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Sam continues to search for Mellos
Samuel was flying as fast as he could. Cursing himself for stopping to help Atata and its people.

Sighing Samuel shook his head as he flew into another worm hole. ‘Hmmm,’ he thought, ‘as many as Mello's ship had taken you'd think that she was trying to lose him.’

Flying onward, he suddenly dropped into normal space. Looking around he blinked his eyes at what appeared to be earth, though shaking his head her knew better. Rubbing them he looked closer as his mouth dropped open.

On the planet he could see very thin though extremely tall human like creatures. Their eyes were huge, and they also appeared to have nothing that looked like a nose. Shaking his head again Samuel was about to leave the strange world when he heard a scream. Trying to refuse to look again Samuel again tried to leave when he heard the scream again.

Sighing Samuel said, "Damn it, why now? I was just starting to get close to finding her again."

Looking at the energy trail he saw it wasn't as faint. A third scream finally had him flying planet ward. Cursing under his breath he saw what appeared to be a female trying to hold off a huge crowd of... were those beetle-like insects?

Landing with a ground shaking thud behind the female, Samuel ducked when the female swung a long, very sharp looking blade at him. "What the hell," Samuel shouted as she swung again at him even faster.

Growling loudly at him, she swung back toward the insects; in the process decapitating ten or twenty of those that had tried to advance in the front row. "Unless you want to join your headless, dead friends, I suggest you get away from that which is mine!" The female growled louder.

"Yours!?" Samuel asked as he started to look around him. He saw what appeared to be about twenty smaller versions of the female. ‘Why,’ Samuel thought, ‘were they all buried up to their necks in the ground?’

"Yes, my frinklings." This prompted the forward row of insects to move. The female again swung her blade taking the heads off of about ten more. "Neither you nor who they work for can have them!" The female growled fiercely.

Swinging toward Samuel again the blade actually hit Samuel's neck his attention momentarily drawn to the smaller versions. There was a clang, and then a gasp from the female as her eyes went wide. "What are you?" The female asked as at first her arms, then the rest of her body started to shake from the vibrations.

There was a loud chirping, clicking issuing from the beetle insects as they started to surge forward. The females eyes got larger (imagine that) as she turned swinging the blade furiously.

Samuel could quickly see that the female was going to be overrun in a matter of no time at all, at this rate. Growling Samuel took to the air meeting the front of the insects pushing back as hard as he could. Catching them off guard he started to move a vast majority of them backwards. The whole time he could hear all of them shouting kill, kill!

Growling loudly Samuel stated, "Unless all of you want to be seriously hurt, I suggest you, BACK OFF!" This last shouted at them the force of Samuel's voice pushing the multitude of them back even further.

"Who are you to even try to order us?" Several of those on the front hissed at Samuel. "Now you will die with all of these here!" With that a huge wave of a greenish liquid flew from many of the insects covering Samuel. This burned what little was left of his clothes from his body. Looking down his body, his face momentarily twisted into anger.

Shaking what he assumed was a type of acid off himself, he turned to the insects . Growling, Samuel brought his hand down flat on the one in front of him. Smashing it easily to a pulp then turned to the rest. Taking to the air again faster than any could follow Samuel crushed a three foot path in front of him all the way to the back of the mass of insects.

"Were you actual beings, not obviously mindless killers, I might feel remorse for a moment." Setting in the front again looking hard at the front row he continued. "Though in your case, I'll make an exception." This last was issued in a low growl.

"Ha! We are many there is but one of you. Even with the amount that you have destroyed you stand no chance at all of victory." Several of those in front hissed at Samuel.

Samuel's eyes narrowed as he whispered, "Wanna bet?" Again Samuel moved far faster than anyone could follow, then even faster. Appearing this time he crushed an even wider swath and then double that as he reversed his path back on the opposite side.

