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Rick and Angie love each other and love to share fun too, especially with Rich cousin and husband
This story is about two cousin’s, Angie, and Heather and how I how I fit into this picture of sex, fun, and a little heartbreak.

I’m Rick, 39, single, and a year removed from a twenty year stint in the US Marines Corp. I went in when I finished high school, and loved my position so much, I stayed the required twenty for retirement. I left as an E-7 Gunnery Sergeant. Loved my time in the service, although there was a few times it got harry out in the field.

I am 5’ 10, 175 pounds, brown hair and eyes, and in good shape, even today. When I got out, I landed a job at this company that manufactures products for the Defense Department, and other major corporations. My job is in the security section.

Angie, is 42, 5’4, maybe 125 pounds soaking wet. Being Italian, she has that deep tan color in the summer, and a beautiful set of 34C breasts, and a great ass. She is a nurse, at a local doctor’s office.

As I said from the first story, Angie is someone I want to be with, not just sexually, but all the time, which is something foreign to me. When I was in the service, all those years, I never felt it was right to have a deep relationship with a woman. Being deployed on so many occasions, I did not think it was fair to that person to be worried if I was coming back in one piece, or even alive, so I just never pursued a relationship.

I met Angie through a friend I work with, and had sexual relations with. But Heather is 11 years younger than me, and we both knew that it was just a friends with benefits thing for us both. And now, she has found a guy who she really wants to be with all the time.

Angie and Heather are cousins too, and Heather came to live with Angie when her parents died, when she was in high school. After school and then college, and Angie’s divorce from her husband, they became even closer, as in lovers.

Angie was very open and honest about this, with me. She was happy when I said I was cool with it, and would never judge her or tell her who she could be with. I also told her about my relationship with a cousin, when we were both in high school, and how we fucked the whole summer going into my senior year of high school, and even after that. So I guess you could say we were cut from the same cloth, in that regards.

On our first official date, we went boating, and had a great time, which included some of the best sex I have ever had in my life. Since that day, we have been a couple, both hoping that it works out between us, and if it grows into a loving relationship, so be it.

Angie even got to meet my cousin Cathy, and her 2nd husband Tom. I really like him because he treats her like an angel. Tom knows about my past with Cathy, and is cool with it. Cathy and Tom are also swingers, so he can understand how her and I would have been together. His wife has a very high sex drive.

As for Angie and I, we have now been dating for almost 2 months, and there is hardly a day we don’t see one another, but we both have our own places, not ready to give up on that solitude we have grown to have over the years.

We have double dated with Heather and her boyfriend, Chris, but have never had the 4some that Heather said she wants to have, but I think that will come to pass one day soon. I can tell Chris thinks Angie is a knockout, and I have spotted him, on a few occasions, drinking in her beauty. But, Angie and I don’t know if he would be a willing participant in a 4some like that, so we haven’t broached the subject with them.

We have also gone out with Cathy and Tom a few times, and even went boating with them. It was very hard to concentrate that day, with both women wearing skimpy bikini’s, and with me knowing both of them very intimately. There was plenty of flirting that day going on, but nothing to overt, but it was put out there that they would enjoy some play time soon. Angie and Cathy get along great, and both know the other is Bi too.

With the summer starting to wind down, Angie and I were in bed talking, right after a session of love making, even though neither of us have said those 3 little words. I asked her, “what say we ask Tom and Cathy to go up to the islands on the boat and spend the weekend with them”

Angie said, “that sounds great, I really like being around them” I said that I did too. I asked if we should include Chris and Heather. Angie looked at me and said, “you know, it could get a little crazy up there, with six of us?”

“I think it would be a blast, and there is so much to do during the day” Angie smiled and said, “silly, I was talking about at night, when we are all drinking”. “You know as well as me that Heather so wants to have a foursome, and I know Tom and Cathy would want to play too”

I kissed her forehead and said, “Ok, let’s just go up with one couple, and see what it leads too. But are you sure you want to play like that?”

Angie was starting to play with my cock now and said, “well to be honest, I’d like to play with Tom and Cathy first”. “Heather and I still play once in a while, but I would really enjoy getting together with Cathy”

“Plus, I really want to see you and Cathy fuck, it turns me on just thinking about it.” My cock was getting hard again, and the harder it got, the more she stroked it. I said, “well to be honest, I’d love to see you and Tom fucking too, so he can enjoy what I have been enjoying.”

Angie sat up, moved so she could straddle me, and took my cock and guided it to her wet slit. She came down fully on my cock, with her hot pussy enveloping my hard manhood. She leaned down and kissed me, and said, “mmmmmmmmmm I think my baby likes the idea of sharing what we enjoy so much”

I moaned loudly, “oh Christ, you feel so good, and yes, I would love to share you.” “But, so you know, I trust you completely”. Angie looked at me and said, “Oh baby, I do trust you too, and these last few months have been heaven for me.”

She was pumping on my cock now, kissing and moaning, when I finally said it, “Angie, I do love you, I hope you know that.”

Angie stopped, and looked at me. I thought she was going to bolt from the bed. I wasn’t sure what to do, until she finally spoke.

“Baby, I have waited a long time to hear that from you.” “I know you do not give easily to people, but hearing you say it now, makes me so happy, for I have loved you since that first time on the boat.”

