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Angela gets her time alone with Frank to be used and fucked by Frank and a dog

Thanks to a deceased ex-girlfriend Frank's and his family's lives change dramatically. .
Step Daughters' Desire chapter 8

Frank and Diann spend a weekend as Master/slave which results in Master Frank taking on the responsibilities for a third slave. Master Frank is very happy as is his three slaves consisting of his wife and two step daughters. He has one last decision to deal with.

Frank thought. “I want a morning piece of my new slaves ass but I have a meeting with our largest insured this morning.” “I have to get to the office early to prepare”.

He slowly pulled his semi-hard cock from her sweet tight little ass without waking her. He showered, dressed and left for the office leaving Diann asleep, tied, blindfolded and very happy for Janis to untie her.

Frank pulled up the account for Adolf and Lena Shultz the biggest most important account on his agency's books. He spent the better part of two hours reviewing the insurance coverage for the 1.5 million dollar home, additional homes, barns and out buildings. The policies also covered 12 very expensive vehicles. He waited for the attorney representing Mr and Mrs Shultz scheduled to arrive in fifteen minutes.

Frank',s staff arrived led by Mrs. Johnson, his lead agent, followed by two younger agents. Mrs. Johnson greeted him “ Good morning, Frank” He smiled. “ Good morning, Sue” “ I made coffee and brought pastries.” Before she could say anything Mr. Long came into the office.

Frank extended his hand to Mr. Long, the attorney for Adolf Shultz. “Welcome Mr. Long. Care for some fresh coffee? “ Mr. Long smiled. “ That would be nice. Thank you.” Linda said. “ Coming right up.”

Frank closed his private office door after Linda left. Frank and Mr. Long sat to discuss the purpose of Mr. Longs meeting request. Frank ask. “How can I be of service, Mr. Long?” He replied. “ Frank are you aware that Lena Shultz passed away recently?” “ No Mr. Long I did not know.” I knew Mr. Shultz passed two or three years ago.” “ Frank, I have scheduled a meeting with the new owner of the estate per Mrs. Shultz request in her will. You and I are to meet him at the estate this morning.”

Frank looked concerned thinking he does not want to lose the account. “Of course Mr. Long no problem. When do we need to meet.” “ Frank we need to go now if you can get away.” “ No problem my staff can handle the office today.” As they left the office. “ Sue, I will be out of the office today. Call if you need me.” “No problem, Frank, we can handle things here for you.”

Frank and Mr. Long left in Frank's pick-up. They arrived at the gate of the Shultz estate. The guard approached the pick-up and said. “Good morning, sir. Please state your name and reason for your visit.” Frank told the guard.

“I am Frank Brown, the Shultz insurance agent, here to meet with the new owner. This is Mr. Long their attorney”

The guard smiled and looked at Mr. Long. “ Welcome Mr. Long. Good to see you again.” “ Long replied. “ Thank you Jeff. We will be here most of the day.” Jeff smiled at Frank. “ Welcome Mr. Brown if I can help you in any way let me know.” Jeff pressed a button on the remote on his belt and the large double gate slowly opened. Frank drove through the gate up the paved road the half mile to the front of the enormous mansion.

Mr. Long rang the door bell beside the large impressive front door. The door quickly opened by a beautiful Asian lady dressed in a white blouse, black thigh length tight skirt, black stockings, with matching high heels. She smiled a very beautiful smile. Long smiled. “ Good morning Kim Li.” “ Good morning Mr. Long. Welcome. It is very nice to see you again.” She smiled at Frank. “ Welcome Master Brown. It gives me great joy to meet you. Please come in.” She closed the massive door behind them and led them to a very large lavishly furnished room. As they sat a very beautiful blond about the same size as Kim Li dressed in an outfit that matched Kim Li and sat a tray on the table in front of the two men. “ Master Brown shall I serve you coffee or tea?” Frank said. “ Tea please. I have had enough coffee this morning.?

She served the tea to him. “ Master Brown I am Elise and it gives my heart great joy to meet you, Sir.” Frank looked confused and wondered why these two beautiful women addressed him as Master Brown and why it gave their hearts great joy. He looked at Long. “ Please explain why they are so joyed to meet me. Why are they calling me Master Brown and when will the new owner arrive? “ Long smiled. “ Frank you are the new owner by inheritance. You are the new owner of the Shultz estate.”

“ Frank Kim Li, Elise and one more beautiful lady were the property of Mr. and Mrs. Shultz. Now they are your property.” Frank fell back in the plush chair, dumb founded, and speechless. Regaining his composure a little. “Mr. Long what are you talking about? Why would Mrs Shultz leave all this to me?”

Long smiled. “ Frank do you remember a woman named Lena Bennett.” Frank thought for a minute. “ Yes, I dated a Lena Bennett for a few years until she took a job that moved her away. What does that have to do with this? WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Lena Bennett? Lena Shultz.”

“ That is right Frank. Lena Bennett was Lena Shultz and she loved you until the day she died. She nor Mr. Shultz has any living relatives and she felt that you would be the one person she could trust to use all this wealth to help people. The Shultzs did many things to help people they felt deserved helping.”

Frank thought for a minute. “ I would have to sell this place to pay the taxes not to mention even though I make very good money it will take way to much to maintain.” Long laughed. “ Frank, you will never have to worry about money again. The taxes have been taken care of and Shultz owned several other businesses that brings in millions each year and all that belongs to you now. I hope you will keep me as your attorney since I am very familiar with all accounts and properties that you now own.”

Frank smiled. “ I would be crazy not to retain you as my lawyer. I do have another question. You said that Kim Li, Elise and one other were the property of Shultz and now belong to me. Please explain.” Long smiled “ I think I will let Kim Li explain that to you since I am not aware of all the details of that arrangement.” Long pressed a button on the arm of the chair he sat in. Kim Li entered the room followed by a beautiful raven haired woman dressed identical to Kim Li caring a tray with snacks. Kim Li spoke. “ You summoned Mr. Long?” The new woman sat the snack tray on the table. “ Master Brown I am Monique. It gives my heart great joy to meet you sir. May I serve you a snack sir?”

Frank smiled. “ No thank you. Not at this time Monique.” She smiled and stood behind Kim Li. Long stood. “ Frank, I will wait for your call for a meeting to finalize the details of owner transfer to you. Meanwhile I am sure you and your family will be very busy moving into and getting acquainted with your new home. I will place you in the very capable hands of Kim Li.” Long turned to Kim Li. “ Kim Li will you please show Mr. Brown around and answer any questions he asked.”

She smiled. “ Yes, Mr. Long it will be my pleasure to serve Master Brown any way he wishes.” Long turned to Frank. “Now that you are my boss do you prefer to be addressed as Mr. Brown?” Frank chuckled. “ Absolutely not. I am still Frank thank you.” Long said. “ Alright, Frank, I will get Bronc to drive me back to town.” He turned to leave. Monique walked him toward the door as she talked on a communicator. “ Bronc, please drive Mr. Long to town.” Monique opened the massive front door for Mr. Long. “ Thank you Monique.” He stepped through the door as the white SUV pulled up to the curb.

Frank spoke to Kim Li. “May I speak to you, Elise and Monique, please.” She replied. “ As you wish, Master Brown.” She opened a communicator “Elise,Monique Master Brown wishes to talk to us please come to reception. Elise and Monique entered the room and said in unison. “ You summoned Master Brown.” Smiling he said “ Yes, ladies I need to get something clear please have a seat as he gestured to the couch. All three women quickly did as he ask. He sat in the plush arm chair facing them. “ Kim Li please explain to me please what Mr. Long meant when he said that you were the property of Mrs Shultz and why are you addressing me as Master Brown?”

Kim Li started explaining. “ Master Brown we three served Master Shultz and Mistress Shultz as their slaves.” He said “Slaves? Did they buy you, kidnap you or what?” Kim Li smiled. “ Yes, Master Brown. Master Shultz found me when I was sixteen homeless on the streets of Tokyo. He told me to come with him to a restaurant and fed me a very good meal. He talked to me with caring kindness from his heart. He ask if I had family. I did have a prostitute mother that I ran away from when she wanted me to prostitute. He ask what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I wanted to get a job, a place to live, finish school and hoped to attend college. I remember he smiled and told me if I would allow him he would provide everything for me that I wanted. He told me that he was very wealthy and got pleasure helping young people achieve their goals. I was suspicious and told him that I would not prostitute my self at any price. He told me that I would not have to do anything that I did not want to do but would be expected to help with chores at his mansion. He sounded very sincere so I agreed. He took me home with him, gave me a beautiful home and life. After several months I fell deeply in love with him and offered myself to him sexually. To my disappointment he refused my offer telling me that I would have to wait until I turned seventeen and offer again. I turned seventeen and my junior year in high school and practically begged him to take me. He introduced me to BD/SM and sex which I got great pleasure from.”

“When I turned eighteen after serving him wishing to please him in every way he ask if I wanted to leave or accept his offer to let me continue to serve as his slave. My heart would not let me leave so I signed a Master/slave contract and happily served my Master. You now own all that was his which includes me if you will be gracious enough to let me serve you as my Master. “

Elise told him basically the same story with him finding her at age seventeen in Hamburg. Monique told him the same thing with him finding her at age fifteen in Paris. Frank leaned back, swallowed. “ Tell me truthfully ladies. Are you happy as slaves to a Master?” Kim Li replied. “With a Master like Master Shultz or a Mistress like Mistress Shultz we are extremely happy to serve. “ Mistress told us before she passed what her intentions were for the estate and that she chose you to assume the estate because she felt like you would me as good or better Master for us.”

Frank sat silent for a minute. “ Alright I will think about it and we will make the final decision as a family. Just so you know what to expect. I have a wife and three daughters.” They smiled. “ We know Master and that is no problem for us if it is not a problem with your family.” He smiled. “ That's very nice. Now Kim Li would you please show me around?” She replied as she rose from the couch. “ What ever you wish, Master.” Monique rose asking “ What would Master like me to prepare for lunch.” He turned to her. “ Monique, what ever you fix will please me.” She smiled. “ Yes Master.”

Elise rose. “ How may I please Master?” He turned to Monique. “ Monique can you use some help with lunch.” She smiled at Elise. “ I would like that very much, Master.” He chuckled. “ It's settled then. Elise and Monique will prepare lunch while Kim Li gives me a tour of the property.” Kim Li ask. “ Does Master wish to see the mansion or the outside first?” He replied. “ Let's start with the mansion first.”

Kim Li escorted Frank through the mansion showing him six massive bedrooms, each bedroom having it's own gorgeous bathroom. They proceeded to the master bedroom which had his and her lavish bathrooms, enormous walk in closets, an over sized poster bed made of polished oak. Frank gulped at the size of the bedroom and bed. She showed him three beautiful family rooms, a lavish office, the fully stocked study containing any book one might want or need with three large polished oak desk. From there they entered what Kim Li called the educational room containing a dozen state of the art computers, lap tops and work stations.

Frank is at awe. “ Kim Li what is this room's purpose?” What kind of education is it used for.” She smiled. “ Master Shultz equipped this room for us to achieve an education on line.” “ This is where we finished high school and acquired college degrees online.” “ I have a Masters in business, and accounting.” “ Monique has masters degrees in accounting and psychology.” Elise has masters degrees in accounting and education.” Frank swallowed hard. “ That is totally amazing.” Kim Li giggled. “I wanted to especially draw your attention to this room, Master.” “ If you wish your children to get a quality education it will be possible with the assistance of Elise and in the safety of your own home.”

Kim Li took his hand leading him to the end of the hall opening the door, turning on the lights as she led him down the stairs as she stated “ This was Master Shultz's favorite room.” They reached the bottom of the stairs. Frank froze, jaw dropped and he scanned the most enormous room he had ever seen in a private residence. It spanned the under side of the whole mansion. There is every piece of bondage furniture made and rooms stocked with every imaginable toy for pleasure or pain available. “OMG....Kim Li this is unimaginably awesome.” She giggled. “ Yes Master we have had many hours of pleasure and pain in this play room.” “ Unfortunately it has not been used since Master Shultz became ill and passed.” “ The three of us have missed our time here for a very long time.” “ We are hoping you will change that for us.”

He turned to her in deep thought. “Kim Li, this worries me that I may not be able to give you ladies the attention you need as just one man.” “ You see I have four slaves now. Yes, I know what you are thinking. My wife and three daughters have convinced me to Master them as my slaves.” My heart goes out to you, Elise and Monique and I want to fulfill my obligations bestowed on me by Mrs. Shultz but it will require yours and my families help to do that.” “ I have the heart and personality that makes me want to keep all you ladies happy.”

Kim Li smiled. “ Master you are everything Mistress Shultz said you are.”

