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5 Months later
5 Months later…

Summer had come and gone. It had been pretty good too. I was still cumming in my mom’s mouth daily, and since I was out of school and home most days, we were usually squeezing an extra one in there, raising my average to 4+ blow jobs a day.

On top of that, my older next door neighbor, Mariola, was still paying me in oral-sex whenever I helped her with things around her house. This added an extra blow job a week on average. She had even started having me titty-fuck her. They were fun to watch, and got the job done, but I still preferred a mouth. Honestly, I’m pretty sure she liked doing them more for HER enjoyment. Mariola had a thing for watching me cum on her, especially her tits, rather than swallowing. It was fine by me, her cans were huge, and it did add a little variety to my blow-job-filled-life.

Things around the house were going well, mom and dad were still doing better than before. Their sex life was as lively as ever. In fact, she usually fucked his brains out in order to put him to sleep, so she could come into my room and suck my dick to put me to sleep! My sister, Lacy, was fine, although after her being around all summer, I was ready for school to start back up.

I even got my first job this summer. It was at a clothing store at the mall, not really my cup of tea. I would’ve preferred some of the other places I applied to, but it was a pretty trendy store, so lots of girls my age worked and shopped there. You would think that meant that I would have gone on some dates this summer, but no.

The problem with girls my own age is that they don’t ‘make the move’, and I’m not just talking ‘sexually’, they won’t even say ‘hi’ first. Granted I’ve only gotten head, and it’s only been from two women, my mom and Mariola, but older women don’t play the games these younger girls do. So while I may be able to take charge of my mom’s mouth, I still couldn’t figure out how to ask a girl out.

This all changed on my last day of work. See I was still in school, so once summer ended, I had to quit my job, that was my parent’s rule. So today was my last day of work, the Saturday afternoon before school started on Monday.

This girl named Danielle had been a friend of mine at work. She was insanely pretty! She was as tall as me and leggy; thin, very toned, but still had a really nice ass from working out. However working out didn’t give girls tits, so she was only sporting a modest B-cup.

We had been good friends all summer, we even hung out a bunch of times, and that was it. But just because I never had the balls to make a move on her, didn’t mean no one else did. She was the target of affection for every guy who worked there, and many customers as well. And to my surprise she always said ‘yes’ when she was asked out. You’d have thought that would’ve given me the confidence to ask her right? I mean she said yes to EVERYONE, of course she’d say yes to me, but alas I never did. Then on my last day, she stepped up and asked me out!

I figured it was just her asking me out as friends, but I would take it! She had a car already, or maybe she just borrowed her parent’s, either way she drove. We went and got something to eat then went to a movie, and that was all that was planned. So I was surprised that instead of taking me home after the movie, she drove to the park, which was empty this time of night. She parked at the far end of the parking lot, which was completely empty anyways, and turned off the car.

“Adam, why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

“Um… I’ve never really asked a girl out before, so I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Plus I figured you wouldn’t be interested anyways.” I said shyly.

“Oh brother! All you do is ASK! What’s the worst thing that could happen?? All she can do is say ‘no’, that’s not the end of the world!”

“Ya I guess so.” She had a good point.

“And what made you think I wouldn’t be interested? I went out with lots of guys, it’s fun to go out, it doesn’t mean I liked all of them, sometimes I just wanted to go out and have fun, or get laid!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Wait, you had sex with all of them?” I couldn’t hide the shock.

“Not all of them, but pretty much. I like sex. I even Fucked Jeff.”

“Our boss Jeff?! Isn’t he like 40, and married?!”

“Ya.” She grinned devilishly. “He’s always been checking me out. So one night it was just the two of us closing up the store, and I asked him if he’s been wanting to Fuck me, he got all nervous like it was a trap, but we did it.”

“In the store?!”

“Ya, but also in his car one time. He gave me a ride home after work, and we did it in the backseat.” She said this like it was no big deal. “So do you want to?”

“Want to what?” I asked back, and she laughed, only I wasn’t joking.

“Geeze Adam, I know we’re friends and everything, but you’re still a guy!... Do you want to Fuck me?”


