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Kelly gets more than she bargained for when she tries to seduce her ex girlfriend's sister! Revenge is sweet, but pussy is sweeter
Kelly’s Awakening – Part 3

I’d recommend reading the first two instalments of this series to fully understand the story, but, if you just want to read this one, or if you’re a returning reader to the series, here is a very quick recap of what happened in the last chapter. Enjoy! P.T

Jennifer has ended the relationship between herself and Kelly. Jennifer had seen Kelly and Ariel (Kelly’s best friend) with her two sisters (Amy and Bianca) and assumed there must be something going on, in a rage, Jennifer went to Kelly’s brother’s house and, according to her, within minutes of arriving there she was swallowing his cum!

A distraught Kelly soon became enraged and formulated a plan to get back at Jennifer. She and Ariel had been invited to Bianca’s birthday party when they’d bumped in to each other in town, where Jennifer had spotted them originally, and Kelly decided that the best vengeance would be to try and seduce Bianca!

Amy was beautiful as well but she was only Jennifer's half-sister, they had the same mother but different fathers, so being with Bianca would make it a little more…personal. Ever since Kelly had described her sisters as ‘cute’ Jennifer had made sure they didn’t have a chance to like each other (this confirmed that at least one of them might be a lesbian, Kelly hoped it would be Bianca)

So, after dressing herself up for the big night, Kelly eagerly awaited Amy and Bianca’s arrival, they would be picking her up then going to a nightclub.]
Part 3

Kelly waited by the window downstairs, periodically glancing into the street to see if the two sisters were on their way. She felt nervous about seeing them both but she was also quite aware of how revealing her little dress was, but she wasn’t going to seduce anyone by wearing baggy jeans and a hoodie! Despite her nerves about what she was wearing, she did feel sexy and alluring which inspired her self-confidence to rise against her jitters. At last a pair of headlights drew close and the horn sounded; through the window she could see both Amy and Bianca in the back of the car. She waved to let them know she was on her way and grabbed her coat; she decided to carry a wallet in her coat pocket so she didn’t need to take a bag.

“I’ll see you later, have a good time,” said Ariel half-heartedly.

“Thanks babe,” said Kelly, oblivious to the slightly ‘off’ tone that Ariel used. “I’ll see you later, don’t wait up.” She pulled the door open and stepped into the chilly night, pulling her coat on and fastening the front as she walked toward the waiting taxi. It would’ve made more sense for one of the girls to get in the front, but Kelly saw that Bianca would be sandwiched between Amy’s and her own body which seemed much more appealing!

“Hi you two,” said Kelly as she opened the car’s rear door. As she climbed in the two girls shuffled up to allow her more space, she noticed that they both wore similar coats to her own which hid their clothing, she’d have to wait until they arrived at the club to see what was hiding their young and slim bodies beneath their coats although she did notice that both girls had bare legs which seemed like a good start!

“Heya Kelly,” they said in unison.

“Happy Birthday honey,” said Kelly, leaning towards Bianca for a quick kiss. Bianca may have expected a peck on the cheek but Kelly decided to take a risk straight away, she put a hand on Bianca’s bare knee and very quickly kissed her on the lips. She didn’t try to use her tongue; she just pressed her lips against Bianca’s for a moment and leaned away.

“And where’s mine?” Amy asked with a playful smile.

“I’m sorry,” said Kelly giggling, her hand was still on Bianca’s knee but, as she leant towards Amy, she slid her hand a little further up her leg. Bianca didn’t flinch at all, which, Kelly thought, was a good sign. Amy leant forward to meet her and they quickly pressed their lips together directly in front of Bianca, as the taxi pulled away she moved her hand away, she didn’t want to try too much too soon unless she came on too strong and scared her away.

The three girls talked and giggled during the journey and Kelly explained why Ariel wasn’t joining them According to the sisters they would be met inside the club by a couple of former school friends who they kept in touch with, both of whom were women which pleased Kelly. No men was just what she wanted to hear, the last thing she needed was to be fighting off the advances of some guy she’d never met before, so far, everything was going well.

They arrived at the club about 10 minutes later; there was very little traffic on the roads which made them all wonder if the club would be emptier than they anticipated. After Amy paid the driver all three of them got out of the car, Amy’s door was closest to the curb so they all got out the same way and, as Bianca climbed out, Kelly watched as her coat rode up slightly, showing off a little more of the birthday girl’s sexy thighs. Once they were all out they made their way to the door, still chatting and giggling, there wasn’t a queue outside the door which confirmed their suspicion that the club wouldn’t be packed, the doorman smiled at the three women and waved them in, taking a good look at all three of them as they walked past him.

Despite the lack of a queue outside there were still a lot of people in there, the music had a beat to it that shook them right to the bone and, evidently, it had the same effect on most of the patrons as they danced with their hands in the air and moved to the beat. Bianca saw the two girls they were meant to be meeting sat at a large table, they stood up when they saw the sisters and immediately embraced them, exchanging greetings, smiles and pecks on the cheeks. Kelly was introduced as a good friend of both sisters, which made her feel more at ease.

The two girls weren’t as good looking as Kelly had expected, in fact, they were downright ugly! One seemed a little overweight and the other, while much slimmer than her friend, had a really goofy looking face, she had a large overbite and greasy skin. A real pair of lookers, Kelly thought sarcastically as she shook their hands rather than embracing them, she doubted her arms would get all the way around the large girl anyway, besides, she’d struggle to get close enough to actually embrace her given the protrusion of the massive tits that stuck out before her, only a top engineer with a degree in booby science would be able to fashion a bra strong enough to hold those mammas in place. Kelly was being cruel and she knew it, in truth she just didn’t want to be fighting for the newly 19 year old blonde’s attention and instantly resented anyone who might get in the way of that!

