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Hello people this is a slow story. Please don't read my other 2 stories they are BS. Hope you like it
An Unexpected Lucky Encounter

Chapter 1

As the raindrops slowly started to fall on the window pane where my head rested, I started to feel a cold chill pass through my temple. This certain day was the shittiest of many similar melancholy weeks. The world truly is cruel to lazy people like me.

As I wonder upon the thought of sleeping an extra 5 minutes, my mind finally races toward an escaping thought.

Today's Sunday, she'll definitely be there again

Yup, there goes my chance of having a normal Sunday, I was about to watch the 34the episode of Boruto. But I suppose lady luck had better adventures awaiting me.

I get ready to go to the public library. I lost count of how many Sundays I have wasted going to that forsaken place. This present habit started about 3 months ago, when I decided to kill some time and for want of solace thought no better place to hit other than the library. As I entered the library, I noticed the newly renovated bookshelves and benches. Seems to be a nice touch.

I pick up a book called '101 Facts that definitely won't make your day brighter'. Of course the real title was something else, but thats what I remember. Then after I read the fact that hippo's milk is pink(really?), I saw this girl come and sit across the table from me.

"Mornin'. Did you sleep well yesterday?"

I was just 2 seconds from answering , but thankfully I noticed the earphones sticking under from the black hoodie that mystery girl was wearing. It hid her face pretty well too. She didn't seem to be tall too.

" Yes, I'm on the course of that you sent,uhun, but I - "

She kept talking and I continued with my book. I did see that she was reading some book called,"A Thousand Splendid Suns". As if it wasn't hot enough already.

I did finish my book, I believe the last fact was that the world's largest oxbow river is river Ob in Russia.

Hmm, my life seems more fulfilled now that I know these useful facts or so I thought.

Apparently the heat got to Ms.1000 Suns , and she removed her hood and undid her zip. I noticed that she wasn't speaking to anyone anymore.

As I looked(more like creepily stared) at her, her eyes suddenly caught mine.

Shit, caught in the deed.

She had puppy eyes and long curly hair. Looked nice on her.

"Hey babe, what are you reading?"

A guy who was dressed like the lead guitarist of a flop punk band said from behind her. He rested his hand on her shoulder and yanked the book from her.

"Thousand sun bullshit. Why don't ya come with me and I'll show you some real fun."

She was visibly trembling as if somehow wanting to tell the guy to remove his hand. It was as if her voice just wasn't coming out.

"N-no,no I , I don-n't -"

As she said this with trembling breaths the guy took her hand and was just about to pull her away.

Now, I am no hero, but as a concerned average teen citizen, and the sight of a damsel in distress, I couldn't stay quiet. I stood up from my chair, walked across to the other side to said villain of our story and said,"Hey man, she said no, why don't you leave her alone."

He let go of her hand.

"And what if I don't?"

"You do know who I am, right?"

"Oh no, I don't, so please enlighten me."

"The name's Jake, they call me Piranha around here."

He did flinch for a second.

"Oh yeah, then maybe they ought to call you sardine from now one."

I pulled up my left hand sleeve and showed him my tattoo of a snake coiled around a knife. His face suddenly went lifeless.

"Listen man, I'm so-sorry, please leave me man. I promise you won't ever see me again."

"I'm gonna count to 5, you better get lost till-"

He had of course ran away before I finished.


Sunny girl was trembling as if somebody had run over her. I returned to my seat. I was half expecting her to say anything, but she didn't.

Anyways I started another book called,"How to survive in the wilds(Dummy Version)".

Great, another useful book.

I absorbed myself in the book and had just learned how you can drink your own piss to survive.


"H-hey, t-thanks for, um, helping me out there."

She said so while standing right beside my chair. I stood up, towering over her by at least 4 inches.

"No prob, I just can't stand bastards like that."

Her cheeks were bright red, and she was looking down towards her feet.

"I-I wanted to, un , tell you something."

She motioned me to bring my head down. I thought she wanted to whisper something.

She got on tiptoes and kissed my cheek.


She rushed away from me and raced towards the door. And I standing there like a dumbass began to smile.

What a sweet girl. Maybe playing hero has it's perks too.

Later I was about to find out that there are a lot of perks to it. Anyway after that I would consecutively go to the library to the same table every Sunday. It took a while for her to open up, but she eventually started opening up to me. Her name was Kat,short for Katherine. Apparently she was super shy even with me and had troubles sometime to speak her mind to a person. The punk was from her school and was disturbing her for quite some time. But he didn't disturb her anymore. As to the tattoo that's another story for another time.

As I would go to the library each Sunday she would smile a bit, and blush crimson saying,"Mornin' Jake."

And I would casually reply,"Good morning to you, Kat."

