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Three young adults explore budding lust (No reposting without my express permission)
When you are a young teenage boy it gets really hard sometimes to think straight. Certain things you know are wrong become too tempting, and you stop being rational about right and wrong. Such was the dilemma I now faced. I was currently sleeping on one of two couches over at my babysitter Janet’s house. The couches faced each other with a small coffee table in between them. Sleeping on the other couch was one of my best friends, Sarah. We were both 18 years of age and had both developed into our prime sexually speaking. We had not seen each other in three years, but our parents were throwing a party that night so our old babysitter, who was now a senior in college, was having us stay over at her house.

I was well learned in the arts of sex, at least from a practical viewpoint, but had only had my first real kiss a couple of weeks earlier with a summer fling. I understood the basics, and even some secondary options, but had never had a chance to put my knowledge into action. My hormones were raging, and sleeping the same house as Sarah and Janet had started to mess with my mind. What really kicked it off was a TV show we had watched earlier: the show was some b-level story about a guy who could draw tattoos on women and then bring them to life as they slept. Needless to say, that show put some really interesting ideas in my head about what was possible.

We had stayed up until around 11PM and then everybody had turned in for the night. It wasn’t until I got up later that night to use the restroom that I began to think with my other head. As I walked back from the bathroom to the couch I paused and watched Sarah as she slept. In the three years we had not seen each other she had really began to develop into a beautiful girl. She was sleeping on the couch, partially on her right side, with her right leg dangling onto the floor and her left leg bent at the knee but leaning against the back of the couch. She had only worn a loose t-shirt and some loose short shorts to bed that night, and I stared at her exposed leg. I felt my dick begin to get hard, but immediately freaked out when the tip started making its way out of my boxers. I quickly moved my dick so that it would extend vertically through the waist of my boxers, instead of the front slit.

I moved to my couch quickly and quietly so as not to wake Sarah, but the boiling blood in my system refused to cool off. As I lay there on my couch, on top of the blanket, my eyes began to wander again over Sarah’s body. I slowly let my eyes creep up from the sole of her right foot to her calf, then her knee, then her thigh, and then to where her shorts hid the rest. I guess she had decided it was too hot to get under her blanket as I suddenly noticed in the dark that she was sleeping on top of it. My eyes were slowly drawn to her developing breasts. Not knowing how cup sizes worked at the time I didn’t know that she was currently a well-endowed C cup, but that didn’t matter to my brain at the moment. Because she had twisted in her sleep at some point in the night her loose shirt had been bunched up underneath her and was now pulled tight across her chest.

I watched as her covered breasts slowly rose and fell in time with her breathing. At the peak of their rise their outline became even more defined as the shirt was stretched to accommodate Sarah’s bust. Even with what little light there was in the room it was easy to make out the slight bulging outline where her bra covered her breasts. At this point I noticed that I had moved off of the couch and was leaning over the coffee table, craning my neck to get a closer look at her bosom. As my blood began to boil more and more I licked my lips to wet them, and slowly began to shuffle around the coffee table to be closer to Sarah.

When my knees touched the base of the couch she was sleeping on I suddenly became aware of how close I was to her. As I continued to think about what I was doing I began to notice the faint smell of her perfume as it wafted into my nostrils. I closed my eyes and groaned as my lust continued to build. When I opened my eyes I knew what my body wanted to do, even if my mind was still screaming at me not to act on those thoughts. But the time had come and gone for the logical part of my brain to steer me away from what was about to happen. Instead, my other head started to use my brain power to evaluate the situation and determine what the next step should be.

I slowly raised my right arm up over Sarah’s stomach and let it hover directly above her shirt covered abs. Ever so slowly I lowered it until it made contact with her stomach as she took in a deep breath. I let this contact continue four or five more times before once again slowly lowering my open hand onto her stomach. I closed my eyes and focused all of my attention on my senses of touch and smell. I could feel the warmth of her body through the shirt, I could smell the fruity perfume, and I could hear her unlabored breathing. I opened my eyes and with the smallest of movements began to run my hand in a circular motion across her stomach, occasionally let a finger dip into the slight dent in her shirt caused by her belly button. I began to feel her body heat rise and this led me to slightly increase my tempo.

