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Please enjoy; the adult action begins in Chapter 1, hopefully you will read the background so that things make sense for you later on.
Heavy Matter

Long considered a possibility by theoretical physicists, Heavy Matter was proven real when a meteorite only 3 feet in diameter came to earth in Canada’s remote Northwest Territory with an explosion that left a crater over a half mile wide. Only a few hundred Native Americans and their Caribou herds were killed, and the strong polar jet stream kept the worst of the dust cloud in latitudes well north of Earth's’ temperate zones. Scientists later calculated that the small meteorite, part of a thin stream of matter in an elliptical orbit around the sun reaching all the way out to the Oort Cloud, must have contained a few particles of Heavy Matter.

Fortunately for Earth, the other meteorites in the stream passed by without coming close enough to be a danger. Scientists theorized that Heavy Matter forged at the instant of the Universe's creation had slowly accreted in the cold clouds of gas, ice and debris on the edges of interstellar space. Gravitic disturbances, collisions and the like could send bits and pieces of this primordial matter streaming sunward in highly-eccentric orbits, creating icy carbonaceous chunks that flew through the solar system, sometimes seeded with bits of the Dark Matter clumped inside. In the Earth’s past, a few of these bodies impacted the planet, leaving devastation in their wake that marked major epochs in Earth’s history.

The dangers of Heavy Matter combined with the theoretical possibility that it could be used for power generation created a boom of interest in space travel. By 2046 every industrialized nation had a major presence in space, with the most advanced building deep exploration ships and stations to track and intercept objects with the right types of eccentric orbits, and mine the Heavy Matter when it was found. In that year, a dispute over basing rights on one of Mars’ moons, Ceres, erupted into a three-way skirmish between Chinese miners, a small contingent of U.S. Marines and a unit of the Foreign Legion under contract to the European Space Agency.

In this first, fumbling battle in space, the Chinese miners habitat was accidentally breached, killing all 26 inhabitants. An explosion disrupted Ceres’ orbit and caused the asteroid moonlet to begin a severe tumble that made it almost impossible for spacecraft to match orbit and attitude well enough to land. Half the surviving men and women of the two military contingents were lost trying to get off the surface and back to their ships – some of them miscalculated their hasty jump-pack burns and missed getting close enough to be picked up. The ships did not have sufficient fuel to intercept the lost personnel and also get onto trajectories back to Earth, so the lost soldiers had to be abandoned. Although the ships took many months to reach Earth orbit, the horrifying reports of the dead, and the pitiful radio transmissions of the soldiers drifting to their deaths raced home at the speed of light.

In the wake of the Ceres incident the United Nations Space Administration (UNSA) was formed to regulate the exploitation of space in general, and Heavy Matter in particular. UNSA began to sell a limited number of mining and basing franchises to Corporations (not to governments), and development of space industry accelerated. Foundries and factories multiplied in Earth orbit and at the Lagrange points. More and more nickel-iron asteroids were brought in-system to provide raw materials for further construction, and soon very little other than personnel and low-mass supplies needed to be brought up out of Earth’s gravity well to feed the boom. But the pipeline going down into the gravity well was going full-force, with new metals & materials, pharmaceuticals and Heavy Matter going down to Earth in growing volumes. Then, Nexia Corporation won the bidding to develop asteroid XR-18736.

Bumped into an in-system orbit by some unknown disturbance in the Oort Cloud, XR-18736 was calculated to have an orbital period of over 13,000 years. Once the huge, swift-moving asteroid made its 17-year trek through the inner solar system, it wouldn’t be back for 13,000 years or more. But preliminary calculations, and the first survey, completed while the asteroid was still outside Saturn’s orbit, showed that XR-18736 was likely to have as much Heavy Matter inside it as all other finds to-date combined. To Nexia Corporation, XR-18736 was like a gift from God.

Before the Survey Team even made it back to Earth orbit, a massive cargo of equipment was on the long cold journey to the distant asteroid, followed shortly by a crack team of administrators and technicians. A hasty agreement was reached with the Miners Union, and 50 of the top Heavy Matter miners were headed for XR-18736, along with twenty of their multi-billion dollar mining trains. The trains, each consisting of 75 foot-long equipment modules, had the ability to bore straight through the loose regolith of Oort asteroids, breaking the asteroid apart with alternating sonic and microwave beams, sucking the regolith into the train and sorting and processing it to filter out the precious heavy matter particles, all the while shoring up the excavation tube walls with fast-drying plasticizer that guarded against a collapse. The miners ran their trains like orchestra conductors, expertly reading multi-sensory inputs and simulations to go for the richest concentrations of Heavy Matter, while avoiding a devastating collapse that would kill the miner and bury the precious mining train. It truly was an art.

