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Standard necro, snuff fetish. I hope you enjoy it. Story in progress... Its just fetish stuff. Not serious.
Beautiful Murder
Chapter 1
Is there anything on this planet more lovely than a beautiful woman? She is humanity’s flower: lovely and delicate. I adore gazing at their gorgeous faces and the curves of their bodies. Also in my opinion there is no more beautiful race of women than east Asian females. They have always been my obsession.
Now most people show their love for these goddesses with kisses and soft caresses. Hearing the ladies’ soft moans of pleasure is definitely enticing. I admire ladies’ men who treat their women like queens, but personally I prefer to hear these lovely creatures cries of terror and pain. I love to see a woman’s blood pour out of the wound as the knife plunges into her soft skin. I love the shrill screams of fear coming from lovely ladies. But most of all I love the look of her face in her death throes. I love to feel her faint pulse stop, her breathing cease, her sexy limp corpse falling to the ground as she dies, and her sexy death stare when the girls’ eyes stay open after her death.
Now by now I am sure you think I am a horrible person to fantasize about murdering young women. Actually I don’t fantasize. I have killed over 600 young women from Japan, Korea, and China from ages 16-40. Before you try reporting me to police don’t waste your time. I have special permission to murder any attractive woman I choose. I also preserve their lovely corpses in specially designed glass coffins. You see, I wanted to preserve the beauty of these young women. If they had grown old we would never see them young and lovely forever. Snuffing out their lives when they are young is for the best.
Now you probably don’t believe the part about me having permission to commit murder. Well it wasn’t that way at first. In fact the first 50 girls I killed were unsolved cases until I found allies who supported my work. I now even had a Korean father pay me to murder his gorgeous 21 year old daughter. My friend recorded the action as I raped her, then slit her throat, and then played with her sexy limp dead body. Then I cleaned her corpse preparing her for her coffin. Her father said he enjoyed watching his daughter die. Its actually one my proudest works.
Now my ultimate goal in all this is to preserve these lovely goddesses bodies for future viewing. Sure its fun for me to plan and execute these Oriental women. Trust me I try to make their deaths as terrifying and painful as I can. I want them to suffer a bit before dying. However when these ladies are dead I want to show them respect as works of art. That’s why my colleague and I developed a special type of embalming to preserve my murder victims for centuries. That’s right. These lovely deceased girls will be beautiful 500 years from now. Now you understand my work. Yes I believe these women are better dying young and violent deaths because we can preserve their undying beauty for years to come.
I try to be very creative in choosing my murder weapons. I mix it up to keep things fresh. Anything from beheading to poisoning I have done. I very rarely kill ladies with guns. I did however gun down 5 young Chinese women I had kidnapped with a military style machine gun. I had their hands and feet tied with rope. We had stripped them naked when we drugged them. I had them wear sexy black high heel boots to die in. We also had them wear large hoop earrings. They all looked like supermodels. Their screams of terror excited me. I aimed for the body near the breasts and stomach. I fired! Screams of feminine pain and terror. In five seconds one girl was already dead on the ground in a pool of her blood. I continued to fire. I loved the way these Chinese women fell to the ground and died. Within a minute all five were lying on the ground. Three were already dead. Two were still moaning sexily. I stepped up fired more bullets in there stomachs. The last one still twitched before dying. I wanted to make sure so I smiled and pulled out my knife and grabbed her long black hair and slit her throat. After I let go she fell dead with no movement. Blood was splattered on the wall behind 5 executed goddesses. I will describe later how we prepared these lovely corpses for their extravagant coffin. They rest in peace in the boots and hoop earrings they died in. One of my favorite works!
Do my lovely victims deserve death? Most of the women I kill are good people. I find it more enjoyable to murder the innocent ones. However there is one Japanese office lady who was a real bitch. Her coworkers thanked me after I raped her repeatedly, stabbed her with a butcher knife, before drowning her in her bathtub. Now she rests peacefully in her coffin. I was glad to rid her coworkers of her plus she was a really hot babe who deserves to be in my collection.
I hope after reading the first chapter of my story you are excited to read my descriptions of my handiwork. I will start with my first murder and it started rather innocently…

Chapter 2
The clicking of her high heel shoes, the whiff of her sweet perfume as she walks by, her lovely Japanese features, her cherry red lips, her curvy body, all these features made Minako Komukai such a sexy lady. Many men had fantasies about her. Mostly making love to her and asking her to marry him. Great ideas, but personally I had images in my head of Minako lying lifeless on her kitchen floor with a cord wrapped around her neck.
I had followed Minako for weeks and I was obsessed with her. So many guys talked to her understandably. From my time tracking her I learned she was a reporter at a local newspaper in Tokyo. I was surprised with her looks that she wasn’t working for a TV station. Minako was a great reporter I gathered and she deserved success. However her career was about to end abruptly, I smiled darkly to myself.
Miss Komukai had boyfriends and loyal coworkers so I knew murdering her and getting away with it wouldn’t be easy. Honestly I was very nervous. I had set a date for killing Miss Komukai for December 1. It was now November 28. I was excited, my heart fluttered. I couldn’t wait to end Minako-san’s life.
My main worry is could I stop an investigation when the lovely reporter turned up missing. My savior was a young lady whom I befriended that worked at the newspaper that soon-to-be-dead Miss Komukai was employed.
Now Minako was very popular at work, in fact my friend liked her as well. My friend was named Yoko Nakayama. She had a necrophilia obsession and was attracted to Miss Komukai. She was bisexual. Now it was by chance I befriended her through common interest on social media.
So Yoko, who was pretty but not as sexy as Miss Komukai, thought she could help. She fantasized about the same things I did. Because of this Yoko and I became long time partners. Yoko wants me to promise that I would kill her someday. Yoko fantasized about being killed too. I said I would, but not for many years. We became close.
So Yoko-san raised some money to give Miss Komukai’s family and even her friends to keep them silent. I was sceptical, but I wanted to trust my friend so I went with her plan. This was my first time so I was getting more nervous by the day.
By this point I already had built Miss Komukai’s coffin and my other colleagues had perfected the embalming method. The only decision was where to kill her. Yoko said I could sneak in her house and wait for her to come home. She planned to steal Minako’s extra keys she kept at the office. Everything was falling into place.
