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After Liz and Tom teach their eldest twins about the birds and the bees, they agree it's time to do the same with their second daughter.
How Traditions Start – part 4

An original story by Starrynight.


A gentle snow began falling over the fletchers' farm. It was the first snow of the season and it brought with it a promise of Christmas. Liz looked out her bedroom window, marveling the magical white sight, as Tom was throwing another log into the small fireplace they had in their bedroom.

The house was quiet. Presley, Jack and Lisa were already fast asleep, and Zach and Molly, were coming home for the holidays only next week. Liz could not believe her babies were already in their second year of college and couldn't wait for them to come home.

Tom finished poking the fire, making sure the wood caught, then walked over to the bed and slipped under the covers, shortly followed by his wife.

"Tom," Liz said to her husband as she cuddled next to him "can we talk about her birthday?" she asked. They knew for the past few weeks they needed to address the subject but were reluctant to do so.

"Yes, we should" Tom answered and looked at his beautiful wife.

"We are going to do it with her too, right?" Liz asked.

"Yes, just like last time. It seemed to serve its purpose, didn't it?" Tom shot back.

"Yes, it did." Liz answered. "Also, I asked Molly about it when I last spoke to her. I told her we were about to do it with Presley on her eighteenth birthday and asked what she thought of it."

"Really, you asked her about it? What did she say?" Tom asked curiously. He was a little surprised his wife asked their eldest daughter if she thinks he should have sex with her younger sister.

"She said we should definitely do it with Presley too." Liz told her husband. "She told me how much it prepared her for college, especially when she started dating last year."

"I guess it's settled then" Tom said. He was disgusted by how much he was looking forward to having sex with another one of his daughters. He tried to hide it from his wife, to make it look like it was just a duty he needed to do. But the fact was, that he had been thinking about it constantly for the past months.

"There is one more thing regarding this matter I wanted to talk to you about." Liz said, and Tom listened intrigued "Actually, it was something Molly brought up and it got me thinking."

"Oh boy," Tom said jokingly "what is it now?"

"Stop, this is serious" Liz scolded her husband and gave him a gentle smack on the arm.

"You're right, I'm sorry." Tom said, using the magical words to calm any woman. "What did she have in mind?"

"She didn't exactly suggest it, but I got the idea when I talked to her." Liz started saying "Molly told me how, in addition to having sex with you, the time she and Zach spent having sex helped her. How she felt more open to explore and try things with him."

"What are you getting at Liz?" Tom asked his wife skeptically. The last thing he wanted to hear was the details of his son and daughter's mutual sexual adventures.

"I thought we could ask Zach if he might also spend a night with Presley after her birthday." Liz said, awaiting Tom's respond.

"So, you want Zach to have sex with Presley also?" Tom asked in a calm voice. He was a little surprised by her idea, but he saw the sense in it. As much as he hated to admit it, he had become a lot more open minded when it came to incest since the night he spent with his eldest daughter.

"Yes, do you think he will agree?" Liz asked her husband, hearing from his tone he wasn't against the idea.

"Probably" Tom answered.

"You think so, even though he has a girlfriend now?" Liz asked unsure.

"I don't think it will bother him. I think he will view it as helping out his little sister and not as cheating on his girlfriend." Tom said and put an arm around his wife.

"All right," Liz said convinced "I'll ask him next week when he gets here."

"What about you babe, are you going to be alright with being left out this time?" Tom asked with genuine concern.

"Don't worry about me honey, were doing all this for our daughter" Liz said as she slid onto her back. She gave Tom a final smile before closing her eyes and falling asleep as the cold night turned white outside.

The following week, a week before Christmas and four days before Presley's eighteenth birthday, Molly and Zach returned home for the holidays.

Zach arrived first and was greeted by the beautiful scene of the farm wearing a thin white layer. He opened the door and was quickly hit by a barrage of screaming siblings who ran to hug him as he entered.

When Molly arrived a few hours later, the snow was already half a foot deep. She quickly made her way into the warm house and was greeted similarly to her brother. After they both settled into their rooms, the entire family sat down for dinner, eating a delicious stew Liz cooked as the snow kept falling outside.

The following day was a declared a "snow day" after the family woke up to over two feet of snow. They spent most of the day huddled in the living room in front of the fireplace or taking short ventures outside where Jack and Lisa built a snowman, and the other's kept having snowball fights, laughing as they ran around throwing snowballs at one another.

During the day, on an occasion Liz caught Zach alone, she grabbed him and gestured towards her bedroom.

"Hi mom, what's going on?" Zach asked as he followed his mother.

"Are you enjoying being back home?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure" he answered and gave her a smile in return.

"Good," Liz said, lowering her voice "there is something I wanted to talk to you about."

"Okay" Zach said and suddenly felt nervous.

"Well, it's about your sister, Presley" Liz started and made sure to keep her voice down. "Her eighteenth birthday is coming up in a few days, and your father is going to have sex with her. Just like we did with you and Molly" Liz said. She could feel herself turning red as she discussed the subject with her son. It had been almost two years since their night together on his eighteenth birthday. But since then, despite how much she enjoyed it, they had no encounters of the sort. "I discussed this with Molly a few weeks ago…" Liz continued.

"Really?" Zach asked, surprised his mother would confide in his sister on this.

"Yes, I wanted to hear from her if it helped and if she thought we should do it with Presley." Liz explained.

"And what did she say?" Zach asked interested.

"In short, she said we should." Liz answered. "What she also added, was how much the time she spent with you helped prepare her as well. How she felt safe and comfortable to explore her body with you." Liz added. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs as she looked at her handsome son.

"Wow" Zach said a little lost for words. He looked at his beautiful mom and felt a stir in his loins.

"The reason I am bringing all of this up," Liz continued in a hush tone "is that your father and I were hoping that maybe…you could also…spend a night with Presley" Liz said and paused.

"What?" Zach let out in surprise and his mother quickly hushed him. "You want me to have sex with Presley?" Zach asked returning to a low voice.

