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I apologize for the long wait now see what Luke is up to now that he is back and learning to use his new contracts as well as try to juggle what is left of his normal life.
The Prophecy Ch. 7

This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read the previous chapters to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and has more interesting magical twists to come. Please note that all characters in this story are 18 years or older. If you’re not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story. I apologize for how long it took to post this story due to events in my life which have tightened my time to write. I will continue to write this story and create many more in the future.

When Luke woke up this morning he thought it was going to be boring compared to yesterday where he meet all his fears induced by a water cocoon made with the powers of two beings that made him wish he wore his brown pants. He thought he was going to just enjoy flexing his powers after a morning spoon session with Nina. “These days I seem to eat my words along with my expectations for the day.” That thought lingered in his mind as he stood behind a wall of what was left of a paradise while Nina and Serina tried their hardest to put him into a brand new coma.

When Serina first used the illusion Luke was completely dumbfounded. He was sitting on the couch lazily half naked in some casual jeans. Then she wandered in unannounced and pulled out a ruby. Luke would have interjected but when he saw Nina wearing what he would have pegged as workout clothes he swallowed his words. Serina seemed to enjoy his growing anxiety and with a wave of her hand the world shifted. His ass got a few degrees colder sitting on a boulder staring over a few hundred feet from the ground. The place was stunning, a perfect little paradise snuggled in the shadow of a mountain, though he couldn’t place which one. The bowl was something that could only be described in dreams. An untouched little spot that was secured in the middle of the mountain, warm enough that you didn’t freeze but you still felt the chill of the mountain air.

When they first arrived he felt the dense cold air fight his lungs. He dare not complain about it, he was sure if he tried he’d just get a comment about toughening up or how weak he was. Yet he wondered at the beauty of this magic. He was positive they were in the apartment a moment ago and now his ass felt the jagged cold stone dig into his flesh through his jeans. From where he sat he had the view of complete green surrounding a lake with a stream pouring from the mountain rock. Plants and small trees lined the stream and lake eager to drink up the precious water that was provided. Someone must have recognized this place as a perfect oasis themselves, because broken stone littered the ground from the ruins of what looked to be a shattered temple. He couldn’t mistake this as a simply illusion if he wanted to.

Now the place was more of a ruin than before with trees uprooted, cracked stone chips layered multiple points on the ground, and the spires of rock/boulders speared the entire cove. The once beautiful place was a remnant of what it used to be. After some time his lungs had grown accustomed to the air, but not enough to tell his body it was okay to work the energy of the cold oxygen that filled his chest. The whole fight felt like double the effort in this mountain air. The places that weren’t demolished by his use of wind and earth were marked with scorch of flames, lightning, as well as sheer physical force.

As he stood behind the stone he worked on his breathing, trying to fill his lungs. He gripped the Vortex within him tightly ready to launch it any second. His skin was covered in bruises and coated in sweat. He wondered when those bruises would vanish, probably by the end of the day, but they hurt like hell at the moment. The whole time he had been launching the wind from the Vortex randomly like he would see from tornado videos, but that was completely taxing and barely worked like he thought. He had to think physics and the laws of nature…even while using magic. That was a concept which he was having trouble wrapping his brain around.

He didn’t get long to try and wrap about the idea as he caught movement from the corner of his eye. It was the only warning he had before a purple leg moved to knock his head off his shoulders. He ducked down and lunched a straight uppercut, part of him wanted to shout “Shoryuken” for more reasons than one. First was because he was a dork and the second was because he felt the pressure of the wind build behind his fist. As he connected with Serina’s body he forced the wind upwards clearing her over the air.

As he saw her purple frame clear a good fifteen feet, at least, away from him he felt a small twinge of guilt and triumph. Both of which were dashed as he saw her launch herself to her feet ready for the next chance to add another bruise. Misfortune lingered on him throughout this fight, he felt a sudden strike of wind collide with his own body sending him sprawling and hitting every piece of rock around him.

As he came to his feet he let the Vortex die down inside him. He was sore and damn grateful he was tough skinned, Xander was beginning to be more of a Christmas list to shop for than a simple gift. But tough skinned doesn’t make you immune to pain and he felt like he was in a lot of it, he dare not guess how many new bruises were added after that hit. He saw Nina standing confidently as the winds churned around her, the master of the ability and the person turning him into a sorcerer ragdoll. He stared down at the two woman and would have admired the choice of workout clothes if they weren’t primed to kick his ass even more.

He growled through gritted teeth barely avoiding another gust of wind and was meet with Serina’s fist. In regards to learning to fight hand to hand, from his previous level of just street brawl, it was taking hard strides. And by hard he was referring to the additional bruise Serina gave him via elbow to his ribs and throwing him over her shoulder. He would have cursed his luck till another gust launched him into a tree knocking some of what was left of his sense from his head.

It was taking shorter time to switch contracts and he would have loved to us the Furnace to start dishing out some decent punishment in return. But he was restricted to his new contracts. As he solidified his mind and gritted his teeth he felt the Quake rumble through his body like his bones might shatter. The throbbing pulse matching the beating of his heart thrummed through his feet. He saw Serina charging at him and became desperate.

His voice broke out in the biggest roar he could muster causing the ground to respond. His voice echoed like the roar of…well ironically a lion. The ground churned at first and then broke sending up shards of rocks and traces of hidden metal that was in the earth. The shards broke and pillars of stone spikes shot out towards his two attackers causing them to go on the defensive. Serina moved effortlessly like the whole thing was a dance. Nina had to dodge more but used her own wind to push the traces of the rock away to avoid the rain shower of stone. He watched them stand without a scratch and felt the exhaustion take over his body.

His ass finally meet the ground along with the rest of his back as he wiped the sweat from his brow, “I’m really tired here, can we take a break?”

Serina scoffed, “Do you think the Lion will give you a break?”

“It’s a good thing we aren’t the Lion, we have been pushing him since nine this morning,” Nina retorted, and Luke let out a sigh of relief before he let his head fall back on the ground, “Besides, we have pushed his limits of his brain and body, pushing them anymore is pointless.” Nina faced Serina with a stern face, “Now use that little magic crystal and take us back to the apartment, I don’t mind the scenic view but this mountain needs to go.”

Serina seemed truly disappointed, directing her gaze directly at Luke. If he was inclined to return the gaze he was sure he would have shuttered but he couldn’t even look around him to have enjoyed the view of them on the mountain. But then again, the view was ruined by all the fighting with his attempts to shift the earth and wind.

As the illusion faded he felt the grass against his back be replaced by the soft carpet of Nina’s apartment. The cold humid mountain air was changed to the slight hum of the air vents. He wished he could enjoyed being back if his whole body wasn’t having about ten times the force of gravity press on him. A three hour magical sparring match between his teacher and a succubus in a mountain climate was the worst work out he has ever had, and considering he took out a clan of goblins that’s saying something.

“I’m going to start up some lunch,” Nina sounded so casual about that, like the three hour session was nothing more than a morning run. He was about to interject or say something he thought was funny when he couldn’t ignore the very audible gurgle of his stomach at her announcement. Starving seemed to light of a word to describe the hole that chewed in his stomach.

Just then he felt a pair of cold feet rest on his abdomen, it felt strangely comforting. He managed to will enough strength to move his head. The soft purple skinned feet seemed to massage his stomach and stranger still was the fact that he felt his muscles actually relax. He looked over at Serina, who sat casually on the couch, “So do you think you are ready?” He about swallowed his tongue seeing her in yoga pants and a sports bra, both of which looked ready to pop the stitches at any moment. It was also strange seeing her hair in a bun, he had gotten used to those crimson strands being free flowing, as she looked the very definition of demonic sexy mixed with professional trainer. He was sure more than one teenage boy would burst in their pants at the sight before him and now that he wasn’t running to defend his life he was able to appreciate it himself.

He realized he was starring, and so did she, way too long. But then again, the starring helped him ignore the question that had been bouncing in his skull that she finally gave voice to. He leaned his head back with a defeated sigh before closing his eyes, “Not even close.”

He knew he was right, no matter how much he hated it, but the facts remained. The Lion had the ability to mix contracts and create magic that would put most people to shame. He had the unlimited tank to take as many contracts as he wanted. But that did no good unless he could switch between them a lot faster than he had been. It still took him a few minutes to switch between them and he had to find ways to narrow that gap by…a lot.

He was so deep in thought, looking at the back of his eyelids trying to puzzle out how he could possibly do that, he didn’t even notice that she had removed he feet. When a sudden weight sank on to his stomach he finally opened his eyes to see that Serina had chosen his stomach over the couch for a comfortable seat. Her legs were positioned on both sides of him as she straddled his abdomen, and he tried his best to ignore the pleasant heat radiating from between her legs. She smiled down at him, and it was one of her few genuine smiles, “That’s why I truly like you, you are no fool. A clever man knows his limits as well as his advantages. I can see the calculation in your eyes as you try to puzzle things out.” She leaned down and he felt her large breasts press against his skin through her sports bra, “I like that in a man.”

Luke tried his damn hardest to make sure the right head had most the blood flow, “Is that why you hang around Morty?”

She mewed and her smile changed to her usual knowing smile, “He has a different kind of intelligence than you, which makes him just as dangerous.” She mewed even more as her body slipped down to straddle his groin and he felt her weight completely press into him. “Ever think about the night we first meet? Care to have another go?”

Luke swallowed a mouth full of dry air before he even dared to answer, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it.” That caused her to smile, “But I’d be a fool to accept.” And that caused a raised brow. He made sure his thought process was clean, and considering the growing erection that’s a harder trick than most people realize. “You are every man’s dream, and that makes you dangerous. If I ever gave into the temptation then you’d have me wrapped around your finger agreeing to do whatever you want and make a contract for anything you said. The last time was obviously straining and it was only thanks to Morty’s interjection that I was spared your push. I doubt I’ll have such a service against you at my disposal again.”

He thought she would be upset or angry. But, when she grinded her hips and gave off a sensual moan he couldn’t help the mixed signals going off in his brain. She leaned in close, mashing he breasts between the two of them as she whispered, “Intelligence is such an amazing quality. Especially in one so young.” She leaned up putting all her weight on his crotch as she continued to grind making the blood he needed go in the wrong direction. “Yes, you are correct on all accounts. But, what if I said I wanted some fun with no contract attached?”