“ If you are worried about keeping all of us happy sexually that is no problem.” “ There are numerous toys for orgasm forcing pleasure for any slave or woman.” Master Shultz used those toys to keep the three of us happy and satisfied until he became too ill to function.” “ With the help of your family and the three of us working together we can create a schedule for your approval and will be happy with any decision you make.”

“ Maybe I can put your worries to rest, Master.” “ With your permission I would like to show you an alternative.” She led him to a set of stairs leading outside behind the house turning the lights off as she opened the door. Frank saw a kennel a few yards from the mansion. As they approached Frank saw three large pens with climate controlled huts. He read the fancy sign at the top center of the pens. “ Lover Boys”. As they neared the kennels Kim Li called out. “ Speedy, Ram, Stretch come.” A German Shepard, a Doberman, and Rottweiler quickly emerged from the three huts. “Down boys.” Kim Li commanded. Each dog quickly lay facing the gates.

Kim Li explained. “Mistress Shultz loved us very much so she purchased these three which are very expensive show champions of there respective breeds.” “ She had them trained extensively to the point any one of them would lie with food in front of them and starve if given the command not to eat.” “ They were also trained to breed with humans on command.” She smiled. “ They are very good at it too.” “Any woman willing to use their services could live without human sex and be happy and very well satisfied.”

He laughed. “ Kim Li, have another name plate made for Rebel on one of the empty pens.” She giggled. “ As you wish Master.” He smiled. “ Also make arrangements for the trainer of these three to train Rebel.” She replied.” Yes Master. Immediately.” They returned to the dining room where Monique and Elise had served up a luscious meal for lunch.

As they walked to the mansion Kim Li called on her communicator. “ Captain Shertz, Master Brown is here if you will join us for lunch.” Shortly after sitting at the meal table two very large men dressed in dark suits walked in. The older man approached Frank. “ Mr. Brown, my name is Robert Shertz I am head of your security unit.” “ This is my second in command, Bronc.” Frank rose from his chair to shake Robert's hand. “ Pleased to meet you Robert. Call me Frank. Please join us for lunch.” Robert and Bronc took a seat at the meal table and Elise placed a plate in front of each of them.”

As they ate lunch Frank ask about the Security unit. Robert explained to Frank that because of his extreme wealth he and his family are endanger of abductors seeking ransom. For that reason Bronc will be assigned as chauffeur/body guard for Frank's family and he will be Frank's personal chauffeur/body guard. He also told Frank that the unit consisted of twenty more men all ex-special forces commandos patrolling the property around the mansion with ten men on patrol at all times each ten man team on duty for eight hours at a time.

This amazed Frank. He looked at the two men closely thinking they were made from the same mold. Each stood at least six foot six inches tall weighing in about 280 pounds with the build of a body builder. Robert told him that every man in the unit is an expert with intensive training in hand to hand combat and weapons use. Each man is required to maintain top condition.

After lunch Frank told Monique to prepare lunch for eight tomorrow. Monique ask “ What time would Master wish lunch served.” Frank replied.

“ Noon will be perfect. I will have my family here for lunch and you three will join us giving everyone a chance to get acquainted since you are now part of my family.” All three ladies smiled. Kim Li said. “ Thank you Master we are eagerly waiting to meet your family.”

Frank walked out with Robert and Bronc. Robert said “Frank, Bronc and I will drive you to town and guard your home tonight.” “Robert I don't think that necessary tonight since nobody knows about the turn of events. You two get plenty of rest tonight and I will see you at my house at nine am.” Robert said “ If that is what you want, Frank, you're the boss.”

Frank drove straight home not believing his good fortune. On the thirty minute drive home he realized his cock was getting hard. All is on his mind now is to get home and fuck Janis's brains out. Janis and the girls were anxiously waiting for evening when Frank would come home. They each wore one of Frank's T-shirts and nothing else. They heard Frank's pick-up pull into the drive and they stripped off the shirts, rushed to the front door, dropping to their knees, hands behind their backs, knees spread exposing four open leaking pussies and heads down.

Frank stepped in the front door to the most beautiful sight he could imagine. He smiled as they said without looking up. “ Welcome home Master. We are very happy to have you home.” He said “ Angela come here.” She quickly stood with a smile and step to him. He kissed her pulling her naked body into his. He cupped her tit and squeezed making her knees weaken and she moaned into his kiss. “Go to the den and wait.” She turned to obey as she said. “ Yes Master” “Angela come.” She giggled and rushed to him. He kissed her as he pushed two fingers in her cunt fucking her as he kissed her. She pushed her wet pussy on his fingers and moaned in his loving kiss. “ Wait in the den.” He said. She replied “Yes Master.” with a big smile and rushed back to the den. He looked at Sandra. “ Sandra.” She stood and quickly moved into his arms for her kiss. He pushed a finger in her ass making her groan with pleasure as he kissed her passionately. He released her saying. “Den” She looked at him, smiled and said. “Yes Master.” then quickly moved to the den.

“Janis” she jumped up and into his waiting arms. “Welcome home Master. I missed you so much.” He kissed her lovingly as her squeezed her ass cheeks.” Her released her taking her hand leading her to the den where three naked young women knelt with spread legs and open leaking pussies. He stood before them holding Janis in his arms. “Girls I am taking your mom to the play room.” “ I want spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner at six.” “ Yes Master.” they replied.

He took Janis to the play room tied her wrist and ankles, blindfolded, and gagged with her bent over the spanking bench. She groaned with pleasure of being tied as her pussy twitched and juiced up. “Aaaaaaaaauuugh” she tried to scream through the ball gag as he spanked her up turned ass cheeks keeping her screaming into the gag and struggling to avoid the spanking. He stopped spanking her butt when it turned red with his hand prints and burned from the pain on her ass cheeks. He gently caressed her painful ass cheeks making her moan with pleasure from the gentle loving caress on her burning ass. He smiled as he moved his hand down onto her open pussy.

He ran his finger up and down between her hot soaked pussy across her clit making her leak, hump on his finger trying get it in her and moan with pleasure. He worked her clit with his thumb as he pushed two fingers in her love passage to finger her G-spot. She tensed and started trying to beg for permission to cum behind the ball gag. He chuckled and pushed two more fingers in her pussy while he kept working on her clit with his thumb. She begged louder and harder for permission to cum. He pinched her clit as he said. “Yes, bitch you can cum for me.” She jerked hard causing the ropes to cut into her wrist as her body shook violently with the orgasm blasting through her hot pussy. The force of her orgasm made her squirt cum over his fingers wrist and arm.

He used her pussy juice and cum to lubricate her ass hole. As she started to calm down from the orgasm Master dropped his pants releasing a raging hard on. He moved between her spread legs and pressed the head of his hard throbbing big cock deep in her welcoming ass hole. “AaaaaaEeeeeeah” she screamed behind the gag as the lingering orgasm ignited again forcing her to squirt, jerk and hump on his cock deep in her ass. He slammed in and out deep and hard in her ass canal pushing her orgasm harder and harder. She continued to scream and orgasm as he fucked her ass. She was having one long orgasm or multiple orgasm back to back when he felt his orgasm boiling in his balls. He pulled out of her ass before he started to cum.

She moaned from the sudden empty feeling in her hot little ass. With her shaking with the persistent orgasms in her body he rammed balls deep in her cunt, his ball pounding her clit as his swollen cock rubbed her G-spot and punching her cervix. She threw her head, screamed, “AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYouuuuuuu” into the ball gag and erupted with a teeth rattling orgasm sending her cum gushing out beside his pounding cock. He pounded her helpless pussy keeping her in a continuous string of orgasm. She cum so hard and log she is on the verge of fainting when he felt his own orgasm rushing from his balls. He pulled out of her gripping hot soaked cunt before his orgasm peaked and release his balls full cum in her.

She lay limp on the spanking bench, moaning, body shaking , pussy twitching and cum gushing down her legs. He moved to her head, removing the ball gag, pulling her head up by the hair and pushed his hard throbbing cock down her throat making her gag before relaxing and swallowing his huge cock into her throat. He skull fucked her for a minute before erupting sending shot after shot of hot cum down her throat into her belly. Spent he pulled out of her throat and mouth leaving her gasping and sucking huge amounts of air into her lungs. He untied her and took her in his arms holding her lovingly close on his lap as he sat on the spanking bench.

He kissed her passionately ask “ Are you alright, Sweetie.” She smiled and weakly said. “ Thank you Master. I needed that so bad.” He stood and carried her to their bedroom shower. As he walked by the kitchen with her in his arms naked with cum dripping from her cunt and legs the girls looked at her and smiled. Angela said. “ Looks like mom got what she wanted so badly all day.” Sandra laughed “ Don't you mean all weekend? All three girls cunts twitched and leaked juice when they saw their mom apparently used as they wanted to be used.

Angela turned to Sandra and Diann. “ Dad squeezed my breast at the front door. Do you think he is getting ready to use me and fuck me? “ Diann said “ Little sis I would not get my hopes up yet if I were you. You know Master does what he says he will do and he told you that you will wait until your seventeen at least.” Angela smiled “ I will be seventeen in five weeks and two days.” Sandra and Diann laughed at her statement. Sandra said. “ Counting the days little sis?” Angela retorted. “ Wouldn't you be counting the days if you were still waiting for something you need so bad it hurts?” They looked at her sympathetically. “Yes little sis I suppose we would.” said Diann and she and Sandra hugged her.

They ate the excellent spaghetti the girls made and he retired to his recliner in the den with a bottle of beer that Angela handed him. Janis and the girls cleaned the dishes. As they cleaned Sandra ask “How do you feel Mom?” She smiled. “ You know how I feel tired, sore, satisfied and very very happy.” They laughed, hugged and went to the den to join Master. They all knelt around him with Janis's head on his leg. They laughed and talked about the things they enjoyed most when being used by Master.

During the conversation Frank looked into Angela's eyes and said. “Baby girl your turn will come as soon as we get moved into our new home in the country. All four heads flew up and jaws dropped. Janis ask. “We have a new home in the country, Master?” He smiled at them. “ Yes we have a new home thirty minutes away in the country.” Diann ask “Will we still go to school here in town.” He replied “ Actually all three of you will be home schooled and I will be working from home. So we will all be together all the time.”

Sandra ask “ Does that mean I will not be going away to college next month?”

Frank told her “That is right.” She smiled thinking she did not have to go back to school. Frank smiled devilishly at them. “Enough questions tonight girls.” “ Now who needs to be tucked in tonight?” Both Diann and Sandra raised their hands. Angela confused at why two grown girls wanted Dad to tuck them in but she raised her hand too. Frank giggled and told them. Get your showers and get in bed I will be there to tuck you in before I retire for the night. They said “Yes Master” and rushed to their rooms. As they left the den. Frank said “ One more thing girls. Pack a few things to wear the next few days.” We will be going to check out our new home tomorrow morning and will be there a few days.” They stopped in the hall and all three turned to look at him. He waved his hand at them. “ No questions just do as I say.” They looked at each other and shrugged before going to their rooms.

After a few minutes with the girls shower running he carried Janis to bed. Stripping her naked he tied her wrist to the head board, blindfolded her, lay in the bed holding her close. Janis ask “Master how did this new house appear so suddenly?” He hugged her. “ It will be surprisingly clear tomorrow.” She groaned not getting her question answered and relaxed in his arms. When he no longer heard the girls shower and Diann's door close he went to Sandra's room.

He tied her wrist together to the head board, blindfolded her, lubed her ass and pushed a butt plug in her. Her clean pussy was leaking cunt juice with arousal. “ I need a little pussy, Slut.” she elevated her hips offering her open pussy for his pleasure. She grunted and pushed back on his cock as he fucked her. She was so horny from no sex all weekend her orgasm flared up and raced to her cunt needing release. She begged “ Please Master my I cum for you? Pleeeaeaase!!” She fought to suppress the orgasm as she begged. He achieved what he wanted and told her “Yes, slut you may cum for me.” She buried her face into her pillow and bit a mouth full to silence the scream of pleasure as she release the orgasm letting it slam trough her cunt gushing cum over his cock. He pulled out and left her room with her shaking and moaning with pleasure.

He entered Diann and Angela's room. He went to Diann tied her wrist together to the head board, blindfolded her, lubed her ass and inserted the butt plug. She moaned as her pussy twitched and leaked cunt juice. He turned her on her side, slapped her ass, pulled the covers over her body and kissed her. Good night Pixie”

He moved to Angela's bed as she stared at him after watching him tuck Diann in. She smiled. “ Is that what they call being tucked in, Master?” He smiled. “Baby girl you will understand after this weekend.” She squealed. “Are you going to use me this next weekend, Master.” He covered her naked body and kissed her. “ Yes baby girl, next weekend is all yours unless you decide you want to wait. She almost yelled. “ Oh no Master I need you to use me as soon as possible. I am going crazy with desire and anticipation.” He chuckled at her eagerness to be used as a sex slave. “Baby girl you only have four days to change your mind.”