Not satisfied with just her stomach I slowly increased the radius of my rubbing so that the edges of my fingers began to come into contact with her bra, still under her shirt. Inch by inch I rubbed more and more of my hand against her bra and against the base of her breasts. Suddenly she snores real loud, takes a deep breath and goes right on sleeping. Like an elephant running from a mouse I had already bounded back onto my couch before she had settled down, trying my best to seem asleep in case she woke up.

After about ten minutes of watching her closely to see if she was awake, I became confident enough to kneel down next to her again. Worrying that my time for exploration may run out at any minute I become bolder. I realize that feeling a breast through a shirt is all well and good but nothing replaces real skin. I examine how her shirt has bunched up underneath her and slowly begin to worm my fingers under her hip to pull it out. The shirts comes free with little effort and now I am really glad that she wore such a large shirt. With great trepidation I slowly inch the front of her shirt upwards, rolling it as I go.

Inch by delicate inch her stomach is revealed, then the shirt is high enough that I can start to make out her bra. I take measured breaths and extra care to make sure that the shirt movement doesn’t wake her. When enough of the front of the shirt is rolled up to fully expose her breasts I gingerly place the rolled up part just beneath her chin. Once I am sure that it will stay there I allow myself to fully appreciate how nice her breasts really are.

Now, an expert in women’s clothing I am not, but I notice that her bra is one that secures in the front with a little plastic clasp. Scared that fiddling with it may wake her up I decide to run my fingertips across the exposed flesh of her breasts. I run the tips of my fingers up and down both breasts. I then move my fingers to where her nipples would be if the bra was off and start to slowly feel out exactly where they are located. To my surprise they have started to harden and they are easily found.

I run my pointer fingers in small circles around her nipples and I am soon able to see an outline of them through the front of the bra. At this moment I also notice that her breathing has increased its pace just slightly. I slowly lean over her right breast and ever so softly flick her fabric covered nipple with my tongue for a minute before switching to her other breast. My mind is racing a million miles an hour at this point and a loud voice in my head keeps urging me to do more.

Giving into that voice I focus my attention onto the clasp that is holding her bra closed. It seems like a simple enough clasp, just push the plastic spot in the middle to release and then push the plastic tab back in place to close it. It won’t be easy to close her bra in a hurry, but like I said before, my brain wasn’t really thinking logically. I lean back on my knees, take a deep breath and then slowly raise my right hand to the clasp. I move my pointer finger behind the clasp and use my thumb to slowly apply pressure until I hear a click and then the clasp pops open. Just to be safe I practice closing the clasp one time so that I will know exactly what to do in an emergency.

Once I open the clasp a second time I can’t wait any longer and begin to peel back her right breast cup. The shadow from the cup hides her breast until I have completely removed it, but once that is done I am sitting there staring at her nipple and naked breast like it is the juiciest fruit on earth. I lick my lips several times and then slowly extend a finger towards the nipple. I slowly run my finger around her nipple in circles, occasionally running it directly over the nipple. The feeling is amazing and I slowly work my finger in a clockwise motion around her breast slowly letting the circle get bigger and bigger.

I then bring my finger up to my lips and taste the salty perspiration that had collected on my finger. The taste was amazing. I licked my finger clean and then put a little saliva on it and returned it to her areola and nipple. The slipperiness that my saliva added makes the feelings even more sensational. Unable to resist any more I slowly lower my head directly over her nipple and study it in the night air. It has hardened to a point and stands fully erect. I slowly breathe out cold air directly on her nipple and her whole breast gets goose bumps. I lick my lips again and then slowly extend my tongue out to the nipple.

From the first second my tongue touches her nipple my world explodes. I make gentle swirling motions with my tongue all around her nipple, expanding my licking to every single part of her breast. The hot night has caused her to sweat, and I’m sure my actions contributed to that too, so that her entire chest had started to sweat a minute amount and I could taste every delicious drop on my tongue. I began to focus my attention directly on her nipple, using little flicking actions from my tongue. The effect of my tongue was noticed right away as Sarah suddenly took in a deep breath and then sighed slowly.

Taking that as a good sign, I continued my ministrations for several minutes. After a bit I thought it would be unfair to ignore her other breast so I slowly repeated the same process with it. I peeled back the bra, used my fingers to initiate contact and in no time I was running my tongue all over her nipple. Her deep breaths started to occur more often and after an especially loud moan I back away from my work. Her nipple clearly stood out in the dark, and they shined, light reflecting off of my saliva.

