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This story is about two overtly-heterosexual young men who choose to secretly share their sexuality with one another, in an effort to better-satisfy their pent-up sexual urges.
* * * * *

Author's Note:

If this story seems familiar to you, that might be because I originally published it to this site as five separate-but-related stories, and you may have already read one of those stories. However, I have chosen to further edit and republish those five stories as one complete novelette-length story, comprised of five separate chapters (appropriately being referred to in this story as "milestones," instead of "chapters"). And just for the record, this story is as true as I can possibly make it, while at the same time, keeping it in compliance with this site's story publishing guidelines.

Up until the time that I had first published those five separate "A Horny Friend" series stories to this site, I had never told anyone else about my adolescent bisexual relationship before--with the sole exception of my wife, Bea (not her real name).

Early on in our relationship, I told Bea about the events in the Milestone 1 section of this story one afternoon, while she and I were lying naked in bed together, talking to each other, and playfully fondling each other's genitals, getting ready to have sex. The subject of our ex-lovers came up in the conversation. And that's when I decided that it was finally the right time for me to share the first of my string of "dirty little secrets" with Bea.

I went on to describe for Bea in detail the first time that I ever had adult-style, orgasm-oriented sex with another person. And that's what the Milestone 1 section of this story is all about. I hope you enjoy reading it, as well as learning about the other milestone events that I have chosen to share with you in this story.

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My Unplanned Journey Into The World Of Adolescent Bisexuality

by rat_race

* * * * *


Seduced by a Horny Friend

My heterosexual view of the world gets turned topsy-turvy during one hellaciously horny evening...

* * * * *

I am an oversexed, 60-year-old, married man who was forced to endure the God-awful experience of being raised as a Mormon. During my early childhood, virtually all of the adults who were a part of my everyday life--with the notable exception of my very open-minded father--considered homosexuality and bisexuality to be an abomination that a "decent person" just didn’t talk about, much less accept.

Just like most of you guys out there, I took girls out on dates when I was in high school. And I continued dating girls off and on (in other words, whenever I actually managed to find a girl who wanted to be my girlfriend), all the way through my college years.

I was heterosexual through and through. And so naturally, I always fantasized about having sex with girls and women. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself ever having sex with another boy. But that's exactly what ended up happening.

Just weeks after I had hit my 18th birthday, which was early in the fall semester of my senior year of high school, one of my friends seduced me into having sex with him. His name was Chris. And he was the first person to ever have adult-style, orgasm-oriented sex with me.

Although Chris was a year older than me, he was in the same grade at school as I was. And we had been good friends ever since I was 6 years old. Even way back then, we were both very precocious children, when it came to being interested in all things sexual. And both of us liked girls a lot.

When we were in the 5th grade at our elementary school, Chris and I gradually drifted apart, and we didn't see each other very much at all, maybe a couple of times a month, on the average. And our relationship pretty much stayed that way throughout junior high, and most of our high school years.

But whenever Chris and I did get together, our conversations always naturally seemed to shift to topics like “girls,” and “sex,” and “what having sex with girls would be like.”

So you can imagine my total shock and disbelief when we were walking home from a local shopping mall late one Saturday evening, and my now-19-year-old, long-time friend, Chris, told me point-blank that he wanted to suck my dick. And that he wanted to do it right then and there, if I would let him.

Of course, my initial reaction was that Chris was simply "pulling my leg." I waited for the punch line or the “gotcha” to come out of Chris’s mouth. But it never did.

Instead, in a very serious tone-of-voice, Chris admitted to me that he had recently had sex for the first time ever, and that his sexual encounter had been with another boy.

Here’s what had happened, according to Chris:

Chris’s family had been visiting some friends at their house during the previous weekend, and Chris had ended up staying very late that evening. He had also ended up getting seduced--and getting his dick sucked--by an older boy, who was a member of the family that Chris's family was visiting.

This "unforeseen event" had taken place while both boys were alone together in the older boy’s bedroom upstairs, and the rest of Chris's family and the other boy's family members were all still downstairs.

Chris went on to tell me that this older boy was actually in his early 20's (which meant that he was technically no longer a boy, but that's what Chris kept calling him anyway), and he was still living at home, while he was going to college.

Chris also claimed that it had felt wonderful to get his dick sucked. And he told me that he had also gone on to suck the older boy’s dick, before they had ended their sexual encounter that night.

My mouth was hanging wide open in response to all this “unexpected news.” All I could think at the time was, My God! Why would Chris do something like that? I know that he likes girls a lot. And so he's definitely not a 'homo.' So why did he let that older boy suck his dick?

Of course, deep down inside, I already knew the answer to that question: Chris had to have been feeling very horny at the time.

And tonight, on our walk home from the mall, Chris had just made it obvious to me that he was feeling horny enough to want to have sex with me. To tell you the truth, that was kind of flattering, in a weird way. And I still wasn’t sure what to make of it all.

At this point, Chris and I were walking by a huge, city-block-wide, rectangular-shaped hole in the ground that we kids in the neighborhood lovingly called “The Pit.” This hole had fairly-steeply-sloped, sandy walls that went down at least 100 feet or more. And at the very bottom, there was large abandoned metal machinery that had been part of a cement factory/quarry that used to operate down inside The Pit many years earlier.

My friend abruptly stopped walking, and asked me very softly in a calm gentle voice, “Well, do you wanna let me suck your dick, or not?”

“I don't know,” I replied honestly.

“Oh, come on,” Chris goaded me, “Don't be such a wimp. I thought you told me the other day that you wanted to know what it felt like to get your dick sucked.”

“I did tell you that. But I meant by a girl. Not by another guy,” I said as I started slowly walking again, and Chris continued to saunter along beside me.

“What difference does it make?” Chris asked. “A mouth is just mouth. No matter whether that mouth belongs to a girl, or a guy, it's still gonna feel just as good around your dick. And that's what really matters, isn't it?”

“Yeah, I guess you're right,” I finally admitted, after mulling things over in my mind for a few moments.

“Well?” Chris asked, “Do you want me to suck your dick, or not?”

“I don't know. I mean, if anyone ever finds out--”

"Don't worry. They won't," Chris quickly interrupted. “I promise you that I won't ever tell anyone else, if you don't.”

“But you just told me about that older boy who sucked your dick last week.”

“Yeah. But I didn't promise him that I wouldn't tell anyone else,” Chris said sarcastically, and we both laughed, breaking the tension a little bit. “Well, what do ya say?"

I didn't reply to Chris's question. Instead, I just silently looked at him for a few moments.

"Oh, come on. I guarantee you'll enjoy it,” he insisted, "I'm really good at dick-sucking. At least, that's what that older boy told me. And I'd love to suck your dick right now, if you'll let me."

“Okay. Sure,” I finally replied, as I stopped walking, turned to face Chris, and then nodded my head a few times. The bottom line was that I was willing to give it a try, if for no other reason than to find out what getting my dick sucked would be like. In other words, my own sexual curiosity ended up giving me all the motivation I needed. Of course, the fact that my penis had already started growing inside my pants only helped to make my decision even easier for me.

“So where do you wanna do it at?” I asked.

“Right over there,” Chris said, pointing towards The Pit.

Then Chris made a beeline for The Pit. And I curiously followed him, not really knowing what to expect next.

Chris finally stopped about halfway down to the bottom of The Pit, and then motioned for me to sit down. So I sat down on the downward-sloped sandy wall, with my feet pointing down towards the bottom of The Pit.

“Are you sure you want to do it here?” I asked Chris, gesturing towards one side of The Pit, which was the only side of The Pit bordered by a major city street. I could see the rear walls of several businesses, most of which happened to be closed at the time. But what really concerned me was the large apartment complex. I could make out some of the residents inside of their apartments, and I even saw a few of them sitting or standing out on their balconies, looking our way.

“I mean, aren't you worried about those people over there seeing us?” I asked.

“No. We're way down in the shadows right now. They can't see us. Believe me. I wouldn't be doing this, if I thought they could,” Chris reassured me.

Chris placed a hand on each of my knees, and he gently spread my knees apart. Then he knelt down between my spread-apart knees, directly in front of me.

“Now, relax. Everything's gonna be just fine. You'll see...” Chris said quietly as he calmly undid my belt buckle, unbuttoned the large metal button at the front of my jeans, and unzipped my fly all the way down.

He eased his hand down inside the front of the elastic waistband of my white cotton jockey shorts, and he began to skillfully manipulate my already-partially-erect penis.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to actually have another person’s hand on my bare dick. And Chris knew exactly how to handle my penis, because just like me, he had a penis too. So it didn’t take long at all for me to get a full-fledged hard-on.

And at that point, I pretty much stopped worrying about the people who were out on their balconies at the apartment complex possibly seeing Chris and me "in action" down in The Pit.

Chris suggested that I pull down my pants and my underwear. And then he got out from between my legs, so that I had room to maneuver.

I pulled my pants and underwear almost all the way off, leaving them scrunched up and wrapped around my ankles, before I placed the soles of my tennis shoes together, and spread my knees as far apart as I could, and then just held that pose.

Chris didn't waste any time getting back down between my spread-apart knees, so that he could continue to work his "sexual magic" on me.

I basically just sat there on my bare butt on that sloped sandy wall in that wide-open pit under a starry moonlit sky, letting my friend fondle and lick my dick and my balls.

When Chris's mouth slid down around the head of my dick, and he began sucking on it like a lollipop, I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. And I was very glad that I had taken Chris up on his offer to suck my dick.

And I also realized that Chris had been right. It really didn't matter to me at all that the mouth sucking away on my dick was a guy's mouth, instead of a girl's. I just kept basking in the awesome sensations, wishing that they would last forever, but knowing full well that they were about to come to an abrupt end.

Chris’s mouth was wrapped around the head of my dick, and he was energetically hand-pumping my shaft, when I warned him by whispering to him, “Hey, I'm gonna shoot my sperm.”

I called it “shooting sperm” because that's the term that my friend, Davy, had always used, when referring to a male's ejaculation. And in my case, at that age, the term "shooting sperm" accurately described the way that I ejaculated sperm during my orgasms. Whenever I orgasmed while I was jacking myself off, it was quite normal for my very first couple of spurts of sperm to forcefully squirt out and land about two feet away from the tip of my dick.

{Author's Note: In the region of America where I lived, the widely-used sexual slang term for male masturbation was "jacking off," instead of "jerking off." And a guy's penis was always referred to--by both guys and girls--as being his "dick," and not his "cock." Just like a girl's vulva/vagina was always called her "pussy," and not her "cunt."}

Chris gave me no response whatsoever to my warning about my impending orgasm. He just kept on sucking away at my dick-head, while he was jacking me off. So I warned him again, this time in a louder forced whisper, "Hey, Chris, I'm not kidding, man! I'm gonna shoot my sperm in your mouth, if you keep on sucking my dick."

Chris lifted his mouth up off of my dick just long enough to quickly whisper back, “Go right ahead.”

So I leaned back on my elbows, and within the next few seconds I began orgasming my ass off, and unloading my whole wad of sperm into back of Chris's mouth. And as far as I could tell, he swallowed every bit of my sperm.

In fact, he didn't stop hand-pumping my dick--nor did he pull my dick-head out of his mouth--until he finally felt my dick starting to shrink and soften up. At that point, Chris got out from between my legs.

I pulled my jeans and tighty whities back up around my waist, and then I sat back down. Even in the dim moonlight I could see the obvious bulge at the front of Chris’s pants, as he sat down beside me, to my immediate left.

He reached down into his own crotch, and he began to openly massage and squeeze his pants-covered bulge in front of me. Throughout the whole time he was doing this, he didn't say one word to me.

I was really freaking out at this point, because I was pretty sure that Chris was wanting me--and maybe even expecting me--to jack him off and suck his dick, just like he had already finished doing to mine.

My having passively cooperated with Chris in The Pit just moments before (as I was allowing him to suck my dick, and jack me off) was something that I could rationalize away as just being mere sexual curiosity on my part. But the thought of me being the one who was doing the dick-sucking made me feel a little bit queasy.

