 4 stores you like. We would build a cabin by my lake to house your shoes. As many as she wants as long as she wears them. No boa constrictors. Although, if you feel the need to buy a reptile get one that won’t grow over 6 feet. Make sure you buy housing and food for it so it’s not roaming around the house. Now, any other concerns you have?”

Surprised by his quick witted response and had no idea had to respond.

I hear a chuckle on the other end of the line

“I’ll take your silence as a 'no' now go have some fun. Treat yourself to lunch, if you want I’ll call your Uncles and you can have lunch at their place.”

“I don’t know, wouldn’t that be awkward since, ya know, I’ve never met them?”

“It’ll be fine. Now go shower, and when you start getting ready put on what’s in the box.”

“Okay daddy.”

We hang up and I head into the bathroom to shower.

As I begin to undress I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I look like a girl who got fucked and dumped on prom night. Hair sticking up in the back, mascara running down my face, smeared lipstick…

I smile and giggle to myself for a moment before heading into the shower.


I open the box and see a pair of pink panties with an off white bow in the front. They’re cute, but there’s nothing else really surprising about them.

I look around the inside of the box to see if there’s anything else but the box is empty.

I throw them on and take a look in the mirror. They’re a bit snug in the crotch, the fabric is creeping up my lips.

Damn, they’re too small. Well, they aren’t uncomfortable so I’ll just deal with it.

I throw on a pair of jeans and a crop top, grab the credit card and the keys and head off to the restaurant. I text dad to make sure he’s talked to Brad and Shawn.

'Everything set for lunch?"

'All set. Shawn will probably be busy, but your uncle Brad will be joining you for lunch.’


I freeze. It was in that moment I realized that I knew very little about my dad and his side of the family. I hadn’t even known about my uncles until last night. What were they like? Are they married? Do I have any nieces or nephews?

Another text interrupts my train of thought.

'So, how do you like your gift?'

'I think you may have gotten the wrong size, they’re really small in front.’

Out of nowhere I feel a vibration on my clit. I let out a moan and grip the steering wheel, dropping my phone onto my lap.

When the vibration finally stops I grab the phone and angrily dialed my father's number.

"Hey sweetie, what's up? Everything okay?" he asks, feigning surprise.

"No, everything is not okay! What the hell was that?!" I hiss

"Vibrating panties, I control them from my phone. Cool right?"

I'm completely stunned. How am I supposed to go through my day like this?

“No it's not cool, what if I had been driving when you set it off? I could have crashed! Or if I’m in the middle of eating and I start choking to death!”

“Hold on a sec princess.” He goes silent for a moment.

A stronger vibration shoots through me, drawing a longer moan from my lips.

After another pause he says “Well, did you die?”

“No" I gasp.

“Then you’ll be fine. Don’t worry I won’t be torturing you non-stop, I have back to back meetings."

"Daddy please" a hint of desperation in my voice "this is humiliating, what if I'm around people?"

"Remember the conversation we had about control? Let's just say this is practice, now I’ve got to go. I love you.”

I moan again as two quick pulses shoot through me.

“I-fuck-I love you too.”

He chuckles and hangs up, leaving me to try and compose myself.

I brace myself and head inside, hoping he keeps true to his word and doesn’t fuck with me during lunch…

They haven’t officially opened yet so everyone was still setting up.

I’m greeted by a man wearing a plain black tee and faded jeans, his short, dark hair slightly disheveled.

His dark brown eyes warm and inviting, pulling me into their murky depths. His tall, slender frame is a slight contrast to my father’s more defined physique.

“Maria, Is that you?" His voice deep and melodic. Something about his tone was forceful, yet soothing at the same time.

I nod, completely enamored by him."You must be Uncle Brad?"

"Sure am. Jesus, I just can’t believe how much you’ve grown! You were just a baby last time I saw you and look at you now!"

