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Two young lovers begin to explore each other in delight
Continued from "Falling In, pt 2"

Jackie and I spent the rest of he morning lazing around the school doing the stupid shit teen kids usually do at school before it starts. Walking the halls, joking, spending time with friends. Jackie stayed with me the entire morning, hanging with me and my friends. My friends treated her weird, and I knew it was a result of the stories they had heard about her and the things she had done. I knew they were being judgmental assholes and it was kind of pissing me off.

That day was the Friday before winter break started, and as usual I finished up with classes and then went to wrestling practice. During practice my friend Joe asked me about Jackie and what was going on between the two of us. The teenage asshole in me wanted to brag about how far I'd gotten, which I knew was farther than Joe had ever been with a girl, but a big part of me was ashamed and scared of what he might think if he knew I was contemplating fucking a girl with such a trashy reputation.

I put him off as much as possible, saying only that we were kind of seeing each other. I left out the sordid details, and prided myself that maybe I could feel like I was being a gentleman by not kissing and then telling.

After practice Joe drove me across town, because being the poor kid I was I didn't have a car. As he drove we talked about the wrestling tournament tomorrow and how we thought it was going to go. I was heavily favored to win in my class, but didn't want to brag too much about it because I knew Joe would be lucky to place. He was a nice guy, but he lacked the killer instinct to be successful on the mat.

As we got nearer to my place he asked me, "so, your mom still going away for the weekend?"

My mom was kind of a slut, and I knew she was going to the coast for the weekend to hang out with her latest boyfriend. Normally when she bailed I would talk her into buying some beer for me and my friends and then they'd come over, get wasted and spend the night, but this weekend with the long tourney I knew that it wasn't going to happen. Honestly, I knew it was going to be a long lonely weekend.

He dropped me off, and I walked upstairs to the apartment that I shared with her. Stepping inside I could see all the lights were out, so I knew she wasn't home. I opened the fridge and made a sandwich. I took it out into the living room and plopped myself down on the futon I slept on and turned the tv on, mostly for the noise and false sense of company it provided.

About 30 minutes after I got home, I could hear someone coming up the stairs... We lived in this weird loft above an old house, an old second story that had been converted to add another apartment with its own private entrance. That meant that no one came up the stairs if they weren't coming up to the apartment.

Strange, mom's date must not have gone well and she was coming home. The footsteps stopped at the top, and someone knocked softly at the door. Really strange, I thought. I went to the door and flipped the light on in the hallway so I could look through the glass at who was out there.

To my surprise, Jackie's smiling face greeted me! I quickly unlocked the door and let her in.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"Joe told me that your mom was out of town for the weekend, and he and I got together and planned a little surprise for you." A little elfin smile quickly darted across her face. "He came and picked me up after he dropped you off and brought me over."

That brought a strange sense of jealousy over me, but I quickly squashed it. Joe was my friend, and though he may have picked up my girl, he brought her to me, to make sure I wasn't lonely. I owed him big, and I knew it.

Jackie walked slowly into the house, peering this way and that as she walked. "Where's your room?" She asked me coyly.

I walked into the front room and pointed to the couch. It was one of those cheap black futons that flapped out flat to form a bed. "You're looking at it." A sudden sense of deep shame rocked through me at that. I didn't even have a real bed... How was I going to get this girl into bed with me when I didn't even have a bed?

I quickly sat down on the couch as Jackie did the standard female nesting thing and wandered the room, pausing to pick up the occasional personal item that I had left around. She stopped at one point and picked up a small leather bound book. My journal, I sprang to my feet and snatched it from her hands. She looked at me in surprise, and I felt like an ass.

"Sorry that's private, my journal." She smiled and calmly walked away continuing her inspection of my space. She stopped and picked up another book from the table next to the couch. A copy of Paradise Lost, by Milton, that I had found at a second hand shop for a quarter. She paged through it reading the passages that I had highlighted.

I returned to the couch and sat, leaving her to inspect the book.

Finally she spoke, "what's this?"

The smartass in me wanted to say it was a book, but I was trying to get laid, so I repressed the urge. "It's Paradise Lost by Milton."

"What's it about?" She asked me.

"It's a story about the devil going to hell, and how he came back to earth." I realized that it was a pretty terse commentary on the book, but being that's its a weird book for a teenage boy to be reading I left the description pretty vague.

She read one of my highlighted passages aloud her voice competing with the sound of the television. When she was done she look at me strangely, "What does that mean?"

I laughed and told her it was a description of hell, and how the devil first perceived his prison.

"Why is it written all weird?" She asked me.

"It was written hundreds of years ago. The language has changed in that time, and he was attempting to write an epic poem." I told her with a smile of my own.

"So are you like some bible kid?" She asked me.

I laughed at that. "No, I just enjoy reading something occasionally that makes me think, and this is a religious piece that is not office doctrine, so it grabs my attention."

She bit her lip in that adorable way she had looking down at the book in her hands. "You're scary smart aren't you?" Her voice trembled a bit as she said it, as if she were scared the answer might shatter her.

