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After 2 and a half months as kennel bitch, Stephanie gets a new job...
This story is a work of fiction, and contains themes of bestiality. If this offends your sensibilities, please close this story, and find one more up your alley.

Two and a half months ago when I took the job at the kennel, I never knew it would lead to where I'm at today. Bob had hired me as his kennel manager, and it had some amazing perks, like the apartment that I stayed in rent free at the kennel. Then one night after too much wine, I went into a kennel with one of the dogs and was raped. But, to my dismay, I found that I wanted to cum, and was fucking him back as hard as he plowed me.

The next day, I found a collar with a pendant that said "Bitch" and a note in my office saying Bob wanted to see me. It turns out that Bob's security camera's recorded the whole thing, and he was blackmailing me into fucking him at will, and to service all of his dogs. When I resisted, he hit me, and scared me into compliance. That day he fucked me in the office, taking my anal cherry, and that night he watched as I fucked another one of his dogs while I sucked him off. Despite the total humiliation, I realized that submitting to him and the dogs was incredibly hot. This left me with my quandary: go through the motions, or fully embrace this lifestyle.

I decided that I would enjoy what was being given to me, but on condition. I gave it a couple days (and a couple excellent dog fucks) before I worked up my nerve to approach Bob. I went to the manor and to his office, where I broached the topic of my duties.

"Robert, if it would please you, I would like to talk to you about my duties."

Shutting the door behind me, he gestured to the couch that he ass fucked me on a few days earlier.

"Are you having regrets, Stephanie? You know the conditions, and you agreed to them."

"Yes, Sir. The last couple days, I've been thinking about it, and I willingly submit myself to you. But I am asking, as my master, please don't hit me. I will do as you say, when you say it, but hit me again, and I will walk away. I don't care about what you do to my career after that."

"Stephanie, what you said took a lot of courage. And I respect that. I admit, I was out of line. And if I lay another hand on you in anger, I will write you a glowing letter of recommendation."

We shook hands on the deal, and later that evening, he brought a new form for me to sign stating those very conditions. Over the next two months, it was a blur of dog sex, being used by Bob either in his office, or mine, or while the dogs were fucking me in the kennels.

One day, I left work to run to the feed store where Bob ordered his food for the dogs. When I got back to the kennel, I found a sexy cocktail dress, stiletto heels and crotchless panties hanging on the coat rack in my office. A note pinned to the dress simply said "My office, 8:30."

"Hmm... Looks like Master will have me entertaining tonight," I mused. The thought of being given to some other man to be used started my juices flowing. Since my submission to Bob, and knowing that I am to be used as a fuck toy, I've gotten aroused just getting called to the main office just to talk business.

I shut down operations early so I could get cleaned up and changed. I slipped into the crotchless panties, pulling the material against my thighs exposing my nether lips. I then pulled on the strapless cocktail dress. It lifted my full C cups to the point they looked like they defying gravity, exposing ample cleavage. The material clung to my curves perfectly, accentuating my ass and slender waist. I put on the stilettos and turned to check myself out in the mirror. Classy, with ample sexy, but just shy of whorish. Like some TMZ socialite at a Hollywood gala, but everyone knew that they were going to get fucked.

I threw on a pair of sandals and walked to the manor. Once inside, I put the heels back on and made my way to Bob's office. Inside I was greeted by Bob and another man.

"Ah, Stephanie, come in, and shut the door please. And remember the rules."

"Yes, Robert," I answered as I closed the door. Once the door clicked shut, I turned to face Bob and the other man, and unzipped the little black dress. Concealing my excitement, I timidly lowered the dress, exposing my tits to the men. I stepped out of the dress and started to push my panties down and Bob stopped me, leaving me in nothing but the stilettos, panties, and my collar.

"Art, this is Stephanie, the new manager for my kennel. Let me tell you, she really loves working with the dogs. Stephanie, say hello to Mr. James."

"Hello, Mr. James," I said in a meek voice.

"I was talking to Art about expanding your breeding operations," Bob explained. "He also has a number of large breeds that he would like you to service as well."

"Yes," Art affirmed. "Bob told me you are very good with his dogs, and I am willing to pay $1000 per breeding, based on what he had told me. What do you say?"

I didn't know what to say! That was a lot of money, and I was getting hornier as Bob and Art talked about the possible business venture. At a loss for words, I walked in front of Art, turned around, and lowered myself into the presentation pose that the dogs in the kennel taught me so well.

I was on the ground, on my knees, with my head lowered so my ass was exposed, ready to receive whatever stud animal was ready.

Art walked around me, enjoying the sight of his bought kennel bitch presenting herself for fucking. He stopped by my ass, and cupped my flesh in his hand. Then he slipped one of his fingers into my wanting hole.

"Damn, Bob. Your bitch is in heat. Is she always ready to go?"

"Pretty much. Why don't you get Titan, and see how he responds to his bitch?"

Art leisurely pulled his finger from my cunt, dragging it over my puckered ass hole, sending chills up my spine, and walked out the door. He returned about two minutes later with Titan.

"This is Titan," he said. "He is a gray wolf that I purchased from a collector. I planned on breeding him, and selling the pups,but the government won't give me a license."

I marveled at the size of the wolf before me. Although he wasn't built like Bob's mastiffs, I could tell that he was heavily muscled under his thick pelt. Art led him around me, and I felt his muzzle sniff my ass. Liking what was presented to him, his large, rough tongue started licking my pussy.

