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Another lewd trip to St Tropez....
This account is directly after my tale of Alison's journey, and because it has been too long telling it of one day in the South of France, I have divided it into 2 chapters, but both related.
Of course as I publish these true tales, IF I don't get any comments on my writing, I will stop publishing, my "tales and true-life adventures" here. A lot of people seemingly read my words, but as yet, no comments.
[It is the worst poosible thing for an author]


Chapter one

Obviously, this is the continuing true adventures with my new english friend who arrived in my village with her husband Jim, who works, seemingly full time over in St. Nazaire on fitting new yachts. Alison has blossomed, with my help, into an open, sexy, female who has surprised me and shocked herself at what fun sex can be.

Alison arrived for coffee in my house before we again ventured forth to St Tropez, for another day of naughtiness, and perhaps make a rendez-vous with a local lingerie shop manageress, Joelle.
Sipping coffee, I told Alison that she looked terrific in the light dress she bought from a stall in St.Tropez market. “I like that you are obviously wearing dark tan stockings under as well. Very sexy, and what colour thong today?
”She lifted her dress to reveal a dark blue suspender-belt and matching thong. “Really lovely and no pubes sticking out from your crotch. Have you had a trim?”
“Glad you noticed” she replied and pulled aside to show me her clipped pubic hair. “Mmmm, still enough there to get my teeth into” I giggled. ”I can now make out your labia mmmm,but to be even better” and I reached forward, and unbuttoned 5 buttons up from the hem, so that when she walked the skirt would open mid-thigh……oooo was there just a hint of stocking top there? I then unbuttoned 4 buttons from the neck so that her boobs were showing in the gap and would reveal more when looking down her front.

“Oh, one more thing, no two…One, you have to leave your bra here. No point having beautiful tits to ogle, if you are wearing a bra. Two, I have something else to wear on our walking around.” Alison’s widened and asked her to show her.
“Not yet, so take off your bra while I get you ready, just bend over a little.” I told Alison, who did look a little bemused as I moved around behind her, knelt down and tucked her skirts up to her waist. I parted her legs and pushed my mouth between her bum cheeks, and pulled her thong to one side to kiss and lick around her anus. Pointy tongue slipping in past her tight sphincter, I realized that Alison was now learning to relax her tight hole to make getting in there much easier…good girl.

“This is lovely, Jenni, but could you not at least wait until we get back? Heheee, OHH Jen, your fingers are too much at this time in the morning…WOOOOOOO;Christ, you are filling my poor bum. What is??……..OH”

I had inserted a small butt-plug into her anus, and replaced the thin fabric between her cheeks, stood up pulling her hem back into place. I explained to her what a butt-plug was, and that she was lucky that I hadn’t chosen a larger one for our day out.
“I don’t think that I can walk around with it in there” but I hushed her saying to give it time, to relax, and certain by the end of the day that she would not want to remove it.“Look, so not to let you have all the enjoyment, there is mine Alison” I said as I turned and bent down, skirt riding up over my bum cheeks (as usual).
“GOD, Jenni, it is in view on either side of the ‘string’ of your thong. I hope mine isn’t. Is it?’ “No Alison, but what you are wearing under your frock is on show, because when you walk in the sunlight your frock is almost transparent.”
She smiled broadly at me and confided in me “I know. I noticed when turning around and checking myself in the mirror. It is quite naughty if the fabric is stretched across my bum or I bend down. You can even see my suspender straps. Naughty Alison” she laughed, “OK, my poor anus is getting used to its invader, so, are you ready to shock St. Tropez, Jenni?

Locking my front door, and walking to my car, I was amazed at how brazen Alison had become in a few short days. There, waiting for the car to be unlocked, she was, standing enjoying the warm sunlight, and me enjoying looking at her pretty lingerie on show. Even better as she slid into the passenger seat, with her tits almost falling out of the top of her dress.
For myself, I was wearing a very loose shirt, unbuttoned and tied at the waist, my nude cleavage in view…and more if I moved around a bit. My short tartan kilt, really was short and would ride up if I were not careful, revealing my cheeks. Under, I had put on a pair of very sheer black nylons, fastened cosily under my bum cheeks, by a very pretty white suspender belt. Today, I wore a very sheer transparent ‘string’ which left nothing to the imagination, and cut into my labia. Nothing in view unless I bent over, or when my skirt rode up over my hips.
We both took a moment or two to adjust our sitting down onto out butt-plugs. A couple of “oohs” and “ahhhs” and then more giggles as we drove down the hill towards the coast.