The screams of the dying was almost overwhelming. With only about a hundred left alive the insect beetles slowly started to withdraw then more rapidly. "You will pay dearly for this!" They threw back at Samuel in their retreat.

"As you saw nothing you did affected me at all. Don't return or the rest of you will perish!" Samuel growled at their retreating forms.

A movement past him caught Samuel completely off guard. The same female with the long blade was giving chase after the rapidly retreating insects; slaughtering all of them as she glided through them with ease.

Returning to stand in front of Samuel after the last fell, she gave Samuel an odd look. Then bowing low she stated, "I wish to thank you for saving my frinklings." Still bowing she continued on, "I do not know you though your actions seem vaguely familiar. Tell me, just who are you? Exactly where are you from?"

Samuel returned the low bow of the female causing a soft gasp from her. "I am Samuel, though you may call me Sam. I am from a planet called earth, though Mellos Thymp told me that I was not."

Again the female gasp, "You talked to Mellos and survived?" This time the female looked closer, then even extremely closer to all of Sam. "Yes, I can see that you are exceedingly strong. I am Queen Triada. As I said I do not know you, though for some reason I do feel that I can trust you."

Shaking his head a thought came to Sam. The Queen was royalty she therefore had access to far more information. "If I may ask Queen, have you ever heard of the Cliveastones?"

The Queen's mouth dropped open, her eyes wide as realization struck home. Nodding the Queen stated, "At one time long ago they were a most noble race. A few of their kind rebelled against what almost all of those in power believed in; although they were also quickly put down by their own people. The Intergalactic Patrol was formed over a three decade period, quiet 'til they had a chance to strike. Then they began a massive bombardment of the Cliveastone planet."

"Wait! You're telling me that the Patrol destroyed them when there was no reason for it?!" Sam cried out in disgust.

The Queen sadly nodded her head. "It wasn't long after that many worlds were suddenly falling under the protection of the Patrol. It was also about this time that that a great many massive executions took place. All of this was under their protective rules that they quickly installed."

Samuel's face quickly twisted into a mask of massive rage, but calming only when the Queen gently touched his arm. "I should crush all of them!" Sam shouted startling the Queen.

"No, not yet. What you did today has possibly saved our planet from them and their agents. Also what you did for the Prodons." The Queen replied.

This time it was Sam's turn for his mouth to hang open. That had only been what? A few hours ago at the most? "I knew that they had powerful minds, though not by far this powerful!"

The Queen gave Sam what he guessed was a smile. "All free planets are linked now, it is the only thing that stops them." Here the Queen sighed, "though we may lose that soon I am afraid."

"Though I am after Mellos first and foremost, I will do what I can to help." Sam told the still smiling Queen.

"Thank you Sam of the Cliveastones. It brings me great joy to know that a few of your noble race still exist." The Queen stated as she bowed again. "You now have all of our loyalty."

Sam also bowed to the Queen, "I was glad that I could help. If you ever have need of me again, just call I'll return as fast as I can."

A third gasp arose from the Queen's throat. "We are equals noble sir. You've no need to bow to me." The Queen said with a large smile.

"Perhaps, though this is your world. I therefore am only paying you the respect that you deserve in your realm." Sam said in all honesty, causing the Queen to nod at the wisdom that Sam was showing.

"Ah! I was correct, you are of that most noble race. I am also surprised that you have still have your abilities here." The Queen asked full of curiosity. "Our atmosphere was one of many that was said to weaken your kind greatly."

Here Sam smiled, "I lived, well, grew up on a world with an atmosphere not unlike this one. It would appear that I grew an immunity to it so that it no longer affects me."

This made the Queen smile even larger. Immune? Nodding her head, perhaps this time they'd all have a chance for things to be put right. Not like what had happened with Mellos. The female sighed as she hoped that this one was as strong as she felt he was.

Telling the Queen good-bye Sam was about to leave when half of the smaller versions of the Queen popped out of the ground. Nodding with a shocked smile Sam nodded then took off into space.

