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A curve from my original story line as suggested by one of my readers.
Rebecca, Do my Bidding CH3

The success I was having with Rebecca was not limited to just the office. My sister was thoroughly enjoying the results of a few well worded messages to her as well. During that first month, while I shed a few pounds fucking Rebecca like she was a ride at an amusement park, my sister managed to lose 16 pounds. When she came by my apartment to drop off some movies she had borrowed the change in her figure was already noticeable.

“Wow! Don’t you look great?!” I exclaimed as she strode in through my open door.

“I know!” she responded as she dropped the DVDs on my coffee table only to do a quick spin in the middle of my living room. “Whatever you did is fantastic! I have never felt better in my whole life!”

For my sister it was just a few simple commands. No snacking after 7 in the evening; eat some slightly smaller portions instead of filling her plate to overflowing; and go for an evening walk every day. Just some basic stuff but it was really working for her. “Well I am so happy that it is working for you.” I responded with a smile.

“It’s great,” she continued as she looked at herself in the mirror next to the hallway. “I just wish I could work it off faster.”

Can you say idea? “So how far do you walk each day?” I asked rather nonchalantly, not wanting to make a big deal of her exercise.

“When I first started I could barely walk to the street corner. Now I walk around my block three times, and at a good pace!” she responded with just a bit of pride mixed in.

“Ok,” I said as I stood up from my seated position on the couch. “Snickerdoodle” That’s the secret word for my sister. Immediately my sister stopped dead in her track and just stared blankly out into the open space in front of her. “Do you have a vibrator?” I asked her. It was a rather strange question to be asking my sister, but the spark of watching Rebecca finger herself in my office sent that evil streak racing through me.

“Yes,” she replied without a second of hesitation.

“Ok sis,” I began as I thought out what I was going to command her to do. “In the evenings, after you finish your walk, you are to get your vibrator and masturbate until you cum.”

“I already do that,” my sister replied without a hitch.

“Ok then. From now on, after your walk, you will become extremely horny and you will masturbate until you cum five times. Is that clear?” I know that might have been a bit excessive, but she would definitely burn some calories in the process.

“Yes Dave.” she replied.

“Alright. Now you will wake up when I count to three.” I had already given her instructions for waking up, just like I had Rebecca. She would feel great and refreshed, but she would not remember the conversation we had while she was hypnotized or anything that would alert anyone to her activities. “1..2..3” and my sister woke up.

“I’m going to head home now,” my sister said as she started toward my door. “Thanks for helping me with this Dave. You’re the best big brother anyone could have!” With that said she threw her arms around me and tried to hug the stuffing’s out of me.

“Any time sis.” I replied just before I closed the door behind her. She was going to have a wonderful evening.

The whole next month of fucking Rebecca in my office was more like a circus than going to work. Rebecca followed every command I gave her, no matter how ridiculous it was, and would always come back to my office for a good pussy pounding every time. It always thrilled me to be looking down at her white ass while I watched my dick disappear up into her.

During a Saturday of fucking I had Rebecca walk around the whole building with a can of Pepsi in her pussy. The amazing thing was you could not tell that anything was inside her other than the lower part of her stomach was bulged out a bit. Her walk and her stride were completely normal. She handled it very easily since this was already something that her husband had her do on the weekends at home. But I took it to a whole new level. On the second Wednesday in June, Rebecca had this huge presentation she had to give to a bunch of clients that were visiting our facility for a week. The day before the meeting I commanded her to wear the short pleated skirt with the skin tight long sleeve top and no bra, essentially leaving her naked under the single layer of clothing. With no panties on she would have to watch how she moved during the presentation in front of the thirty or so professionals in the room. And to make it really interesting I commanded her to insert a full can of Pepsi an hour before the meeting started. But here is the kicker, as she walked through the door to enter the room she would become aware that she had the can inside her but she was not to take it out. She would have to do her whole presentation knowing that something was inside. The can would actually make her feel more confident during the presentation and she would leave it in till the meeting was over. Then she was to return to my office when she was available with the can still inside her.