I said, “Really, that long? Why didn’t you say something before, because I have felt this way for a while too, but was afraid to say it to you.” She giggled and said, “ I felt the same as you, afraid I would scare you off, but now that we know, please shut up, make love to me, and let’s always tell each other how we feel.”

For the next ten minutes we made love, not just fuck. We both came about the same time, and as we did, we said “I love you” to each other, over and over. After panting for a few minutes, Angie fell over to her side, and cuddled up to me, kissed me softly on the lips and said let’s get some sleep, and will call them in the morning.

The next morning, we both awakened around the same time, and made love again. Angie was so full of energy too, but she also wanted it soft and loving, not our usual hard sex that we both love. After orgasming, she said, “let’s shower than eat”. I said “great, because I worked up an appetite for some reason”

After eating, I got her laptop and found a hotel, that had a suite. It was a bit pricey, but being it was the summer, not too much we could do about that. Angie called Cathy, while I surfed other sites for rooms. They must of talked a good half an hour before she finally hung up.

“Cathy said they would love to go with us, just not next weekend”. I said, “cool, because the hotel is booked next weekend, but the following weekend, the suite is available.” I went ahead and booked it, and Angie called Cathy back and told her. Angie relayed that we would leave Friday morning, by boat, and take the four hour trip up to the islands.

Angie got off the phone about 15 minutes later, all giddy with excitement and said, “Cathy is so excited about this and wants to go shopping with me sometime this week”. I said, “well you two have fun doing that, I have everything I need.” Angie stuck her tongue out at me and said, “Girls need new things for trips like this, but you will be amazed at what I plan on getting.”

Angie then came and sat in my lap and said, “how do you feel about moving in with me?” I looked at her and said, “I would love to do that, but are you absolutely sure this is what you want?” She said, “Oh yes, I cant stand it when you are not here with me, or me at your place”. “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I could ever let another man into my heart, but you now have it, lock, stock, and barrel Rick.”

I kissed her and said, “you have owned my heart since we met, but I will have to see how I can get out of my lease, but if anything, I’ll just pay the lease until I can break it”. She smiled and said, “good, let’s go over to your place and start bringing clothes here, because I don’t want to spend another night alone, without you in my, or I should say, our bed.”

We dressed and headed over to my place and loaded up all my clothes. I asked her if she needed, or wanted anything from my place, and Angie said no. We did settle on taking my bedroom suit since it was almost new, and would replace the one she had in her spare bedroom. But all the other stuff, which was used, we threw out, including the couch.

By the time we were back and put away whatever stuff I had, which really is nothing compared to Angie’s clothes, it was still after 5pm. We didn’t even stop to eat lunch, and we were both tired, yet very hungry. I suggested a shower, then go out and eat.

Angie smiled and undressed right in the living room. Her panties came off last and she twirled them around with her finger, then flung them my way and started walking towards the hallway. She looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, and said “Coming?” I stripped right down and followed.

Once in the shower, we hugged and kissed, then soaped each other down. We rubbed each other all over, both bodies extremely slippery. Her hand massaged my hardened cock, as I massaged her ass, then her slippery slit. We both were highly aroused now, then we started rinsing off. We hugged again, with me thinking I was about to slip my cock in her hot pussy. But no, Angie turned off the water, looked at me, said “let’s get going, I am so hungry, but, we will finish this later my love”

Talk about blue balls, but I just smiled, because I knew she would finish me later, and also cum many times herself. Both of us put on shorts and button down shirts, neither of us wearing undergarments. Although her shirt was kind of baggy, I could still see her nipples pushing through the material. Damn she looked sexy, and she even admitted, she felt sexy too.

By the time we got back home from dinner, it was after 8pm, and we both were tired. Angie said, “let’s go to bed now, make love, and then watch TV in there”. I said, “great plan, plus I really need you tonight”. We wasted no time getting in bed, but for once, very little foreplay, mostly kissing and hands exploring, until she said, “make love to me honey, I need you in me now”.

We did make love, very slowly, very lovingly, no sexy talk, no dirty talk, just moaning and grunting, and plenty of “I love you’s”. Then for the next three night’s, it was exactly the same. I let Angie guide us on how we made love, though I did miss our no holds bar sex that we both love.

That Wednesday night, after making love again, slow and easy, she admitted that she needed to have it this way.

“I know you are wondering what happened to the old Angie, the horny, fuck your brains out Angie. Well, she is still here, but I needed to be made love too, and know the man I am committing my life too, can also appreciate love making like that too”.

“I love you Rick, and that old Angie is going to start showing up more, because I know in my heart you truly do love me.” I kissed her and said “Baby, how ever you want it is great with me, because just lying here with you is enough for me, anything else is just icing on the cake, and I love you so much”

Angie then told me about Heather wanting to get together Friday night. I asked, “you mean as in a foursome?” “No”, Angie said, “more like a 3some. Chris is still not sure he can handle that yet.”

“Well, I think it should be just you two playing then because I would feel awkward knowing he may not like the idea.”

“Ok”, Angie said, “that makes sense, plus I do not want someone ever feeling pressure to play in a situation like that, not worth the emotional pain that may come from it.” I told her I would join the guys from work at their poker party they have once a month, it starts at like 6, at one of the guys house.