At the time, I viewed my own sexuality as being completely heterosexual in nature. And as I have already mentioned, all of my sexual fantasies involved me having sex with girls. Of course, most of the time, those “girls” would turn out to be torn-out magazine porn photos of naked women who were “letting me” stare at their breasts and pussies while I was masturbating. But the very thought of me passionately kissing or hugging another boy was nothing less than gross and disgusting to me.

So it scared the heck out of me--and confused me quite a bit--when I realized that, deep down inside, I was actually wanting to perform the same types of homosexual-style acts on Chris, that he had just done to me. I felt like such a queer for even having those feelings. But, of course, that still didn’t stop me from having them.

Even my still-halfway-erect dick betrayed me, when it began growing again inside my pants, while I was watching Chris, as he teasingly played with his bulge in front of me.

And I unexpectedly found myself actively fantasizing about what Chris’s dick and balls might look like, and about how it would feel to have my hands wrapped around another boy’s bare erect dick. And I imagined what it would be like to hold my close friend's balls in my hand.

Suffice it to say, it didn’t take very long before I automatically reached down into my own crotch with my right hand, and began to massage my growing bulge.

When Chris saw me doing that, he pulled his hand away from his crotch, so that I could plainly see his bulge. And he finally broke the silence, by asking me, "Would you like to feel my hard-on?"

Of course, I told him, "Sure." And then I just sat there, and I continued fondling my own bulge, while I was staring at his.

And in response to my reluctance, Chris said, “Well, go ahead and touch it, Silly. It's okay. That's what I want you to do.”

Then Chris reached over with his right hand, grabbed my left hand, and placed it onto his firm bulge, so that I could begin feeling it and massaging it.

And now that Chris had explicitly given me permission to touch his bulge--and had even placed my hand on his own crotch--there was absolutely no logical reason left for me to keep holding myself back from fondling and feeling out Chris's pants-covered hard-on. And so I began groping away at his bulge, with the unbridled excitement of a man who had just stumbled upon an oasis out in the middle of the Sahara desert. You could say that Chris's stiff dick instantly became my oasis. And at the time, I was one hell of thirsty guy!

Then, while he was barely reacting to the obvious exuberance that I was displaying through my eagerly-groping left hand, Chris removed the palm of his right hand from the back of my "preoccupied" left hand. He calmly reached back over into my lap, pushed my right hand away from my crotch, and started massaging my now-obvious bulge with his right hand and fingers, at the same time as I was groping away at his bulge with my left hand.

I had never experienced anything so erotic in my entire life. Not only did I find myself accepting my latent bisexual feelings. I automatically embraced them wholeheartedly, as I was thoroughly enjoying this unique sexual experience.

Shortly after Chris had begun squeezing my firm bulge, he said, “God, you must be feelin’ really horny tonight! Looks like I’m gonna have to suck your dick again, aren’t I?”

“Uh-huh,” I hummed back, eagerly nodding my head up and down in agreement.

“Well, you’re just gonna have to wait for your turn. 'Cuz it’s my turn right now,” he insisted, as he stopped massaging my bulge just long enough so that he could nonchalantly undo his belt, unbutton his jeans, and pull down his zipper.

I saw Chris’s white-underwear-covered, fully-erect penis pop straight out through the V-shape of his wide-open, metal zipper. And I knew that I was just moments away from touching Chris's bare dick and his balls for the first time ever.

I can't even begin to describe for you the extremely-high level of mental sexual excitement that I was experiencing. It was addictively euphoric. And even though I didn't know it at the time, it was also a level of mental sexual excitement that I would very rarely experience throughout my entire life.

“You do want to suck my dick, right?” Chris asked, giving me one last chance to back out, if I wanted to.

I didn’t answer him. I just grabbed hold of his underwear-covered dick, and I firmly squeezed it, and felt it out for about 20 or 30 seconds, before sliding my hand down inside the elastic waistband at the front of Chris’s tighty whities to touch his bare genitals for the first time ever.

As I enthusiastically groped away at his erect dick and balls, Chris kept on massaging my bulge. I could tell that he was obviously enjoying what I was doing to him.

“Well, are you ready to do it?” Chris asked me.

“Sure,” I said, trying to act cocky and confident, but actually feeling scared and very vulnerable deep down inside. Let’s face it. I really had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into.

Chris finally stopped massaging my bulge. He pulled his own pants and underwear all the way down around his ankles, spread his knees far apart, and then leaned back on his elbows, just like I had done earlier.

I moved over in front of him, facing him. I got down between his spread-apart knees, and I placed both of my hands on his bare genitals, with my right hand around his dick, and my left hand cupping his giant balls.

And I quickly discovered that Chris’s dick and balls really turned me on a lot--much more than I had originally thought that they might. You see, even though Chris and I both had circumcised penises, his bare genitals just happened to be completely different-looking from mine, which made them incredibly sexy and foreign to me.

Back then, my fully erect penis was nearly 6 1/2 inches long (I know this for a fact, because I had actually measured it with a ruler before), which meant that my erect dick was at least 2 inches longer than Chris’s.

The corona surrounding the very rear of the helmet-shaped head of my penis was just a little bit larger in diameter than my shaft was. But the corona surrounding the very rear of the head of Chris’s dick was very large in diameter. And it was attached to a shaft that was just slightly smaller in diameter than mine.

My balls were fairly small, whereas Chris's balls were truly enormous.

My pubic area had a light smattering of fine, reddish-colored pubic hair. Chris’s pubic area was thickly covered in coarse, light-brown pubic hair.

Even our bodies were totally different-looking. I was a short skinny kid, whereas Chris was almost a head taller than me, and pretty chubby. And considering the drastic difference in our body-sizes, it was quite ironic that my erect penis was substantially longer than Chris's, instead of things being the other way around.

But the one thing that I found most exciting and interesting about Chris's genitals was that he had an extremely odd-shaped dick-head. To be honest, his dick kind of reminded me of a mushroom. But the head of his dick wasn't actually symmetrical, like the top of a real mushroom is. Instead, the top rear of Chris's large dick-head was shaped very much like the rear part of a small toy Triceratops dinosaur head, with its characteristic flattened-out and drastically-protruding ridge.

In the moonlight, I could see the glistening little stream of transparent pre-orgasmic seminal fluid that just kept oozing out of Chris’s piss-hole slit, to naturally flow down the underside of his penis. Being a guy myself, I assumed that I knew exactly what that leaky piss-hole meant. Chris was extremely excited, and already very close to orgasming.

So I decided to initially focus my attention on Chris's balls, instead of his dick, just to let his orgasmic sensations chill down a little bit.

I temporarily removed my hand from Chris's dick, leaned over his lap, stuck my face deep into his crotch, and I licked and sucked his huge balls for a while. Of course, I also fondled them with my hands.

I was surprised by the pungent odor of his crotch, and the fact that it really didn’t smell bad to me at all. In fact, the smell of Chris’s dick and balls actually excited me sexually. And my own dick remained fully-erect and throbbing against the confinement of my pants.

Eventually, I grabbed the very base of Chris's dick between my thumb and my first two fingers, and I held it steady as I licked my way up the short shaft of Chris's leaky, blood-engorged penis, getting my first taste of his pre-orgasmic seminal fluid. It didn't taste all that good to me. But it didn't taste bad to me either. And it turned me on to be licking it up from Chris's dick with my tongue.

I licked my way up the underside of Chris's dick-head, before playfully raking the tip of my tongue across his piss-hole slit a few times.

Then I used my tongue to spread my saliva all over the head of Chris's dick, before I finally moved back down to his dick-shaft, and began firmly licking the well-defined urethral "tube" that ran along the underside of his penis, lapping away at it like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

At this point, I was intentionally targeting a specific area of Chris's urethral "tube" that was located right behind the head of his dick, where his foreskin was attached to his shaft.

{Author's Note: I have always referred to this same special area of my own urethral "tube" as being my "trigger-spot," because if this particular area of my dick-shaft receives enough physical stimulation, it will automatically and inevitably "trigger" me to have an orgasm. In other words, it is this specific "trigger-spot" area on the underside of my penis that I tend to focus my physical stimulation on, whenever I'm hand-pumping up and down on my shaft to jack myself off. And this "trigger-spot" is the only area of my entire penis where I can just hold the tip of a turned-on vibrator pressed up against it for a little while, and without hand-pumping my dick-shaft at all, the vibrations alone will inevitably cause me to orgasm and ejaculate, as a direct result. I tend to view this "trigger-spot" area of mine as being the male version of the "G-spot" area inside of a female's vagina; which by the way, also just happens to be located directly on her urethral "tube," just like my "trigger spot" is located on mine. Go figure.}

By intentionally and aggressively tonguing the "trigger-spot" area on the underside of Chris's dick-shaft that night in The Pit, I was trying to determine if Chris actually had a specific "trigger-spot" area on his dick, just like I did (I had assumed that he did, but I wasn't 100% sure). And of course, Chris proved to me that he did in fact have a "trigger-spot" area on the underside of his dick-shaft, when he quickly began breathing noticeably harder and faster, and I heard the very next words that came out of his mouth.

“I'm gonna cum!” Chris warned me in a very breathy, excited whisper.

"Okay," I immediately responded, abruptly stopping my energetic dick-licking to look up at Chris. "But just give me a second, alright?"

I quickly stuck the head of his dick into my mouth, and began sucking away on it.

I really had to stretch my mouth wide-open to fit the large, flared-out head of Chris's dick totally inside of my fairly-small mouth. And I found that to be somewhat uncomfortable.

The good news was that it didn't take very long at all for Chris to orgasm. I only had to finger-pump the short shaft of his dick five or six times, before he began to cum in my mouth.

The bad news was that, when he did, I instantly discovered that I absolutely hated the taste of sperm.

To make matters even worse, I started choking and gagging on the massive amount of semen that Chris was squirting directly into the back of my throat. And I assumed that those enormous balls of his were to blame for that. But all I could do at the time, was to try to swallow repeatedly, as quickly as I could.

Even then, I still had to relax my lips, and allow some of the sperm to dribble out of the sides of my mouth, and down onto his crotch.

Meanwhile, Chris's dick just kept on pulsating away, and squirting warm jets of sperm into my mouth for what seemed like an extraordinary length of time. I kept thinking to myself, My God! When will this guy's sperm-shooting ever end?

But of course, Chris's ejaculation eventually did come to an end.

And when I finally raised my head up off of his softening dick, I tried my best to act like my having just taken Chris’s massive wad of freshly-ejaculated sperm inside of my mouth was "no big deal."

At the same time, every fiber in my body was screaming for me to spit out what was left of the salty, yucky-tasting sperm.

But I just kept swallowing over and over again, as I tried to get rid of the horrible taste, as best as I could. I didn't want Chris to think that I wasn't "man enough" to tolerate having his sperm in my mouth.

Throughout all of this discomfort that had been caused by Chris's massive ejaculation into my mouth, my own penis had quickly gone almost completely limp, and I was definitely not in the mood to have more sex.

So when Chris finally pulled his pants back up, and then tried to get me to pull my pants back down, so that he could suck my dick for the second time that night, I talked him out of it, by telling him that I wasn't feeling horny anymore. And I convinced him that it would be best for us to just go ahead and leave The Pit.

Chris and I didn’t say a word to each other while we were making that half-mile-long walk home together that night from The Pit, with the lingering taste of each other's sperm in our mouths. Chris walked with me all the way to my house, before he left to walk back to his own house, which was about a quarter mile away from mine, in the same neighborhood.

Now, here's the last crucial part of my first-ever adult-style sexual encounter story that I "conveniently neglected" to tell my wife, Bea, during my original confession to her:

When Chris and I arrived at the front porch of my house, he finally broke the awkward silence between us, when he very quietly asked me, "Well, did you enjoy getting your dick sucked?"

I quickly whispered back to him, "Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Did you enjoy sucking it?"

"Hell, yes! Your dick really turned me on. Did you like my dick?" Chris asked, still whispering.

"Oh, yeah! Your dick really turned me on too," I candidly confessed, feeling like such a queer, for admitting something like that to my best friend. And of course, by this point, I was also seriously questioning my own heterosexuality.

"That's great! So do you want to have sex again sometime?" Chris asked.