I took my seat early and watched intently as Rebecca approached the room and walked in. As soon as she passed through the doorway her expression suddenly changed when she realized she had a can of Pepsi up her pussy. She gave one little glance around the room and her hand briefly came to rest on the pit of her stomach before she proceeded with the greetings and then her presentation. I watched with a raging hard on as Rebecca walked back and forth in front of the big screen projection as she covered all of her topics over the next hour. I could easily see the bulge of her stomach where the can had her stomach pushed outward. Never once did she falter during her presentation, and the audience applauded her when she was finished.

I was impressed. I headed back to my office and waited anxiously for Rebecca to come in. I was going to fuck her so hard my dick was going to put dents in the top of her head from the inside. Unfortunately John came in first.

“Well,” he said just before he took a seat in my spare office chair and crossed his legs, “what did you think of that?”

“What did I think of what?” I asked as if I had no clue what he was talking about.

“Do you think her skirt could have been any shorter?” he stated in a somewhat exasperated tone.

“I really didn’t notice,” I responded, trying to seem like the business professional I was supposed to be. “I thought she did a pretty good job.”

“Yea, sure.” John expounded, “If I had legs and a rack like that I could give a block buster presentation by just standing on my head!”

“What are you saying John?” I asked while looking directly at him. “She did her research and made a very good presentation of her materials. Are you implying something else?”

John looked at me with this completely dumb and lost look on his face before he responded. “You have got to be kidding me. She’s been in here so much lately the whole office is beginning to think you are doing her work for her!”

“Oh really?!” I stated as I leaned back in my chair. “I don’t even do the same kind of job as her, how could I do her work for her?”

“Well then your banging her.” he said flatly as he placed both of his feet on the floor.

I took on a very serious tone before I replied to him. “I would be very careful if I were you John. You just might say something that could easily be misunderstood and result in very bad things.”

John stopped dead in his tracks and I watched three shades of color bleach out of his face. He brought his hands down from the arm rests and gentle clasped them in his lap before he spoke up again. “I wasn’t really serious,” he said nervously as Rebecca stepped in through the door. “I …. uh ….”

“I didn’t think so,” I retorted before I looked up at my tall slender fuck toy.

“You don’t think so what?” Rebecca asked as she stopped right in front of John.

John was lost and in deep shit. Having a candid conversation with me in my office was one thing, but when a third party of the opposite sex was added to the equation the whole situation became considerable more delicate. He looked back and forth from Rebecca to me then back to Rebecca and then back to me before I spoke up. “John was just commenting on how the Browns would do if they fired the whole football team and started over fresh.” I knew that any sort of conversation about sports would immediately switch Rebecca over to the ‘yea whatever’ kind of mood and end any further discussion with her.

“Yea, right.” she said as she placed her hands on her hips and stood defiantly in front of the small man.

“We’ll continue this later,” John said as he hurriedly stood up and excused himself.

“Yea,” I said as I gratefully watched him leave. “Well, I must say,” I opened, “that was quite a presentation. Good job.”

“Thank you,” she said as she remained standing. She was constantly shifting her weight back and forth and she kept wringing her hands like she was expecting kittens.

“What’s up?” I queried as if I didn’t know.

“I’ve got a problem that I have no explanation for and I don’t know what to do about it,” she responded nervously.

“OK,” I said as I raised my eyebrows, “Are you going to tell me what it is so I can maybe help, or do I have to guess?”

“I can’t,” she replied as she looked down at me with a nervous smile, “it’s very personal.”

“Can I have a hint at least?” I pushed. I hate admitting it, but I was enjoying watching her stand in my office fully aware that she had a can of Pepsi up her pussy. My cock was already straining at my slacks, and prolonging the encounter was only making it worse for me.

She thought for a moment as she kept shifting her weight back and forth. “Let’s just say that I have something…….somewhere….…and I don’t know how it got there.”

