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This is loosely based on reality. I had a very interesting upbringing and have some interesting stories to tell.
The next few days were frustrating to say the least. Not much conversation or eye contact was exchanged between Jenn and me, and weirdly enough, I began to miss her bitchy banter. She had been gradually less and less of a cunt after she began using my cum as lotion on a nightly basis, but after that fateful night in my room, our insult-filled altercations dropped off dramatically. It was almost as if we were both trying to figure out how that cum-covered evening was ultimately going to affect our relationship going forward.

"Here comes that stupid bitch now..." I thought to myself while laying on my bed, listening for my sister to pad up the stairs and to the bathroom which I shared a wall with. Just because we stopped talking shit to each other’s faces didn't mean I stopped relishing in the delight of degrading her in my thoughts. Or jacking off to her for that matter.

I pressed my ear to the wall and listened intently. I took my time idly sliding a spit-covered finger up and down the underside of my growing cock as I listened to her shower. She spun the squeaky faucets off and carefully stepped out of the tub. I listened and pictured her toweling off her beautiful body. Heaving tits swinging and jiggling as she dried off and prepared for her nightly skincare ritual.

Most of the process was silent. It was the rare but precious sound of skin slapping or sliding against skin that induced my disgustingly incestuous orgasms. I pictured one of her giant cum-covered tits was slapping into her body or that her glistening ass cheeks were slapping together after a nice cummy squeeze. I wanted to walk in and help her. To come up behind her and rub my cum across her tits myself. To press against her body and slide my engorged cock flesh between her slick thighs.. then look over her small frame into the mirror while I slowly thigh-fucked her. I wanted to-

"Mmmmh" the sound of a sweet feminine moan cut me off. My cock twitched in my hand. That was a first. She must really be enjoy-

"Oooh.. Yessss..." She hissed through her teeth. Could she really be...

I pressed against the wall tightly. Listening for any evidence. I stopped stroking my cock for a moment. I could hear it just faintly. The wet slurping sound of her tight slit sucking on her fingers. My cock jerked and tensed up in my hand. It was almost enough to push me right over. Precum began flowing down onto my hand in a steady stream and I subconsciously began tiny little strokes up and down, just barely massaging my frenulum with the slick liquid.

Her whimpers became more urgent and faster. The image of my sister hunched over the sink and fucking herself filled my mind. Her tiny hand barely cupping one of her cum-shiny tits and roughly twisting her nipple while the other hand frantically jilled her clit attempted to send me into a violent orgasm.

I wasn't ready to cum though. I wanted to secretly invade this bitch’s privacy and mentally degrade her to my own satisfaction as long as I could. I edged myself carefully, rubbing the precum-soaked pad of my index finger agonizingly slowly up and down the sensitive spot under my cock head and occasionally across the tip to slather up more slimy liquid.

I pictured her moaning for me, that it was my cock making those wet slurping noises. I imagined I was splitting her open forcefully, grinding my cockhead against the deepest neglected corners of her cunt. I held her beautiful body close to me, one hand across her tight stomach, the other with a fist full of creamy tit flesh, her hard nipple poking into the palm of my hand. she began moaning louder through the wall. She was going to cum.

"Cum on my cock, sis" I whispered quietly to myself. "Come on baby. Cum on your brother's cock you fucking slut"

I heard one loud growling moan as her orgasm built up inside her, followed by brief silence.

Suddenly, she cried out pathetically and the sound of girl cum splashing onto the tile filled the bathroom. She pleaded out and moaned whorishly as her orgasm destroyed her will to keep quiet. I imagined that I shoved my cock into her right at that moment and her cum sprayed around the edges of my intrusion. That I had her bent over the sink and fucked her while she shook and came on me. As another wave of her climax squirted out and splashed to the floor, I felt my body lock up into orgasmic bliss and begin shooting rope after rope of incestuous nut up my body in hot streaks all the way to my neck. At least 6 streaks of cum ejected across my torso as I listened to a third and fourth wave of her cum squirt onto the tiled bathroom floor.