Those words coming out of Chris's mouth hit me like a rock. I had previously thought that our sexual encounter together down in The Pit was supposed to be a one-shot deal. A one-time, friend-on-friend dick-sucking experiment, if you will. That's what Chris had implied, when he had originally asked me if I would let him suck my dick. And now, here I was, being confronted head-on with the "totally-unexpected news" that Chris was wanting to continue having a sexual relationship with me.

I really didn't know what to say to Chris, even though it was the type of question that only needed a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

I didn't want to tell Chris "yes," because in my mind, that would have been like admitting to him that I was a homosexual. And I just couldn't do that--even if it were true, which is wasn't.

But I also didn't want to tell him "no," because I realized that sharing my sexuality with Chris down in The Pit had turned out to be a much better alternative to not sharing my sexuality with anyone at all. Besides, I couldn't deny that I had thoroughly enjoyed having Chris's hands wrapped around my bare dick, as well as having my hands wrapped around his. And if I told Chris "no," I just knew that he would most likely go out and find some other guy to have sex with. And that was totally unacceptable, as far as I was concerned--because deep down inside, I desperately needed for that "other guy" to be me. The bottom line was that I needed to have sex with someone on a regular basis--even if that "someone" was another guy, instead of a girl.

And so I finally decided to give Chris a wishy-washy answer, and see where that led to. I also needed to find out just how badly Chris wanted to continue having sex with me, and whether or not he was willing to negotiate the terms of any future sexual encounters that we might have.

"I don't know," I whispered back, slowly shaking my head, "I mean, I'm not sure that we should."

"Don't be silly. I'm not gonna tell anyone about any of this," Chris tried to reassure me.

"That's...not...what...I...mean," I strongly whispered back, very slowly and emphatically mouthing each word as I said it.

"" Chris asked, just as slowly and emphatically.

After hesitating for a couple of seconds to get my thoughts together, I finally blurted out, "Well, I enjoyed sucking your dick and all. It's just that you shot so much sperm, that it made me choke. And to be totally honest with you, I couldn't stand the taste of the sperm either."

Chris seemed to find my answer to be amusing, as he quipped back, "Okay. So in the future I won't cum in your mouth--that is, unless you tell me that you want me to. Problem solved."

A huge grin broke out on Chris's face. Then he paused for a moment, took a deep breath and got serious again as he added, "Tell you what. The next time that we get together, why don't we just jack each other off. That would be okay with you, wouldn't it?"

I couldn't believe it. Chris had just told me exactly what I had been wanting to hear from him, which finally made me feel comfortable enough to go ahead and let him take our friendship to a whole new level.

"Yeah, that would be great!" I quickly agreed, and then just as enthusiastically suggested, "Why don't we do it at my house Monday after school? My mom will be at work, and we'll have the whole house to ourselves."

"You bet! See ya Monday," Chris replied as he turned around to leave.

And that's how my on-going adolescent clandestine sexual relationship with Chris began.

* * * * *


Round 2 with a Horny Friend

My horny male friend and I take the plunge into the murky waters of mutual masturbation...

* * * * *

That particular Sunday seemed like it would never end. It was the day after that very first sexual encounter on Saturday evening in The Pit, with my older friend, Chris. And I was so horny and excited, just from the anticipation of Chris's and my second-ever sexual encounter together--which was supposed to take place tomorrow after school--that I must have jacked myself off at least two or three times throughout the day.

When Monday afternoon finally rolled around, I met Chris after school, and we took the city bus (as opposed to a school bus) home together. We were both in a great mood, and chatting away like a couple of magpies, knowing full well what we were secretly going to be doing, once we arrived at my house (after about a 15 minute walk up a steep hill, from the nearest bus stop, to our neighborhood).

I unlocked the front door, and I went into the house first, calling out for my mother, just to make sure that she wasn't at home, and that Chris and I had the whole house to ourselves. And as luck would have it, we did.

So Chris followed me into my bedroom, and I made sure to close and lock my bedroom door, just in case my mother came home from work early.

Thanks to the layout of my family's home, the doorway to my bedroom--and even my bed itself--was visible from the front doorway of the house. And let's face it. The last thing I needed was for my church mouse of a mother to unexpectedly come home from work, step in through the front door, and then look across the living room--and directly through my open bedroom doorway--to catch me right in the middle of having homosexual-style sex with my best friend.

Chris and I sat down beside each other on one side of my twin-size bed, and we naturally started talking about sexually-related stuff. And of course, the subject of "our evening together in The Pit" eventually came up in the conversation. I mean, how could it not? It was definitely the elephant in the room.

And to tell you the truth, things felt pretty awkward for a little while; until Chris finally broke the ice, by casually reaching down into his own crotch, and openly fondling his clothing-covered dick, while we continued to talk about our shared experience in The Pit.

I naturally followed Chris's lead, and began fondling my own clothing-covered dick right in front of him, too. And it didn't take long at all before we both had noticeable "tent poles" pushing out against the front of our pants.

Chris stood up and took off his pants and underwear, getting naked from the waist down, before he sat back down beside me on the bed, spread his legs apart, and then continued fondling his dick and his balls in front of me.

And then I stood up and got naked from the waist down (just like Chris had done), before sitting back down beside Chris on the bed, and spreading my legs apart.

Before I could reach down into my own crotch, and start fondling my genitals, Chris nonchalantly reached over into my lap, and started playing with my dick and my balls.

And I automatically reciprocated, as I reached over into his lap, and did the same thing to him. And of course, Chris was more than happy to move his hand away from his own genitals, so that I could take over and "drive." And we both took our time feeling out and manually exploring each other's bare sex organs.

And we couldn't help but stare at each other's crotches. Keep in mind that this was the very first time that either of us had seen the other person's bare genitals during the daylight. And now that I could finally see what Chris's dick and balls really looked like, his genitals turned me on even more than they did that evening in The Pit.

The other thing that I noticed was that, when I got my first look at Chris's bare dick, it was already wet at the very tip with his pre-cum. And the transparent pre-cum fluid just kept slowly oozing out of Chris's piss-hole slit, and running down the underside of his shaft, the whole time that I was touching and playing with his genitals.

Eventually, I felt that I just had to make a comment about how leaky Chris's dick was. And our conversation went something like this:

"Wow! Your dick's so wet. Do you always leak like that?" I asked Chris.

"Yeah. Don't you?"

"No," I initially replied, and Chris gave me one of those "are-you-crazy" kind of looks. And so I went on to explain, "I mean, yes, I do leak. But not anywhere near as much as you do. And I don't usually start leaking, until I get really excited. Like right before I'm about to orgasm."

"Oh, yeah? Well you're leaking right now," Chris said very matter-of-factly, which made me look down at my own dick-head. And sure enough, my piss-hole slit was wet and glistening with my pre-cum. "So then I guess that means that you're really excited right now, right?" Chris asked.

"Of course I am. Aren't you?"

"No. Not really," Chris said nonchalantly, as he was busy using his fingertips to feel and play with the watery-looking, transparent pre-cum that was slowly seeping out of my piss-hole slit.

"Oh, come on!" I said. "You've gotta be kiddin' me."

"No, I'm not," Chris said with a serious look on his face; and then waited for a long moment, before he all of the sudden broke out laughing, and said, "Okay, okay, you're right. I am really excited. Just like you are. But the truth is, I'd be even more excited right now if you had a pussy, instead of a dick."

"Hey, I feel the same way you do," I honestly replied.

"You mean, you'd rather have a pussy?" Chris taunted me.

"No, Silly. I'd want you to be the one with the pussy. I'm more than happy to keep the dick I've got, thank you."

"I would too, if I were you. You've got a really nice long one, you know? I wish mine looked like yours."

"I don't. I think your dick is super sexy-looking, just the way it is," I stated, quite honestly.

"I'm just glad you agreed to go down into The Pit with me the other night."

"So am I. And by the way, thanks for coming over to my house this afternoon. I almost can't believe that we're really doing this right now."

"Neither can I," Chris agreed, and he began to slowly hand-pump my penis, which let me know that he was ready to "get down to business."

So I joined in, and within less than a minute or two, we were both energetically pumping away at each other's dicks at the same time.

Perhaps the best part of all this, was that Chris just happened to be left-handed (unlike me). And he also just happened to be sitting beside me (hip-to-hip) to my right, at the edge of the bed. So he naturally had his left hand in my lap, and was using it to jack me off very adeptly, while I was using my right hand to jack him off, too.

Things couldn't have been more perfect for us at that moment. It felt like our jacking off together was just something that was meant to happen. And Chris and I were both so mentally excited, that our mutual masturbation didn't last very long.

I was the first one to orgasm. I didn't give Chris any warning either. I just started cumming. And while he kept on pumping away at my dick, Chris watched my sperm, as the little spurts were forcefully squirting out of the tip of my dick, like tiny white rockets flying upward into the air, and then smoothly arcing over to fall down onto the carpet, right in front of me, beside the bed.

Chris seemed delighted by what he was witnessing. But I was actually feeling pretty embarrassed. At this point in my life, no one but me had ever seen my sperm being ejaculated.

However, my embarrassment would turn out to be short-lived, because within a few moments--as my orgasmic feelings were starting to subside, and my ejaculating penis was still mildly pulsating in Chris's hand--he said to me, "God, that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"

And I knew that Chris was referring to my ejaculation, and I sarcastically said, "You're welcome. Now it's time for you to show me yours. Don't ya think?"

"Don't worry," Chris assured me very excitedly, breathing so hard that he was barely able to get the next few phrases out of his mouth, in short machine gun-style bursts of words, "Just keep stroking me...Like you're doing...Fuck, yes...That's it...Yeah...I'm cumming...I'm cumming..."

And just seconds later, I got to witness Chris's massive ejaculation. As I was swiftly pumping up and down on his short dick-shaft (with my thumb and my first two fingers wrapped around it), and trying my best to help him cum, Chris's sperm all of the sudden squirted out very forcefully from his piss-hole, just like mine had done, a few moments before.

But Chris's sperm didn't look anything like mine did. Instead of being an off-white-colored, oily-looking seminal fluid with thicker globs of sperm floating around in it, Chris's semen flew out in very long, thick, almost-pure-white streamers. It almost had the consistency and the look of white cake frosting.

And there was lots and lots of sperm. Chris must have ejaculated at least two or three times the amount of semen that I did during an orgasm. I was literally blown away by what I saw! It was as if Chris's dick-head had turned into a little "sperm-volcano." And I just shook my head, as the realization hit me that it was the same "gushing" dick-head that I had had in my mouth just two days ago, down in The Pit.

By the way, it was very obvious to me--by the way that Chris was giggling away like a little girl, and by how his face had quickly turned red--that, despite his earlier outwardly-macho behavior, he was feeling just as embarrassed about letting me see his ejaculation, as I was earlier, about letting him see mine.

After we were both finished cumming, we continued to play with each other's dicks for a little while, with each of us taking turns, as we were finger-rubbing some of our own freshly-ejaculated sperm all over the other person's dick-head. And while we were busy doing that, we talked to each other about what we had just done together, and about how exciting it was for us to jack off each other's dicks, instead of our own.

Then we both went into the bathroom together, and took turns using a warm wet washcloth to gently wipe off and clean up our sticky genitals.

We then rinsed out the same wet washcloth and took it back into the bedroom with us, so that we could use it to wipe up as much sperm as we could off of the carpet in my bedroom. Needless to say, my mother definitely would not have been pleased, if she would have come home from work to find dried-up sperm puddles and streaks all over the carpet, by the side of my bed.

As Chris and I were both getting dressed, he told me that he wanted to have sex with me again the very next afternoon at my house, if that was okay with me.

And of course, I told him that it was "okay with me"--which was a huge understatement on my part. What I was really hoping at that very moment, was that Chris would change his mind about leaving. I wanted him to pull his pants back down, and have sex with me again, right there on the spot--because, believe it or not, I could feel my dick already starting to "grow" inside my pants again. And we were still in my bedroom, with the bedroom door closed and locked.

But instead, Chris opened the bedroom door, and I followed him into the living room, and we simply said our goodbyes to one another. But right before Chris stepped out of the front door of my house to walk back home to his, he assured me that he was fine with us just jacking each other off for now, until I finally became more comfortable with the whole situation, and let him know that I was ready to start trying other things. And with that, he left my house.