But nobody had ever worked a find so far above the plane of the ecliptic and so distant from Earth or the major bases. The extreme angle of XR-18736 above the ecliptic meant that reaching the asteroid required protracted burns at high G for days at a time, consuming vast amounts of fuel and requiring over a month. Even with the magnitude of the find, Nexia Corporation opted to limit resupply to twice per year, with long-term contracts at high rates for almost all of the staff.

Working for years farther from Home than any human had been before, driven at a frantic pace by the Corporation, cracks began to show in the tight-knit group working on XR-18736. And perhaps God laughed somewhere, because there were other things inside the asteroid besides Heavy Matter. The only question is whether humans brought it with them, or whether it was already inside the asteroid, waiting out the slow turn of eons for something to free it.

This is where our story begins.

The Crew

Rock Harrigan – 42, Mine foreman and former Marine, Rock is so stocky and over-muscled that he looks like some kind of squat troll. He is the only Miner on XR- 18736 who isn’t with the Miners Union, because he works on a direct contract with Nexia Corporation to oversee Heavy Matter extraction. Rock’s personality and uncompromising drive are the most powerful controlling factors in Heavy Matter production at the base, and if things work out, he will return to Earth in another year with a bankroll that will easily put all four of his daughters through college. Only Roos Undervoort is considered to be more of an artist with a mining train than Rock, and all the miners consider it to be a near thing.

Zhu Zhao – 29, Base doctor, Chinese, female, extremely attractive. As the newest member of the admin team Zhu is still trying to find her place and learn all the ins and outs of the base, all while dealing with being on her first deep space contract. Since her arrival the mostly-male miners have had a spat of minor injuries that require her attention, and it is starting to wear on her nerves. Zhu is a very talented doctor who stands to make a lot of money – if she can handle the conditions. (name pronunciation: SHOO sow).

Aleksi Shurbakov – 44, Aleksi is the bases’ Head of Security, formerly posted to the Russian LaGrange base and fired after series of grisly murders that he wasn’t allowed to solve. Formally designated as ‘Marshal’ by the UNSA and required to wear the badge, but prefers to go by ‘Aleksi’. To someone who hasn’t spent much time on base, Aleksi doesn’t seem to do anything, but those who really know the base inside and out can see Aleksi’s subtle influence in almost every aspect of operations that has to do with the safety of the miners and support staff on base. His close friends call him Aleksi Grigoriovich. (name pronunciation: al-LEK-see SHORE-buh-kov)

Charlie Speyer – 36, Base Psychological Officer, universally disliked (he cultivates this), nicknamed “Happy Charlie” because he has the ability to prescribe Zolofram (serious happy-time pills). One of the smartest people on the base, Charlie holds Masters Degrees in Group Psychology and Chemistry. Charlie’s contract includes generous bonuses if the Heavy Matter output meets Nexia Corporation targets. He is torn between care for the miner’s mental health, and the aggressive production demands of the Corporation.

Riley Adams – 27, As Technical Operations Manager (TechOPS), Riley maintains and administers the bases’ main computer and network (‘Base Main’ or ‘B1’). Corporate paid to have Riley fitted with a cybernetic implant allowing him to wirelessly interface with B1 at all times. The implant is intra-cranial, with a small lead coming out of a stent behind his right ear that connects to a transmitter and interface unit generally clipped to his belt. Nicknamed ‘B2’, Riley has a serious lack of social skills, but when an emergency pops, everyone goes to him first.

Roos Undervoort – 25, The youngest person on the base, Roos grew up in large Afrikaaner family in South Africa. As a boy he spent almost as much time in mines as he did in school. At 17 Roos was the youngest man ever to join the Miner’s Union, working on an asteroid stripping project in high earth orbit the summer after he graduated Secondary School. Roos is rated as the top Heavy Matter miner in the Union, and Nexia Corporation overlooks his serious alcohol and behavioral problems because of his awesome production. Nicknamed ‘Stork’ because of his lanky height and thin frame. There are 20 trains that must run full-time (usually 1 or 2 down for maintenance), and 50 miners to run them. The workload is immense, and the miners often work 4 days of consecutive 16-hour shifts, followed by 1 day off. Under this pressure, Roos’ alcohol consumption and rowdiness are reaching new highs. (name pronunciation: RUSE UN-ter-vort)

Jules Petain – 52, of French/Algerian descent, Jules spent the first twenty years of his life in the Foreign Legion, including several actions in earth orbit, and eventually in the Ceres incident. Jules now holds the contract with Nexia Corporation to operate a leisure establishment on the base. He takes a very flexible view of the rules that are supposed to apply to his establishment, and gets away with it due to solid long-term relationships with Aleksi and Rock, and knowing where to draw the line. Jules is short, heavyset and bald on top with a fringe of white hair - but he has proven an unpleasant surprise to miners who got out of hand at the bar. Once they regain consciousness they generally behave themselves afterwards. (name pronunciation: JOOLZ puh-TOHN)