I told her I would spend no more than $100 bucks, and that was it. She laughed and spend what you want, it your money. I looked at her and said, “my dear, it is our money. If we are a couple, then we share everything, just like we are married. It’s not a singular “I” anymore, it’s a “We”, unless you don’t like that idea.”

“I love the idea, it was how I was brought up too, couples share everything” She kissed me and then turned off the light and said it was time to sleep. But before we entered sleep, she said, “oh yeah, Cathy and I are going shopping tomorrow night”.

I was home first, Thursday. So I heated up leftovers, so Angie could eat and get going. As she was getting ready to leave, I handed her my Visa. She looked at me and said, ”what’s this for?” “I just want to spoil my Baby, so but whatever you want tonight, and don’t even think about cost, we’ll be fine”

“No, I can’t do that, I can afford this.” I said, “no, use it and have fun, it would make me so happy.” She then kissed me passionately and said Ok, if you insist. I told her, come Saturday, let’s open a joint account and put our monies together, but I’ll let you run the finances, only because I hate doing it. She agreed.

She got home about 9:30 that evening, loaded with bags from Macy’s and other stores. I asked if I could see, and she said, no way, you have to wait sailor. I laughed and corrected her by saying I am a marine, never a squid. “Huh”, she said. “Squid is what we call sailors in the Navy, to them I am a Grunt or Jarhead” She laughed and said, “you boys and your weirdness”. We got in bed and she just talked a storm up about Cathy and how much she likes her, and how similar they are in likes and dislikes in life.

Angie talked for about an hour, then snuggled up to me, kissed my lips and said good night, I love you. For once, this week, we did not make love at all that day. The next morning, I was up at 5am and went for a run, the first time this week, and I could feel it by the time I got back. Time to get back into that routine of working out.

I got home and Angie was already there, one of her few days she gets off earlier than me. We ate dinner, then I showered and said I was going to leave. Angie smiled and said, “you sure you are ok with this?” “Of course I am Baby, you two have fun and may be lick her once for me.”

She smiled and said, “just come home horny, I’ll need a good fucking tonight” I said, “save some cum for me too, I need a good taste tonight”. Angie just moaned and said no problems there lover. As I turned to leave, she grabbed me into her arms, and kissed me passionately, and as we kissed, she grabbed my cock, which was starting to rise and said, “oh god I need this so bad tonight”. “You will Baby, you will”, and I left.

I was having fun playing cards, although the cards were not kind to me at all. It felt good to be out “with the boys”, but I also felt a twinge of guilt, not having Angie with me. That’s a new feeling for me. Guess that comes from being in love. By 8pm, I was tapped out. One of the guys said they would front me, but I declined, saying I set myself a limit and that was that. I thanked them for inviting me, but said I needed to get home, not telling them I had two sexy ladies there involved in what sexual act, I did not know then.

I got home and came in the back door, trying to be quiet, not wanting to disturb them. I was in the living room, standing, and heard Heather cry out “Oh Fuck Yes, right there, right there”. My curiosity got the best of me, so I quietly went down the hall, and saw the bedroom door, half open. So like any normal man, who’s woman is bi sexual, and enjoying another woman, I peeked in.

There, on the bed, lay Heather. Leg’s spread wide, she is squeezing her tits, mouth open, eye’s shut. My Angie is laying between her legs, on her knees, ass looking right at me, and her pussy almost begging me to come slip my now hardening cock in it. She head was buried in Heathers pussy, licking away, and I think, fingering her too.

On the bed as well, was an assortment of toys they were using. One was a strap on, and also a few other dildo’s too, and a double ended dildo. I’d love to see them use that. Oh well, may be one day. I retreat back to the kitchen, grabbed a beer, then headed out to the deck and enjoy the night time.

One thing you learn to do in the service, is wait, so waiting on them would be a snap, compared to some of the shit I had to wait on, in my past life. I was in the lounge chair, looking out over the backyard, Tiki torch lit, drinking a beer or two, when about an hour later, I heard laughter coming from the kitchen.

Heather noticed the torch burning, and then both girls came out, both dressed in robes. Angie asked, “how long have you been here Babe?” I said “for about an hour now”. Heather said, “Shit, why didn’t you come join us, we were having lots of fun”

“I know, I could hear lots of moaning going on”, plus, “I didn’t want to ruin the mood you two were in.”

Heather then stated, “I wish Chris would pull his head out of his ass, and know I love him and him only, but I also want to experience swapping too, or damn, even a 3some”. I told her to be patient with him. Try taking him to a sex club, which there is 3 that I know of, around the area. “You don’t have to participate, but just observe and maybe he’ll begin to like what you want to do”.

Angie said, “ Hell, I don’t even know for sure that I will like that lifestyle, but I want to see, and it does excite me. And. If not, Rick and I already said if one doesn’t like it, we quit, no questions asked.”

Heather grumbled a little more, but then agreed with us. “ I won’t pressure him, but promise me that I don’t have to give up what Angie and I love doing.” “I would never stop you two from doing anything, well, maybe killing someone”, I said.

Heather then smiled at us and said she was going to dress and head home. Angie came in sat in my lap and kissed me. “God, I wish you would have joined us, I could have used a nice hard cock.”, she said. She let her robe open, so I could see she was naked, not that I already didn’t surmise that. I leaned in and kissed her nipples, which made her moan.

