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Nick's continuing story...


Part four in the continuing story of Nick. It’s advised that you read the first three parts in order to know what’s going on and to preserve the continuity of the stories.

Constructive criticisms are always welcome. I’ve been over this story 3 times looking for spelling and grammar errors. If something slipped through, I’m sorry. I don’t have a professional editor to go over my stories.


As I left the house I wondered whether to walk or ride my bicycle over to Roy’s place. It wasn’t far, only a block and a half; but I wanted to have a smoke before I got there so I decided to walk. I certainly could use the exercise.

After walking a ways, I got out a smoke and lit it up. As I walked and smoked I wondered what Roy’s place was like. I hoped his parents would like me… there’s nothing worse than having a friend whose parents don’t like you. I had never been in that position, but I’ve heard about people who have been and apparently it sucks big time.

I got to the corner of the street Roy lives on and made a right onto it. It was a funny kind of a street; after walking just a short way after turning, the street itself took a left-hand twist and was now running parallel to my street. I flicked my cigarette down a sewer grate and in no time at all I was on the street looking at Roy’s house.

The house was quite a bit larger than ours; looking through the front windows I could see two large rooms as well as a large kitchen. There were a number of smaller windows on the second floor. It looked like there were at least three bedrooms up there facing the street. The enclosed garage beside the house had two doors and looked quite roomy inside.

I walked up to the side door of the house and rang the bell. I could hear a faint melody inside before Roy opened the door and welcomed me in.

“Hey Nick! How are you?” Roy smile as he inquired.

“I’m good Roy, how about you?” I responded.

“I’m doing okay. Come on in and I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

I closed the door and followed after Roy as he led me into the front living room. All of Roy’s family was sitting, his parents on comfortable recliners and his sisters on the couch.

Indicating each person as he spoke Roy said, “Nick, this is my mom and dad, my older sister, Julie, and Anna who you already know.”

I put on my best smile and said “Hello” to everyone as they were introduced to me.

Roy’s mom was a very good looking lady; she was wearing a simple faded pink house dress that neither hid nor accentuated her surprisingly good looking figure. She had a pretty face with green eyes and a well coifed head of red hair. All her curves were in the right places and were showcased by a large pair of breasts, unencumbered by a bra. What I could see of her legs was very nicely shaped. She was a fine looking woman.

I said, “Nice to meet you” and looked her right in the eyes and gave her a big, bright smile; the kind of smile that a woman like to see, a smile that said, “Hi there! Nice to meet you! You are a fine looking woman!”

She blushed a bit as I turned my head to Roy’s dad.

Roy’s dad was a big son of a bitch! He stood well over 6 feet and had an incredibly muscled body. He wore a blue denim shirt and blue denim work pants, both of which were obviously well used. As I walked towards him he stood up and I stuck my hand out and he gave it a firm shake.

“Nice to meet you Nick; Roy and Anna tell me that you’re a good kid!”

“I try to be sir!” I flashed my most sincere smile while firmly returning the hand shake.

He smiled as he released my hand and said, “A good firm handshake, I like that in a man.”

I was happy that he liked my hand-shake and was a little awed that he considered me to be a man. I could also tell that he was impressed that I had used the word ‘Sir’. Such an easy thing to say and it always got good results.

I turned to the right, towards the couch so I could see Julie. “Nice to meet you Julie… I can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here, you look like a younger version of your mom.”

Julie looked right at me, trying to determine if that was an insult or a compliment. I continued, “You are both very beautiful women”. Both Julie and Roy’s mom flushed a bit and smiled at me.

“Uh… thanks Nick” stuttered Julie. I could see Roy’s mom beaming at me, obviously happy with my remark.

“No problem Julie, you really are quite stunning.” And she was too… built to the same scale as her mother, great curves and an awesome swinging set of breasts. She was wearing a white button-down blouse and a plaid skirt along with long white stockings; her school clothes. Julie attended a Catholic school for reasons that had not yet been explained to me. I was sure Roy would tell me later.

And finally I looked over to Anna… sweet little Anna. She was wearing a loose fitting track suit which did nothing to show her body off. Of course with Anna it was her face and her smile that people looked at, she had a wonderful, friendly face and an absolutely radiant smile.