“Is it bigger than a bread box?” I mused as I watched her fidgeting continue.

“I’m serious Dave!” she quietly exclaimed. She was really starting to look concerned now.

“Ok. So what’s the problem?” And I looked at her expectantly.

“The problem is………” and she paused for several long seconds while she thought about what she was going to say. She shifted her weight back and forth numerous times while her hands were a whirlwind at her waist. I didn’t think she was going to say anything until she quietly blurted out, “….I like it.”

I almost came in my pants! I managed to keep my composure while I watched her shift her weight back and forth from left to right while she looked at me expectantly. She had no idea that I knew of her plight, yet she was at least willing to make a vague reference to it while standing in my presence. Ok, time to play a little dumb with her. “You like it.” I stated very flatly.

“Yes,” she replied as her nipples suddenly poked out hard against her shirt. “It makes me feel good….and confident. I feel powerful.”

Now it was time to corner her. “What in the hell are you talking about Rebecca,” I asked in my most serious tone, “Because I don’t have the slightest damn clue?”

She stopped fidgeting and stood completely still, looking straight at me while contemplating her next answer. “You know what,” she said as her hand came to rest on the pit of her stomach, “it really is nothing at all. Thanks for listening.”

As she turned to start toward the door I said her secret word. “Scooterfish.” Instantly she stopped dead in her tracks and stared blankly into the space in front of her. “Have a seat Rebecca.” Without the slightest hesitation Rebecca sat down and spread her legs wide apart. “So tell me the truth, did you really like having that can in your pussy while you gave your presentation to our out of town guests?” She was just about to answer when I interjected again, “I want the REAL truth. Did you really like having that can in your pussy while you talked in front of all of those strangers?”

To my amazement she did not even hesitate. “I loved it!” she responded with her nipples attempting to poke holes through her shirt. “I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable and confident in front of a group of strangers in my life!” When she said this she smiled really big and ground her crotch into my seat, forcing the can as deeply into herself as it would go.

I looked at her fabulous legs before I responded. “Ok, close and lock the door and then come over here and suck my cock.” I commanded as I turned my chair to the right and presented my raging boner to her.

One thing I have to say for Rebecca’s husband, he is the luckiest son of a bitch that there is. As soon as Rebecca got on her knees in front of my chair she attacked my cock with her mouth like a baby going after his evening bottle. She licked, she sucked, and she even deep throated me, numerous times. There was no doubt in my mind that Rebecca was a world champion cock sucker and I was in hog heaven while I watched her head bob up and down on my shaft.

“You like sucking on that tube steak, don’t you?” I asked.

For just a moment she pulled her mouth free so she could answer me. “Oh yea! I love sucking cock.” She then drove her mouth back down my shaft, attacking the task at hand with renewed vigor.

It didn’t take long for my cock to begin to swell with my impending orgasm while Rebecca sucked away at me. “Oh my,” I gasped out as my groin tensed up and I grabbed the back of her head, “here it comes!”

Rebecca did not need any kind of prompting to finish off her task. As my cock swelled for the first shot, Rebecca drove my cock all the way down her throat and began swallowing. When her throat contracted around my swollen head I lost it. Surge after surge was pumped straight down her throat as Rebecca swallowed repeatedly. A little whimper emanated from her as she continued to swallow. I jerked and spasmed back and forth as my cock emptied down her receptive throat. Rebecca held firmly in place till every last drop was gone. She looked up at me and I could just make out a smile as she pulled back and my cock slowly emerged. The pressure of her lips cleaned my cock on its way out, leaving me dry and ready for the rest of my day.

I had Rebecca straddle the arm rest of my spare office chair while I thought about the commands I was going to give her. She rocked back and forth, allowing her full weight to press the can into her to her maximum capacity while her crotch rested on the narrow piece of the furniture. “Rebecca, you will remember that it was your idea, on a whim, to try and have the meeting with the can of Pepsi inside you. Since you enjoyed it so much you can continue this on your own if you feel so inclined. You will also remember how confident it made you feel and how comfortable you were throughout the whole situation. You will also have no reservations about talking to me about it while we are in the office and alone. You trust me implicitly and will tell me any and all of your deepest secrets. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dave,” she responded immediately.