Crystal Mounds – 31, A platinum blonde with a physique that has been surgically-enhanced to a ridiculous degree, Crystal is under a long-term contract with Nexia as ‘Personnel Entertainment Coordinator’. Crystal was a small-time porn actress on Earth that stumbled into a Corporate contract to sustain morale at a research station in Jupiter orbit. She returned from that posting with friends and business contacts that helped her move from one lucrative contract to another, eventually landing in a deal with Nexia. Crystal sub-contracts ‘entertainers’ from in-system on 6-month deals, usually having three or four on base at any given time. Her knack for subtly managing attitudes and the interactions of personnel at the station have an impact on Heavy Matter production that is probably greater than that of the Base Psychiatrist – Crystal just also happens to be an attractive woman with a voracious sexual appetite and a very relaxed attitude about relationships. If the base meets production targets for the current period, Crystals’ bonus might actually make her the highest-paid member of the admin team.


“C’mon doc” whined the heavyset miner as he sat down on the edge of the examination table “You gotta help me with this pain!”

Doctor Zhao barely managed to suppress a very unprofessional response; the sight of a two hundred-pound man in his forties whining like a little girl while cupping his crotch with both hands made it hard. It didn’t help that in the three weeks since the doctor had arrived for her rotation at the base she had been overwhelmed by a steady stream of patients with vague complaints, lustful gazes and roving hands. The crew of miners, technicians and support personnel Nexia had brought to XR-18736 was overwhelmingly male and other than a handful of special contractors brought in by the Entertainment Coordinator the few female staff were all either taken or not interested in male company anyway.

Despite her efforts at patience Doctor Zhao sighed; some of these miners might have even worked at operations so small that female medical staff doubled as “entertainment”. Eventually they would learn that she definitely wasn’t on base for their pleasure but in the meantime it was making her life miserable. She knew from reviewing logs from the previous doctors’ rotation that she had seen more patients in three weeks than he had seen in three months. Then again the previous physician had been a short Brazilian man in his late fifties, while Zhu was twenty-nine years of age and at 5’6 somewhat tall for an asian girl. She had high cheekbones and light olive skin, with a slender, athletic frame featuring breasts and hips that filled her form-fitting white med jumpsuit very nicely. Her jet-black hair was kept short in a cut that floated softly around her head like a halo in zero g and in the .8 gravity of the base hung to barely cover the tops of her ears so it was easy to keep it out of the way.

The doctor placed her hands on the miners’ shoulders and gently but firmly pushed him back onto the examination table, simultaneously tapping a floor control that extended the table and forced him to raise his feet. “Tell me about the pain - on a scale of one to ten, where is it? Is it continuous or episodic?”

The miner stuttered as he tried to form a reply; nobody working at a major mining operation was dumb, and at an extremely distant base like this one everyone was pretty sharp because they had to be ready to back up multiple crew positions. So he understood the doctor’s questions perfectly, but was struggling for some reason. “Well ahhh, I would say it is ahhhh episodic” the miner licked his lips nervously “And when it gets going I would call it a seven..” he trailed off, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Dr. Zhao realized that beneath his fierce-looking beard this tough miner was actually blushing. And with his hands still cupped at his groin, it was clear where he was experiencing discomfort. Somewhat bemused and pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t just another horny crewman hoping to score some “medical relief sex” or get a peek at some asian ass, the doctor gave her patient a reassuring look. “It’s good that you are letting me know about the pain and I am sure that I will be able to help you. When do you you feel discomfort? Is it when you lift something heavy or bend at the waist? During urination?” She raised an inquisitive eyebrow and waited for his response.

“Ummm.. well it is only at certain times doctor” he glanced away from her nervously, looking around the small examination room. “Just from time to time” he looked back at her, eyes pleading for her to leave it at that.

“You’re going to have to be more precise or I can’t help you. And you know that the union contract requires that you provide honest, complete information about your physical condition at all times so that we can determine whether you can safely do your job.” She gave him a stern look, and slapped a medi-patch onto the exposed skin of one hairy arm, glancing at a monitor to quickly take in a summary of his physical state. Body temperature, basic hormonal level and electrolytes all were within the normal range; his blood pressure, pulse rate and sweat secretions were all slightly elevated but not unduly. He was obviously a little anxious.

Finally he stammered out “I-it’s when I become aroused. You know…” With that he nodded towards his hands, still cupped protectively over his groin.