Luke was having a tough time concentrating with her grinding, thankfully he figured she would say that and had an answer ready. “Then I’d wonder what strings are attached instead?”


If he had the strength to move her at the moment he would have, but since it was all drained he was powerless to stop her continued grinding. He was pretty damn sure this was pre-planned, “It’s obviously a power play. You know things have started to solidify between me and Nina. The way you to go at each other I’m wondering if you two should start carrying whips to help decide who’s the alpha…or beta in this case.”

“Now that’s a fun idea, I may have to try that.”

Before his mind followed that dominatrix path, were a clear image of both women in black leather and him in a chair, took over he decided to continue. “More than likely you want to make sure your power is secured in the decision making for me. Only a complete idiot would miss the rivalry you two have in regards to this whole thing.” She finally stopped rolling her hips only to stare at him. Clearing his dry throat did little to distract from the ragger in his pants, but he continued anyways. “So even if there was no contract there would be strings. I respect you Serina, I truly do. Beauty, power, and intelligence in one package makes most people bow. I’d rather be safe than bow to anyone.”

“I told you before,” Nina’s voice from the kitchen doorway surprised him completely, yet Serina just took it without any disturbance as her eyes remained locked on to his face, “He is my…partner and we look out for each other.” Luke felt the warmth of her words and tried to smile in her direction, he failed miserably due to the lake of energy for him to move. He was only able to catch just the briefest glimpse of the shorts she was wearing which showed her nice legs. He regretted not being able to see the skin tight shirt with it. “But…I won’t take personal offense if he has fun, just clean the sheets.”

If he was standing his jaw would have fallen through the ground to China. As it stood…or laid, it only dropped to his chest as he watched Serina’s own surprise while her eyes followed Nina back out of the door. He was certain very few thing surprised her and this seemed to do the trick, though he couldn’t be sure if he was more surprised than her. They seemed to collect themselves at the same time, her with more confidence than his own confusion. She moved a nonexistent hair from her face as she smiled down at him, “A power play indeed.”

When Luke tried to find any words to say, Serina’s lips came crashing down to meet his own. He was certain she had moved naturally with her sexual grace but everything seemed to slow down in that split second before their lips meet. As he watched her lips move towards his own he saw them grow in his vision. Her face slowly consumed everything within his sight so he was able to see every perfect detail, like he had when he was in that vision of the prophecy. As her lips closed around his he was flooded with a sudden rush of energy that came from just her touch. He returned the kiss becoming feverish for that energy which poured into him through her lips. He felt the mixture of their lips and tongues become more heated as it increased his own need. Soon it was less of a kiss and more of a dual for dominance via lips and tongue.

He was left groaning in displeasure as Serina parted from his lips firmly holding his shoulders to keep him at bay. He regained some control over his “need” as he tried to rein himself in. Within the kiss he found enough energy to sit up and his arms enclosed around her waist. Both their breathing was heavy and he was sure that her cheeks were a different shade than the purple that eclipsed her flesh. She wore a wicked smile as she felt his need, “Let’s go shower the sweat from our bodies, Nina did say she wanted to keep her sheets clean.”

As she left his body he felt the lingering heat on his crotch. As he looked down he noticed that they were stained with a small wet spot and he was positive it wasn’t sweat. His eyes darted to her form that slipped down the hall, admiring her skin as he watched her clothes slowly be removed from her body before she disappeared out of sight. He reacted like an over energetic boy who just hit puberty as he shot from the ground and about ran after her.

As he entered the hall he could have sworn he heard a slight laugh coming from the kitchen.

The thought disappeared as the sound of running water reached his ears. When Luke made his way closer to the bathroom he saw the slow steam rising from the open door way. A new layer of sweat eased out of his pores as he drew closer feeling the anticipation rise. He finally made it to the door way to the gift of seeing Serina stand from removing her yoga pants. As the dark beauty slowly stood with her skin glistening he got the most wondrous view of her backside, like a perfect picture or video. The strain he felt in his pants was growing too much and as he stepped into the bathroom he stripped out of his own clothes.

He wasn’t sure if he fumbled out of them or eased out like a professional porn star/model. In either case he didn’t care for his actions. His only goal was to reach out and touch this deadly beauty before him. Just as he was about to reach for her she spun and pinned him against the wall. A solid grunt escaped his lips as he felt the cold tile on his back. Yet the sudden pain and cold were easily ignored as he stared into her white eyes filled with heat and need. He wanted to reach out and touch her, caress her, hold her. Yet as he stood with his back against the chilling bathroom wall he was struck with the desire to just remain still.

He couldn’t tell if this was his own instincts, her influence, or just his brain improvising on the fly. These days it was difficult to make the distinction between anything that went through his own head. For the longest time their eyes never left one another as they stared deeply into each other’s pupils. He had heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and within this moment he believed it. The only thing that determined that time was passing was the buildup of the steam from the shower.

One moment he was looking her dead in the eye and the next she was down on her knees drinking every inch of his dick and he felt his knees ready to buckle. He was grateful for the wall supporting his back as he felt his cock disappear into her throat repeatedly. He endured the attack letting out only a few moans mixed with pleasurable sighs as he felt her mouth and throat work all eight inches of him. He wasn’t sure if it was experience or a different kind of magic but with each slip of his dick down her throat he felt a different wave of pleasure course through him.

When he grew enough senses to look down and appreciate her work he only got sight of the top of her head. Her attention was entirely focused on working his shaft and the only view he had of her was the crimson hair and the goat horns that curled within them on top of her head. With her hair pulled in to the bun he could see her slender shoulders that gave no hint to her true strength but urged the desire to grip and ravish like a frail thing. An idea tickled at his mind that shined through the intense euphoria that was coursing through him. He gripped that thought determined not to be a toy for anyone to use.

His hand reached forward gripping her horns.

As his fingers enclosed around them he felt Serina begin to pull away from his dick only to have him force her back on by her horns. He groaned feeling the joy and thrill of controlling this sex diva mixed with the sexual bliss of her mouth. Her throat clinched in surprise causing another way of pleasure to run through him. He was merciless as he gripped her horns firmly like handles and pulling her head up and down along his throbbing cock. He felt her throat and tongue work frivolously on him trying to process his assault. Her eyes finally moved up to his own and he saw a sense of yearning in her eyes. If he had half a mind of curiosity he would have turned on his Mind Radio to make this the most pleasurable moment for her. He mentally flipped a coin in his head and it landed on “fuck it.”

Their eyes never left one another and as soon as he turned on the radio he was flooded with an overwhelming sense of sexual desire and lust. He felt a constant drip of ecstasy being poured directly into his brain. He was lost within a realm of heaven or hell, absorbed in the need to drive his member deeper into the sexual bliss that is the woman before him. His body was on autopilot as his mind was swimming in the river of desire that flooded into him from her eyes. His hands worked furiously to pull her head into his dick and bury it down her throat. His mind was absorbed with need as his iron grip forced her mouth to become his personal sex toy. He heard strangled gurgles coming from her but no sound truly reached his ear. Within the swimming torrent of hunger for the sexual release he heard her voice, “You need my body, and you need the release it provides. Use my body as you see fit, it is yours to take, to use, and to worship.

Her words only fueled the flooding desire that he felt and he held her face firmly against his groin, burying his dick down her throat as her nose was pressed against his groin. Yet she didn’t struggle or fight it one bit, within the swirl of longing he felt he could sense a glimmer of herself within that flood. He could feel her joy and glee at his need to take her but…there was a hint of something else he couldn’t quite trace. He focused on that glimmer to push a thought into her mind, “You desire my body, my body is a temple for you to worship and to please.” The command itself felt strange to push, he wanted her to ravish him. When he pushed the command it was swallowed in the ocean of their mixed cravings and reached her with that exact phrase. Yet she behaved no differently, she still let him abuse her throat while it clinched around his wide girth. He tried to question it but then continued to be drowned in the bliss of the moment. Time was lost on him and his thoughts were being run over by the yearning he felt to impale this indigo skinned sex goddess. He wanted her and he felt how much she wanted him. Each wave of her consciousness drowned his own as he was pulled into her mind.

He couldn’t let it.

He said he wouldn’t bow to her and he meant it. He felt the internal struggle in him as he finally let her go and with a deep gasp she released his dick. She feel on to her ass as the steam created a fog in the bathroom. For the longest time they just stared at each other, and even from the ground he felt her dominating his mind just by being. He had to test the boundaries and see how much control over the situation he had while his mind was swimming in the combined lust he felt. As he spoked he wrapped the words with his own focused thought, “Kiss me.”

In one blur of motion he felt her slam his body against the walls as her limps mashed against his own. The lust flooded his body and mind like a river that broke through the dame. She gripped his face yanking his hair to force his lips more into hers. He heard and audible growl between the moments of her tongue fighting his own. He enjoyed the texture and taste that she poured into him through the kiss. He couldn’t describe the flavor of her lips or her body, it was more of a feeling, he guessed it was close to what a druggy felt when he approached their need for a fix. She was his fix at the moment…and he had to resist letting it overwhelm him. Through the passion and lust he focused enough words to force his next command through the kiss, “Let me take control.

He wasn’t sure if his words were accepted or if she yearned for his control as much as he needed it. But in that moment he didn’t care, he knew he controlled her as he turned them around slamming her own body against the wall and kissing her with more yearning than he ever had in his life. He couldn’t control the wave rushing into his mind, you can’t control a tsunami. He could only ride it and aim were he peaked at.

He forced himself to break from the kiss only to have his lips trail down her body. He allowed his tongue to roam and tease her flesh as it explored its way and discovered each drug induced euphoria that her flavor provided. He traveled further down letting his lust guide him. Even as he felt his tongue wrap and tease her nipples he knew it wasn’t enough. It did bring a shutter a moan from her and he felt her fingers grip eagerly on the back of his head.

Finally, he found the source of his drug addiction as his tongue slipped between her legs and snaked along the slit of her womanhood he got a taste of his need. The rush of passion and yearning that flooded him was so great with that single lick he wondered if any of himself remained. He let his tongue continue to roam and devour the nourishing liquid of lust that scorched his mind. His hands had found her hips forcing them against the wall as his mouth encased her pussy, all while his tongue snaked in and out of her folds. He could hear sounds, like the background noise underneath music, just underneath the swirling pool of yearning desire. Screams were being heard and rushing water but his mind couldn’t register it. He needed to drink from this pussy, he desired more of it, how could he have more?

Fuck me!