Meanwhile, I was still feeling so horny and mentally excited from what had just taken place between Chris and me, that I went straight back to my bedroom, closed and locked my bedroom door behind me, retrieved my hidden stash of "visual masturbation aids"--which at this point in my life, took the form of mostly Hustler and Penthouse men's magazines--and I stared at the photos of the naked, spread-legged women's pussies, while I got naked from the waist down myself, and then jacked off my already fully-erect dick.

But unfortunately, due to my exceptionally high level of mental sexual excitement, that post-Chris's-departure-from-my-house jack-off session still didn't "do the trick" for me. I just kept on getting spontaneous boners throughout the rest of the afternoon. And I also couldn't help but think about what Chris had meant when he had told that we would eventually be "trying other things" together.

After I finished eating supper with Mom that evening, I excused myself from the dinner table, being very careful to hide the very-noticeable bulge at the front of my pants from my mother. And I ended up having to make a beeline for the bathroom, so that I could jack myself off once again--if for no other reason, than to try to get rid of the "boner from hell" that just didn't seem to want to go away, on its own.

And while I was standing up in front of the bathroom sink, and staring at the blood-engorged head of my own dick in the bathroom mirror, as I was stroking away at it like a madman, all I could think about was Chris's super-sexy-looking, drastically-flared-out dick-head; and those gigantic balls of his; and especially his awesome "volcanic" sperm-release.

And while I was orgasming and squirting my sperm all over the sink, I was vividly imagining that I was rubbing my dick-head up against Chris's, and then ejaculating my sperm all over the head of his dick.

It wasn't until immediately afterwards that I realized that I had just hit a "masturbation milestone." This was the very first time in my life when I had not experienced a single thought about girls or women--or about their nipples, or about their pussies--the whole time that I was jacking myself off.

Instead, all I had ended up thinking about was my best friend's dick. It didn't matter that I wasn't gay, or that I wasn't actually in love with Chris. All that really mattered was that I was "in love with" his penis. And I quickly decided that I could live with that--just as long as Chris was "in love with" my penis, too (and not in love with me). And judging from my first two sexual encounters with him, I was fairly certain that this was the case.

The bad news was that after I had finished jacking myself off and I had left the bathroom, the head of my dick was rubbed raw, and feeling very sore to the touch.

But the good news was that I finally felt sexually satiated, which meant no more spontaneous boners. And that was a very good thing, because I was finally able to stop thinking about sex--at least, long enough so that I could concentrate on getting my school homework done.

And of course, that very next morning, despite my still-sore dick-head, I found myself looking forward to Round 3 with my special horny friend.

* * * * *


Surprised by a Horny Friend

At the end of our one-week-old secret sexual relationship, my horny male friend surprises me--twice...

* * * * *

Chris and I got together to have sex every afternoon during that very first week of our secret sexual relationship.

And Rounds 3, 4, 5 and 6 with Chris ended up being pretty much carbon copies of Round 2. In other words, after school, Chris and I would meet up to take the city bus home together. And then after walking from the bus stop up that steep hill to my house, we would go straight to my bedroom, making sure to lock the bedroom door behind us. Then we would play with our own pants-covered crotches in front of each other, until both of our penises became fully-erect. At that point, we would both get naked from the waist down, and then proceed to feel out and play with each other's bare genitals, before finally jacking each other off. And no matter whether I liked it or not, I was always the first one to orgasm.

The biggest difference between these subsequent sexual encounters and Monday's Round 2 was that at the beginning of Tuesday's Round 3, I decided to share a few Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy magazines from my hidden stash with Chris. And we used those photos of the naked, spread-legged women to help us both "get in the mood" for sex.

Throughout the rest of the week--and at Chris's insistence, I might add--we continued starting out our sexual encounters by looking at porn photos in the various men's magazines from my substantial stash.

Chris was surprised and extremely pleased by just how many Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy magazines I had managed to collect over the years--thanks to my already-divorced father, believe it or not. He was the one who had actually bought and given me each one of those men's magazines, whenever I used to go visit him. As far as I was concerned, my dad was nothing less than awesome!

At any rate, I kept this prized men's magazine collection of mine hidden in multiple boxes up in the attic. I thank God that the only access to the attic of our house was through the trap door in the ceiling of the closet in my bedroom.

And I also thank God that my mother never stored anything up in the attic. The last thing I needed was for my super-prudish mother to discover my large porn magazine collection--especially the over-the-top Hustler magazines that had turned out to be my favorites. As you can imagine, she would have really flipped out.

When Chris left my house right after Friday afternoon's Round 6, I assumed that I wouldn't be having sex with him again until that next Monday afternoon, after the weekend was over with.

But Chris unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep early Saturday evening, asking me if I wanted to go out with him to the bowling alley to play some pinball. As we were both still standing face-to-face in the front doorway of my house, our conversation went something like this:

"Sure," I said. "That sounds neat."

"Do you want to have sex first? Before we go to the bowling alley?" Chris asked out loud.

"Shh. My mom's home. She'll hear you," I chided him, before adding in a whisper, "Besides, where could we do that at?"

"It's been over a week since we sucked dicks down in The Pit," Chris said in a very quite voice. "I really miss that. Do you want to do it again? I mean suck dicks down in The Pit?" Chris asked.

"No!" I replied in a forced whisper. "I don't want to go down in The Pit again. That place really gave me the creeps."

"So then, what you're saying is that you're okay with us sucking dicks tonight, but that you just don't want to do it down in The Pit, right?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying. But where else could we go?" I asked, realizing that I had just agreed to suck Chris's dick again, despite the bad experience that I had had, while I was performing that very sex act on Chris down in The Pit.

"How about the playhouse in your back yard. Remember how we used to 'play doctor' there all the time? No one ever caught us."

"My mom's home, remember? We can't just walk into the back yard, and go into the playhouse together. That would really make her suspicious."

"No, but we can tell your mom 'bye' first, and then leave through the front door, like we're going out somewhere together--which we really are. Then we just go around the side of the house, and jump over the wall, and sneak into the playhouse. What do ya say?"

"I don't know. It's gonna be pretty dark inside that playhouse. I mean, we can't turn on any lights, for obvious reasons."

"That's okay. All we really need to do is 'turn on' each other, right?" Chris said, intentionally twisting my words around to try to be funny. "I think I can get along just fine in the dark, can't you?"


"Well then, what are you waitin' for? Let's go," Chris said.

And as we were walking around the side of the house, and getting ready to climb over the five-and-a-half-foot-tall, rock privacy wall that surrounded my entire back yard, Chris said, "I've got a surprise for you tonight. But I'm not gonna tell you what it is, until we get inside the playhouse."

We snuck across the back yard, and into the playhouse. We closed the door, and sat down on the wooden floor of the playhouse, facing each other.

It was super-dark in there. There was just a little bit of light streaming through the edges of the curtains in the two small windows. But it was enough light for me to barely make out the shadow of Chris's chubby body, sitting a couple feet away, right in front of me.

Chris reached across into my lap, and began fondling my dick through the crotch material of my pants. Naturally, I reached across into his lap, and began doing the same thing to him. And we just sat there for several minutes, quietly feeling out each other's "equipment," until we both finally had hard-ons.

"So what's the big surprise?" I finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Why don't you take your pants off first, and then I'll tell you," Chris suggested.

And I did just that, while he was taking his own pants off at the same time.

We both sat back down on our bare butts on that hard wooden floor, facing each other. And then Chris said, "What would you say, if I told you that I wanted us to suck each other's dicks right now."

"That's no surprise! I mean, that's why we came out here, isn't it?"

"Okay, so here's the 'surprise' part. I want us to suck each other's dicks at the same time, if that's okay with you."

"What? Just how were you planning for us to do that? I mean, I don't want to lie on top of you. That would be disgusting. And I certainly don't want you lying on top of me, either. You'd crush me, and I wouldn't be able to breathe," I said, half joking, and half not.

"It'll be easy. You'll see. All we need to do is lie down on our sides, and face each other, but with our bodies in opposite directions. So what do ya say? Come on. Give it a try. You just might like it."

"Okay, okay. You win. But understand that I'm only doing this for you," I said--which was a complete lie on my part, because I was just as curious to try out 69-ing with Chris, as he was to try it out with me.

"That's fair enough. And I promise, you won't be sorry," Chris said, as he leaned over, until he was lying down on his left side.

And I did the same thing, but in the opposite direction.

We both naturally bent our right legs (with our right knees up in the air) to open up our crotch area, and give each other better access to our genital areas.

The next thing I knew, I felt Chris's hands, as he grabbed hold of my dick with one hand, and my balls with his other hand. And within moments I felt his mouth, as he wrapped it around my dick-head, and began sucking away on it.

I could smell the pungent-but-sexy aroma of Chris's crotch somewhere near my face. So I reached out into the darkness in front of me, just like a blind person would, as I as tentatively feeling the air for--and then eventually grabbing hold of--his stubby dick and his enormous balls.

Chris responded by shimmying his hips in closer to my head, and then gently rocking his pelvis back and forth to repeatedly thrust the tip of his dick-head right up against my face and my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide, and wrapped it around Chris's large flared-out dick-head, and began sucking away on it, just like he was already doing to mine.

And we both kept on gently rocking our hips back and forth, as we were basically fucking each other's mouths with the heads of our dicks.

At one point, Chris pulled his mouth up off of my dick-head just long enough to ask me if I liked his "surprise."

And I removed his dick-head from my mouth just long enough to tell him that I did.

And then all of the sudden, I had a horrible realization. Chris's dick-head was upside down in my mouth. And since his piss-hole slit was situated towards the topside of his dick-head (just like mine was), I knew that when he started ejaculating, he would be squirting his sperm directly down into my throat. And there was nothing that I was going to be able to do about it, except to take it like a man, and hope that I wouldn't end up choking on his sperm.

Then another thought struck me like rock. Chris's was eventually going to fuck some girl one day. And that girl would probably never know that Chris's dick had been inside of my mouth, long before she ever had it up inside of her vagina.

Also, the irony was not lost on me, that Chris and I were having sex inside the very same playhouse where we had innocently "played doctor" so many years before with various young girls who lived in the neighborhood.

By the way, Chris and I did have a lot in common sexually. For example, we both liked to talk to each other a lot during sex. Especially during the foreplay phase of our sexual encounters.

But if there was one huge difference between Chris's and my sexuality, it had to be the fact that Chris almost always proudly announced his impending orgasms to me, whereas I almost never verbally warned him, whenever I was getting ready to orgasm.

Instead, whenever I would feel the orgasmic feelings starting to quickly overwhelm me, I would abruptly quit talking to Chris, in order to mentally draw back inside of myself for a few moments, and then I would just start cumming.

But tonight, since Chris just happened to have the head of my dick inside his mouth when I was getting ready to cum, I made sure to give him a verbal orgasm-warning, in order to keep him from being caught by surprise, and possibly choking on my sperm.

So I removed his dick-head from my mouth just long enough to quickly warn him, "I'm gonna cum."

And Chris pulled his mouth up off of my dick-head just long enough to tell me, "Go right ahead."

And within the next few seconds, I began unloading my whole wad of sperm directly into the back of Chris's mouth. And he just kept sucking away at my dick-head the whole time, swallowing every bit of my sperm, as if it were some weird ambrosia, or something (just like he had done, when we were down in The Pit, that very first night together).

As my dick was beginning to soften up a little bit, I could tell that Chris's dick was doing the exact opposite. His dick-head was ballooning up, and getting very firm. And it was very obvious to me that he was just about ready to orgasm.

Ironically, Chris was so preoccupied with sucking away at my dick, that he neglected to warn me about his own impending orgasm.

And the next thing I knew, Chris's penis began to rhythmically pulsate, and his sperm started squirting out directly into the back of my mouth.

But this time--unlike when we were down inside The Pit, that very first night together--I was ready for Chris's massive ejaculation. I quickly closed off the back of my throat, and breathed through my nose the whole time, as I initially took as much of the sperm as I could fit inside my mouth, before I finally loosened up my lips from around the shaft of his dick, and let all the sperm freely flow out from around his dick-shaft, and drip down onto the playhouse floor. The bottom line was that I did everything I could to keep from actually swallowing any of Chris's ejaculating sperm.

