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This is the beginning of the story about Frank and the effect he has on wife Janis and his three step daughters. He had no idea what desires would be created in his step daughters from the relationship He and their mother had together.
Step Daughters' Desire chapter 1

The first two chapters of this story are true and meant to set the stage for the fantasy part of the story where Frank's three step daughters want to experience the sexual pleasures that they think their mother has enjoyed for years with the very loving, protective man which has giving them a good home and life that is their step dad.

This is the story of Frank, wife Janis, and three horny step daughters. Frank's step daughters ages twenty, eighteen, and sixteen wanting to experience the sexual pleasure their mother had with Frank.

Frank was 6 ft, 190 pounds, dark brown wavy hair, blue eyes, a smile that would melt any woman's heart and bigger than average size cock.

Janis was a petite brunette, 5'4” tall, 110 pounds, 34-B tits, beautiful legs, perfect little ass, a friendly sexy smile and bright blue eyes. The first time Frank saw Janis she was managing a convenience store in a mid size central Texas town. Frank paid for his purchases and bought a lottery scratch off ticket. Stepping to the side while Janis rang up a purchase of a customer. After scratching off his ticket he approached the register asking Janis if she would give him $20 for the ticket. She checked the ticket and politely told him with a smile that his ticket was not a winner.

Frank smiled his intoxicating smile and said “ I just ask if you would give me $20 for the ticket. I never said it was a winner.” Janis laughed and they started talking as the store was empty. Frank took a liking to Janis and wanted to get to know her better. He told her that he had to get back to his insurance office and left. As he was going to the door Janis smiled and ask him to come back soon.

The rest of the day she kept thinking about the tall friendly man that had made her laugh and her day better for it. The more she thought about him the more she felt a tingling in her stomach. She had not felt this feeling since her divorce two years before. After work at the store she started home thinking about Frank. She smiled thinking how good he looked dressed in blue denim wranglers, white shirt, silver belly Stetson hat and black cowboy boots. She knew that he had an insurance office but he dressed like a successful rancher.

He moved with the confidence of a man that would be comfortable in a high society crowd or a group of working ranch hands.

Janis has always been attracted to confident dominant men. She wondered if she would accept a date request from him if the opportunity presented itself.

Frank had a hard time concentrating on work all afternoon for thinking about the pretty petite brunette at the convenience store. Frank being a dominant man accustom to getting what he wanted began thinking about how he could get Janis to go out with him and hopefully having sex with him. This thought made him ask himself if she would be submissive and enjoy his slightly kinky sexual habits. He thought about his ex-wife of 20 years and the times they enjoyed role play involving BD/SM. Frank closed his office at the regular time and headed straight to the convenience store hoping to see Janis again.

He was disappointed to find she had been relieved by, Lynn, an older woman for the day. He asked Lynn when Janis would be back on duty. She smiled and told him when Janis worked. Lynn could not wait until the next day to tell Janis about the tall good looking cowboy asking about her and called Janis at home.

Janis felt some weird excitement from the news about Frank asking about her. The next day at work Janis kept checking the parking lot hoping to see Frank coming in. When she saw him getting out of a pick-up truck she was surprised to feel the heat and moisture in her pussy. Janis felt like a teenager about to get her first date. When Frank entered the store Janis smiled and welcomed him back. When he smiled at her and said he was happy to see her again she felt like she was going to wet her panties. She blushed as he approached. They talked for a little while then suddenly Frank told her she was going to go out with him. Her heart skipped a beat even though it was not a request but a statement as if he did not intend to take no for an answer.

Before she could think about it she replied “Yes Sir” with a big smile and a giggle.

Having two small girls living at home with her they had to set a date for the following Saturday three days away when she could leave the girls with her mother for the weekend. Frank was looking forward to the weekend as much or more than Janis. Finally the day arrived and he picked her up at her home. Frank's eyes became wide and his smile big when she answered the door wearing a thin white blouse, mid thigh black skirt, stockings and high heels that laced up around her ankles. She was absolutely beautiful and very sexy. He felt his cock throb as he told her how beautiful she was.

Janis blushed and thanked him as she felt a tingling in her pussy. She thought about him taking her to his apartment and making love to her hoping he was well endowed in the love tool department. The thought made her blush again. Frank walked her to the pick-up apologizing for not having a car instead of the pick-up. She smiled and said she preferred a rugged cowboy with a truck.

He took her to the nicest Mexican food restaurant in town. They ate a fantastic dinner while the band played soft music in the back ground. Finishing the meal Frank ask what she would like to do now. She wanted to say she wanted to go to his place and fuck all night but instead she told him that he was in charge and she would be happy with anything he decided.