“Hi Anna” I said softly, “nice to see you again.”

“You too Nick, thanks again for all your help at school today.”

“No problem! I’m glad I was able to help you.”

“C’mon Nick, let’s go downstairs to the TV room” Roy said, gesturing towards a stair case that led downstairs”.

I gave everyone else a quick smile and followed Roy downstairs. A quick glance backwards revealed that both Julie and Anna were watching me as I descended the stairs. Roy and I sat down on a pair of recliner chairs facing the television set. It was turned on, but the volume was down quite low.

I asked Roy where Bill was and he told me they had gone into the city to do some shopping.

“So Nick, what do you think of the rest of my family?” asked Roy.

“Well; your mom and dad look like pretty decent parents, and your sister Julie is a knock-out. And your mom too, I bet she was a real head-turner when she was younger!”

Roy looked a bit uncomfortable, probably from trying to envision his mom and dad when they were younger, and all the things that a young couple like them might get up to.

“Yeah… I think she’s a looker too” he finally admitted, a bit of a blush on his face.

“And Julie… wow! You never told me she was a hot looking fox! And she’s got a big rack, just like your mom!”

Roy looked uncomfortable with my comments about his mom and sister but confided, “Yeah, I know. I sometimes get to see her nude and my cock gets right hard thinking about how good she looks.”

I confided, “My cock gets hard whenever I see a good looking woman… young, old, whatever… but not Anna of course! She is a real-life little angel, I could never think of her that way.”

“I know, she’s a sweet little thing; and anyone who fucks with her is going to know what it means to be in a world of hurt” Roy exclaimed, giving me an evil grin. I surely wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of his fury.

“So Julie,” I asked, “why does she go to Catholic school?”

Roy looked around before answering me in a low voice, “Because she’s a bit of a slut, that’s why.”

“WHAT?” I said. I couldn’t believe it! Roy was saying that his own sister a ‘slut’. Wow!

“Shh!” he responded, “keep your voice down… you don’t have to let everyone in the house hear you!”

“Sorry” I whispered back, “It’s just that I’ve never heard a guy call his sister ‘a bit of a slut’ before.”

“Yeah, well… maybe not so much a slut as someone who loves sex a lot more than most girls her age.”


“Yeah… she first had sex when she was only fourteen, and shortly after that she told my mom that she needed to be on the pill.”

“Holy fuck… what did your mom say?”

“She told Julie that she wouldn’t be going to public school anymore, and then took her to her doctor and got her on the pill. Mom can’t watch her all the time and she sure the hell doesn’t want any unwanted pregnancies in the family.”

I was flabbergasted! Julie was on the pill and her mom knew about her sexual activities. Wow! I could hardly believe it.

“And that’s not all” Roy continued, “her best friend Heather Stone loves sex and fucking even more than Julie. She’s on the pill too, and has been since she was 14. She and Julie are as thick as thieves; you almost never see one of them without the other one being close by. Heather only goes to the Catholic school because Julie goes there; she wasn’t forced to go by her family… although I’m sure they think it’s a better place than public school.”

“Is Heather hot too?” I asked.

Roy made kind of a short raspberry noise before answering, “Oh yeah… just picture Julie, only a hot looking blonde with even bigger boobs than her.”

“Oh wow! I bet she looks good in her school uniform too! I can’t wait to see her for myself.”

“Heh… you won’t have to wait long, she is over all the time visiting Julie. The two of them spend all night in Julie’s room, giggling and whispering and who knows what else. Julie says it’s just girl stuff, but she keeps her bedroom door locked.”

I closed my eyes and reclined the chair, thinking of both Julie and the as yet unseen Heather. Big breasts are among my favorite things, and the idea of two hot girls that liked to fuck had my cock as hard as a rock.

Roy looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Heather should be along any time now, you want to go upstairs and see when she gets here? We could go to the kitchen and have a Coke there while we wait.”

“Yes!” was all I needed to say. We left the room and climbed back up the stairs to the kitchen. Roy motioned me to have a seat by the kitchen table as he grabbed two Cokes out of the ‘fridge.

Roy spoke softly as he said, “Heather always comes in to say ‘Hi’ to whoever is in the kitchen when she gets here. I’m sure that she likes the attention she gets from the guys who see her. Try not to stare too much, and especially not at her boobs… I never know how she will react to that… sometimes it’s good and other times not so much.”