He went to bed with Janis sporting a hard on coated with Sandra's cum. Spooning her he pushed his cock slowly balls deep in her ass. She gripped his throbbing cock moaning with the unusual fullness in her ass. She humped on his cock as he started fucking her tight little ass. Still aroused from being used earlier her orgasm fired up in her cunt. She felt his cock swell as he fucked her ass and knew he would cum in her very soon. The fucking and the thought of him filling her ass with his glorious cum pushed her orgasm to the edge. Just as she started to beg for permission. His cum erupted in her ass and he told her “Cum with me bitch.” before she could beg. They grunted and shook together through their mutual orgasms. They relaxed with his cock buried in her cum filled ass and her cum coating her pussy and thighs causing a huge wet spot under her left hip. He spooned her with his arm over her cupping her tit. She moaned and relaxed. They slipped into a deep restful sleep.

Frank woke as the sun rose in the east. He slowly pulled his semi-hard cock from Janis's ass. She awaken with a smile. “Does Master want a morning fuck with his very willing slave?” He laughed. “Yes, I do very much but we have things to do. We will be leaving to see our new home at nine o'clock” He untied her and removed the blindfold. He picked her up pressing her naked body to his and kissed her. She returned the kiss with her arms around his neck and moaned. “Master I am so horny. Would you please fuck me hard.” He laughed. “ No sweetie you will wait. That will make you need me even more.” She groaned “ Oh you can be so mean sometimes.” she said as she playfully laughed. He said “Go untie the girls and get them up and ready.” She replied. “Yes Master” She slipped a bath robe on as she left the room to obey his command. He took a shower, shaved, and dressed for work.

Frank went to the kitchen just before the girls came in. The three sisters wore tight fitting blue short shorts and white crop tops barely covering their tits. Their hard nipples pushing on the thin fabric showed they did not wear a bra. The camel toes revealed no panties. Janis wore a tan colored mini skirt with a light blue tight fitting button up blouse. Frank laughed. “ Well I see all my little slave girls are very horny this morning.” They all looked at him with big smiles and blushing. He told them to fix breakfast. He looked at his watch to see it was almost seven am. He walked in the den and looked out the window. Robert and Bronc were parked in front of the house waiting in the big white SUV.

He turned toward the kitchen. “ Sandra, come here please.” She rushed to him with a bright smile. He told her. “ Make breakfast for four more. We are having company for breakfast. “ Her smile faded and she looked puzzled.

“ Yes Master “ and hurried back to the kitchen. She took another pound of bacon from the frig with a dozen eggs. Janis's looked at her “What are you doing, Baby.” She replied “ Master said to fix breakfast for four extra people. We are having company.” They worked together to cook the pound of bacon and the dozen eggs.

Frank step out of the house and motioned for Robert and Bronc to come in the house. The two men quickly walked to Frank. Robert greeted him. “Good morning, Frank.” Frank smiled. “ Spent the night here didn't you? Did you get any sleep?” Robert grinned. “ Just doing my job, Boss. Yes we slept in shifts.” Frank said. “Come in.” He took them to the den. As they sat he told Diann to bring three cups of coffee. She quickly entered the den with three cups and a pot on a tray. As she entered the den her eyes flew open at the size of the two men seated on the couch. They quickly stood as she approached. Robert said “Good morning mam.” She blushed. “ Good morning to you, Sir” She poured their coffee as they sat back on the couch. After she served them coffee she rushed back to the kitchen. She looked at her mom. “ I know why Master said four more for breakfast. Wait til you see the size of the two men in the den with Master.”

Diann took two platters from the cabinet and put a half pound of bacon and six eggs on each placing them on the table either side of Master's place. Sandra filled a plate for Master placing it at the head of the table. The remainder of the bacon and eggs on a platter was placed in the center of the table with a platter of hot buttered biscuits.

Janis went into the den curious about the two men Diann mentioned. As she entered the room. Robert and Bronc politely stood to greet her. “ Good morning Mam.” they said. She smiled. “ Good morning gentleman.” She turned to Frank. “ Master breakfast is served.” He stood motioning for the two large men to come with him as he followed Janis back to the kitchen. As they entered the girls stood by the table. Sandra and Angela audibly gasp at the site of the two large men with Master.

Frank smiled at the manner the girls were displaying. He turned to the girls as he gestured toward Robert and said “Ladies this is Robert and Bronc. Robert, Bronc my three daughters Sandra, Diann, Angela and my wife Janis.” The girls and Janis smile. “ Happy to make your acquaintance.” The two large men nodded at the ladies and said. “ Our pleasure to meet you ladies. “ Robert turned to Frank. “ Frank you have a very beautiful family if I may say.” Frank smiled. “ You may say so. I am very proud of each of them.” Bronc sat to Frank's left and Robert to his right.

Bronc looked at the platter of food, smiled and turned to the girls. “ Thank you ladies for such a wonderful breakfast. They smiled and nodded to him. Angela said “Sir if it is not enough we will gladly make more.” Bronc chuckled. “ Thank you but this is plenty. I have to watch my weight.” They all laughed at his comment. Half way through breakfast Frank turned to Robert telling him he had to clear up some details at the office and they will take his truck. Robert replied. “ Your the boss.” Frank told Bronc. “ Will you take the ladies home in the SUV?” Bronc replied. “ It will be my pleasure, Boss.”

All four girls eyes flew open and jaws dropped as they looked at each other with confusion as the men call Master “Boss”. They finished breakfast. Frank stood. “Robert are you ready.” he replied.” Yes boss.” Frank turned to Bronc.

“Bronc when the girls finish cleaning the kitchen take them home for me. We will meet you there for lunch. “ Bronc replied. “ I will see that your family is safe, Boss.”

Frank entered the office with Robert following him. The staff greeted him with a good morning. Frank smiled. “ Mrs Johnson we need to meet in the conference room, please.” She knows when he calls a meeting in the conference room that means the staff. Janis and the two younger staff followed to the meeting room. They sat at the conference table as Robert stood by the door like a soldier on guard. Frank introduced them and told them that they might be seeing Robert frequently without giving all the details. Focusing his attention to Mrs. Johnson. He told her that he would be out of the office for a couple of weeks and she would be in charge to manage the office. He told her she could call his cell if she needed him.

He also told her to take care of his appointments or cancel them. She agreed. He told them he knew they had questions but they would be answered in due time. He breathed a sigh of relief and started for the door. Robert opened the door and followed him out.

The office staff sat dumb founded, confused and worried. As they left the office Frank pitched the keys to Robert and got in the truck on the passenger side. Mean while Bronc and the girls arrived at the Mansion. Janis is in the front seat with Bronc as they were admitted entry by the front gate guard. As they drove down the long driveway Angela said. “ This so beautiful. Somebody is very lucky to live out here.” Bronc smiled. As they approached the mansion and parked Janis told Bronc. “ We will wait here for you. We are not dressed to meet anyone of this caliber.” Bronc smiled. She ask “ Who lives here and how long will you be.” Bronc got out the SUV and opened her door.

“ Mrs Brown, you live here. This is your new home.

She and the girls all gasp at the same time. Janis said. “ Bronc is this a joke? We could never afford a mansion like this.” He smiled and offered his hand to assist her from the SUV. She reluctantly slid from the seat. Her mind raced as Bronc assisted the girls out of the vehicle. Janis thought Frank has made arrangements for us to be servants. Why would he do something like that. Bronc got their luggage and headed for the massive door of the mansion as they followed. He rang the door bell and it quickly opened. Kim Li stood inside the door with a bright friendly smile. She stepped aside to allow Bronc to enter. Janis and the girls stood outside the door wondering what to do.

Kim Li stepped forward. “Welcome Mrs Brown. I am Kim Li and my heart is full of joy to meet you, Mam.” “Please come inside. “ She gestured to the inside of the massive home. Janis thought she would faint and the girls stood frozen in place in shock. Janis took a deep breath. “ Thank you Kim Li. Pleased to me you.” she entered the lavish hall. The girls still in shock had not moved. Kim Li with a friendly smile stepped toward the girls. “ You must be Sandra, Diann and Angela. “ Master Brown spoke very proudly of you.”

The girls snapped out of their shock and followed Kim Li inside. They looked at each other. Diann whispered “ Master Brown?” Kim Li smiled “ Yes, Master Brown. I will explain after you have a chance to settle in.” “ Please follow me, ladies.” They nervously followed her down the entrance hall, passing a couple large rooms. She spoke into her communicator. “ Monique, Elise, Master Brown's family is here. Please come to the main hall. As Janis and the girls approached Bronc standing at the foot of the stairs they saw two very beautiful women standing with him.

Kim Li stopped before Bronc and the two women. They are dressed the same as Kim Li. All they are wearing a tight fitting french maid style uniform with fishnet stockings and high heels buckled around their ankles. Kim Li smiled and gestured to the two ladies as she said. “Monique, Elise meet Master Brown's family. Mrs. Brown, Sandra, Diann and Angela.” Monique and Elise curtsied and said in unison. “ It gives our heart great joy to meet you.” Janis and the girls smiled and said. “ Very pleased to me you too.”

Kim Li turned to Bronc. “ Please show Mistress Brown to the master bedroom.” He said. “ My pleasure.” then looked at Janis “ Which are you bags Mam?” Janis pointed to her bag. Bronc picked it up. “This way Mam.”

She followed him to the master bedroom. As she entered her knees turned to rubber and she lost her breath. Bronc dropped her bag and caught her before she went down. She hung onto him. She looked starry eyed and said. “ It's so big and beautiful. Is it really my room?” He smiled and easily carried her to a plush chair and eased her down. He moved to a table in the middle of the room, poured a glass of ice water from a pitcher, handed it to her. “ Mam are you alright.” “ To answer your question. Yes this is your room assuming you share with Mr. Brown. “ She could not stop shaking from the awe of it all. She said. “ Yes, Bronc I will be fine. I just need a few minutes to compose myself. “

Bronc knelt on one knee in front her and still looked down at her. He ask.

“ Would you like me to stay until you get your legs back.” He placed a communicator in her hand explaining to her. “ If you need anything press this red button and call my name or any of the three ladies you just met. She nodded her head that she understood. Mean while Kim Li informed the three girls that Master Brown told her to let the girls pick their rooms in order of their ages.

Kim Li turned to Sandra. “Miss Sandra I will assist you in picking your bedroom.” she picked up Sandra's bag, turned to Monique. “Please assist Miss Diann, Monique. Elise will you assist Miss Angela.” They each picked up a bag. Monique hugged Diann. “ I am so very happy you are here Miss Diann. It has been so lonely since Mistress Shultz passed away. As they climbed the stairs Kim Li ask Sandra if she wanted a room near or away from the master bedroom. Sandra smiled and told her near. Kim Li informed the girls that all the rooms are totally sound proof so their privacy is assured and they can play their music as loud as the like and not bother anyone else in the house.

As they reached the top of the stairs Sandra hoped there is a room across from the master bedroom and told Kim Li that is what she wanted. Kim Li smiled and took her to the room facing Master's room. Diann ask for the room adjoining Master's room and Angela ask for the room across from Diann's. Each girl was escorted to their rooms. As they entered their rooms expecting moderate size rooms they each stopped and stared, as their jaws dropped with awe of the size and of each of their rooms. As they were shown their rooms each girl was amazed at the size of their private bathes and walk in closets as large as their old bedrooms. Each girls was given a communicator and instructed how to use them. They were told the communicators were individualized so that nobody but the person they wanted to talk to could hear them. They only needed to speak the name of the person they wished to communicate with and that person would be alerted to the call coming in.

Sandra giggled and spoke into the communicator. “Diann.” Diann heard her sister's voice and answered. “Sandra?” Sandra replied. “ How awesome is this sis.” They closed the communication and was told if they wanted more than one person at the same time to speak their names back to back. Kim Li demonstrated this. “Monique, Elise I will meet you in the kitchen to start lunch for Master Brown and the family. She heard them answer telling her they were on their way. Sandra stopped Kim Li as she was about to leave. “ Kim Li can you answer a question for me. “ Kim Li replied. “ Of course Miss Sandra.” Sandra blushed. “ I don't mean to insult but I need to know. When you call Dad Master is it in a Master of the house or as in Master/slave.”

Kim Li replied replied.”Master/slave, Miss Sandra.”

Kim Li, Monique and Elise were in the kitchen preparing lunch when Janis and the three girls entered. Janis smiled at Kim Li and ask if they could help with lunch. All seven women worked together and had lunch ready when Frank came in the mansion. They heard his voice as he called Kim Li telling her to meet him in the office. She quickly rushed to the office where he sat behind one of the large oak desk. She entered the office saying. “ Yes, Master. How may I serve you.” He told her to sit and she immediately did. He told her since she had a degree in business management and accounting he wanted her to handle the books for the insurance agency. He told her he wants all the profits of the agency to be divided among the office staff. She told him she would be very happy to do that for him. She added. “ Master, that is very generous of you showing what a kind heart you have. “ “Master, I would like to say that you are even a better man than Mistress Shultz said you were. I am sure she is smiling down on you and very pleased she chose you to take over for her.”