It was hot in the club and both of the sisters removed their coats, giving Kelly her first real look at her prey. Amy was wearing a little black skirt that hugged her tightly showing off the curves of her rear, it came to her upper thigh showing off her gorgeous slim legs. She had a simple black crop top on that tightly hugged her breasts, the kind that makes them seem larger than they are and pushes them up to show off her cleavage, the hemline came to a couple of inches below her breasts which left her flat stomach bare. She had been wearing her hair up in a ponytail but now she took out the bobble and shook her dark red hair out, it fell around her face and shoulders suddenly transforming her from a normal beautiful woman to a rebellious rock chick.

Next it was Bianca’s turn, she was wearing sweet floral patterned dress which had a very revealing neckline; she only had small breasts but what she did have was very much on display. It was shaped more like a night shirt or lingerie than a ‘going-out’ dress, the neckline was ‘U’ shaped, and the bottom of the ‘U’ sat below the centre of her breasts and curved up to where it met the thin straps that held the little dress up on her shoulders. Kelly could see the definition of each small mound of flesh and guessed that not much more than her nipples were actually covered by the ever thinning material. At the bottom, the hemline sat around her upper thighs with a small slit cut out of it over her left leg so, when she sat down and crossed her left leg over her right, the slit widened preventing the thin material from tearing. Even while she was standing the slit hung open against her thigh, showing even more of her soft skin.

However, the prize for the shortest hem line went to Kelly herself! When she discarded her coat both Amy and Bianca looked her up and down for a while, the silver dress showing the maximum amount of leg possible while still hiding her important parts. So, Bianca almost had her tits out, Amy’s body from below her breasts to her hips was bare to the world and Kelly’s own rear, as well as her pussy, was covered by mere centimetres! The moment all three women dropped their coats they became the focus of many people’s attention!

They all complimented each other on their outfits as they made their way to a table near the back wall and sat down, Bianca sat on a large seat that ran the length of the room against the wall and Kelly squeezed in beside her so that their bare thighs touched each other beneath the table. Kelly made sure they continued touching because she wanted to see if Bianca would pull away or if she’d allow the contact to continue. When they had their drinks and were all laughing with each other, Kelly, just occasionally, would touch Bianca’s arm or casually lay her hand on her knee or thigh.

Each time she went a little bit further than before, so rather than just quickly touching Bianca’s leg, she let her hand linger, enjoying the feel of the girl’s soft skin, then she lightly stroked her thigh while they talked. No matter what she did, Bianca seemed perfectly happy to let her, however, what Kelly had been hoping for was some reciprocation, she wanted Bianca to touch her. As time went on it became less likely to happen and, it seemed, Bianca was simply dismissing her touch as friendly interaction. After an hour and a half, and several drinks, Kelly decided to give it one more go.

“Shall we have a dance?” Kelly asked.

“I’m awful at dancing,” said Bianca with a giggle, the alcohol was swimming through her small body and, no doubt, in her head as well.

“So am I,” Kelly assured her, “but we don’t have to.”

“Go on then, let’s go and make ourselves look stupid,” said Bianca with a smile. They got to their feet and made their way to the dance floor, Amy was talking to the other girls but she smiled at Bianca as she led Kelly by her hand into the crowd. At first then danced quickly with their hands in the air, laughing as they tried to keep to the beat. Suddenly the lights went down and a soft rhythm took the place of the hard-core beating. Kelly parted her arms, inviting her to dance. Bianca, still smiling, stepped into her arms and they softly embraced. They moved their feet slowly and seemed to glide across the floor; Bianca rested her head on Kelly’s breast as they danced. Their legs touched as they moved, rubbing their soft thighs together, Kelly let her hand fall to Bianca’s lower back, gently cradling the smaller woman.

Bianca slowly lifted her head from Kelly’s breast and looked up into her eyes. For a second that felt like an hour their gaze met, Kelly knew it would be now or never, she slowly brought her head in close to Bianca’s, her lips quivered in excitement as they got ever closer, Bianca tipped her head back, offering her lips to the oncoming woman, their lips were so close, Kelly closed in, and felt Bianca’s lips lightly touch hers. That was when the lights rose again and the beat suddenly thudded back into life, both women were startled and withdrew from each other. Realising what had just almost happened they couldn’t help smiling at each other, and then they were laughing. Then Amy interrupted them, the other girls were leaving and wanted to say goodbye to the birthday girl.

Back at the table they said their goodbyes to the two women and soon they were left alone. Kelly felt highly aroused after what had almost happened; she wanted to try again, to taste the younger woman’s lips. Once again her hand was resting on Bianca’s leg, she didn’t move it away like before, it was obvious by now that Bianca was aware of her intention and, crucially, she hadn’t recoiled from her.

“Shall we get off home too?” Bianca asked, much to Kelly’s disappointment.

“Yeah, do you want to come back home with us Kelly?” Amy asked. “We can have another drink or whatever and you’re welcome to the sofa.”

“Sure,” said Kelly “sounds like fun.” She’d tried not to sound too eager although inside she felt elated to have been invited!

“Cool,” said Bianca, “I’m going to call the taxi.”

As she stood up she put her hand on Kelly’s inner thigh and squeezed the soft flesh, causing Kelly to silently gasp in shock as well as excitement. She watched the birthday girl as she walked away, her long blonde hair danced across her back and the hem line of her short dress raised and lowered as she walked, almost showing the sweet curves of her buttocks but always dropping back into place before too much flesh showed.

While Bianca used the small phone booth near the entrance of the club, Kelly sat with Amy and suddenly felt a little selfish; after all she’d hardly spoken to the stunning red haired temptress all night. She hadn’t ignored her on purpose of course, she had been so focused on Bianca that most other things became simple background noise. She couldn’t even remember the names of the other two girls who they’d met earlier in the evening!

