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I am a fugitive from another galaxy. I ran to save my life and to prevent the conquerors of my planet from exploiting my abilities. I have fled to the other side of the universe—I only hope it is far enough as I hide among a race of warlike giants. This is my story. There are other characters, most notably Donald Dugan and Gina Provano, but I will introduce them to you when appropriate.

I was a scientist—an applied physicist-- in my prior life, a leader of our planet where my job was to develop weapons for our defense and safety. I often wondered why I bothered. I tried and tried to convince the Planetary Council that we needed to prepare for invasion, that we needed many more of the high-energy electron ray cannons I had developed for our defense. They were the ultimate weapon, one which could be used with horrible consequences if not handled and managed responsibly. “From whom?” they asked, “We are at peace with the entire galaxy. Why should we worry? Why should we spend all that money?”

“The Gorkons,” I replied. “They have an arid planet and an exploding population. They are always in search of water while we have plenty. Our planet is almost covered with water. It is our life.”

“The Gorkons are more than a hundred light years away. We have nothing to fear from them. That is our final decision. Goodbye, Scientist.” I knew then that I would have to make my preparations to evacuate. It was just a matter of time, in my opinion. That time came sooner than even I had thought.

The Gorkons are a very warlike people. They live to conquer; their warrior robots are merciless. They take a planet’s riches and enslave the inhabitants. The trillions of tons of water on our planet were too much a temptation. They came less than two years after my warning. We had the technology to defeat them, but we needed many more high-energy ray cannons than we had. There were huge gaps in our defenses thanks to the shortsighted Council. That’s what I had tried to tell them. The Gorkons would easily identify those areas and overwhelm our forces. Many of their armies would die, but those who reached our surface could wreak havoc on our population. We would be forced to surrender and that would mean execution of our government and military leaders, and the enslavement of our leading scientists, including me. That was their history and that’s why I was prepared.

Our people were once land dwellers, but we evolved to be amphibious after a series of powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions submerged most of our land areas more than one hundred thousand years ago. Personally, I preferred living in the water to being on land although my work took me onto the land daily to develop new and more powerful weapons. Our technology was far superior to theirs, but our short-sighted governing council had made us vulnerable. With our weapons the Gorkons would be unbeatable. I disassembled the control units of the high-energy ray cannons and set them to short out within six months to keep them out of the Gorkons’ control. There was no way I would allow the Gorkons to gain control of me. Without me they would be useless pieces of ceramic and melted wires.

My ship had the latest and most advanced technology I could build, equipped with hyper-drive that could propel me at speeds well in excess of the speed of light. However, there was a price to pay. I’d have to be in suspended animation—unconscious in a tank of water and barely alive—to survive the ordeal of this travel. I blasted off into space heading away from the massive Gorkon fleet. I programmed the computer and placed myself into the chamber. It would feed and water me as well as filter my wastes throughout the years I’d be in it.

I knew that I could be followed in spite of the high speed. All rockets leave a trail of ions that can be followed anywhere so I took several precautions, entering the atmosphere of several planets and bouncing out on the other side, or even back in the direction I had come before changing direction. My ultimate goal was a small planet on the far side of what they called the Milky Way—the third planet of a yellow sun. The inhabitants called it Earth. Once there I would need to find a host, someone in which I could hide, living in the warm liquid environment of their blood. It would be the perfect hiding place. Even the Gorkons wouldn’t find me. The best part—these inhabitants were even more warlike than the Gorkons. They’d be able to defeat them for sure.

Furthermore, this planet was less than one-twentieth the size of mine and one-thirtieth the size of Gorkonia. The huge size of our planets meant our gravity was extremely strong. As a result we were small--tiny compared to the size of those on my new planet.

I had planned this escape for the entire time, ever since the Council had rejected my plans. I’d sent drones in all directions except toward the Gorkons, obviously. I had found four possibilities, but this one was the farthest and the most warlike…and the safest. I set the controls and entered the chamber. For the first time in my life I was running away. I was glad I had no family; I’d hate to have them fall into the hands of those butchers. I’d seen what they had done on other planets. Once in the chamber I pushed the final control—the master—and laid to rest. According to my calculations the trip would take fourteen and a half years; I would age fourteen and a half days. I floated down to the bottom of the tank and closed my eyes. I could feel the acceleration and then nothing. I was gone.


I abandoned my ship, allowing it to fly into the yellow star. That would lead any followers away. My escape pod was tiny--roughly the same shape and size of what the earthlings called a cigar butt--and designed to elude detection by even the most sensitive radar as it floated slowly down. I entered the atmosphere in search of a suitable host. I knew what I wanted—a young male, not more than twelve of their years in age. Such a specimen would likely protect me for years and years. I am not a parasite that would ultimately destroy the host. Mine would be a true symbiotic relationship in which we would both prosper.

I landed in what we called a park back home where I could see a group of males playing some kind of game in which they tried to throw a spheroid through a metal circle up on a long pole. I heard one of them call it a “basket.” One player was clearly terrible. Even I could see that. He dropped the spheroid repeatedly and was unable to throw it through the “basket” unless he was very close. Even then it appeared to be a challenge for him. I thought he might be suitable, a challenge worthy of an intellectual like me. I had my chance when the spheroid rolled into the plants where I was hiding.

Compared to these beings I was tiny. I needed a protective casing to shield me from the dry air; it was designed to simulate a biting animal that could provide my entry to his body. I climbed onto his footwear and up to his skin where I bit him. “Oh, damn, a tick.” I heard him exclaim as he picked it off and stomped it into the pavement. Too late--by then I was in his blood. I enjoyed being in my warm watery environment once again as I passed through the tubes in his body to his brain. I hooked on and prepared for my future life. From here I could read his mind and determine his future, hopefully for the better.