But that still didn't keep his sperm from tasting like crap to me. It was very bitter-tasting, and extremely-salty and gooey, too. And it had this overwhelming smell to it that was actually making me nauseous.

But I hung in there anyway, and didn't take my mouth off of Chris's dick-head until after he had already pulled his mouth off of my dick.

At that point, we both stood up, and then struggled in the dark to put our pants and our underwear back on. The funniest part was that this "monumental task" (sarcasm intended) was made even more difficult by the fact that Chris and I still had our shoes on while we were 69-ing with each other. And as if that weren't bad enough, there were now little puddles of Chris's sperm on the playhouse floor that neither of us wanted to accidentally step in.

I have to admit that I was truly proud of myself for my having managed to keep from choking or gagging throughout Chris's entire sperm-release--which, by the way, was no less massive than any of his other ejaculations that I had already witnessed in my bedroom throughout the previous week.

At any rate, after we finally managed to put our pants back on, Chris and I left the playhouse, jumped back over the rock wall, and headed for the bowling alley.

Just as soon as we were on the other side of the rock wall, and walking down the sidewalk, Chris pulled a small bottle out of his pants pocket and handed it to me, saying, "Here. I thought you might need this."

It turned out to be a small, travel-size bottle of mouthwash, which I was all too happy to use right away. And I couldn't believe how thoughtful Chris had been to bring that little bottle of mouthwash along with him, knowing how negatively I felt about having the taste of sperm in my mouth.

When we finally got to the bowling alley, Chris and I took turns playing the same football-themed pinball machine that we always played. In fact, we were so damn good at that particular pinball game, that we could play for 30 minutes or more on one dime, because we could almost always win new games on a consistent basis.

While we were at the pinball machine, I thought about how I had left telltale signs of our just-completed sexual encounter on the playhouse floor. And I knew that I would have to get a wet rag and sneak back out into the playhouse early the next morning, while my mother was in the shower, in order to wipe up Chris's leftover sperm.

Even though my mother rarely went out into the playhouse nowadays, I definitely did not want to take the chance that she could walk in there, and discover all the mostly-dried-up sperm stains on the wooden playhouse floor. That would have been very hard for me to explain away, to say the least.

After this evening's Round 7 sexual encounter in the back yard playhouse, I now knew what Chris had in mind, when he had told me at the end of our Round 2 encounter that we would eventually be "trying other things" together.

After tonight, I also knew that Chris owed me one (sexually-speaking). And what I was really wanting, was for Chris to let me rub my dick-head against his, since that was something that I automatically kept fantasizing about, ever since our Round 2 sexual encounter. But now, I had finally gotten up enough courage--in other words, I was finally comfortable enough with the whole homosexual-style sex situation between Chris and me--to ask him about the possibility of us doing some bare dick-to-dick rubbing.

So I was really looking forward to having sex with Chris on Monday afternoon. But he never showed up after school, to take the bus home with me. I ended up taking the bus home by myself, and feeling pretty bummed-out that Chris wasn't with me.

At around 5:15 PM that afternoon, Chris unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep, explaining to me that his mother had picked him up after school, and taken him to a dental appointment. And he apologized for forgetting to tell me about his dental appointment. Then he asked me if I still wanted to have sex with him.

We made a beeline to my bedroom, as I was warning Chris that we would have to hurry, because my mother normally came home from work sometime between 5:30 PM and 6 o'clock. And so we decided to forego our normal porn magazine "foreplay stuff," opting instead for just standing up, face-to-face, and pulling our pants down around our thighs, so that we could both "get right down to business."

At the time, Chris and I didn't even know what "frotting" was. But that still didn't stop us from enjoying the hell out it during Round 8 that Monday afternoon, as we were playfully beating (a.k.a. "sword-fighting") and rubbing our two bare dick-heads together--just like I had secretly been wanting for us to do, all last week.

And it didn't take long at all for Chris and I to both get full-blown erections. And then just a few minutes later, my mental excitement was already at such a high level (from the frotting that we were doing for the very first time ever), that I just couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer. And I started cumming.

I know this may sound really weird or crazy to you, but as I was intentionally coating Chris's dick-head with my ejaculating sperm, it felt as if I were actually fertilizing him, even though I knew that that was impossible. All I can say is that this was an extremely intimate and exceptionally exciting experience for me. So much so, that it caught me totally off-guard.

I had just finished ejaculating my sperm all over Chris's dick-head, and I was still basking in my orgasmic afterglow, as Chris was now busy squirting his sperm all over my dick-head (which, by the way, was also an extremely intimate and exceptionally exciting experience for me), when I heard the front door of the house fly open, and my mother loudly calling out my name, wanting me to help her unload some groceries from the car.

Chris and I initially stared at each other with our mouths wide open. And then we immediately started scrambling to get our pants pulled back up.

I really felt sorry for Chris, because the sperm was still flowing out of the tip of his dick, when I saw him shove it back into his underwear, and then watched him struggle like hell with trying to get his pants zipped back up over the end of his now-mildly-pulsating boner, while his still-ejaculating sperm was soaking right through the front panel material of his cotton tighty whities.

"I'll be right there, Mom," I yelled out to my mother, as I was frantically looking all around, just to make sure that there were no other telltale signs of Chris's and my just-interrupted secret sexual encounter left in the bedroom.

And I've got to tell you, it felt really strange to me as I was walking up to my mother, with the knowledge that hiding down inside the front of my pants was a halfway erect penis that was coated with my best friend's thick, gooey, freshly-ejaculated sperm.

"How are you doing, Chris? I didn't know you were here," my mother politely said, and then quickly added, "Would you please help us with the groceries?"

* * * * *

Author's Note:

As you're reading through the next part of this story, please keep in mind that this on-going secret sexual relationship between my horny friend and me took place many years before the AIDS epidemic unexpectedly came along, and took the lives of thousands of homosexual and bisexual males worldwide. So back then, Chris and I honestly had no idea that anal intercourse without the use of condoms was a dangerous sexual practice.

* * * * *


Humped by a Horny Friend

My horny male friend and I finally "go all the way" with each other for the first time ever...

* * * * *

My mother's unintentional interruption at the very end of Round 8 on Monday afternoon didn't stop Chris and me from getting together the very next afternoon, right after school, so that we could have a Round 9.

And naturally, Chris and I ended up frotting again. But this time, we were both naked from the waist down, when we did it. And we took our sweet time having sex--because we could. We knew that we had at least an hour or more, before my mother would be coming home from work. But most importantly, we went into the bathroom afterwards, and gently cleaned up each other's sperm-covered penises with a wet washcloth, before we went back into my bedroom, and put our pants and tighty whities back on.

Over the course of next three months or so, Chris and I kept "going at it" hot and heavy, as we continued to have sex with each other anywhere from four to six times a week. About the only time that we ever went more than three days without getting together to have sex, was when one of us was out of town on vacation with our respective families.

And vast majority of our sexual encounters took place in my bedroom at my house, during the late afternoon weekday hours (while my mother was still at work), when Chris and I had the house all to ourselves.

At nights and during the weekends, if Chris came over wanting to have sex with me while my mother was at home, he would quietly let me know. And we would normally leave the house through the front door, pretending to go out somewhere together. And then Chris and I would climb over the perimeter rock wall to sneak into my large, corner-lot, "L"-shaped back yard; where there were plenty of places for us to hide (in addition to the back yard playhouse, which was about the size of a large storage shed), so that we could have sex with each other.

Before I get much deeper into the topic of this particular story-section, I need to stop for a moment and clarify something right now. Chris and I were not gay, and we were not lovers.

Instead, we were very good friends, who just happened to have something unusual in common: We were both oversexed, and we were both "bisexual heterosexuals." What I mean by that term, is that even though we each experienced a very limited set of homosexual feelings and desires, we both still considered ourselves to be overwhelmingly heterosexual.

And although jacking off (masturbating) in private did help Chris and me to relieve our super-strong libidos somewhat, it did absolutely nothing towards satisfying that powerful, natural urge to openly share our sexuality with another person.

And so during that very first night together in The Pit, Chris had boldly decided to openly share his sexuality with me. And I had decided to do the same with him--because frankly, it was a much better alternative than not sharing my sexuality with anyone at all.

My so-called "girlfriends" at the time wouldn't allow me to actually have orgasm-oriented, adult-style sex with them. Heck, back then, I considered myself lucky if I managed to get past the "holding hands" stage of a relationship to move on to the "my arm around her shoulders" stage, and the ever-popular "she gives me a quick peck on the cheek once in a while" stage.

And Chris was in the same boat as me back then, when it came to his relationships with girls.

The bottom line is that Chris and I knowingly "used each other" to try to help each other get our rocks off better, and finally bring some much-needed relief for that powerful "sex-sharing" urge that Mother Nature has wisely chosen to give each and every one of us.

{Author's Note: Let's face it, if we humans didn't have that powerful urge to share our sexuality with other people, then no one would ever do anything else but masturbate all alone by themselves, and consequently no babies would ever be born--and as far as Mother Nature is concerned, sex is all about making babies.}

And since Chris and I were not gay lovers, we never kissed one another, or hugged one another, or held hands, or did anything openly gay, like that.

Instead, we just had pure raw sex together, as Chris and I both reveled in candidly sharing our sexuality with each other, and freely experimenting with all sorts of taboo homosexual-style acts. I have to admit that Chris and I ended up trying some pretty bizarre things together, like inserting straightened-out bobby pins deep down inside of our own--as well as, each other's--urethras.

I didn’t even know what “frotting” was, until many years later. But that didn’t stop Chris and me from doing it on a regular basis. There was just something very special and exciting about rubbing--and playfully beating ("sword fighting")--our two erect dicks together, until we ended up squirting sperm all over each other's dick-heads.

However, the vast majority of our sexual encounters involved mutual masturbation exclusively. And we were so secretive about everything, that no one ever discovered our adolescent sexual relationship.

Looking back on my secret sexual relationship with Chris, I can tell you that there were at least four distinct advantages to my having sex with another guy, instead of with a girl:

1) I never had to worry about the possibility that I might get Chris pregnant, which meant that birth control measures were totally unnecessary.

2) Chris didn't have a monthly menstrual period, and therefore he was always ready-and-willing to have sex with me at any time of the month.

3) Since Chris and I both had penises, he instinctively knew exactly how to handle my penis in just the right ways that would turn me on the most.

4) Chris closely related to--and innately understood--my sexuality (my sexual feelings, desires, struggles, and insecurities) in a way that no girl or woman ever would.

Throughout our long-lasting adolescent sexual relationship I never asked Chris to have sex with me. Not once. He was always the one who would come over to my house, and verbally let me know that he wanted to have sex with me, if I was interested.

And naturally, thanks to my super-strong libido, I was just about always interested.

But in our particular relationship, Chris--who was a year older than me and much larger than me (physically)--preferred to play the more-aggressive, dominant role (the masculine role, if you will), and I was always more than happy to play the more-passive, submissive role (the traditionally feminine role). That way, Chris was always the one who actively seduced me into having sex with him. And I was always the one who passively cooperated with him--but only on my own terms, mind you.

And I have to admit that I was pretty much a real "bitch" about things too, because I put my foot down from the very beginning of our sexual relationship, and demanded that Chris have sex with me only in the ways that I wanted him to--that is, if he wanted to keep on having sex with me in the future.

And yes, you just read that right. In order for me to keep the upper hand in Chris's and my sexual relationship, I was intentionally using sex as a weapon, just like many of you women out there do (or have done, at some time in the past).

You might find this kind of strange, but for Chris and me, the initial "getting into the mood" phase of our sexual encounters was always a very matter-of-fact kind of thing. Chris and I would always "bargain" first, and then quickly come to a "compromise," before actually starting to have sex with each other.

By the term “compromise,” I mean that we did things my way most of the time, and only ended up doing things Chris's way, every once in a while.

If we would have done things "Chris's way" all the time, then just about every sexual encounter that we ever had together would have involved us sucking each other's dicks, because Chris absolutely loved dick-sucking. And I told Chris early-on in our relationship that I really wasn't that thrilled about dick-sucking, which was the truth.