“Are you ok honey?” Amy asked in an affectionate way, “you seem to be a little quiet now, I didn’t mean to put you ‘on the spot’ when I asked you to come home with us, we won’t be upset if you’d rather go home!”

“No, of course not, I’d love to spend the evening with you,” said Kelly earnestly, it had been so long since she had such caring friends, aside from Ariel of course, and Amy’s concern was quite touching. “It’ll be nice to have a change of scenery; I never actually spent a night away from my house when I was seeing your sister.”

“Half-sister,” Amy corrected her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” Kelly apologised.

“It’s alright, every time Jennifer mentioned me she always reminded people that I was the odd one out, so now when people associate me with her, I make sure they know that now it’s her turn to be the odd one out,” said Amy, smiling triumphantly, like a victim who, after years of abuse, finally gets the beating of the school bully.

“Good for you,” said Kelly, she had experienced life as a ‘black sheep’ in her family and knew it to be an awful way to grow up, feeling lonely although surrounded by people who should accept you as you are.

“I would’ve gone mad if it wasn’t for Bianca,” she said with a wide smile. “I love her so much, she’s always been there for me, even though I’m her older sister and she’s the baby of the family. She never introduced me as her half-sister, when anyone asked she always told them that we are proper family”

“She seems like a very special person,” said Kelly, eyeing the girl over Amy’s shoulder.

Bianca came back to tell them the taxi would be there in a few minutes so all three of them put their coats on, much to the disappointment of several onlookers who had enjoyed ogling the beautiful trio. It was totally dark and quite cold outside now, a chilly breeze assaulted them, lifting their coats and skirts at times, a group of about five young men were enjoying the show. Mercifully the taxi arrived, as promised, within a few minutes and the three of them wasted no time piling into the back of the car, this time it was Kelly who sat in between the two sisters.

As they sat and chatted to each other Kelly, once again, intended to explore the younger of the sisters, she was slightly less concerned about rejection after she and Bianca had come so painfully close to finally kissing in the club, in a way Kelly felt as though she’d already been accepted. However, she wasn’t convinced that they would experience any more intimacy tonight because, with Amy there, it would be almost impossible for them to have time to themselves. Besides, she owed Amy some attention too after focusing on Bianca all night. With that in mind she decided to keep her hands to herself, for now at least.

While they talked and giggled Kelly suddenly became aware of a hand on her own thigh, it casually stroked her just as she had done earlier tonight, what shocked her more than anything was that the hand belonged to Amy and not Bianca! After putting all her effort into seducing one sister, and almost succeeding, Kelly found herself panicking, she couldn’t brush Amy away but, if she had feelings for her, there was no way she could continue trying to get with Bianca. What she’d wanted to do originally was to get back at Jennifer, to do the exact thing that Jennifer guarded against, but she didn’t want to come between the two loving sisters, after all, they had shown her nothing but kindness.

It wasn’t long until they arrived at the girls’ house, and pretty soon they were out of the taxi and hurrying to the front door, eager to get out of the cold night and into the warm house. Amy told Kelly that they had left the central heating system running on a low setting so it should be nice and warm indoors, as they entered the house the wave of heat hit them, making them suddenly feel very hot! In short order they took off their coats and shoes, then Amy turned the kettle on to make some coffee, soon after all three of them were warmed up and sat in the living room, Kelly sat on one end of the little sofa with Bianca beside her, Amy was slumped in a comfy looking chair directly opposite them. Now that it was just the three of them, they didn’t worry as much about their clothes as Amy demonstrated when she rested her feet on the chair, bending her knees so they were close to her chest giving both her little sister and Kelly an unobstructed view of her pretty black panties. Bianca also had her feet up on the sofa, her elbow rested on the arm of the sofa which helped her hand support her head, her knees were drawn underneath her and her arse pointed towards Kelly.

As they were sat Kelly could easily see up Bianca’s dress and on a few occasions found herself either staring at the thin material that covered the girl’s pussy and her firm rear that was fully on show, or staring at the other sisters exposed legs, thighs and underwear, all the while Kelly got more and more excited, enjoying having the choice of both sisters to stare at. She was certain that either of them could see up her own dress, her knees had drifted apart and her dress had ridden up when she sat down anyway. What a sight they must be! Kelly thought to herself, she was certain that her pussy was moistening, after the sisters left her to the sofa for the night she intended to give herself a little treat before bedtime!

“So, Kelly,” said Bianca with a slight nervousness in her tone. “We…well; we have a small confession to make.” She sounded worried and when Kelly turned to face her she avoided her gaze, looking towards Amy instead.

“It’s nothing bad,” Amy said quickly. She considered her words carefully before proceeding; she put her feet back on the floor and leant towards Kelly. “We like you, and now Jennifer is out of the picture it means we’re free to be…friendly.”

“Ok,” said Kelly, trying her best to understand exactly what the sisters were getting at.

“Which is great,” said Bianca, “I mean being friendly is…good.” She, like her sister, had put her feet back on the floor and leant in towards Kelly, making no effort to cover herself up. “The thing is…there was a reason Jennifer was worried about the three of us being friendly, because…”

“Look,” Amy said firmly. “I’m just going to tell her, or we’ll be here for hours dancing around it, Kelly. Bianca and I aren’t just sisters, we are…”

“In love,” Bianca finished for her.

“You mean you’re in love with…with each other?” Kelly asked, stunned.

“Yes,” Amy confirmed. “Please keep our secret; please don’t tell anyone, we don’t need that kind of attention from people.”

“Does Jennifer know about it?” Kelly asked them, still fully expecting them to start laughing and saying it was all a joke.

“Yeah, she found out, why?” Bianca asked.

“Something she said over the phone when she…dumped me, she said that if you didn’t stay away from me she’d do something to spoil your fancy new life,” said Kelly, surprised and a little annoyed at the pang of pain that ran through her when she recalled the phone call that ended her first real relationship.