After that we would talk about anything, she would tell me about the story of the book that she was reading and I would just smile like a fool.

As I was visiting the library each Sunday, I decided to get a part time job there as an assistant librarian. All I had to do was manage a shift of 5 hours every weekday, and full days on Saturday and Sunday. The job was boring enough but I just had to sit there and would occasionally watch some anime as well. At least I got paid for it.

Jumping back to the present, I was walking fast to the library with an umbrella, the rain was not giving up just yet. As I entered the library I noticed that there were not a lot of people there today.

Of course without any doubt I knew Kat would be there at least. By my luck, she wasn't there.

Hmm, she must be busy with something.

I sat down behind the librarian's desk and started watching Boruto. After watching a few episodes I started reading random books. This went on till it was dusk and the sun had almost set.

"Hey, sorry I wasn't able to make it today.",she said standing in front of the desk, dripping wet from head to toe. She was breathing hard almost as she had ran over here.

"It's no biggy. Why don't you sit down and remove your hoodie, you might catch a cold."

"Sorry, but I gotta go home. Maybe next Sunday?"


She turned around and started walking towards the door.

"Hey Kat, wait, you don't have an umbrella do you, let me drop you home, my shift just got over."

I locked up the library, left the key in the designated place and joined up with her.

She didn't say anything but didn't have to too. I hesitantly wrapped my arm around her while walking. She welcomed the heat and rested her head on my chest. No words were spoken in the entire walk. It felt good, no words were actually needed.

It took us about 20 minutes to.reach her home.

"Thanks a lot Jake."

"No prob.",I said blushing like a fool.

"You now maybe we should hook up sometime."

"You don't know slang, do you? I think you mean hang out, hook up means to have sex."

"Oh," she blushed and looked somewhere else.

She entered her house and from inside said,"Then maybe we should hook up some time later.Goodnight Jake."

She closed the door.

For sure, Kat, for sure.

She indeed turned out to be the sweet devil herself.

The rain eventually stopped sometime at night.

I got worried when she didn't come the next Sunday. This wasn't like her at all. I decided to stop by her house in the evening.


I knocked on her door. About 5 minutes later she opened the door, she was wearing a white T-shirt and pink jams.

"Hey you, you didn't come today. I got worried you know."

She was visibly sick.

"Yeah, I wasn't feeling well today. I jus-"

Saying that she collapsed outwards on me. I caught her and damn she was hot. No, I mean her body was literally burning. I took her inside, closed the front door, somehow find her bedroom, made her lie down in bed. I pulled up the blanket on her. I gave her some medicine that was right beside her bed. Then I got a small towel and some water. I let the cold wet towel on her head work on whatever it does. I was considering on whether to go away or stay.

What if she gets more serious, I should stay here.

I sat down beside her bed on a stool, turned off the lights and for sometime just saw her face while she was sleeping.

Damn, she's cute.

Soon enough I fell asleep on the foot of her bed.

Sometime in the night she got up and I awoke too.

"Are you feeling,ok? I thought you might get serious and decided to stay the night."

She was gasping almost like she had a nightmare or something.

"Anyways I think I should get going."

She caught my hand,"P-Please don't go. Stay with me."

She looked quite afraid.

Damn, what should I do.


I slipped out of my jacket and took my shoes off. She pulled me into her bed, under the blanket. I then faced away from her and tried to sleep. But it seems she had other plans.

She wrapped her hands around me and legs on mine too.

My heart was racing like crazy. She wasn't making it easy too. Her hand somehow found it's way under my T-shirt and she started running it all over my abs. She kept it there for sometime and then suddenly took it down towards my tool.

I caught her hand and removed it.

Two can play this game.

I faced toward her, got on her, pinned down her arms with mine.

She was clearly flustered and horny as fuck.

"What are you doing,Jake?",she said in a sweet innocent voice.

"Just what you want."

I kissed her, she too took up the initiative and we're sucking each other's lips in no time. My dick wasn't going to keep still either, it got hard and touched near her clit.

"Unhum, unhun , suck my tongue."

She took her tongue out and I sucked on it as if it was liquid sugar. Great sloppy kisses, wet and sweet. We started getting hot soon enough.

I broke our kisses and took off her shirt. Of course she didn't have anything under it. Her nipples were hard and her breasts were big too. I started to suck one while using my hand to play with the other.

"Unnnhhh, yeeaahhh, keep going,ohhhh feels so fuckin' good. Ah, ah unnnh, ah yeah. Don't stop, keep going."

When was pulling my head even more on her breasts as I played with them using my tongue, her skin was smooth and soft and her breasts were soft like jelly but firm. I used my teeth to bite on her nipples just a bit, coating them with my saliva, as she continued to moan in ecstasy, telling me to go on.

I switched to the other one.