At first he thought someone screamed at him, but no voice echoes in the mind from the outside. He felt his body obey without reason. Nor did he wish to fight it as he stood up and found all 8 inches of his member slip easily into her eager folds. The need was even greater than when he ingested her. Now he felt her whole body massage and grip him. The muscles from her own flesh clung to his own, her insides gripped him in their clutches, as he felt the claws of her fingers dig into his skin, and her lips eclipsed his own muffling any further noise. He wasn’t sure if he commanded his body to do so or if it was just reacting to the pool of desire and lust that he found flowing between them. It was once a pool and now it was an ocean swallowing them. His hips thrusted and rammed into her sex as he felt himself drowning her in her own pleasure.

His body rammed and smashed into her causing the world to be filled with the sounds of flesh attacking flesh. Neither one heard the noise as each thrust clogged their sense within the swirling world of sin. He groaned and moaned as the pleasure mixed with pain inside him feeling it down to his dick. His body rammed and slammed into her as his mind was filled with the swirling emotions, thoughts, and desire. “Take me like an animal!

Again his body moved on its own and he didn’t wish to fight it. He found himself pulling out of Serina only to bend her over the sink and slam his soaked cock back into the hole that yearned for him. He plunged his rod into her making her scream like a whore. Their bodies coated in streams of new sweat causing them to glisten in the steam filled room. He could feel his mind being overlapped with hers as he wanted to surrender to the hunger of it all.

A sliver of him disagreed with surrender.

That sliver pierced through and cut the ocean of greed in half. He had a clear window to her and grabbed on to it. He would not bow, he would own. His command boomed out from his throat as it was lapsed with his own thought he pushed, “Lift your leg like a bitch in heat so I can go deeper!”

His words struck and she lifted her leg up. His hand fumbled for it pulling her body to him as he felt the tip reach deeper inside her. He felt some resistance push against the tip as he ground the whole shaft deeper. He kept thrust and ramming his whole body into her causing them both to echo their pleasures from their throats. The more they screamed and voiced their cravings the more the ocean of desire rippled and churned within them.

He continued to hear words pour from her lips yet none reached past his ears. His mind was drowned in the void of aphrodisiac bearing down on him as the felt his body grow closer and closer to the boiling point. His dick continued to bury inside of her, stretching every inch of her inside. He knew he was growing closer as she panted the words out yet the only sound came from his mind, “Cum in me.

The command was simple and followed his libido, yet he knew he didn’t want to follow it. There was no doubt that he wanted to reach his climax, but he didn’t know where to spray it. Her wish was so simple and his body reacted by wasting more of his dwindling energy to go even faster and release inside. He wanted to cum, he yearned to. But he had to win, he had to do as he wanted.

He was barely able to pull out his cock from the vice grip that was her body. But, as soon as the cool air touched his dick the torment began and he needed to be back inside her. The decision was a split second one, but it was “his” decision. His cock pressed against her asshole and he felt her body stiffen. He couldn’t measure her reaction as he felt his cock slip inside her ass, forcing its way through the clinched muscles that barely allowed him access. When he buried it all the way to the base he knew he didn’t have long. With the last bit of his energy and with the growing desire for release he rammed his dick into her ass.

He felt it stretch and grip him as he continued to slam his body against hers. The echoing sensation rippled to some part of his brain through the overwhelming desire. He felt her ass bouncing of his hips as his cock disappeared inside it. He heard her scream with each sawing motion inside of her. And finally he felt the ripples of her muscle with each orgasm that shook her body. His body and mind caved with a sudden lurch as his climax rolled through him. His dick exploded sending string after string of his cum inside of her. His mind was hammered by the sudden flash of the animalistic urge from his final release.

With the very last bit of his coherent sense he turned off the Mind Radio.

As his mind returned to a normal balance he felt the echoing call for him to receive more. He now knew better. As alluring as that lechery was he knew that if he had stayed like that there would be nothing of himself left. He was gasping for air, trying desperately to fill his lungs as he felt the energy drain from his body. He was leaning over Serina as she seemed to be collecting things herself.

He towered over her, admiring the blissful look on her face, as well as the sophistication that showed on her features. He watched her draw in each breath as a smile continued to dance along her luscious lips. He managed to regain enough of his motor functions to finally pull out of her. A very audible groan of pleasure was released from her lips as he slowly took a few steps back. When his back meet the wall he was able to remove most the work from his frame and enjoy the afterglow.

He watched as her ass twitched and swayed in front of him with small bits of his cum slowly leaking from her asshole. He was entranced by her ass until her head rose from the sink. A true smile was worn on her features as she smiled at him over her shoulder, “You are truly something special.”


Luke had rushed to finish his shower, he worried that staying that near to Serina in such an afterglow would start up another round that may actually shatter his bones. When he slipped out of the bathroom in a towel he was greeted with the sight of food on the coffee table and a naked Nina who seemed to be coming down from a personal session. As Luke slowly drifted around the couch he was drawn in by the beautiful woman before him. Before he could do anything she laughed as she spoke, “Didn’t get enough in the bathroom?” That caused him to blush as he realized his mind was still clogged from the drug like sex he just had. Nina merely smiled, “Well I did have to take care of myself with all the hot noise you were making, be prepared to be eyed by the neighborhood as you leave there love.” With a playful wink she moved to eat some food.

His stomach spoke for him, with a very loud growl, to say he was done.

For now.


The rest of the day was scheduled for his normal life. It was strange to categorize his life like that, the life separate from the fantasy of his new life. But, he wondered if he could still call it a fantasy when he was living it. Fantasizing about fucking a succubus is different than actually doing, and facing a goblin in your mind came with the lack of an associated smell. And even then his normal life was becoming…less normal. Never in his mind did he think a fight with Xavier would be a pebble in his life, nor that he would have sex with his family, and the real icing on the cake is…he had a date with Yoshiko today.

Most the time he had spent with her in class made him assume that she hated his guts. Add the ability to read her mind mixed with a group project followed by him taken care of her while she was sick became a recipe for her asking him out to the movies. He received the message that morning waking up, admittedly he felt slightly guilty since he was in bed with Nina at the time. Then again that life was separate from his normal, he did say he wasn’t a saint. But he agreed to the date after they finished their project.

He rushed to take a shower before his sister managed to try to strip him out of all of his clothes. This was his second long shower today and he wanted to be thorough; he wasn’t going to risk ruining a nice normal date with a succubus smell all over him getting Yoshiko horny. All bets were off the table, in regards to Sam leaving him alone, when she found out he was going on a date. She teased him with a game of twenty one questions mixed with twenty one flirts as he got ready. She made it difficult to look presentable while he watched her tease her own slender body…but he left the house with his hair cleaned, a casual t-shirt and jean, and a brand new jean jacket (courtesy of Nina since his old one was in rags).

He had to look up the directions again on his phone but paranoia seemed to get the better of him. He was following the directions but every time there was a rustle of bushes, a fast driver, or random animal darting by he had to physically control himself from reaching for one of his contracts. He managed to make it back to her very nice house without blowing anything up along the way (bonus). Even cleaned up he felt weird standing in front of her house. It was obvious he didn’t belong in this neighborhood but here he was. Now he just needed to finish a project and then it was off to the movies…and he felt better taking on another golem right about now.

He knocked at the door fearful still of meeting her mother, the horrible image he had in mind from the first time evolved from a triple sized Asian woman with two extra arms and large teeth to a movie monster from an alien planet. The white house practically shined in the light so all he could do was stare at the shade of the door or at his feet, his feet seemed more interesting than the door.

Until it opened and Yoshiko was standing there.

Luke was used to seeing her in a usual school outfit that reminded him of a uniform but after being sick and cleaning up…she was stunning. Her hair was still in a braid but seemed to sport some extra jewelry to add a shine to it and she had on a white sundress that came to her knees with a navy blue sweater that seemed to only be there to cover her arms, but it didn’t ruin the look. She was gorgeous as she stood there with her small athletic frame that supported her nicely rounded breasts (he would guess about C cup size) which held the dress. She seemed to glow and wear the dress like a second skin.

He was sure time slowed but then again she was turning redder so he had to double check his own mental clock. He finally stopped drooling long enough to announce why his eyes were glued to her. “Wow…you…you look beautiful.” She blushed and moved a loose strand of hair from her face and motioned him in. He paused at the door and swallowed, “Um…your mom isn’t hiding somewhere with a kitchen knife is she?” He hadn’t tested his new body’s durability against knives but he didn’t mind pushing that test off till the far off future, far far off future.

She giggled and smiled, which seemed to make her glow, “My mom…she’s a business woman and is always at work. I usually have a run of the house myself.”

Luke paused and watched her, he knew there was more to the story. He rolled the internal debate to prod her about the family but decided against it. “So the last time I was here I visited…nothing. And when I say nothing I mean I didn’t get a good look at anything cause I was running like a chicken with my head cut off to find some medicine.”

“Sorry about that,” Her smile seemed contagious as one spread across his face, “I’m feeling much better thanks to you. Maybe I should try more apple cider vinegar in my tea.”

He dry heaved in his mouth swallowing a fresh breath of air, “I’ll pass on the cup of tea ala’puke thank you. So how’s the paper coming? I was able to pull some updated info though the subject isn’t as popular as it once was, possible failures or not working at all. Not sure which.”

“We can do more research and confirm it, I have the paper written upstairs so we can look at it and print it. We have an hour before the movie…is Avenger’s ok?”

“Avengers? Ok? You do realize who you’re talking to? I’m a grade A dork here, yes lets go see an Avenger’s film. But let’s make sure the paper is grade A before I can turn my brain on for the nerd.” The more he talked the more she laughed and he was grateful that she showed how she felt, he didn’t have the mental strength to turn on the Mind Radio; he was sure he’d get a migraine or possibly an aneurism, with the way his luck had been going in regards to pain.

He wandered up to her room following her steps up the stairs. If he had to describe the house…it would be rather bland. It was by far a very expensive place and the furniture supported that (like a decent five digit figure expensive for each one). But, it didn’t look like anyone actually lived there. The furniture was to clean and the decorations brightened the home but there was nothing personal. No family pictures, no odd bit of personal furniture for nostalgia (like a dented table or old chair), not even marks on the walls. It either looked like the house was presented to be sold or was ready to start shooting a movie. It was strangely disturbing in many ways.

Luke felt a lot better when they got to Yoshiko’s room.

