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Kim gets out of jail
It would help to read Dumped by Kim, first.

It was now Monday after work, I bought a news paper to look at the arrest reports. Yes, just as I thought Kim's name was in there for drugs and the name of her new stud. I felt pretty good about what I had done that night, there where things I could have done better but it was a spur of the moment thing, but it is done.

Tuesday evening my phone rang and it was Kim, and she wanted to come over and talk and apologize. I had misgivings about seeing her but I gave in and agreed to let her come over on Saturday morning

Saturday morning Kim arrived at ten o'clock and apologized for lying about why she wanted to go to the club. She also told me the D.A. was dropping all charges against her if she would be a state witness. Kim went on to tell how she had to move back home and her parents where upset with her. Then she got to the reason that I new she really came for, she wanted to get back together.

Kim started seducing me and there was no denying her. Looking at her cleavage made me want to burry my face in those wonderful mounds of flesh. God how I missed her.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed room where we undressed each other. Kim had the prettiest feet of any girl I have ever seen. Sucking her toe's and kissing my way up her long shapely leg's I came to her beautiful pussy and gave her head until she climaxed. Kim always had the beast tasting pussy juice and I was glad that hasn't changed. She wrapped her arm's and leg's tight around me as I penetrated her pussy with my cock. We rocked in each other's arms until we came at the same time. We stayed in bed making love until 2:30 when she left.

As she walked out the door I looked out the window and could see her car parked in the visitors parking area. Then I had a hot shower, when I came out I looked out the window again and Kim's car was sill there. Wondering where she could be, I noticed Tyron's car was now in his parking spot.

Walking down the hall to where His apartment door was I listened at the door and I new rite away where Kim was. She hasn't changed at all, and probably never would. If I wanted Kim In my life I would have to accept her need's and desire's. Did I want to be like that other husband that took his wife to the clubs so she could fulfill her desire's.

As I walked back to my apartment I heard people coming up the stairs, looking back I saw three black friends of Tyron's and they went into Tyron's apartment. Fuck I just spent three hours with my cock in Kim's pussy and now she is doing a fucking gang bang. Something is going to have to change and I knew it would never be Kim, could I love enough to change, could I. Did Mary's husband stay with her out of love or was there some perverted desire that kept him with her.

Back in my apartment I got out one of the DVDs of Kim and watched her having sex with a bunch of that guys friends. Kim's need and desire was evident in the number of orgasms she had with each guy. I came to the decision that I would try to change, with that done I opened my door to listen for when they levee.

When I heard the noises in the hall off them leveeing I waited for Kim to come out, fuck it now was seven o'clock. Kim came out a few minutes later, I asked her to come back to my apartment to talk.

Kim sat on the couch and once again apologized for what she had done. I told her that I loved her and wanted her in my life, that we would have to try to work some thing out. She said that if I really meant that I would make love to her right now.

Once again I picked her up and carried her in to my bed room, as we undressed she said she hoped that we could be like Mary and her husband. Then she said you do know my pussy is dirty and I want you to add your cum to what is in there.

Kim laid back on the bed and spread her leg's and I could see sperm leaking from her cunt. Fuck can I really go through with this, could I get past the hang up of other men's cum on me even if it's from Kim's cunt. Then the thought of all that sex and it would be like I 'am part of more than I can do on my own.

I started on her toe's again and kissed my way up her leg's but when I got close to her pussy I couldn't eat her. I just slid up the rest of the way and shoved my cock in all the way to the root, she was so lubed with all the sex she had. For some reason I didn't mind what it was, I just humped away and Kim had a orgasm and I soon had mine. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and it was covered in thick white juice and Kim cleaned it with her mouth. This made me a little sick hell it was vary repulsive. I wounded if she did that to all her gang bang partners, if I really wanted to know I would have to ask her.As she was leveeing we made arrangements to meet Sunday at noon.

When Kim arrived Sunday she looked cute and innocent you would never believe she was such a dirty slut cum dump. We immediately went in to the bed room where I ravaged every square inch of her beautiful body. When I was done I was to tiered to fuck any more, that's when it hit me, Mary's husband got out of Mary's gang bangs was being part of more sex than he could do on his own. Is that where I'm headed with Kim?
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