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With is mind-control powers, Randy punishes his older sister for being a cock-teasing bitch!
Brother's Mind-Controlled Sisters
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter Three: Slut Sister's Anal Punishment
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I had never grinned with such excitement in my entire life. I would enjoy this. My cock slid out of my baby sister's eighteen-year-old pussy as I stood up. My body buzzed with the euphoria from deflowering her snatch. My eldest sister, the Twenty-year-old bitch who always got me in trouble with my abusive father, had such a look of shock on her face.

For once, the bitch was speechless.

Her mouth worked. Her hazel eyes almost bulged out of her sockets. Her normally sultry face looked thunderstruck. Her large breasts rose and fell in the tight, slutty top she liked to wear. Her eyes flicked from Livie on her knees, my cum running out of her snatch, to Alison, my favorite sister, on her back, writhing in delight from the delicious orgasm Livie gave her with her mouth.

“What the fuck!” exploded from Valarie's mouth when she finally recovered her wits. “What did you do to Livie, you little shit?”

She slammed the front door behind her and marched towards me, trying to act like she was the hot shit in the house. Just because our dad was a horny bastard, and she knew it, using her body. She didn't have a problem showing him some T&A to get out of trouble.

The bitch blamed everything she did wrong on me. She got me beaten by that drunk bastard not long ago.

My grin just broadened as she stopped before me. She flicked her eyes down to my wet cock then back up to me. “Dad is going to kill you, freak!” she snarled. “And then you're going to spend the rest of your damn life getting ass-raped in prison! Livie, it'll be okay.”

Livie sat up, her face smeared with Alison's pussy juices. The petite girl popped her thumb into her mouth, sucking on it like the baby she liked to pretend she was. She didn't tremble as she sat there naked, her body flushed from her orgasms. Her black hair, gathered in a thick braid, swept down her back as she faced Valarie.

“Where is dad?” Valarie gasped. “He's going to...” Her words trailed off as she noticed Dad sitting on his recliner staring at his two naked daughters. He lusted after them, but he could never touch them. He could never even jerk off that hard dick bulging his pants.

I gave him a command early.

“Dad, what is going on?”

The fat alcoholic didn't answer his Valarie. He didn't have permission to talk.

“Dad!” Valarie shouted again. She marched around me. “Why are you just sitting there, Daddy?” She tried to sound seductive, but that normal, sultry purr that she usually had was strangled by something else. I unnerved her. And Dad sitting there, not responding, had her more than frightened. He wasn't passed out drunk like normal but awake, alert. “Daddy, what's wrong? Why are you just sitting there while Randy fucks Livie?”

“How long are you going to let her freak out?” Alison asked me before she hugged me from behind. Her round breasts felt wonderful on my back, her arms sliding around my waist to hug me tight. She rested her head on my shoulder.

“Daddy!” Valarie gasped. She stamped her foot, jiggling her big tits. “Answer me, Daddy.”

Dad just shook his head, his eyes locked on her heaving breasts in that tight top. It had to be three sizes too small for her, molding to the outline of her braless tits. God, she was such a slut. A horny bitch, like a naughty bunny. A whore that just had to fuck and fuck, satiating her body.

My dick throbbed as Alison's hands slid down my stomach.

“Daddy, please, say something,” Valarie said, her voice growing more and more panicked. “What is going on? He was fucking Livie! And she was... She was going down on Alison! Daddy! Daddy!”

Alison's loving hand grasped my dick. She licked my shaft and stroked it up and down. I fought my groan as she pleasured me. It felt so nice. Her hand pumped just fast enough to stimulate me but not enough to drive me to an orgasm.

Valarie's head snapped around, her bleached-blonde hair swaying around her trembling expression. She sought to master it, to pretend she was in control. She glared at me, but it lacked her usual condescending bite. “What did you do, Randy? What is going on? Alison, stop touching his dick?”

“Why, want to touch it yourself?” Alison asked. “Bored of teasing Dad. Want to shake your tits at our brother now?”

Disgust flicked across Valarie's face. “Eww, like I would do that.”

“Oh, so you just like teasing our father with your body?” Alison asked. She stroked my slicked dick a little faster. “A sister should want to fuck her brother. Tell her, Randy, make her want you. Educate her!”

Valarie just shook her head. “Stop jerking off his dick! Put some fucking clothes on! Both of you! I don't know what you did to Dad, but I'm not letting you get away with this perversion, Randy.”

She shoved her hand into the pocket of her jeans. They were so tight I bet she had to pour herself into them. They clung to her thighs and her hips. She had a plump cameltoe shown prominently at the front.

Whore wanted every guy to look at her.

