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Three young adults explore budding lust (No reposting without my express permission)
Unbeknownst to Janet, the click of her door closing, and the sudden whir of her noise machine had stirred Sarah from her erotic dreams. As Sarah slowly woke from the haze of sleep she realized that her hand had been playing with her breast and had worked her nipples into diamonds. She let her hand continue its work for a bit as she moaned and closed her eyes. She knew she had better stop now unless she wanted to wake everybody else in the house so she shifted on her side, putting her hands under her head as she now faced away from the back of the couch, towards where Scott was sleeping.

As she sat there, cooling off from her actions, her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and fell on Scott’s head. Like her, he too had elected to sleep on top of the blankets due to the warmth in the room. As she stared at his cute face, turned to one side away from her, she started to smell something really odd. She though she knew what it could be and slowly lowered a hand down past the waistline of her shorts. Sure enough she could feel the remaining slickness and stickiness of her own juices.

She had been dreaming earlier of erotic visions that flashed before her eyes and now she could feel and smell the proof that those dreams had been pretty hot. She let her finger start massaging the juices into her skin and let her other hand fondle her breast. As she squirmed on the couch, adjusting her hands, she glanced back over at Scott to make sure he was still asleep and instantly froze at the site that greeted her.

Scott was still asleep but her eyes had not gone to his face, but directly to his crotch, where Scott’s dick was rigid and poking through the slit in his boxers. She unconsciously licked her lips, her hands continuing their work on her body. She stared intently at the cock that was just sitting there out in the open and started to imagine what it would be like to ride it until she climaxed. She increased the pressure on her breast and pussy lips, constantly licking her lips now like she was dying of thirst.

It dawned on her that her juices, caused by her own erotic dreams, must have filled the room with the aroma of her sex and that Scott’s body was just reacting to her arousing smell. Her cheeks blushed instant at the thought that she had that kind of effect on any boy, least of all Scott. This turned her on even more and she closed her eyes, mewling into the couch as her hips began to slowly rock back and forth, her fingers deftly gliding into her pussy.

When she finally brought herself to orgasm she brought the hand fondling her breast up to her mouth quickly, to prevent the noises she was making from getting out. She rode the wave from that orgasm for a little longer before pulling her other hand from her shorts and up to her mouth. As she licked her fingers clean she spotted Scott’s still hard erection between her fingers. Her brain was still riding high from that last orgasm and some wicked thoughts started to seem like a really good idea.

She sat there for a bit, listening to the house, watching Scott’s erection continue to stand at attention, feeling the heat in her chest and groin beginning to grow again. She licked her lips one more time and then slowly began to sit up on the couch. Every crinkle of the blanket, every breath she took, sounded like a cannon going off to her. Every twitch of Scott’s cock froze her in place instantly before she slowly continued standing up. Once she was standing all the way up she began to slowly make her way around the coffee table, only taking her eyes off of the beckoning erection to steal quick glances at Scott’s face.

She slowly and delicately made her way over to the other couch and then kneeled on the floor right next to Scott’s waist. Now that she was closer she could clearly see every little detail of Scott’s cock. From the puffy head pulsing with his heart beat, to the veins on his shaft standing out strongly. She had never seen a cock in real life, except for the occasional National Geographic show, but this cock looked nothing like those. This one was fully extended, reaching for the ceiling, and waiting for her.

Unbeknownst to her, Scott had actually managed to fall asleep while trying to only pretend to do so. His cock remained hard however, because of the beautiful aroma of mixed sexes that filled the living room. As Sarah sat there admiring her first cock she slowly began to move her hand towards it. First, she put both hands on the side of the couch and scooted up right next to it to giver herself a better vantage point. Then she slowly began to stroke Scott’s naked upper thigh with her fingertips. She ran her nails up and down his left leg from his knee all the way up to his groin. Every now and then the cock would twitch and Sarah would have to suppress a giggle. Could that beautiful cock know what she was working on doing? Was it inviting her to play with it with each pulse of its head?

She slowly started to let her fingertips run even deeper into Scott’s groin; four inches away from his shaft, three, two long inches left, one more…and then her middle finger mad contact with it. She left her middle finger sitting there, just resting against a protruding vein, feeling the heat radiate onto her hand. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly, feeling herself get turned on at a rapid pace. Deciding it was now or never, she ran all of her finger tips up and down the shaft, enjoying its twitches against her contact and the little flares the puffy mushroom head made.

She had moved her other hand to her breast and was groping herself while all of this was happening. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, focusing on all of the please she felt as well as all of the pleasure Scott must be feeling. She opened her eyes and then let her hand slowly grip all the way around the shaft. The skin was dry but extremely soft. She slowly began to apply fleeting amounts of pressure on the cock in her hand and slowly began to move her hand up and down his shaft.