He pulls me into a tight embrace. He pulls away from me slowly. His hands caressing my bare shoulders. His gaze falls to my breasts before looking back into my eyes.

"You've certainly blossomed into a beautiful young woman." He flashes me a mischievous smile.

"I should introduce you to your uncle Shawn, he'd skin me alive if I tried to keep you here to myself."

He takes my hand, his strong grip leading me to the kitchen.

“Hey Shawn, look who’s here!”

He turns to face me and I feel a sudden sense of déjà vu.

Shawn’s dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and slim frame differ from his, they share the same facial features. His goatee lines semi-pouty lips. The resemblance to my father is almost eerie.

I look back to Brad, raising a questioning brow.

He has the same jawline, full lips and a similar smirk, but everything else doesn’t add up.

As if reading my thoughts Shawn speaks up.

“We’re half brothers. Brad has a different mom than your dad and I.” He looks confused “Dorian hasn't told you any of this?”

I shake my head.

“I honestly didn’t even know I had uncles until last night. Daddy and I really haven’t talked about his life or about your side of the family.”

Shawn looks over at Brad, "I’m sure Bradley can fill in the gaps for ya!"

Brad punches him in the arm "Don't call me Bradley ya dick."

I laugh to myself as the two begin play fighting.

When they finally manage to settle down Shawn approaches me, lifting my chin up to meet his gaze.

"I’m sorry we can’t spend more time together, I gotta prep before the lunch crowd starts piling in. We’ll talk when I can get a break okay?”

He pulls me into a hug, giving me a quick squeeze. We exchange smiles as Brad leads me out towards a table directly next to the kitchen.

Both men seem very chill and laid back. Definitely a contrast to the swanky restaurant atmosphere.

Brad pulls out my chair and motions for me to sit. He seats himself across from me and signals for the waiter to come over.

He takes our drink orders and leaves us to look over the menu.

“Uncle Brad, why do you need a menu, you own this place don’t you have it memorized?”

He chuckled and kept his eyes focused on the menu

“Believe it or not, I very rarely eat here. Your uncle may take this opportunity to poison me, pretty sure I’d deserve it though since I like to fuck with him a bit.”

I giggle “oh really?”

“Mhmm, watch this” he yells out “yo chef, can I get the chicken cutlets? Preferably without the chicken?”

I hear a bowl clatter in the kitchen followed by an annoyed growl

“Sure, comes with a side of my foot up your ass.”

We both burst into laughter

“I can hear you laughing out there Maria, I got an extra foot for you too!”

I clasp a hand over my mouth to try and stifle my laughter.

“Great now he’s gonna poison me too.” I giggle.

Brad smiles at me and touches my cheek

“Nah, you’re much too cute to poison.” He pauses before adding “He might just lock you in the freezer naked.”

I can feel myself blush.

I look back down at the menu trying to distract myself when out of nowhere I feel another vibration. It's unexpected sensation made me jump as I let out a loud squeak.

“Are you alright?”

I look at him, trying to catch my breath.

“I’m fine, just felt a chill and wasn’t expecting it.” I clear my throat, hoping he doesn’t press the issue.

“The lobster ravioli looks delicious, but so does the surf and turf platter.”

“Get both. He can combine it for you.” Brad replies, still studying his own menu.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t wanna be too much trouble.”

Brad smiles at me and yells back to the kitchen, “Can you combine the surf and turf with the lobster ravioli?”

“I can, but whether I'll do it depends on which of you it's for.” he yells back through the window.

“It’s for her.”

“In that case, of course! Anything for that precious little angel." he glares at Brad "You can fuck yourself though.”

We both crack up laughing.

“Thanks Uncle Shawn!”

He gives me a wink from the serving window and glares at Brad, signaling that he’s watching him.

The lunch crowd finally starts rolling in so Brad beckons the waiter back over and places his order. Porterhouse steak, medium, loaded baked potato and bacon wrapped scallops. He then tells him to have the chef make it Vegan.