She produced her phone.

“Stop,” I growled. My thoughts prickled hard, little spots of pain rippling across my brain as my new mind control powers went to work. Thanks to little nanites that had flowed into my mind, I could rewrite my brainwaves over another person's. It changed their thoughts and forced them to do what I say.

Alison, whom it turned out had secretly loved me, found it so hot when I mind-controlled her. I took away all her guilt at being in love with her brother and her desires to commit incest, and it unleashed her passions. She had such a kinky, naughty girl hiding inside of her. Without shame, she had nothing holding back her lusts.

I loved it. Loved her.

Valarie's arm froze. Her hand shook, her phone half-raised to her face. Her forehead furrowed. She let out a whimper and shook her head. Then she stared at me. “W-What did you just do? I... I felt something... In my head.”

“I gave you an order, slut,” I said. “It's time that someone straightened out this house. I'm in charge now. Isn't that right, Dad?”

“Yeah, Randy,” Dad answered, his voice hoarse.

“And that's why you're fucking our little sisters?” Valarie demanded. She stared down at her phone and then her fingers holding it slid across the screen.

“You cannot use your phone without my permission, slut,” I ordered. My thoughts burned hard. Darkness washed around my vision. Rewriting her brain, giving her this command, hurt. She didn't like it. It when against her nature. I let out a groan as the trickling sensation passed.

“Y-You... I...” Her thumb froze on her screen. Her breathing came faster and faster. “Stop doing that, you little shit!”

“She really doesn't understand,” Alison said, still stroking my dick. “But you will, slut. Randy will teach you what your role is as a sister. Livie just learned, and she loves being a good sister now.”

Livie sucked noisily. I glanced down at her and saw her smiling around her thumb. She'd learned to love it. She was happy now. She liked sucking on things. Her thumb. My cock. I taught her that, also.

And it was time to teach my older sister. I savored the panic trembling through Valarie's body, the way her large breasts rose and fell in her top. She cast her head around. I could almost feel her thoughts racing in her mind as she struggled to understand what was going on. Her brain couldn't handle it. Mind control wasn't supposed to be real.

“First, slut, every time you see Dad, you will flash him your tits. You will make sure he sees those breasts you're always teasing him with. He can stare, but he can never touch them, can never enjoy them. Can never jerk off his dick thinking about them again.”

Thoughts prickled across my mind. It didn't hurt as much as telling her not to use her phone.

“No!” she shouted at me even as her hands ripped up her top, exposing her big, lush, pillowy breasts. They swayed and jiggled as she spun around, facing our father. She moved to him, almost thrusting them into his face as she stared at me. “How are you doing this, Randy? Get out of my head!”

“Why?” I asked. “You enjoy showing Dad your tits. You're always hovering around him, loving him ogling your body.”

“N-No I don't,” she sobbed, tears building in her eyes.

“Don't lie to me ever!” I snarled and pain knifed into my mind. I shook my head, fighting back the dizzy wave. “Now tell me the truth.”

“I hate it!” she hissed. “I hate his eyes on me! His disgusting, bleary eyes lusting after me. But it gets what I want. He doesn't abuse me so long as I can just strut around him and give him a cheap thrill. But this... Please... I don't want to do this... Please, Randy.”

“Please?” I asked, anger swirling through my stomach. “Do you know how badly Dad beat me because you lied about me drinking his beer? Oh, right, you fucking cunt, you stood there and watched!”

“I...” She shuddered. “You're a boy. You can take it.”

“And you're a slut!” I shouted. “So you can flash your tits at Dad or any other guy I tell you to! As much as it disgusts you, it makes you wet. Feeling Dad's eyes on your tits makes your pussy so hot. So wet. You have a horny cunt now, right? You're feeling it! Getting juicy!”

“Oh, god,” she groaned. She shuddered, her hips wiggling. “Yes... Yes, I'm getting wet!” The words sounded ripped from her mouth. “It's making me so hot to feel his slimy eyes on my tits.” She shook, her tits swaying right before Dad.

“Look at her,” Alison moaned into my ear. “She's so horny. She wants to fuck Dad even though he's so filthy.” She licked my ear. She stroked my cock faster and faster. Her hips wiggled, rubbing her bush into my ass. “You're just a filthy sow, Valarie!”

Yes, she was. She was always shaking those big tits, that bleached-blonde hair falling about her youthful face. An idea had popped into my head.

“Enough of that, Valarie,” I said. “Go upstairs to my bedroom and fetch my phone. I need to show you something.”

My older sister shoved down her top and bolted out of the room. Her feet pounded up the stairs. I heard her racing to my bedroom. She crashed into it. She scrambled around in there, looking for it. She sounded frantic.