"Yes," his mother said "we think it will do her good. It will give her a more relaxed environment to explore sex in" Liz said and watched her son as he thought it over.

Zach could not believe what his mother had just asked of him. He has never thought or looked at his younger sister in a sexual manner, yet he could not deny how much she matured over the past few years. "Fine, I'll do it" Zach said, suddenly noticing he had an erection, as his cock, in disregard to his mind, was getting very excited by the prospect of meeting Presley.

"Oh good" Liz said and hugged her son, pressing her luscious rack into his chest as she kissed his cheek. "Don't say anything to her for now. Your father will be with her on her birthday, so the night after, you can spend with her." Liz said. She gave her son a final smile and walked away.

That night, as Zach went up to bed, he noticed Molly was still awake in her room and slipped in, closing the door behind him. Molly gave him a smile as he walked in and Zach looked at her before taking a seat on her bed. They had not had sex with one another since leaving for college over a year ago. They did though, during the previous summer, on a few horny occasions masturbate together. That's when Zach noticed how his sister's body changed, becoming curvier and more womanly during her first year of college. She had a boyfriend now, and by the way she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed, Zach assumed they were having sex, a lot.

"You won't believe what mom asked me today." Zach said as he looked into his sister's eyes.

"What?" Molly asked with a playful smile on her face.

"You know that she and dad decided that dad would sleep with Presley on her birthday. Just like they did with us?" Zach asked.

"Yeah," Molly answered "mom asked me about it a few weeks back. She wanted to know if based on my experience, I think they should do it. I told her they should" Molly said with a naughty expression.

"Apparently" Zach started saying "something you said gave mom another idea."

"Really?" Molly asked quizzically "What's that?"

"She asked me today if I will be willing to have sex with Presley too" Zach said and watched his sister's eyes go wide.

"And what did you say?" Molly asked intrigued.

"I was caught a little off guard by her, but at the end I agreed" Zach told Molly.

"Lucky her" Molly said a little coldly.

"Yeah, thanks" Zach said shyly. He did not notice the hint of jealously in Molly's voice as she said it. "It's going to be weird," Zach continued "I never looked at Presley that way. But mom thinks it will be good for her, so I said I'll do it."

Molly looked at her handsome brother enviously. It bothered her that her younger sister was also going to have sex with him. She thought that other than his first time with their mother, she would be the only family member he would pleasure. What bothered her even more, is that he would be having sex with Presley because of something she said.

"Hey," Molly said as she looked up and down her brother's body "you want a quick session?" she asked and immediately saw a smile form on her brother's face.

"I thought you would never ask" Zach said and walked over to the door to lock it. Session is a term they came up with over the summer for masturbating together, and as soon as he turned around, Molly already had her shirt off, her beautiful breasts exposed. Zach quickly took his clothes off as Molly finished removing hers, and while looking at each other's young naked bodies, they both commenced to touch and pleasure themselves.

The following days went by uneventful. It stopped snowing, but the cold temperatures kept the snow in place and the fletchers mostly indoors. They would spend most of the day cooking, eating, reading, playing games and getting things ready for Christmas and for Presley's birthday.

On the day of Presley's eighteenth birthday, she woke up to a gentle snowfall that got heavier throughout the day. The day started with a large birthday breakfast and went on with everyone doing exactly what Presley liked. They would play her favorite games, cook her favorite food and put on her favorite music. After lunch, when most of the kids were in their rooms, Tom pulled Molly aside and led her over to his bedroom.

"Hi dad, what's up?" Molly asked as her father closed his bedroom door behind them. She could tell by the look in his eyes he had something embarrassing to ask her.

"Molly, you know that I am going to spend the night with your sister tonight, right?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah dad" She said like it was obvious.

"Well, this is a little awkward, but I wanted to ask you if there is something you think I should do different from what I did with you?" Tom asked his daughter and blushed.

"Um," Molly paused as she thought it over "first, I think you should skip the kissing part" she said. "Not that I didn't like it," She quickly added, not meaning to hurt her father's feeling "it's just something I think is better if she experienced for the first time with someone her own age." Molly said. "Also, once you get to the sex part, let her be on top after a while. You didn’t do it with me, and it is the position I enjoy most now." Molly added as her voice trailed off. If the situation was not awkward enough, she had just told her father her favorite sex position.

"Anything else?" Tom asked cautiously.

"One last thing," Molly said remembering "when you're with Presley, be sure to take her through the steps before you do anything. I remember that when we started, I was so frightened by not knowing when you were going to…enter me, I had a hard time enjoying the beginning." Molly said embarrassed. She was looking forward for this conversation to be over, that when she realized her father had no more questions, she quickly walked away.

The rest of the day continued as planned. A lavish family dinner, followed by dessert and presents in the living room. All this while the snow kept falling outside, thickening the white icy layer as the roaring fire in the fireplace shrouded the house with a cozy warmth. As it started getting late, Jack and Lisa left for bed, and as soon as they did, Molly and Zach excused themselves too, giving their parents a devious grin as they climbed the stairs.

Presley was surprised that her older brother and sister went to bed so early and got up to join them when her parents stopped her.

"Sweetheart, wait." Her mother said as she got up "There is still one more thing we have planned for you."

"Really?" Presley asked as a smile crept across her face, she was not expecting anything else.

"Yes," her father assured her "but let's go over to our bedroom. We'll explain there." Tom said and headed for his bedroom, his wife and daughter following him. They entered the bedroom and Tom threw another log into the fireplace, making sure the room stayed nice and warm for his daughter's special night.

"So, honey, you're eighteen today" her mother started saying and looked at her daughter. "You'll be going off to college before you know it. But before you do, there is something we believe you should experience for your first time with your father" Liz said.

"What's that?" Presley asked innocently. She had no idea what her parents were talking about.