As I sat there pondering my work and trying to decide what to do next my mind was made up for me. A strong smell had started to hit my nose and while it smelled different it did not smell bad. The more I breathed it in the more it put me under its spell. I quickly surmised that the smell was coming from her shorts and that she must be getting wet from all of the attention paid to her breasts. I evaluated the situation and determined that the safest course of action would be to return her breasts back to the bra and then roll the shirt back down.

After carefully doing that I edged down the couch towards her waist. Remember when I said earlier that her left leg was bent at the knee, leaning on the back of the couch and her right leg was draped over the side of the couch? She couldn’t have been in a more perfect position for what my hormones were telling me to do next. I slowly leaned forward over her crotch and inhaled deeply. The sweet aroma of her juices was really strong and it only served to cloud my better judgement even more. I took my right hand and ever so slowly began to rub her right knee.

As the seconds and minutes crept by I slowly worked my hand higher and higher along her leg until I could just feel the tip of her shorts. I slowly used my left hand to grab the edge of the shorts and pulled it ever so slightly away from her leg, giving my other hand unfettered access to her upper thigh. I strained my ears listening to her breathing, which was picking its pace up again the higher my hand went. One on push up her leg I suddenly felt an intense warmth and stopped my hand immediately. I could feel this inviting warmth pulse onto my hand and I slowly maneuvered it further up her shorts until my middle finger came into contact with what felt like skinny lips. I puzzled over this for a moment before realizing that she had not worn any panties to sleep in.

Just the thought of that revelation made my cock harden painfully as it strained for some attention. I slowly move the tips of my fingers to the bottom of the short’s waistband then slowly drew them down over her crotch. The juices were definitely flowing as my fingers quickly became covered in their moist and slightly slimy liquid. I repeated this process, running my fingers all the way down from the waistband across her crotch and slowly began letting my middle finger delve into the outermost part of her labia. I then slowly extracted my fingers from her shorts and then sniffed them before greedily sucking and licking them.

I have never done drugs but that juice has to be as addictive as crack. I moved my hand back in for round two and repeated this petting process several times., each time letting my middle finger push just a little harder. Her pussy lips were slowly becoming engorged and started to poke out. I used my pointer and ring finger to push them against my middle finger in a gentle massaging motion. This greatly sped up the process of her producing juice and made her lips extra fluffy. This entire time I was focusing on the feelings on my fingers I was also paying close attention to her face for signs that she might be waking.

Her breathing intensified and her moans started to occur with more frequency and volume. I also noticed that at the very end of my finger strokes she would occasionally shift her hips and moan. I knew enough about anatomy to know that her vaginal opening was somewhere between those puffy lips, but I didn’t want to screw this moment up. Using her reactions to help me zero in on the right location I slowly began to exclusively stroke the lower part of her vagina. This caused the biggest reactions in her body heat, juices and hip movement.

I decided that it was now or never and let my fingers come to rest directly over the lower part of her vagina. Then, with a turtle’s pace, I slowly began to pulse my middle finger deeper and deeper between her lips. I was super glad that my actions had caused her to produce the delicious lubricating juices I began to worry that if her body stopped reacting then my movements would become jerky and she would wake up. But she kept right on moaning and breathing.

With my middle finger about a third of an in deep in her lips I started to feel a little bit of resistance. I figured that I had missed the mark until I felt the ring of muscle guarding her pussy pulse against my finger. The first pulses were almost imperceptible, but they slowly began to quicken their pace the more I prodded them. I felt around with my finger until I was sure that I had found the center of those pulsing muscles and then slowly applied a constant but light pressure with my finger.

Millimeter by millimeter my middle finger continued its descent into her pussy. The pressure from her muscles against my finger continued to build up and up until suddenly I felt her ring open slightly and allow the first centimeter of my middle finger inside. I sat there for a minute, using my other fingers to massage her lips and then I slowly continued my advance. Centimeter by centimeter my middle finger continued to push past her tight opening. First one knuckle and then two. When I couldn’t push any more of my finger inside of her I just sat there, feeling her ring of muscle continuously flex against my intruder, feeling her juices continue to flow onto my other fingers.

It occurred to me at this moment that I had not encountered her hymen yet. I had not learned that much about it but I was unable to feel anything blocking my finger like what the websites had described. Could she already be sexually active and have already lost her virginity? The image of her getting her pussy pounded caused the blood in my ears to pulse loudly. I slowly started to twist my finger left and right, letting her juices lube up my slimy digit.