“What are you up to?” Alison asked, trembling behind me.

“Having fun,” I answered.

She shivered. “Not going to share?”


Livie, still kneeling on her hands and knees, popped her thumb out of her mouth. She scooted closer to me, her small tits jiggling, and then she engulfed the tip of my dick. I groaned as her lips sealed about it and sucked hard on it. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, her tongue swirled around it as she nursed.

I groaned, staring down at her dark eyes.

“Aww, isn't that cute?” purred Alison as she leaned over me to peer down. “She's found a new pacifier.”

“It's her favorite,” I groaned. My balls tightened as Livie nursed.

Upstairs, Valarie walked back to the stairs. She didn't hurry like she had to escape the living room. Now she dragged her feet. Each plodding step down the stairs felt laced with fear. I savored it. The bitch deserved far, far worse for what she'd done.

She slunk back into the room, holding my phone out before her, her head downcast. She shifted and squirmed as I took it from her. I opened it up as Livie sucked and slurped on my dick, her small hands clutched at my thighs.

“Are you... Are you going to make me... do that?” Valarie asked as I navigated through my phone.

“What do you think?” I asked.


“Well, you are a slut, and sluts satiate their brother's lusts, don't they? They get hot and wet for their brothers. They want to be fucked by him more than any other guy, don't they?”

My thoughts prickled.

Valarie shuddered. “Y-yes, Randy... I... Oh, god, I want you so badly now. You're such a little shit for doing this to me!”

I just grinned at her as I felt Alison leaning over me. “No peeking.”

“Fine,” Alison said. “I won't spoil your surprise.”

I found what I was looking for. I turned my phone around, showing my older sister the product picture. “I want you to go to the nearest sex shop and buy this.”

“You're going to use that on me?” she asked, swallowing.

“And since you called me a little shit, offer to blow the clerk for a discount. Now go!”

My command slammed into her. She squeaked and darted for the door. She ripped it open and fled into the night. I grinned in delight at my new powers, pleasure fluttering through my body. Livie kept sucking on my cock, her mouth so hot and wonderful. My baby sister loved it.

“She's going to have such a hot pussy thinking about you using it on her,” Alison sighed. “It's a shame she's such a slut. She could have realized how wonderful you are. She could have loved you like I do. At least Livie's learning to love you.”

“Yeah, she is,” I groaned, staring down at my baby sister. “You're doing a good job, baby sis.”

She sucked even harder on my dick. I groaned, my balls tightening. She had such a hunger for what I had. I grabbed her braid, holding it as she fluttered her tongue around the tip. Her head moved, bobbing her mouth up and down my dick, taking as much as she could into her little mouth.

Alison's hands rubbed at my body. She nibbled and sucked at my neck. Her nipples caressed my back, to hard points that felt so wonderful on me. Her bush tickled me, damp with her excitement. I could feel her growing hornier and hornier.

“You want to try and guess which sex toy I sent her to buy, don't you, Alison?” I asked.

“Yes!” she bounced behind me, full of her girlish eagerness. “I'm just dying to know. I can't wait to see you use it on the sow.”

“Well, see if you can guess,” I said, groaning as I savored Livie's wonderful mouth. I could let her suck on my dick all day long.

“Is it a big vibrator?” Alison asked. “Something that will stretch out her whore-cunt and then make her explode?”


“Anal beads? Do you want to shove them up her ass and then watch them pop out?”

“You know about anal beads?” I asked in surprise.

She shuddered behind me. I imagined her face going crimson with her blush. Her arms tightened around me. “I... I imagined you using them on me. When masturbating. I... I heard about them from a friend, and they made me so wet thinking about you using them on me, making me shudder and groan.”

“You naughty girl,” I grinned. “I'll remember to have Valarie buy some.”

“Then you'll make me enjoy it?” she asked. “God, I love it when you make me do things. You're amazing, Randy.”

A flush of warmth, that had nothing to do with Livie sucking on my cock, washed through my body. “What's your next guess?”

“Um...” She squeezed me tight, rubbing her crotch on my ass. I could tell she was so horny. “A double-headed dildo.”

“Looking to have fun with your older sister?”

“I just thought you'd like seeing us having sex,” she answered. “You know, making us fuck each other. Since you like watching your sisters having sex.”

“I do like watching my sisters having sex with each other. But, nope. Come on, you can do it.”

“Ooh,” she said, bouncing behind me, rubbing her tits into my back. “I don't know. I'm just getting so horny I can't think. Livie's sucking her pussy juices off your dick and Valarie is buying a naughty toy for you to punish her with while being an utter slut. It's got me so wet.”

