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Part one of a possible series.
Chapter one

"Can you hand me a towel please?" Brad asked Cassie, his twin sister. Cassie was at the sink brushing her teeth, Brad was in the shower. He just shut off the water.

"Yeah, just a sec-" she answered, as she spit into the sink and rinsed her toothbrush off. She grabbed a towel, that she brought for herself, from a hanger on the back of the door. She turned around just as Brad was pulling the shower curtain open. His body dripping wet from the shower.

"You gotta remember to bring your own towel when you shower." Cassie said as she handed him her towel. There was only one hook in the small bathroom. The towels were kept in the hall closet.

"Yeah I know. Sorry. And thank you." Brad replied, taking the towel from Cassie.

Growing up together as twins, this wasn't out of the ordinary. Mind you, they never flaunted or made an effort to be naked around eachother, but nudity in passing, like changing clothes and showers and walking to bedrooms, didn't seem out of place to them. These situations became more common since they moved in with their Grandma. Their mom had gotten sick quite a few years back and their slum of a father took off. They all moved into their grandmother's small two bedroom, one bathroom house. Their grandpa had been gone for awhile. His life insurance paid off the house. Their grandma continued to work part time and took care of their mom and them. They shared a room with their mom. Their mom passed away a few years ago, leaving their grandmother their sole guardian. She continued to work to support them all. Both Brad and Cassie shared a room now.

"You better have left some hot water for me." Cassie said, as Brad dried himself.

"I left enough for you to have a quick shower or else we will be late." Brad said, stepping over the tub side. He wrapped the towel around his waist.

"If we are late, its always your fault!" Cassie said, stepping to the side so Brad could get his toothbrush.

"Yeah right!" Brad laughed sarcastically.

Cassie walked over and started the water. She took off her tanktop and pajama pants that she had worn to bed. Stepping under the water she turned slightly to pull the shower curtain closed. Catching the reflection of Brad's face in the mirror. She couldn't tell 100%, but it looked as if he was watching her as she got in. She pulled the curtain closed and the falling water cascaded down her body. She heard Brad brushing his teeth at the sink. She shampooed and conditioned her long blonde hair. She then put some body wash on a loofah and got it sudsy. She ran the loofah all over her upper body. She heard Brad leave the bathroom. She then moved the loofah lower across her stomach and around her smooth pussy and tight bum. She was active on the rugby and volleyball team at school. Though she was shorter then most of the girls, she was fit and steardy. She continued washing her legs. After rinsing the loofah off she stepped under the water to rinse off. She played with her nipples as she ran her fingers over them. They hardened slightly from her touch. She cracked a smile. She ran her hands down her wet stomach. She had a mostly flat tummy. Just a bit of mass right where needed to give her a healthy look. She slid her fingers over her puffy pussy lips. She shuddered a bit from the attention. Sliding her fingers up her slit. She shared a room with Brad, and didn't get much 'alone' time. So she made sure to make the best of the time she did have to herself. Just as she slipped her finger in to about the second knuckle the water went from warm to cold, pretty drastically. She shook and quickly removed her finger and shut the water off with a huff. She pulled the curtain back and stepped out onto the bath mat. From her rush, she forgot to get another towel from the linen closet. She shivered slightly, it was late fall and the old cottage style house didn't hold the heat in very well. She rung her hair out over the tub. Turning back she scurried out of the bathroom. She stepped quick but took small steps so she didn't soak the floors, or slip. She went down the hall and her grandma, Mary, turned the corner.

"Now what are you doing young lady?" She asked, more concerned about the wetness then the nudity of her grand daughter.

"I gave Brad my towel and forgot to get another." She huffed. Her grandmother got a towel from the hall linen closet, handing it to Cassie.

"Thanks. I'll wipe up the floor after I get dressed." Cassie said, accepting the towel and began patting herself dry.

"I'll get it Cass, you better get going or you'll be late." Mary said, in a loving way. She kissed Cassie on her cheek, as she passed.

Cassie loved her grandma. She gave, and does, so much for Cassie and Brad. After all the family stuff that went down, Cassie loved having such a caring and strong role model to look up to. Her grandma was also very 'young' at heart. She is super open to the current world. She was a free spirit. That's part of the reason nudity was not a big deal. She would talk and confront any issues or concerns about anything that Brad and Cassie brought up, or even tried to hide. Somehow Mary always found out and approached them in such a way, they questioned why they ever even tried to hide it in the first place.