Frank grinned. “ Kim Li, I know what a good heart she had and hope that I can be as good as she expected. “ “Now my sweet little Asian slave when will lunch be ready? I'm starving.” “I want you, Monique, and Elise to dine with us.” She giggle sweetly. “ Master that will be very nice. It will be like old times with Master and Mistress Shultz.” They walked together to the dining room where Janis and the girls waited lunch on the table.

As they seated at the table Frank ask where Monique and Elise were. Kim Li started to call them but Angela ask “May I please call them?” Kim Li smiled. “If you wish Miss Angela.” Angela opened the communicator “ Monique, Elise please join the family for lunch. Monique and Elise entered the dining room with their place settings and joined the family. They all ate cheerfully getting acquainted. Frank told the ladies he needed their attention and they all focused on him as he told Janis and the girls why the other ladies were now additional slaves to him expecting to see some disappointment from Janis and the girls. He was surprised when Janis giggle and said. “ Master is going to be one busy man.” They all laughed and Diann ask “ Kim Li do we have a good supply of Viagra?” The room echoed with their laughter.

Janis looked at Kim Li, Monique and Elise saying. “ Happy to have you as sister slaves Ladies.” They could not keep from crying with happiness. Master Frank said.” Elise after lunch has been cleaned up I need you to take Janis and the girls to the Educational room and explain to them how it is used.” “ Girls you will help Elise arrange your online classes and she will tutor you until you complete your education.” “ When in the class room she is in charge and you will show her the same respect as you would me.” Elise, you will report all disrespect or any rules infractions to me and the guilty party will be punished by me.” “If I hear of any infraction of the rules that you do not report I will punish you as well as the guilty person.” Elise replied.

“Yes, Master. I will not disappoint you.”

“ Monique, Kim Li come with me. Janis, Elise, girls take care of lunch clean up and go to the class room.” He walked out of the dining room with Monique and Kim Li following close behind to the play room basement. As they reached the bottom of the stairs. Kim Li ask. “ Master have we displeased you.” He turned and smiled at them. “ No ladies you have been perfect.” “ Kim Li you made the statement that you all missed the play room activities and I assume it has been a very long time since you have had sex with a man.” They both shivered with chill bumps covering their bodies, blushed. He said. “ Well ladies I am horny and want to play with a beautiful woman and came to the conclusion that two beautiful women would be twice the fun. So here we are.”

They both giggled and told him that their bodies were for his pleasure and thanked him. He walked deeper into the room looking for ceiling hooks. He noticed several straps hanging from the overhead beam. He looked at Kim Li.

She said “Suspension straps, Master.” he grinned. “ That is even better than what I was looking for.” He inspected the straps and realized there are three sets in a row each over padded mats. He took a few minutes as the ladies stood obediently watching him. After a few minutes he work out how to use the straps safely. He found the controls and lowered two sets of straps to the mats.

He looked at Kim Li. “ Face down on these straps, Kim Lie.” She quickly positions the body straps to support her in three places, her shoulders, midsection and hip area and lay face down on the straps. He fasten the three body straps then raised the bar the straps connected to raising her body from the mat. He then buckled the wrist and ankles cuffs raising her arms and legs up and spread. She hung in a suspended spread eagle. He put a blindfold on her and used a ring gag on her. He cupped her covered breast making her wiggle and moan with pleasure. He looked at Monique as she stood watching him restrain Kim Li and heard her moan when Kim Li moaned.

He smiled as he moved between Kim Li's spread legs cupping her pussy. She tried to push onto his hand and squealed at his touch on her very sensitive aroused pussy. He pull his hand away and slapped her on the ass. He saw the wet spot on her panties double in size. He went to Monique standing with her hands behind her and legs spread. He raised his hand to her mouth. When his fingers touched her lips she opened wide to take his wet fingers in. She sucked Kim Li's pussy juice from his fingers. He pulled from her mouth and she smiled. His hand went up under her short maid uniform skirt to rub her pussy soaked panties. He smiled and ask. “ Are you aroused Monique.” She smiled and replied. “ Yes, Master very much.” He let her lick his fingers clean of her own juices then turned looking toward the Suspended moaning Kim Li.

He ask. “Monique what do you see wrong with that picture?” She grinned and said. “ She is not naked, Master.” He said. “ Exactly. That means I am going to ruin that pretty outfit to remedy that.” “Monique on your back on the other mat.” She eagerly moved to the mat stripping her maid uniform off, arranging the suspension straps before laying down on her back. Master moved to Kim Li between her spread legs he moved his hand under her skirt pushing it up to her waist. Gripping the waist band of her panties he yanked hard ripping them off her body. She almost orgasm when he ripped the panties off. She swung back and forth from the violent tug on her panties and moaned with pleasure.

He pushed two fingers in her cunt attacking her G-spot as his thumb played her clit. She screamed, struggled in her restraints as she was forced to have an orgasm that felt like a tidal wave blasting through her poor body. She was still shaking violently and moaning when he pulled out of her. Cum gushed to the mat from her twitching cunt. He ripped her skirt up the back exposing her ass and back. Another orgasm ripped through her when she felt him rip her skirt all the way up to her shoulders. He spanked her ass cheeks with both hands hitting both ass cheeks at the same time forcing her to scream and thrash in her suspension. She screamed until suddenly she tensed, her screams turned to grunts and moans as another orgasm slammed through her cunt gushing cum to the floor. He stopped spanking her and she shook with after shocks of the orgasm.

Mean while Monique lay moaning with a leaking pussy as she watched him working on Kim Li. He turned to her leaving Kim Li to calm down. He saw that Monique was bound with the exception of one wrist which was resting on the leather cuff ready to be buckled on. He smiled. “ Is my little slave eager?”

She smiled. “ Master it has been a very long time since I was used for the pleasure of my Master.” He engaged the hoist lifting her off the mat. He raised her wrist and ankles up and wide giving him free access to all her holes. He caressed her body giving her chill bumps and making her moan with pleasure. She squealed and jerked when he squeezed her tit mounds and leaned in biting one nipple as he pinched the other firmly. He released her tits and moved between her arms bending her head back forcing her to open her mouth. Releasing his hard cock he pushed into her mouth using the suspension strap he moved her back and forth fucking her mouth and throat.

His cock went deep in her throat making his balls slap her nose with each in stroke. She started to moan on his cock as she had an orgasm forcing her throat to squeeze his cock and her cum squirt over the mat onto the floor. When her throat clamped down on his cock and she vibrated her throat with her moans he almost lost it and did not want to cum yet. He quickly pulled out of her mouth. She scream “ Oooooohhhha, Master please I want your cum.” He laughed. “ Later my little french slave. “ He slapped her tits hard several times making her twist and scream from the pain. He gagged and blindfolded her. She hung helpless moaning along with Kim Li making it sound like a duet of moans coming from two beautiful sexy slave girls.

He searched the toys and found zappers and cattle prods three of each. He chose the cattle prods wanting to make them scream and thrash around. He took one in each hand and moved between the two sexy naked women. They heard him searching among the toys and started to shake nervously wondering if he was looking for a pleasure toy or a pain toy to use on them.

They both jumped and screamed bloody murder as the cattle prods sent a painful shock through an ass cheek. He waited to see which one would stop jerking first. Kim Li won and was reward with another shock to her other ass cheek. She thrashed violently and screamed. “EeeeeeeeeaaaaahhasaaaaYeeeeah.”

Monique joined her sister slave in screaming and thrashing as he shocked her other ass cheek. He let them calm almost down and hit them on each leg with back to back shocks. They both pulled hard on the cuffs and screamed so loud he was sure the whole mansion could hear. Monique pulled so hard on her ankle cuffs her ass rose over her body as she had a squirting orgasm making her cum hit her tits, face and hair. She had cum dripping from her neck, hair and ribs. She tried to lick the cum from her lips through the ring gag.

Frank left them to calm down and recover from the cattle prods and browsed the toys. Finding the clover clamps he took two sets for each slave and moved back to them. He got between Kim Li's thighs letting his cock rub on her clit making her moan and wiggle as he reached around her body pulled the bodice or her uniform off her tits and put the clamps on her nipples. The sudden fire in her nips forced her to buck on his cock and he rammed it deep in her cunt. She forgot the pain in her nipples when he fucked her hard, deep and fast forcing a colossal orgasm to crash through her pussy and she gushed cum out around his ramming cock. Her muscles squeezed his cock almost forcing him to cum. He quickly pulled out of her cunt making her try to beg him to cum insider her pussy.

He clamped each of her cunt lips and walked away as she squealed and shook her ass trying to lose the clamps on her pussy. He moved in close to Monique's ass with his cum coated cock and rubbed it over her rose bud. She moaned and spread her legs and relaxed to give him easy entry to her ass. He slid up to her pussy and rammed balls deep with the first thrust. “ Yaaaaaagh.” she squealed and clamped down on his hard throbbing cock. He pounded her pussy forcing another orgasm. She screamed “ Eeeeeeeaaaaagh.” and shook humping his cock as the orgasm rolled through her body like a roaring freight train, forcing her cum to gush from around his cock and run down through her ass crack into her rose bud.

He pulled out of her pussy in the middle of her orgasm and shoved his cock in past her little sphincter. He held with the head of his throbbing cock inside her rose bud as she humped and shook with the lingering orgasm. Suddenly he shoved his cock balls deep in her ass. She yelled

“ Ooooooooaaaagggghhhh.” as her orgasm reignited slamming through her like a giant boulder rolling down hill. It crashed into her cunt forcing her cum to squirt so hard it covered him from chest to feet. He was brutally fucking her ass until she squirted and clenched on his cock. He rammed as deep as he could in her ass and held as his cock pulsed shooting cum deep in her until his balls hurt.

He clamp both of her nipples as she shook trying to breath enough to keep conscious. She grunted at the pain of the clamps on her nipples and hung limp in her suspension with his cock buried in her ass. He clamped the second set on her labia as his cock pulsed deep in her ass. She moaned and milked his cock with her anal canal muscles. His cock finally shrunk a little and he pulled from her ass. As he moved away from her she said. “Thank you Master.” almost a whisper she was so weak.

He found the Hitachi and vibrating dildos and moved to Kim Li. He moved between Kim Li's spread legs and dropped down and attack her cunt with wide open mouth sucking her whole cunt into his mouth and toyed her clit with his tongue until she was one continuous moan and he felt her body tense with a surging orgasm about to release. As it hit her hard he bit down on her clit and used his tongue on the tip as his teeth held it firmly. The pain and pleasure in her clit made the orgasm so much more intense she was not able to breath and passed out as she squirted cum down his throat. He sucked and lapped as much of it as he could capture.

He checked to make sure she was breathing and coming around before moving to Monique. He removed the clamps from her cunt and nipples making her tense and moan with pain and pleasure. He pushed the Hitachi on her cunt pushing it up onto her clit making her squeal. Her body started to tremble as the new orgasm steadily moved through her to her pussy. She squealed as the orgasm peaked. As he felt the orgasm he pinched and twisted her right nipple sending pain and pleasure to her clit. She erupted, raised her hips high, squealed and gushed cum over her ass down her back. He took the Hitachi away from her clit and she fell limp in her restraints, trembling and breathing hard trying to recover. He moved back to Kim Li with a renewed hard on and shoved it deep in her ass. She squealed at the pain and pleasure in her rectum.

As he fucked her ass fast and deep she started to grunt and moan with the intense pleasure. She could feel the orgasm moving steadily though her body. Master felt it as his own orgasm was starting to fire up. She groan with disappointment when he pulled his cock from her ass. Then he went straight to her pussy and rammed deep and started fucking hard like he was trying to rip her apart. This made her orgasm explode in her cunt. She humped and clenched his cock milking him until he rammed deep and held as he shot load after load of cum deep in her tight little pussy. She went limp, head hanging and barely breathing. He pulled his limp cock from her weak trembling body and lowered her to the mat. He released her removing the ring gag and blindfold. She was so exhausted and weak she lay on her stomach head to the side and tried to regain some strength.

He lowered Monique removed her blindfold, gag, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and suspension straps. She like Kim Li is so weak she just lay still on the mat. He gently picked her up carrying her to a nearby couch and sat her down with her head resting on the back of the couch and legs over the edge. She sighed and relaxed. He picked Kim Li up carrying her to the couch sitting her down and sitting between them. He put his arms around them pulling their heads onto his shoulders. He lovingly kissed each of them and they snuggled closer to him. He ask. “Are you ladies alright.”

They each put an arm over his chest, hugged him and said “Oh yes Master we are great. We have needed that kind of attention for so long.”