Truth be told people had been telling me whole life that I was smart, but I didn't feel smart, I just felt like me. I didn't understand how they just didn't see things as simply as I did. Now it just made me feel awkward, and more like the freak I always thought I was. I slowly nodded my head, "I guess I'm pretty smart."

Her gaze again fell to the pages of the book she held in her hands. "Do you think I'm dumb?"

It occurred to me then that she wasn't worried about me being a freak, she was worried that I might reject her, maybe I thought she wasn't good enough for me, and I was just using her. Considering I was rock hard in my jeans at that point I was having a hard time answering or allaying her fears. Realizing that she felt this was a big question, I took my time and thought about it. Was she dumb? Was this a girl I could treat as my equal?

I finally answered, very carefully saying, "I think I'm just older than you, and I grew up in a different kind of household. I'm not smarter than you, I've just been exposed to more. I think you can learn anything you put your mind to."

A beaming smile crossed her face. "You actually thought about it! And you answered me honestly!" Her joy was so total and childlike I frankly felt really guilty about the porno running in my head and starring her.

She came to me suddenly, straddling me and pushing me back hard against the couch. Her mouth met mine in a passionate kiss. The wetness of her mouth enfolded mine, and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight into me. My cock was hard enough to cut diamonds with, and it pressed painfully against my jeans as she ground her hips into mine.

Our kiss became deeper, more primal. She turned her head, and I moved my mouth to engulf her neck. Kissing and lightly biting my way along her neckline and collarbone. My hands slipped inside her shirt, cupping firm tits. She moaned as I rubbed her nipples, nuzzling in and biting my ear lightly, her tongue tracing along my earlobe.

Oh god it felt so good! My breath was coming hard and fast and I grabbed her hips and ground our jean clad pelvises together, rocking her against me. My lips moved next to her ear, "will you suck me off? I want to make love to you, but I want it to last our first time, and I feel like I'm going to pop right now."

She smiled and slid from my lap. I eagerly pulled my pants down, revealing myself to her.

She attacked my cock like a lioness does a gazelle. Instantly her hot wet mouth was around my throbbing cock going straight down her eager throat. I didn't last more than a minute in that beautiful mouth. Truthfully I felt a little like a dick about forcing her head down the last time I had cum in her mouth, so this time I kept my hands away from her head, and called out just before I exploded, "I'm cumming, baby!"

She never took her mouth away from my cock. I exploded, and exploded inside her warm, wet mouth rocking in ecstasy as she sucked me as hard she could. Finally the shudders of my orgasm quieted, and I lay back breathless. I looked down at her, watching as she licked every drop of cum away from the shaft of my penis. Finally she looked up at me, her green eyes shining in the light of the room.

"Told you I was going to suck you off so hard!" She and I both laughed as I suddenly remembered my promise from earlier that morning that today was going to be all about her.

I stood and pulled the futon out, and turned to pick her up and throw her down on the thin mattress. She landed with a heady laugh smiling up at me as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them away from her. I pulled so roughly they took her shoes off with them, handy trick, I thought.

Next I removed her panties, spreading her legs and looking down between her legs. It was the first pussy I had seen in real life before, and it looked amazing. She had fine blonde hair on her head, and her small mound of pubic hair was an even lighter shade of blonde, a color so bright it almost appeared to be white. I dove face first into heaven.

Being honest, I had no clue what I was doing. All I really knew about eating a girl out was that you licked her pussy. I remembered from that morning however how sensitive her clit was. That was the first place my tongue lapped. The strange personal flavor of Jackie flooded my tastebuds, a flavor bitter at fist and then strongly sweet. Her hips bucked into my face and she screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck!" She screamed. "No one has ever done that for me!" Suddenly her hands were tangled in my hair as she thrust her pussy hard against my face. She ground her hips and thrust as I eagerly lapped at her. I had read an article one time that when a girl was on top, and you wanted her to cum, you should just lay back and enjoy the show, let do what she needs to get off.

With that advice in mind, I let her guide me to where it felt best, only occasionally shifting to move to a new place to see if it brought her greater enjoyment. Finally we settled in me lapping and sucking her clit. Within minutes she climaxed hard. Her muscular thighs wrapping tight around my head.

As she became still I realized I now had a chance to give her something extra she could not give me. I continued to lap at her pussy, lightly after the hyper sensitivity that came with her orgasm. Slowly I built until she was straining once more against me, I peeked up at her as she rocked against my face in pleasure. She had a fingernail in her mouth, biting down hard. I knew she was close, and my cock was rock hard and ready.

I knew I needed to put a condom on though, and I figured making her cum again would be a good way to sate her and get her to wait while I went and retrieve my only rubber from the bathroom. So I dug in, licking and sucking until once again she locked tight and screamed in ecstasy.

"I want you in me now." She said breathlessly. I looked into those beautiful green eyes and I could see an animal hunger there.

"You have to wait a sec, I have to get a condom from the bathroom." One of her hands wandered to her breast, still hidden from my view by her shirt, her other hand drifting to her clit, which she rubbed absentminded lay.

