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Sorry for the delay and for uploading on a holiday but had family issues. The second part of the babysitter crossover series will be uploaded mid week and part 4 of this series will be uploaded Friday!
Monday morning rolled around and I was awake early as usual, after showering I decided to wear a thin pair of booty shorts down stairs to greet Danny with. After making him a quick breakfast I heard him starting to come down the stairs.

“Morning mom” he said while walking up to kiss me, he started to move his hands towards my ass but hesitated. I began to suck on his tongue as I pulled his hands to my ass, he quickly began to roughly feel up my ass.

“Mom can we do what we did yesterday, I mean if it’s okay with you” he said while continuing to feel up my ass. I thought it was cute that he wanted more but was still afraid to over step his bounds.

“Sure honey, just let mommy do all the work” I told him while turning around and pushing my ass into his now hardening cock. I started to grind my ass into him while keeping my head turned so he could continue to kiss me.

“Baby you really do have a nice cock” I told him while his cock now slide in between my ass cheeks.

“Oooohh God mom this feels amazing” he told me.

I was getting such a thrill out of giving my son such pleasure! The more and more I ground my ass into him the more my booty short rode up my ass, I was sure giving him a show! I couldn’t help myself and I soon felt my hand sliding down into my shorts, I started to rub my pussy through my panties. I couldn’t believe I was this horny all because of my son! If Danny would have asked if he could fuck me I probably would have let him, the thought of that young hot cock fucking my sweet little pussy! I couldn’t hold off any longer and I began to cum into my panties, Danny brought me back into reality.

“Mom I’m…I’m close” He said while heavily breathing.

“Ok baby, cum on my ass! Cum on my sexy little ass” I told him while turning my head to look into his eyes.

He couldn’t hold off anymore “Aaaughh” I heard him moan before he shot load after load of delicious cum all over my ass.

After coming down from his orgasm he started to say “Oh my God mom, that was amazing. I’m…I’m sorry for the..”

I started laughing “Baby I wanted your cum on my ass, don’t apologize for giving mommy what she wanted.” I decided to tease him some more, I slid a finger across my ass then brought my now cum covered finger up to my mouth and slowly began to lick it clean.

“Oh God mom that’s so fucking hot” he said while starting to walk over to me.

“Watch your mouth” I told him playfully “Now get ready for school”

I headed upstairs to get changed and it looked like I would need another shower but, it was all worth it! I finally got to taste more of my sons beautiful cum. After showering and making breakfast for my daughter and husband I was left with a day of what to do. I went to the store to buy groceries and I ran into Susan’s husband Jeff. After a quick chat we said our goodbyes, I couldn’t help but notice something up with him. “I mean considering Susan said she wasn’t getting laid what did he need condoms for?” I thought to myself.

I came home and decided to not go for a run today before Danny came home but, that I would give him a treat. I slowly watched the clock until 2:30 finally rolled around.

“Mom what are you…” His words trailing off as he took notice to what I was wearing. I mean a black mini skirt and white button up blouse is not normal “mom” clothing.

“How was school baby?” I asked as I began to kiss him it wasn’t before long until he started to suck on my tongue. “Baby what’s wrong you don’t like playing with my ass anymore?”

“No…I mean ummm…I just don’t know if I can”

“Baby its ok to feel me up, I wore this for you” I said with a devilish smile.

“Mom your ass feels amazing now that I can feel it without you having clothes on. I mean your ass was amazing before but…” he told me with wide eyes as he grouped my bare ass!

Giggling at his response I looked up and noticed what time it was, we only had about 5 minutes before Sarah came home. I knew we didn’t have time to fool around so I would have to make it up to him, it seemed he enjoyed playing with his new toy a little too much this afternoon.

“Baby…baby” I told him while pulling away. “Sarah is going to be home in a few minutes I have to go change”

“Damn mom I wanted to try, you know…what we’ve been doing with what you’re wearing” he said sounding very disappointed

“I know baby I did to, I REALLY wanted too.” I reassured him “Baby I’ll make it up to you later I promise.”

I quickly headed upstairs to change into more appropriate mom clothes before heading back downstairs. After Sarah came home we quickly ate lunch before heading out for dance and practice. After dropping Sarah off I knew Danny and I had some time before his practice, I pulled over on a fairly quiet side street.

“Mom what are we doing?” He asked.

“Unbuckle your pants baby.” I told him while pushing my seat back and my yoga pants down.

His eyes were going to pop out of his head, here was his mother with nothing on but a thin white lace thong that would become see through in just a few minutes.

“I told you I would make it up to you.” I said with a hug smile “Now are you going to unbuckle your pants or not?”

“Mom you look amazing right now” He said while unbuckling his pants.

“Thank you honey but I have something to take care of right now” I said while sliding my hand into his boxers.

“Really mom?”