The rest of the house was a solid white and her room was a beautiful purple. The walls were covered in varies sketches of people. He saw characters from TV, anime, movies, and even people he recognized here and there from around town. He was drawn to each sketch (no pun intended) as he moved from one art work to another. He finally stopped staring at them and looked at her. Her eyes were on him and she was shifting from one foot to another. He knew she wanted his opinion and he was more than happy to give it, “why didn’t you tell me you were an amazing artist on top of the brains and sports talent?”

Her blush was adorable and sweet, “I’m not any of those things I jus...ow!’

She rubbed her head from the quick thump he gave her on her noggin, he had to really control the strength to make it gentle playful. He crossed his arms in front of her looking her dead in the face, “No negative comments about yourself alright? I’ll treat you just like my sister when she bad mouths about her own talent. Your smart as hell, can run faster than most people on track, and now these beautiful sketches. How are you not an amazing girl?” After the knock to her noggin she glared at him but with each word that flowed out of his mouth after she softened and then smiled more brilliantly. He finally finished complimenting her when he posed his next question, “Though I gotta ask, why aren’t any of these colored in?”

Yoshiko collected herself by brushing her skirt of a non-existent wrinkle in them, “I can never get the colors right. Every time I try it ruins the look.”

Luke nodded, “Ya I get that, maybe you should attend an art class or two. Help out with the shadings and all.”

Her voice grew meek, almost like a mouse, “My mother doesn’t approve, she says it would distract from my important classes.”

Luke rested his hand gently on her shoulder, even rested on her frame she felt so fragile, he had to resist the instinct to pull her into a gentle embrace. Instead he cupped her chin with his other hand to look at him as he beamed at her, “The phrase all work and no play makes jack a dull boy is true. Burning yourself out on classes can end badly. Next semester you should take at least one class you like. It is the very last semester so I doubt it can hurt your grade. Besides, you’re a brilliant artist and I’d love to see you grow.” There they stood in a slight silence between his words. He wasn’t sure if his mental time clock was broken or what was going on with him these days. But, as he stood there looking into her brown eyes he felt like he could swim in them for hours. He knew he wanted to kiss her and felt like she wanted to as well. But, he decided to forgo that for now. He finally released her chin before coughing cut the silence, “But let’s not poke the bear by forgetting our assignment, besides we got a movie to catch.”

She snapped out of her own haze with nods and mumbled words of agreement before they moved to her computer. She was completely done with the homework and included all the info he shared with her, with reference information to review their work. He was truly impressed but wondered how much of it was out of habit to please her mom for a good grade or her own natural brain. In either case he added some notes here and there of where they can add the additional information they found. They went over the paper two more times, the third time skimming it.

When it was confirmed done they printed it off and then it was time for them to see a movie.

After she got done cleaning herself up.


Luke really needed to learn that when women say they need to clean up they will take extra time to make sure every detail is perfect. For Yoshiko she needed another twenty minutes in the bathroom. He also now realized why people needed smart phones, time to kill without one is really boring. But she was down and she looked every bit the perfect date he could have hoped for. As they left the house he offered his arm to her like a gentleman.

They walked to the theater, which was about ten minutes away, while talking. They moved from one subject to another. People at school, graduation, college, and personal interests. Strangely they avoided talk about his “Job” and her family.

He wasn’t sure whether that bothered him or not.

He had no time to question it because they suddenly realized the movie started about ten minutes ago. “Thank god for 15 minutes worth or previews,” he thought as they dashed through the doors. He paid for the tickets with more than enough money from his new personal account; say what you want about his second life but it was very lucrative. They rushed their drinks trying to not get showered by them as the Marvel Logo snapped on to the screen. With a heavy sigh they both took their seats to enjoy the movie. He was grateful to be able to pick the back row and that this showing few to no people at in the seats.

The movie was more than enjoyable. From the start they were both hooked and whispering random facts they knew about the character and story to one another. They would whisper gasps and their own exclamations of “no” during certain scenes. Overall, it was a very good pick for a movie. Especially when he got to hear her rich laughter during the witty comedy.

At some point she had moved the middle divider and decided to snuggle up against him. He slipped his arm around her frame pulling her close to him. He forgot all about the movie as he felt her move against him and stare up at his face. There he was, once again frozen in time and locked with her eyes. And this time he wasn’t going change the subject.

Luke leaned in and kissed Yoshiko feeling her tender lips against his own. She kissed him back eagerly as she cupped his cheek. Her soft fingers caressing his face and seemed to pull him deeper into the kiss. The kiss was genuine, sweet, passionate, and he felt a heat rise from within him. He wasn’t sure where this heat came from but he didn’t want to question this moment at all.

They slowly parted from one another with barely a hairs breath away. As soon as their lips parted he wanted to kiss them again. He couldn’t describe her smile without thinking how bright it was every time. Now in his arms, just after the kiss it made her glow. (Then again it may have been the movie theater.)

“Not that I’m complaining but…how did I go from the guy you wanted to scrap off your shoe to the guy you want to kiss.”

That caused them both to start giggle though they quickly hushed cause the movie. When they were certain all eyes weren’t staring at them she found her voice, though it was difficult to hear her over the sound of the movie. “I always thought you were kind of cute. You seemed smart and had a decent build, which has only improved. But I hate lazy guys…I guess…I just needed to get to know you.” It was his turn to blush and she decided to roll her own series of compliment punches. “I mean you’re funny, whimsical, sweet, you obviously care, and…well there is a list. I…well…”

His blushing every aspect of the red spectrum stopped at the last stalling comment, “You…what?”

She took a deep breath and rushed the words in a heated whisper, “Never had a boyfriend.”

He had to find an update to the software that is running his brain. Right now it felt like Nina just threw him with some wind, “Um…never…as in…never ever? How? I mean that kiss was amazing.”

“I never said I haven’t kissed anyone…just not a guy.”

“You’re…um…you have kissed a girl?” When she nodded his mouth dropped and clicked shut, “Um…not to quote Katie Perry but…did you like it?”

Yoshiko seemed to take the lightened mood and smiled, “Yes but it didn’t taste like cherry Chap Stick.” That brought a small laugh but they both quickly covered their mouths smiling at one another while they laughed behind closed hands. Finally they collected themselves and she spoke first. “My mom has a strict policy on what guys I could date…I wanted to make a choice for myself…but explore. One of my friends was moving so…as a gift we…tested new grounds.” Luke was engrossed in her words and tried really hard to not get a boner picturing Yoshiko making out with another girl.

It didn’t work.

And to add to it…her hand was on his lap. When she noticed she became shocked and stared right at him with an open mouth. “Um…sorry he has a mind of his own.” That sounded lame even coming from Luke’s own mouth.

She took it in stride with a slight laugh, “Here I thought I’d have to do more to get a reaction. Like…” The pause was brief as she smiled, this time it was hinted with a mischievousness. He watched as she slipped the navy blue sweater from her shoulder showing that the dress itself was strapless…and his mind made the connection that she was braless. He didn’t know what look was on his face but it seemed to only make her smile. “I’m glad you enjoy the show Mr. Boner.”

He slapped his hand over his mouth keeping his laugh down, thankfully something funny happened on the screen so his own laugh was covered, “You sure you haven’t had a boyfriend cause you really know what you’re doing to get a guy crazy. Here I am trying to keep my hands to myself and be a gentleman.”

That brought another smile to her face, “Well I haven’t been with…um…anyways.” He needed to get a shelf to hang his jaw, that way it stops following of his face. “And don’t think you’re getting to lucky today mister, first date after all.” She smiled and nuzzled her way into his arm again resting her hand on his thigh. Mentally he remembered that he got lucky already with a purple skinned succubus, but she didn’t need to know that. He moved into a comfortable position to enjoy the movie. However, she seemed to have other ideas.

As they were reaching the climax of the movie Luke felt a slender hand start stroking the persistent ragger in his pants. At first he was stunned but as she continued he just stared at her in obvious surprise. She gave him a single motion to shush him as she continued to run her hand along his member. He was able to repress his groan of pleasure and pretend like he was watching the movie. That became more difficult as he felt his pants become undone and his cock exposed to cool air. Again she shushed him, but this time by kissing him. He kissed her back torn between shocked and extremely turned on. She broke the kiss with a hushed whisper, “Keep quite or we will get caught and that would spoil the fun.”

His own voice came out rushed and heated as he attempted to whisper, “God I didn’t know I was on a date with such a kinky girl.”

“You have no idea what kind of girl I am,” her smile was mischievous once more before she leaned over and engulfed his member. His face was a mixture of awe and pleasure as he felt her mouth swallow his cock. He decided to lean towards pleasure as he felt her go to work on his cock. She may have taken it into her mouth without hesitation but it was obvious she hadn’t done this before. Yet her eagerness more than made up for it.

On the first try she attempted to take it all only to feel her gag reflex kick in. He was surprised that she pulled away enough to catch her breath but still kept his cock in her mouth. He would have stopped her, mostly out of concern, if she hadn’t started bobbing her head like crazy. He heard small gag and choke sounds as she took more and more of him into her mouth. He looked around concerned but everyone was focused on the battle on screen. His focus was on the battle not to blow his load to fast.

He watched her head move rapidly on his cock, her braid running along his leg like a paint brush. He started thrusting into her mouth being pulled into the pleasure she was giving. He felt the same heat from her kiss rise in his cock, making it that much more difficult not to explode. Her tongue laid flat and he felt it slide along the shaft as she worked more of the member into her throat. He felt the tip push against her clenching throat but hold there. He heard her eagerly working him harder and he felt his own will give.

His hand reached for her braid, griping it firmly like a leash. He held her head just above his cock as he rapidly thrusted into her mouth. He heard her startled grunts and then enjoyable moans that vibrated the length. He kept thrusting till she slapped his hand away from her braid and forced all of his cock down her throat. He felt her throat contract and clinch. Just as quickly as she dove on to his cock did she pull off it to catch her breath.

He managed to catch his own mumbling, “Holy shit.” Thankfully the movie wasn’t over and neither was she.

He watched as she grabbed the top of her dress and slip it over her breasts. Those wonderful C cup breasts came into perfect view drawing his eyes. He was hypnotized by their perfect shape mixed with her nipples that was just the right amount of perky. He decided to move before she took him by surprise again. This time he leaned forward and started sucking on her tit. Her reaction was instant as her hand entangled in his hair gripping his head to her breast.