“She said it to us as well, take no notice of her, she can’t prove anything, all that matters is; we love each other, it’s not just illicit sex or a fling or something. We’re serious, do you understand Kelly?” asked Amy, she spoke of her love so emotionally that Kelly could have cried for her, for both of them.

“I understand,” said Kelly. “I guess the heart wants what it wants.” She spoke in a ‘matter of fact’ way. “I don’t think it’s sick or anything.”

“Thank you so much,” said Bianca. She moved towards Kelly and sat right beside her, and then she leant forward and hugged Kelly. They held each other for a moment; Kelly breathed in the scent of the younger woman and had to restrain herself from kissing her bare neck.

“Is this what you meant earlier? You said you had a confession to make,” asked Kelly.

“Well, that was part of it,” said Bianca, letting go of her. She laid her left hand on Kelly’s knee and stroked her soft skin. “When Amy said we like you, we meant…”

“We really like you,” Amy finished. To illustrate her point she got out of her chair and sat on the arm of the sofa. Kelly was in-between both sisters, Bianca was sat close to her on her right side, still gently stroking her leg. Amy was on her left on the raised arm of the sofa; Kelly’s head was about level with her breasts. From her raised position, Amy began stroking Kelly’s long blonde hair, enjoying the feeling of the beautiful woman.

At last, like a light being switched on, Kelly understood. All night she’d been trying to seduce Bianca but, at the same time, both Amy and Bianca were attempting to pique her interest, to tempt her to come back to their house where they would reveal their secrets. Now it was they who wanted to seduce her, to share the woman who had been so cruelly treated by their sister, to comfort her as they comforted each other.

Kelly looked up at Amy, the rock chick red hair and blood red lipstick, her face was so beautiful, her lips were pouted and, in this bizarre moment, Kelly desperately wanted those luscious lips pressed against her own. Amy saw the desperation in Kelly’s eyes, the blonde was silent but her stare screamed to her without moving a muscle, Kelly was able to convey her need, her lust, with a simple look. Amy slowly lowered her head, the fierce apprehension bolted through her but she resisted the urge to ‘dive in.’
Amy enjoyed the look of anticipation on Kelly’s face, her lips parted and her tongue rose ever so slightly towards Amy’s oncoming mouth. For a few agonising seconds, Amy made her wait, she was just out of reach, but then, after what seemed like hours, Amy covered Kelly’s open mouth with her own. Their kiss was soft, sensual and erotic all at the same time. Kelly closed her eyes as their tongues danced with each other, neither of the women wanting to come up for air. However, the person who enjoyed this moment even more was Bianca; she watched her sister’s tongue probe Kelly’s mouth and watched their lips kiss as they savoured each other’s taste. It would be her turn soon but, for now, watching was just fine by her.

For the last 9 months, while Kelly was seeing Jennifer, she had felt used. She’d felt no more important than an inflatable sex doll, her needs often went unfulfilled and sometimes they were flat out ignored. She had longed to make love, she had never experienced real love making, the erotic and sensual pleasure that two women can give each other. Here and now, Amy was kissing her in a way she had dreamt about, no hard pressure, no violent thrusts or raw fucking! This was gentle, slow, soft, intense, beautiful and sensuous in the most erotic way. On top of all that, there was a beautiful 19 year old girl watching them, it sent a voyeuristic thrill through Kelly, soon she would need to sample the sweet lips of the younger sister.

Amy broke the kiss and moved away, she had been stroking Kelly’s hair but now she gently pushed her head to one side. Kelly realized that Amy was guiding her towards her little sister. Kelly looked dreamily at the sweet and smiling expression on the birthday girl’s face, Bianca swung her right leg over Kelly’s left leg, placing her knee on the sofa in-between Kelly’s bare thighs. After positioning her small body in such a way that she straddled Kelly’s left leg, she leant forward and parted her lips, unlike Amy, Bianca didn’t tease or make her wait, because she simply wasn’t patient enough. She pressed her pale pink lips against Kelly’s mouth, relishing the taste of the sexy woman. Kelly noticed the similarity in Bianca’s taste; it wasn’t exactly the same as kissing Amy, but not far off.

Kelly started to relax and enjoy herself, she went from sister to sister, deeply kissing Amy and then switching to Bianca, and back again. Kelly had moved to the centre of the little sofa so there was room for each sister to sit either side of her, she had one hand on Amy’s thigh and one hand on Bianca’s and they, in turn, their hands explored her exposed flesh. Then the sisters looked at each other and smiled, they leant in towards each other and, directly in front Kelly, they kissed each other. This was no peck on the cheek, they kissed deeply, stroked each other’s hair and closed their eyes, it was one of the most erotic scenes she had ever seen; the gorgeous blonde with hair down to her lower back, and the beautiful red haired girl with plump red lips and long pale legs, both kissing passionately, knowing they were sisters made it feel even sexier to Kelly, maybe because it’s taboo…or just flat out illegal!

Kelly found herself wondering how long they had been doing this, what a beautiful discovery it must be to realize someone so very close to you already was in fact your soul mate as well as a sister. As she watched the girls kissing she couldn’t help feeling a little envious.

“Is this ok with you?” Amy asked cautiously, pulling away from her younger sister’s lips, “not too weird?”

“No, it isn’t weird, I was just thinking how nice it must be,” said Kelly, trying not to be patronising. “I actually feel a bit jealous of you both.”

“That’s sweet of you,” said Amy. “I’m glad it’s not putting you off. We’ve been looking forward to sharing you,” she giggled.

“Oh…I mean, really?” Kelly asked, surprised that she could be the object of two people’s desire.

“Absolutely,” Bianca confirmed with a naughty smile, like a schoolgirl admitting she has a crush on someone. “Especially when we saw what you were wearing tonight, very tasty,” she continued.

“Jennifer bought it for me,” admitted Kelly, “the underwear as well!”