"You're not a little girl anymore" Tom said as he ironically studied his little girl. She was wearing a thick red sweater that hugged her feminine curves nicely, a pair of tight black pants and pink sleepers. Her long brown hair was tied into a bun, and her dark eyes focused on her father as he spoke to her. "You are officially a woman today, and your mother and I think that before you leave this house, you should have sex for the first time."

"Sex?" Presley asked with alarm, switching her gaze from her mother to her father.

"Relax honey," Liz calmed her daughter upon seeing the alarm on her face "it's nothing to be afraid of. Your father will be very gentle with you, and I'm sure you will enjoy it." She added.

"I don't know mom," Presley said terrified "I don't think it's appropriate." She added.

"Presley, trust us" her father said in a soothing voice "we are doing this to help you. Just like we did with your brother and sister."

"Zach and Molly?" Presley let out in surprise. She had always looked up to her older siblings, and the mention of their names made her more inclined to listen.

"Yes," Liz said "on their eighteenth birthday we did the same thing. I had sex with Zach, and your father had sex with Molly" Liz said, admitting their dirty family secret to her second daughter.

Presley was lost for words at what her mother just revealed. Her older brother and sister, the ones she looked up to ever since she could remember herself, had lost their virginity on their eighteenth birthday, to their parents.

"Honey, if you don't want to do this you don't have to." Her father said, "But besides your mother and I, Molly also thinks this is a good idea." Tom said and looked at his daughter's pretty face as she took it all in.

"Okay, I'll do it" Presley said convinced "we can have…sex." She added, the word feeling dirty as it slipped off her tongue. Once she learned her older sister also had sex with their father she felt the need to do it too, no matter how much the thought disgusted her.

"I'll leave you two alone" Liz said. She hugged her daughter gently and walked toward the door. "Enjoy yourself you too" she said with a nervous smile before closing the door, leaving her husband and her daughter alone in the warm, sexually tense bedroom.

"Let's start by taking our clothes off." Tom said nervously "I'll go first" he added and eyed his daughter as he started to undress. He started out by removing his long light blue shirt, revealing his muscular hairy upper body. He quickly followed by removing his suede slippers, unbuckling his thick brown belt and removing his jeans until he was standing in front of his teenage daughter in just his boxers. Tom noticed her eyes scanning him and let her do so for a few minutes before grabbing his boxers. He pulled them off slowly, freeing his semi erect penis and throwing them on a chair before facing his daughter confidently, his thick manhood flapping in the open air.

Presley looked at her father's cock with awe. She found it both appealing and disgusting as it stared at her, its base hidden between a thick mat of black hair. She could feel a strange tingling sensation between her legs as she looked at it and found herself wondering how it would fit into her little vagina.

"It's okay, go ahead" Tom said in a calm voice to his daughter after noticing how nervous she was. "We'll go slow, and I won't do anything to you without checking you are okay with it first" Tom said reassuringly, remembering what Molly said.

"Okay daddy" Presley whispered as she mentally prepared to reveal herself to her father. She gave him another look, then took a deep breath and pulled her sweater off. She did not have a shirt underneath and could not help but feel embarrassed as she continued by removing her slippers and pants, until she was standing in front of her father in just her bra and panties.

Tom's cock was continuing to harden as his daughter stripped for him. She was in just her underwear, and Tom studied her body as she continued to undress. He watched Presley as she placed her hands behind her back, opening her gray bra with a click and holding it tight against her chest before letting it fall to the floor. She had a nervous expression on her face as she flashed her father and paused slightly before slipping her fingers into the waistband and slowly sliding her pink panties off.

Tom had lust in his eyes as he studied his naked daughter's body. She was shorter than her sister and mother, standing at around 5'6 but had slightly darker skin than them. She had long brown hair and big brown eyes. As opposed to her sister, she was more on the chubby side in a way that really turned him on. Tom ogled her, marveling her enormous breasts, brown coin sized areolas and small hard nipples. Despite her tender age, her boobs looked even larger than her mother's and much firmer, magically defying gravity in her youthful age. He moved his eyes along her body, studying her curves. He eyed her wild brown-haired bush, continuing to the desirable triangle between her legs before moving his gaze down her smooth thighs until he finally finished taking her in.

"Wow honey, you're beautiful" Tom complimented his daughter and watched as her already blushing face turn a darker shade of red. His cock was already completely hard, and he kept his eyes locked on hers as he took a step forwards, closing the gap between them. He looked down at his daughter's eyes, and without giving it much thought, he leaned in and planted his lips on hers, feeling it was what she wanted despite what Molly said.

Presley felt butterflies in her stomach as her father kissed her. He wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands over the small of her back as he pulled her body into him. She could feel his hardened shaft pressing into her stomach, the base pressing against her pubic mound as it reached up to her naval. She pressed her incredible boobs into his chest, rubbing her hard nipples into him as his lips caressed hers with delight.

Tom broke the kiss, looking into Presley's eyes as she breathed heavily from the long kiss. He slid his hands down and squeezed her juicy ass, smiling as she jumped in surprise from his naughty touch. He gave her a confident smile, then pulled her scrunchy off, undoing her ponytail and letting her long shiny hair cascade down her back before moving it to the side and kissing her elegant neck.

Presley cooed as her father closed his lips around her smooth neck. He had one hand on her left shoulder, and the other holding her beneath her right arm. Presley closed her eyes as she succumbed to her father's intimate touch, moaning lightly as he moved his lips.

Tom gently moved down, kissing down Presley's neck, moving his lips along her collar bone and kissing her down to her chest until he reached his daughter's voluptuous breasts. She let out a soft whimper as her father grasped her firm boobs with both hands and watched how he massaged and squeezed her lovely orbs before bringing his mouth over.

"Oh god" Presley moaned as her father brushed his tongue around her sensitive nipple and closed his mouth around it, sucking on it greedily while still squeezing her other tit. Her young body trembled with pleasure as her father teased her breasts with his mouth, rotating between them, licking her quivering areolas, flicking her hard nipples and latching his lips as he sucked on each one. He was making her moan louder and louder as he introduced her to this incredible new sensation.