“Good. Now take that can out of your pussy and assume the position.”

Even though I had just cum down Rebecca’s throat my hard on was still raging. I hammered her pussy as hard as I ever had, using her hips as leverage so I could pull back on her while I drove into her as deeply as I could. The can, having been inside her for more than 3 hours, had really opened her up, leaving her pussy nice and big with room for me to move around inside her while we fucked like animals. It took a little longer than expected but I finally launched another load into her, painting the inside of her pussy thoroughly. I then had her reinsert the can to keep everything from leaking out. It seemed like a simple task for her. She squatted down slightly with her knees going out to the sides while she brought the can up between her legs. A little wiggle here and a steady push there and the can disappeared up inside her.

“Rebecca, you will keep the can inside you for the rest of the day, fully aware that it is there and you will enjoy the good feelings it makes you have. You can stop by here after lunch for your regular visit. Before you leave the office this afternoon you will go to the restroom and flush out your pussy with a bottle of water before reinserting the can. When you go home you will tell your husband about your meeting today and how you did it with a can of Pepsi in your pussy. You will then remove the can in front of him. You will tell him how hot it has made you for him, and then you will fuck your husband like you haven’t seen him in months. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dave,” she responded compliantly.

“1…2…3” and her eyes brightened as she rejoined me in the now. “So,” I said as she turned to look at me in a new light, “are you going to do it again?”

“I think so,” she replied with a devilish grin on her face. “It felt really good to have my pussy full while I was standing up there in front of everyone.”

My cock twitched in my slacks, threatening to get hard again as Rebecca answered me very candidly about a topic she would not have breached a few minutes earlier. “Hey,” I said cheerfully while looking at the pit of her bulging stomach, “whatever works for you! Too bad it makes your stomach bulge out so much.” I commented while pointing to her somewhat extended lower abdomen.

“Yea, I know.” she sounded disappointed as she looked down and pressed against the bulge where her stomach was normally nice and flat.

“I might have something for you at home,” I retorted, “if you’re interested.”

“That would be great. Can you bring it tomorrow?” she quickly replied with a noted bit of anticipation to her voice. “I have another meeting tomorrow and I don’t want my belly sticking out like this.”

“Sure thing.”

Rebecca smiled really big before she did a quick pirouette and walked out of my office humming. That was one happy camper.

When I got home my sister was sitting in her car in my driveway. It had been a little over a month since I had last seen her so I was understandably curious as to the meaning of her visit. As I pulled into my parking spot she got out of her car. Immediately I could see the results of a month of her new diet accompanied by some serious masturbation. She looked fantastic!

“Hey big brother,” she said coyly as she sauntered toward my car as I climbed out of the driver’s seat.

“WOW!” I said as I stood up and threw my suit jacket over my arm and closed my car door. “You look great!”

“Really?!” She smiled really big at me while she looked down at herself.

“Come on in and we’ll talk,” I said as I started toward the house.

In the living room my sister again went straight for the full length mirror next to my hallway. Turning to the side so she could see her profile she checked herself out from top to bottom. “So, you like?” she asked as she looked back in my direction.

“You look great Karen. How much weight have you lost?”

“So far I have lost 40 pounds in two months.” she said excitedly as she again checked herself out in the mirror. “I lost 16 the first month, and in the last 5 weeks I have lost 24 more!”

“So what is the total now?” I asked as I unscrewed the top from a beer.

“I am now at 174.” she answered smiling. “And I have you to thank for it.”

“Don’t look at me,” I said as I plopped down in my favorite arm chair, “you did all the work.”