Luke was more than confident with his abilities to please her, considering all the practice he has been getting lately. He moved from sucking on her nipple to engulfing her breast letting his teeth gently grip her flesh as he inhaled her nipple into his mouth allowing his tongue to twist and twirl about the tender nub. Yoshiko’s other hand came to her mouth, covering muffled moans and gasp of pleasure. He continued to drink her breast while his hand reached up and cupped the other. Her breasts were soft and firm, perfectly fitting the palm of his hand for him to grip and pinch her nipple between his fingers.

She was putty in has hand as he worked her breast while sucking feverishly on the other. She crushed his face against her tit and snatched up his free hand to slide it up her dress. Unlike her bra she was wearing panties and he just worked his fingers along the moisture against the cloth eliciting more moans from her. Her body bucked and rolled against him trying to prod more of his fingers against her panties or crush his face more against her breast. Any time he tried to slip is finger under her panties she gripped his wrist stopping him. He didn’t need a message that this was as far as she was ok with. Considering how delicious her tit was he wasn’t going to complain.

But he needed air.

He finally pulled away from her breast, feeling like his nose was bent in half, before she kissed him with a heated hunger. Her tongue invaded his mouth and he kissed her feverishly as they dueled with their tongues to try and kiss the other more deeply. He felt her grip his cock working the growing explosion from his balls as she moaned into his mouth. Once again he needed air and pulled from the kiss only to have her drink his cock once more. She managed to fit about five inches in without fighting and bobbed her head wildly. Luke was worried they were making too much noise and then again didn’t care. The heat returned to his balls and finally the heat boiled him over as load after load was shot down her throat.

As she felt the first streams she forced more of him into her mouth, maybe another inch, before she swallowed each gushing stream. He was astonished but couldn’t deny the ecstasy of watching this innocent…not so innocent girl drink his juices like it was the sweetest thing. Finally he stopped coming and she worked back up her dress. He took her que and fixed his pants just as the ending credits started to role. They slipped out, not caring about the end credit scene since they missed most of the movie.

“That ending was epic did you see that explosion?!” At first Luke and Yoshiko thought that someone was talking about them. When they realized it was about the movie a whole new series of laughter escaped them.


When Luke dropped her off he was riding high on life, his normal life anyways. They talked more on the way back to her house laughing and giggling. Anyone that passed by missed most of the double meaning with their words. One final heated kiss at her door and he watched as she disappeared behind it. He was walking home with a smile on his face ready for whatever the crazy part of his life was about to throw at him.

Then his normal life was over when a black mustang came to a screeching halt just as it passed him. Luke watched it and was ready to pull from his contract, the list of them running through his head from one element to another. He felt terrified but was ready as he could be for the Lion.

Until Xavier got out of the car.

Luke had completely forgotten about everyone’s talk of Xavier “getting even” with him for the last fight they had. When Luke saw him get out of the car he actually laughed in relief that it wasn’t the Lion. Xavier didn’t take that well.

“Think this is fucking funny asshole? You owe me some money for the damage to my car!” Xavier was pumped full of testosterones and was itching for a fight, any person with eyes could see that. His charcoal black skin clashed against the white wife beater shirt but matched his black jeans leading down to what Luke assumed were Jordan’s. He came around the car his square features only showing off his new crew cut. “You owe me for the damage you did to my car shit stick!”

“Ok first of all, shit stick really? Secondly, if you want to be technical, you’re the one who did all the damage to the car. Thirdly, did you really go with shit stick?” Sarcasm was one of Luke’s most fluent languages of choice. About now he was speaking it so fluently it rolled off every word.

Xavier seemed to almost have smoke coming out of his ears, “Listen up mother fucker, you either pay up in cash or I beat it out of you.”

“Ok, another three things. First. Could you play the high school asshole role any more cliché? Secondly, I’m not paying you shit. Thirdly, I’m having a really good day and believe it or not I have shit on my plate that scares me way more than you do.”

“Oh ya like what?”

Irony must have hit the jackpot for slot machine Luke. Right as the words left Xavier’s mouth Luke’s own instincts had his hair about to leap off his skin. His head darted down the road, going from left to right. The road seemed completely empty save for him, Xavier, and what appeared to be a car coming. But the last Luke recalled, cars don’t use multiple legs to get around. The words existed out of his mouth in a frustrated sigh, “Fuck a duck!”

Xavier’s eyes followed his and his own jaw dropped. Luke was grateful Xavier decided to wear some dark pants today, because from the complete look of fear on Xavier’s face he would need a new pair. Luke was pretty sure he never knew Xavier could sing, considering the high notes he hit when he screamed, “What the fuck is that thing!?” Luke wanted to give an answer when someone told him what it was. As he stared at this thing charging at him he got more of a detailed image. He just wish he hadn’t.

As it came into view those multiple limbs turned out to be giant spider legs. The body itself seemed like a tarantula, with the multiple layers of hair. Luke heard each joint of the limbs move like creaking of bone making his spine stiffen. He couldn’t help but imagen the road being layered with skeletons and with each limb making a closing step the crunch of their bones was hard not to imagine. As it grew closer he prepared to see the grotesque face of a spider but instead saw what looked like a woman. A woman from the stomach down was attached to this giant spider as she hung upside down with her black hair draped like a curtain. She let out a scream that he would have connected with a banshee’s wail. The scream didn’t bother him but the mouth that split vertically, which covered half her human face and neck, to display rows of razor teeth did.

“That’s…what I’ve gotta be more scared of tha…” he would have enjoyed finishing that one liner if the creature didn’t scream her gapping maw at him and charge.

His training was paying off. He found himself reaching for a contract before he could even clearly think what he wanted. The spider woman raced down the street with its giant legs being the background for her screams. Just as she grew close enough to count her teeth; he pulled on the Vortex and felt the air itself pull and wrap about his frame with the flow of the current cascading down his skin.

Breath from the spider woman was horrid, Luke felt like he might vomit just from the whiff of her breath forced him to control his gag reflex. His mind was clouded the noxious fumes of that horrible breath and he knew he needed fresh hair soon before his mind was addled any further. He felt a deep exhale leave from his body, yet he didn’t let out a breath. The wind surrounding him pulled and surged forward against the spider woman. He watch as this creature got lifted from the ground and tossed into the air.

Yet it was only flown into a few nearby cars.

He cursed himself. The wind wasn’t as easy to work with as fire or ice. The physics for it was still throwing him off. This was no time to play guess and check, especially when she recovered and stood on top of the car looking angrier than before (he was trying to figure out how that was possible). He let the wind die down around him just in time to see this thing grab a car with its legs and throw it like a soft ball. “FUCK!” he rolled out of the way as a tire came across his vision and then vanished just as quickly before a loud crunch of metal echoed down the road.

Death is a wonderful motivator for all sorts of emotions. When he came to his feet he felt the fire scorching deep within him as the Furnace was on at full blast. As he stood up he watched the gaping maw suddenly grow close as those upside down hands clutched his frame. The giant hole in her face threatened to knock him unconscious from the mere smell of it. He clutched on to his consciousness feeling the landfill odor threaten to kill his sense of smell. Yet her grip threatened crush his arm before her breath could take away his will to stay awake. The nails piercing through his clothes as they pierced his flesh caused him to want to scream in pain, inhaling more of the smell.

Through gritted teeth he found words to focus on, “How about a barbeque bitch!” The flames roared out of him, catching her flesh like it was dry wood. Another horrid scream escaped her mouth as she caught fire frantically flailing about. In an attempt to put out the fire she threw him to use her human arms. He didn’t even register she threw him until he felt the metal and glass crunch against his back.

Groaning in pain was more than expected but he felt pathetic doing it. That was until he saw Xavier trembling on his back staring bug eyed at the spider woman. Luke couldn’t blame him, it was his first time seeing one to but then again he had seen thing just as weird. Luke followed Xavier’s eyes back to the spider woman and as soon as he made eye contact he lost control of the Furnace and it left him when emotion itself escaped his body. He stared in pure shock at the spider woman wailing and howling right at him.

The rancid smell from before was replaced with burning leather, flesh and hair (Luke couldn’t tell which was worse). He saw the eyes burned away leaving nothing but sockets. Her hair was in cinders against her scalp as the flesh peeled away. She stared at him hauntingly with her gaping maw moaning her pain as her flesh remained on fire. The hairs on her spider like body were also brunt away leaving a leather exoskeleton with a burning body that was a true horror.

He swallowed the heated air filling his lungs and coating his tongue in the taste of ash, “This is my worst nightmare times twenty.”

The words gave him something to draw his attention away from this horror. He tried to continue to focus on anything but this monster. His breath continued to coat his tongue with the heated air as he felt the ash lather his throat. He wanted to cough to clear his airway and the only thing he could be grateful for was that the smell itself was replaced by the fire that continued to burn and add a leather smell to the air instead. His heart was racing miles a minutes, pulsing in his chest as it rushed the blood through the frozen limbs. He let the pulse amplify within him as he shook his form. He gritted his teeth continue to let his body pulse through his feet into the ground.

The monster, that would give slender man a run for his money in the horror department, wasn’t staying idle as he processed his thoughts. With a slight turn of her head she heard or smelled what she was looking for. A strangled cry crept from her burning body as her legs moved like a machine, charging the blazing body towards Luke. He watched the trail of smoke and flame streak behind her in the small distance she crossed.

His mind was still frozen as he watched her enlarge in his vision till he could only see the burning face. Weather it was being preplanned in his brain or his instincts had worked it out, he couldn’t be internally sure, but he was ready for her. As she rushed to grab him his body dropped to the floor planting both hands firmly on the ground. As he coughed out his cry of defiance he felt the Quake rush into the earth and force a ragged spike from the ground into the burning creature. He heard the crunching pierce of the spike through her body and felt the rushing winds of the heat against his back side as she flayed her body.

This time he knew what fueled his actions, fear. As he felt her swing madly about to reach him fear kicked him to do more. He continued to scream as more jagged rock spikes shot from the ground and pierced her flesh. One. Two. Three. Four. He lost count after that. Each spike shooting with every pulse he sent into the earth causing another crunch of rock, metal, and flesh. He stopped hearing her scream a while ago but continued to send spikes into her frame till the heat couldn’t be felt on his back anymore.