Tom's cock was rock hard as he tasted his daughter's marvelous tits. He loved the way Presley moaned and trembled as his tongue explored her teenage rack. After he felt like he had given her boobs enough attention, he detached his mouth from them and stood up straight.

"Honey, you have the most amazing breasts," Tom told his daughter as he looked her in the eyes "guys will go crazy for them." he added and noticed her blush. "Why don't you lay down on your back and we'll continue" he told her.

"Okay daddy" she said obediently and sat down on the bed, leaning back into a laying position with her legs dangling at the edge of the bed. She spread her legs slightly and Tom almost burst as he received his first intimate view of his daughter's young pink pussy.

"Scooch up the bed, all the way" Tom told her, his erection still raging as his dick sensed the presence of his daughter's naked nubile body. He watched as she got in place like he asked, then climbed onto the bed, holding his body over hers as he moved up until his mouth was leveled with her breasts.

Tom returned to kissing his daughter's tits but just for a second, before making his way down her body. He gave her smooth stomach a series of gentle kisses as he moved down, giving her cute naval a little lick, then ran his fingers through her coarse bush, inhaling her sexual aroma as he moved to her virgin twat.

Tom looked up at his daughter as he hovered over her vagina. She was looking at him intently and he awarded her with a confident smile before turning his attention back to her intimate region. He placed both palms just above her knees, and slowly slid them up her sexy thighs, squeezing and massaging them until reaching her outer folds. Tom could feel his daughter's body twitch with unknown anticipation as he continued by brushing his thumbs along the outer part of her vaginal lips, teasing the sensitive area before sticking his tongue out and tasting her.

"Oh wow" Presley let out sensually while closing her eyes. She exhaled loudly as her father moved his tongue along her slit. He gave her clit the smallest of touches with his tongue, then blew on it briefly before sliding his tongue back along her slit.

Tom listened to his daughter's breaths as he introduced her to the wonderful world of oral sex. He ran his tongue along her slit a few times, noting her reactions, and after a few times, he used his thumbs to spread her pussy apart. It glistened with her flowing juices and Tom looked at it dazzled before snaking his tongue deep into her tunnel, flooding his taste buds with the tangy aroma of her gushing womanhood.

"Oh god, dad!" Presley let out with a moan and looked down at her father to see what he was doing. She gasped as she realized that it was his tongue, and he had buried it deep into her vagina. She watched him in disbelief as he continued, his tongue nimbly studying her virgin hole as he lapped up her juices. "Uughh" Presley moaned again as her mind refused to fully grasp that her own father was flailing his tongue inside her intimate depths.

Tom had not tasted a pussy that sweet since his night with Molly, almost two years ago. He would often go down on his wife, and enjoyed doing so, but the delicious taste of his daughter's virgin eighteen-year-old snatch was something completely different.

"Oh god!" Presley continued moaning loudly as she watched her father skillfully giving her cunillingus. He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, swirling it around gently before pulling it out. He then traced it along her outer lips, awarding her clit with an erotic touch before he returned to explore her pussy with his tongue, making her scream out in pleasure.

Tom knew he would not get another chance to devour Presley's delicious pussy, so he took his time doing so. He looked up at her face every couple moments, enjoying the expression of raw sexual pleasure on it as his tongue caressed her intimate folds. He listened to her moans and groans with delight, until he felt ready to give her body release.

Tom pulled his tongue from his daughter and slowly traced it up her slit, licking her soft skin until he reached her clit. He gave it a teasing lick, but this time, instead of moving back down, he traced circles around it. He then rotated between licking her clit and brushing around it, looking at his daughter's expression and listening to her moans. He waited while her moans grew, heightening the pleasure, and only then did he close his lips around her little nub and suck on it as hard as he could.

"Oh my god daddy!" Presley screamed in a high-pitched voice as her father started to suck on her clit. She felt a sudden jolt of pleasure awakening her body, then her pussy and thighs started to shiver, followed by a rattling wave that burned through her young body. She suddenly felt like she had run a marathon and started gasping for air as her father sucked on her clit a second time. "Aaahhh" she screamed, as another wave of pleasure tore through her, sending shivers all along her body. She looked down at her father with wide eyes as he pulled his mouth away from her coochie and the waves of pleasure slowly faded. It was the single most amazing sensation she had ever felt.

Tom climbed onto the bed and laid down next to Presley as a few last shivers ran through her. He perched himself on his elbow and looked at her amazing body as it recovered. She continued panting for another minute or two, inhaling deeply as her large breasts rose and fell.

"Dad, what just happened?" Presley asked her father with a mixture of alarm and delight. If it had not felt so good, she would have thought she was having a stroke.

"You had an orgasm sweetie" Tom told his daughter as she looked at him with her deep brown eyes. He was surprised she could not tell that what she experienced was an orgasm, but her innocence had something appealing about it that turned him on even more.

"Oh" Presley said understanding and blushed. She knew an orgasm was something you get while having sex, but they were not actually having sex. She did not know she could get one from someone licking her cunny and she did not know it would feel so amazing, making her entire body tremble with pleasure. She waited for her breathing to become shallow and for her heart to stop pounding, and only then did she look over at her dad.

"Did you enjoy it?" her father asked as she turned her gaze to him.

"Uh hu" she said and nodded shyly. It was still weird being like this, naked and exposed next to her dad, having him touch and lick her most intimate parts.

"Can we continue?" Tom asked his daughter while he placed a hand on her thigh and rubbed it. He was very eager for the next step.

"Yeah" Presley told her father in a soft voice. Even so it was strange being with him, she wanted to continue. The pleasure she experienced by her first orgasm was so good that she wanted more.