“Oh… well I guess that’s my answer.” She seemed hurt.

“No! It’s not that I don’t WANT to, I mean, I think you’re gorgeous! But Im a virgin, and I’m not very experienced, I don’t want to have an awkward first time with you…”

“Oh… so you’ve never done ANYTHING?”

“OH, no! I’ve done everything else, just not sex.”

“Well then how about we do everything else then?” She said with a grin, and before I could answer she leaned in and kissed me.

She was a great kisser, and it was made better by how hot she was. To be honest, I couldn’t believe this was happening. Her hands found their way to my lap and she unbuttoned my pants, then unzipped them. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my already rock hard prick. The second it was free, she pulled her lips from mine and dropped her head to my crotch. I felt her tongue flick the tip of my cock, then circle the head. Then slowly she pushed her head down, sliding her moist lips around my shaft, lower and lower until I bottomed out at the back of her throat. She sat there for a moment, then went to work steadily bobbing her head up and down.

I stared down at her, God, even the back of her head was beautiful. So many times this summer my mother had sucked me off, while I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Danielle. And now here I was, and it was actually happening!

I know what some of you are thinking.. ‘dude, she offered to Fuck you! Why not go for it?’, the simple answer is that I don’t know how to Fuck. Sure I understood the mechanics and could make it happen, but this was the girl of my dreams, I didn’t want to have some awkward first time, some inexperienced 2-pump-dump. I wanted it to be magnificent, and I wanted her to WANT to Fuck me again and again. But first impressions are everything. So for now, this would definitely do.

Danielle pulled my dick from her mouth and sat up.

“Get out.” Then she opened her door and got out herself. I did as she said. I stepped out of the car into the night air, my wet erection still sticking out of my pants. Danielle opened the trunk and took out a blanket. She saw me standing there, and looked down at my boner, “nice.” She smiled. “Follow me.”

We walked into the park, to a darker area, surrounded by trees. She laid out the blanket, kicked off her shoes and stood on it. She motioned for me to come towards her. I kicked off my shoes too and stepped on to the blanket in front of her. Her left hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss, her right hand reached down and began stroking my cock. We stood like this for several minutes, until she stopped and took a step back.

“Strip.” She ordered


“I said Strip, as in, take off all your clothes.” She said playfully, but serious.

I decided that if I wanted anything to ever happen with her, that I should do as she said. I removed all of my clothes, including my socks and stood there. She just looked at me for a moment grinning, then she dropped to her knees and began sucking me again. Truthfully, it wasn’t as good as the ones I’ve gotten from my mother and Mariola, but the experience was pretty exhilarating. Standing completely naked outside, getting a blow job, was a feeling unlike any other. Very freeing, and also very scary. Danielle stood up.

“Now lay down.” She said. I laid on the blanket with my prick pointing straight up at the sky. “You’ve 69’d before right?”

“Ya.” I lied. Sure I’ve eaten my mom’s pussy before, but never in the 69 position while she was also giving me head!

“Good, because there’s no way I’m making you cum without me getting mine too!” And with that she undressed, standing before me.

She was wearing a summer dress with spaghetti straps that tied at the top. She simply grabbed the end of each of the straps and pulled, her dress fell silently to the ground. She was completely naked underneath, and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Long legs that went up to a thigh-gap, wherein I could easily see her completely shaved pussy. Her body was VERY fit, with a tight flat stomach that led up to her tiny perky tits.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked, sounding cute and innocent.

“Oh God yes!” There was nothing innocent about what I was looking at!

She smiled proudly, and without another word she walked over to me. She stood directly over my head, facing my feet. She slowly dropped down to her knees, putting her thighs on either side of my face, her vagina just a couple inches from my mouth. She leaned forward and lowered face to my crotch, taking my cocking into her mouth. She got right back to sucking me off.

Now was my chance to impress her, show her that even though we didn’t have sex, tonight wasn’t a waste of her time. I reached up and grabbed one of her ass checks with each hand. Good God it felt amazing! Older women may have many things going for them, but they can’t compete with the ass of a teenage girl! I squeezed it tightly, and pulled her cunt down to my face.

