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Daddy's mind-controlled twins put on a naughty strip tease for him before their friends.
Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter Four: Twins Strip for Daddy
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

“They're on the move,” Deidre Icke, president of the Institute of Apotheosis, said, staring at the screen, a drone watching the God and his naked family piling into their car. “What's the status on the church?”

“They're sending drones there now,” Deidre's daughter, Alexis, said. The eighteen-year-old sat naked on her father's lap. Robert, Deidre's ex-husband, cuddled the girl, his hands playing with her firm, barely legal tits. “It'll be tight to get cameras in place before the God arrive.”

Deidre shifted, her daughter talking on the phone at the same time she worked her hips, her father's cock impaled in her barely legal cunt. Deidre's ass still burned from her daughter's spanking, juices dribbling down her thighs. She wished Alexis's twin brother, Alex, was here. Deidre could use her son's cock in her pussy.

He has a bigger cock than his father. If a God or Goddess ever reveals brother/sister incest as permissible, Alexis will forget all about riding her father's cock.

Deidre turned her head to the screen, watching the god's car back out of his driveway. Though dark, the desert around Alamogordo showed up as dark shadows, sage brushes forming black pools amid the lighter dirt around them. The car reached the lonely highway that ran through the city, heading to El Paso in one direction, and deeper into New Mexico in the other. Blinker flashed, spilling amber light. Then the car made a right turn, racing into the city.

“They're driving fast,” gasped Alexis, her father's hands gripping her hips, bouncing her now on his cock.

Deidre grimaced. Such pleasure burned on her ex-husband's face. Their divorce had been...messy.

“Yes, Daddy, yes,” gasped Alexis. “Our new God's so eager to fuck his twin daughters! Ooh, I want to fuck my twin so badly!”

Deidre frowned, squirming, the sounds her daughter making only inflaming the ache in her pussy. Her hands slid down her stomach, reaching for her pussy. She didn't want to finger herself, but Alexis bouncing tits were so delicious to watch, her moans so naughty, and there was a God to observe. Heading to a church.

What will happen?

Then her eyes widened. “Uh-uh. Let's see how the God handles this.”

“It'll slow him down,” groaned Robert. “Give us time to get the cameras in place.”

Deidre nodded, her fingers sliding through her bush.


The feel of Kitty, my youngest daughter, sliding her pussy down my dick sent a groan through me. I'd never get tired of her eighteen-year-old twat impaled on my shaft. So tight. So hot. So juicy. She squealed as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her in place. I nuzzled at her neck, nibbling, making her squirm. My hands slipped up her petite body, cupping her budding mounds, hardly more than bumps. Little bee-sting titties topped by small nipples.

“Daddy,” she groaned.

“Purr for me, Kitten,” I panted, using my nickname for her.

“Yes, purr for your father,” Anne, my wife, said as she started up our family minivan, a red Dodge Grand Caravan.

Kitty tried, her pussy clenching tight as she bounced on my cock, working that hot, tight snatch up and down my dick. I groaned, pleasure shivering through me as I shifted on the seat, my naked ass rubbing on the car.

I'd never rode in a car naked before. I've never been naked in public before. But I could do anything. If this crazy Institute wanted to turn me into a god through nanites, I'd enjoy myself. I'd do what I want.

“Let's put it into gear, honey,” I groaned as she reached the highway, signaling for the right turn.

She grinned at me, her brown hair almost black in the dark, her round breasts jiggling. “Eager to fuck our twins.”

“So eager,” I groaned. And for more of my wife's punishment. She cheated on me this night with her pilates instructor.

I had even more plans for Scott.

“I've never been so excited to go to church,” Crystal, my next youngest at nineteen, moaned in the back. She squirmed with her busty girlfriend Jessica.

“I know!” Jessica gasped. Then she let out a throaty moan. “Oh, yes, trib your pussy against mine.”

I threw a look over my shoulder, grinned, my dick throbbing in Kitty's snatch. Crystal sat behind her mother, reclined against the sliding door, her legs spread wide. Jessica had her legs scissored together, their pussies grinding together. Jessica's large breasts, bigger than my wife's, bounced and heaved, the black-haired girl moaning.

“Where did you girls even learn to do that?” I asked, staring at my blonde daughter.

“South Park!” Crystal moaned, her hips undulating, grinding her hot cunt against her friend's barely legal twat.

My palms rubbed harder against Kitty's hard nipples. My daughter's pussy tightened on my dick as she bounced and squirmed on me. She groaned and gasped, her pigtails swaying about her shoulders. I groaned, turning to look ahead as my wife drove us down the highway into Alamogordo, the Walmart approaching on the left, the overpass over the railroad tracks beyond.