She nodded curtly at him. “Okay, then we need to check you out. Disrobe please so that I can examine you properly.” She stepped back half a step to give the big miner a little room and ostentatiously turned her focus to the monitor for a moment. The medi-patch had taken blood samples with a microprobe and a summary of his white and red cell counts, oxygen and iron levels plus more detailed hormonal data was being displayed. Her brow furrowed as she saw the he had a slightly elevated white cell count and some trace signs of more soft tissue inflammation than his work shift and workout routines would likely account for.

The doctor glanced down to find that the miner had finished sliding his legs out of his jumpsuit and despite his unwillingness to talk about his problem, he didn’t look overly-anxious about being naked in her presence. Most people working in space learned to deal with tight quarters and little to no privacy early in their careers. By the time they had built their skills and seniority enough to get a posting at a top-tier Heavy Matter mining operation they no longer even cared much about the greater room and private quarters the that came with the positions, although they certainly relished the much higher pay.

Like a lot of the men who became successful at running the mining trains that sifted asteroids and comets for Heavy Matter his body was heavily muscled from the grueling workouts designed to build strength and endurance for 16 hour shifts. The mindset that allowed him to handle the vast information flows of the trains’ sensors and turn it into action while dealing with tremendous vibration and sudden changes in g-forces and orientation often seemed to lead to intense workouts, drinking, drugs and lots of sex on off days. Those things in turn led to fights and the miners’ gnarled knuckles and the seam of a long scar along his ribs said that he had been in his share of those.

Dr. Zhao ran her eyes farther down his muscular chest, covered in a veritable forest of wiry black hair salted with gray. She took each of his thick wrists in a delicate grip and tugged his large square hands away from their protective position above his crotch; she couldn’t have moved his arms at all had he resisted, but he let her steer his hands up to his chest and she lay them atop one another over his breastbone.

She leaned over him a bit, peering down between the the hairy trunks of the miner’s thighs to examine his penis. It was semi-erect, circumcised and thick, surrounded by a patch of wiry hair that had gone a little more gray than the rest of his body hair. The dark glans glistened with just a hint of moisture, and the shaft was relatively smooth with a few ropy veins showing through his pale skin. “I’m going to examine you, tell me if you feel any discomfort, okay?”

With that she gently took the shaft of his cock in one hand, lifting it so that she could see from the tip to where it disappeared into his thick hair. He was becoming more erect in her hand and she could see that his veined member was quite thick. She closed her fingers around the shaft, making a fist and moving it up and down a little bit, feeling for any lumps or irregularities in the erectile tissue of his cock as it continued to engorge with blood. The doctor didn’t feel anything irregular and other than a slight leftward lean, his fully-erect member seemed perfectly normal, except that it protruded almost three inches from her small fist; he had to be seven or eight inches long and big enough around that the tip of her thumb barely touched her middle finger as it wrapped around his girth. “Any pain?” she asked.

The miner lifted his head from the examination table, his voice sounding a bit hoarse “Yes, some. It gradually got worse as you… uh … examined me.” He hesitated for moment, then finally continued when she turned from her close examination of hs privates and looked up at him inquisitively.

“Well, you see it only hurts a little when I start to get excited. But as things go along it gets worse…” he paused, again licking his lips nervously. “But when I ahhh… ejaculate, that when it’s really bad, I would say the pain is a strong seven and it stays that way for a while after.” The miner looked embarrassed and at the same time relieved to have finally gotten it out.

“Okay” said the doctor, turning her attention back to his now rock-hard erection “There are plenty of conditions that can cause pain during ejaculation” she gently lifted his cock until the hard shaft pressed against his stomach, reaching beneath to carefully heft his testicles with her other hand. “The most common causes are infection, but I already know from the medi-patch that you don’t have one of those. Not to mention that Miss Mounds, the entertainment coordinator, takes very stringent measures to ensure that those sort of infections aren’t brought into the base.”

The miner gasped softly as she continued speaking and examining him. His legs twitched once when she delicately gripped a testicle between her thumb and index finger, squeezing and slowly turning it, feeling for any lumps or irregularities. When she switched to the other he gasped again and his rigid cock briefly strained against the small hand that was holding it up against his stomach.

“Please don’t move, I am almost done” said Doctor Zhao tartly. With that she released his testicle and slid her fingers down underneath the scrotum, fingertips pressing and probing at the strip of hairy skin that separated it from his anus. She pursed her lips thoughtfully as her digging fingers caught the barest outline of his prostate. It felt as though it could be very slightly swollen… but looking at the flushed skin of his rigid cock still held in her other hand, the doctor was reminded that in his current state of arousal it might feel enlarged. She didn’t think a manual examination of the prostate would be needed but she needed to get a sample of his ejaculate anyway.