The waiter tries to hide his smirk before heading to the window. A loud scoff comes from the kitchen. A few moments later the waiter brings out a note from Shawn.

'Eat a dick, Bradley.’

I almost spit out my drink, choking back laughter.

“Wow, you guys are a trip! I don’t get why daddy never talked about you guys before.”

Brad looks at me and a soft smile forms on his lips.

“He wasn’t allowed to see you for 15 years, that can make a man a little selfish. Yes, we’re your family too but he’s the one who raised you while your mom was working. Losing you hit him harder than the rest of us. It was devastating for him when your mom filed for full custody.”

I stare at my hands in my lap, I knew mom left dad, but she had always made it seem like he had no interest in being with me. Why would she keep me from him? He didn’t seem dangerous. Then my mind flashed to last night, how forceful he was. As much as I hate to think it, what if he was doing something he shouldn’t have?

“Uncle Brad… I have to ask but please don’t take it wrong, I need to know.”

“What is it?”

“Did daddy ever… ya know? Was he ever… I mean did he ever-”

He cuts me off

“Let me stop you right there. I know what you’re thinking and I can say for a fact that your dad never did anything to you as a kid. That was never the reason Michelle kept you away.”

I breathe a sigh of relief and look into his eyes. I was expecting to see a look of disappointment on his face. There was only warmth and understanding.

“I’m not gonna paint your mom as the villain because your dad was no angel either. He would push your mother’s buttons until she’d lose her shit. They weren’t good for each other and after the divorce your dad was staying with me until he finished school. He didn’t have a job and the court said it wasn’t a stable enough environment for him to have full custody.”

“That makes sense, but why didn’t he fight for me after he got on his feet?”

He shrugged

“You’re gonna have to ask him yourself hun, I don’t pretend to know what he thinks. The man is an enigma.”

I nod, it would be better coming from him I guess, I was always afraid that he’d wanted an easier life.

I decide to take this time to get to know more about Brad and Shawn.

“So tell me Uncle Brad, are you seeing anyone?”

He choked on his drink

“Why?” he sputtered

“Well, I wanna learn more about you and Uncle Shawn. Do I have any aunts? Nieces? Nephews?”

I pause, giving him a questioning look “Why did you think I wanted to know?”

He clears his throat and breathes a sigh of relief as the waiter brings out our food.

“Oh nothing, just didn’t dawn on me at the moment. No, I’m not seeing anyone. Neither is Shawn. He’s divorced, but I’ve never found anyone I wanted to settle down with.”

I look down and take in the sight of my food. Lobster stuffed ravioli, steak, shrimp and scallops in a white cream sauce. It smells amazing.

I take a bite and savor it as it melts on my tongue.

A sudden, longer vibration causes me to shift in my seat. I’m practically panting trying to hold back a moan.

I look towards Brad to see if he notices my discomfort. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I could see the faintest smirk on his face.

He turns his attention to his meal, cutting into his steak and notices it’s pink center. He shakes his head and beckons for the waiter.

The waiter comes over and Brad asks for Shawn to come out when he has a minute.

A few minutes later, he emerges from the kitchen.

“Shawn, I said medium, not medium rare. Do you even know how to cook a steak?”

“You should be thankful you even got that, your ass almost got grass clippings on a plate.”

Brad chuckled “wow, you have a bad attitude, do I need to speak to your manager?”

Shawn laughed and lightly shoved Brad’s shoulder

“I wouldn’t recommend it, dude's a total prick.”

They laughed for a moment before Shawn turned to me and asked how my lunch was.

I had, unknowingly, been shoveling my food.

I look down at my plate and realize I only had a few bites left.

I take the last few bites and say with a mouthful of ravioli “Absolutely awful. Couldn’t stomach a single bite of this drivel.”

Both men looked at me and started howling with laughter.

“You are definitely Dorian's kid!” Brad said, trying to catch his breath.

Shawn came over and squeezed my shoulder, his thumb grazing the back of my neck.