Back in Brad and Cassie's bedroom, Brad paced back and fourth cursing himself slightly. He discarded the towel on a nearby chair. He was upset with himself. Uttering to himself 'She's your sister you dumb idiot.' he wasn't sure if he said it outloud or just in his head. He stopped his pacing, looking down at his semi hard dick. Taking a huffed breath he quickly went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. 'Ugh' he groaned, definitely more audible than anticipated, as he shuffled through the top drawer. It held his and his sister's underwear. His thoughts went to to the fact that his sister rarely wore underwear, and because of the cramped space in the room, he shared his underwear drawer with her, since she only had about a dozen pairs. But because she was selective with her underwear they were all very nice panties. Lace, bright colours. Thongs, G-strings and a few bikini and boy cut. He dug to the side and grabbed a pair of his own boxer briefs. He pulled them out. Realizing his semi has now groan to almost a full boner. He continued to curse himself about getting hard, from being naked infront of his sister and peeking at her nude body as she started showering. Now from seeing her panties, his mind pictured her wearing them. He even purposely didn't get a towel for himself, knowing he could get Cassie's and she would have her come to their room fully naked and wet. He shuddered, shaking his head, balancing his thoughts of horniness and guilt. He pulled up his boxer briefs and readjusted his boner as he heard his sister walk in behind him. He blinked slow and took a deep breath, feeling even more guilty. But he couldn't help himself and turned around to view the naked girl. Just as he turned around a wet towel smacked him in the face.

"Thanks for the towel." She said sarcastically as she stood before him in the room. She tilted her head in a cocky way as she was pleased that she was able to throw her wet towel and hit Brad just as he turned. She tried to look irritated but cracked a smile from his jump when the towel hit him. She wasn't actually upset with him, just wanted to make it seem that way. Her smile turned into a bit of a giggle. She was still naked, but dry now. Brad tried not to but he looked up and down his sister's body, her smooth, shapely legs, her clean puffy pussy lips, her curvy stomach, her plump breasts, and erect nipples. He clenched his teeth, forcing himself to look away, trying to not stare.

"What's wrong?" Cassie asked, sensing his distraction.

"I'm not actually mad, its just cold in this house, and I was quite wet." She added, trying to ease him, but in fact, was doing the opposite.

Brad tried to compose himself.

"Sorry." Was all he could muster out.

"Ok. Well. I'm super naked, so I'll get dressed quick and I'll be ready to go." Cassie said, trying to make a joke to no avail.

"Ok." Brad responded. He quickly pulled on a pair of jeans, keeping his back to his sister so she didn't see what affect she had on him. She viewed his butt from behind. With his tighter underwear, he had a nice muscular butt. She took notice of how he had gained more muscle definition. Though he wasn't into sports, he kept up on physical activity when he could. She walked over to the dresser. She got a pair of warmer leggings out. Pulling them on. Getting a bra and a long sleeve shirt also. By this time, Brad had gotten his t shirt and a hoodie on. Now more dressed, he turned to go back to the dresser to get some socks. Cassie was just clipping her bra on and adjusted her breasts. The bra held her breasts up nicely, revealing the perfect amount of cleavage. Brad took notice but drew his view away, grabbing a pair of socks from the drawer.

"I'll go warm up the car." He said in a mumble, as he turned to leave. Cassie felt uneasy about his mood this morning, but shrugged it off, maybe they'll talk later, she thought. She pulled on her shirt and also got some socks on. She went to the front room of the house. Brad was sitting on a chair tying his shoes. Cassie slipped on a pair of boots. Mary came in, handing them both a breakfast sandwich.

"Don't forget breakfast darlings." They thanked their grandma. She kissed them both on their cheeks, grabbing their bags they went to the car. Brad got in to drive. Cassie got in passenger seat. They began their drive to school.

"So." Cassie broke the silence, once they got a block away.

"How's life?" She asked.

"Uh, good. Ms.Fuller is still on maternity leave. So we've just been watching SciFi movies in science. So that's been cool." Brad said. He felt more relaxed now that they had left the house and were both dressed. It was easier for him to think about other stuff.

"Awe, lucky." Cassie responded.

"Well it's fun once and awhile but it seems pointless to go to class when we aren't learning anything." Added Brad. Brad took his studies seriously. They were in their last year of highschool and he was planning to go to university for engineering. Cassie got good grades but she was undecided of what to pursue post-secondary.

"So, what was up with you this morning?" She asked rather bluntly. The two siblings were very close, especially since the family trauma. They shared most everything. Not much was hidden between them.

"Ah, I don't know. Just overthinking stuff I guess." Brad stumbled out a response. He wasn't as open as Cassie. He wasn't surprised by her question, but it ussually took a bit of prying before he opened fully up.

"Overthinking what?" Cassie asked kindly.

"I don't know, life, other stuff." Brad kept his answers short, typical. But Cassie knew he would eventually share. Good thing they had a bit of a drive to school.

"Girls?" Cassie asked.

"Kinda... I guess.." Brad replied.

"Is it Shawna? Or Torey?" Cassie asked.

"Kinda, not really." Brad said back quietly.

"Just be honest Brad, why are you so secretive all of the sudden?" Cassie asked, prying more.

"I don't know. Maybe that's the point." Brad started to speak, Cassie cut him off.