Several moments of gasping and heavy breathing passed as she collected herself and wiped the floor up with her towel. I laid and listened, basking in my own self-glazed state of euphoria, cock deflating and leaking out onto my lower stomach.

I had just finished toweling myself off and getting comfortable when I heard a faint knock at my door.

"um.. Come on in" I called through the door as I quickly pulled up my sheets and glanced around for any evidence of my perving.

"Hey Jackie" the voice spoke softly. I could sort of make out the silhouette of her body, the light from the hall casting an image of her profile as it spilled in around her. She was wearing a towel around her voluptuous tits and ass and a towel in her hair. I wished her towel would fall off so I could get a good look at those fat globes once and for all.

"I hope you don't mind... Our shower isn't working and we will need to use yours for a couple of days. The repair people will be here next week" The voice stated sweetly.

After the briefest moment of total confusion, the realization of what I'd just done hit me like a cement mixer.

"Um... Yeah that's fine" As I spoke, my eyes finally began adjusting to the dark. Yes... It was my mom. My sweet, sweet mother who could do no wrong, wrapped in a towel which was totally soaked with her own cum and holding a small, 2-ounce bottle of lotion in her hand. She slipped out of my doorway and quietly shut the door behind her.

"holy fuck" I mouthed to myself quietly, replaying the moments that just transpired through my head. "Nope... No way that was mom. That was definitely not mom in there" I tried to convince myself repeatedly.

I laid there staring at the ceiling, breathing deeply to calm myself down, attempting to keep myself in denial and not wanting to address the alternative. That I'd just busted a massive nut to the sounds of my mom moaning and squirting all over my bathroom floor. Against my own will, the images flashed through my head. Not my sister, but my mom, hunched over the sink, playing with her tits, fucking herself, humping her pussy onto her curled fingers.

After some time, I convinced myself I did nothing wrong. I couldn't have known. Who would have? My stomach began unknotting slowly. I didn't mind nutting to my sister lotioning herself up with my cum, but that's because she was a cunt. It helped me cope with her fucked up attitude to pretend I was stretching her out with my cock and making her whimper like a whore. But my mom... she was sweet... and loving. And... and... Then it hit me. The realization and the rage all at once.

I threw the blankets off and blasted down the hall at full speed. I didn't even knock. I threw her door open in rage for the second time this month. Jenn was laying on her bed, reading some bullshit teen magazine. Probably reading something about "How to get your way by being a bitch".

I shut the door behind me, barely able to contain myself enough not to slam it.

Jenn looked up startled, ready to chastise me for invading her privacy or whatever.

"Dude you fucking sold a bottle to mom!?" I half shouted, half whispered through gritted teeth.

"No man relax!" she reeled back and sat up on her bed, ready to defend herself. Huge tits rocking side to side under her oversized night shirt, nipples poking through as they brushed the cloth. As pissed as I was, I had to steal a few glances. "You think I'm the only one that sells it? We got distributors and shit now dude!" She defended herself. It was a weak defense though. "How do you even know mom has some?"

"I just had to listen to her use it for 20 minutes, asshole!" I admitted. I was too pissed to even censor my own admission.

"You can hear that?... Through the wall?" Jenn asked through a half-cocked grin, cutely scrunching her forehead.

"We got thin walls, okay!? Don't sell her any more, you sick fucker". I stormed out and nearly slammed the door behind me.


The next night I was much more careful. I listened for every sign that it may be mom on the other side of the wall. I couldn't bear busting another nut to my own mom. It just didn't seem right.

The splashing patterns of her shower routine seemed much more familiar this time. It was definitely my sister Jenn this time. I pulled my sheets down slowly in anticipation, feeling the cloth slide past my thickening cock in anticipation of what was to come.

The squeak of the shower knobs turning off could be heard, followed by the sounds of Jenn toweling off her cum-inducing body.