Frank had observed the signs that Janis had a submissive personality even though the was in charge and managed a store with employees under her. Thinking he was right he decided to press on hoping he did not frighten her away. He took her small hands in his and pulled her toward him across the table. Looking into her eyes he told her that he was going to take her back to his place, slowly undress her, kiss her from her neck to her toes and then make her orgasm so many times she will beg for mercy.

Frank saw her face blush red and she swallowed what appeared to be a large lump. She squirmed in her chair and could not take her eyes away from the captivating blue eyes looking into her soul. She found it hard to speak but finally replied without smiling ,even though her heart was beating rapidly and her pussy was soaking her panties, “If that is what you want.”

Fifteen minutes after leaving the restaurant Frank pulled into his drive way, shut the pick-up off, walked around the front of the vehicle, opened the passenger door waiting for Janis to swing her pretty feet and legs out. As her feet swung over the edge of her seat, skirt riding up to the top of her thighs Frank saw the thin black panties covering the object of his desire. He slipped his right arm under her legs behind her knees, pulled her to the edge of the seat wrapping his left arm around her back under her arms, cupping her left breast. He picked Janis up cradling her in his arms he carried her to the front door. Opening the door he stepped inside with Janis in his arms resting her head on his left shoulder. He could feel her shaking and her heart beating rapidly.

Frank carried her into the front room with a couch, a recliner and coffee table in the room. Releasing her legs he stood her in the middle of the room. She stood head down shaking with anticipation of what he was about to do. Her pussy was leaking down the insides of her thighs. He smelled her sex and his semi hard cock started to grow and get harder. Gripping her small chin in his hand lightly he raised her face to look him in the eye. He told her that he did not drink so there is no alcohol in the house but if she wanted something to drink he would get it for her. Janis was so nervous and excited she could not speak but shook her head negatively.

Frank pressed his lips over hers and worked his tongue in her mouth kissing her passionately and she responded with her kiss and tongue. He felt her relax and melt into his arms pressing her body into his. She moaned softly as she felt his hands move down her body to her firm little ass and lightly squeeze each cheek. He continued to kiss her as his left hand moved up over her sides then her breast and began to unbutton her blouse. He released her and moved behind her wrapping his arms around her body as she rested her head on his shoulder. He moved his hands tenderly from her waist up as he pulled her blouse open. She started to breath hard and gasped as she felt his hands push her thin black bra up over her breast releasing them and her hard nipples standing out begging for attention.

Frank tenderly caressed her firm tits lightly squeezing them and teasingly pinching her nipples eliciting a gasp and moan from her each time. Janis felt the sexual heat rising in her body and her pussy as he lovingly played her. Keeping one hand on her breast he caressed her skin from her tits down her body to the button and zipper of her skirt. Releasing the button and zipper letting the skirt slide down her legs to bunch around her feet. Janis felt the cool air on her naked legs and wet crotch of her little black panties sending shivers up her body to her nipples making them harden more. Frank smiled as he felt her wiggle her hips against him and fidget from one foot to the other while moaning and breathing hard making her tits rise and fall in his hand.

He moved his lower hand slowly down her stomach inside her panties. She pushed her pussy out seeking contact as his hand moved over her mound. He pressed his fingers into the slit at the top of her pussy applying pressure to her clit working it up and down. Feeling her orgasm approaching he slipped two fingers inside her wet hot pussy as he pressed his thumb on her clit. She sucked in a hard long breath as her orgasm started to peak.

Feeling her orgasm about to explode in her small body Frank lowered his open mouth over her right shoulder and bit her. She screamed and her body shook violently as the most intense orgasm she ever had wracked through her body sending a flood of cum into her little black panties. Her knees went limp and Frank had to grip her pussy and tighten his arm around her tits to keep her from collapsing to the floor.

Janis felt like she was going to black out as her eyes rolled back and she was hyper ventilating. Frank saw she was about to pass out and picked her up gently laying her on the couch. Frank watched her carefully seeing that she started to breath easier. As she slowly opened her eyes looking up at his concerned face. She said that was fantastic. She smiled then ask him if he was going to fuck her now. Smiling he hooked his fingers in the waist band of her little panties and started tugging them down. She raised her hips letting them slide over her butt. As he moved them past her knees she raised her feet straight up over her hips making it easy to slip the panties over her feet.