Heather came back out and kissed Angie passionately, then did the same to me. “One day, I am going to fuck that cock of yours again.”, Heather said. “maybe you will”, I said. She said for us not to get up and continue our playing, and left.

Angie got up, and looked at me and said “Thank You”. “for what?” I said. “For letting Heather and I have our time together.” I told her it was a pleasure, especially if she received and gave pleasure too. She grabbed my hand and said, “come on Grunt, your little slut of a girlfriend is going to make you cry uncle, as I suck and fuck your brains out.”

After turning off the lights and locking up, we got to the bedroom, where Angie wasted no time, getting my shirt and shorts off, then pulled by boxers down, letting me step out of them. She pushed me onto the bed and told me to lay down, and enjoy. She grabbed my swollen member and started to stroke it, then lowered her mouth to it and engulfed my cock. She was like a woman who just went over the edge of craziness, and started sucking me hard and fast. “Fuck Baby, you are driving me crazy”. She then sucked on each of my balls, then licked back up and started deep throating me again.

As she did this, she then turned and straddled my face and let me eat her. I didn’t tease, like I normally do, I just attacked her pussy, tongue fucking that already wet slit, that I know, had probably came many times already. If only men could cum as many times as women, I thought, we’d never leave the bed.

I was licking like I hadn’t eaten in weeks, and when my tongue found her puckered ass hole, that sent her over the top, where she screamed out, “Fuck Baby, I am cumming”. She then rolled off of me, spread her legs wide and said, “come fill this hot cunt baby, I need that fucking cock of yours right now, and I need it hard”.

As I lined my cock up with her slit, Angie placed her legs onto my shoulders, which was a good indicator that she wanted hard sex tonight. My head slipped in and she groaned out, but I didn’t go all the way in, I made her wait, until she said, “Fuckkkkkkkkk, don’t play, fuck me baby, please I can’t wait any longer”.

I then shoved my cock all the way in and she grunted, Yesssssssssssssssss. I was slamming her pussy hard now, but I knew we wouldn’t last long, but I was to into it, to slow down. Angie kept say, “Yes Baby, give it to me, Fuck your slut hard”.

Another couple of minutes and I could feel my balls tighten up, and my cock swell. Angie could feel it too and said, “Baby, cum all over me, not in me this time, coat me with your load of cum.” Angie then yelled out” Shit, I am cumming honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. I couldn’t hold out any longer, pulled out, and started cumming all over her belly and tits. Rope after creamy rope of cum shot out of me, covering her body. I couldn’t believe all the cum I gave her, seeing we fucked so many times this week already.

When I was done, I rolled off to her side of the bed, panting hard. Angie got up, and then straddled me, leaned over and got her phone, which I thought was odd. She then set it to take a pic, handed me the phone, sat up on me and asked me to take her pic, with the cum dripping all over us. So I did, then handed it back to her. She played with the phone a minute, typing out something, then set it back down.

I asked what she did. She laughed and said, “sent it to Cathy, just to mess with her.” I asked what she wrote, so she grabbed the phone and showed me. “Want to lick this off slut?” . Angie then grabbed my still pretty hard cock and put it back inside her. “You don’t mind do you?”, “I’m still horny as hell.” She said.

I chuckled and said, “please do, I love you this way, but I also love your love making side too, just so we are clear”. She leaned down and kissed me then and said, “I love you”, “But I am so turned on right now, and I truly love being your slut.” She sat back up and ground her pussy into my loins, god was she tight right now. I sat up and started licking the cum from her tits and nipples, which got her moaning even more.

I then pulled Angie’s head into mine and kissed her, sharing the cum with her. When we broke, she said, “god I love when we cum kiss, so much a turn on, more so because you enjoy doing it”. I told her that I want her playing with Heather a lot more, if she is going to be like this afterwards.

She laughed and said “wait, wait until next week, because I can hardly wait, and neither can Cathy”. She told me how they have been texting all week about it, and are definitely plan on some hard playing time together. Angie said that they even sent her a couple pics earlier of the two of them playing, which Cathy wrote back saying how slutty she is. She said Cathy sent them a couple pics of Tom fucking her doggie style, and one of him in her ass.

“Turned On, huh?” I said. “Bigtime lover”, she said. Angie said she can’t to see me and Cathy fuck and suck each other, and that she is looking forward to actually fucking Tom, now that she has seen his cock.

I asked, “what is something you really want to try next weekend?” she thought a moment and said, “ Honestly, I want you both in me at once, but you get my ass. I think Tom’s is too fat for there”. “Cathy wants that too”. I knew Cathy liked that because Tom and I have fucked her like that on a few occasions. I am pretty sure that Cathy hasn’t said anything to Angie on our past escapades, but who knows.

We started getting into our sex now, with Angie starting to ride me harder. Plenty of groaning, grunting and moaning going on. And after about ten minutes, and me pumping hard back into her, as I held her ass tightly, we came again, but this time inside her.

We were both exhausted now, and sated. Angie rolled off of me and snuggled up to me. Just then her phone binged. Angie grabbed her phone and looked. It was pic from Cathy. It showed her on the sitting on the edge of her couch, naked, with her mouth wide open, Tom’s cock just a few inches away, and her mouth full of cum, and dripping off of her cheek. Caption said, “Cum kiss me slut” Angie wrote back, “Soon Bitch”.

