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This is my on going sex only relationship with Jenn my neighbor.
For those of you that have read "Can you help me" I've got a sex only relationship going on with a neighbour. For those that haven't I refer to as Jenn. She a married woman with a workaholic husband. At the time that this all started she was 37 and I was 50. Jenn is of Asian decent about 5' 6" tall with what I think is a killer body. She is horny as hell all the time and told me she didn't know just now into sex she was. Until we started our thing.

This part is a precursor to a sunny vacation to a warm island in the Caribbean. Her friend is interested in what Jenn had told her about us. Both her and Jenn maybe interested in a 3 some. But that's a part to come later.

We made plans to go away on vacation. Jenn and her friend had gone away on vacations a number of times over the years. So no big deal for her husband. One night a couple of hours before the mall was to close I get a knock on the door. I open the door and there is Jenn standing there looking sexy as usual. I'm at the point now with her that I start to get hard at the sight of her and what may happen. She look at my shorts that I had on and with a little laugh she rubbed my growing member. It's nice to see that you're happy to see me, but that will need to wait for a bit. "I need to do a little shopping for the trip and could you drive me to the mall" she said. I told her no problem and so off we went.

It was about a 15 minute drive to the mall. She said now much they both were looking forward to the trip. Jenn also said that she was sorry that we all weren't staying in the same room at the resort. She need to make sure no one knew we were together on vacation. Not a problem and if your friend backs out of our fun times we have my room I said.

At the mall we picked a few things each and the time was quickly going by. Jenn
said that she needed to get a couple of bikinis as she didn't have any good ones. She went to say that this is why she wanted me to come too. She wanted my opinion on which ones she should get.

As we entered the store besides us there was only 2 teens, a woman about my age and a the store clerk. The clerk was a somewhat skinny 20-25 year old brunette in shorts and a halter top. Not bad looking at all. I'm telling you about her because she becomes part of this.

As Jenn is shopping she fines 3 bikinis that she likes. Just at that point the clerk comes over to us to ask if we need any help. "No thanks but oh where are the change rooms" Jenn asked. The young woman pointed to them and as she did I caught her looking towards my shorts. I have to say I was making a big enough bulge in my shorts not to be noticed. Looking at Jenn and the thought of her wearing those bikinis got me into that state.

Back in the change room area Jenn went into one and started trying them on. After a few minutes she said that she liked all 3 of them. Then she opened the curtain to let me see the one she had on. WOW! She had on a purple one she picked out. She looked amazing in what there was of it. Very small and not covering much at all. The top itself hardly covered her big and very hard nipples. OMG my cock is getting harder and harder. Before I look down at the bottoms she turned to show off her bum. Yes it was a thong and what a sight. I quickly said turn around and let me see the front. As she did I found the bottoms were just as skimpy. The front part almost didn't covered her pussy lips and clit. Her beautiful pussy lips are trying to get out from behind the little triangle of the bottoms. As I was in my horny mesmerized state I clued into that she had shaved her pussy clean. I'm so hard that I know that I'm about to make a wet spot on my shorts... If I haven't already.

"This is my favourite, but would like to see the other ones too" she said. I just nodded yes and stepped in pulling the curtain closed. Off came her top and on went the second one. This one covered more, but still looked great. Then she did it... She untied the bottoms and they feel to the floor. As I leaned down to pick them up off the floor and my face came just inches from her beautiful clean shaved pussy. So I just had to lick it and lick it again. Jenn was so turned on by the whole thing that after about 12 or so licks of her lips and clit she had an orgasm.

"I've always wondered what having some kind of sex in a public place would be like. Wow I like it so far" she said.

Then she pulled me up gave me a big tongue filled kiss. Jenn has come to love the taste of her pussy on my lips. At the same time she's pushing her hand down into my shorts grabbing my rock hard cock. I thought I was going blow my load.

"Mmmmm I think you need some help with this" she whispered in my ear. As she dropped to her knees... Pulled my shorts down and without missing a beat the head of my cock was in her mouth. To this day I don't know how I didn't loose it.

I could feel her lips going down my shaft towards the root. She had one hand on my hip and with the other one she started playing with my balls.

God I was breathless with my back against the wall and a beautiful half dressed woman giving me a blowjob. Just at that point I heard a voice say "I didn't know you were still here, but the store is closed." Some how we missed the announcement that the store would be closing in 5 minutes. I moaned a little. The clerk asked if I was ok and started opening the curtain. Jenn stopped for a spilt second and at that point I didn't care.

The young woman gave out a weird little scream and stepped back. Busted!!! But when we didn't stop or say anything she started to peek in. She did that a half dozen times or so before she just kept watching.

Jenn stopped and asked if she liked what she could see. She went right back to sucking me. The young woman said in a soft voice "yes". We found out that her name was Summer.

I continued to get by blowjob, but now with a stranger watching. I grabbed the curtain and pulled it open so she could see everything easier.

Summer looked like she was enjoying the show. Her nipples were rock hard under her halter top.

She watched as Jenn bobbed up and down on my cock. Looking at me to see if I was enjoying it and oh was I!