Janis started to lower her legs but Frank held them up spreading them wide. She looked at him with a surprised look as he started moving his hands down the inside of each leg followed by his lips kissing and licking slowly from her ankles to her pussy. Each time his lips touched her skin she moaned and pushed her hips up seeking the intimate touch from Frank. His fingers brushed her clean smooth shaved pussy sending an electric charge through her body. She felt the juices leaking from her open pussy and another orgasm building in her groin.

Suddenly Frank pushed two fingers in her pussy as his lips clamped on her clit. She screamed as he crooked his fingers fucking her pussy hitting her sensitive G-spot. Her body convulsed as she held her breath as the explosive orgasm hit with out warning. She moaned and breathed hard for minutes finally coming down from the orgasm. She looked up straight into his eyes.

She smiled then said “ Will you please fuck me now?”

Frank sat on the side of the couch looking into her exhausted face. Smiling he told her to turn onto her stomach and put her hands behind her back. Puzzled she quickly turned and placed her hands at the small of her back. She gasped as she felt the handcuffs close around her wrist rendering her helpless.

Janis felt a mixture of fear, arousal and helplessness. Being helpless under the control of this new man excited her making her pussy leak juices. Frank picked her up and carried her to his bed. Dumping her on the bed face down he stripped giving her the first look at his eight inch thick cock. She gasp and smiled at the big cock. He moved onto the bed and she spread her legs wide before he could tell her to. Grasping her waist at the top of her hips he pull her up to her knees with her head and tits pressed into the bed ass and pussy on display waiting to be taken by her new lover.

Moving between her spread knees Frank rubbed his hard aching cock between her pussy lips. Three strokes over her clit with his hard slick cock pushed her over the edge and she had her third orgasm of the night. He drove his cock balls deep in her slick pussy as she orgasmed. His thick cock filled her like she had never been filled before. Another orgasm hit her before the first one ended. She pushed her pussy hard onto his cock and moaned while she squirted cum on his cock. She breathed hard gasping for air as she continued to orgasm. Frank kept ramming his hard cock deep in her shaking body causing one orgasm after another. Finally he rammed deep and held still as he shot his whole load of cum in her hot slick pussy. She milked the cum from his cock with her cunt muscles until they collapsed on the bed him on top of her small body.

Frank's cock started going soft and slipped from her pussy followed by a stream of her juices and his cum making a large wet spot on the covers of the bed. She said “Thank you Frank. That was incredible.” He smiled with his mouth resting next to her ear. “We are not finished yet my little slut.” The news and him calling her his little slut sent a tingle of pleasure from her tits to her used pussy.

“ For real Frank?” There's more?” Frank whispered “ That's right my sweet little bitch. You have not begged for mercy yet.” and let out an evil low laugh that sent shivers through her. Before she completely recovered from the last series of orgasms he moved reaching into a draw in the night stand he pulled a blindfold and a ball gag. She did not see what he was doing until he slipped the blind fold over her eyes plunging her into darkness. This made her a little uneasy even though she felt a nervous excitement at being more helpless under his control.

She was feeling a little more relaxed when she felt a sharp smack on her ass causing her to open her mouth to yelp with slight pain and surprise. Frank forced the ball gag in her mouth and buckled it tight.

Janis lay face down, legs spread, hands cuffed behind her, blindfolded and ball gagged under the control of a good looking kinky stranger. Thinking that she had submitted to someone practically unknown to her giving him complete control over her. She was a little frightened but it also aroused her feeling like he would not harm her.

He had already forced more pleasure on her than anyone had ever done for her. This thought made her smile around the gag and felt a tingle of arousal rush through her. She felt her pussy pulse and leak more juice. The thought of him telling her he was not finished with her yet excited her even more.

She felt him move down between her legs hoping he had recovered and was about to fuck her again. Suddenly she felt something cool dropping on her ass crack and run slowly down her crack over her little rose bud onto her pussy. She flinched when she felt his finger moving up and down between her ass cheeks pressing onto her tight little rose bud entrance to her ass hole.

She shook her head trying to let him know she was an anal virgin. His finger pressed on her rose bud but did not enter. She clinched her muscles around his fingers as he plunged them into her hot wet pussy. He began to finger in and out of her pussy teasing her clit and G-spot until she was on the verge of another orgasm. She was moaning into the ball gag and pushing her cunt onto his fingers. Just as her orgasm was about to peak pushing her over the edge he pushed the finger resting on her rose bud into her ass to the first knuckle shooting her over the edge and she screamed into her gag as her body jerked uncontrollably as she was hit with the hardest orgasm of the night.