"What point?" Cassie interjected.

"Well, I don't know. Just thinking about us getting older and stuff. Maybe I'm just wondering when things can, or should, change.." Brad stumbled, trying to explain.

"Like what 'stuff'?" Cassie asked soothingly, sensing his discomfort.

"Promise you won't judge?" He asked, looking towards her momentarily.

"When have I ever judged you? I want to be able to talk about anything with you." Cassie said with a smile.

Brad took a deep breath. Cultivating his response.

"Like let's be honest. We are pretty much adults. We have come a long way since we used to bathe and run around naked together, but we got to an age where that didn't happen anymore. This isn't anything 'new'. Ok? Like things change and my mind goes places and... Like... should we add more privacy between us?" Brad asked, with a deep breath, after his long winded response.

"Oh." Cassie simply replied, thinking about a more in depth response.

"I never really thought it'd become an issue. Like, being in such a small house, it became habit. Like, we know what we both look like naked. Never thought anything was wrong with that." She sadly added.

"Well it's not 'just' that.." Brad said, almost in a whisper.

"What do you mean?" Cassie turned and asked him.

"Like, we're getting older and things are changing and stuff.." Brad mumbled.

"You're afraid of me seeing you get a boner?" Cassie asked, rather abruptly.

"Well, umm. Uh.." Brad tripped over his words.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed, it's totally normal. I know sometimes it just happens. I won't like scream in fear or anything." Cassie said half sympathetically, half jokingly.

Brad huffed in embarrassment.

"But beyond that too." He said in a desperate plea to change topic, but felt like he dug himself deeper.

"Ohhhh..." Cassie exaggerated, followed by a snicker.

"What?!" Brad said back in defense.

"You want privacy to Jack off." Cassie said matter-of-factly.

"Whoh, I-ah, uh.." Brad stumbled out in submission.

"Why haven't you just told me that you want some 'alone time'?" Cassie asked.

"Well I wouldn't have known how to bring it up." Brad admitted.

"Just pull me aside, look me in the eye, and say, Cassie, I'm horny and I want to masturbate." Cassie said, followed by a small laugh, imagining the scenario.

"Well it's not as simple as that." Brad said reluctantly.

"Sure it is. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone masturbates. I know living in such close quarters makes its difficult. But that's why we need to be honest and upfront with eachother." Cassie explained.

"It's just hard." Brad exhaled.

"I know, so that's why you gotta take care of it, haha!" Cassie laughed from his choice of wording, nudging him.

"I didn't mean it like that." Brad huffed.

"I know bro. But we just have to keep being honest with eachother. We can't let age draw us apart. This is just the stuff we are currently going through in our lives. No different from previous struggles. Just this ages struggles." Cassie said, seemingly making a good point.

"We?" Brad tossed back to her.

"Well yeah. I masturbate too!" Cassie said proudly.

Brad gave a quick glance with an eyebrow raised. But then he felt that familiar feeling in his pants. His dick was waking up to the conversation. It twitched a bit, constricted by his underwear. He started to curse himself in his mind for getting turned on by the thought of his sister masturbating. He shook his head and brushed his guilt away. 'It's a natural bodily function. You haven't cum in awhile. Don't stress out' he thought to himself. He calmed his nerves down, but his dick still hardened. He just let it. Twitching it in his tight underwear, enjoying the relaxation of it.

"So, from now on, we will be upfront and let eachother know. If you prefer we can use code, incase we are around others. And it might make you feel a bit more comfortable." Cassie planned aloud.

"Code?" Brad laughed a bit.

"Yeah, like a word, or phrase. Like pineapple, avacado, doing the dishes.." Cassie listed off.

"Ha! Those seem a bit out of place. You don't think it would be more obvious?" Brad asked.

Cassie shrugged.

"Hey Cassie, I'm gonna go avacado, so don't come in the room for a bit." Brad mocked.

"Ok, so maybe that's not the best example. But you know what I mean." Cassie laughed back.

The car went silent. Not awkward, but both Cassie and Brad thought about the conversation. They pulled into the student parking lot at the school. Brad parked the car.

"Well, brainstorm some ideas for 'our code' and we will evaluate our ideas on the drive home." Cassie said, trying to make herself sound as intellectual as possible.

"Ha, ok." Brad said in response as they got their backpacks and headed inside.

They bid their 'see you laters' and headed for their lockers and first classes.

Cassie daydreamed through most of her classes on what to call their 'personal alone time'. Brad on the other hand, daydreamed about the actual act. He couldn't help but get horny throughout the day, thinking of being able to masturbate whenever he wanted. He also got excited knowing his sister would be masturbating too. Everytime he thought about his sister, he pictured her naked body, sprawled out as she fingered and rubbed herself. He clenched his teeth again and would shake his head, trying not to get horny about her. He would picture his crush, Shawna, masturbating, but he had never seen her naked, he knew what his sister looked like naked. So it was more along the lines of his sister's body, with Shawna's face. He still felt guilty about it, but he wasn't as upset with himself.