The game broke up and he propelled a strange device with two wheels down the street. I used this time to siphon off all of his knowledge. I learned I had chosen a real loser. That would change now that I was in control. Reading his thoughts I learned he was surly and disrespectful to his parents, that his progress in school was dreadful and that he had experimented with harmful substances. All of those problems would be my first priority. Then I’d handle the sports and girls he wanted so badly.

By the time he walked into his abode I knew that he treated his mother with ultimate disrespect. He greeted her kindly when he saw her in the kitchen, “Hello, Mother I’ll be glad to take care of the lawn as soon as I’ve finished my homework.” He walked up to her and kissed her cheek as she looked at him in dismay.

“Thank you, Donald. That’s very kind of you,” she replied, thinking she’d believe it when she saw it. Donald went immediately to his room and found his books. I could understand why he did poorly—his class notes were almost nonexistent. Fortunately, I was a genius with an IQ, as they defined it on this planet, well in excess of 800. I made Donald sit at his desk while he opened his Science textbook. I was amazed at how rudimentary it was. This level of science was taught in our primary schools. I whipped through the work in only a few of their minutes. Next was Mathematics, also too simple to even describe. English was more of a challenge. It was a foreign language to me, but with my auto-translation module I managed to find a way through it.

Donald changed his clothes into jeans and a T-shirt, walked down the stairs and out to the garage. It was separated from the house at the back of the property. Donald filled what I assumed was a “mower” with propellant and pulled the cord—how primitive! He pushed the machine back and forth in the yard, cutting the grass evenly. When he was done he used a trimmer around the tight areas and then a blower to clean the paved surfaces. It wasn’t much, but Donald was off to a good start.

I learned a lot about Donald and his life over the next few weeks. I also learned a lot about society here on Earth. Donald loved sports, but was small for his age, fairly frail, and lacked hand-eye coordination. I’d take care of all three problems, but gradually so as not to draw undue attention. I forced him to grow a quarter inch a month and an additional inch over his winter school vacation. I had him ask his mother for a weight set for Christmas. The look she gave him was priceless. Once he began lifting I could justify muscular growth to match his increased height. He also squeezed a tennis ball for hours daily to strengthen his hands.

Donald was a model citizen by the time Christmas arrived. He was polite and helpful and his grades had improved dramatically, well on his way to straight A’s. He had begun seventh grade at 5 feet, 4 inches and 110 pounds. By the end of school he’d be 5 feet, 8 inches and 140. By the time school began next year he’d be 5 feet, 10 inches and 165 pounds. Growth would continue until he was 6 feet, 4 inches and 200 pounds in tenth grade.

Eighth grade was a huge success for Donald. He maintained an academic average of 98.4 percent and received an award for most improved student. His physical strength improved tremendously; he was more than competitive at all sports. He was increasingly polite and well-mannered. I felt I had been successful in three of my four goals, but the last—girls and sex—would be a problem. I had no experience in the social mores of this planet. They were nothing like what we did back in Aquaria. In the end the problem solved itself once Donald went to ninth grade in the high school where he would meet students from two other middle schools.

He surprised his parents by asking if he could try out for the football team when he began ninth grade. By now he was almost six feet two inches and weighed 185 pounds. His regular weightlifting ritual had developed his muscles and made him strong. I also had him run to improve his stamina. Donald rarely watched TV and never played computer games; he was much too busy between school, homework, and chores in addition to working out. He wanted to be an end where he could score on offense and still block an opponent. On defense he’d love to tackle runners and attack the quarterback.

School began on a Wednesday, giving the students a few days to acclimate themselves before the actual rigors of learning began. Fate intervened when he walked into the school on the following Monday. Two bullies were harassing a smaller boy at the lockers, dumping his books and pushing him into the wall. “Knock it off,” Donald shouted, “What’s wrong with you idiots? What a couple of real heroes--picking on someone half your size.”

“Listen, buddy, mind your own business unless you’d like some of this.”

“I’m not fighting you…not in school, anyway. I’m out for football and I’m not getting into trouble over a bunch of jerk bullies like you. After school…that’s another matter.” They invited him to the park after school and left, eagerly looking forward to what they thought would be easy pickings. Donald helped the boy pick up his books and made sure he was okay before walking down the hallway to his class.

Later in the day Donald stepped off the lunch line looking for an empty table. He found one near the far corner. He was just about to eat when three girls he had never met asked if they could join him. He looked up to see three extremely attractive and sexy young women, two with brown hair and one with the most lustrous straight black hair he had ever seen. All three were tall and slender with budding breasts and tight slacks that emphasized their flat abdomens and firm round asses. “We saw you this morning with that asshole Jordan. He pulled that same stuff at Warner—that’s the middle school we attended.” It was the black haired girl, the cutest and sexiest in Donald’s opinion, who spoke.

“Oh, I went to Rock Hill.”

“I’m Gina,” the tall slender raven-haired beauty said, “and this is Jessica and Arianna. We’re called the Unholy Trinity.”

“I’m Donald. I’m called…well, nothing. I don’t even have a nickname. Uh…unholy trinity?”

“Yeah, we tend to get into some mischief together. So…no nickname, eh? Okay, I’m giving you one…Donnie. Can we call you that?”

“I guess…sure, why not?”