She sat there for a bit, just amazed at what she was doing, amazed at the incredible sight before her. The hand fondling he breast began to snake its way down to her shorts and to her love button. She synced up her hands so that they were making the same motions, one rubbing her pussy in small concentric circles while the other slowly jerked off the cock. She continued in this manner for another minute before a problem started to appear.

Whether it was her sweaty palms or his glistening cock, the friction began to quickly increase to a level that caused Scott to stir ever so slightly in his sleep. Her once smooth motions on his cock had now become sticky and jerky. As she slowly stopped jacking his cock she was still working her own love tunnel into a frothing frenzy. She felt a bit of drool escape out of the side of her mouth and realized a way to easily solve the lubrication issue. She could user her own saliva to make things a lot easier, and she could also use her own love juices to make the whole ordeal even naughtier.

As she brought her hand up from her waist she leaned over it and let a good amount of saliva drop onto it. She used her other hand to mix the two ingredients in her palm and then moved the soaked hand to his cock and her relatively dry hand to her pussy. When her soaked hand was directly over the head of his cock she tilted her palm and slowly drizzled the concoction onto his quivering cock. She watched with a deep hunger as her juices slowly felt onto his head and then slowly oozed their way down his shaft. The mushroom tip was completely soaked and most of his shaft as well.

Sarah then repositioned her hand so she could continue jacking his shaft and the new slimy lubrication increased that pleasure tenfold. She was able to slowly accelerate her hand motions so that she was fully stroking his fabulous cock from his root to his head. She held her thumb upwards now so that on the end of the upstroke she could bend it over the spongy head and rub it for a bit. His cock responded enthusiastically to the new pressure and she felt it start to get even bigger in her hand.

The monster in her hand had her totally mesmerized. No picture or de***********ion or biology class diagram had ever done cocks justice in her mind. This cock was enchanting, inspiring, and she had it all to herself at the moment. Suddenly her whole body tensed up as her world was rocked by another intense orgasm. She raised off of her feet, inhaling sharply, and inadvertently squeezing extra hard on the heavenly shaft between her fingers. This elicited a groan from Scott, as well as his hands gripping the blanket beneath them and squeezing.

Without warning his cock shuddered in her grip and his cum suddenly exploded into the air. It only rose a couple of inches but seemed to hang there forever as Sarah covered her mouth with the hand not holding onto his cock. The white liquid finished its arc upwards and slowly dropped right down onto his crotch, some of it landing on her hand still gripping his shaft. Her eyes quickly flew to Scott’s face to see if he had woken up, but his eyes remained close and the corner of his lips were drawn into a smile. Sweet dreams indeed.

She loosed her grip on his shaft as it began to slowly shrink and watched it as the blood slowly drained from it. It looked sad as it shrank, like it knew that playtime was over. When it had reached about half of its largest size it stayed that way for a while. Sarah’s hand which was still resting on Scott’s crotch twitched and she noticed for the first time that it was partially covered in Scott’s cum. How would she be able to clean up both her hand and his crotch? Surely he would notice in the morning that his crotch was covered in his own seed?

As she pondered what to do next she decided that she would lick her hand clean and then worry about cleaning up the cum soaked crotch. As she began to lick the back of her hand she noticed a distinct salty flavor and realized that must be Scott’s cum. It was a little salty and slimy but otherwise it tasted great mixed with her own fluids. She licked and sucked on each finger, making sure no cum was left. Once that was done she used the same hand to go back to his crotch and scoop up his cum. The more she put in her mouth the more eagerly she looked for spots she had missed.

As her hand went back and forth between his crotch and her face his cock slowly began to rise again, aroused by the continuing touching going on. As she licked her fingers clean of the last bit of cum she could find she opened her eyes and was surprised to see Scott’s cock as tall as it had ever been, like no energy had been drained at all. The head flared at the gushing blood building up and the veins once against protruded from his shaft.

In a mesmerized state she slowly reached out with her hand and once again took a grip on his shaft. She was unable to stroke his shaft at this time because all of the fluids had made it really sticky. Her hand was stuck slightly to his cock so instead of taking her hand off of his cock she just leaned over his crotch. As she did this she felt her covered breasts dragging along his leg and this excited her even more. She slowly opened her mouth above his cock and used her tongue to guide the dripping drool directly onto the little slit on top of his cock.

The view she had of her drool draining from her mouth in a long sticky strand, reaching out for his cock head, then watching as it pooled briefly on the tip top before sliding off in dozens of directions almost melted her brain. She sat there for a while, continuously drooling onto the head of his cock. His moans had become inaudible and his hands no longer gripped the blanket as tightly as they had earlier. She took this as a good sign that he had gone back into a deeper sleep and continued her actions.