“Oh right,” said Bianca, quickly regretting her compliments of the dress.

“She wanted to fuck me with a dildo on the bus,” Kelly recalled.

“God,” said Amy. “Did you do it?”

“No, of course not,” she replied. “I stood up for myself for once.”

“Good for you,” said Bianca. She and Amy knew how hard it was to say no to her domineering sister, she’d just keep pushing until you gave in.

“After tonight I’ll throw it away or tear it up, maybe cut in to little bits with scissors,” said Kelly, giggling all the time.

“Can we help?” Bianca asked, grinning in that naughty way again.

“Sure,” said Kelly.

“Hmmm, go and get the kitchen scissors Bianca,” said Amy, smiling in the same way as her sister.

“Oh, I didn’t mean now, I’ll have nothing to wear when I go home!” Kelly said, panicking.

“It’s ok, I’ll lend you something,” said Amy as Bianca skipped into the kitchen. A moment later she returned with a large pair of scissors and sat back down where she had been before, sandwiching Kelly between the two sisters.

“Where shall we start?” Bianca asked playfully.

“A little snip to start off and we’ll tear it off her,” said Amy.

“I thought I was going to take it off first!” Kelly said, surprised.

“More fun this way,” said Amy. “Cut here,” she said, pointing in between Kelly’s breasts. Grinning widely, Bianca angled the scissors downward and snipped a little slit into the top.

“Do I get to tear your clothes off?” Kelly asked.

“You won’t need to babe,” replied Amy. After another snip, Bianca withdrew the scissors and pulled at the tear, it was tough material and would need both sisters’ strength.

“Stand up, Kelly,” said Bianca, pulling at her arm. Amy stood as well and took hold of a flap of torn dress. “You ready?” Bianca asked her sister.

“Yeah,” said Amy as she tightened her grip on the dress. “Ok, on three. One, two…THREE!”

Both sisters pulled as hard as they could, tearing the little dress open as far down as Kelly’s navel. Kelly gasped as, quite suddenly, her upper body was revealed to these two girls. They hadn’t finished yet, each of them took hold of the dress further down and, at the count of three again, they tore the pretty dress totally of their beautiful blonde guest. Even as the dress lay ruined at Kelly's feet, the sisters still had more to do. Amy retrieved the large scissors and stoop up in front of Kelly.

“You said our bitch of a sister bought your underwear too?” Amy asked.

“Y…yeah, she did,” Kelly stammered, still a little shocked at her state of undress.

“Shhh…it’s ok, we’re having fun. Remember?” Amy said softly, stroking the older girl’s hair gently. Kelly nodded and Amy smiled at her, a big, wide and beautifully seductive smile that made Kelly's heart skip a beat. “Let us take good care of you tonight; you don’t have to worry about anything, right Bianca?”

“Yeah, of course,” Bianca agreed. She was squatted down at Kelly's side with her small hands holding on to her thigh. She lightly kissed her knee at first; and then she moved around behind Kelly and kissed the hollow recess behind her knee. Bianca wanted to enjoy Kelly's entire body, she planted soft kisses up the back of her thigh, then her cute buttocks, and finally she got to the base of Kelly's spine. Kelly shivered as Bianca dragged her tongue right up her spine as far as the shorter girl could reach.

“Are you ready for more?” Amy asked, sliding the cold scissors down Kelly's throat towards her bra.

“I think she is,” said Bianca, walking around to stand in front of Kelly again, eager to see more of the stunning woman’s body. Despite Amy and Bianca's soft encouragement, Kelly still felt apprehensive about being naked in front of these two girls, however the excitement was too tempting and she gently nodded in agreement. Amy smiled again and positioned the scissors directly between her cute breasts, trapping the middle of her bra between the two sharp blades. Then, after a little snip, Kelly's breasts were out in the open.

“Wow,” said Bianca. “They’re beautiful.” She cleared away the remnants of the broken bra so she and Amy had an unobstructed view of the two sweet mounds. Wasting no time, Bianca cupped Kelly's right breast. She caressed the soft skin and ran her thumb ever so gently across the raised nipple, making Kelly shudder and tingle with pleasure. Amy took a hold of her left breast, caressing it in a similar way to Bianca. When both sisters were massaging her breasts, Kelly sighed and the tingling grew more intense, however, when the sisters simultaneously brushed her erect nipples she couldn’t help gasping and sighing loudly. Her pussy tingled in a similar way to her breasts; it was demanding attention and took every last piece of self-control she had to keep her hands by her side rather than rubbing the sweet flesh inside her panties.

Bianca and Amy smiled at each other when they heard, and felt, Kelly's reaction to their touch. It had been Amy's idea to coerce Kelly into this, Bianca wasn’t sure at first but the more she’d thought about it, the more it piqued her interest. She had then suggested attempting to lure Kelly's friend, Ariel, into their plans but she hadn’t arrived at the party. The night before the party they had talked about having both of them, Kelly and Ariel, at the same time, each sister having one of the friends for a while and swapping over. They reworked the plan earlier tonight while they were at the club and decided to simply share Kelly rather than take turns. Amy said it would be fun to explore the beautiful blonde’s body together and, so far, all was going to plan.

“You like this, baby?” Amy asked Kelly.

“Mmmmm…” was all she could manage vocally so she just nodded her head in reply.

“Good, good girl…” Amy's voice was soft and full of lust but something caught Kelly's attention. Jennifer had always called her ‘baby’ when they had sex and, for just a moment, Kelly thought of the woman who had ripped out her heart. Despite her feelings of revulsion at the temptress, a smile crept along her lips; after all she now had Jennifer's two sisters pleasuring her. At this point, Kelly thought to herself, revenge was a dish best served hot and wet!

“Are you ready for the last part?” Bianca asked, holding the scissors again.

“Let’s do it,” Amy answered.