“Uh-huh,” my wife groaned, glancing in the rearview mirror.

Blue and red lights flashed and flared, spilling through the car, lighting up Kitty's pigtails and my wife's face. She glanced at me, still driving fast. I didn't care. I had powers. I moved my hands down to Kitty's hips, bouncing her up and down my cock. I slid her all the way up to the tip so I could feel every inch of her cunt coming back down.

“Pull over,” I groaned, pleasure shooting through me, my daughter's snatch feeling so amazing on my dick. “And don't stop tribbing back their, girls. Just let Daddy handle it.”

“Of course, Daddy,” gasped Crystal, her small, firm tits jiggling as she kept humping, the chair creaking.

My wife pulled over to the shoulder before the trailer park across the street from the Walmart. Jessica let out a throaty moan in the back. The cop car followed us to the shoulder. I shuddered, my wife's window whirring down. A thrill shot through me at the intoxicating realization.

I had power.

“Here he comes,” my wife said, her hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Relax,” I groaned. “And I bet you have a hot cunt.”

“It's a slutty cunt, Daddy!” kitty moaned. “So of course Mommy's wet.”

My wife nodded her head.

“Finger it.”

“Yes, hun.”

My wife groaned as she shoved her hand between her thighs, plunging her fingers into her wet pussy. I shuddered, tightening my grip on my youngest's hips. The friction of Kitty's tight cunt burned around my dick.

Footsteps crunched on gravel. Metal jangled. A flashlight shone as the cop approached. My heart beat faster and faster. I groaned, my balls growing tighter and tighter as I violated all the taboos and mores of our society: fucking my barely legal daughter in public.

“How are you doing toni...?” The cop's words trailed off, shining his flashlight into the car through my wife's window. The beam fell on her jiggling tits then flicked to my daughter bouncing on my dick, her pigtails flying. “Holy shit!”

His hand shot down, fumbling for a gun.

“Officer, freeze!” I commanded.

My brain prickled as my powers worked. Little fuzzy dots darted across my vision for a moment. The cop didn't want to freeze, but my brainwaves rewrote his. He did, flashlight aimed right between my daughter's legs, where her flesh united with mine.

“Now, Officer, I'm Michael Horne. And it's perfectly legal for me to fuck my barely legal daughters.” The prickling grew worse. Needles stabbed into my brain. Darkness fuzzed across my vision. I blinked, slamming my daughter down my cock. “Legal for any father to fuck his daughter,” I added, voice strained. “Right?”

“Of course, Mr. Horne,” the cop said, his voice sounding dazed. “But you're in public.”

“That's legal, too,” I groaned. The prickling returned, but not as bad as the first one. After making him believe incest was okay, public sex wasn't nearly as hard to convince him of. “And I believe you pulled us over for speeding.”

“75 in a 40,” he said, shaking his head. I noticed him staring at Kitty bouncing on my dick.

“You like looking at my eighteen-year-old daughter?” I grinned. “At her firm tits?”

“Daddy likes my itty-bitty tits,” gasped my daughter, her pussy clenching on my dick.

“Yes,” the cop admitted, sounding ashamed.

“Nothing wrong with liking them young,” I groaned. “I bet you have your own daughter her age.”
“I do.”

Anne shivered. “You and your wife should really fuck her,” she groaned, her tits heaving, fingers pumping noisily in and out of her snatch. “It's so much fun having sex with your daughters.”

“It is!” Crystal moaned from the backseat. “And if she has a sister, they totally have to lez out.”

“Just have to scissor their pussies together, Officer,” Jessica added, her big tits slapping together as she and my daughter gasped and moaned in the back.

“That does sound...nice,” the officer groaned.

“More than nice,” I panted, the pressure building in my balls. “To slide into your daughter's pussy, to feel the cunt that you created with your wife wrapping about your dick is amazing. It's magical. The union of the flesh you made with yours. Every father has to experience it.”

“And every daughter!” moaned Kitty, her body bucking. “Daddy, yes!”

Her orgasm screamed through the car as her pussy went wild about my dick. Barely legal flesh convulsed in rapture about my shaft. Her hips quivered, stirring her snatch around my cock, massaging me. The pressure built in my balls.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” she squeaked. “Breed me! I want to have your daughter, Daddy! Then you can fuck her, too!”

“Goddamn!” I grunted, my cock suddenly erupting at her naughty words.