Now since I had fantasized in my head that Miss Komukai would die by strangulation I had decided it was the best method. I wanted to rape her while she was still alive but I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t confident in myself yet. Yoko suggested I just kill her and play with her corpse afterward. I agreed for now.
I asked Yoko if she felt sad because I was about to murder her friend. She said no because her sexual fantasy of seeing Miss Komukai dead meant more to her than her friendship. I was a little surprised by this confession but I knew we had to feel this way if we were to continue with the project.
On November 30 Yoko got Minako-san’s keys. My heart leapt when she handed them to me because I knew the time was near. Tomorrow Minako Komukai would be dead and her sexy lifeless body would be in her beautiful glass coffin. I kissed Yoko passionately. Our hearts leapt, both excited and nervous.
Yoko told me Miss Komukai had no clue that anything was amiss. I had to pinch myself that things had gone so well so far. I hoped the final act would be as easy and enjoyable.
On December 1 Minako would be home at 7.00 pm. She usually ate and drank at a local izakaya with friends before returning home. However Yoko called me that morning to say Miss Komukai would go directly home from the office because she had a business trip the next day. “Perfect!” I thought.
Miss Komukai’s only trip she would be making was to her final resting place, her lovely glass coffin.
I arrived at Miss Komukai’s apartment and let myself in at 4.00. I smiled. I was very excited as I knew all the planning had come to this. I planned on ambushing her in the kitchen. I held my coaxial cable in my hand squeezing it nervously. I was hungry. I helped my self to a snack in the refrigerator. After all Minako wouldn’t be needing it. I smiled darkly.
It was 7.00 and my hands were sweaty. I heard a sound at the door. It was Miss Komukai!
Minako was tired but happy. She took off her sexy high heeled shoes and laid her purse on the table by the front door. I peered at her from the kitchen. “What a beauty!” I thought.
It was a small apartment. Miss Komukai walked to the kitchen quietly. This was it.

She screamed as I ambushed her from behind. Minako escaped and she slapped me scratching my face with her sexy shiny fingernails. I reacted quickly as I tripped her up and she fell to the floor. I punched Miss Komukai hard in the face. I looked into her beautiful eyes. Fear and terror were etched into her face. She struggled again trying to escape my grasp. I saw the bruise on the cheek where I hit her. Nothing a little makeup can’t cover, I thought.
“Onegai!”, “please let me go” she cried.
Minako-san was getting weaker I felt as I held her to the ground. I decided I could rape her. I ripped her dress and panties off. She screamed in terror. It only turned me on more. I lowered my pants and fucked her hard.
I ended up raping her 3 times. I fucked her from behind then I knew it was time to end it. It was time to silence her screams and moans forever.
Miss Komukai’s tears streamed down her face. I wrapped the cable around her neck. Fear gripped her. I pulled it tight. Groans came from Minako’s throat. Her tongue stuck out her mouth. She tried to breath. I pulled tighter. “Die!” I said to her.
Her legs kicked, her arms tried to push me away to no avail. She began to twitch. Her eyes rolled back into her head. A sickening sound came from her throat. I pulled the cable tight again. Death came for Miss Komukai. Her sexy body twitched a few more times then she lied still. I felt for a pulse and happily there was none. Minako Komukai was dead.
Miss Komukai’s death stare was awesome. Her eyes were half open and her tongue protruded from her sexy red lips. I decided to close her eyes for her. “Rest in peace Miss Komukai.”
I noticed one of her shiny nails was broken when she hit me. Her limp corpse was so sexy I had to fuck her again dead. I loved the feel of her limp arms and legs as I lifted her. I had fun with her lifeless body for an hour before I lifted her into the trunk of my car. I covered Minako’s body with a blanket then I shut the trunk. I drove back to my home where Minako Komukai’s coffin awaited her.
When I arrived at my home I carried the dead woman inside my home. Yoko screamed with delight as she saw me carry her friend’s lifeless form in my arms. I gently laid the lovely corpse on the floor.
I watched in delight as Yoko practically leaped onto her dead friend’s body and began playing out all her necro lesbian fantasies on her late coworker. She kissed her full dead lips, she caressed her soft, round, lifeless breasts, she rubbed her dead but still wet pussy. Yoko then shoved her soaking wet pink panties into Miss Komukai’s mouth. “You like the taste of my pussy Minako?” she laughed. She shoved a wooden spike into her friend’s lifeless vagina. She slapped Miss Komukai’s face hard as if it would wake her up. “Oh that’s right, you’re dead!” she laughed. She was cruel to her murdered friend. I enjoyed watching it.
“Oh Minako,” Yoko said, “you are so beautiful and sexy in death. I know you were attractive when you were alive but death made you absolutely irresistible.”
“Don’t worry Minako. There will be no more breaking news to report on or no more business trips. No more after work meet ups at the izakaya with friends. No more kisses shared with your 5 boyfriends.” Yoko giggled. “But we did make you a beautiful glass coffin. Perfect for your eternal slumber. Just think Minako years from now people will still see your undying beauty.”
Beautiful tribute by Yoko. We were both thrilled that Miss Komukai lay dead before us.
It was now time to embalm the sexy corpse. Our technique is brilliant and simple. We soak the dead girl in a pool of the liquid and the body is preserved inside and out perfectly. Before Yoko and I went to bed we lowered Minako-san’s body into the liquid. She soaked for one minute. Then we lifted the sexy female form out and dried the body. We layed Minako onto the wooden table next to our bed. The dead goddess looked absolutely stunning.
The next morning we prepared the deceased for her coffin. We were so excited because this was the culmination of all our work. Sure it was great fun murdering Miss Komukai, but it was nothing if she didn’t look gorgeous in eternal slumber.
We had decided our dead lady would lay in her coffin in the nude except for her sexy high heel shoes. Yoko polished Miss Komukai’s fingernails and toenails to make her hands and feet look delicate and feminine. She also put on more cherry red lipstick on her dead lips. She made Minako’s lips slightly parted. Her eyes were closed in repose with long natural lashes. We put on Miss Komukai’s favorite delicate gold bracelets on both her limp wrists and a beautiful diamond ring on her left dead ringfinger. We coated the outside of her coffin with her intoxicating perfume. Minako’s body was so luscious, so soft, so feminine, so perfect, so motionless, so dead!