Just for the record, my favorite sex act by far was mutual masturbation (which of course included "sword fighting" and "frotting"). So naturally--and at my insistence--Chris and I would end the majority of our sexual encounters by mutually masturbating, in one way or another; and then more often than not, intentionally ejaculating all over each other's dick-heads.

And of course, as I have just mentioned, I had to also "give in" every once in a while, and do what Chris wanted us to do together--which meant that we did end up sucking each other’s dicks from time to time. And whenever we did that, Chris and I would usually lie down on our sides in a "69" position, with our legs spread apart, so that we could suck each other's dicks at the same time, because ever since Round 7 in my back yard playhouse, Chris and I both perferred 69-ing over taking turns, since 69-ing allowed us both to give and receive sexual pleasure at the same time.

But, as I have already told you, Chris and I didn’t suck dicks very often, because although I absolutely loved the feeling of Chris’s mouth wrapped around the head of my erect penis, I couldn’t stand the awful, salty taste of Chris’s sperm in my mouth.

And Chris, thanks to those gigantic testicles that Nature had chosen to bless him with, always ejaculated a lot of sperm--much more than my mouth could hold, while it was wrapped around that enormous, flared-out dick-head of his. I remember that I would choke and gag while trying to accommodate Chris’s ejaculating sperm in my mouth, if I didn’t close off my throat, and totally relax my lips around his dick-shaft to let the sperm freely flow out of my lips. Heck, as it was, I could barely fit the head of Chris’s erect penis inside my wide-open mouth.

Unfortunately, whenever we were sucking each other’s dicks (either while taking turns doing it, or while in a "69" body position and sucking each other's dicks at the same time), Chris always insisted that we both ejaculate inside of each other’s mouths. It was just something that seemed really important to him, for some unknown reason. And so it was the one "demand" that I almost never tried to talk Chris out of.

I always knew that whenever I verbally agreed to have a dick-sucking session with Chris, I was also automatically and silently agreeing to let him ejaculate his sperm directly into my mouth. And I also knew that Chris expected me to ejaculate my sperm directly into his mouth, too. And Chris always seemed to enjoy sucking and licking my dick, almost as much as he loved getting his own dick sucked by me.

Well, one afternoon, just a couple of months after our secret sexual relationship had begun, Chris came over to my house, and we went to my bedroom. And on that particular afternoon, our "sexual bargaining" phase began when Chris suggested that we suck dicks, saying that we hadn't done that in quite a while.

And that’s when I shocked him--and also immediately shut him up about all that dick-sucking stuff--by making him "an offer that he couldn't refuse."

Our conversation went something like this:

"Do you wanna suck dicks?" Chris asked, while his left hand was busy massaging and caressing his bare erect penis in front of me.

"No. Not really," I answered truthfully, while at the same time fondling my own bare boner in front of Chris.

"Hey, that's no fair! We haven't sucked dicks in a long time. And I was really wanting to do something different, besides just jacking each other off, like we always do," Chris bargained.

"But that doesn't mean that I wanna suck dicks. You know I'm not a big fan of that."

"Okay. So what do you wanna do, then?"

"Remember the first time that we got together in my bedroom to jack off?"

"Yeah. How could I ever forget that?"

"Well, remember how you told me that day that you wished that I had a pussy, instead of a dick?"

"Yeah. So where are you going with all this?" Chris asked, obviously confused.

"Well, the truth is, I've been giving it a lot of thought lately. And I've come to the conclusion that I actually do have a pussy. I mean, it's not a real pussy. But at least, it's something that you can stick your dick in, just like a pussy. And it's not my mouth."

"Oh, God! You've gotta be joking! You don't mean..." Chris said, gesturing towards my butt.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I mean."

"So let me make sure I've got this straight. You actually wanna let me fuck you in the ass right now? Are you sure you wanna do that?" Chris asked, having a hard time believing what I had just told him.

"Yeah, I'm sure. But only if you want to. And only if you'll let me do the same thing to you afterwards. And only if we both 'do it' doggie style. That's the deal, okay? So what do ya think? Are you interested in trying something new?"

Of course, Chris was all-too-willing to try this "new" (meaning that it was "new to us") sex act. And so was I, for that matter. Heck, we used to try anything and everything that either of us thought up. Even dangerous stuff that, at the time, we didn’t realize was dangerous--like butt-fucking without condoms, for example.

"Why don't we get completely naked first, so we don't get our clothes all messed up?" Chris suggested.

Of course, I knew that what he really meant, was that he wanted for us to go ahead and get naked from the waist up (in addition to already being naked from the waist down), which is something that we almost never did, either before or during sex with each other.

"Sure," I agreed. And within a few moments the only clothing that either of us still had on was our socks. And at first, it felt really strange to me for Chris and I to be totally naked in front of each other.

As I was positioning myself on all-fours on top of my bed, and Chris was crawling up onto the bed with me, so that he could mount me doggie style from behind, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or what to expect.

I could hear Chris, as he was spitting into his hand several times. And then I heard the little wet "slurp-slurp" sounds as he was rubbing his saliva all over the head of his erect penis, to lubricate it.

I felt Chris place a hand on each of my butt-cheeks, as he grabbed hold of them, and gently pulled them apart to expose my anal "target."

And when I felt the firm tip of Chris's dick-head being pressed up snugly against my asshole sphincter, I knew that there was no turning back now. And I also knew that Chris's and my sexual relationship would never be the same again.

As Chris continued to press the enormous head of his penis against my ass-hole sphincter muscle, the muscle eventually gave way, and stretched wide-open, to allow Chris’s four-and-a-half-inch-long dick to be inserted all the way up into my rectum.

And when I felt Chris's large, invading dick-head forcefully stretching my virgin asshole wide-open, my only thought at that moment was, Oh my God, what have I done?

I'm not going to lie to you. I did feel some discomfort during Chris's initial penetration. But I was pretty sure that my ass-hole could stretch open enough to accommodate the large head of Chris’s erect dick--at least I prayed that it could--because it had stretched open enough on numerous occasions to let out some fairly large “shit-logs” into the toilet bowl.

Once Chris had his penis buried up to the hilt inside of my rectum, he started to try to move it around. And I asked him to stop for just a moment, so that I could catch my breath, and try to get used to the strange feeling of having Chris "inside me."

When I told Chris that I was ready for him to begin thrusting, he started to gently move his dick all around inside me, and also to slowly pull it outward and then slide it back inward again. I couldn’t believe it. It actually felt good to me. Kind of similar to the way it did, whenever I was taking a large dump in the toilet. And on each inward and outward thrust, Chris's dick rubbed back and forth against my prostate gland, massaging it in ways that it had never been massaged before.

As I began to get more comfortable with the truly-unique sensations of having my rectum used as a vagina-substitute--my internal dialogue quickly shifted, so that my thoughts were more along the lines of, Oh my God, that feels really good! It isn't supposed to feel this good, is it?

My penis was fully-erect underneath me. And I barely even noticed it, because I was focusing my attention on the unique sensations that were coming from my rectum, as Chris continued to fuck me from behind. I was still in disbelief about the fact that I was actually enjoying being fucked in the ass by my best friend.

As excited as Chris was at the time, it didn’t take long for him to speed up his anal-thrusting, until finally, his pelvic bone was slapping up hard against my buttocks on each quick inward thrust, and making quite a bit of noise. I also felt his gigantic balls, as they slapped up against my perineum.

{Author's Note: By the way, as far as I’m concerned, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh during sexual intercourse is one of the most erotic sounds there is--even when that sound just happens to be coming from a guy who is fucking you in the butt.}

Then something happened that caught me totally by surprise: I all of the sudden started peeing all over the bed.

At least, at first, I thought I was peeing.

But then I quickly looked down and saw that what I had assumed was urine, was really sperm. And I was right in the middle of a prostate-induced ejaculation.

I had never experienced one of those before. And I couldn't believe how much sperm just kept on flowing out of my dick, onto the sheets underneath me, while Chris was furiously humping away at my poor butt-hole, trying to get his own rocks off inside me.

Not only that, but I couldn't help but notice that my previously-stiff penis had softened up, all on its own, to the point that it was now freely swinging back and forth underneath me (like a fleshy pendulum, albeit a leaky one), during Chris's anal thrusting. And that was really odd, because my dick is normally at its maximum, blood-engorged, fully-erect state, right before I start to ejaculate.

This prostate-induced ejaculation felt very different from my regular masturbation-induced orgasm and ejaculation. Even though my semi-soft, partially-erect penis was rhythmically contracting to squirt out sperm, the contractions were not very intense at all (when compared to my normal orgasmic contractions), and I felt very little accompanying orgasmic sensations. So to me, it felt more like I was pissing my sperm out all over the place, instead of ejaculating it.

Chris must have felt my anal sphincter muscles contracting around his penis, because he quickly blurted out to me, "Oh, shit! Are you cumming right now?"

"Yep. All over the bed," I said, in a deliberately-forced, deadpan tone-of-voice.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Chris yelled out excitedly, and then made one final hard inward thrust, and pressed his penis as deep inside me as he could get it.

And then I felt his dick begin to pulsate inside of my rectum, and I also felt the warm wetness of Chris’s sperm shooting out inside me. It was kind of a tickling sensation. Not a funny type of tickle, but a fidgety type of tickle. In other words, I had to make a conscious effort to try to hold my body as still as possible (to keep from flailing around), while my rectum was "being fertilized" by Chris.

The head of Chris’s dick just kept on drastically pulsating inside my rectum, massaging my prostate gland like crazy, as he was busy releasing his huge wad of sperm inside of me. God that felt nothing less than incredible! It was, without a doubt, the most intimate and erotic sex act that Chris and I had ever performed together.

From that moment on, I knew that I would much rather have Chris’s ejaculating penis inside of my rectum, than inside of my mouth, any day of the week.

As soon as his orgasm and ejaculation was over, Chris eased his penis out of my rectum, and his freshly-ejaculated sperm just kept slowly oozing out of my now-gaping ass-hole.

He even reached over, and touched and played with some of his sperm, as it was leaking out of my wide-open poop-chute.

But at this point, to be honest with you, I didn't really care about what Chris was doing to my butt. And that was because I was too excited to care. I knew that it was now my turn to fuck Chris in the ass. And after a couple of minutes, I finally told him, "Hey, man. It's my turn."

{Author's Note: Just in case you haven't figured it out by now, Chris and I almost always took turns. In other words, we would perform the same sex act on--or with--the other person, that the other person had just finished performing on--or with--us. That was simply an unwritten agreement between us. So Chris's and my sexual relationship was a great example of an “if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” kind of reciprocal sexual relationship. But then when you really think about it, all consensual sexual encounters/relationships--by their very nature--have to be reciprocal, to some extent or another. It's just that Chris's and my sexual relationship was extremely reciprocal. And we both preferred it that way.}

Chris was still kneeling behind me, and feeling out my freshly-creampied anal cavity. Actually, he was sticking his fingers up inside of my sperm-coated rectum, and he had already begun to slowly and intentionally finger-fuck my butt.

"But I thought you already came, while I was fucking you," Chris said.

"I did. But it was kind of weird, you know? It didn't really feel like I was 'cumming.' It felt more like I was 'pissing sperm.' Heck, I never even touched my dick, the whole time. And I didn't have much of a hard-on, either," I explained.

"Wow!" Chris chimed in, "That is freaky!"

"Yeah. It sure was. But just because I already came, doesn't mean that I can't cum again. And this time, I wanna do it inside you," I continued explaining, and then suggested to Chris, "Tell ya what. Why don't you take your fingers out of my butt, so we can go into the bathroom, and get cleaned up first. And then we can play with each other's dicks for a little while. And let's just wait and see what happens."

And that's exactly what we did. And after about 10 to 15 minutes' worth of leisurely mutual penis and testicle fondling, while Chris and I were still naked as jaybirds--expect for our socks, that is--and sitting side-by-side on the side of my bed, I had a full-blown hard-on again. And so did Chris.

I finally stood up and announced to Chris, "I'm ready, if you are."

"Yeah, let's do it!" he almost-instantly replied.

Chris got up on top of the bed, so that he could assume the same down-on-all-fours, doggie style position that I had previously been in, when he was butt-fucking me.

I climbed up on top of the bed, knelt behind him, spit into my hand, and wiped the spit all over the head of my dick. I did this a few more times, until my dick-head was really wet, with my slathering of transparent saliva literally dripping down from it.