The Queen felt bad for deceiving Sam. She just hoped the path she sent him on would truly help their cause.

According to the Queen, Sam should follow the path that she had sent him on. Sighing he opened a worm hole slipping in. He was only there maybe ten minutes when he appeared not far from an orange, gaseous giant.

Trying to fly past following Mellos energy trail, he almost made it when he saw a titanic battle below. Shaking his head, then sighing, Sam took a last long look at the energy trail then turned heading planet ward.

Far, very far below, a tech ran to his commander. "Sir! I'm picking up the energy signature of the being that command sub-commander advised all posts of."

"WHAT!? It's here already? Pull out all the anti-cliver gas guns. I want all troops armed. Call the garrison, command and the General's home." The commander yelled issuing orders.

"Sir! What of what command said of him being immune to the effects of the gas guns?" The tech asked.

The Commander was deep in thought a moment before he answered. "Good point, advise the General and all his men to leave planet side. Have all ships ready to depart as fast as possible. If as Command says he is immune then we need to be ready to leave."

The tech rapidly nodded as he ran off to convey the orders. After a mere twenty minutes all was ready.

Slowing, still surveying the scene below, Sam was surprised to see several I.P. ships leaving the planet in a hurry. Well that's a few less to not have to deal with he thought.

Again as before landing with a thud, Sam soon saw that the indigenous race was in a losing battle at the moment. Walking toward them, he saw several bristle then relax as he walked through not making a threatening move. A central group a ways off drew his attention to them.

Stopping before the group Sam quietly waited for them to make the first move. "From the bravery you just showed, you are either the biggest fool I have ever seen or this Sam, Queen Triada told us of." The obvious leader said.

Quickly bowing to all of them he heard many gasps. "Are you not a Cliveastone? Why are you bowing to us? your people were one of the most noble of all the races." Said another that Sam could only assume was the second in command.

"As I told the Queen, this is your planet not mine. I am only here to help. I therefore give you respect in your home." Sam told all that were there.

The leader stepped forward on its strong spider-like legs. "You realize that if you help us you will make an enemy of the patrol."

Sam turned to look back at the army of I.P. people. "They I think," Sam said with a growl. "Already believe I am their enemy. They may be right as I get further into this."

The leader’s eyes opened wide then it nodded as he took Sam showing him all that they knew. Pulling the leader aside, Sam looked for ears on the scarecrow thin head. Shrugging Sam whispered a few moments then lifted off flying toward the I.P. men.

A quick shout from the commander had all the I.P. troops firing their gas guns at Sam. Shocked a moment Sam flew a cloud of air almost identical to that of Earth's. Stopping a moment Sam sucked all of it in then turned blowing it straight up at an accelerated speed. No sense poisoning the air of those that actually live here he thought.

"Retreat! Now!" The Commander of the I.P. troops shouted as all of them rapidly pulled back to the field of ships. Smiling with a nod Sam flew toward the I.P. troops grabbing the Commander at blinding speed. Then just as rapidly returned to the leader of the people of the planet. "Release me! I shall make sure that you die!" The commander railed and spit at Sam.

Slapping the Commander across the face, Sam growled back in the man's face. "I know that you were told I was immune. Yet like the good little soldier, you only thought of nothing but glory. What a fool! I saved the I.P. the trouble of killing you. Besides I think that they would relish the pleasure of killing you for disobeying orders. So for me it's a win all around."

With that Sam threw the I.P. Commander on the ground at the foot-like protrusions of the leader of the planet's troops.

Nodding the leader bowed to Sam. "We should take the planet back in no time now with all of them gone now."

Sam nodded as he looked up watching well over a hundred ships rapidly leaving the planet. "If you have need of further help you have but to ask. I'm happy to help."

The leader shook its head. "You made them leave, once we are back in our strongholds they held, we will be able to hold. Leaving them in the first place is what gave the I.P. the advantage they needed over us. Never again!" The leader shouted as did the rest of those that were there.

