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Story of a young babe who loves teasing men and an old man who takes advantage
Ron was the sort of man that was just dealt a bad hand in life. He was a male in his mid fifties who lived alone and seemed to live with no purpose. His wife had long since left him for another man, and he had grown out of touch with his kids after they moved out with his wife.

As far as looks go, he was never much of a desired man even in his youth, and now in his mid fifties he has let himself go to the point that an attractive woman would cross the street a block ahead of him rather than make wager the risk of making eye contact with him. He was bald with the exception of wild unkempt hair on the sides of his head. He was a big heavy man, and his grooming and hygiene was terrible. The poor fellow just simply lost the will to care about such things

Needless to say, Ron had terrible luck with women. The endless years of being alone meant that he was extremely sexually frustrated, unable to look at an attractive woman without lustful thoughts going through his mind, wanting to touch her. He knew he hadn't a chance in hell of ever getting a woman but he was free to look and fantasize all he wanted. Often he wouldn't even notice the looks of disgust coming his way as he would ogle a pair of tits or a sexy ass walking along the street. "Dirty old man" some would say, while others would try to ignore him as if he didn't even exist.

The only way the poor boy could relieve himself was drowning himself in internet porn. Over the past decade he subscribed to every major porn site on the web, and let himself drown into his perverse world. He would spend hours at a time watching videos of young barely legal women and fantasize that he was actually fucking them.

Ron had few friends, the ones he had were equally as miserable as he was. Recently when they were over they noticed how the hygiene of his house had really deteriorated. They weren't exactly cleanly men themselves, so the fact that they pointed out the mess was a testament to how filthy the old boy’s lair really was. Dishes were stacked up, mold was growing in closets, clothes were tossed everywhere, the place was a mess. Ron didn't care much about the mess. A little bit worried about the state of his house, they urged him to get help from a maid to clean his house up, maybe having a clean house would help set his life in the right direction. Heeding their advice, Ron put up a craigslist ad asking for some help cleaning.

He got a reply from a woman named Bella saying that she could use the money, and that she would be glad to help out.

The day that Bella was coming over, Ron put all of his valuables in his bag and planned on going to go out to a local bar in order to leave the house to the maid to let her clean. He was packing up and about to put on his coat when the doorbell rang..

Ron opened the door, his eyes widened.. he had to physically keep his mouth from dropping wide open

You see, when Ron got in touch with Bella, what he expected was an old hag that nobody would want to look twice at, what he got was a young bombshell that he couldn’t keep his eyes off!

In front of him stood a gorgeous young woman with big green eyes and long brown hair tied up in a point tail. She introduced herself as Bella and exclaimed how excited she was to get started on work. Ron was too awestruck to reply, he spent a few more seconds gawking at her. She was wearing a sporty white jacket with black yoga pants. She was a thin girl but with curves in all the right places. Even through her sport jacket you could see that she was well endowed. do

Ron finally snapped out of it and managed to string some words together

“Oh erm hi, nice to meet you. Come in.”

He welcomed her in. As she walked past him he got a whiff of lavender perfume that pleased his senses. He watched her walk in, her hips swaying irresistible with each graceful step. Although her long jacket was covering her bum, you could tell she had a curvaceous ass.

“Here let me take your coat”

Bella took off her jacket and gave it to Ron, smiling brightly while thanking him. Ron noticed that she had such a beautiful smile, her big eyes lighting up with it. As she leaned forward to give him her jacket Ron’s eyes bulged as noticed this girl’s amazing body.

She was something straight out of Ron’s dirty websites, but even sexier! No girl he saw was built like this

She was dressed in a low cut white tank top, showing ample cleavage. Ron was mesmerized by her huge but perky breasts jiggling around in that tank top. Knowing he didn't wanna scare this one away, he pried his eyes away from her breasts, took her coat and hung it on the coat rack.

“Thank you so much for the job sir” she said, still with a bright youthful smile on her face

Ron noticed that she had a slight Eastern European accent. It was so heavenly.

“Oh no worries Bella. trust you’ll do a good job Ron said, feigning a smile back. He would normally tell people to call him rob, but there was something sexy about this beautiful girl young enough to be his daughter calling him sir.