After school was over Cassie rushed quickly to pack up and get to the car. She go to the car before Brad. She used her set of keys and got in the car. There was a cold fall breeze that blew. As she sat down her phone buzzed. It was a a text from Brad.

'I'll be a few minutes late. I have to go see Mr.Allan.'

Mr.Allan was a guidance counselor, Brad had been meeting with him regularly about university applications.

'ok' Cassie texted back.

Cassie reclined the car seat and relaxed waiting for Brad. Her mind went to what she was going to talk to him about on the way home. She got excited about the idea. Then, for the first time, she realized the implications of what she was doing. She was talking to her brother about his, and her own, masturbation experiences. She felt weird about it momentarily. It wasn't a big deal that they masturbated and knew eachother did, everyone does. But she realized that they will know when eachother is doing it. She smiled to herself nervously. It was a weird balance of excitement and anticipation and what should have been disgust, but wasn't. She felt a tingle between her legs. She pulled her phone out and without thinking much about it, opened her browser and searched 'masturbation'.

She looked up and around the car, the parking lot was pretty empty now. A few people out walking around but because she was reclined, her phone was out of view, even if someone was right outside the window. She looked back at her phone. She wasn't really sure what she was looking for by searching that, but thought she would let her mind wander a bit. The first thing that popped up was a definition.

'Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm.'

Next were quite a few links to videos. She thought about it for a moment but not knowing how much time she had, she opted to click the 'images' tab instead. Her eyes widened and her pussy almost instantly got wetter at the sight of the images. Her screen was littered with close ups of dicks and pussies. She scrolled slowly looking at the details of the photos. Hard dicks sticking straight up. Some dripping or shooting cum. Girls with their legs spread and fingers rubbing their slick folds. Fingers buried deep. She even looked long at some photos where girls had small to large dildos stuffed into their pussies. She loved the expressions on the girls faces. Cassie squeezed her legs together tightly as she was getting very wet and her pussy tingled more and more. Her lack of underwear added to the sensitivity. She then saw a picture that really caught her attention. It was a side view of a girl with her legs spread. Her hand was on her pussy, her middle finger disappeared between her wet folds. Inches away from her mound was a big hard cock. A male hand wrapped tightly around the shaft. It was such a hot photo she thought to herself. Cassie moved her hand down and firmly placed her hand against her own pussy. She could feel the warmth and a pretty large wet spot on the crotch of her leggings. She didn't mind the wet spot because she could change when she got home. She rubbed slowly but with pressure on her covered mound. She could feel the outline of her slit through the wet material. She shuddered with the feeling. She clicked the image and it opened another browser page. A GIF of the image popped up. It was only a short clip but the girls fingers rubbed and her finger penetrated her opening. The hand wrapped around the cock stroked a couple times and erupted cum on the girls hand and mound. Cassie jolted from the sight of the scene. Her pussy tensed and she shook with a miniature orgasm. She moved her hand up to the hem of the leggings, pulling her shirt up a bit. Just as her fingers tucked under her hemline, the driver door unlatched and opened.

She jumped quite violently, dropping her phone. The door opened wider with an obnoxious creak, being an older car. She quickly rearranged her position, closing her legs and moving her hand from her pantline.

"Did I scare you?" Brad asked, with a chuckle, as he climbed into the seat. Cassie moved her seat upright from the reclined state.

"Yeah, I think I was dosing off." She said, lying. She then panicked slightly, not knowing where she dropped her phone. She looked frantically around, more obvious then she wanted to.

"What are you doing?" Brad asked, starting the car.

"I dropped my phone." Cassie said as she looked around the floor. Brad started to look aswell and that made Cassie more nervous.

"There it is." Brad said, reaching his hand between her seat and the center console. The screen was lit up but the phone was sideways so you couldn't see the screen.

"I'll get it." Cassie said, somewhat swatting her brother's hand away and she reached between seats.

"Hiding something?" Brad asked, with a laugh.

"No!" Cassie bit back.

"Prove it!" Brad said daringly, staring right at Cassie, who was struggling to get her fingers between the seat and console to retrieve her phone.

"I was just doing research." Cassie said. She frustratingly groaned and pulled her hand out. Brad then calmingly opened the center console, making more room and was able to reach his fingers down to pinch her phone and pulled it out. He gave her a cocky smile. Cassie reached quick to grab her phone but Brad was able to pull it away. He looked at the screen as the GIF continued to cycle. His eyes widened and his smile grew. Cassie reached and grabbed her phone from his hand, closing the browser.

"Research eh?" He laughed at her.

"Yes! Research for our P.S.E's." she answered boldly.

"P.S.E's?" He asked, confused.