My jizz fired out of my dick. Hot cum boiled into her pussy. It flooded out of me, leaving me shaking. The pleasure surged through me. Every blast had me bucking. My eyes rolled back into my head.



The heat filled me. Billowed through me. Had my eyes rolling back into my head at the pure intensity of it. The cop watched me flood my cum into my daughter's fertile pussy, maybe breeding her right now.

“It's the fucking best, Officer,” I groaned as the pleasure pulsed through me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped my wife. “You have to fuck her then let your wife lick her clean. To drink that yummy mix of daddy and daughter. Then feel her mouth on your pussy, licking the very cunt that birthed her. Oh, fuck!”

My wife heaved, her tits bouncing, smacking the steering wheel as she leaned forward. The horn honked as she writhed. She moaned through her clenched teeth and threw herself back into her seat. The engine roared, her spasming foot hitting the accelerator.

“Damn,” the cop said, watching her. “She really is into it.”

“She really is,” I said, smiling at my wife. Even though I had more punishments for her, I was glad I didn't throw her out, that our marriage wasn't wholly lost. She made a mistake with this Scott. That asshole would pay even more.

I sucked in deep breaths, Kitty's pussy milking the last of my cum from my dick. In the back, my daughter and her friend gasped and moaned, sounding like they joined the family in cumming. The minivan reeked of my women's pussies.

I loved the scent.
“Well, I am glad we had this conversation, Officer,” I panted. “I just need your handcuffs and then you can leave.”

“I can't give you my handcuffs,” he said even as he unclipped them from his belt and reached past my wife as she quivered, a satiated smile on her lips.

I snagged them from him. “Thanks.”

“And I have to write you the ticket,” he also added even though he was heading back to his car. “Wait, what is going on?”

“You met a god!” I shouted, saying the word out loud for the first time. I shivered at that, my dick twitching in my daughter's pussy. The idea...damn. What could I do with this power? Beside having a harem made up of my wife, my daughters, and Jessica?

I'd figure that out later. “Get us to the church. The twins still have their cherries.”

“Yes, dear,” my wife moaned, pulling her fingers out of her pussy. She put the minivan into gear and drove one handed. The other sucked her juices off her fingers.

“Give me a taste, Mommy,” Kitty moaned.

My wife grinned, holding out her hand, juices gleaming on all four of her fingers. She had stretched out her cunt while masturbating. My daughter squirmed on my lap, my dick aching in her cum-filled depths as she leaned over to lick her mother's pussy juices off her fingers.

The cop didn't follow us as we headed into Alamogordo itself, crossing the railroad track and entering the town's streets laid out on a grid. The church was only a few minutes away, not a large structure. Several cars parked before it, lights streaming through some of the windows despite the time of night.

The youth group were having a lock-in. A bunch of eighteen to twenty year olds having a PG slumber party under the supervision of the youth minister, Kip Larson. My two eldest daughters, Rosie and Lily, were devout and into church while my other two daughters hated it. My wife encouraged us to go, but more because she felt that our daughters needed good morales than any religious fervor.

Shame my wife didn't pay attention to the parts about not cheating on your spouse.

I pushed down my anger as Kitty hopped off my dick and out of the minivan. Her bare feet padded on the asphalt of the parking lot, my cum running down her thighs, glistening in the light from a nearby street lamp. She did a little twirl, hands outstretched.

“I like being naked outside!” she said as I climbed out and joined her.

“It's fun,” I agreed. “You can do it because you're my daughter.”

She reached out her hand. I thought she meant to take mine, like she normally would, but instead she grabbed my cock, holding it in her grip. Crystal came up on my other side, taller than her younger sister, her body more developed. She also grabbed my wet dick, grinning at me.

“Let's go crash the lock-in!” she exclaimed, my blonde child so enthusiastic.

I grinned at her. My wife already marched to the door, Jessica following her. Their larger tits, especially Jessica's, bouncing in such a delicious fashion. Their asses swayed as they took the couple of stairs to the porch and reached the polished, wooden door. They yanked it opened, revealing the foyer.

Christian rap music, which I always thought was the most ridiculous of the Christian genre of music, thudded through the door. I could hear the sounds of laughing and talking beneath it, ready to crash the party and turn it into something wild.

A hot orgy.

My daughters held my dick, my arms around them, holding them close. Crystal leaned her head against my shoulder, tall enough to reach, but Kitty rested hers on my side. We reached their mother, a big grin on her face.

“You're going to fuck our twins,” Anne breathed. “Remember when they were born? How beautiful they were?”