I just laughed, but then my phone binged just then. It was another text from Cathy. “Jarhead, don’t fuck this up with her, I really like her and want her in this family”. I replied, “Have no intensions of, Love her to death”. I showed Angie and she hugged me tight. We fell asleep right afterwards.

I awoke the next morning about 6am, dressed in my marine shorts and went for a five mile run. Then came back and did 100 pushups, and 100 sit ups. I love the burn you get from working out, and truly missed it. But I knew, I needed to keep my strength up to keep up with Angie, who now has been working out at the gym they have at the hospital. It shows too, her belly is starting to firm up and her legs are really toned now.

As I finished, I glanced at the patio door to see Angie watching me. All she had on was a t-shirt, that barely covered her ass. Her hair was wet, from taking a shower, and as I came in, she said “go shower, while I make us breakfast”. She smacked me on the ass as I went by her.

When I came back from my shower, wearing only a pair of blue, silk, boxers, Angie had our breakfast ready. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast and juice. I came up to her and kissed her, then hugged her. Her hair smelled like peaches, and smelled so good. She said, “mmmmmm you smell nice”, “so do you sweetie”. We then sat down to eat. Her table is round, but we pull our chairs together so we sit close to one another. I know, some of you think it is weird, I am sure, but we love being close to each other.

As we ate, she asked if I was still ok with last night. I told her I was, and not to think about it anymore. I saw a tear run down her cheek and asked, “Babe, why the tears?” she said, “I am so afraid of losing you and me thinking of her as some whore, who only wants me around for the sex”.

“One thing I know”, I told her, “is that I love you completely, not fir just the sex, but for everything we can do together, and will do. I am in this for the long haul with you, good and bad, highs and lows.” “Last weekend, you made love to me, not just sex. You opened your heart up to me and let me inside, as I did for you too.” “I have never done that with anyone before, except one, but that could never be, and will never be.” “You are the only one I want to share my whole life with, with no secrets, just open and honest, and tell you always how I feel.” “The only way you’ll get rid of me, is when I die from old age, so believe that.”

Tears were pouring from her eyes now. Shit, I thought to myself, said too much and it is making her nervous. Angie wiped the tears and said, “Damn you, you made me cry, and I said no man would ever do that to me again.” I said I was sorry. She said, “no Baby, these are tears of joy, not sadness, but still tears that a man caused”. Women, go figure.

I cleared up the dishes and cleaned them up. We made a rule, whoever cooks, the other cleans. As I finished, I turned around to see Angie leaning against the small island behind me, just smiling. I asked what was up? “Oh nothing, just admiring the view of the sexist man I know”. You are so bad, I said. She then said, the bank opens in an hour, if you still want to go there. I said that I did, and for her to get her bank books and bills and such, while I went and got mine too.

We sat at the kitchen table and I showed her my whole financial being. Between my job now, and my retirement, I bring home about $110 grand a year, which shocked Angie. To many of you, that probably isn’t a lot, for a working class man like me, it is damn good. I had about 5 grand in the checking account and 25 grand in the savings. But I also have a portfolio that is worth almost 250 grand too, in stocks and bonds.

Angie had about 2 grand in her checking and about 5 grand in a savings account, plus she has a 401k plan from work that was worth close to 50 grand. I have one too, but it is not much yet, seeing I just started not even a year ago. Her house payment is 900 hundred a month, plus the utilities, and a small lease payment on her car. I paid cash for my car, just before I got out of the service.

She asked how I saved so much. “You learn to be very frugal in the service. At first you don’t. No, you piss it away on beer and broads and card games. But then you learn, because the pay isn’t the greatest at first.” “Then I learned how to invest, so that’s how I saved.” “You really don’t need much money in the service. You get three square meals a day, unless in battle, a place to sleep, and for me, an NCO club to have a beer or two.” “So needing money is not a big thing.”

She shook her head and said, “my god Rick, are you sure you really want to be tied down to this old broad, lock, stock, and barrel?” “Trust me when I say this, you are the only one for me. And I hope we grow very old together and in fact, when we do die, I hope it is together, while we are making love”. “Wouldn’t that be a site for some EMT, us naked, coupled together, and passed on.” She laughed and said, “damn you are so perverted, but you know, what a way to go out, and hopefully we came too.” We both laughed.

We got dressed then and headed off to the bank. We settled with joining our checking accounts into one, and my savings into our names, but left her savings alone. I told her to start putting most of her checks into that, like 75% of it, and the rest into the checking account. She was asking why. I told her that way if something happened to me, dying wise, there was an account that she could draw on, while the estate is tied up in court. I also told her to double what she put into her 401K plan too, since the hospital matched it.

When we got home, she kissed me and said, “oh wow, this is real now isn’t it?” “As real as it gets, until I take you in front of a judge, minister, mayor, or some sleazy Vegas guy and make you my wife.” “Is that a proposal I hear”, she said. “No, I’ll do better than that, when the time is right, which was the day I met you.”

Angie grabbed my hand and led me to bed, where we made love for the next two glorious hours. No sexy talk, no oral, just two lovers expressing their true feelings the only way they knew how. I must say, she does orgasm very powerfully when we make love, and she did three times, to my two times.