"Yeah. Our Personal Service Excercises." She said with a smile.

Brad looked at her still slightly confused.

"That's what we can call our masturbation sessions. Our P.S.E's. That way if we say it around anyone, it'll just seem like something for school." Cassie explained. Not showing any signs of embarrassment from what Brad saw on her phone.

"Haha, ok." Brad chuckled and started to drive home.

They drove in silence for awhile. Cassie fiddled with her phone, wondering if she dare continue her 'research'. Brad took notice.

"So. Learn anything?" He asked.

"About what?" Cassie asked, taken of guard.

"Your 'research'." He stated.

"Nothing new I guess." She simply answered.

"Oh?" Brad asked, prying for more.

"Why? Do you need a lesson?" Cassie snarked. Not realizing how 'forward' she sounded.

"I think I can handle myself." He answered back. They both laughed at his choice of words. Their laughter subsided, followed by another moment of silence.

"So what do you use?" Cassie asked nonchalantly.

"Huh?" Brad replied.

"Like what do you use when you masturbate?" Cassie asked.

"Uh. My hand?" Brad answered dumbfounded.

"Well obviously! I mean like do you use anything? Like porn or anything?" Cassie asked.

Brad shrugged. Not knowing how to answer. Cassie noticed his reluctance in answering.

"Well I read erotic stories once and awhile." Cassie said. She was always very honest and rarely got uncomfortable.

"Well I guess I've seen some porn. But ussually I just use my imagination." Brad admitted, a bit more uneasy then Cassie. But of all people, he felt most comfortable around her with most conversations.

"What kind of porn do you watch?" Cassie asked calmly.

"I don't know, a bit of everything I guess." Brad said, unknowing how many types of porn there was.

"What do you think about when you use your imagination?" Cassie pryed for more information.

"Girls of course." Brad said quickly.

"Anyone specific?" She asked.

"Not really, just the female body in general." He answered.

"Naked?" She asked.

"Well of course." Brad said with a bit of a nervous chuckle.

"How many people have you seen naked?" Cassie asked.

"Aside from what you've seen in porn." She added.

"Umm..." Brad thought outloud.

"You've seen me naked." Cassie stated.

"Yeah." Brad agreed.

"Have you seen anyone else naked?" She asked again.

"Uh.. no." Brad admitted, almost ashamed.

There was a moment of silence.

"Do you ever imagine my body when you masturbate?" Cassie asked abruptly.

Brad had a moment of fear rush over him. Just earlier in the day he did indeed picture his sister's body. It was someone else's face, but her features none-the-less. He must have taken too long to answer because she asked again.

"Well? Have you?" She asked. She wasn't angry, just curious, and it was obvious by the tone of her voice.

"Uhm." He mumbled, followed by a nervous laugh.

"It's ok if you do. You go with what's in your memory I guess. If that's all you have knowledge of, I can't blame you." She thought outloud. His nerves settled but he felt the familiar feeling of guilt in the pit of his stomach.

"I guess I do kinda feel privileged that my body has that affect on guys, kinda a confidence booster in a way." Cassie spoke her mind again.

"Even if it is me?" Brad asked, still not willing to say if he does or doesn't think of her.

Cassie thought for a moment.

"No, not really. It's weird. But I guess if it's only in your mind, there's no issue with it." She said calmly.

Brad just nodded and smiled to himself, feeling some of the guilt dissipate.

"Who do you think of?" Brad asked, more eased in the conversation.

"No one specific. Just what I can imagine and what I've seen online. Like I've never seen you fully hard, so I can only go by other stuff." She said, having her mind transition back to what she was looking at online. And somehow combined it with their conversation and pictured what her brother would look like hard. Now Cassie knew her brother was a 'grow'er' not a 'show'er'. She's seen him flaccid, his penis was only a couple inches long when soft. She's seen him with a semi and it was about 4 or 5 inches long, but still hung downwardly. She had also peeked at him in the morning when he first gets out of bed. And certain mornings when the room was lit, she acted as if she was asleep and had seen Brad walk across room in his loose boxers or thin PJ pants and saw a large outline sticking straight out or up. She was always curious what he looked like fully hard and naked.

"Where do you ussually do it?" Brad asked, making the conversation more balanced.

"Ussually in the shower. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep, I'll read stories online. Ussually recalling that when I'm in the shower." Cassie answered.

"But I have to be totally honest. Sometimes I'll touch myself when I'm reading the stories while you're asleep." She added, admittedly.

"You masturbate when I'm in the room?" Brad asked, attempting to sound surprised. But he, himself had also done the same when he assumed Cassie was asleep.

"Yeah. Like I stay under the sheets. I didn't think it was a big deal." She said, almost sounding regretful. She thought for a moment if she crossed the line.

