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This is a rewrite of a previous posted story. Kate and Dylan discover that they have been harboring a secret desire for the other for years.
We were sitting in the gymnasium stands watching the girls’ volleyball team practice. I don’t think there is a prettier natural attraction than watching eleven teen girls in body hugging shirts and painted on mid-thigh spandex shorts. Even their thirty something coach was hot. As my best friend and I admired the bouncing tits and flashing legs he said to me “Damn she looks good, her legs go from the floor all the way to her ass, and her ass is a long way from the floor. God, those legs would feel great wrapped around my waist.”

I was concentrating on three different female butts just then and didn’t catch who he was talking about “Huh, which one?”

“Kate. Look at her man, she’s so awesome, I would pay to get her hot for me.”

I looked across the floor to the girl he was talking about just as she leaped off the floor, her long lithe body stretched as graceful as a leaping Gazelle from toes to fingers as she spiked the ball down to the opposite side of the net. If a photographer had been able to catch her while her feet were two feet off the floor, he could have put the picture on the front of Sports Illustrated. Kate is a senior, like us. At 18 years, two months and 4 days old she is 5’9 ½, 132 pounds and wears a 36C bra. She has hazel down-turned eyes under full arched brows accented by long lashes. High prominent cheek bones border her nose which is straight but flares slightly at the tip. Wide full lips turn up in the corners in a natural attractive smile that reveals possibly her only flaw. She has a narrow gap between her upper front teeth that she can spit a stream of water through. Her shoulder length ash blonde hair looked styled by sweat and exercise just then. I even knew she has a two-inch scar on her left hip, just at the top of her thigh.

Yeah, I had to admit Kate was pretty hot but there was a reason I knew so much personal stuff about her, I looked at Dean and said “Hey, quit talking trash about my sister goddammit, I’ll kick your ass.”

He looked at me “Come on man, even you gotta admit you like hanging around your twin. Tell me you don’t steal peeks and looks when she’s walking around your house.”

“Fuck you asshole, let’s get out of here, I have to warm up the car.”

It was three days before Christmas and we’d just gotten out of our last class before a long holiday break. My family and I were going to Park City for a winter skiing vacation and I was looking forward to it. It was nasty winter gray and cold outside so I went to warm the car and wait for Kate to come out so we could go home. The heater was just beginning to blow warm air from the defrosters when she came out of the gym. She was walking with her best friend Pepper, a brunette who closely matched Kate in height and attractiveness but as they trudged through slush and stepped over chunks of icy snow it was Kate I watched. Her face was barely visible through the hood of her coat but her long legs wrapped in denim caught my eyes. I felt a wash of guilt as I imagined those legs bare. She opened the door, put her ass on the passenger seat with her back to me and banged her feet together to knock the snow off her boots then folded her knees and pulled them in, Pepper leaned down to look across my sister and wished me a Merry Christmas then Kate closed the door. She turned to face me put her hands around my arm so her fingers were between my arm and my side, they were cold and she was using me to warm them, “Fuck it’s cold. Let’s go.”

Later that afternoon I was cozy in sweats while lazing on the sofa watching Dr. Who when my fraternal twin came into the front room sat down facing me and said “Hey.”

I looked at her “What?”

“I heard you broke up with Kelly, did you?”

“I think it was more like she broke up with me. She got all strange and said I was cramping her style whatever the hell that means. Dean told me she’s going to Bonkers with Allen this weekend.”

“Huh, she must be all broke up about breaking up. Well I didn’t like her anyway, you’re too good for a bitch like her.”

“What the hell do you know about who I’m good for or not? What are you now, my match maker?”

“You’ve been dating her for months, doesn’t that bother you, aren’t you mad at Allen or something?”

“Ah fuck Kate, it’s not like I’m going to go out and blow up her home or anything, if I did my next date would be some guy’s asshole up in Attica or somewhere.”

My sister twisted away to watch me flick through channels on the TV. We sat silent for several minutes watching Gilligan aggravate the Captain on MeTV.

I broke the silence, “Are you packed?”

“Not yet but Mom said to make sure we were ready to go in the morning then she left."

"Where’d she go?"

"To buy some snow boots.” My sister turned her head and studied me intently, "It’s bothering you" she declared.

I knew she was referring to my breakup with Kelly. "I’m not bothered" I retorted sharply as I focused on the TV. After volleyball practice she had showered and changed into a pair of loose legged casual shorts and a sleeveless front button blouse, I could see through the arm hole that she wore a black bra.

"So says he with the furled brow and pinched eyes. Come on, I can read you like a large print book, tell me” she pressed again.

"Shut the fuck up” I replied because I didn’t want to discuss what I was actually thinking. It wasn’t my ex-girlfriend on my mind but what Dean had said about her.

"No I won’t shut the fuck up, what’s up?"

Sometimes it was a pain in the ass having a twin, it seemed she knew my feelings, my moods, my mind even more than me. I looked at her "Could you like Dean?"

"What? No! Not like that,” she replied with sincerity, “he’s okay as your friend but he is too much into himself. When I hang with a guy I don’t want to hear how great he is or how lucky I am to be with him. Besides, he has ugly Ferengi ears.”

“What ears?”

“Ferengi, those nasty little creatures on Star Trek.”

She made me laugh, Dean did have odd looking ears. "Could you like anyone on the teams?" I asked, hoping she’d say no because most of my teammates are players and I didn’t want my sister to be a toy.

"Well, I’m dating Zac and he’s not a jock,” she paused for moment, her eyes moved off me for a second then she looked back and admitted cautiously with a slight reddish tint in her cheeks, “but there’s one jock that could get me on my back."