Then I pressed the very tip of my dick against Chris’s hairy-ringed ass-hole. And with a steady-but-gentle pressure, I slowly eased the head of my penis up into his rectum.

I watched the head of my dick slowly disappear up into Chris’s rectum, with his ass-hole sphincter muscle forming a snug, expanding ring around the head of my penetrating dick.

And just as soon as the coronal ridge of my dick-head had completely disappeared up inside of Chris’s ass-hole, his sphincter muscle tightened back down around my shaft, just behind my dick-head, so that it was now wrapped around that most-exquisitely-sensitive area of my penis (my "trigger-spot" area). And it became instantly obvious to me why gay men love to butt-fuck each other.

I fought like hell to keep from orgasming, because I wasn’t ready for this experience to end, without me even having gotten my entire penis inserted up into Chris’s rectum yet, let alone not getting a chance to thrust it in and out.

I just stayed in that position for a while, with only the head of my dick inserted into Chris's rectum, as I continued to fight hard to keep from orgasming. I asked Chris, "So how does it feel having my dick in your ass?

And he replied, "It feels great! So what’re you waitin' for? Go ahead and fuck me!”

And I proceeded to try to do just that. But I quickly realized that, despite my best efforts to stave off my orgasm, I had already reached what I have always referred to as being my "point of no return," and I knew that my orgasm was already well on its way.

So I quickly shoved my dick all the way up into Chris's ass, slamming my pubic bone up against his butt-cheeks, in the process. And while I had my eyes closed, and was pretending that Chris nice, warm rectum was a girl's vagina, I immediately orgasmed my butt off, and released my whole wad of sperm as deep inside of Chris's "substitute vagina" as I could.

God, that was an awesome feeling! And I didn't want it to end too soon. So I left my penis inserted deep into Chris, while I still had my eyes closed and was basking in my orgasmic afterglow, until my dick finally softened up to the point where it was nearly impossible for me to stay coupled up with him.

I looked down at Chris's butt, and I could see the sperm oozing out of his just-violated, wide-open poop-chute. And I knew that it was my sperm that I was seeing. And that somehow make me feel really sexy, and great, and extremely satisfied.

But, at the same time, I was kind of disappointed in a way, because I had really wanted to energetically thrust my penis in and out of Chris’s rectum (just like he had done to me earlier), before I orgasmed and shot my wad. And unfortunately, that didn’t end up happening that afternoon.

I got out from behind Chris, and he rolled over to lie on his back. I could see his stubby, fully-erect, mushroom-shaped penis sticking straight up into the air.

"So I guess you still need to cum?" I asked, pointing at his perpetually-leaky dick-head, which was visibly expanding (ballooning up) every so often to release a slightly-thicker little glob of whitish-tinged, semi-transparent pre-cum from his piss-hole slit.

"Nah. Is it that obvious?" Chris asked, in a very sarcastic tone-of-voice.

"And I guess you probably wanna fuck me in the ass again, don't you?"

"Sure. If you'll let me."

"What do you mean? Of course I'll let you. What are friends for?" I quipped back sarcastically, and then we both laughed pretty hard.

When Chris started to get up, I temporarily stopped him by saying, "Wait a minute, buster. It's my turn to provide the lubrication."

And then I leaned over his lap, and I repeatedly spit on Chris's dick-head, while I was also using my fingertips to quickly spread a liberal coating of my saliva all over the head of his penis.

Once that "task" was completed, I got back up onto all-fours on top of the bed, and assumed the doggie style position, so that Chris could mount me from behind once again.

And Chris didn't need an invitation. My still-gaping butt-hole was all he needed.

He shoved his saliva-covered, fat-headed erect penis up deep into my slick, sperm-coated rectum, in one smooth thrust. And Chris was already so excited by the time that he began humping away at my butt-hole, that he only managed to last maybe 30 to 45 seconds at the very most, before he got his rocks off inside me again.

And that "quickie" on Chris's part was just fine with me at the time. I didn't have an erection while Chris was fucking me that second time around, and so the truth was that I really didn't feel like having sex anymore anyway. At this point, I was really just "going through the motions," mostly as a favor to Chris; but also to keep me from having to suck his dick--and especially from having to let him ejaculate in my mouth--which is what he was originally wanting me to do (before I surprised him during our "sexual bargaining" phase of this afternoon's sexual encounter, by offering to let him butt-fuck me).

By the way, this was the very first time that Chris ever orgasmed and ejaculated twice during one of our sexual encounters.

And, as you may have already figured out for yourself, this wouldn't be the last time that Chris and I had anal intercourse with each other.

But, believe it or not, Chris and I didn't butt-fuck very often, because we quickly found out that there were a couple of fairly unpleasant drawbacks to us having anal intercourse with each other. Butt-fucking, by its very nature, turned out be an extremely messy proposition, with an extraordinary amount of fairly-unpleasant, post-sex cleanup involved. Not only that, but whenever Chris and I were finished having anal intercourse with each other during one of our typical late afternoon sexual encounters, we would both inevitably end up with a pretty bad case of diarrhea for the rest of the evening; and sometimes, even well into the next day.

Because of those unpleasant drawbacks, Chris and I decided to save butt-fucking for those "special occasions," when we both just happened to be feeling exceptionally horny at the time.

* * * * *


A Fitting Farewell for a Horny Friend

My horny friend and I have sex together for the very last time...

* * * * *

My horny friend and I slowly drifted apart after those first three or four months of hot and heavy sex. By the end of the fourth month of our secret sexual relationship, we were getting together to have sex approximately two or three times a week. And by the fifth month we were only having sex about once a week. By the end of the sixth month, Chris and I were no longer having sex on a regular basis (meaning that even though we still did have sex every once in a while, it was a very spotty and spur-of-the-moment type of thing that was quickly tapering off), as we both went our separate ways, and focused more and more of our attention and time on getting--and hopefully keeping--girlfriends.

By the time our final year of high school was winding down and getting ready to end, Chris and I had stopped having sex with each other altogether. And I realized that our longtime secret sexual relationship had pretty much run its natural course, and was now over with.

Then one Saturday summer evening at around 8 o'clock, about a month and a half after our high school graduation, Chris unexpectedly showed up at the front doorstep of my home, and he actually begged me to have sex with him one last time “just for old time’s sake,” promising me that it would be the very last time that he would ever ask me to have sex with him.

Mind you, it had been about two months since the last time that Chris and I had had sex together. And believe it or not, I really didn't feel like having sex with him anymore. Thanks to my on-going senior year sexual relationship with Chris--in addition to the occasional jack-off session here and there that I had participated in with a few other male friends of mine (just for the record, I never jacked off with more than one friend at a time, which meant that I never got lucky enough to experience a true "circle jerk")--I had already managed to satisfy every bit of bisexual curiosity that I ever had, and I was now more than content with living a 100% heterosexual lifestyle.

But I also couldn't help but feel sorry for Chris, because I knew that his luck with "chasing girls" wasn’t going so great, what with his chubby body and all. And it was obvious to me that he had to be feeling super-horny that night. I mean, I could see that he was actually starting to get a hard-on bulge at the front of his pants crotch, just from talking with me on the front porch for a couple of minutes.

So, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the idea of having another sexual encounter with Chris, I went ahead and reluctantly agreed to go out with him for a ride in his grandfather's large, light salmon-colored, 1960's Buick that night. Basically, I figured that it couldn't really hurt anything for Chris and I to go ahead and jack each other off one last time (“just for old time’s sake,” like Chris had suggested).

When Chris drove off from my house that night, I had no idea where we were going. And Chris wouldn't tell me, either. He just said it was "a surprise." But I assumed that he was taking me somewhere private, so that he could have sex with me. Boy was I wrong!

Chris drove us to the fairly well-lit parking lot of a still-open-for-business public library that was located on the grounds of a public park. And then he drove around the side of the library building itself (in order to put a little distance between us, and the other coming-and-going library patrons), and then parked his car in the shadow of a big tree, and shut off the engine.

And to the best of my memory, our ensuing conversation went something along these lines:

"You wanna have sex right here?" I asked in total disbelief.

"Sure. Why not?" Chris answered, as if it were no big deal.

"Because there's people over there. That's 'why not,'" I said, gesturing towards the main parking area, directly in front of the library.

"Don't worry. They'll never notice us," Chris said, as he opened the driver-side door and stepped out of the car. "Come on. Let's move to the back seat, where we can be more comfortable."

"Oh my God! I can't believe I'm doing this," I said to myself under my breath, as I was opening the passenger side front door to climb out, so that I could open the back door on the same side of the car, and then jump into the back seat, right beside Chris.

By the way, if there was one phrase that I could use to accurately describe that pinkish-looking, chrome-bumpered boat of a car that Chris was driving that night, it would have to be "stuck out like a sore thumb." And as far as I was concerned, that phrase still applied, even though the car was now parked in the shadow of that big tree.

I closed the back car door, and then just sat there for a moment, looking at Chris, as if he were a raving lunatic.

"Doesn't this turn you on?" Chris asked.

"No, not really," I said, lying to both him and myself.

Meanwhile, Chris calmly reached down into his crotch, unbuckled his belt, undid the large button at the front of his pants, unzipped his zipper, and worked the waistbands of both his pants and his underwear down around his thighs to expose his already partially-erect penis to me.

"How about now? Does this turn you on?" Chris asked, as he grabbed hold of my left hand and placed it palm-side-down on top of his rapidly-stiffening penis.

"Yeah, but we're sitting on the wrong sides of the car. You're 'the lefty,' remember? You're supposed to be sitting on my right side."

"Oh yeah. That's right. Okay. So let's switch sides then," Chris said, pulling his pants back up, and holding them up around his waist with his hand, while he got out of the rear driver side door, and went around the back of the car to switch places with me.

Once we both got situated again in the back seat, and Chris had his pants and underwear pulled back down around his thighs, he reached over and grabbed hold of my right hand this time, and placed it palm-side-down on top of his bare erect dick, and then said, "There. Is that better?"

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" I suggested, as I immediately began to fondle and caress Chris's penis with the ease and adeptness that only my right hand could provide.

And of course, I felt my own penis automatically starting to grow and stiffen inside the confinement of my pants. Let's face it, there's just something very special and exciting about having one's hands on another person's bare genitals, no matter whether those bare genitals happen to belong to a male, or a female.

"Ooh, yeah," Chris emphatically remarked, "That's a lot better! God, it's been such a long time since we did this!"

"Yeah. I know," I automatically said out loud, while thinking to myself, What the heck are you talking about, Chris? It's only been a couple of months.

"Don't you ever miss it? I mean, us having sex together?"

"I'm not gonna lie to you. Sometimes I do. But to be honest with you, I'd much rather have my hand on a pussy right now, instead of a dick," I admitted.

{Author's Note: What I didn't tell Chris when I said that to him, was that I actually did have a specific pussy in mind, that I really wanted to get my hands on. That much-desired pussy just happened to be down between the legs of my Italian-American girlfriend at the time, Nora. But of course, as fate would have it, my seeing and touching a girlfriend's real live pussy simply wasn't in the cards for me throughout my high school years. It wasn't until shortly after I had entered college that that "miraculous event" finally took place in my life--thank God!}

"Here, here," Chris said, laughing pretty hard and raising up his arm, as if making a toast with an invisible glass half-filled with some sort of invisible alcoholic beverage. "Don't we all wish that," Chris heartily agreed, as our laughter was naturally dying down.

Chris and I both couldn't help but laugh at my "pussy instead of a dick" remark, possibly because it was very similar to the witty remark that Chris had made to me during my Round 2 sexual encounter with him in my bedroom that Monday afternoon after school.

{Author's Note: By the way, it was very common for Chris and I to laugh and joke with each other during sex. I would later discover just how difficult it was for me to find a girlfriend who didn't take sex too seriously. But I guess that's probably because whenever a girl has sex with a guy, she is always at some level of risk for getting pregnant, which of course is no laughing matter.}

"Oh, oh! Looks to me like someone is starting to get wet," I playfully warned Chris, when I saw the steady little stream of transparent pre-cum that had begun oozing out of Chris's piss-hole slit, and flowing down the underside of his penis.