“You’ve got quite an appetite, can I get you something a little more filling?” a hint of seduction in his voice.

I look up into his face and feel myself blush as he smiles down at me.

“I guess I was hungrier than I thought.”

He reaches down to grab my plate, his arm brushing against the side of my breast. A shudder flows through me as another vibration sends a jolt through my clit.

“I’m gonna make you another plate. Try not to let Brad bore you to death.”

Shawn heads back into kitchen and I turn my attention back to Brad. He’s halfway finished with his plate.

“You sure you’re alright? You seem flushed” he says with a smile.

“Yeah, happens sometimes." I quickly change the subject "Anyway, I wanna know all about you guys , especially what dad was like as a kid.”

Shawn brought me out another plate of lobster ravioli as Brad told me all about their childhood.

My grandmother died when Shawn and my dad were very young, he ended up marrying her best friend and they had Brad.

They both passed about 7 years ago in a car accident.

It saddens me a little that I never got to at least know my grandfather.

It’s only the 3 of them now. They have no other family, besides me of course.

Brad tells me how they all used to get into trouble when they were teenagers. Dad usually being the ringleader of their stupid stunts, I'm not surprised.

We spoke for awhile about anything that came to mind. I learned so much from Brad and occasionally Shawn, when he had time to spare.

I was just getting ready to say goodbye to them and head to the mall when my phone rings. I excuse myself, thinking it’s possibly my dad wanting to taunt me. It shocked me to see it was my mother.

“Hi mom.”

I clench my fist and take a deep breath.

“Are you serious? In Hawaii?! You didn’t mention that particular detail in your text this morning!”

I’m trying to keep calm, even though a flood of emotions wash over me.

“No. Of course I’m happy for you, I wish you would have told me.” I sigh

“Okay... tell me." I can feel my blood begin to boil "Are you fucking serious? If John says to jump into a volcano are you gonna do that too?"

I take a deep breath "You know what, it's fine. Have a nice life Michelle.” I try to fight back the tears “Don’t, just fucking don’t!"

I hang up the phone and throw it on the table, slumping back down into my chair as tears pour down my face.

Brad and Shawn kneel down beside me, each placing a hand on my thighs. In any other situation this would have my mind racing.

Shawn is the first to speak.

“What’s wrong hun?"

I try to gather my thoughts.

“Mom just got married today in Hawaii, apparently it wasn’t just a vacation.”

“She didn’t tell you? How could she not even tell you?” Brad interjected “What was the part about John?”

“Oh, apparently since I’m 18 now he thinks my mom doesn’t need to have anything to do with me anymore and she agrees. Stupid bitch tried to apologize, as if that means anything.”

“I’m so sorry Hun” Brad says sadly.

I stand up and tell my uncles that I have to go, I need to go clear my head.

They each stand and give me a hug, constantly asking if I’ll be alright.

“I’ll be fine, nothing a little shop therapy can’t fix.”

I head off to the mall, trying to shake my mother from my mind was proving to be more difficult than I’d hoped.

I'd just pulled into the mall parking lot and was trying to pull myself together when my phone starts to ring. It’s daddy.

“You okay Princess?"


“Don’t lie to me, Shawn called me and told me about your mother.”

“I’ll be fine. It shouldn’t have surprised me to be honest.”

“Honey where are you right now?”

“At the mall” I sigh “I'm hoping a little shopping will help take my mind off of Michelle.”

He pauses for what seems to be an eternity

“Do you need me to come home? I can reschedule my meetings.”

I smile to myself wondering how I got so lucky to end up with a dad like him.

“Thank you Daddy, but I’ll be fine. I just need to clear my head.”

“I may know how to help you with that.”

A sudden a wave of vibrations hit me. Slow at first and then building up speed.

I let out a soft moan as the pulsing against my clit intensified.

“You like that baby?”

“mmm, yes daddy. It feels so good.”