A surge of irritation flushed through me as I turned back to the TV. I don't know why it bothered me so much. I mean she could like anyone she wanted and she is smart enough to know how guys are and can take care of herself but still, athletes are at the apex of girl predators. I couldn’t explain my recent feelings of anxiety or concern that Kate would be hanging with any of the sports stars, after all they were my teammates; I was one of them. At least her boyfriend didn’t sit in the back of class and talk about fucking her, if they did it at all. I didn’t brag about my exploits either so maybe that is why the others irritated me so much. Listening to some of them talk about getting ass could convince a newcomer that every girl in our school put out any time she was asked. I was particularly wary of Dean, my best friend. He’d been saying some pretty raunchy stuff about my sister lately and I was ready to punch him out.

"Come on, tell me what's wrong." she said again as she bent over to pull off her shoes. When she did, I caught a glimpse of the black material covering her crotch up the opened gap in the leg of her shorts. Dean’s word echoed, ‘Tell me you don’t steal peeks and looks when she’s walking around your house.’

I averted my eyes before she caught me checking her out, "Nothing."

I felt a shift on the cushion, "Come on little brother, are you sure?" she said in a tone I’ve heard many times.

Ever since Kate found out she elbowed past me to get out of our mother’s womb 12 minutes before me she’s called me little brother, usually before pouncing on me for some reason, "Pretty sure" I returned, preparing to defend myself.

She eased closer, "Really?" Her voice was low, soft, a warning of her intentions.

"Yeah, rea--" I got out just as she launched. She started tickling my waist causing me to jump and stand and she followed. I retaliated, my fingers went to her ribs and she burst out laughing, trying to get away but still digging at my ribs. She stopped to breathe and I took the opportunity to start tickling her again. She yelped and fell back to the sofa, bringing me down on top of her. We turned into a snake-ball of arms and legs, giggles and tickles until we both were out of breath.

Our legs were entangled in a Gordian Knot and my face was buried in her still damp hair, I inhaled the scent of shampoo, green apples. I felt her chest heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, each intake of air causing her breasts to press against my chest. My dick was centered on her crotch, it twitched. If it weren't for our clothes –---.

She and I had been wrestling and tussling ever since I could remember but this time was totally different. Different in the way we clutched and grabbed, different in the way she pulled me to her, in the way I reacted. Lying between her legs sent hot blood directly to my prick which started growing, it didn’t matter she was my sister. I had on loose sweat pants and she was wearing casual shorts which meant she would feel my developing boner. I pulled my face from her hair and looked at her. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips slightly apart as she puffed for air. Our faces were not even an inch apart when her pelvis moved gently against my swelling prick and she sipped a short breath.

Our gazes were locked and without conscience thought I bent down and placed a kiss on her lips. Our mouths fused softly for a long moment before I pulled back and stared at her. She didn’t respond, she just searched my face with unreadable eyes which panicked me. I started to blurt out an excuse for the unplanned act when she pulled out of her trance lifted her head off the cushion and kissed me back. Her soft lips captured my upper lip; she caressed it briefly then opened her mouth to give me a full contact kiss. Our tongue tips fenced lightly while her hands went to the nape of my neck. My hands clutched her body just below her breasts and I gripped her tighter, she pulled away from the kiss then puffed a hot breath past my ear. She stared up at me with a sharp intensity for maybe three seconds then drew another deep breath, closed her eyes and put her lips back to mine.

We made out like we were on a date for a minute or so and just before I moved my hands to her tits she pulled back and took a shuddering breath "Do you want to know who could get to me?" Her voice was barely audible, quavering slightly.

"Huh?" That seemed like a totally wrong question to ask after necking like a lover with me. My head cleared and I pushed up from my sister’s body but I stayed connected to her below the waist “Who?”

She was flushed red, her eyes wary, I could see her heart pounding a rapid drum beat in her neck artery, "Dylan" she whispered.

I first thought she was preceding her words with my name but when nothing followed ‘Dylan’ I stopped breathing for a second because I am Dylan, the only Dylan she knows. Her words stirred me in a way I’d never felt before. My sister just admitted she liked me? That way? I knew she wasn’t talking about the twin sister connection, her statement was girlfriend, not family, my dick hardened even more.

The look on her face told me she was unsure of how I would take her confession so she needed to know that I wasn’t repulsed. I’d been fantasizing about her ever since I got my first erection; at first I tried to deny what was in my head but then I just went with it. Dean was more right than he knew, just watching my sister around the house got me all twitchy and shaky sometimes.

I said it without words, I kissed her again, with feeling, an acceptance of her admission. She sighed into my mouth which caused a physical vibration clear to my toes. She pushed her crotch against me which made me even harder, I pulled away from her lips, "If you do that again Kate, I'll blow a load." Doubt again took hold of me, should I say crap like that to my own sister?

She stared at me wide eyed then blushed, "From just a kiss?" She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, her eyes sparked with impishness then Kate hooked her heels over my lower legs, put a hand on my ass to hold me in place then bumped my erection with her groin. “Will that do it?” she asked with a puckish grin. Her movement drove hot spikes of lust from my heart directly to my balls, the cast of her eyes morphed from nervous caution to soft intimacy, a hint of a smile curved her lips.

“Holy crap Kate, we have to stop this” I moved to lift off her.

Her hands went to my back, she held me from moving “Why? Don’t you like girls?” Wow! My heart thudded, what the hell was she saying!?

Thoughts and words jammed up in my head, my heart kicked into race mode, how could I tell my sister I wanted to screw her? I was lost for words, I couldn’t just blurt out “Hey Sis, I want to fuck you.”

“Because if we don’t, well I, uh ---, well, I’m sort of getting turned on and I –-” I paused, the words were glued to my tongue.

"And you what?" She arched her eyebrows as she asked a question she already knew the answer to.