"Oh, ah yea, keep going, I wanted to do this since the first time I saw you. Ah yeah, nobody gives a fuck about me, but you're so sweet. Allow me to share with you too."

She got up and made me lie on my back. She slowly undid my zip and took of my pants. She was blushing like a red tomato when her eyes met mine.

She was about to such my dick, but I grabbed her shoulders.

"Kat, I want you to know that you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

She pushed me on the bed.

"I want nothing else but this. You are mine now."

She knelt before my cock which was now fully erect and ready to go. She started off by giving it a little kiss. Slowly lowering her wet lips on it. She then started sucking it up and down, gradually lowering her mouth and making slurpy noises.

"Ah, fuck."

She let the dick out of her mouth and gave it a kiss.

"You like?"

"I love."

I got up,pulled her pajamas down,and threw them on the floor. I then got her in 69 position and readied her pussy to get eaten. She started giving me a slurpy blowjob again. I lowered her pussy on my face and started to lick it with my tongue. She gave out an instinctive moan and arched her back. I continued lapping up her clit like a dog drinking water. She was moving her bubble butt up and down on my tongue as well, all the time making slurpy sounds and moaning as hard as she could.

"Kat, I'm about to come."

"Me,too. Let's do it at the same time."

She started giving me a fast and long blowjob, while I hungrily ate her pussy, while using my thumb to rub her clit.

She suddenly arched her back and I too ready, letload after load of hot cum in her mouth as she pushed her pussy on my mouth tring to take my tongue even deeper. She came too and I lapped up her sweet juice, it tasted quite sweet and I didn't waste even a drop. After swallowing up all my load she cuddled up back to me and we started kissing again.

"That was so hot. You are so hot."

"I can't say anything less to you. I really like you Kat."

"So do I Jake."

She ran her hand over my abs again while I kissed her in my arms.

"Nobody has ever cared so much about me."

"Then they we're stupid maybe. You're precious to me, I care deeply about you."

"You are going to make me melt.",she said while blushing again.

"You know this night is far from over. So we could...."

"Oh, you mean we will, right?"

"Definitely, if you want to."

"It will be my first, I want to do it with you."

Shit, I don't have any condoms.

She must have noticed my dilemma.

"I'm on the pill, so don't worry."

"Ok then."

I made her lie down on the bed and got on top of her.

"Remember, just say it and I'll stop. It'll just hurt for a second."


I placed my dick just in front of her virgin pussy and slowly started to insert it in her. She grabbed my hand and I went even deeper. I could see the pain on her face. I was half inside of her. I kept it there so she could grow accustomed to my size. I kissed her passionately and pushed it all in. She let out a whimper and tears formed in her eyes. I kept my dick inside her, cupped her face with my hands and kissed her again. The pain slowly went away.

I took it out and pushed it in again. She gasped and said,"Umm, it's big. Please don't stop. Yes,yes, slowly keep going. Give me more."

I slowly upped the pace and was soon giving it to her full on. She moved her hips and met my rythm. Allowing me to go even further inside. Now she was moaning and the pleasure was now flowing through her.

"Oh,yes, keep it going,unhuh, so big, so ggooodd. Oh, fuck Jake,give it to me, don't stop. Feels so good. Oohhh, ahhhh, unhuh, unhuh fuck , fuck!!!"

She arched her back and convulsed as I kept on pounding her. It was as if her pussy was pulling me more and more inside of her.

Her pussy got tight and she was moaning as hard as she could.

"Keep on going, ohhh please don't stop, once more, c'mon harder."

I lied down in my back and allowed her to straddle me. She grabbed my hands and was jumping in my cock like crazy. I soon also started pounding her from beneath and she let out a shrill series of lusty moans.

"Oh fuck, feels so good,keep going ,uhhh yeah, uhhh yeah uhuh unhmmm!!!"

"Kat, I'm about to come!"

"Don't stop, don't stop, more , fuck me more!"

With all the strength that I had I pound into her back and forth like a jackhammer and twitched her nipples for extra effect.

Again, her back arched and she came with a scream.

"Oh yes, ohh fucckiinngg yes, uhhhh,oohhh!!!!"

I put load after after load in her pussy as it clenched me even tighter.

Tired and spent out she collapsed in to my arms, I took her inside the blanket and put my arms around and she snuggled in deeper putting her head on my chest.

Slowly we both caught on to sleep in the cold night. Both of us spent and happy that we met each other.

End of Chapter 1

Hello guys, I am a small time writer, this is my third story, the first we're unintentionally just BS so don't read them. Positive and negative criticism is accepted. Please tell me how you like it. If it's good tell me what makes you like it, and if it's not, what's not good in it.

Bye for now.


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Will do bro!!


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cum on man, the other stories started out ok, so keep them going. i like this one too. more plz

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