After all the teasing and the residual build up from last night I can feel myself getting close. My breath comes in short gasps as I reach my peak.

“Daddy please” I whimper.

The speed increases quickly and my body begins to shake.

“Cum for me baby girl.”

I clasp a hand over my mouth and scream out in ecstasy. I cover my face from anyone who may be watching from the parking lot.

The vibration stops and I fight to catch my breath.

A soft chuckle fills my ear, “I love you Princess.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

We hang up and I try to regain my composure. I didn’t realize I'd get off so quick but it's plain to see how much I needed that release.

Wandering aimlessly around the mall I find myself looking around and trying to think of what I want to do. Nothing particularly stands out to me until I see the salon.

I walk in and make an appointment for a massage and a facial.

I have about 45 minutes until my appointment starts so I decide to go to the lingerie shop. It will be less embarrassing without my dad there.

I find a couple of cute bra-let and panty sets, a negligee and then out of the corner of my eye I see a room.

There’s different costume lingerie along the walls. Nurses outfits, sexy cop uniforms, French maid dresses and then I see it.

A blue plaid mini skirt with a white top that ties in the front, and garter belt. I search for my size and grab a pair of white thigh high stockings. I don’t know what compelled me to get this particular outfit, but I just knew that I needed it.

After paying for my stuff, I see that I have 15 minutes until my next appointment. I head over to a little shoe store I had passed to see if I can find some shoes to go with my new outfit.

I find a pair of black, vinyl Mary Jane pumps that fit like a glove so I buy them and head to the salon.


I head home after my spa day and grocery shopping.

After putting the groceries away I relax on the couch for a bit. That massage was just what I needed, and that facial left my face feeling smooth and glowing. I even had them do French braided pigtails since they had some time.

I was looking and feeling amazing. I can’t wait for daddy to come home! I decide to text him.

'Hey Daddy, I’m home! I wanted to thank you for everything. Despite everything going on with Mom I really enjoyed myself.'

It’s 7:30 so he’s probably on his way to his business dinner, speaking of dinner I should figure out what I want to eat.

My phone vibrates.

'I'm glad you enjoyed yourself sweetheart. Have you eaten yet?'

'Not yet, I'm about to look through the take-out menus.'

'Ok baby girl, I love you.'

'I love you too Daddy.'

I head into the kitchen and rummage through our 'take out drawer' laying all my options out on the counter. Lost in thought, I jump when I hear someone say my name.

“Maria? You alright?”

Brad is standing in the doorway holding a bottle of vodka.

“Jesus, you scared me!”

“Not Jesus, Brad.”

I start laughing, still trying to calm down.

“But seriously, I’m sorry I scared you. Your dad didn’t want you to be alone tonight and I guess you didn’t hear me knocking so I used my key.”

“No you’re fine, I guess I was too distracted trying to figure out dinner. Care to join me?”

Brad smiles and puts the vodka in the freezer before coming up behind me and looking at the menus over my shoulder.

“Chinese sounds good to me, how bout you?”

His breath on my ear sends a shiver down my spine, I’m aware of his body pressed into my back.

Out of nowhere the vibrating panties spring to life causing me to arch my back into him.

“oh god, I’m so sorry, I-uh-I'll be right back.” Another pulse “fuck”

I run from the kitchen and into my room and call my father, it goes to voicemail.

“Dad, uncle Brad is here, could you please not mess with me? He was looking over menus with me and I ended up shoving my ass into his crotch.”

I hang up, hoping he gets the message soon.

I walk back into the kitchen and Brad is eyeing the Chinese menu. He points to a glass on the counter for me and takes a sip of his own drink.

I take a sip and hesitantly step towards him, trying to think of an excuse as to why I reacted that way.

“Uncle Brad I’m sorry about that. I just, uh-”

He smirks, “don’t worry about it hun, I probably shouldn’t have been standing so close to you like that. You like Crab Rangoon?”