“Are you going to fight Jordan? He’s not going to fight fair. He’ll probably have all his loser friends there to help him. I think I’ll ask my brother to back you up. He’s the starting quarterback on the varsity and he has lots of football friends. He’ll like you; he hates Jordan. There’s no practice today so he’ll be free.”
The four talked through lunch—Donald was amazed that they were interested in him-- and then went outside to sit in the cool shade while some of the other ninth graders played Frisbee and tossed a football. “Why aren’t you out there, Donnie?”

“It isn’t every day I have the company of three really attractive girls. In fact, this is a first for me.”

“Well, it’s not going to be the last time, is it girls,” Gina asked. “We like you and we think you’re really brave.” She leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Donald reddened in embarrassment. They continued talking and learned that they had some classes together. Donald helped them up when the bell rang, but before they left Gina gave him an invitation, “I’m having a party Saturday night. Want to come? I know we’d like to see you there.”

“I’ll have to check with my parents, but I should have my homework done by then, so okay. I’d like that very much. All I have to do is not get killed this afternoon.” They all laughed and went to class.

Donald went home to change his clothes, telling his mother that he’d be back soon. Then he walked to the park. Halfway there a pick-up slowed to a stop near him. “You Donnie? I’m Joey, Gina’s brother. Hop in and we’ll give you a ride.” Donnie noticed how big Joey’s friends were and when he reached the park he was glad they were there. Jordan had brought a dozen of his friends. He stepped out of the crowd, flexing his muscles, but Donald could see they were mostly fat, just like the rest of his body.

Donald thought this kid was nothing more than a fat bigmouth slob and I had to agree. I was pretty sure Donald could take him. He was strong and in fantastic condition. Only a foul like kicking Donald in the groin would harm him. They circled for a minute until Jordan threw the first punch which Donald blocked easily with his left arm. He allowed Jordan the first three punches, all ineffectual glancing blows before he took the offensive. He waited until Jordan stepped in for another punch before striking with a powerful uppercut to his stomach that lifted him several inches off the ground. Jordan doubled over and Donald could have finished him, but I made him wait.

Jordan was enraged and ran forward blindly, his nose meeting Donald’s fist squarely. Blood squirted immediately over his face and shirt. Several of his friends took a step forward, but stopped when they saw Joey and his boys intervene. They stepped back like the cowards they were.

“I think this has gone far enough, don’t you?” Donald extended his hand, but Jordan spat blood at it.

“I’ll kill you, you bastard.”

“I don’t think you will based on what’s happened so far. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to live in peace and I want you to stop bullying little kids. That’s really cowardly.” Donald had barely finished speaking when Jordan charged again. Donald had no trouble side-stepping and punching his chin as he ran past. Jordan fell head first further injuring his nose. “Enough! Come on, I’ll help you up. Your nose needs attention.” He reached down and pulled his adversary up. He pulled out his handkerchief and put it onto his victim’s nose.
One of Joey’s buddies went to the car and brought out a cooler. Donald could see it was full of beer. He wrapped several ice cubes into the hankie and gave it back to Donald who held it against Jordan’s nose.
“Put your head back a bit; maybe it will help stop the flow of blood.” Donald held the icepack for several minutes. When the bleeding stopped he held out his hand. After a minute Jordan took it and they shook. Donald patted him on the back and took off. “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you.” Jordan turned back to his friends and they left in the opposite direction.

“I can see why Gina likes you, Donnie. You’re all right. Did I hear you’re trying out for the team?”

“Yeah, but I’ll be lucky to even make the JV.”

“We’ll see. C’mon, I’ll give you a ride home.”


Gina and the girls were waiting for him outside the school the following morning. He had his gym bag in addition to his backpack full of books. They applauded when he stepped down from the bus. Gina came forward and hugged him, kissing his cheek.

“What was that for,” he asked timidly.

“That was for taking care of Jordan. He’s been a real pain for years. I saw him last night and his face was a mess. He lives two houses down from us. Joey told me it was completely one-sided even though you let him hit you a couple of times first. His father was going to call the cops until Joey told him that Jordan started it—all you did was defend yourself—and you tried to stop it several times, but Jordan persisted.” She reached up and kissed him again, this time on his lips. I could sense Donald’s heart flutter in response. She took his hand and walked him into the school.

“Oh, yeah…my mom said I can go to your party. I’ve never been invited to a party before.”

Gina stepped back, looked at him in dismay, shook her head, and led him away. “I can’t believe some girl hasn’t latched onto a prize like you in middle school.”

“I wasn’t always a prize. I was a real jerk in seventh grade and then all of a sudden I changed. Don’t know why, but I did. I became a much better student, too. I actually look forward to school now.”

“Yeah,” Gina replied, batting her eyelashes at him, “I look forward to school now, too.” She kissed him on the lips again and they walked into the building. They met again at lunch, chatting like old friends and new lovers. After school Donald went to the gym and changed for his first football practice. The equipment felt foreign to him, but he realized he’d need all of it.

As he jogged out to the field Joey noticed him and called him over. “This is the kid I told you about, Coach. This is Donnie Dugan. He’s only in ninth grade, but he’s tough and strong.”

“Joey told me about the fight. Do you fight often?”

“No, sir--that was my first and, hopefully my last. I only did it to stop them from bullying. I don’t even know the boy they were picking on, but it seemed so wrong. I had to stop it.”

“That’s good. I understand that you used really good judgment during the fight, too. That’s what I’m looking for—guys who are aggressive, but who know how to control and channel it. C’mon, let’s get started.” Joey gave Donald a light fun punch in the shoulder as they turned toward the field. Football was foreign to me other than the games Donald watched on the television, but I learned quickly and Donald’s strong body carried him through. He was tired when he finally went home. He ate his dinner, did his homework and went straight to bed. By Friday he had made the team, but he still wasn’t sure he’d ever play.