She did not know if it was one hard orgasm or several orgasm strung together but she was on the verge of passing out from the intense pleasure. Frank pulled out of her pussy and drove his ass finger deeper in her forcing more orgasm on her. His finger fucked her ass until he could slip a second finger in by the first sending more pleasure through her ass to her pussy. She was having a hard time breathing small tremors of pleasure pulsed through her whole body for what seemed like hours. When she began to settle back down she realized he had pulled both sets of fingers out of her.

He let her rest a bit. When he thought she could continue he moved down to her ankles and crossed her legs. She wondered what was coming next when he abruptly twisted her legs to the left flipping her onto her back. She felt the leather cuffs as he buckled them to her ankles. She thought he was going to tie her ankles to the lower corners of the bed.

Janis lay on her back hands cuffed behind her, blindfolded, ball gagged, pussy throbbing, ass tingling and her mind racing from all the pleasure forced on her to this point. She felt tired slightly sore and excited. She started to wiggle her little ass wanting him back in her. The next thing she felt was the nipple clamps pinching her nipples sending a mixture of pain in her nipples and pleasure to her pussy. She tried to scream into the gag from the pain in her nipples. Then she heard his soothing voice next to her ear telling her that the pain would go away if she would relax and accept it. She tried to do as he said and the pain started to dull and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Janis squealed when Frank suddenly pulled her left ankle up toward the corner post of the head board above her head and tied it. Then he did the same with her right ankle. This forced her ass up off the bed spreading her legs wide and exposing her ass and pussy to him for easy access. He was hard again and needed to fuck her hard and deep again.

Without any hesitation or warning he moved onto the bed, slid up close to her ass on his knees and rammed his cock hard and deep into her wet hot cunt. She screamed and erupted with another orgasm squirting over his cock. She jerked and her cunt contracting on his cock gripping it as if she was trying to trap him deep inside her. He started fucking in and out of her pussy with long hard fast strokes forcing her to orgasm one after another non stop until he rammed balls deep into her cunt and held tight while he shot cum deep inside her hitting her cervix forcing her to push onto his cock and scream with a brain wracking orgasm. As he shot the last of his cum in her he reach up to her nipples pulling the clamps off. The sudden pain in her nipples as the blood rushed to the ends of them catapulted her into a brain wracking orgasm that lasted until she passed out.

She finally came back to life and lay very still. Frank removed the blindfold and ball gag. He could tell she was exhausted and very satisfied. She looked into his eyes and almost whispered “Mercy” “ I can't cum again. I can't take anymore right now.”

He slowly released her ankles and removed the cuffs. When he ask if she wanted to shower she looked at him with a faint smile and said “ I am too tired to move” He picked her up gently, placed her across the foot of the bed, turned the covers back, picked her up and laid her in the bed resting her head on a soft pillow crawling into bed with her. He held her close spooning her. She felt happy safe and sexually satisfied as she fell into deep sleep in his arms.

When Janis woke the next morning she was in the king size bed alone snuggled under the covers. She giggled and thought what an incredible date.

She thought she had wished for Frank to be the confident dominant type and he did not disappoint her at all. She thought about the bondage and pain.

Something she had never done before and knew that she wanted to do it again. Hoping that he had enjoyed last night as much as she did and would want to see her again. She looked around the bedroom and discovered the bathroom. She slowly moved out from under the covers and went into the bathroom to clean her body. Finishing her shower feeling refreshed she dried on a big fluffy towel and wrapped it around her. Checking the bedroom she found non of her clothes but noticed a large T-shirt on the foot of the bed that was not there when she went into the shower.

She put the T-shirt on with nothing under it. It hung on her like a dress covering her down to upper thighs. She walked from the bedroom thinking about him carrying her into the bedroom last night. The thought sent a tingle to her lower regions and a smile on her face. As she approached the kitchen she smelled bacon and coffee. Janis saw Frank sitting at the end of the kitchen table wearing a long robe. As she walked toward him she saw a plate of hot bacon, eggs, grape jelly, hot biscuit and steaming coffee waiting for her. She moved to his side and leaned down kissing him on the lips. As she raised up she thanked him for a wonderful night and ask if the other plate was for her. He smiled and said he thought she might need it after what he put her through last night.

They sat and ate while talking. He told her that he did not believe in dragging things out. He wanted her to know that he thought she is beautiful, sexy and a fantastic woman but did not know if she had ever experienced bondage sex. She told him that last night was a first for several things for her but that she enjoyed all of it very much. She told him that she would never have believed she could cum so many times and so much in one night. He smiled and ask if she thought she would want to do it again. She almost shouted “ABSOLUTELY” They both broke out in loud laughter at her answer.

END OF CHAPTER 1 story will continue.


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