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After two weeks of practice, our fisting has been paying off!
I slept in the next morning to make up for how exhausted Mom and Aunt Pam had made me the night before. When I came downstairs, they had already made breakfast, and Aunt Pam's bags were by the front door. I sat down and ate my meal with the two mature ladies before Pam departed to continue on her road trip. She said that she was sorry she had to leave so soon, but she would make sure to stop by again on her way back.

To tell the truth, I was a bit relieved to get some time to myself to be able to do some work. Ashley was taken care of yesterday morning, Mom was satisfied last night, and Aunt Pam wasn't going to be back for a while. I got dressed and put in a full day at work, staying late to make up for lost time. The next day I just did a normal work day since Ashley was going to be stopping by that night.

Ashley was now less than two weeks from delivery. Her belly was bulging even more now, if that was even possible. She had gotten very comfortable around me, so when she came by there was no awkwardness, we just simply milked her breasts and stretched her kitten, and threw in a little bit of play now and then.

I went to the door when I heard Ashley's car pull up. I opened the door as she was walking up, and she came right inside, making herself at home. I sat down on the couch as she kicked off her shoes and set down her purse. I watched her casually unbutton her blouse as she walked up and straddled me on the couch. She opened her blouse to reveal her beautiful belly, which I immediately started to caress and kiss. She sat back and enjoyed the attention that I was paying to her.

My hands gradually moved around to her back and released her bra. The tight straps snapped apart as I released the last clasp, and her bulging, heavy breasts pushed the cups away, throwing the bra onto me. I tossed it aside as I looked at her milk filled breasts, already dripping at the nipples. I laid back as Ashley leaned forward, resting her belly on me and putting one of her nipples to my lips.

I started to suck, and I felt her longer hair fall all around my head as she rested her forehead on top of my head so she could enjoy the intimate relief that she was receiving. The harder I sucked on her nipple, the more flow I would get, and the louder she would moan in pleasure. It seemed like the milk would never stop coming as I sucked on a single breast for over ten minutes. Finally the flow began to slow, and Ashley leaned back, letting her nipple pop from between my lips.

I took a hold of both of her breasts as she was leaning back, and I felt the difference in how firm the two breasts were, along with being able to see the difference in size between the one that I had just relieved, and the one that was still awaiting me. Milk squirted from her full breast as I squeezed it softly. Ashley leaned forward and put her other nipple in my mouth. I went back to drinking in her sweet milk, as she continued to moan with pleasure.

I filled my mouth with her sweet, warm milk before letting go of her nipple and lifting my head. I brought my lips to Ashley's, and kissed her, letting her slowly drink her milk out of my mouth. Ashley passionately rubbed her kitten on me through our pants as she continued to drink every last drop of milk that I had for her. I broke our embrace and went back to sucking on her breast until I had gotten the last drop out. Ashley pulled her nipple from my mouth, and laid her now softer breasts on either side of my face as she leaned against me.

Finally she climbed off of me, taking my hand to lead me upstairs. I watched the lovely round butt on her short frame climb the stairs in front of me. We walked into my bedroom, and Ashley immediately slid off her pants. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them, and climbed on the bed, kneeling with her rear hanging over the edge. I removed my clothes quickly, and moved in behind her. Since I was erect anyway, I slid my hardness into her stretched kitten. I couldn't feel any tension at all as I moved inside, all the way until I bottomed out at the end of her canal.

I slid back out of her, and I walked over to grab the lube off of the nightstand. I lubed up my fingers well and rubbed some on her outer lips. Everything inside of her was already very slippery. I formed my fist and placed it at her entrance. I pushed forward and my fist disappeared inside of her with ease. Ashley moaned as I held one hand on her round ass, and started to stroke my other hand in and out of her throbbing, hot kitten. I turned my fist to make sure that my knuckles ran over her washboard as I continued my thrusts.

Ashley screamed into the bed as she climaxed over and over again. The erotic acts that we did with each other were more powerful and intimate than any sex she had experienced before. I knew that she had a great trust built up to allow herself to experience these things with me when she couldn't even tell them to anyone else in her life.

I placed a towel underneath her to catch all the liquid that was freely flowing from her. I wiped up some of her juices with my other thumb, and started to work them around her rose bud. I collected more of her juice on my thumb before gently pressing it against her back door. Ashley was already relaxed for the stretching that we were doing, so she offered no resistance as my thumb slid inside of her. I massaged her back door as I continued to rub her washboard during my strokes. Ashley couldn't finish one orgasm before the next one started.

She collapsed forward on the bed, completely out of breath, sliding herself off of my hand in the process. I sat down on the bed next to her and ran my wet hand over her belly as she slowly recovered. When she was ready, I got her up off of the bed and led her to the shower. I turned on the steam and moved the bench into position. I went back and got the large cone shaped toy and lubricant. I suctioned the toy onto the bench, and started to cover it with lube once again.

I took Ashley's hand and had her stand with the bench behind her. I moved over and sat down on the bench, taking a hold of her rear as she started to sit down. I parted her lips as far as they would go before her kitten finally made contact with the toy. She was immediately able to slide halfway down the monster toy before her kitten became taut. I slid my legs underneath her to hold some of her weight. My erection was pointed up, tucked in between her cheeks as I wrapped my arms around her to caress her belly while kissing her neck.

We just sat there intimately as the cone shaped toy kept pressure in her kitten, allowing her muscles to stretch. Gradually I would feel more of her weight on my legs as she sank further onto the toy. When I felt like most of her weight was in my lap, I would pull my legs out a little further while I had her take a deep breath. Each time I moved, we put pressure back on the toy, and then slowly she would sink further and further down onto the toy.