“Maybe I should help you out with that hot pussy,” I said.

She squealed in delight.


“I wonder what it is?” Alex's twin sister asked him as they cuddled naked together in post-incestuous bliss. His cum leaked out of her pussy and onto his thigh. “What did our god send that sow to buy?”

“Why?” Alex asked his sister, staring at the spycam footage from the god's house. “Worried I'll have to punish you with it?”

“Nope,” Alexis declared, a big smile on her face. “I'm not a bitch-sister like her.”

“No, you're a loving sister.”

Alexis let out an awwing sound, then she kissed him hard on the mouth. He groaned, loving the feel of her. Nearby, his divorced parents gasped and groaned, lost to having sex. The new gods had somehow mended their family. By punishing his naughty mom, his dad seemed to have forgiven her.

Our gods are amazing. They teach us so many wonderful things.


My cum spurted into Alison's pussy. She whimpered and shuddered. Her pussy milked my cum out of my dick. She shuddered, her hips swaying from side-to-side. Her flesh rippled about my cock, wringing out every drop of spunk from my dick.

Livie masturbated as she watched us, her left hand rubbing between her thighs, her right thumb buried in her mouth. She sucked on it happily as she watched, her body flushed with orgasmic delight. She switched which thumbs she sucked on, cleaning her own pussy juices off of her fat digit.

“Ooh, Randy, I love it when you fuck me,” my sister groaned. “And Dad... Did that make you so horny watching your son enjoying your daughters?”

“Yes,” he groaned, answering her, his face so flushed, suffering with a huge case of blue balls.
“Good,” she said. Then she grinned at Livie. “I got something nice in me. Want to lick it out of me?”

Livie nodded her head, still sucking on her pussy-stained thumb. The petite eighteen year old scampered to Alison and fell between her thighs. She popped her thumb out of her mouth, bent over, and buried her face into my favorite sister's bush. Alison shuddered, her light-brown hair swaying about her face as she writhed on the floor.

“Oh, yes, just lick all our brother's yummy cum out of my pussy, Livie. You're such a good sister now.”

I smiled at Alison. She took to this so naturally. That fresh face hid a horny little minx that kept exciting me. I could watch her writhe on Livie's licking mouth all day. And I might have if Valarie's car didn't pull up into the driveway, the headlights shining through the living room window. I grinned. I wasn't sure she could find it. I had a feeling she never would have returned if she couldn't.

Footsteps crunched on the gravel path to the front door. My dick twitched and throbbed. The halo had changed me. It had given me a dick that seemed to stay hard as long as I wanted it and had healed all the bruises Dad's beating caused. I felt like a reborn man.

Like a god.

My slut-sister entered the house, a brown bag clutched in her hands. She didn't look at me as she darted to me. Her nipples poked at the front of her blouse, rubbing against the fabric as her breasts swayed back and forth.

“Did you swallow the clerk's cum, slut?”

“No,” she muttered. “I spat it out.”

“Sisters always swallow their brother's cum or lick it out of pussies,” Alison commanded.

“You have to obey Alison like she was me,” I told Valarie. “Understand?”

My thoughts prickled as the slut nodded her head.

“So what do sister's do with their brother's cum?” I asked.

“Swallow it,” she answered, her hips rubbing from side-to-side, her jeans rasping together. “Or lick it out of pussies.”

“And assholes,” Alison added. “And they're always eager to suck their brother's cock especially if he's fucked one of her sisters' pussies or assholes. And you want to eat your sisters' pussies, too. That makes Randy happy. Brothers love watching their sisters lezzing out.” Alison shuddered, her round breasts jiggling. “Ooh, and Livie is lezzing out so well on my pussy right now. She's just so hungry for Randy's cum that's in my cunt.”

“Do you believe what she told you?” I asked Valarie.

“Y-yes,” she answered. “I have to obey her... And she told me... She told me that I want to lick your cum out of pussies and assholes and suck your cock, especially if you've just fucked one of my sisters. And... And I want to lez out with my sisters.”

“Ever lezzed out with a girl?”

“Yes!” Her eyes shot up. “I love lezzing out with girls! It's so much better than fucking a guy.”

I blinked. “You're gay? But you fuck all those boys.”

“To get them to buy things for me,” she moaned. “Girls are for pleasure while guys are for things.”

“From now on, you want to fuck me more than any girl. You know that I'll give you more pleasure than any of them. And when I choose to use your filthy cunt, you're honored.”

My thoughts prickled.

“Honored,” she moaned, rubbing her thighs so hard together.