I nodded my head in agreement and took a swig of my Coke. A minute after that the door-bell chimed and in walked Heather, closing the door behind her before entering the kitchen.

“Hi boys” she purred as she walked over to the ‘fridge. She opened the door and bent over while picking up a can of Coke. Her skirt rode neatly up her ass revealing a pair of white, sheer silk underwear. I nearly spit out my pop… she was only a few feet from me and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy pouch through the very sheer underwear.

Unfazed by this blatant show Roy said, “Hey Heather, how are you? This is my friend Nick. We were just talking about you.”

“Oh? You were, were you? And what were you saying about me?” She had closed the door and turned to face us as she opened her can of Coke.

“I was just telling Nick that you were the hottest blonde in town, and a few other nice things about you as well.”

Heather looked right into my eyes, smiled, then asked, “What kinds of things has he been telling you Nick?”

Heather was indeed a near twin to Julie; blonde hair instead of red, larger tits, and a set of legs that just kept on going and going. She also was wearing the same style of high white stockings… that went right up to the bottom of her shapely ass. I also noticed she had a small black leather purse slung over her right shoulder.

My breathing was a bit jagged as I managed to stutter out, “Uhm… nice things, lots of nice things.”

She moved closer to me, bending over at the hips until her head was right next to mine. I could clearly see the mounds and valley of her breasts as she leaned over and asked me, “Like these puppies Nick? Are these one of the things you talked about?” She had a libidinous grin on her face as she watched me ogle her cleavage.

“Uh…” I really didn’t know what to say so I decided to be forthright with her. “Yes, your marvellous breasts did come up in conversation. Roy warned me not to stare at them for too long, but I think I’ve already done that. I know it’s rude to stare, but I can’t take my eyes off them; they are absolutely fucking awesome… pardon my French.”

Heather gave out a lusty laugh as she stood up and smiled at me. “Terri was right; you certainly speak your mind, but without being offensive.”

“Terri?” I squeaked out, “Really? Does she talk to every girl in this town? You don’t even go to the same school as her!”

Continuing to laugh, Heather headed up the stairs to Julie’s room. She looked over her shoulder at me, still with a lustful look on her face and said quietly “Yes, Terri told me all about you… I’m quite keen to see if you live up to your reputation.”

And with that she was out of sight; I heard a door open and close, and the sound of the lock clicking into place; sealing the room from outside interference.

What did she mean exactly about ‘my reputation’? How did I manage to get a ‘reputation’ in such a short time? I was somewhat consoled by the fact that it seemed to be a good reputation.

I turned back to look at Roy; he was staring in open disbelief at me. “What the fuck Nick? You and Terri made out? When and where did this happen, and what the fuck were you two doing?”

Aside from looking incredulous, Roy also had a keen quizzical look on his face as well.

“Well… it started at lunch time yesterday and then finished up just before our bus left the school. I really can’t go into too much detail or Terri will tear my dick off. Maybe Heather will tell Julie and she’ll tell you. From what little I know about them, they’re probably talking about it right now.”

“Yeah, maybe… Julie can’t seem to keep her mouth shut about Heather. She’s always bragging about her exploits, telling me how she likes to get it on with the guys. I eventually get most of the details from her, but it can take a while.”

I wondered, not for the first time, how all these women were communicating with each other. They didn’t even go to the same school, when did they find the time to talk to each other with such speed and detail? I could see that I was going to have to be very careful about what I said to anyone about the time I spent with these different women.

Roy stood up, adjusting his obviously hard dick, “Well… let’s go downstairs and see if there is anything worth watching on the TV.”

We headed back downstairs and eventually ended up watching some adventure movie whose name I can’t recall anymore. At about 10:30 I said to Roy, “I should probably start getting home, I want to make a good impression on my mom. Getting home before my curfew is always a good way to do that.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean… my parents get right uptight if I’m not home when I’m supposed to be.”

We walked back upstairs to find Heather and Julie sitting at the kitchen table, talking in low voices and smiling at each other.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” asked Julie. “Heather and I were just talking, and she was wondering if Nick could walk her home. She doesn’t like walking alone after dark, and she would really appreciate it.” She enunciated the word ‘appreciate’ while giving me a lewd smile.