I heard the towel hit the floor and readied myself, beginning to tease myself to full erection. I brought my index finger to my tongue, coating it in warm saliva and began fingering the underside of my cock, feeling it twitch and throb. My breathing becoming more labored as I prepared to listen to my sister slather her voluptuous body in my cum.

Just as I heard the gentlest sigh of satisfaction pass from her lips and through my wall, my bedroom door unexpectedly flew open.

Panicked, I threw my sheets over my throbbing member. The black silhouette of a pony-tailed female bounded through the opening and stealthily clicked the door shut behind her. I pulled my lets up just in time as she dove onto my bed. She perched onto her knees toward the foot of my bed, pushed up against the wall.

"Is she doing it?" The figure whispered excitedly.

I sat up. The street lamp outside my window offered just enough light to make out a face.

"Jenn?" I blurted a bit too loudly, confused.

"Shhhh!" she hissed as she pressed her ear up against the wall.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I whispered angrily. She just put her finger up to her mouth and stared blankly past me as she listened intently through the wall.

It only took a second to realize what was going on.

"Dude. You're a sick fuck. Seriously?" I said with as much incredulity as I could muster, as hypocritical as it sounded coming from me.

She grinned a mischievous grin and bit her bottom lip sexily as she flashed a knowing glance at me.

I just sat there dumbly for a few moments, wondering what her intent was.

Finally I could hear some shuffling through the wall next to me, but resisted the urge to listen in. It was mom after all. I supposed I should have thanked Jenn for stopping me from jerking off to mom again.

Jenn's mischievous grin faded and slowly turned into a look of pure concentration. She could hear something. I found myself gradually fighting the urge to put my head against the wall.

Suddenly Jenn's expression changed to one of apprehension. Her eyes widened and she looked over at me, locking eyes with me. She looked worried. the letters "O M G" silently formed on her glossed lips.

"What..." I anxiously asked. Jenn's expression almost made me concerned for our mom in the next room.

Jenn reached over and grabbed my shoulder, pushing me toward the wall. I faked resistance briefly as if to suggest that we shouldn't be invading mom's privacy, but my curiosity had made up my decision already. I suctioned my ear to the wall and was immediately greeted with the soft, sweet mewls of utter satisfaction and that faint sucking sound I remembered so clearly.

"She's not putting on lotion, dude" My sister whispered to me.

"Dude this is perverted" I whispered back, faking concern at this point. "We shouldn't be listening to mom... doing that". I too had climbed up onto my knees and was listening intently as I said the words.

My sister was grinning wickedly at me.

"I bet she's using your cum" She said, staring at me, looking for a reaction from me. Her eyes flicked down to my lap very briefly when my cock was laying flaccid between my legs covered by the thin sheet.

"You're sick dude" I responded, being careful not to let my cock grow. I couldn't let my sister know I was getting anything out of this. I would never hear the end of it from the girls at school once Jenn told everyone.

Mom was beginning to moan unabated at this point and the palm of her hand could plainly be heard slapping into her soaked lips as she finger fucked herself rapidly.

The sound paused for a moment and a plastic clicking sound could be heard. The sounds resumed again.

"Sounds like she just poured more of your cum on her pussy, bro" My sister whispered sexily at me, glancing down at my cock a little more obviously this time. She was challenging me. The thought of mom fucking herself only feet away with her cunt and body covered in my cum would have disgusted me before tonight, but right now I was struggling to keep the sheets from tenting.

The outline of my cock was now pretty apparent. It was still laying down in the channel of my pushed-together thighs but had filled with blood just enough to make the shaft and head somewhat visible in the faint light from outside. I was losing the battle. I looked at it, willing it to stay down. I couldn't let it get hard with Jenn sitting right next to me.

The sound briefly changed on the other side of the wall into a much more rapid flicking sound. Mom's moans became more labored and breathy. Jenn leaned over toward me slightly, her huge tits barely hanging down into her oversized night shirt. Her face only inches down the wall from mine. Her lips parted.