"Okay good" Tom said eager to continue "sit up on the bed and I'll tell you what we are going to do next" he said and waited for his daughter to sit up on the bed while he did the same. "You see sweetie, a guy and a girl don't have to have sex to make each other feel good." Tom started saying and felt a little nervous. "If a guy wants to pleasure you, he can lick and suck on your… vagina, like I just did, or, he can use his fingers to touch and play with it." Tom explained. "Now if a girl wants to make a boy feel good," Tom continued "there are thing she can do too."

"Like what?" Presley asked in a sweet voice as she looked straight at her father's thick pulsing shaft.

"Basically, there are two types of things she can do." Tom said "First, she can use her hand to stroke his…penis, that's called a handjob. And second, she can use her mouth to suck and lick the penis and that's called a blowjob." Tom said and looked at his daughter as she listened to him and nodded. "Now I'm going to lay back down, and I want you to practice on me." Tom said.

"What?" Presley squeaked wide eyed. Her father's huge member was somewhat intimidating, and she had no clue how to start.

"Don't worry," Tom calmed his daughter down as he sensed the alarm in her voice "I'll explain what to do and guide you through it" he said and then shifted on the bed and laid down on his back. His cock softened a little but was still mostly erect. "Go ahead and touch it," Tom told his daughter "you don't have to do anything special, just get the feel of it" he said and grunted in pleasure as his little girl wrapped her hand around his manhood.

Presley wrapped her palm around her father's thick shaft and studied it with awe. It was so thick she couldn't completely wrap her hand around it as she squeezed. It felt smoother than she would have imaged, the skin soft against her hand as she squeezed it a little more. "Does that hurt daddy?" she asked.

"Not at all" Tom answered, as her soft hands squeezing his shaft brought no pain and much pleasure. He watched his daughter as she played with his dick, sliding her fingers across it and studying it from different angles. She moved her face closer, studying his heavy testicles with her hands before sticking her tongue out and giving the head of his cock an embarrassed little lick that surprised him.

"What do I do now?" Presley asked after giving her father a mischievous grin.

"Let's start with a handjob" Tom told his daughter who already had her hand wrapped around his cock. "Just hold my penis in your hand and start stroking it" he said and moaned as his daughter loosely held his rod and stroked it. "You can grasp it tighter" Tom told his daughter as she stroked him "even tighter" he told her as she tightened her grasp "that's good" he said and let out another moan as she stroked the full length of his cock. "Now sweetheart, go ahead and spit into your hand then continue" Tom said.

"What do you mean?" Presley asked her father, surprised by his request.

"I want you to spit into your palm then continue stroking me. The saliva will help your hand slide easily." Tom explained and watched as his daughter brought her hand over to her mouth. She looked at him nervously and quietly spit a glob of saliva onto her hand before bringing it back to her father's dick.

Presley wrapped her spit covered hand around her father's cock and started to stroke it gently. She was holding it tight, just like he told her, and she was surprised by how easily her hand slid along her father's shaft after she spit on it. She heard her father let out a soft moan and looked at his face as she slowly moved her hand along the entire length of his penis.

"You can go a little faster" Tom encouraged his daughter as she jerked him off, her soft teenage hands feeling so good as she briskly stroked his dick with them. He watched her go and let out another gentle moan. "That's great honey, I think you got it. How about you try a blowjob next" he said.

"Okay" she said in an innocent tone and moved her mouth to her father's penis. She stuck her tongue out, bringing it over to the head of her father's cock and gave it a little lick. She heard her father let out a soft moan, then continued by firmly grasping the base of his hard cock and running her tongue along the hard shaft.

"Good, now I want you to put it in your mouth" Tom told his daughter and watched with desire as she engulfed his cock with her warm mouth. "Oh god baby, yeah, just like that" Tom let out in pleasure as Presley closed her lips around the head of his cock and sucked on it. "Now, start taking it in and out," Tom told his daughter "try to fit as much of it as you can in, then pull it out. Start out slow" Tom said.

Presley listened to her father as he explained how to continue. She already had the tip of his penis inside her mouth and was sucking on it gently as she started to take more of him in. She opened her mouth wider and started pushing her mouth down onto her father's cock. She started slowing, gently filling her mouth with her father's thick snake. She pushed in about a third of her father's dick the first time before pulling it out of her mouth with a loud suction sound.

"Oh fuuucckkk" Tom whispered, a shiver running through his body as his daughter fellated him. She bobbed her head on his cock a few times, still not pushing much in, but after a few times, tried to push it in a little more. "Presley," Tom started in a shaky voice "try also using your hand to stroke me while you're sucking my penis."

Presley closed her palm around the base of her father's cock as she blew him. She used it to slowly stroke his shaft, while she was sucking on his cock. She could see pleasure on his face and hear his growing moans she managed to take more and more of his meat in with each downward motion. Her father's cock was so thick, she had a hard time fitting it in her mouth, but she kept going. She managed to get over half in her mouth before she felt that if she pushed it any deeper she would gag.

"Oh yes Presley, that feels so good" Tom told his daughter as she continued giving him head. She managed to take quite a bit of his thick shaft into her mouth and was vigorously sucking on it to his growing moans. He watched his daughter as she kept sucking his cock, his body burning with pleasure as her warm mouth and slick tongue ran along his dick. He was somewhat tempted to let her keep blowing him to an orgasm, but there was a lot more he needed to show her. "Honey, you can stop now," Tom said with a red face "that was really good. "

"Thanks daddy" she said blushing softly as she pulled her mouth from her father's pecker. She sat up on the bed and stretched her neck. She watched her father as he sat up on the bed and then got to his feet. He walked over to the nightstand, his cock still fully erect, and opened the top drawer, taking out a little silver wrapper before sitting down on the bed and gesturing her to sit down next to him.

"Do you know what this is?" Tom asked Presley after she took a seat next to him, showing her what he was holding in his hand.

"No, what is it?" Presley asked intrigued and looked at it.

"This is a condom" her father told her, placing the wrapper on his hand. "Do you know what that is?" he asked her.

"Not really" Presley admitted. She knew it had something to do with sex but was not sure exactly what. Unlike her older brother and sister who would read many adult novels with graphic details of sex inside them, Presley preferred books without them.