I gave her a long slow lick, tasting her. I felt her mouth moan around my cock. And then I got to it. I remembered everything I had learned from eating out my mom. I used a combination of licking and sucking, I was even able to slide a couple fingers in her from behind, while still holding her ass. She was going crazy! The more I did, the better her blow job became. I would’ve already cum by now, however I was more focused on pleasing her rather than enjoying what she was doing to me, but I was definitely almost there.

I decided that was enough playing around, I wanted her to cum! I pressed my tongue to her clit and began licking fast and hard. She pulled my dick out. “Oh God yes, I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!” And she shoved me back into her mouth. She was bobbing almost as fast as I was licking, and then she came. Her body flexed and she arched her back, pushing her pelvis into my face. She kept me in her mouth, but stopped moving her head. She just sucked on my cock head as tight as she could and let out a loud moan that vibrated down my shaft and into my balls. The pressure that had been building released, and I exploded into her mouth.

She quickly swallowed the first two shots, but then had to take me out of her mouth. Not expecting the next one, it hit her right in the eye. To my surprise, she kept her composure, took a breath, and shoved me back in her mouth. She started jerking off the shaft, hastening the rest of my load along. All the while I was still munching away at her snatch, which she still had pressed against my face. Finally, almost in unison, our orgasms finished and our tense bodies relaxed.

She swallowed what cum remained in her mouth, and took out my cock. She rolled off me and collapsed on the blanket, both of us panting. After a few minutes, I worked up the strength to move. I spun my body around, so that our heads were next to each other. We laid there naked, staring up at the night sky, still breathing heavily, for 10 minutes before I finally spoke.

“So how was that?”

“Are you kidding me?!” She sat up and turned to me, “other than cumming in my eye (which she had already wiped out) that was amazing! No guy has ever gone down on me that well before!”


“Really! Not even older men, who are, you know, more experienced and SHOULD be better.”

I was a little thrown off by hearing that she’s been with multiple older men, but I was also pretty proud of myself. We laid there, talking and laughing for another half hour before we finally got dressed, and she took me home. We made out in her car for a little bit in my driveway, I asked her if she’d want to go out again and she said yes. But she also said that next time she was going to Fuck my brains out, so I needed to ‘get over it’ and get ready to lose my virginity.

When I walked in, mom was sitting on the couch watching TV. It was 1145pm, and my curfew was midnight, so I wasn’t in trouble. I figured she must just want the details from my first date, and I was right.

“There’s my big boy! So tell me everything!” I sat down next to her and told her everything about doing the 69 with Danielle, she was surprised, and also happy for me. “So you probably don’t want a bedtime BJ then?”

“Well actually, we were making out pretty heavily when she dropped me off, and telling you everything that happened has gotten me kind of horny again…”

“OK sweetie” She said happily, “pull it out.”

She got up and dropped to her knees in front of me and I pulled my dick out. She dripped saliva onto the head and began stroking it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she lowered hers, taking my cock into her mouth. As my mom gave me head on the sofa I thought about Danielle, I wanted to have sex with her, and I knew that if I kept refusing she’d get bored with me. But I also didn’t want to embarrass myself either. I pondered this awhile, until my body was ready to cum. I emptied my balls into my mother’s loving mouth. She was still the best cock sucker I’ve had. She sucked me clean as always, and put my prick away.

“Mom, will you have sex with me?”

“What?!” Her reaction was as expected.

She sat back on the sofa and I told her that I really liked Danielle, but she wanted to have sex. I reminded her of how awkward and nervous I was when she first started giving me hand jobs, and that I wouldn’t have been good at eating Danielle out tonight if she hadn’t taught me how to go down on her in the first place. She told me she’d think about it and we both went to bed.

Two weeks went by without a reply. She continued to give me my regular blow jobs, and she wasn’t upset, she just hadn’t come to a decision about letting me have sex with her. This was annoying because Danielle was bugging me about when we would go out again, and ultimately Fuck. I decided that I needed an answer, and if my mom said no, then I’d just take my chances of being bad in bed with Danielle. So one night after my mom finished swallowing my load, I planned to ask her, but she spoke first.