“I am feeling quite filled and perhaps a little nervous now that we are almost there. I feel quite naked, knowing everything is on show, but hey ho, too late now for this brazen hussy” Alison now admitted. “Not everything, sweetie”, and leant across to unbutton above her thighs, and another between her boobs. Now she was really beginning to reveal a lot of skin “And no-one knows what is stuck in your asshole hehee”
We parked in the car park behind the harbour, and stood beside the car for a moment, before I asked, “Well sexy lady, what do you want to do first?” Alison looked around for a moment and from behind the security of her dark glasses, ventured. “Well….. we have spoken of meeting up in the lingerie shop, what if we go there first before it closes for lunch at midday, then on to our cafe with ‘your waitress’ for a light lunch, and for me a much needed glass of wine?”
“OOOOO, you have thought that one out well. Off to see the lovely Joelle then” Alison slightly blushed but beaming her gorgeous smile at me, walked off, humming wickedly to herself. I let her go on in front just to check out once again, the transparency of her dress. It was quite rude if you were offended by that sort of view, but the admiring, lustful glances would far outweigh the critics.

Arriving at the window of the lingerie shop, we peered in, looked each other, then nodded and pushed open the door. The bell tinkled and heard, from the back of the empty shop, Joelle’s voice “Un moment, s’il vous plait. J’arrive”
There was a bit of rustling behind the cubicle curtain, before it was thrown open and Joelle allowing two very beautiful suntanned teenagers to go on in front, both fastening up their tops, and pulling down their mini-skirts. She was walking behind them, straightening her blouse, and skirt and patting her hair back into place.

She beamed at the two of us, without much of a hint of embarrassment, and asked if they wanted to see more and perhaps come back to decide on what to look at. As she showed them to the door, Alison whispered to me “Do you think that they have left THEIR knickers in the changing room?”
Joelle turned back to us, apologising for the delay, and what could she do for us today, taking us both in with a hint of a ‘turned on’ smile. I spoke to her in French explaining that as we were just passing by on the way to lunch, would she ever consider visiting us at my home, to have an aperitif and do a private fitting for us both? She took this all in, with an slow intake of breath, then spoke to us in perfect English that she would consult her diary and if we gave her a list of what she could help us with, and was sure that something could be arranged to ‘satisfy’ you.
“Is there anything this morning that I can help you out with? Or…….” she hesitated, “the shop is closed this afternoon, when I will be doing some alterations, in my appartment above here, so……… if you changed your minds over lunch, I am sure that I could fit you both in? You just need to ring my bell and I open up to you both.” Her speech was so filled with sexual innuendo, that it left Alison and me in no doubt of her meaning.
We said that we would mull over her kind invitation over lunch…..or would she care to join us for lunch at the Cafe de Paris, as the shop was closed for the rest of the day?
“Very kind of you, but I have to do one or two things in my apartment first, but I could join you for coffee, at say, near to one-thirty?”
“We will be there” said Alison “and I am Alison and this is my VERY close friend and neighbour, Jenni “
“Enchante “ said Joelle as she shook us both by the hand, holding on a little longer, with her other hand clasped around the handshake.

“Well, Jenni, I don’t think there was any mistaking her intentions? Or am I just wanting to imagine the things racing around my head” I giggled at her, and I must admit that my mind was running wild as well, as we walked down to the harbour.
We were shown to an outside table by a young Italian looking waiter, wearing the habitual long white apron. Alison caught my disappointment at looking all around and not seeing the lovely young waitress. “Never mind, babe, she will be here another day, it may be her day off?”.