"A condom is what you use when having sex if you don't want to get pregnant." Tom started to explain "Also, if you are having sex with a guy that you don't know very well. It is possible that he has some disease that can be passed to you during sex. That's why you should always use a contraceptive when having sex. Right now, we will use a condom, but in the future, when you have a steady boyfriend," Tom said making her blush "you might want to start taking birth control pills. That way you won't need a condom." Tom felt he was rambling and decided to cut to the chase. "Honey, the most important thing I want you to remember is: never have sex with a guy if you're not being safe, no matter how much he pressures you. Okay?"

"Okay dad" Presley said as she saw her father's serious expression. She could tell how important this was and made herself a mental note to listen to her father on this matter.

"Good." Tom said and ran his eyes along his daughter's naked body. "Do you want to continue?" he asked, and she nodded shyly. "We are going to have sex now, are you okay with that?" Tom asked his daughter and noticed a slightly alarmed look from on her face.

"Yes, I am" Presley said with a hoarse voice, clearing her throat as she said it.

"All right," Tom said, hiding his disgusting delight "first, look how I put it on, and then we will move to the bed" Tom said then ripped the condom wrapper open. He took out the rolled-up rubber, showed it to his daughter, then continued by bringing it to the head of his cock and slowly unrolling it down until it covered the entire length of his thick erect member.

"Now Presley, I want you to lay back on the bed." Tom said and stood up. He looked down at his beautiful girl as she lowered herself down until her back was flat on the bed. "Here we go" Tom said as he grabbed his daughter's waist and shifted her on mattress, positioning her inviting pussy at the edge of the bed. He then grabbed a pillow and placed it under her lower back.

Presley looked up at her father as he helped her get comfortable, preparing her for what was about to happen. She took a few deep breaths and looked intently at her father's hard cock, I little frightened by what he was going to do to her.

"Try to relax" Tom told his daughter as he ran a hand along her inner thigh. "It might feel a little uncomfortable at first" Tom said to his daughter as he positioned himself between her legs. "Take long deep breaths and you will start enjoying it in no time" Tom added and moved closer, his hard cock twitching with anticipation as he was about to pop his second daughter's cherry.

Tom licked the tip of his fingers and brought his hand down to Presley's pussy. He rubbed it gently, getting her ready for penetration. He gently pushed a finger into her cunt, making sure she was nice and wet for him before grabbing his covered dick and bringing it to her pussy.

Presley failed to relax as her father readied himself to breach her. He grabbed his shaft with his hand and moved it towards her vagina until she could feel the rubbery texture of the condom touch her delicate vulva. She gasped as her father, still holding his cock, rubbed it against her pussy a few times before guiding the tip to her entrance. Presley felt her body go numb as her father placed the tip of his manhood into her sacred hole. She could not believe this was happening, she was about to lose her virginity, to her own father. The thought repulsed her, but her body begged for it. She locked eyes with her father, looking at him for the last time as a virgin. Their eyes stayed locked in an intense stare as Tom slowly drove his manhood into his young daughter, defiling her pure virgin pussy.

A feeling of guilt came over Tom as he parted the lips of his daughter's virgin vagina. He pushed into her with an incestuous passion, sickening himself by how badly he wanted this. He saw Presley wince as he pushed his thick shaft into her, and heard her taking deep breaths as he intruded into her intimate hole.

Tom pushed a little over an inch of his cock inside his daughter when he felt resistance. He brought a hand to her pubic mound and started rubbing her clit with his thumb. He did that for a few seconds, looking at his daughter as he rubbed her before pushing harder and breaching his daughter's hymen.

Presley screamed as her father deflowered her. She felt a jolt of pain as he penetrated her barrier of innocence, slowly pushing his manhood deep inside her and turning her into a woman. She let out a guttural grunt as her father stretched her tight virgin snatch, going until he was all the way insider her, his thick member stretching her tight twat completely.

"Ooohhhh" Tom let out a shaking moan as his daughter's cunt reluctantly took his cock in. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the tight walls of Presley's pussy pushed down on his intruder. He stayed motionless for a short while, looking down at his daughter as his pelvis pressed against her crotch, his full length inside her. He waited, looking at his daughter as she took short sharp breath, trying to get accustomed to her father's penis inside her. When he felt her breathing was getting steady, Tom started pulling his cock out, going as slow as he could until just the tip was inside her.

"Aahh, dad!" Presley called out as her father violated her pussy. She was no longer a virgin, the thought briefly crossed her mind as her father plunged his manhood into her a second time, her muff screaming as he stretched it once more to accommodate his thick cock. There was still pain as he pushed himself into her but much less than the first time. She curled her toes and closed her eyes as he filled her once more, only this time he immediately pulled back out and pushed in gently, building a slow rhythm as he began to fuck her.

"Does it feel better now?" Tom asked Presley after pushing himself into his daughter a few times. He gave her an apologetic expression, hating the pain he caused as he deflowered her. He was relieved that the painful expression on her face was starting to fade and it looked like she was starting to enjoy it.

"Yes" Presley whispered with a moan. Her body was shivering slightly from the traumatic sensation pf losing her virginity but was now starting to get used to the feeling of her father's meat inside her and it started to feel good. "You can go a little faster" she told her father and was instantly hit by a wave of pain mixed with pleasure, causing her to moan as he quickened the thrusts of his massive dick inside her.

"Oh god yes" Tom groaned. He felt in heaven as he started to fuck his little angel faster. He was holding her by the waist, placing his thumbs on her groin and looking at her large breasts wiggle as he thrust himself into her. The pleasure he was feeling was indescribable, the unbelievable tightness making him moan as he plunged himself into her wet haven. "Baby, can I go a little faster?" he asked breathless after fucking her at the current pace for a little while.