Monique looked at him and smiled as he caressed each of the backs. She said.

“ Master you are fantastic. Master Shultz never made me cum and squirt so hard so many times like you did. I am sore, exhausted, happy and satisfied.”

“ Thank you so much, Master.”

Kim Li spoke. “ Master, Monique took the words right out my mouth.” I would like to say thank you for holding me making me feel so safe, loved and protected.” “ Master Shultz never did this for us.” “ You have taken my heart completely. I love you and will never do anything to hurt you or make you angry with me.” Monique said. “ Same with me Master.” “ Thank you so very much for showing us love. I love you with all my heart.”

Frank swallowed a lump of pride in his throat. “ Ladies you are human and will make mistakes and I will punish but never in anger and remember anger goes away with forgiveness.” “ Love only gets stronger afterwards.” “ Kim Li you wait here until I get back.” She ask as he picked Monique up cradling her in his arms. “ Where are you taking her Master.” he replied. “ To her room to rest.” Kim Li smiled. “Master there is an elevator to our rooms to the right of the stairs.”

He took Monique up the elevator entering the hall with three rooms. “ Which one is yours Monique?” She smiled and told him it was the second door from the elevator and told him Kim Li's is the first door. He gently laid her in her bed after turning the covers back. He covered her and knelt beside the bed. He kissed her passionately and she wrapped her arms around his neck clinging to the kiss as long as she could. He released her and started to stand. “Master thank you that kiss was so nice. I have never been kissed like that.”

He smiled at her saying. “ You are welcome and there will be many more of them. Now you rest until I call you.” “ Master, I need to start dinner soon.”

“ Monique, you rest like I said. The other girls can fix dinner and I will see that you get something to eat.” His words of love made her heart skip a couple beats.

She lay in her bed feeling more loved and happier than she has ever in her life. She giggle like a school girl every few minutes. Frank went back to the play room to find Kim Li on the couch where he left her. She looked up and smiled as he approached. As he started to pick her up she said “Master I am stronger now. I think I can walk.” He smiled at her. “ Do you want to walk.” She giggled and said. “ Not really but I can if you want me too.” He chuckled.

“If it is all the same to you I would rather carry you. I like this part of play myself. It makes me feel needed.” She smiled and reached out to him. He bent down to pick her up to cradle her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck laying her head on his shoulder. “ Master, I love you with all my heart.” “Please use me as much as you can.” He grinned and hugged her to him.

He turned the covers back and laid her gently in the bed and covered her beautiful naked body. He took her in his arms and kissed her lovingly. She wrapped her arms around his neck holding him tight as she returned his kiss. She did not ever want the kiss to end. He pulled away from her and she took a deep breath. “ Thank Master that was wonderful. I have never been kissed like that before.” He smiled “You are welcome my little Asian beauty. There will be many more just like that one. “ She giggled and her eyes had a bright glow as she looked at him with love. “ Kim Li, you stay here and rest. I will send your dinner to you.” She frowned “ Master, please may I eat with the family.” He smiled at her “ Of course you may if you feel like it.” “Thank you Master. That will put great joy in my heart.” He left her room to the kitchen.

Janis and the other four ladies were fixing dinner.

Janis went to him hugged and kissed him. She smiled and told him he smelled like he had fun. Then said. “ How are the two ladies.” he smiled and said. “Happy” she laughed. “That is not surprising at all.”

He looked at Elise as she smiled at him. “Elise, do we have any cold Gator Aid?” “Yes Master we have all flavors.” “ Please take Monique and Kim Li a bottle of their favorite.” “ Yes, Master. Right away.” She took two gator aids from the frig. Angela ask. “Master may I help Elise?” He grinned. “I think they would like that. He told the others he was going to shower and to call him for dinner. He showered and lay on the enormous bed to rest a bit. He slipped into a restful sleep.

Elise and Angela got to the very happy used ladies' rooms. Elise ask Angela which one she wanted. She told Elise she would like to take Kim Li's. Elise handed her the red gator aid and pointed to Kim Li's room. Elise knocked on Monique's door and was told to come in. She entered the room as Angela knocked on Kim Li's door and was told to come in. Monique smiled at Elise as she handed her the gator aid. “Thank Elise that is very thoughtful of you.” “It is my pleasure but it was Master's command.” Monique smiled brightly. Elise said “ Monique I don't think I have ever seen you looking so happy.” “ Elise I have never been as happy or in love as I am right now. Our new Master is the most wonderful man alive.”

Elise said. “ Don't keep me in suspense. Tell me about it.” Monique told her how he had bound them both in horizontal suspension, forced both of them to orgasm, beat them, followed with orgasm pleasure, used the cattle prod, on them and then fucked all there holes making them orgasm hard, long and often. Then he fucked my ass and filled it with cum. He then ate our pussy until each of us had multiple orgasm. He finished us off by fucking our ass and pussy filling Kim Li's pussy with cum. “But the most amazing was after he untied us he carried each of us to the couch and sat between us kissing and caressing us.” “ It felt so good being loved.” “ Then he carried each of us cradled in his arms to our rooms and tucked us in bed and he gave me the most wonderful kiss I ever had in my life.”

Our new Master truly loves us. Kim Li was telling Angela the same story and how she loved her new Master with all her heart. When she told Angela about him carrying her to the couch and holding her like he truly cared about both of them. Then carried them to their rooms and tucked them in giving them the most wonderful kiss of their lives. Angela giggled telling Kim Lie. “ That is my Dad and Master. What he does after he uses a slave for pleasure he calls after care.” Kim Li looked at Angela and ask “ You talk like he has not used you yet.” Angela replied. “ He used Sandra first since she is the oldest. Then he used Diann since she is of legal age.” “ They both came out of a weekend alone with him so much in love and happy that they ask Mom to talk to Dad and get him to let them become slaves for him the same as Mom.” “ Well you know the results of that. Mom, Sandra and Diann are full slaves to Dad and I am a slave in training until I am at least seventeen. Although he told me yesterday that he would give me my weekend alone with him once we moved into our new house.” “ I have high hopes that next weekend will be my turn.”

Kim Li is sitting on the bed now as they talked. She ask Angela.” You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but I would like to know how your mom and sisters feel about us three new slaves.” Angela smiled and hugged her. “ Kim Li we are all overjoyed that you, Elise and Monique are a part of the family now.” “ I guess Mom said it the best we are seven sister slaves to one wonderful loving Master.”

Janis went to her bedroom to tell Master dinner is on the table and found him sound asleep. She gently woke him and ask if he wanted to sleep or eat. He got off the bed hugged and kissed her taking her hand to walk to the dining room.

Sandra had called Elise and Angela with the communicator telling them dinner is on the table.

Sandra waited at the door to the dining room for Master and the others. Monique, Kim Li, Elise, and Angela came down the hall from one end of the mansion talking, laughing and holding hands and got to Sandra as Master and Mom arrived from up stairs. Sandra hugged Kim Li and Monique asking if they were alright and if they had a good day. They both giggled and told her their day was wonderful. Janis hugged them and told them she was very happy they had a wonderful day and that she loved them. They hugged her and choked back tears of joy. Master reached over and wiped their tears and said “ Let's eat ladies I'm starving.” they ate a great meal and talked as a big happy family.

They were leisurely enjoying the meal when Master said. “ Janis, girls what do you think about our new home and family. Sandra smiled and said. “ Our new home is breath taking but I am happier with our new family.” “ Sister, Elise, is just so wonderful. She worked out college courses for me and Diann and we are going to enroll for fall classes tomorrow.” “ So happy that I can get a masters degree in two or more fields and never have to leave my family.

“ Plus I have a new sister that is much better than any of the college professors to help me achieve my goals.” Angela spoke up. “ I am so happy and proud of my new sisters that I could pee my pants.” they all laughed.

Angel continued. “ Master do you know that our three new sisters have masters degrees in multiple fields and that they each speak four languages?” “ I am so impressed and proud that they are my sisters.” Master chuckled.

He looked at the three new ladies. “ I knew about the degrees but is it true you speak four languages too?” Kim Li replied “ Yes Master it is true.” “We learned English from Mistress Shultz and Monique taught us French, Elise taught us German and I taught them Japanese.” Janis ask “Will you teach us your languages.” Kim Li hugged her. “ We would love to teach you.”

Master said. “ Ladies it is getting late and I am tired so I am going to take my wife and we are going to bed. We will see the rest of you in the morning.” Sandra ask “ Master are you going to tuck us in?” “ Oh I forgot you can't sleep unless I tuck you in.” “ Kim Li would you please take Sandra and Diann to the play room for some items I need to tuck them in.” Janis you can help the others clean up dinner and meet me in our room.”

He went to his room and crawled in bed naked to wait for Janis. He was so tired he fell asleep before she came in carrying rope, a butt plug and a blindfold that Sandra had brought from the play room. Elise saw the items as Sandra handed them to her Mom. Kitchen cleaned Sandra, Diann and Angela went to their rooms to wait for Master. Janis entered her room to find Master in deep restful sleep and did not have the heart to wake him. She placed her items on the night stand and crossed the hall to Sandra's room. Sandra looked surprised when Janis came in not Master. “ Baby Master is out like a light after a very long day for him.” “ I will tuck you in if you want.” “ Yes Mom please I will not be able to sleep if not tucked in.”

Janis blindfolded her, tied her wrist together to the head board, lubed her ass and the plug and pushed it in her ass until it seated. She patted her on the butt, covered her and kissed her telling her good night. Janis went to Diann's room and did the same for her. Janis then went to Angela covered her and kissed her good night. “ Mom, is Master alright?” “ Yes little one he is fine. Just very tired after the long day he had. It is very hard on any man loving seven women.” Angela laughed “ He will get used to it. He is a strong man.”

As Kim Li, Monique and Elise walked down the hall towards their rooms. Elise ask. “ Kim Li, why did Master need rope, blindfold and butt plugs to tuck the girls in.” Kim Li laughed. “ It seems that Master ties Janis to the head board of their bed, blindfolds her, fucks her ass and they sleep with his cock buried deep in her ass every night.” “He did the same to Sandra and Angela their first weekend alone with him. Now they don't feel comfortable unless they are tied, blindfolded and a butt plug in their asses and cannot sleep.” “Before they came to us he would sleep with one while the other two settled for being tucked in as they call it. “ Monique giggled and said. “ Wonder if we will ever be included in that rotation where we get to enjoy his attention over night. I for one would love to sleep with his big cock in my ass.”

They all laughed. Kim Li replied. “It will not surprise me if Janis suggest to him that he include us if we want it. She is a very loving considerate woman.”

“I have fallen in love with her just like with Master.” “I never thought any Master and Mistress could be better than Shultz but we have been blessed with a new Master that not only uses us for pleasure but insures that we enjoy play time as much as he and is not afraid to show his deep love for us.” “It takes a very special strong man to love seven women equally and I do feel he loves each of us as much as his own family.” Elise smiled. “ Why shouldn't he love us equally? You heard them say we are part of the family as sisters so that makes us his daughters as well. Right?” Monique said. “Very good point.” They all three shivered with chill bumps from the arousing thought of getting to having him in the same bed overnight.”

Frank woke with his arm around Janis with a rock hard cock but she was not tied, blindfolded with his cock in her ass. Janis moaned and turned to face him. “Good morning Master.” she said as she wrapped her fingers around his hard cock. Frank smiled. “Good morning Sweetie. Did you sleep well?” She replied. “Not really. You were too tired after such a busy day to tuck me in.” “Would you please use me to take care of this wonderful hard on.” She giggled and squeezed his cock. “ I would enjoy that a lot.” he said. “She rolled onto her stomach, spread her legs, put her hands behind her back and said. “ There is a blindfold and rope on the night stand, Master.” He chuckled as he tied her hands and blindfolded her.

Her pussy was twitching and juicing before he finished tying her. “Master there is lube on the night stand also if you want to fuck my ass.” He grinned and lubed her tight little ass and his cock. She raised her hips for him and he slowly slid his cock deep in her rectum as she moaned and wiggled. Her pussy is coated with her juices as he fucks in and out of her ass with long slow strokes until she moans louder and humps on his glorious cock. He rammed deep, hard and fast in her ass. She squealed and started begging. “Please Master may I cum for you, pleeeeaaase.” He is close to releasing his own orgasm and suddenly pulled from her ass. “ Ohhhh no Master please cum in me.”

She just barely completed her sentence. “Yeeaaasssss.” she screamed as he drove hard balls deep in her hot wet cunt. She bucked and humped on his cock grunting and moaning as the pending orgasm refueled in her body. She struggled to control it and begged “ Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase, Master may I cum for you. Pleeeeeaaaase.” He slapped her ass cheek forcing her to lose control of the orgasm but at the same time he said. “ Yes, bitch cum for your Master.” He continued to pound her cunt through her orgasm trying to hold back his own. Her body violently shook as she screamed through her orgasm.