The whole time Luke had been staring at the back of his hands and ground below him as he sent pulse after pulse. The only sign of life outside his vision was left to sound, smell, and the feeling of heat. He remained there for a while watching the sweat drip from his brow on to the back of his hands while his fingers dug against the cement road. The terror throbbed in his chest and he had to fight against it to finally look up. The bundle of jagged spears sharpened after a while when they pierced her flesh. The first one was as jagged as a mountain side but with each spike he sent into her the points became sharper till it was a complete cone. There she hung with those spires stabbing through the woman and spider parts of her body. As he watched her body hang from the multiple spikes he felt the fear escape his body, even though he grew horrified watching her blood drip and boil against the concrete.

“Most impressive fox.”

The clapping got his attention first and the voice made him spin ready to strike. And then he noticed that the man was joined by a small group. Luke felt his heart sink to his stomach as the man just wore an ear to ear smile. He stood apart from the rest wearing a brown trench coat that was buttoned over an expensive looking suit. He strode towards Luke walking heel to toe, making his steps very audible. As he came closer Luke could see that he had sharp angular feature that would hold up his dirty blond gelled hair. He came close enough that Luke’s green eyes could star at his baby blues.

He was ready to use the Quake on him any second and was trying to think of a plan for escape. But, as he looked around for his exit he noticed the others start to spread out from the group and ready for a fight themselves. He could barely hold of Nina and Serina, not to mention he wasted a lot of energy on the additional spikes for the spider horror kabab. The man stood before him with his arms held behind his back, “I think you should come with me boy.”

Luke finally dropped his contract with a defeated sigh.


When Luke got picked up by that group of suits a list of places ran through his mind, picturing every horror or mob destination. The list ranged from a warehouse, to the woods, a mansion, and even the lake just outside of town (in case he was going to “swim with da fishes”). Yet, all the unsettling images that ran through his mind, none of them compared to standing in front of Nina’s door with the man holding his shoulder like a teacher escorting a troubled student. Luke stood there awkwardly as he struggled to find something to say, anything. His brain was still trying to connect everything going on around him. Strangely being attacked by the Lion felt more comforting right about now.

When Nina finally opened the door he truly felt like a problem child when she sighed and asked, “What did he do now.”

Luke finally found his words and is linguistics in sarcasm came roaring back with and aggravated tone. “Oh nothing much, just get attacked by a spider bitch from hell in front of my school’s designated asshole. I finally kill the bitch when guys looking like they belonged in the Untouchables came and picked me up without saying a word and dropping me off at your place like your my mother and I’m in trouble at school. Besides that my date went great.” He shrugged the man’s hand off and strolled inside her place only to find Serina sitting there with a smile that just hinted towards a laugh.

When the man spoke Luke could easily picture the man’s brow raise, “Yea, he is definitely your pupil.”

Nina seemed to ignore the man and focus with her concern on what Luke mentioned, “What…what spider creature attacked him?”

“The Jorogumo? Yea it was a rather nasty one, but he seemed to handle it quite nicely from the last bit I saw.”

Luke paused in his track, “A Joroguma? What is that some kind of salad dressing.” He didn’t bother to wait or an answer, nor did he care for one. The fridge beckoned him and he answered the call.

As he raided the fridge for a bottle of water and a quick sandwich he heard the man shouting after him. “It’s a Japanese monster kid, normally don’t see one out here. Gonna be quite the clean-up.”

Luke walked out with his lips drenched and his cheeks stuffed. One heavy swallow later his mouth was free to speak, “Clean up?”

The man’s laugh seemed rich, which isn’t surprising since the guy about radiated money from his hair to his coat. “Who do you think keeps all the insanity from reaching the news kid? Although I must say you have been making my job extremely difficult over the past few days. If I’m not mistaken you’re the reason the news had to report on a “bomb” going off just outside a local dive bar.”

Luke didn’t bother meeting this guy’s eye and just devoured the sandwich in his hands. Thankfully Serina was more than happy to fill in, “And I doubt you have a reason to complain. If there wasn’t anything to clean up that hair cut would look terrible from a simple barber instead of your preferred salon.”

“Ya I’m pretty sure the manicures of yours cost a small goblin raid.” That comment even drew a snort from Nina, which earned her the eye of rich boy cleaner.

The man paused and eyed Luke up and down with a sigh before offering his hand, “I guess proper introductions are in order. I’m Michael, part of the cleaning crew of this city. I’m sure we will see a lot of each other Fox.”

Luke stared at the hand and then back to the guys face as he waited for the handshake that Luke would never give. They stood there in silence with Luke keeping his hands in his pockets and Michael still holding is hand out. “First of all, I already know I’m not going to like you. First impressions are important asshole, and strong arming me to Nina isn’t a great start. Secondly, if you saw the ending you could have helped which means you’re either useless or lazy. I hate both options. Thirdly, which is the only part I actually have enough fucks to give about right now, is that you said that the monster was a Japanese demon right?”

The smile from Michaels face slowly vanished when Luke didn’t offer his own hand to shake. Then his eyes glared at Luke while maintaining his smile like they were having a pleasant conversation, despite all the insults (another reason to dislike this guy in Luke’s book). His whole frame seemed to remain calm as his eyes attempted to try and create two craters in Luke’s face. His voice remained as composed as the rest of him, minus his eyes, “The Joroguma is a Japanese woman, not necessary ranked as demon or monster but just as dangerous as either. You see they…”

“Hey, just the cheat sheet not the whole textbook pal.” Luke’s interruption earned him another glare from Michael which Luke was happy to ignore. He rolled the thought around in his head till a single person came to mind. With an exhaled and a heated curse, “Fuck a duck, any guesses what bitch would send a “Japanese” demon after me?”

Selina caught the hint of his first deive word, “Bitch?”

Nina’s eyes widened when the realization hit her, “She wouldn’t even be that reckless!”

Before anyone could make another comment Luke’s phone started to blow up with a phone call. He made quick apologizes before answering. Morto’s voice roared through the small device, “There’s my prize fighter! That asian lil cunt has challenged me to another fight. Interested?”

Irony thy name is Luke.


The location for this fight seemed to be the local indoor pool that was under construction. Luke didn’t bother switching clothes or even taking a shower. He was pissed and ready for some action. He was grateful Nina and Serina didn’t take a long time deciding their business suits would suit just well for the fight. Though considering Serina wore black leather pants and a black leather jacket with her blood red dress shirt he wasn’t sure he could call it a business suit, but then again it’s the most business like he had seen her. Nina decided the opposite with a casual white suit and a baby blue dress shirt was a nice contrast. But he had no idea why Michael decided to follow them to, then again he was the one with a big SUV.

As they arrived on scene the crowd was startled with the sudden boom of Morto’s voice, “There is my prize fighter! How are you my boy?” Morto seemed to waddle his way through the crowd as he came to meet Luke half way to the pool. Luke wondered how the blob got around, he was pretty sure there was a crane hidden somewhere.

As much as Morto’s huge frame intimidated Luke, with the exception of the potential the wendigo may eat him any second, for fear of crushing due to an accidental or intentional hit/fall. Most people would see the fleshy human size version of the State Puff Marshmallow man, with the additions of random patches of hair and scales cover his unclosed flesh But, Luke saw a man with deep pockets stride up to him and he was grateful he worked for the guy and not against him. He put on his best smile, “Morty, great to see ya. I’d ask if you’re losing weight but that would ruin your figure.”

The laugh that rumbled out of this man was almost as frightening as the man’s size. The crowd took their cue and started laughing themselves. Luke saw all sorts of new faces in this crowd as well as others glancing at him from around the pool. He wondered how many of them were out there, mythical creatures that hide in the shadows that Michael and them kept from the rest of the world. He tried not to think about it and just focused on walking towards the pool.

As he made his way through the crowd he saw the CW’s spare cast member trying to hold in the fire glare of hers, not very well. Luke put on his award winning smile, “Koharu, hey sorry to keep you waiting. Had a bug problem I needed to take care of.”

“Well…I hope it hasn’t distracted you too much. Be a shame if I got my money to quickly.” Her voice was steady and held the sarcasm that got people laughing. However, Luke could feel the heat behind her words. That was all the confirmation he needed to know who sent the spider after him. There she stood making him feel like the scariest teacher just called him out in class. Her sharp Asian features made her seem even more dangerous than the dagger gaze she gave him. Today she went for more of a blood red Japanese style with gold and black embroidery that flared out around her feet. As they locked eyes Luke felt her try to pull him into that dark corridor were she held the high ground once again.

He wasn’t going to stay there with her.

Instead, he broke eye contact and started to look around, “So which one of these poor bastards did you bang to get him to fight for ya?”

“HOW DARE YOU!?” Her screech was more than audible and Luke swore her eyes turned a deep bright red.

“Your right, my apologizes. That was out of line.” It’s strange how a few words can silence a crowd and get all eyes looking right as his direction. Luke tried not to mentally count how many were but instead followed through with his punchline, “It would require you being able to get laid first. That stick must be really uncomfortable up there.”

One half of the room was swallowed by the laughter of the other half, Morto’s laugh being the most noticeable (he even swore he heard Nina laugh as well). The other half however seemed to share Koharu’s death stare trying to bore him down. He felt the hate of those gazes and wondered how many enemies he has. How many on that side hated him cause of one reason or another, or an allegiance with one person/group. How many smiled at his back while picturing his death. In just two weeks he was thrown into the fray of it all were he would sink or swim.

What worried him most is how he felt more alive than he did in a long time. But, as a sly smile played across his face while staring at Koharu he somehow knew that he had found his place. “So am I gonna wait all night or are we going to get started? I’ve got school in two days and I’m not waiting that long.”

This time irony decided to roll with team Koharu.

As the insult left his lips a deep bellied roar made him look down to see a beast chained inside the deep end of the Olympic diving area for the pool. The chains were solid and wrapped around the white furred creature in layers to the point where it was almost an extra skin. The thick white fur did little to hide the layers of muscle this thing has, and considering its size the damn thing was fit. As it stared up to the crowed that was safe, for the moment, above 16 ft deep area Luke had to wonder who sharpened its teeth. This creature reminded him of a flat faced albino gorilla on steroids with the addition, or subtraction, of the four empty sockets that should have had…well eyes.

His eyes studied the monster trying to learn everything he could from the first glance before his eyes moved back to Koharu. She wore a smug smile and he could see the imagination churning behind her eyes. Her voice carried her smile as she pictured his death (in more than one gory manner Luke imagined), “So Fox, what do you think of my fighter?”