"Hmmm. Interesting." Brad answered. Feeling himself get hard again. He shifted a bit to ease the tension. Cassie took notice. Glancing to his crotch. She could see a bit of a tent, but not much, must be because of his tighter underwear. She felt a rush of excitement wash over her as she felt like she was the reason he was getting hard, even if it was her brother.

"What about you?" Cassie broke the silence.

"Umm, the shower sometimes. Or when you are away at a friend's or something." Brad answered. Brad didn't dare admit that he sometimes masturbates when he thinks Cassie is asleep.

They drove in silence for a while. Just as they turned onto their street Cassie spoke up.

"I call dibs on the shower when we get home. Mine was cut short this morning cause I ran out of hot water." She said and glared at Brad.

"Oops, my bad." He said and chuckled a bit.

"I'll allow you to have your P.S.E. time." He added.

"Who said I was going to P.S.E.? And I don't need your permission even if I was going to." Cassie laughed. Brad shrugged and laughed.

He parked the car and they gathered their stuff up and walked inside. There was a note taped to the door.

'Got called into work. There is a lasagna in the freezer for dinner. Lots of love!


"Home alone." Cassie stated after reading the note.

Their grandma worked at a diner part time, but often got called in to cover shifts.

"Well you can go have your P.S.E. shower, I'm going to go relax." Brad said.

"What makes you think I'm going to P.S.E.?" Cassie asked.

"I saw the photos you were looking at on your phone." Brad answered knowingly.

"So?" Cassie answered with some sass.

"And the wet spot on your leggings." Brad said in a cocky way, he smiled and walked to the living room. Cassie dropped her eyes and looked at her crotch. And because of the colour, she could see the wet spot. She felt like she flushed red in blushing. She smiled embarrassed, then went to the back of the house, where the bedrooms and bathroom were located. She went to the bedroom first. She shed her clothes and tossed them in the laundry bin they kept in the room. She looked in a full length mirror on the wall. She looked at her reflection. There's always things people would change about themselves, but Cassie was happy with how she looked. She thought about how she could use her body to affect others. Especially Brad. She arched her back in, pushing her chest up and out and stuck her bum out slightly. She moved her hips side to side and took in the difference in posture. Brad then walked into the room.

"What are you doing? I thought you were going to shower?" Brad asked, looking at her as she 'modeled'.

"What looks better?" She asked.

"This?" She said as she stood how she normally does, maybe a bit more slouched.

"Or this?" Then stood how she was a few moments earlier.

"Umm?" Brad thought outloud.

"Both?" He added. He stared at her and took in her features in more detail then he had in the past. Her perky but larger breasts. Cute pink nipples. He followed her tummy down, it was fit but still had curves. Her hips that curved out to the side and her smooth mound. He couldn't see her pussy lips much, but they were perfectly plump. Gave her a nice bump that looked very attractive. Her soft legs trailed down to her small feet and her toes pinched the carpet lightly.

Brad felt a stirring in his pants. Cassie noticed this.

"Well that's a good thing." She said with a smile. She moved her legs apart. Bending one knee to the side and rolled her ankle around on her toes. She looked down to make sure her legs were parted enough to see her pussy lips. Brad saw her move and couldn't help himself and looked directly at the peak between her legs. He saw the beautiful pink inner folds open a bit and he admired the form of her soft and plump outer lips. He felt his dick swell. He moved to the side so it wasn't as obvious but he didn't know Cassie already took notice of the affect she had on him.

"Ok, well I'm going to go shower. I'll be about 20 min. Just incase you needed to know." Cassie said with a cute giggle, she grabbed her towel that she used earlier that morning and then skip walked out of the bedroom.

'Does she expect me to Jack off? Is that why she told me how long she'll be? Or just so I don't go into the bathroom for that long?' Brad thought, as his mind raced.

Cassie went to the bathroom, hanging her towel on the hook, leaving the bathroom door ajar, not wide open, but definitely not closed. She walked over to the shower, turning on the warm water. She held her hand under the water and made sure the temperature was perfect. She stepped in and pulled the shower curtain closed. She stood under the water and let it cascade down her body. Warming her up. She kept her eyes closed and relaxed. Her mind was then flooded with memory of the pictures she saw online. They cycled through her mind. She used her imagination to picture more situations and scenarios. She felt her pussy tingle and she felt herself get wet, not just from the shower. She spread her legs slightly, she stayed under the water. Her eyes still closed but vivid pictures were consuming her thoughts. Her hand trailed down her wet body and made its way over her smooth mound. She ran her fingers around her plump lips, then slid her middle finger up the full length of her slit. It was slick with her juices, as it contrasted the water from the shower. She shuddered as the sensitivity grew. She thought of the GIF of the cum shot that she saw, just as her finger made contact with her clitoris.