As she sunk back onto the bed he pulled out of her pussy, flipped her to her back on her tied hands. He moved up her body sliding his cum soaked cock against her skin from her pussy over her stomach, between her tits into her waiting open mouth. He gripped her hair with both hands and pushed his cum covered hard cook deep in her throat. He humped into her throat as he used her hair to pull her on and off his throbbing cock until his cum rocketed through his cock and rammed balls deep in her mouth and held until he emptied his balls down her throat.

She moaned, sucked and swallowed his cum down to the last drop then licked his cock clean as he slowly pull out of her mouth. She coughed and gasp taking in loads of air. She smiled. “ Thank you Master I have needed that all night.”

He said sorry sweetie “ I will try to do better in the future.” He untied her and removed the blindfold, carried her to his shower and they cleaned each other as they affectionately loved each other. “Get the girls up so they can help with the chores today.” “ Yes master,” as she dressed in her French made uniform.

When he came down to the dining room all seven slaves greeted him kneeling, legs spread, hands behind their backs and heads down. Kim Li spoke? “ Good morning from all of us, Master.” He grinned when he saw seven wet pantie crotches. “Good morning, Ladies. Remove the panties and lets eat.” He had to laugh when all seven girls stood turned their backs to him, bent straight legged, and slowly pulled their panties down exposing seven swollen wet cunts

As if they had choreographed their actions. Sandra gathered all the panties and handed them to their Master. He held them up to his nose and said. “Now that is a smell I would enjoy waking up to every day.” They all giggled.

As they seated Angela squealed. “ Oh this seat is cold.” The room erupted in loud laughter making Angela blush. They enjoyed pork chops eggs, pancakes, hash browns, cream gravy and hot biscuits. Frank commented. “ We need to get some hot sauce. I like hot sauce with my meals. Kim Li make note please.”

Monique quickly rose “ My apologies Master. May I be excused for a moment?” “ Yes you may.” She ran from the room to return a minute later and sat a small bowl of hot sauce beside his plate. “Master I am so sorry I did not serve it to you at the beginning of breakfast.” “When does Master wish to punish this useless slave for her negligence?”

He looked at her. Spread you legs and raise your skirt. She quickly obeyed. He pushed two finger in her pussy making her moan and push on his fingers as he fingered her cunt. Her pussy juices flowed freely and she moaned louder. Suddenly he pulled his fingers from her hot wet cunt. She did not move as he licked her juices from his fingers. “Very tasty.” He let her stand as he spooned some of the sauce in his mouth. It tasted like his home made sauce. He looked at Janis and she smiled. “Janis did you make this?” “ No Master Monique made it from the recipe I gave her.”

“ Monique you knew that I liked hot sauce with my meals and did not serve it after you made it for me.” “ Yes, Master. I am so very sorry. Please punish me and forgive me.” He dipped two fingers in the hot sauce and smeared it between her pussy lips and on her erect clit. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming as the burning hot sauce made her pussy feel like someone was holding fire to it. “ You are forgiven, Monique. Finish your breakfast.”

She moved back to her chair unable to close her legs to walk or sit. She squirmed trying to stop the burning pain on her cunt as she ate. She kept moaning between bites with the burning pain. Frank saw the sweat dripping down her forehead as she ate, moaned and squirmed in her seat. “Monique.”

“ Yes Master?” “ You may clean your pussy after breakfast is cleaned up.”

“ Thank you Master.” Suddenly all got quiet and the other ladies ate faster.”

He smiled pleased that they cared for each other so much. He put sauce on his meal as he ate. The ladies were finished and watched intently as he finished eating. Pushing his plate back he laughed. “OK I'm finished.”

They all jumped up and quickly cleared the table and had the kitchen cleaned in record time. Janis took Monique to the master bedroom and helped her strip and get in the shower. Monique used the shower wand with cold water to wash her pussy until the burn stopped. When she stepped from the shower and dried with the plush towel Janis took her hand leading her to the large arm chair. “ Monique sit and spread you legs, Hon.” She did as ask and Janis opened the bottle of lotion in her hand as she knelt in front of Monique. She started to apply a generous amount of lotion over Monique's pussy lips. Monique started to moan and raise her cunt into Janis's hand as juices mixed with the lotion.

Janis smiled. “Would you like me to kiss it and make it better?” Monique opened her eyes. “ Would you do that for me?” Janis smiled “ I have never done anything like that but I love you and if it will help I will kiss it for you.”

Monique blushed. “ I think I would like that.” Janis moved her mouth close to her wet pussy and gently blew on it making the lotion and juices to feel very cool “ Ooooooooooo. That feels good.” said Monique. Janis kissed her pussy from her ass to her clit making her juices flow as she moaned. Seeing that she enjoyed that Janis used her tongue to lick between her cunt lips and paid specially attention to her hard little clit. Monique moaned and humped on Janis's tongue. “Oohhhhhyaaaa.” She screamed with orgasm gushing cum when Janis nibbled on her clit and pushed three fingers deep in her love hole.

Janis sat back on her heels and licked her lips and fingers swallowing Monique's cum. She smiled “Master is right. Very tasty. I have never licked a woman before but I think I will do it again.” Monique smiled. “ Thank you Janis for your love. Talk about pain and pleasure. You just took me from some really burning pain to extremely hot pleasure.” They hugged and laughed then went back to the kitchen. As they entered the kitchen Sandra smiled and ask. “Monique, are you alright?” “ Yes thanks to Janis. But I will never forget Master's hot sauce again. I bet I think of a burning pussy every time I serve a meal from here on.” Everyone laughed with her happy that she was able to take it like she did.

Frank called Bronc from his office. “ Bronc can you bring the SUV to the front and meet me in my office, please.” “ Yes, Boss. Be there in a few minutes.” Frank called Janis and Angela to his office. They quickly knocked on the office door and was told to come in. They entered Janis said “ Master how may we serve you.” He smiled at Angela. “Angela today is your day with me.”

She could hardly contain her excitement. “Oh thank you Master I will do my best not to disappoint you.” “ I know you will little one. Do you know your safe word and when and how to use it.” “ Yes Master. Mom explained it to me but I don't think I will need it.” “ We will see.”

He turned to the smiling Janis. “ Take Angela to the play room, prepare her to wait for me and leave her.” Janis smiling replied. “ Yes Master.” She turned to leave the office with Angela following her like a child going in a toy store.

In the play room Janis told her to strip and she did. She led Angela to a bath room and told her to shower as she went to the toys and found an enema bag. Angela is still in the shower when she entered the bath again. She told Angela to use the attached enema nozzle to flush her bowels until clear water came out of her ass. It took about four times but finally nothing came from her rectum but clear water. She turned the water off and Janis handed her a large fluffy towel. She dried off and stepped from the shower with the towel wrapped around her. Janis told her she did not need the towel and she hung it over the shower door.

Janis had her put her hands on the sink, spread her legs and lean forward. She did as told and Janis opened the tube of lube, pushed the tip in Angela's little ass hole and squeezed half the lube in her rectum. Angela moaned and ask what that was for. Janis told her she would be fucked in all her holes before he is finished with her and the lube will make it easier on her when he takes her ass. Angela felt the heat and juices in her pussy as Janis told her he will fuck all her holes. Janis led her to a mat in the play room and told her to assume her slave pose. She dropped to her knees, spread her legs, put her hands behind her back and lowered her head. Janis handed her a small bottle of baby oil and water mix and told her to drink it to make it easier on her throat when he throat fucked her. Janis turned to leave the play room telling her to enjoy her day. Angela smiled but did not move.

Frank called Janis and Sandra to the office as Janis closed the play room door. They met at the door and was told to enter after they knocked. They entered the office and Bronc stood from his seat. “Good morning, Ladies.” he said with a smile. Frank looked at them. “Ladies you have ten minute to change into street clothes and come back.” “ Yes Master” They quickly rushed to their rooms, changed clothes and came back to the office.

“Ladies, Bronc is taking you to the old house to bring Rebel back and while you are there get your lap tops and what ever else you can't do without.”

“ Give your car keys to Bronc.” “Bronc do you have a couple men to drive their cars back here?” “ Yes, Boss. We can handle that.” “ Janis you will need to sleep in Angela's room tonight.” She smiled “Yes Master” “ Bronc take good care of my ladies.” “Will do, Boss.” They left the office and Bronc called two unit members to meet him at the mansion. The two very large men stood at attention by the SUV when Bronc and the ladies came out. They arrived at the old house Bronc and Luke in the front seats and Steve in the back with Sandra and Janis. Steve assisted the ladies from the vehicle as Bronc stood at the edge of the lawn. Bronc turned to Luke “ Luke, cover the back.” “Yes sir.” and he went around the side into the back yard. Rebel started barking and growling at the intruder. Luke ignored him and took up guard position at the back of the house. Bronc took Janis's keys from his pocket and ask which is the house key. She showed him. As they walked to the front door Steve took up a guard position at the front of the house. By the time Sandra got through the house Luke had Rebel licking his hand.

Bronc told them he would load Rebel last if they would get any other items they needed. Janis and Sandra came back to the living room with very few items. Bronc smiled and Janis shrugged “ Not much here we need.” Bronc gave a hand signal to Luke and he headed back around with Rebel following him to the back of the SUV. Luke opened the tail gate and told Rebel to load. Rebel jumped into the cage and laid down. Sandra watched in awe and turned to Bronc. “ How did he do that?” Bronc smile and said “ Dog whisperer. “ As they were about to get in the SUV a man came running up calling Sandra. Bronc quickly pick up Janis as Steve picked Sandra up and both ladies were in the SUV with the doors closed in a flash. Luke said “Got this Sarge.” The intruder slammed into a brick wall when Luke stepped in front of him. Impact into Luke's chest stunned the guy and Luke picked the 200 pound man up by the neck like he was a rag doll. Angry the man took a swing at Luke only to feel the excruciating pain in his fist when Luke applied pressure with the large hand he had stopped the blow with.

Bronc and Steve stood at alert on each side of the SUV with the ladies safely inside. Luke ask Bronc if miss Sandra wished to talk to this man. Bronc used the communicator to ask Sandra. Her reply was negative as she did not like the jerk in the first place. Bronc told Luke her answer is negative. Luke smiled and tossed the man on the lawn and looked down on him as he lay on his back. “She does not want to talk to you and the next time you come near her I will rip your head off and shit in the hole. Now beat it ass hole.” The guy jumped up and ran down the street like his ass was on fire. Janis looked at Sandra, smiled and said. “ Feel safe? “ Sandra giggled “ Absolutely”

Mean while Frank approached Angela the beautiful little naked teenager kneeling in the play room waiting nervously for her Master's touch. As he looked down on her his thoughts are how much he loves this sweet little girl. He is thinking that he should leave her alone and just love her. He shook the thought from his head and remembered the only desire she has is not to disappoint him in any way. Now it is his turn not to disappoint one of the women that loves him more than life itself. He knows she will take anything he dishes out to her to keep from disappointing him.

The key word is woman. She is no longer a girl but a woman. His heart raced with the magnificent love he feels for this woman. He strips his clothes off as he kneels before him trembling with he is not sure why. Is it excitement, fear, arousal, or anticipation. Suddenly he picks her up pulling her close to his body sliding his hard cock between her legs and kissed her with his tongue in her mouth. Her legs wrapped around him and she rubbed her wet pussy up and down his cock needing it deep inside her. She was moaning and breathing fast when he pulled away from her. He looked in her eyes and she was blinking and gasping for air. He said “ Last chance to stop.” She shook her head no.

“ After a kiss like that I could not stop it if I wanted to. Which I do not. I need it more than ever now.” “ Please use me and fuck all my holes hard, Master.”

He carried her to a mat with a bar hanging on the end of a chain. He stood her under it and told her to raise her arms. She did and he buckled the leather cuffs on her wrist to the bar and activated the hoist raising her arms higher until only the balls of her feet touched the mat. She moaned and leaked pussy juice down her leg as he kissed and caressed her body from her ears down her neck, across her collar bone, down over her ample tit onto her nipple. Her body trembled hanging from her wrist when his mouth sucked her nipple in hard as he squeezed the other tit and pinched her nipple. He felt her body tighten up knowing she is about to cum. He moved off her nipple long enough to tell her she had permission to cum all she wanted to and bit down on her nipple and pinched the other nip and twisted it pulling up on it. The sudden pain of him biting and pinching her nipple sent shocks of mixed pain and pleasure shooting straight to her clit forcing her to scream and gush cum.

She hung limp from her cuffed wrist above her head. Her head flopped back as she moaned and gasp for air. Her body is still shaking when he cuffed her ankles to a three foot spreader bar effectively spreading her legs wide opening her pussy releasing more cum down her thighs. She is about to calm down when he buckled the leather blindfold over her eyes putting her in total darkness. He pinched her sore nipple making her open her mouth to scream and blocked the scream with the big ball gag pushed in her mouth. The gag stretched her jaws near painful. He moved away and she listened trying to detect what he is doing.