I smiled at my wife, remembering that happy moment, how beautiful Anne looked even with her face wan and sweaty after thirteen hours of labor. “Yeah. And now they're twenty. All grown up and ready to fuck.”

“Yes, they are,” my wife groaned and opened the doors to the worship hall.

It had two rows of pews normally, but they'd been pushed together in the back to create more space up front before the podium and the baptism pool to the right. Guys and girls sat around on clumps of sleeping bags, some up on the stage, others where the pews should be. They were talking, hanging out, many of them in their pajamas. But not the sexy kind. No lingerie. They were all in tame flannel bottoms and t-shirts or PJ tops. No girls just in their panties and bras, no guys in their boxers with their shirts popped off.

Such a lame slumber party.

It took a moment before anyone noticed the five naked people entering. A girl let out a gasp, her face going wide. It was Michelle Henderson, the church girl Jessica seduced before inducting Crystal into lesbian delights.

“K-Kip!” she spluttered, pointing. “Th-there... Oh, my god!” Then she covered her eyes, her cheeks going crimson.

Others were turning, girls gasping, some of the boys trying to act like they weren't staring at my naked wife and daughter. The youth minister, Kip Larson, rose from a group playing cards, still clutching his hand as he gaped.

A card fell from his grip, fluttering to the ground.

Then his face hardened. The tall, skinny man, about my age, stalked over. His black goatee quivered as anger filled his face. “Mr. and Mrs. Horne, what are you doing? This is... And they're...your daughters? What deviancy is this. You have to leave right now! Then I'll be calling the police.”

I waved a hand. “Everyone, listen up and be quiet. And turn off that music.”

Everyone, Kip included, all turned for the source of the sound, the boombox plugged into the microphone system. A mad scramble of youths in their PJ's racing for it, the youth minister turning from me, darting three steps before a nerdy guy turned off the music.

The worship hall went quiet save for the slick sound of my daughters stroking my cock coated in Kitty's juices.

“Good,” I said. “Now let's gather around.”

“Dad?” Rosie gasped. Her and her twin sister emerged out of side room, the light flicking from a movie playing. A few other girls, and two guys, followed them out. “Mom?”

Rosie and Lily were almost impossible to tell apart. Only the most subtle differences in their faces—Rosie's lips a little plumper, Lily's face a little skinnier—allowed us to tell them apart. They both had the same shade of brassy-brown hair, their breasts rounded in their flannel tops. Matching bottoms clad their long legs. They had my height, the tallest of my daughters, standing a few inches higher than their mother.

“No questions,” I said. “I'm just here to spread the good news.”

Kip Larson tried to ask a question. He opened his mouth. He looked on the verge of saying something. Then puzzled fear flickered across his face. He grabbed at his throat, trembling. Some of the girls were crying silently, tears rolling down their faces. Marybeth, Kip's nineteen-year-old daughter, hugged her father, shaking in fright.

“And calm down. You have nothing to be afraid of.” I grinned at them, my thoughts tingling. “Because we're going to have a real party. You've all been taught that sex and incest are sins, and I'm here to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong. It's not. You love and accept it. You all...”

My words trailed off. My powers reached out to the gathered twenty-or-so youths and their minister. Pain stabbed into my brain. I groaned, swaying. My daughters gasped, holding me as my darkness fuzzed across my vision. Agony pressed on my brain, hammering into it.

My heart beat in fear.

The world spun around me, my vision going black.


“Something's gone wrong!” Alexis gasped, impaling down her father's cock and stopping her bounce. “The God!”

Deidre's heart clenched. She clutched at her breast, staring at the screen. Drone control managed to get one fiber optic camera drilled through the church's wall, giving a wide-angle view of the worship hall. The God swayed in his daughters' embrace. He groaned, on the verge of collapsing.

“Has something gone wrong with the Halo?” Robert asked in shock. “We never tested them on anyone.”

“They're perfect,” snapped Deidre. “Would you question his design?”

“No,” Robert gasped. “Of course not. But... Could we have messed up the production of them? He's in pain.”

His daughters clutched him, supporting him. The watching youths and their minister stood calm, shaking their heads, being affected by his command and... “They're resistant to the idea of premarital sex and something as taboo as incest,” Deidre gasped. “I mean, this is a church group. These are the ones most committed to Christianity's repressive beliefs. Especially about the pleasures our bodies can experience.”

The God shook his head. He straightened, taking deep breaths.

“Did it just put a lot of stress on his mind?” Alexis asked. “I thought the halo could control everyone in a six-hundred-yard radius.”