I looked at her awkwardly and before my numb brain could process an answer, she rolled her back which pressed her crotch firmly against me again. My brain shut down as my hormones took over. She knew what was in my head, she and I have been mentally linked all our lives, "Dylan, don’t be afraid to say it, I’m not afraid to hear it" she encouraged in a soft sexy breath. I knew what she wanted to hear but I had never felt so nervous in my entire life, not even with the first girl to accept my high-strung proposition.

"That I wanted --for a long time –" she looked directly into my eyes, holding them prisoner, I couldn’t look away. My heart was crashing so fucking hard, like I was five yards from a championship touchdown.

"To kiss me?" she mocked; she knew goddamn well what wouldn’t come out of my mouth.

My muscles couldn’t force the air from my lungs so the words were just a weak wheeze “I want to fuck you Kate." Her head pulled back and she looked at me with large unwavering eyes. My heart slammed, I felt my cheeks burning as I waited for her to come to her senses, to push me off her then hammer me to the floor.

"You do?" she asked barely moving her lips. I was staring at her, waiting for my fantasy to end and her to jump up and push me away. She slid her hands up my back to my shoulders "Hey-----say it again." She wanted to hear it.

"Ah, yeah, you and me Kate, I want to fuck you” I said, gaining confidence.

She moved her whole body as if to get more comfortable under me then said "Kiss me again, let me know you mean it" then put her arms around my neck. Who the hell was I to refuse her? I put my lips to hers and we got instantly caught up in a make-out session. We were kissing hot and passionate, she bit then sucked on my tongue as my dick throbbed. I was rocking my hips, rubbing my hard-on against her, I was ready to explode.

She pulled her knees up, forming a cradle with her legs to keep me in place then moved her hand left downward, squeezed it between us and explored for my cock. I stopped kissing her and sucked in a breath. "Oh god, Kate, I need to cum right now" I whispered as she stroked my dick. Were we really doing this? My very pretty sexy sister was fondling my hard-on? What the hell had happened in ten minutes?! I closed my eyes as she pressed her palm on my erection and stroked it up and down.

She had me on the edge when we heard "Dylan? Kate? Where are you?" Holy fucking shit! Mom! "Hey, I'm home!" I heard the garage door close, she was already in the kitchen! I quickly scrambled off Kate who was staring at me in horror. She bounced up and promptly fixed her shirt and hair. We both looked down at my unmistakable boner then I sprinted towards my bedroom before our parent found us. Only seconds after I was safely out of sight, I heard her ask Kate.

"Where's your dad?"

"Not home from work yet" came my twin’s unflustered voice.

"What are you doing?"

"Uh, me and Dylan were doing some Judo." My sister and I both have black belts in Judo and practice together often, our parents are used to us throwing each other around.

"Where is he?"

"He’s in his room changing his pants cause I stomped the crap out of him." I pictured Kate smiling victoriously.

I heard mom say "Okay, but now go and get ready to leave."

I heard mom go back to the kitchen and I waited a few seconds longer before going back to Kate "That was close" I said as she picked up her shoes.

She looked at the evidence of our play, my cock still formed a tent in my sweats; Kate lifted her eyes to mine and flirted "Yeah, well I think you were closer than me, maybe we’ll have more time to practice judo next time” then left the room saying no more about the short steamy interlude.

Mom and Kate were in the kitchen and dad was watching the news when I emerged for dinner. I hadn't seen dad since he came home, and I hadn't seen Kate since she nearly crippled my balls with the mention of a ‘next time’. I thought that she wouldn't want to do anything after mom nearly caught us but her parting words set fire to my nuts. All the stored-up fantasies and erotic thoughts about my sister avalanched from my head to my prick and after a mind-blowing session of abusing my hard-on I stretched out on my bed and daydreamed about Kate.

After eating we all sat in the living room to watch TV. At the end of an episode of Fargo mom and dad got up to go to bed and said goodnight. We nodded our heads absentmindedly, I stretched and made myself more comfortable. “Kristen Dunst is really dim in that show.”

Kate replied "Yup, and if her hubby isn’t careful she’ll be out getting hers somewhere else, Constance is hot for her” Kate said as she leaned back into the sofa cushion. She was wearing a set of white flannel pj's, she didn't have any makeup on, her hair was a messy pony tail. The thin flannel molded around her breasts, showing the outline of her bra. Her lips parted as she relaxed. She radiated sexy.

“Constance is her boss, and a woman.”

“Yeah, but does that matter? If two people are horny for each other why should gender or relationship stop them?” What did she just say, relationship didn’t matter? That sounded like another invitation to my hormone soaked mind. She was looking at me, judging my reaction. Her eyes, her pose, her aura, all signaled the same message ‘I’m horny, our relationship doesn’t matter’.

I didn’t hold back. I leaned over and kissed her. I pulled her close by her waist and her hands flew to the back of my head. Her top lifted enough that my fingers found smooth hot skin. I slipped a hand under her top and she tugged up my t-shirt. I moved around then pulled her over and up so she was full on me, her fingers caressing my neck while my hand pressed on her back, the bare skin of our stomachs chafed exquisitely. She stopped kissing me when I put my right hand on a breast. "Dylan..." she uttered my name. I started kissing her neck, she put a hand in my hair and moaned. She was so responsive, so damn provocative. I stopped, rolled her off so she lay back on the sofa, my knees were on the floor as I bent over her. I resumed kissing her neck which she stretched for more sensuous attention.

She tilted her head down using her chin to force my lips from her skin, "Dylan!…..." I looked at her. “We can’t with them here, they’re still awake” she cautioned quietly. Heedless of her warning I unbuttoned her top to reveal the simple black halter holding her breasts, it looked sensational against her pale, smooth skin. I kissed her left breast just above her bra and pressed the other with a hand, Kate pulled the adventurous hand off her tit “No, not now, not here!” she whispered urgently, angrily.

Chastised, I stood and offered her a hand. She grabbed on then pulled up in front of me. She tipped up her face, put her lips next to my ear then offered almost soundlessly “Let’s tell them we are going to Burger Barn to see some friends, I’ll change, you get the car.” She briefly caressed the hard bulge in my pants.