“You can only fuck other guys when I give you permission, and never in your pussy. Only I get the honor of breeding you. So get off the pill.”

“Yes, yes,” she nodded.

“And when you fuck girls, you have to record it on your phone and show me later. I want to fuck your mouth while watching you go down on other girls.”

“I will,” she moaned, her hands tightening on the package.

“Use the new toy on her, Randy,” Alison moaned. “Please, please, I need to know what's in it.”

She asked so sweetly. “Open your new toy, slut, then strip.”

“Okay, Randy,” my older sister said and pulled the box out of the brown paper bag. On the colorful packaging was a woman on her hands and knees with the cotton-ball-like rabbit tail looking so soft and fluffy adorning her ass.

“What is that?” Alison asked. “The girl on the front is dressed in a sexy bunny outfit. Are you turning her into a rabbit?”

“Well, she is as horny as a bunny,” I grinned. “Aren't you, slut?”

“So horny,” she groaned as she ripped open the box and pulled out the cotton-ball-like bunny tail connected to the rubber cone.

“It's a butt plug,” Alison groaned. “Connected to the rabbit's tail. You're going to make her wear that?”

“It's a special type of butt plug,” I told my sister, taking the toy from Valarie's hands so she could strip. “Livie, come here and get this wet for your sister. You like sucking on things.”

Livie lifted her cute face from Alison's twat. My cum and Alison's pussy juices dripped down her chin as she crawled towards me, wiggling her cute tush. She knelt before me and took the toy from my hands, sucking on the conical shape.

“That's a good girl,” I told Livie, petting her hair.

She beamed around the toy shoved in her mouth.

Alison fingered her pussy while we watched Valarie stripped. She ripped off her top, her lush breasts bouncing free. She turned, facing Dad, and shook them at him. He let out a wordless groan, witnessing those perfect, heaving tits again.

My hands clenched, eager to feel them in my grasp.

Then Valarie's fingers attacked the fastener of her tight jeans. They popped opened. She wiggled her hips, her ass facing me. She peeled them down, exposing more and more of her curving rear, firm and taut, and yet so bubbly at the same time and...

“You're not wearing panties,” I groaned.

“I... I never do,” she whispered. “I love the feel of denim rubbing on my juicy snatch. It makes my clit throb. It makes me feel so wanton all day long.”

“Wow, she is a slut,” groaned Alison. “I can't believe it. She's just the biggest whore in the world, isn't she?”

“Yeah,” I groaned. My dick ached in eager need as Valarie's jeans pushed farther down, exposing her shaved pussy.

She bent over, her plump, tight vulva framed by her thighs. She leaned over farther to push her jeans down her sleek thighs and calves. Her ass wiggled at me. My dick ached and throbbed as I stared at that perfect ass and that juicy pussy.

Another cunt for me to fuck. Another sister for me to enjoy.

She dripped with her excitement. She was so eager for our incest. It made me so hard to witness. She wanted it so badly. I grinned at her, my dick aching and throbbing. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I wanted to tear up her cunt.

My dick twitched and throbbed as she stepped out of her jeans. She stood back up, still posing for Dad. She couldn't help herself. I gave her orders, and she had to obey them. She had to tease our father, get him excited for her whorish body.

Lines of pussy juices ran down her thighs. She let out such a wanton moan, her body flushed. I walked around her, drinking in the sight of her. I didn't quite know where to start with her. For years this slut had been taunting Dad and me with this body, flaunting it in her tight clothing, being such a tease.

No longer.

“God, she's got such great titties,” Alison said. She stood up and came to my side. I liked how she could just slip against me. It felt so natural. She belonged at my side. “Look at them. I want to play with them, but she'd just enjoy it.”

“I know,” I groaned, my dick so hard.

“And I want to watch you shove that butt plug up her ass and punish her. But... You have to show her how dirty she is.”

An idea popped into my head. “You're absolutely right.” My dick still dripped with her pussy juices. “Why don't you spank her for being a naughty slut while I get my dick ready?”

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes!” Alison moaned. “Bitch, bend over Dad's chair. Really shove those tits into his face while I spank that naughty ass.”

“Yes, Alison,” shuddered Valarie. She had to obey. She sauntered to Dad's chair and bent over it the same way Alison had earlier when I fucked her ass.

“Livie, keep sucking on that butt plug, but kneel like a cute bitch. You got one more hole in need of breaking in.”

My baby sister just nodded her head with such enthusiasm. She got onto her hands and knees and shook her cute tush at me. Her sparse bush dripped with her excitement. I grinned at her. She was so adorable now.

My dick throbbed to plunder her ass.

“You are a bitch!” Alison hissed.