“The more he changes someone, the more effort it takes.” Deidre swallowed. “Our Gods will have to navigate this issue as they spread their messages. But he's fine. He did it.”


That hurt.

I'd have to remember that. But as I stared at the youths and Kip, I saw the anger and nervousness and shock fading. “Nothing wrong with sex in public,” I added. “Or between family members.”

I said that last to my twin daughters. They stared at me now with something new in their eyes. Something hungry. They held each other's hands, standing with their friends. I took a deep breath, wanting to get to the fun.

“And to prove it, my twin daughters are going to put on a naughty strip tease for our entertainment.”

“We are?” Lily asked.

“Yes, you are,” I told her. “Because you and your twin love stripping your clothes off as sexily as possible for Daddy. It gets you hot and wet. Just like when you masturbate.”

Rosie blushed. “You know that we masturbate?”

“I told him that you told me about cumming!” Kitty grinned.

Anne arched an eyebrow. “You taught your little sister about masturbation?'

“Sorry, Mom,” Lily gasped.

“Don't be,” my wife groaned. “I'm just disappointed you didn't touch her yourself. Show her first hand how to do it.”

“But she's our sister and...” Rosie's words trailed off. “Right, right. Why didn't we do that?”

Lily stared at her twin sister. “Why didn't we do it with each other? I don't understand why I was so afraid to join you on your bed when we masturbate.”

“You, too?” Rosie asked. “I thought about it a lot. I thought it was...” Her forehead furrowed. “Wow, Dad, you are so right. It's not wrong at all for us to like each other.”

“That's hot,” groaned a youth named Craig.

“Put on some music that's good for stripping to,” I commanded. “Then everyone sit down and enjoy the show.” I paused. “And if watching my daughters turns you on, then start masturbating. Don't be shy. Nothing wrong with loving yourself. Or someone else.”

My thoughts prickled, but not as badly as that agony. My brain still throbbed from it. But the prospect of seeing my twins do a sexy strip-tease for me before we had our fun eased the ache. My dick throbbed in Crystal and Kitty's hands.

Everyone took a seat before the stage, the podium moved out of the way so my daughters could dance. I had a front row seat, my wife beside me. She had Kitty on her lap, fingering our eighteen-year-old daughter's cum-filled pussy. I pulled Crystal down, nudging my cock into her butt-crack.

“Do you want my anal cherry now, Daddy?” she moaned. “Since you've already enjoyed everyone else's.”

“Not your twin sisters,” I pointed out, my wet dick sliding between her butt-cheeks, my tip finding her sphincter. “Or your mother's.” But I would soon. Anne would never deny me again once I had her ass thoroughly broken in.

“Mom hasn't?” she asked. “Ooh, and she cheated on you. That naughty slut.” Then, with an angry huff, she pressed herself down my cock.

I groaned as my daughter's virgin sphincter spread wide. It resisted, fighting my cock burying into her hole to enjoy her incestuous pleasure. But nothing would stop Crystal from enjoying my cock in her ass. She whimpered, my tip sliding past her sphincter and into her bowels. She sank further and further down my cock, the velvety rapture so tight about my dick.

Christian rock music started playing, a thudding, fast past song.

The moment it did, my twin daughters' hips began swaying. They faced each other, impossible for me to tell which one was which from their side profile. They ran their hands up and down their flannel tops, their brassy-brown hair swaying.

“Take it off,” boy shout, sounding like a jock.

“Yes,” Jessica hissed, sitting next to Michelle Henderson. I had a feeling Jessica wanted a second time with the girl. Her hands rubbed at Michelle's thighs through the flannel PJs.

Crystal didn't fuck her ass up and down my cock, but she did squirm and clench her bowels about my dick. I groaned, cupping my blonde child's breasts. They were small handfuls. I tweaked her nipples as we watched her twin sisters hips swaying more, their breasts jiggling beneath their tops.

Crystal sucked in a breath as the twins grabbed the hems of their tops. They moved in near unison, peeling up the flannel, exposing their pale, naked stomachs. My daughter's bowels tightened on my dick, her squirming increasing, as the twins' unveiled round breasts, the size of their mother's tits, cupped in white bras. They threw their flannel tops to the ground, their hips swaying more, dancing around each other.

Craig groaned, pulling out his cock and stroking it.

Kitty squirmed and cooed as her mother fingered her pussy. My wife let out a purring moan, excited as I was to see our twins strip. Rosie and Lily danced closer together. Their hands moved to each other's bare sides, stroking each other.

“Oh, yes,” another guy groaned. “Twins.”

“Wow,” a third said.