It suddenly occurred to her that if she was going to make Scott cum again, then she would need to have a plan for cleaning up his cum this time. From all of the videos she had watched and stories she had read she knew there were many ways to “clean up” once it happened but it was the unconscious licking of her lips that decided it for her. There had always been one singular way that she enjoyed watching and fantasized about the most, one that would leave no mess. And once that decision was made there was nothing that could stand in her way, except for his cock of course.

She was still leaning over his cock, drooling onto it to keep it slippery. She focused on the puffy head of his cock and slowly began to lower her head towards it. Centimeter by centimeter she got closer and closer, the strand of saliva that already connected her mouth to this cock grew shorter and shorter. She stopped the stroking motion of her hand and rested it at the base of his cock. She used two fingers to softly grip the base and with the softest pressure possible placed a single kiss on his cock. The warmth that met her lips was amazing and it felt like his cock would burst into flames at any moment.

She relished that long kiss, using her grip on his shaft to slowly move the head from side to side on her lips. As she withdrew from that first contact she licked her lips and could clearly taste her own juices that had coated his cock. As she prepared for a second kiss she saw just the smallest amount of clear liquid ooze from the slit in the head, and watched as it slowly formed a clear pearl that refused to budge from its point on his crown.

She had read that this would happen during foreplay and sex as both men and women’s genitalia produced lubrication to make the act of sex easier. While this was not the juice she wanted it would do for now. She pushed her tongue out as far as it would go and swiped it across the full head of the cock, making sure to catch all of the precum. She drew her tongue back into her mouth, moving it from side to side as it came past her lips. The precum did not really have a strong flavor, it was definitely less salty than his cum from earlier. But the thought of it mixed with her juices blew her mind. She closed her eyes and focused on the slimy liquids in her mouth.

She opened her eyes again and this time she licked from the root of his cock all the way up to the edge of the crown. She tongued his cock slowly and deliberately, focusing on each bumpy vein as her tongue lovingly massaged his cock. She licked all around his shaft, even planting small kissing along it as she went. It then occurred to her that unlike most of the porn she had watched Scott did not appear to have any pubic hair. She wasn’t sure if she would have preferred that he did but she enjoyed not having to worry about hairs getting caught in her mouth or tickling her nose.

As she continued to lick him she started to focus more and more attention on what would be the underside of his shaft. She enjoyed the contrast of running her tongue across the slightly wrinkly top of his balls and then continuing onto the smooth shaft; the oppositely textured surfaces drop her wild. After several long minutes of the tongue massage, she stopped for a second to admire her handy work. Scott’s cock was puffed as big as it had ever been that night, ready to burst. But she wanted to play around some more before finishing the show so she lowered her head to his balls and began to run her tongue directly over them.

While the texture of the shaft had been flat and tight, the texture of Scott’s ball sack has ridged and giving. She ran her tongue in circles around his balls, taking the occasional swipe up between them. They were not big by any means, as Scott was still developing sexually, but they were big enough for her. More importantly, they were big enough for her mouth. One by one she would gently suck his ball into her mouth, sucking on them with her hungry lips and slathering them with saliva using her tongue. She would go back and forth between them, spending equal time between them with her pleasuring mouth and tongue.

She was even able to take his whole ball sack, both balls included into her mouth. She sat there for several minutes with his balls in her mouth, enjoying the naughty act and absolutely drenching his balls with her spit. Her tongue was licking eager circles around both balls as she used a sucking motion to keep them in her mouth.

She heard Scott’s guttural moans get louder for a minute and figured he was getting ready to burst for a second time. Not so fast, she thought, as she released the suction on his balls, letting them flop out of her mouth. She licked up some of the extra saliva that had collected on his sack and then prepared for the main course. She moved her hand from the base of his cock to the area between his groin and his lower belly. She wouldn’t be pushing down on him too hard, it just helped her to steady herself.

She once again positioned her head directly over his cock and slowly descended on it with slightly open and pursed lips. As she drew closer she extended her tongue, using it to guide his cock directly into her mouth. She took in the first inch of his meat and sat there for a second sucking on it, feeling it pulse with each flick and flourish of her tongue. She ran her tongue past her lips in a loving lick of his shaft and then swirled it around his head as she drew it back in.

She opened her mouth a little bit more, still keeping her lips pursed around the head and slowly let another glorious inch of his cock enter her mouth. She began to steadily suck and release on his cock, feeling her own cheeks moving in and out from the changes in pressure. She started to slowly move her head back and forth on this first two inches of his cock, lavishing lick after lick on his head and shaft. She could even taste a little more of his precum as it slowly oozed into her mouth.