“Of course sir! what do you want me to get started on”

Ron thought to himself that he wants her to get started on fixing his rock hard erection.. but logic won over and he asked her to get started on the dishes, apologizing for letting them stack so high

“No problem that's what I'm hear for!” Bella cheerfully said as she made her way over to the sink.

Now Ron was planning on leaving the house when the maid was cleaning, but he surely couldn't miss out on leering at this sexy vixen in his own house! He changed his plans and explained to Bella that he’s going to be watching some TV, and to come to him if she had any questions. Of course, the old pervert positioned his couch so that he could feign interest in the television, but keep his eyes on sexy Bella the whole time.

He watched her as she washed, she was facing away from him. The sunlight peered in through the window and shone on her body. He couldn't believe at the contour of her body. Her waist was thin before descending into womanly hips, with a shapely ass which seemed to defy gravity. Her round ass projected out from her body, but so pertly that Ron thought to himself that he could rest his whiskey glass on that beautiful derriere. And then to cap it all off she had long toned legs. You could tell that she was an athletic girl.

Ron slipped a blanket over his lap, and started stroking his rock hard cock at the image of this beautiful girl in front of him. He wanted to hear her heavenly voice while he stroked, so he initiated some small talk.

“ Bella so I've noticed you have a bit of an accent, where are you from?”

“Oh Serbia sir. My parents moved here when I was ten to escape the war.”

“Yeah that is terrible that there was a war there, but good that you and your family are safe, so how did you find it adjusting?”

“It’s fine for me. But a bit of a culture shock for my parents. They’re hard working and loving but they’re very strict and over protective, they don’t let me go out with my friends at all!”

“Oh well trust me every parent’s job is to protect their children, they will lighten up eventually” Ron reassured

“I hope so! But it doesn't matter I just graduated high school and am going to college next year on a dance scholarship, so i’ll finally be able to move out and live my life!”

Ron’s eyes widened, did this girl say that she just graduated high school? There is no way that a high school girl could have a body like that

“ Bella did you say you just graduated high school, how old are you?”

“17! Old enough to make my own decisions and live my own life” She said gleefully

Ron’s cock twinged as he heard this. He was always into young barely legal porn site, this girl wasn't even legal and she already had the sexiest body he’d ever seen!

“Anyways I’m done the dishes sir! What do you want me to do next”

do me oh please do me Ron thought to himself

“Umm why don’t you clean this room for me”

“Sure thing!”

Ron peeked at her as she started walking into his room and he almost came in his pants. She had some spots of dirty dishwater on her shirt causing the right side of her chest to become partly see through, revealing a black colored bra holding up her magnificent breasts.

Ron sat there with a blanket over his lap and cock in his hands as he watched this beautiful creature bend over and start dusting the tv. Thrusting out her bubble butt. Ron’s eyes widened.

Despite being 17, Bella wasn't stupid. From the moment she walked in to this pig sty she could sense this pig’s desperation and yearning for her. She was used to these looks and attention from boys and men alike from the tender age of 13. She was always a pretty girl. But when her breasts developed from B cups to D’s in the span of two years, and her ass became toned and perfected through years of high school dance and athletics, she watched as the harmless attention and looks turned into desperation from the men around her. She became the center of their worlds wherever she went.

Her parents were very strict, and for good reason, they told Bella she was not allowed to date until she graduated high school. And she, for the most part, obeyed. She didn't date, but this didn't mean that she couldn't tease the boys in her school, and tease she did. She became known as the biggest dick-tease in her school, her and her girlfriends would just laugh at the boys vying for their attention. This naughty creature got great satisfaction out of making a man squirm.

She smiled as she saw Ron’s hands moving up and down underneath his blanket through the reflection on the TV, she knew exactly what he was doing. She bent down further and stuck her ass out. her small tank top started riding up her back exposing the ivory skin of her mid back to Ron.

This sent to poor boy into a frenzy, he wanted so bad to expose his erection and mount this sexy bitch.

Much to Ron’s disappointment, she stood up; stopping the show momentarily.

“Do you want me to do the coffee table next sir?”

“erm oh yea do that” Ron sputtered, clearly in no state to make intelligent conversation.

Bella faced him, took a cloth and bent over and started cleaning the table that lie in front of him.

She knew full well that this was causing her big breasts to dangle down and expose massive amounts of cleavage.

She cleaned vigorously, causing her breasts to jolt back and forth.

Ron was in sweet agony watching this.