When my palm was face up I slowly started to pull my finger out and it crooked unexpectedly. This cause my fingertip to drag across the top of her pussy and that elicited a guttural moan and intense squeezing of her vaginal walls. I froze unsure of what I had just done, but my addled brain viewed her response as positive to this unintentional motion so I pushed my finger back in and then repeated the slow finger bending motion. She responded exactly the same as she had the first time.

About every fourth time I did this she would clamp down extra tight on my finger and moan especially loud. I became acutely aware of her moaning and how loud it was and stopped my activities for a few minutes. Even without my motion her hips continued to shift and he muscles continued to periodically clamp down on my finger. I noticed that there was a lot more juice flowing from her now and started to worry about it pooling in her shorts and seeping into the couch. I shifted my position so that I could fit my other hand into her shorts and formed a cup with it right below where my finger was inserted.

This new hand must have brushed up against something sensitive because all of a sudden her hips bucked and she clamped down on my finger the tightest she had all night. Her right hand, which had been resting with her left over her head, slowly slid down her body until it reached her chest. I thought for sure she had awoken and was trying to figure out what was invading her pussy but her hand stopped at her breasts and slowly began to press down on and move her right breast in a circular motion.

She must have been having one hell of a dream to react in this manner and I had no intention of stopping either of our dreams from coming true. My cupped hand had collected a modest amount of her juice so I brought it out of her shorts and up to my nose. The aroma was so intoxicating and lovely that I quickly poured her juice in my mouth and licked my hand clean. The power that juice had over me was completed. I moved my cupped hand back into her shorts to catch more of the amazing liquid.

I resumed crooking my middle finger slowly and her body just kept building towards a crescendo. Her body heat was amazing, her muscles were constantly clenching and releasing on my finger; clench, release, clench, release, clench, release. Her left hand had even moved down to her mouth and she was starting to make small whining noises. I had seen enough pornos to know what would happen shortly and I was not disappointed. Her right hand was now tweaking her left nipple and her breathing was labored.

Her hips twisted with every motion of my finger and it was all I could do to continually extract my cupped hand to drink her juices. Her body settled on a high pace of contract and release and I just kept pace. This continued for about two minutes and then her body went into overdrive. Her clamping muscles were trying to squeeze the life out of my finger and her left leg, which had been leaning against the back of the couch had folded over onto my arm with the invading digit. That leg slowly bobbed left and right against my arm.

Then, without notice she inhaled sharply and, chewed on her finger, squeezed her breast, and clamped down on me like a vice with both her pussy and her leg. I just sat there, sweating profusely, praying to god that she would not wake up. I felt a new gushing of fluids from her and ceased my finger movements. As fast as I dared I brought my cupped hand to my mouth and quickly drank the sweet nectar. I didn’t even bother cleaning my hand before it was back under her shorts collecting the abundant juices.

After about another 15 seconds of this her body started to relax: her breathing began to slow rapidly and her hands became less excited. I was able to slowly use my cupped hand, in between rounds of drinking her juice, to push her left leg back against the back of the couch. Once the contractions of her muscles had slowed to about four times a minute I slowly began to extract my finger, being sure not to bend it at all. Even with my slow movements her body would clamp down every now and then, but the strength behind those actions lessened every time.

Once both of my hands were completely free of her shorts I went to on them, licking up every single spot of her juice. I stuffed one hand after the other in my mouth to make sure that I didn’t miss a single drop. Once I had completely cleaned my fingers I decided that I needed some relief myself. I slowly edged up the couch towards a space between her breasts and her face. I rolled her shirt back up and unclasped the bra, revealing those amazing nipple to the night air once again. I used my saliva, which still tasted a lot like her juices to lubricate my cock as I slowly began to jerk myself off.

I got the wicked idea of trying to put my cock against her mouth but she had settled with her head turned away from the front of the couch, making that impossible. Her right hand was still resting against her bosom, although it had stopped playing with the nipple. I briefly stopped trying to masturbate and used both hands to try and shift her arm back over her head by bending it at the elbow. It resisted this action a lot and when I went to lay her hand back down on the couch it just slid off. I was afraid that her hand sliding against the couch would wake her up but she didn’t even stir.