She stood straight, still holding his erection in one hand. “I think you have a slightly enlarged prostate, so I need a sample of your fluids to run some labs” With her free hand, the doctor reached into a drawer under the examination table and produced a clear plastic sample container, popping off the lid with her thumb. “You will need to masturbate and ejaculate into this.”

The miner looked up at her and swallowed hard, his adam’s apple moving up and down beneath the tangled mass of his salt and pepper beard. “Umm.. okay.” He hesitated. “Can I get a little more comfortable?”

“Of course” replied the doctor, giving him a warm smiled and letting go of his erection. The shaft slapped audibly against the miners stomach as he moved to sit up a bit, while the doctor tapped a foot control to make the the examination table rise to about a 45 degree angle behind him for support. “You shouldn’t feel awkward about this, I just need this sample to diagnose you fully and then you can be on your way. Would you be more comfortable if i stepped out?”

The miner took a long moment to answer, at first looking downward but finally bringing his eyes to her face. They were a shocking bright blue and when they locked with her brown orbs, the doctor felt a brief rush of heat rush from her face, down her body, all the way to her pussy. “Actually, would you stay please?”

“Of course” said Dr. Zhao, realizing as she said it that she was repeating herself. The flush of heat that she had felt rose again and she realized that she was probably blushing.

The miner didn’t speak again, instead leaning back against the table and spreading his legs wide, then reaching down to wrap his big right hand around the thick shaft of his cock. His eyes were half-closed as he started to slowly pump himself up and down, but a glint of blue revealed that he was looking up at her.

The doctor shifted a little, holding the sample container in one hand and awkwardly holding her other hand at her side. She looked down and stared at the flushed head of the miners’ dick as he slowly jacked it; it looked like he had become even harder. She felt a bit of moisture seeping from her suddenly-drenched pussy into her white cotton panties as she continued to stare down at him.

A drizzle of foamy white precum started to ooze at the tip of the miners’ cock, and doctor Zhao quickly tore her eyes away and tried to focus on the vitals that the medi-patch was still streaming to the monitor above the exam table. It took her several tries to make sense of the numbers; the miner had increased the speed of his stroking and was beginning to breath heavily. A fleshy, slapping sound became audible as he rapidly stroked his engorged cock up and down and the doctors’ breath caught in her chest as a little shiver ran down the back of her neck.

The doctors’ last sexual encounter had been two days before departure for her rotation at the base, with an on-again/off-again boyfriend named Chien that she had met in medical school. He was chinese like her and had been hired by a medical practice on the lagrange station that Nexia launched its’ crew changes from. When Zhu found out he was on the station, she arranged to meet for dinner. One thing led to another and afterwards, they found themselves in her quarters. It ended with Zhu bent over the small chair in the crowded little room with him standing behind her, rapidly pistoning his nice little chinese cock in and out of her wet pussy. Zhu had brought herself to orgasm with her fingers as Chien finished, pulling out and shooting thick drops of semen onto the small of her back.

“Doctor” gasped the miner, pulling her eyes back down to his straining body and pumping hand “Is there something I can lubricate with?

She turned her eyes to his, feeling more waves of heat rolling up her neck. Her pussy was absolutely soaking wet and her panties were almost as bad. “Yes, I think we have something here that should do.” With that, she turned away, opening the drop drawer in a wall unit, then moving to the one below as she rummaged for lube. Finding nothing in the second drawer, she bent at the waist to look into the third. The doctor heard a low groan behind her and she realized that she was bent over in front of the patient with her ass straight up in the air at eye level. She was also bent over at almost the same angle that Chien had always liked - she melt moisture oozing through her panties, darkening the crotch of her white jumpsuit.

Smiling to herself, doctor Zhao shifted her feet slightly apart, keeping her tight round ass high in the air as she bent even farther to root through the bottom drawer. “I’m sorry, these supplies aren’t properly organized it might take me a few minutes to find something.”

“That’s okay Doc” gasped the miner, his voice tight with strain. The sweating man gazed intently at the doctor’s fantastic little ass, carefully following the panty lines that crossed over her cheeks, converging at a growing dark spot between her legs. She bent down a little farther and suddenly he realized that he could clearly see the shadowed outline of her puffy outer pussy lips and a wet dimple that must be her little opening, dripping so much moisture that her panties and jumpsuit nearly became transparent. Another groan rumbled deep in his throat and he didn’t even try to suppress it.