"Yeah, okay" Presley answered in between moans. The pain she was feeling at the beginning was all gone now, making place for pure sexual pleasure. She moaned again as a warm rapturous wave hit her every time her dad plunged his cock into her, starting at her core and moving along her entire body. "Oh my GOD!" she screamed out as her dad started going faster. He was ramming his cock into her pussy with full force, making her whimper and moan as he destroyed her snatch with incestuous delight.

"Uuugghh" Tom groaned as he pounded his dick into his daughter with force. Her mouth was parted, and she was moaning loudly as he fucked her like a horny teenager and not like a caring father. He looked down at his cock, watching it slide in and out of her cunt, the condom glistening with her wetness. He knew, even with all his sexual experience, he could not fuck her at this pace for long. He moved a thumb over to her engorged clit and started rubbing it.

He rubbed her clit for another minute while they fucked, smashing his body into hers, demolishing her forbidden box in a loud sexual frenzy. He could feel his own climax closing in but wasn't ready for it just yet. He needed to take a break soon or he would cum, but his daughter looked so close to finishing he didn't dare stop. He kept going, trying to think of whatever he could to prolong his climax when it happened.

"Oh my god daddy, daddy, DADDY!" Presley screamed shrilly as her dad brought her to her second orgasm. She looked up at her father who quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy just as it started to convulse. Her pussy felt disappointingly empty as orgasmic pleasure shot through her body. She was about to object, wanting her father back inside her when she saw him getting on his knees.

At first, she didn't understand what he was doing, her mind clouded with pleasure, until he did it. "Oh my god yes!" she yelled as her father pushed a finger in and started licking and sucking her pussy and clit mid orgasm. She involuntarily arched her back, and her eyes rolled back as her body spasmed with the unbelievable pleasure of an orgasm.

Tom licked and fingered his daughter's cunt, drinking her flowing juices as she shuddered and moaned. Unlike the previous time he kept licking and sucking her genitals as she orgasmed, sending continued waves of burning desire across her teenage body. He kept going as her body convulsed, her thighs shivering under his fingers and her pussy shaking under his probing tongue. She closed her eyes as her body continued to tremble, animalistic groans escaping her lips as excruciating pleasure took hold of her. Tom continued until he felt her young body couldn't take it anymore. Only then did he stop. He got to his feet and looked down at her sweaty body as her sexual convulses slowly faded away, leaving her panting and flushed.

"That…was…amazing!" Presley declared after composing herself a little. She was still breathing heavily and had her eyes focused on her father. As good as it felt when her father licked her pussy the first time, this felt ten times better. The pain she felt at the beginning was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as her father fucked her to an orgasm. She looked at him as he gave her a satisfied smile, then climbed onto the bed and laid down next to her, his covered cock still hard.

"When you're ready," Tom said placing a gentle hand on his daughter's pubic mound "there is one more position I want us to try."

"Really?" Presley asked as she sat up on the bed. Her heart was still pounding from the intense orgasm she just had, but it felt so good that she was not opposed to another one. "Then I guess I'm ready" she told her father with a nymphic grin.

Tom looked at Presley shock, her keenness to keep going so soon both surprising and appealing. "What I want us to try now, is to have sex with you on top." he told his daughter, noting the excitement in her eyes. "I'm going to stay on my back, and I want you to climb onto me, then lower yourself onto my penis, okay?"

"Okay dad" she said with delight and started shifting around on the bed. She started climbing onto her father, grabbing the hand he offered to balance herself. She placed another hand on her father's stomach, bringing her opening over his erect cock, then let go of him and used her free hand to grab his dick and guide to her twat. She slowly lowered herself, feeling the tip of his cock enter her before she continued squatting down. She cooed softly as she impaled her freshly deflowered hole onto her father's stake.

"Oh, fuck baby" Tom moaned as his daughter's pussy embraced him, stretching to accommodate his girth while constricting pleasurably around it. He watched his daughter lowering herself onto him until she was sitting on his crotch, his dick buried inside her. "Ugh that feels amazing" he let out in pleasure. "Now start going up and down," he told her " start out slow, then go as fast as you like" he told her as she grinned.

Presley was enjoying the feeling of her father back inside her as she lowered herself onto him. She liked the idea of controlling the pace and placed her hands on his lower stomach as she slowly lifted herself. She let out a moan as her father's dick slid out of her, and she let out a louder one as she slowly slid it back in. The position felt a little awkward to her at first, the way she lifted and lowered herself onto her dad's shaft, but after doing it a few times it started to feel right, and she began going faster.

Tom was thankful for the break after his daughter's last orgasm. It managed to keep his excitement at bay and allow a few more blissful minutes of fucking his busty teenage daughter. He let out yet another moan and watched her as she rode him, beholding the amazing sight: Her long brown hair was matted, clinging to her sweaty skin. Her mouth was slightly parted, letting out inaudible moans of pleasure as her eyes opened and closed, looking at him with a fierce passion each time before closing them in pleasure. He looked at her large breasts, swaying provocatively as her brownish red nipples stood erect. He moved his gave along the rest of her body, studying her sensual curves, the way her thighs moved as she rode him, and finally, focusing on her tight pussy, hungrily swallowing up his cock as it disappeared behind the dark layer of pubic hair.

A loud mutual groan escaped father and daughter's lips as Presley began going faster, riding her father's cock with enthusiasm as she eagerly awaited another orgasm. She kept going at this pace for a while, then tried to go even faster, but she quickly got tired. She was using muscles she rarely did, and it didn't take long for her to slow down.

She rode her father slowly for a few moments and then she had an idea and decided to try something. She lowered herself onto her father, stopping with him inside her. Then, she moved her hands back, placing them behind her back on the bed. Finally, she raised each knee until her feet were flat on the bed and she commenced riding her father. She was now on all fours, in a crab like position, bending her knees as she drove her father's prick into her.

Tom looked at his daughter stunned as she moved into a different sexual position while on top of him. Her legs were spread wide and he was getting an amazing view of her pink pussy, his throbbing member going into her with each motion of her body. "Oh yes" he moaned as she started going faster, swiftly pushing her pussy down onto his hard cock.