Back in the bedroom, Brad heard the shower turn on. The water ran for a few minutes. He made his way over to his bed. He took off his jeans and sweater and dressed in jogging pants and a t shirt that he had layed on his bed. He noticed he had a semi hard dick but paid not much attention as he was still concerned about his sister's nude modeling moments earlier. He lounged out on the bed. The door to the room was left wide open. It was rarely closed, only when they slept. He laid back on his bed and closed his eyes. He pictured his sister again and he felt guilty as he let his mind replay the images and details he saw. He upset himself as he was growing harder from the thoughts of his sister. In his desperation, he knew he couldn't just forget the scenario, so he decided to try and replace it. He sat up in his bed and grabbed his phone. He searched up 'masturbation' on his browser. He looked at the photos that just earlier Cassie was mesmerized by. He cycled through the images and in a matter of seconds, he was fully erect, around 7 1/2" in length and quite thick in girth. He pulled his pants down to about mid thigh. His hard cock sprang free. He held his phone with his left hand, still scrolling the photos. He wrapped his right hand firmly around his stiff member. He started slow, but eventually quickened his pace as he stroked himself. He scrolled the photos quite quickly as pre-cum dripped from the tip of his swollen head. His hand firmly gripped around his shaft and he stroked, his now slick, dick. Feeling the firmness. He hasn't been this hard in awhile. Maybe from the new found freedom, maybe from the knowledge of his sister, but either way, he was rock hard.

Cassie breathed heavy as she rubbed and probed her pussy in the shower. She pictured the photos and GIF she saw earlier. She really focused on the GIF of the cum shot. She was always intrigued by cum shots. She loved the way a dick looked as it twitched and shot spurts of white goo out. The way a dick would tense up and bob up and down as it shot its load. She's only had experience with what she'd seen online or with her brother and one time in her last year of elementary school a classmate showed her his stiff little dick behind the bleachers, but she was more naive and could care less at that time. Now she was intrigued by dicks and sex. She eased her rubbing and then coated her hands with some body wash, making it soaping and then continued pleasing herself. She slipped her middle finger as deep as she could into her opening, wiggling it around a bit. Her movements were restricted due to her standing position. She adjusted her left leg, placing most of her weight upon it, and carefully stepped up and rested her right foot on the side of the tub enclosure. Now with a wider stance she was free to probe herself more vigorously, gradually burying two fingers as deep as she could. She picked up her pace. The water continued to fall across her. She moved her free hand up and began to massage her breasts, tweaking her nipples gently.

Brad cycled through the photos on his phone, glancing for a few moments on each photo, taking in the details. He then stopped longer on a photo he really liked. It was a guy and a girl sitting side by side on a couch, reclined back slightly. The girl had a finger deep in her pussy and her other hand was wrapped around the guys upright dick. The guy hand one of his hands cupping his balls and his other hand was on the girls mound, his finger stroking her clit. The photo gave a link to a website featuring 'mutual masturbation'. This terminology peeked Brad's interest. He slowed his stroking and clicked the link. The link loaded up and had a main page littered with video clips, GIFs and photos. His eyes widened at the vast amount of different positions and situations involving mutual masturbation. There were clips of girls with guys, girls with girls, guys with guys and even groups of people. His dick twitched and seemed to grow even stiffer within his grasp. He started to stroke himself quickly as his mind raced from what he viewed. His balls tingled that familiar feeling as he tensed his legs and stroked quickly.

Cassie arched forward under the falling water, placing her hand, that was previously on her breasts, against the front wall of the shower as she curled her two fingers that she had buried in her pussy. She cooed audibly but not much louder then the running water. She had her eyes closed as she let her mind wander. She pictured a hard dick inches from her pussy, she imagined a strong hand wrapped firmly around the cock, massaging and stroking it firmly, her imagination ran wild, imagining the sounds, she swore she actually heard a male groan.

Brad groaned deeply to himself, louder then he thought, as he looked closely at all the images of mutual masturbation. His cock dripped pre-cum, coating his hand, making his stroking more slick, he enjoyed the heightened sensitivity. His eyes darted from image to image, video to video, he groaned deep again as his balls tightened, signaling his approaching orgasm. His stroking was quick and unsteady, causing his hand that held his phone to lose its grip from the shaking, he dropped his phone to the side, but not wanting to stop himself, he closed his eyes and recalled what he could from what he was viewing, his dick tensed and his dick head throbbed, just as he felt his hot cum rushing through his shaft his imagination kicked in and he pictured Cassie's naked body in similar positions of what he saw online, her legs spread before him as she rubbed herself, as Brad shot his cum out, he pictured his cum shooting out onto his sister's naked body.

Cassie's body tensed and twitched as her orgasm started. She had to brace herself against the shower wall as she shook, unsteady on her feet. She clenched her eyes shut picturing an explosive eruption of cum from the scenario in her imagination. She pictured a dick as it bobbed and shot. Her knees went weak, she lifted her propped up leg down and crouched in the tub, her fingers slipping out of her pulsating pussy. She imagined looking up to the man in her fantasy, in the moment she had let her mind wander and she pictured her brother's body and face in place of the guy cumming on her body in her day dream daze. She jolted her eyes open, surprised by the twist that her own imagination took, the water from the shower splashed on her face, startling her more, getting water in her eyes, she fell back to her bum from her crouching position in the tub, with a thump.