A bottle of our favourite rose arrived and as the young waiter slowly uncorked the bottle, kept running his eyes over both of us. Tipping a little into Alison’s glass, he nearly dropped the bottle as she leant forward to pick up the glass, and her frock fell open. I knew that he could see most of her beautiful breasts. Eyes even wider, as he watched her lean back in her chair to taste, and her skirt slipped apart revealing her stocking tops and thong.
As if unaware of what she was showing, she nodded to him, and he poured out both glasses, almost overflowing mine when he noticed my crossed legs and expanse of my nylon clad legs and suspenders. With difficulty, he took our orders, and looking a little hot under his stiff starched collar, walked shakily back to the bar.
“Cheers my dear” I toasted Alison, “in the sunshine I can plainly see your nipples through the material. “Well it doesn’t help when they are hard and standing out” as she looked down and ran her hand across them both, giving each nipple a little squeeze.

When we had finished our meal of plain omelette with rocket salad for me, and grilled tomatoes with basil and salad for Alison, we giggled and toasted each other again, and I uncrossed my legs and let her look at the tiny front of my string which had slipped in between the lips of my labia. In reply, Alison uncrossed her legs and let her dress again fall away, revealing everything underneath. “GOD you are one sexy cow” I told her, and as I tried to lean across the table to stick my tongue between her smiling mouth, my ashtray and napkin fell to the floor.

“Dammit” I sighed and stood up and bent over to pick up the ashtray, and fluttering napkin. It landed at the foot of the next table, so I took a step and bent over to pick it up. The old gentleman at the table, dropped his as well, and I had to take the time to pick his up as well. This gave him the time to ogle beneath my open shirt. I stood up and handed back the napkin to a man who may well have a heart attack. I let him watch my tits as I undid the knot in my shirt, flap it open and take my time re-tying it at the waist. He nearly had a seizure when I put one hand inside my shirt and made a great play of making my boobs comfortable. “Bon appetit, monsieur” smiling, and turning back to our table leaving him to his furious wife.

“OH bonjour” I beamed as I found the lovely waitress standing beside Alison watching the little incident, and obviously looking down her dress.
“Hello again” she said “I didn’t think I would see you again so soon. I have only started my shift, so I am delighted not to have missed you. Is there anything I do for you now that I am here.” Her beautiful smile took my breath away. Alison interrupted my muse by saying, “Yes, you could help my friend in pulling her skirt down, to stop showing the world what she is almost wearing under that belt she calls a skirt.”
I apologised, realising that the kilt was up to its old tricks, and had ridden up, when standing up from our table and bending over to pick up the napkin. I pushed my skirt down with both hand, hiding my near-naked bum and suspenders.
“No need to apologise to me, it was a charming view, much appreciated by me and a few others as well. Hehee, It has quite made my day, and only sorry that you hadn’t stayed longer in that position. Quite ravishing. Thanks. Oh I am Eva, I’m a student from Norway on a working holiday here at the cafe.
“That is why you speak such perfect English. I am Jenni, and this cheeky lady is my holiday lover, Alison.” Alison choked on her glass of wine throwing it across the table, soaking the front of my shirt. “Alison” I cried, but in a flash, Eva was in front of me with a clean paper napkin in her hands. “Allow me, it is normal in restaurants” taking the front of my shirt in one hand and dabbing at the spill with the other. Holding the edge of my shirt, I felt her fingers brushing my skin, and a she dabbed away, stroking my skin, inside my shirt. Between my boobs, then almost cupping a breast, her long fingers flicked over my nipple.

I gasped and pressed my tits against her fingers, as she was looking deeply into my eyes.
“How is that, Jenni?” “Looking down from her eyes I told her” Oh you have missed a bit on the other side” and my fingers managed to open the shirt a little farther for her to gaze at the whole of my front. I also was able to stroke her fingers, also held the shirt, as she went back to dabbing at my shirt, and stroking my other boob, raking her long finger nails across my rock hard nipple. Her face was close to mine, as she pretended to inspect her handiwork. I could feel her soft breath on my cheek as she whispered to me “You have a lovely body and a tantalising butt-plug. Call me soon.” And straightening up she announced to everyone around that the shirt looks good now, but will need a wash as soon as I get home.
I faintly said to her “Thanks Eva, and I think I need an armagnac with my coffee please, oh and the same for my lover”

“Could you make that three please” was the voice behind me. Joelle had arrived, and what a transformation from shop lady to lady for coffee and an armagnac. Joelle had changed from the business like shop lady, into a ravishing mature, chic and sexy woman. She stood there in a tight black silk shirt showing an impressive cleavage and a pale blue lamb’s wool jersey draped across her shoulders. Looking down, her long legs were covered to mid-thigh by a tight black leather skirt. Make–up was perfect and I was impressed.
“Hello again Jenni, and held my shoulders as she closed in and planted a kiss on both cheeks. Her lips touched the side of mine, and was less demure than it looked. Her large high boobs pressed against me.