The doctor stayed bent over for a little longer, a plastic tube of lubricant already in her hand. She could almost feel the miners’ hot gaze on her upturned pussy and ass. For a moment she fantasized that he was standing behind her, pressing the head of his thick tool against her tiny, soaked pussyhole. She imagined how it would feel as the girth of his rigid cock forced her tight folds to spread wide, slowly pushing deep into her moist snatch until the fat mushroom head pressed against her delicate cervix…

A loud, almost pleading groan from behind her shook the doctor out of her dirty daydream and she stood straight and turned back to face her patient. He was reclined deeply with legs spread wide and glistening with sweat as his hand jackhammered rapidly up and down the shaft of his cock. The miners’ big tool had gotten even harder and the thick veins were heavy and dark with blood. He was looking right at her as he strained for release, watching as she opened the lube and squirted a dollop into the palm of her right hand.

“I am going to apply this for you” said the doctor, pleased that her voice didn’t sound shaky. She stepped forward between his knees, setting the lube down and picking the sample container back up with her left hand. She bent at the waist in front of him, feeling a trickle of moisture slide down her inner thigh. The scent of his sweat and his musky cock filled her nostrils and she wondered if he could smell her wet pussy.

The miner stopped jacking himself, leaving his throbbing cock pointing straight up at the doctor as she reached down to wrap her glistening, lubricated little hand around him. She squeezed him tight right behind the head of his rock-hard cock and stroked her slick hand down his shaft and back up. Once, twice, three times her tight-squeezing grip moved up and down, making a wet slurping sound as the lube dripped between her squeezing fingers and suddenly he was cumming hard.

Doctor Zhao quickly put the mouth of the sample container over the head of his cock as she squeezed the thick root of his member. Heavy spurts of semen gushed from him, splashing against the clear plastic of the container and sliding down the side into a growing pool of thick whiteness. He cried out as one last heavy gush shot from his cock, then a final heavy dribble spilled out, threatening to drip down his shaft until the doctor quickly moved to catch the oozing dribble of cum with the lip of the sample container. She set the sample down and briefly probed beneath his deflated nuts with the fingers of one hand, satisfied that the slight swelling in his prostate seemed to be gone.

“Very good” she said, standing straight and turning to cap the sample container. “Was the pain consistent with what you have been experiencing?”

The miner looked over at her, still gasping for breath, then nodded. “Yeah Doc, about a seven I would guess. It still hurts a little now, but not much.” With that he glanced down at his softening cock as it lay draped against his left thigh. “Should I get dressed now?”

“Yes, go ahead.” She didn’t turn to watch as he dressed, instead tapping the monitor to pull up the miners’ work schedule. “It looks like you are scheduled for a rotation tomorrow. I am going to clear you to work it as normal, since I need a day to complete all of the needed tests anyway, but I expect you back here for the results before you go back out.”

The miner sounded relieved “Yeah, thanks Doc I will be sure to come back the day after tomorrow to see you.”

She turned back from the screen to face him and gave a smile and a nod. “Excellent, I will see you then.” With that, she keyed the exam room door and led him out into the MedBay then waved him out. As soon as the Medbay doors whooshed shut behind him Doctor Zhao slumped in the chair behind her desk with a sigh, relieved that another crew members wasn’t waiting.

The doctor just sat for a moment, slowly breathing and fighting the urge to reach below her desk and play with her inflamed pussy. That would have to wait until she got to her quarters tonight - but she was definitely going to have an intense masurbation session, imagining that huge cock pounding into her.


Aleksi Shurbakov intently pored through a report scrolling through the left-hand display on his desk, occasionally glancing at camera feeds running on the right. As head of security on the base, and also officially appointed as Marshal by the UNSA, he was responsible for the safety of the almost two hundred lives on the station.

One of those lives was the new doctor, Zhu Zhao, a very attractive chinese female of 29 who was to care for the health of everybody on the base, which made her very important to Aleksi. So far she had proven to be a good physician, certainly better than the Brazilian drunk that had just finished his rotation three weeks ago. Unfortunately, being who they were, the miners and support staff were wearing Doctor Zhou out with pointless visits, apparently in the hopes that they might get some pussy, or at least get a close look at a woman that they didn’t have to pay to spend time with. The doctor was managing okay, but Aleksi knew that one or two guys had gotten a little busy with their hands. Doctor Zhao had been able to put them in place verbally, but he was concerned that until the frenzy died down she might be at risk.

Aleksi was pulled from poring over the list of patients scheduled to see the doctor by a commotion at the door to his office. He looked up and his sour expression turned into a bright smile immediately as Crystal Mounds, the base Entertainment Coordinator swept into the room and gave him a friendly wave.