I then lifted this perfect deceased beauty into her clear glass coffin. We put 2 pink roses on either side of the dead lady. I layed her delicate feminine hands with her long polished fingernails across her stomach. She was perfectly at peace with her lips slightly parted. My whole staff broke out in a cheer: “Death to Minako Komukai!”
The plaque in front of her coffin made short reference to her life as a newspaper reporter. It had the dates of her birth and death. “Minako Komukai Born January 22, 1988 Died December 1, 2013. She died at the young age of 25. She now rests beautifully, peacefully, motionless, and lifeless in this glass coffin.” I thought it more important to focus on her death. In the text I mentioned her scratching me with her nails, I mentioned her bravery. But then I mention her weakening and my tormenting her and raping her repeatedly. And then moans of pain as I strangled her to death. It was a beautiful tribute.
Finally we sealed Minako Komukai’s coffin forever. Another cheer erupted from my colleagues. We ate and drank around the coffin to celebrate our work. Everyone was happy, except that is for the gorgeous lifeless beauty that was Minako Komukai who lies dead and motionless for eternity.

Chapter 3
Poison was Yoko’s favorite murder weapon. So after the successful and thrilling murder of Minako Komukai, she was adamant we should try some form of poison on our next victim. Yoko was happy when I agreed to her plan.
Two weeks after the death and laying to rest of the sexy reporter Minako Komukai we were ready for our next challenge. Killing Miss Komukai had gone smoothly but I didn’t expect every young lady we killed to be that easy. In fact I want a big challenge.
I admit I spent a good portion of the 2 weeks gazing at this deceased beauty in her coffin. She is so gorgeous and ravishing in death. I am so glad she lies still and lifeless in a coffin I designed. That said, I thought, it was time to give her some company, I smiled.
It took time but we convinced Minako’s family and friends to not search for her killer. Through financial rewards and the beautiful photos of Miss Komukai lying dead in all her loveliness convinced them that she was a work of feminine art in death. Of course they missed her but we think they now realize that we killed her for justifiable reasons. Minako was a good woman in life but we murdered her so that the world could appreciate her bodies’ beauty in death.
I had the next target in mind and today is the day we strike. She was another ravishing Japanese lady named Sayaka Goto. I saw her walking by 2 days before and I knew she was the next beauty that we would put to death. She was an actress in a local theatre company. I wanted her to suffer so I hoped our poison would work slowly. Sometimes it doesn’t work according to plan however.
The day had arrived. Miss Goto typically walked down a quiet street at lunch. I hoped to ambush her there. It was risky to try this during daylight but I was willing to take the risk.
We planned to poison her with a nerve agent. It was affective and deadly. We would rub some in her mouth and hoped it would be sufficient to kill the lovely actress. We would drive the car close so I would shove Sayaka in the car then drive off.
Sayaka wore a black fur coat with short skirt and sexy black leggings. She wore large silver hoop earrings with gold bracelets on both sexy arms and 7 rings on all her feminine long fingers. She had shiny red nail polish on her long sharp nails. Her high heels clicked loudly on the pavement. What a sexy lady!
As I admired this goddess I thought about how sexy she will look dead in her coffin. I wanted all her shiny jewelry on display as well.
It was near 12.00 noon and almost showtime. I waited in the car with Yoko and my 2 other colleagues. I saw Sayaka walking our way. I got out of the car and walked towards the gorgeous lady. Her perfume was strong and sweet. It turned me on.
As expected the actress walked towards the side street where small traditional Japanese restaurants were. Sayaka Goto would not be making her lunch date.
I snuck behind her and put my hand over her mouth startling her. No one saw as I pushed her strongly toward the back seat of my car. She tried to scream but I kept my hand over her sexy full lips.
We drove off quickly. Yoko rubbed a wet cloth over the sexy actress’ face. It contained the nerve agent. She rubbed it in Miss Goto’s mouth and made her swallow. She tried to scream but she choked and gagged. I was very turned on. I ripped her clothes violently and pulled down my pants and began to rape her violently. Yoko helped by grabbing Sayaka’s breasts and squeezing hard. Miss Goto screamed in pain. Yoko smiled. The poison took effect as she choked and began to foam at the mouth. She tried to scratch us with her sharp nails but I punched her in the stomach. I continued to rape the lovely young lady. She began to clutch her breasts as chest pains rocked through her body. She started to hallucinate.
Within moments she had seizures and sharp pains were running through her. She slumped to the back of the seat suddenly and her pulse was weakening. She began to lose consciousness. Yoko put her sexy hands around Sayaka’s throat and squeezed tightly to finish her off. I watched as life oozed out of the sexy actress. She gagged one more time then slumped as Yoko’s grip tightened. Her arms fell limply to her side. Yoko felt no pulse or movement from the beautiful woman. I wiped the foam and blood from her mouth and nose. She looked quite lovely in death. Yoko and I smiled at our handiwork.
We studied the body of the dead actress. I pulled her coat off then the deceased beauty was naked other than her sexy jewelry and high heel shoes. Her beautiful eyelashes were long and natural. I closed Sayaka’s eyes and smiled. I looked forward to placing her in her coffin.
Yoko loves playing with dead bodies of freshly killed ladies. She is so mischievous. She took off Sayaka’s hoop earrings, all her rings off Sayaka’s dead fingers, and her gold bracelets off her slim limp arms. Yoko then softly kissed Miss Goto’s sexy dead lips. Yoko whispered sexily “Sayaka… your life is over, your career is over, and nobody will care! We are so glad you are dead we are going to throw a party! This is your best role as an actress as a sexy limp corpse. You were worthless to us alive, but as a sexy dead woman, you are awesome!” Yoko giggled and began trailing soft kisses all over the lifeless goddess’ body. Yoko was so sexually aroused she made love to the dead actress.
“Oh by the way Sayaka,” Yoko continued whispering, “Your family and fans wont care that you’re dead. Your sexy body is so limp and lifeless you are a work of art. Death becomes you Sayaka.”