“They're so sexy, Daddy,” Crystal moaned, her body shaking, arms moving.

I grinned, realizing she masturbated her pussy while squirming her bowels on my dick. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in my daughter's bowels as I watched Rosie and Lily drift closer and closer pulled together. Then their breasts pressed together, separated by their bras. They stared into each other's eyes, hips swaying, hands moving, sliding around their naked backs.

“Oh, god, show those tits,” breathed Craig, pumping away on his dick.

“Shit,” Randy grunted nearby. His cock came out, jerking his dick off to my daughter.

“Jessica,” whimpered Michelle. Jessica's hand slipped into her pajama bottoms, rubbing at her pussy.

“Now finger me,” Jessica moaned, her large tits pressing into Michelle's arm. “Just like you did when you spent the night at my place.”

Michelle's shaking hand slid between Jessica's thighs. Crystal groaned, staring at her girlfriend. Then she started rising up and down my dick, not much, just a few inches, but the friction made me throb.

“Ooh, my girlfriend is so naughty,” Crystal groaned. “And there's Georgia Simpson. I am totally going down on her tonight, Daddy.”

I smiled, remembering Jessica and Crystal's spat earlier tonight where it came out Crystal had the hots for the cheerleader. Georgia sat by Randy jerking his cock, squirming as she watched my twins unhook their bras.

And then their identical tits came into view, round and perky with youth. Their pink nipples hard, brushing together as their breasts jiggled, caressing each other. Their hands held each other's hips, moving closer, their boobs pillowing together. One licked her lips.

Then they kissed.

“Fuck,” Craig groaned, beating his meat so hard.

I understood. Watching the twin's tongues dancing, their identical faces pressed together, firm tits melting together, had my dick aching in Crystal's ass. I squeezed her small tits hard, drinking in the twincest before me.

Georgia Simpson shoved her hands into her pajama bottoms, the first girl to start masturbating. She frigged her pussy, watching the twins kissing, their hands pushing down their flannel bottoms. White panties, plain and demure, so virginal they almost blinded me, exposed. The twins turned, a gorgeous ass cupped in cotton facing me.

Others joined Georgia, girls and boys both. Cocks were out and girls were even pulling off their tops and bottoms, their hands bulging their panties as they stroked, rubbed, petted, and fingered their hot twats.

With a groan, Kip Larson whipped out his cock, jerking it off to my daughter. The married minister stared at my twins with such lust, finally indulging in what he'd always hidden. His daughter, beside him, whimpered before she surrendered to her lusts.

Rosie and Lily stepped out of their bottoms as they danced and kissed. Their hands grabbed each other's asses, squeezing through the panties. I groaned, eager to see them strip naked all the way. Crystal bounced and writhed on my dick, moaning and whimpering as her bowels massaged my cock.

Pleasure rippled through me. I squeezed my daughter's nipples, lusting after the twins. Then Rosie and Lily broke apart, their faces flushed, tits heaving. They faced the audience, moving in unison, acting like one person the way they would when they were real young. They wiggled their hips.

The audience, boys and girls both, moaned.

“Take those panties off,” Georgia hissed, licking her lips, one hand pulling up her pajama top, exposing round breasts cupped in a lacy, light-blue bra. The other kept frigging her pussy in her bottoms. “Let's see those asses.”

“Yes,” Randy groaned, jerking off next to Georgia.

“Fuck!” Craig groaned as Pina, a Hispanic girl, grabbed his dick and took over stroking him. He shoved his hands into her panties, rubbing her flesh.

Then his cum erupted, the first offering of pleasure to my twin goddesses.

Feeling the crowd's excitement, my twins kept wiggling their asses, bending over. Their brassy hair slipped off their supple backs, falling off their shoulders. They aimed those rumps at us, fingers hooking their panties' waistbands.

And rolled them down curving rears.

Dimpled asses came into view, so round and plump. I groaned, twisting Crystal's nipples harder. More and more of their butt-cracks were exposed. They worked their panties lower. And then brown bushes appears d, soaked with their juices, hiding their virgin slits.

Randy grunted, cum firing. Other boys moaned as their cocks went off. Georgia whimpered, her body shuddering in orgasmic delight as she stared at my twins peeling their panties down their long, lithe legs.

“Just beautiful, girls,” I groaned to my twins, my balls tightening.

“Daddy!” groaned Crystal, her back arching into mine.

Her asshole went wild about my cock. Her bowels massaged my shaft as she squirmed and spasmed. I groaned, holding her tight as she massaged my dick. Pleasure rushed through me. I grunted, rapture shooting down my cock.