The stinging smack echoed through the room. I grinned at the reddening handprint on Valarie's ass. She wiggled her hips, letting out a throaty moan. Dad groaned, too. Those big, pillowy tits must be thrust right into his face.

I fell to my knees behind Livie, guiding my dripping cock to her little rosebud asshole. It peeked out from between her butt-cheeks. She had a slim rear, almost flat, that didn't hide her sphincter from my gaze. I pressed against her puckered opening.

She whimpered around the butt plug.


“Just a filthy slut!” hissed Alison.

“Yeah, she is,” I growled and thrust.

Livie moaned. Her black braid danced about her back as her entire body shook. Her tight asshole swelled and swelled, spreading around the lubed tip of my dick. Velvety delight caressed my cock as her asshole swallowed the tip.

I groaned as I sank into her bowels. She felt so amazing about my dick. I shuddered, sucking in deep breaths as I slid deeper and deeper into her. She whimpered about the butt plug, her bowels squeezing down on my dick as I penetrated deeper and deeper into her tight asshole.


“He's going to fuck your cunt with his dirty cock, slut!” hissed Alison. “And I know you're such a whore, you want that!”


“Such a filthy sow!”


“Yes!” whimpered Valarie, her hips wiggling her ass which glowed so red.

I groaned, loving the sight as I bottomed out in Livie's tight bowels. My baby sister whimpered, her voice muffled as she kept sucking on the butt plug, such an obscene pacifier for the naughty girl. Her velvety asshole gripped my dick like a vice as I drew back. The pleasure spilled through me. My balls tightened.

Then I thrust deep into her bowels. I lanced my cock into the depths of my little sister's asshole. Livie grunted, my flesh smacking against her body. My balls thudded into her taint as I enjoyed every hot inch of her bowels. I used my baby sister.

And she loved it.


“He's going to clean his dick off in your cunt!” Alison hissed. “Our brother is going to use your filthy pussy! Aren't you lucky, slut?”


“That he would still touch such a disgusting thing like you after what you've done?”


“That he would even breed such a whore like you?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Valarie, her body quivering, juices flooding down her thighs, her ass glowing cherry red. “I must be... I must be lucky. I was so horrible to him.”

“Just a cock-teasing slut!” hissed Alison.


“Yes!” screamed Valarie.

I loved it. I ran my hands up and down Livie's body, stroking her sides, feeling her silky flesh as her velvety bowels clenched about my dick. She bucked back into me, grunting and moaning about the butt plug.

My cum swelled in my balls, aching to explode. It was all so hot, watching Alison disciplining Valarie, seeing my favorite sister in charge. My queen. My goddess. She was so beautiful in that wholesome and loving way.

Not a whore even if she could be so wanton.

Alison glanced at me and gave me such a loving smile before she cracked her hand down hard on our older sister's ass. Valarie moaned again, her back arching, her bleached-blonde hair flying. I shuddered, thrusting so hard at Livie's asshole.


“Yes, yes, punish the whore,” I growled, my hands finding Livie's little titties, plump mounds just budding from her chest, her nipples so hard.

I rubbed them against my palms as I plundered her asshole harder and faster. I buried over and over into her hot depths. The velvety friction engulfed my cock, bringing me closer and closer to exploding into her.


Valarie whimpered. Her burning ass clenched. Juices flooded down her thighs. Her pussy begged to be filled with my dirty cock. She yearned to wash Livie's ass off my thrusting dick. I groaned, slamming my cock deep into Livie's asshole.

“Baby sister!” I moaned, squeezing her firm, little titties. “Take it!”

My cum erupted. My seed spurted into the depths of my baby sister's bowels. She squealed, trembling as I pumped load after load of my hot spunk into her depths. I shuddered, sucking in deep breaths as the cum kept pumping out of me, flooding into her bowels. Her flesh squeezed and writhed about my dick, aching to milk me dry.

I groaned, sucking in such deep breaths. The pleasure surged through me. It speared into my brain. I loved it. I savored the delight burning across my thoughts as I unloaded blast after blast of cum into my little sister's asshole.

I filled her with my spunk, and she loved it.

She wiggled her hips, making my dick throb as she stirred her bowels around my shaft. She whimpered in delight, her asshole spasming about my dick. She came. Livie climaxed from being fucked in the butt. I reveled in the rippling heat of her anal sheath convulsing about my shaft, milking my dick.

“That's it,” I grunted. “Ooh, Livie, you're such a good sister.” I rubbed her nipples, making her squeal in delight again.

I sucked in such a deep breath, my heart thudding away in my chest. Pleasure screamed through my body as her asshole wrung out the last drops of my cum. That wonderful euphoria swept through my body, that amazing release only enjoying one of my sister's could provide.