Turning to the seated Alison, she bent over and planted the same kiss on both her cheeks, again just catching both sides of Alison’s lips. Joelle’s impressive tits pressing against Alison’s shoulder.
Joelle took a chair from the next table, and sat down opposite the two of us. Both of looks immediately fell to her legs as she sat and pulled her chair under her, even with knees together, revealed her dark tan hold-ups. I sighed as I caught a glimpse of naked pussy and? WAS she wearing a gold ring attached at her pussy? She caught our lewd looks and beautifully smiled at us in turn.
Coffee and armagnac arrived and Joelle stood up again to embrace Eva, and press herself to her. Eva smiled at us all and swayed back to the bar, bum wriggling under her tight black skirt. “Lovely girl, I fitted her with her work clothes. She is VERY accommodating!”

Joelle sat down again, and leaving no doubt that she was not wearing panties, and there indeed was a ring attached at her clit. “Nice” Alison told her and listened to Joelle’s reply, “Thank you, it is quite recent, and it gives me a warm sensuous feeling with every movement of my thighs.
“Oh yes, I remember now, but I really would want to inspect it closer to see if I wanted one for myself.” Alison. Joelle looked deeply at her saying, “I think it is very important to look before you buy, I will be delighted to show it to you.”
“Can’t wait” Alison replied and began to squirm in her chair, no doubt the butt-plug pleasuring her even more, her dress, falling open top and bottom. Stocking tops and thong on show, and I noticed that we could see most of her tits falling out. I was convinced that Alison had sneakily unbuttoned another button at her cleavage during lunch.
We chatted noisily and discussed the possibility of a “personal” fitting back at Joelle’s place. “I have left myself open for you, and certain that I can accommodate the two of you.” More double-entendres which left us in no doubt how personal this fitting could become.

As we took our leave, handing over the cash and check Eva, Joelle again kissed her cheeks, and Eva turned to me and, in kissing my cheeks, caught the side of my lips and darted her tongue in between my puckered mouth. “Soon please” she repeated to me before kissing Alison and return inside.
The three of us walked arm in arm back along the narrow street towards Joelle’s apartment. Our arms were pressed against the side of Joelle’s firm boobs, as her arms were rubbing against my tit on one side and Alison’s on the other. Cosy.

Letting us in to a steep staircase leading to Joelle’s home, she said to Alison to “lead the way up as I lock the door” I knew that she wanted to follow me up to look under my kilt, which confirmed when halfway up I felt cool fingers stroking my buttocks and near the top, slip into my crack to find my butt-plug. On the small landing Joelle’s forefinger tapped it before squeezing past me and Alison to open her front door.
The apartment was a bright airy affair, high ceilinged with full length windows opening on to a balcony, and beautifully furnished. “Please get comfortable and accept a glass of orange wine before we start. Oh, there on the side sofa, I have left you some lingerie that may interest you.”
Alison and I sat either side of the pile of delicious saucy underwear to look at. “Oh, what is that” Alison exclaimed as she pulled out from under the cushion she had just sat on, a black vibrator, and a pair of lacey panties. “Mmmmmm” said Alison as she lifted the panties to her nose and breathed in, handing over the ribbed vibrator to me. “I recognise this pussy” she giggled and watched in mock horror as I closed my lips on the vibrator and ran my tongue along its length, enjoying licking clean the dried juices.