Roy gasped as I looked at Heather. She was trying hard to keep a straight face in spite of Julie’s bawdy pronouncement. “I’d really appreciate it Nick… please?”

I was stunned… Heather wanted me to walk her home? I thought about it for less than a fraction of a second before responding, “Sure thing; I’d be happy to walk her home.”

I looked at the clock again, it was getting late, there was no way I could walk Heather home and still be home before 11:00. “Can I use the phone Roy?”


“Thanks.” I picked up the phone and started dialing it, wondering what the hell I was going to say to my mother. A flash of inspiration hit me as I looked at Julie and asked, “Julie, would you mind talking to my mom about walking Heather home, and how she doesn’t like to walk alone at night, and that I’m going to be late getting home?”

Julie and Heather both grinned as Julie took the phone handle from me. I could hear the phone ringing and then my mother’s voice, “Hello.”

“Hi, this is Julie, Roy’s sister. A friend of mine is visiting me and we lost track of the time. She really doesn’t like to walk alone at night, and we were wondering if it would be alright for Nick to walk her home.”

I couldn’t make out what my mother was saying, but Julie was smiling… I figured that mom wasn’t freaking out.

“Yes, I’ll tell him. Thank you very much; I’m sure Heather will be very appreciative. Okay, bye for now” she said before hanging up the phone.

“Your mom said you could walk Heather home, but no ‘dilly-dallying’. You’re to get straight home as soon as you drop Heather off.”

“Then it’s decided”, chimed Heather. She turned to Julie and said, “Thanks Julie, I really hate walking home alone at night.” She then looked at me and asked, “Ready to go Nick?”

I was past dumbfounded. My mother had agreed to let me take Heather home and didn’t’ seem upset that I was going to be late getting home. I could see that Roy was having trouble taking it all in himself. He kept looking at me, then Heather, then Julie, and once or twice at the phone, as if that would help him process what was going on.

“Jeeze Nick… what the fuck?” he stammered. His face was a mask of questions, and I don’t think he had any idea of where to start asking them.

I just shrugged my shoulders at him, “I don’t know… I really, really don’t. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yeah, I guess. See you later then.”

Heather opened the door and walked through; turning to make sure I was following her. I closed the door behind myself and started walking alongside Heather.

After a little while I asked Heather, “So, what have you heard about me from Terri then?”

Heather laughed lightly and responded, “Not just Terri, but also Sylvia and Lisa. You’ve been a busy little boy haven’t you?”

Thankfully it was dark or she’d have been able to see me blushing from my head to my toes. Shakily I asked her, “Sylvia and Lisa too? What did the three of tell you about me?”

Instead of answering me immediately she took a step sideways and ahead of me. Reaching backwards, she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I gasped as I felt them through her blouse.

Without losing a beat she said, “They told me that you are a very nice boy and that you always think of other people before yourself. I heard that you have magic hands and an agile tongue. I heard that you can make a girl very happy, and I am already soaking wet thinking about what you are going to do to me before I get home.”

WHAT? Before I get her home? I had slowed down and Heather had to put her hands over mine in order to keep me up with her. While I was figuring out what the hell was going on I had, without thinking about it, started fondling her breasts. They felt like big soft tit shaped pillows. They were very… not mushy, but they were bigger than a handful and easily massaged.

“Don’t be too confused Nick… I’m sure that Roy has already told you that I’m one horny bitch.”

“Well… he didn’t use the word ‘bitch’, although he did use the word ‘slut’.

She just gave a throaty laugh and said, “Well, he’s not wrong. I’m a fucking horny slut, and right now, I’m very, very horny. We need to walk much faster though, so hang on!”

I kept hanging on to those wonderful jugs as Heather and I started walking very fast. After a minute she started jogging, and I had to let go of her. Keeping pace, I started moving faster myself.

“Oh gawd… hurry up Nick!”

With that, she grabbed my hand and we started running really fast. We sped past the arena, over the bridge and then she slowed down and put her finger to her lips.