Kelly didn’t say anything, she was shaking again. Embarrassment was part of it, she was fairly sure it would be wet down there, but mainly because only Jennifer had seen her down there and now she was going to be totally naked in front of these two women! Amy moved behind Kelly and rested her chin on her shoulder, briefly kissing her neck before sliding her hands around her slim waist. Hugging her from behind, her chest pushing into Kelly's back, Amy dragged her hands along the soft skin of Kelly's abdomen before bringing them up to her bare breasts, caressing them both so gently that it made the blonde’s head fall back onto Amy's shoulder.

Kelly was so focused on Amy's expert stimulation that she didn’t even notice the cold metal on her thigh, and it wasn’t until Bianca cut through the thin waistband of her panties which was followed by the feeling of the ruined silky material sliding down her legs and gathering around her feet, that she realized she was naked. Her clothes were ruined and she had no way of covering herself up but Kelly was so turned on that she didn’t care about anything other than the amazing sensations the two sisters gave her.

“So,” Kelly said breathlessly, “when do I get to see you naked?”

“Well, we bought our own clothes so there’s no need to ruin them too,” said Amy, still with her hands on Kelly's breasts. Bianca stood in front of them and smiled, clearly excited by what she saw; her beautiful sister fondling the naked blonde’s breasts was an extremely erotic scene. Unable to stay away from the action, Bianca walked towards the two women; before she was in touching distance of the naked girl she suddenly stopped herself and stepped back.

“What is it?” Kelly asked.

“You wanna see me naked?” Bianca asked.

“Yeah, of course she does,” said Amy, squeezing Kelly's breasts lightly, causing her to moan aloud.

Bianca giggled at Kelly's obvious arousal and took another step back; she crouched down first and put her hands up her dress and pulled her panties down before standing up and tossing them aside, still giggling, the drinking had obviously taken its toll on the birthday girl as well. Bianca slowly pulled the left strap of her dress down over her shoulder and slid her arm out of it, holding the dress in place with her left hand before repeating the process with her right arm.

Kelly silently begged her to drop the dress but Bianca made her wait, enjoying the look of pure lust on Kelly's face, Amy also watched her little sister’s performance with growing desire, even though she’d seen her naked many times before. Finally, Bianca released her grip and the little dress tumbled to the floor and gathered around her feet, she stepped back and kicked it away, then stood before Kelly and Amy with her hands on her hips.

“See anything you like?” Bianca asked.

“Ohhh yeah…” Kelly’s response was partly due to the sight of the young woman’s naked body and also due to Amy's firmer grip on her breasts.

Kelly looked at the naked body of the 19 year old beauty, her eyes moving up and down, following the sweet curves of her delicate form. Everything about her body was equally small and sexy, like her small breasts that sat proudly on her petite frame and the sweeping curve of her legs and hips, her body looked like it had been built for pleasure. Inevitably, Kelly's eyes were drawn to the area between Bianca’s sexy legs, and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of her cute hairless lips.

Bianca was enjoying the attention she was getting as she stood with her hands on her hips, naked as the day she was born. She gave the impression of being very sure of herself but really her heart was pounding and she felt incredibly nervous about what was to come. Her nerves were being outweighed by pure arousal now though and after she’d allowed Kelly some time to look at her naked body she walked up to Kelly and pressed her lips against her waiting mouth.

Amy released her grip on Kelly and stepped back while her sweet sister embraced their new ‘plaything.’ She took this opportunity to undress herself; she wasn’t as much of a show off as her little sister and preferred to quickly remove her clothes rather than seductively strip.

While Kelly was enjoying the taste of Bianca’s lips as well as the feel of her naked body pressed against her own, she suddenly felt another pair of bare breasts push against her back. Then she felt a pair of hands running down her sides and over her buttocks, then her buttocks were being pulled apart and a finger pressed against her anus. Powerless to break the kiss she shared with Bianca, Kelly had no choice but to let the foxy rock chick do as she pleased. However the finger soon departed and she felt Amy move away.

“Take her to the bedroom, babe,” instructed Amy. “I’ll be with you in a minute, I need to fetch something.”

Bianca did as she was asked and led Kelly by the hand towards the bedroom she shared with her sister. Once inside, Bianca crawled onto the big double bed, giving Kelly a good look at her arse and pussy, then she laid back on the silky sheets and looked up at Kelly.

“Don’t be shy,” said Bianca, patting the bed and smiling. Kelly didn’t need to be asked twice and she followed the gorgeous blonde, crawling after her along the gold sheets. Bianca turned to her side and leant on her elbow. “Now, lay down on your back with your head on the pillow.”

“Ok,” said Kelly uncertainly, she hadn’t expected their love making would be quite so structured.

“It’s ok,” said Bianca. “Like we said before, you don’t have to do a thing, let me and my sister, take care of you.”

Kelly laid on her back like she’d been told and rested her head back upon the soft pillow. While Kelly got comfy, Bianca reached into a drawer beside the bed and withdrew a small and silky piece of material; it looked like a red cravat except for the patches of Velcro on each end. She rolled back to Kelly's side and leant over her, dangling the little strip of silk in front of her.

“What’s this for?” Kelly asked.

“It’s for you,” said Bianca with a sly smile. She rolled on top of Kelly, straddling her, and lowered it horizontally over her eyes. “Lift your head so I can fasten it on.”

“It’s a blindfold!?” Kelly asked uncomfortably.

“Yes a blindfold, and these,” Bianca slid her hand under Kelly’s pillow and retrieved a pair of furry handcuffs. “I’m going to put the blindfold on first, then roll onto your stomach so I can put your hands behind your back,” she spoke softly and stroked Kelly's cheek.

“Seriously?” Kelly asked, shocked at the strange request. “You want to tie my hands behind my back and blindfold me?”

“It’ll be fun,” urged Bianca. “You trust us don’t you?”