Suddenly her body jerked and her feet raised in front of her as she screamed into the gag when the stinging lash hit her across her pretty little bubble ass. He let her scream and thrash from the pain of the single tail whip until she lowered her feet back to the mat. As her feet touched the mat another painful sting shot into her ass a few inches higher on her ass cheeks. Her body jumped as she screamed louder into the gag YaaaaoooowwwwwwEeeeeeeee.

Her feet flew up nearly hitting her in the face with the spreader bar. She held her feet high as she kept screaming as the pain seem to get worse. He waited to see if she would use her safe word until she tired and let her feet back down to the mat. The next blow from the whip lashed across the back of legs at the bottom of her cute little ass. Her screams got louder and longer as her body folded in half again. She could not stop screaming or thrashing in her suspension straining on her wrist arms and shoulders. She could not feel the pain in her arms and shoulder because of the excruciating burning pain in her ass.

He saw cum flooding from her pussy as her ass stuck out to the front with her feet up around her shoulders. He smiled and thought another little pain slut. He thought about stopping with the whip but was curious what would happen with one more lash. When her feet touched the mat again the lash hit her across the middle of her ass cheeks. She jerked and grunted as cum shot from her pussy. She hung by her wrist moaning with painful pleasure as cum oozed from her hot twitching pussy.

He dropped the whip, attached another chain to the spreader bar and lifted her feet until she hung by her wrist and ankles with her pussy and ass pushed out and open for his access. She was still moaning and trembling from the pain and orgasm when he got the hitachi and dropped to his knees attacking her cunt and clit with his mouth and tongue. She squealed behind the gag when he assaulted her cunt with his mouth and tongue. He licked her juices with a wide tongue from her ass to her clit several times until she moaned louder and longer with the pleasure in he pussy. When the cum was cleaned he pushed his pointed tongue deep in her hole touching her hymen. She humped on his tongue trying to take it deeper as she moaned with the pleasure of another orgasm rolling through her body building to the strength of a powerful tidal wave.

He could feel her body tensing with the pending orgasm and licked from her hole to her clit and pressed his tongue hard up and down on her clit. The orgasm blasted her cunt and he bit down on her clit forcing her orgasm to double in power to a bone rattling tremor. Her pussy rammed on his mouth as she tried to scream but her breath was taken from her and all she could do was convulse and squirt cum covering his face and body. The orgasm lasted for ever and she blacked out. She is unconscious moaning and trembling with a continuous orgasm when he stands with his hard on bouncing in front of him. He rubbed the head up and down her open pussy coating it with her cum. He slowly pushed the head into her tight little pussy until it pressed on her virgin barrier. Thinking it will not hurt her as bad if she is blacked out and pushed hard through her hymen. Her pussy clenched and she moaned as he pushed slowly in he cunt letting her slowly stretch to accommodate his big cock.

His balls pressed against her little ass hole and he waited until he felt her love canal accept his cock and started fucking her with long slow strokes. Her head slowly raised and she grunted with each stroke of his cock in her. He removed her blindfold and gag as he fucked her. She blinked and looked into his eyes and ask “What happened, Master” he smiled “I just popped your cheery my little slave girl.” She smiled and looked down to see his cum blood coated cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy. She smiled and squealed with joy. “ Oh thank you, Master. Oooooh you feel so good inside me.” He started fucking her hard, fast and deep making her body swing back and forth in her suspension. With the rapid hard fucking as his pelvic slamming hard on her clit. A powerful orgasm surprised her as it slammed her pussy making her squirt around his cock. She screamed and shook as the orgasm took control of her little body. Feeling his orgasm pushing for release he pulled out. He pushed a finger in her well lubed ass then two fingers to open her up making her orgasm to keep pushing through her cunt flooding her cum through her opening.

He pulled his fingers from her ass and needing to cum himself he slowly pushed his cock in her ass. She squealed with pain and pleasure as he slowly pushed deeper in her ass letting he stretch and accept his cock. When he got his whole cock in her he held still until she moaned with pleasure of the full feeling of his big cock buried in her and she started to hump his cock. He started slowly pumping in and out of her ass with short strokes increasing slowly to longer strokes until he was able to pull out just leaving his cock head in ass and pumping back in. She started to match his strokes humping his cock and moaning louder. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard.. Her moans turned to squeals and her body tensed with a new orgasm and he rammed deep in her tight little ass and emptied his ball deep inside her. Feeling his hot cum in her ass she screamed and squirted soaking his belly, cock and legs. His cock started to shrink and he pulled his semi hard cock from her ass releasing his cum from her ass canal to drip to the mat below.

He lowered her to the mat. She sighed with the relief from the stress in her arms and legs. She lay quietly on her back arms spread above her head and legs spread as her ass and pussy leaked cum on the mat under her ass.

He called Diann telling her to bring them lunch as soon as it is ready. Diann answered telling him lunch is ready and she would bring them lunch with two large teas immediately. She grabbed the tray they had prepared for Master and Angela anticipating the call. She entered with the tray and saw Angela spread eagle on the mat with cum dripping from her holes and smiled as she felt her pussy twitch and get wet. She wished it was her in Angela's place. He told Diann to set the tray on the coffee table and release Angela's ankles as he released her wrist. Angela opened her eyes, moaned and smiled at Diann.

Diann smiled back and ask “ Having fun little sister?”

Angela is too tired to speak so she smiled and nodded her head. He scooped Angela up and cradled her in his arms. She sighed and hugged his neck as he carried her to the couch sitting her down gently. He told Diann to give her a drink while he went into the bathroom. Diann sat beside Angela with her arm around her shoulders and held the glass of tea to her lips. Angela drank about half the large glass of tea without stopping. Diann ask “ How is it going sis?”

Angela replied. “ Lots of pleasure, pain and pain and pleasure mixed.” “ I am so extremely happy. Master called me his little slave girl.” Diann said. “Welcome sister slave.” They giggled and hugged.

Angela recovered with the drink and sat up and looked at the plate of meat loaf, corn, green beans, and biscuits. She looked at Diann and said. “I am so

hungry but I will need to wait for Master.” He emerged from the bathroom

wearing shorts and house slippers. He told Diann she can leave and she went up the stairs back to the kitchen as Master and Angela began to eat their lunch. They leisurely enjoyed their lunch giving Angela more time to recover from her use and fucking. They sat on the couch as he held her close to him, kissed her and caressed her sore body tenderly. Her head lay on his shoulder and she purred like a kitten. He looked at his watch and saw that it was nearing three pm. He ask if she is alright. She told him she is sore very tired but very happy and OK. He told her they were not finished yet.

She looked weakly at him and ask. “Not finished yet, Master?” He smiled.

“Not yet if you are up to it.” She replied “ I am up to it if you wish Master.”

He wanted to know for sure if she can take more and told her to go to the short bench, kneel at the end and lay face down on the bench. It is a low short bench and her pelvic is against one padded edge as her head hung over the opposite end. He called Kim Li with the communicator. She answer and he said. “Kim Li bring Speedy to the play room, please.” She replied. “ As you wish Master”

He blindfolded Angela tied her wrist to the bench legs, buckled a foot wide leather strap around her lower back and the bench ensuring she can not move then he cuffed her ankles to the spreader bar and her thighs to the bench legs. Kim Li came into the play with Speedy the champion German Shepard following her. He pointed behind Angela and Kim Li told the dog to sit pointing to a spot behind Angela he obeyed her command. Angela's pussy is leaking juices mixing the cum from her earlier fucking as her twat twitches.

Kim Li heard Angela squeal with pain as she left the play room leaving the dog with Master. Angela heard Kim Li bring the dog in and tremble anticipating the hardest fuck of her young life. Speedy sat panting smelling the sex wafting from the young pussy in front of him and his cock slid from the confines of his sheath. Master clamped her nipples making her struggle

against her restraints and squeal from the fire in her nipples and more juices dripped from her pussy. She was still struggling trying to shake the clamps from her nips when Master commanded Speedy to lick. The dog drove his nose into her cunt and licked the nectar leaking from her sex.

Angela felt the rough tongue assaulting her clit and pussy and released another hard orgasm making her gush cum on the dogs tongue and face and her body tremble uncontrollably. Master commanded the dog to mount with Angela in the middle of the powerful orgasm. Speedy mounted wrapping his front paws around her waist thanks to the wide leather around her she got no scratches. He rapidly humped at her backside seeking her love hole. She wiggled and his cock plunged in her tight little ass. She screamed “Nooo, Master he is in my ass. It hurts.” Master told her. “ Relax like you did with me.” Speedy pounded deeper and faster in her ass and the pain turned to pleasure and she orgasm with back to back orgasm with cum shooting from her cunt as she moaned and shook under the dog.

Master let him fuck her ass until his knot tried to push inside her tight little sphincter and commanded the dog to back. Speedy stop pounding her ass hole and backed out of her. He stood behind her licking her cunt and ass sending shocks of mini orgasms through her love canal. Master commanded Speedy to mount and he jumped on her again humping again in search of the hot hole for his cock wanting to breed this new human bitch. Master helped is cock in her pussy and he rammed deep in her pussy with the first thrust. Aaaayeee she screamed with the sudden hot fullness in her cunt. Her screams turned to moans of pleasure as he pumped in and out of her cunt. She grunted as his knot banged against her pussy lips. Suddenly the knot pushed in side her opening and started swelling . She screamed “Oooooooooooowwwwwoooo” at the sudden pain of the knot stretching her tight little opening making it feel as if it was about to rip.

She is still cumming as he fucked her fast and deep slamming into her cervix.

Master dropped his shorts, knelt in front of her, pulled her head up by the hair forcing her mouth wide open and pushed his hard throbbing cock into her mouth. She moaned and tried to suck and lick his cock. When he tried to go down her throat she gagged and retched almost loosing her lunch. She sucked air through her nose and swallowed taking his cock head into her throat. She kept trying to swallow and relax her throat until she took his cock deep in her throat with his balls pressing on her chin. He pulled out of her throat letting her take in more air before going back down her throat. He repeated this until he was able to fuck her mouth and throat easily. She moaned and hummed on his cock forcing him to cum down her throat into her stomach as the dog repeatedly shot hot cum into her uterus forcing her to orgasm with the most powerful squirting orgasm yet.

Master pulled out of her mouth as the dog remained knotted in her pussy. Angela orgasm back to back multiple times as the dog knot mashed on her

G-spot each time he tried to pull from her tight clinching pussy. She orgasm so much she had no more cum to release. She whimpered. “ Master I have no more cum and it hurts so bad when he forces me to orgasm.” He commanded the dog to stay and he froze until his not shrank enough to slip from her cunt letting a flood of dog and girl cum to rush like a river to the mat. He commanded the dog to sit on the adjoining mat and untied Angela from the bench. He picked her up removing the blindfold.

Master cradled her in his loving arms carrying her to the couch. He held her in his lap with her arms around his neck and melting into his body with her head nestled against his neck. “Little one how are you doing?” She said.

“ Master, I am so totally fucked ,giggle.” “You showed me that pain is pleasure and pleasure can be pain.” “ You taught me that pain and pleasure mixed is is incredibly great.” “I have been fucked by you and the dog in my ass and pussy.” “You fucked my throat and I got your cum down my throat.” “ I loved everything you have done to me.” “ I am so tremendously happy I can hardly contain myself.”

Master hugged and kissed her and ask. “ Do you want more?” She replied.

“ If you wish Master and I do want more but I don't think I can handle any more right now. I am so dry it hurts to cum.” “I don't want to disappoint you but I have to ask for Mercy. “I am totally exhausted, drained and sore all over. “ He chuckled. “ Tell you the truth little one if you had not ask for mercy I would have. You have worn me out.” She smiled. “ Thank you Master. Have I pleased you? I really tried so hard.” “ little one I am extremely proud of you for your endurance, and love.” “ You pleased me more than I could expect.”

“We are going to take a break but I am going to get one more piece of that fantastic little ass tonight.” She felt chill bumps cover her body at his words.

“I am counting on the bedtime ass fuck. Master.” “ Do you really think my little ass is fantastic, giggle” He laughed. “ Yes, your tight little ass pleases me very much, little one.” He sat her on the couch and put his shorts on, picked her up cradled her in his arms. He carried her up the stairs, down the hall to his bed room. As they went by the kitchen the other ladies stopped working on dinner, turned to look at Master cradling his new smiling slave in his arms.

Janis stepped forward and ask. “Master, are you pleased with your happy new slave?” He looked at Angela with her eyes closed and a big smile and grinned with pride and love for her. “ Yes, I am extremely pleased with my new slave.” They all smiled when they heard Angela giggle. He looked at Elise. “Bring two red gator aid to my room please, Elise.” Yes Master.