I smiled thinking of how happy I was making my son “Do you like that honey? Your mothers hands wrapped around your beautiful cock”

“Oh God yes mom it feels so good”

“You’ve really grown haven’t you” I asked him while pulling his cock out of his boxers. Danny’s cock was about 6 inches and had a little above average girth, I knew he was going to make women very happy in life as he continued to develop. I decided to tease him a little getting very close to his cock before just spitting on it and backing away. I began to slowly stroke his cock up and down occasionally teasing his head with my thumb, while I slid my hand down to my panty covered pussy. Knowing he was right next to me and could see what I was doing was almost too much. I began to rub my hot wet pussy through my panties, the lace was become see through just as I wanted it to. I pulled my pussy soaked hand away and wrapped it around his cock, causing him to moan. I looked up to see him mouth wide open starring at my now visible slit! I knew that we only had a little amount of time so I had to speed things along, I quickly began to work his entire length while teasing his testicles every now and then. As I rubbed my pussy faster and faster I knew he was watching, the taboo thought of masturbating in front of my son pushed me over the edge.

“Oh fuccccckkk Danny I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming while stroking your big beautiful cock.” My orgasm was making me scream as I continued to stroke him.

“Fuck mom that was so hot, I’m really close!” he told me.

Knowing that I couldn’t have him cum on himself or me, I decided the quickest way to do this would be amazing for both of us. I quickly leaned over and engulfed the head of his cock into my mouth, this was too much for him as he began to give me what I wanted. His cum filled my mouth as I tried to swallow as little as possible without letting any leak out of my mouth. As soon as he was done I sat up and opened my mouth to show him my prize before I swallowed and showed him my mouth again, so he could see what I had done.

“Mom that’s was so God damn hot” He said while smiling “and when you were playing with yourself”

“Thanks baby and maybe next time you can do more than just watch mommy” I told him with a slutty tone as I drove away.

We arrived at Danny’s practice a little while later, we walked in and he went with his team while I sat with Susan.

“So are you finally getting laid you lucky bitch?” I asked her.

Laughing out loud she asked “What? Are you serious? Why?”

“Ummm…no reason, no reason at all” I told while trying to change the subject “So any news on the trip”

“Yeah well it’s not a trip it’s work but yeah a weekend away from the kids” She told me “If I wasn’t married I would try to get fucked, because God knows I need it”

“Well I mean you could always…it’s not cheating if you know them” I said while trying to avoid eye contact.

“What are you saying? Are you getting laid? Are you cheating on Rob?” She asked intently.

“Well ummm…not yet anyway.” I said quietly.

After wondering what to say she finally said in a slutty tone “Well let me in on it, my pussy is dying to get pounded.”

“I just might” I told her with a wink.

We returned home after picking up Sarah and enjoyed a wonderful dinner my husband had made. In a way I felt bad about what Danny and I were doing but I kept telling myself “it’s not sex, it’s not sex.” But it was becoming harder and harder to not make it something more and God did I want more.

“Honey are you coming?” my husband asked.

“Oh sorry, coming where?” I asked confused.

“To go get the stuff for Sarah’s project.” He told me with a smart ass look on his face.

“No, I think it’ll be best if I stay here.” I told him while walking away. The fact he had such a smart ass cocky tone almost made me think he deserved what I was doing with his son. A few minutes after they left I headed upstairs.

“Baby” I said as I walked into Danny’s room.

“Yeah mom?” he said while standing up and kissing me.

“I just wanted to see what you were up to” I told him while sitting down.

“Oh nothing, hey mom I just want to say earlier was amazing!”

“Yes it was”

“You looked so beautiful and that thong really showed off your…ummm”

“My pussy” I said to him.

“Yeah mom your pussy looked so fucking hot!” He told me while smiling “Umm…mom were you serious when you said maybe I could do more than watch?”

“Yes baby I was serious” I said in a seductive tone.

“God mom that’s so fucking hot, its making me hard right now.” He said while looking down at his cock. “Mom do you think I could see you in your panties again”

“Sure” I said while pulling my pants down.

“Oh fuck mom”

Just then we heard Rob pull in the driveway. “Shit” was all Danny said. Knowing I couldn’t leave him like this I decide to really get him going. I stood up and turned around with my ass facing him. My thong really showed off my sexy little ass, I knew he was enjoying the view but it was about to get a lot better. I then slowly slide my thong down while sexily shaking my ass, I looked over my shoulder and blew him a kiss. I then stood up while hearing a groan of disappointment as I pulled up my pants. I then walked out of his room but threw my thong at him with a wink and said “Have fun”

Hopefully you enjoyed this, as you may have noticed there will be cross overs between characters of this series and characters of the babysitter series. Additional characters will be incorporated and additional cross overs will take place once the third series is up and running, still looking for a plot or genre to base the third series off of so suggestions are welcomed.

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