“So I’ve decided that I can’t have sex with you” She said, wiping my semen from her lips, “I’m your mother, and married, and it’s still something I can’t do. But… I’ve arranged for you to have sex with someone else.”

“What!? Who?!”

“My friend Lyla.” Lyla was my mom’s best friend, a couple years older than her and incredibly good looking. She had a very wealthy husband who paid for book jobs, butt jobs, tummy tucks, you name it, she looked like a porn star. She was recently divorced, and living off of the substantial alimony she had won when her husband cheated on her, then beat her when she confronted him about it. Due to this she was able to live in a nice house with her daughter, Shelby, that was the same age as me but went to a private school. As well as her twin boys who were a year or two younger.

“Wait, doesn’t she think it’s weird that you want her to have sex with your son?! Does she know what we’ve done together??”

“Lyla has been enjoying the single life, and that means sleeping around, especially with cute younger guys, including some of her former students. A few of them your age, maybe younger.” Mom said bluntly. Lyla had been a high school teacher, and took a leave of absence during the divorce. Then after the settlement, she decided that she didn’t need to work any more, and had taken up fucking all the teenage boys who used to have crushes on her. “And yes, she’s my best friend, I told her what we’ve done, and she understood” she continued, “so I told your father that Friday night I’m going out with Lyla for a girls night, and that you’re going to spend the night at Mike’s, but in actuality we are going to stay the night at Lyla’s house, and she’s agreed to help you have sex for the first time.”

“Um, ok” I just sat there, unable to think of anything else.

“Now goodnight, sweetheart.” She kissed my forehead and left the room.

On Thursday I was over at Mariola’s house. I helped her carry in a bunch of groceries, and in return she had just made me shoot a gallon of jizz all over her rack. I told her that I was going to lose my virginity this weekend, I left out the details and had her assume it was going to be with some girl from school. She was excited for me. Man tomorrow night couldn’t come fast enough!

All day Friday at school I was thinking about getting to have sex that night. I couldn’t tell what I was most excited about, getting laid for the first time, that it was with a total MILF, or that I was one step closer to having sex with Danielle. Thinking about it all day had me way more excited than usual.

When I got home, I came in mom’s mouth in literal SECONDS, and was still hard so I had her blow me again, Then once again in the car on the way to Lyla’s house! I did NOT want to blow my load too soon during sex.

Lyla opened the door to her house wearing shorts and a tank top and laughed. Mom on the other hand was wearing a very tight strapless dress that showed great cleavage and only went just past her ass. She had to leave the house looking as though she was going dancing for the night.

“Hey guys, come on in. Shelby just left for the night, and took the boys to their dad’s.” Lyla greeted us. “Well damn Michelle, don’t you look hot!” Michelle was my mom’s name, Lyla poked fun at her outfit.

“Hey, I had to look the part!” Mom scoffed back.

“Hi Adam.” She gave me a knowing smile that made me blush.

“Hi.” I stared down at my feet. We went in and sat on the couch. It was big and deep and very nice. The room was dark except for lit candles around the place. Lyla and my mom drank some wine and caught up a bit. Then their conversation turned to me.

“So Adam, are you nervous at all?” Lyla asked me. I nodded. “What exactly are you nervous about? Being naked in front of a girl?”

“No, that’s not a problem… I’m nervous about not lasting long enough for her to cum, and also, I’m just nervous that I won’t be able to make her cum, I don’t really know what to do during sex.”

“Well as far as cumming too fast, the only thing you can do about that is to take care of yourself before, or get a blow job first.”

“Oh he has, I made him cum in the car on the way over here.” Mom interjected, quite proudly. Lyla raised her eyebrows and grinned, I blushed and looked down again. It was strange to hear her admit to someone that she was sucking her son’s cock.

