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Tyler is a lot like me---a supposedly straight guy who had experimented with gay sex and enjoyed it---and who has a crush on a hot friend that he's never admitted to anyone. A guy who has a very exciting encounter out of the blue.
I've never been what I'd consider very bold when it comes to "making moves" on other people. Certainly not like my friend that had sex with a girl while several other people watched. That would be very hot, actually, but I'd never initiate that. I do enjoy dating and certainly enjoy sex, but I'm not what you'd consider adventurous. I've dated mostly women since my teen years but have been with just a few guys and found it incredibly hot. I guess I'm bi. I do know that the sensation I get when I look at a hot naked guy is a feeling that's hard to shake. I've been told that i'm good-looking and men seem to respond to me. Women do, too. I could probably get tons of pussy if I were a little more aggressive---or that's what friends have told me---though I've had my share. But I think more lately about muscular asses and, yes, penises. They just look nice. Anyway, I'm 5'11, 170 pounds, lean build. Light brown hair and green eyes. I tan easily and smile a lot. I don't like to brag on myself, but I must be fairly sexy, based on the comments I get. The story I'm going to tell you happened recently and made me begin to think I'm bolder than I thought.

I was at my gym late one night--one of those 24 hour card access places that are usually dead at that hour. When I finished working out the place was completely empty. I hit the shower and got a little carried away--I was horny, as usual, and decided a quick release would be nice before heading home to hit the sack. I was facing the wall, jerking my cock under the hot shower when I heard another shower turn on and someone clear their throat. Of course, I was startled...I stopped masturbating and glanced over my shoulder. There was an incredibly hot guy with dark hair and a lean athletic build standing under the shower directly across from me. He was staring straight at me. I think he must have been new to the place as I've only seen him in the gym a few times recently before---but from the first day I noticed him I thought he was incredibly sexy.

He grinned when we make eye contact...a sexy smile on a gorgeous face. His penis was heavy and dangling as water from the shower dripped off of it. I couldn't help but notice that it was getting longer, firmer. He made no effort to hide it. I was embarrassed, terrified, and very turned on by the situation I found myself in. Against my better judgment, I intentionally turned halfway so he could see my erection from the side. He touched himself and smiled again.

"Sorry to interrupt you," he says---"couldn't help but notice what you were doing". I blushed but laughed and said "No problem, thought I was alone". I just stared at him for a moment, not believing this was happening---wondering if I was misreading the sexual tension I thought I felt. His penis was starting to lift, beginning to throb. He still made no effort to turn away, though his dick was now fully erect and pointing straight at me. I couldn't help but look at it. I turned to face him full on, my hardon still in full effect.

He said, "Please. Don't let me keep you from what you were doing". Mildly embarrassed but extremely excited, I reached down and began stroking my cock again, not believing that I was intentionally doing this in front of a stranger. He rubbed his hand across his athletic chest and down his rock-hard abs. While watching my hand on my cock, he grabbed his own dick and began slowly pulling at it, gently rubbing it. He made eye contact with me again--mesmerizing blue eyes. We both stared at each other for what seemed liked an hour but couldn't have been, watching each other masturbate.

To my great surprise, he then took the few steps across the shower room and placed his hand on my cock and began stroking it. "This ok?" he asks. "Yes", I reply. We stand there eye to eye at an arm's distance with him gently kneading my throbbing penis. He took one more step toward me and i could feel his prick touching my thigh. "You sure?" he asks. I'm as excited as I've ever been. "Fuck yes", I reply. He grins again.

I reached out and grasped his absolutely rigid dick, a good eight inches, and pulled him all the way to me under the shower. "Fuck yes", I say again. Our faces got closer and closer together and we finally begin kissing. After only a moment, his tongue was slowly but firmly fucking my mouth. We pulled our bodies together, cocks grinding on each other and our hands now around each other, rubbing muscular shoulders, caressing lean backs, grabbing hot asses.

"Fuck yes"--now he said it, though it was a bit muffled because my tongue was in his mouth. Our stiff dicks were grinding together, caught tightly between our abs as we stood under the shower. He backed up slightly and bent down to one knee. He grasped my throbbing penis with one firm hand and touched the tip of my cock with his tongue. I shuddered. He slowly licked my shaft a couple of times while looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. I was paralyzed. I felt his free hand firmly grasp my ass cheek. Slowly, he slid his lips over the tip of my cock and took the whole head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue and I shuddered again. He slid his mouth further onto my rigid dick and it felt almost too good to describe. My dick was hard as concrete as his mouth slid up and down. "Fuck, that's good", I breathed.

Both hands were now alternately kneading my ass muscles and sliding up and down my muscular legs as he sucked my prick. My cock was throbbing and I was afraid I was going to cum very quickly because it felt so incredibly damn good. I began to thrust my hips a little, slowly fucking his very willing and talented mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed motion just outside the shower entrance and I froze. I looked over and was in complete shock when I saw the face of my best friend, Matt. He was standing there, fully clothed, staring at us with his mouth open. "What the fuck", he said, rather softly, not in an angry voice. My new friend, startled, took his mouth off my dick and quickly stood up. I can only imagine what we looked like as we both stood there, erections throbbing, staring at Matt. I didn't know what to say. Matt stared for what seemed like an eternity as we remained frozen, his mind processing. Then he looked away quickly and said, "Umm, Tyler, I was at work late and saw your car here as I was going home. Just thought I'd stop in and workout with you since you were here. Well...umm..didn't know I'd interrupt anything"... his voice trailed off and he turned to go.

"You're not interrupting anything," I stammered. "This just kind of happened. I don't know how the fuck this happened." And that was true. My new friend, whose name i didn't even know, looked embarrassed. "Yeah", he said, "I guess this is kind of crazy". Which was also true. Matt had turned to go, but hadn't taken a step yet. I wondered what he was thinking. Matt was my best friend and had been for a while. As far as anyone knew, we were both straight. We'd shared many stories about our female conquests; it always made my penis hard hearing his stories because I always imagined him naked. I loved those times we talked about sex. I'd seen him naked plenty of times in the gym shower and I knew that his ripped, lean body was sexy as hell. I had always thought my friend was incredibly sexy....everybody thought that...but had never let on to him that I found him attractive, though I did. But right now I was just worried that he might not be my friend anymore after finding me with a guy on my cock.... TO BE CONTINUED


2018-01-18 18:36:12
great story...loved it. you've got a great story line going here. i really hope you continue.

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