"She's flicking her clit, Jackie." She whispered breathily. Her mischievous grin completely gone now. "She covered her clit in your cum and now she’s flicking her fingers back and forth over it". She said in a very serious and very sexual tone, eyes locked to mine.

Immediately she leaned back onto her haunches and giggled hysterically. She was being a nasty bitch, but she was achieving her goal.

As she threw her head back, giggling to herself, I glanced down at my lap. To my horror, my cock had released its self from between my thighs and was pushing the sheet upwards. It was getting hard as fuck. The head was clearly pronounced, and the veins could be seen sliding along the underside of the thin fabric as it made its way slowly upward. I began thinking about chores, puppies, gay porn, anything to distract myself from my current state.

My sister collected herself and began leaning back toward the wall to continue her lewd perversion.

Just as she was settled back against the wall, her eyes came in contact with the new member of our incestuous initiative.

Her jaw dropped as her eyes flicked between me and my cock.

"Dude seriously?" she mouthed silently, incredulous. "Who’s the sick fucker now, huh?". She giggled quietly at me. I felt my face flush and go hot. I averted my gaze to the floor, my cock still openly bobbing with each throb and tenting a large area of the sheets up between us.

"You wanna fuck mom, don't you?" She continued fucking with me. "You wanna slide that big ass fuckin' horse-cock up in her twat, huh?"

She was openly gawking at my still-hardening cock. Her words were not helping my case.

"Listen to her, Jack" She motioned for me to put my head up against the wall. "listen to that pussy suck on her fingers... It could be sucking on your cock. I bet she'd moan like a bitch in heat for that big fuckin' thing"

Each disgusting word that passed her lips pumped more blood into my cock and more lust into my mind. A fresh bead of precum had forced itself through the sheet and created a dome of glossy wetness over the hole at the tip. Jenn's eyes didn't leave my cock as she continued her filthy encouragement.

"Bend her over Jack. Make her moan". As if on cue, mom squeaked a very audible and passionate moan just as Jenn said the words. Her eyes became somewhat glazed over. Her eyes were on my cock and her ear to the wall listening to mom fuck herself... Or get fucked by me... The line was seemingly blurred in her eyes for the moment.

"You wanna fuck her, Jackie?" She inquired, more seriously this time. I didn't answer. How could I? My feelings about the whole situation were changing so quickly, I just pushed my ear back up against the wall and enjoyed the feeling of my rigid cock straining against the wet sheet.

"Make me cum baby... Make my pussy cum on your cock baby" Mom's muffled voice came through the wall. She was whining and whimpering like a whore and it was making my cock virtually pour precum into the sheets.

"Listen to her Jack. She needs it. Tell me you want to be the one to give it to her" Jenn was completely serious now. She was done challenging me. She was teasing herself as much as she was teasing me. Her thighs were twisting together roughly, and she was just barely humping a bunched corner of my comforter.

I couldn't help it. My hormones were taking over. My hot ass sister, as much of a cunt she was, was actually making me horny for my mom.

"I... I want to..." I started timidly.

"Tell me fucker!" My sister became more urgent.

"I want to fuck mom..." I stated with intent.

"Close your eyes" Jenn blurted flatly as soon as I completed the sentence. I hesitated, not knowing what the intent was. Maybe she was getting off on me picturing myself fucking mom. It didn't really matter though. I welcomed the opportunity to get further absorbed into the moment.

I closed my eyes.

The image of the bathroom materialized in my mind. My mother was in front of me humping her fingers fervently and crying pathetically like a slave being tortured by her own impending orgasm. She was clearly near to cresting into a world-shaking climax. It was going to be a mess.

"Fuck me please" I heard her plead through the wall. My cock lurched and tensed.

I was a bit startled by the feeling of my sheets being pulled away from my lap sending a wave of cool air across the wet head. The precum-soaked patch of cloth at the tip snapped away from the sticky flesh draping tendrils of precum down my shaft and across my thighs.