“Follow me, and keep quiet” she whispered to me. I nodded as she walked besides the building closest to the bridge, just on the other side of the cenotaph. We quickly walked until we were under the bridge. There was a large river bank here and just enough light from filtered down from above to be able to see what you were doing.

Heather led me to the wall under the bridge, farthest away from the water, and into the darkest park of the river bank. I was just able to make out a lot of large, flattened cardboard boxes here. She sat down on the cardboard and pulled me by my hand until I was sitting down beside her.

“You have no idea how jealous, and horny I am about you and those other girls. I want to feel your hands on me… I want to feel you tongue on me; and I want to feel your cock inside of me!”

She pulled me close to herself and snaked her hand down my pants until she had a hold of my rapidly stiffening cock. With her other hand she grabbed my hand and positioned it under her skirt, and right into her sopping wet panties, pushing it down until my fingers were resting on her very juicy, very hot pussy.

“Do you feel how hot and wet I am for you Nick? Do you feel how much I want you?”

Without waiting for a reply, she rolled on top of me, slowly bucking her hips and grinding her pussy against my cock. My hand came up from her panties and with both hands I started unbuttoning her blouse, moving as fast as my slightly shaking hands could go.

“Hurry Nick, we don’t have a lot of time, and I can’t wait any longer.”

She bent down and kissed me deeply… her tongue moving quickly past my lips and searching for my tongue, which moved quickly to hers. We kissed like that until I had her blouse completely unbuttoned, at which point she sat up and pulled it off, revealing a bra so sheer as to be nearly transparent. My mouth went dry at the thought of getting my mouth and tongue on those puppies. With a deft move, the bra was undone and dropped down beside her blouse.

I sucked in my breath as her cleavage came down and rubbed from side to side on my face.

“You like?” she asked knowingly.

“YES… very much. I like them very, very much.” I managed to say from my nearly muffled mouth.

“Suck them, fondle them!” she whispered in a low hiss.

Unlike the hot, sweaty places I had been with Terri, Sylvia and Lisa, it was fairly cool under the bridge, and her nipples were hard, large, and ready to be sucked, and carefully twirled and twisted between my fingers and my thumb.

“Ungh…” she gurgled as my mouth and fingers made contact with her nipples. I sucked hard and tight on her left nipple as my right hand twirled and twisted her other one. “Yes… uh… fuck… harder Nick!”

As I started sucking and fondling as hard as I could without bringing pain, she reached down and undid my pants and zipper, pulling my cock out into the cool air. She undid her skirt and it joined the blouse and bra in the pile. In a few seconds she had managed to contort herself to the point where she was able to pull her panties off as well, dropping them beside the other small pile of clothing.

“Fuck Nick… I need you in me!”

Putting action to words she reached down and held my now ridged cock up and then skewered herself on it, her sopping wet pussy sliding down my rod with no problem at all. She bottomed out on me, moaning as she started moving her hips and grinding her clit against my pubic bone. She grabbed me head and pulled it upwards so that I was able to continue my ministrations on her nipples and breasts.

“Oh jeeze… you feel good inside me. Just keep doing what you’re doing to my tits, and let me do the work… you don’t have to move at all.”

I was holding on to her with one hand so that I could keep her nipple in my mouth while my other hand massaged, fondled, twisted and twirled her other breast and nipple.

“Yes… just like that! Keep on doing that!” she quietly commanded.

It was too dark for me to see the intersection of my cock and her pussy, but I could feel her soft bush as she continued grinding against me. I made a mental note to try and get a look at it as soon as I could.

There were no words capable of describing the utter blissfulness my cock and I were feeling. My eyes were closed, but my senses were stretched to the upper limit. Her boobs were so soft, contrasted against the diamond hardness of her nipples. I was suckling for all I was worth, determined to get as much of her in my mouth as was possible, my hand holding her against my face.

She then started moving her hips in the most amazing way. She was still maintaining firm contact with her pubic mound and mine. But now she was moving a bit up and down, forward and backwards, and to my amazement, side to side as well. She was grinding in a circular motion; how she could move in so many directions at the same time was beyond my ability to comprehend. What I could comprehend was that I was in heaven… my first fuck, under the bridge, under the hottest, horniest woman in town.

“Fuck… my nipples feel like you’ve got sparks in your mouth and the way you twist them, it should hurt, but it doesn’t… fuck me!” Her breathing was irregular and gasping.