“Mommy!” Kitty squealed nearby, cumming on my wife's lap.

Then Rosie and Lily stepped out of their panties, facing each other. They pressed their entirely naked bodies tight, slipping their thighs between the other's legs. They ground hot pussies on each other, sliding them up and down supple skin, moaning, gasping, staring into each other's eyes.

“Fuck,” I groaned, erupting into Crystal's spasming asshole.

Pleasure burned hot through me as Rosie and Crystal ground their pussies on each other's thigh. They shuddered, their heads tossing back and forth, brassy hair sweeping down their backs. Their hands gripped the other's ass, pulling each other tight. Nipples rubbed before they came together in an incestuous kiss.

I groaned, more cum firing into Crystal's bowels. Pleasure surged through me. Around me, more and more youths came. Michelle and Jessica both groaned and gasped as they fingered each other. My wife let out a throaty groan. The youth minister fired a load of spunk, his daughter groaning beside him.

Crystal whimpered, her orgasm peaking in her as her bowels milked out the last of my cum. I shuddered, holding her, panting, entranced by the sight of my twin daughters grinding their pussies on each other, their bodies shuddering.

“Cum, girls,” I moaned. “Cum while Daddy watches. You love me and want to please me.”

“They do,” groaned Anne. “Cum for your father, girls.”

“Cum!” Marybeth gasped, trembling beside her father, squeaking out her pleasure.

My twins kissed harder, mirrors melting together as they shared their passion. Fingers dug into dimpled asses. Their hips ground their pussies on the other's thigh. They whimpered, juices trickling down their legs.

Then they convulsed. They came before their youth group. Guys whooped. Girls cheered. Cum spurted. Pussy squirted. The air filled with the scent of sex, soiling the church. I shuddered, building a new church here as my dick twitched in my daughter's bowels.

I had to fuck my daughters.

Rosie and Lily broke their kiss, foreheads pressed together, lost in each other's eyes. Their lips moved, whispering their feelings to each other. I had no idea what they said. It didn't matter right now. Let them have their private moment.

“Crystal, go eat out your mother. Let Kitty enjoy my cum dribbling out of your asshole.”

“Yes, Daddy,” my blonde child purred before rising off my dick.

My cock popped out of her asshole. I stood up, licking my lips. “Rosie, Lily, lay down on the stage, one atop the other. Daddy wants to lick your identical cunts. Daddy wants to please his twin sluts.”

Not even a twinge from my thoughts. They were wholly convinced to be my sluts.

“Yes, Daddy,” they both purred.

I felt the youth group's eyes on me as the twins stretched out, Rosie going on the bottom, pulling Lily on top of her. They had their pussies aimed right at the group, knowing the way I wanted them facing by instinct.

Maybe they were natural exhibitionists.

Their brown bushes merged together, tangled by their juices. Tight slits peeked through dark thatch as I knelt down on the step leading up to the stage. I leaned over, breathing in their spicy musk. Each woman of my family had a different scent but them. They smelled the same.

I pressed my face into Rosie's pussy. I licked up through her virgin flesh, brushing her hymen, and into her twin sister's snatch. Lily groaned, her dimpled ass jiggling as I licked past her pussy, savoring their combined juices on them.

I leaned back in and licked again. I loved their identical flavor, my dick throbbing so hard. I wanted to eat them, but I also wanted to fuck them. And I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to be in my daughters. I needed to enjoy their bodies.

I brought my cock, dirty with Crystal's ass, to Rosie's pussy. She was born seven minutes before Lily. My eldest daughter deserved my cock first.

Her face peeked out at me from beneath her sister. “Please, Daddy, I'm so wet. It was so hot dancing for you.”

“So hot,” moaned Lily. “We love you, Daddy.”

“I love you both,” I groaned, pressing on Rosie's hymen. “Time for you to become Daddy's sluts like Kitty and Crystal.”

“Yes, Daddy!” the twins sang together.

I thrust.

Rosie gasped.

My dirty cock buried into her pure pussy, soiling her forever. I groaned, her silky flesh, so tight, clenched down hard on my dick. My shaft buried into her depths, pleasure flooding down to my swinging balls. Her hands clawed her twin sister's back. Lily squirmed, her ass jiggling before me as I deflowered her twin sister.

Then I ripped my cock out of one twin's pussy and popped the other's cherry.

“Daddy!” squealed Lily as I ripped through her cherry and soiled her cunt, her twin's juices lubing my cock this time.