“Well in that case”, Lyla continued, “being able to control how fast you cum during sex just comes with practice, as does being able to make the girl cum. Hopefully you’ll get that practice tonight.” She smiled right at me. “Well I’m going to go change into something a little more comfortable.” Lyla got up and gave me another smile, teasing me.

“Ya I suppose I should get out of this ridiculous dress.” Replied my mom.

“Are you kidding!? You look gorgeous! But, I do have something you might like to wear for the occasion.” Lyla suggested. I had to agree, mom looked amazing.

“Really?” Mom seemed unsure, she looked at each of us and we both smiled and nodded.

Mom and Lyla both left and headed to the bedroom. I stayed sitting on the sofa, my stomach was in knots and I was trembling a little. Partly because I was nervous, but also due to adrenaline from being excited. Several minutes later, my mom came back to the living room. She told me to get undressed then left again. I went ahead and got completely naked and sat back down on the couch. I wasn’t fully erect yet, but I wasn’t completely flaccid either. I sat there, playing with my semi-hard penis out of nervous boredom.

I heard a door open upstairs. Mom and Lyla came downstairs and walked into the dimly lit living room where I sat. My dick swelled up completely hard instantly. Lyla was wearing a very hot white – lace lingerie number. It consisted of a white garter belt connected to white thigh high stockings. It would’ve shown her pussy except for a thin white – lacy thong. To top off the outfit, she was wearing a matching white open-cup bra, that was just the underwire with no fabric covering her perfect, albeit fake, 36D breasts. Right next to her was my mother, wearing the exact same outfit in black! It was a stunning image. My mom on the left with dark brown hair wearing black and Lyla with blonde hair wearing white.

My eyes couldn’t decide what to look at. My mom had a very nice body that looked great in this lingerie, but Lyla had a literally perfect body. Then I realized, I wasn’t going to get to Fuck my mom, so why was she dressed up?

“Am I going to have sex with BOTH of you?!” I asked excitedly, Mom’s eyes got wide.

“Well that’s up to your mom” Lyla laughed, “but I sure as he’ll am going to Fuck you.”

“NO.” My mom answered sternly, “I’m just wearing this for fun, and to make your first time extra exciting, but you’re not having sex with me.”

Lyla walked towards me, her eyes settled on my throbbing prick.

“You have way more will power than I do Michelle. If I had a horny young man like this living with me, I’d be riding him every day… even if he was my son.” Lyla said hungrily.

“Oh you’re only saying that because he’s not!” My mom snapped back, but then laughed a little to herself. I had asked mom if Lyla had done anything with her boys, since she seemed OK with what my mom and I were doing. She said Lyla ‘wasn’t into that’. Mom walked forward and stood in front of me, next to Lyla. “Ok sweetheart, you just relax.” She said reassuringly.

And with that, both of them sat down on the sofa right next to me in unison. It almost as if it was rehearsed. My mom was on my right, Lyla was on my left. Without a word, Lyla took my face in her hands, turned me towards her and kissed me. It was rough and wet and excited. Like we were tasting something amazing for the first time.

My mom took my cock in her hand and begin stroking slowly. I then I felt her stop, she reached up and turned my face towards her and crushed her lips against mine. Lyla took up stroking me. Then mom took her hand from my cheek and wrapped it around my shaft, above Lyla’s hand, and they began moving up and down together.

Lyla grabbed my hair and pulled me away from my mom and kissed me again, just once, then she turned and kissed my mother! I sat and watched as the two of them made out inches from my face, while they each still had a hand jerking me off. They kissed for awhile, without hesitation or thinking, they had obviously done this before. They stopped and turned to me, with my mouth open and with a dumbfounded expression on my face, they both laughed.

“So your mom says that you can recover relatively quickly after you cum. As in, you can get hard again.” Lyla asked me. I just shrugged.

“Oh brother, yes he’s able to get it back up pretty quickly, with a little help of course.” My mom smiled at me.

“Well good, cuz I plan on getting you a lot of practice tonight. But first let’s start you off with a blow job. Michelle…” Lyla removed her hand from my cock and looked at mom.