Saturday morning after practice he mowed the lawn and after lunch I had Donald take a nap. He had a party tonight and I wanted him to be rested. I had a feeling that Gina might have some ideas that would involve him. Mr. Dugan drove him at eight and Gina was there on the porch waiting for him. She ran out to the car, taking Donald by the hand. “I’m Gina, Mr. Dugan. Thanks for driving Donnie over. Don’t worry…I’ll take great care of him.” He waved good-bye to his dad as Gina led him into the house. Once there she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved up for a long searing kiss. Her insistent tongue explored Donnie’s mouth. Donald was startled at first, but reacted quickly. His arms went around her waist and would have stayed there had Gina not moved them down to her firm round ass.

Gina broke the kiss and led him up to her room. “Uh, shouldn’t we be down at the party, Gina?”

“Don’t worry, Jess and Arianna will cover things for me. They’re the best—after you, that is.” She closed and locked the door then pushed Donald onto the bed.

“Don’t laugh, Gina, but I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I know that, silly. You don’t have any experience with girls. You told me at lunch the other day, remember? Now, Donnie I want to fuck; I want to fuck you. Let me help you get undressed then you can help me.” She began to unbutton his shirt and laid it carefully on a nearby chair. She ran her hands up and down his chest and hard muscular abdomen. “Ummm, nice,” she purred, “You have such a great body with lots and lots of muscles. I’ll bet you have a nice thick cock, too.”

Donald did have a nice thick cock. I had allowed him to watch some porn on his computer. I realized that normal boys didn’t have quite that equipment, but I made sure he was reasonably well endowed. Gina attacked his belt and unzipped his pants. They followed the shirt to the chair. She noticed and admired the tent in his boxers; she really appreciated what she saw once his boxers found the floor. Gina jumped up and pulled her clothes from her body, not even giving Donald a chance to help. Her blouse now firmly on a nearby chair she announced, “These are my titties.”

Donald laughed, “Even I know that!”

“I wish they were bigger.”
“They’re beautiful…I think they’re perfect. Can I touch them…play with them?”

“You’d better!”

“Uh…what’s going to happen when your brother finds out I’m up here with you? I’d hate to get beaten up.”
“Donnie, you worry too much. Joey isn’t going to hurt you. I like you and so does he, besides I’ll protect you.” Donald looked at her—all 110 pounds of her—and laughed. Soon Gina joined him. They rolled over each other in the bed as they laughed and teased each other. After five minutes Gina stopped, looked Donald in his eyes and asked, “Condom?” When Donald shook his head she smiled and reached under her pillow, “Condom!” She rolled it onto his hard thick dick and pulled him into her. She rubbed his cock into her slit. She was already wet with anticipation as he slid into her.

“I’m not expecting much from you this time, Donnie. I’ll bet you’re really nervous so you’ll cum quickly. Then we’ll go dance for a while and later we’ll try again, this time with some foreplay. Since you don’t have any experience I’ll be able to teach you how to satisfy me without having to break any bad habits. Oh, God…Donnie you’re doing great. I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet. That’s it…fuck me harder.”

Had Donald been on his own this would have ended minutes ago. I sensed that he was ready as soon as he was half-way into her, but I held him back knowing that it would be great for his self esteem and Gina would enjoy it, too. Donald was inexperienced, but he’d seen enough porn to know what to do. He hooked his hands under Gina’s shoulders and pulled himself into her repeatedly. Gina met him every time as their pace increased. Her eyes glassed over and her breathing became erratic as she began to groan and shake. She continued as Donald pounded her tight pussy; she wrapped her legs around his muscular waist and screamed in her ecstasy as her orgasm exploded within her body. I relented and allowed Donald to cum—he blew his thick white semen into her over and over, filling the condom. Exhausted, he collapsed onto Gina’s chest. She smiled and kissed him tenderly before bringing her hard nipple to his mouth to suckle. Donald kissed her again and rose from her, grasping the condom tightly. She handed him several tissues and pointed to a waste basket in the corner. Gina dressed, went to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth. She washed his organ lovingly and he dressed. Together, they walked down the stairs to the party.

“Was that a scream we heard,” Jessica asked, an evil smile on her face, as she and Arianna met them at the bottom of the stairs. They giggled knowing their friend and the cause of her excitement.

“Ahhh, you’re just jealous. I had a wonderful time with Donnie and he gave me the most scrumptious orgasm. I can’t wait until later. How’s the party going?”

“Well…Jordan came over and we didn’t know if we should let him in so we sent him home. We didn’t want any trouble.”

“If it was up to me I’d let him come. We’re not enemies any longer. In fact, we shared a few jokes in school yesterday. Why don’t you call him and invite him? I think his problem is that he feels inferior so he makes up for it by picking on smaller defenseless kids. Maybe if he feels more accepted he’ll see no reason to continue. Does that make any sense to you?”

The girls looked at Donald for several seconds, their mouths open in dismay and amazement until Gina agreed and phoned Jordan. He arrived about ten minutes later.

“Oh…hi Donald, I bet you’re the reason I’m here. Gina would never give me the time of day, not that I deserved it. I was a real idiot.”

