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This is the ending, I really hope you enjoyed it.
Stephanie blinked softly to find herself in a white room. There were some monitors around the room and a bathroom in the corner. She assumed this was a hospital room and was undergoing treatment. “How am I still alive?” She was curled up on top of Ashley who was fast asleep holding her tightly. “Guess it was a long night for you.” Stephanie managed to break free out of Ashleys arms and stumbled towards the bathroom. She only made it halfway and collapsed on the floor. Her energy to get up was gone. “Stephanie!?” Ashley was awake.
“Oh sweetheart let me carry you, do you want a shower? To go to the bathroom?” Ashley timidly asked.
“I really need to pee.”
“Don’t worry I’ve got you.”

Ashley picked Stephanie up and carried her to the bathroom, She held the hospital gown while Steph peed. She stayed at the hospital for another night just for observation. The nurse was really kind and helpful but way too inquisitive for Stephanie’s likings. She asked all sorts of questions about what happened to her. She seemed really concerned about Stephanie’s safety. She assured the nurse she’ll be fine so the nurse could go back to her policy of benign neglect. That’s how everyone acts. Nobody helps her up until she gets hurt. They listen but they won’t help in the ways she needs. They’ll help in whatever way is convenient to them.

Ashley took her home the next day. She was especially nice to her little doll. “She does have a heart somewhere.” The quiet thought rolled through her head like a soft cloud rolling through the sky on a beautiful day. Stephanie always loved looking at the mountains. “Maybe one day my knight will ride down those rolling hills to whisk me away to a beautiful new home.” The idea of that made her heart flutter briefly. That was a thought she couldn’t think about. “I’m so sorry about what happened, please don’t hate me for it.” Ashley said softly. “I’m not allowed to hate you, my body is yours and what happens to it is because you weren’t careful enough with me. But I do not hate you. I am scared of being in that position again; If that answers your question.”

Ashley carried her back into the house. The living room smelled like bleach. The house seemed different in some way Steph could not place. She walked into the bedroom and stepped into the closet to put on her maids suit. That was her usual attire at home. Stephanie had a part time job but mainly she did whatever Ashley wanted. “You don’t have to work anymore, I’ll cover your half. You can just stay at home and be a housewife.” Stephanie was instantly confused at that. “Housewife?” Stephanie asked inquisitively.

Ashley dressed Stephanie in a cute ruffled short skirt and a band tee that matched her long red hair. She curled up against her lover getting the love and attention she needed for recovery. “BDSM is hard on a girl and scary. I understand that. That’s why I always held you afterwards because when your lover goes through that you have to cradle them and make sure they know they can trust you. And they need to know that at the end of the day they’re safe. Its pleasurable but horribly stressful on a girl and” Stephanie interrupted Ashley. “The sex I have to participate in isn’t pleasurable, it’s painful and scary. The love I get from you is what I aim for when I give my body up.” Ashley looked horribly angry. Stephanie got up and backed away slowly. That look of anger was something she had never seen before. It terrified her, she wanted to get away as soon as possible. “I uh think we are short on some groceries may I leave to go restock the fridge?” Ashley looked so miserable and angry. “Are you scared of me?” Stephanie looked down. Inside she was absolutely petrified. She figured at the very least she looked a little spooked. “You are scared..” Her sentence lingered in the air making an awkward silence between them. Stephanie sat in front of Ashley. The gloomy look on her face made Stephanie sad. Even after all the wrongs Stephanie walked over and held Ashley’s shaking body against her own. Ashley’s head rested against Stephanie’s breast’s as it shuddered in fits of crying. Stephanie pulled her head so they were face to face and kissed her softly on the lips. Their tongues entwined, playing a game of cat and mouse. Their lips being softly sucked and tongues exploring the new mouth they found themselves in. The mood was intimate and loving. “Please be safe while I get some things for dinner okay?
I’ll be back in a little bit dear.”

“What should I get for dinner?” Stephanie thought to herself. “Maybe I should make us a pizza?” She picked up the supplies and headed home. She found Ashley on the floor crying her heart out with an empty carton of ice cream. “Oh sweetie it’s alright. I’m alive and that’s all that matters. Want to help me make pizza for dinner?” She looked so miserable. “I should be the one making dinner for you.” Stephanie walked into the kitchen and started the preparations and Ashley walked in a few minutes later. “What would you like me to do?” Stephanie turned around and stated “Play with me.” She gave this incredulous look. “Cup me while I put the pizza together.” Stephanie went back to what she was doing. Ashley came up behind her and even though she knew her lover was behind her she instinctively jumped. Ashley grabbed her and squeezed her tightly. “Oh sweetheart I promise I will take the best care of you I am physically capable of” Stephanie bent over a little farther and spread her legs a bit. She felt a hand pull her skirt up and softly creep into her panties. A soft moan escaped her mouth as Ashley’s hand pinched her clit softly. She felt her panties being pulled down and she knew she was dripping wet. She stepped out of the panties and put the pizza in the oven. She turned around and Ashley picked her up and sat her on the counter.