"Oh my god, this feels so good" Presley told her father as she continued to impale herself on his member. She was picking up the pace, riding him faster and faster and noticing his moans and groans growing louder as she did. "Ooohhh yes" she moaned at the hot friction of her dad's meat rubbing on her delicate pussy. She tried to go even faster, smashing her snatch hard and fast on her father's shaft as their bodies slapped together loudly. She moaned in pleasure, feeling her climax nearing, when out of nowhere, her father started slamming his cock into her from below.

"Oh yes Presley, yes baby, I'm gonna cum" he called out in pleasure to his little girl as he placed both hands under her soft thighs and started pumping her at full force from below. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" he moaned as he pummeled his cock into his sexy little angel. He moved his hands behind her back, pulling her forward and holding her by the waist as he continued to plunge his dick into her tight hole. A second later he exploded inside her.

Presley looked at her father's face as it contorted with taboo pleasure. He kept fucking her while moaning and groaning like a wild animal. She could feel his cock convulsing inside her as he slowed down. He gave her a few last thrusts then suddenly stopped. His moaning died out and she could feel his big thick cock shrinking and softening inside her until she barely felt it.

Tom could see the disappointment on his daughter's face as he came inside her before bringing her to another orgasm. He could tell by her last moans that she was close, but he couldn't hold back anymore. She was looking at him with a glaring stare, as they both panted breathlessly. Tom then slid his hand across her body and started rubbing her begging clit.

Presley let out a gasp as her father found her sensitive nub. She closed her eyes and began moaning gently as her father caressed her. He was rubbing circles around it, giving it little pinches as she got hotter and hotter, the sensation of a nearing climax returning. "Daddy!" she squeaked and opened her eyes, seeing her father brought a hand to her breasts and was now playing with her nipple too, brushing and pinching it as he continued to pleasure her pussy. She could feel her pleasure growing at her father's hands, until he finally brought her over the edge.

"Oh yeah, dad, oh god, oh my GOD!" she screamed in rapturous pleasure as she exploded. She let out shaking groans as her body shivered in her father's arms, powerful torrents of scorching pleasure running through her young body. Her father pulled her towards him, latching his mouth onto her tit as another wave of pleasure shot through. He then pulled her down onto his chest, his limp cock slipping out of her, and held her tight against his warm body as the last of her orgasm faded.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, their warm naked bodies pressed together with the afterglow of sex. After a few minutes, Tom rolled his daughter onto her back next to him and looked into her eyes.

"Honey, are you okay?" he asked her tenderly.

"Uh hu" she said nodding and looked up at her father. He wanted to ask her how she felt about what they just did, how she felt about committing the taboo act of a father and daughter having sex, but he felt it was too soon.

Tom himself was disgusted. Not by the incestuous love making he just had with his daughter, but by how easily he went through with it. What disgusted him even more, was how much he enjoyed it, licking her and thrusting his hard cock into her impossibly tight virgin pussy.

They laid on the bed a few more minutes in quiet before Tom got up. He could feel his daughter's eyes on him as he removed the condom, threw it in the trash, and walked over to the bathroom to clean his cock. When he returned to the room, Presley was sitting up on the bed and collecting her hair into a ponytail.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Tom asked taking a seat on the bed next to his daughter and placing a hand on her warm naked thigh.

"Yes dad, I'm sure" she said decisively and gave him a confident smile that put his mind at ease. She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek before getting to her feet and walking over to her clothes.

Tom looked at Presley as she started getting dressed, covering up her beautiful naked body. He looked at his little girl as she pulled her panties on and was amused that he saw a hot young lady, where only a few hours ago he saw an innocent little girl. He watched her cover her marvelous tits with the bra, wondering if he will ever see her naked again, and stood up, getting his clothes as he started getting dressed as well.

Presley and Tom finished getting dressed, shamelessly looking at each other's nudity until it was completely covered. They looked at each other silently for a second, before Tom held his hand out to his daughter.

"Thanks for this daddy" Presley said in a shy voice as she grabbed her father's hand. She was glad she did this, glad her father was the one who made her into a woman. Tom returned a nervous smile, then opened the door, guiding her towards the living room where they found her mother fast asleep.

"Good night sweetie" Tom whispered upon seeing his wife asleep. He went over to wake her up gently.

"How was it?" Liz asked sleepily after her husband woke her. Her daughter's skin was glowing, and she looked content.

"Dad will tell you" Presley said, giving her mother a wide smiling before mumbling a quick good night and heading up to her bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed.

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2020-03-17 03:43:35
good story!

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2020-02-05 02:41:33
Starry, AWESOME as usual for my ??? reading. Even though I know what will happen,it is still exciting & HOT!!! Also pick up a few detqils I had forgotten. Love those details.


2020-01-26 20:08:02
I think all young girls should have their daddy break their cherries and moms should be their sons first fuck. I had a vas befor my daughter was old enough to to fuck and wanted desperately to be her first. It was glorious when the time came ,after eating her pussy and drinking all that young cunt juice, i still remember that moment when my hot cum filled my daughter for the first time. Thanks for writing these in such a clear, hot, loving way.

We have a great love for those girls that we deflowered, How wonderful for that bond to be between a father and daughter, or a mother and her son. Shared consensual incest should be practiced openly and freely, not hidden or something to be ashamed of doing.


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Really hot ! Can't wait for part 5

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2nd reading is great. Starry, U should better "proof" Ur work before submitting it.
One typo was "give " instead of "gaze upon her body". I also noticed 1 or 2 others, they distracted from the overall professionalism of the work. Great theme has carried out flawlessly in character building, inner feelings, building of emotions, & detailed account of the seductive teaching . The little things sometimes do count toward the overall mood of the story. Again THANKS & only 3 points less than AWESOME!! Maybe, I'm just petty but I expect you want to know of anything we see that might improve your skill

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