“I think George Lucas is gonna sue somebody,” that brought around a series of dumb blinking stares. So he elaborated, “I mean I didn’t realize you went to any frozen worlds recently or were you just visiting home and decided to adopt a pet?”

Once again his side was laughing at his joke with her side glaring at him, he wondered if this is how Xavier felt when arguing with someone while his groupies were around. Even as he made the joke he felt his insides turn to lead realizing he was going to have to face the mini me of King Kong. He had faced a spider woman, the goblins, a medusa, and even a steel golem. Right about now he would have preferred the golem.

He took a deep breath walking past the crowd on his side so he can get to the shallow end of the pool. As he made it past Morto he paused and smiled at the man (or what could be counted as such), “Don’t forget my fee Morty, you’re helping me pay for my first car.”

Morto didn’t answer, he just sat in his spot and smiled with an approving nod. He figured that was all he was going to get, fat he maybe but business smart in the underworld the man seemed to have in abundance. Luke moved to hurry down the edge of the pool when Nina grabbed his arm. She simply smiled and nodded with a few simple words, “Be careful, he is more dangerous than he looks.” Considering the thing about had Luke shitting himself, the idea that he could be more dangerous bothered Luke quite a bit. Yet, he held a brave face and nodded before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. A small hint of red caressed her cheeks as she let his arm slip from his grip. He moved down the row hearing people chant and encourage him while others went the opposite route. He was able to ignore them all and focus on the oversized problem at the end of the pool.


Anyone that tells you they have fought a person twice their size without breaking a sweat is a liar. Luke had been try to hold this gorilla off for the last fifteen minutes and felt his clothes were drenched in sweat, most people would assume he jumped into a pool (irony seemed to be on a roll). The gorilla looked to be just as worn down as its swings became more wild and missing its mark by a few leagues. Yet Luke was running on fumes himself. His brain had been pushed and pushed today and the migraine he was feeling hinted towards the end of his abilities.

He was running low on options and had to prioritize moving out of the way of this things fists as well as its ice breath. He first encountered this move when he decided to try and use Winter’s Breath. He had guessed that the ice wouldn’t work but wanted to test the waters to be certain. What he didn’t know was that this beast breathed enough ice from his gaping hole to count as a small blizzard. Half of this fight Luke has been using the Furnace to make sure he wasn’t frozen solid, side effect was that this monster could just breath and whatever fire was used against it was put out.

As the minutes passed during the fight the crowded that had started roaring and chanting with every move stood silent. There were whispers and mumbles from the crowd, even the occasional insult to distract Luke during the fight. But, every move was followed by silence and the sudden inhale of breath in the strike that had connected or was deflected. All eyes swept the pool moving from one being to another waiting for the next minute to pass and the fight to come to a close. Even Koharu had gone silent watching with intense interest.

The remnants of their fighting was the cracked tiles lining the pool itself. The gorilla was beyond strong as its fist had constantly been aiming for a certain teenager. He had only survived as long as he has because of the memories from this morning’s training. The walls themselves were coated in random layers of ice as well as scorch marks. The air hung heavy with the humidity of turning ice to steam with his fire, and vice versa.

Luke knew he had to come up with a new strategy but was limited on his arsenal against the gorilla. Fire seemed the obvious choice but was getting him no were fast. Ice was clearly out of the question. He wasn’t going to try mind reading the thing because he was pretty sure he didn’t want to know what it or anyone in/around that pool was thinking. That left him only wind and Earth, and he needed another contract soon or he was going to have to tattoo a blue arrow on his head.

Being lost in one’s own thoughts during a fight, even to try and strategize, is a bad idea. The gorilla decided it was the perfect chance to bore down on him. His emotions came out as a shocked curse, “Oh shit!” A moment more of him hesitating would have head his head looking like salsa under the gorilla’s fist. But a sudden dive and roll gave him some decent distance to stare at the monster’s backside. He had no time to make a conscious choice and feel back on his instincts.

His instincts, a strange thing that has turned him in one direction or another. These days he can’t tell if he does things naturally on his own or just reacting based on that subconscious urge of his. If he relaxed enough he could figure out where he wanted to go and do. These past few days he has reacted so much rather than made a choice. Now his brain was going blank, perhaps blank wasn’t the right word. His brain was going haywire trying to plan the next move moving from one idea to another that no solid thought process was present. His brain was so active and he knew he had to keep moving.

His instincts reacted for him and he found himself shrouded in the wind. With on inhale he felt like he was sucking in the very wind as the air stirred around him. This change in atmosphere wasn’t missed by the gorilla as he turned his empty sockets on Luke. The whole fight had been unfair for the beast, Koharu thought it was only fair he didn’t have eyes or it would kill Luke too quickly. The creature had been using its other senses (sound, smell, and touch) to figure out where its next victim was. At that moment its fur was noticeable pulled towards his prey.

Vortex would have to be Luke’s least favorite ability among the current contracts he owns. He couldn’t control the thing to save his life other than a nudge. Which made using it during a life threatening situation the last thing he would have personally wanted to do. Panic sank in wondering if his brain was broken. “Why would my instincts pick this damn contract?!” His panic only fueled what his instinct urged him to do next.

Use the glove.

His fist launched forward hard enough that Luke swore that he may have dislocated it. Yet the burst of speed from his punch was nothing compared to the whirlwind he felt burst from his form. One moment he saw the gorilla about the crush him and the next the creature was blown clear of Luke like he was shot by a cannon. Luke watched in slow motion as the giant gorilla was thrown from its feet. First the wind pushed against the beast’s fur and then its muscles were forced to hunch from the point of contact. One blink later Luke saw the gorilla crunched against the wall on the other side of the pool leaving a solid crater of its size behind.

If the crowd was silent before then the next sound Luke could compare it to was space, not even a pin drop was heard. That silence was brief yet in Luke’s mind it stretched for infinity. Then there was a deafening roar from Morto’s crowd. The silence before felt distant but this cheering almost swallowed him whole. It came in as a crashing wave with only one person starting, or perhaps it was a few, in either case it was swallowed by the masses quickly. And just as fast as it started…it was silenced. But, the silence equal to space wasn’t there because of the crunching of tile as the gorilla pried itself free from the wall.

“Damn it…damn it to hell and back twice,” Luke let the curse roll off with a groaning sigh.

He can’t deny that the punch itself did some damage but he wasn’t sure if he could manage a second one. His head was throbbing as he tried to maintain his grip on the Vortex and if he released it he wasn’t going to be able to reach for another. His brain was currently spent and holding on to this contract was all he could do before his head felt like it would explode. He took up a stance that was as intimidating as he could muster in his condition. The gorilla looked about as intimidating as Luke felt at the moment. They both appeared to be on their last legs for the fight. Which seemed to be one sided for Luke in the case that the last leg of his opponent was attached to something that could kill him if it just fell on him.

Luke had to knock the monster down again like he did with his glove, problem was he didn’t know how he did it in the first place. He replayed each moment in his mind, from the moment he sent his fist forward to the moment the gorilla collided into the wall. Now that he was forced to think on it more critically, considering his life hung in the balance, there was a difference. Normally when he tried to throw wind around like he was trying to make the wave of air crash and carry the person. However, when he threw his fist the air wasn’t being thrown it spiraled forth from him.

It reminded him of a tornado.

That was the light bulb he needed during the slow pace the creature took to walk towards him. Each step sounded through the pool and shook Luke to his bones. It gave him enough time to process a solid single thought before each step drew closer.

When a tornado is created it’s formed when two opposing winds, hot and cold, collide and spiral down. The gorilla stepped more as it looked like its knee may buckle. Yet the force of the actual tornado comes from the increased hot air that funnels in the center forcing this to push upwards and that provides the force to pull items into the tornado. The creature seemed to be gaining speed as it closed half the gap between him and Luke. This whole time Luke had been throwing the Vortex around like a wave of air instead of focusing like he should have. The damn thing was closing the gap very quickly to the point Luke was seconds away from having to do something or die.

With gritted teeth he decided to at least make one last ditch move rather than just stand there and die. He tried to picture the funnel of a tornado in the exact shape it would swirl. The air moved around and swirled about his form reacting to his thoughts as he tried to force the air to collide and roll around one another. He felt the air twist and his clothes pushed behind him as it was being blown out from behind yet he felt a pull at the center of the wind. One jump may even lift him and carry him off the ground. The feeling of the wind around him, with the cold air blowing against his skin (actually feeling quite nice against his over worked body) that shifted and turned around him. He wasn’t sure how noticeable his actions were and he was completely lost in the feeling of the wind itself.

But the casting shadow mixed with the large creature sniffing the air almost made his mind go blank. His moment of exhilaration was gone and replaced with survival. The beast reared its arms up high with clinched fists ready to drop them and turn Luke into paste. A roar burst from both the gorilla’s chest and Luke’s at the same time. Their fists moved in unison as the creature barreled his arms down Luke shoved his upwards and carried the swirling funnel of the wind with it.

Everything slowed down in Luke’s eyes as he feared he may die in that moment. He watched those large fists enlarge in his vision only to slowly shrink as the beast was knocked from his feet. The gorilla was thrown and spun in the air until it collided with the wall with a sharp crack against the tile. The return of the space defining silence echoed in that room. In that moment Luke could hear his heart beat in his ears and the shaky breath that exited his mouth. A triumphant smile cracked his face in half as he raised his fist in victory.

He felt almost silly standing there with his fist in the air looking as he was dead on his feet. He pictured one of the characters from his childhood cartoons and almost felt like one. If the roaring cheer from before was a wave this one was a tsunami. He heard his own name chanted and screamed through the crowd and even watched as some from Koharu’s side started to clap. He wanted to say something witty or funny but right now he was just grateful to be alive. As he moved to exit the pool he saw Nina waiting for him at the end with a proud smile on her face, Serina wore he own smile as well but it hinted to other things besides pride in him, and even Michael was nodding his approval while he clapped.


When the hot water from the shower hit his body he finally began to regain his conscious self. Surviving death and working himself to the bone left him in a state of half awake. That’s not the right way to say it, more like half aware of the world around him. When the fighting was over and he reached the end of the pool he was finally able to release his contract. The strain on his mind was gone completely and the throbbing headache he was forced to endure for that fight was reduced to less than half. With his senses thrown off by the sudden release his sense of awareness became a tunnel vision. He focused on his need and familiar things to get him those needs. He remembered Nina and Michael helping him into the SUV. He knew that people were talking to him in the car, whether for praise or criticism he couldn’t tell, and his only response was a few defaulted mumbled words. If they had talked to him the whole trip or just the beginning he couldn’t say. He found himself in Nina’s apartment and then into the shower.