Stephanie had never felt a feeling like this before. Sure she had felt orgasms but this one was different, it wasn’t out of lust. Guys and girls have all used her but this was consensual and it was beautiful. Not forced nor blackmail, it was purely bliss. Stephanie pulled Ashley’s hair forcing her mouth against her pussy. Her tongue circled Steph’s clit making her moan even louder. She was in a world of pleasure as her pussy was being licked then a finger slipped into her pussy and she bucked her hips trying to get it in deeper. A second finger slipped into her other hole and she reached her climax. She screamed in pleasure as juices flowed out of her pussy. She slowly eased herself off the counter but her legs were jelly and her juices were leaving puddles on the floor. Ashley picked her up in her arms and carried her to the couch. “Hang here while I finish dinner okay?” Stephanie looked up at here with pleading eyes. “When you come back I wouldn’t mind if you had your package.” Stephanie had only seen the strap on once. She knew it was kind of big but something inside told her that Ashley would be careful. She laid there for a bit as she heard the timer go off.

“There you go my sweetheart, I hope I cooked it long enough.” Stephanie was suddenly flooded with memories. She started to shake and cry. Ashley instantly went into protective mode, but Stephanie bolted up the stairs. She locked herself in the bathroom with Ashley softly knocking asking if there’s anything she could do. Her body was beaten and battered. Her long red hair was always a target for grabbing. She wasn’t anything special really, she only had C cups. Maybe the freckles were a turn on? Why were guys always rushing to rip her clothes off? Her pale skin certainly couldn’t be a turn on. She looked into her dead green eyes. They had witnessed so many horrible events, trauma’s that weaker girls would off themselves for. She was only alive because of the hope she would be held at night. That was the drive that pushed her to get up in the mornings. She sat on the floor and cried. Her wails left Ashley with an aching heart. They were the cries that left you trying to get away because the pain they portrayed is too much for a normal person to handle. Ashley couldn’t erase the past but she could bear witness to the pain Stephanie endured.

Stephanie came out an hour later to find Ashley waiting at the door. “Your pizza got cold.” Stephanie nodded and walked downstairs. She put her half in the microwave and turned it on. The timer beeped and she pulled it out and walked into the living room. In front of her was a sight she never thought she would see. Ashley was on her knees in front of the couch naked. She held a small pink remote in her hand. “This is the remote to the vibrator tapped to my clit, you can turn it on anytime and you decide when I can climax.” Stephanie held the remote in her hands. This was a new feeling for her. Power never was something she was given. She wasn’t even able to earn it. Now she had full control over her lover. She sat on the couch and asked, “Please just cuddle with me, I want to be your submissive girlfriend not the dominant one please. I don’t want that kind of responsibility, I trust you to take care of me.” Ashley looked up at her. “You’re seriously going to trust me again?” Stephanie knew deep down she loved being submissive, she preferred giving permission but it was never needed.

Stephanie curled herself up under Ashley’s arm. This was her favorite spot with the exception of Ashley’s chest. She loved curling up next to Ashley with her head on Ashley’s chest and Stephanie loved grinding her pussy against Ashley’s outer thigh. Curled like that there was nothing that could make her sad. They watched some show Ashley enjoyed. Stephanie didn’t care for T.V really, but she did enjoy the love she was getting. Ashley had yet to put clothes on and Steph wasn’t complaining. She got up and left the room leaving Steph waiting like a little puppy. She came back wearing a strap on. Stephanie sat cross legged. She knew exactly what the goal was, to show some things to her lover. Ashley sat on the couch. Stephanie got on her knees in front of her and started licking the strap on. She looked up lovingly and she seductively licked it, savoring the moment. Stephanie got up and lowered herself onto the cock and slowly let it slide in. Ashley helped ease her down. “You doing okay sweetheart?” Stephanie nodded.

She has felt a lot of things sliding into her wet pussy but this was a beautiful loving object going inside her. It was bigger than she’s used to but it made her feel full and she kissed Ashley passionately on the lips. Their tongues playfully pushing and rubbing against each other was always an amazing feeling for Stephanie. Ashley’s hand slipped down and started rubbing her clit. Stephanie moaned loudly, asking for more. She started moving up and down on the cock bucking her hips wildly. Ashley picked Stephanie up and carried her into the bedroom. She laid Steph down on the bed. “You look absolutely adorable with a dildo jammed in your tight wet snatch. I love my little princess.” Stephanie wrapped her legs Around her lovers waist, forcing the strap on deeper inside her small pussy. “You can get a little rough with me.” Ashley started to move her hips slowly, then faster gaining speed. Stephanie was letting out short ragged breaths as she was slowly pulled to climax. She grabbed her right boob and started fondling herself. She reached down and started playing with her clit. Ashley, noticing that Steph was seconds from orgasm, gave one final thrust plunging the cock deep inside Steph. She screamed out in pleasure and went limp, her body gave some soft shudders as she laid there. Ashley took the dildo off and pulled Stephanie closer. She was completely spent from having her pussy pounded in a loving manner and an orgasm that fulfilling. “Please never leave me again, when I need you.” Ashley looked into her lovers eyes.
And with the promise hanging in the air, unending, they fell asleep.

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2014-08-15 07:22:24
this is much more lik my cup of tea :)
If you write again, do you think you can try in the first person? it makes it mseem a little more real :)

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