As his licking became for frenzied, I started moaning and spreading my knees to allow the wolf better access to my pussy. Once Titan was satisfied I was ready, he jumped on my back.

Once he was on my back, I truly felt the difference between Titan and the mastiffs. Where they were more lumbering, Titan was lean and athletic, his muscles rippling with raw power. As he began to thrust against me, I felt the tip of his cock blindly jabbing into my ass cheeks. I reached behind me and took his growing tool on my hand and guided it to my opening. As soon as he felt my wet lips around the tip of his cock, he lunged forward, burying it deep inside me.

"Fuck!" I cried out. The last time I had been penetrated so deeply was when Bob took my ass for the first time. With his root firmly planted in me, Titan wrapped his powerful front legs around my waist and pulled me tighter against him. With each thrust, I could feel his cock driving deeper and deeper, and swelling in girth as it continued to grow in me.

"Fuck," I moaned. "Fuck me, Titan. Make me your bitch. Breed me..." I was moaning non-stop. I was overcome with wanton lust as Titan drilled me. He fucked me like a jackhammer, pushing me across the floor with every thrust. I was throwing my ass back at him, meeting him thrust for thrust as his tool pushed against my cervix.

Finally I could feel his knot pushing against my lips, and I wanted it me me. Titan was slowing down, but fucking me even harder as he pushed his massive knot through my tight opening. I was pushing back just as hard, trying to get his knot in me.

"Tie with me. Knot your bitch," I moaned. "Come on, harder. Make me your bitch! Fuck!" I screamed as his knot popped in me. The sudden pressure of his expanding knot on my g spot made me orgasm instantly.

My body trembled as waves of pleasure coursed through me. I was completely oblivious to the world. All I cared about was the wolf cock filling my pussy. I could feel Titan slowing his thrusts, and knew he was going to cum.

"Fill me up! Give your bitch your cum! Breed me!" I moaned. Suddenly, Titan stopped, and with one final thrust, he started pumping jet after jet of hot wolf cum deep in my box. The feeling of hot semen spraying my cervix made me cum again, my pussy spasming in time with Titan's spraying cock.

After a minute of nonstop spraying, Titan's orgasm subsided. He stepped over me gingerly, till we were ass to ass, tied together by the not in my cunt. I looked around and saw that Bob and Art were naked, stroking their cocks. Art had a very chiseled body, with a pleasant looking 8 inch cock that was nearly 3 inches thick. While not as long as Bob's it made up for length with impressive girth.

"Master, your bitch still has holes that can be filled," I said to Bob in a plaintive voice.

Bob and Art came over to me, and presented me their cocks. I took each one, sucking the impressive tools in turns, teasing their heads with my tongue.

"And which hole should be filled by which dick?" Bob asked.

"You're my master," I moaned. "I will take whatever you give me."

Bob walked behind me, and ripped the crotchless panties high enough to expose my pucker.

"Well, since I already own this, I will fill it up," Bob said as he squatted and forced his swollen head past my sphincter.

I had never been dp'ed before, and the fullness of his oversized manhood coupled with the dog knot in my vagina was exquisite, and I came almost instantly. My moans of pleasure were muffled, as Art was trying to force his cock into my throat.

As my mouth and jaw loosened up, Art started to throat fuck me, matching Bob's cadence as he fucked my ass. They pounded me mercilessly from both ends, and I could tell by their swelling members, that their own release was near.

"Asshole is so tight," Bob moaned. "Can't hold out... Coming!"

With that, Bob grabbed my hips and slammed all eleven inches deep in my guts, where he unloaded his seed deep inside my rectum. As Bob's cum sprayed in me, Art grabbed my head and buried all eight inches of his dick in my throat, where he came. He came so hard that his legs turned to jello, and he dropped to his knees as I swallowed spray after spray of come.

After a few minutes, Titan's knot shrank enough for him to pull out. When he did, a river of dog cum poured out of my pussy. Art and Bob also pulled out of my mouth and asshole, and I collapsed on the floor due to exhaustion.

After taking a couple minutes to recuperate, Art reached in his pocket and pulled out a roll of cash. He thumbed though the money till he separated out the $1000 and tossed it too me.

"Bob, thank you for demonstrating your new breeder. I'll be sure to bring some of the other dogs by later."

"Can't wait for you come back," Bob answered.

With that, I stood up and walked with shaky legs to gather up my dress to go back to the kennel.

"If it pleases you, Robert, I still have a dog to service tonight. Permission to go back to the kennels?" I asked.

"Go ahead. Don't forget, I'll see if you don't."

"Yes, sir."

Not even caring if any of the evening staff saw me, I walked dress and heels in hand back to the kennel. When I got to the office, I put the money in my desk. Then I took off my torn panties and dropped all my stuff at my hamper, and walked out to the kennel with nothing on but my collar....

Thank you for reading, and always, feel free to leave a comment. I only ask that any criticisms be kept positive and constructive. I write for my audience, and if you just run me down and denigrate me, I won't get better. That means you get shitty tales.

Again, thank you for reading!


2019-08-24 19:22:03
Very good story. I love how it turned into being a sub to Bob. Very hot and fun to read.

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-12-01 04:03:07
Just one piece of criticism. Proofread before you upload. Great story otherwise.


2016-08-31 18:06:43
morg, good story but as with other porn writers...i say the more imagination the better...molds are made to broken...

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-07-30 20:02:05
i am becumming a fan...


2016-06-26 18:17:45
Don't normally like stories like this but yours is great. Good plot and well written. Thanks!

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