“Ha! You should have seen me in seventh grade…what a loser. C’mon let’s have a good time.” Donald took Gina by the hand and they began to dance. Donald had practiced all week in front of the mirror in his room. I would have laughed if I was able. My mouth just wasn’t built like that. Nonetheless, I was pleased for him. The song changed to a slow one and Gina pulled him close to her body, placing his hands on her ass. Several times she reached down to fondle her newly found treasure, causing Donnie to gasp and redden in embarrassment. The low lighting and the crowd of kids saved him from exposure as Gina giggled.

Eventually, she took the next step, pulling his head down so she could kiss him long and deep. Donald would have been mortified, but the other kids were all similarly engaged, even Jordan with some girl Donald had never seen before. He relaxed and enjoyed the kiss. He loved the soft plump lips that pressed against his and Gina’s exploring tongue drove him to heights of ecstasy he had never imagined before meeting this enchanting young woman.

It was almost 10:00 when Gina again led him to her room. This time I directed Donald to take a leading role. He pulled her to him once she had locked the door. “I have to lock it. If I don’t, Jessica and Arianna will be in here in a second. We may be best buddies but they’d love to catch us in the act. Then they’d blackmail me to let them fuck you. I’m not that much into sharing…not you, anyway.” Donald chuckled as he pulled her blouse over her head, spilling her long black hair over her head. He clumsily unclasped her bra, releasing her B-cup breasts with their perky erect nipples—the ones he still considered pure perfection. He undid her shorts so she could step out of them and pulled her boy shorts down her long slender legs. He noticed for the first time her closely trimmed pubic hair and placed a gentle kiss on her mound. Gina pulled his head to her abdomen as she arched her back slowly rubbing her growing clit against his lips. Donald extended his tongue, pushing it into her tunnel as he teasingly fucked her with it. She spread her legs to encourage him and fell backward onto the bed, no longer able to support herself on her legs.

Donnie rose and quickly removed his garments. Seconds later Gina pulled him on top of her as she moved back on the bed. They were making out for almost a half hour as they explored each other’s bodies when there was a knock on the door. “Gina! Tell Donnie I’ll give him a ride whenever he wants to go home. And have fun, you two.”

“My brother! I love him, but sometimes….” She laughed again and returned her attention to Donnie’s body. “Donnie…how did you get this body? You are incredible. Don’t you have any fat on you? Damn…you are in such…I just love hard firm muscles and you…well, you’re incredible.”

“You won’t believe me, but I used to be weak and puny; I was terrible at sports. All of a sudden I had a desire to improve my body and my mind. I turned away from smoking, pot, and pills and set on a different path. I can’t explain it, but it’s like I was a different person. I’m embarrassed when I think of how I treated my parents. Then one day I changed. I’m glad I did. I would never have met you if I hadn’t.”

“You might have met me, but I don’t think I would have been too impressed. But, why are we talking? Why don’t you get on your back so I can ride you? Grab a condom from under my pillow. Here, I’ll put it on you.” She ripped the foil wrapped with her teeth and unrolled it down Donnie’s six and a half inch erection, so hard it actually hurt. I’d make sure it grew, but in proportion to his body. Gina straddled his hips and pulled Donnie’s hands to her breasts. She showed him how to roll her nipples between his fingers. Her body slowly sunk onto his cock. Donnie watched in amazement as it disappeared into her slender body. She leaned down briefly for a short kiss before rocking back and forth and rubbing her love button into his hard muscles.

“This is why I love muscles, Donnie. Watch as I rub my clit into you. C’mon…meet me. Fuck me. Donnie!” He drove his cock into her, lifting her from the bed with every thrust. They continued for more than ten minutes as Gina moved closer and closer to her second orgasm of the night. I could tell she was nearing the moment and passed that information along to Donald. He increased his pace and as he did I sent messages down his nerves to prepare him for his own orgasm. If I timed this just right it could be great. Looking through Donald’s eyes and feeling through his erection and his skin I interpreted signs Donald would never be able to discern. Again, his pace increased and suddenly they stopped before they crashed together one final time. Gina’s pussy gripped Donald tightly as they came together. Gina shook like a rag doll as a series of convulsions coursed through her body; Donald sprayed his semen repeatedly into the condom. They fell together in a puddle of sweat.

“I think I’ll sleep well tonight,” he whispered. “You’ve worn me out.”

“So…if I said I want to go once more…?”

“Oh, God…forget it. I was a pure innocent virgin before you got your hooks into me and look at me now.”

“I am looking, Donnie, and I love what I see.” She leaned up, wrapped her fingers in his short sandy brown hair, and pulled him into another steamy kiss. When she broke it she told him he needed to take care of the condom. “Neither of us needs a little Donnie or Gina, do we?” Donald raised his eyebrows and jumped out from beneath her, lifting her gently with his strong arms. He wrapped the condom in some tissues and wiped his cock with the washcloth that was still sitting on Gina’s desk. They dressed, kissed again, and returned to the party.

Gina led him to the kitchen, gave him a Coke, and they returned to the living room. Donnie sat in a deeply upholstered chair and Gina sat in his lap. They talked and joked for almost an hour when she suddenly jumped up and pulled him by the hand to a room in the rear of the house. She knocked and entered. “Mom…Dad, this is Donnie…Donald Dugan. He’s the boy I told you about. You know, the one who stood up to Jordan.”

“Evening Ma’am…Sir, a pleasure to meet you,” Donald said following the introduction. Gina’s dad—Mr. Provano, stood and extended his hand which Donald shook firmly, but not so as to hurt his hand.

“Wow, I understand what Gina and Joey have been talking about all week. I can see how strong you are. You sure you’re only in ninth grade? Joey says you’re doing quite well on the football team—learned the entire playbook already.”