“Dad?” When he opened his bedroom door I asked “Me and Kate want to go to Burger Barn and meet some friends. Since we’ll be gone a couple weeks this will be the last chance to see them. Can I use the Tahoe?”

“What’s wrong with yours?”

I didn’t want to tell him mine was too small to fuck his daughter in so I said “My heater won’t keep up with the cold tonight.”

“Okay, I guess, but remember, we want to get an early start.”

I had the big SUV warming up when Kate came into the garage, she was wearing a winter coat over a skirt, her legs were bare from knees to shoes. She hopped into the passenger seat and repeated what she said at school, “Fuck it’s cold, let’s go.”

I was on the street “Where to?” I asked.

“Do you know where that big weeping willow on Skyline is?”


“There’s enough room to park a car under.”

“How do you know?”

Kate leaned over the console put a hand on my thigh and said into my ear “I hear rumors.”

“Rumors? Just rumors?”

She squeezed my leg when she answered “Yes, just rumors. It’s cold tonight so probably nobody is there, let’s go see.” The way she said it I knew not to ask any more but I got the impression she may not be as virtuous as I thought. A flash vision of Zac’s stiff prick between my sister’s long legs lit up my mind. My cock, which had been hard since I made a pass at her on the sofa strengthened even more when my imagination replaced Zac’s erection with mine.

We didn’t hesitate. Kate and I had been playing around, teasing, flirting and making bold moves with each other for hours and we were way past the point of ‘should we or not’. It was ‘hell yes, we should’ that impelled us. Under the tree I left the car running because of the cold. Kate crawled over the console to the back seat then I followed her. The heater was working well so she shed her coat then folded it up to use as a pad against the arm rest. I sat beside her and without any doubt or trepidation about who I was with, pulled her into a long sensual kiss. The way she kissed me back, the way she held me in her arms let me know that we were seducing each other, Kate was as ready for me as I was for her. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down and over her; we stretched across the wide back seat. In seconds I was ready to turn off the heater, we weren’t going to need it.

I had been fantasizing about Kate since the first time I ever jacked off and now she was ready to fulfill my dreams. I pulled her shirt up and put my tongue to her bellybutton. She arched her back, her intake of breath as audible as the thudding of my heart. I’d screwed five girlfriends and had done this before but never on the first date, and definitely never with my sister. But I needed to start on Kate with the most intimate act I could think of, I wanted to fulfill my sexiest daydreams about her before she came to her senses and stopped what we were doing. I went to my knees on the floor of the car then kissed the inside of her thighs, inhaling her sweet scent. The crotch of her panties was hot and damp, she was seeping, her body getting ready for mine. I couldn't wait put my hard-on in her but I had to take things slow, I needed to get her so turned on she would beg me to fuck her. What we were doing was taboo, forbidden, illegal, and freaky as hell and I wanted her to come back for more after she regained her wits.

I pushed her skirt up to her waist then kissed her pubic mound, I could feel the texture of the hair under the thin material of her briefs. I licked her crotch, tasting the lust dampened fabric. "Uhhh –-" she sighed softly.

I continued, kissing her inner thighs while caressing the form of her vagina with my fingertips. "Dylaaan pleeeeze ---" I pulled her panties down, she lifted a leg off the seat and let me them slip off then I pushed them down the other. Her pussy was wet and glistening, the outer lips were thick, firm and parted enough I could see the entrance to her peeking from the inner lips. My hard-on was throbbing with urgency but I had to concentrate on her first. She was shaking and her eyes were closed, I put my hand on her stomach. Kate took a deep breath, her shaking slowed and her butt moved closer to the edge of the seat, closer to me.

"Hey, look at me. Kate, look at me." She opened her eyes and looked down at my face. "Watch me while I do it" I said. She bloomed red in the cheeks but kept her eyes on me.

I pushed her thighs more apart then touched her pussy with the tip of my tongue, she sucked in a breath. I started with soft kisses and licks. She arched her back, her mouth opened, flickers of fire sparked in the soft hazel eyes that stared down on me. I licked her harder and she started undulating her hips.

"Ohhh, I never..…,” she murmured, her hips shivered, her stomach fluttered. She cut off her words but her eyes were locked on mine, my balls were dragging on the floor they were so heavy. I flicked my tongue up and down the lips of her sex, savoring the flavor of her desire. She gave up watching and let her head fall back to the coat, widened her legs more and let me lavish attention on her body. When I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it, she arched her back, pulled at my hair and convulsed, "Ohhh fuck!" she cried sharply.

I kept kissing and sucking her clit while I straightened my long finger and slipped it in her pussy. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed as I focused on giving her another climax. I pumped my finger inside her, moving it in and out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. She tugged at my hair harder, and started moving with more force. She was so wet I easily slid another finger into her, thrusting and pulling with ease, sucking at her clitoris even harder.

"Oh, oohhh, it's..I…...mmmm!" I continued to finger fuck her and lap her button. She grabbed my head with both hands and held my face against her pussy, my nose was buried in her curls. She bounced and writhed but I held her down with the hand on her stomach, fingering her ever faster with the other.

"That's it..Ah--- that’s it...Oh yessss!" she bowed her back and opened her mouth but no sound escaped her. Juices started to flow from her coating my hand. After a series of soundless convulsions she relaxed back to the seat, breathing rapidly, her eyes closed, face flushed. I licked her two more times before moving from between her legs then waited for her to regain her composure.

"That hot,” she uttered after a few moments, she cast lust laden eyes on me “Do it now, I want it.”