“I am” I whispered quietly, moving my mouth far enough to slip the words out past her enormous assets. Amazingly enough, my breathing was mostly deep and regular, punctuated with the occasional sharp intake of the cool air.

As a wave of euphoria started to wash over me, Heather started squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles, milking me as her motions became more feverish. She was fucking me like I was the last man she’d ever feel inside of her.

I was now panting. “Heather… this is my first fuck… I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to last…” I warned her.

“It’s okay… this is supposed to be a quickie, so don’t worry about it.”

Suddenly, she sat up, arching her back and started moving in a different, but similar fashion… only now she was sliding further up and down my cock, grinding against me on each down stroke. My eyes opened to see pure lust on her face as I watched her body starting to convulse around me.

“Ungh… fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!”

“I’m cumming!” I cried out, and put my hands on her hips to pull her harder against me on her downward strokes. She responded with an increased motion, sliding her clit up and down my pubic bone, grinding against me as hard as she could.

“Yes!” she moaned, her voice taught with emotion, “Fuuuuuuck me!”

Hearing her sexually charged words pushed me over the edge; as I started to cum, I could feel her milking me for all I was worth. Right then she came, her pussy releasing a vast amount of woman cum, while squirting all over me. Impossibly, she sped up, pumping and squeezing me, her voice now an unrecognizable and sustained moan.

As we each experienced our own version of Nirvana, our movements became less urgent as we rode the plateaus of our mutual orgasms. We kept moving, each to each other, as we savoured the indescribable bliss we were each feeling.

After a minute or so, we finally slowed to a near stop… my cock firmly entrenched in her pussy. She continued with a very slow circular grind against me.

“Fuck Nick! That was fucking fantastic! Where did you learn to… wait… your first fuck?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes, my first fuck. I just did what I thought would give you the most pleasure.”

“You did, you did! I don’t know how or why, but you are a fucking fantastic fuck!”

We stayed still like that for a few more minutes. I could feel my cock starting to deflate and wondered how I was going to get out of this without having a mess of cum dripping out of her and onto me.

“Roll over” Heather said. I wrapped my arms around her as we managed to roll over while still remaining inside of her. I could see small beads of sweat on her face, glistening against the faint light, glowing from her satisfaction.

She leaned as far as she could so that she was able to grab her purse and panties. She opened her purse and pulled out a loose ball of toilet paper. She then grabbed my cock with one hand, pulling it out of herself while she deftly stuffed the toilet paper into her pussy. I could tell that she had done this many times before, and had it down to a fine art.

“Stay on your back for a minute” she requested. I did as she asked and was happily surprised when she moved on top of me and sucked my cock into her mouth, slurping and sucking, cleaning it off, her juices and my cum, from my cock, and then my balls, until I was as clean as I was going to get. I could feel some of our combined wetness slowly dribbling down my ass, but I felt that was a small price to pay for the pleasure I had just enjoyed. As if reading my mind, Heather spread my legs, pushing them upwards. She then stuck out her tongue and licked me from ass to balls, cleaning up the remaining, dripping sex juices.

We both stood and got ourselves dressed again. I didn’t have a mirror to see myself, but Heather looked well fucked; her hair was a mess, her blouse was half open, and her skirt was askew across her waist.

I didn’t know what I looked like, and didn’t give a fuck.

“How far to your house” I asked her. I had no idea what time it was, but I’m sure it was so late that I wasn’t going to be in any deeper trouble for taking the time to walk her home.

She giggled a bit and responded, “Don’t worry about it, you need to get home. I’ll be just fine on my own.”

She saw the questioning look on my face and continued, “I don’t need you to walk me home. I just wanted you to walk me here so I could have my way with you” she finished with a huge smirk on her face.

“But it’s nice of you to offer. Most guys are off like a shot as soon as they get dressed, they know they don’t have to walk me home. Although it would be nice if they offered to anyway.”

She moved close to me and hugged me tightly while we kissed each other. It was a kiss not of lust, but of happiness. We were both very happy, and happy with each other.

After 30 seconds or so, she was hugging me tightly, her hands constantly in motion, running them all over my back and ass. I responded in kind, my hands caressing her back and spending the greater percentage of the time cupping and squeezing her fine ass.