We arrived back home just after nightfall. I lifted the exquisite dead female and carried her torward the house. Maybe we were complacent but I didn’t notice a beautiful young woman walking by our house. She looked like a foreigner maybe from southeast Asia. She was gorgeous wearing a coat and high heel boots.
My concern was that she noticed me carrying Miss Goto’s limp naked corpse. The woman screamed for help when she saw me, I knew I had to act quickly. I pulled out my handgun and the lovely lady ran. I shot once hitting her in the leg. She stumbled. I fired again and the sexy Asian fell to the ground with a sickening thud. We ran to the fallen girl after laying dead Miss Goto on the ground. I felt for a pulse, none. The young lady was dead. I had hit her in the back of the neck, killing the sexy girl instantly. We all smiled at each other. “Looks like Sayaka has a partner in death!”
What a stroke of luck. We killed 2 sexy ladies today. I took the young girls’ purse. She was 18! And from Thailand as I had suspected. She was here as a tourist. Her name was Mali Chaimongkol. She was from Chiang Mai. For sure she wouldn’t returning to her lovely hometown. We have an extra glass coffin for her.
Miss Mali was so lovely. I stripped off all her clothes except her bra and panties. She wore a silver bracelet on her limp right arm. I carried the dead Thai girl into the house and my partner carried Miss Goto’s lifeless sexy body inside.
Once inside I ripped off Miss Mali’s black bra and panties off her teenage corpse. I fucked her dead body. I put my large penis in her mouth with her luscious dead lips around it. I came all over her sexy face. After I was finished Yoko had her way with the deceased Thai girl.
“I’m so glad you walked by when you did Little Missy.” Yoko whispered to the lifeless girl. “Thailand is beautiful I hear. But you won’t be returning. We have a place for you to rest eternally. You were alive for only 18 years but you will be beautiful in death forever!”
When we were finished playing with our 2 lifeless dolls we knew it was time to embalm the 2 young ladies. We dipped Miss Mali and Miss Goto in the embalming liquid. We laid the 2 naked corpses on the table next to our bed. Yoko, ever mischievous, moved Sayaka’s limp right hand to hold her Thai partner in death’s left hand. “ They were clearly in love.” Yoko giggled.
Both dead ladies had sexy feminine hands. Miss Mali had shorter nails than Sayaka’s long shiny red nails. These 2 girls were a contrast but they clearly deserved to be together. I had a plan to keep them together forever.
We had one twin coffin we designed for 2 ladies. I didn’t expect this to happen but I thought this was a great idea to have Sayaka and Mali share a coffin. They didn’t know each other in life but they would be eternally linked in death.
The next morning we prepared the 2 “Death Lovers” for their final resting place. Yoko returned all of Sayaka’s jewelry to the dead Japanese babe. Miss Mali’s only jewelry was a delicate silver bracelet. She decided to have the lovely dead Thai wear Sayaka’s hoop earrings. Yoko also had Miss Mali wear one of Sayaka’s rings on the murdered Thai girl’s left ring finger. “They love each other right? They should share as a token of their love in death.” Yoko smiled. She also gave Miss Mali a coat of fresh red lipstick on her lovely dead lips. “ Perfect!” Yoko thought.
We placed fresh roses in the coffin where the 2 dead ladies were about to lay. The roses would never die because the dead girls’ embalmed bodies would keep them fresh.
It was time. I lifted the older Japanese woman’s body into the coffin first. Sayaka looked so sexy with her luscious limp body decorated with her shiny nails and jewelry. We had her wear her sexy high heels in the coffin.
Next it was Miss Mali Chaimongkol. I layed the dead teenage girl in gently. I didn’t feel bad that I killed her. I believe it was fate that she walked by at that moment. It’s a happy fate for us that Miss Mali died so young. Her body looked gorgeous in the coffin and Yoko was right to have Miss Mali wear the dead Japanese actress’ hoop earrings. It added a little glamour to dead Miss Mali.
Next Yoko had the 2 lifeless girls hold hands in the center of the coffin. Then she laid their other lovely hands across their bare stomachs. Yoko tilted Miss Mali’s head slightly torward Sayaka’s shoulder. It was a beautiful image.
We made the plaque in front of the coffin. “Sayaka Goto born March 7, 1986 died December 15, 2013. She was a young 27 years old when she died. She died beautifully. Rest peacefully Miss Sayaka.”
“Mali Chaimongkol born October 30, 1995 died December 15, 2013 From Thailand she died at only 18 years of age. She died beautifully. Rest peacefully Miss Mali.”
We sealed the coffin and celebrated a job well done. Eating and drinking wine over the lifeless bodies of these lovely young ladies. I looked at the 2 girls placed next to Minako Komukai’s coffin. They were so lovely in death and by chance they are together eternally. Yoko and I hoped that there would be many more young ladies lying dead here soon.
Chapter 4
The girl was a fighter I would give her that. She have me a bloody lip with a strong feminine punch and scratched me with her sharp nails. But she was tiring so she knew she had to finish me quickly. The sexy university student tried to race to the kitchen counter to grab her large knife. Unfortunately for her I already had a knife and I anticipated her actions. As the sexy girl turned her back to grab her knife I threw my knife at her plunging it into her back. A sharp short painful scream came from the beautiful girl’s throat. She collapsed and fell to her knees. She died before hitting the floor. The sexy 20 year old’s lifeless body fell face first, before a large pool of blood formed around the sexy female corpse.
Yurika Morimoto lay dead in her kitchen. I walked up to the dead university student and quickly pulled my knife out the girl’s back. I then wiped her blood off with my towel.
I breathed a sigh of relief. Yurika was a good fighter. I respected her. I flipped the dead girl over to see her face. She had blood all over her lovely dead face. The puddle of Miss Morimoto’s blood spread across her kitchen. This would take some cleaning up, I thought.
I respectfully closed the dead young lady’s eyes. I then ripped her necklace off her neck. “Sorry, You lose bitch!”
Yoko, who had been waiting outside the now dead girl’s apartment, walked up behind me. She was surprised to hear my anger in calling the lifeless Miss Morimoto a bitch. I didn’t really mean it. I respected Yurika. I was just relieved I defeated her.