The young dick-tease was having so much fun with the old boy, she was loving every second of this. Her panties were starting to get wet to the point she could feel it. Not at the thought of Ron of course, but at how she was making him squirm without even touching him. She loved feeling this powerful.

She started scrubbing even harder, the left strap of her tank top was slipping off her shoulder, the black lace strap of her bra wasn't far behind. Ron of course, was noticing every detail, praying that the strap would fall. The cup of her bra was clearly visible as she scrubbed vigorously.

Bella felt her bra strap descend quickly down her left shoulder, her breast felt completely exposed as she continued to scrub.

The entire over-side of her left breast was visible, he could even make out some light pink skin transitioning into her nipple.

At this point Ron was stroking his cock, jaws wide open drooling, staring directly into Bella’s cleavage. No attempts were made to hide his arousal

Bella kept her face fixated on the table, she could see everything Ron was doing with her peripherals, but of course she wanted to keep with the act that she was an innocent foreign girl with no clue with what she was doing.

As her breasts continue to jiggle and shake free with each move. She noticed Ron was stroking faster and faster. He was getting close to climax.

The cock-tease knew exactly what to do now.

“Hmm I think its clean” She jolted up and quickly readjusted her strap. She beamed an big smile to Ron.

Ron looked like a kid who just got a toothbrush on Christmas. He was visibly disappointed.

“Sir is something wrong?”

“Umm ermm ohh noo no i guess not”

“Ok good! Please let me know if my cleaning wasn't satisfactory. Anyways sir I've gotta get to my job at the restaurant!”

“W-w-wait’” Ron didn't want this goddess to leave his house before he got a chance to get off “Are you sure you can't clean my bedroom before you go?”

“Oh sorry sir, my boss would kill me if i’m late.”

Ron, visibly disappointed again “But you’ll be back right”

Bella could sense the desperation from the pig, she loved it. And decided to tease further.

“Um i don’t know sir, I’m kind of busy with dance and work for the next few weeks”

“Please, Ill pay you double!” Ron knew he was sounding pathetic, but a horny man is usually not a smart man.

Bella loved this. This pathetic man was about to pay handsomely just for the opportunity to ogle her. But, she knew she needed the money if she was going to get her own place for college.

“OK sure sir. Does 3 days from now work for you?”

“Yes it does!” He beamed.

Ron gave Bella double what they negotiated initially, and sent her on her way home. Watching her beautiful ass shake on her way out of the driveway.

Ron slammed the door shut, ran upstairs to his bedroom and jacked off thinking of fucking Bella brains out. He blew a huge load that seemed to never end..

Over the next couple days. Ron couldn't get Bella out of his mind, he scoured his countless porn sites looking for a teenage babe that looked like Bella so that he could jack off to them getting fucked, but no one even came close. These girls that Ron used to fawn over now looked second rate, he started to become fixated over Bella. He had to have her.

But of course, there was no way a girl like that would ever touch an old pervert like him. He quickly became obsessed with how to have Bella.

He remembered how she said she was in need of money for moving out.

He could offer to pay her for sex? No, if the bitch asked double just to show up again, she’d probably ask for his retirement fund for a hand job

She wants to move out of her parents’ house, she could live with him for free! Ya right, she could get same offer from every straight man in town

Rape? No, he would certainly spend the rest of his days in jail for that.. not worth it even for this lovely creature

Ron paced feverishly through his house trying to devise a plan to have his Bella. When suddenly, the bag he put all of his valuables captured his eye, and he was suddenly struck with an idea.

Bella walked up to Ron’s door, ready for another day of getting ogled by the old perv. She wondered how close she could get him to cumming this time.

She was dressed for teasing. . She had on an old schoolgirl uniform that she used to wear a couple years prior before her ‘development’. She was wearing a tight white blouse which showed off shapely chest. Below, she had a plaid skirt which was just long enough to reach the bottom of of her ass cheeks. Underneath it all she had on lingerie style white see through stockings that came up to her thigh, just meeting up with the hem of her skirt. She covered it all up with a long stylish fall coat.

Maybe she could get him so desperate he’ll offer triple for their next session. She smiled devilishly as she knocked on the door

Ron answered, looking stern

“Hey Bella, come in”

Bella was rather taken aback by his tone, but thought he was probably trying to put on an act after acting so pathetically last time.