“Yeah, let’s get some wonton soup too.”

I got beef with chinese vegetables. He got general tso's chicken, and we got Crab Rangoon, wonton soup and a quart of house lo mein to split.

We head into the living room and put on a movie while we wait for the food.

I take a few more sips of my drink and turn to Brad.

“Uncle Brad can I ask you something?”

He looks at me, his eyes staring intently into mine.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering what made you decide to bring a bottle of vodka over?”

He smiles, “I figured you had a rough day and it’s something we all do if one of us has a bad day. Shawn would have brought tequila and your dad would have brought a bottle of Johnny Walker. Don’t worry I’m not looking to get you drunk, your father would kill me.”

It’s kinda sweet how they all look after each other, I guess they're a lot closer than I thought.

“Is there something else you would have preferred?”

I shake my head “nope, this is fine by me."

We sit for awhile enjoying our drinks when my phone rings suddenly.

“Excuse me for a sec, it’s dad.”

I get up and head into the kitchen.


“Hey sweetie, I got your message.”

“I was so embarrassed.”

He’s quiet for a minute.

“Maria, the last time I activated it was when you were at the mall.”

“but how did they go off then?”

Brad calls to me from the living room that the food's here.

“I gotta go daddy, dinner’s here. Maybe it happened while the phone was in your pocket?”

“Go enjoy your food princess.”

I head out to the dining room and can’t help but feel a knot in the pit of my stomach. I try to ignore it as Brad and I sit down to dinner.

Brad and I eat and discuss our respective childhoods, I can't help but envy how much fun he and his brothers had.

Without warning another jolt to my clit causes me to jump, my fork falls to the floor.

He reaches down and picks it up, placing a hand on my thigh for support. Another jolt fires through my clit and I squeal, grabbing my phone and quickly text my dad.

'Daddy please stop!'

'stop what princess?'

'you know what! Please, I’m begging you. It’s so embarrassing, I'm running out of excuses!'

He sends me a wink emoji and says he’ll see me later.

Brad's hand is still resting on my thigh, those deep brown eyes staring through me.

“Are you alright? You seem a bit… jumpy”

A long slow vibration ensues, barely noticeable yet still effective.

“I’m f-fine. Just uh, need a minute.” I get up and try to walk to my room, having to grab the walls to support myself.

I barely make it to the room before I strip out of my jeans, determined to get these damn panties off. As I start to pull them down I see Brad leaning against my doorway with a hand behind his back.

“My, my, my, what a sight this is.”

I try to grab my jeans but the vibration increases, dropping me to my knees.

“U-uncle Brad I-uh fuck! Please I-I can expl-aaah!” a moan escapes my lips as the speed increases again.

He pulls his hand from behind his back, glancing down at his phone “This seems like a good setting for you.”

I shoot him a questioning glance when the realization hits me that he’s got control of me.

He walks over and begins stroking my hair. I look up at him, unable to speak.

“You really are beautiful” he says while running a finger down my face.

“what are you going to do to me?”

“nothing that you don’t want me to do.”

He turns the setting higher and watches with a smile as I squirm. He brings me close to climax and then turns the setting back down.

“Oh god please, I was so close!”

What the fuck am I doing?

“Please let me cum!”

God, is this what I'm reduced to?

“Oh I’ll let you cum, but you’ve gotta make it worth it for me.” He starts undoing his pants and his cock springs to life in front of my face.

I turn away, “No, please don't make me do that."

He sighs and grabs his phone “I didn’t wanna have to resort to this Maria.”

He turns the speed all the way up, to the point where there is no pleasure only painful stinging.

“Ahhh please, turn it down, I’ll do whatever you want just turn it back down!”

“You know what I want.”

He guides me to his cock, I try to resist but the unbearable pain on my clit is too much.

I give in and take him into my mouth, trying to remember how daddy had said to do it.

I take in as much as I can and swirl my tongue around the shaft, bobbing my head slowly to try and find a good rhythm.