“Its nothing, Yoko. She was a good fighter.” I said to Yoko. Yoko walked to the corpse and tenderly kissed the dead girl’s pink lips. She sensually unbuttoned Yurika’s white blood stained blouse. Yoko caressed the girl’s lifeless breasts. Yoko was so aroused by this beautiful dead creature.
Suddenly behind us we heard a woman’s scream of terror. Two sexy young Japanese girls, presumably friends of the late Yurika looked in horror at the dead body of their friend. The taller girl of the 2 leapt in anger at us. Luckily I reacted quickly and threw my large knife lodging it in the gorgeous lady’s chest. She made a sickening gurgling sound in her throat, then slumped dead against the wall behind her. A pool of her blood formed around her. Yoko leapt quickly at the other young girl. She screamed in terror as Yoko tackled her to the floor. Yoko wrapped a phone cord around the poor girl’s neck. Yoko pulled tightly and the girl choked for breath. The girl tried push Yoko away with her delicate feminine hands. Yoko was too strong. The girls tongue protruded from her sexy red lips as she choked. The girl gave her last strength to escape but her heart stopped and her limbs fell limply around her body. Yoko yelled with joy as she knew her opponent was dead. She tore the clothes off the girl’s dead body and enjoyed the feel of her skin.
As Yoko played with her freshly killed doll, I walked up to the tall girl slumped dead against the wall with my knife in her chest. I closed her eyes respectfully and pulled the knife from her body. I looked at her ID in her purse. Her name was Emi Kurazawa. She was 21 years old. I looked at her face. She was simply spellbinding with beautiful long lashes, beautiful brown eyes now closed forever, rich full lips slightly parted in death. She wore glamorous hoop earrings when she died. Emi wore what looked to be a school uniform with white blouse and dark skirt.
I heard Yoko moan with pleasure as she finished playing with the young dead girl she just killed. “What was her name?” I asked Yoko.
Yoko looked at her ID. “Satomi Akiyama, aged 19. What a pretty name for a pretty dead girl.” She smiled.
I looked at dead Satomi. She was cute and sexy. She had shiny pink fingernails. Her arms were laid limply and sexily to her side. “What a cutie!” I thought.
Well this was so unexpected. Three dead beauties at once. We had tracked down Miss Yurika Morimoto but we didn’t expect her 2 friends to join her. By chance we had just completed a coffin for 3. Perfect timing I thought. Yoko was so excited.
My worry was getting the 3 dead beauties home without being spotted. We also had to clean the bloody mess.
We decided to clean the bodies of Miss Yurika and Miss Emi in the bathtub as both of those beauties had died of knife wounds. Yoko enjoyed cleaning the blood off both beautiful girls. We also sealed their knife wounds to keep more blood from bleeding out of their sexy corpses. Miss Emi’s knife wound was right through her heart causing instant death to the sexy university student.
After Yoko was finished the 2 girls looked like gorgeous sleeping beauties. We layed them next to Miss Satomi’s naked dead body. I had my colleagues clean the blood off the floor and walls of the late Miss Yurika’s apartment. After we were finished no evidence except for the 3 sexy dead Japanese bodies lying on the floor. We would wrap their beautiful bodies in Miss Yurika’s bedsheets. Our last challenge was to carry the dead beauties to the car without being seen.
We wrapped Miss Yurika first body bag style in her bedsheets. I carried her to the trunk of the car and placed her in delicately. We placed Miss Emi and Miss Satomi’s bodies next to her. It went perfectly. We locked the door to dead Miss Yurika’s apartment. It was like they were never there. These sexy girls would never return there.
When we returned triumphantly to the house with our murdered beauties we unwrapped their bodies. I gasped when I saw how gorgeous they were. Almost like they were sleeping despite the violence of their deaths. We next embalmed Yurika, Emi, and Satomi in our embalming room.
The only sign of violence on these goddess’ bodies was the deep knife wound on Miss Yurika’s sexy back, the knife wound through the chest of hot Miss Emi, and the marks of strangulation on the neck of cute, sexy, and dead Miss Satomi. With the sewing of the knife wounds on Morimoto’s and Kurazawa’s bodies they were perfect.
Next Yoko added the finishing touches by polishing the dead girl’s nails and adding different color lipstick. Yurika wore pink lipstick, sexy Emi wore red, and cute little dead Satomi wore lighter red. Yoko kept it natural. All their nails were shiny but little Satomi had pink nail polish that she wore when she was killed. I gave dead Yurika back her necklace and Emi wore sexy silver bracelets and hoop earrings that she wore when I killed her. They were all naked but I always like women with high heels so we gave each dead young lady a pair. Emi’s sexy dead long legs looked awesome with her high heels on.
We filled their coffin for 3 with pink flowers to add to their beauty. We placed gorgeous Yurika in first, tall sexy Emi in the middle, and cute little Satomi last. Yoko placed their sexy dead hands to hold on to each other. Emi’s long fingers held on to Yurika and Satomi next to her. Yurika and Satomi’s other hand were placed delicately on their bare flat belly.
Yurika Morimoto (1993-2014) died aged 20, Emi Kurazawa (1992-2014) died aged 21, Satomi Akiyama (1995-2014) died aged 19. These young ladies died young and beautiful. Rest in peace…
They were so gorgeous in their coffin. We outdid ourselves with these 3. They looked so peaceful sleeping. Then you see the knife wounds and strangulation marks and you knew they were murdered. We were proud of our work and I was proud of Yoko for making her first kill by herself. I placed a note next to Miss Satomi Akiyama’s name: This girl was murdered by Yoko Nakayama. We are proud of Miss Yoko.
Six beautiful ladies now lie dead in our growing cemetery for beautiful young women.

Chapter 5
Ahh Okinawa… Beautiful beaches and a great vacation spot for Japanese people. We were in Okinawa for a job though. And if things went well it will be a very satisfying one.
Sixteen beautiful sexy Japanese bikini idols were going to gather at a quiet beach for a photo shoot and party. What those girls didn’t know was that the photo shoot was planned to photograph their sexy dead bodies.
These bikini idols’ agent got in touch with me about a project. He said he wanted to take photos of 16 of his most gorgeous models after murdering them all. I was intrigued but sceptical. He then said I could keep all the ladies’ corpses after he took the photos.