“Yes sir, I’m afraid so—ninth grade. I hope I get to play some time.”

Gina’s dad laughed, “If Joey’s any judge of talent I’d say you will. It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Donnie.” Mrs. Provano agreed and the young couple took their leave. A little while later Joey drove Donnie home.


Donald was mostly quiet during the brief ride until he asked Joey, “Do you really think I’ll get a chance to play ball?”

“Are you kidding? I’ve never known anyone to learn the playbook as quickly as you and you’ve got the size and strength to do the job, too. Want to get together at school tomorrow? I usually spend an hour or so throwing to a couple of the ends and running backs. I could pick you up and drive you home, too.” Donald agreed and the date was set. “Now, listen…Gina told me you were concerned about what I thought, you know, about being in her room with her earlier. I would be pissed if you were some jerk who took advantage of her, but I don’t think that’s you. You seem to be an intelligent sincere kid and I can understand why she likes you so much. I know she’s not a virgin and I guess you’re not one any longer, either. That’s okay, too. Of course, I wouldn’t want her to get pregnant or get some disease, but if you’re careful there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy each other.

“Okay, we’re here. Say--want to go to Mass with us tomorrow? We can straight to school once we’re done.” When Donald agreed, the date was set. Joey and Gina would pick him up at 9:30. They shook hands and Joey drove away. Donald walked into the house. His parents were still up and he told them what a great time he’d had, omitting, of course, the details of fucking Gina twice. “I’m going to Mass with Joey and Gina tomorrow and then to school to practice catching the football if that’s okay.” They nodded their agreement and Donald jogged up the stairs to bed.

Donald was up early as usual the following morning. He never needed an alarm clock; I had a built-in clock that I had adjusted from the 100-hour day on my planet to the 24 hours here. My species only needed two to three hours sleep a day so I was always awake when Donald needed to get up. He stood waiting patiently in the driveway when Joey drove up. He threw his bag into the back seat and climbed in next to Gina. He kissed her cheek and shook his head as he reached around her for her unused seat belt. He was really glad Joey’s truck had a bench seat. The back seat looked really cramped and it was loaded with footballs and equipment. They chatted all the way to the church, but once they entered the conversation stopped. Donald believed in behaving properly in church. Gina tugged his sleeve and pulled him to Confession. “Oh, dear God,” he thought, “I’ll have to say a thousand ‘Hail Mary’s’ after last night.” He was a nervous wreck as he entered the confessional and was almost as bad when he exited. Only Gina’s soothing touch made him calm down.

“I always go to Father Donohue. He’s a lot younger than the other priests and a lot more understanding,” she whispered. Donald just nodded and continued his penance. They rose together after Mass and left hand in hand. Donald wasn’t so sure about that, but he wasn’t about to offend Gina either. Together they drove to school. Donald and Joey changed into tees and shorts in the truck cab while Gina played at sneaking peeks.
“Big deal,” Joey shouted at her. You’ve already seen Donnie naked, so keep your eyes on him.”

“You’re right,” she shouted back, “He has a much better body than you do, and who wants to look at yours, anyway?”

“Jessica and Arianna didn’t seem too disinterested last night. Maybe I’ll fuck the two of them together…so there!” Donald didn’t know if they were serious or joking until they both began to laugh.

“Gee, you two are too much. I’m almost glad I’m an only child.”

“Oh, Donnie, don’t say that. Having a brother like Joey is wonderful. We do all kinds of things together and I always know he has my back. We like to tease each other, but we both know how much we love each other, too. C’mon, I want to see you catch some balls.” Donald laced up his sneakers and jogged out onto the field along with several others, all much older than he was. He ran some routes catching everything thrown to him, but pausing to accept suggestions from the older players. His routes were much improved an hour later. Finally, Joey had one of the players defend Donald to see if he could get himself open. I knew from all I had seen that the critical factor was quickness. I controlled Donald’s body, as always, but now I gave him incredibly quick reaction times. He was able to cut “on a dime.” Each time he returned to Joey who gave him the instructions for the next play. The final play—a hook and go—Donald left the defender in the dust, easily beating him by twenty yards when he reached up and easily caught the ball. He was tired, but satisfied, when the workout ended.

Gina came running down from the bleachers to hug his sweaty body and kiss him. Donald was embarrassed when the other guys hooted, but he knew they were just jealous. They all patted him on his back, telling him how well he had done. He felt like one of the guys for the first time in his life.

Gina asked if he would help her with Math and, of course, he agreed. He felt a bit funny walking into the house a sweaty mess and introducing Gina to his mother before dashing upstairs for a quick shower. Gina and his mother were deeply engaged in conversation when he returned.

“Gina was just telling me about the party, Donald. She told me you had a wonderful time and that she enjoyed being with you, too.” Donald gulped at the double entendre, hoping his mother didn’t get it, but thinking that she probably did. “Just sit down and relax while Gina and I get you a drink and some lunch. Then you can get right to the Math. I think you’d better use your room—you know how your dad is with his ball game on Sunday afternoon.” Donald thought he would die—Gina in his room with his mother’s blessing.

They enjoyed a pleasant lunch of Virginia ham sandwiches, homemade potato salad (one of Donald’s favorites), and garlic dill pickles along with plenty of cold milk. Mrs. Dugan volunteered to do the dishes, but Gina insisted on helping. Later, Donald led her to his room. She was surprised it was so neat and clean. “This is nothing like my brother’s room, Donnie. He is such a slob.” Donald brought a chair over to the desk for her and turned on his desk lamp so they could see clearly.