"Go our friend," the leader said as he clapped Sam on the shoulder. "Queen Triada has given you a clear path. Be well friend." With that all of those that were there bowed low to Sam. Blushing Sam nodded then bowed to them, lifting off into space.

[Queen Triada, Sam just left. We will start re-establishment as soon as we are back in the strongholds.] The leader thought.

[Good that will recreate the triad in this sector again. If you have need of him again, call us and the Prodons,] came the Queen's thoughts.
[He has freed both yours and their worlds? Perhaps as you said there is hope again. I take it you are sending him to the next sector,] the leader asked.

[Yes, after what he did here, they might react far quicker than you think they will. Please hurry, re-establish so we are all ready for them this time,] the Queen replied. The leader smiling, lead all of those with him forward dragging the cursing. spitting Commander of the I.P. troops.

Only about five minutes from the orange gas planet Sam sighed. Another worm hole? Creating another he slipped in, this time traveling for half an hour. Finally dropping out he emerged near a grayish world.

Looking hard at the energy trail Sam was startled when he saw Mellos's ship. Flying full speed toward it, he stopped vanishing at the hull.

Appearing inside Sam saw another female strapped to what appeared to be a table by several restraints. "Are you ok?" Sam asked the obviously scared female.

Her lips quivering she barely whispered, "No please help me!" Reaching out Sam easily snapped the restraints on her arms. That's when Sam heard someone rapidly approaching.

Sam swung his arm back catching the same blonde man from before sending him crashing into the bulkhead unconscious. Turning back Sam snapped one of the restraints off the female's legs. Then he was hit flying away from the female hit from the side by a great force.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing? I need her to finishing healing where you stopped!" Mellos almost screamed sitting on Sam's chest her legs on either side of him.

Flipping up surprising Mellos, Sam threw her across the room. To his surprise Mellos flipped bouncing off the bulkhead with her legs, heading back toward him. Smiling she thought she had him, 'til he caught her slamming her to the floor.

Landing with a loud crunching, thud, Mellos tried to remain conscious to no avail. Damn it she thought. almost had him! Then her eyes closed into unconsciousness.

Sam rushed to the female still on the table struggling to break the last restraint. Snapping it easily, Sam could see that she had greatly weakened it. Smiling Sam stepped back as the female tentatively got off the table. Looking over at Sam, she seemed afraid to move.

"Would you like help getting home?" Sam asked. When she only nodded Sam smiled larger. "Can you show me where exactly you live on the planet?"

When she only stared at Sam with a look that said she thought he was crazy, Sam slowly moved closer. Flinching away from him, "what are you doing?" She cried trying to get further from Sam.

"I just need to touch your head. Think of where you live, before I touch you. You say when, ok?" Sam told the female.

Looking hard at Sam a few minutes, the female very slowly started to nod, yes. Then as Sam reached over she quickly grabbed his arm with a speed and strength he hadn't expected. "Nothing but a touch!" She whispered.

Sam nodded, then she released his arm, he then gently touched her head. Seeing her home, he then also felt her abilities start to open. Good he thought she appears that she'd going to be alright after all.

"Alright, take my hand. We'll appear outside the ship then I'll fly us down." Sam told her as she slowly nodded taking Sam's hand.

Appearing outside the ship with the female, Sam started down toward her home. When she pulled away from him, Sam smiled as he flew next to her 'til they touched down. Nodding at her Sam suddenly turned at a shout. Turning he saw the approach of several I.P. troops making their way toward the both of them.

Sighing Sam shook his head then he felt the female back away trembling. Damn it! Sam thought she's still scared because of Mellos. Oh well, he thought. Then he heard the female scream as she went down. Growling fiercely Sam knocked the men around her out, picking her up Sam took her out of sight. Feeling his rage grow Sam took to the air a murderous look in his eyes as he headed back to where the I.P. troops were searching.


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