I agreed to his proposal, but how would we kill these babes quietly? My informant had a plan. The girls were going to have a picnic on the beach together, only the ladies. What if we laced their food with deadly poison? He had the perfect poison that made the food taste great but after 15-20 minutes the idols will have horrible chest pains and go into cardiac arrest and die. Only a little will do he said.
When I told Yoko about this she was obviously thrilled. I asked the agent to give me the soon to be dead bikini idols’ names.
Miho Yamagata aged 21, Rika Suzuki 18, Fujiko Ando and her twin sister Fumiko Ando both 20, Anna Osaka 17, Toko Watanabe 18, Miyuki Sato 22, Aki Miyamoto 20, Ai Suzuki 20, Chisato Yamaguchi 19, Fuyumi Horiguchi 20, Junko Ogura 21, Sachiko Yabe 22, Takako Sakai 18, Yukiko Hara 20, and finally older idol Tomoko Fujisaki 30.
These girls were so beautiful its unbelievable. Imagine how hot they’ll be after death. I was excited. Lets kill all of these hot girls.
The thing about this project is it wasn’t hands on at first. The agent told me just sit and watch the young girls collapse and die. Then we will pose them for the photo shoot. Then we collect the dead babes and embalm their bodies. I thought its not as fun as killing them myself but it will be fun to handle them afterwards.
The day was beautiful and sunny at the beach. The girls were all wearing really skimpy bikinis. They were so lovely. I just wanted them to die! Dead girls are so much more sexy.
The agent’s staff prepared the poison laced meal. The poison smelt good. I knew however that it would turn those lively sexy young women into dead sexy women in a few minutes.
It was time for their meal. They all sat on a big beach towel on the sand in their sexy little bikinis. They began to eat. Yoko and I smiled.
We waited nervously as the girls ate. They seemed to enjoy it. I counted the idols and there seemed to only 14 girls, missing 2. Maybe they were late.
I checked my watch. Fifteen minutes had passed. It was time.
Suddenly one of the ladies cried out and began to vomit. She held her chest. “Oh god my chest hurts!” she exclaimed.
She tried to stand but her sexy legs were like jello. She fell to the ground gripping her chest. Her friends panicked.
I was told her name was Miho. Her arms went limp and fell to the side. She vomited and choked again then she lay still. Miho was dead.
The other sexy girls wailed and screamed but then 2 others gripped their chest and vomited then collapsed to the ground.
Soon every sexy idol on the beach became ill. One girl screamed “Poison! Someone poisoned us! Oh god!” she fell to the sand and died.
Only one bikini babe was left and she was Tomoko Fujisaki. She tried to come torward us but she was weak and about to collapse to the ground. “You p-poisoned us!” Tomoko weakly stuttered. She fell face first to the sand. She ran her long fingernails through the sand. “I don’t want to die!” she weakly whispered. Tomoko lost consciousness and passed away.
No more girls were alive on the beach. What a site! I couldn’t wait to touch and handle these dead models.
Something was amiss however. There were only 14 dead girls on the beach. The two sisters, Fumiko and Fujiko were missing.
Suddenly there was a woman’s scream. We looked and say the 2 sexy twins see their idol friends dead on the beach. Yoko and I stepped up and tried to stop the sisters. They panicked and ran down the beach. No choice, I thought. I pulled out my handgun and fired at the sexy fleeing girls. I hit Fumiko in the back and she fell to the sand. I fired again and hit Fujiko in the leg. She fell to the ground but tried to get up. I ran up to Miss Fujiko and fired into the back of neck, killing her instantly. Yoko checked Fumiko’s pulse. She was dead as well. Time to celebrate!
What a bodypile of sexy goddesses on the beach. It was quite a site.
Yoko of course took the liberty of untying Fumiko’s bikini and began sexually playing with her body. I decided to fuck dead Miss Fujiko and came all over her face. Her body was incredibly limp and sexy.
The dead idol’s agent informed me the girls would be wearing bikinis in the photo shoot, not nude. So Yoko put the bikinis back on the deceased sexy twins. I wiped my cum off Fujiko’s face. I then picked her up and carried her to where the photo shoot would be.
We had to do the photo shoot quickly as we needed to embalm the sexy bodies before flying back to Tokyo. We had a private flight with 16 coffins on board. We were prepared.
The photographer wanted the magazine cover shot to be all the girls in a incredibly sexy bodypile. I must say that is the hottest idea I’ve heard. Like I told him, dead women are sexier than live women. That’s why I murder young ladies for a living.
Poor Tomoko was the girl on the bottom of the pile. She was the oldest sexy idol; died at age 30. In the photo you could see Tomoko’s sexy limp right arm and hand stretching out from the bottom of the pile. Her nails were shiny and red.
Anna Osaka, only 17 at the time of her death, was lying limply on top of her sexy friends. Miss Osaka was so lively and looking forward to a career as a Japanese bikini idol. Now her lifeless bikini clad body was lying on top of other dead bikini clad idols. I think Miss Osaka succeeded.
Each dead model was then photographed separately, mostly in sexy limp poses. My favorite was 22 year old Miyuki Sato. We had her posed so limply hanging on the branch of a palm tree. After the photo Miyuki’s corpse fell to the ground with a thud.
The twins’ individual photos were moving as they showed their limp sexy forms laying side by side holding hands in the center. We would place them together in their coffin too.
After the photo session we celebrated a job well done and cheered “Death to the Bikini Girls!” We then tore their skimpy bikinis from their bodies. Now it time to preserve their lifeless beauty.
I shook the agent’s hand and thanked him for the opportunity to take part. He said he hoped they wanted another photo shoot of dead sexy girls. I said I would help him kill all of them if necessary as long as I can display their bodies. I suggested we should try beheading sexy bikini idols and posing their headless bodies with the lovely decapitated head laying on the stomach of the dead girls. He loved this idea.
We lovingly embalmed every one of these dead beach babes. Their dead bodies were absolutely radiant when we finished. We gently placed each dead girl in a coffin on our plane. These were not their display coffins. They were waiting back home.