She lifted her left leg from the floor of the car and stretched it out the length of the seat again, her cunt was swollen, wet and the pink hole dilated, inviting. She reached for my cock when I leaned forward and held it until the head of it slipped into her. Kate grabbed my shoulders then smiled as I pushed in as far as she could take me. When our groins bumped she pulled me down for a kiss. She teased my teeth with the tip of her tongue then pulled back “You can finish in me if you want, it’s okay.” Slam! I damn near delivered my load just then.

I’d had sex with five other girls and it was always awesome but lying between the legs of my twin, the feeling of my shaft slipping in and out of Kate was the most erotic, fantastic feeling I had ever enjoyed. I was floating on a cloud of euphoria caused by the illicit intimacy of finally fucking my sister. I started slow but the longer we bumped together the slapping of my groin against her increased in volume and speed, I was building to a major blowout. I was really fucking happy I’d done myself earlier, that meant I had more time to screw her. She bent her leg over my lower back and used it to pull me closer, our stomachs were sliding against the other. Again Dean’s words popped into my mind; ‘her legs would feel great wrapped around my waist.’

Just about the time my balls were begging for mercy Kate’s phone began to chirp. We paused long enough for her to grab her cell, “It’s dad” she warned. She keyed the phone “Hi daddy.” I pushed deep into her, she looked up at me with a huge smile as she said to our father “Dylan is messing around with a girl right now but I think he’s almost done, we’ll be on the way back in a couple of minutes.” Her eyes were sparkling, she was smiling at me, or maybe the situation of being on the phone with our parent while we screwed, I wasn’t sure. She put her free hand on my butt, rolled her back then nodded her head, inviting me to cum. I pushed up until only my erection was connected to her then my cock convulsed and I finished fucking Kate, suppressing the groans in my throat so he wouldn’t hear. I moved back and watched my semen seep from her pussy while she assured dad I was through, we were on our way.

The drive home was as normal as any brother and sister sitting in a car. Nothing was said, no intimacies were shared as I drove but Kate did have a distracted smile on her face as she leaned contentedly against the window.

The next morning we were packing the car, Kate was holding a backpack waiting for me to store it. I heard her gasp “Oh shit” and looked around to see what happened. She tapped me on the shoulder then gestured silently at the rear seat. Right in the middle of the seat, just were her naked ass was lying a few hours earlier was a dried cum stain. I quickly got a bottle of leather cleaner, sprayed the spot and wiped it clean. Kate started to giggle when I was done “What’s so funny?”

She glanced around to make sure our parents weren’t near then whispered “I can’t wait to make more spots, you could fuck me right now if we had the time.” She paused a moment then continued with a soft sensuous lilt “Right up against that wall, you could lift my skirt, pull my undies aside and slip it in.” Oh Fuck! I never knew my prick could become an erection so damn fast!

It was a three-hundred-mile drive to the Park City ski resort where the cabin was. My sister and I sat in the back of the car and shared comments and gossip about school and our friends. We had our smart phones so when we weren’t talking, we were absorbed in pop and texting friends. After a call to Pepper she mentioned that her best friend wanted to go out with me now that I had been dumped, but my thoughts weren’t of Pepper, they never strayed far from what my sister and I had done the night before. I’d been drooling over her since her tits were just training bra bumps but never, ever thought she would let me fuck her, but Kate had been just as turned on and aggressive as me. It took over 18 years but we had arrived at a moment in time where we meshed on every level; personal, private, intimate and physical. She and I both gave in to deep dormant desires. I knew instinctively that my sister had no regrets, no uncertainties about screwing me the night before, I relived every moment from the wrestling match to filling her pussy with cum. It wasn’t thoughts about Kelly or Pepper that kept my cock semi-hard all day.

We arrived at the cabin then stayed just long enough to unload the car. I took the first bedroom, Kate took the one next to that and of course dad dropped their luggage in the largest bedroom. After we settled in we went to dinner, mom and Kate didn’t want to cook after the long drive. By some unspoken, unplanned agreement my sister and I growled and complained about being locked up on a mountain for ten days while our friends were a million miles away. Our only contact would be by text, Twitter and Facebook. The negative attitudes were display only, we were letting our parents know how awful it would be to be hanging with only family for all that time. But that wasn’t the message she was giving me. She and I were mind locked again and I knew she was anticipating me as much as I was her. I wasn’t going to have to waste hours seducing my sister, she was broadcasting her readiness and I was receiving loud and clear.

The cabin had a deck that went three quarters around, the back wall was up against a cliff so it had no deck. The rooms Kate and I were in had doors that opened to the deck, our parents too but theirs was on the opposite side of the little house. After returning late from dinner we all agreed we were tired and went to bed. Mom and dad disappeared to their room, me and my sister to ours. I waited maybe ten minutes before I went out the door to the deck and tapped on Kate’s door with the tip of a finger. She opened it with a smile “Took you long enough.” I pulled my sister into a tight hug, our bodies bonded sensuously. We were grinding our pelvises against the other, my cock bloomed strong and hard against her. Kate turned her mouth to mine, kissed me lightly then asked “You think we can do something with them over there?” Them being our parents of course.

My cock pressed though the thin materials that covered us and she pushed on it with her pussy. It was fucking cold outside and we weren’t dressed for winter so any idea about screwing her under the stars would have to wait until summer. She put her feet over mine then I wrapped my hands around her ass and stepped into her room, taking her with me. My erection was flooded with desire to fill her up again. I walked us to the bed where her knees folded over the edge and we fell to it, she on her back, me on her. I reached for my hard-on, freed it from the confines of my pants while she pulled her nightgown up to her stomach, she wasn’t wearing panties. Kate flexed her body, put I head of my stiff cock between her legs and in seconds my sister and I were fucking again.