"Hurry." She commanded.

I was so excited I nearly ran the fifteen feet to the bathroom. I ditched my shirt along the way throwing it haphazardly into the kitchen as I ran past. In the bathroom I lurched the medicine cabinet and pulled my one and only condom out. I tore the package open as carefully as my hormone lay fueled fingers would let me, and slowly unfurled the length of the latex down my now rock hard cock. Please don't break I thought in a panic as it slid into place. At this point my cock was solidly doing my thinking for me, and this was the only breath my brain could get into the conversation. I knew if the condom broke I would not be able to stop myself from spilling inside her, I was just too filled with need.

I hastily moved back to my bed and looked down on the goddess, now sans shirt, laying across my covers. She bit her lower lip and spread her legs for me, and I glided between them feeling like a conquering hero.

I kissed her passionately as our bodies met. In the back of my mind I thought about the fact that she had just swallowed my cum, but then again, my face was covered in her juices and she didn't seem to care. Fuck it, I thought, this is between me and her, and if she doesn't care and it brings us both pleasure no one can judge me.

My cock was nestled against her tight opening, and I had the vague wonder that I somehow instinctively knew how to get to her without looking... I could feel my opening thrust beginning, a long deep thrust to spear into the heart of her hot, wet, tightness.

Her hand was suddenly against my chest. Pushing me away. No! I screamed to myself in agony, I can't stop! And then my eyes met hers.

"Go slow please." Again, that nervous lip bit that was filling me with a mind numbing rage to thrust and bite, to spend myself with her. I found her so goddamn sexy with that nervous bite to her lip. "I've never had a boy there before." She whispered.

My heart melted. I could feel something break in me, like a pice of ice crashing from the side of a glacier and into the calm waters below. My eyes kept locked tight with hers as I slowly slide myself inside her. Oh god, it felt so fucking good! The animal inside me screamed in rage as it told me to thrust myself into her until I was sated, but her eyes kept me locked in the moment. She and I were sharing something sacred, and the calm rational man inside me came quietly to the forefront of my mind, calmly pushing the animal back down. In that moment I caught a sight of myself as the man I could be, and it was an image that I wanted in a way that even more intoxicating than what I was feeling physically.

I had just got the head of myself inside her when I felt the resistance of her cherry. No wonder I thought wildly of the resistance I had felt upon slipping my finger into her earlier in the day.

I pushed gently against her, slowly increasing the pressure of my hips against hers. She parted with a feeling like moist paper tearing. Her eyes closed in pain for a brief second, and I pulled her close into me and kissed her with the deepest passion I could summon. In that moment I willed every ounce of the affection I felt for her, and every bit of strength I had within myself to her.

Soon our hips met, the full length of me now inside her. My mouth was still hot upon hers, and I was terrified that I was hurting her. My cock was pulsing in pleasure and my every instinct was screaming to thrust, but the calmness in my head forced that all back. Instead I enjoyed the feeling of being fully engulfed inside of her, enjoying every inch of her burning wetness.

I kissed her until she started to squirm her hips beneath mine. She was ready now. I began to slowly push and pull my way in and out of her. Our mingled sighs stifled by the burning hot kiss we shared. We moved together, her legs wrapped thighs around me, her hands rubbing the muscles of my neck and shoulders.

I'd like to say that I lasted for hours, but minutes are the reality. I pulled my kiss away from her and looked deep into her face. Her eyes were closed, her breath coming in ragged, puffing breaths. I could feel her nipples like tiny diamonds against my chest. She was as close as I was, maybe a little bit further away. I thought wildly that I couldn't wait, I needed to cum now. For the final time that night the calmness swept over me. I resolved to hold myself in check.

I pumped slowly in and out of her, watching and growing more excited as each of my thrusts brought her closer to climax. Suddenly her eyes snapped open, meeting mine in a locking soulgaze, every muscle in her body went suddenly stiff. Her pussy clamped down on me like it had been molded to my shaft. She broke first, her head snapping up, her eyes crashing closed, her cry as if some one had touched a branding iron to her skin. The excitement of her orgasm pushed me over the edge.

My orgasm was stronger than anything I had ever met before. No amount of jerking off could prepare me for the pleasure she gave me. I could contain the beast no longer. I hammered my hips against hers with every ounce of strength I had. I cried in agony the feeling was so intense. She bucked insanely beneath me, her body rising up to contour itself against mine, her nails biting into the flesh of my back. She raked against me and the beast howled in victory at the pleasure I gave her.

Finally spent, I collapsed against her, quiet and still... She wrapped her arms around me, and me around her, our hearts pounding, not in rhythm, but strong enough to feel through each other's flesh. My body gave one last shuddering thrust as our eyes met, and I swept in to kiss her once again.

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2020-06-16 21:38:34
Damn fine writing! Thanks...

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Damn fine writing! Thanks...

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Just wonderful writing. Loving it. Thanks a lot.

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This is going really well. There is just something in the way you tell this story. Hope there is lots more from you.

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