After a couple more minutes she started to moan quietly. A minute after that, her hand reached down and started stroking my cock through my jeans. A handful of seconds after that, I reached down and cupped her pussy in my hand, slowly rubbing it up and down.

She moaned again then asked, “Do you have a few more minutes to spare?” I could hear the tiny pleading noise of an aroused woman through her voice.

As my cock got harder and stiffer I answered, “Just a few minutes Heather… I’m gonna catch hell when I get home as it is.”

“Great!” she responded. She quickly undid my jeans and zipper, and then pulled down my pants and underwear. She then stood in front of me and pulled her skirt up and her panties down. Bending over from the hip, she pulled out the clump of wet toilet paper and tossed it aside. She then bent over even further, eventually holding on to her legs with her hands, her head nearly touching the ground in front of her feet.

“Okay, stick that hot rod in my cunt and fuck me good!” she ordered, spreading her legs just a small bit. The way she was standing pushed her pussy right at me, so I moved closer, grabbed my cock and pushed it into her hot, sopping wet fuck hole.

“Uhng… yes, that’s the way!” she moaned as she pushed back against my cock. Bent over like she was, with her legs almost together really made her pussy tight… even with all the juices running down from her pussy, over my crotch, her ass and legs; she was still really tight.

Although I couldn’t see very well I knew she had started fingering her clit… I could feel the convulsions of her pussy every time her finger flicked her nubbin. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against myself, determined to get as much of my cock into her pussy as I could. As I pushed into her, my balls were slapping her ass, my hips hammering against her. The end result was a rude slapping noise on each down stroke, accompanied by her grunts and moans.

After only a couple of minutes I could feel my balls start to move and tighten, getting ready to pump another load of cum into her most excellent juicy hot box.

“I gonna cum soon” I warned her. In response she started fucking me back, her grunts of exertion keeping time to the slapping noise we were making.

“Oh gawd… stick that thing in deep and FUCK me!”

In place of an answer I sped up until I was in overdrive, pulling her roughly against myself, my cock only pulling out a little bit before driving back down again.

“Yessss…” she hissed before her whole body stiffened up and she wailed too loudly, “I’m CUMMING!”

That was all I needed to know… I pushed into her as hard as I could, moving only a fraction of an inch in and out of her, pushing deeper with each thrust until my orgasm shot my load deep inside of her.

“FUCK…” I groaned as spurt after spurt of cum jetted into her, pulling her tight against me, convulsing as my cock shot my load deep inside of her.

Soon, neither of us was moving, basking in the afterglow of our orgasms. As I held her hips tightly against me she opened her purse and pulled out another wad of toilet paper. Reaching back she ordered me to pull out. As soon as head of my cock emerged from her pussy she jammed the toilet paper into her pussy, plugging it up so that our mutual sexual discharges didn’t seep out of her and down her thighs and legs.

Within a minute we were both dressed and passionately kissing again.

After a few more minutes we broke it off. I had never had a kiss like that. It was not rushed, even though it should have been. It was wonderful, and I had wanted it to last a long as possible.

Heather turned to look at me, her eyes piercing, looking into mine, looking for something, what, I don’t know. I held her gaze, not blinking, looking into her eyes until she blinked and looked down a bit.

She smiled at me as she told me, “Most men won’t look me in the eye after they have fucked me. You did though… that’s impressive. It makes me think that you are more interested in me than just for quickie fucking.”

She paused for a few seconds before adding, “Although there is certainly nothing wrong with that, especially with the enthusiasm you put into it.”

I gave her my nicest smile and said, “Unlike the way some men think, women are more than just fuck toys to me. I understand the concept of a ‘quickie’ and I enjoyed the hell out of it, twice even! but I know that there is more to a good sexual experience than just fucking each other… although I have to say that I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I am hoping though, that we’ll have another opportunity, where time is not an issue, and hopefully somewhere more comfortable than here.”

She tilted her head as she looked at me and responded, “I knew there was a reason Terri, Sylvia and Lisa liked you. They told me that I would like you too, and I do.