I looked down on my sex partner and still couldn’t believe that the pretty, lusty girl impaled on my hard dick was my own kin. She was fucking me as if I was the love of her life and she wanted to prove it. She had a strong grip on my shoulders while our bodies slapped together. Kate looked up at me then cautioned “Not so hard, they will hear.” She was always more sensible than me. I slowed my thrusts until my erection was tenderly sliding in and out, my balls were caressing her, not smacking against her. She smiled her appreciation for the easy pace then pulled me down for a tongue tangled kiss. We made love in the darkened room for twenty minutes. By the time I transferred my semen to her she had vibrated twice with quiet orgasms. I left my sister half naked and fully sated face down on the bed when I returned to my own room.

The next morning after breakfast she pulled me away from our parents and said “We can’t do that in my room anymore.”

“Why?” I was thinking she had finally woken up to reality and realized just who she had been having sex with.

“Because if mom finds stains in my bed she’ll ask a lot of embarrassing questions. If she finds them in your bed, she’ll think you jacked off or something, that’s normal.”

The next two days Kate and I behaved like brother and sister, tolerant of each other, not overly friendly. We snowboarded during the day, watched DVD movies as a family in the evening and by the time we went to bed, we were too fucking tired to fuck. On Christmas day we played on the slopes then had a big dinner at a resort restaurant. Back in the cabin we exchanged gifts as a family, Kate bought me an earring to replace the one I wore, a matte black titanium hoop with an inlaid silver band around the circumference of it. I was a bit nervous when she opened mine to her, I’d never bought a girl, any girl, perfume before. She uncapped the lid then put the bottle under her nose for a sniff. “Hey, I like this.” She held out her left arm then sprayed a mist of perfume on her wrist then put it to her nose. Her smile was enough to let me know my gift was right. She held her wrist up so I could smell. It was a light scent, feminine but not overly sweet. Mom then dad also got to sample the fragrance, after that ceremony we all said good night and went to our rooms.

Five minutes later Kate was in my room, she brought the perfume with her. “This is really nice, I would have never bought this for myself but you picked it right.” She lifted her head which stretched her neck then shot a spray just below her ear then invited “Smell it there.” I couldn’t resist, as I put my nose next to her ear I was impelled to kiss the spot she had perfumed. She pulled back, “Did you kiss me because you were close or because my scent drove you insane?” she teased.

“Right now you’re driving me insane, that scent on you just sped up the trip.”

She paused for several long seconds then stood away, lifted her skirt then put the bottle of perfume between her legs and pressed the sprayer, a light fog of perfume covered her crotch. She looked at me, her voice was quiet, a whisper “And there, what will that do for you?”

I dropped to my knees then put my head under her skirt and inhaled the fragrance of the perfume mixed with the musk of her body. My cock which had been firming up swelled to capacity as I put my lips at the top of the slit under the panties. I kissed Kate there then licked her pussy through the cloth. She fell back to the bed, her knees bent over the edge, my mouth still on her. She moved a hand between me and her then with two fingers pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pussy for my attention. I kissed, licked and probed her cunt with my lips and tongue until she began to vibrate. Kate grabbed a pillow and smothered herself so our parents wouldn’t hear her as she orgasmed. Her thighs were shaking, vibrating against my cheeks and ears as she came.

I stood quickly, ripped open my pants then assailed her with my cock which was massive with pressure, I rammed my erection into to her as if I were raping her. I fucked my sister until the top of my erection blew off like the cork from a champagne bottle. Semen exploded into her, gushing with the same force as pressurized champagne. She arched her back, locked her legs around me then damn near crippled me by squeezing my waist as she shook and groaned into the pillow. I stepped back from my prone sister, she moved the pillow from her head and looked up at me with soft, warm eyes, “Wow” was all she said. She pushed up to her elbows and looked at my cock which was still bobbing with my heart beat. Kate got off the bed, kissed me lightly then left for her own room.

The next day mom and dad took the car to Salt Lake City to do some shopping. As they drove off I turned to my sister, “Race you.” She squealed delightfully then darted away. By the time I caught up she was standing beside my bed looking ready to play. I lunged at her but she put a Judo move on me and I ended up on my back on the mattress.

Kate bounced up and over me so she was sitting on my chest with my arms pinned to the bed. She squirmed her butt, moving up my chest until her crotch was pressed on my chin. I could feel the warmth of her cunt through the cloth that covered it. “If you want to put your dick in me you will have to wrestle me down.”

I arched my back which flipped my sister off, she fell next to me and I rolled to face her. We started wrestling, teasing, laughing, fondling, necking and touching as I not too gently pulled her clothes off. When she was wearing only brief white panties I moved around until my mouth was over the junction of her legs then kissed her crotch. Kate’s left leg shivered and her stomach contracted at the first touch of my mouth then I got serious about turning her on with my lips and tongue. The scent and taste of her assailed my senses and turned my prick to hot steel, my nuts were high and tight while I fucked the mattress between her legs. I pulled her briefs to one side then focused all my lust on licking and kissing her cunt. She was flowing, I lapped the erotic tasting fluids from the crack between her thighs. Kate pulled up her legs and cradled me again then began to cry out the shocks of her first orgasm. Her clit swelled and extended from its soft skin hood so I captured it between my lips and sucked on it which caused her to crest over a second orgasmic peak. Kate didn’t have to be quiet this time, there was nobody but me in the house so she let the whole fucking world know how good she felt. When she was done wailing and shaking I rolled away from her, her tits were bobbing as her chest heaved for cool air. She rolled her head to me “My god, Dylan, I never felt anything like that, ever. What is it about you that makes me so damn hot?”

“I don’t know, maybe because we aren’t supposed to be doing something like this? Fucking your brother is supposed to be evil, vile and totally nasty.”