Brad jumped from the sound of a thump coming from down the hall, he opened his eyes, with a bit of panic due to his current state of post-orgasm haze. He realized the room was still empty and he heard the shower still running, he breathed a sigh of relief. Coming to his senses, he panicked again from the cause of the sound.

"You ok?" He yelled out concerned as he sat up in his bed, breathing heavily.

Cassie jumped again from the voice coming down the hall, sounding worried and out of breath.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She yelled back as she herself breathed heavy. She reached up and turned off the shower, taking a deep breath and steadied her breathing.

Brad took a breath of relief from Cassie's response that she wasn't hurt. He heard the shower shut off. He took account of his situation. He looked down to his lap, his dick was shrinking back to its faccid state. He looked around and saw that he had made a bit of a mess with his cum. His shirt had a few globs scattered about. He carefully removed his shirt, and bunched it together. He gently wiped his lap and thighs that he saw had cum on them, he tossed the shirt to the side, and pulled up his pants that he had around his knees.

Cassie gathered her thoughts and felt that she was steady enough to stand back up. She stood and composed herself, pulling the shower curtain open, she stepped out of the tub, and rung her hair out. She stepped to the door, retrieving her towel and she dried herself. She bent forward, wrapping the towel around her hair. She stood back up straight, taking a look at herself in the mirror. Her skin was flushed red, from the warm shower and her orgasm. She felt a moment of guilt as she looked at her reflection, seeing herself, but also her brother's sister. She shrugged and brushed it off as 'just a surprising fantasy'. It's not like she actually wanted her brother in a sexual way, at least that's what she convinced herself of.

Brad grabbed his discarded shirt and walked over to the laundry basket, tossing it in. He pulled on another shirt, just as he heard footsteps enter the room. Pulling the shirt down over his head he looked towards the footsteps, seeing his sister fully naked before him. He shuddered at the sight and recalled his previous thoughts about her. He felt a bit ashamed but spoke up to ease his distraction.

"What was that thump? You sure you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, I just slipped. I'm fine." Cassie answered.

"You fell out of the shower?" Brad asked with a bit of a laugh.

"No!" Cassie laughed back. She stood in the room unashamedly naked.

"Then what happened?" Brad asked with an eyebrow raised, staring directly at her.

"I just... slipped." She said with a slight shrug.

Brad just looked at her, waiting for a better reply.

"I was crouched so I didn't fall far... I don't know what else to say." She added sounding reluctant.

"That good huh?" Brad asked with a smirk and a nod.

"What?" Cassie responded with a confused look.

"Your P.S.E time!" Brad said, followed by a laugh.

Cassie laughed nervously back, she had a moment's flashback of what thoughts cycled through her mind in the shower, right before she fell. She felt a mixture of guilt and excitement from her thoughts. She composed herself and looked around the room, then she spotted something.

"Looks like you enjoyed yourself too!" She said in a mocking, but cute way. She pointed to a few globs of cum on Brad's bed. He has dark sheets, so the globs were pretty evident. She glanced back to Brad with a 'knowing' look. Brad looked at the sheets, then back to his sister. In all his rush he must have missed those spots. In desperation he said what came to his mind first.

"Well it's more difficult for guys because of the mess after." He said while holding his arms to the side in an exaggerated way.

"Just make sure you clean up after." Cassie joked back as she walked over to the dresser to get some loungewear.

"You're welcome to clean it up yourself if it bothers you that much." Brad joked back. He thought to himself if he may have spoken out of turn.

"Not my bed, you can lay in your cum all you want." Cassie laughed. She grabbed a pair of leggings and a light shirt, and started to dress.

"Maybe next time I'll cum on your bed then." Brad replied quickly, trying to be funny.

Cassie froze at the thought of having her being covered in her brother's cum. Scared that it actually excited her. The covered in cum part, not her brother's cum, she tried to convince herself. She must have been silent for too long.

"Sorry, that was too far." Brad admitted apologetically.

Cassie was facing away from Brad as she dressed. She shook her trance and replied;

"Jokes on you, I wouldn't mind." She spoke and realized it may have sounded more perverted then jokey. She turned around to explain herself. She looked at Brad as he looked towards her. He felt as if he needed to respond, knowing she probably felt like he did moments ago. They both looked eachother in the eye and burst into a forced nervous laughter. They dropped the awkward situation, and their laughter subsided.

"Well.. now that we both feel super weird. Want some dinner?" Brad asked with a chuckle.

"Sure." Cassie replied with a smile.

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Look forward to the chapter. Really interested if they take it to the next level.


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