I supposed I should have been drawn from my disgusting fantasy by the introduction the of new physical sensations, but I was too engrossed with the idea of my pre-orgasmic mother hunched over in front of me, presenting her throbbing twat to me.

"Stick your cock in her Jack" The hoarse voice of my horny sister entered my mind.

I approached moms glistening and quaking body. She was beautiful. Curvy and thick in the right places just like my sister. I could see the sides of her tits hanging and quivering in front of her. Her ass was juicy and round just like Jenn's, her waist and stomach tight and muscular

I pushed just the tip against her drooling slit. Her pussy wetly kissed the hole on the end of my cock with an audible popping sound. The feeling was too real. I tried it again. I pushed my cock against the pulsating hole and felt the wet warmth of her pussy caressing my cock. I was afraid to open my eyes in fear it would interrupt the incredible sensation that was invading my senses.

I glided my cock up and down, mixing my copious precum with mom's dripping juices. I could feel her pussy drool running down the veins of my shaft. I pulled back to inspect mom's gaping hole. My cock left her pussy with a wet slurping sound and strings of our mixed juices stretched from my cock to her begging hole.

"Fuck her" My sister sputtered, commanding me.

I grabbed my mother's gorgeous body by her gyrating hips and pulled her back onto my cock, sliding the head in without invitation. About that time, I felt something wet and warm engulf my pulsating cock head. Mom moaned through the wall as I felt my cock penetrate her.

"Jenn... It feels so real" I moaned to my sister, focused on keeping my eyes closed.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" Jenn grunted.

"Should I fuck her deep?" I pleaded to her.

"Mmmmm-hmmm" she moaned in agreement.

I shoved my cock into my twitching mother's body as deep as it would go, roughly invading her to her core and bottoming out inside her. my balls ground up against her clit and her glossy, cum-covered ass softly slapped against pelvis.

I felt my cock slide into her. My sister making squelching gagging sounds in front of me. It was ecstasy. I could feel my mom’s cunt taking my cock. I was going to cum soon.

I pulled back and slammed into mom once more, jamming my cock into her, and that was it.

Mom moaned out pitifully through the wall as her climax crested and small squirts of girl-cum began sputtering and splashing loudly against the bathroom floor. After one final slutty moan, she submitted to her violent orgasm. One massive orgasmic contraction after another raped her senses as she shamelessly hosed down the floor in the bathroom with massive spurts of girl cum.

She fell to her knees with a slapping sound and her faint whimpering could be heard through the wall.

Even though my cock was out of my mother's cunt in my lewd fantasy, I could still feel it inside her. I opened my eyes to the sight of my beautiful sister bobbing her glossy lips up and down my engorged head. She was slurping wetly at the tip and licking the hole, sucking and swallowing my precum. One hand wrapped around the shaft just under my head and the other buried deeply between her legs.

I had to hold back from nutting all over my sister right then. I wanted to enjoy it for a moment.

Her eyes were closed. She looked engrossed in the task. She was making throaty moaning sounds as she gently and passionately milked at the end of my cock with her mouth. Drool and precum was running down her chin and from the corners of her mouth as she slurped and nursed.

She looked so hot. Her little pony tail bouncing about as she fucked me with her sloppy mouth. I couldn't hold on much longer. I decided I wanted to make a mess on her. I wanted to see her drenched in her brother's cum.

The image of my sister, the bangin' hot slut that invades my fantasies on a nightly basis, covered in my cum passed through my mind and I quickly reached the point of no return. Just as I prepared to pull my cock from her mouth and hose her down with my nut, my door opened.

"Hey Jackie". Jenn bolted up right and we both froze. "Oh... Didn't realize you were in here too Jenn."

I was grateful that my sister's body was between my cock and the door, because I was cresting hard. Jenn's hand was still wrapped around my cock and she held it perfectly still, virtually edging me, preventing my orgasm from subsiding. Her other hand still gently moving between her legs, but just barely.

