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A girl comes down to her planet and finds something unexpected.
Flying in on a flying saucer Katie Margarette Amaretto looked to the moonlight as her pure purple skin sparkled dullly in the moonlight. She moved the ebony black dark hair from infront of her blud read colored eyes off to the side. Her black MCR shirt and bright blue and dark black spotted pants stuck out of the ordinary. She looks onward towards the farmhouse in front of her pitch black unidentified unlicensed flying object. There are some lights… no, that was just her imagination. Or so she thought, a small strobe-like object came bursting out of the farmhouse. It seems there was a purson inside that house. The house was a blud red color and had black shingles and a black fade to red on the side. Katie Margarette Amaretto decided that she would look into this blud red looking shitshack. Inside the house, when the young creature was stirring about the black darkness of the night of a crescent moon; the boy stirred restlessly as if looking for something. She slowly crept up to the door extremely slowly as if she were a snail chasing after a cheetah in the Greek savannah. As she leap upon the door with frightening sluggishly, as if her snail chasing after the cheetah in the Greek savannah had become a slug. Slowly, and forcefully she knocked on the door's ebony dark black door. There was a stir, as if someone was making cookies, but no ordinary cookies, spider cookies. Very quickly there was a voice, that of a rat maybe, or maybe a shark. But it was super fast, and Katie Margarette Amaretto almost did not recognize as her home language of Kazablecktizine. It questioned rather smoothly, “Who is that?” Katie Margarette Amaretto replied to that voice with a whinny, “Tisai m'daa yor granmaa.” The mouse jumped, or was it a shark?, and quickly retorted. “No! Grandma don't come in. I'm busy with Esmerelda!” The ringing of 3 belts was heard loud and clear and Katie Margarette Amaretto knew exactly which belts they were! The belts were three of the same MCR limited edition wristcutting special black veil belts that were released with their newest album “Deinger Deis: The True Laives of the Fabuluss Killjoys” that were painted with ebony sparkles and raven black crosses. The boy opened the latch to the door and peeked out at Katie Margarette Amaretto and then he knew he fucked up as Katie Margarette Amaretto knocked the latch upward with her super outer space powers and saw the boy's 1 out of 3 unbuckled belts, which were a nationwide standard. The boy's red hair sparkled blood all over Katie Margarette Amaretto's new pitch black MCR shirt. “What the fucking fuck are you doing you stupid twat?!” Katie Margarette Amaretto said with a british slur, she was furious that her newest MCR shirt had just not been ruined because it was black, but also had the blood of a soulless entity on it. “If you don't mind sister, I was having some alone time with Esmerelda since all of our stupid fucking twatfaced legal gardiens are out cutting other peolple's wrists instead of their own like the weirdos they are! I would thank you to go cut your slit and rot in hell and go to bed it's like 2 in the AMs.” The ginger named Gordon Alchikol Amaretto mansplained to her. “I'm coming in and making you go to bed!” Katie Margarette Amaretto pushed him down onto the hay next to door, she had no time for his dark as night mansplainations. As Katie Margarette Amaretto did that she saw Assmerelda the piebald shit brown and bird poop white harse standing ass out towards the door. Katie Margarette Amaretto saw what Gordon Alchikol Amaretto was doing to that harse. Gordon Alchikol Amaretto had been lubing it to ride deep into the dark night with his arm stretched all the way down to esmerelda's placenta. Instictively Katie Margarette Amaretto knew what to do. Living as the average Tine of her day, Katie Margarette Amaretto knew how to hag-tie a wannabe ginger. Katie Margarette Amaretto took some rope off of the wall and tied her questionably younger brother to a piece of hay and took off to Assmerelda the harse. Katie Margarette Amaretto knew the only way to get back at him for speaking rudely to her was to deprive him of what he held most dear, or should she say deer? Katie Margarette Amaretto took a fist and rammed it into the harse's you-know-what did exactly you-know-what to the harse as she rammed in and out of the harse as her brother watched in absolute extasy. “No sis, don't treat her like that she is only an innocent harse!” Gordon Alchikol Amaretto's shrock grew with every pound into esmerelda's loose cannoli holey and he feels himself coming to the cliff's edge as it cuts the rope. He had to let it go. Katie Margarette Amaretto saw what going on with her questionably younger brother and knew what she to do. She walked and told to shut the fuck up you fucking pussy and clammed down onto his thingy and told him to think of that shitty harse. For three minutes it was pure extasy as the two bonded into a new form named Katon Alchirette Almondaretto and left the barn fused by unholy matrimony to cut other people's wrists in outer space!!!

So guys, how was the story? XD I want to know what you guys think! Was it good? Was it good for you? How about your neigbors? I think they enjoyed it too...

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2017-01-01 23:25:42
Your spelling is so bad that the story is unreadable.

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-09-14 21:10:52
Your in need of lessons in creative writing

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-09-08 02:23:40
Stories are very difficult to read in this formats without paragraph breaks, and fresh lines for dialogue.

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2016-07-30 17:38:29
learn to spell you uneducated moron.

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