The rest of the weekend was pretty calm. We went shopping for groceries, worked in the yard, went for walks, made love again, but started acting like a couple, in love, but getting into normal routines that couples fall into, which was fine by me. It was something never thought I would experience.

That Sunday evening, we were sitting on the couch cuddling, while watching some show, and Angie looked up at me and said, “let’s go make love, but this will be it for the week. I want you to save your strength for the weekend.” “you’re kidding, right? I said. “No”, she said. “I want us to be at our peak performance levels,”, and giggled. “I’ll try, but I won’t say I won’t try to get a little.” I said. “trust me” she said, “It will be worth it”. I told her I sensed her and Cathy planning this all out. Angie laughed and said, “Oh, we have talked and are super stoked for this weekend.”

True to her word, I was basically cut off, which was ok, only because we still cuddled in bed at night and I could at least touch her. That Wednesday evening, we were sitting on the deck and she said that she brought home a bottle. IN the bottle was some blue pills a doctor friend gave her. “I don’t need those, at least not yet” I said. “True, you don’t” she said, “but from what Cathy told me, Tom has had some trouble maintaining after he cums. It is from the stress of his job.” I could relate, stress can kill the libido quicker than a teen’s mother catching them in the act of having sex.

Angie continued, “My friend said that these would help with that, and even a normal man, it would help with extending the evening a lot longer. But, for a normal guy, use only a half a pill”. “My god girl, you sound like you want to fuck 24/7 this weekend.” I said. She laughed, “No, maybe 18 of the 24, I’ll need some sleep time and eating time.”

“Does Cathy know about this?”. “yes” she said. “She was the one asking what could be done, and she even told Tom, and he is good with it.” I chuckled and said, “I bet he does. You know, he dying to see what you are like in bed.” “How do you know?”, “because I can see how he looks at you, and trust me, guys know this stuff. He wants you big time.” Angie smiled and said, “well, I guess I better give my best effort then”. I smiled and said, “You incredible little Minx you”.

“God I am so horny right now Rick”. “So am I baby, but you made the rules, so we’ll stick to them.” She stuck her tongue out at me, then giggled. “What was I thinking when I thought up this rule”

That Thursday, we had to go shopping for food for the weekend. Things like snacks, wine and beer, plus water and pepsi. As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the pool and spa store. “Let’s go look in there first” I said. Angie looked at me and said, “What for?” “How would you feel about getting a hot tub?”

Her eyes lit up, “really” she said. “Yeah, I have always wanted one and I believe we can afford it too.” Sounds wonderful, I heard they are great for old bones.” “Great for other things too” as I raised my eyebrows a couple of time. “Me thinks someone is thinking with the small head too”, and giggled.

We went in and looked around and really found a nice one that we both liked. 8 seater, that even had music and lights. The salesman was really good too, no pressure. He showed us a couple books on how they would look around a house. Angie really liked this one that had the tub inside a Gazebo. So we settled on the tub, plus the Gazebo. We could have paid cash, but elected to go with 5 years at no interest. He set it up so the work could begin in two weeks. Said it should take about a week, depending on rain . We were both very excited, not only because of what we bought, but also was our first major purchase as a couple.

That night, Angie suggested we shower, instead of waiting until the morning. One less thing we have to do in the morning. Cathy and Tom were going to come to the house and meet us here, so their car wasn’t left at the docks all weekend. Angie said she needed to shave too. I asked if I could help, like I have done in the past with her. She laughed a sinister laugh, “No way bucko. I know what will happen. You’ll shave me, then eat me, then I’ll shave you, and suck you off, so no”. I laughed and said, you know me well. “cant fault a guy for trying.” She patted my arm and said, “No, I guess not. Just remember, it will all be worth it.”

Later, as we were lying in bed, Angie said “Promise me a couple of things”. “Ok I promise”. “Ass. You haven’t heard them yet.” “Promise me that whatever happens this weekend, you won’t change your feelings for me.” “That is an easy promise.” I said. “Two, make love to me, before we pair off with them.”. “Gladly” I said. “One thing you should know, Cathy and I have talked a few times this week. We are both excited, yet nervous. But we do want to watch each other make love to our respective lovers. We think it will be quite erotic.”

“Sweetheart”, I said. “If all we do is make love to each other, that is fine by me, and don’t be nervous, for you are the only woman I am in love with. I love Cathy, and always will, but I am not in love with her.” “Plus, we have a new hot tub coming, and if you kick me to the curb, I’ll never get to enjoy that”.

“Ass”, she said. Then leaned into me and kissed me, more passionate than we have this week. “You better watch out lady, you are making me horny again”. “Me too, but we woman know how to control our urges.” She said. “I am do excited, I am not sure I can sleep.” I laughed and told he my cure, which she said,” you wish”.

About 8:30, Tom and Cathy showed up. Tom and I unload their suit case and a cooler he brought. Our car was already loaded, since Angie packed the night before. We all kissed when they arrived, and the kiss that Angie gave Tom was quite sensual, which made me cock twitch a little. Cathy also kissed me sensually with some tongue and all.