Crystal was a remarkable specimen of human being and in many ways more than the obvious. Of course, with Crystal the obvious was pretty amazing; at 5’8 she was tall and her habit of wearing high-heels made her seem even taller. She had long, white-blonde hair that fell below the shoulder and was blessed with (had bought) a bustline that was nothing short of amazing and in the .8g of the station was even more jaw-droppingly bouncy than under full gravity. Compared to her huge breasts Crystals’ slender waist looked impossibly tiny, and she had wide, womanly hips and legs that seemed to go on forever. Her face was somewhere short of model beauty, but wonderful with beautiful eyes that changed color depending on her contacts, a long jawline, flawless skin and always impeccable make-up.

She looked like an absolute fantasy woman, but Aleksi knew Crystal very well and the truth about her was even more incredible than her looks. Within her amazing body was a woman of extreme intelligence, possessing remarkable memory and a personality that made her able to adapt to deal with almost any kind of person. She could wow you with her looks or sit under the stars and keep up with almost any conversation. And to top it off? Crystal legitimately had a tremendous sex drive, with an irrepressible energy and passion and was multi-orgasmic. She also had a deep belief that pleasure shared by two willing people is a source of happiness for both and never a source of shame.

Somehow, in just ten years Crystal had gone from a small-time porn actress to a contractor who negotiated rich contracts with the mining corporations to manage entertainment, morale and social health at their multi-billion dollar facilities like the Nexia base on XR-18736.

“Hello Aleksi Grigioriovich, how are you?” she asked as she came around his desk and gave him a kiss on each cheek. She knew that he loved being called by his patrynomic. He loved even more that she was wearing a tiny purple top that barely covered her enormous chest and displayed impressive cleavage; her skirt was purple too and so short that her matching lace panties peeked out when she sat on the edge of his desk. The ensemble was completed by thin platinum hoop earrings and her hair fell in luxurious curled waves over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. Her delicate perfume was like a breath of fresh air in a still room.

Aleksi smiled up at her, drinking in the sight “I’m good Crystal thank you, just keeping an eye on our new doctor and looking over her scheduled patients.”

Crystal winked at him. “I bet you are keeping an eye on her, with that cute little body, beautiful skin and that darling haircut she wears!” Crystal was equally happy enjoying men and women, although she didn’t get many opportunities to stretch her legs with a lady here on the base. She leaned forward and craned her neck a little to glance at each of Aleksis’ screens, giving him a very nice look at her mouth-watering cleavage. In just that quick glance she had the Doctor’s schedule for the day and began briefing him on what she knew about the crew who had appointments.

In her role as Entertainment Coordinator, Crystal sub-contracted up to six “entertainers” at a time for six-month rotations at the base. Aleksi didn’t know how she did it, but she always found women who loved sex and also had some sort of genuine talent that could be turned into legitimate entertainment for the crew. Not all of them were amazing beauties, but with their wardrobe, hair and makeup overseen by Crystal nobody ever complained that they weren’t pretty enough. And with Crystal guiding them and gathering information from the girls, many situations were defused or brought to Aleksis’ attention long before they came to a head. It really was amazing.

Crystal was running through the schedule “This one is just slacking, he works in maintenance five and the foreman in there is an asshole. So he is going on a sick call to get away for a couple hours. This guy thinks that he might get to fuck the doctor; this is his first contract on a major project and he doesn’t understand that the medical staff isn’t for entertainment. Now this guy…” Crystal paused. “Remember that Korean girl we had here last rotation, Jeun? He was obsessed with her, always wanting to spend time with Jeun. She said he was a big tipper, treated her great. Since she left he hasn’t been with any of the girls or me, which is a shame because Jeun also told me he has some very impressive equipment!” She smiled brilliantly at Aleski.

“So I don’t know, he’s not a bad guy but he has a thing for Asian girls, hasn’t had any pussy in months and I know he is a fighter. He could be trouble for our little oriental rose in MedBay” Crystal giggled just a bit at her own joke.

Aleksi nodded slowly, scrolling through the miners’ file. “Yeah, he’s a little bit of a tough guy and he has been in his share of scraps, here and on previous contracts.” He quickly re-read a report on a bar fight in which the miner had beaten two other men unconscious, even though one of them had cut the miner very badly with a knife.

Crystal nodded. “His appointment is in a few minutes, right? Maybe we should observe?”

“Exactly what I was thinking” said Aleksi, please, make yourself comfortable!” With that, he sat back in his chair, gesturing grandly towards his lap. Crystal was an extremely pleasant lapful and in all truth her observational skills would be better applied if she was sitting behind the desk.

Crystal slid down off the edge of the desk and turned her rear towards Aleksi, then with an exaggerated wiggle she eased down on his lap, turning at the waist so that her legs crossed over his to one side. The she settled in to watch, resting her head on Aleksis’ should and pulling one of his hands onto her right breast.