It was then that I noticed her hand was dangling precariously close to the head of my cock and a new wicked idea sprouted. I scooted forward towards the couch, still on my knees, and crouched down just a little bit so that my penis was just below her hand. I then raised myself ever so slowly so that the shaft of my cock lined up with the palm of her hand. As my shaft made contact with her palm I let out a shudder and it started twitching against her velvet palms. With a careful movement I moved my hand to hers, placing my fingers directly over hers, and slowly began to squeeze them so that they would close on my shaft.

I got her hand halfway closed around my cock when all of a sudden her hand closed in a jerking motion. Now I was locked in place with her hand gently squeezing my shaft. Her hand stayed clenched for about 10 second before it relaxed. Then, before I could move it reflexively closed again and stayed closed for another 10 seconds. Once, twice, three times it repeated this process. Her slightly chilly hand felt so amazing as it gripped and released my shaft. My cock was twitching every second now, the veins on its side bulging, and the head growing to its largest size yet.

Since the pleasure I was receiving didn’t require my hands I figured I would return the favor and slowly rolled up her shirt again and unclasped her bra. Her nipples were still rock hard and I figured I would go for broke so I licked all of my fingers, coating them with my saliva, and then proceeded to massage both of her breasts at the same time. I first started by massaging the hard nubs at the center or her light pink areolas. I ran my hands over her breasts, letting the nipple slide between my fingers, applying a slight pinching pressure. I then began to spread my whole hands over breasts and then drew the fingers in towards the center in a clawing motion.

I began to notice that her squeezes on my shaft had picked up and every time I massaged her nipples she would squeeze a little harder and a little longer. I zeroed in on getting the most out of her hand and tweaked her nipples until I found the action that would elicit the tightest and longest squeezes. It felt like this went on for hours but in a few short minutes I was ready to explode. As I began to feel my nerves exploding like fireworks I stood up, letting her hand drop off of my cock, and aimed my weapon directly at her exposed breasts.

I used my hand to finish the job and when my orgasm hit my seed exploded out my cock and directly into the valley between her breasts. I closed my eyes as the pleasure reached its point, not caring anymore where my seed landed. I sat there, applying some finishing strokes, with my eyes closed and started to slow my breathing down. This was the best pleasure I had ever felt. I slowly opened my eyes and stared down at Sarah’s breasts, now covered in a light layer of my sperm.

It was then that I noticed her hand that helped me achieve such powerful pleasure had returned to her breast and was now rubbing the puddles of cum I had deposited. Her hand moved like it was applying sun tan lotion as it would find a puddle and then slowly spread it all over her chest until there was no more. There were some dollops that her hand missed and I wanted to make sure there was no evidence of what had just occurred, so I used my right hand to gently massage the puddles she had missed.

Her hand was still actively trying to rub her chest so every now and then it would contact mine and it would try to grab onto me. Every time I would just move my hand away from hers and find a different area to rub. When there was only one puddle left I decided to let Sarah taste me as I had tasted her. I scooped up the last dollop of cum using two of my fingers and then slowly brought it to her lips. Her head was still turned slightly towards the back of the couch but that didn’t prove to be a problem.

I held my cum covered fingers next to her mouth and nose and let her breath on the smell before gingerly rubbing her lips. I slowly applied the cum to her lips like lip balm and she responded by darting out her tongue to poke at my fingers. I began to slightly push my fingers past her lips and felt them purse around my tips. She began to softly suck on them and lick them.

My erection quickly came back but I didn’t have it in me to release its pressure again tonight. Instead, I slowly leaned over her face and licked her lips, feeling her tongue darting out to bat playfully against mine. I then proceeded to close the clasp on her bra, rolled down her shirt, and then stepped back to make sure nothing was amiss. In the back bedroom, where the babysitter was sleeping I suddenly heard a loud thump and with the agility of a ninja launched myself back onto my couch on top of my blanket and turned my head away so it would not be easily discovered that I was awake.

I saw a small beam of light coming from under the babysitter’s door and heard the light patter of footsteps; she must be just going to the bathroom I thought, if she had heard anything earlier she would have waited so long to respond. In my haste to get back to my couch though I had forgotten to take care of one super important detail. When I had landed on the couch my resurgent hard on had skillfully poked straight through the slit of my boxers and I was standing at full attention. As I started to move my hand towards my boxers to hide my erection I heard a door open and just dropped my hand where it lay. I also turned my head away from the front of the couch so that I could peek through my eyelids.