“ Kim Li take care of Speedy, please.” “Yes Master. “Monique dinner for two in my room, please.” She smiled “ My pleasure Master.” He took Angela to his room, putting her snugly in his bed and lay with her letting her rest her head on his arm with her arm across his chest.

As he left the kitchen he heard Monique when she turned to the other girls.

“ Sisters, that man is the greatest Master alive.” “ He has made me love him so much that he could punish me by letting me know that he is angry for failing him in any way, small or large.” “If that ever happens I will die of a broken heart.” They all giggle and Janis said. “ We all feel the same, Monique.”

“The many years that he has been my Master has been the happiest years of my life because he is so loving and caring,”

Elise knocked on his door but no answer she quietly opened the door and stepped in. She stood beside the bed looking at her sleeping Master and sister slave. She smiled feeling the love for them. She sat the gator aid on the night stand and quietly left the room closing the door behind her. She hurried back to the others in the kitchen. She had a big smile as she looked at them and said. “I love Master's habit of after care. They are sleeping with Angela in his arms. I cannot wait for my turn in the play room so I can experience his after care. “ They laughed and hugged her. Monique said. “ Sis, anything worth having is worth waiting for and I can say from experience it is well worth waiting for.” “ You will feel more loved than ever in your life.”

Monique looked at Janis. “Dinner is near ready. If Master is asleep should I take them dinner and wake them or let them sleep taking a chance on disobeying Master.” “Oh sis what do I do?” Janis smiled and hugged Monique. “ Sis, Master will not be upset if you let them rest. It appeared they had too much fun in the play room and will have more before the night is over and will need their rest for that.” “If I am wrong I will take your punishment.” Monique smiled with tears in her eyes. “ Sis are you sure your not wanting the after care?” Janis giggled and replied “ Well that would be nice.”

Monique grinned and replied. “ Thanks I will take your advice and if you are wrong I will take my own punishment just for the after care.” Monique kept their dinner warm after the girls had finished dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Near eight o'clock she took their dinner to them. She tapped on the door and heard Master tell her to come in. She saw the two empty gator aid bottles on the night stand and Angel resting under the covers. Master sat on the edge of the bed. He looked at the time and at Monique. “ Dinner is late tonight.” She replied “Sorry Master. We thought you might need to rest up for the finish of Angela.” He grinned. “You are very observant. Thank you we both appreciate your love and concern.” She replied “ Thank you Master for your love and forgiveness.” She took the gator aid bottles and left the room.

Master and Angela enjoyed their meal and relaxed for a while. Master picked her up after taking off his shorts and carried her to the large shower. Her sat her on the pot to relieve herself as he adjusted the shower water. He took her hand stepping into the shower. She hugged him and they washed each other. As she soaped his cock and balls it got hard in her hand. She looked up from her knees, smiled and said “ Master all my holes are yours. Would you like to use them with this beautiful tool?” She let the water rinse the soap from his cock and slid it into her warm wet mouth making him moan. She worked on sucking his cock taking it down her throat until he grabbed her head and pushed balls deep down her throat and shot his cum directly in her stomach.

She felt her pussy twitching and hoped he would still fuck her pussy and ass before bed time. He pulled from her mouth, lifted her and turned her facing the shower wall pulled her ass to him and slid his semi hard cock in her tight little ass hole. She moaned and humped on his cock. He pumped her ass and his cock started to swell inside her. She moaned and humped harder feeling an orgasm swelling in her guts. He pumped until her orgasm blasted her cunt. He pulled from her ass and rammed in her pussy all the way in forcing her to cum harder. She screamed and her legs went limp suspended on his hard ramming cock. He stopped ramming in her and held her up until she calmed and carried her to the bed impaled on his cock. He pulled the covers over them ready to settle in for the night. She humped on his cock and he squeezed her tit. She said. “Master, will you tuck me in?” He laughed and pulled his hard cock from her cunt, crawled out of bed, got the rope and blindfold. She

raised her hands to be tied to the head board together and he blindfolded her.

He moved back on the bed between her spread legs and pushed his hard cock in her eager little ass and fucked her to another orgasm. He rolled to the side with his cock lodged he her ass, pulled her close spooning her, slipping his arm around her cupping her tit. She moaned and snuggled closer to him and relaxed. She said. “Master, Now I know why the other girls like being tucked in. This is wonderful.”

Angela woke with the feeling of Master's cock swelling in her ass. She moaned and slowly moved up and down his cock as it got harder in her ass. He woke with her humping his cock working it in and out of her ass. He smiled and pinched her nipple making her squeal and slam down on his cock driving it all the way in her ass. Her pussy twitched and leaked pussy juice coating her pussy and thigh. He played with her nipple and squeezed her tit as he fucked her as hard and deep making her orgasm come to life in her love canal. She moaned longer and louder the harder he fucked her.

The powerful orgasm rushed to her pussy and she begged “ Master may I cum for you pleeeeeaaasee!” “Yes little one cum when you need to.” She screamed and her body shook hard as cum gushed from her cunt. He turned loose his cum deep in her ass shooting several shots in her. This increased the power of her orgasm and she screamed again. “Eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaagggghhh”

He pushed hard deep in her making it feel like he was in her stomach. They lay moaning and trembling together.

They calmed down and lay against each other relaxing when Janis knocked on the door. He told her to come in. She smiled when she saw that they had pushed the covers from their bodies and lay with is cock buried in her ass and the sheet soaked with cum. Janis sat a breakfast tray on the coffee table as he pulled out of Angela's ass and moved to the bath room telling Janis to release her. Janis untied her wrist and removed the blindfold. Angela looked at her mom and smiled as she scooped cum from her ass and licked it off her fingers.

Janis giggled and said. “Good isn't?” Angela replied “MMMMMM”

Master is in the shower and Angela told her mom that she needs to pee really bad. Janis smiled and pointed to her bathroom. Angela ran to the bathroom.

Master came from his bath and looked for Angela. Janis pointed to her bath.

He smiled. He looked at Janis and ask how everything is with the other girls.

Janis giggled and said. “Five wet pussies and one very very wet pussy.”

He raised an eye brow. Janis said. “Elise has watched and heard the pleasure the other girls have received and it has been so long since she has had any attention. She is practically gushing juices waiting for her turn.”

He told her that Angela was promised a weekend and even though it is not the weekend today is still hers. Angela heard their conversation and walked from the bathroom. She said. “ Master I would like to be used by you every day but you have made me a very happy little slave.” “I love Elise and know what she is going through having to wait her time with you.” “ If you will allow me to I will give up today for Elise to experience your love.”

He chuckled. “ Are you sure you want to do that?” “Yes Master as bad as I want to continue my time with you I know how Elise must be suffering.”

He hugged her and told her she is as considerate and unselfish as her Mom and he is very proud of her. He looked at Janis.” Have you other girls had breakfast yet.” “Not yet Master. They are waiting for me to join them.”

He told her. “ Take the tray to the dining room” “Angela and I will be there shortly.

He got a large T-shirt and slipped it over Angela, hugged and kissed her as Janis went to the dining room. The other girls were seated at the table when Janis walked in with a big smile and put Master's and Angela's plates on the table. She told them Master and Angela are on there way for breakfast. They jumped up from the table and assumed position shoulder to shoulder knees spread, hands behind their backs and heads down. Master and Angela entered hand in hand. Angela quickly assume her position on her knees next to her sister slaves.

He smiled and went to them and knelt on one knee in front of Kim Li and put his hand under her short skirt on her naked wet pussy making her gasp. “I see you are ready for your Master.” She whispered “ Yes Master. Always.” He moved to Monique and put his hand on her wet cunt. He put his wet fingers to his mouth licked and smiled she moaned at his touch on her cunt. “Wet for Master?” “Always, Master.” He put his hand under Elise's skirt to discover her pussy and thighs soaked with her juices. He lifted her chin as he licked her juices from his hand. Looking in her Eyes he smiled “ Is my little German slave needing some attention?” She moaned and said “Oh yes Master I am needing your attention so bad.” He smiled. “ Soon my little German slave.” “Thank you master.” He put his hand under Janis's skirt to find her as wet as Elise. He licked his fingers “ You miss me, bitch?” “ Very much Master.”

He slid his hand under Sandra's skirt on her cunt to find another very wet cunt. He grinned. “You miss me too, slut?” she groaned “ So very much Master” He found another very wet pussy under Diann's skirt. He licked his fingers and ask. “Does my little pixie miss her Master?” She moaned and said “ So much it hurts, Master.”

He said. “Thank you ladies for providing me a very tasty appetizer.” “ Lets eat. I am hungry.” The ladies giggled and moved to the table. As he spooned hot sauce on his plate he looked at Monique. “I see you have not forgotten the hot sauce, Monique.” she giggled and said “ Never again, Master. I think of my burning pussy every time I fix your plate.” They all laughed with her.

He said he needed their attention as he has something important to tell them.

They got quiet and looked at him as he told them. “You ladies know that yesterday and today is Angela's time alone with me. She has made me extremely proud of her by displaying her unselfish love for her sister slaves by requesting that I allow her to let Elise to have this day with me if she wants it.” I have granted her request if Elise wants to accept her offer. “

Elise is speechless for a moment then squealed jumping up with joy and rushed to Angela. “Oh I love you so much little sis. Thank you for loving me.” she is crying as she hugged and kissed Angela's cheek. Suddenly she stood rigid looking at a smiling Master. “ Oh I am so sorry, Master. I am so happy I could not control myself.” All the other girls were laughing at her reaction. She went back to her chair and sat blushing.

A few minutes later Elise looked at Angela and then Master. She ask “Master may I make a request?” He grinned and replied. “ You may?” She smiled and said. “If it would please Master I would like to share my time with my little sister that so graciously gave me.” He laughed with joy and said.

“You ladies keep amazing me with your caring unselfish hearts.” He turned to Angela waiting anxiously for his answer. “Little one, I will leave it up to you. Would you like to share time of use with Elise? “ “Oh yes, Master that would make me so very happy. I will still get my time with you and Elise can enjoy it with me.”

He told them it is settled. He will use both of them today. He told Elise that he felt some cunt hair earlier and for her to shave before they met in the play room. Robert called him as they finished breakfast. “Boss we are holding a poacher in detention if you want to talk to him.” Frank replied “ I will talk to him.” Robert said he would pick him up when he said. Frank to him asap. Robert replied that he would be in front in two minutes.

Frank told Angela and Elise to be ready when he calls them and he had some business to take care of but would be back in an hour or two. They both smiled and said “ We will be ready, Master.” and hurried away to prepare for him. Frank went out the front door to a waiting Robert. They drove to the building with bars on the windows at the back of the compound behind the barn area. They walked in the security building to see a man in his mid thirties sitting in a chair in front of a large desk. Luke and Steve stood near by. The man looked up shaking with fear.

Frank turned to Robert. “ What is his story” Robert said the man told them he was hunting for meat to feed his wife and kids. He is unemployed and is family is hungry. Robert said they had ran a check on the man and found he was laid off his job of 10 years due to cut backs at the company where he worked. The company confirmed his story saying that he was a good employee with a good work record. Always efficient, reliable and he does in fact have a wife and three small children. He has been unemployed for the past three months. His name is Tommy Morino.

Frank sat behind the desk. “Mr. Morino, are you looking for a job.” “ Yes sir I have not been able to get anyone to hire me.” “ How did you get into my property.” he shakily said. “ I had to cut the fence, Sir.” Frank looked at Robert and was told that the ranch foreman had been told of the cut fence and where it was and a crew is repairing it now. Frank told Morino that he understands wanting to feed his family and will help him. He ask Morino if he wanted a job. The reply was that he would be most grateful.

Frank looked at Robert and ask about food supply on the place. Robert told him that he has a complete stock of food and meat in the commissary maintained by a three person staff. He told Robert to assign somebody to get Morino a month supply of food and meat and take him to his vehicle. He told Morino that he is letting him go with food for his family and he would be contacted about employment in the next few days.

Frank used the communicator to call Butch Gass, the ranch foreman. Butch answered “ Yes sir Mr. Brown.” Frank ask “ Butch, do you have an opening for another ranch hand?” “Yes sir we can use another three men.” “ I have a man for you. He will be here tomorrow. What time do you want him.” “ 6 am boss. He looked at Morino and told him he has a job and to be at the front gate at 6:45am tomorrow. Morino smiled thank him and extended his had to shake Franks hand and Steve grabbed his arm before he got it over the desk.

Frank looked at Steve and told him it alright. Steve released Morino's arm and Frank shook his hand. He ask Frank to take him back to the mansion.

On the way he told Frank he wanted to meet the people working on the estate starting with the security unit when it can be done without interfering with their duties.

I apologize for getting carried away writing this story making it so long. If you wish the story continues in chapter 9

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