He was in the middle of an explanation when his mother appeared, “Oh, that man…I think he must be deaf. I can hear that TV all the way up here even though he knows you’re studying. I’ll just close the door.” Donald gulped audibly when the door latched. He looked at Gina.

“What on earth did you say to my mother? I can’t believe she closed the door for us.”

“I told her the truth, Donnie. I told her I think I’m falling in love with you. Don’t be so surprised. Look at yourself carefully. You’re handsome and have a great body. That alone doesn’t impress me, but you’re also smart as hell, honest, and brave. You’re not afraid to stand up for what’s right, plus you’re a hard worker and loyal. Who could ask for more?”

“She doesn’t know about….”

“Yeah, she does. She guessed and I couldn’t lie. She said it’s okay as long as we’re careful. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon.”

“You’re not sick?” he asked with concern in his voice.

“No, silly, for birth control so we can really enjoy each other. Now shut up for a second and kiss me.” Donald did, glad to have something to take his mind off all the events of the past week. Gina broke it after a minute. “C’mon, I really do have to learn this, although I’ll never understand why.” Donald continued his tutoring and I made sure it was presented in a logical sequential manner that even a child could follow. Gina turned to him after an hour, “Why can’t Mr. Jenkins explain it that well? It seems so simple when you do it.” Donald just smiled. He rose and helped her from the chair, closed his books and they walked downstairs.
Mrs. Dugan offered to drive Gina home, but she asked if Donnie could walk her. It was only about twenty minutes. His mother nodded knowingly and kissed her son on the cheek as she bade Gina good-bye.

Donnie took her hand in the driveway and they began the stroll to her home. They walked along silently for almost five minutes before Donald built up the nerve to ask Gina, “Do you really think you’re falling in love with me, Gina? It seems too good to be true. We’re just kids, you know.”

“Of course, I know we’re kids, but do you think that means we can’t be in love? I’ve always known what I wanted in a man—good looking, although drop dead handsome isn’t really necessary, strong and in good physical condition, smart, hard working, honest, and willing to stand up for what he thinks is right. Does that sound like anyone you know? It sounds an awful lot like you to me. In fact, I’d say that describes you to a ‘T.’ Don’t you feel the same way about me?”

“Oh God, Gina, I think you’re incredible. Yes, I do love you…everything about you. It’s just that this past week has been so…incredible, but confusing. It’s hard to believe we’ve just finished one single week of high school.”

They passed a large field—an old abandoned farm where the fields had grown wild. Gina pulled him into the farm, laughing as they walked through waist high weeds. As they approached the ramshackle house the wild nature of the fields disappeared to be replaced by a poorly manicured lawn only about five inches high. “I found this place over the summer when I was riding my bike. I never thought I’d be able to use it.” Gina pulled him down to the lawn with her. They lay there in the warm September sun until Gina moved him to her for a long kiss. “It’s so nice here, don’t you think, Donnie? It’s private, but right out in public…near the road and the sidewalk, but we can be here unseen by anyone. There’s just one thing…I worry about grass stains on my clothes. Won’t you help me out of them? I’d love to be naked with you here in the warm sunlight.”
Donnie gulped audibly, much to Gina’s amusement. “You are so cute, Donnie.”

“Maybe,” he replied as he lifted her top over her head, “but you’re beautiful…every part of you is just fantastic.” He removed her bra and leaned down to lick and suckle her hard nipple. Gina’s reaction was to pull his head up for another sensational kiss. She had never been so interested in kissing before she met and kissed Donnie.

Showing his versatility he continued the kiss, wrapping his tongue around hers, as he slowly removed her skirt. He laid everything where they would not get wrinkled. Then he quickly removed the little he was wearing before joining Gina in the soft grass. He rubbed against her soft smooth skin, savoring the experience and recognizing immediately that he’d never tire of her body. Donald’s hand found her moist sex; Gina moaned when he did. Gently he rubbed her labia until they were swollen with desire. His fingers then explored her tunnel. Donald marveled at the feel of it—the musculature, the moisture, the silky smooth texture of her sex, the rough ridges of her G-spot. He’d read about it on the internet, but to actually feel it and to see Gina’s reaction was mind blowing. Gina’s body reacted strongly and it was all she could do to prevent herself from screaming when the orgasm hit and ran rampant through her youthful body. She lay back quivering and breathing heavily from her ordeal.

“Are you always so giving, Donnie? Most of the guys I know only care about their own pleasure.”

“That doesn’t seem very fair. How do you show someone how you feel about them if all you do is take and never give? That seems really selfish…and immature.”

“I think you already know that I’ll take care of you as soon as I’m able. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get together during the week so this will have to hold us until next weekend.” Donald lay next to her and placed her head on his chest, his arm around her body. Gina draped her leg over his, grinding her wet pussy into his thigh.

She took almost five minutes to recover before her hand found his hot hard cock. She marveled at the size and thickness of it—the pulsing arteries and the reddish purple head. She teased him by running her fingers gently up and down his shaft as his cock bounced and jerked in response. Suddenly she sat up and wrapped her hand around his shaft. She started slowly, but soon was jerking him forcefully. It wasn’t long before I made him cum. His first shot flew more than three feet into the air. Now they relaxed in the sun while he recovered. Reluctantly, they rose and dressed before continuing to Gina’s home.


They were greeted by Gina’s mother at the door. “Donnie was helping me with math. I finally understand it. I’ll be ready for the quiz tomorrow thanks to Donnie.” She kissed his cheek, anticipating that he’d leave soon, but her mother asked if he’d like to have dinner with them.