As soon as the water hit his skin the tunnel vision faded away. As he washed his frame he felt his head clear with each natural step of washing his body and hair. He knew he spent a long time in that shower and couldn’t care less. He was feeling more rejuvenated by the minute. He only stepped out of the shower when he couldn’t milk any form of hot water from the shower head. He dried himself off and came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel with a big smile on his face.

Unfortunately he wasn’t alone with Nina in the apartment.

When he walked out of the bathroom the first person he saw was Michael sitting with Serina on the couch. They had been talking about, what he could only assume, was business. But, as soon as he was insight they both eyed him. Serina seemed to stare in hunger while Michael gave him a quizzical look. Michael was the only one to voice his thoughts, “Nice outfit.”

“To tired to think up a decent insult, so let’s just go with fuck off.” The words were honest ones. He really could care less and was happy to find food waiting for him on the table with Nina running around to make more. He wanted to scream that he loved her but his stomach seemed to speak louder. He wolfed down everything she put in front of him, starting off with some fried potatoes of some sort and ending with the most delicious steak he had ever had. He couldn’t guess what his face looked like but he assumed he needed another shower. As he got up to wash his face, again, Nina held out his clothes.

This whole time she only smiled at him but not a word was spoken between them. As she danced around the kitchen he watched her and kept catching her eye. The only thing he could do was give an awkward laugh as the smile never left his face. He felt the pride she had for him and the relief that he equally shared that he was alive.

He washed the food from his faced and got dressed in his freshly washed clothes. The heat that he felt cradled him and it felt wonderful (it felt especially great on the southern region). He went for his phone as well and was surprised to see that it was blown up with messages and missed phone calls from Yoshiko. He was about to call her back himself when another call came in. As soon as the phone was in his ear he could feel the concern in her voice, “Luke, oh god please tell me that’s you.”

His panic matched her own as a million images of her being hurt flashed in his mind, “It’s me Yoshi, what’s wrong are you okay?”

“I was going to ask you that. I got a sinking feeling that you were hurt or…and I tried messaging to see if you were okay but…you never answered and I…well I…”

Luke felt terrible, He couldn’t shake this feeling that she had seen him fight off that Yeti (that was explained to him in the car). He knew it was almost insane that she would have, yet he had his own sinking feeling. His voice was steadier now that he knew she was okay. He wanted to explain he was at work, to reassure her he was fine. He didn’t know why the next words came out, “Want me to come over?”


Luke found himself standing in front of the overly expensive white house once again that day. He felt as uncomfortable as he did the first time, perhaps even more so. He wasn’t sure why he offered to come to her house. When he had Nina drop him off a bit of a ways down the road he was hoping for some time to think about what he would say or even why he was there. Throughout the entire walk he couldn’t think of a single reason why talking to her on the phone couldn’t have said or explained anything better than being here in person. As he stood there waiting for her to answer the door he couldn’t grip why he was here.

Then she answered and knew the reason immediately, you can’t hug someone over the phone.

As soon as the door opened he felt the sudden weight hit him in the chest. Her arms gripped him in a vice as he felt his shirt begin to grow wet. He felt her shake against his chest as she gripped him firmly. The insane idea that she saw the fight was becoming less so. He felt like he was about to cry with relief. His own arms wrapped around her small form embracing her firmly. Neither of them said a word because they didn’t have to. In that one hug they were both reassured that the other was safe and alright.

He looked down to see her sundress had never left her body but her ponytail was gone. Her hair draped over her shoulders and was in disarray from the worry she had. Her soft heart shaped face moved from one side to the other on his chest, using his shirt to rub the tears pouring from her eyes. Her the strong Japanese girl he had seen day after gripped him in his arms crying her eyes out cause she was afraid of the very thing that almost happened to him today. He could only hug her back in return feeling grateful to be alive and to have her confirm he was.

A small smile teased at his features, “Geez Yoshi, a few days ago I’m a leper. Now I’m huggable, kissable, and blowable.”

“Don’t ruin this you ass,” her fist pounded his chest just enough to bring a grunt from his lips.

“So you’ve been talking to my sister huh?”

He heard the small laugh in her voice as she fought back the tears while her face was buried into his chest. The smile that teased his features before was apparent as he clung to the soft beautiful girl in his arms. She felt so frail yet gripped him even tighter than he did her. He wasn’t sure who lead the way, himself or her, but he found himself sitting on the couch beside Yoshiko.

They continued to hold hands at the very least. He could only speak for himself but, he felt any less contact with her would make this situation less real. Yet even as they held one another’s hand there was an awkward silence. He was pretty sure she was just as unsure what to say in this moment. They just needed reassurance and the presence of the other person. Now they had both the silence was the only thing that filled the air.

At least one other thought tugged at Luke’s mind, “What made you think something was wrong?”

Yoshiko took her time to answer this. It seemed strange to think about but she knew he was in danger about the time when he was…well in danger. She let out a defeated sigh, “It’s hard to explain…it was more of a feeling. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy and my instincts are going nuts. But then you hugged me like…”

“No no, I get it. I did run into some trouble at work that…well let’s just say I’m glad I came back with all four limbs.” When she mentioned that instinct made her believe he was in danger he didn’t question it. Who was he to question someone else’s instincts? He just used his own instinct to help him defeat a blind Yeti.

“Four limbs? Does that mean you’re missing…” The mischievous smile that touched her lips hinted to the rest of her own question.

“Okay, one no I’m not a eunuch. And, two I’m so glad you have loosened up cause I love that you have my sense of humor.” A laugh threatened to beat from his throat as he watched the smile grow on her face.

Her smile continued to be mischievous, “Well if we are playing that game, one, I told that you don’t know what kind of girl I am. I…have problems like everyone else, you make me feel like I don’t, even for a moment.” For that brief glimpse he saw how vulnerable she was and how much she really did like him. He had to wonder what kind of mother Yoshiko had or if it was a different problem all together. But just as quickly as it came, it went and was replaced with a wicked smirk, “And two, how do I know you still have that fifth limb?”

That brought a laugh out of him as he rubbed the back of his neck working out a response, “Well, you tested that earlier in the theater.”

Her reply was instant, “That was then, now you seem to have only come back with four limbs after your hard day at work.”

“How can you make a claim like that without confirming your theory? You have no evidence supporting your claim?”

Sarcasm seemed to be a language they booth new well as it rolled off each other’s tongue. Now Yoshiko ran her hand over his thigh teasing at his waist line, “So, you want me to confirm if you have that fifth favorite limb with my own eyes?”

He watched her straighten her messy hair and push it past her shoulders as he eyed her up and down. It’s strange what adrenaline induced by fear does to a person when death is involved, on multiple occasions for Luke. When someone survives anything they go through a period of shock and want to celebrate in some fashion. The same can be said for those that avoid what feels like a terrible life event, they want to celebrate. With the direction of their teasing Luke knew which way it was going and didn’t care if it only went as far as it did in the theater.

His award winning smile slipped on to his features, “Well that’s the only way to prove if you were right or wrong.”

No more words were exchanged, none needed to be at that moment. Her hands worked his pants and slipped them down to his boots were her fingers caressed his flesh. He saw the look of uncertain yearning in her eyes as she tested how good it felt for him. He could safely say that her soft small fingers drew quite the groan of bliss from his lips. As more sounds escaped him her actions grew more eager. Her palms pressing and gliding on his bare flesh as her fingers trailed and danced along him. Every now and again they would barely touch his member making him grow from half-mast to full with her soft touch.

When she finally grew close enough his hand shot to grab the back of her head and pull her into a passionate kiss. This kiss made him feel even more alive as the heat rolled into his body. Their lips grips and caressed one another’s at the same time as the tongues barely darted to greet one another. Her hands froze on his thighs to brace for the kiss.

His hands didn’t remain idle.

For as soon as she kissed him back with as much earnest his fingers traveled down her dress. His digits doing a different dance until they found her zipper. Never once did she falter in the kiss and that was enough ok for him to slip it off her frame. As the dress pooled at their feet Luke was pulled in by the very sight of her body, perfectly toned and her breasts matched the fit form. She made certain she wasn’t the only one going to be naked as she gripped his shirt to lift it over his head as he shrugged his jacket off his shoulders.

As soon as most of his clothes were off and scattered around the couch, their flesh pressed and mashed against each other. There kissing moved between slow and tender to wild and passionate. Her hands grip and clawed at his back. His own hands braced her body as they rocked against one another. He finally moved to rest her down on the couch with him on top.

He stared at her for a brief moment, memorizing every detail of her features like it was the first time seeing it. He knew he wanted this, natural, no cause but pure intimate passion. He need what she was willing to give and he yearned to return it with interest. He stayed there, leaning over her just appreciating her beauty. A moment longer was all he needed before he would have acted on his emotions before a single sound made them both freeze in fear.

The sound of the front door handle turning.

They had been caught and they knew it. He frozen above her wearing only his jeans and her with just the panties to cover her. He gently stood and turned to face what he feared was the alien monster Asian mom from another planet.

He would have preferred the alien monster.

Koharu stared at him in shock as her eyes took in everything in the room. Her pupils grew crimson until they burst into flames that ignited her hair. Her voice screeched like a dying animal, “YOU!!!!” And who said first dates are boring?

I appreciate all the positive feedback and urge you to continue providing them, I’ll write more interesting chapters and even take suggestions. Depending on certain suggestions I might even alter the story in that direction or just make slight adjustments. Here is the chance to add and adjust a story, don’t waste it. Even if you don’t see any changes I wouldn’t mind some positive feedback. I’ll continue to work to provide a great story that will tease you, in more ways than one I hope. There maybe time gaps cause my schedule has tightened up from before but I will continue to write and provide an interesting story for you. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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OH COME ON ! ! ! ! You have just to continue the story . . . . PLEASEEEE


2021-01-31 09:25:40
Best series I've found on this site. Hope it continues!


2020-11-28 09:05:53
A story so beautifully woven! Please do continue this; fantastic plot and great character development throughout, always keeps you wanting more. Can't wait for the next one!


2020-08-18 05:38:45
Can't wait for the next one

Bald ChuckReport 

2020-07-16 20:04:40
More please

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