After nearly half an hour of sitting in this intimate position, it finally came time for me to move my legs out from beneath her all together. I moved back and got down to take a close look. Ashley was very happy to hear that she had successfully taken the entire toy inside of her. The toy was five inches in diameter at the widest point, so we had come a very long way in two weeks time, without any severe pain, or tearing like she had experienced with her last child.

I walked out of the shower, and when I came back in, Ashley's eyes got wide when she saw what I was carrying. It was another toy, and while this one also five inches in diameter, it was simply a round silicone ball, with a suction stand on one side of it. I told her that while we had made a great accomplishment with the toy that was inside of her, that only meant that the very beginning of her entrance had been trained to relax to that size. Now it was time to work on getting more of her canal stretched so she would be truly ready.

Ashley agreed, and I set the ball down on the bench behind her. I lubed it up well, and when she was ready, I had her quickly lift up off of the cone, and sit down on the ball. The move went as smoothly as I hoped. When she squatted down on the ball, her wide open kitten devoured the top half of the ball with no trouble. Her lips were now showing just under half of the ball sticking out from under her. I slid the cone off of the bench and set it aside.

I lifted her legs and slid mine underneath as I sat down on the bench face to face with her. I reached one hand underneath and started to massage her clitoris as we passionately kissed. Ashley reached down and started to stroke my erection that was pinned against her pregnant belly. We kept the intimacy going while we waited for her kitten to stretch deeper and deeper.

I moved down so I could take a closer look. Ashley's kitten had accepted about another half inch of the toy up inside of her. I moved around and sat behind her. I started to put some lube on my erection while I told her to lean forward. She put her elbows on her knees, leaning away from me. Her hips twisted, and her kitten simply pivoted around the ball as it stayed stuck in place on the bench.

I slid up close behind her, placing the head of my penis at her back door. I put one arm around her, holding onto her pregnant belly, as I guided my hardness with the other hand. She was still relaxed, and the head slipped past her rose bud without much resistance. Once I was past the entrance, I felt the toy inside of her kitten pushing hard against the wall of her back door. My member slowly slid in, shifting to the side to get past that massive intruder that was inside of her tiny body.

Ashley moaned in a little bit of discomfort as I worked my way deeper inside of her. Once my hardness was all the way inside of her, I had her lean back against me. I felt the toy suddenly plunge deeper up into her kitten as she moved her weight back onto it. The ball slid up further inside of her, massaging my member as it moved. I brought my other arm around her, moving my fingers onto her pearl. I started to slowly massage her clitoris as my other hand worked on her nipples.

Ashley exploded. The sensations from having her nipples teased, her ear nibbled, her clitoris massaged, her back door filled, and the massive ball plunging ever deeper inside of her simply sent her over the edge. She started to climax harder than she ever had before. She was trying to squeeze the life out of my member as she also clenched down on the ball. I felt her juices dripping out past the ball, followed by little bursts of pee as she squirted onto my fingers during her uncontrollable orgasm. Her squeezing was now mostly on the bottom side of the ball, which ended up plunging all of the way up inside of her until it hit tightly against her cervix.

She was having more than one orgasm, but I honestly couldn't count how many she had since she barely quelled her screaming before she started again, and her squeezes just came in even pulses, while she gasped for breath in between. I kept rubbing on her breasts and clitoris while she went through her five minute climax.

My ears kept ringing as her screams slowed once I stopped rubbing her clitoris and nipples. I stayed there with her, planted deeper inside of her than her kitten would ever allow. It took forever for her heart to stop racing, and for her breathing to catch up again. When she was finally not out of breath. She told me that she had never felt anything like that before in her life. She put her hand down to her kitten to feel for the toy, but all that was left was the suction stub just barely sticking out of her, still holding onto the bench.

I told her to slide forward and stand up. Ashley slid the toy off the end of the bench until the suction cup came loose. She weakly stood up, pulling herself off of my member as she tried to get her balance. It was an amazing sight when she turned around. I could see her bulging even more just above her kitten as she stood there with the toy planted firmly inside of her. I told her that she should keep it there as long as she was comfortable to get the best results.

Ashley was just beaming with pride at what she had accomplished. She looked down at my hardness and came toward me. She put her hands on my legs, and went down to her knees. She put one hand on my cock, and the other cradling my balls as she started to stroke. She looked up at me and thanked me for being the perfect partner for what she needed right now.

She then turned her head down and swallowed my entire length. I was incredibly turned on by one of the kinkiest nights I had ever experienced, and I was as hard as I could ever imagine. She smoothly ran her lips over my shaft as her velvety throat was gliding around my head. She gently squeezed my balls as she repeatedly backed all the way off of me and then slid me all the way back in her mouth.

I started to moan as I got closer to climax. Ashley felt my balls tense up. She backed away, quickly and took a gasp of air, then buried my hardness deep inside of her as my cum was already shooting down her throat. She massaged my balls as my cum filled her stomach. She backed out a bit and started to tease the head with her teeth, lightly dragging them across the skin while swirling her tongue around it.

Ashley stayed there as my orgasm slowed, sucking every drop of my cum out of me. When she had swallowed every last bit, she sat up, and said that she didn't know a better way to say thank you for what I gave her. She stood up, and I had her sit back on the bench once again. She got the toy to suctioned to the bench once again, and I pushed down on the bench while lifting her up.

Slowly, the toy inched out of her kitten. She moaned in pleasure as it finally came back out. I turned on the water and started to rinse down the toy, before turning the water up under Ashley's kitten, rinsing it out thoroughly. She kept glowing with pride as we intimately washed each other off.

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