She came in and took her coat off and hung it on the coat rack

Ron was stunned.. his thoughts were jumping around in his head,

This vixen stood in front of him wearing a schoolgirl outfit two sizes too small for her! Her huge breasts carried her tight white blouse up to above her navel exposing her sexy midriff. And below she had on a skirt that barely covered her delicious ass! And oh god, Stockings? Ron was in agony looking at this girl.

But he had practiced for this moment, while he was dying on the inside, he remained composed.

Bella smiled shyly

“Sorry for the outfit sir, I just got out of a school meeting and totally forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes, I guess I’ll just clean in this”

Ron was dying. But he remained composed.

“Oh yea sure. But first I need to talk to you about something. Why dont you have a seat on the couch”

Bella sat down on the couch. Here it comes she thought to herself, whats this pathetic old dog going to do. Confess his undying love for me? ask me to fuck him? she was smiling to herself but tried to look concerned

“What’s wrong sir?”

“Well Bella as I’m sure you know, I had a bag full of my valuables in the kitchen last time you were here. And when I checked it after you left, my ex wive’s diamond necklace was missing”

Bella was shocked and didn't know how to react

“S-sir I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Bella please” He replied sternly. “Give me the necklace back and I won’t get the authorities involved.”

“Sir I've never stolen anything in my life!” Bella exclaimed, tears starting to well up in her big green eyes

To her shock, Ron’s eyes started welling up too

“Bella please, my wife passed 5 years ago, this was her favorite necklace and is one of the few things I have to remember her by” The old man lips started to quiver and eyes welled up

Inside of course he was in disbelief, he couldn't believe the performance he was putting on. Of course, there was no necklace, there was no theft, and his wife was alive well and probably fucking a man half her age in Mexico right now. But Bella was falling for it

She started bawling. Not in sympathy of this old fart, but she knew that even if she was found innocent, any police inquiry would have her scholarship revoked, and her grades were way too poor to be granted admission without a scholarship

“ Bella just give it back, I know you are desperate for money to move out, but this isn't the way child.”

Bella was so anxious at this point she could hardly talk

He got up and walked to the phone and picked it up.

“No no no please don’t!!!” She screamed “We can work this out!”

He put the phone down

“How so?”

“I’ll clean your house for the whole summer, for the original price.” She begged

“I’m not interested” he said as he picked up the phone again

“What do you want!!” The poor teenager cried “Make me an offer”

Ron couldn't believe this was going so perfectly

“Well, since you took something that belonged to my wife, you have to act like a wife”

Bella knew what was coming

“You see Bella, I've felt so lonely these last few years, I need a woman’s touch”

“B-b-but I’m only 17 and you’re old, that's not right.”

“So the thief suddenly grew some morals huh” sneered the sinister old man

Tears flooding down Bella’s face, she gulped

“Fine, I’ll get you off one time, and then we’re done.” She said, trying to act stern, But she was clearly out of her element. Always used to being the one in control, now she was squirming. The ball was in the old timer’s court

“Not that easy, you’re going to make love to me like my wife used to. We’re going to start off by you showing me how you got that dance scholarship” the old pervert sneered

Bella looked down, tears falling to the floor. He knew the girl was his now.

He went to the fridge, grabbed some whiskey, and then went to his medical cabinet and grabbed some old man pills.

He sat down on his couch. Looked at his captured prey, smiling at his own genius and acting, he couldn't believe this plan worked. And now he was about to reap the rewards

He looked over at Bella, the poor girl was quivering in fear. She didn't wanna look at this old man, much less touch him

He sat down on the couch and took off his pants, revealing his pasty white legs wearing nothing but stained white tidy whities.

He poured whiskey into two glasses.

“Here girl, this will stop your shaking” as he pushed the glass to her. He put the pill of extra strength Viagra into his mouth and quickly washed it down with the glass of whiskey.

Bella’s father forbade her from drinking, but she knew she needed something calm herself. She took the glass of whiskey and ale and took big gulps til it was gone.

She almost threw up in her mouth at the taste of alcohol. She had no idea it was going to taste that bad.