“I'm ready for the slut,” I groaned, pulling my dick out of Livie's asshole.

“You heard him, slutty bunny,” Alison said. “Go kneel before our brother. Livie, give Randy the butt plug.”

Livie pulled the butt plug from her mouth, handed it over to me, then sucked on her thumb, her eyes glassy. My cum leaked out of her asshole as she shuddered. I rubbed her head and smiled down at her.

“You were such a good fuck, Livie.”

Her eyes twinkled.

Valarie fell to her knees before me, shaking that well-spanked ass for me. Then, without even being told, the slut reached behind her and parted her butt-cheeks. She knew what was coming as she exposed her brown, puckered asshole.

I jammed the spit-lubed butt plug into her asshole, holding onto the fuzzy cotton-ball like tail. I groaned at the sight of it resting on her ass, the white contrasting with her glowing-red skin. She groaned, wiggling her hips, adjusting to the butt plug.

“You've taken dicks back here before, haven't you?” I growled.

“Guys buy the best gifts when you give them anal or deep-throat their dicks,” Valarie moaned. “I've even been double-fucked. I took a cock in each hole. Ooh, brother, you have to fuck me. I need that dick in me. You made me love your cock more than anything! Please, please, fuck me! Haven't you punished me enough?”

“No,” I grinned and thrust my cock into her pussy. My third sister's pussy.

I reveled in the incestuous grip of her fertile snatch as she engulfed my cock. Her silky pussy walls clenched down on my dick, washing Livie's asshole from my shaft. I shuddered, loving the knowledge that her cunt cleansed my dirty dick.

She whimpered, wiggling her hips. She stirred her cunt around my cock, buffing it clean. Her movement rubbed the fuzzy tail on my lower stomach, tickling me as she made such obscene sounds.

I grabbed the tail and squeezed.

A wheezing, pumping sound came from her. She gasped, her pussy growing a little tighter. I squeezed the toy again and she whimpered. I could feel the butt plug swelling inside of her. Valarie threw a look over her shoulder.

“It inflates,” I said and squeezed her tail a third time, taking such pleasure in it.

Her eyes widened as her bowels stretched open wider. “Randy!” she squealed. “Oh, god. It's getting bigger.”


I squeezed a fourth time as I drew my cock through her even tighter pussy and slammed into her juicy depths. I savored her hot grip, the friction intense as I plundered her hard. Her cunt washed my cock clean with every hard thrust. My balls smacked into her clit.

“Whenever you're a bitch,” I said, “or if me or Alison just feel like it, we'll inflate your little tail and leave it in you for hours, spreading your bowels open, reminding you that you were a cunt to us. And cunts have to be punished.”

“Yes!” she moaned as my thoughts fuzzed just a tiny bit. “I have to be punished. I was such a cunt to you. A cock-teasing whore. Keep fucking your dirty cock into my cunt! Let me wash your dick clean of Livie's ass! I deserve it for being such a whore!”

“You do!” I growled.

I squeezed a fifth time.

A tight, throaty groan burst from her lips. Her back arched. The inflated butt plug pressed against her pussy, squeezing her sheath so tight about my dick. I savored it, thrusting harder just to work my cock in and out of her snatch.

“Ooh, Randy, that's so hot,” Alison moaned as she nuzzled up to Livie's ass. Our baby sister sucked harder on her thumb as Alison licked up my cum leaking out of Livie's well-fucked asshole. “And this is so yummy. I love your cum.”

I grinned at her, loving the sight of her lapping up my spunk from Livie's asshole. Our sister still knelt like a bitch, her right thumb buried into her lips. She looked so happy as Alison rimmed her asshole and devoured my cum.

It inspired me to fuck Valarie faster and faster, to enjoy her tight, incestuous sheath. My sisters were so sexy in their own way. Cute, wholesome, and whorish. I groaned, so glad the crazy Institute wanted to turn me into a god.

Pleasure rippled down my cock as I plundered Valarie's cunt with hard, deep strokes. I kept a hold of the cotton ball tail, threatening to inflate the butt plug at any moment. The slut moaned and gasped, pushing back her hips, working her cunt on my dick as I plowed her.

“Oh, Randy, this is the best cock ever,” she groaned. “Thank you for giving me the honor of fucking it this morning.”

“You're welcome, whore,” I groaned, pumping my hips so hard. “Mmm, yes, just give that hot pussy to me. Let me savor it. I'm going to breed you. I'm going to breed all my sisters.”