Mom dripped spit on the head of my penis and rubbed it up and down the shaft, then dropped her head and took me into her mouth. I had to let out a groan. Lyla turned to me and smiled. Without asking, my face darted to her tits and I went crazy. I kissed and licked them all over. I had a breast in each hand and swapped Nipples in and out of my mouth. She let out moans of pleasure.

Mom sat up, took my face from Lyla’s rack, and pulled it toward hers. Lyla bent over and took over sucking my dick. She was just as good a cocksucker as my mother. My hands slid all over my mom’s body, while my face was glued to her chest.

“I’m gonna cum soon.” I looked up at my mom’s face, almost pleading with her.

“Good sweetie” She leaned forward.

Lyla took my cock out of her mouth, and mom sucked it into hers. Lyla didn’t sit up, she stayed bent over, her face an inch away from mom’s bobbing head. Mom only had me in her mouth for a few seconds before they switched back. Lyla did the same. They continued taking turns, sucking my prick for a couple seconds, then giving it to the other. I put a hand on each of their heads, I didn’t push or anything, it was just hot to hold the heads to the two women taking turns servicing my cock.

After only a couple minutes of this, it was time for me to cum. My dick was in mom’s mouth when I released my first shot. She made a little sound to let Lyla know I was cumming. She quickly took my cock out and fed it into Lyla’s waiting mouth. Lyla swallowed a couple shots, then gave it back to mom. They swapped one more time before I was spent.

When no more jizz was coming out of me, they released it, and began kissing each other passionately. It was as if they’d forgotten I was there. They smeared saliva and sperm all over each other’s lips and simultaneously licked it back off. It was like watching porn live! My dick had softened, but as I watched and became more aroused, it sprang back up again. After several minutes of indulging in each other, they pulled apart and looked at me.

“How’d you like that?” Lyla asked.

“It was so hot!”

“Do you need a break or are you ready?” My mom asked, as motherly as ever.

“Oh I’d say he’s ready.” Lyla was looking at my re-hardened dick. She stood up and pulled down her thong. Her hairless snatch glistened.

Mom moved over a little bit. Lyla stepped right in front of me and climbed onto my lap, putting her knees on the sofa on each side of me. The tip of my prick was pointing up, less than an inch from the entrance to her pussy. Mom scooted closer to me, so our arms were touching. She started lightly rubbing my chest and stomach, both our eyes were locked on my dick. Then Lyla simply lowered herself, and I slid inside.

I have to admit, I thought it would feel just like being in a woman’s mouth, but it didn’t. Sure there were obvious similarities, both were warm, wet, and moved up and down my shaft, but it still felt different, softer maybe. It didn’t necessarily feel better or worse, just different.

Lyla began a great rhythm, bouncing up and down on my cock. She had a hand on either side of my head, she was bracing against the back of the couch. I just stared at my dick, watching it disappear and reappear from inside of her. I couldn’t believe it happened, I was no longer a Virgin. Sure I’d been getting head regularly from my mom, then Mariola, then Danielle, and tonight Lyla as well, but with a blow job you’re still a Virgin. Hell, kids get BJs from their little girlfriends all the time, but having sex and no longer being a Virgin was a big step.

It was the sound of Lyla’s ‘oohs’ ‘aahs’ And ‘Yeas’ coming from above me that broke my trance. I finally allowed myself to look up, and enjoy the sight of Lyla’s amazing tits jiggling in my face. But before I could take one in my mouth, my mom turned my face towards hers and began kissing me. She pulled away for a second and looked me in the eyes.

“That’s my big boy, I’m proud of you.” She said softly, and smiled.

“I wish it was you.” I said, without thinking.

Her face looked surprised, but then softened. She didn’t say a word, she just went back to kissing me. I eventually turned back toward the sight of Lyla riding me. I took her all in, the sight was something to behold. I ran my hands all over her body; her legs to her ass and hips, to her stomach and tits, then up to her face. I grabbed her and pulled her lips to mine for one long hard kiss, then I went to town on her breasts.