We got to the boat in about 20 minutes. It was a gorgeous day out too. Not a cloud in the sky, mid 80’s, no rain for the next 5 days, according to the weather, and the lake was running 2 feet or less. That meant it was like glass. Both girls were wearing shorts and polo like tops. I had on a t-shirt and new swim trunks, that Angie got me. Same for Tom. After stowing our gear, we headed off.

Tom was up with me, as I navigated the boat to the lake, which takes about ten minutes. At first, the girls just sat on the bench seat at the aft of the boat. Just before we were to head into the lake, the girls excused themselves and went into the cabin.

About five minutes later, the girls reappeared, but this time, dressed completely different. Tom nudged me and I looked back. Cathy was removing her peach cover up, and revealed this hot looking bikini. The top barely covered her pink nipples, and exposed most of her breast. Cathy is a looker. 5’7, 135 lbs, blond, green eyes. Tan’s somewhat, but nothing like Angie. I tan too, a little more than Cathy. She has a small waist, and 34 B to C breasts, as she says, depends on the bra maker, and her nipples, when erect are as round as a thumb. Tom is 6’, 180 lbs, in good shape and sports a nice tan too.

But what really drew my attention was the bottom of her suit. It was 3 or 4 strings, with just a rectangular patch that hid her sex hole. Damn she looked hot as hell. Angie removed her cover up too, and her bikini was exactly the same, but in bright yellow. Her areolas were not hidden by that material, and her nipples were already hard like little rocks. I could feel my cock starting to grow.

Tom said, “Holy fuck, these two are absolutely gorgeous.” I had to agree. They went for the shock factor, and got their wish, and knew it. “This is going to be one long 4 hour trip”, I said. “Who says we have to be there in four hours? Let’s take a break soon and service our ladies.” He said. “sounds like a plan to me, if they’ll allow us.” I said.

“Don’t tell me. You were cut off all week too.” “Yeah, damnit. Been a long week.” I said. “I know how you feel. Cathy and I usually do it at least four times a week still.” “Us too, if not more.” I said. Tom laughed and said, “Ahhh new love. By the way, congratulation on you two living together.” “Thanks” I said.” I never knew I could be so in love with someone, after all these years.”

Tom asked if I was cool with what might go on this weekend, and I assured him I was. He was too, but had to make sure, because it was one thing to do a threesome with me, but now he would get to have fun with my special lady. I reassured him that I was actually looking forward to him and Angie getting it on.

He laughed and said, “Cathy is dying to spread Angie’s legs and eat her silly.” The girls then came up by us, holding bottles of sun screen, saying we needed to be lathered down. They don’t want sun burned hampering their weekend.

Both girls did Tom first. It was quite sensual to watch, as they slowly rubbed the lotion in. Then they both got on their knees and did his legs. As they both came back up his legs, their hands disappeared under his suit. Angie found his cock, pulled it down to where she could see the head, and licked it a couple of times,then released it.

The girls did the same to me, but it was Cathy who pulled my cock down and licked the head a couple of times. As did Angie, Cathy released, looked up at me and winked. I suggested that Angie go below and get the queen size blow up mattress and pump, so the girls could lay out on the back deck area, a little more comfortable. Within five minutes, the mattress was up and the girls laid towels on it.

I already had the boat about a mile off shore, so not many boats out by us, so privacy was pretty much assured, well, unless a plane went over us. I turned my seat sideways, so I could watch the show, plus navigate the boat as well. Tom turned his seat so it looked directly on the ladies, who were now applying lotion to each other.

Both ladies applied the lotion to each others backs first, and down each others legs. Then they sat facing one another, with their legs spread eagle. Then each started applying lotion to each others front parts. Faces first, with both of the girls sensually caressing one another. Then each was applying it to their breasts. As they did this, they were leaning in to each other and kissing too. Fuck it super hot to watch.

By the time they got done with their leg’s, each had at least one finger in the others pussy. I am sure there was plenty of moaning going on, but the engine noise blocked that out. This went on for another five or minutes, and then, they stopped and rolled over on their stomachs and laid out tanning. Tom and I looked at one another, like, what the hell.

About an hour into the trip, I looked back, then nudged Tom to turn around. The girls were completely naked, and locked into a 69 position. Both going to town on each other. Tom got up and took his phone and snapped some shots of this. We both were getting hard just watching them.

Cathy looked up at us and winked, then licked her lips and smiled. Angie’s pussy was glistening from Cathy’s assault on her snatch. Tom came by me and said, “let’s let them have fun for a little longer, then go join them. We don’t need to be there for a good 5 hours, for check in.” “Good idea. I cant take to much more of this watching.”, I said. “But”, I said, “the first time I do it with Angie. We made an agreement that we’d do each other first, then have fun with you two the rest of the time.”

Tom laughed, then said, “always good to have a plan, when playing is involved.” As we watched, I noticed Tom rubbing his cock, through his suit. Then he decided to just drop his suit, and stood there naked and proud as could be. Tom, like I said, is a good looking guy. In pretty good shape, and is hung pretty good. Cathy said he is 7 ½ inches and his girth is a little bigger than mine. I am about an inch longer.

After another ten minutes or so, I could see that Cathy was cumming. She lifted her head off of Angie’s pussy and her face was contorted. Judging from the way Angie’s ass was off the mattress, she was cumming too. I looked over at Tom, and told him it was play time.