“Yes,” Alison groaned into Livie's asshole. “I know you will. You'll keep fucking us until we're bred! Just spurting your cum into our holes. Then we get to lick each other clean.”

Livie squealed about her thumb as Alison licked harder, feasting on that cum-filled asshole.

My dick ached and throbbed. My orgasm swelled in me as plowed so hard at my sister's pussy. I was so close to cumming. I wanted to pump my jizz into her snatch. My balls grew tense. Every thrust into her juicy depths brought me closer to exploding.

I squeezed the butt plug a sixth time.

“Randy!” squealed Valarie. “Holy fucking shit!”

Her pussy clamped down so tight on my thrusting dick. She whimpered and groaned, her body quivering as I plowed her. Her back arched. She gasped and moaned, her pussy clinging to my cock as the butt plug expanded even more into her bowels, stretching her to her limbs.

So I squeezed a seventh time.

“Randy, yes!” she howled, her voice so tight.

Her pussy writhed about my dick. Juices gushed out of her cunt, bathing my aching balls. She whimpered and shuddered. Her entire body quivered and quaked. She wiggled her hips, stirring her pussy around my cock. I groaned, loving the feel of her cunt buffing my dick so clean.

I slammed into her convulsing depths. My balls tightened. I grunted as the pleasure surged out of me. My cum fired hard and fast. It splattered against her pussy walls. The pleasure surged through me. Dizzy waves washed through my body. I groaned and swayed, the pleasure boiling through me. It left me gasping and groaning.

“You fucking slut, take it!” I growled. “I'm going to fuck this cunt whenever I want! You're always going to be horny for my dick! Only your siblings can truly satiate you now. My cock and your sisters' mouths and fingers.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Randy!” she howled. “Thank you for using my whore-pussy to clean your dick! Breed me! Please, please, you have to breed me!”

The pleasure surged through me. My cum fired so hard into her cunt. The pleasure surged through my body. I groaned, my body shaking with each blast. The rapture bathed my mind as I came in my older sister's snatch.

I'd fucked them all. Used them all.

Damn, that was hot.

I pulled out of Valarie's cunt. “Damn, that was a good fuck, slut.” I smacked her well-spanked ass, loving her yelp of pain. “Go let Livie clean up your cunt.”

I sank down onto the couch. Alison, licking her cum-smeared lips, smiled and came to me. She slipped onto my lap, putting her arm around my neck, cuddling against me. I held her tight as I sucked in deep breaths.

My stomach rumbled.

“Dad, order some pizzas,” I ordered. “Then start cleaning up the living room. It's a mess.”

“Yes, son,” he said, standing up and adjusting his hard cock.

“Valarie, you'll pay the pizza guy with your mouth when he gets here.”

“Yes, Randy,” she moaned while Livie licked at her cum-filled cunt.

I frowned, realizing I hadn't heard Livie say anything since... Since I told her to shut up and suck her thumb. She couldn't speak. I should probably fix that, but she was so cute sucking on her thumb all the time.

“So what are you going to do next?” Alison asked.

“I don't know,” I admitted. “This all happened kind of sudden. But you're going to be my queen. My goddess.”

Her expression melted at my words. She let out such a giddy squeal of girlish delight. “I love you, Randy. Even if you didn't have your powers, I would love you!” Then she rained kisses across my face moaning, “I love you,” between each one.

I had no doubts that she did love me. I never ordered her to. This was all her.

I claimed her lips with my mouth, loving my sister, loving the changes to my family. I would use this power to change everything I could. Fathers didn't have to beat their sons. Sisters didn't have to cock-tease their brothers. There were far, far better ways to run things.

And I would have Alison at my side loving me, supporting me. She would be so eager to be commanded to do all the perverse things bubbling through her naughty soul. I wanted to see her enjoy them all with me.


“I have the new report on Randy,” Deidre's ex-husband said as he entered her office.

She perked up, smiling at him. Their relationship felt so revitalized, refreshed. Like they had a second chance. “Oh, what's that naughty god been up to? Has he bred any of his sisters yet?” He's sure been trying every chance he can get in the last two weeks, she thought.

“In fact he has,” Robert said. “Livie and Alison are both pregnant. And I was down at the oracles, James says his daughters have scryed our next god.”

A shiver ran through Deidre. “Wonderful.” She had no idea what the fifth god would teach, but she was eager to experience it. “Would you... like to have dinner tonight?”

Her ex-husband smiled. “You know, I think I would.”

The world was changing so fast, and Deidre Icke, along with the Institute of Apotheosis, would embrace them all. The world needed to be awakened to a new level of consciousness, and the new gods would achieve that enlightenment.

Just like her dead guru had envisioned.



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