“There’s a good girl, now come to papa” the sinister old man motioned her over to his lap

Bella was so nervous, this was all new to her. Despite being such a big dick-tease. Due to her religious beliefs and her parents’ strict watch over her, she actually remained a virgin and quite sexually inexperienced. The thought of losing it to the treacherous old man made her sick

“Come girl!” The old man yelled

She walked over and sat on his lap

Ron was in heaven, feeling those two round ass cheeks splitting his thigh. The skirt rode up so her bare ass cheeks were on his bare leg. Skin to skin.

Ron loved her lavendar smell, She was on the other hand repulsed by scent. He smelled of body odor, piss and jizz. She felt his hand stroke her bare stomach. She regretted wearing such an easily accessible outfit..

His hands climbed up until they reached her blouse covered tits. She squirmed and waved his hands away from him. He slapped her hands away and squeezed her tits.

“None of that now girl, these tits are mine now” He laughed “Pour another drink”

She poured two more heaping glasses, tears flooding down her cheeks as she felt so utterly helpless. While mauling her boob with his left hand he took the cup of whiskey in his right hand and tipped it into Bella’s mouth. Bella gulped it all down, again almost vomiting, having to spit some of it out.

He laughed “not an avid drinker huh girl”

“Get up” he commanded, growing more bold with every passing minute

She did as she was bid, she stood up quick, cheeks reddened, the young lightweight was feeling warm and slightly dizzy. She felt odd, but it did help to numb this whole experience.

“Get up on the table you cleaned so well you little dick tease. And dance for me like the slut you are”

Ron stood up and turned off all of the lights except the one directly above the table. He created his own little strip club, featuring one sexy girl.

He played some smooth music and commanded her to dance.

Bella knew that the only way to get out of this now was to do what the old pervert said. She couldn't make him angry.

With the liquid courage having its full effect, the young babe started slithering her body sensually. Through her dance training she had learned intricate control of every muscle in her body, making for one hell of a stripper.

She let her voluptuous brown hair down from her pony tail and let it flow freely. Now that the old perv was out of sight, she was almost in her own little world, momentarily forgetting the situation she was in

With the spot light shining directly on her, the young dick-tease was feeling a strange sense of arousal. She always loved being the center of attention.

She danced sensually. Pulling her blouse up exposing her midriff, bending over using her flexibility to show off her ass.. doing the spilts and then shaking her ass up and down..

The worst part now was she could feel her pussy getting wet. Thanks in part to the alcohol of course.. but there was definitely a part of her enjoying this

She was shaking her ass on the table up and down, making the whole table creak. Her flimsy skirt was doing nothing to conceal her amazing ass. Her white thong clearly visible, her white thigh high stocking connecting to a sexy white lace garter belt to complete the picture

Ron could tell she was enjoying herself, his dick was rock hard looking at this angel do his bidding. He barked “Take off your blouse”

She got up, looked seductively in the direction of Ron and started unbuttoning her blouse. With each button more and more of her delicious cleavage started to show.

She heard Ron panting. But she pretended it wasn't Ron, she pretended there were 50 men all around her, watching her. 50 handsome, rich, powerful men following her every movement.

Her pussy was getting so wet.

She ripped off the remaining button of her blouse and flung it at Ron.

Ron couldn't believe the sight in front of him. This young babe with a pencil thin waist that is some how supporting these big shapely DD cup breasts. God was smiling when he created this creature..

Her breasts were encased in a white lace push-up bra that made her breasts look so delicious. Ron was feeling some precum escape his rock hard dick.

Next Bella unbuttoned her skirt. She turned around bum facing Ron. And the dick-tease hid her thong clad ass with her open plaid skirt. Shaking her hips from side to side, inch by inch she revealed her flesh ivory ass. Finally she flung her skirt at Ron, it draped over his drooling face.

She again did the splits and started twerking her incredible ass. Her ass cheeks jiggling up and down, consuming her poor thin thong. Again, how a girl with this thin of a waist could have such a shapely perky behind is beyond me.

Bella knew what all the men wanted to see next. She got up and unstrapped her bra. Ron was drooling in anticipation. she turned her back to him as she dropped her bra on the floor below the table. He saw the outline of her tits from behind her. She started wiggling her waist as she slowly turned around

“Oh my god” Ron exclaimed

Her breasts were better than anything he’s seen in porn

Flawless ivory breasts with the exception of a beauty spot on the inner top part of her right breast. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity the way only youthful breasts can. Her light pink nipples were rock hard. Clearly she was excited

Ron got up, He stopped the music and turned on the lights.Bella now snapped out of trance, realizing again the situation she was in. Ron went up to the table and threw the thin girl over his shoulder. He Took the bottle of whiskey in one hand and took his prey into his bedroom. He threw her onto the bed. He could no longer take this any more.