They watched together as the miner entered the MedBay and gave his ID chip to the doctor. “See how he is looking at her?” purred Crystal as Aleksi slowly squeezed and massaged her big right breast, lightly teasing the already-hard nipple. “He is horny as hell and nervous too.”

Aleksi nodded, shifting his hips slightly so that the erection growing in his jumpsuit was more comfortable. “Yes, I see it.” He zoomed the high resolution camera in, getting a good look at the miners’ eyes. Another camera took over when Doctor Zhou led the man into the examination room.

“She doesn’t know that the exam rooms are monitored, does she?” asked Crystal quietly, bringing her lips close to his ear. As he shook his head Crystal tugged her top up from underneath her right breast and put it back in place trapping Aleksis’ hand inside. He continued cupping and squeezing her firm tit and now able to tweak and tug at the sensitive nipple without anything in the way.

They continued to watch as the miner lay back on the examination table and stripped while the Doctor placed a medi-patch on his arm and reviewed the data it provided. Aleksis’ eyebrows rose when Doctor Zhou took the miners’ hardening cock in her hand and began examining it, then the heavy balls as well. He glanced over at Crystal and saw that she was watching intently, lips glistening with moisture as her pink tongue darted out and licked them.

They watched the rest of the way in silence, but Aleksis’ hand moved down to Crystal’s tanned thighs and began lightly stroking the sensitive skin there, then slid between them to slowly rub up and down against the damp mound of her pussy through her panties. Meanwhile, Crystal slipped her right arm down between them and managed to grip the growing hardness of his cock through his jumpsuit. She slowly rubbed his cock back and forth against the softness of her ass letting him feel her soft but firm flesh rubbing against the head of his member.

When the miner finally shot his huge load into the sample container and then left, leaving the poor doctor to slump tiredly in her chair, Crystal leaned into Aleksis’ ear and growled “That was fucking hot!”

The two of them burst into motion together. Crystal rose from his lap and rested her ass on the edge of Aleksis’ desk, tugging her tiny skirt up above her hips, then pulling her sopping purple panties aside exposing her naked, flushed pink vulva to his burning gaze. Aleksi leaned forward in his chair, immediately burying his nose and mouth in her damp folds, dragging his tongue up and down Crystals’ slit, plunging it deep inside, then pulling it out and lavishing attention on her clitoris. Within just a couple minutes Crystal shuddered with her first quick orgasm and Aleksi felt the opening of her pussy clench tight against his lower lip as he pressed his tongue hard against her clit.

As soon as he felt her stop quaking in orgasm, Aleksi rose to his feet and tugged Crystals’ tiny halter top down beneath her tits, leaving the two huge mounds of softness swaying back and forth in the reduced gravity. The two of them fumbled together to yank Aleksis’ jumpsuit open and let his rock-hard cock burst free. Crystal gripped his member in her hand and guided him straight up into her sizzling pussy feeling a brief moment of discomfort as he jammed home but then immediately settling into a rocking stroke that met Aleksi thrust for thrust as her pussy opened to him.

Aleksi hunched over and smothered his face against the softness of Crystals’ massive tits, salivating all over them and sucking her hard nipples into his mouth each time they bumped into his lips. He thrust and thrust into her tight wet crevice, feeling her squeezing him with well-practiced muscles. She knew exactly how he liked it.

A moment later he boiled over, spilling ropes of hot cum into Crystal’s grasping folds and feeling her clench tight around him as she somehow arrived at another orgasm just in time. He made one or two last thrusts, barely able to slide back into her tightly-clenched pussy as Crystal squeezed down fiercely on him in her climax. Finally they were both still, with Aleksis’ face resting against the soft lushness of Crystals’ sweaty tits and her arms wrapped around him, one behind his head and the other gripping his ass, not wanting to let him pull away and slip his softening cock out of her warm depths.

Alesksi lifted his face to hers and they kissed gently, sweetly then smiled at each other. “That was nice baby, thank you.”

“No, thank you” she replied. “It always feels so good with you Aleksi Grigoriovich, you made my morning.”

He lifted himself back into his chair and sat back, watching as Crystal carefully tugged her purple panties over her sopping pussy, being careful not to scrape her sensitive clit. Then she smiled down at him and pulled her top up and over each glorious breast, rising to her feet and smiling back at him over her shoulder as she reached the door. She paused there and finally tugged her skirt down, letting him get a good look as she pulled it down over her hips and over the red line the edge of the desk had left across the soft whiteness of her ass. Finally her gorgeous rear was totally covered by the tiny skirt and Crystal stepped out into the main corridor, her sexy walk screaming “FRESHLY FUCKED!” to any set of eyes that followed.

**to be continued**

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