As usual Yoko would polish their nails put fresh lipstick on our lovely victims when we arrived back home. Yoko said she would use purple nail polish on all the idols. Yoko thought we should display them barefoot and would paint their toenails as well. I reluctantly agreed. I love women in high heels. She wanted them all to look unique compared to the other women we kill.
We flew back with our lovely cargo in tow. We felt so proud of our work. But we were not finished yet.
When we arrived back home Yoko and I individually spent toying and playing with each idols’ body. I love how limp and lifeless their bodies are. I couldn’t resist, I fucked each one of them, pissing all over their lovely bodies. Don’t worry, we washed them before laying them to rest in their coffin. Yoko, of course had her lesbian fun with them as well. She rubbed her wet pussy all in dead Miss Miho’s face.
After the fun, Yoko got to work on polishing their nails and putting on them dark red lipstick. A different color for them. They looked ravishing. Yoko treated every dead girl like a fresh canvas to paint on.
We designed a special “Idol Coffin” with 16 compartments that allows to have each lifeless girl lock hands with the girl next to her. We would put the 2 twins in the center of the coffin. We displayed such love the girls had for each other because they all died together. I admit when we placed all of them lovingly in the coffin it was the most beautiful work I’ve done. We spread purple flowers in the coffin around the girls to complete the work.
My only complaint is I prefer raping, strangling, stabbing, and beheading young girls. However the beauty of the final product of displaying the dead bikini idols was exquisite.
R.I.P. Idol girls!

Chapter 6
Our next project was a real challenge. We targeted 3 twenty-three year old beauties who were close friends from Osaka. We decided to kidnap the trio then execute them like criminals 3 days afterward. The challenge was I would behead these girls. I had only purchased a katana to do the job and had not been trained with the weapon. Yoko enrolled me in a course to help me learn sword technique. I was enjoying it.
Mana Sato, Yoko Kawaguchi, and Ai Yamagata had been excellent friends since high school. They had come to Tokyo looking for work and we spotted them near a hotel in Shinjuku. They were all stunning beauties and thought they would be excellent targets.
We waited for them to come up to their hotel room. When they arrived Yoko and I used a chloroform cloth to knock the three lovelies unconscious. We dragged the sleeping girls in to the room. I looked at them. Mana Sato was stunning! What a woman! I wanted to rape her before I cut her head off for sure.
We distracted the hotel staff so that we could carry the unconscious girls down to the car. We put them in the backseat so they wouldn’t suffocate. We didn’t want the beauties dead yet.
When we arrived we locked the young ladies in the basement. We tore their clothes off and raped and violated all three girls while they were still asleep. Yoko joined in as well. We chained our prisoners to the wall to prevent any escape.
They felt ashamed and terrified when they woke. Where were they? Why were they naked and chained to a wall?
Sexy Mana spoke up to me, “Where the fuck are we???!! What are you doing to us??”
I walked up to her and slapped her beautiful face. Her lip was bleeding. “We already raped all of you while you slept, I’m going to rape you again you pretty bitch!” I said. I dropped my pants and forced her to suck my dick. Tears dripped down her face. Mana was the strong one of the three friends but she was terrified now. I squirted all over her lovely face then forced her legs open and raped her anally. My male assistant did the same to cute Miss Ai. She wept uncontrollably as she was raped. Yoko played forcefully licked her namesake’s pussy. Miss Kawaguchi tried to push her away but my Yoko bit her hard in the groin. Kawaguchi came on Yoko’s face. Yoko licked her lips. “Ahh you liked it huh you little slut!”
After I finished with Mana her spirit was broken. She wept uncontrollably. “Why? Why are you doing this?” Mana cried.
“Because we like to torture young girls. Don’t worry, we will kill all of you in 3 days.”
“We have done nothing wrong!” Mana screamed.
“No but you will die anyway. We will preserve your bodies after death. Be happy!” I laughed as I exited the room.
We took turns raping our prisoners the next 2 days. By the day of execution the three of them showed expressions of hopelessness. The sexy girls were devastated. It was time for them to die.
I had practised with sword and was more confident. I wanted to cut through their lovely necks smoothly. Technique had to be correct.
The sexy prisoners still didn’t know how they were going to die. We didn’t tell them till it was time.
“Execution time ladies!” I announced as I entered the basement. I wanted Miss Mana to be last. I wanted her to suffer watching her friends be put to death. My assistant pulled innocent Miss Ai up first. Mana and Yoko screamed in terror. “What are you doing to her?”
We tied Miss Ai up face down on a wooden block. A net was below her head to catch it when it fell from her body. Ai shook uncontrollably. “Have mercy, have mercy” she cried.
I gave the cute girl no mercy. I did it quickly though I was nervous. I held the sword up and concentrated on the young girl’s neck. “Relax.” I thought.
I swiftly brought the blade down severing Ai’s head. Blood sprayed out and Ai’s limbs twitched then went limp. Her bowels emptied as her shit and piss released as her head fell down. She was dead. I lifted her head by her long black hair in triumph. I handed her head to Yoko who closed the dead girl’s eyes and kissed her dead lips tenderly. “Don’t worry Ai. I’ll make your head look beautiful.”
Meanwhile Mana and Yoko K. were weeping for their friend. The heart had gone from them now. The 3 friends were so close.
We moved Ai’s headless corpse to make room for Miss Kawaguchi to die next. When Yoko came to bring her to the wooden block, Mana said softly “Goodbye Yoko. I love you.”
“I love you too Mana. I will see you in the next life.” As tears fell down her cheeks. “Get it over with!” Miss Kawaguchi said to me angrily.
They tied her down and she didn’t even resist. “If I cant be with Mana and Ai I don’t want to live.”
I relaxed and smoothly decapitated Yoko Kawaguchi. Her arms jerked then went limp and her bowels released. I held up her head. She was cuter in death, I smiled.
Finally Mana would die now. As Yoko brought her forward Mana angrily screamed “Go to hell you bastard!”
For some reason I reacted and quickly slashed my katana across Mana’s throat. A huge stream of blood sprayed out. Mana’s hands seemed to almost try to catch her head from falling. Her head slumped and fell off Mana. Mana’s body slowly collapsed to the ground.