Bella nude except for her white thong and stockings, was resisting nothing. She knew what was coming. She took the bottle of whiskey and started gulping from it. Ron didn't want to drink any more, he wanted to enjoy his prize.

He mauled her tits with his hands and locked his lips around hers. Bella almost vomited at Ron’s breath, but he continued to kiss her. And after a while she started kissing him back. He was being so rough with her tits.

“Oh you like that you dirty little dick tease.” He said as he squeezed her boobs with force and stuck his tongue down her throat

And for some inexplicable reason.. Bella did like it. She started moaning. Ron couldn't believe what was going on. Bella slid his tidy whities down and started stroking his hard cock with her small hands.

Both were too lost in lust and alcohol to explain what was happening

Ron slid her panties down and threw them to the floor. He took his dick and thrust it into her dripping pussy.

Everything stopped

Bella screamed so loud the whole block must of heard. She screamed in pleasure and pain as Ron started thrusting in and out of her virgin pussy

This was torturing Bella but she liked it. She was squirming under Ron.

Ron had never experienced this from a woman before. He’s never been told he’s particularly well endowed, but to Bella’s virgin pussy everything felt huge.

She started squirming uncontrollably. Fluid started flowing down her leg as she moaned loudly. She had never experienced an orgasm like she was experiencing. Her whole body was shaking.

Her tits were shaking in every which direction. This was so hot to Ron that he soon lost his composure too. His dick started twitching.

He withdrew his dick from her pussy and instead wrapped her mountainous breasts around it and started thrusting

Bella was so dazed she didn't know what was going on. She was just happy her throbbing pussy was getting a break.

And then all of a sudden Ron started screaming and moaning. Bella felt his dick twitching in between her boobs.

She looked down and all of a sudden the old man exploded. Streams of white stringy fluid started shooting everywhere on Bella chest and face. Going onto her cheeks, hair, eyelashes, nose. It felt so warm, She knew what it was and she knew it should have grossed her out but it didn't. She was loving every second of this.

Ron, not stopping for one second, flipped her around. The old man was still rock hard, the pill did its trick.

“Wait what are you doing?” Bella exclaimed“You said only one time”

The old man said nothing, he simply dove his face down into Bella’s ass and started mushing her cheeks into his face, enjoying every inch of her masterpiece of an ass. He started licking it, like he’s seen in so many of his porno’s but his wife has never let him done!

“Hey stop it” Bella said quietly

The old man spread her cheeks apart and started licking her pussy from behind.

Bella stopped her outcries and started moaning. This felt so different than sex, but just as good. She arched her back, sticking her ass further onto Ron’s face, he moaned. She took another big swig of whiskey, and then enjoyed Ron’s performance

His tongue in her pussy felt so good, she was squirming and moaning. He started spanking her big ass roughly while licking, She loved the abuse. She wrapped her thighs around his head, half trying to kill him, half trying to satisfy him. This was so hot, more juiced started uncontrollably flowing down her thigh as she had another orgasm. This one different from before, but equally satisfying.

Ron slurped up her juices, before mounting her and again thrusting his cock in her pussy. The old man was in a frenzy.

Again Bella started moaning uncontrollably. This time, it felt better, less painful.

The feeling of Bella’s ample ass cheeks cushioning Ron’s every thrust felt so good. Ron grabbed her big tits as he was fucking her from behind, squeezing the life out of them. It felt so painful but so arousing to Bella.

After 5 minutes of thrusting and another powerful orgasm from Bella

Ron stood up and flipped Bella onto him. He turned her body around so that her ass was again in her face.

Bella’s face was right next to Ron’s throbbing cock. She was so dazed by having so many orgasms and drinking so much, she didn't know what was going on. Until soon she felt a familiar tongue in her pussy.

She felt so turned on, she instinctively put his hard dick in her mouth and started sucking.

The combined sensation for both of them was way too much. Bella felt the familiar sensation take over her again as she had another body shaking orgasm. She deep throated Ron’s cock as she came and she felt it start twitching in her mouth. A rush of hot semen went shooting down her throat. She quickly swallowed it all, It tasted terrible, but good at the same time

After this last orgasm, her body went limp

Ron flipped her around.