"Oh mom. We're just talking" Jenn's voice quivered as she glanced over her shoulder. Her hand tightened on my cock, further pressing me to the edge.

I moaned pleadingly. I was in pain. She knew it. She looked back over to me apologetically, asking me with her eyes to hold it in. Her own body quivering gently in front of me.

"So nice to see you two bonding finally" My mom chirped and opened the door a bit wider.

I couldn't hold it. I thrusted my hips forward just enough to slide my cock through my sister's slick fist merely an inch, but enough to ignite the smoldering orgasm that was building up in my dick. Her body jerked almost imperceptibly and her eyes rolled back. Her tits jiggled in her low-cut nightshirt. I could hear the faint sounds of her pussy ejecting the slightest bit of cum into her panties and over her hand as her orgasm took her body.

"Ugh. Jack..." She grunted at me, clearly loud enough for mom to hear.

"Hmm?" Mom inquired.

"...Has had loads of... Patience for me lately." She quickly saved herself in time to continue submitting to her orgasm while mom unknowingly watched her little girl cum climax in front of her. Her pussy began to unleash multiple squirts of cum into her underwear while she rode it out and shook gently with each blissful wave of climactic glory.

"You kids are sweet." Mom said proudly.

I leaned slightly to the side and peered around my sister to see my mom off, her pretty smile beaming back at me. Her cum-soaked towel was tightly wrapped around her, barely high enough to cover her nipples, her immense cleavage spilling from the top of the towel.

I stared at my mom's tits while my cock began forcefully squirting hot ropes of cum straight into my sister's face. I imperceptibly humped my hips forward into my sister's hand with each thick stream of nut. Into her mouth, across her cheeks, down her neck and across her tits pushing through the deep v-neck of her shirt.

"Well sweet dreams you two" Mom softly latched the door behind her. Her last words just as chipper and light-hearted as the first. Her eyes must have not had time to adjust to the darkness. At least not enough to watch her kids cum for each other.

As soon as the door shut, Jenn hungrily slurped at the end of my cock, pulling the last few waves of my orgasm from my cock and extending my climax several more seconds.

"Holy fuck" I whispered. Jenn sat up and had to swallow several times to clear out her mouth and throat.

"You think she suspected anything?" Jenn asked hastily as she licked my cum from her lips and around her mouth.

"She didn't seem to" I responded. Jenn continued licking cum from her fingers and massaged the rest into her face.

"Amber was right..." She mumbled. "It absorbs way better when it's fresh and warm".

I could sit and watch my sister rub my cum on herself all night, but I had to hit the sack.

"Just let me know... I'll let you take it from my cock any time" I joked. At least I thought I joked, but she looked at me seriously, eyebrows raised.

"Don't make any promises you can't keep"

She finished cleaning herself up and dragged my comforter out of my room to the laundry that she'd soaked with cum while mom watched. We didn't discuss what'd just happened. I wasn't sure how it would change our relationship, but I was really hoping to make good on that last exchange. I'd never cum that hard before and I was hoping it wasn't the last time.

Now... How to deal with these new fucked up feelings I had for my mom... That would be another story.


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Never mind, I found more at Literotica. I don't know how to take down my last post. Sorry to complain. Can't wait to read the rest.


2021-09-04 02:13:56
This is an awesome series and I have truly loved Parts 1, 2, and 3 but it's a little cruel to abandon the story here. OK, we got a blowjob - a "ruined cum", but I guess that's a start. His sister was wearing a t-shirt at the time, so he hasn't even seen her tits naked. I figured a Part 4 should, at least contain a cumshot on his sister's naked boobs. I also kept imagining the kids discovering that their mom had been using a vibrator or a dildo with his "lotion", in essence, pushing his cum up inside of her without her knowing and, possibly, getting herself pregnant. And, of course, Somebody around this place needs to get fucked, for cryin' out loud. Please don't stop this story. It has such great potential.


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A quand la partie 4


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Part 4 would be great


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Love this story are you making a part 4?

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