I picked up Mana’s severed head and smiled. “Mana you are so sexy. We enjoyed kidnapping, torturing, raping, and murdering you and your lovely friends.”
I kissed her lips roughly. I tasted fresh blood and licked my lips. “Delicious dead girl.” I said.
I looked around the room. Three sexy girls’ headless bodies splattered with blood and 3 cute heads still dripping blood. Ai’s face as she died was strangely peaceful although she was so terrified at death. Yoko Kawaguchi’s eyes were open and her tongue protruding from her lips. I closed her eyes respectfully. I knew Yoko would make her look lovely and beautiful in death. Finally Mana had a terribly frightened look on her severed head. I laughed at her because she tried to be brave but it was so easy to rape and kill her.
This was the most cruel but most fun murders we have committed. I think it will be fun to pose them in their coffin as well.
We got to work embalming the sexy headless bodies and pretty severed heads of our freshly killed girls. The change of having their heads separate was fun.
Afterwards Yoko did a wonderful job painting the toenails and fingernails of the beheaded ladies. She chose black as their color signifying their extremely violent deaths. Yoko did wonderfully on their heads. They looked gorgeous as if sleeping.
We designed a coffin for them earlier, specially designed for beheaded girls.
We placed cute little Ai’s headless corpse in first. I enjoyed fucking her dead body before embalming. Ai was so innocent I enjoyed doing these cruel things to her. I delicately placed her cute head on her stomach. Then we placed her hands around it as if holding it in place. Her face was so peaceful I wanted to fuck her again, but I was finished with her.
We placed Yoko Kawaguchi’s body in next. She had sexy long legs. She had not fought when I beheaded her. I still humiliated her by fucking her lifeless body afterwards. Now she was at peace. Her head was lovely and we placed it on her flat sexy belly the same way. Her sexy long fingers held in place.
Finally Mana Sato was placed in the coffin. She was so sexy and I enjoyed torturing her the most. She tried to be strong but I think she was a coward. It made it more satisfying to kill her. Her face looked at peace and lovely and was pleased with Yoko’s work. We had each girl wear high heels and they looked so lovely.
Pink flowers laced the dead decapitated beauties. It looked lovely but also horrifying the way their heads were placed on their belly.
As we sealed their coffin, I smiled as I thought how these 3 girls suffered. I took so much pleasure in their pain. And now in contrast they looked at peace. Their cherry red lips looked full of life, but their heads were severed from their body. These beauties were dead!
It made me think. We have put 25 pretty ladies to death so far. There would be hundreds more. This should be a warning to any sexy pretty woman: if I come for you, you will die! Say your prayers girls!

Chapter 7
Sexy successful office lady Bunko Yokoyama was such a beauty. She loved her life. She loved playing tennis. Loved wearing yukata at the local matsuri. She loved wearing tiny bikinis at the beach. Most of all she loved her muscular strong husband. She loved how he drove her crazy in bed. He loved his strong rough hands caressing her breasts. She loved digging her shiny long nails in his back as he layed on top of her when he made love to her. Bunko drove him crazy as well.
Now I was brutally raping Miss Bunko in my basement. She would never see her husband again as she would be dead in one day. He found a new girlfriend and let us rape and murder his wife. He loved her but he wanted to see her dead body so we made a deal with him. We kidnapped sexy Bunko and paid her husband 100 million yen and would send him pictures of his murdered wife afterwards. We haven’t told her yet. I will tell her right before killing her.
Miss Bunko wept and moaned as I shoved my dick in her mouth again. My colleagues and I had been raping her repeatedly the last 6 days since we kidnapped her. We made her shit and piss on the floor but we did feed her forcefully shoving disgusting old bread in her mouth. We knew she would be dead in a day. We know Bunko is beautiful and sexy but we don’t treat her well till she is dead.
After the beheadings of Ai, Yoko, and Mana I became more bold. I fantasized about impaling a girl with a long sharp object from her vagina out her mouth. That’s how Bunko would die.
The next morning we raped Bunko a few more times before telling her it was time for her to die. She felt dead inside already as she barely responded to our sexual abuse.
A sharp pointed metal object would be pushed inside her vagina as she was tied down on her back naked. It would go through her and she would probably die before it came out her mouth. We would display her body like that.
As we tied sexy Bunko to the bench I told her about her husband selling her out. She began to weep softly again. All hope for her was lost. “Don’t worry Bunko, we will preserve your body.” I smiled and kissed her one more time. Tears streamed down her lovely face. I loved her being in agony.
Yoko and I watched in anticipation after we finished tying her up. We didn’t cover her mouth because we wanted to hear her cries as she died. We start moving the device pushing the deadly metal pole toward her vagina as her legs were spread forcefully. She squirmed in terror as she realized what was happening. As the metal entered her vagina blood and body fluid spirt out. An incredible cry of agony came from the beauty’s mouth. As it continued deeper her sharp nails scratched the bench below her. Blood spirted out from her mouth. Blood poured out of her mutilated vagina. Death was near for lovely Bunko. I hoped she would suffer a few more minutes so I slowed the metal object a little. Her bowels released with shit, piss, and blood mixed. We continued to push it inside her then her arms went limp. Blood continued out of her mouth as it neared her throat. We saw the sharp metal point come out her lovely full lips but we knew she was already dead. It had gone perfectly!
We would decorate her impaled corpse just like the others after wiping her blood, shit, and piss off her dead body.
We had a special coffin to fit her body with the metal pole impaled through her.
Cleaning the blood off her lips wasn’t easy but Yoko succeeded and put a lovely coat of pink lipstick over her lips wrapped around the metal. I was amazed. She had very long nails and made them shiny and red. Her husband let her keep her wedding ring which we kept on her limp right hand.
Bunko Yokoyama died at age 24. Her husband’s girlfriend was so pleased he would have his wife murdered for her. They enjoyed the sexy photos of dead Miss Bunko.
Beautiful violet flowers for lovely impaled Miss Bunko were placed in her coffin. And then we sealed it forever. No more tennis matches, no more wearing yukata at her local matsuri, and most of all no tender lovemaking from her husband who proposed to his girlfriend on the day Bunko died. The only thing there was for Bunko was eternal slumber with a sharp metal pole ran through her body.
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