“I…I do trust you,” stammered Kelly, “I’ve just never, y’know, never even thought about doing it.”

“Look, we’re not gonna hurt you or do anything that will upset you,” said Bianca earnestly. “I mean, c’mon, the idea of being tied up and blindfolded in the nude at the mercy of two sexy sisters must appeal to your ‘inner slut’ right?” Kelly blushed and despite the crude way Bianca spoke, she couldn’t help giggling.

“Well I never thought of it like that,” said Kelly. “I guess it could be fun to try something different.”

“Good!” Bianca beamed a seductive smile and clapped her hands together. “Right, lift up your head baby.” Kelly complied and a moment later she was blinded. Bianca climbed off of her and knelt at her side.

“Now roll onto your stomach and put your hands behind your back,” Bianca instructed. Kelly obeyed and soon felt the soft fur around her wrists followed by the click of the clasp on the handcuffs. “Now, lie on your back again, the bed’s soft so your arms shouldn’t hurt or anything.”

Kelly rolled back to where she started with her head on the soft pillow, bound and blind she was indeed, as Bianca had put it, at the mercy of the sisters. An overwhelming sense of powerlessness washed over her, she felt vulnerable and a little scared. Of course she knew the sisters wouldn’t harm her, nevertheless she still held a fearful gaze behind the silky barrier. Her apprehension was lifted when she felt Bianca's lips on her own, the young woman’s tongue slipped into her mouth and suddenly Kelly was turned on and ready for whatever the coming experiences would be.

Bianca felt empowered, the gorgeous blonde was defenceless and she could do anything she wanted. She ran her right hand over Kelly's slim body, touching, stroking and groping wherever she liked. Each time she touched a part of her body Bianca reminded herself that even if Kelly didn’t want to be touched, she was the one in total control. Bianca had told the truth when she promised not to do anything the older girl wouldn’t like, that was a promise she would never break, but just knowing that she could gave her a real feeling of dominance which added an extra layer of perverse excitement for her.

While she waited for her sister to arrive, Bianca toyed with Kelly. She touched, kissed and licked random parts of her body, enjoying each shiver and moan the beautiful woman let slip. Kelly never knew which part of her body would receive the next piece of stimulation; would it be her breast, nipple, thigh, lips or even her pussy next? Each time she was surprised and thrilled but never disappointed by Bianca's touch. They weren’t getting into any serious lovemaking yet but the playful foreplay was adequate entertainment while they awaited Amy's return.

Kelly heard the bedroom door open followed by girlish giggles from both sisters, as she lay naked and bound Kelly couldn’t help feeling self-conscious and for a moment she worried the girls may be laughing at her. Bianca had stopped kissing various parts of her body, now her small hand rested on Kelly's taught stomach as Amy entered the room and made her way to the bed.

“Well look at you two,” said Amy, looking first at her naked sister and then Kelly. “Two naked blonde girls on my bed, what on earth shall I do?”

“I can think of a few things, and most of them are illegal,” laughed Bianca. “You can start by giving your little sister a birthday kiss!” Kelly felt the bed sink down next to her as Amy climbed on followed by the smooching sound of the sisters kissing. Suddenly, Kelly felt a mouth close over her own, the lips were slightly bigger than before which told her that it was Amy who kissed her.

“You’re so sexy,” Amy whispered between kisses. Her left hand stroked Kelly's hair and ran up and down her cheek.

“Hey Amy,” said Bianca, “you ought to try one of these, they’re great!” Again they both laughed, Kelly had no idea what Bianca was referring to as Amy's mouth moved away from her own, and then she felt both sisters shuffle down the bed, one on each side of her body. Kelly waited, then she realized what Bianca had meant as both sisters closed their lips around each of Kelly's nipples with Bianca on the right, and Amy on the left. The feeling of one mouth on her breast was sweet enough, but having both of them sucked at the same time was nothing short of scintillating!

Kelly moaned, shivered and moved her head from side to side, she desperately wanted to bring her hand between her legs and massage her intimate area but, of course, that wasn’t possible, she tried grinding her thighs together to try and rub the moist lips of her pussy against each other but didn’t have much success.

Kelly hadn’t felt this sexually charged for a long time and the sexy siblings were only just getting started. Amy removed her mouth from Kelly's breast and moved further down the bed, she gently parted the blonde’s shapely legs and position herself between them. While Bianca continued the assault on the erect nipples, Amy started kissing her way from Kelly's stomach down to the top of her juicy pussy; however she didn’t intend to lick down there. Amy ran her fingers up and down the moist slit at first, and then she gently eased one finger, then two, inside Kelly's body. Before long Amy’s hand was sopping wet, and then, as she smiled at Bianca, she placed the tip of her strap on dildo at the entrance of Kelly's slightly widened hole.

Bianca had giggled a few minutes ago when Amy first entered the bedroom wearing the strap-on, even more so as her sister posed and stroked the 7 inch penis. This was the main reason they decided to blindfold Kelly, they wanted her to be surprised when the faux-cock filled her up. Kelly wasn’t certain what was pushing against her pussy at first, the last thing she expected tonight was penetration after all, only when the head of the cylinder shaped object eased into her did she realize what was happening.

“W…what…?” Kelly stammered, her sentence was cut short and her question was unasked as Amy, the beautiful redheaded sister, thrust her hips forward, burying the thick cock inside the blonde’s body, about 4 inches of the shaft penetrated her pussy.

“Ohhh…fuck! Oh my GOD!!” Kelly cried out. “Mmmmm.” Her words lost their form and meaning, instead they became long and drawn out groans of pleasurable fucking. Amy slowly withdrew the shaft, bringing all but an inch of it out before once again thrusting forward, this time it slide in further than before and just as she had done a moment ago, Kelly cried out.