Her hand not on Scott’s chest had moved to her own breasts, still contained in her bra, and had started to grip and release her breasts. Wouldn’t it feel so much better to just remove the bra, to just let her breast swing freely, her nipple brushing against Scott’s leg through the shirt? It only took a millisecond of that thinking about it before both of her hands were under her shirt working furiously to get her bra off. She undid the clasp and then quickly removed the shoulder straps before tossing the bra back to her couch.

Scared of making a jerking motion she had just kept Scott’s cock in her mouth, and worked to keep her head perfectly still while her hands made quick work of her bra. Her head had been still but her tongue had not; it had used that time to whip Scott’s cock head into a frenzy with its dozens of licks and swipes. When she resumed the up and down motion on the cock one hand flew to her pussy and the other massaged her breasts. Never had she dreamed that she could feel this naughty and good at the same time.

She was in heaven and soon it would get a lot better. Satisfied that she could handle the first two inches of Scott’s cock she lowered her mouth further around his cock and took in the next inch. The cock head was now flexing in her mouth as she worked it. The spongy head of the cock would always rub along the top of her mouth with every down stroke, and she began to further tease it by applying light pressure with her teeth at the end of every upstroke.

With Scott already aroused from her earlier actions she didn’t have to wait too long before she felt his cock go rigid. She pursed her lips tight, creating a nice little vacuum in her mouth and was ecstatic to feel the first surge of cum pulsing up the shaft. As soon as she felt the first spirt hit her tongue she began to greedily suck on his cock. She wanted it all and Scott’s cock was not about to hold anything back. The first release earlier had been a good amount but the added stimulation of her sucking on his balls and now forcefully sucking on his shaft had pushed his balls into overdrive.

She was able to swallow the first tiny spurt of his cum, but she had her work cut out for her to keep up with the cum as it flooded her mouth. Her only regret during this whole process was that she was barely getting to taste any of it before she had to swallow. She pulled her mouth up his cock so that only the head remained trapped between her pursing lips, and continued to swallow all that he had to give. With one last long burst Scott’s balls were spent. Sarah felt the deluge of cum stop and kept the last mouthful of his cum in her mouth.

She kept a tight suction on the head of his cock as she slowly withdrew it from her mouth, making sure that no drop leaked out between their kiss. When the cock was fully out of her mouth she leaned her head back, swishing his cum around with her tongue. Nothing had ever tasted this good in her life. The pleasure she got from tasting his cum was the final straw that pushed her over the edge and into another orgasm. One hand pinched her clit and the other pinched a nipple as she screamed in silent ecstasy at this new rush. She felt like she was going to pass out, the blood was pounding in her ears, and she was shooting juice all over her hand.

As she slowly came down from her orgasm she fell over onto the floor and just lay there for a minute, cuddled up with her hands still working her nubs vigorously. Once she had fully recovered enough for coherent thought she realized that she needed to clean up and get back over to her couch. She looked up at Scott’s receding cock and saw that she had not left any juices at all on his glowing skin. She felt a pang of sadness as his cock finally shrank enough to disappear back through the slit on his boxers. She shuffled over to her side of the room and picked up her bra, deciding to put it on and take of the shirt she had been wearing.

She licked her hands clean but felt the need to use the restroom so she waited to wash them fully. Once she had closed the door to the bathroom she just sat there for a minute, still in the radiant glow of what had just happened. She closed her eyes, thinking back to the moments that stood out the most to her: the first glimpse of his cock, the touch and feel of her hand against it, the sponginess of his head as she licked it. She leaned back against the door and was getting ready to fondle herself again when she hear the hum of Janet’s sleep machine turn off.

She sat there, leaning against the door, listening for the sounds of footsteps but heard none. She turned one the faucet and used a washcloth to wipe away all of the salty sweat she had produced. She took her time wiping her pussy and breast as the wet and rough texture of the washcloth excited her. Suddenly she was snapped out of her reverie when she heard the door handle turning. She quickly removed the wash cloth from her breast and was relieved to see it was Janet that was entering the bathroom.

“Oh, sorry, I wasn’t sure if somebody was in here or not,” said Janet, secretly noticing the faint aroma of sex. What have we here, she thought, savoring the airy aroma of mixed juices...

“No problem, I was just wiping myself down because it’s so hot in the house tonight,” Sarah replied, “But I’m all done now so see you in the morning.”

As Sarah turned to exit the bathroom she took in the revealed beauty of Janet. Janet was about four years older than her, and Sarah wanted so desperately to be exactly like her. She had a rocking body and sported some amazing tits, which Sarah had seen were D-cups when switching Sarah’s laundry to the dryer. Janet was now sporting only a matching set of lace underwear that left little to the imagination. As Sarah passed through the doorway she stole a glance backwards to get a quick peek at Janet’s perfect ass. What Sarah wouldn’t give to have an ass like that, in more ways than one.

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