She evaluated my words for a moment then replied “Yeah? Well, I like being totally nasty with you.” She lay quiet next to me a little longer then pushed me to my back then sat over my legs. She reached for my belt, opened my pants then pulled them down to my thighs. She sat up straight and studied my cock while she pumped it with her fingers. She looked up, she was biting her lip, looking nervous at me through long curled eyelashes. Her body angled down until her face was over my groin. She glanced into my face, smiled timidly then put her lips on the end of my hard-on. She licked it gently then parted her lips and ducked her head, my cock slid over her tongue into her mouth. She started moving her head slowly, wetting my cock, I lay back on a pillow and mellowed. My hands went to her hair instinctively but I didn't apply any pressure, I caressed her neck and back. She took more of my dick in her mouth and I felt her cup my balls in a hand. She lifted off my erection momentarily looked at me to judge my reaction then started again, with more enthusiasm. She bobbed her head a few times then started sucking as my erection rapidly filled with a load. I stretched my hand down to caress her butt then worked my hand under her panties and began to stroke her anus which caused her to shiver.

I watched her hair tossing as her head moved up and down, her mouth was wet and hot so it didn’t take long before I had to say, "Kate, I'm close," but she didn't stop. She was determined, taking more of me into her mouth she started sucking harder. I had warned her; I didn't know if she would like a mouthful the first time she did me but her eyes darted up to mine then she rubbed my balls and formed a stronger vacuum on the head. The first rush of cum splashed over her tongue, the convulsion so strong I reacted by plunging my long finger into her ass. I watched her eyes grow wide with some unidentifiable emotion as her body jerked. I fired another liquid bullet then she could take no more, she raised her head and watched as I squeezed more rounds over her hand. Each time I pulsed I flexed the finger in her ass causing her eyes to flutter, her breath to catch.

She sat straight up on my legs which caused my finger to slip from her butt. Semen dripped down her chin and splashed on her left tit but she didn’t seem to mind. After a few moments of uncertainty I saw her throat move, her eyes glistened with tears as she wiped the cum off her chin. "I never let Zac finish like that, was it…...okay?"

"Okay? That was fucking awesome Kate" I breathed. She smiled demurely and blushed, her eyes twinkled a quick flicker of pride which gave away how she felt about her accomplishment.

I sat up and kissed her. I invaded her mouth with my tongue, tasting myself while she returned the kiss with passion. She was still sitting on my legs so hers easily moved around my hips then she crossed her ankles, I pulled her closer with my hands on her ass until her cunt was pressed against my cock.

"Was it okay for you?" I asked after breaking the kiss.

"Um, yeah, it must be an acquired taste. I mean it wasn’t as gross as I thought but still....”

Our twin link was tuned just right so I finished the sentence for her “…...but still you want me to cum in you, not your mouth.”

She held up her fingers sticky with my discharge. I laughed, pushed her off then got up then gave her some tissues to clean her hand. She threw the wadded tissues to the floor then launched at me, wrapping me up in her arms as we fell back to the bed. “Yes!”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want you in me, you can screw me until I’m bowlegged and cum in me or on me, doesn’t matter.” I was still locked in her arms so Kate rolled to her back pulling me over until I was lying on top of her. Being eighteen and at the peak of physical fitness, my erection didn’t die after she sucked me off. It was still hard, still drooling, ready to fuck.

Kate captured it in her hand then demanded “Fuck me Dylan.” I went to my knees between her wide spread legs then pulled her panties off. She sat up to help me get naked then fell back, wide eyes watching as I hovered over her with the head of my hard-on aimed at the entrance of her body. I pressed the crown against her cunt but she jerked away, rolled over and sat up, her eyes were alight with playfulness. I lunged at her to throw her down but she eluded my hands and in seconds Kate and I were grappling all over the bed. Just as we did the first time, we were laughing, teasing and groping, everywhere her nakedness rubbed against me set fire to my skin. After a few minutes of erotic skirmishing I finally got her pinned to the bed, she was on her stomach her arms captured under my hands. I laid over her then spread her legs with my knees and not too gently rammed my erection in. She groaned, bowed her back, raised her hips and gushed “Ohmmm, yes----,” Nothing I had ever done or experienced compared to the feeling of my sister’s hot cunt surrounding my stone hard erection. She gripped a pillow then rolled her ass against me, causing me to slip part way out. I thrust back in then my twin and I started fucking like a bride and groom hot for each other.

She was on her back, her body was thrusting and heaving under me, every time I rammed my cock into her she moaned and gripped my back. She put her legs around my waist, locked her ankles and humped her hips even more. I tried to swallow her left breast as I formed a vacuum on her nipple then I lifted off her to watch her tits rocking in sync to my cock sliding in and out of her. Kate looked into my eyes and panted “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I know we shouldn't but –----- Wuhaa!” I pulled out of her slowly, reached under her ass with both hands then penetrated her again with my long full erection. Every twist, every turn she made sent thrills of excitement shooting through me. I held on as we dipped and rolled, plunging into her when she rose to her heights, pulling out when her body dropped away. She shuddered at the feel of my shaft slipping in and out of her hole. I put my mouth next to her ear and wheezed “I can’t believe I’m fucking you” then let my balls give in to the sensation of her awesome, wanton cunt.

I was sweating, my lungs heaving for air when the end of our tryst blasted from my cock. She felt the first surge spew into her and arched her back, pressing her pelvis hard against me, giving me lust driven permission to cum. The delivery from my balls set her final orgasm free. She exploded with a series of hard wrenching contractions while my cock expelled every drop from my straining body. Fingernails on her right hand dug trenches into my side.

We were lying on our backs, side by side, too exhausted to say anything for maybe two or three minutes. She raised a hand and let it flop down on my belly then rolled to her side. She bent her top leg and laid it over my thigh, rubbing her hot smooth skin on mine. She pressed her semen soaked cunt on my leg and breathed a contented sigh in my ear. “Wow, we’re getting better. I never ever thought we might do that together, not like that anyway.”

She said something in the throes of passion that caught my interest, “You’ve been thinking about doing this with me?”