“You’re such a nice guy Dave.” My sister was actually gushing over me a bit as she sauntered across the room. “You really should take the credit. After all, if it were not for you and your help, none of this would have happened.” When she said this she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

That one little kiss turned the devil lose in me. Since I had not had the opportunity to fuck Rebecca this afternoon, my hard on was more than ready to react toward any kind of female attention. And since my sister had lost quite a bit of weight, she was starting to reacquire that hot look she once had before her failed marriage. It only took a microsecond for me to make up my mind. “Snickerdoodle.” Immediately Karen froze in place and looked blankly out into the room. “How many times do you orgasm after your evening walk?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“I don’t stop until I have had at least 5,” she said instantly. “But most of the time I have at least 10 or 12 before I am really satisfied.”

Holy crap! “So am I to understand that you could use some real dick?”

Instantly my sisters’ nipples got hard and pushed out against her bra and shirt, causing two little mounds to appear as she stood in front of me. “I would love some real dick,” she answered as her breath became short and she started to shift her weight back and forth. “I haven’t had a real cock in me for almost 9 years, and I’m really horny!”

That did it for me, because my boner was now trying to rip the zipper of my slacks open. “Ok sis, shuck your clothes and get on the floor.” I didn’t even have the time to stand up before my sister was naked and on her hands and knees at the foot of my chair. “Wow,” I exclaimed as I stood up and began to pull my shirt out. “You really are horny.”

“I did my evening walk here while I was waiting for you to get home,” she said as she wiggled her ass back and forth. “I need to cum in a really big way!” As she said this she began working her clit with two fingers from her left hand.

Oh man! My sister was now primed to cum at least 5 times before she was going to be satisfied! I looked down at her round ass. Her pussy was already dripping and she was only making it worse by rubbing her clit. I thought for just a moment as I dropped my pants and shorts before stepping out of them. If I was going to help my sister, I might as well go all the way.

Dropping to my knees I aimed my steel hard boner at my sisters open pussy. From there I didn’t have to do a thing. As soon as my sister saw me drop to the floor she backed up, engulfing my length completely into her sopping wet pussy. She’s tight, VERY tight. A hell of a lot tighter than Rebecca. On the other hand my sister had not had two kids like Rebecca, and she did not practice walking around on the weekends with a can up her pussy. She had been alone for the last 10 years so the vacancy between her legs helped her tighten back up.

“Oh fuck yea!” my sister moaned when my cock bottomed out in her. “I have needed this for so long!” She then proceeded to fuck back against me like she was riding a horse. I didn’t have to do a thing but stay right where I was with my dick sticking straight out while my sister did all of the work. I picked up my beer and took a swig while I watched my sister pleasure herself on me.

It only took about 20 seconds before her first orgasm tore through her, causing her to buck and spasm while she gasped for air. But this did not slow her pace in the slightest. She kept hammering her pussy back onto my cock like it was illegal. “Damn sis,” I exclaimed as I started thrusting in against her while she rocked backward, “You’ve got a great pussy!”

That did it for her as her second, and considerably more powerful orgasm tore through her. “OH GOD YES!” she cried out as her pussy tried in vain to clamp on to my dick. “I’m fucking a cock! A big, hard cock!” Her fingers were a blur on her clit and cum dripped from my ball sack as her ass slapped back against my groin. My sister was hell bent for leather on a quest to cum, and she was doing it on my cock! I almost finished my beer while I watched my sister fuck me really good and hard, but the need was starting to build in me, and now I was going to get some good out of this.

“Karen,” I said as I set my beer down so I could grasp her hips. “You will cum again right now,” and as soon as I said this I pulled back on her hips really hard while I thrust in with my hips. I can only describe the sound that came out of my sister as a squeak. It was not loud, and it was not very long, but it was definitely a squeak. Immediately her pussy clamed onto my cock and her fingers dug into my carpet. Her back arched upward and she essentially locked in place for just a split second as my cock slammed against the upper reaches of her pussy while I held her in place. I heard her take in a breath just as I pulled back and began fucking her like I did Rebecca every day in my office, pounding into her with almost reckless abandon. The ensuing scream that came from her while her whole body trembled told me that number three was a doozy!