Joelle arrived with the orange wine to see Alison sniffing her panties, and me sucking and licking her vibrator.
“Oh, I see you have found them. How careless of me to have left them there before coming, erm…. to meet you.” Again the strong sexual innuendo from Joelle, who had slipped into a short silky robe. “Excuse me but this is more comfortable for me whilst doing a fitting” she explained, and sat down in a large comfortable armchair opposite us.
“Bon sante a tous les deux et bienvenue chez-moi” as she raised her glass and took a gentle sip, wetting her beautiful deep red lipstick.
“Now ladies, to begin. Alison, I note that you are wearing a light dress which you bought here at the market if I am not mistaken, but I think the hem is beginning to drop. Let me see please?” Alison rose and went to stand before her. Joelle shuffled forward to the edge of her chair, placing her knees either side of Alison’s legs. Mmmmmmmm wide apart legs….. I have always liked in a female, and her bald snatch glistening in the light. Was she damp already? I watched as Joelle’s fingers lifting Alison’s hem to closely inspect.
Her other hand had slipped onto Alison’s thigh and I could see it moving under the dress. Fingers no doubt caressing the stockinged thighs and suspender-belt, and noticed Alison shift her feet apart a little, no doubt to allow access to her thong? I could see Joelle’s hand move around to Alison’s bum, under her skirts, and gently pull her nearer to Joelle. When Alison whispered “Ooooooo” I thought that Joelle’s fingers had found the butt-plug.

“Alison, I have just noticed that one of the button-holes is fraying, and needs sewing before it gets worse.” Joelle said looking up at my slightly flushed friend and raised both hands to hold the edges of the dress, and as if examining the button-hole closely opened up the neckline even more, to gaze at Alison’s boobs. ”It is from the back where I will mend it so you will never notice the repair. Well? No time like the present, as I have my sewing things here” And with that, Joelle’s experienced fingers unbuttoned one more button and, voila, slipped Alison’s dress down to her ankles. As she bent to pick it up of the floor Joelle’s cheek brushed down Alison’s tits, nipples now hard, and her face was level with Alison’s thong. It took a moment for Alison to lift one foot and then the other to step out of her garment, giving time for Joelle’s face to, ‘inadvertantly’ push against Alison’s mound.

Alison’s hands automatically lifted to cover her bosom, but Joelle teasingly reprimanded her, “Oh no, Alison, don’t be shy and cover your lovely breasts. They are very attractive and well, we are all girls here. Mmmmmm I noticed your nipples are hard, you are not too cold in here? No they don’t seem to be too cold, and perfect, Alison.” Joelle’s hands were roaming over Alison’s boobs, and watching, I had to slip one hand inside my blouse to check on my nipples.
“Your nipples seem to be very erect as well” replied Alison. On picking up Alison’s dress, Joelle’s big, heavy, breasts had tumbled out of her loose robe. She knew of course, but pretended not to notice. ”So they have, I hope that they don’t embarress you? Us girls together.” She made no attempt to tuck them away and carried on as if everything was normal. “What a pretty thong, also bought here in the market I think, but perhaps I can persuade you to look at some that I have looked out for you. Now,where is the maker’s label?”

Saying that, Joelle turned Alison around, facing me, and crouched down behind her. “Here it is, it says…it is a very small label, I have to look very closely”, and I saw Joelle’s head disappear behind Alison’s” bum. Alison’s eyes were half shut but snapped wide open and her mouth formed an ‘O’ as she felt something going on behind.
Alison began to grit her teeth as she widened her feet and slightly bent over to grab the side of the sofa, her other hand slipping into her thong and start to move about.
“Fuck” Alison hissed and when I rose and walked around the back of the two of them, saw Joelle’s face buried in Alison’s butt cheeks, which she was holding apart with her hands.
“God, that is so erotic. I am so horny looking at you two.” I knelt down behind Joelle and wrapped my arms around her, with my hands cupping and weighing her very large, firm tits, squeezing her very erect nipples.

As I was kissing her neck and nibbling her ear, I saw that Joelle’s teeth were fastened around the base of the butt-plug and moving her head, was pulling, back and forth, Alison’s plug. She was being butt-fucked by her own toy. Neat, I thought.
I rose, and moved to the front of Alison, pulling hard on her nipples and shoving my tongue down her throat. Her mouth opened wide to let me in, as she held on to the back of my head. Her hands then started to push my head down her body until it was pressed into her wet snatch. I licked along her wetness back and forth then sticking my tongue up into her hot tunnel. Alison was moaning loudly as she was being tongue-fucked front and back. I then licked along her crease, to find Joelle’s tongue meeting and licking mine.
One of her hands reached forward and slid into my open shirt, squeezing and caressing my aching tits, and pulling on my nipples.
OHHHHHH this was too much for me and I slid between Alison’s feet, and sliding on my back to between Joelle’s crouching thighs, getting rid of my shirt and kilt. My head arrived under Joelle’s cunt, and I pulled it onto my face, licking and teasing her clit ring and chewing on her labia. With a groan, Joelle turned around over me and buried her face in my sopping pussy, and felt her mouth slurping at my juices, as we both hungrily devoured each other’s cunt.