In spite of the fact that I’m really a horny slut, I don’t really like many guys. Truth be told, I am just using most of them to get myself a good time. Most of them just want to stick their cocks in my cunt and pound away until they cum, not giving a damn whether or not I’m enjoying myself too.

But you… you actually seem to care whether or not the woman you are with has a good time. And… you were able to get hard again with just a little help. I really wanted that second fuck and you managed to pull it off in a way that really gave me a pleasant surprise. There are very few men like that, and almost none like that in this town. You’re a keeper, you are!”

“Thank-you, that’s kind of you to say. I hope that you are willing to share though… I think Terri, Sylvia and Lisa would all be really put out if I wasn’t able to give them a good time.”

“Ha! Yes, I’ll share. And you can be sure that I will tell any woman who is interested in you how well you treat a woman. I’m going to tell Terri, Sylvia and Lisa what a ‘fucking’ great time you gave me tonight. I’m sure they are all waiting by their phones, just waiting for me to call them.”

I again wondered about the lines of communication between all these women, but decided it wasn’t worth worrying about.

I looked to her one last time before leaving and said, “Thank you Heather. Thank you for being the most incredible woman I could have ever had to take my cherry. I cannot think of a more incredible experience with a woman than the one I just had with you. I will never forget what happened here tonight.”

“And I’m sure that you’ll think of me the next time you whack off too” she teased.

“Yes… mostly you, as well as the other girls too. I have some unbelievingly great memories of the experiences I’ve had over the past two days.”

“Let’s go” she whispered, leading me by my hand away from the river bank.

We made our way back to the street and Heather headed north up the main street while I turned around and walked back home. I was too expended to consider running… a moderately quick walk was all I was capable of. I lit a smoke and headed home.

As I got to the door of our house, I looked at my watch and saw that it was well past midnight. I wondered how much trouble I was going to be in with my mom.

I slowly turned the handle and pushed the door open. As I walked through the door, closing it behind myself I could see that there were no lights on in the house at all.

Moving slowly and quietly I moved from the door, up the stairs and through the kitchen on my way to my room.

Silhouetted against the light from the street, I could see my mother sitting, nude, by the kitchen table.

‘BUSTED!’ I thought.

“Did you get Heather home okay?” she quietly asked me.

“Uhm… actually I only had to walk her part of the way home. Once we were on the other side of the bridge she told me that she was okay to walk the rest of the way home by herself.”

“So… where you and what were you doing for all that time then?” she asked, in a not unkind voice.

I stood silently trying to figure out how to answer her.

“Were you a gentleman?” she probed.

I stammered, “How do you mean?”

“I mean, was she happy when you parted ways? I mean did she enjoy herself as much as you did? Was she glowing when you were finished?”

I gasped… was my mother now telepathic? How the hell did she know what Heather and I had been doing?

“Nick” she started, “do you think I don’t know why Heather wanted you to walk her home? She’s a big girl, and I’m sure she could have gotten home by herself. Did you still offer to walk her the rest of the way home afterwards?”

“Uh… yeah. Yes, I did.”

“You’re a good kid Nick. And from what I hear, I’m not alone in thinking that.”

“Whu…?” was all I could manage to squeak out.

“Go take a shower, and then get to bed. You’ve still got school tomorrow. Oh… and put your clothes in a bag before you put them in the hamper.”

“Okay mom.”

Mom moved from her chair and glided into her and dad’s bedroom, pulling the door quietly closed behind herself.

I stripped and dropped my clothes into a bag, then into the hamper before having a quick shower. As I was walking into my bedroom I saw my sister’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. As I wondered why it wasn’t closed all the way I heard my sister’s voice, a mere whisper.

“Did you and Heather have a good time tonight?”

I was shocked. Does everyone in this town know about my sex life?

“Yes,” I hissed, “We both had a very good time. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime… when you’re older.”

“I don’t have to wait that long Nick… I’m sure that Heather’s younger sister will tell me all about it at school tomorrow.” With that, she closed her door, a big dumb grin on her face.

Women! What a bunch of gossips!

I closed my door and got into bed, turning on my alarm clock before closing my eyes… perchance to dream, to dream of the women I have met since starting school only two days ago.

I drifted off, a big smile on my face.


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I can't promise when the next chapter will be up but I will be working on it concurrently with the edits, etc. for the first 5 chapters.

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