Jenn stopped sucking me and started to give me a hand-job, which let Summer see my full cock and balls. The whole thing had gotten me to my full size of 8" maybe more. I'm normally 61/2 inches around, but Jenn said that she thought I was thicker that normal.

OMG it's so much bigger than my boyfriends cock she said. Does he fuck you with that... Can you take it all?

Yes he does and with all of it. It feels incredible.

Do you and your husband do this a lot?

He's not my husband or boyfriend. We are just neighbours.

Summer's mouth opened almost as wide as her eyes as she heard that.

We just fuck and have a lot of different sex. We play out fantasies like this one.

I looked at Jenn with a puzzled face.

The whole time Summer is watching Jenn stroke my cock and play with my balls.

Would you like to touch his cock?

No I can't... I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend.

You said he's bigger than your boyfriend, so why don't you as you may not get a chance at a big one again.

The thoughts running around in my head. Was Jenn trying to get Summer into a 3-some with us. Then I hear "OK"

Summer moved in and got down on her knees. She moved her hand up to the head of my cock and touched it. I've been on the verge of cumming for what seemed like an hour at that point. Jenn removed her hand from my cock, but not my balls. Summer put her hand around it. I've died and gone to haven.

God it's so big. His cock is so thick I can't get my hand all the way around it.

Jenn told her to check out my balls too. So she cupped her hand under my balls and lifted them up.

They're so big and heavy too.

Do you like his cock and balls Summer?

What's not to like about them, but it would hurt to get fucked by this. At least it would hurt me.

Yes at first it did, but now it's great Jenn told Summer. Jenn said that we like to play out fantasies and this is one of 2 of mine. One is to have a ffm 3-some, which this could be or having sex in a public place.

There it was. Was Jenn going for the 3 of us? As this is going on Summer has
gotten into stroking my cock slowly and playing with my balls a little. I don't think she realizes that she was doing it.

You want me to have sex with you two? No no I have a boyfriend. No no! I can't!

Is it because you have a boyfriend or are you just scared it will hurt? Do you like his cock or not?

It's because I have a boyfriend and because think he's just too big for me and I'm not sure about having sex with another woman also.

Then she realized what she was doing to me and stop, but didn't let go.

Jenn said ok then do you mind if he fucks me right here and now to finish playing out this fantasy? You can watch and maybe...

No I don't mind if you do. I am really turned on and I like to watch porn with my boyfriend. To watch live sex would be cool.

Summer I'm going to need his cock back ok. It won't hurt anyone if you kiss his cock or balls.

Wow she's still trying to get her going.

We moved 2 chairs out into the back of the change rooms hallway. One for us and one for Summer. Summer sat down and I sat Jenn in the other chair. I whisper to Jenn let's give her porn show. She's seen you suck me, so I'm going to eat you. I stepped back and Jenn spread her legs. I moved in and start licking her beautiful pussy again. As I heard Jenn start moaning I'm sure a gasp came from Summer and because everyone was so turned on I bought Jenn to 2 orgasms in no time. As I was doing that Jenn asked Summer if she liked her pussy eaten? Does your boyfriend do you?

Yes I do she said and sometimes.

You should let John (not my real name) eat your pussy. He's good.

I can't do it. Sorry

It's not a big deal Summer. Nice to see that you are loyal to your boyfriend.

I got up and got Jenn up. I was going to fuck her from behind. I had her bend over onto the chair. Summer was watching intently as I rubbed the head of my very hard cock up and down her very wet slit. I wasn't going to last long once I got inside her. I was close to cumming 4 times. I look over at Summer to see that she is so into what we are doing. She opened the front of her shorts and had her hand inside rubbing herself. I pushed my cock into Jenn's wet pussy with no problem. After a minute or two Jenn was also showing signs of her orgasm coming on. So I started pumping fast and fast. She's bent right over and with me pumping hard my ball were swinging back and forth slapping her pussy. Just there I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. That was all I needed and I start to cum like never before. I stopped pumping and could feel Jenn's pussy still pulsing along with my cock pumping her full. The fuck was short but powerful. Wow.

I didn't know that Summer had moved for a better view and was rubbing herself to her own orgasm. I pulled my cock out of Jenn and saw my cum dripping from her. I quickly moved over by Summer to get some paper towels. She was checking out our juices all over my cock. I went back to clean up Jenn and myself, but I need more paper towels, so I asked Summer for some. When she bought them over to me I could see that her shorts hadn't been done up. I was down on one knee and I was at the right height to see in her shorts. I could see some nice brown pussy hair. I said nice pussy Summer. She put her hand back into her shorts and rubbed her pussy a little. As she was doing that she went on to say how hot that was and how turned she was. Also that again she couldn't have sex with us.

We all got ourselves straighten out and moved out into the store. We were all surprise to fined out that 45 minutes had gone by after closing. Jenn paid for her bikinis with a very nice discount on them. Summer said that maybe if she and her boyfriend broke up that maybe we all could have some more fun. We exchange phone numbers and off we went.

November of 2014 Jenn got to play out her other fantasy.

This happened in October of 2014 and in April of 2015 Jenn got a call from Summer. Yes we did get together a number of times.

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If you try to pass off a fantasy as a "true story", at least attempt to make it some what believable.

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