“Don’t stop.” She said, her rhythm picked up. I got one of her Nipples in my mouth and bit it and she let out a loud screaming-moan of pleasure that lasted several seconds. Then she stopped moving, and I took my mouth away and looked up at her. “Well, you lasted longer than me for your first time” she said laughing.

“Really, you came?!” I was excited.

“Fuck ya I did” she paused a second to catch her breath.

“That’s my boy!” Mom exclaimed, and started kissing me.

“Now I want to feel you cum.” Lyla said , and started bouncing again while I was still kissing mom.

To everyone’s surprise, I lasted another 30 minutes of her riding me. Granted, I had just cum from a tag team blow job, and I had already gotten head four times earlier today, so I was bound to last a little bit, but mostly I WANTED to keep going. I was enjoying taking turns making out with both of them, and suckling each of their breasts. I would even sit back and watch them kiss and suck each other’s tits while she rode me.

Overall, Lyla was able to orgasm another three times before I finally came inside of her and she collapsed on the couch next to me. As soon as she did, mom hopped up off the sofa, and knelt on the carpet in between us. She immediately went to work sucking me, and licking my penis clean. Once she was satisfied, she turned to Lyla, and dove into her pussy. She licked and ate my cum right out of her! I couldn’t believe it! Seeing them make out was one thing, but to watch my mother eat my cum out of her best friend’s snatch was beyond what I could’ve imagined seeing tonight.

I ended up fucking Lyla all night. I did her every which way; from behind, her on top, standing up, on a table, me on top with her legs pushed up to her head…hell, I banged her doggy style while she ate out my mom! I even laid on the floor and had Lyla ride my dick while my mom straddled my face. One had my cock in her while the other had my tongue, while they got to kiss and fondle each other! Mom still never let me fuck her, if it didn’t happen tonight then I conceded that it was never going to happen.

We would get tired and fall asleep together, but not for long. As soon as I was hard again, or would wake up, I would just climb on top of Lyla and go at it, no invitation needed. All in all, I came another 7 times that night. Six were inside Lyla, and once more in my mom’s mouth. My mom had started sucking me off while I was sleeping, and when I woke I just let her finish. The night was amazing. But most importantly I now knew what I was doing, and was not nervous about having sex with Danielle. I gave Lyla multiple orgasms each time we fucked. I felt like a stud!

In the morning we all ate breakfast naked, then showered together. Mom and I couldn’t exactly go home smelling the way we did! We all agreed that we needed to do this again sometime, and Lyla told me that I was welcome to stop by and Fuck her whenever I wanted.

Mom and I left and went home. The idea was that she was picking me up from my sleepover at Mike’s house on her way home from sleeping off her drunken ‘girl’s night’ at Lyla’s. She asked if I wanted a BJ before we got home, I declined, and joked about my penis needing a rest. When we pulled in the driveway I turned to her.

“Thank you mom, last night was amazing.”

“Anything for my little boy.” She said smiling, and pinched my cheek. “So are you less nervous about having sex now?”

“Totally, I’m not nervous at all!”

We went inside, dad was sitting on the couch next to Lacy, watching TV. He asked how last night was, we both said it was fun and made up bullshit stories. Lacy was unusually quiet and looked upset, but I tried to stay out of her business. Mom and I headed upstairs to our rooms.

“I’m going to call Danielle and set a date for next week!” I told my mom, grinning from ear to ear.. Mom smiled but looked upset. “But hey mom, I’ll see you at bedtime tonight right?” She perked up.

“You bet sweetie.” And smiled.

Trib FanReport 

2023-01-09 04:42:17
Nobody....not even ne when I was 20 could cum that many times.
It was a fun read but it wasn't close to reality.
I prefer a story that is at least somewhat believable.

James Dylan DeanReport 

2017-07-02 18:27:33
I was hoping that Adam would get around to doing little Kelly.


2017-04-15 03:57:32
A very yummy chapter! Thank you!


2017-03-30 17:19:44
Great story. I can't get enough. Please hurry with next chapter. Why is lacy upset,does she want big brother? Don't let it be the dad.


2017-03-22 04:21:09
That was amazing. Can't wait for more

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