She pulled her head back and admitted “Yeah, even though you’re my brother I think you’re kinda hot and being around you makes me tingle sometimes. I really tingle when I see you walking around in your underwear. Sometimes I walk around in bra and panties or short slips hoping you will notice. I always make sure mom and dad don’t see but I wanted you to, did you ever pay attention?” She moved away from me then sat up, I sat up too, we were facing each other, cross legged, close enough our knees were touching.

I smiled at Kate, leaned in and kissed her soft lips, “Yeah, you have a set of bra and panties, the red lace ones, that drive me nuts. I’ve been beating off forever because of you.”

She studied my face for a few seconds then began to smile, a very sexy smile with come on eyes to match, “Well, you can still think about me but now you don’t have to beat off any more” then kissed me back.

We got a couple bottles of water and talked. We talked about us and what we had done, how we felt and wondered out loud how long we might screw each other. Neither of us expected a monogamous relationship, that would be over the top weird.

After about an hour of easy conversation I was on my back, Kate sat next to me while we talked. She told me again Pepper wanted me to ask her out, I promised her I would. My cock began to reform, it was growing longer, fatter, stiffer and she was helping it grow by causally fingering it. Kate's lips pursed lightly as a small smile then she leaned down, I lifted my head to her then we shared another sexually driven kiss. After her warm moist lips left mine I told her “You could become habit forming.” She smiled broadly, put a hand over my balls then came to lie by my side.

I rolled to her, we were face to face, breast to chest, groin to groin then she whispered hopefully “Again?” She rolled to her stomach then I moved up and over her, the feel of her warm smooth skin set me on fire again. I got between her thighs and stroked the head of my erection along the length of her cunt, the growing intensity of our arousal caused erotic shocks to shiver through me directly to my loins. Kate put her arms around a pillow and held it tight as our bodies meshed and danced. She pressed her ass up which caused me to lift off her then she turned over so we were front to front again. Our tongues mated she and I caressed, fondled and stroked every place we could reach on the other. We were all over the bed, moving to keep our bodies close as we necked and petted. She captured my cock in her hands, suckled it again while I lavished attention on her tits and nipples and making her hotter with a hand between her legs. We were in flames, burning everywhere we touched and rubbed, we were being consumed by boundless desire. After many delightful minutes of hot sensual foreplay she erupted “Take me now Dylan! I need to –- oh, –-- Oh -- I need to – “, I pressed on her clit, she arched her back and her thighs vibrated “Ahhh!”

I pulled my hips back until the end of my erection was poised to penetrate her, she looked between us, grabbed my ass then pulled me down. I drove so hard into her she swooned when our pubic bones crashed together. We were out of control, her body grinding and heaving under me, every time I rammed my cock into her, she moaned and gripped my back. She put her legs around my thighs, locked her ankles and humped her hips even more. “I knew this would be good. I knew I would like you” she panted in my ear. We fucked each other with abandon, shifting around, trying new positions and moves.

Kate was on her side, I was behind her when she erupted with another bed shaking climax. When she was done moaning I rolled to my back and pulled her over me. She sat up on my lap, her cunt swallowed my erection. She looked down on me and commanded “Don’t move, just lie still.” I pushed as deep into her as I could and stopped moving. I was breathing heavy with exertion and lust but my body strained to remain motionless. Since I wasn’t doing anything to her I concentrated on the feel of my erection sheathed by her body. My balls got even more swollen with hormones and juices as we lay quiet.

I felt a soft contraction on my erection, then another. Kate held my attention with her eyes for maybe 30 seconds while her vaginal muscles softly squeezed my cock and the longer our eyes lingered on each other, the longer she milked me, the more aroused I got. I was desperate to move again when my sister leaned down, kissed me on the corner of the mouth and encouraged softly “Cum now, don’t move, just cum.”

Her invitation set me off. My cock convulsed and I pulsed repeatedly into her, saturating her womb while she looked into my eyes. Since my body was still I concentrated on the rush of fluids through my erection as I injected her. It was such an incredibly intense feeling I groaned out loud while Kate watched me with a pleased smile on her lips. When my balls were empty and I could breathe again I asked her “Where in hell did you learn to do that?”

She pursed her mouth in a silent kiss then said “That’s not all I can do.” Her words shot another thrill from my balls to my cock which was still deep inside her. I gained even more respect for Zac because if my sister was fucking him like that, he was still not talking about her in school.

After we cleaned up and got dressed, I asked her “Hey, we’ve done this five times now, shouldn’t we be more careful? I’ve pumped an entire city population of sperm into you, aren’t you worried?”

Kate looked at me “Don’t need to, the day we turned eighteen I went to the Woman’s Health Clinic and got the Pill. I’m okay, I can screw you and Zac both until you call 911 for your nuts and I don’t have to worry.”

Shit, apparently there were a few secrets Kate kept even from me “So, does that mean you’re gonna do me and Zac together?”

She snickered lightly and slapped my shoulder, “You fucking perv, you just got done screwing your twin sister and now you think she’ll do a threesome with her boyfriend and you?” She paused, grinned, then finished “You know, that could be fun, but we’d have to invite Pepper too.”

“Do mom and dad know you’re on the Pill?”

“Mom does, but dad still thinks I’m still his little angel,” she paused, “and I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy about what you’ve been doing with his sweet little angel” she teased laughingly. “Let’s go snowboarding.”


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Nice story. A followup would be good. Thanks.


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The smell of sex sticks to the inside of a car in cold weather like shit to a blanket and would be very apparent the next day followeing the Burger Hut exploit.

I guess the parents are heavy smokers and their diminished sense of smell from smoking prevented them noticing.


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By the books incest. I know u can do better than this mate

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Damn that was great! Keep up the good work, make sure to add a twist in part 2 if there will be one like, the sister breaks up with her boyfriend and pepper finds Dylan on top of his sister and she joins in

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