I slowed the boat down to a slow pace, then stopped it and cut the engine. The girls were now just lying there drinking water, and both had quizzical looks on their faces. But when I dropped my trunks and Tom and I both walked towards them, they got the idea real quick.

Cathy giggled and said, “oh shit, I think we have two horny sailors we have to take care of now.” Angie smiled and said, “mmmmmmm, I can’t wait, I am so fucking horny right now.” I laid down next to Angie, then pulled her on top of me. Tom took Angie’s spot, and did the same with Cathy, pulling her on top of him.

Angie leaned down and we started kissing passionately. She started kissing down my neck then, and had idea’s of sucking me off, but I did not want to wait for that, I needed to be inside her. I gently stopped her downward movement and said, “baby, you give great head, but I really need to be inside you now. We have all weekend for oral.” Angie smiled, sat up, grabbed my aching cock and guided it to her extremely hot slit, and then buried me inside her.

“Fuck Baby, your cock feels so damn good there, and it misses you so much.” She said. “My god Angie, you are so slippery and hot.” “Thank your cousin for that. My god can she lick a pussy”. Angie started grinding on me, then going up and down on my swollen shaft. Her moans were driving me wild, and I knew I would not last long, seeing I haven’t been inside her for almost a week now.

Cathy was riding Tom pretty hard too, encouraging him to fuck her harder. Then Cathy leaned over and pulled Angie’s head to her and started kissing her. Both playing tongue tag with each other. Fuck, it was a sexy sight. Then Cathy leaned down some and got Angie’s nipple in her mouth, and sucked it. When she did that, I could feel Angie’s pussy grab my cock hard then got super hot, so I knew Angie just came, plus she yelled out that she was cumming.

Angie returned the favor and sucked on Cathy’s nipple. Cathy yelled out, “Bite it slut, bite my nipple”. With that, both Tom and I grabbed our women’s asses, and started pistoning into their hot cunts. Both girls got quite vocal, begging us to fuck them faster and harder. Angie placed her forehead on my forehead and said, “Baby, I need to cum and I need your cum now”.

Angie then let out a loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk” and started cumming. I roared out “Fuckkkkkkkkk” and started shooting a huge amount of cum inside her. It felt like an eternity, cumming inside her, but was only maybe 30 or 40 seconds. Tom and Cathy were now starting to cum too. Cathy yelling out “Fuck Honey, give me your cum, AHHHHHHHHHHH”.

All four of us were panting hard, and covered in sweat. Cathy rolled off of Tom and sat up and said, “Damn Tom, did you dump a gallon inside me?” Tom chuckled and said, “Teach you for holding back on me for the last four days.” Cathy spread her legs and we three could see the cum just pouring out of her.

Angie started to slide off of me, but I held her in place just a little longer. “can’t get enough, huh Grunt?” she said. “I can never get enough of you my love”. Cathy, being the smartass that she is said, “Oh god, gagged me. You two are sickening.” I laughed and said, “jealous?”. She stuck her tongue out at me then.

Angie flopped over to lie next to me. I got up on my knees, and went between her legs and dove in. Cathy said, “Oh yeah, I forgot he likes to clean the lady when finished.”, then giggled. Tom got up and got us all a beer.

When Tom came back with the beers, he said he was hungry, after that workout. I noticed that Tom was shaved down around his dick and balls, and then looked at Cathy, and saw she was too, except for a thin landing strip of her blond pussy hair. “That’s a new look for you two.”, I said. Cathy laughed and said, “yeah, when I was with Angie last week shopping, I noticed she shaved and it looks so sexy, and she said she got you shaving too, so I came home, shaved, then shaved Tom.” “it is so nice sucking him now, without getting pubes in my mouth, and you two look really sexy like this”

Angie got up and said she would go make some sandwiches down in the galley. Tom said he would go help her. Cathy laughed, and said, “hope you aren’t too hungry because they may fuck before we see food.” I said “That’s ok, I know she wants to do him, so I can wait.”

“You know, she is head over heels in love with you Cuz.” “I know, and I am with her as well.”
“Good, because I want her for my cousin one day. Meaning, don’t fuck up and take real good care of her.”

Cathy said. “I really like her Rick, she just seems to fit in our family, almost like a sister.” “Too bad my sister isn’t more like her, I may actually like her then”, laughing as she said it. Cathy has a younger sister, who is a bitch on wheels and thinks her shit just doesn’t stink. I haven’t seen her in years, and could care less if I didn’t for another 40 years.

“Are you sure you and Angie want to do this, this weekend with us?” “Absolutely” I said. “Who better to do it with, then people we know and trust, and for you and me, love”

Cathy grabbed my cock and said, “True, we do love each other, and I have really missed having this.” Cathy then said, “we better go look on them, but I bet they are fucking”. “Good” I said. “I am dying to see her fuck Tom. Not sure why, but it really turns me on.” Cathy moaned, “Me too, and watching you two earlier, really got me going strong.” “Just make sure you save some of this for me later.”

We got up and headed towards the cabin. When we started down the steps, there was Angie, up on the counter top, legs spread, and Tom fucking her pussy. Angie looked up at us and mouthed to me, “I love you baby.”

This is going to be one hell of a weekend. One I won’t forget.

Part 3 to cum.

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