“No more..” she whispered “you promised” eyes half closed

Ron said nothing

He took the bottle of whiskey and poured what was left of it down her throat.

Eyes closed, Bella felt a hard dick goes into her throbbing pussy. She felt a warm mouth around her breast, and then soft thrusting followed

“mmmmm” she moaned softly

as she drifted off into unconsciousness. She came in and out of consciousness throughout the evening. She would wake up in different positions with Ron doing things to her unconscious body. Whether groping, kissing, licking, fucking.. it was all a blur, she wasn't sure what what dream and reality

Bella woke up the next day in an unfamiliar place. She was on her stomach, her head was pounding, she tried to open her eyes but the light was too bright.. the room was spinning

Her pussy was aching

she lied there for a few minutes, letting her senses come back to her

she was on the ground.. there was something on her rear end. She reached back to feel it.. bald skin.. she looked back.. “AHHH!”

She saw a hideous old man lying face first on her bum!

She shoved him aside and jolted awake. He drowsily started to wake up

She stood up. The room was spinning. “Oh no..” She said to herself. It couldn’t really have all happened.. it must’ve been a terrible dream

She rushed to the washroom, limping, and looked in the mirror. She was completely naked. She had half of her stockings on and they were now tattered. He breasts had light red marks all over them, she had hickeys all over her neck and shoulder!! She turned around and her butt had light bruising in the shape of a hand.. there were bite marks all over her ass

She looked at her face, she had dry crusted white scales all over her face, neck, hair..

She knew what it was and she suddenly felt sick.. she threw up he toilet

this was the lowest she;s ever been in life, she felt absolutely sick. She knew what she needed to do. She needed to pretend like this never happened.

She washed her face and began to look for her things in the bedroom so she could leave. Luckily her parents were away for the weekend. She could go home, recover, and hopefully put this whole disgusting thing behind her.

She looked for her thong.. uggh torn of course she thought to herself as she held up the tattered silky thong. She took off the rest of her tattered stockings too, She would just go downstairs, put on her clothes and jacket and leave.

She turned to leave when all of a sudden a dreary old man Ron stood up and blocked her way

“Morning beautiful” he sneered

“Get outta my way, you had your fun now I’m going to leave” she said sternly

he grabbed the naked teen by the waist. His old cock already starting to stir.

“Let me fuck you one more time first”

“NO. I’m leaving! You promised” she screamed

“Well I've never been known as a man of my word” he sneered “I’m just going to call the cops on you for stealing my necklace”

He drew her in closer. Pressing her breasts against his chest

She tore herself away.

“I DON'T CARE. Call them. I may lose my scholarship, but after I tell them you raped me, you’ll lose your life in jail”

he smiled

“Smart girl, where was this smart girl last night huh”

He pulled up his laptop

Bella watched anxiously.

He accessed his home security network. Displaying a bunch of live cameras. From his bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, living room..

He re-winded the footage and cut out a 10 minute clip from the living room.. Bella’s strip tease

Bella watched in horror as all it shows is Bella dancing on a table surrounded by complete darkness as the light was only shone on her.

“What this shows is a beautiful girl dancing alone, willingly exposing EVERYTHING to prying eyes. One click, sends this to your family, another click sends this to you college, and yet another click sells this to every porn site on the planet, making me a very rich man.” Old Ron sneered, executing his plan to perfection

Bella’s eyes began to water

So just be a good girl and play by Old Ron’s rules for the rest of summer, and we;ll have a lot of fun”

Thoughts were racing through Bella’s young mind. Of course she could refuse and take the risk.. but who knows who this old man would send the tape to, her life would be completely ruined.

Her parents would disown her, she would lose her scholarship, her friends, her job, everything. She couldn't take that risk

Bella realized she was defeated, she belonged to Ron.

Ron smiled

He took her by the wait and flipped her onto the bed on her stomach, and entered her from behind. Hands all over her tits. Tears rolled down her face. But she couldn't help but notice that familiar tingle that was growing in her groin once again.


For those that like pictures to accompany a story. Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories. If you prefer to use your imagination, then don't click the link!

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Thank god your writing again but what happened 2 truth or dare wit sis??? I loved that story


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Ch 2:
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This stories made my cum twice today.. you are amazing!

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