All those beers at dinner must have gone straight to her bladder, thought Janet as she stepped out of her bedroom and into the hallway, headed for the bathroom. She only had on a skimpy lace bra and panties but it was 3AM and her charges had gone to sleep a long time ago so she wasn’t too worried about them seeing her. She quickly glanced over at the two couches to make sure they were still sleeping and then ducked into the bathroom.

She came to a jerking halt in the doorway as what she had just seen registered in her brain. She slowly leaned back out of the bathroom and looked into the living room once more. On the far couch, where Scott was sleeping, he was on top of the blanket and he had a huge erection springing from his boxers. Her jaw dropped as she stared at it. It was a monster! Scott must have really hit the genetic lottery to develop such a great "asset."

As she stared at it lustfully, she snapped out of her trance and dove into the bathroom. She flicked the light on and quickly doused her face in cooling water, trying to get those last images out of her head. She shook her head and then dried it with a towel. As she looked at herself in the full body mirror on the bathroom door, running her hands along her curvaceous body, she was reminded of an event from earlier that day when she had taken Scott and Sarah to the pool.

They had spent at least three hours at the pool, swimming with each other and working on tans. Scott had come over and was laying down on the chair next to her, taking a break from swimming. She had been in the process of applying a new layer of sun block to her body and was trying to do her back. She held out the bottle to Scott and asked if he would mind taking care of her back. With an enthusiastic leap Scott agreed and was kneeling behind her pouring lotion onto his hands.

He slowly lifted his hands up to her should and began to rub in the lotion but she told him to wait and then removed the shoulder strings of her bikini, holding it firmly in place on her chest with one hand. She told him to go ahead and he began to eagerly, but slowly, massage the sun block into her skin. He massaged both of her shoulders thoroughly and then began to work his hands down her back.

When he was about halfway down he had removed his hands to get more lotion. He massaged the middle of her back and slowly moved lower until he was right above the waistline of her bikini. His massaging slowed a great deal and he kept moving lower and lower until his fingers had started to gently push past the waistline and into her bikini bottom. She had perked up upon realizing this and quickly told him to get back to applying the lotion to her shoulders.

Scott was kneeling behind her as he applied the lotion so he had to scoot up from where he had been while massaging her lower back. As he came to a stop against her back and began to massage her shoulders again she felt something gingerly rubbing her in the middle of her back. She pondered what could be doing that and the suddenly blushed and gasped when she realized that Scott had an erection and was accidentally rubbing her back with it through his bathing suit. She had scooted forward quickly and told him he had done a great job and moved her bikini straps back over her shoulders.

They had left shortly after, but Janet had been unable to get that situation out of her mind. Had he gotten that erection because of her? Had she done something to cause him to get aroused? She was always acutely aware of her actions around boys her own age, but she had not paid any attention to her actions around Scott and Sarah. They weren't little kids after all; they were now full grown young adults. She had chuckled to herself as they left the pool and had not thought about it since then until right now.

She knew that she had a desirable body as she felt herself up, taking in her beautiful body in the mirror. She splashed her face with cold water once again, dried off, and headed back to her bedroom, not even risking a glance at where Scott was sleeping. She closed the door to her bedroom behind her and turned off the light. As she lay there on her bed, trying to get back to sleep above the covers she couldn’t seem to turn off her little libido motor. Try as she might she kept reliving the pool instance from earlier over and over.

When she had had enough she decided to take of this problem herself and reached over to turn on her sleep machine. It whirred to life creating a voluminous white noise that would drown out any noises she made so anybody outside her room would have no idea what was happening. Then she opened her bedside drawer and retrieved her most treasured priced, her vibrator. She had been using it more and more lately because she had become super picky in who she was dating. As she twisted the based it came to life in her hands and she quickly removed her bra and panties.

She took the vibrator in her hands and slowly worked it over her nipples, quickly bringing each one to a stiff erection. She even brought the vibrator up to her mouth and sucked on it before pulling it down through her cleavage, past her belly button, and slowly teasing her pussy lips with it. The vibrations worked their magic on her love tunnel and she settled into a rhythm of insertion and withdrawal as she used her free hand to play with her breasts.

To be continued...

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