I shuddered, burying into her depths. She felt the same as her sister. So hot. So tight. So silky. I buried into her, my balls smacking into where their clits met. I panted, savoring this special moment. My last daughter's cunt wrapped about my cock.

I ripped my dick out, shifted lower, and slammed home into Rosie's pussy. The same. I closed my eyes, unable to tell them apart. My hips pumped hard, my daughters whimpering as I went back and forth between their pussies, enjoying my twin daughters.

“Daddy!” they squealed together. “Oh, Daddy, yes! Your cock is amazing. We love it!”

“And I love being in your pussies!”

“Fuck them, hun,” moaned my wife, Crystal feasting away at her pussy.

“Fuck them, Master!” Jessica moaned. “And Michelle, yes! Eat my cunt. Oh, yes. That's what you missed out on last time. Mmm, isn't my pussy amazing?”

“Yes,” moaned Michelle.

My dick throbbed, pumping back and forth between my daughters, finding a rhythm. Thrust in and out, move up, and bury in again. Pump once then move back down. I hardly left their pussies. Their identical embraces welcomed me with silk, my balls swaying, heavy with my cum.

My daughter's writhed together. They kissed, moaning into their mouths. Lily's ass jiggled every time I buried into their pussies. Rosie's fingernails left red streaks down her sister's back, their passion building and building with every moment.

“I'm going to breed you both,” I groaned. “Daddies should always breed their daughters.”

“Yes,” Marybeth Larson moaned. “Oh, Daddy, that sounds amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned the youth minister.

“Fuck,” Craig gasped. “Pina, yes, suck my dick.”

“Eat my asshole, Kitty,” Crystal moaned. “Lick out all of Daddy's cum.”

The moans and gasps echoing through the church, the twenty youths watching me enjoy my twin daughters, swelled the pressure in my balls. They smacked heavily into my daughters as I went back and forth between their mirrored cunts.

Burying, thrusting, savoring. Incestuous delight burned through me. I loved both their cunts. I buried over and over into them, reveling in the pleasure. Ripples of delight shot through me as my daughter's kissed and loved each other.

“I'm going to cum,” I moaned, slamming from Rosie's pussy into Lily's, their cunts cleaning my cock, their juices mixing together in each other's depths. “I'm going to breed my twin daughters.”

“Do it, Daddy!” the twins moaned together. “Please, please. We love you!”

“Fuck!” I groaned, ripping out of Lily's cunt and plunging into Rosie's.

My dick shuddered, her pussy clenching as I buried into her depths. Before I could pull back out, my balls tightened. My cum fired into Rosie's pussy. I groaned, shuddering, two pumps of jizz flooding her deflowered pussy before I could rip it out and bury into Lily's.

“Yes!” I groaned, my dick unloading more cum into Lily's barely legal snatch.

“Daddy!” my twenty-year-old twin daughters moaned.

Lily's pussy spasmed about my cock as they came. I ripped out of her pussy, leaving behind three spurts of jizz into her fertile depths, and buried back into Rosie's cumming depths. I groaned, the final blast of cum flooding my eldest daughter's snatch.

Pleasure rippled through me. I groaned and swayed. Dizzy delight shot through me. I would breed all my daughters. All my harem. And there would be other virgins in the youth group. Other girls to fuck, to love. To enjoy.

And my twins would know who to choose.

I grinned, my plans swelling through me as the youth group, my wife, and my other two daughters moaned and gasped. Jessica squealed, cumming on Michelle's lapping mouth. My wife screamed out her rapture.

I loved being a god.


James Maxwell groaned, his twin daughters grinding their pussies on each other's thighs, dancing just like the God's twins had. He stroked his dick, not hard and fast, he didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to give that to his daughters. They smeared pussy juices and cum on each other's thigh.

“Oh, Daddy, we want you to breed us,” Cindy moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Mindy. “We want to be pregnant with your babies.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “I have more cum for you.”

On the screen, the God pulled out of his twin daughters, standing up, facing the other audience. He looked down at his youngest daughter, licking Crystal's ass, and commanded, “Kitten, run to the car. Fetch the handcuffs the nice cop gave me. It's time for you mother to have her next punishment.”

“Yes, Daddy!” Kitty moaned, hopping to her feet.

As she ran to the car, the twins Rosie and Lily turned into a sixty-nine and feasted on each other's pussy, lapping their divine father's cum from the other's snatch. James's cock twitched as his own daughters broke apart and rushed to him.

“Breed us while we watch the punishment!” Cindy and Mindy moaned together.

“Praise our Holy God!” James groaned, pulling his lithe, barely legal twins onto his lap.

To be continued...


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