“Thank you, Ma’am, but I’d have to ask my mother. We don’t usually have much of a formal dinner on Sundays. My dad wants to watch the football games on TV.”

“What does your dad do for a living, Donald?” It was Mr. Provano coming from the kitchen who had asked.

“He’s a plumber, sir.”

“That’s an excellent occupation, Donald. I sometimes wonder about mine. I’m a lawyer. I often work for weeks before I find out if I’ve done anything worthwhile. It must be very satisfying to go home every night knowing that you’ve helped someone. What do you want to do, Donald? Any ideas yet?”

“Well, sir, I haven’t gotten down to anything specific yet, but I love math and science so I guess something in one of those fields, or maybe both like physics.”

“That’s quite an ambition, Donald. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were successful. Joey told me you memorized the entire playbook in two days. How’d you manage that?”

“To be honest, sir, I don’t really know. I was reasonably smart in elementary school, but nothing like this. Even last year I had to deliberately miss some test questions. If I got a hundred on every test the teachers would surely have thought I was cheating, which I’d never do. Some things I just seem to be able to pick up so easily and the playbook was one of them.”

Gina handed him her cell phone so he could call his mom. He explained that he had been invited to dinner; would it be okay? He listened for a moment before saying, “Okay, Mom…and thanks. See you later. Bye.” He turned to Gina, but she already knew the answer. She beamed from ear to ear.

“C’mon…we can watch the game with Joey. He’ll be in the den…where Mom and Dad were last night.” She led him down the hall and into the comfortable room. Joey was sprawled across a chair, intent on the game—watching as both a fan and a player.

“Hey, how’s the math wizard, Gina?”

“Donnie is fine, thank you and so am I now that I finally understand it. I’ll bet Donnie could help you, too.”

“Sure…know calculus, Donnie?”

“Uh…for some reason I’m going to answer ‘yes.’ I think I do. Can I see your textbook?” Joey reached under the chair and tossed it to Donald. He opened it and scanned through the pages. “Okay, where do you need help? I think I do understand. It’s a mystery to me, but it’s clear as day.”

Joey rose from the chair, took the book and dropped it back to the floor. “Game time, not study time; check out the offense, Donnie. See if you can figure out what kind of play they’ll run next. That’s what I do.” Donald watched closely, but he never forgot Gina’s presence. He reached out for her hand. He would have been satisfied just holding it, but Gina squeezed in really close to him and put his arm around her shoulders. She reached up and kissed his cheek; he gently kissed her thick black hair.

“This is a good exercise to prep you for Saturday’s scrimmage with Central. Everyone will get a chance to play and it’ll be a good chance to show what you can do.” Gina felt Donnie tense up—nervous—so she whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine and I’ll be there to cheer for you.” She finished her encouraging remarks by kissing his lips several times. Donald squeezed her arm and kissed her back. Joey took one look and grimaced, “Get a room!”

“Good idea…let’s go Donnie.” The next thing he knew he was in Gina’s room.

“What about your parents?” Donnie was really nervous now.

“They already know, Donnie. I told my mother I wanted to make love with you last week. She asked me about it after the party. All I had to do was smile. Both my parents just laughed and hugged me. That’s why I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow—they both know we’re going to do it. They want both of us to be safe.”

“I can’t believe your dad didn’t kill me when he found out.”

“Well…if I recall correctly the whole thing was MY idea. I made sure they knew that you were a perfect gentleman, which you were and are. My dad especially has been very impressed with your manners. They think all kids are rude obnoxious jerks, except their own, of course.” She began to giggle and soon Donald joined her. I approved—they were such a cute couple. I hoped it would last.

They watched TV for most of the afternoon, lying on Gina’s bed while they kissed and held each other. Gina’s door was closed, but not locked. They were relaxed, having just cum at the farm. Donald spoke after an hour or so, “I don’t know how I’ll manage all week without you.”

“Masturbation,” she replied, “I’ll be thinking about you every time I touch myself, which will be often.”

“Yeah, me too, but it’ll never be as good as being with you. I think you’re nothing less than wonderful.” Gina kissed him again and snuggled closely. She jumped up a few minutes later and ran downstairs to get a couple of Cokes. They stayed there all afternoon until they were called to dinner. Donald excused himself to wash his hands before joining Gina and her family in their formal dining room. He held Gina’s chair for her and did the same for Mrs. Provano who expressed her thanks sincerely. The family held hands for Grace before digging in to the roast beef, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. There were also freshly baked rolls.

“You should come more often, Donnie,” Joey commented. “We don’t usually eat like this.”

“Joseph Michael, you know very well we eat like this every Sunday. You don’t think I did this just for Donnie?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” he kidded his mother. She grinned and pretended to throw her napkin. Donald was amazed at the byplay between the family members. It was nothing like his family. His dad was usually tired after working all day during the week and on weekends they just made do with sandwiches or pizza. It was nice, but totally different than Gina’s family. They engaged Donald in conversation during the dinner—how is football coming; where did your love of math come from; could you really help Joey with calculus, and so on. Donald was relieved that they didn’t ask how he enjoyed fucking Gina although they seemed to ask about everything else. Finally, the meal was over and Donald was ready to go. He was willing to walk, but Joey offered a ride. Donald accepted knowing that Gina would come along for the ride. She got out with him and walked him to the door. He thanked her for a wonderful day; she rushed into his arms and they kissed for more than five minutes while Joey sat by in the truck patiently. Finally, they said their good-byes and Gina drove away with her brother. Donald went into the house and told his parents all about his wonderful day. When he was finished he kissed them good night and went up to bed.

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