He moans and turns the setting down to a low buzz, allowing me to relax a bit.

I start stroking him and take more of him into my throat, hoping it would make him cum faster. I just want this to be over with.

He turns up the setting until he sees me squirming and sets the phone down.

I pump faster, the sensation on my clit making me moan around his cock.

He grabs my braids and pulls me closer forcing more down my throat than I can handle. I begin to gag and try pulling back.

“No you don’t. You’re gonna learn how to take it all and love it.”

I try fighting back but the tingling on my clit increases leaving me panting. My throat relaxes as I focus on my impending orgasm.

Brad takes this opportunity to slam his entire length down my throat. My bottom lip presses against his balls.

I try to free myself from his grip to no avail.

The speed seems to be increasing. The more I fight the more intense the sensation seems to be.

Wait… how's that even possible?

“Damn Bradley, looks like you’re having a good time.”

My eyes widen as fear creeps through me, what is Shawn doing here?

"How's she doing?"

Another pulse.

I can’t help myself, I moan around Brad’s cock. Fuck I’m so close.

“She’s learning” he moans.

“Looks like she needs some incentive, eh Dorian?”

My heart stops. Daddy? No, no, no, he can’t see me like this!

Out of the corner of my eye I see Daddy and Shawn standing in the doorway, both smiling holding their phones. The pulse changes alternating between a quick buzz and a slow lull.

My head begins spinning as the need to cum intensifies. The constant battle of vibrations pushing me to the edge and pulling me away.

“Pweeeez” I attempt to cry out from around Brad's intrusive cock.

“Aww Dorian, she wants to cum. Should we let her?" Shawn asks with a smirk.

Daddy stares at me, a sadistic glint in his eye “She can cum when Brad does.”

Tears sting my eyes. Let this torture end, please just me get off.

Brad’s speed increases, my throat clasping around him. Fuck, why won’t he cum?

I push my tongue out and run the tip along his balls as he continues fucking my face.

“ooh fuck!” Brad groans.

I grab his ass, digging my nails into the cheek as my other hand cups his balls.

He starts groaning, his grip on my hair loosens enough for me to pull my mouth away until only the tip remains.

I gently lick the hole before slowly taking more into my mouth.

After building up a good rhythm I feel his balls twitch and pull him all the way down my throat.

My clit starts tingling again until I can feel myself ready to explode.

I moan around his shaft and continue battering my tonsils until I hear him panting.

I squeeze his balls lightly, extending a finger over his taint. I gently run my nail along the trail from his ass to his balls.

My orgasm hits as the first wave of cum splashes the back of my throat. I pull him as far into me as I can, my body convulsing as he unleashes every drop of his seed.

I swallow it all, not letting him go until I was completely satisfied he had nothing left to give.

The vibration stops and I collapse to the floor, while Brad drops to his knees.

After what seems like an eternity Brad takes me into his arms and gently kisses my lips.

“Now that is how you suck a cock.”

I giggle and look over at daddy, hoping that he was proud of me.

He and Shawn exchange glances, smiling.

“Good job princess, now the real fun begins.”

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2021-06-14 04:40:21
Are you going to write a part 3.


2019-04-05 15:40:14
Wow, sooo hot! Not normally my genre` but you handled what could be a very negative scenario extremely well! And I agree with throather, the sex scenes are like poetry, two lines into this story and I was not only tingling but oozing as well!

Hope there is a part 3 soon!


2019-03-02 14:53:42
You are an amazing author.


2019-02-28 18:45:03
Fantastic story. I love how you write the sex scenes. It's like poetry. The beginning was so hot, I read it three times! Can't wait to see how they continue to train Maria into the perfect sex toy!

Also, please continue to explore the subplot with Maria's mother. I find that dynamic interesting as well.

Bravo Goddess! Well done.


2019-02-28 16:11:33
Hell of a great story... can't wait to read more!!!!!

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