Both sisters were aware of how risky this was, they had no way of knowing if Kelly would even enjoy this type of sex, they didn’t even know if Kelly's hymen and been broken yet! For this reason both Amy and Bianca were relieved that no blood appeared when the dildo was pulled out of her body for a second time. Of course, what they didn’t know that it was actually this type of sex that had broken Kelly's hymen several months ago, when their other sister, Jennifer, had convinced her to accept a thick dildo inside herself.

After pulling out the second time, Amy didn’t immediately push the cock inside Kelly's pussy like she did before.

“Is this ok? Are you enjoying it? We will stop if you don’t like it,” it was Bianca who spoke. She cringed as she waited for the blonde’s reply, hoping they would receive a positive response.

“It’s ok,” Kelly replied as she struggled to get her breath back. “I…I wasn’t expecting it, no way, I had no idea,” she admitted.

“Good,” said Amy. Both sisters glanced at each other, they were relieved that Kelly actually liked it and they smiled at each other. Before another word was uttered by any of the three girls, Amy thrust the dildo, harder than ever, deep inside Kelly's throbbing pussy. Now there was no stopping her as she gleefully fucked the sexy blonde while her gorgeous sister watched.

Kelly almost screamed when Amy drove the full length of the cock inside her, she then withdrew it all the way out before driving it home again. 7 inches of fake cock, in and out, in and out. Every thrust was met with a screech from the blindfolded beauty. Bianca watched the dildo slide in and out of Kelly's pussy, she was totally mesmerised by the sight of it pounding into her sweet body! Leaning in close, her head resting on Kelly's lower stomach only inches away from the penetration, she just watched and watched.

“Wanna taste her sis? See if she’s as sweet as she looks?” Amy asked.

“Sure, gimme,” Bianca replied. She didn’t move, just opened her mouth. Amy withdrew the cock from Kelly's pussy and guided it gently into her sister’s mouth. Bianca closed her lips around the shaft as it entered her, tasting Kelly's body on her sister’s strap on. Just thinking about it made her giggle inside, after all, she thought, it’s hard to get much more illicit than this!

“Mmmmm, Kelly! You taste lovely,” said Bianca after she let the shaft move away from her lips. “Every part of you is tasty, if I was a cannibal I would eat you up!”

“Have you had enough of ‘Mr Cock’ for now? Or do you want some more,” Amy asked.

“I’d like to be able to see first,” said Kelly, breathless after the assault on her pussy.

“Hmmm, ok,” said Bianca. “I think that sounds fair.” Bianca carefully tore the Velcro of the blindfold apart and lifted it from Kelly's face. After being in darkness for a while, Kelly squinted at the light. Squeezing her eyes closed again she meant to put her hands on her face but, of course, they were still bound behind her.

“Do you think I could have my hands back now? Pretty please” Kelly asked, doing her best schoolgirl voice, as if she was asking a maths teacher if she could use a calculator for a particularly difficult equation.

“Hmmm,” Bianca, again, mused aloud. “Not just yet, soon though, I promise. For now I think I’ll lie on my back and let Amy fuck me, while she’s busy with that I want your pussy on my face. After all, I’m the birthday girl right?”

With that, Bianca laid back and opened her legs, inviting Amy to fuck her little hole. Obeying, as usual, Kelly managed to sit up and put her leg over the tiny blonde’s sexy body, she shuffled forward on her knees until Bianca’s sweet face was directly between her thighs and her ravaged, dripping wet pussy hovered over her lips. Amy was in position; she spread Bianca's legs as wide as she could to accommodate the thick cock.

“You ready baby?” Amy asked as she wiggled the head of the cock into her sweet little pussy. Unlike with Kelly, Amy hadn’t already penetrated Bianca with her fingers to open up her pussy ready for the long shaft. However, as the sisters had discovered a while ago, Bianca enjoyed much harder orgasms when a little pain was mixed with pleasure.

“Yes, yes I’m ready baby,” said Bianca, her voice was full of arousal and anticipation. “Mmmmm Kelly, your pussy looks nice and tasty, give it to me please let me have it…. Mmmmm….” Kelly lowered her hips until she felt Bianca's lips touch her pussy.

“Ahhhh, yeahhhh,” it was Kelly's turn to be vocal. With more encouragement from Bianca she started to rock her hips back and forth, dragging her pussy over her face. Kelly was getting more and more excited, she could tell her juices were flowing again by the slick sound her pussy made as she ground it against Bianca’s sweet and pretty face.

“Mmmmm, that’s good,” encouraged Bianca, her voice was somewhat muffled. “Very nice baby, very ni…OHHH GOD!!” Bianca screamed as every inch of that thick cock forced its way into her body, she felt Amy bang against her groin which confirmed that all 7 inches of cock was now inside her!

“OHHHH!!! Amy! Amy!!” Kelly thought that Bianca seemed to be pleading with her sister to stop. If indeed that was the case, Amy showed that she had no intention of stopping! She pulled her hips away from her sister, pulling the entire shaft out, only to crash inside her again. She was slow at first but soon she was powering in and out of her little sister! “OHHHH GOD!! PLEASE AMY!! OHH YESSS MMMMM, I LOVE YOU AMY DON’T STOP……FUCK ME!!!”

Kelly didn’t stop grinding away, she was nearing her own climax and, despite Bianca’s passionate screams, she continued licking, kissing and nibbling at Kelly’s wet pussy. She breathed hard and shivers ran through her body as she leaked into Bianca's open mouth, soon she was crashing into an orgasm of her own!

After 10 minutes of hard and passionate sex, Kelly was lying atop Bianca, her arms were still locked behind her back but Amy soon removed the ‘cuffs. Both blondes were breathless and spent from their huge orgasms, Amy had cum while she was screwing her sister and now, with the dildo discarded, she laid alongside the two women. They all swapped kisses and hugs, then, naked and entangled in each other’s arms, they each lost their separate battles against fatigue and slept.

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