I was lost in a haze of pure lust until I noticed Alison had removed herself. Looking up, she was sitting on the edge of the sofa watching the erotic scene before her, and with her compact camera in one hand, and the other now embedded deep inside her pussy. So deep that she almost had her whole fist inside her.
Joelle noticed as well, and ordered Alison behind her. Alison knelt at Joelle’s upturned butt, and I got a close-up of her tongue stabbing at Joelle’s butt-hole. My face was being soaked by Joelle’s juices and Alison’s saliva as she ran her tongue up Joelle’s backside.
“Finger me, finger my ass” was Joelle’s command to Alison. Alison slipped her forefinger into Joelle’s throbbing snatch, and then slipped it between my lips, before raising it to Joelle’s back entrance. With my tongue still busy with her cunt I watched Joelle’s rectum being slowly invaded by a long finger. On and on it slid, until full embedded inside.
“OHHH Alison, another” growled Joelle. The finger slid out of Joelle’s and stuck into my mouth. I sucked the two fingers tasting the juices from Joelle’s bum. I was in ecstacy, As I watched Alison’s two fingers slide right up inside Joelle’s back passage. That set off Joelle’s mouth on me again, and slipped one of her fingers into my arse-hole. “OHHHH God”, I mumbled as I chewed on Joelle’s cunt, and watching Alison’s fingers sliding in and out of Joelle’s bottom.
“PLEEEEEEASE, …..MORE” Joelle cried out. Again, fingers slid out of Joelle’s butt to let me taste again the juices, but Alison had pushed 4 fingers between my lips. Wetting them, I watched them leave a trail of my saliva up Joelle’s crack and begin to widen her anus. Joelle must have felt another finger, because she moaned loudly, “YESSSSS baby, DO IT!”
I was in a daze to have such a close-up of four fingers pushing against, then suddenly slide deep in past her sphincter ring. I was sooo excited and orgasmed as a second finger was thrust up my own tight asshole. I was writhing under Joelle and lost in a frenzy of lust.

When I could open my eyes again, Alison had changed position behind us, and was sitting backwards, on Joelle’s buttocks. Wide apart thighs and Joelle’s black vibrator sunk into her rectum. Her 4 fingers were fucking Joelle’s and the other hand was plunging in and out of her own cunt. As I looked up in amazement at this lewd scene, both Joelle and Alison shouted out in lust at the same time. Then Joelle whispered “Wait………. Slowly……YESSSSS perfect.”
Somehow, Alison’s whole hand disappeared into Joelle’s bottom. Joelle slowly raised herself onto one elbow and I watched as she reached back to take hold of Alison’s wrist and move it towards her asshole and pull it out again a little. Alison had her whole hand inside Joelle’s backside and was gently moving her fingers deep inside, as Joelle slid Alison’s hand in and out. It had gone very quiet apart from the noise of Alison’s fingers squishing in and out of her cunt, until a loud shout rent the air.
“Merde, I am cumming ……………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
“Oh SHIT Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss“ was Alison’s cry.
Joelle was shuddering and shaking on top of me, and to help, I fastened my mouth around her clit ring, as she exploded with in an enormous orgasm. Alison timed it perfectly as she came in time with Joelle, seated on Joelle’s buttocks and bouncing up and down on the vibrator in her arse, fingers plunging in and out of her sopping cunt.

We all collapsed and rolled on the floor, legs and arms entwined, to recover. We gently rolled about together until Joelle pushed her large boobs into my face for me to suckle on one, then the other wonderful teat. Alison’s mouth ended up between my thighs, gently licking me, as I had a finger in her cunt and another in her arse-hole.
As I was sucking and licking these wondrous tits, I suddenly remembered my ‘just in case’ moment at home. “Alison, please go and look into my bag” She shakily got up and went over to open my ‘sac’. “Woohooo Jenni, you are a very thoughtful and dirty little gal. Can I please try?” She had pulled out my strap-on which I slipped into my bag, with a ‘well you never know’ chuckle. “AND… you have even brought the spunk” as she lifted out the small bottle of sperm-like liquid.