“OH MY FUCK YEA….OH FUCK YEA!” she whined while I hammered her defenseless pussy. “I’m cumming on a cock, I’m cumming on a cock. Oooooohhh God yea!”

I was way past any subtitles by this point. It was time for me to get off, and my sister was the next stop for this one eyed train! While my dick pistoned in and out I reached between her legs and replaced her fingers with my own. Her whole crotch was soaking wet! It only took one pass of my finger tip to send Karen blasting into another cum squirting orgasm. This time she started grunting and gasping in a very primitive fashion while she tried her best to root back against me. Her body was in the full out throws of primate mating while I repeatedly stabbed her feminine depts. Sweat was starting to pour off both of us, covering Karen’s body with a distinct silvery sheen. The large drops of sweat trickled down my cheeks and onto my chest as I kept up my dogged pace. Mercifully the end was coming to the forefront. My cock began to swell and I could feel the load I had save from Rebecca prepare to be fired.

“Here it comes, Karen,” I gasped out as my balls began to tighten up. “When you feel the first blast of sperm spray inside your pussy, you will have the best orgasm you have ever had. And it will last even after I pull my cock out of you. Do you understand?!”

“OH FUCK YEA!” she gasped out just as I pulled back hard on her hips and drove in with everything I had left in me. The first hard blast made Karen’s mouth drop wide open and her eyes clench shut. It felt like it was long and drawn out, almost like it happened in slow motion. With the second spurt Karen began spasming really hard, making it seem more like I was in a rodeo than in my living room. A little whimper came out of her mouth as she repeatedly gasp for air while her hips ground her pussy against my squirting cock.

“OH YEA!” I groaned as I arched my back and rocked my hips upward. While this had the effect of driving my cock into Karen to its maximum depth, it also caused her knees to come up off the floor, thus suspending her torso in midair by my spurting shaft. We both remained locked in place as my cock did his job, depositing my incest deep inside her. I could tell my sister couldn’t handle any more when her arms buckled and she fell, face first, onto the floor. Her chest was heaving as her body sporadically twitched with the last few after thoughts of her last orgasm. Even I will admit that the fuck me and my sister just had, was excellent.

With the last twitch of my cock I pulled back, allowing for a slow but steady exit. As soon as the head of my cock came free it was immediately followed by a thick white stream of cum. “Oh my,” I said very quietly to myself. Even I was surprised as to the volume I had left inside her as it steadily flowed out to make a small pool on the floor directly below her pussy. “Plug your pussy sis; you’re leaking all over my floor. And get over here and clean up your mess.” I commanded as I stood up and took a step back from my sister. Karen slowly brought herself back up to her hands and knees. She was wobbly, but still able to function. As she spun around she picked up my now empty beer bottle. Without the slightest hesitation she fed the long neck up between her legs before bring her weight down on the bottle. Now sitting up she immediately took my cock between her lips and began sucking all of our residue from my somewhat wilted shaft.

“When you have finished cleaning my cock you will go into the bathroom and take a shower. You will remember that you asked me if you could since you walked around my neighborhood before I got here. You will clean you pussy out really well before exiting the shower. Once you are done and you have your towel wrapped around yourself, you will wake up feeling completely refreshed. You will not remember that we fucked, but you will begin to dream about fucking me when you are home and sleeping starting tonight. Tomorrow, after you have made your walk, and you are masturbating, you will remember us fucking today as if it were a dream. It will make you hot and wet, and you will be able to cum very easily. And that will be your new norm every afternoon. Do you understand?”

Karan pulled her mouth off my cock so she could give a quick answer. “Yes Dave.”

This whole ordeal with the post hypnotic suggestions was working better than I could have ever imagined. My sister and my co-worker were both completely under my control and willing to do anything I requested, no matter how ridiculous. Once done with her shower my sister said her goodbye and scooted out the door, unaware of anything that had happened between us. Life was good and getting better by the moment.

The End CH3
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