"Oh yeah? Does that turn you on? 'Cuz it looks to me like someone else is finally gettin' a boner," Chris announced in a sarcastic voice, while his eyes were glued to the now-obvious bulge at the front of my pants-crotch. "Well, aren't you gonna let me play with that sexy dick of yours?"

"Sure. Go right ahead. Knock yourself out," I said, trying to outwardly act nonchalant about it, while at the same time, feeling very excited and turned-on about the prospect of having Chris's hand wrapped around my bare boner once again.

Chris behaved just as nonchalantly as I was outwardly behaving, while he undid my pants and unzipped my zipper, so that he could stick his left hand down inside the front of my underwear waistband and play with my dick, just like I was already doing with his. It had been so many weeks since my last sexual encounter with Chris, that I had nearly forgotten just how well he could manipulate and massage my penis; and how good it always felt to me, whenever he was doing that.

Naturally, it didn't take very long before I had my pants and underwear pulled down around my thighs, just like Chris's were. And then we didn't say another word to each other for a couple of minutes, as we were sitting side-by-side in the back seat of the car, feeling out and playing with each other's blood-engorged penises.

Finally, I broke the silence, "I don't suppose you want us to jack each other off right now."

"Are you kidding? You know what I want."

"Let me guess. You want us to suck dicks, right?"

"How did you ever guess," Chris said, very sarcastically, as he grabbed hold of my right hand and gently pulled it away from his dick.

And then Chris leaned back in his seat and thrust his pelvis slightly-upward, as he was proudly displaying his fully-erect, perpetually-leaky penis to me, while at the same time, using his excellent penile muscle control to temporarily expand and then contract his large, flared-out dick-head at will, as well as to make his entire dick twitch and move around on its own.

Of course, I had seen Chris's little impromptu "penis show" a thousand times before. But believe me, it never got old!

"So what are you waiting for?" Chris asked impatiently, when he realized that I wasn't reaching back across to grab hold of his "performing" dick.

Instead, I was just sitting there, and quietly staring at Chris's throbbing penis, as if I were in a trance. It was hard for me not to treat this final sexual encounter with some reverence, because I sensed that this might be the last time that I would ever see or touch Chris's bare erect penis--or any other guy's bare erect penis, for that matter.

"Go ahead and suck me," Chris suggested. "And then, I'll suck you. Okay? It'll be a lot safer that way."

"Sure," I automatically replied, knowing exactly what Chris had meant by the term "safer."

It was impossible for me to ignore the fact that Chris and I were sitting in the shadows of a lit public parking lot, where someone could walk by the car, look through the transparent glass of the closed car windows, and catch Chris and I "in the act" at any moment.

Keep in the mind that rear side car windows weren't tinted back then, like they usually are nowadays. And believe me, the last thing that Chris and I needed was for us to get hauled off to jail for having a homosexual encounter in a public place. So it was imperative that one of us stay sitting up straight in the back seat of the car, to act as a lookout, the whole time that he was secretly getting his dick sucked by the other person.

And it was my turn first to be that "other person." So despite my fears of getting caught, I leaned over into Chris’s lap, and I gave him the best blow job that I possibly could. I licked his dick for a while, intentionally trying to drive him crazy with the tip of my wiggly tongue. I ran it up and down the underside of his dick-head and his shaft, and also pressed the tip of my tongue down into his piss-hole slit from time to time.

And then I finally stuck his big, flared-out dick-head in my mouth, and I sucked away on it like a giant lollipop, while I was rigorously finger-pumping up and down on his stubby dick-shaft, trying my best to help him orgasm his ass off.

Then I heard Chris try to give his usual orgasm warning to me, and I knew that I had succeeded in my quest to give him an awesome orgasm, because he was so excited that couldn't even get the whole phrase "I'm cumming" out of his mouth. Instead, he struggled in an out-of-breath, heavily-panting voice to blurt out in short staccato phrases, "Oh yeah. I'm cuh-- I'm cuh-- Ah. Ah. Ah!"

The ironic thing was that I didn't even need an orgasm warning from Chris that night. I could tell by how exceptionally firm and swollen up Chris's dick-head was inside my mouth, that he was getting ready to unleash his "little sperm-volcano" any second.

And of course, when he did, I let him cum in my mouth, which always made Chris very happy. But naturally, I didn’t try to swallow his ejaculating sperm at all--nor did he expect me to, knowing how negatively I felt about having the taste of sperm in my mouth.

Instead, I just held my breath, closed the back of my throat off, and loosened my lips enough to let Chris's inevitable "flood" of thick, gooey sperm flow down the head and shaft of his dick. With the giant head of his dick still in my mouth, I kept hand-pumping and squeezing the shaft of his dick, until I could tell that he had finished orgasming.

At that point, I sat back up straight in the car seat and gladly began playing the role of the lookout. Chris leaned over into my lap, and he started licking my dick, just like I had done to his. Then he began to suck my dick-head while he was jacking me off. And just like our very first night together down in The Pit, it felt to me like Chris was trying to suck the head right off of my dick.

He kept strongly sucking away at my dick-head and jacking me off faster and faster, which ultimately left me no other choice but to cum in his mouth--which not only made me very happy, but also pleased Chris a lot, since he had always enjoyed swallowing my semen.

And I intentionally didn't warn Chris at all before I started cumming. Instead, I closed my eyes and withdrew into myself, as I felt my orgasm coming on (so much for my acting as the lookout). And then I just let my dick "do its thing," pulsating my sperm into Chris's mouth, as I was vividly imagining that I was fertilizing a warm, wet vagina instead.

As my orgasm was subsiding, I eventually opened my eyes to watch Chris, as he was doing everything he could to try to make sure that he licked up every last drop of sperm that he could squeeze out of my dick.

And that was just fine with me. I was more than happy to just sit there, and let Chris keep licking and sucking my dick for as long as he wanted to. By the time that Chris finally stopped sucking me, I no longer had much of an erection at all.

At that point, Chris and I both put our dicks back into our underwear (by the way, thanks to my sloppy-but-well-intentioned blow job, Chris's dick was still coated with his own sperm when he stuck it back into his underwear), zipped up our pants, got back into the front seat of the car--as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary had just taken place--and Chris calmly drove us away from that scary library parking lot.

Even though I wasn’t keeping track of time, I would estimate that our entire "farewell fling" in the back seat of Chris’s car couldn’t have lasted more than five to eight minutes at the very most (from start to finish). And that was the last time that I ever had sex with another male.

Chris and I ignored the elephant in the room for a while, as we awkwardly chit-chatted about various mundane things during the drive back to my house, where he dropped me off.

As I was preparing to get out of the car, Chris finally said something like, "Thank you for letting me have sex with you one last time. That was great!"

There was that pesky old elephant in the room--finally.

"You're welcome. I really enjoyed myself, too," I honestly admitted, and then took a pregnant pause before adding, "But I really don't wanna have sex with you anymore. Mostly because I'm afraid that my girlfriend might find out about us somehow, and that would ruin everything for me."

"I understand. And I promise you that I'll never ask you to have sex with me again. But in the future, if you ever feel like you need to have sex with me, just let me know."

"Don't worry. I will," I said, "But I really don't think that's ever gonna happen."

"So then I guess I'll just have to go find a girl out there somewhere who likes sucking dicks," Chris said, attempting to make light of the whole situation.

But I could tell from the tone of his voice, that Chris really wanted to leave the possibility open that we might end up having sex together again someday. In other words, I could tell that Chris wasn't a happy camper about my having just told him that I basically wasn't going to ever let that possibility happen again.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine," I replied, in an effort to reassure him.

And I knew that any girl--that is, any girl who could manage to look past Chris's obese body to see the wonderfully genuine spirit within--would be thrilled to discover the awesome "sexual equipment" down between his legs.

The bottom line is that whatever Chris lacked in penis length, he more than made up for in penis width--and according to everything that I've ever read on the subject, it's the width of an erect penis that truly matters to a female, thanks to the way that her vagina is designed. That huge dick-head of Chris's would stretch a girl's vagina wide-open, automatically giving her incredibly-pleasurable sensations, in the process.

And as if that weren't enough, the drastically-flared-out coronal ridge surrounding Chris's dick-head would firmly rub back and forth up against that girl's G-spot throughout their missionary style intercourse, making her cum like crazy, over and over again.

And to top it all off, what heterosexual girl wouldn't thoroughly enjoy getting her baby-making hole filled up to the brim with the massive amount of forcefully-ejaculated sperm that would inevitably emerge from those enormous balls hanging down between Chris's legs, each and every time that he orgasmed?

No sir. When it came to his "sexual equipment," I didn't feel sorry for Chris at all. The truth is, I envied him. Basically, I realized a long time ago that my thinner, longer penis would never be able to stimulate a girl's vagina anywhere near as effectively as Chris's shorter, wider penis could.

And ironically, Chris envied me for my "sexual equipment," too. He admitted that to me himself, and on more than one occasion. He told me that he wished that his dick was longer and thinner, like mine is; and that his balls were smaller, so that he didn't squirt out so much sperm, when he orgasmed. I guess we all have a natural tendency to feel that the grass is greener on the other side.

Also, there's something else you should know about Chris. Many years after Chris and I had drifted apart and gone our separate ways in life, I found out that he had ended up getting married to a young lady, and that he had eventually fathered a couple of children with her.

And I was very happy for him. I mean, how could I not be? Chris was finally getting himself some real live pussy, just like he had always wanted.

And knowing Chris, he was probably also getting his dick sucked on a regular basis, too. And hopefully, his wife likes the taste of his sperm. I'm pretty sure that he loves the taste of her pussy.

Looking back on everything now, I feel very fortunate and honored that Chris chose to seduce me into having sex with him that very first night down in The Pit, which naturally led to our secret, on-going sexual relationship. And that special sexual relationship gave both Chris and me a way to safely express and satisfy our pent-up, super-strong "sex-sharing" urges. And that was very important. Because, thanks to our secret sexual relationship together, Chris and I didn't feel any need to resort to other much-more-desperate measures, just to try to get our rocks off better.

However, I have to admit that my adolescent sexual relationship with Chris did have some lasting effects on me, three of which I have chosen to mention below:

1) Whenever I masturbate, I still find myself occasionally fantasizing about Chris's penis, and about the various taboo sex acts that we performed together. And believe it or not, even though decades have passed since my secret sexual relationship with Chris ended, I can still remember all sorts of little details, like what his bare erect penis felt like in my hand.

2) To this very day, the sight of a man’s bare erect dick turns me on almost as much as the sight of a woman’s bare pussy does. And if that man's bare fully-erect penis just happens to be on the short side (less than 5-inches-long, from base to tip)--and/or if it happens to have a large, wide, flared-out dickhead attached to the end of it--it can actually turn me on even more than the sight of a woman's bare pussy does. Go figure.

3) I have to admit that, even though I love watching women masturbate in porn video clips, it actually turns me on more to watch men jack themselves off and squirt their sperm out all over the place. In fact, if I'm not careful, the sight of a man's sperm being ejaculated from his penis during a porn video clip is so mentally exciting to me, that it can quickly and automatically raise my level of sexual excitement to the point where I can end up spontaneously orgasming and ejaculating my own sperm. Now that's fucked up, if you ask me!

But don't get me wrong. Even though you could correctly think of me as being bisexual, I lean much farther towards the heterosexual end of the spectrum, than I do towards homosexuality (that's why I fell in love with--and ended up getting married to--a woman, instead of a man). So naturally, whenever I masturbate, I usually prefer to look at photos and videos of naked women, and their pussies, and their nipples--or some cases, their little puffed-out breast-buds (small-breasted and flat-chested women just happen to turn me on the most).

However, when I'm in the right mood, a man’s bare erect penis and his ejaculating-sperm can turn me on just as much as--if not more than--a woman's bare pussy does. And so watching men and women fuck in a porn video gives me the best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned. I get to choose whether I want to focus in on the woman's pussy (like I normally tend to do), or on the man's dick, or on both.

Just for the record, my wife, Bea, knows all about my secret adolescent sexual relationship with Chris. And that's because I eventually "came clean" with her about everything that you have just read in this story. I even told her about other Chris-related stuff that I chose not to write about here.

* * * * *
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