Joelle looked a little puzzled, until Alison worked out how to fill the bulbous reservoir, and then beamed as she watched Alison pull on the straps and tighten them around her hips.“How delightfully rude that is” said Joelle as we watch drip her saliva onto the erect cock sticking out from her tummy, and stroke the length to wet it.
“May I watch” asked Joelle. “Of course, but, would you mind taking some photos for us on my camera, while I fuck Jenni?”
“My pleasure, and why not be comfortable on the sofa?” replied Joelle as she rose and gently sat down in the armchair. I moved and lay down on the wide soft sofa, as Alison knelt beside me, and fed her rigid cock into my mouth, gently humping it in and out. I took hold of Alison’s tits and was rolling them in my hands, when I felt my knees being parted, and a tongue stabbed my cunt-hole.
“Just to get you ready” giggled Joelle as Alison lowered herself on top of me and thrust her tongue between my wanting lips. I whispered as she broke off to position the cock between my eager thighs, “Fuck me now, darling Alison, my little holiday love, hehee”

The large cock pushed deep into me as I gasped and ground against it wanting to feel it bump my cervix. To take it deeper, I wrapped my stockinged legs around Alison’s hips to take the prick deep inside me. As I raised my head to kiss Alison, I saw Joelle lying back, legs wide apart, taking some photos of the action. Alison began sliding her cock in and out and it got a little more insistent as we deeply kissed and our hips moved in unison to fuck me deep.
Harder and harder, until Alison started to pound my wet pussy. “Ooo wonderful” I moaned, as she replied “Yesss the end of the phallus inside me has my pussy tingling”, as her pace quickened. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Joelle was still sitting, legs akimbo, still taking photos, BUT, I stared at the pink cock that was sticking out between her thighs ! “God,… look, Al” and she gasped when she took in Joelle’s rigid phallus. “Oh Jenni…you may be in trouble here, and serves you right…… holiday lover indeed! Now to fuck you hard”
And so she did, pounding away at my cunt, my legs high in the air, my own strap-on filling my insides. I was getting close to cumming when a gentle quiet voice told Alison, “Lie on your back, honey, and let Jenni sit on top of you”
We both moved, and I sat on top of Alison impaling my fuck- tunnel on the cock. Joelle was taking more photos, but when I leant down to suck Alison’s tongue, I felt a cold finger lubricating my back passage. I pushed my bum out a little, and felt a second finger slide into my fundament., stretching my sphincter wide open.
Alison continued her upward thrusts, as I felt the seat cushions move and felt Joelle getting between my splayed thighs. Fingers slid out of my arse-hole and two hands spreading my bum cheeks. Then the tip of Joelle’s dildo press against my butt hole.I relaxed it, thanking god that her cock was not as big as the one shafting my cunt.

I pushed back as it pushed forward, until it popped in past my ring, and farther until it was fully plugging me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I whimpered from pain and pleasure, and an erotic dirtiness flooded all over me as the two cocks filled me. They got to time each other’s movement. Joelle’s cock pulling out, as Alison’s pushed up into me, and then the opposite.
I was in deep heaven and beginning to move with them. As the fucking of both my holes was getting quicker, Joelle leant over me to grab my tits, and lick and kiss my back. Alison’s hands held my head as her tongue plundered my open mouth. I was getting close to cumming being pounded in cunt and ass. All of us were getting breathless, and excited and so hot.
“Oh YESSSS I am going to cum, cum with me, pleeeeeease” I gasped and started to shake with emotion.
I started to climax as both Alison and Joelle hissed “yesssss” in my ears as I exploded with a huge orgasm, my whole body erupting, and with wave after wave hitting me.Warm jets of ‘sperm’ hit my cunt…..on and on, it kept filling me as I shrieked in the biggest orgasm that I had ever known.

END OF CHAPTER ONE......................................................................CHAPTER TWO FOLLOWS;

This day in our lives continues, and I hope that you can follow it in Chapter two. Please let me know, with a message.. ...because "sigh" , no-one leaves any thoughts,hints or messages !!! JENNI xxx


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Loved hearing about your adventures!!


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Excellent read, moving on to chapter 2.

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